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We have to wait until late December for new Star Wars :(
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We’re probably going to see Yord & Jecki’s funerals tomorrow
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Gore/Animal Warning for Longlegs
Tw: mentions of gore, blood, violence, vomit, animal violence, animal death
Overall, the film mostly features blood with minimal scenes beyond that. Here’s the most extreme moments (keeping it as spoiler free as possible)
* in a house, the main detectives uncover aged remains of a family. They are hidden under a duvet. Maggots present. Very brief look at the remains. Does not happen suddenly.
* a cow with its head off is seen on a farm during Carrie Ann’s flashback. Some red visible
* a character is banging their head on a surface. Very bloody, some gorey around nose.
* bodily-fluid. Woman running down a road vomits *this is done in a flashback*
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Flashing image warning for anyone interested in Longlegs!
At multiple points during the film, brief images will flash across the screen
To my memory, here is when it happens (keeping this as spoiler free as possible)
* during the opening credits (red background)
* when Detective Harker is going through the case (she’s in an office, on the floor. Fairly early in the movie)
* autopsy scene of something they found
* Detective Harker is on the floor, looking through a series of photos found in a trunk (this one was the most rapid and aggressive)
Hope this helps! If anyone who’s seen it remembers any more, feel free to add!
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this is a Wrecker appreciation post. reblog if you love and appreciate Wrecker
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Edit: please forgive me I can’t spell “Above” apparently
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After I watched epsiode 1 & 2 of the Acolyte, I honest to god thought the show would end with Jecki & Yord finding out whatever Sol did. Then, their belief in the Jedi shaken, they leave the order.
Then a buddy comedy spin-off with Yord & Jecki exploring the galaxy . 50% of it is them bickering
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Tumblr media
made a very silly jecki drawing (she has made me reach unspeakable levels of autism)
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I think I’ve seen this film before
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The original Gay Son & Thot Daughter
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Modern day Acolyte AU where Sol takes all of his kids white water rafting for a fun weekend activity
Yord & Jecki: arguing over how to paddle the boat. “Like this” “No, like this!” If the boat accidentally tips over, it’s probably because of them
Mae: definitely steers them towards the more thrilling rapids but panics a little because she’s worried about Osha
Osha: just trying to keep the damn boat afloat
Sol: has probably packed a nice picnic lunch for all of them :)
This is how I cope post Ep 5
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Tumblr media
This is how episode 5 went, right? (I am in denial, shush)
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
interest check for devin’s apocalypse zine opens this week! @devinsisland
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Verified Palestinian gofundme’s Masterlist
Rightfully so, I have gotten messages worrying if everything I post is legit (I try my best to make sure the answer is yes), but here’s a masterlist of ones that one or more people have confirmed are legit Palestinians. Most are from the blogs @el-shab-hussein, @ibtisams, @palestinecharitycommissionsassoc ,@90-ghost, @nabulsi and @palipunk
I will also be making individual posts for most of these
Help Khaled and his family escape Gaza
Help lara and abdalla Family to be safe in Gaza
Emergency: Help Ibrahim's Family Find Safety - $50 is 500kr
HELP Ezzideen & his Family to EVACUATE Gaza
Your help is the only hope to save us from war.
Hope : Help Little Elen Fetch a brighter Future
Help Aseel’s family evacuate from Gaza.
EMERGENCY: HELP evacuate Bashar from Gaza
Help Mohammad Hammad evacuate his family from Gaza
Help Madleen's Family From Gaza
Help Jehad Evacute From Gaza
Help a med student & his family evacuate to safety
Help Fadi's Family Rebuild Their Life Amidst Crisis
Help Us Safely Evacuate a family from Gaza
Help child with Cerebral Palsy evacuate
Protect an open source engineer and his family
Help Bring Ayah’s Family in Gaza to Safety
Call to Action: Keep Gazas Talent Alive
Help Belal and His Family Escape the War in Gaza
Urgent Rescue Mission for the Mortaja Family
Save my family from the war in Gaza
Urgent: Help Evacuate My Family From Gaza War
Urgent help to evacuate my family out of Gaza
Help evacuate Safi’s family from Gaza in warfare
emergency : Help Support the Khalaf Family in Gaza
Help AbdulAziz and his family
Help Yousef escape Gaza and treat his cancer
Help my family rebuild home und evacuate Gaza
Please Help Me Evacuate My Children To Safety
Escape From War Nightmare: Support Gazan Family
Help my family in Gaza
Salaam Animal Care, find a safe home for animals
URGENT HELP help my family to evacuate Gaza
Help me & my Family Evacuate from Gaza
Urgent Appeal for Support: Help a Photographer
Help Jana's Family Find Refuge and Peace
Help me to save my family from the war in Gaza
Help evacuate my brother and his family from Gaza
Urgent apeal to help Elzomar family leave Gaza immediately
Help my mum to travel to a safe place
Help Afnan to find safety and to complete her education
Support getting Linda and her family out of Gaza
Support Mohammed and His Family Affected by the Gaza War
Help Ala's Family Overcome Crisis in Gaza
Freedom and home repair for Aesha an family
Help us evacuate and rebuild what's left of our lives
Help Tamer and his Family in Gaza!
Help my family escape death and reunite with me.
Help me and my family escape the Genocide in Gaza
Help rebuild Ahmed's family life in Gaza .
Emergency : Saving My Mother and only brother From War Zone
Rescue Mahmoud's Family: A Call to Escape Gaza's Devastation
Help Mohammed & His Family To Safety
Help Almoghrabi family to evacuate Gaza strip
Urgent Appeal: Help Save Ruba & Muhammad in Gaza!
Urgent help to evacuate my family from Gaza
Help Alia's family and their children get out of Gaza
Urgent Appeal: Save Little Yusuf and His Family Amidst Gaza
Support My Family Escape War in Gaza
Help me get my family out to safety
Help my family out of Gaza
Help me get my family out to safety
Help my children and family from the Gaza war !!
Please Help Evacuate Fadi's Family from Gaza
URGENT: Help Hayam and her Family Escape the Genocide
For what remained in us من أجل ما تبقى فينا
Please Help Restore The Sharifs home & Help Leave A War Zone
Help Shymaa's Family Reunite in Egypt
Help Mahmoud’s family evacuate from Gaza
Donate to help Deyaa and his family escape Gaza
Fatima’s Journey to Restore Artistry in Gaza
My family under fire, help them evacuate Gaza.
Help me to evacuate from the genocide
Help Mahmoud to evacuate from Gaza to continue education
Help my family evacuate from Gaza
Help Sana’a and her family evacuate from Gaza
Haytham needs your help to support his family
Help my family survive and evacuate from Gaza
Help me rebuild a shelter for my family in Rafah
HelpYoussef and his family get out of Gaza for a better life
Let my family be safe and live in peace!
Relief Appeal: Secure Evacuation from Gaza War
Please Help Tahani save her children and husband
Urgent Help Appeal: exit the war of Gaza"
Help My Family Get Out Of Gaza
Vegetables, food, and water for Palestinian families
HELP Muhammad evacuate his family out of GAZA
Secure a Safe Future for Youssef’s Family - Act now
Support My Journey to a New Start
Help Shymaa's Family Reunite in Egypt
Help Me and my Family to evacuate from Gaza ASAP
Saving My Family from the Horrors of War in Gaza
Help the Allahawani family escape genocide
URGENT - Help Azzam evacuate his family from Gaza
help my children get out of gaza safely
Emergency: Help Evacuate My Family from Gaza
Help Safaa secure her children‘s lives after war
Help Kareem get his family from Gaza to safety
Help Karim and his family get to a safe place
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Tumblr media
Does it ever drive you crazy Just how fast the night changes?
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cowboylikemorgan · 21 days
Stellan in that one chapter of The Rising Storm:
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