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Me: I watch house of wax for the plot!
The plot:
Tumblr media
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The one problem with liking fictional characters personally so many people judge you and find it weird. It鈥檚 like it would be nice if you respect on who I like from whatever I read or watch and not say i am a fucking weirdo 馃槓
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Daddyyy!! I have an idea, and Jason Voorhees & Michael Myers spilt roasting an bottom reader! Ik u dislike writing bottom reader so you could just write an small scenario.
鈿狅笍Warnings!! Could be G/N READER. Rough and hard sex, spilt roasting, mean Michael, blowjob, deep throat, pulling, 3some, same time. Pure smut!!鈿狅笍
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You lost track of time and how this all started, one moment you were running away from literally the two most slashers alive.
It started off with Michael seeing you fall and hurt your ankle. He stood up watching you scream in pain but also fear. Alongside with Michael, Jason approached looking down at you as well.
Then almost in sync they slowly look up form your body and they exchange an look before cornering you.
At first you resisted but as their large and rough gloved hands grabbed and touched your body you felt yourself getting more and more horny. Your body couldn鈥檛 hide the arousal you felt.
Now currently Heavy breathing could be heard above you. You were on all fours gagging around Michael鈥檚 cock while Jason was behind you thrusting his cock deep inside of you. Jason put one of his legs next to your thigh thrusting in and out of you in a deep and fast pace.
Which each thrust Jason thrusted your body up forcing your mouth to go down Michael鈥檚 cock.
As for Michael he thrusted his cock right back forcing his cock deep inside your throat.
They were toying with your body, treating you as if you were some fuck toy for them to share. You gagged and chocked around Michael鈥檚 cock while your moans and screams from pleasure were muffled.
Jason hands massaged your ass spreading them and gripping them. He was much more gentle then Michael that was gripping your hair down on his cock.
Jason thrust got faster and faster before abruptly pulling out and pulling your waist down to him pulling you off of Michael鈥檚 cock.
Jason flipped your body so you laid on your back. The two slashers switch spots now Michael is in between your legs. He held your legs apart and high putting your legs agaisnt his shoulders and once your legs were settled he put his hands on your hips before immediately thrusting his full cock inside of you showing no mercy or compassion.
The other slasher was watching slightly in Awww but mostly in arousal.
He noticed you were having a hard time keeping your legs on Michael鈥檚 shoulders so he reached over taking both of your ankles and holding your legs apart and high for Michael.
Jason looked down at you before swaying his large much thicker cock above your face. Eventually you wrap your lips around his cock. Jason was much more patient then Michael letting you suck his cock at your own pace. Jason鈥檚 hands ran through your hair just petting you.
While Michael on the other hand was thrusting fast and deep inside your whole. He was fucking your walls as of you were nothing to him.
His large cock abusing your hole. Michael looked up from your face, since he was just staring watching you sick Jason鈥檚 cock. As Michael looked up him and Jason made eye contact. Michael slowly lowered himself on you pressing his body against yours with his full body weight. Eventually Jason let go of your legs, as you immediately wrap them around Michael鈥檚 waist.
Michael put his hand on the base of Jason鈥檚 cock guiding him out of your mouth, Michael used his free hand to lift up his mask a bit so his mouth and nose was only visible. Michael pumped Jason鈥檚 cock before wrapping his lips around his cock bobbing his head down on the full thick shaft. You look and watch in awe as your shock gets cut off short by Michael hips pulling away and slamming himself back inside your hole.
Maybe if you keep up with them for the rest of the night they鈥檒l let you live, or not鈥
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Drawing each other (Slasher edition)
help im getting good ideas for writing but idk what fandoms to write it for so uhuh... i guess writing for the mains ones i write for! woo yeah! characters: jason voorhees, brahms heelshire, bubba sawyer, thomas hewitt, Michael myers notes: reader is GN, admin did a coin clip on whether or not the reader is an artist cws: none
Tumblr media
sometimes sitting in the cabin all day can get a little boring, you were the one who brought up the idea of drawing each other
neither of you are particularly good at drawing but that doesnt mean the two of you arent going to have fun
hes a little embarrassed to show you his drawing of you, hes hesitant to turn the paper around to show you
you didnt have much access to many drawing supplies, a lot of what you already had was crayons and colored pencils stolen from the camp, as well as the paper
he doesnt care if the drawing doesnt look the best, hes in love with just about anything you do or anything that has to do with you
he keeps the drawing folded up and tucked in his shirt pocket!
hes actually pretty decent at drawing, using that to spend his time when hes not watching you from the cracks in the walls
on top of that hes pretty confident in his ability
you, on the other hand.... i dont think he would make fun of your work, but its clear that theres only one artist between the two of you
keeps the drawing you make of him in his little hiding place in the walls
takes a long minute to look at your drawing of him, its hard to read what hes thinking in that moment
more than proud of his drawing of you, you likely have to remind him to hurry up.. hes going to spend a lot of time on it
will expect a compliment for his work- and dont think he wont compliment your work either!
you got the idea while doodling random stuff in your sketchbook, deciding to take this as a moment to do something together
he doesnt get it at first but hes... probably... not going to just walk away from you
a decent artist himself, he doesnt draw often but its clear he knows some of the basics of art
very quiet while the two of you draw but its nothing new
exchanging your drawings goes without a hitch, and hes sitting there looking at your paper for a long moment... he doesnt give much of a reaction... but you do notice him tucking the paper into one of his pockets
he doesnt care if you keep his drawing or not, however you sometimes find him looking at his art if you display it somewhere
hes not very good at drawing, he never really gets the time to sit down and doodle- on top of that he doesnt know what to draw most of time, when he does have the time and thought to try!
loves anything you make, you dont have to be a good artist either, hes going to take in every little detail of the art
is this how you see him?
if youve added additional stuff such as sparkles or hearts, hes going to be staring even longer... thats so sweet, you like like him?
of course he already knew you did, youre both dating but seeing stuff like that in passing always feels nice
very protective of the drawing out of fear that his brothers may tamper or destroy it- at best they (namely nubbins and choptop) may tease him
like his original counterpart, thomas doesnt draw all that often so he hasnt built up the skill... but that doesnt mean he isnt going to try to draw you how he sees you when you sit him down to do this activity with him
takes a long time to get all the details right, doesnt want to make you look off or worse, offend you if he messes something up
you can draw him with or without his mask, but its clear that you put care into the drawing, regardless of skill
loves it so much, hangs it on the wall in the basement so he can look at it while hes working... its like a little motivational thing for him! he protects his family, and youre part of it.. he does this for you!
a little hesitant to give you his drawing, but lightens up at your delight for how he portrayed you
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Clowns in the Slasher House
warnings: clowns, body parts & cussing!
a/n: i鈥檝e been wanting to do this so i hope you enjoy this! leave comments and request.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
they all have their own separate rooms and floor in house.
you guessed it, they live in the basement. the basement has to be cleaned every damn friday, because if not, it鈥檚 gonna smell like ass and dodo.
now, let鈥檚 talk about who鈥檚 in the slasher house that鈥檚 a clown:
art the clown
the little girl
art & the little girl are the messiest out of all of them, and i stand by that. i mean, penny is very, very questionable, but art is more questionable.
sometimes they all play hide and seek, and invite you the play as well. penny is the best at it, since he can literally disappear if he so chooses to. but you had to tell him not to because that鈥檚 cheating.
pennywise is usually gone so he doesn鈥檛 join often with you guys. but when he does, he鈥檚 not the best at the game, but definitely not the worst.
art sometimes uses his hands to cover his face, pretending that he鈥檚 hiding. you think it鈥檚 funny and adorable, and you sometimes play along with it, pretending you can鈥檛 see him.
鈥渙h dangit, i have no idea where art could be. i guess i鈥檒l go look upstairs.鈥 you see him giggle like a school girl before going up stairs.
the little girl likes you, and she鈥檚 more comfortable around you & art than anyone else in the house. she likes to tug on your pants leg if she wants something. you still haven鈥檛 thought of a name for her yet, but you鈥檙e working on it.
another thing about art is that you have to remind him to take his dirty ass clown shoes off when he enters the house. they鈥檙e covered with mud and other shit (literally) so it鈥檚 a constant thing you have to do to protect the rugs and carpet in the house.
you don鈥檛 have to worry about the other adult clowns and their shoes because they can make the dirt disappear in a blink of an eye.
art & the little girl make a lot of weird gifts and passes them to everyone. sometimes it鈥檚 a dead persons liver, sometimes it鈥檚 someone鈥檚 big toe that art collected. you鈥檒l never know what you may get with him.
weekly showers. i don鈥檛 care how much art fusses his stanky ass is getting in that damn shower. every time you make art get in the shower, the other clowns laugh at him. arts reaction is to just flip them off, so that鈥檚 entertaining to watch.
penny likes to scare the others all the time. you can never get used to it because it鈥檚 always something different with him all the time. pennywise sometimes joins in on pennys little pranks but often penny does it to pennywise.
water gun fights!! especially since it鈥檚 hot out, it鈥檚 the perfect time to have some fun outside in the sun. just don鈥檛 forget the sun screen. i don鈥檛 know if the clowns would wear swim trunks but maybe you can convince them.
how can i forget the board game nights!! well art鈥e doesn鈥檛 like the board games much. but when he does play, he cheats. well, try鈥檚 to at least.
let鈥檚 say you鈥檙e playing uno and you鈥檙e sitting by art. you see out the corner of your eye art peek over next to you at your cards. 鈥渁rt don鈥檛 you dare.鈥 he smiles before looking away.
the little girl is smarter than most people realize. she knows a lot, and does a lot. she knows when you鈥檙e depressed and sometimes will sit next to you as a type of comfort.
they like to play tag and run around the house every damn where and tear up shit.
*glass shatters* 鈥渙h my god what broke now?鈥 you say annoyed.
should i do a part 2?
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Plot: Thomas is omega who will never find his true mate. Or no?
Warnings: omegavers; deviation from the canon; omega!Thomas Hewitt, alpha!male!reader / Y/N
Part 2 | Part 1
The sun was slowly rolling out from behind the horizon, turning the dark sky a dirty orange color. The night sounds gradually closed in, and at the same time the warm Texas wind was leaving, indicating another hot day coming.
You sighed softly, letting the smoke out of your mouth and filling your lungs with residual coolness, blissfully closing your eyes. Your head hurts a little after another sleepless night, but it was clearly worth it. Your little sister enjoyed the holiday and your presence to her heart's content. Although it was somewhat uncomfortable to be among all this huge mass of relatives for a whole week, you were able to heroically withstand this ordeal, although it was not without bad gossips of envious relatives behind your back. And yet all these inconveniences paled against the background of your sister's sincere smile without a few lower teeth. In addition, the girl was very pleased with the gift of a drawing set from you.
And so now you had an equally tedious and long journey home, your home. Although that place could hardly be called home already. Work got boring, familiar people褋 got bored, and constant entertainment with friends caused stress. You missed your childhood home for only one reason: the spacious landscapes here have always brought warmth to your heart and a feeling of freedom. But, alas, there were no people here who would understand you. Besides, having lived here for a long time, you have not found your mate. Perhaps the decision to leave was for the best.
You threw the cigarette butt on the ground and rubbed it on the asphalt with a hard movement of your boot.
A long gray strip of road seemed to stretch endlessly ahead in front of the car. You rested your head boringly on your hand, leaning against the opened car window, your other hand resting on the steering wheel, which was slightly slippery from your sweaty skin. It wasn't even ten a.m. and the heat was already infernal. The sun was reflected in the car window with nasty sunbeams, which made you have to lower the visor.
After driving only about an hour and a half from the departure point, your gaze inadvertently slipped a little further from the road, noticing a group of people standing nearby.
They were three young people about twenty years old. One of them, a young guy, was tall and rather broad-shouldered, but still quite thin, with a sloppy short brown haircut and dimples on his cheeks. He was dressed as openly as possible: a white T-shirt, apparently so that the sun would not mercilessly burn his grayish skin, and loose red shorts; he had a large sports bag on his shoulder. There were two girls on either side of him. One, the short one, had the same color hair, and delicate blue eyes that looked at you just at the moment when you were slowing the car down, staring at the guys. Her hair was neatly pulled back into a careless bun that flashed at the back of her head whenever she turned. She was wearing some kind of inconspicuous yellow dress with flowers matching the color of her slightly worn ballet flats. The other girl, slightly taller, had black hair flowing freely over her fragile shoulders, a white shirt tucked into denim shorts and a bunch of bracelets on her arms. Both girls carried small backpacks with them.
As soon as the short girl saw you on the road, she happily said something to her friends, nodding in your direction. The company came up to you, you stopped the car.
"Hey! Could ya give us a ride?" Smiling, the guy asked, which caused small dimples to appear on his cheeks once again, "It's just that transport doesn't often go here. 'think we'll be stuck here for a long time without ya, y'know."
You looked the young man up and down, as far as the current review allowed you, and after throwing a short 'Get in', nodded towards the back doors. You took a small thermos from the glove compartment and a pack of suppressants, hastily stuffing a couple of pills into your mouth. Just in case. Without thinking twice, the young man putted his friends in the back seat with their bags, and he sat in the passenger seat in front, deciding to keep you company. The car drove on.
You drove in complete silence for a while.
Finally, the young man spoke.
"Well.. Thank ya for lettin' us down, man. My name is Mason," the guy began with a slight smile, shifting his gaze from the road to you. The young man was clearly not dejected by your bored expression.
"Y/N" you answered briefly, feeling a dull headache coming up to your temples from a sleepless night; it didn't help that the guy's voice was quite high and loud, which hurt your ears a lot.
"Cool, nice to meet ya. This, by the way, is my girlfriend Judith," he pointed at the short girl, "and my sister Lily," He nodded towards the tall girl. It's not clear if this was his strange attempt to start at least some kind of conversation or if there was some other reason behind it, but you didn't care at all about either the guy or any of the girls present, who at that moment began to giggle softly from the back seat. The only thing you wanted was to get home and rest as soon as possible. Your gaze inadvertently slid up, looking into the mirror. You could see how the girls were whispering enthusiastically about something with silly smiles, from time to time running their eyes in your direction.
The rest of the trip was quite calm. Over time, Mason's speech became less enthusiastic, but rather more friendly and carefree. He talked about his family and college studies, friends and hobbies. In the end, from his story, you knew out that these guys were students who took a sabbatical and just decided to visit different states. To some extent, you even caught yourself thinking that you envy these guys: you would also like to spit on all your responsibilities and goals and go somewhere far away, even if you stay here in Texas. But work is work, you wouldn't want to let your family down, much less your little sister.
Driving up to the already familiar gas station store, you parked near the entrance and got out of the car. Perhaps, finally, it would be worth taking some gasoline with you. There would hardly be another gas station for the next mile ahead.
"I'll buy gas and come back," you said shortly, taking one last look at the young people.
Without waiting for an answer, you walked towards the store. Your ears were filled with the already familiar ringing of a small door bell, the door closed behind you with a slight creak. The sweet, tired old woman's face was immediately waiting for you at the checkout.
"Hello," you said with a slight smile, walking inside the room.
The woman looked at you sternly, but as soon as she recognized your face, her features softened. "Oh, hello son. I didn't think to see you here again."
"Oh, yeah.. I'm still after the same thing. I need to buy gas to go home," you said, awkwardly, as if embarrassed, rubbing the back of your head with your fingers.
The old lady looked at you with almost maternal understanding and nodded. Obviously, she was alone in the store today. After putting the meat on the shelf of the showcase and wiping her hands with a towel, she came out to you.
"Yes, sure. Except I don't have any cans left in the store, and as you can see, my son isn't here today either. Could you take me home? I'd give you the canister for free, son. I live here, nearby."
You looked at her in surprise, but immediately replied with a slight nod. Who could refuse such an offer?
"Sure. Come on."
You opened the door for the woman and as soon as you both left, she began to close the store with several locks. Obviously, the area was not the most prosperous. You looked back at your car and saw the guys on the street. Mason was standing under the awning of the store and reading some small ads from an old time, while the girls were practically hugging each other and chatting casually about something. As soon as you left the store, Mason's sister gave you a strange look and smiled slyly.
"I'm go na take my friend home now, stay here, okay? I'll be back in about fifteen minutes."
You opened the passenger seat in front for the woman and helped her get inside. She explained to you how to get to her house, and you started this slow relaxing ride. She introduced herself to you as Luda-May and was no less pleased to hear your own name. Her face was constantly decorated with small wrinkles on her cheeks or between her eyebrows when she asked you something with interest. Overall, she was a pleasant conversationalist and was happy to tell you about this town. Luda also told you about her family, which includes three people besides herself: her brother Monty, son Charlie and youngest son Thomas, whom you have already seen directly before. As you listened to the story, clutching the steering wheel leather with your free hand, you lit a cigarette, releasing gray smoke out the window. After knew out about the same habit of the woman, you kindly offered her one from your pack.
"You are such a sweet child, Y/N, not like my eldest son. Would you like to come over for tea?" Luda asked with a smile, blowing smoke out the open window, and looking at you. You couldn't refuse this lovely woman.
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鈽 Good Dog 鈽
Tumblr media
You were his favorite pet. It took a lot to be his favorite pet. You obeyed him so well, listened to him so well. You kept your pretty little mouth shut like a good doggy. You didn't complain or beg for mercy when he hurt you. Sure, you cried and whined but that's the fun isn't it? He wants to make you cry just don't fucking complain. You never talked back so you never got punished. You were so nice to him and his animals.
You were his favorite pet. You would get fucked in your cage before he let you go to sleep, leaving you to fall asleep with cum in your holes. He never once heard a complaint out of your mouth. Not when you had to eat out of a dog bowl, not when he inspected your pretty holes, not even when tied you up and used your body like a sex toy.
You're such a good dog.
Tumblr media
鈽 This post was inspired by @lace-coffin. Specifically this post and their other Asa Emory work. Let me know if you want me to untag you and just link your profile. 鈽
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illusioninfnty 9 months
day 15 ; keeping quiet
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
鈫 billy loomis x reader x stu macher
fandom: scream word count: 3.9k warnings: nsfw 18+, gf!billy and stu, DUBCON, semi-public sex, homoerotic undertones, mentions of gore, cheating, degradation, dirty talk, thigh fucking, double penetration, knife play if you squint, gagging, unprotected sex, creampies, cumplay, cum eating, fingering, my stu bias definitely shows sorry guys
kinktober m.list || read on ao3
Tumblr media
You weren鈥檛 really much of a party person, and all of your friends were aware of that. It was why none of them gave much resistance to the idea of you slipping away.
Stu鈥檚 house was insanely crowded, more than his usual parties. It was obviously because of the recent killing spree by the mysterious masked killer who had yet to be caught. Your general anxiety in loud spaces mixed with that of the unknown killer running around had you even more paranoid.
鈥淏e careful!鈥 Sidney calls out and Tatum waves as you make your way up the staircase. You send a small smile back as you weave your way through drunk teenagers stumbling all around, looking for more drinks.
You鈥檝e been in Stu鈥檚 house plenty of times, having been friends with him for years at this point. You make a beeline straight for his bedroom, hoping that no one was in there hooking up so you could have a quiet place to decompress.聽
You knock loudly on his door, pressing your ear against it as the loud music and teens make it hard to hear inside. There鈥檚 no answer to your knowledge, and you slowly peek your head in.
No one is in the room, and you breathe a sigh of relief. You shut the door behind you and plop down on Stu鈥檚 bed, laying yourself out in a heap of exhaustion.
A bang from somewhere inside the room startles you, making you jump up from your seat. You notice that Stu鈥檚 closet door is slightly ajar, and figure that something inside fell down. You make your way over, the closet creaking as you open it.
A gasp leaves your lips and you step back after seeing what it was that fell.
It was one of the ghostface masks.聽
You slowly back away, eyes wide in disbelief with what you were seeing. No. It wasn鈥檛 possible, right? Stu couldn鈥檛 have been the killer; it made no sense. You bend down and cautiously pick up the mask.
It looks like your average store-bought cheap costume accessory. You inspect it closer, but bring a hand up to your mouth and almost drop the mask when you see what鈥檚 stained on it.
Small flecks of blood, all spattered across the edges.
The sound of the door creaking has you throwing the mask back into the closet and slamming the door, chest heaving as you pretend as though you weren鈥檛 searching through it.
In walks Stu, his trademark grin spread wide across his face.聽
鈥淣ow what are you doing in here?鈥 he teases suggestively and wiggles his eyebrows. He closes the door and leans against it.
But clearly you鈥檙e not very good at hiding your emotions, because the smile instantly drops from Stu鈥檚 face. 鈥淗ave you been鈥nooping in my things?鈥
You bite your lip and can feel your heart drop in your chest. 鈥淲hat? No! I just came in here to rest.鈥 Your voice sounds incredibly shaking and you know there鈥檚 no way he鈥檚 buying it.
Stu鈥檚 eyes narrow, and he stalks closer to you. You back away in return, but his long strides make it difficult to put distance between the two of you. 鈥淚 think you鈥檙e lying to me.鈥
He utters out your name in a warning tone. At this point, you know, he knows you know, and you know he knows you know that he鈥檚 the Ghostface killer. You make a feeble attempt to duck past Stu and make a run for it, but he grabs your arm and pulls you against his chest, completely restraining you.
You try your best at escaping. You pound on his chest, wiggle in his grip, and even try biting him. That fails miserably and Stu slaps his large palm against your mouth, preventing you from screaming for help.
He drags you over to the bed, and you start to kick your heels against his legs. You aren鈥檛 sure what he鈥檚 capable of anymore. Is this the moment you die? Is Stu going to kill you? You let out a choked sob underneath his palm, clawing at his hand but to no avail.
You push back against him with all of the force of your body, yet Stu remains solid. 鈥淏e quiet,鈥 he mutters in your ear.聽
And then you feel it. On your backside, you can feel Stu getting hard. You whimper in fear, and your body goes limp. But he clearly notices that you could feel it, and he chuckles darkly.
鈥淕ot me excited with all that struggling, babe.鈥 He shamelessly rubs himself against you, his erection fully hard beneath his pants now.
Despite the terror that you feel in that moment, you couldn鈥檛 help but moan silently.
You would be lying if you said you never thought of hooking up with your friend. Stu was hot, he was funny, and if Tatum was a reliable source, he also had a huge dick.
If fucking Stu could save you from death, you would gladly let him use you however he wished.
You quickly concoct a plan in your head鈥攁 lame one, but a plan鈥攖o seduce Stu in an attempt to hopefully convince him not to kill you afterwards.
Before you can even attempt to put your plan into action, the bedroom door creaks open. 鈥淪hit,鈥 you hear Stu mutter under his breath. Both you and him turn together, and in walks Billy, sauntering as he usually does.
He pauses and raises an eyebrow as he surveys the position you and Stu are in.
鈥淒id I interrupt something?鈥 Billy smirks, his eyes going dark. You look up through your eyelashes at Stu, who presses you closer to him, as if warning you not to signal for help. He shakes his head at Billy.
鈥淪he knows, man.鈥
Your body goes completely rigid in Stu鈥檚 grip. A chill runs down your spine.
Billy was involved in this Ghostface shit too? Well, that actually surprised you less than Stu. Billy was kind of a horror junkie in secret, even rivaling Randy, and he always had this strange look in his eye whenever he thought no one was looking.
His eyes narrow and his jaw clenches. 鈥淥h?鈥澛
The tone in his voice is sinister, much different than what you鈥檝e heard from him before.
He strides over, pulling out a knife from his pocket and holding it out towards you.
You shriek, but it comes out all muffled. You try to tilt your head away from where Billy points the knife to your chin, but Stu keeps his hand solid, forcing your head forward.
He clicks his tongue at you, teasing you for your failed attempts to escape.
鈥淚 really didn鈥檛 want to kill you now, sweetheart, but I don鈥檛 have much of a choice, do I?鈥
Tears gather in your eyes, threatening to fall. You still helplessly struggle against Stu鈥檚 grip, choking back sobs. You so desperately want Stu to release his hand, want to beg the two of them to keep you alive. You鈥檙e two seconds away from sounding like you belong in a bad porno that the boys rent from the video store where the woman says please! I鈥檒l do anything!
But you don鈥檛 need to do any of that. Because before Billy starts slicing and dicing and stabbing at you, he backs away and looks Stu up and down. He then barks out a laugh.
鈥淲hat, did chasing her around get you all stiff?鈥
Stu grins cheekily and grinds his erection up against your butt. You let out a surprised moan under his palm, grabbing onto his forearm. 鈥淵ou know I鈥檝e always wanted to fuck her, man.鈥
Billy eyes shift between you and Stu, before pausing on you. A smirk slowly grows across his features until it morphs into a toothy grin. You can see the way his cock begins to twitch in his jeans and your heart sinks into your stomach.
鈥淚鈥檓 not going to let you fuck her alone tonight.鈥
As if Stu was waiting this whole time for Billy鈥檚 approval, the hand that was restricting your mouth moves off and down to his jeans. Before you can even think about opening your mouth, Billy brings the knife back up your face, right under your chin forcing you to keep your mouth closed and head tilted up to meet his eyes.
鈥淚f you say a word I鈥檒l cut your throat open and stick my cock in it.鈥 He imitates the motion of slicing the knife across your throat.聽
You swallow harshly and can鈥檛 control the way you tremble under Stu鈥檚 hold. But the depraved part of you has your core throbbing, at the carnal lust that fills his eyes, so desperately wanting them both to get to fucking you sooner rather than later.聽
Scoffing in his face, you try your best to put up a calm front. 鈥淎re you guys all bark and no bite? All I hear is talking but no action.鈥
鈥淥h you鈥檒l be getting action soon, baby.鈥 You can feel Stu鈥檚 erect cock rubbing against your backside and the way that his arousal stains your shirt. His hand holds it at the base as he guides it between your legs, slowly fucking you between your thighs. You look down to see the bulging red tip of his cock leaking beads of precum as it penetrates the plush skin of your legs with every thrust.
Billy takes his knife and slices your skirt right down the middle, the two pieces falling to shreds at your feet.
鈥淵eah, there it is!鈥 Stu yells as his long fingers poke and prod at your pussy through your underwear until it soaks the fabric through. 鈥淎ll nice and wet for us now.鈥
He moves the material to the side of your puffy lips and without so much as a warning sticks his cock right inside.
鈥淥h fuck,鈥 you moan out as quietly as you can with the intense pleasure. It slides in easily with how wet you鈥檝e gotten over the past couple of minutes. You arch your back into Stu as his long cock bullies its way inside of you. 鈥淔uck, fuck, fuck鈥斺
Stu begins thrusting immediately, the sounds of your skin slapping together being the loudest thing in the room.
鈥淪uch a dirty little slut,鈥 Stu鈥檚 voice teases, laughter evident in his tone. His arm around your waist holds you up as he pounds into you at lightning speed, bouncing you up and down his cock. Your feet lift off the ground ever-so-slightly as he pulls you up. 鈥淏ut I guess I鈥檓 kind of a slut to. Always wanted to fuck you like this.鈥
Through your lust-filled haze, you can see Billy stroking himself through his boxers, jeans already unzipped and pulled down. He stares at both you and Stu and where the two of you connect.聽
鈥淵ou gonna join man?鈥 Stu lifts you up under your thighs. The action lifts your feet up in the air and exposes your pussy directly in Billy鈥檚 line of view. Stu pulls his cock out enough so just the head remains inside, and starts fingering around your lips.
You gasp at the sensation, your arms gripping his own and your walls clenching down desperately onto him. Stu鈥檚 fingers make a v shape and pull your lips open wide. 鈥淭here鈥檚 plenty of room for you in here.鈥澛
鈥淣-no!鈥 You sob out, clawing at Stu and kicking your legs. The implication is not subtle at all, and the fear has you clenching even tighter onto him. There was no way that you could fit both of them in your pussy. Stu鈥檚 cock is already thick and fills you completely; you don鈥檛 think you could take another one without breaking.
Billy continues to palm himself above his underwear, the head of his cock poking out from the elastic band. 鈥淔uck yeah, now your speaking my language!鈥
鈥淣o! Billy!鈥 You shake your head wildly, tears threatening to fall from your swollen eyes. 鈥淪top! It won鈥檛 fit!鈥
He rolls his eyes and takes his hard cock out of his boxers, pumping it with a few solid strokes. 鈥淪top complaining.鈥澛
鈥淗e鈥檒l make it fit,鈥 Stu giggles from behind you.
A strangled sound leaves your lips, a mix between a choke and a sob. You鈥檙e powerless in Stu鈥檚 hold as he moves your limbs every which way he pleases. He never lets up in his thrusts, his stamina completely insatiable, and it doesn鈥檛 feel like he鈥檚 stopping any time soon.
You have no choice but to lay helpless as Billy guides his cock into your wet hole, pushing against Stu鈥檚. The stretch from the two of their massive lengths is painful, and you bite the outside of your hand as an attempt to soften your cries.
鈥淔uck,鈥 Billy moans, slotting himself fully inside of you. His eyes squeeze shut and his head is thrown back in pleasure. Your hands press against his chest to stabilize yourself.聽
Your eyes roll back as you start moaning audibly, his cock stuffing you full alongside Stu鈥檚.聽
鈥淣one of that.鈥 Billy slaps a hand over your mouth and digs his fingers into your cheek. 鈥淚f any one of those sleazebags outside hears those moans I鈥檒l have to kill them and fuck you over their dead body.鈥
His voice is deep, gravely, and completely serious鈥攜ou believe him in his entirety. You nod rapidly under his hold. You don鈥檛 want the death of anyone to be on your hands, no matter how annoying they are.
鈥淕ood. Now stay quiet.鈥
Billy and Stu take turns fucking themselves up into you. They give you any chance for a break, when one pulls their length almost completely out, the other shoves it in. They take turns pounding themselves into you. Your walls clench hard around them, being stretched to the brim. It takes all your power not to cry out from the pain and pleasure, but the fear from Billy鈥檚 unpredictably overpowers all other emotions.聽
Billy seems to be caught up in the haze of his own arousal, fingers digging in the skin of your hips as he thrusts his cock in and out of you rhythmically. He groans. 鈥淔orgot what it鈥檚 like to fuck a tight, wet hole. Sidney still hasn鈥檛 put out yet.鈥
Your body instantly freezes at Billy鈥檚 words. In the midst of all the chaos that involved finding out that two of your friends were active serial killers, both of them have been wanting to fuck you, and both of them actually proceeding to fuck you, you were ashamed to admit that you completely forgot about your the rest of your friends downstairs. Sidney and Tatum, two of your closest friends, were partying just below you and were blissfully unaware that you were in fact not resting from the partying, but instead getting your hole absolutely destroyed by their boyfriends just a couple hundred feet away.
The reality of your situation comes back to you and the dread starts to sink in. Instinctively, you begin thrashing your body all around, causing as much commotion as you can. Your nails end up scratching Stu on his arm. 鈥淥w!鈥 he whines out, but it鈥檚 a cross between a whimper and a turned on moan. He bites your neck in retaliation. 鈥淚 like 鈥榚m feisty, you know. Really gets my dick goin鈥.鈥
Billy, on the other hand, doesn鈥檛 take your failed act of defiance so lightly. His hand reaches up and squeezes your cheeks as he pulls your face close to him, not letting up with the pistoning of his hips.
鈥淣ot. A. Word.鈥 Every syllable is spoken individually, heavily gritted out through clenched teeth. At that moment, an array of muffled voices is heard right outside the bedroom door. Billy and you turn to the source of the noise at the same time. Billy turns back to you first. 鈥淵ou know what happens if they walk in,鈥 he trails off darkly, and out of the corner of your eye you can see the glint of his knife as it rests on the side table, within an arm's reach from him. If he wanted to, he could easily slip himself out of you and kill the unsuspecting partygoers within mere seconds.
He buries himself back inside of you as you say that, the two of their cocks fighting for their spots inside of your restrictive walls. Billy and Stu moan in unison at the feeling, both of you gripping onto them and the way they feel pressed up against each other.
As hopeless as your situation may seem in the end, you try to make due with what you have and not let the guilt consume you. There鈥檚 nothing you can do about it now unless you want multiple people to wind up dead. It鈥檚 fairly easy to erase your mind of anything other than the two guys currently surrounding you, whose relentless thrusts make your vision go white and limbs go numb.
Stu attaches himself onto your neck, no doubt leaving a trail of hickeys that鈥檒l last for days. You lean your head back into him, giving him more access to the area. His long tongue licks all around the area, sending shivers down your spine.
His mouth eventually makes its way up to your own and Stu covers it, kissing you with great fervor. His tongue slides into your mouth, swirling it around with your own tongue. The kiss is sloppy and uncoordinated, but it feels perfectly like him. It鈥檚 intimate as he massages your tongue and brings his hand up to cup your jaw. In that single moment, you can pretend like your new revelation didn鈥檛 exist and that this is just a sensual moment between you and your friend, who鈥檚 kissing you like his life depends on it.
But that鈥檚 not the case, as Billy brings you back to reality once again. He spanks your ass which has you gasping into Stu鈥檚 mouth and your eyes opening wide.
Spit dribbles out the side of your mouth as Stu finally lets up, moaning into your jaw. He gives your neck a big kiss before sucking another hickey into it. 鈥淚 can be romantic sometimes,鈥 he whispers teasingly into your ear, causing you to shiver.
Billy and Stu pound into you, even harder than before if possible, their hips snapping up against your body.
You know that your orgasm is fast approaching, the various simulations making you feel desperate for a release.
鈥淧lease, please, please, please,鈥 your voice is hoarse as you whisper out in a breathy tone to keep as quiet as possible.
鈥淵eah? You want our cum inside of you?鈥 Billy coaxes you, but you can tell that he鈥檚 just as close to reaching his peak as you are given the uneven rhythm of his ruts, pushing slightly against the pattern he had set with Stu.
You nod your head as much as you can, your vision going blurry with the speed you move it. You can feel Billy鈥檚 cock throb furiously in you and it's enough to make you reach your own orgasm before him, clapping a hand over your mouth as to not alert your presence to anyone outside.
Billy鈥檚 orgasm follows your own soon after, with a strangled moan leaving his lips as his hot cum releases all inside you. The mix of your two juices allows for easier movement within your walls, and after he鈥檚 done climaxing Billy slides out of you with ease.
But Stu is nowhere near stopping.
With the result of your鈥檚 and Billy鈥檚 releases aiding him, Stu ruts himself even further into you. He manhandles you so that instead of your previous position of being twisted in the air as Stu stands behind you, he throws you down on top of the bed and climbs on top of you, humping into you from behind with a newfound vigor.
鈥淔inally get you to myself for a bit,鈥 Stu grits out of his teeth as his hips piston at an immeasurable speed.
You can鈥檛 speak at this point, completely cockdrunk from the brunt of the thrusts you鈥檙e taking. Stu鈥檚 broad body completely engulfs your form as he pounds you into the bedsheets. Your eyes roll into the back of your head, and your tongue lolls out of your mouth, only low whimpers and droll being produced from it.
You can hear the squelching of your pussy, the result of Billy鈥檚 cum and your juices, as Stu pounds his cock as far as it reaches. You can feel the release escape the sides of your pussy lips with the brunt of Stu鈥檚 thrusts and you can鈥檛 help but whine softly as some of the warmth and fullness from the cum leaves your body.
Stu鈥檚 hand runs through your hair until he grabs it at the base. He pushes your head down completely into the bed, using much more pressure than what was needed. The force of it causes your ass to arch further into him as he presses his front fully against your back, curving his form as if morphing to the shape of your hunched and fucked out form.
鈥淣ow that鈥檚 a nice view,鈥 he groans out, one hand at the root of your hair and the other pawing at your ass.
Animalistic grunts leave Stu鈥檚 mouth and you can feel as he reaches the cusp of his orgasm. Curses leave his lips as he finally cums, pushing himself inside you as deep as he can and hitting parts never reached before. You can feel the jets of his hot release inside of you as it comes out in huge, thick spurts.
When Stu finally leaves your walls, the mix of all three of your orgasms comes flowing out, making you moan at the loss of the fullness from all three of you.
鈥淐鈥檓on now, push it all outta you,鈥 Billy鈥檚 voice calls out from across the room, speaking up from his previous silent observer role as he recovered from his own peak.
You obey, squeezing as much as you can with your weak body. You can feel globs of cum escape your entrance, cooling as it runs down your thighs and onto the sheets below you.
You flinch as you feel Stu鈥檚 fingers scoop some out of you, and the smacking of his lips indicates he tasted it. You moan, only able to picture what the scene looks like.
鈥淥h? You want some?鈥 Stu鈥檚 fingers hastily appear in front of you. The fingers from his other hand pull your mouth open and he shoves the cum covered ones inside, making you gag instantly. He rams them in and out of your mouth, barely giving you any time to properly suck on the cum. Flecks of the fluid fly out of your mouth along with your own saliva. Tears fall without a warning, your gag reflex working overtime.
Stu鈥檚 fingers fuck your mouth until all of the cum is virtually gone from them. When he finally pulls them out, your body completely collapses. It trembles furiously from all the overstimulation, unable to hold itself up.
Stu gives you a big wet kiss on your cheek and slaps his now-limp cock onto your bare ass. You can only whimper in response, your body too heavy to move any part of it right now. Your vision is blurry, but through it you manage to make out Billy, with his sweaty complexion and rumpled clothes back on his body, talking down to you.
鈥淵ou stay put until we can get everyone to piss off. We鈥檒l be back for round two.鈥
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Girls when he does the bare minimum in fanfiction
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I take pictures of this scene like I鈥檓 at a goddamn concert
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Every time I am thinking about my favorite fictional characters there鈥檚 like a little edit going through my head with music and everything 馃檪. And I am sure you guys do to 馃馃徑
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cherubfae 5 months
jealous slashers~!鉁
With Michael, Brahms, Jason, Billy Loomis, Stu Macher, Vincent Sinclair, Bo Sinclair, Lester Sinclair, Thomas Sawyer, Sal Fisher, & Patrick Bateman
tags: gn!reader, jealousy, creepy men, unwanted attention/touching, uggestive and mature themes, gore/blood, violence, canon typical behavior, billy x reader x stu poly, rob zombie!mikey, I know Sal isn't exactly a slasher but he's my baby and needs to be included
Alexa, play Love to Die by the Slashstreet Boys
Tumblr media
Rest in Peace to the poor, stupid man who thought it'd be a good idea to mess with the Shape's partner, and Michael had witnessed it all. How this man shoves you into an empty alleyway, the clatter of your groceries falling. The guy doesn't get much more than a few bruises and claw marks when Michael's knife slices through the back of the man's throat, protruding from the other end in a splash of blood. The Shape watches you wipe your bloody face off, not doing much but picking up three of your four fallen bags and tugging you into his side.
Absolutely not. Brahms is fuckin' seething from his safe space sheltered behind the walls. Heavy breathing muffled by the porcelain mask, he watches with wild eyes as some idiot decides to break into the mansion whilst you were sleeping, and proceeds to hold you at knifepoint, effectively pinning you to the bed in what little nightclothes you wore. The unwanted guest and you are certainly going to know when Brahms is upset. There's banging on the walls coming from every direction that leaves the would-be burglar panicked and you slightly more comfortable.
"You're not allowed to be here," comes the eerily childlike voice Brahms has perfected. He crawls his way out from behind the large antique mirror. "I'll make sure you never come near them again." With a sudden slam, Brahms downs the intruder with a lead pipe repeatedly bashing the object until all that remains was brain matter and gooey blood. He drops the pipe with a huff and collects you into his arms, the cool porcelain biting onto the heat of your chest.
As the protector of the surrounding forest, Jason is always watching. He's omnipotent, he sees all. He seems to know where people are at all times and he can sense when you're in distress. Your shared cabin door left ajar sends his blood boiling and his heavy footfall increasing as he approaches your home. Barging in, Jason's pale eyes lock onto you and your assailant holding you by the throat. His thunderous steps are quick, slicing through the man with his machete and proceeds to lift him up while still pierced with the blade. The man gurgles, arms weakly reaching behind him in attempts to claw at Jason. All attempts were futile. He tossed the body to the side before he gently frets over you, his large hands soothing the fingerprints tarnishing your throat.
Billy & Stu
Rather snake-like the two will wrap themselves around you (they adore your personal space) and stare down whoever else demands your attention. Billy's arm hooks around your waist and Stu wraps himself around your shoulder, tilting your chin up with a single finger. "Is this guy bothering you, baby?" Looking like a shark that's tasted blood in the water, Billy's eyes grow more wild. He's already making a mental note of who and where this guy lives. The guy raised his hands in defense backing down the more the two stared at him, walking off completely.
"We're gonna take care of him, doll," Billy promises, kissing your cheek. Stu cackles lightly, tongue sticking out. They would strike tonight.
There's no one Vincent trusts more to watch over you when he can't than his own two brothers. He had his hands full, turning Dalton and Wade into wax people. Nick and Carly were proving to be hard to get a hold of and there was still another tourist that needed to be taken care of.
But then Bo is telling him that the person escaped and he doesn't know where you were. His two worst fears confirmed. Vincent is soon on a wild hunt, trying to find you anywhere with Bo hot on his heels. He soon locates you, passed out with a bit of blood on your head. Your eyes slowly open as he touches your cheek, catching you as you wobble into his warm embrace. He shares a look with Bo who nods.
"I've got you, brother. Keep them here with ya. Wait til I'm back, ya hear?"
Out in public, he's all cordial and kind smiles. Especially if this is an intended victim. Some random person putting the moves on his partner is a huge no-no and one Bo doesn't take lightly. That person just warranted themselves a for sure death sentence and Bo isn't feeling too kind, so perhaps he'll drag things out, yeah? Touch what's his and you got what's comin' to ya.
"Can I see, baby? That bastard leave any marks on ya?" Bo strokes your shoulders, blue eyes drifting over your frame like water. He has every intention of marking every place that person touched, no matter if you tell Bo the guy only grabbed your arm. Once he has his mind set on something, he's gonna do it.
Unlike his older twin brothers, Lester is actually pretty chill. Especially in comparison to Bo. He doesn't think much of the people he's helping get into Ambrose knowing full well it's their final destination and Vincent and Bo will take care of things as they always have. What he doesn't like is some dude making a pass at you right in front of him. Can't he see the engagement ring on your finger? It leaves a sour taste in his mouth, watching with narrowed eyes as the small group heads towards the mechanic shop in search of a fan belt.
A familiar hand on his arm calms him down instantly. He turns to you and musters a weak smile as your hands slide around his torso from behind, leaning your cheek on his shoulder. "Y'alright?" Lester nods too quickly and unconvincingly, giving you a quick kiss. "Yeah, darl', always."
Your partner is not unlike a bear, watching with wild eyes as one of Hoyt's new catches clasps onto you, their nails digging into your arms, and pinning you to the barbed fence. The cry of pain you let out has Tommy barreling towards you, chainsaw revving to life. A deep snarl echoes behind his mask and he wastes no time cutting down the poor soul with a single swipe of his motorized saw. Tommy turns it off and picks you up in his large arms as gently as he can. With his masked cheek leaning against yours, he carries you back towards the house. Mama Luda Mae will take a good look at you.
Sal Fisher
Honestly Sal isn't one to get jealous. He's pretty level-headed and understanding in most situations. He respects your choices and he's not gonna step on any toes or do anything drastic; Sal isn't a monster. However, if he sees some guy make a creepy pass at you and clearly overstep your boundaries, he won't hesitate to swoop in, looping his arm around your shoulders. His sharp blue eyes staring at the man from behind his prosthetic mask.
"Do we have a problem here?" His voice is cold, lacking any interest in what excuse the man finds. Sal's main focus will be on you, rubbing gentle, soothing circles into your skin. His main priority is to get you away from this sicko and would totally call in reinforcements from his brother Larry if need be.
A jealous Patrick Bateman isn't a good scenario for anyone. Especially not with his deteriorating mental state. He trusts you explicitly, with his thoughts, ideas, and recreational hobbies that most would find distasteful. So when a colleague of his gets too big for his britches and unabashedly begins to flirt with you in his presence, Patrick finds it difficult to keep his boiling bloodlust at bay. The heat of his anger is getting to his head, the fierce emotions only swelling well it's clear how uncomfortable you look in that man's company. He must see to put an end to him quickly.
"Are you alright, my darling? That man surely didn't know his place, did he?" Patrick places a hand at your back, guiding you out of the office party. "Let's get you home and into a nice hot bath, hmm? I'd rather not taste that swine on your lovely skin."
Tumblr media
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slasherhaven 7 months
Slashers with a significant other who is a cam girl and wants them to be in one of their videos? 馃拑
2 posts in 2 days who do I think I am? See ya'll in a year! /j
You do Cam Work and Ask the Slashers to be in your Videos:
Thomas Hewitt
Thomas is pretty conservative when it come to sex and such, but he's come around to your cam work, especially since you let him help with the details.
You like when he picks what you were or what scene you might do. You made Thomas feel like a part of it and that made him comfortable with it.
Still, he's very surprised when you ask if he wants to do a video with you. He refuses immediately and you respect that.
You ask again a while later but with more details. Like nobody would know who he was, you would keep his face out of the shot, and the two of you will do whatever he is comfortable with.
Your first video with him is of you riding him. His head isn't in the shot but the rest of his frame is. The size difference goes hard and your audience agrees.
Thomas is a flustered mess when you sit to read with comments with him. Everyone is talking about the new man in your video, gushing about how big he is and how attentive he is. Even with his size it seems your audience could sense his gentle soul, commenting on the chemistry you both have and how they would love to see him again!
Thanks to all the lovely comments, Thomas agrees to do another video even if he doesn't see himself putting his face on camera any time soon.
Michael Myers
Michael honestly does not care that you do cam work.
When you first ask him to be in a video, he pretty much ignores it.
But when you ask again some time later he doesn't see why not.
As long as his face isn't in the video or anything, you can film it, he doesn't really care.
The videos you make with him afterwards are pretty similar to your first video with him.
Usually you bent over while Michael fucks you to tears.
Michael is barely in the shot most of the time. Sometimes it just a close up on you, other times it includes Michael but only ever getting at high as his chest.
Everyone is obsessed with your mystery man. Where did he come from? What was that scar from? Can we see more of him please!!!
Jason Voorhees
We all know that Jason's comfort levels with sex is extremely low and it takes a while for him to become comfortable with physical intimacy. So cam work is certainly going to take some time for him to come around to.
And once he's become more comfortable with that, it's going to take a whole lot longer before he feels comfortable being in a video.
When he does decide to give it a go, he is a real hit!
He refuses to show his face on camera and you do whatever it takes to make sure he is as comfortable as possible.
Before Jason says you can use his name in videos and descriptions, your audience referred to him as 'the gentle giant', which is completely accurate!
No matter your usual content, Jason is nothing but gentle with you when he's in a video.
Brahms Heelshire
Watches your videos over and over again, he loves them. He'll watch you record them and watch them later once you've posted them. He can't get enough.
He's already got his pants off when you ask if he wants to be in one of your videos. You end up fucking even though you're not filming it.
He actually doesn't have much of a problem with having his face on camera. He's still a little insecure about his facial burns but you have alleviated most of that by this point.
And after the first video and he reads all those positive comments. Some are as horny for him as they are for you.
Fully embraces his new pornstar identity. He's insufferable.
He'll be in any video you want and your audience love watching you take care of your needy brat.
Bo Sinclair
Bo is in fully support of your work, it brings some money in and he gets to watch your videos. Even if his possessiveness still often gets the better of him. Whenever he reads comments of people praising you, Bo has an insatiable need to bend you over something just to prove a point.
Gets all cocky and arrogant when you ask if he wants to be in a video.
Needless to say, he agrees to do it.
And he takes to it pretty easily. He knows how to get all of his favourite reactions from you, how to get you pleading and begging for him, and he wants everyone watching to know.
Bo is arrogant and always smirking when the camera is on but it performs well.
He likes to how the camera and film himself entering you. He really does have a terrible ego.
Vincent Sinclair
It gets Vincent flustered, he could admit that, but he appreciates the artistic side of it all. It takes more effort and consideration than one might think!
He likes helping you get ready for a video and taking care of you afterwards.
He's hesitant when you first ask if he wants to be in a video. A part of him wants to do it with you but he's not confident enough in himself.
But he loves making you feel good and at this point he knows he's good at it, so he gives it a try. You can film them without posting them after all, like practise runs.
He may never show his face but he doesn't mind having his body on camera. Sometimes he even just hides his face with his hair instead of keeping his head out of the shot completely.
On Vincent's more self-conscious days, he'll film close ups of him fingering you instead.
He's very good with his hands and your audience agrees. They are very jealous of you.
Lester Sinclair
Lester is pretty neutral on your work, but of course he absolutely loves your videos.
He's mostly just surprised and flustered when you first ask if he wants to be in one of your videos. He thinks you're perfect so he understands why people would want to watch you, but he doesn't really see why people would want to watch him.
But he still agrees to it because he's your biggest supporter!!!
Your audience love the chemistry and intimacy between you both, leaving comments about how real your videos feel.
The videos that perform best are usually the ones where the two of you forgot you were even filming, just giggling together and enjoying each other. Lester gets all nervous and shy when the camera turns on, which is adorable, but forgetting that the camera is there really does help him perform better, the sweetheart.
Your audience love your more thought out and planned videos but appreciate the occasional more relaxed video with your sweet boyfriend.
Bubba Sawyer
Super flustered by your work but he's supportive.
Is super surprised and nervous when you ask if he wants to be in a video.
He agrees to give it a try once you explain that you can always delete it and nobody has to see it if he changes his mind or doesn't like it.
Bubba is just a big sweetie really, and you know just how to turn him into a squirming, blubbering mess.
And your audience love to watch you do it!
In later video's you do, you use the viewers' comments to fluster him even further. Using all the kindest and sweetest comments that say how lovely he is .
Come on, Bubs, they love you, they're being so nice. Why don't you say thank you?
Billy Lenz
Billy loves watching your videos and when you ask if he wants to be in a video with you, he is so excited!
He's completely down to make some home videos but he's a little unsure about putting it online for other people to see.
So you make it so his face isn't visible and let him watch the final edit before uploading it. He thinks it's so hot, he can't say no.
Honestly, you could do really well with just audios alone though. People will go wild for it. Billy unable to keep his mouth shut, all those desperate moans and whines and noises, the sticky wet slapping of skin. Honestly, a video element is just a bonus at this point.
And who gets off to the video the most? Billy obviously!
Asa Emory (The Collector)
Asa monitors your accounts anyway, even if you don't know it. He wants to know what you're posting and how people are responding. Don't want any bullies or trolls, right?
He's probably tried to manipulate you into suggesting it anyway.
He doesn't have much of a problem with your cam work, he's just a possessive bastard and would love to claim you in front of your entire audience.
The mask stays on!
Okay, he designs a new mask to avoid any chance of self criminalisation but whatever.
You two can make it big in BDSM communities.
Ties you up, blindfolds you, gags you. Whatever he feels like, but often seems to focus the camera on your reactions rather than on what he is doing to you. Studying his favourite little specimen.
Your audience already adored you of course, but they also love this new Dom you brought it.
There is no doubt as to who you belong to now.
Jesse Cromeans (Chromeskull)
Obviously Jesse has no problem with being on camera and he already has a pretty big ego, so he'll probably even wear the Chromeskull mask. It's his signature whether it's for his snuff films or your cam work.
Like Asa, you do absolute numbers in the BDSM community. Everyone is very pleased with his fully suited up, masked Dom that you brought in.
He already has his Chromeskull persona all fleshed out so he just brings that energy to your videos.
He's a sadistic Dom and you might have to upload an Aftercare video at some point just to reassure your more loyal audience that you're alright and always well taken care of afterwards.
Otis Driftwood
Is obviously a fan of your videos and isn't going to stop you from making them. You aren't actually fucking anyone else, so he's cool with it. And if he feels particularly jealous or possessive at some point, he knows he's the only one who can actually pin you down and have his way with you.
Oh yeah, he's down to make a few videos with you. He's probably got some old tapes of his own somewhere, long forgotten. He's not shy.
Says the filthiest shit, it kinda becomes his think on your platform.
Otis can be absolutely disgusting but, fortunately, there is an audience for that and they flood to your videos.
Calls you all sorts of names, asks you if you get off on knowing everyone is going to watch him fuck you. That everyone is going to see all the things you let him do to you.
Baby Firefly
Baby loves that you do cam work, she loves performing. She happily does your hair and makeup, she helps you pick out costumes and which toys you'll use in that video.
Hell, she's even filmed a video or two for you!
She's your number one supporter so of course she jumps on camera as soon as you ask if she wants to be in a video.
The two of you are all dolled up and she's magnetic, the audience love her as much as they love you.
The two of you are absolute menaces if you decide to do a livestream, pulling in huge donations because Baby is going to pout and taunt. Why should the two of you put on a show if they're not showing their appreciation properly?
Baby is the type to respond to very low donations with "it's alright, you can just say you're poor". She never promised to play nice and she just thinks you're worth more than that!!!
You end up apologising for her.
People are into it though.
Yautja (Predator)
Your mate doesn't quite get it but he's cool with it.
Is hard as soon as you ask if he wants to be in a video. Yautja's aren't very conservative or prudish when it comes to sex and nudity, so you weren't too surprised.
He loves the thought of taking you, of claiming you, and everyone knowing that you're his mate. That he's a worthy mate for you.
Even when he's a regular feature in your videos, he doesn't completely understand it, he just knows he's into it.
Everyone loves to watch you try to take him fully, the struggle, the determination, the satisfaction when you manage it.
You have cornered the Monster Fucker market. They don't know if it's real, if it's a very elaborate costume, or very realistic animation, either way they are eating it up.
All the other performers who use alien dildos and such are super jealous, obviously.
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b-00-biez 9 months
Would you be able to write if {Michael, Brahms, and Thomas} found out their s/o had a breeding kink.
Breeding kink
With Michael, Brahms, Thomas
He honestly doesn't know what to do with this information but he will save it for later.
One night you were particularly stubborn and the easiest way for Michael to coax you into doing what he wants is to abuse your poor little entrance. You know he hasn't touched you for weeks and him just teasing you with just his tip probing at the entrance that awaits his full length, fluttering and welcoming him with open arms but he doesn't give in.
"M-michael please.. " you tried to beg for him to just fuck you, insert his full length into you despite him not wearing a condom right now. "Please Michael I'll do whatever the fuck you ask me just fuck me outta my misery.. " you said frustrated already, you know despite his mask, he's smirking underneath. Without a warning, he shoved his whole cock inside making you yelp and ease up around his length. He hooked your legs onto his shoulders and started fucking. His balls slapping your ass and you can hear it making lewd noises. On how rough he was being you can't help but feel your orgasm coming. You grasp whatever words you have left in your cock drunk brain and said "cum in me! Get me fucking pregnant!! " you screamed. Now, he's curious. You want his seed? You want your tummy full of his babies, your breasts swollen with milk? He's not too sure about this but hell you were such a good girl for him right now looking all needy and disheveled, maybe just this once he will fuck you full of his seed.
The fact that he was spying on you watching porn and your fingers melting into your very Nectar. He has to know what you were watching so he can replace those damn fingers with his cock. So while you were asleep he swiped your phone and in the safety of his walls he played the video he saw.
He couldn't take off his eyes on that pussy being abused and edged by this guy's long shaft. The video was about to end until the guy pulled out a mix of their cum oozing out of her cunt onto the bed as she shivered from all the orgasm she had. You were watching this while your fingers were desperately trying to make you cum like the needy slut that you are? He didn't want you to suffer when all you needed was his cock and his buckets of cum in you.
After he persuaded you to do it with him he's already in you with no foreplay whatsoever rubbing your clit so roughly while snapping his hips with yours. "Ugh.. All mine Mine!! " he said going faster just burying you on the bed, ass up. He slapped your ass until it was red making you yelp while you felt his cock ramming itself in and out. You had no energy to tell him to slow down but gosh it felt so good when he's this rough! "Get pregnant Get pregnant Get pregnant!! " he chanted while rearranging your insides. Gosh how many orgasms have you had and how many loads does he need to fill you with until he's satisfied?
He couldn't help but imagine how your legs wraps around his waist pulling him closer to you while he ruts your very hole. He couldn't help but notice how unresponsive you were after 2-3 rounds and he just couldn't get his mind off on how his meaty cock was a bit visible on your cute tummy while he fucked you up.
He didn't understand what a breeding kink was until you blurted out that he should cum inside you that day.
In the morning while you and his family were having breakfast, Luda Mae asked if you two were gonna have children soon since you couldn't even be separated from Thomas. You choked on your water then looked at Thomas who was already blushing but nodded that he indeed plans to have children with you sooner or later but until you get married to him.
One particular night after that you couldn't take it anymore. He kept cumming outside and on you! He was so careful not to get you pregnant until marriage. "T-thomas please.. Just cum in me! Please I can't wait till marriage I'm already yours!! " you blurted out. He stopped for a moment but then picked up the pace as he rutted into you fucking your g-spot over and over again as he groans in agreement. Mixing your juices and his pre-cum so deliciously and night after night he kept fucking you full of his loads and every time after that you felt satisfied even after you conclude that you were indeed pregnant now.
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pastelclovds 8 months
3. 鈥淧lease kiss me.鈥 w/ brahms pls and ty
- 馃浉
brahms didn鈥檛 have the best personal hygiene before he met you, but ever since you found out about the man hiding in the walls of the mansion you were supposed to watch over along with a doll version of brahms, you made it your life鈥檚 mission to make sure he bathes regularly.
brahms didn鈥檛 always comply though, and often threw tantrums unless you joined with him (which was very common, little pervy bastard). usually the washing started out innocently, until brahms turned it into a heated fuck session. this was no different.
brahms cries echoed throughout the walls of the bathroom, the warm water enveloping the both of you in the tub made his face flush a pretty shade of pink as he held onto your shoulders for dear life. the water splashes out of the tub as your pelvis claps against brahms鈥 ass.
brahms lets out delicate moans in your ear every time your cock jabs his prostate. your hands that were previously scrubbing his body were now holding onto his hips as you made him take your merciless thrusts. you couldn鈥檛 help but grin when you hear brahms sniff and begin to tear up in pleasure.
鈥測ou can鈥檛 seem to control yourself, huh? always grinding against my leg when i reach for the soap, like a little slut,鈥 you rest your back on the wall beside the tub as your pace quickens. brahms pulls away from your ear, staring at you with glossy eyes, 鈥渋-i鈥檓 sorry, i can鈥檛 help it. you feel so- so good. please kiss me,鈥 brahms pleads with you.
deciding to have mercy on the pretty man, you grab ahold of his damp curls and pulled him onto your lips for a kiss. you swallow brahms鈥 whines as he came onto his stomach and in the water. you follow suit as you slammed into him and released strand after strand of cum inside his ass until it spilled. making the once clean water, a white mess.
after a few minutes of basking in your shared climax, you let out a groan when brahms suddenly rolled his hips, and judging by his blissful smile: he wanted another round. you weren鈥檛 going to leave the bathroom for a while.
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factorydefaultlu 2 years
Headcanons for Vincent, Thomas, Brahms, Michael Myers with an s/o who is really good at riding them, like riding them to oblivion till they can鈥檛 think right
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Vincent Sinclair
Loves when his darling is on top, he gets to watch his beautiful work of art use him like a toy.
His hands grip their hips, and he rolls his own in rhythm with their movements.
Dark hair sticks to his forehead with sweat, his mouth hangs open. His mask was discarded long ago, he looks immaculate in the low light of his workshop.
His breathing is heavy and his moans are strangled. He's trying to keep quiet so he can hear his lover, their groans and sighs.
Vincent loves the way they feel when they bounce on his cock, he thinks he's died and gone to heaven.
Tumblr media
Brahms Heelshire
He's such a sub it's not even funny. He begged his lover to make him feel good before bed and they happily obliged.
He doesn't regret asking for this, but he knows he's gonna get fucked stupid.
They're bouncing on his cock, tight little hole squeezing around him deliciously.
Brahms moans loudly, and his hands wander their body. Groping and grabbing the soft skin. He begs for more, tears forming in his eyes.
His beloved smirks down at him, his mind melting the more they rock their hips. He doesn't want it to stop, yet at the same time he needs to cum.
Tumblr media
Thomas Hewitt
He's very much a giver. Whatever his lover wants they will get.
He protested being laid on his back only because he wants to make sure his beloved is getting as much pleasure as he is.
Tommy is convinced that they're enjoying themselves as well when he sees the way they look down at him.
Their hips rolling, their tight hole squeezing his fat cock just right. His mask was discarded, and he was flushed from his neck to the tips of his ears.
Low grunts rumbled in his chest, his cock throbbed as his darling bounced. They looked like a work of art above him.
Tumblr media
Michael Myers
Selfish. That's the best word to describe him in bed. When his beloved climbed over him he remained completely still.
If they wanted to fuck themselves on his cock, they can have at it. He's tired, he won't help, not unless they cum before he does.
His nonchalant attitude melts away within minutes, his lover bounced along his shaft. The tip of his cock hit something delicious inside them and he nearly lost it.
Heavy pants emanated from behind his mask. He was losing himself, watching as they use him like a fuck toy. Their tight hole milking him for all he's worth.
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