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bioluminesced · 2 days
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elzar, the force
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amarcia · 1 month
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✴ ✴ I wanna be a white, WHITE, LIGHT ✴ ✴
it's a commission of Avar Kriss for @verdika !! Tysm!! :D
✨🌙 ART LOG -> @404ama
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nataliabdraws · 8 months
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Collecting Star Wars women to be my mother like they’re Pokémon lol
Today it’s Avar Kriss
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elivanto · 9 months
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renesassing · 3 months
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we're getting a high republic show so it's time to read light of the jedi
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soneakyr · 2 months
Avar Kriss, Elzar Mann and the beauty of expressing their feelings and love through their hands:
Light of the Jedi:
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The Rising Storm:
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The Fallen Star:
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The Eye of Darkness:
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Love, pain, comfort,expectation, anticipation and even denial. Everything is in their hands.
So, what will be the next one?
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arirter · 3 months
The descriptions of the force and the Jedi in the High Republic are truly beautiful and magical huh
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darth-memes · 2 months
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inquisitor-apologist · 8 months
Started reading Light of the Jedi, and it’s been really good so far—the pacing is good despite the POV shifts, the characters are distinct, and the worldbuilding is very good, especially for an established setting. It feels like someone could read this as a stand-alone sci fi novel with no background with Star Wars and get along just fine.
But one of the things I like the most so far is this kind of general ‘people are inherently good’ philosophy that the whole book kinda has.
Idk how to explain it exactly, but all of the characters feel very realistic and human, and they all try to help others. The captain in the first chapter likes and cares for her passengers, and even knowing she’s going to die, she does everything to save them. The scan techs are scared and have lives and people they want to see again, but they put out the warning first, even though they might’ve survived if they hadn’t. The elected official guy stays behind with to coordinate the evacuation and tries to get everyone else out first. And, duh, the Jedi are Jedi.
It’s just really refreshing for a Star Wars project to have that faith, since most of Star Wars is set in some of the worst times possible: civil war and descent into fascism, life under fascism, rebellion against fascism, civil war, post-war and post-fascism reconstruction, the resurgence of fascism. Those are times where it’s hard to trust anyone, let alone have a hopeful outlook on humanity. For most of Star Wars, the elected officials are corrupt and power-hungry, the normal people feel like it’s everyone out for themselves, and the Jedi aren’t allowed to just be Jedi.
It’s also pretty good worldbuilding; like Yoda said in Clone Wars, the prequel Jedi couldn’t take the right path, they had to take the only available path. But in this time, the Republic is working, people are helping each other, the Jedi are allowed to be Jedi. The Jedi have the ability to take the right path, to stay behind on Hetzal and stop the explosion—in the prequels, Palpatine and the Senate wouldn’t have let them stay behind, and even if they did, they might not have been able to move the Tibanna, because the Dark Side would’ve been clouding everything and making it harder to use the Force.
That the Jedi are able to help and that other people are willing to help really helps emphasize that this is a completely different time period and landscape than most of Star Wars. It really sells the idea that this was the galaxy’s golden age.
Idk I’m rambling, but I really like Light of the Jedi so far, and if it stays good I might get into the rest of the High Republic
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bioluminesced · 10 days
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i read like 5 high republic books in a week.
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bikananjarrus · 1 month
so about that epilogue huh
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nataliabdraws · 4 months
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Happy Valentine’s Day from the galaxy’s star crossed lovers!! ✨💕
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apollodreams · 2 months
Avar Kriss/Elzar Mann are obviously a straight ship but it feels queer in the way that all jedi romances feel queer. It's because Avar is the perfect jedi except that she's in love in a way she's not allowed to be, with someone in love with her in a way he is not allowed to be and that's queer to me except for the fact that the two people involved are a man and a woman
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milkmanviii · 11 months
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Stellan’s lightsaber hilt has got to be one of the prettiest lightsabers in Star Wars, so I wanted to see if I could replicate it. This hilt is made with cedar, chamfuta, purple heart, and padauk. I turned the main shaft of the hilt on the lathe, and used the scroll saw with various sanders, hand files, and chisels to make the cross guards and details. I also used one of the chisels to accidentally stab my finger which was fun… As with the others, some of the joins still aren’t quite perfect but this is still one of my favourite things I’ve made.
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kanansdume · 10 months
Reading Light of the Jedi for the first time has made the fact that the first (non-preschooler) TV show set in the High Republic time period is going to be a Sith-centric anti-Jedi mess even more disappointing than it already was.
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klazje · 3 months
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the jedi…a shining beacon of hope throughout the galaxy….oouughhh
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