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jack hughes with “So what, you're just moving on from us and talking to this other person?" "We were never official." please !
You met Jack Hughes when you moved in across the hall from him and he had knocked on your door asking if you had any bandaids. The two of you started hanging out regularly after that until it shifted into something more after a night of sloppy makeout sessions and wandering hands. You hated the terms 'friends-with-benefits', but it was the only thing that could describe your relationship with Jack other than complicated.
Both of you knew it wasn't serious, and neither of you wanted it to be, at least that was what you convinced yourself to be true. Despite the avoidance of exploring further into what could be with Jack, it would be a lie if you had said it wasn't holding you back from going out into an active dating pool. You rebuffed advances from other guys, even the cute guy from the gym you had been ogling for months.
It wasn't like Jack made it easy, though. He was constantly doing things for you, taking you out to eat, doing things one-on-one with you, doing all the things that a couple would do. He never skimped out on your aftercare and never made you feel like you had to leave immediately after unless you wanted to. However, there were also the moments that reminded you of where you really stood with him.
"They're doing family skate after this next game," Luke says as he eats his food, "Are you coming?"
"Why would she," Jack narrows his eyes at his brother, "She's not my girlfriend or anything."
Luke's eyes widened as he watched your movements briefly halt, your eyebrows raising at Jack's snapped response. Jack's gaze was cast at the TV, his jaw hard and set as he avoided looking in your direction. The air around the three of you shifted into something awkward and tense, no one saying anything until Luke braved breaking the silence.
"We can bring friends too," He shrugs, adding extra stress to the word 'friends' as he looks down at his food.
"It's okay," You wave off, "I have plans that night anyway." Lie. You don't have any plans, at least not yet.
"You do," Jack instantly calls out, confusion evident in his tone, "Doing what?"
"Going out with a friend," You plainly state, ending the conversation as it was while Jack was left stewing with his thoughts of just who your friend could be.
After the game, it didn't go unnoticed by any that Jack was in a sour mood. He mostly stuck to himself, or entertained the children as they skated around him. His teammates tried asking him what was up, but he quickly brushed them off with a short response. When they asked Luke, he simply shook his head and mumbled something about mood swings.
Unfortunately for you, the friend you had made last minute plans with, who just so happened to be the guy from the gym, decided it was time for him to leave your apartment at the exact same time Jack and Luke were coming back. You were standing in the doorway making small talk with him when you hear their voices down the hall. You spot Luke over his shoulder first, and he was rapidly glancing between you and his brother, who was glaring daggers into the back of the guys head.
"Well, I'll see you sometime soon, yeah," He asks, giving you a kind smile as his attention briefly falls to the two brothers approaching.
"I'll text you," You nod. You probably won't.
He slightly hesitates, as if he was internally debating something, but he ultimately chooses to leave, and you're certain it has to do with the audience behind him. He gives the two boys a polite greeting as he passes by, one that goes unanswered by Jack who was now staring directly at you. You meet his eyes, unrelenting and unwavering while Luke slips into their apartment undetected so it was only the two of you.
"Good game tonight," You speak first, trying to gauge exactly what he was feeling by his eyes alone.
"Who was he," He asks as he steps closer until his chest is nearly touching your own.
"A friend," You repeat your words from the other day.
"A friend who's leaving your apartment at midnight," He scoffs, shaking his head in mock amusement, "So what? You're just done with us? You moving on to him?"
"We're not official," You swallow thickly, goosebumps rising on your skin as he walks you back into your apartment. The click of the door shutting behind him echoes throughout the apartment before you continue, "You're the one that said that, remember?"
"It was your idea that we keep this casual, remember," He goads, tilting his head to the side as he drags his gaze down the length of your body.
"You agreed to it," You shudder under his gaze.
He crowds your space, placing his hands on your hips and pulling you into his chest. His fingers dip under the thin material of your shirt, tracing against the skin as his eyes dance across your face. Your eyes are wide, your lips parted in anticipation while you wait for him to say something.
"What if I don't anymore? What if I want it to be more?”
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jack Hughes #86 of the New Jersey Devils displays the stick and the puck with which he scored his first NHL goal against the Vancouver Canucks on October 19, 2019 at Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. (Photo by Andy Marlin/NHLI via Getty Images)
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💄 ͡ ꒱ ᡣ𐭩 ⋆。˚ A NIGHT TO REMEMBER ⊹ au masterlist
━━━ ❛ underneath the sheets, you enchanted me
Tumblr media Tumblr media
── ୨୧ 𝓹airing : Ophelia Lazar (oc) x Jack Hughes
── ୨୧ 𝓢ummary : falling in love with your teammates sister was a rule jack never planned on breaking , but that rule is so easily broken when he meets her .
˖ ་ find all asks under #💌ophelia lazar!
˖ ་ find everything ophelia under #💄ᡣ𐭩 ⋆。˚ ophelia
˖ ་ find everything about Ophelia & Jack under # ᯓᡣ𐭩 phia & jack
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˖ ་ 💭 roro’s notes ( it’s finally here, a jack au ฅ́˘ฅ̀ im soo excited about this au i can’t even explain it , this is very much an interactive au , so please please please send in requests and thoughts !! pls comment if you would like to be added to the taglist x )
Tumblr media
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where’d all the time go? (ophelia’s timeline)
heartbeat, my heartbeat (Jack and phia’s relationship study)
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under her spell, I can’t break
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a night to remember wip’s
Tumblr media
˖ ་ taglist : @yoontwin @toasttt11 @cixrosie @winterbarnesblog @iceflwers
dividers made by @plutism
copyright © 2024 you can't copy, translate, reproduce, repost my fic, use my plot or layouts.
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Tumblr media
I Post A Hughes A Day Until The Season Starts - Day 65
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he said what he means and he means what he says - connor bedard ☆
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
wc: 1.4k
tw: talks of breakup. not feeling real. new beginnings. slight fluff
connor bedard x oc hughes sister
ryan leonard x ex oc hughes sister
frankie didn't know if she was okay.
she walked into the club trying to figure out if she was even real. was any of this even real? was she alive? she even checked her pulse, and surprise, surprise, it was fully beating.
she had her fingers laced with connors as they walked through the swarm of people to reach her brothers, who, of course, were standing next to the DJ.
as they reached closer to the stand she could see that there were more hockey players there. including one of ryan's best friend that she had basically told 'fuck you' to earlier that day. making her feel even more suffocated than she was already feeling.
"can we go to the bathroom and talk?" she said turning to connor who looked at her oddly before nodding. she pulled him to a quiet single restroom and shut the door feeling grateful for getting away from the loud music.
"are you alright?" he asked the girl who leaned her head on the door as she looked at the ceiling, trying to figure out how the hell she was going to word her next words.
"not really. but I want to be honest with you," she told him as he nodded for her to go on. she took a long breath before continuing.
"i'm still in love with ryan. he broke up with me like a month ago, and I haven't even had time to get over him yet, and I just don't want to string you along. you don't deserve that at all and if you want to end this whole thing we can, i just need you to know before it gets any bigger" she told him honestly as he listened. seemingly hanging off her every word as if his life depended on it. he licked his lips before nodding.
"i figured. you seemed like you really loved him. that doesn't go away overnight," he said, recalling the social media posts she used to make of him.
"what if it never goes away?" she said as she felt her eyes water. she couldn't believe this was her life now.
"it probably won't. it's about how you choose to live alongside it" he told her as she looked up at him.
connor really was a handsome guy. he had big eyes that held so much wisdom behind them that only made her want to dive deeper into them but she knew now was not the time.
"that was very wise connor," she told him with a small smile as she wiped her tear.
"I try," he joked back at her with a smile as she pulled him in for a hug. even though she had basically just friend-zoned him, they both felt like this wasn't the end for them and for now, that was enough to satisfy the two young adults.
connor and frankie had got back to where her brothers were and she was quick to feel will's eyes on her. probably mentally screenshotting so he could run and tell ryan.
"frankie!" will called as she passed them. and maybe if she was mean-hearted she would have walked past him but will was one of her best friends just two months ago, she couldn't not ever speak to him again.
she turned to connor making sure he was fine with her leaving and before she could even open her mouth he said "go I'll be fine" with a small smile. before she smiled back and turned to a guilty-looking will.
"I'm sorry," was all he said before hugging her. normally, frankie didn't really like hugs, but regardless, she hugged him back. she could never hold grudges.
"it's fine, you didn't know," she told him as she pulled away.
"what even happened? what about the big reunion wedding we planned" he told her; she sadly smiled, thinking about the 'wedding' they had planned one night in her apartment alongside their friends as she recalled that everyone was stoked just talking about it.
"people grow apart, I guess," she mumbled as he looked at her sadly.
"you better still talk to us hughes," he told her once he realized that must have been why she had been so distant. she slowly stopped sending memes to the group chat and replying until she soon stopped altogether, but they had just figured she was busy. and although that was true, it wasn't entirely the reason.
"I will, it's just kind of hard," she told him as he shook his head.
"you were our friend first; I'm sure ryan wouldn't want anything to do with you," he said as she remembered his 'have a nice life' from earlier.
"i doubt that," she said as he looked at her confused.
"he thinks i cheated on him with connor," she told him as his eyebrows shot up.
"i didn't tell him about this morning-"
"i called him earlier to tell him that the tabloids are going to say connor and i started talking in may so he wouldn't be blindsided-"
"but you were still in boston in may," he told her as she nodded.
"i know. but he didn't even let me talk which is understanding but i just feel like the biggest dick-"
"you're not a dick, frankie. even though your actions are questionable ninety percent of the time, you always have good intentions in mind," he told her as she shrugged. when you spent the majority of your life doing mean things that made you ultimately mean and no one was about to change her mind.
"I just can't believe how everything has changed so fast," she said as he nodded. feeling the absolute same way.
"yeah, it's crazy. but I'm having a get-together at my cape cod house next weekend. one last hora before everyone goes back to school and i go to san jose. i really want you there. summer's going so you won't be the only girl or anything-"
"is ryan going?" she asked not thinking she could handle seeing him in the flesh yet.
"yeah-- but maybe you guys can figure things out"
"will-" she shook her head as he cut her off desperately.
"just think about it, okay. i should let you get back to connor he looks a bit uncomfortable" he said as she turned to see him awkwardly standing with her brothers as they obviously integrated him about something. she nodded before bidding will goodbye with a hug as she walked over to them.
"don't get any ideas-" she heard luke say as she smiled and pushed her way to connor.
"can you guys stop scaring him," she said as connor turned pink.
"we didn't even say anything!" jack tried to save himself.
"i actually didn't say anything," quinn said with a smile before frankie rolled her eyes and pulled connor away from them.
"I hope they didn't scare you off already," she said with a small smile as connor chuckled.
"no-- they're just protective over you," he told her as she nodded.
"do you wanna get out of here?" she asked him not feeling up for the partying tonight.
"honestly yeah. i'm really tired" he told her as she giggled at his tired face.
"why didn't you say anything?" she told him as they walked out.
"I thought you liked partying," he told her as they found a cab.
"i do. just not today" she told him as he opened the door for her.
the ride went silent as they drove to the hotel, and frankie couldn't help but let her mind wander off to what will said. it was crazy, but a small growing part of her didn't want to 'figure things out' with ryan. she felt crazy even thinking that because for so long she wanted to desperately do just that.
"I'm leaving tomorrow morning," he told her as she looked at him. the city lights bounced off his smooth skin, and if she wasn't so broken, she might've told him how handsome he looked.
"me too. I know it's crazy, but I really liked hanging out with you these past two days, I don't really want it to end," she sighed. although she was ready to get back to her life, this weekend had been the end of beginnings for her.
"i guess i'll just have to make a couple of pit stops in new york," he told her cheekily as she smiled.
"and i guess i'll just make a couple of pit stops to vancouver," she told him as he smiled.
"i think i'd really like that," he said with a smile as she scooted closer to him and leaned her head on his shoulder. for some reason it felt right but the hands on the ears over her heart were as muffled as ever so she'd continue to be the clueless eighteen-year-old she was till the day she died.
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not surprised
Tumblr media
February 11, 2023
Quinn came out of the locker room after having lost the game 2-5 but honestly did not care about the loss as he gets to see Sebastian and Luke.
Quinn raised an eyebrow at how close the two were standing to each other and how Sebastian was leaning down letting Luke whisper to him and it raised some suspicion in Quinn but he ignored it calling out their names, “Seb! Moose!”
Sebastian and Luke looked up and they both smiled seeing Quinn and Quinn immediately walked to them pulling them into a hug and Quinn sighed contently hugging two of his little brothers.
“Come on tell me everything.” Quinn wrapped a shoulder over both of them as they walked out of the arena and to their car. Quinn knows most of everything going on in their life but he likes to hear all about it in person.
Luke and Sebastian talked to Quinn the whole drive to the hotel Quinn is staying at. The three chose to spend their time together in Quinn’s hotel room having some room service rather than eating at a restaurant.
Luke and Sebastian both flopped onto Quinn’s bed the second they got into the room making Quinn laugh fondly.
“Order food for us.” Quinn tossed the door menus at them and grabbed his clothes and headed to take shower.
Sebastian and Luke ordered all of them food and Luke immediately cuddled in Sebastian’s neck letting out a happy sigh.
Sebastian and Luke have been in a relationship for over a year now and Ellen and Jim know because you can’t hide anything from Ellen and all of their teammates know as well.
They haven’t been purposely trying to hide their relationship from the rest of the family but they were also trying to get use to their relationship and they kept it pretty private so they were not surprised when no one else figured it out but they did decide to not try to hide anything from Quinn and Jack any longer.
Sebastian and Luke had a feeling once they stopped hiding their relationship in front of Quinn and Jack that Quinn would figure it out first and it would take Jack some time.
Sebastian and Luke started dosing off in each other’s arm they didn’t hear Quinn walk out from the shower.
Quinn raised an eyebrow at the scene in front of him, truthfully for a while now he’s thought that one day the two would get together but looking at them in front of him maybe they have already been together.
Quinn didn’t care as long as they were happy, he heard the knock on the door and grabbed their room service setting it onto the desk.
“Hey sleepyheads.” Quinn ruffled both Sebastian and Luke’s hair, “Foods here.” Quinn spoke softly watching as they both slowly woke up and saw how Luke tried to his face even more in Sebastian’s neck.
“Thanks Q.” Sebastian mumbled rubbing his face and gently rubbing Luke’s back softly.
“Food Lu.” Sebastian softly whispered to his boyfriend making Luke groan but reluctantly get off Sebastian and take the plate Quinn handed him.
Sebastian set his plate on the bed in front of his having got a samwhich and Luke and Quinn both having got a cheeseburger.
Sebastian sent Luke a cheeky smirk as he stole some of Luke’s fries making Luke fondly roll his eyes in response.
“Are we going to talk about the obvious?” Quinn asked after they all finished eating, Sebastian and Luke shared a look and turned to look at Quinn, they both nodded, “You two are together.” Quinn stated.
“We are.” Luke proudly agreed looking at Sebastian lovingly, Sebastian squeezed Luke’s hand softly.
“For how long?” Quinn curiously asked looking at the two with a content smile seeing how happy they look with each other.
“A little over a year.” Sebastian answered Quinn.
“Good, it’s about time you two get together.” Quinn nodded approvingly, he’s been waiting for the two to get together.
Sebastian and Luke shared a fond look laughing slighty not even surprised that is how Quinn reacted.
“Does Jacky know yet?” Quinn asked the two smiling slighty seeing the loom they shared.
“Not yet.” Sebastian mumbled as he chewed on some french fries.
Luke watched Sebastian with a fond glaze, “We are letting him figure it out on his own.” Luke finished explaining to Quinn, Luke and Sebastian wanted Jack to find out on his own.
“That might take a while.” Quinn teased knowing how oblivious Jack can be.
And it did take a very long time for Jack to figure out that Sebastian and Luke are together.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jack Rowden Hughes is that YOU in a BOOK??!!
I have no words. I’m lost for words. Author has finally done what everyone that was the impossible, they have shut the professional yapper up.
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how about jack x daughter and he takes her out for dinner but gets judgmental looks from older parents because he’s so young
It’s Friday evening, and I’m getting ready to take my four-year-old daughter, Y/N, out for dinner. She’s been looking forward to this all week, and honestly, so have I. It’s not often we get to have a daddy-daughter date night, just the two of us. As I button up her tiny cardigan, I can’t help but smile at how excited she is.
"Dada, can I have pasta?" she asks, her eyes wide with anticipation.
"Of course, sweetie. You can have whatever you want," I reply, lifting her up and placing her on my shoulders. Her giggles fill the air as we head out the door.
We decide to go to a cozy Italian restaurant downtown, one that I’ve heard has a great kids' menu. As we walk in, the hostess smiles warmly at us and leads us to a small table by the window. I help Y/N into her chair and hand her a coloring menu, watching as she immediately starts to scribble with the crayons provided.
Our server arrives, a young woman with a friendly smile. She takes our order, and Y/N insists on ordering her own spaghetti with meatballs. I can’t help but laugh at how grown-up she sounds.
As we wait for our food, I notice a couple of older parents at a nearby table. They’re watching us, their expressions a mix of curiosity and something else I can’t quite place. I try to ignore it, focusing instead on Y/N’s animated chatter about her day at preschool.
"Dada, look at my picture!" she exclaims, holding up her menu covered in colorful scribbles.
"It’s beautiful, sweetheart," I say, ruffling her hair. She beams at me, and I can’t help but feel a swell of pride.
Our food arrives, and Y/N digs into her pasta with gusto, getting sauce all over her face. I laugh and hand her a napkin, reminding her to wipe her mouth. She grins, her smile as bright as the sun.
As we eat, I can still feel the eyes of the older parents on us. It’s starting to make me uncomfortable. I glance over and see them whispering to each other, their looks now clearly judgmental. I can guess what they’re thinking: I’m too young to have a daughter this age. Maybe they think I’m irresponsible or unfit to be a parent.
I take a deep breath, reminding myself that their opinions don’t matter. What matters is the little girl sitting across from me, happily slurping her spaghetti. I lean forward, focusing on her.
"Do you want to share some dessert, Y/N?" I ask.
Her eyes light up. "Yes, please! Can we have ice cream?"
"Of course," I say, signaling the server.
When she brings over a big bowl of vanilla ice cream, Y/N’s face lights up like it’s Christmas morning. We share the dessert, laughing and joking, and for a moment, I forget about the judgmental looks.
As we finish up and I pay the bill, I can still feel the weight of those stares. But when I look at Y/N, her face covered in sticky ice cream, I know I’m doing something right. She’s happy, healthy, and loved, and that’s all that matters.
As we walk out of the restaurant, Y/N holding tightly to my hand, I remind myself that I’m not just a young parent—I’m a good parent. And that’s enough.
We step into the cool evening air, and Y/N yawns, snuggling against my shoulder as I carry her to the car. She’s had a great night, and so have I. And in the end, that’s all that really matters.
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Tumblr media
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kaliforniahigh · 4 months
for those of you who missed it
nhl UFC fight night ✨
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₊˚ෆ ⋆.˚ ᡣ𐭩 ˖˙ ᰋ ── HEARTBEAT, MY HEARTBEAT!
ophelia’s relationship with jack
━━━ ❛ are we datin’? are we fuckin’? are we best friends?
Tumblr media
how did they meet?  jack and ophelia met in March of 2023 when Ophelia and her childhood friend Amber went to a club in New Jersey, the two girls were visiting Ophelia's brother Curtis and his family when they first moved into their new home after the trade. The two girls – ever the party girls - decided to check out a club nearby. Jack was leaning against the bar talking to a few of his friends when he glanced at the dance floor, he took a double take when he saw her dancing. After some encouraging words by his friends, he finally got the courage and went up to her, dancing with her for a little before offering to buy her a drink. 
their first impressions?
ophelia's first impression of Jack was that she liked his boldness, and his smile. She had felt his stare on her as she danced with her friends and she had motioned him over with his eyes, fully expecting him not to come but he did. He joined her on the dance floor where they danced together for a little before jack offered to buy her a drink. They had some small talk, neither of them really telling each other much about themselves but what ophelia did learn about him made her like him more, he was very carefree and sweet but the perfect amount of flirty and she loved it. She was used to flirting with boys – and girls, and being fine with not seeing them again, but this time was different. She found herself thinking of him for weeks after, her imagination running wild as she would often think about what would happen between them that night if she wasn't dragged away. 
jack was in awe as he watched her dance, the way she moved her hips, the way her hair moved with her, how good her legs looked in that skirt she was wearing – she was stunning. But what really got him was her eyes, the look she had in them as they made eye contact across the dance floor. She had an alluring presence and he found himself stuck in a hypnotic gaze as he watched her. He liked the confidence that seemed to follow her, and the way she would get him all flustered by her flirting, he wasn't used to being the flustered one. She left a strong first impression on him, because she was all he could think about for weeks after, he hated that she was dragged off before they could trade numbers and he feared that was the last time he would ever see her. 
who confessed their feelings first?   jack was the one to confess his feelings first, the two of them had been in their situationship for a few months and it was starting to get to him. It was clear to him, there was no denying it, Jack had feelings for ophelia and he couldn't hide it anymore, it didn't feel fair to continue their ‘friends with benefits’ agreement when he knew he had feelings for her. He couldn't hold it in anymore and confessed to her, it didn't end well, and she ended up leaving his apartment and they didn't talk for two weeks. Jack tried to reach out many times, but ophelia ignored him and his advances – not ready to face her feelings. 
first date?   
surprisingly it was ophelia to ask him out on a date. In those two weeks she did a lot of thinking, and she realized that she really does care about jack, and that she didn't want to be afraid of commitment anymore. Jack made her feel things no one else did and she didn't want to lose something so special, she didn't want to lose him. So, she surprised him at his apartment on a day she knew he had off (she asked Luke). Jack was surprised to see her outside of his apartment and he was even more surprised when she asked him out on a date. He tried to play hard to get (he was freaking out inside and had to stop himself from saying yes immediately) and she had to do a little groveling. But he did end up saying yes because God he really wanted to go on that date with her. 
ophelia picked him up for the surprise date, the drive was filled with them listening to music and him constantly asking her where they were going because he still didn't know, and it was driving him crazy. But he was happily surprised when she pulled into a top golf place. ophelia knew nothing about golf but she knew that Jack loved it and she wanted to try it with him. The date went perfectly, they ate, laughed, smiled and shared a few kisses and touches between it all. She could see that jack was having a great time teaching her how to play, even doing that cliché back hug, he said he wanted to fix her form but they both knew it was just because he wanted to be close to her. Jack ended up driving them back to her place where they spent the rest of their night in her bed. A perfect first date they both would say. 
first kiss?  ophelia and jack shared their first kiss the night they met. They were on the dance floor dancing together, already a few drinks in. Jack had his hands on her waist (basically her ass) and her arms were wrapped around his shoulders as they danced along to the loud music. It was like it was in slow motion, their noses brushed against each other as they kept eye contact, and before they both knew it they were kissing in the middle of the dance floor. 
who asked who?  jack had asked her to be his girlfriend as they were in the elevator leading to her apartment floor ‘so does this make you my girlfriend now?’ ophelia had said yes and jack smiled and followed after her as she unlocked the front door, breaking out into a fit of google of surprise when jack picks her up bridal style, she had asked him what he was doing and he said “carrying MY GIRLFRIEND into her apartment”
first I love you?   jack was the one to say I love you first. They were laying in Jack's bed cuddling, after some adult activities. Jack was overwhelmed with the feeling of love towards her as he held her in his arms while she softly caressed his chest. The moment was sweet and a part of him was nervous to say it, but the other part just wanted to tell her how much he truly loves and cares for her.  So, he quietly confessed. He became scared when he felt her completely go still in his arms, pausing her soft touches on his chest. He was opening his mouth to apologize after a few moments of silence but ophelia cut him off by saying it back. Ophelia smiled when Jack let out a happy giggle before leaning down to place a bunch of kisses all over her face as he said the three words over and over. 
how did everyone find out? 
family + friends: 
ophelia’s parents knew that she was seeing someone, but they didn't know who. Jack and ophelia wanted to hide their relationship until they were ready to tell everyone but that didn't go to plan when Curtis decided to hold a team dinner at his home. It went smoothly until everyone was getting ready to leave, jack pulled ophelia off to a vacant part of the house wanting to say goodbye to her alone. Curtis with the help of nico made his way to the garage to grab a few things but they stopped in their tracks when they saw jack and ophelia kissing. Curtis’s reaction obviously didn't go well, and Nico walked Jack out so things wouldn't accelerate badly. Word was quickly spread about it to her parents and other siblings. 
jack had also told his parents that he was seeing someone and that they weren't ready for everyone to know. Luke knew about them from the beginning, jack told him about the mystery girl from the club and he put two and two together by the way jack looked at ophelia when curtis introduced her to everyone, jack confirmed luke’s suspicions when he whispered frantically to him that ophelia was the girl from the club. Luke was the one to tell quinn about ophelia, calling and asking him to come visit because jack refused to leave his room after Curtis's bad reaction to him and ophelia. Jack told his parents after things got better! 
some of their closest friends knew since the beginning. For ophelia her best friends, amber, seunghan, kat, and intak. For jack, trevor, cole and alex knew from the beginning. But for the rest of their friends, they just slowly found out as they revealed themselves. Well Jack's teammates (the ones who were still at the dinner) found out there while the others (who weren't there) found out over the past few days after the incident. 
the public: the public found out when pictures/videos of the couple were taken of them at the family skate at the stadium series. The pictures/videos soon went viral and after the game ophelia posted a picture of her and jack kissing on her instagram story, the caption being: my smiley ❤. jack reposted the story on his saying: my girl ❤
their tropes: he fell first x she fell harder, friends with benefits to lovers, hidden relationship, party girl x party boy, sunshine x sunshine 
love languages: 
ophelia’s: acts of service, physical touch, quality time 
jack’s: physical touch, gift giving, words of affirmation 
pet names: 
jack’s (for ophelia): baby, sweetheart, babygirl, pretty, angel, my girl, brat 
ophelia’s (for jack): babe, sunshine, handsome, angel eyes, smiley, baby boy, love
their favorite sleep position: 
jack’s: jack likes laying on his stomach, his head on her chest or him being the big spoon. 
ophelia’s: phia likes laying her head on jacks chest, her leg thrown over his midsection with his arms around her or her being the little spoon.
songs that describe them: 
a night to remember – beabadoobee x laufey 
meddle about – chase atlantic 
let the light in – lana del rey ft. father john misty 
kingston – faye webster 
k – cigarettes after sex 
heartbeat  – childish gambino 
again – noah cyrus ft xxxtentacion 
bathroom – montell fish 
favorite things to do together: 
late night swimming 
going on trips/vacations together
long drives (jack driving of course) 
late night walks 
play video games 
contact names: 
jack’s (for ophelia): my smiley ❣️
ophelia’s (for jack): phia 💖
contact photos: 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
jack’s: jack’s lock screen is a picture of phia that she sent to him when they were texting one night while he was out of town for a game, he asked her what she was wearing (hoping to get lucky) but he was happily surprised when she sent this picture instead, he teased her about how cute she looked and immediately made it his lockscreen, despite her begging him not too. 
ophelia’s: jack was jokingly refusing to pose normally for ophelia's lock screen picture so she just searched up pictures of him on tumblr (she had a blast giggling at all the memes) and set it as her lockscreen. He had grabbed her phone to text back her friend for her and was a little confused on where she found the picture, but he found it adorable when she told him how he did. 
breakfast in bed
late night drives 
following the sidewalk rule
flirting at inappropriate times 
jack always having his hand on her thigh when they sit down
jack always having his hand in her back pocket when they go on walks 
ophelia always holding his arm or hand 
slapping each others asses
jack surprising phia after her classes/practices
buying each other flowers 
taking long relaxing baths 
always going in for a second kiss 
playing with each others hair 
back hugs 
phia playing with his fingers when shes anxious or nervous 
calling each other to just hear each other's voices when they have had a bad day
cuddling on the boat 
calling each other’s places home 
ophelia and jack were in a friends with benefits relationship for 3 months before jack confessed his feelings for her while they laid in his bed after having sex. Ophelia didn't take it well and she left, scared to admit her feelings. They didn't talk for two weeks. 
they kept their relationship a secret for 2 months. On november 6th, curtis and nico found them kissing in the garage, when curtis invited the team to his place for dinner. 
curtis was not happy and walked jack out of the home before things accelerated. In a moment of anger curtis gave her an ultimatum ‘him or me’, ophelia left and didn't talk to either jack or curtis for a week. 
ophelia was so upset by the ultimatum that she didn't know what to say to jack, and jack felt guilty that he caused this argument between phia and her brother that he didn't know what to say to ophelia since he blamed himself. 
But luke was tired of jack being locked up in his room all depressed, so he called quinn had him come visit and talk some sense into jack. 
while quinn was talking to jack, curtis came to see ophelia where he apologized for the way he reacted and that all he wants is for her to be happy, and if she's happy with jack then he supports it. 
curtis was just scared that his sister would get hurt, he didn't necessarily believe jack would hurt her but he still had that fear. He was there to help her get through her last breakup and he hated seeing how heartbroken she was, he just didn't want her to get hurt again, so his fear made him react poorly, and he regretted it as soon as that ultimatum left his mouth. 
later in the day jack showed up at her apartment with her favorite meal, they ate and talked about everything that happened. they ended their night cuddling in Phia's bed. 
ophelia and jack's relationship is exposed to the media on february 16th, when videos and pictures of them at the njd’s family skate go viral.
before curtis found out about them he had suspicions that ophelia was seeing someone, so he tried to enlist the team in trying to help him figure out who it is, the team turned into a bunch of amateur detectives trying to figure out who it is, and poor jack was just panicking the whole time. Luke enjoyed every minute of it because he knew the whole time. 
jack pretends to hate it, but he really loves it when ophelia ‘forces’ him to join herself care nights (face masks, bubble baths, meditating etc.) 
jack always tries to make it to every single one of her performances, and if he can't he watches them on his phone. He also always gets a copy modeling picture. He could watch her dance and model for hours. 
jack is very clingy/touchy with ophelia always touching her in some way, something their friends, teammates and family like to tease him about. 
one of ophelia’s favorite movies is hotel Transylvania, so jack got ophelia a necklace with the letter z for ‘zing’ . . . she almost cried when he gave it to her. 
jack is the only one who calls her phia 
while they were dating without the public knowing about them, Ophelia's fans started getting suspicious that she was seeing someone. they would see clothes and things in the background of her vlogs that they knew didn't belong to her best friend and roommate, seunghan. It didn't help that she loved to post faceless pictures of jack in her photo dumps. 
her fans would come together and try to figure out who her mystery man was
after their relationship went public, Jack became a frequent guest on phia’s youtube, whether it's just a sighting of him in the background or him actually being involved. 
both of them have a large amount of their belongings at each other's places 
ophelia loves picking out outfits for jack but he's stubborn/superstitious with his suits for games 
jack loves coming along to her modeling gigs/shoots, watching her in her element makes him so happy…also lowkey turned on. 
jack loves coming along to her family get togethers and vice versa
phia and jack are great babysitters to her nephews, they have a habit of spoiling them
the fan’s always look forward to phia’s monthly photo dumps because jack is always seen in them. 
jack is very possessive with phia 
they are both switches 
always cuddling on the couch, the boat, in a hammock. 
they are very attached to each other
phia likes to tease jack and call him her ‘frat boy’ 
and jack likes to tease her for how competitive she is when she claims she's not 
jack likes to call her his nurse because she was there every step of the way to help and take care of him through his injuries
both of them love seeing how well each other get along with their families, like jack gets so happy watching ophelia get along with his brothers and parents so well. 
both get a little emotional when they think about it to hard, they really want to have a family together 
ophelia gets major baby fever wherever she sees jack interact with her nephews or any other kids, like it gets really bad when she's just in bed watching tiktok’s of babies. 
jack loves joining ophelia on her trips that she gets to go on during off season.
ophelia has a instagram highlights just of all the flowers Jack has gotten her. It was started while they were still hiding their relationship from everyone, so everyone was curious who were getting them for her
jack can not say no to her 
seunghan who is ophelia’s best friend and roommate is there resident third wheel but the couple loves having him hang out with them 
jack hates being called pretty boy, people would use the name to tear him down and use it against him, but when phia called him the pet name he realized that she was the only one he likes hearing it come from
jack has called his mom many times just to talk about phia to her
curtis loves teasing jack and phia but he really is happy for them
ophelia’s youtube video of them doing flying yoga, a lot of funny and viral clips came from it. 
when phia was shown on the big screen at one of his games and then the camera quickly switched to jack who was looking up at the screen with a smile as he watched her.
the tiktok of jack doing the voiceover of her makeup tutorial
literally all the tiktok pranks she pulled on him
when jack and ophelia was heard giggling on the background on a devils behind the scenes video 
when luke said in an interview that he's never seen his brother smile so much before meeting ophelia 
the completion that was made of jack’s mood immediately changing positively in interviews when ophelia is mentiend 
all the comments jack leaves on her posts 
jack getting into a fight on the ice because someone talked bad about phia 
the summer vlogs 
when opheila was doing her vogue get ready with me / last look and all the cute moments of jack being in the background and feeding her a few bites of food while she was getting her makeup done. 
the tiktok of her rating outfit’s jack has worn, you can hear jack in the background complaining about the scores she's given him, only making her laugh and tease him more
her vlog of her surprising him for a date night, but she took him to bingo where a bunch of the old woman just complimented him for the whole night, he was so flustered
Tumblr media
˖ ་ 💭 roro’s notes ( MY LOVES 🥰 PLS I LOVE THEM SM 💔 please let me know what you guys think of them !! and please please please send in some asks/thoughts/requests for them or I will sob (real) this is an interactive au so please interact !!! )
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Tumblr media
I Post A Hughes A Day Until The Season Starts - Day 64
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Tumblr media
Doris photographed by Jack Hughes
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Tumblr media
July 31, 2005
“Hay Hay!” Harrison called towards the stairs where Hayden was downstairs in the basement shooting pucks, “Come here please!” Harrison gently yelled so his daughter could hear him through the house.
“Coming!” A four year old Hayden yelled back from the basement, pouting slighty as she had to set her stick down and ran up the stairs seeing her Dad waiting for her.
Harrison smiled seeing his precious girl and picked her up spinning her around kissing her cheek rapidly making her giggle loudly.
Madison walked down the stairs seeing her loves laughing together, she smiled contently as she watched them, “Alright Har, put her down before she gets sick.” Maddison playfully chided her husband seeing her husband spin there daughter around multiple times.
“Mama!” Hayden beamed and the second her father let her down she ran right over to her mother making Madison pick her up.
“Hello Hayden Lee.” Madison hummed happily pressing a kiss to her daughter’s messy blonde hair.
“Come my darlings we have to meet the new neighbors.” Maddison softly spoke to her husband and daughter, they had saw a new family moving in next door to them and Maddison wanted to introduce themselves.
Hayden was set down and she grabbed onto her mother’s hand.
The family of three walked out of the house and over to the house next to them seeing the family standing outside the house, the family seemed to have three young boys and their parents.
“Hello.” Maddison kindly called out to their new neighbors, she was smiling kindly at the family.
“Hi!” The woman beamed walking over to shake Maddison and Harrison’s hands, “I’m Ellen and this is my husband Jim. And these are our three boys-”Ellen was interrupted by whom seemed to be the middle boy.
“OH MY GOSH!” The boy yelled looking at Harrison with starry eyes, “Your Harrison Blake! You won three stanley cups with the Edmonton Oilers and got the most goals ever scored in a playoff series and-“ The boy contained to ramble off facts making Harrison smile fondly.
Jim and Ellen shared a fond exasperated look because of their four year old, who is absolutely obsessed with Harrison Blake, who happened to now be their neighbor.
“That’s Jack. Sorry he gets excited.” Ellen fondly shook her head running a hand over Jack’s hair trying to calm him down.
“No worries it was very cool.” Harrison kindly reassured Ellen and Jim truthfully not minding at all and is quite use to that reaction meeting fan, kids especially, he playfully winked at Jack making him giggle.
Ellen smiled looking relieved and grateful, “This is Quinn our eldest and Luke our youngest.” Luke looked very young and seemed to just be walking and Quinn was very quiet and seemed content to watch.
“Do you play Hockey!” Hayden blurted out, she had been trying to not ask since Jack started rambling but she couldn’t wait no longer.
“I do!” Jack beamed looking excited, “Do you?” Jack looked at her like her answer would he the reason if they became friends or not.
“Of course i do!” Hayden scoffed looking offended it was even a question.
Hayden and Jack shared a look knowing immediately they were best friends now.
“Come on we can shoot pucks in the basement.” Hayden told Jack after looking at her mother for approval. Maddison smiled softly looking happy her daughter is making friends, especially since they have only moved to Toronto a few months ago after Harrison retired.
“Well what are we waiting for!” Jack beamed giddily and darted towards her house.
“You’ll come to?” Hayden asked softly looking at Quinn with her eyes wide and pleadingly, Any resolve Quinn might’ve had quickly crumbled from her puppy eyes, something that will become a regular occurrence from now on.
Quinn nodded. “Perfect!” Hayden beamed glad she is going to get another friend and leaned down to Luke’s level holding out her hand to the very young child.
Little Luke beamed and grabbed her hand holding it tightly with his little hands as she linked arms with Quinn and led the two towards her house seeing Jack waiting for them.
“And that’s our Hayden.” Maddison let out a fond laugh once the kids all walked away after Hayden managed to get all of them to join and she introduced her daughter to their new neighbors.
Ellen and Jim shared a look very suprise at how easily Hayden was able to win over all three of their boys hearts especially with Quinn not liking many people and Luke just grumbles at most people he meets.
Ellen had a feeling the Blake’s especially Hayden were going to be very special and important to their family.
“Do you play hockey too Quinny?” Hayden softly but curiously asked as she walked with Quinn and Luke to Jack.
Quinn blinked in suprised from the nickname she has already given him, “I do.” Quinn answered quietly still a little confused why he is so comfortable around this little girl already.
“What about you Lukey? Do you like hockey?” Hayden softly asked little Luke.
Luke looked up at Hayden with a beaming smile and clapped his hands, “Hockey.”
Hayden giggled at Luke’s answer as Quinn smiled.
“Finally!” Jack dramatically exclaimed from where he was sitting on the front porch of the Blake’s house, waiting for his new best friend, who had also brought his two brothers.
“Come on silly.” Hayden teased Jack softly as she opened the door to her house leading the three boys inside and to the stairs that lead to her basement.
“Woah!” Jack mumbled in awe as he looked around her shooting room, it was like a mini hockey rink, it was so awesome.
Hayden just shrugged as her dad had designed the hockey room and he uses it just as much as she does.
Hayden handed Quinn and Jack both a hockey stick that was roughly around their size and then she grabbed one of her mini sticks to Luke, who looked more content to try and chew on the stick.
It was the first of many times the four were together in the Blake’s hockey room, the room became the spot that all four of them would always goes to and if any of the parents would try and find any of them it was not surprising to find them there.
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Tumblr media
Texts between Rosey, Luke, Quinn, and Jack. pt1
Summary: messages that would transpire between Rosey and the Hughes Brothers. A simple silly filler until the collective of firsts is completed.
Warnings: 18+ slight NSFW below the cut. mentions of fingering (fem!receiving), presumably a typo for the two, to “hang” instead insinuates sex.
note: see end of of post for disclaimer
Tumblr media
Rosey to Luke:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Luke to Rosey:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jack to Rosey:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rosey to Quinn:
Tumblr media
Quinn to Rosey:
Tumblr media
*all pictures used came from Pinterest, if any happen to be yours please reach out to receive credit!
Thank you for reading this random filler for Timeless, and most of all thank you for your continued support. As always my inbox is open for timeless thoughts, ideas, questions, suggestions etc. Inbox is also open for requests! 💙
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