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Draco Malfoy x Original Male Character
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4K+ words
Late August, the trees around had begun to turn. Their life of green leaving them for the deserted orange and brown that flaked like crumbs. Their rustling became apparent by the crisp air that waved through them, knocking some to fall. It’s interesting what you find when you stare out into the fields close by. It’s a wonder, a truly wonderful sight to see.
It’s a shame I won’t see these trees until a while once again.
Knock. Knock.
Two soft knocks rattled against my door, a soft playful smile pulling up my lips. “come in”.
A house elf, no taller than 2 foot walked in. Its slim arms bare to see, scatters of scars lingering about his sun-kissed skin like tinsel wrapped around a Christmas tree. Except I knew those scars held no merry stories nor happy. Just like they were in his arms, they too were permanent sketched into my memory. His eyes hardened as he saw my rested figure. Such deep brown, filled with age and caution. The elf walked further into my room, the study room to be exact, and bowed his head with his ears casting down. “The Lord and Lady request your presence down in the Dining Hall sir. “
A sigh escaped my lips, my smile faltering against my face. “Thank you for the message, I will escort myself. You’re free to leave.“
The elf nodded, bowed once more and turned on its feet. As it walked, I caught a glimpse of its rags falling down its shoulder. The door opened, then shut, with a soft click. I couldn’t help but let my eyes cast downwards onto the blueberry blue window seat I had sat on, originally wanting to bask in the glow of the early cold. My casted eyes soon darted to the window where outside fields upon fields were seen clear as day. The odd sheep in the distance and horse brought life into the greenery accompanied by the dying trees.
A wonderful sight indeed.
Moving, I slid off the seat where I was then settled onto the pine wood floors, feeling a shiver spread through my body like an electric current. “that’s nice” I spoke to myself, groaning at the sharp pain that had made itself comfortable in my back. Placing both hands onto my lower back, I pushed forward with my hands and pushed my upper back back, hearing a satisfying crack. Heaving a heavy sigh, I made my way around the large desk that occupied the room and brushed past the two chair that were situated in front of it.
The last time that chair was occupied was during my early years, where a 7 year old me sat with his head hanging down. The larger seat across the desk was where mother sat with her face stretched back into a sneering snarl. Disappointment laced in her eyes.
I found myself quickly by the door where the house elf originally walked through. Gripping the silver handle, I pushed the door open and entered the large hallway where blue and silver were vastly covering the area. I could feel the cold brushing past my bare arms, my body still dressed in my nightly clothes of grey shorts and a white t-shirt. I felt the hairs on my arms prick up, sensing danger before I first heard it.
“Corey!” ‘Mother seems pleased. Not’
I walked down the hallway, passing the portrait of my own family which was framed by a metal frame. Engraved on the bottom was ‘Legacy of the Beetrout family’. My mother was on the left, her brown hair pulled into a professional bun with a scowl present on her face. Next to her on the right was my father, a toothy grin plastered onto his face with eyes twinkling. His large arms rested above the boy who was in the middle, who smiled softly. That was boy was me, Corey Beetrout. Pronounced Bee-trout.
“Corey! I can hear you.” Right, task at hand. Luckily I arrived to the door that lead into the large dining Hall. Big enough to hold at least 20 people. As I pushed the doors open, I was quickly greeted by my father who was always a pleasure to be around and still is.
“Come my son. We have excellent news to tell you.” Truth be told, he’s the father anyone would be jealous to have. Understanding, intelligent and patient, the list goes on. Not to mention he is a sweetheart to basically anyone who needs help.
I ascended further into the dining hall, walking past the numerous wooden chairs with high backs that sat either side of the strictly elongated table. 9 chairs on each long side, 1 on each shorter end. I reached the furthest end of the table, pulling the wooden chair out and gently sitting onto it, making no move to push myself in. I faced my father who was sat across from me, beaming. I gave him a small smile as acknowledgement then moved my gaze to face her. She sat at the head of the table, her nose upright as she stared down at me. Her sudden movement made me want to jump slightly as she folded her hands onto the table, her wedding ring glimmering in the early light that lunged through the wide windows that were behind my father’s side of the table.
“I’m sure you remember what we discussed last month?” mother asked, her head pointed towards me. I nodded stiffly, staying quiet.” Then I’m sure you will recite what your task is to me. “ I bit my lower lip, rolling the flesh between my teeth. I let it go quickly and straightened my back, keeping my gaze on her eyes.
“I’m to attend Hogwarts, the school of witchcraft and wizardry. Upon my attendance, I’m to not make any mistake in disappointing my family. This is a privilege to be allowed to attend. “ My mother nodded, pleased with my recital.
“very good. This is your only chance boy, homeschooling is becoming too much for your father and I but do not think we won’t hire someone. I’m doing this for your father, since he adored the school so much-“
“darling” the older man practically whined, “it’s where I met you. How could our boy not attend the place where his parents met. Corey let me tell you, she was such as catch for me, and still is if you know what I mean. “ I made a disgusted face towards my father. I’m fairly sure I do not want to hear the details again how he and my mother met. Speaking of her, she coughed into a fist to bring my attention back to her. Her faced seemed to be tainted with love, a soft pink lighting up her cheeks.
“since its been a while, I suppose you may join now. Think of it as a reward for bringing honor to your family’s name after the gathering at the Partino Palace. “ I nodded once. “now go pack, we leave towards the express in a few days. “
‘time to relax’ I think to myself as I slip down onto the redy-brown booth of an empty compartment. The space was small, big enough to only allow 6 people in. It could’ve been smaller. I closed my eyes and listened to the chattering and walking of other students pass by that I could only presume were Hogwarts students, or about to become one. I’ve heard so many interesting things about Hogwarts from my father, I could not help but feel the excitement brewing into my bones, aside from the stories of him and mother. I had my own wand already, homeschooling requires to also learn magic and potions. Just as my body relaxed into the surprisingly soft booth, the compartment door was slid open. Hitting the door stopper with a sudden bang.
I sprang my eyes open and glared at whoever believed that was a good idea-‘god I act like her’. A blonde boy, hair tousled and sparkling grey eyes practically begging for sleep had his hand on the now open doorway. The boy was dressed in a black dress-shirt with black dress pants. His tall figure stood in the open space, his shoulders shaking as though he just ran for gold.
Upon my staring, which I believe I had every right to, he narrowed his own eyes at mine, like we were In a competition for rudest glare. But then they soon changed. Growing slightly wide as a smirk etched its way onto his face. “well, who may you be? I hope you’re not some mudblood because you’d be wishing you were dead in the next 5 seconds for staining my seat with dirt. “ his voice was deep, masculine to the edge.
I rolled my eyes however, annoyance growing within my chest. ‘rude already’ I moved on my booth, planting my back flat again the trains side with the window and pulled my feet up onto the cushion seat. I was now sat facing him still in the doorway.
“The names Corey Beetrout, not that some blonde wanker like yourself would know. “ I tutted at him, snarling my vocal vocabulary. “and I’m not a mudblood- not that it be any of your business anyway. “ it appeared he did not so enjoy my answer, as he walked into the space and took the seat across from me, practically forcing me to move back upright with feet touching the floor. He kept his gaze hardened, as he leaned forward.
“So what are you? A half blood I presume” I let out an offended laugh.
“ha! As if! I’m a pure blood- Lord anyone would think you’re a complete idiot. I’m THE Corey Beetrout. “ He leaned back, arms crossing over his chest and gave a shrug.
“Never heard of you. Can’t be that important. “ I laughed again, a simple ‘hah’ but none the less laughed at his comment.
“Let me guess who you areee” I drawled on, scanning him completely from bottom to top. My eyes however caught the snake ring on his left hand. “Blonde, a prick with attitude. Oh, you’re a Malfoy alright. Like father like son. “ Without any hesitation, he stood with violence and banged his fist next to my head , only having his upper body leaning down to be face to face with me.
“You better fix your own attitude Beetrout. I don’t take kindly to people like you. “ I felt his breath hit my face, a minty freshener filling my senses. Although his threatening actions caused me to lean into the cushion seat, I could not help but rather push a finger into his forehead. ‘what a drag’
“Dude it’s my first day, I’m not looking for trouble so back. The. Fuck. Off” he seemed to get the message however, sitting back into his own seat and softening his gaze. Though I inwardly smiled, he still held the stance although sitting down, of an annoyed individual.
“So a pure blood you are. How come I’ve never heard of your family before? “ I shrugged my shoulders in response. My family’s name was pretty well known so how it missed his head I’d never know. “Beetrout hm, well I’m Malfoy. Draco Malfoy. “
“Good to meet you In unexpected circumstances. “ I pulled my hand out, waiting for him to shake it. He did unexpectantly against my better judgement. How sweet, his hand was sweaty and clamped easily around my own. What filth. He withdrew his hand first and swept his blonde hair out from his eyes. He was the first to speak again.
“So you’re new here then. What year will you be attending? “ I pressed my lips in a thin line, remembering what father had told me.
“I'll be in sixth year I believe, however I’ll have a first year introduction week so I’m used to how the course is done and sorted. “ his eyes seems to grow softer. Maybe the sleep was catching up to him like those eye bags darkening his eyes.
“Looks like we’ll be in the same year then. Maybe even in the same house if you have what it takes. “ I shook my head softly, heaving a sigh.
“I'll most likely be placed into Ravenclaw. My whole family are Ravenclaw.” His eyes widened and his mouth became agape, only for him to cough and focus his muscles back into his hardened features.
“Maybe that’s why I haven’t heard of you before. All purebloods I know are in Slytherin. “ I let my focus drift to the outside world we were travelling across. The fields became more yellow as we sped past them.
“Maybe so. If not then you must be pretty dumb if I say so myself-and that is coming from me.” Malfoy ‘hmph’ and too looked at the fields we were passing.
“So the Beetrout family. Sounds like a family who worship bees.”
‘oh Malfoy, if you only knew’ I let a sigh pass my lips, eyes settling back to his that had drooped a significantly large amount. “It’s my father’s last name. My mother’s maiden name was Sickle.” Oh look at that, the silver in his eyes lit with astonishment.
“the Sickle? “ he questioned, brows furrowed. I gave a nod, blowing a strand of hair out of my own eyes. “I think we will be great friends.”
“Friends you say? You hardly know me~” I teased, watching how the corner of his eyes crinkle with delight.
“I just know it. Once you’re used to Hogwarts, ill introduce you to my friends. They’ll be joyed to know another pureblood has joined- not to mention the son from the Sickle-“
“Beetrout” I corrected him.
“Yeah yeah, BeeBopp whatever. Point is, you’ll have your people in no time. “ something about the way he had said that left a chill crawl up my spine. And I usually enjoy the cold.
After some time, we had sat comfortably, the silence and quiet chatters from the other compartments filled our own space with life, something that we both seemed to lack at the given moment. I looked up from my potion book and saw Malfoy too was reading, though instead he was reading a DADA book. “I thought DADA was stopped? “ Malfoy looked into my eyes the darted back on his page.
“We have a new teacher for it.” Was his only response. I quietly nodded, closing my book and setting it next to me on the booth. I soon let my head drop onto the glass, feeling the jiggling of the train rattle through my brain. “say, why did you join so late?” I shrugged.
“I was home schooled. Mother though it be best I learn- and I quote- from the best”
“well from what I know, the Sickle family are powerful sorcerers… so why are you coming to Hogwarts if you can do magic without a wand? “ I pulled my lips back, rolling the flesh of them between my teeth.
“I’m not a sickle, I’m a Beetrout. Only the Sickle family members are sorcerers. “ Malfoy rolled his eyes, his annoyed expression from earlier coming back.
“Surely you have Sickle blood running through them veins. “ Copying his actions, I gave a bland response.
“I can’t. Simple. “ I watched as he huffed and leaned back, his eyes finally closing and his expression softening. No longer was there a wrinkle between his brows. “father believes I’m a late bloomer, but my mother on the other hand” I grimaced, the memory from when I just turned 7 blossomed into my mind. “my mother is disappointed in me since she found I was unable to conquer anything.”
There was not a word uttered for the next few moments, the idling chatter came back to fill both of our senses. “you have mommy issues, I have daddy issues,” he opened one of his eyes, staring right at me. “looks like we aren’t so different Sickle-“
“just call me Corey.” Malfoy gave an amused laugh.
“Earlier I was hiding from my friends.” I quirked a brow to his response. He closed his eye back. He huffed through his nose “I honestly want a year of peace and quiet, without anyone annoying me or trying it on with me. However, “ his eyes were striking as he opened them both, a smirk being plastered onto his face. His lips stretched and paled slightly. “I think I can make some exceptions.”
“To the first or second part? “
“you’ll need to find out. “ This time, I was the one to close my eyes.
“find out ‘ey? There’s a lot I need to find out this year”
The train continued on its way, no more shared comments between the Beetrout or Malfoy, just silence. They both however spoke to themselves, without the other realizing the true hidden nature of the beginning of what one would call, a friendship.
‘I feel warm-its different’
‘It’s colder-it’s better’
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Need ideas for NINJAGO oneshots- I am desperate for motivation to write.
I do both Platonic and Romantic relationships. Each oneshot comes to over 4K words- If you could kindly drop some ideas (I will tag if you want to be tagged) I would be really appreciate it!
It can be characterXcharacter or even readerXcharacter
I write from all perspective genders if reader is chosen, just be specific on gender if you do. (Male, female, non-binary)
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(Y/N) is the new guy at the DPD. With his father working as a detective and his dad working as a magazine publisher, life isn't too tough in Detroit.
He enjoys working alongside his canine friend Flee, who helps to forget the past back in his own home of Britain.
However his home differences are hard to forget, lucky for him the stotic RK900 is more interested in learning about a new place and make him feel welcomed...in his own way.
>this is a RK900/Male!Reader
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I create one-shots for the following fandoms:
-Resident Evil Village
-Detroit Become Human
-Lego Ninjago
My Terms and Rules
1) Each oneshot is brought to 4000+ words because i have too much time on my hands.
2) If you want a x!Reader and don’t specify the gender, I’ll use the gender mutual terms of they/them.
3) I do NOT write any sort of erotica as for now because I am not comfortable writing that sort of scenes
4) Please note to also state whenever you’d like to be tagged or kept anonymous. And keep a basic storyline for me to write to
Have a good night/day
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The paw of a Lion (Ethan!Winters x Karl!Heisenberg)
(Can be found on my AO3) Requests- Open
Chapter 5 is under the cut
The quiet babbling of the child was concealed by an aeroplane noise being broadcasted from the adult’s mouth. “Here comes the aeroplane,” Ethan had interpreted making an engine noise before moving the green plastic spoon with Rose’s favourite food around in front of her giggling face. Rose, following the movements of the spoon,
had opened her mouth wide in excitement, giggling when Ethan had placed the spoon into her mouth and watched as she clamped her mouth closed around it. Being careful, he slipped the spoon out of her mouth before grabbing a dirtied tissue beside him to dab away any spillage falling out her mouth. The father was silently thankful that his child wasn’t much of a fussy eater, only at the start she was until she realised that ‘hey I’m getting food’ crosses her mind.
Repeating this process whilst making funny faces to make his child laugh, Ethan had glanced at the clock just above the doorway to the hallway to see the time. “Hey Rosemary, how do you feel ‘bout seeing our neighbour. Hmm? You want to- it seems you do with that bright smile of yours.” He discarded the small bottle of baby food into the bin and threw the spoon into the sink before returning to his jumping daughter. Brushing his hand soothingly over her blonde head, he picked her up from under her arms and cradled her into his arms. “Time to get changed.” He spoke more to himself than his intrigued daughter as she stared up at him with her eyes filled with curiosity.
Heading up the stairs, Ethan took the time to think about the actions of the day. He had his tests done, as well as his daughter’s. Next thing he had spoken to two of his neighbours, one refusing to give up on thanking him and the other being quite quiet yet showing her gratitude through her doll. He even got her name which he will try his best to remember since he hadn’t got a clue when there next meeting will be. Then things went slightly downhill but at soon rose when he had been pushed into Heisenberg’s shenanigans. Who knew the Lord was suffering from some memories- maybe he shouldn’t be so harsh on him? He still functions like a human, just has some ‘upgrades’ to him. But, don’t they all.
Pushing open the door to his room, Ethan laid his daughter down on the double bed within his room and moved towards the set of drawers that held a television. Luckily, he was allowed signal to television programmes (even though there were only 2 he was allowed to reach). A sudden image of Lady Dimitrescu watching the child programme crossed his mind, letting him push out a dry chuckle. “I should maybe go see them soon. Maybe the daughters would like to play with Rose?” Looking back at his daughter seeing her move the fabric under her fingers drew a loving smile from the father. “Yeah, they’ll be curious about you alright.” Dragging out a plain white shirt from his drawers, Ethan threw his blue one off and replaced the white one onto his body. Fastening the buttons, he looked over at the body mirror that stood by his wardrobe on the other side of the room near the door to the bathroom and hummed. “Rosemary, talk for tie or stay silent for no tie.” The child looked at her talkative father and clapped, babbling words in her on language. Ethan took the sign and walked back over to the drawer, rummaging through the top ones for a black and blue tie. Taking the black one, he wrapped it around his neck and left it hanging untied.
Dropping down, he opened the bottom drawers to bring a pair of dark grey pants out and a black belt out. “Be right back Rosemary,” Ethan had walked towards the bathroom and left the door open slightly so he could still hear his daughter. He was quick to swap pants, walking out the bathroom whilst buckling his belt up through the pants loops and starting on his tie. Having her father walking around a lot had the baby giggling. Shooting Rose a funny face with his tongue stuck out, Ethan watches her roll about of the bed with her eyes lighting up from the sun glistening through the window. “I look like I’m about to go on a date,” He gave himself one last look in the body mirror before returning back to his daughter, gently picking her up as he let her fiddle with his tie.
His last sentence had been jumbling in his mind as he ascended down his steps to grab his shoes. A date? No no, this wasn’t a date. Just a get together as an apology. That’s it! An apology meal made by Heisenberg and himself. With Rosemary. Like a famil-
A sudden tightness wrapped around his throat as Rose pulled on his tie hard. A small choking noise came out from him as his face scrunched up. With his eyes going slightly wide in pain and shock, he helped his daughter release the tie from her tough grasp and placed her on the ground as he scanned over his shoe choices. Going in simple trainers wouldn’t do- it would look weird with his outfit. But going in smart shoes, that’s what you would wear on a date and this was NOT a date. Taking his trainers, Ethan tied the laces into sloppy bows and picked up Rosemary after, being wary of her grabby hands.
Looking himself up and down then looking at his pride and joy, something seemed off. Missing. “Urgh don’t do this brain. Now what’s missing?” Looking between the two, Ethan felt Rose once again grab his tie. “You’re so grabby today, what’s going on, oh. Right.” Priding her hands off him once again, Ethan made his way to the lounge room and looked at the couch. There was a stuff monkey there sitting next to the television remote. “Ah ha! Do you want him? yeah you do. That’s why you’ve been grabbing papa the whole time.” Ethan progressed onto the stuff animal and grabbed it by its body, handing it to his little Rose who was about to reach for his tie again. Seeing her favourite teddy dangling in front of her face, she had her hands reaching out for it and her mind went completely away from the strange material that she was once holding before. A sense of relief washed over the blonde before handing it to her, seeing her face light up with enjoyment. “Time to head to a meal now. Hopefully it doesn’t turn out wrong” He kissed the top of her head and walked out the room into the hallway once again.
It had been two days since getting back to a somewhat normal life. To think these were the entities he was once trying to kill, them doing the same Vise-versa all because of Mother Miranda. “She’s dead,” A whisper came from him as he approached the door handle to the outside world. “We are out from there.” Twisting the metal knob, the sudden darkness of the outside world was glazing his eyes. Dark clouds swarmed the sky, the sun setting behind them fearing the uprising moon and their army of stars. Looking around as the door shut behind the males, he walked off his porch. The crisp cold swept over his body, making him slightly regret not bringing a jacket with him. However, that didn't matter, his daughter was luckily wrapped up in a long shirt and a really woolly jumper gifted from her mother. She was settled all in warmth.
Taking the left on the dirt road, he followed it around the circle going clock-wise. The house of Heisenberg had gradually grown larger in size as he gained closeness upon it. An unsettling feeling set into Ethan’s stomach as he remembered seeing the boarded-up windows- which were still boarded up at the time. The garage next to it seemed to be closed although the smell of car petrol did not go unnoticed. Holding his daughter closer to himself in one arm, Ethan stepped up to the two floored house and walked straight to the door. Looking to see if his daughter was uncomfortable, which she wasn’t luckily, he raised a first and knocked against the spruce door with a small horse engraving on it. ‘Huh, strange’ Ethan thought, letting his fingers trail over in engraving after knocking three times. ‘How strange, I have a lion engraving on mine.’-
His thoughts and finger trailing were pulled away from the door as it had swung open, revealing the scuffed-up host of the dinner wearing a tank top that had turned grey with splotches of grime and rust. He had a sizzling cigar in his mouth and an annoyed expression on his face for all eyes to see because of the lack of a hat and shades he would usually wear. Soon however, from not seeing his ‘sisters’ dress, he took a step back and tried to wrap his head around what he was seeing. “Erm,” Heisenberg was the first to make a sound. He took a quick look at Ethan, seeing as his white shit he wore nestled nicely against his forearms and his pants highlighted his legs and calf muscles. “T-Totally didn’t...forget?” The cigar that was hanging in his mouth had dropped onto the floor, seeing the other dressed in a formality way.
Biting his lower lip straining a smile, Ethan had struggled to hold in his laughter as he watched the others eyes move about to not stare directly at him. Hunching over being wary of Rose, Ethan let his laughter loose feeling excitement bubble up in his stomach. “You kno-haha. You know,” He spoke, finding it harder to keep his laughter contain to sensible giggle, “I wouldn’t have expected this.” He made a motion with his free arm, the arm moving up and down as though he was presenting Heisenberg to his daughter.
Feeling embarrassed at the given situation, Heisenberg went to protest. “Well- it was shot notice, okay? I’ve been busy and today has been long.” The Ex-Lord defended, biting the inside of his cheek as he glared at the father who had finally loosen his laugh to a soft chuckle. Nodding, not trusting his mouth anymore, Ethan silently agreed at what the Lord was getting at.
“Yes. Yes. You’re quite right. However, it was you who asked for me to come over.” A sigh left Karl’s lips; his shoulders deflated as though a bubble of tense had just been popped within his blades.
“Alright, c’mon. Come in- I need to go wash up.” Moving to the side, Karl let Ethan in along with his little Rose looking around at her new surroundings. From what Ethan could tell as he heard Karl shut the door behind him, the place was rather fitting for Karl’s aesthetic. Unlike his, Karl’s first floor was fully open. However, it seemed the structure was the same, just without the walls. The floor was made from spruce wood, with the four walls being painted in a forest green. He had a love seat along with a couple of arm chairs that surrounded a coffee table with a television in front. Ethan guessed Karl had no idea how to use his television seemingly there was ‘CAUTION’ tape wrapped around it. Pinned on the walls however, there were many tapestries, all different colours and images printed on them. He was surprised he couldn't smell any sort of chemicals in the air, meaning the shorter one was most likely spending all his time in the garage rather than the actual home itself.
“Your place is surprisingly comforting.” Ethan had turned to only just see Karl walking up the steps to the second floor. With a shrug, Karl leaned over the handrail.
“Eh? Tis alright I suppose. Much prefer my factory but it is what it is. Be down in a few.” He called before ascending up the stairs leaving Rose with his little Rose to scout around the room. It was a comfortable temperature, not to cold, not to warm. Being careful, Ethan placed Rose on the floor seeing that there weren’t any hazards about and let her crawl on her hands and knees.
“One day you’ll start walking and I’m going to lose you,” Ethan spoke, watching his daughter fondly as she took off in a sprint crawl away from her father. “Hey, where are you going,” He called out, chasing her as she wondered about thinking her father was chasing her because they were playing a game.
Up on the second floor, Heisenberg had entered the shower fully striped. Letting the water run down his body, he leaned against the wall pointing his head down. “Fuck,” He whispered, dragging a hand down his face. He felt like a complete douche for letting the night slip his mind. Here he was, with Ethan fucking Winters downstairs, as well as his daughter with him. Karl wasn’t even ready for this, everything felt like it was moving too quickly- “What am I thinking,” He breathed out heavily.
Ethan wasn’t his- they couldn’t be moving too quickly with anything. They weren't dating, and that thought hit Karl like a compressor. Grabbing the shampoo, he squirted it into his palm and lathered it up in his palm before scrubbing his scalp hard with it. A soft groan was released from his throat as he hit a certain spot with his fingers coming tangled in the knot of his hair. Pulling hard, a soft pant of a moan left his lips, forcing him to lean back up and crane his neck back. He felt exposed to the cold air, before untangling his fingers from his mess of a hair and tilting his head back under the running water to get rid of the shampoo quickly. He didn’t want to leave Ethan waiting too long.
Going against the idea of using conditioner, He grabbed the body wash after squeezed it into his hands. Throwing the bottle down, he ran his hands over his body harshly. The feeling of his thick hands running over his own chest down to his happy tail had no right t be as exciting as it was. He didn’t understand, was it because Ethan was downstairs? Did he want Ethan to catch him like this? Impurity thoughts channelled through his mind, leaving him in a panting mess. A sudden grasp came to his dick below, making him second guess his fantasies flashing through his mind. Looking down, he saw his hand grasping his dick, the hand moving down to reveal the flushed red head begging for attention. He was uncut, both at the top of his dick and around his lower regions. He didn’t have time to shave, or even find a doctor to circumcise himself. Why should he? He didn’t have a reason to.
Letting go, he watched the skin cover the needy head before going back to washing his body. This was not the time to be getting hard whilst his main guest was downstairs with his little one for the matter. Maybe at a later stage he would do the unimaginable when alone but not when he had guests. Karl knew better than to go ahead and jerk himself off whilst people were about, he learnt that the hard way when being caught by one of his Soldats in the past. Scary time. Ones he prefers to not remember.
Making sure his whole body was clean, he rinsed off the bubbles and turned the shower off. The coldness of his home hit him; he wasn’t use to the temperature just yet. His factory had always been boiling, he loved the feeling of the heat trapping him. He missed the place already- it hadn’t even been 3 days since he last saw it. Wrapping a towel securely around his waist, he left his bathroom not bothering to pick up the dirty clothing he had worn previously and walked towards his bedroom that was very clean. He hadn’t slept there; no he was too busy in the garage part of his hoe. The place was somewhat a safe space already- he felt a little at home there. His bed was untouched, the floor being free of any dirty clothing. Looking about, he walked towards his drawers and opened them up to see a collection of shirts and pants. Grabbing the first things he saw; he unwrapped his towel and let it drop. He didn’t really think much about drying his body fully before pulling the shirt on. It was a brown shirt and dark blue dress pants. Fastening the buttons up on the shirt, he rolled the sleeves to rest just above his elbows and dragged the pants on, finding a bit difficult to pull all the way up. However once up, they fit fine upon his waist. The feeling of wearing something much different to his usual attire was- awkward. He felt like he was about to go to Lady Dimitrescu wedding or something, although he would go in the most unkempt clothing to annoy her. But he had to, he saw how Ethan was dressed. He was well kept, nothing like Karl. Ethan was just-
Ethan was the most perfect creation ever to be created.
“You’re going to look hot for Ethan,” The encouraging words to himself helped him a little to feel safer in the clothing he chosen. He just wouldn’t expect to ever be dressed like this but here he was, prancing around his room thinking about the possibilities that could happen in the next couple of hours. Downstairs he could hear the laughter of Ethan once again accompanied by Rose’s happy cries.
“Huh, this feels like a family moment,” He chuckled to himself as he began to walk away from the bedroom. To hear noise filling the place that wasn’t the dead, but rather people who were alive- this was the closest Karl had ever felt to be a part of a family. The word brought a strained smile to his face. A family. Him and Ethan, and with the little brat to be a family. “Bad Heisenberg, no thinking about shit like that,” He scolded himself before descending this time down the stairs to overlook at Ethan on his knees who were making what seemed to be a toy in his hands, dance for his daughter. “Seem to be enjoying yourself there Ethan,” He spoke, rounding off at the end of the stairs to walk towards the father and daughter who were in the middle of the whole room.
Ethan gave Rose the toy and stood back up, dusting dust off his pants. “And you seem to be having fun dressing up for me, is it?” The teasing tone in his voice did not go unnoticed by the former Lord, a smirk rising onto his features. A deadly glare casting through directed towards the father.
“I could say the same for you darlin’. Even went with a tie. how cute.”
“Alright mister, you got me there. So, what you thinking about cooking good looking?”
“Well, I was- w-what?” The rhyme from Ethan’s words had made Heisenberg feel warm. A fluttering feeling casted over his whole body as he stood in front of Ethan, little Rose between both of their feet. Although he was sure Ethan was just teasing, his words felt real to hear.
“I didn’t say anything, so what we doing,” the words fell quickly from Ethan’s throat, an embarrassed look invading his face as he crossed his arms and tried to give a smug smile to play his words off.
“Yeahhhh, sureee.” Heisenberg watched the pale skin of Ethan's become influenced by a red shade, his nose slightly flaring. Grabbing hold of his shoulder, Heisenberg turned Ethan around and walked towards where the open kitchen was, being careful to not trip over the baby on the floor. ”So if I’m good lookin’, what does that make you buttercup?”
Ethan shook his head disapprovingly, looking at Karl with a raised brow. “It slipped out; nothing was meant by it.”
“Oh, but sweetheart, did it really though~”
“What are we cooking Karl?” Ethan had pretended to not hear any of the nicknames that came from his host- he didn’t want to show any reaction towards them no matter how much a daring grin wanted to be stretched onto his lips. He had to remind himself he only just divorced his ex-wife. He didn’t want to date and neither did he want to feel any sort of attraction towards his own former killers...but was Karl really a former killer- he did try to help him? That was for another time.
“You’ll come aroun’ one day. I don’t know what to make.” Karl leaned against the counter, crossing his arms over his chest as he watched Ethan’s facial features change every second, clearly not knowing what emotion he should really be showing at his words. ”You what?” He choked out, sticking with a dumbfounded look.
Karl threw his hands up in surrender. “I don’t know how to cook. I lived of cans Ethan, and coffee. It was either cans, or Duke for me.”
The air between them both became unknowingly colder. Ethan had to give himself a few moments to think. He did feel bad at what Karl just told him, to be living off a one-way ticket for meals or risk getting ill. The man in front of him really didn’t know anything about the outside world. “Okay, luckily I do know how to make food.”
“Like a house wife.” Karl piped up, running a hand threw his wet hair as it dripped water upon his shoulders wearing that sharp grin of his.
“I’m not a house wife Heisenberg.” Ethan began to search through the small fridge that was under one of the few counters in Karl’s kitchen. Looking through, he began to make a mental note to get the Lord to join him on a shopping trip to get food. Clearly the agents had spent more money on building fancy places rather than getting things for survival.
“Damn, back to last names huh? I must really be in trouble with you mister.” Suddenly, a flying tomato came flying at him and hit him in his head. “hey! That was uncalled for.” He spoke just barely managing to catch the vegetable as it bounced off his head. In return, Ethan shrugged and continued to rummaged through his fridge picking out certain items. Karl stood and watched, not complaining about the side view he was getting of Ethan down on his knees-
“Where do you keep your spices?” He asked a she stood back up, shutting the fridge with his foot and looking back to quickly check on Rose.
“Cupboard above you.” Karl answered back, also looking at the baby who was smashing the toy monkey onto the floor. Karl had to sniffle his laughter back, slightly proud of the baby’s destruction.
With a quick bang of the cupboard, Ethan had pushed all the items he got out towards Karl. Leaving them by the shorter one, he went to o wash his hands in the sink. “Karl, can you grab a baking tray, grater and rolling pin” Ethan asked as he wiped his hands down on a towel.
“Ethan, have you forgot I don’t cook?”
“Rolling pin looking like a cylinder, grater looks like-” Karl had begun to laugh at Ethan reciting and describing what kitchen equipment looks like. Banging a closed fist onto his chest, Karl swept stray hairs from out of his face.
“Ethan I’m joking.” Before Ethan could even get annoyed at Karl, Karl had already started to move about the area with a happy jump in his step, glad that Ethan was slightly annoyed at his actions. He loved getting a rise out of the other, it just added on the things he loved-
Loved...yeah. He was in love with Ethan. He wasn’t going to complain against that.
“So, what we making papa?” Heisenberg asked, looking at the ingredients all laid out by all the cutlery he was sent on a quest to gather.
“We are making pizza.” Ethan answered back, already starting on making the pizza sauce from scratch.
“Pizza huh?” Karl ponded out loud, watching as Ethan began to use the grater and great cheese.
“Yes. You can start rolling out the pastry if you want. Grab the rolling pin and use the flour to make sure the pastry doesn’t stick to the counter top.” Giving a playful salute to Ethan, who rolled his eyes out and gave a soft kick to the others leg, Karl stood by Ethan and sprinkled flour on top of the counter. Clapping his hands by Ethan to watch the flour dust go poof in his face, Karl was already moving onto laying out the pastry from its packet on top of the flour.
He was given a sharp pain on his ear as he looked quickly at his attacker with furrowed brows. Ethan had flicked the man on his ear shell and stuck his tongue out like a child. Karl’s ear had swiftly turned red but it didn’t bother the lord much really, it only made him eager to try tease the other. “Gotta try harder sweetheart,” Karl spoke to him, rolling the pastry out and flipping it every now and again.
“Nah no can do. I can’t hurt you.” Ethan called back, moving the cheese and grated away from him before grabbing the baking tray and laying out parchment paper on it. Karl gave a scoff at Ethan's words, stepping away from the pastry and instead standing behind Ethan. Like a snake, Karl wrapped his arms around Ethan’s torso and stood on his tiptoes to look over Ethan’s shoulder.
“You can’t hurt me~” He whispered in his ear, tightening his grip on the father’s torso. In return, Ethan swallowed a lump in his throat and turned, flicking Karl on his nose. The pinch of pain made Karl recall backwards and rub his nose.
“I think I just did. Oops.” Ethan turned back around and picked up the pastry to lay out on the tray. “Want to grab a spoon?” He called behind him, waiting for a response as he worked on stretching the pastry in the tray.
Thinking for a moment, Karl went back to leaning against the counter with his arms crossed right bedside Ethan. “What’s in it for me?” He asked, as he simpered looking pleased with himself.
A ragged sigh came from Ethan’s mouth as he turned and copied Karl’s actions by leaning against the counter. However, he didn’t cross his arms. “How about, you get me the spoon and you’ll get a reward.”
“What is this...reward?” Karl leaned to the side, getting closer towards Ethan’s face. The hesitation from the other left plenty of time for Karl to come up with a total of 6 different ways he could be rewarded for getting cutlery- and none was safe for Rose to hear.
Wetting his lips, Ethan smacked his lips together before speaking slowly and a notch deeper than his usual tone. “The reward will be...a day shopping with me.” And all previous ideas flew out of his head. Karl pulled away from Ethan and pouted.
“That sounds shit.” He spoke, becoming grumpy over the fact of shopping. He had seen Villagers do it in the past, buying things. It just looked, none eventful.
“That’s not all.” Ethan held back a grin as he watched Karl become curious again. “I’ll let you hold my hand the whole day.”
“DEAL!” Ethan watched as Karl sprinted off to a drawer and opened it up, grabbing a large spoon and skipping back to Ethan with it in his hand proudly. “Better keep to your side of the deal now papa. Don’t you be forgetting it.”
“I won't forget- I don’t even think you would let me especially with the way you just acted.” Just to hopefully annoy the Lord, Ethan got him in a headlock and with his knuckled, rubbed them against the top of Karl’s head watching him squirm in his grasp.
“Oh C’MON!” He shouted, pushing out of Ethan’s grip and showing him away. Ethan finally let loose of is laugh and grabbed the counter for support. The sight of Ethan being happy made Karl soft. It was a fuzzy feeling with him. ‘Butterflies...that’s what this is’ he thought trying his best to sketch the view into his mind forever.
“Okay! okay,” Ethan wheezed out, “Back to making the pizza.”
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saturatedboy · 2 years
The Paw of a Lion (Ethan!Winters x Karl!Heisenberg)
(This is my work, can be found on AO3 using the title above.)
Word count: 4.6K
Chapter 4 is under the cut
The metal box had come to an abrupt stop, the halt causing both males to stumble around until they had successfully stabilised themselves. The doors had not opened, instead the elevator had its lights turned out suddenly. The light falling into darkness had caused Heisenberg to shriek out and shrink against the wall, holding tightly onto the railing that was provided. “Ethan, what the fuck is happening.”
The blonde male had turned to face the other, brows turned down as he snarled his words out. “Don’t you dare say my name, not after what you have just done. You just can’t stay out of trouble can you.” Although his words were meant to be hurtful, the Lord had taken them as praise and spoke with a toothy grin in return, irritating the other.
“Aww, you think I’m good at getting into trouble. Why thank you, I try my best for you.”
“Oh, try you best? Then try your best to get us out of here then colour me impress.” Ethan sighed deeply, watching as a small light in the top corner of the elevator had flashed red, filling the blackness with a deep red. His mood had turned sour. And to just think he was starting to think that maybe he could get along with his neighbours, all thoughts come crushing down and have him start back at step one. Trying to enjoy their presence.
Furthermore, unlucky for Ethan, the lord had taken it upon himself to follow Ethan’s demands. First, Heisenberg had latched himself away from the railing and take a closer look at the buttons that were planted on the wall. The ‘STOP’ button glowing brightly. He leaned down and pulled his shades to rest just at the end of his nose. “Hmm,” The Lord had felt over the buttons and tried his best to read them in the dim glowing red.  
“Oh no you don’t,” The father had grabbed the back of Heisenberg's shirt and pulled him back towards the railings on the back wall. When Heisenberg felt the railing against his back, Ethan had quickly moved his hand that he had pulled Heisenberg with and pressed it securely over the Lord’s chest, still standing beside him and holding Rose within his arms.
“I can get us out you know,” The lord spoke with an irritated tone.
“No. We will wait for the agents to collect us.” Ethan responded, moving his hand off the Lord’s chest and using it to hold Rose safely. The taller had looked down to his daughter, seeing her eyelashes flicker as her face scrunched up on itself. “I should be home now,” Using the back of his two stumps on his left hand, he caressed his daughter’s cheek, seeing her softly giggle at the known feeling off her father. Her eyes had soon opened, looking up at Ethan and reaching out for him.
On the side lines, Heisenberg watched Ethan’s actions with a raised brow. It was...interesting to see what he was doing. Even with the lack of fingers, his daughter in his arms still knew that it was her father. Maybe their bond was stronger because of the mould? Maybe it was just something Karl didn’t understand because his memories of his own family had faded away as time and pain consumed his own mind. “You’re a good father,” He mumbled out, turning his attention away from the two to look at the closed doors.
There it was again. The same sentence coming from the other. He had said it earlier, In the meeting on the first day-. “You said in the meeting.” Ethan had trailed of, settling with Rose playing with his hands instead of stroking her cheek. Seeing her suckle on his pointer finger changed Ethan’s expression to a petit frown. He had to get out of here soon, she needed to be fed. And he didn’t want her to start getting fussy and crying.
Karl looked back at Ethan; eyes grown wide from his remembrance of his words. He wanted to ask why he remembered the simple small sentence, but he left it. “I mean it,” His teeth grazed his bottom lip before biting down on it and then sucking inwards slightly. The action so far helped him cope through awkward situations, set as a reminder that he could get through whatever he was stuck in. It was a comfort motion. “I’m sure Rosemary would turn out to be strong just like her papa.”
Ethan inhaled at the words, finding himself feeling a little more steamed than normal and his stomach jumping. He quickly brushed the feeling in his stomach as a sudden tickle and released a small chuckle. “Let’s hope she keeps all her fingers then.” The amusement in his voice had set the other to speak his own laughter, a hand being raised to cover his mouth and hunch over slightly and raised the other hand in surrender at Ethan.
Soon though, their laughter had died down and became a settling silence between them. They felt at peace, stealing glances from the other to see if they were also content with the given situation. As the red light still flickered, it only brought Ethan to the negative reality of their placement “They’ll come soon,” He voiced his thoughts, watching as Heisenberg looked right back at him, both locking eyes- not that Ethan could see anyway.
“ ‘m sorry ‘bout that. I shouldn’t have dragged you into my mess anyway.” Karl sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck, his glove collecting the sweat there that had been formed within the warm building.
“What did you do anyway?” Ethan had popped a squat onto the ground, sitting on his heels as he looked up to the Lord. Deciding to join him and not wanting to imitate the other in any way, Karl too joined him near the ground. However, he sat straight onto the floor, being protected from the germs because of his long trench coat. First, he ran a hand through his hair and knocked his hat off, placing it onto his lap where his legs were outstretched in front of him.
“I don’t like the idea of having needles in me. It was a fucking big one, let me tell ya that. It was like the same size of my whole arm!” As he was talking, Heisenberg had flung his arms out, trying to mimic the size of the needle. The blonde by him stared at him with a growing smirk.
“So, you’re afraid of tiny needles?” He piped up, being taken back after by when Karl shot him a deadly look.
“Small? SMALL! It was massive, would be used on that big bitch I tell ya!” Out of frustration, Karl flung his shades off his nose and onto the ground in between Ethan and himself. “Tiny needle? Pft, yeah sure.”
“You know we all get the same shot, right? Same quantity, same thing...” Ethan had explained, watching as the Lord had turned his skull slowly away from Ethan’s point of view. His arms soon following and crossing over his chest.
“Still big...” His voice had failed him as it cracked near the end. Just the thought of needles got the man worked up. As long as it wasn’t being used on him, he was okay. But having someone take advantage and try use it on him? Those memories were too much.
With a roll of the eyes and a grimaced expression, Ethan took his hand back from Rose, who voiced her own sadness by whining and babbling, and used it to help him budged up to be right by Karl’s side. Once there, he placed his hand to rest on the other’s shoulder, feeling it quiver under his touch. “You know,” He first spoke, “I’m actually scared of the ocean...”
Now that, caught Karl’s interest. Seeing the quivering slightly stop, Ethan carried on with his words after brining the hand that was on Karl’s shoulder back to Rose. “When I was younger, I had slipped off the edge of a pier and fell in. It was so sudden; my body had frozen up and I couldn’t move. Luckily I was quickly moved to lay on my back after I submerged and floated back up.” Over the time Ethan was speaking, Karl had turned his way back to look at Ethan. Watching as his expression slightly changed when he talked about his fears. “To this day, I didn't go back to a beach. When I was fighting Moreau, it felt like I was on my own. But then I believed Rose was by me, and suddenly I managed to get out fine.” Karl clung to his words and nodded for him to carry one. Swallowing a ball of built-up saliva, Ethan asked a favour. “How about after all this, I come with you for your shot. I’ll be by your side so you don’t go running off and getting others stuck in an elevator?”
The request was so sweet, it made Karl thankful for the red lights. “That sounds...nice.” The Lord grinned at the favour. The feeling swelling inside of him made him slightly giddy. Ethan. Ethan Winters would be there to help him face his fears. Maybe he was back in the good books for the Winters man. He still had his chances to woo the man. Out-stretching his hand, The Lord waited for the other to shake on it.
“Sorry, maybe later. I got this little cub nibbling on my fingers because she’s hungry.” Ethan nodded down to Rose for Karl to understand. Indeed, she was nibbling on his fingers when Karl looked down. A frown had quickly made its way on his bearded face.
“That’s my fault. I shouldn’t have brought you into this mess.”
“Hey, don’t-” Ethan released a yawn and shook his head, trying to rid the feeling of tiredness that had crept up on him again. “-don’t be. They’ll be here soon.” Karl nodded, watching as Ethan swayed to his left and right, lulling Rose back to sleep. Seeing the father so content, made Karl’s heart swell slightly. The show of affection was an adorable sight to see.
“Maybe papa also needs to sleep.” He had suggested, seeing as Ethan’s eyes had become hooded with drowsiness. Ethan groaned and shook his head, denying the facts that he was even tired in the first place. “C’mon papa,” Karl dragged his arm over Ethan’s shoulder and pulled him to rest against his side, his gloved hand settling against his shoulder. Protesting, Ethan had squirmed in the others grasp, only to stop when he realised his shaking movements were causing Rose to stir more. “See, if you move, you’ll wake Rose there.”
“Shut up, I’m staying here cause of Rose.”  
“Mhm sure. Now rest.” Using his glove hand from his unoccupied arm, Karl playfully rested the tips of his fingers on Ethan’s eyelids and pushed them down softly. He could feel his eyes moving under them but it only brought a great sense of softness to his heart as the other didn’t complain against it. “That’s it, you’ll be safe. I won’t let anything happen to us. I’ll wake you when they come to get us.”  
“Thank you...Karl.” Even if it was because he was sleep drunk- or maybe he actually meant it. Those words, the praise and the thankfulness that came from the father’s lips, melted the tension between the both. Being happy with the atmosphere he had created between them both, Karl had rested his head onto of an asleep Ethan's and sat waiting for the agents to collect them from the elevator.  
He was glad he messed with the buttons.
The lights had quickly turned from their red to the glow of white after what Karl could only guess to be two hours. Why was it taking them so long- he didn’t know but he was dammed that this physically interaction was going to end soon. Staring down at Ethan might of became his new hobby, not that he would admit it out-loud. He pushed his lips out, looking at the way Ethan’s mouth had curled into a heart-warming smirk, small but none-the-less still noticeable now in the bright light. ‘You got me wrapped around your finger without noticing it.’ Slightly nudging the taller male further into his side, Karl planted a soft kiss upon his forehead. His lips lingered against his skin, only pulling back in to press a firmer kiss in the same spot. Karl closed his eyes, enjoy the touch that his lips could feel. To say Ethan sweats a lot and has swum in murky water not too long ago, his skin was smooth to the touch.  
Karl pulled his lips off Ethan who had raised quickly to the sudden noise that enveloped his mind. Spinning his head left and right, his eyes that were consumed by the need to attack softened when he saw Karl looking down at him. “We are here to get you out!” A voice had cried, making both men in the closed space together stare at where it had come from. It turns out, the agents to rescue them both had finally arrived and were now doing something with the door that had locked them.
Ethan rested his head back onto Karl’s shoulder, his shoulders dropping as a relieved noise was released from his throat. “Finally,” His voice was hushed, almost like he was afraid to disturb the silence that was once settled amongst them. Karl watched as Ethan settle down, his breathing setting a pace that the older felt calming against. Being gentle as he could, Karl removed his arm from around Ethan and brought it back to rest on his lap. He gave out a rough chuckle.
“If I knew you wanted to get away from me that fast, I would have moved away.” A flick to his hat made him chuckle even louder. Ethan had placed his hand to rest on Heisenberg’s shoulder, giving it a strong squeeze.
“You may have just got into my good list, seemingly you’re an amazing pillow.” Ethan backed up his point as he poked the other man’s stomach watching as the diaphragm retreated back. The reaction was, somewhat humorous to Ethan. Thinking the Lord was ticklish, Ethan had rested his palm against stomach and started to rub it in circles. A soft growl erupted from Karl as he closed his eyes and breathed heavily in. As he exhaled, a whine had followed through, like a puppy watching its owner leave him. “Awww, does the fourth lord enjoy belly rubs~” Ethan teased, going as far as to rub circles on his stomach faster as he rested his head still on the Lord’s shoulder. A small pant came from Heisenberg, only making the Winter man laugh. “I think I found my new favourite thing.” He returned his hand back to himself, watching as heat took over Heisenberg’s ears and end of his nose. Karl had craned his neck to look the other way in hopes of hiding his blush from the Winters. A growl came from Heisenberg as he spoke.
“You dare say anything about this to anyone-”
“Ethan!” Both males had retreated to opposite ends of the elevator at the sudden noise of a voice. The elevator had shaken slightly, only for the metal doors in front of the males to open up by force. With the light already in the elevator, it was no surprise when they could see immediately who had spoken the Winters first name. “We were getting worried about you- OI! What are you doing here?”
Heisenberg showed a toothy grin towards the new comer, Chris Redfield. Tipping his hat, he stood back up and leaned back a bit to crack his back. “I’m here because I saw Winters here and was edging to get a conversation to him obviously.” A flat out lie came from him as he started to walk out the elevator. Just as he stood out, the sound of a taser was quickly heard behind him.
“Listen here, Heisenberg. That’s some bullshit and you and I know that. So, tell the truth or else you're staying in confinement here for three days.” Chris lowered his taser and walked to stand right behind Heisenberg, a way to intimidate the other into talking the truth. Groaning loudly, Heisenberg quickly turned around and crossed his arms whilst leaning on his side, being supported by his right leg and popping his hip out a little.
“Fine fine fine. You caught me. I was-”
“I was on the brink of collapsing and he caught me. I must have pressed the wrong button when I was about to pass out.” Both Chris and Karl raised a brow as Chris turned to look back at Ethan whilst Karl stood behind him, looking at Winters. “It’s the truth. If it wasn’t for him, I might have hurt Rose.” Behind Chris, Karl stood with his mouth-agape, shocked at the father’s lying towards what could be one of his friends.
Chris looked back and forward between Ethan and Karl, trying to see if they were lying or not. All it took was Ethan to step out of the elevator and rub his eyes with his left hand whilst balancing Rose in the other to prove his story was ‘true’. The buff male had shaken his head, ordering the agents around them to stand down. Karl raised a brow at the armed agents. Does he really need armed people around him? Actually, he decided to even ask about it. “Okay, I believe you. However, you-” Chris turned back to face Karl with arms by his side, “You need to go back and get your shots done already. Heard you had ran out before they could even stick you.” The amusement tone didn’t go unnoticed, by Karl. Oh, how he wanted to rip Redfield’s throat out, but he wouldn't. He was too close to Ethan.
“I’ll only go if Ethan comes with.” He amused back, standing back up straight and sorting his hat out to sit right on his head of silver locks.
Chris was taken back by the request, going as far as to turn back to Ethan was a joking smile.
“Hm? And why would Mr Winters want to come with you?” He asked, waiting for Ethan’s reply with scrunched eyes.
Ethan shrugged his shoulders the best he could with a child in his arms, finally taking the move to stand out fully from the elevator. “I’ll go with. Got to make my bond strong anyway with the new neighbours.” He strode passed Chris and went to stand by the side of Karl. Karl had the same giddiness feeling from earlier wash over him and had motioned the agents to lead the way with Ethan by his side.
“Let’s go and get me sticked!” He had shouted, resting a hand on the back of Ethan’s back and pushing him to follow. As they both walked with agents in front leading them back to Karl’s doctors' room, Karl had turned his head slightly and smirked back to Chris who was still stood in the same place. Swinging his tongue over his teeth, Karl had given him the bird and looked back forward to see his doom was coming closer. Ethan saw his actions and was a little taken back from them but chose he may question him later when the time felt right. Karl had visibly started to swallow his self-pity. He could do this, he's been through worse he tried to reason with himself.
“You’ll be fine,” A whisper came from next to him, making him feel slightly better.
“Course I’ll be fine. It’s just a poke...right?” He turned to face the other, looking slightly up to see Ethan smiling down at him.
“You really are small aren’t you.”
“Don’t change the subject. It’s just a poke, right?” He asked again, feeling himself have a brick come out of this whole wall he had built his life within. Karl waited for Ethan to answer him. The longer he didn’t say anything, the more Karl had felt vulnerable, until Ethan had made the movement of placing Rose to balance in his right hand and made a grab for Karl’s hand. With a reassuring squeeze, Ethan had spoken in a caring tone.
“It’s just a poke and that’s it. Think of it like nicking your finger on a sharp piece of metal, but less painful.” He tried to assure Karl.
Karl just raised a brow and tried his best to hold back the smile that was growing on his bearded face. “That’s not a good way to describe it, but thank you.” He returned the favour of giving Ethan’s hand a squeeze of his own. What he didn’t expect however was Ethan to keep hold of his hand as they entered the room Karl had previously been in. His hand felt nice in his own, but darn it he hated the fact he had his gloves on. To know if Ethan's hands were the same smooth skin as his forehead would just have to be left to Karl's imagination for now. As both men entered through the slightly tinted door to Karl's Doctor's room, there was at least three doctors who stood around the place fiddling with clipboards and computers.
“Ah, you’re back. Ready for your shot?” One asked, going over to a small metal table by a lone chair, grabbing blue gloves to place on. Karl focused on the blue gloves watching as they smacked back against his skin as he placed them all. The older man had gulped deeply.
“Pft yeah I am. I’m not scared or anything for fuck's sake.” Letting go of Ethan’s hand, Karl had stridden back to the chair he was once sat in before the elevator incident. Heaving a heavy sigh, he let himself drop in it and placed both of his hands on the armrests feeling a little dizzy and finding it more tougher to keep a calm and repeated breathing pace.
“I’ll need you to take your coat off and to roll your shirt sleeve up please.” The same doctor suggested, turning his back to head to where the other two doctors had stood around a computer talking. As soon as Karl stood up to take his coat off, he took his shades off after at the same time and gave a pleading look to Ethan, pouting childishly as well.  
“Stand by me.” He mouthed, as he nodded to his side for Ethan to stand near him whilst pocketing his shades to hang on the top of his shirt between the collars. Rolling his eyes with a half-smirk, Ethan made his way to stand next to Karl as he went back to sit down on the chair feeling tenderness as the father stood right by him. As the doctor was coming back, holding a needle in his hand, he was a little taken back seeing Mr Winter stand by Heisenberg. “He gets a kick of watching things sink into skin. Said he finds it satisfying.” Karl had provided an answer, reeling forward ad jumping a bit as he felt Ethan kick his leg as he tried to pull his sleeve up his arm to rest just above the elbow. Shooting a glare at Ethan, he went back to rolling his sleeve up.
“No, I do not. I’m here for support.” Ethan defended himself, even though he was telling the truth and Karl was just being an idiot.
The doctor had beamed at the two, finding their quarrel sort of cute. “You act like a couple,” they had said, flicking the end of the needle and pressing down a little on the plunger to make sure it was working. Karl’s breath hitched before he could respond back to the doctor’s remark, seeing the fluid shoot out at the end of the needle. And to think for a moment he had forgot about it all as well. “Never mind me, now this will hurt a pinch. But I’m sure it’s nothing you can't handle it Mr Heisenberg.”
Karl only nodded and turned to stare at Ethan with panic passing his eyes. He couldn’t look, not when Miranda was still present in his mind after the whole fight. ‘This is for your freedom. Be strong for Ethan’ he spoke in his mind, feeling his muscle flex in his forearm as he felt a tight pinch pass through him. He squinted his eyes as he felt it pass through him, a sharp pain coming from his forearm.  
“Mr Heisenberg, I need you to relax.” The doctor had claimed, pulling the needle out of his arm and looking at Heisenberg, seeing his head was turned away. Covering his panic with a cough, Heisenberg had nodded and did his best to relax his muscles. He kept staring at Ethan after he had let loose of his eyes, seeing the blonde look down at him with a small pout. Gentle, Ethan had kneeled down to Heisenberg's height and slowly made a choice, though Karl could see the slight worry in his own brown eyes as he had moved himself to sit facing the Lord, in front of his legs.
Ethan had placed Rose onto Karl’s lap, only moving his hands to rest on Karl’s thighs keeping Rose safely leaned back against the Lord’s stomach. “Sorry,” he said sheepishly, looking towards the doctor. “My arms were hurting a little from carrying my child,” He lied again, gripping onto the thighs of the Lord.  
‘My gosh you truly are an angel’ Karl had engrossed into his mind, feeling the touch of Ethan over his clothes. He had immediately relaxed, keeping his gaze on Ethan as he once again felt the needle go into his arm. However, this time, he felt safer than ever. Although he did tense slightly, he soon calmed as he felt the small circles being rubbed on the side of his thighs. Mentally, Karl’s thoughts were everywhere but they all linked back to Ethan. Wanting to praise him in every way for helping him face his fear here, for keeping him calm and for helping Karl express his feelings like a human. It was this moment that Karl actually felt real, felt like he was being treated like any other human would be treated at the doctor's office. And it was all thanks to Ethan Winters, his saviour.
“And that’s it. You are free to go now.” The doctor broke Karl’s thoughts, making them all crumble away. He cleared his throat and nodded, standing up immediately after Ethan had taken Rose back into his arms. Pulling his sleeve back down feeling a cold rush wash over him, Karl had taken hold of Ethan’s waist and dragged him out of the office as hasty as he could.
As they exited the room, agents had swiftly led them back to the BMW they first came in. A once calm Karl had turned sour when seeing Redfield stand next to their car. “Hop in, time to go.” He voiced, jumping in the passenger seat at the front of the vehicle. Turning to Ethan, Karl had licked his lips slightly and rubbed the back of his neck nervously as he turned slightly away. Time to take another big jump.
“I want to..t-thank you for doing that.” He stammered, shuffling slightly so he could stand in front of Ethan instead side by side. “It meant a whole lot and I want to do something in return. So, how about a meal at my place tonight. I’ll cook! B-but if you want to help then come over early and we...we could.” Karl had lost his words whilst thinking. He felt buffered after realising he had just asked Winters to come join him for dinner at his place. The same night of that day!
Giggling, Ethan had nodded making the other raise his head in surprise. ”Cooking together after this long day sounds worth it.” He began to walk, Karl following him like a lost puppy in tow. “But I’ll have to bring Rose if you’re okay with that?” Ethan asked, looking back over his shoulder to see Karl thinking for a moment.
“You know what, yeah. We could play house.” he suggested, laughing when he saw Ethan blushing slightly.
“You’re the mum then!” He called, speed walking to the car.
“Rose can have two papa’s!” Karl called back, running to catch the laughing blonde in the car.
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saturatedboy · 2 years
The Paw of a Lion (Ethan!Winters x Karl!Heisenberg)
Can be found on my AO3 (Use title above)
Word count: 4.2K
Chapter 3 under cut
Ethan, the blonde father, had bundled himself up in a thick cover he had taken off his bed in his new home. The night had only begun to take over, the rain storm outside had pattered against the roof and windows of his den. It was times like this that he had slight regret over the fact he could have just tried to convince Chris to place him and his daughter somewhere else. Maybe then this night wouldn’t be cold because of the timed heating system in place- maybe he just goes over and ask Dimitrescu if he could sleep over with Rose.
That thought he quickly shook out. As far as he was concern, he didn’t want to get too friendly with his neighbours. He still had his walls up, ready to attack if it meant his Rose could be safe. The father was already worried about the fact that his daughter would also ned to have tests run on her. The thoughts simple didn’t sit right with him, but it wasn’t like he could just straight up disagree with whatever the BSAA wanted to do. He was no match for any of them...or maybe he was?
A ring caught his attention, vibrating his thoughts out of his skull. Drifting brown eyes caught onto the rotary phone. ‘Heisenberg’ The father thought, a hand itching to grab the phone. With finger tips just glazing over the phone, he quickly withdrew his hand back to his chest and cradled it with the other. “Should I though?” He pondered out loud, watching as the phone carried on ringing. “To hell with it.” Ethan had reached and grabbed the phone before the ringing could stop. Reaching the phone to his ear, he held it and waited for the other to speak.
“Ah papa! Thought you would never answer,” The gruff voice came out, a little glitch but that was due to the rain outside.
“Yeah. I wasn’t going to.” The truth spilled out with Ethan moving to lay back against the armrest of the couch and pulling his feet up to rest on the cushions. A laugh came out from the other side, making a twitching smirk come up upon the young male’s lips.
“Ah, feisty as ever still. Relax, I won’t call you every night. More or less 6 calls at most a week.” Ethan rolled his eyes playfully, well aware the other couldn’t see but he liked to think he did. “Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why I wanted to call you on this fateful night.”
“Hm,” Ethan hummed, “It never crossed my mind but go ahead, seemingly you’ll just keep calling if I placed the phone down now.”
“That’s the spirit papa, I still have an hour and 25 minutes anyway! So, I want to learn.” It took a few seconds for Ethan to process the others words. ‘Learn?’ Why would Heisenberg, the fourth lord and creator of walking armed zombies want to learn?
‘“Okay...What do you want to learn about?” The line had gone silent to the point Ethan had moved the phone a little away from his ear and craned his neck back as though the problem would be shown. His body soon jerked up when the familiar voice had answered back, startling the man.
“I want to know your interests.” A simple answer, yet eerily uncomfortable to Ethan. He didn’t like the sound of that one bit. Licking his lips as a way to calm his beating heart, Ethan relaxed back in his position and sighed through his nose.
“And why do you want to know my interests now?”  
“Isn’t it obvious. We are neighbours, bond to be for probably the rest of our lives so we might as well start getting homely with each other!” A prompt scoff and click of the tongue came from Ethan as he changed his position, with a little struggle, to sit back straight on the couch with legs dangling off the front and back pressed against the back cushions. He rested his elbow on the arm rest and placed his head on his hand.
“I am not staying here forever Heisenberg. After these tests, I’m going back to a normal life with my daughter away from all this.” Unknowing to Ethan, Karl had taken much a liking to his protective nature. It was rather...tempting to mess with, to see how much further the male could go for his daughter- even after a close death.
A chuckle came from Karl. “Now, now Ethan. I’m sure you’re aware that we're stuck here till then. You’re different Winters, just like the rest of us. You really think they’ll let you go after some tests? We...what did they call us again,”  
“They called us bio weapons Heisenberg...”  
“Ah yes! We are bio weapons. Now, I’m pretty sure weapons aren’t allowed in your society now are they. So, Winters, are we really going to be free after everything?” A flash memory appeared in Ethan’s mind, back to the start of the day when his arm had been covered by the mould. How it didn’t come off, how it felt like it was stuck forever so him...the weird boiling sensation that washed over him.  “I’ll take your silence of you knowing I’m correct.”
“So, what!” The sudden snarl had caught Heisenberg off guard, making him take the phone away from his own ear. Even then, he could still hear Ethan’s voice loud and clear, a realisation that he had angered and frustrated the other. “Maybe I am some weapon but some of us have lived through a normal life for that to be taken off us. I may not understand half the shit you’ve gone through but dammit I could still be a normal person for all I know.” Ethan had stopped to take a breath. Luckily his voice being raised had not awaken the sleeping child but it did awake something else.  
“Ethan...” Karl asked after hearing the line go silent for a second too long. “I-I understand your angry at my words but-”
Karl stared at the phone in his hand. A long deafening sound came out of it, a single beep carrying on for generations ahead. Working up a cold sweat, Karl had slammed the phone onto its stand and grabbed his coat off the back of the chair he was sat on in his own small kitchen. Silently, he was thankful for still wearing his boots as he had rushed out of his home, knocking a plant that was on a table top inside the home on accident, then proceeded to stampede his way through the dirt road to get to Ethan’s home. He hadn’t even managed to get his second arm through his coat before he was at Ethan’s front door pounding against the wood. “For fuck's sake Ethan, Open up!”  
Pressing up against the door, Karl rattled the handle about only for the door to open with him falling in behind. The rain drops that was collected on his clothing had splattered amongst the wooden floors of Ethan’s home. Trying his best to get up and not slip, Karl had successfully stood up and chucked the door shut behind him to stop any more water entering the Winters resident. Bracing himself, Karl had steadied himself straight as he stood his ground and closed his eyes, trying to hear the man who lost connection. A quiet groan was heard from the left room closest to the front door. “Ethan!” Karl called, running in that room and looking about.  
“The fuck you-ack!-doing in my home,” Karl turned his sightlines to stare at the floor, he then walked around the couch to see the man he was looking for on the ground, turned away from him. Tugging his hat off, Karl placed the wet material on the armrest close to him and then settled down to the ground, sitting on his knees.
“I’m here because you randomly screamed and left. Are you okay?” Bringing comfort to someone was never and never will be Karl’s strong suite but hopefully his presence there will somewhat calm the other.
“It’s nothing. Just go back home,” Ethan’s voice came out as a whine, on the contrary it also sounded desperate. Karl looked down at his lap fiddling with his fingers. He furrowed his brows and snarled.
“I'm not leaving till you tell and show me that everything is okay.”
“Why would you care, go home Heisenberg.” The sneer that came back from the other in response to Karl’s words had him annoyed. He wasn’t going to sit here and let the man who gave him somewhat a freedom turn him away. He wasn’t going to leave Ethan no matter how many times the other will try to push him away. Making a bold move, Karl reached over and grabbed Ethan’s shoulder harshly, before pulling him backwards making the taller blonde male collide on his back. Karl looked down at the fallen male and loomed over him. Ethan had shut his eyes as his back had hit the ground, a hushed cry came from between his lips as he tightened his grip on his shoulder.  
“Ethan,” Karl breathed out, steadily thrusting his hand to hold Ethan’s as he tried to pry it away from his shoulder. “Ethan everything will be okay, just breath.”  
“What do you think I’m trying to do,” Ethan had opened his eyes and spat out his words, breathing harshly through gritted teeth. “Ow” He cried out, letting Karl take his hand away from his shoulder. Once removed, Karl peered down to see black taking over half of Ethan’s body, it was just beginning to move onto his wrist that was just seen appearing before the end of his pyjamas top sleeve.
“Woah, don’t you look a lil different.” The amusement in Karl’s voice sent Ethan over the edge. The father had raised his hand and made a quick slap on the others face before pulling himself back up and pushing his back to rest against the couch.
“Just leave. I’ll deal with this on my own.”
“Yeah, not going to happen.” The flat voice of Karl had Ethan turning his head with a scrunch up nose.  
“Yes, you will- ahm- leave.” Karl shook his head, growing annoyed at how Ethan had discouraged his advances of staying with him. Then, a great idea popped into the mechanical man’s head. Snaking an arm around Ethan’s waist, the Lord had brought Ethan to his side and held him tightly. His fingers dug a little into the thin frame of Ethan, rubbing soothing circles into his side.  
“Just relax. It seems whatever is happening is reacting to your emotions. Stay calm.” For once, just for this time only, Ethan couldn’t help but agree in his mind that Heisenberg was correct. All this happened after he lost his temper or was saddened greatly. He had to do this. Do this for Rose.
Inhaling deeply, Ethan tried his best to relax in the other’s grip. Going as far to even turn to rest his head on his shoulder. Together they sat, only a few sparks of quick pain passed through Ethan’s muscles. He felt like his body was trying to cave in on itself, but it wasn’t. He couldn’t feel it physically doing that, it was his brain telling him different stories. ”That’s it. See, being calm is good for you. Especially a lion like yourself.”
“If you carry on talking, I will bite your throat out.”
“Kinky.” Another slap, this one a little lighter, came across Karl’s chest. Realising that Ethan had hit a blow on him, he laughed at the thought that was behind it. “Nothing to be embarrassed about, luckily for you I enjoy a bit of biting.”
Ethan hit head against Karl’s shoulder, groaning loudly at his words. On the other side, Karl had bit his lip and scrunched his eyes up, holding back more laughter at Ethan’s reactions. ‘Gosh he’s cute’ Karl kept his thought to himself, gazing down at the other who seemed a lot more at peace with himself and not groaning in pain- but rather annoyance.  
Time passed, both of them sat in the same spots, bathing in the others presence. ‘Maybe he isn’t all bad.’ Ethan stared at the sleeping Lord, who was snoring loudly within his ear. Although Ethan wasn’t ready to fall asleep after all this, he allowed himself to settle next to the other. “You better not get sick.”
The next day had seeped in quicker than the father had wanted it to. All night he had been laid against the sleeping lord, who after the first bird tweeted, had wrapped both arms around Ethan and fell to sleep on his lap. Ethan had to use all his willpower to reframe from smacking the other awake, instead he decided to run his fingers through his mangled hair- being careful for the knots.
His eyes felt heavy as he drifted in and out of conscious. It seemed that over the hours the mould had once again disappeared. The metal man was right, he had to control his emotions better if he was going to protect his cub. He didn’t need to get worked up and harm her by accident. The thought made him shiver.
Just as his eyes had clamped shut, a bang against the wooden door had startled both men. Karl lifted his head up at world record time, his forehead colliding with Ethan’s chin. “Ow, what the- OH gosh. My bad” Karl scrambled out of his mouth as he moved away from Ethan. Ethan rubbed his chin, looking towards the other and hummed. They calmed their breaths before another knock was heard at his door.
Grumbling, Ethan rubbed his eyes and stood, making his way into the front of his home. Letting out a yawn, Ethan had swung his door open to come face to face with Redfield. “Where is he?” He simple asked, before barging into the Winters home.
“HEY!” Ethan called out, slapping Chris’ shoulder. “Don’t just walk into my new home, and what do you mean ‘where is he?’”
“Heisenbug Ethan. Where is Heisenberg?” Chris wasted no time to walk into Ethan’s living room, only to stop his movements at the doorway leading to the living room and cough loudly.
“Hey there.” A sheepishly voice said, no doubt feeling awkward with the situation.
“No time for sleepovers you two, get in the car Heisenberg. Your testing remembers?” Chris stood aside, letting Heisenberg walk past him with his hat on this time. Just as Karl saunter past Ethan, he tilted his hat down and winked, continuing past Ethan who rolled his eyes at the other’s flirty actions. He watched as Karl left his house, purposely jumping down the steps on his front porch and entered a black BMW with armed security- nothing like what Ethan had.
A hand was placed on Ethan’s shoulder, shaking him around. “What was he doing here?” Chris asked, looking into Ethan’s sleep-driven eyes. Ethan gave a shrug of his shoulders and leaned against Chris’ shoulder closing his eyes. Out of instincts, Chris wrapped his arms around Ethan and steadied his feet so he could support the weight of the blonde.
“Something happened but I think I know why now...” Chris hummed, a sign for Ethan to continue talking. Firstly however, he let loose a yawn. “When I get really...emotional, the mould takes over. However, it only takes over half my body so I think if I let my emotions come unstable...well you know...”
“So, Heisenberg came over because?” Ethan let loose another yawn and completely fell limp in Chris’ hold. Smiling a little, Chris placed his arms under Ethan’s knees and pulled him up into a bridal-position and took him back into the living room to place him on the couch.
“He came over to help me...” Silence held onto Ethan after that, the father on the brink of sleep. He first pulled his knees up to his chest and held them there, letting his eyes fully rest.
“Ethan, I just need to ask a favour.” Luckily for Chris, Ethan still had the energy to speak back to him.
“Hm?” He hummed, really wanting to sleep.
“We are going to need Rose for testing today.”
Oh boy.
Ethan was nestled next to Heisenberg in the back of the BMW with Rose wide awake bouncing on his leg. At the front was Chris sat in the passenger seat, looking at the front view mirror every few minutes to see his friend drifting off to sleep. When he turned to look at Heisenberg, he just caught him glaring at him. “Keep glaring like that and who knows, maybe your eyes will pop out.”
“Maybe your spine will pop out boulder-punching boy.”
“Will you both shut it, it’s the first thing in a morning.” Ethan had groaned, not wanting to hear anyone’s voice. Just sleep. He just wanted sleep.
“Your fault for not sleeping.” Karl had answered towards him, turning to look at Ethan but was instead met with Rose trying to grab his coat pocket. “What the- hey, your gremlin thing is trying to rob me.” He grassed out as Rose had successfully grabbed a pouch of money out from him. Everyone in the BMW had smirked and turned their heads other directions to hide their humoured faces.
Ethan looked down and smiled softly at his baby girl, going as far as to pat her on the head softly. “That’s it, we only rob from metal man. I’m proud of you Rose.”
“hey!” Karl argued back, pointing a finger at Ethan. “And here I thought you were the going to raise her to be good.” Ethan shrugged in return, gently taking the pouch from Roses’ hand and passing it back to Karl.
“She is doing good, stealing from you.” Karl huffed and leaned back, crossing his arms. Soon though, Rose had followed and did the same thing making everyone realise their laughter they were holding.  
“Oh c’mon!”
The testing wasn't all that bad luckily. However, Ethan refused to sleep whilst his daughter was getting blood samples taken from her as well as x-rays and other shots that a scientist had claimed it was only flu shots. He had his suspicions though. Another test was them pricking her finger, only to watch it heal almost instantly. It seemed Rose had gathered regenerations abilities, just like her father. “And that’s it for today. We may ask her back to see if anything changes as she grows up but for now everything seems to be good and stable. You’re welcomed to take her back home after you have your tests done.”  
Ethan held his daughter in his arms. Her cheeks were a little red due to crying at getting her blood sample taking from her, but it was only for her to cry because her body hadn’t experienced pain like he had. Holding her on his lap with one arm and her frail body leaning against his stomach, Ethan had shrugged his jumper off leaving him in a grey shirt. He placed his arm on a small table in front of him and watched as the scientist dragged a scalpel down his arm, only to watch mould leak from the wound and close it up. “Hm, interesting.” Th scientist mumbled, writing down on his note board and another one following doing the same thing. “You wouldn’t mind if we did a much larger cut would you?” They asked, smiling kindly.
“Be quick please.” Ethan talked, letting his eyes settle on Rose. The scientist seemed very excited to do so. They disappeared out of sight lines before returning with a much larger and sharper tool.  
“You might want to bite on your jumper,” they said as they placed his jumper into Ethan's mouth. Closing his eyes, Ethan howled as he felt the knife slide down his arm, digging much into his skin. For a second, he saw white, only for that to go and his vision came back. He looked down to see how much they just cut him, only to see that the mould had in fact covered the whole of his arm. “It seems to be protecting you. Write that down.” The scientist tried once again to cut through the mould, only to fail this time. “Well, we have all that we need at the moment. Be sure to check in every month for yourself and the child when we need her.”
“You’ll ask me first before going through my child.” Ethan spat out as his jumped fell onto his lap. He was quick to jump of the chair he was sat on and place Rose on it so he could place his jumper on. His hand was still covered in the dark green mould but at this point, he didn’t feel to make a big scene out of it. Pulling his jumper down, Ethan was fast to secure Rose back into his hold and walk out of his testing room. On the way out, he accidently bumped into Moreau.
“O-OH! Ethan...Thank you! Thank you so much. I didn’t know what I was doing then. Please- Please forgive me. I-I'm sorry!” The man called out, tears springing slightly from his eyes as he clasped his hands in a pleading manner in front of himself.
Ethan awkwardly looked at the agents leading Moreau for help. They all raise their arms in defence and watched from a far. Sighing, Ethan looked at Moreau and moved a hand to pat his head. Unluckily for him, it was his mould hand and Moreau saw it. “O-OH! That’s mould, right? Wow, you get cooler each time. I-I wish I was like you! No wonder why little-little brother loves you so much from the start!”
Okay now that caught Ethan off guard even more than the apologies coming from Moreau’s mouth. “I’m sorry, I must have misheard you.”
“I got to go! But I promise I’ll make it up to you, I promise!” Moreau rushed off, following the agents as they led him away from Ethan. As Moreau was getting further out of sight, Ethan stood his ground alone.
‘Loves me? The heck, like, yeah sure. He’s shown that but loving...Nah, Moreau been watching too many romantic movies.’ He brushed it off, wiggling his fingers in Rose’s face. “I need sleep, that’s what.” He spoke out loud before walking down the same hallways as Moreau. On his way down, he had begun to walk with the Beneveinto group.
“OOoo, it's the father!” Angie squealed, waving enthusiastically at Ethan who walked right next to Lady Beneveinto by the elevator and stair case.
“Yeah yeah, sure. Hey, I have a question?” He asked, looking at Beneviento's veil. She stopped for a second and turned, nodding for him to continue. Angie watched from her shoulder, her eyes staring intensely out of their sockets. “Do you have a name...like a first name?”
“HAhaha! Of course, she does silly! It’s Donna! And you better call her that and nothing else you blondey.” Angie spoke for Donna, crossing her wooden arms over her chest and pointing her finger at him.
“What is it with everyone pointing their fingers at me today,” Ethan mumbled down to Rose before looking up and nodding. “Well, it’s great to meet you Donna. Hopefully our stays close by won’t be a problem in the future. I hope to get a long.”
“Me too,” Her voice was very quiet, nothing compared to Angie’s. At first, Ethan thought he was hearing things but the soft tap of her hand against his shoulder proved to differ. “Goodbye small one,” She whispered down at Rose before walking away, taking the stairs case down.  
For the first time in a while, Ethan didn’t have to force a smile onto his face. It came naturally and relax. Pressing the button on the elevator, the male had stood waiting for the doors to open. As soon as they did though, a sudden force he did not even notice pushed him in and the loud sound of something clicking made him turn, anger seething in his bones. “WHAT THE HE- Heisenberg!” The name fell from his mouth with violence lace within.  
“Hush Ethan, they going to catch us!” He breathed out, pressing himself to the back of the elevator watching as the doors begun to shut.
“Who is they?!” The elevator had fully shut, making Ethan panic. Here he was, in a small space with Karl right next to him and Rose within his arms.  
“Agents, armed people, that boulder guy. Quite a few people actually.” Karl begun to explain, looking at the father who carried an angered look.
“Heisenberg, which button did you press?” He asked, lacing his voice in a fake kindness and a smile dripping with the urges to kill the man in front of him.
“Oh, this one,” Karl hovered his glove hand over the button that said ‘Ground floor’. A sigh left Ethan’s lips as he rested his eyes. At least they were heading to the floor he needed. “I was going to press this bright red and shiny one though,” Ethan opened his eyes and watched as Heisenberg had pressed the button that said ‘STOP’ in large letters.
“You’re a very dead man.”
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saturatedboy · 2 years
The Paw of a Lion (Ethan!Winters x Karl!Heisenberg)
This can be found on my AO3 page (Use title name)
Word count: 4.5K
Chapter 2 is below cut
The car journey had been rather unpleasant much to Mr Winter’s taste. He normally wasn’t picky but the scent on the car was hurting him and making him feel slightly sick in the stomach. Was he still panic-stricken? He stared down at Rose in his arms, fast asleep with a monkey toy in her clutch. No. He wouldn’t let himself be scared after the car wreckage he went through, instead he’d brushed it off as simple homesickness since the new home was in a neighbourhood filled with those who he was sure to ‘get along’ with well. ‘We will be home soon Rose.’ The blonde thought, turning his direction of gaze to stare at the passing trees. “How long left?” The question slipped through his lips, waiting for an answer off one of the agents that had taken the unoccupied seats around him. Luckily for him, he got the window seat and he did feel a little smug about it.
“There in 5 minutes Mr Winters.” The driver replied, adjusting the mirror at the front to get a better look at the apparent ‘bio weapon’ that was sitting in his car. Ethan looked to be just a normal guy with a daughter, there was no physical difference to him than any other ordinary guy. Well- except from the fact there was scars littering his body on his arms mostly, and the loss of his fingers.
Clicking his tongue and wetting his lips, Ethan sighed and leaned his head against the window having the same sickness feeling wash over him. He just wanted out, to feel fresh air and the ground and to hear something else than the music the agents were playing. Fortunately for him, the rest of the journey was swift and soon the car had rounded off in between trees that had a large dirt road leading further into the mass of woods that seemed to appear as he was just about to doze off. Having a spiked interest in the change of scenery, Ethan pushed himself of the window and looked about. Tall trees hung overhead, turning their leaves into a range of the sunset colours with small flowers blooming and dying mixed together in the grass that settled among the sides of the track the car was driving on. It looked, dare he say, peaceful. How ironic, having a bunch of bio weapons staying in a peaceful area. This was sure to be no peaceful stay if he was going to be surrounded with neighbours off different kinds.
Driving down the path had led them into a circled area, with buildings surrounding the outside edge. The car drove clockwise around the circle, Ethan looking towards the middle the whole way. There appeared to be a small park area settled there Ethan had guessed in the middle of the whole site. It held three benches, a small climbing frame as well as a set of swings. ‘I’m sure the Dimitrescu daughters will enjoy there,’ The father had thought, looking down at Rose with a smile taking hold of his lips. “And I’m sure you will too when you’re a little older.” Luckily no one heard him talk to his dear daughter as the music was still playing, loudly.
Placing his sight back onto the buildings, he saw a mixture of them. There appeared to be 5 houses in total, and he had a fair guessed of whose house was who. The first house was a very large one, elegantly painted in white with a very tall front door. The place had pillars outside it and it seemed to have a total of three floors. At the top there was a balcony that looked to reach around the whole house. Driving past it, Ethan could see the three daughters and their mother stepping out of the car, Bella being the first to run straight into the home.
The next house was a bungalow, making the house to its left (from Ethan’s view) more towering than it seemed. The house was simple, having brick walls and small round windows. What made the place stand out on its own was the moat that built around it. A fucking moat. “Moreau house,” Ethan mumbled, a small strike of cold shifting down his spine at the thought of when he had to fight him and how the other would be constantly throwing up. Unpleasant memories to put it.
The next house, this was the centre house that was splitting the 5 houses, was a really nice modern blue house, having two floors and a porch. The car had stopped right In front of the front porch and the agents had begun to move out of the car after it was securely parked. “Hey Rose,” Ethan whispered down to his once sleeping daughter, awaken at the call of her name and her father's voice. With grabby hands and a tired smile, she reached out to take hold of her father in any way, shape or form. Carefully unwrapping her from his coat, Ethan took his daughter into his arms and reached to open his door only to have an agent open it for him. He stepped out, nodding a thanks in return and looked towards what appears to be their new home. “Look Rosie, this is out new home. You like the baby blue hm?” He asked, seeing his daughter babble random noises and have pleased eyes. Some on-looking agents that were travelling him had silently cooed at Rose’s reaction, looking towards one another with scrunched eyes and happy smirks on their faces. Placing her on his hips, Ethan walked up to the front porch and looked back to see the view. It wasn’t too bad...he could probably make a living of being here. Looking to his left, he looked towards the other two houses. A frustrated sigh left his lips.
The house to the left was two floors like his own, only difference being it had a garage connected to it and the windows were boarded up. “It seemed Mr Heisenberg doesn’t particularly like the light,” An agent pointed out to Ethan as they caught him staring.
“Makes sense.” Ethan replied back, looking towards the last house. The last house was also a bungalow; however, it had a garden with a fence surrounding it. The fence was a deep brown and the garden had a small tree already growing within its square. “I’m sure Lady Beneviento would be there every day.”
Hearing Rose’s babbling had Ethan brought Ethan to coo at his daughter, bringing her to nest smugly in his arms instead of his hip. Holding her close, Ethan walked up to his door and let the agents open it. Inside the home was fairly empty but he could've guessed that before even entering the place. “We will leave you be. Any supplies needed or anything changing just contact us on the home phone settled in the kitchen. You are not allowed to leave this area unless orders of Redfield have been given out. Welcome to you brand new home.” The agent who had been driving Ethan and his daughter there had spoken, signalling the other agents that had decided to walk in after Ethan back out of the house. Being quick to accept orders, they left Ethan to standing in the open hallway of his house. The car leaving was the last Ethan heard before accepting the silence of the new place.
“What do you think Rose, think we’ll like it here?” His eyes caught the stairway that led straight to the second floor on his right, with two doors on the left in his eye sight. More babbling came from Rose as she tried to give her father an answer which Ethan accepted with a laugh. “Yes, you are right my little cub. We should see what we are working with.”
It had been a total of three hours before Ethan had got himself comfortable in front of the television on the couch. It seemed the whole place was coated in the paint of blue and white. It was a fitting theme Ethan had thought, however he felt Rose’s room should maybe be painted a different colour. Maybe yellow, maybe green- he'll ask for paint when he needed to. So far, the father had discovered there was warm water, heater was working however it seemed to be on a timer, there was a master bedroom and a baby room right next door on the second floor, the kitchen had been stocked with what seemed to be a month worth of food and there was a living room along with a study room that was filled with books from his last home.
Last home.
He spent a while fixing that place up with his wife Mia...Ex-wife Mia. The place was their dream home, something they planned for a while into their marriage and they had finally got it, finally settled down-all for it to be taken away because of lies. Ethan had laid on his back, arm draped over his forehead as he looked up at the ceiling. The material of the couch under him felt perfect, he could doze of there and then but until he had a baby monitor, he wouldn't be sleeping downstairs until he knew he could be there for Rose in her need. Without realising it, the father had begun to voice out his thoughts to no one but the empty sound of his home.
“I wonder how she is- ha! What am I thinking? She’s going to hate the idea of a divorce. She should be thankful I even let her near our daughter after all this shit. She’s one lucky woman.” A ragged breath forcefully came out of his throat startling Ethan. Leaning up, legs sprawled on the other cushions of the couch, he lunched forward and began to cough into his right hand. Closing his eyes, he could feel a thick substance coat his hand as he coughed into it. Making sure he had his breathing under control, he cautiously opened his eyes to find black substance covering his hand. No- not substance. He knew exactly what it was.  Mold was covering his arm. “Oh, for fuck's sake,” He breathed out, swinging his legs so he could stand and go wash the substance off him.  
Whilst making his way to the kitchen at a brisk pace, it had appeared the Mold was growing further up his arm. Raising a brow and having a feel of sickness was over him again, he collided against the edge of the sink and began to turn the taps to run the water over his arm, watching as Mold fell into the drain below. Strange, the Mold wasn’t coming off his skin. It was like it was a part of his skin. Reaching for the wash cloth with his other hand, Ethan scrubbed hard against his skin seeing the Mold not disappearing any time soon. ”What the!” The exclaim that left his lips had him scarping the cloth against his skin, digging in with his nail and scratching away. Nothing. The black oozed more over until his full arm had become a midnight black. “No, no no no,” The words fell onto the deaf ears of the world around him as he collapsed to the floor, tap still rushing with gushing water and his back touching the cabinets that were sitting underneath.
The sickness that rotted over him fell deep into his stomach, twisting and playing with his intestines. A few dry coughs sent Ethan to feel a lot warmer than normal. He felt like the room he had settled in, the kitchen, had become as hot as the oven that was switched off. His sight became blurred, and the noise of his child was heard faintly in the back of his head. “Rose,” He breathed out, tears stinging his eyes as he let his head fall onto his shoulder. "I need to calm down Rose,” he told himself, as though the Mold covering him could understand him. He could feel it growing, taking his limbs into their own care and covering the skin of his with a protected layer of their own. Weirdly though, it seemed to only cover his arm and the top of his chest. Was this a good thing, or a bad thing? He didn’t know. He didn’t want to know. He just wanted to hold his young one, to make sure she knows she is safe.
The cries from the baby had increased, sounding more like a tantrum then just a sadness cry. Ethan pulled his legs to his stomach, trying to steady his breathing and clear his sight of the tears that leaked. It wasn’t till he felt the Mold settle down that he could finally move without feeling like spewing whatever food he last ate. Noticing the change of temperature around him, it being settled to a warm but slightly chilly feeling, he made a quick dash for the stairs that were in the open hallway. He moved swiftly on his feet, not wanting to take any chances of falling ill to the Mold before he could reach his crying Rose.
Scrambling up the stairs, Ethan had busted into his daughter room startling the child more than she appeared to be. “Aw no baby, I’m sorry,” He softly spoke, hurrying to pick her up out of a white crib she was nestled in and taking her into his arms. Being thoughtful with is movements, Ethan cradled her head with one hand and settled her body onto his other arm that was still covered in the Mold to keep support of her. “I’m sorry. Oh, baby papa is sorry. Shh, shh, It’s okay. We will be okay,” He repeated, cooing into his daughter’s ear to help her slow her own breathing. The small bounces he gave and the cradling movements of his body was luckily enough to help her stop crying, the odd sniffle taking out of her mouth instead. “There we go, we are okay. I’m sorry Rose. Shh, we will be okay.” Little Rose had held tightly onto her father’s clothing, smelling the familiar scent of him. She rested her own eyes, her cries making her tired then she had already been in the car and before. “That’s it,” Ethan whispered, “Just sleep my little cub. I’m here now, papa is here.” His voice had soothed her down greatly, the voice bringing her to sleep once more before she was drifted deeply off into her mind.
A dry cry came from Ethan’s mouth as he placed her back into her crib, pulling a blanket and pushing her money toy close to her sleeping body. He stood over her crib, watching the chest of his daughter fall and rise. She was at peace, something she so should always be at. Being a single father was going to hit Ethan hard, if he was down there dealing with the Mold then who knows what he could be dealing with next. He made a mental note to get baby monitors for every single room.
It had been another 4 hours before a knock had awoken Ethan from his lightly sleep. He groggily opened his eyes and looked around, seeing he was leaning his head on the kitchen table. Next to him was his laptop as well as a cup of what he guessed to be a now cold coffee, untouched either way. Checking his arm, the Mold had disappeared as he slept. It was after he placed Rose to sleep, he had come downstairs to turn the tap off and steal a book from his study to do some more research on engineering. He just wanted a normal life as soon as possible, the memories of his job at engineering brought great pleasure to his mind of living normally, a feeling he was already missing and it had just been over a day since he last felt like it.
Brushing a hand down his face and scuffing up his hair, Ethan pushed himself out from under the table and stood up, hearing his bones cracking the process. The feeling was great but the noise was uncomfortable to his ears. Hearing the knocking again, Ethan groaned loudly and exited his kitchen, still hearing the knocking. “What,” He groaned out loudly, the empty space of the hallway making his voice bounce about. The knocking had stopped for a second, only to repeat again. “Oh, go to Hell,” Ethan shouted, hearing the knocks stop for a second time. Smiling, Ethan made his way to his front door, hand placed around the handle. Just as he was about to pull the door open, the knocking once again started again. “I’m going to fucking kill you- Heisenberg what do you want?” Just as the blonde pulled the door, there stood the factory man with a bright smile and hand raised after his activities of knocking.
“Hey there papa, missed me much?” He amused, flashing a smile at the other. Ethan stood, hand still on his door handle looking down at the gruff man. His appearance looked worse than he last saw him at the meeting. He was now all sweaty with droplets pouring off him like a dripping tap, oil was staining his shirt he wore and his hands had become thick with saw dust. A sigh left Ethan’s lips as he moved himself o rest against his door frame.
“What you need?” Heisenberg blinked at Ethan, before whistling a tune. “If you not going to answer, I’ll be going, Goodbye Heisen-”
“Wait!” The voice from Heisenberg had stopped Ethan's movements of walking back inside. Hating himself for still wanting to feel kind to the other, Ethan looked back at the man who looked desperate to say something, a pleading stance of clasp hands looking up at Ethan had the father feeling a little weak.
“What?” He asked, waiting for Heisenberg's reply.  
“I was wondering...” He started, looking around him as though he didn’t want anyone to hear his next words, “That maybe we should start calling each other by our first names.” The request left Ethan speechless, he stood with furrowed brows trying to read the other. What exactly was he planning?
“First names? Now why would we need to do that?” Ethan crossed his arms over his chest, watching Heisenberg huff and look away.
“Because we are neighbours duh? Makes sense. Does it not.” Ethan would have smacked him if it wasn’t the fact he was somewhat right. Uncrossing his arms and rolling his eyes, Ethan nodded at Heisenberg.
“Alright then, what do I call you and the others?” Heisenberg had immediately brightened up, taking a brave move of turning around and sitting on the porch step.  
“Easy! You can call me Karl,” he said, pointing a hand at himself as he looked over his shoulder to see Ethan shutting the door behind himself. He waited for Ethan to sit, to which he had to pat the open space next to him for the father to do so. After Ethan had made himself comfortable with legs straight out In front of him and sat at an arm's length away from Heisenberg, the other had carried on. “Dimitrescu, you can call her super-mega bitch. Next is Moreau. Just call him ugly. And lastly is Beneviento. Just call her Donna because she is somewhat decent and call that wretched thing that moves and talks, sawdust.”  
Ethan had sniffled back a small chuckle at hearing Heisenberg talk. He’ll get the other’s names later, their proper names when he has the chance. “How about I call you the guy who carries a hammer to compensate for something else.” Heisenberg lightly gasp at Ethan’s words, looking over at him with an open mouth.
“How dare you,” He spoke, expressing his offensives to his words. Ethan couldn’t help but allow himself his release of a laugh, finding the moment rather...amusing to be with the factory man. “I would never take you to by a guy like that...to make jokes.” Heisenberg pulled out a cigar from his pants pocket, only to fetch in his other a lighter. Ethan watched as he lit it, suddenly being annoyed with the habit of seeing the man with one. Leaning over, Ethan plucked the cigar from the man's lips and threw it out on the dirt road in front of them. “Oi, what you do that for,” Heisenberg asked, pointing at his cigar a few meters in front of them.
“I have a child, no smoking in or even near my house.” The air around them both changed slightly, dark clouds overhead had slowly begun to invade the space of the blue that was once there. It seemed the sound around them had soon tried to settle in. “I do enjoy making jokes,” Ethan broke the starting silence between them, wanting to keep this conversation going before the upcoming rainfall would ruin it.
“You should act more like that then- seeing you all stuck up is worse than seeing the tree trunk try think of a new name for her new wine.” The older man groaned out, looking at the other once again.  
“I’m just being careful of my kid. I can’t let her be hurt again.”
“You can still be protective and let go of yourself.” The older flicked open the lighter that he had still had in his hand and placed it between them both. Ethan watched as the flame danced, standing at a reasonable height. “See, the flame is surrounded by the wind yet it will stay standing because it has the fuel to do so. Look, it even follows the movements of the world around it. You have the fuel to protect the squirt.” Heisenberg flicked the top of his lighter back down, stuffing it back into his pants pocket before turning back to the other with a small grin. “And you can still let loose. Even if the wind does pick up,” Heisenberg had moved rapidly, wrapping his arm around the young male’s shoulder and brought him into his side. “I’ll be there to shield it.”
Such words and non-thoughtful actions had brought Ethan to look down at his hands. He could feel the burn of his cheeks and the smile that was pulling on the edge of his lips to raise. This. This was weirdly nice, to know someone was there. But that’s what Mia, Redfield and many others had said to him before in the past. “Promise me,” Ethan breathed out, looking up at Karl. Karl raised a brow and tilted his head slightly.
“Promise what?”
“Promise you’ll always be there. And you can’t break that!” Ethan’s tone caught Karl off guard, to the point he had accidently shifted his arm off Ethan’s shoulder and let it fall to the wood just behind him. He swore he caught a glimpse of guilt flash over Ethan’s eyes before his pupils went back to staring at the darkness of his shades sitting comfortable against his eyes.
“Ethan,“ Karl swallowed deeply, noticed by his adman's apple jumping. He didn’t like promises. Never in his life did he have to promise something to someone else. This was big commitment. ‘Promises don’t break. Ethan trusts me to not break something’ he told himself before sighing into the cold air. Using the arm that was behind Ethan, he pulled it around and took Ethan’s chin into his hand. “I promise I’ll always be there. I’m your neighbour, you ain’t getting rid of me that easily.” He said, laughing as hr watched as dread appeared quickly on Ethan’s face.
“Oh great, looking forward to it,” Ethan had sarcastically said, smacking Karl’s hand away from his face but letting the smile dance across his face. “Thanks though, if you break it, I will not hesitate to ask ‘mega-bitch’ to be there for me.”
“Ey, I said I’ll be there. Anyway, I would do a so much better job than her,” Heisenberg said defensively, huffing and pouting that Ethan would go to her than him. “Just you watch,” He sneered, pointing at the Dimitrescu house in a violent manner, “I’ll be a whole lot better than her.”
Ethan placed his hand on the outstretch hand of the fourth lord, pushing it down gently so it rested between them both n the wooden planks beginning to stain from the rain gathered by the wind. He hadn’t realised he left his hand on top of Heisenberg’s as he spoke, however the other was ecstatic over the fact he felt his hand. “I won’t ask her then. Can’t believe I’m saying this but this your first step of gaining my trust that you want oh so badly,” Ethan teased, looking back to the world in front of them.
“You’ll see. I’ll gain more than just your trust.” Heisenberg peered down at their hands, making sure Ethan didn’t noticed and let out a soft happy hum. This was the first step, he would gain Ethan’s trust and then next, he would gain Ethan’s appreciation. For now, he was fine with this. He looked forward too, after tearing his gaze from their connected hands almost and watched as the rain droplets began to pick up.
“Well,” Ethan was the first to speak, standing up to his feet. Karl pouted at the loss of contact but also stood up, feeling excited on what the father would want to do next. “This has been fun. Now go home.” Or maybe not excited.
“Why? can't I hang here?” Karl pouted, trying to make Ethan feel guilty.  
“You want my trust? Go home and don’t make yourself sick. I suppose you can call me, seemingly they just give out numbers on paper without consent.” Ethan clicked his tongue in annoyance, he was sure Moreau had already tried calling him a total of 5 time today in the space of three house, trying to talk his way of how happy he was Ethan saved them all. If only he could block numbers on the rotary phone.
“Okay fine. But you owe me at least a 2 hour call.”
“You get 30 minutes and that’s it.”
“1 hour call.”
“Don’t push you luck...1 hour and 30 minutes and that’s it.” Karl did a mini-fist pump into the air and nodded eagerly. Ethan chuckled and looked away shaking his head watching as Karl tilted his hat down, a way of saying ‘bye’ to the other and made his way of the porch.
“Good talking with you Ethan! Can’t wait for tonight!” He hollered out over his shoulder as he made his way towards his own home, only turning around hallway to see that the Winter male had disappeared already into his home. Feeling very satisfied with his days' work, and it only being the first day, he looked down at his hand and held it in his other, trying to recreate the feeling of when Ethan had placed his hand on top of his.  
“I really am touched starved.” he said before walking straight into his front door.
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saturatedboy · 2 years
The Paw of a Lion (Ethan!Winters x Karl!Heisenberg)
My work can be found on AO3 (Use the title above)
Please note all this is a series and after the events of Resident Evil 8. Everyone has survived and lived. I’m still open to requests but I’m writing two stories on the side so your request may take an extra day to write.
Requests: Open
Word Count: 4.3K
Being in the chopper held no safety over the male blonde. He could have been dead, free from all this mess but plans had been changed last minute to ensure his safety. And now, he was sat next to his wife, Mia, cradling their child close to himself as he became derealisation. Just under the 24-hour mark, the male had to repeat the worse of his days once again. It seemed no matter what breaks he was given; he was never able to truly escape the grasp of lies being floated around him. Even having his child in his arms, knowing his understanding of being all mold, he felt as though something was still missing- he knew something else was missing...but what?
Light taps had been hitting his shoulder, yet he chose to ignore them. He wouldn't be able to pull out his mind for a while to come, and yet he didn’t see why his thoughts that engulfed him should be interrupted. He had every right to ignore everyone. All the thieving liars. “Ethan, we know your mad.” His wife’s words had reached out to him, leaving him to hold their child closer to his chest. The movement went unnoticed by his wife luckily. He wouldn’t let his baby girl go, not after everything that had happened to them both in this shithole of a village. “Please Ethan, speak to us.” Mia’s voice had sounded desperate, as though she truly meant she wanted to hear him talk back.
“Tch.” The simple sound left his lips as he moved to look upon his once everything, the person he was really meant to truly love yet couldn’t find the lingering feeling of that word at the given moment. To him now, it seemed Mia was nothing but a classic wolf in sheep’s clothing. “And say what exactly,” He sneered, shaking his head as he gazed down to stare at his daughter who was sleeping soundly as she cuddled closed to his sanded coat, she was wrapped in. “And say I forgive, that we can be a normal happy family.” Mia bit her bottom lip, fingers twitching to place on her clearly shaken husband’s arm, yet she didn’t dare to touch him anymore after his words directed at her show no mercy in actually wanting anything such as a civil conversation with her.
“I know I lied- many of us did to you, but we are trying to protect you!” She leaned forward in her seat, trying to capture Ethan’s attention. His eyesight never left the bundle of his girl but his facial expression shifted into furrow brow and a forced small smile.
“Protect me. Everyone says that- even in those cheap romantic movies they say that. How can I be the one to be protected when our daughter here was almost killed for someone else’s sickening needs. That someone you knew clearly well. You're protecting me? Since when have you ever protected me. All this trouble, everything that has happened was all because you let yourself get mixed up in all the trouble you see.”  
“Ethan,” A deep warning tone came from the front of the chopper. A wider male leaned his body to the side to peer over the chair he was sat in. He stared at the two partners that sat on a metal bench with an intense glare that was mostly was directed at the male. “Anger doesn’t get any of us anywhere. We have explaining and so do you.” His words cancelled out any further arguments between the married couple, leaving them all in silence as the mixed of harsh and soft breathing had been heard through the headsets they all wore.
Ethan took a deep breath in and out, calming his racing heartbeat that was making him feel slightly dizzy “Is there anything else I should be aware about,” Thankfully, he was quickly responded back by Redfield, the wider male at the front who wasted no time in explaining everything that seemed important.
“Those...Lords have been found alive and are being taken by other members of my squad to be reported back at the base. Seems you never actually killed them. We are planning to run tests on them and then we will let the higher ups decide what out next move shall be with them.” The mention of those Lords sent a sick bug down Ethan’s throat. Knowing they were alive had him questioning his own safety now. Would they want to kill him for trying to kill them? Because they are mutated like himself would he be placed to go against them, for all of them to become Lab Rats to the BSAA? What would happen to his daughter-
“I do not give any consent for my daughter to be used as some Lab Rat,” his lips became dry as the words left him. No, he wouldn’t allow his daughter to have such tests run on her. She was a baby. A small, fragile, and the only person Ethan felt like needing in his life.
Redfield had moved to face forward, not wanting to respond to the father’s words. The BSAA would surely need Rosemary for a few days to make sure everything for her was okay, was stable and that she could be placed into a society where she could be kept safe. Chris sighed and leaned back, watching as the horizon of the sky lightened up. Soon...soon things will calm down and until then, there was sure to be violence between all parties in this situation. The Lords, Mia, Ethan and of course himself. “I mean it Chris; any sort of harm that comes to my daughter I will have to do things I wouldn't regret.” The tone of venom hadn’t been ignored by anyone that was listening in on the headsets. Ethan had truly changed; he was no longer the sweet loving husband everyone knew of- instead he was rather the hunter, the lion willing to protect its cub.
Ethan stepped into the base of the BSAA. Mia had been moved by other agents to go somewhere else to split the two and to ease the tension both of them brought and Ethan was glad for that move to be made. The shining lights and its agents running about had him questioning how much actually were these people prepared for. Looking around, checking for any danger, Ethan followed Redfield and a few agents into an elevator with Rosemary in his arms still. He had refused to let her out of his sight until he knew she was truly safe. The elevator had taken them up 30 floors in total and the ride had become very uncomfortable for the standing agents. They could feel the anger flying off between the two men only for it to be cut short when they finally excited the cramped space. Ethan had once again followed Chris to a room where more agents stood and two lone white coats around a large office table with a whiteboard at the furthest end from the door. “Ethan, I want you to meet the people who would be working with you.” Ethan sent a short nod to everyone in the room, adjusting Rose in his hold to have a secure hold around her small body.  
A woman outstretched a hand towards Ethan with a bright smile. “I’m Sherley, I’m somewhat a case worker for you. Any troubles you want speaking about; I’ll will send them to our higher ups for the matters to be discussed.” Ethan ignored the hand, choosing to sit down around the large wooden table.
“I apologise for Mr Winter’s manners. He has been through a lot.” Chris responded, sending a kind smile to Sherley who nodded and began to sit down as well, sitting closer to the head of the table at the other side facing Ethan. Chris sighed and shook his head towards Ethan, showing his disappointment in the lack of manners before going to sit at the head of the office table. Other agents and the scientist sat down in the unoccupied seats, however leaving Ethan’s side empty. Raising a finger to his earpiece, Chris sent a quick message to all responsive. “Send them in.”
Ethan glared at Chris, his words finding more questions to raise into the father’s mind. Who was ‘Them’? It seemed he didn’t have to wait long for the familiar voices to catch his ears. Before Ethan could speak up in any protests, a swarm of flies had swarmed in with crackling voices. They were soon followed by the familiar Lords Ethan had tried killing- but leaving them alive. Lady Dimitrescu walked in first, her eyes ignoring the sitting blonde and instead standing behind her three daughter who had placed themselves together in three seats. Next to walk in was Moreau who held a metal container in his hands. Ethan dropped his gaze to his little Rose, who was slightly awake but dropping her eyelids to sleep again. Soon more people had entered, the high pitch doll had Ethan looking up and glaring at the doll with a glare that would’ve killed her. “Keep her quiet, my daughter here is trying to sleep.” The power of his voice sent Angie to be silent, she still knew what Ethan could do if he wanted to- she held tightly onto Lady Beneveinto finding fear for the blonde who had almost killed her and her Lady. They sat closest to Chris, Angie prompting Donna to do so, so she could stay away from Ethan’s murderous glare. There was only one empty seat next to Ethan now, and he could hear the boots of who would occupy that seat coming closer.
“Am I late to the meeting,” The voice had crackled out, stubbing his cigar against the door frame and dropping it to the ground before entering the room seeing everyone together. “Ooo, everyone looks scary,” His sarcasm had left him with an angered Vampire and a sigh from Redfield. Finding amusement in the situation, he plopped himself in the chair next to Ethan and gave him a flashy smile.
“Look at me again and I will make sure to finish the job,” Ethan smiles back, watching as Heisenberg’s face shifted from his flashy smile to a croaked smile. He slowly faced away from Ethan, his eyes landing on his ‘older sister’ who was holding back an amuse smile of her own.
“Maybe the father isn’t all bad,” She cooed, watching as Ethan messed with his daughter’s outstretched hands.  
“So, I’m glad you’re all here.” Redfield spoke, getting rid of any attention on Rose and her father. He stood up out his chair and placed his arms behind his back in a soldier-like manner. “We are all here to discuss what will happen with you all since...you know-” Chris struggled to find the words, what was he supposed to say? What should he call their indifferences?
“Because we are all monsters?” Ethan piped up, his eyes still not leaving his daughter who brought a weird warmth into his heart that only a child could achieve.  
“I wouldn’t say that but because you’re all different from regular people.”  
“Just get on with it, I haven’t got the time.” Ethan had really changed in Chris’ eyes. He was more demanding, only now taking power over any situation and wanting to have control of it. ‘Father Instincts’ Chris had brushed it off as. He was sure Ethan would go back to being the man he first met after the incident at the Baker’s house- well he hoped he would go back to that version of himself anyway.
“Right. So, for starters we are placing you all in a close proximity neighbourhood for safe checking and safety for you all. Any arguments against that?” Suddenly the Lords begun arguing and Rosemary had started to cry. Dimitrescu was stating her daughters would easily die. Moreau was stating he had no home since he was a water base monster, Angie was speaking up for Beneviento stating being close to anyone in general wasn’t good on her Lady’s health and lastly, Heisenberg had shouted out over everyone else that he had no need to be kept a close eye on as he was the safest one of them all- the statement got a lot of eye rolls over from everyone in the room. One by one, Chris had silenced them to the point he could be heard again if it wasn’t for the cries of Rose and Ethan’s gentle vice soothing her down. He raised his hands to his temple to rub away the headache he was getting from the loud noises before speaking again after Ethan had successful quietened Rose. “It’s just for now, other living arrangements may be made later on in time. Please, be the grownups you are in this society and accept what you are given. Now agents, is there anything you want to speak about with the Lords of the Village?”
Ethan watched as his daughter fell asleep, he toned out the agents talk. He couldn’t help the smile that grew on his lips, seeing his daughter so peaceful away from danger now gave him a reason to also feel safe. He will protect her, not the protection Mia had provided him but he would do better for his baby. Ethan rubbed his mutated hand against her cheek, watching her smile in her sleep and rub against the trunks of his loss two fingers. “You’re not a bad father,” A voice spoke next to him. Soon his smile changed to a scowl, he looked over at Heisenberg watching as the rugged man looked down at the sleeping Rose.
“And what would you know about fatherhood?” Ethan snarled back, keeping his voice quiet to not draw attention to himself. Heisenberg released a chuckle that only Ethan heard and leaned back further in his seat, letting himself slouched down backwards.
“I know to be a father you need to place your children first...which is exactly what you did,” He mummed out, looking back at Ethan to see him no longer looking at him and rather back at his daughter. Ethan slowly nodded, giving his face a break from having an angered look at the other and instead rested his expressions.
“If you know little, then why did you try to use my daughter as a weapon?” He questioned the Lord, looking towards him still ignoring the speaking agents who were now speaking more towards Angie than Beneviento. The room felt a little more open now, being settled around enemies was a scary thought at first to the father but now, it seemed as though he may be settling down fine with them seemingly, they all now shared a sort of connection. The Lord had lifted himself out from his slouched position and sat straight, completely facing away from having his chair facing the other side of the table to now be facing Ethan fully. Heisenberg, having his back turned facing Redfield, used this opportunity to talk to the father he so desperately wanted on his side for the fight.
“I never wanted to hurt your daughter, I’m not like that bitch Miranda. I just needed to use her to break Miranda’s powers. I’m not good at socialising with good words, I probably phrased my needs wrongly and I never wanted that. We were supposed to be a team Ethan, you and me destroying the Bitch of Crows.” Ethan fell silent, watching as Heisenberg stared at him from behind his shades.
“You need to work on your social skills.” The point that came from Ethan had Heisenberg holding back a loud chuckle. The father was right but the sudden response of that sentence had put Heisenberg off his serious demur.
“I’ll work on them one day. For now, how about we start over?” His question lingered between Ethan and himself. It took a few short seconds and careful thinking before Ethan had responded.
“Maybe...” Although Heisenberg didn’t get a full ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, he was still pleased either way. He and Ethan could do so much if he agreed. Heisenberg was already strumming ideas in his mind such as them building together, or annoying his ‘older sister’. So much now that he had some of his freedom he could do- and who better to spend his freedom with the man who saved them all.  
“Are we interrupting something?” Chris had spoken up with a raised brow. Ethan shook his head, staring at the other man. Heisenberg moved his chair back to its original position and also shook his head, tilting his hat to cover a little more of his face feeling the eyes on him by the agents. “Okay...so you will be going to the neighbourhood after this meeting and settling in your homes. Please note you may be moved in the future depending how well all this goes. As for you Ethan,” Ethan had physically shrunken back at the mention of his name. Why did he have to be a part of all this? “You need to decided whenever you want Mia living with you since that flight you both seemed a little distance from each other.” The blonde had wasted no time to answer, having no second thoughts.
“I want nothing to do with her.” Chris was taken back from Ethan.  
“A-are you sure? She’s your wife-”
“No. I want a divorce this minute. I can’t handle any more lies Chris. And I certainty can’t stand her own mind games.” Before Chris could ask for further explanation to his reasons, Sherley spoke up.
“I’ll have the papers sent to her straight away Mr Winters.” She had quickly gathered her own folders off the table and left with two agents trailing behind her out of the meeting room. The three daughters had begun to whisper amongst themselves, Ethan hearing the sentence of ‘what is a divorce’ coming from Bella’s mouth.
“E-Ethan. Think about this.” Chris wanted answers, he wasn’t going to be left out. He wanted to protected Ethan and now he was going to make sure that Ethan’s happiness was also something to be thought about with all this.
Ethan looked down at Rose again, not daring to look back up. It seemed Rose gave him the calmness he had been searching for all his life since meeting Mia. “She’s a bad person for me Chris. I believe I’ll be better off without her.”  
“But what about the young one?” It was a scientist that spoke up this time, pointing with a pen at the baby cradled in her father’s arms.
Ethan swallowed, he needed to think. And quick. There were really only two options to that question and he could either be a bad parent, or be the decent guy. “She can have half custody over our child, but I wish for her to not be anywhere near me or my home where I’ll be keeping Rose safe when she is with me.” The agents and scientist were jotting down notes, clearly his every movement was being recorded and Ethan was stuck thinking if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Clicking the pen down, the same scientist spoke back up.
“Okay and that’s all we needed to know. Please remember Lords that you will have tests run on you to ensure our safety as much as your own. There is only so much we can give you at the moment until you complete all tests. Your first tests will start tomorrow. Have a good rest of the day.” They all quickly packed up, leaving Chris, Ethan and his spawn as well as the Lords alone in the room. However, the room wasn’t completely private, a small camera being in the corner watching over the whole table.
“So... this is it?” Angie asked, looking around the whole table. “We will be kept alive?” Hope was evident in her tone, it seemed she was just as glad as the others to be alive.
“You are allowed to be spared. I’m not going to lie, at first the BSAA were going to make sure every last one of you were dead for caution reasons...but it seemed Winters had the better judgement of the matter and the actions has led the organisation to believe you are allowed to live because of his judgement.” Chris smiled as he saw a small amount of red leak onto Ethan’s cheek. He hated having attention brought onto himself, and Chris knew that all too well.
Moreau was the next to speak up. “So, because of him, we are allowed to live?” Chris answered with a nod of the head. Moreau started to jump up and down in his seat, clearly excited at the news. “Oh, that’s wonderful! Mr Winters, I have so much to thank you for! Even if I did follow mother’s orders a lot...”  
Ethan’s face flushed a darker red, only on his ears however as he tried his best to shake off the words of Moreau. “Don’t thank me- who knows what they’ll put you through with the tests.”
“It doesn’t quite matter yet though. You’ve practically gave us freedom we all never thought to ever have.” Dimitrescu leaned back up to stand, after leaning over all three of her daughters in the meeting, placing a hand on her hip as she faced Ethan who was sat down and trying to turn away from all the attention. Dimitrescu bowed slightly, earning a gasp from all three of her girls. As she stood straight back up, she coughed into her closed fist and gave a warm smile. “Thank you for giving us it.”
“Guys honestly, don’t thank me. There is nothing to be thankful for,” His whines came out of deaf ears as Angie was next to scream out appreciative words to be joined in with Moreau after and Dumitrescu daughters. Chris smiled, finding all this amusing and... warming almost.  
‘They really are just people at the end of the day’ He thought, frowning a little at the realisation that they are only like this because of what Miranda had done. True people stripped of their right and humanity all for a small girl to come back... it all failed either way. “As much as I’m sure Ethan enjoys the attention, it's time for you all to head to your new housing area. Leave the meeting room and agents will escort you to cars that will bring you to your neighbourhood. Any requirements you need, state them to the agents in the car and we’ll do our best to bring them to you over time.” Chris nodded his head to the room before being the first to leave. Next to follow was Angie with Lady Beneveinto, next after them was Moreau with a scowling Dimitrescu following behind complaining about the stench he was carrying. Her daughters followed her also, asking if they could have their coats that were taken off them when they set foot into the building.
Left in the room was Ethan with his child and Heisenberg who didn’t make any sort of movement of leaving. Ethan waited a few minutes before starting to get a little annoyed with his presence. “Aren’t you going to go?” He asked, looking towards the Lord who seemed to stare into space. Not getting an answer, Ethan huffed and adjusted Rose to lay in one of his arms before using the other to shake Heisenberg’s shoulder. It worked as the Lord was taken out of his mind.
“hm? What? W-What did you say?” He asked, taking his shades off and placing them into his trench coat’s pocket. Ethan resisted the urge to roll his eyes.
“I asked aren’t you going to go as well, to your new home?” Heisenberg rested his eyes to stare at Ethan.  
“Are you also coming papa?” He asked back, smiling as Ethan groaned.
“Stop calling me that, just call me Ethan.”  
“Okay...Mr Winters.” The lord teased watching as the other was getting riled up. With a kick of the leg, Heisenberg laughed as Ethan laid back on his chair and started to kick one of the Lord’s knees. “You call that a kick? C’mon you hurt a lot more back in the Village.”
“Just go Heisenberg, you got your freedom now go.” Ethan stopped kicking the other Lord, resisting the urge to smile. It felt nice to be playful...even if it was with an enemy of the past. Heisenberg had a kind smile, it wasn’t his usual smirk but something much different, a lot better.
“And do I get the honours of spending my freedom with the man who gave me it?” The question left Ethan speechless. Heisenberg wanted him to be spending his life with. The lack of an answer left Heisenberg's smile to falter a little, seeing the father so hesitant with his words. “It’s aright if you don't want to. I get it, you got a lot going on and I’m sure me being there will worsen things-”
“We are neighbours remember?” Ethan spoke up, standing out of his seat and looking down at the shorter male. “I suppose you can pop around whenever, just don't do anything that will get you into trouble with me.”  
Smiling again, Heisenberg stood out of his seat with much enthusiasm and nodded sharply. “Yes, sir no sir, there will be no trouble with me.”
“You’re an idiot,” was Ethan’s last words as he spoke in a happy tone before he left the meeting room with Rose cradled in his arms just about waking up.
“Wanting to be your idiot.” Heisenberg spoke to no one, plotting more ideas for himself and the father. Maybe after tomorrow’s first test, he could give the blond a visit.
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saturatedboy · 2 years
Bottom!Karl Heisenberg x Male!Reader (NSFW)
Aye finally got something fun done- THIS IS NSFW
Mentions: Daddy kink, anal penetration
Words: 4.9K
Requests: Open
The electronic device had gently buzzed within your hand. The blades on the end cleanly cut through the stubble of hairs that had been peeking through recently on your jaw line and upper lip. Seeing the small, yet was noticeable, hairs disappear off your face and into the sink, a relieved sigh passed between your teeth as shoulders slumped in relaxation. You had been meaning to have a shave, not liking the hair that grew as it caused you to scratch at it and being too impatient, you weren’t going to wait to grow it out. Using the power off button, you shut off the razor and turned it off by the plug socket. Taking your hand off the razor, you taken your sight lines to be looking at the mirror on the cupboard then the sink filled with your hair. Staring at your reflection, a wink and a snarl sent you to open the cupboard and grab the aftershave, feeling the alcohol burning as you applied it to your skin. “Finally, all smooth.” Your voice still held your tiredness, only getting up after your boyfriend had left to go back to his workshop down below.  
Securing the towel that was wrapped around your waist, you strolled out of the condensation filled bathroom into the cold hallways. The bathroom wasn’t particular clean, the cubicles and shower curtains still holding their stains from years of being left and picking up dust and mold as time went on. Something you had yet to speak to the Duke about, getting newer and clean supplies at some point in your stay here. The rusty floor beneath your feet sent shivers through your body, feet already feeling numb at the sensation. Blood was slowly drawn from the bottom lip as you picked up your pace, hearing the Soldats feet below you wandering about. Your feet had left small water patches on the metal as you made your way back to the living quarters of the whole factory, already smiling at the little warmth you would get when in there.
Seeing the door to the living quarters had never felt better for you, opening the door and letting the heat hit you that came from a fire you had started when you woke up. Shutting the door with a ‘click’, you unravelled the towel around your waist and threw it onto the kitchen counter top, already walking towards the coffee machine you had begged your boyfriend to buy after watching him take forever with filtering coffee beans through filter papers. Grabbing the glass pot out, you took the machine and set it under the working tap, turning the tap on and watching the water pour into it. It took mere seconds for it to fill, you turning the tap off and bringing the machine over back to place the glass pot back on. Flicking the switch to start to boil the water after you placed two spoonful of coffee beans into it, you let yourself wander into the shared bedroom that nestled down a much smaller corridor than anything of the others in the whole factory. Entering said room, you immediately grabbed yesterday’s clothing off the floor and placed them on feeling a little guilty that you had worn them already. The clothing consisted of a grey dress shirt accompanied with a brown overthrow jumper and a pair of grey slightly loose trousers. Obviously, you placed clean underwear on however, along with clean socks being mismatched but that didn’t bother you.  
Turning your collar down, you exited the bedroom and walked over to the kitchen and grabbed two cups to fill. As the water was almost done, you grabbed the sugar tin and spooned 4 whole spoonsful into one cup and 2 into the other. Setting the sugar tin away, you swept your hair back with your hand and grabbed the 4-sugar spoon cup to place next to the machine. Pressing a button, you watched as the coffee had been transferred into the pot below. The steam blew up and you bathed in the heat around you finding the morning officially relaxing. Pouring the coffee into both cups, you set the glass pot back down and went to grab the milk from the fridge, silently begging it too not be out of date. Opening the fridge, you let the cold air hit your face as you crouched down to even be able to see it contents. Looking at the door, you saw the milk and looked carefully at the date. Luckily you still had another week at most to use it before it would have turned spoiled. Grabbing it, leaving the fridge door open, you walked back over to the cups and poured the milk equally in each, making sure to mentally remember which cup had the 4 sugars in because that would be a worse mix up to make. Placing the milk back, closing the door this time, you picked up the 4-sugar filled cup and made your way out of the open kitchen and through the door you had recently came through this morning after your shower and shave.
The hallway outside the living quarters had led to only three places; the living quarters, bathroom /shower rooms and the generator to the whole factory. However, next to the generator room was the elevator, which led down all levels of the factory itself. Shaking your head like a dog, you slightly dried your hair as you walked down the eerily scary hallway with flickering lights. “Great, I’ll have to fix those soon,” You muttered, adjusting your hold on the cup as it began to burn your skin slightly. The elevator was a beautiful sight to see, you had overtime painted it with the bright yellow paint you would find around your boyfriend’s workshop and seeing it no longer had use to him, you had taken it and gave it a new object to highlight. Pressing more buttons in your life, the elevator opened and you stepped on. You watched as the elevator had closed and began to move down, you keeping your hand over the top of the cup out of habit in case the liquid would spill out of it. The elevator soon came to your chosen stop and you stepped off, wandering passes the Soldats that were luckily enough programmed to not harm you in anyway, but that didn’t stop them from bumping into you. Walking around, you came to your location and cheered mentally, a smile finding its way onto your lips.
Being polite, you knocked four times on the door that was surprisingly closed. “Come in Buttercup!” A voice grumbled from within. You rolled your eyes hearing his gruff voice but nonetheless still opened the door to find your boyfriend hunched over his desk, pencil hanging from his mouth and cigar lit in between his right hand.
“Coffee is here for you,” you said, making your way towards him and placing the cup down next to him. Curiosity got the better of you as you waited for his reply so you looked at the blue prints that were laid out. “What is this?” You questioned speaking first, leaning down and placing your elbow onto the table letting your hand keep your head raised as you rested there.
Taking a long drag from his cigar, Heisenberg had blown the smoke away from your direction and stood back up straight, moving you from your position to stand in front of him so he could lean over you and rest his own head against your shoulder whilst holding you by the waist. You slightly jumped at the contact, feeling his large hands clasped themselves around your stomach and rest there. Hearing his deep breaths had you turning your head to the side to see what was up with him. Turns out he was just smelling your hair, liking the wetness and shampoo you had used. “You smell good,” He mumbled, nuzzling his head into the crook of your neck leaving light goosebumps to appear on your skin as his beard roughed up against it.
“And you smell like sweat,” You snarled back, hearing him chuckle at your remark and hold you tighter towards his body. He hummed in reply, swaying the both of you for a few minutes as he bathed in the contact, he had already begun to start missing dearly. It wasn’t till 3 minutes after that he raised his head, still resting on your shoulder, and unclasped his hands from around your stomach so he could point out different functions of the invention that was drawn on the blueprints.
“This is a new arm I’m thinking about creating to place on the newer upgraded Soldats I’m making. What’s better about this is that I can place mini bullets in the arm, however I can’t make them unlimited and there is chance that the Soldats would over heat quicker. About 5 bullets in each arm would be the most I could probably do.” You nodded slowly, watching as he had put of his cigar in a nearby ash-tray you had created out of clay for him to use with the words ‘my horny boyfriend’ written on the side. He found it funny when you gave it to him and kept it ever since, using it every day as a reminder you are with him when he can’t see you.  
He changed his eyes to rest on your frame, which was almost the exact same height as him however he had height advantage at the moment because of his secretly platformed shoes he wouldn’t expose to his siblings about. Seeing you in his arms made him have a spark of giddiness past through him, he always felt a strange connection with you. And he wasn’t going to lie to himself, he may like the fact that you are taller than him without the shoes. He always feels so...intimidated by you and he was thriving off that feeling. To have you care for him like no one else ever has, it wasn’t just the kind gestors and meaningful actions, it was how you viewed him as well. In private, you saw him as the man who just wanted attention and love and maybe even sometimes be a brat but you didn’t judge him for that. It gave you a kick knowing you could make him act this way, to be held responsible for his whiny actions and begging that you would tease him constantly with. You just loved what you had between you both and he did too Vise-versa.
Turning yourself, you smiled at Karl with a side grin and brought his head down to rest against your chest. He didn’t complain, he loved hugs off you, it was a highlight to his day. Especially the surprise hugs you would give him whilst giving him a soft kiss on the cheek. You held him close, moving you both around so you could sit in his chair that was pushed off to the side before you had originally come in. Sitting down, you opened your arms out for Karl to join you. Placing his pencil down and rolling his eyes, not that you could even see them with the glasses in the way, and with a playful smile stretching onto his lips, he took his hat off and rested it on your head before climbing onto your lap and laying his head onto your shoulder. He pushed his arms to wrap around your neck and gave out a soft growl. Holding in your laughter at his possessiveness, you gave him a light kiss on his forehead and leaned back to let him cuddle into you. “You’ve shaved,” He mumbled, taking one of his hands back to remove his glasses so he could see your shave face better as he tilted his head to look up at you.  
“Do you not like it?” You asked as you felt him take his arms back from around the perimeter of your neck and instead cup your cheeks. He ran his thumbs over your cheek bones and huffed slightly.  
“I do like it...I just like feeling the prickly feeling it gave me,” A light redness had taken form on the tip of his ears, his eyes growing soft in yellow with a small amount of light radiating off them. You placed your open hands to rest over his, closing your eyes and turned your own head to give each hand a kiss on the palm.
“It’ll grow back soon though,” You reasoned, opening your eyes to see him staring at you and with his glasses hanging from his mouth. Carefully picking the glasses from his mouth, you captured his lips with a soothing kiss. Both of you stayed like that as you moved your hands to push him further up on your lap, feeling him grin into the kiss. “You going to be a brat?” You mumbled against his slightly open mouth, keeping the distance between you both very short so you could feel the soft but harsh pants that exited his mouth. With a slow shake of the head, you pulled him back into a kiss, forcing your tongue into his open mouth and running the muscle over his top teeth playfully. He shifted in your lap, the movement causing him to grind against you as his hands on your face became tighter.  
He let his own tongue to rest at the bottom of his mouth, feeling the saliva off your own drip down into his open space and claim it. His mind was fogged with lust, visions of you touching him all day had been playing in his mind as he worked, a reason to why he was stood up when you entered his workshop finding that sitting down was causing too much discomfort in his lower regions. Palming through it didn’t help in anyway, so he sat and waited like the ‘good boy’ he was- well he thought he was good, he just needed your opinion on it.
Pulling away from him, seeing his face tainted with the rust of copper, you slowly winked at him seeing him in his exhausted state. “Look at you, such a treasure in my eyes,” He whined at the praise and grinded against you, wanting more friction between you both. Being sly, you grabbed his hips and kept him still in one place, him releasing an annoyed huff in return of your action. “Talk about change of mood,” You mumbled, staring into his eyes. “Karl, be good.”  
“And if I’m not,” He smirked, watching you have a shocked expression for a second, but soon his smirk had faltered seeing you glare at him with a much darker look. Moving one of your hands, you placed it to hover just above where his clothed dick was, itching to spring out. He watched you in anticipation, wanting your hand to cup his dick and softly handle him. He bit his lip, still watching your hand just hover right above him. With a few shakes against your lap, Karl had tried lifting his hips up to meet your hand only to groan when you moved your hand away and back onto his hips. He looked back up at you, a clear annoyed look on his face with a pout.  
“Looks like I’ll have to teach you your place.” You held a disappointed look in your eye, Karl almost regretted his decision to even try make your hand touch him but those thoughts were quickly thrown away as you stood up with him in your arms, only to sit back down and have him standing up facing you a little away from where your feet were planted. He looked down at you, gently rubbing his arm with his hand finding your gaze to be oddly erotic. Using your fingers, you leaned forward and pulled him to stand close against your sitting form by the loops on his pants. It caused a quick sharp gasp to come out from him. “Strip.” You ordered, leaning back and unbuckling your own trousers to let the bump of your own hard-forming dick to push up against your boxers as you watched him eagerly nod at your command. He was quick to strip, much against your original liking but you weren’t complaining. As soon as he was however about to take his boxers off, you placed your hand on his to stop him. He looked up at you, worry in his eyes as though he just did something he shouldn’t have. “It’s alright baby boy, I just want you to keep them on. Now come over to daddy, you know the punishment.” Your words made him gulp. He knew exactly what you meant having already done something like this in the past years your relationship-however it took a lot to have him try being submissive in the first try.  
He kind of wished he did become submissive with just you earlier in your relationship.
Getting into place, Heisenberg had leaned over your lap and let his arms dangle off the edge, feeling your poking dick at the side of his chubby tummy. He laid sideways on your spread-out legs, feeling you run a hand up and down his spine teasingly. Small circles were rubbed into his skin, letting some of his shoulder muscles loosen up and you moved lower and lower. Karl closed his eyes and waited, preparing himself for you. “Count for me please baby boy?” You asked, hand groping his ass.  
“Yes.” He answered, feeling your hand give his ass a squeeze and leave it, feeling the cold immediately become a part of where your warm hand had been originally. He bit his bottom lip-something he did often when he was preparing for something- and felt your hand come back down and collide with the clothing he wore. “1-” He choked out, body moving slightly forward at the impact. You went back to rubbing, trying to sooth where you had slapped because you never intended to actually hurt him much. You just believed he needed to be taught where his place was, and he complied. However, he did feel grateful for the power you did let him have over your relationship behind closed doors. He was allowed to say ‘no’ to anything you asked, if he didn’t then you were allowed to go on ahead. You raised your hand again and slapped him a little harder, listening to him slowly start to fall apart over your lap as a slight moan came from between his lips. “2 ah~” He breathed out, hands coming up to grip the ankle of your leg. Rubbing again, you hear him sigh in comfort and went back to spanking him once again. “3! Again~” He moaned out fully this time, his moans acting like the most perfect worded poetry you have ever heard. With a few more slaps to 5, you went to groping his red-ass, smirking as you felt him hum.  
“Whose good boy, are you?”
“I’m yours,” He spoke, having a hint of shame being present in his voice. You caught onto the change, helping him stand back up and gently help him lean over his workshop table, being careful with his blueprint he was working on earlier. He closed his eyes, feeling the table under him and let his arms rest above his head perfectly for you. Smiling softly at his form, you stood next to his leaning body and leaned down to whisper softly into his ear.  
“You okay to carry on?” He opened his eyes and nodded, a smile at his own lips.
“I really want you,” he croaked out, letting himself fall deeper in love with the caring gestures you even gave him in sexual activities. You stood back up and let a hand run through his air, pulling on his hair and rubbing his scalp after. He purred at the touch, using his hands to push himself up against your hand.
“You’re just like a puppy wanting attention,” You took a mental note of him liking the touch on his scalp, making sure to remember for after this eventful night. You wanted to spoil him badly tonight seeing him work so hard every day for the past month.  
“Only your affection,” He groaned out, loving it when you pulled his hair hard enough for him to feel it but carefully to not pull on any knots. “Please,” He begged, pushing back a little and raising his ass into the air more as he let his front body drop back onto the table. His nipples had slowly become hard and red, being exposed to the rather cold climate of the factory. They felt a little uncomfortable but he was willing to stay put, to be your ‘good boy’.
You hummed and moved to stand behind him, running your other hand up and down his spine against whilst the other was nestled into his hair gently massaging it. “You’ve been a good boy Karl,” You purred out, watching him push back against you, arching his back down. Seeing his desperation, you pulled the rest of your pants down and pulled your dick out of your boxers, letting them fall to join your pants on the ground at your ankle. Being careful knowing he was still sore, you did the same with Karl, pulling his boxers down to rest at his ankle.  
“It’s getting cold daddy,” He moaned, feeling the healing of the cold air wash over him in a soothing manner but nonetheless making him slightly shiver.
“You want Daddy’s heat?” You leaned fully over him, taking your hand out of his hair and brushing it around the curve of his ass faintly.  
“..." He didn’t answer, bucking his hips back yet again to express his words instead or verbally saying them. You let your hands linger on his curve before pushing into him dry. He groaned and cried out in pain, not being prepared hurt like a bitch to him. You stopped half way and waited however, leaning over and running your tongue on the back of his neck as you used a hand to swipe away his long hair onto his shoulders. Being careful, you bit the outside of his ear shell whilst pushing in further hoping to distract him with another sensation. It seemed to work as his cries quietened down and he was panting at the feeling of your dick filling him.
“You’re so good for me, taking me dry.” You whispered, letting your tongue lap you a little blood you had accidently drawn from his ear. He purred at the praise, letting his fingers claw at the wood on the desk. You moved your hands to go under his chest and hold him close to your body as you started to thrust. At first, you went with a slow pace, to try and get him to open up a little more so any increase in both speed and hardness wouldn’t hurt so much. He scrunched up his eyes and hissed, feeling your hips hit back against his repeatedly. “I’ll help you.”
Leaning back up, dick still deep in him, you sucked on two digits of your fingers only to coat them in a thick ball of saliva. Taking them out from your mouth, a string of your DNA attached, you brought them to rub around the rim of Heisenberg's filled hole to lubricate the area a little for him. Oce most of the saliva was around his rim, you leaned over and placed your used hand up against his own lips. Opening wide for you, you settled your fingers against his tongue, listening to him close his mouth and suck on them being careful to not use his teeth. ”Good boy,” the word set sparks to his arousal, the word being something he enjoyed hearing more often when with you.
Once feeling your finger completely soaked, you pulled them out of his mouth and used your other hand that was under his chest to tweak with his nipple playfully gaining a long and husky moan from him. He felt you roll his nib between your two fingers, pulling on it at times to send him more over the edge. With his cock untouched, the nipple play was something that made him twitch slightly down there, sending more than just sparks.
As you used the lubricant fingers to brush around his hole again, you started to thrust your hips out until the tip of your cock was left in him. Taking your hand away, you leaned back over him and pulled that hand to also rest under his chest to play with his other attention-begging nipple. Holding them both tight between fingers, you gave a sharp thrust forward and leaned fully over him. “Oh Lord~” He cried out, sweat starting to appear on his head from the heat you were giving him.
“You like that boy?” You asked, pulling out against and thrusting with all your power back forward. He threw his head as far as it could go back and cried out for more, slowly becoming a begging whore underneath you. “Oh look at you, I know you want to come undone on me”  
Hearing your voice was the best record to ever play, the number of times he had secretly gotten off whilst using a recorder of you speaking one day was just unimaginable. He had yet to ask you to just speak to him straight whilst jacking off but his pride wouldn’t let him falter too much, for now he’ll just stick to playing your good boy. His body kept thrusting both backwards and forwards in rhythm with your thrusts, his dick twitching and balls becoming heavy as they filled with cum from the pleasure and slightly pain, he was receiving. ”I’m your good boy,” He panted out, feeling a knot come tight in him as his ass slowly because abused by your growth within him, balls deep.
“Of course you are, my good boy can come if he wants to. Daddy won’t be mad,” Seeing him release a relieved sigh had you smiling. You wouldn’t hold back against him, seeing him become closer brought you closer to your end. It was the facial expressions and noises he would make. He would scrunch up his nose as he slowly become closer and his pants would increase, moans would stop coming from his mouth being too exhausted and trying to catch his breath as your thrusts increased.  
Soon though you were pounding into him, his ass squeezing tightly around your cock now. “I want to cum,” he said suddenly, feeling you pull your hands out from under him to grab him harshly by the hips and yank him closer to you. You held your tongue, feeling your balls become tighter as you were pulled closer to your end.
“Then come for me baby,” The noises that were realised when he came was unbelievable. You could hear a hard grunt exposed from his mouth as his hands became balled fist and wacked themselves against the desk. His seed has shot out from his twitch dick, coating underneath his desk and a little falling onto the floor right by your feet. You didn’t mind, holding his back down as you used your other hand to grab his hair again. He panted and cried out as your thrusts had soon begun to over stimulate him. “Almost- t-there,” You stuttered out, thrusts becoming slower as you threw your head back in ecstasy and thrusted deep into him, letting your cum fill him to the brim to the point it started to leak out of his tight hole. Karl whined at the feeling, his bottom half feeling a lot warmer than his top. He laid there and tried to catch his breath, only hissing again in pain as you pulled out of his abused hole and let a finger lap up any access that leaked from him. Being cheeky, you brought the finger to his lips and watched as he opened acceptingly to taste you.
Feeling his humming against your finger as he tried to savour your taste, you soon pulled it out and wiped it against the wood staining it slightly. “How you feeling?” You asked, moving to sit on the table next to the tired Lord as he looked at you from the side of his eyes.
“Tired...full...” He spoke, letting his eyelids close for a few seconds to re-open them again. You smiled at your sleepy boyfriend, loving the way he looked just after sex or after anything really. His aggressive and violent demur gone when it was you two, it was something you would remember forever. Speaking of remembering things, you went back to scratching his scalp gently, watching as he mewled under your touch.
“How about we spend the day on the couch and let me spoil you with treats, hm?” You watched as he opened his eyes wide at the word ‘treats’. You chortled as you knew that word would get a rise out of him because he had an insane sweet tooth for sweet things- to a certain extent anyway. “I’ll even make you a new coffee’ you said as you looked at the now flat cold coffee, sitting there and having to watching the whole thing play out.
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saturatedboy · 2 years
Greetings! it is me again
im here for another request for m'lady donna
Could you do Mafia Donna x Mafia Reader
Enemies to lovers please ( ╹ v ╹ )
Donna Beneviento x GN!Mafia!Reader
Words: 6k
Warnings: Mentions of death, gore and violence
Requests: Open
Smoke drifted into the crisp cold air as the clouds overhead began to turn into a darker grey, carrying the weight of all their pent-up water. The breeze had turned against the sky, picking up speed as time went on. “Seems to be a stormy night tonight boss,” A croaked voice spoke out, putting out their lit cigar as they scraped it alongside the cobbled wall that they were leaning on.
With an audible sniff and eyes turning upwards, a smile was drawn upon your lips. “Seems so. However, don’t let the simple trickle of water make you forget your place. We are doing this tonight, rain or no rain. I can’t have any more fuckups you hear me?” The other cowered down a little, turning their head to face the other way down towards the open entrance of the alleyway that both of you were hiding in.
“Yes boss,”
“Good, now get the horse and cart ready, we have an order to deliver.” soft noises of the worker footsteps travelled down the alleyway, echoing with each step. Once out and turned, you shook your head and pulled fingers through your hair. The slight texture of grease made you sigh, disappointed at the fact your hair wasn’t as soft as it had been in previous days. “I need a shower,” you moaned, glancing up as you felt the first drop of water touches your skin and slide down. The feeling of its coldness made you groan, pulling your hands away from your hair onto your shoulders where the hood to your poncho over your head keeping you dry from any further water droplets. Once you made sure it was secured, you began to set trail off down the same way your partner had travelled, down the alleyway and made a sharp right as you entered back onto the streets of the village. Although it was bustling with life, you found not many people had travelled down the small areas of darkened light between houses. So instead, you and your team began to meet up there to discuss matters upon next delivers.
Keeping your head low, you walked down the dirt pathways, only to look up when the noises of soft neighing could be heard. A horse stood tall; its brown of its body being sploshed with bits of dirt along with the odd leaf in its mane. Smiling at the beautiful creature, you ran your fingers through its mane, starting with the top of its head and working your way down, picking the fallen leaves out and throwing them onto the ground. Beng caught up in pleasing the horse, a sudden tap of your shoulder made you turn and huff. “What.” You spoke, the word coming out as a demand rather than a question. Another partner of yours looked at you, rubbing the back of their head sheepishly as they cracked a long-side smile.
“Time to get going, everything is ready.” Nodding, you looked back at the horse one more time and placed a soft kiss upon its mussel, cooing as you stared into its black eyes.
“Aren’t you just magnificent.” You whispered, giving one last stroke through its mane before you walked away, letting your hand wonder over the side of its rather plump body. The horse whimpered under your touch, missing the feeling of your warmth soothing its headache from staying up all day since the crack of sunlight.
You stopped just behind the horse, grabbing hold of your partners hand as they pulled you up upon a wooden cart that had the edges as benches and the middle being filled with bags. Waiting for the rest of your team to climb on, you fiddled with your dirt and cracked nails letting your mind wander. Everything had changed after the disappearance of Mother Miranda. People had no one to worship so instead a vote for mayor had been decided as the village needed someone to keep everyone in shape. Although the Lords and Ladies still existed, no one had really known much of them as it sometimes felt like they too had disappeared. ‘Fools’ you spoke within your mind, leaning back against the wooden rest as you relaxed your body slightly, opening your legs taking up much space since a small of your group would be coming with you for this delivery.
Soon once everyone was settled, the cart began to move with the horse towing it. As the journey had begun, you checked in on everyone in your team making sure that they were okay and that any sort of fuck up they make, you would handle it appropriately- not like they really made ay fuckups; a generous pay drop would be the worst thing you could do to them. Back to your thinking, you smirked as a sudden image crossed your mind.
The fair and sweet Lady Beneviento.
Oh, was she a kicker to your reputation amongst the vast of villages. Although not many knew this, but their ‘oh so wonderful’ Lords and Ladies hadn’t actually disappeared. They just worked in more secretive jobs, like you. Now, being a contraband giver was more of an illegal crime now that the mayor had placed down laws but what's the fun in following when breaking them gave you such more of an experience to be truly alive. Now, knowing the whole area, you had knowledge of where the Lords and Ladies were hiding away and doing their own nasty deeds.
When you first got into business by delivering the ‘secret bags’ as the Duke would sell them to their buyers, you had stumbled across The Lord Heisenberg being someone you were delivering to. It didn’t come to any shocker that you and him got along almost instantly. The dynamics of your relationship with the fourth Lord was nothing more than a buddy to see very now and again- it was your listening skills that got him to like you on a mutual level.
In the past 3 years, you had stumbled across what the other lord and Ladies were doing. Lord Moreau would ask for you to deliver DVD’s that he could watch, Lady Dimitrescu would ask you to deliver your services to her to help out with her three daughters and lastly, Lady Beneviento. She has never asked you for such things. She was quite secretive in the past, keeping to herself. You did expect so much her to keep that up- but you never expected to find her doing such activities like yourself.
It was a dark night that you saw her for the first time. You both had crossed paths that faithful night. You were doing a private mission of walking to Lady Dimitrescu’s castle for a ‘play date’ with her three daughters. Upon arriving, you had bumped into the Lady Beneveinto and knocked her onto the floor. The doll cradled in her arms came to life and attacked you by the legs, with small bruises, you huffed and picked up the doll, holding her out at arm reach so her long limbs of wood couldn’t hit you. The Lady on the floor stared up at you as the impact had revelled something one might describe to be ‘horrifying’ to the human eye. She had quickly began engaged with red as she stood back up and swept her veil back over her face, walking over to you and giving you a straight punch in the face just as you were trying to apologise for your mistake. The impact had you falling onto the ground, and the doll was released being brought back to its owner the doll maker. “How dare you,” She spat out, letting the doll in her arms glide above her shoulders.
You got up again and muttered a ‘sorry’ before trying to proceed past her, already knowing you were going to be a little late to the ‘play date’. However ,it seemed the doll maker had other ideas, seeing as you did reveal something she was so self-conscious about she had the doll at her shoulder swipe down at you, using a thin string to wrap your arms behind your back. The quick movements of the doll flying about had you unbalanced as you tried to keep up with the doll’s movement moving around your head. Misplacing your step, you fell back onto your knees and received a harsh blow to your face by a black shoe. With your head tilted to one side, blood running down your nose with the taste of metal between your lips, you could feel a sweep of warmth burst in your chest as your senses began to argue whenever you should try fight the Lady or scream for help. You didn’t know what to do so you kneeled in silence, waiting the next move. “I see you again I’ll make you more broken than porcelain doll that has fell of the highest shelf” Lady Beneviento had spoken, walking out with her doll back in her arms. It wasn’t till the daughters had gone searching for you that they found yourself in a bloodied state, holding back their hunger and instead getting you cleaned up. You kept the meeting between yourself and the doll maker a secret, saying that you were simply ambushed by a maid that worked at the Castle not really thinking about their lives since anyone who worker for the Lady Dimitrescu would be dead anyway.
The cart had come to a sudden stop, awaking you from your memories. Biting your lip, you could feel one of your canines scrape along- the tooth being chipped after being kicked in the face. A frown came to your face, another day doing business was not the most amusing thing you could be doing but none the less you had to get it done. A day’s worth of money was more you could ask for, being the secretive organisation that brought the outside technology and knowledge into the homes of those willing to pay large amounts for such items. Scanning the cart, watching as your team for this mission take some of the bags from the middle, you readjusted your hood on your head and jumped out after. Turning around to face the empty cart, you leaned in and collect the last of bags that were carrying such items that you didn’t know since the Duke gave no information what-so-ever, just to deliver the goods and collect the money.
“Let’s go.” You called out, walking in front of your team as you felt the water of the rain come more intensely down, matching your sudden mood. Rain was the worst of the weather; it wasn’t like you had anything to shield yourself from its droplets since your last umbrella was back at the base. Water fell off your frame, your poncho soaking it up and letting it cling to your clothes underneath. Shaking your head, you took in your surroundings. It appeared you were in a wood, maybe forest? You weren’t sure, you hadn’t exactly explored such parts since you were a child. “Charles, recite what Duke said,” You called out behind you, waiting for the other to respond.
“he said we should head Nother-West to deliver these bags. A mansion that he had spoken of should be there and we are to give the bags to the house owner.” Nodding to the words, you kept along a path that was littered with the dried leaves and dust from the dirt below. It was as though the bright colour from the grass had been taken away, leaving nothing more than distress and dust of those had become one with the ground. As you walked with your team trailing behind, the hairs on your arm shad spiked up, peaking interest at the sudden change in atmosphere. It felt as though you were being watched, maybe by the owls, maybe by the squirrel's that gazed down at your forms from the high trees- all that you knew was that you had eyes watching you and your every move. You felt mildly disturbed.
Deep breaths had calmed your nerves slightly, a silent voice in your head telling you that you were safe yet the nagging guy feeling had you on your toes, leaving our shoulders to be tensed. The quietness had been broken by one of your team mates, them speaking up in a high pitch voice. “What was that?!” Turning heads stared at him as he looked to the side, his eyes focusing on the trees that were staggered about.
“What was what.” You asked, arching a brow as you stopped walking. The man that had spoken up stayed quiet, staring at one spot until he shook his head getting rid of his thoughts.
“Nothing, let's keep moving. I thought I saw the doll moving.”
“Great he is going insane,” A woman had joked, making others around you laugh at her comment.
“Keep talking and each word you all say is a deduction of your payment. Let's go, we can’t be late.” That had shut them all up, this time you all were walking a faster pace to find the mansion, still sticking on the path hoping it led you there.
Each minute that had passed, you felt the feeling of your disgust growing. You were fine with the one doll that was laid against a tree a moment ago, the thought of a child that came through crosse our mind and they may had left it but every minute that passed and the deeper you followed the trail, the more dolls that were hanging, left and stuck to trees, branched and the floor had grown in popularity. Mentally you were no prepared for such toys, ever since the doll maker had attacked you, you had grown disgusted of the creation finding it to be a taint onto your pride to let such a dainty, yet somewhat nerve-ticking woman to beat the crap out of you. How she made the blood that circled your body become thick with hatred. “I can see the house up ahead!”
Your team and yourself had heaved the bags onto the front porch of the mansion, being wary to not knock over any plant pots that were settled amongst the rocking chairs that were soft rocking in the wind. Pulling down your drenched hood, you rolled up your sleeves of your grey dress-shirt and knocked against the door waiting for the house owner to answer. “This place is giving me the creeps,”
“You can say that again, I mean look at that doll in the window.”
“Oh gosh, it’s so large.”
“That’s one creepy ass-looking doll.”
Rolling your eyes at your employee's comments, you knocked again getting slightly impatience waiting for the owner to answer. It was hammering down with rain; the wind was picking up and not to mention you have yet to head back to base and sort through all the money this week to give out. You were a busy person; you had no time to be waiting around for-
The door had creaked open slightly, letting the small amount of light from the inside pour into line on the dark porch. “We have brought your package.” You spoke, stepping into the small amount of light in between the double doors hoping to see who the buyer was. The door creaked more open and you stepped back, taken back at the sudden appearance who you were facing.
Lady Beneveinto had stood, her veil over her face and swarmed by her feet were many small dolls, dressed and suited in different colours. You could feel your nose twitch, the sudden reminder of what she had done to you last time. You bit back a hateful comment and breathed out heavily. “Your order...ma’am.” You stepped aside so she could stare behind her veil at the bags your employees were carrying. She slowly nodded and she took a step outside to stand next to you. In a low voice she had spoken.
“Please, leave them inside by this door and you may get going.” She turned to look at you. “I’ll give your...boss their money.” Oh, you could clearly here the smile playing at her lips, the way her voice had deepened slightly when saying the last part brought your jumble of nerves to appear more. Hearing your team agreeing, you watched as each of them entered her house and left unharmed by the dolls that sat waiting patiently by the door. You did however find it humorous how each one of them had carefully stepped over them, as though they would come to life and attack them if they dared to accidently touched them. Once all bags were safely inside, they nodded at you and began to leave the porch, disappearing the further they walked as a lonesome fog had taken up the atmosphere. Soon, it was just you, Lady Beneviento and the creepy dolls. “Why so tense,” She spoke up suddenly, scaring you half-to death. Placing a hand over your fast beating heart, you looked away and pulled your hood over your head.
“Because its cold,” You weren’t going to back down to her, yeh she has creepy dolls but you have pride and dignity to not be stricken down by such a sly woman. Her laugh had caught your ears, it was eerily soft and gentle, as though she was the one nervous in this situation.
“Hm, sure. Do come in then whilst I fetch your money- if your cold you’ll warm right up.” She backed away into her home, looking back waiting for you to make your move. Looking back at the fog becoming thicker, you quickly gathered the much-needed courage to walk into her home and close the door behind you. You couldn’t lie, you almost moaned at the heat you felt surrounding your body. Seeming to approve, Lady Beneveinto began to walk away and out of your sight, leaving you with the hundreds of dolls surrounding you. Leaning against the wall by the doors, you looked down at your nails and picked at them finding comfort when doing so...
“Boo,” A voice had whispered into your ear, making you jump and grab the hunter knife that was hidden in your boots. Pointing the knife at the offender who floated above you, you scowled at the so-called-being. “Oh, I see your nose isn't bleeding. How sad, red is a pretty colour on you.”
“What do you want,” Sneering your words at the doll, it in response laughed at your facial features.
“Ya know you squint when your mad, that’s pretty cute but that isn't why I’m here. Lady Beneveinto was hurt deeply when you scared her- and I don’t like those who harm my mistress in any way.” The doll had stepped onto the wooden ground Infront of your feet. It slowly touched your left knee and watched in amusement as you tucked them under your body, being sat on your knees holding the knife out at it. “Sadly though, you work for the Duke and we can’t harm the only person being a life saviour brining the goods to us.” She smiled as you lowered your knife, a little relive that you won’t be dead within this place that you now wanted to badly leave.
Taking another step, the doll was now close to your position, looking up to see you staring down at it. “You work for a mafia, right?” It asked, it’s eyes never leaving yours.
“Maybe, though I see it much more as a bunch of individual enjoying breaking the law.” You responded, not even noticing the feeling of small hands gripping your knees gently as they lean up further to your face.
“Enjoy breaking the law hm? Too bad we can’t break your nose again-” the doll spoke, fully climbing onto your thighs ignoring your protest against it. “Your kind of fun,” it said, smiling up at you. “I’m Angie, and you are play mate?” You grimaced at the word. Playmate. It sounded weird.
“(Y/n), pleasure.” The doll giggled, jumping up and down slightly and clapping her hands.
“I have a name to a face, how fun. Playmates don’t normally get to speak their names, but you're weirdly different.” an awkward laugh erupted from your throat, you were silently hoping that the Lady would come back and save you from the doll of hers. “She hates you.” Angie said, humming slightly at your reaction. You pursed your lips into a thin line and nodded.
“I hate her to, she didn’t have to attack me and neither did you,” Angie stared at you, her smile disappearing of her face.
“You revealed her insecurity, how could you take her safety and pull it away from her.” Her posture on your lap held little aggression, yet her voice held anger. You were taken back from her change in mood, what had you done exactly?
“I don’t understand, what has she to feel insecure about?” Your question lingered between the both of you, the other dolls that you didn’t even bother to register had stood off to the side in a line watching you, hushed voices of their own talking amongst each other.
Angie turned her head slightly to look at the, you followed her gaze and a small gasp came from you. You hated dolls even more- BECAUSE THEY FUCKING MOVED AND THEY WERE MORE OF THEM! “Jeese calm down, they aren’t going to hurt you...unless you want them to-”
“No, I’m good thanks.”
“Okay goodie! Now let's talk more! You revealed her face! Everyone knows Lady Benevento hides her face for a reason. And you went ahead, pushed her and made her veil show her face to you. Of course, she hates you! I do too! Well- sort of. You’re fun!”
You sweated at Angie’s word, giving a half-smile. “Yeah, you said that earlier that I was fun. Now c’mon. She has nothing to hide, she’s pretty why would she need to hide her face? -wait I didn’t mean to say pretty she’s average, ya know? Like all females, average and cute- not cute just-”
“Shut up, please. You’re becoming less fun and more annoying.” You nodded and stayed quiet, going back to biting your bottom lip. Any further conversation between you both had been left alone. You just wanted to get your pay and go back home, to everyone in the village and to never come here again. You’ll have to talk to Duke about this.
“Apologies for waiting, I was caught up in looking at one of my finest creations all dolled up for me. And had to make sure the others had done their jobs.” Her clicking of her shoes had you pushing Angie of your thighs and as swift as a fox grabbing prey you stood up, your hood falling down and splatting against your shoulder remining you of how wet you felt around yourself.
You stared at her, looking down at her hand to see she was carrying a money bag that looked rather filled. She walked further towards you, her expression unseen to your eyes as she held the bag out for you to reach. With itching fingers, you grabbed the bag and nodded a ‘thanks.’ “We do hope to have you over again, maybe this time we can play with you.” She tilted her head, hands clasping in front of her. You gulped and didn’t reply too shocked or scared to even use your words.
“I’m going to head back now,” You whispered, turning around to face the double doors and grabbing hold of the handle. When pulling the handle, a familiar hand caught your laying over it.
“It’s quiet the storm tonight, Stay over hm? I’m sure you can stay the night.” Her voice was right beside your ear. You felt intimidated by her as her grip on your hand had soon stung as the iron handle under your grip had pushed itself up into your flesh, marking it with red.
Not answering her, she let go of you and walked away again, letting her shoes echo against the wooden floor. “Take those wet clothes of you, you’ve already started to make a pond in my house and I don’t appreciate it from the likes of a low-life like yourself. At least my dolls do high quality services and not try to strip someone of their safety.” Body freezing up, you dropped your hand to your side. You still didn’t understand why she was so mad at that- she's a Lady for Mother Miranda’s sake. She has no need to feel self-conscious about herself, in fact you didn’t even think of any questions about when you saw her face. She was somewhat...pretty you guess.
“Oi daydreamer, c’mon. I’ll show where you shall be sleeping- that is if you can even manage to sleep hehe!”
‘stupid fucking doll’ the thought of even sleeping in this house surrounded you with dread, a frown placed upon your face however it was soon wiped away when you felt Angie’s hand wrap around your own. She led you up the stairs that were on the right, pulling up and chanting that you should ‘hurry up’ like there was something chasing after you both. Once making to even the top, after slipping one time on the stairs, she unshed you to continue forward and into a room that was plain. A simple single bed with a wardrobe and rocking chair in the corner. You looked back to see Angie gone and a sigh of relief was released between your clenched jaw from holding back your tongue when it touched you. Finding yourself wandering to the bed, you stripped your poncho off and let it sit on the windowsill, opening the window a little to let cold air rush in, and after you laid back on the bed. Getting yourself comfortable you laid down against the pillows and closed your eyes, letting your hands lay upon your stomach interwind with each other. “Quicker I get to sleep, quicker morning will come,”
The feeling of something petit touching your cheek had you groaning. “What is it mum?” You mumbled out, forcing an eye lid open. Soon the tiredness within your eyes had been slapped out of exitance as you scrambled awake. Letting your body scrunch up as you laid fully back up against the head board of the bed. Sat on the other side of your bed, near the bottom, were a range of different size dolls. All of them were giggling, making you once again grabbing the hunter knife in your shoe and pointing it all at them. “Stay back!” Your throat felt slightly sore, only have woken up. The dolls all looked at each other as though they were whispering to each other, soon they had scrambled off the bed and out of the door, running past the Lady. “I see you’re all dry now,” She spoke, walking into the room with a silver tray in her hands.
You quickly let your fingers glide over yourself, finding new clothing on yourself. This time a baby blue dress-shirt accompanied with white pants. You glared up at the Lady as she placed the silver tray on the end of the bed. “You changed me whilst I slept?”
“Why yes, it took all my power to not turn you into a doll when doing so.” Her remark sent shivers down your spine, your body reacting by feeling your skin just to make sure you weren’t actually wood. Your shoulders slumped when you felt your skin, finding the meat still on and attached. “I suggest you eat up; my dolls don’t like guests that stay too long and I’m very busy today.” She left the room in long stride, having the decency to close the door behind her. Wiping a hand down your face, you leaned towards the end of the bed and grabbed the tray, gabbing it and pulling it towards your body. Upon the tray sat a plate of toast and a cup filled with water. Hearing your stomach rumble suddenly, you dug into the food which soon settled the unknown hunger. Once done, you swung your legs out of bed and placed your shoes on that were settled under the bed. Once they were slipped on, you took your partially dry poncho of the window sill and placed it over and arm- like a butler would do with a towel or a waiter.
Walking out the room, you jumped slightly back as the smaller dolls once again were running bout, each carrying different doll limbs with themselves. Waiting for them all to go past, you stepped fully out the room just to have Angie swing by quickly. “Hey there! Morning, now c’mon you can be helping hands!” She exclaimed, grabbing your hand like she did the previous night and dragging you along with her.
“B-But Lady Beneveinto said I had to le-”
“Thats because she doesn’t want you to get mixed up but oh well- now c’mon slow poke!” You could already tell Angie was trying to sit trouble between yourself and the Lady, you were so close to going back home as well. Following you complied, going through hallways and down the elevator shaft with the many dolls.
‘I hate dolls’
“Why are they here Angie,”
“They can help”
“Why would I want them to help us, we are doing fine.”
“But it’s nice to have a more interactive company”
“They can be of use.”
You were sat on a stool, overlooking a deceased child body that was paced on a medical table. At first glance, you had almost thrown up your breakfast into your mouth however you weren’t going to give the Lady satisfaction of getting under your skin with her wicked ways a ‘mortal can’t handle’. The body was cut open, limbs cut and replaced with wooden and iron ones. It wasn’t until you saw the sun and moon crest that had been burned into a wooden leg attached to the body that some things made sense.
‘so, she is the one that sends the so-called gifts and toys into the village.’ you thought as you placed a hand over the creates and stroked it, feeling the indents under your skin.
“Okay fine, if you want to stay then stay. Don’t touch anything you hear me?” The Lady spoke, pulling back her veil and rolling her sleeves to her black dress. You nodded and stayed in your place, staring at the body again.
‘They aren’t giving me any sort of reaction...no words spoken even.’ The Lady stared at you, feeling a little more comfortable with the situation. A small smile even broke out on her lips, eyes drooping a little as she felt a warmth claim her normally cold body. “If you could grab the screws over there on the able behind you, that would be helpful.” You turned to face her, nodding and got up out of your seat to do as told. Angie waited until you had sat down again, nodding at the teamwork you both had unknowingly fell into. Soon she left the room, leaving you both alone to work on the ‘gift’ for the children down in the village.
“So, I’m guessing these creepy things are given to the children?” You spoke up, watching as Lady Beneveinto as she weaved stitched upon the open cuts on the body.
“Yes,” she spoke out softly, tying a knot at the end of her thread and cutting it. “It’s so I can keep an eye on everyone. The dolls, I can look through their eyes and watch the world play. Mother Miranda had ordered me to do so before she left to wherever she had to go.” You listened, muscles relaxing as you watched her work.
“I’m sorry for taking your safety away, I honestly didn’t realise what I had done to do so but I believe an apology from me is the right thing.” She stopped her hands, looking up at you with a soft smile.
“My veil hides my deformed face; it hides the scar on my right side. I’ve been told by...villages when they accidently saw it that it scares them.” Her words had wiggled their way into your heart, you felt so much sympathy for her as she had been outcasted by such people. “But you didn’t scream...It was a new feeling.”
“I suppose we are all feeling new feelings. I didn’t even question your scarring, it’s a part of you. It shouldn’t make you different.”
“For someone who does illegal crimes, your oddly nice.” You chuckled at her, sending a smile of your own her way whilst a soft heat took over your ears.
“Many people are within the business; we just are hidden from the society we are forced to grow up in.” Your words hung into the air; the conversation cut off as Angie came flying in screaming as a fox chased after her.
“Angie!” Lady Beneveinto had shouted, grabbing her and bringing her close to her chest as the fox clawed at her leg. Getting your hunters knife at, you jumped at Lady Beneveinto and made a clean cut through the fox, blood splatting onto the floor. The heavy breathing of Angie was only heard now, Lady Beneviento to shocked to even say a word whilst you stood above the now dead fox, hand dripping in blood a little. ”Like I said...your oddly nice.”
A total of a week had passed after that day, Angie was house bound for at least another week after she had brought in the fox chasing her. Within that time, you and Donna (as you found out), had settled differences and began acquaintance with one another. Whenever you didn’t have an order to give out from the Duke, you would visit her to join her and Angie for a tea party or to just help around the mansion. Her company was far more peaceful than you would expect, she had slowly started to greet you without her veil over her face and instead a warm smile is what you would see when she answered her doors.
Weeks had turned to months, and months had turned to years. You were still a successful business runner for contraband, still not caught by Mother Miranda as she had returned from wherever she had gone off to. Life was running smoothly, you felt safe when at Donna’s house, the dolls somewhat warming up to your presence and not giving you so much of a creepy vibe.
On this particular day, you were sat on the front porch in the rocking chairs with Donna, a China cup in both your hands. “How has the selling been Donna?” You asked, sipping upon the herb tea feeling your body settle in comfort. Donna shifted in her chair, looking over at you on her left side.
“I’ve heard so much gossip lately so you better be careful out there. They are starting to get suspicious of your recent buyers, the blacksmith in particular. Apparently, he left a ‘television’ out in his workshop and the sewers wife with her child by her side was suspicious. Luckily, he lied and spoke that it was a random object he created.”
You chuckled and leaned over, resting your hand on her knee. “You worrying about me? Isn’t that sweet.” you teased, only fake pouting when she slapped your hand playfully.
“Oh yes, I worry about you a lot. So much I’m scared one day I may not kiss you being alive.”
Time stopped, her words replaying in your mind. “You...want to kiss me?”
“Well yes, isn’t it obvious I have taken a liking towards you?” Her forwardness had you blushing deeply, your whole face, neck and ears covered by the red. You opened and closed your mouth like a cod fish, making her sigh and lean over this time to meet your face in the middle. Using her free hand, she cupped your cheek and forcefully pulled you into a soft kiss. Her lips moved in sync with your, yours reacting to the feeling of both love and affection almost immediately. The moment was blissful, you enjoying the feeling of her being closer than ever to you.
Until you dropped your China cup upon being to focus on the kiss- making a perfect memory for your first ever kiss with your future wife.
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saturatedboy · 2 years
Slaughter of the Ram
Chapter 2 (Lord Heisenberg x Male!Oc)
Words: 3.8K
Smells of wet pine and a slight whiff of burning tobacco drifted around in Leonardo’s mind. The endless darkness that consumed his mind had turned and twisted into small patterns of purple and blue dots dancing around. Harshly, Leonardo had inhaled through his nose and realised his breath through his mouth, the noise coming out sounding more like a growl than a groan. The exhale of his breath had swooped back into his mind through his nostrils, them flaring at the intoxicated smell of alcohol. The sudden remembrance of the alcohol had alerted his brain, pain soon aching in his head area. Opening his eyes steadily, the blurred vision had shown shapes of brown and red in different shades and lighting. Being careful, he forced his eyelids to stay open and scanned the front of his sight lines, the pictures coming clearer through the sleepiness that had glazed over his eyeballs. Upon a wooden wall were different shapes and colours of bottles, all of them being alcoholic beverages- some even Leonardo didn’t know. Looking a little to the left, the barman from the night just gone was stood cleaning glasses, refilling some for the distance laughter that came from a booth that was behind Leo. To his right, he could see more of what his head way laying on, the bar top stretching on a little more until it rounded of by a 90-degree angle.
Regretting all decisions in his life for a split second, Leo used his hands that were previously rested on the slightly sticky counter and pushed himself up. Feeling a wave of relief wash over him as the bones from his neck cracked at the sudden movement. A delighted sigh came from between his thin lips, his tongue gliding over them both after to make his lips moist with his own saliva. Although the relief that had come over him felt amazing from within, his physical appearance had showed no relief for his own body as he was slouched over on a stool, hair messy and unkept tidy, small amount of saliva drifting down his chin and clothes all crinkled. Still in effect of the alcohol, his body swerved sideways about, his mind doing flips and his stomach rumbling for the loss of a meal. “Bar...bar tender!” He called out, being careful to not slur his words. The bar man looked over at his frame, only to look back at the glass he was drying and placed it down, walking over to the now hung-over Leonardo. Once there, he leaned his forearms on the bar and stared amusingly at Leo.
“Let me guess. Water right Leo?” He chuckled out, already walking away to go fetch the poor soul a glass of water and to take some medication for his head. Leo looked down, ashamed for people to see him like this in his aftereffect state.
“Yeah...a water will do fine thanks.” He replied as the tender had placed the glass down, filled half way to the brim with water. The water was clearly cool, the glass already having fresh droplets of water gathering on the outside of the glass itself. Being thankful, Leo nodded and grabbed the glass, almost moaning as the cool liquid fell down his throat.  
“Here take these,” The tender held his hand out, two pills being present, ”Their medicine for your headache.” Leo once again nodded, unable to speak a ‘thanks’ as he was already downing the water fully this time, using his free hand to grab only one of the pills. The tender closed his hand and went back to his original position, going back to cleaning glasses and serving the early birds who crave for alcohol to keep them going through the day. Leo placed his empty glass down and went to looking at the small pill between his fingers. Thinking nothing bad about it, he took it down dry swallowing and using his mouth to have it slip easily down. He just had to wait for the effects to keep in.
Looking off to the side now that he was more fully awake, Leo wasn’t surprise when he didn’t see the star guest of last night not next to him however. A slightly pang of guilt washed over him, had he made him leave? No, that thought was quickly shaken off as a loud voice came through then now open doors of the entrance. “Where is he- OI! Leo, no time to slack off!” The female's voice was clearly angry, and held so much of authority when saying his name out loud. Groaning and rubbing his forehead with the back of his hand roughly, Leo could only slightly whine when he felt the pull of his shirt became balled up in his friend Catherine’s grasp. “I knew he wouldn’t stay. Tch- trust a Lord they say. Fuck that never again.”
The pull on his shirt had Leo falling from his stool onto the ground, his knees buckling under him as his upper body was thrusted upwards from the iron grip Catherine held him in. ”Get up, we have to get to the school gosh dammit.”
“What’s got you all worked up?” Leo yawned, ready to listen to whatever has placed his best friend in such a foul mood. However other than getting an answer, he was met with provoked eyes as she flicked his forehead, letting go of his shirt making him collapse fully to the floor. Huffing, Leo pulled himself back onto his feet using the stool he had previously sat on to balance himself on his two feet. Watching Catherine storm away, Leo looked back at the tender and waved before following his childhood buddy.
The air was chill, not many villagers was up at this hour of the morning. Being quick on his feet, Leo caught up with Catherine who still hadn’t talked after getting him. Weighing his options, Leo kept quiet, whatever was going on in Catherine’s head she would tell him when she was ready with it. Instead of talking about her problems, Leo decided to create small talk to sooth her mind and his. “So, the children are out and here we are going to work still.”
“Of course, Leo, we are teachers. I’m just hoping my fresh order of food has come from the Duke.” She speaks, lifting her umber dress at the front as she and him came to the cobble stairs that lead towards the school itself. As they walked, they chatted, amongst throwing a few giggles here ns there. The mood did certainly brighten up as the sun had also, becoming brighter and clearer in the sky that was misted with fog.
At the school front, both Leo and Catherine had sorted their clothing, patting it down and straightening collars. “How I look?” Leo questioned, throwing his arms to the side in a presentable manner and showcasing his clothing from yesterday.
“You look like the same yesterday only this time you looked as though you just ran through a forest bush,” Her remarks never failed to make him chuckle, his smile never leaving his face as neither did hers. Nodding and slightly agreeing with her, they both entered the school through its double doors. The school was fairly small, only having one level to the building. It contained a total of 4 classes, an assembly room and toiletries. The head’s office being placed near the reception. As they opened the heavy doors, a man stood at the reception desked looked up, flashing a toothy grin with his stumble beard.  
“Glad to see you both in work, aren't nothing like staying inside on a cold day.” He said, his gruff voice echoing around the partially empty space. Catherine only waved, giving Leo a hard smack on the back as she walked off down the hallway to the side, turning into the first classroom on the left to start her own work. Just before Leo could speak, her voice screaming about how the order hadn’t been delivered was heard. The noise made both grown men laugh.
“Morning there, I’d be off. Have a good day.” Leonardo said, running his fingers through is hazel hair as the man behind the desk replied with a ‘good day to you too.”. Taking the same and only hallway that Catherine did, Leo walked right down it and entered the very last classroom on the right. When entered, he shut his door and walked past the small desks that were standing towards his own rather large one. When seeing his desk, he noticed something. ‘Where are my papers?’
Hitting his head with his hand, he rushed out his classroom and walked down the hallway towards the entrance. Just as he passed Catherine’s room, she popped her head out. “Whilst you're out there go pick my order up from the Duke please,” and off she went back in leaving no room for any protest against her request. Going along with it, Leo had rushed and left the school whilst getting the receptionist to stare at him with a questionable look and from another teacher of the building. He sped walked through the entire village that he grew up in and rounded about towards the Bar which was starting to become a fairly visited place of his. Clenching his chattering teeth as the coldness picked up, he entered the bar and walked towards his once seated place. A sigh left his lips as he saw his messenger bag untouched under his stool. “May mother Miranda have mercy on me,” he muttered, grabbing his bag and pulling it around his shoulders. Walking back out after looking through his bag, Leo kept his eyes firmly on the path he had to follow. Keeping lightly on his feet in case of any unseen ice, the young man had walked in the opposite direction of the school to head to the outside perimeter of the Village. Walking through the cold, he stuffed his hands into his pockets of his trousers, being careful to not prod himself with the pencil that had normally sat in there.
Although the sun was out, its rays of warmness had no touched the scratchy skin of Leo’s. Instead, he was given the sky’s shivers as he felt a snowflake swirl In front of his face. ”Snow, my favourite weather,” he muttered sarcastically, already feeling unimpressed however slightly better after taking the pill to help with his headache. Wandering around through the day was always better than night, there was no need to be scared of the mountains his village was nestled between. Some people from his village had even climbed the mountains, overlooking the view to see other parts of the land that seemed to stretch further than he had ever thought. It is a sight to forever hold though, everyone that had the wonders of being on top of the mountains had witnessed the true feeling of being free.
Leo smiled at the memory of him and his own family travelling up there once. He was about 8 at the time and was gifted a pencil and book to write in for his stories for his birthday. The climb was awful however, his small legs felt like collapsing but with his father by his side, he managed through it. He remembered reaching the top and grabbing his small book from his coat pocket, just so he could write everything he could see. Villages, lakes, a factory, castle and eve a vast forest or woods. He didn’t know what it was at the time but he felt onto of the world. He felt like he ruled over everything. “I should visit them soon,” the memory of his family had him thinking about them. They had been out of contact after he got his teaching job because he was trying to start his own life by himself. A faint smile brushed on his lips as he walked nearer to the mountains front, where carts would travel to and from to get to other villages.  
The sound of hooves clapping against the stone ground had Leo smiling even more. ‘Finally,’ he thought as he spotted in the distance the cart of horses, a jolly voice accompanying them both. Striding towards the cart, Leo saw the horses first as the cart was turned like it had only just entered his village quarters. Cupping his hands, Leo blew hot air into them and rubbed them together, their friction creating warmth for him. Just as he placed his arms back to his sides, he moved past the horses and walked to the front, only to stop quickly as he saw more than one familiar face.
“Ah Leonardo, please come come. I'm sure you've came to collect the order for Miss Chef aren’t you,” The Duke joked, laughing slightly at his own humorous tone.  
“I am indeed or else I’m sure the children will be coking me next sir,” Leo replied respectfully, standing next to the other familiar face all whilst maintain eye contact with the Duke.
“I’ll be with you in a second Leonardo, just speaking with the Lord here is all. Please excuse me for a second whilst I gather your order Lord Heisenberg.” Leo and the Lord Heisenberg watched as Duke had entered into his cart, the slight shake of the cart moving from his weight and rummaging through whatever was in there. Both men stood in silence, the only noises being the clicking of the hooves or the whilst from the wind that was picking up slightly more as each second flew by.  
Lord Heisenberg next to him had rummaged through his coats pockets to take out a cigar and lighter. Lighting the cigar, he flipped the top of the silver lighter back over the wheel and dropped it back into his pocket. Taking the brown cigar to his mouth, he took a deep inhale as the end of the stick flamed brighter. Taking it out from between his lips he blew the smoke into the air, not slightly bothered if it went into Leo’s direction. “So, you’re ‘ere being an errand boy?” He grumbled out, taking another inhale of his cigar.
Leo relaxed slightly, finding the voice to the Lord to be rather comforting after the events of last night. “I’m no errand boy, I forgot my things and, on my way out, my friend asked me to get her order. Just doing a favour is all.” Leo and Heisenberg stood in silence one day, the atmosphere around them becoming calm as more snowflakes had decided to create their own routine about dancing around them.  
“So, a teacher huh? Must be strange teaching up there with all the demons running around.” The joke had made a small chortle escape between Leo’s lips, a smirk finding a way onto Heisenberg’s as he heard the male’s laugh.
Leo turned to face Heisenberg, looking a little up since he was about an inch taller than him. “They learn quick, already reading one of my favourites. I wouldn’t say they are demons; I would quote them to be foxes for the many excuses they come up with when they don’t hand their homework in.” Heisenberg had thrown his cigar somewhere into the snow behind them having finished it. The after taste had swarmed his mouth, making him suck on his top lip to get the dry texture fairly moist. Running his rather thick muscle tongue over his lips, Heisenberg had dazed down to stare at the young man next to him.
“Foxes huh? Quite the metaphoric person ain’t ya.” Leo shook Heisenberg’s words off, finding no need to try change his mind about him. Writing and saying such words were just natural to his lips, any other way seemed more foreign than he would want. Silence had struck around them, their final words being lost through the now chilly air that had rained snowflakes.
“Excuse the wait gentlemen, I have gathered both of your orders,” The large man had left the comforting warmth of his cart to sit on the outside ledge, holding two large bags in both of his clammy hands that were littered with many rings. A sweet smile was plastered onto his face, eyes beady as he leaned forward and gave the respectful bag to each of the other men. “It was a pleasure doing business with both of you. I shall be arriving here next week again Leo. Would you like anything whilst you’re here?” The Duke had asked, placing his now empty hands onto his stomach whilst leaning slightly back.
Thinking for a moment, Leo had returned the sweet smile back to the Duke. “Do you have any pots of ink and any parchment paper? I'm running low on both.”
“Ah yes, I had restocked them before I came here. How many would you like?”
“Just 2 pots of ink and about 2 books of the parchment paper please as well.” Leo waited as the Duke had travelled back into his cart, his horses neighing at the moment. The cart moved left and right, making Leo take a step back in case of any sudden jerk movements. However, his move did not go unnoticed by the Lord.
“Awww, is the writer scared of movement?” He teased, smiling as he swung his bag of equipment over his shoulder whilst leaning on his large hammer with the other. Leo ‘tsked’ and closed his eyes.
“I am merely looking out for myself sir, if something were to happen- especially in this weather- I'd rather be prepared.” Leo spat out, not meaning his words to be accompanied with such venom, it wasn’t like he had anything against Lord Heisenberg. His words had made Heisenberg chuckle out loud, finding amusement with Leo the villager.
“Here we are,” Leo silently thanked the world as he heard the Duke’s voice. He wanted to get going soon, the chill was starting to hit him badly and his fingers wrapped around the bag of food he could only guess were becoming numb. “2 pots of ink and books. That'll be 150 Lei please.” The Duke leaned forward and handed the materials to Leo, who took them in gratitude.
Just as Leo reached down into his messenger bag to gather his money and place his things in there, a small pouch was thrown into the Duke’s hand. ”Here, I’ll pay for him. Think of it as a way to pay back for the enjoyable night I had.” Heisenberg spoke, turning to Leo and tipping his hat. Leo moved his hand away from his bag and rubbed he back of his neck sheepishly.  
“It was only a couple of drinks; the bar is always filled with guys like me.”
“Oh, really now? Please, you weren’t the one moving away from me now were you.” Leo held back his tongue, looking the other way from Heisenberg’s direction.
“If that’s all gentlemen I shall get going. Safe travels the both of you.” The Duke had waved at both men, pushing himself back into his cart one last time and shutting the doors leaving both Leonardo and Lord Heisenberg alone once again. With snow falling around the both of them, Leo had agreed with himself to start heading back to the school.
“This has been fun but it’s time for me to leave and head back. Safe travels Lord Heisenberg.” Leo had spoken, adjusting his grip on the bag of food as he threw it over his shoulder. He walked away, back turned-on Heisenberg and started his walk back to his home village. As he walked, he listened to the footsteps that followed him. This continued for about 2 minutes before he sighed, rolled his eyes and turned to face whoever was following him. “Shouldn’t you be getting back to the Village of Shadows?” Leo asked, watching as Heisenberg had followed him with a shit eating grin.
“Now now, and here I thought we were beginning to become friends,” The smile never faltered off his lips as he said that, finding the faint blush on Leonardo’s cheek from the cold sort of nice to look at. Something new.
Leo shook his head gently and turned, walking away from Heisenberg not even caring anymore if he followed him or not. However, he thought being followed by a Lord would be comforting- absolutely not. He felt his stomach do turns, his head ache was starting to come back and his hands were becoming warmer as his grip around the food bag was becoming less loose. “So, you just wear thin layers in this cold?” The Lord asked, walking alongside the younger male. Leo shook his head again, his hair shaking along with him.
“I would be wearing a coat but someone had taken me away from the warmth of the bar and took me straight to work. I would of gone home and got my coat but no, work is very import around the village.” Heisenberg silently nodded, looking ahead as he let Leo lead the way back to the Village of the Ram.
“You got a lover?” The sudden observed question made Leo trip slightly, he managed to catch himself however before any harm could be done. A blush raised from his cheeks to his ears as he started to run his mouth dry.
“A lover- gosh no. I-I haven’t even got time for those kinds of things. I’m a writer, my life is dedicated to spreading the word and I have work to do, children to teach. They are the future; they must learn the history and how to read and write.” Leo sighed, feeling slightly guilty for speaking so quickly. “Anyway, no woman in the village can woo me. Maybe Catherine but not me. I don't even love women like that.”  
Heisenberg quirked a brow at his words. ‘Don’t like women like that? How...peculiar.’ The Lord smirked, placing his own bag in the hand of his hammer and swinging his arm around the shoulders of Leo, making him slightly jump on contact.
“You don’t need to love women, you can just have a night stand and-” Leo pushed Heisenberg away, adjusting his shirt and placing his collar straight.
“Gosh no- just no. I don’t like women like that, simply. I like guys.” He put it simply, now walking with heavy footsteps and deep ragged breaths. ‘Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck’ Leo chanted in his mind, finding now that his own actions may cause him to get harmed.
“So, you’re gay.”  
“...Yes, I’m gay.”
“Eh okay.” The answer from the Lord left Leonardo speechless. Not many people in the village really supported his rights of love, thinking a man and woman should be together to bare children since foreigners never come around. Just to know the Lord Heisenberg, apparently one of the top Lords ever was okay with him liking men, had a rather shocking effect on Leo’s mind.
“Okay,” he repeated, smiling a little at the acceptance he was given off a Lord. Looking far ahead was the opening entrance back home, back to his home village. Being slightly more comfortable with the Lord trailing behind him, Leo turned his head and showed his smile at Heisenberg, who in favour smiled back. “Welcome back to the Village of Ram,” Leo said, turning back to face the entrance again with a slight skip in his step.
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saturatedboy · 2 years
Karl Heisenberg x Gn!Little!Reader
This took longer than expected, my apologise.
Words: 4.8K
Requests: Open
Your laughter had rung through the air of the village centre, dragging the attention of the elders that had walked by. However, none was disturbed by your noise, instead they smiled and continued on with their day as they appreciated the thought of you entertaining the small young ones. The small children around you had been building small snowmen out of the thin layer of snow that was left on the stone and dirt ground. Although none of the snowmen looked like your typical snowmen, they still held each other their creativity into it. Your laughter had started after some of the children had decided to name their creations with funny names, filling your heart with warmth. “Mines called Pup because of their ears!”
“Mines called Vampy because I placed teeth on mine!”
“Mines named Snowy because their made out of snow!” The children's laughter had followed your own, them finding your laughter addicting to listen to. Being down in the village had both its ups and down when working with the children. You enjoyed each of their company, glad to be of help to those who went hunting and left their children in your care trusting you without needing to speak the words. You really did love taking care of them, however a part of you had seriously envied the children. You’re here giving them the great childhood they could before they would head wherever they chose to in life- back at your home village a little farther away, you ever received such kindness that much and you weren’t exposed to so much of affection.
The loss of your childhood had happened after your baby sibling was born. You understood the need for them to be cared for but you were thrown to the side, left as the last choice as you watched your sibling revive the affection you once had received. To think now that you were touched starved, had led to a bigger change in you. A type of change that you would coil back into as your mind was filled with bigger thoughts than you could handle. Being an adult now you were left with no choice- you hadn’t been taught what to do or how to take charge of certain things. So, every now and again when things began to get too much to think about or to take actions- you'd simply slip your mind into a more comfortable setting, being the age of 5 again.
From your past visits to the Lady Dimitrescu Castle, offering apology gifts for your boyfriend's behaviour, you’d had taken up the opportunity to be welcomed to the pen library there. The number of books had you hooked, to be able to take you far away from the reality of your own world. Throughout scanning back then, you'd came across a book that had researched about age regression- an unfamiliar word to you at the time. After scanning through the pages before you were running behind time of getting back to your own home, you came to accept that maybe this is what had begun to happen to you where you’d slip into this softer mind set when your anxiety had built up.
You watched as the children had gathered together and started to tell each other stories about their snowmen they built. You found their talks very cute and even asked them questions for them to keep talking as you didn’t want their light of excitement in their eyes to disappear. Their talks soon became quieter as parents would come and pick them up after doing their daily jobs for the village. Each one thanked you for looking after their next family line and was on their ways back home. As the sun only just began to set, you were left with two children at your side as you sat on the cobble wall waiting for their parents to come. Each of the children sat either side of you, leaning against you as their eyes drooped asleep. Humming softly, you stopped when you could see in your line of vision the 2 sets of parents walking over. “Thank you so much!” They spoke, as they gently lifted their sleeping children into their grasps. You nodded as a reply and watched as one pair walked away, the other set lingering for a second.
“Could we talk?” The father asked. You gulped, your mind drifting to anything bad you had done to their child but nothing came. Had you forgotten something? Jumping off the wall you stood with your hands behind you back, your fingers scratching each other slightly as you bit your lip in anticipation. “You see, our boy never wears his gloves and takes them off before we leave the house. We were thinking since they all adore so much if you could keep a spare set on you and tell him to wear them when you see him again tomorrow.”
Biting the inside of your cheek, you hesitantly nodded in agreement and watched as the mother had fumbled into her front pocket of her dress and took out a set of brown cotton gloves, small enough to fit only a child's hand. She handed them towards you as you quickly placed them into your trench coat pocket and waved them both a goodbye. Their backs turned from you as they walked away, hand in hand. Looking up as you felt the sudden drop of rain, you sighed and furrowed your brows. “Time to get home.” You spoke softly to yourself as you pulled your long trench coat over yourself more to shield yourself from the upcoming drop in temperature.
The sky had stars peeking through the shades of blue, the moon rising over the mountains edge. Howls from around you had suddenly become more clearer as the beasts, known as Lycans, walked alongside you taking a sniff at you every now and again to make sure you were really you. Obviously, they weren’t doing this without being told so, your boyfriend had the tendency to become very protective of you and would rather have you safely home with company rather than on your own. Who knows what could get you, he can’t control over every animal in the forests and woods. Grazing your hand over the fur of a Lycan, you giggled as in snuggled into your hand and having its tongue stick out from its mouth. “Puppy!” You spoke only to bite your lip again. Shakily, you took your hand away from the Lycan, even if its whines did almost persuade you to pet it again, and looked forward on your path. You were almost there, just a few more twists to take and you could be in the comfort of your own place.
The sound of the factory running, your home, had made you suddenly become giddy and filled with happiness. Transforming your walk into a sprint, you rushed towards the gates that were still left open and ran on the trail of loose small stones up to the entrance of the factory itself. Taking a deep breath as you hunched over as your sprint stopped at the door, you ran a hand through your hair and waved back at the Lycans that had stopped at the now closing gates. Once the gate was fully closed, they scampered away howling in the wind.
“What are ya waiting for? You’re free to enter ya know!” A voice spoke over the speakers. You rolled your eyes, are you not allowed to catch your breath now. Smiling however, you pushed open the door and entered being met with the bursting heat and steam that swirled around. The smell had been accompanied with both dust and burning metal, keeping you on your feet quickly. Flinging your coat off your shoulders, you threw it onto one of the cloak hooks and trotted out of the room. Hold on... You did a double take and walked towards your coat that had successfully landed on one of the hooks on the wall. Digging through each and every pocket, it was only when you felt in your last pocket that you picked up the gloved out of it. Keeping it tightly crushed in your right hand, you nodded to yourself and hummed in glee, happy you remembered to take them. As you paced again out of the cloak room, you made your way through the long hallway and stood in front of the elevator. You pressed the ‘up’ button and waited for it to arrive. Whistling a random tune your mind had wandered to the gloves again. You had to remember to takes these tomorrow right. For the child. What if you forgot though? Would the child freeze, but he was okay today- maybe that’s because he was lucky? The thoughts soon clouded your mind that you didn’t realise the elevator had arrived and open its door, another figure waiting for you with open arms.
Your whistling had changed into a family tune, a short song your father had sung to you before your sibling had come. Pictures of your family came into mind, the holding your sibling and giving them forehead kisses made your blood boil. You felt betrayed, abandoned for your siblings needs. You were thrown, left for a better and more...more! “Do I get no hug?”
Waking yourself away from your envied trance, your eyes had met the black round glasses. You pouted and nodded, walking into his open arms and wrapping your own arms around his waist, taking a sniff at his scent. Feeling relax as his arms collied around your body after pressing another button to go back to the ‘home level’ as you called it, you kept your gaze down into his shirt not caring about the oil and sweat stains that he stunk of. “How was your day?” He hummed as the elevator begun to move.
“It was okay Karl,” You mumbled, hugging him tighter as your mind became hazy in thoughts. He didn’t press further, sensing you needed some time to maybe think. Your voice sounded strained, weak from the cold air you had felt. Karl had placed his head on your shoulder, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck and closing his eyes. Finally, you were home, he had been missing you the whole day after you left him for the corrupted children as he would put it. Feeling your embrace was all he needed to be motivated to get back to working on a soldier of his. The elevator had stopped and he let go of you, leaving a lingering kiss in your hair. “I’ll be in my usual place, see you at tea,” giving you one last kiss, this one firmer than the last, he waved to you as you stepped out of the elevator and watched as it closed, taking your lover to his working place.
Turning on your heel, you pulled open the first door you could see and entered the now living quarters of the factory. Setting the gloves on a nearby cabinet, you slapped yourself in the face, dragging your hand down your facial features and groaning loudly. You just had to hum that tune didn’t you. You internally hated your senses at this moment, going back to biting your lips at the remembrance of your past family. You looked down at the glove in your now hurting scrunched hand. And onto of it all you had to remember the gloves. You could NOT remember these, how were you supposed to. Something as easily as even cooking slipped your mind half of the time.
You wanted to break down, to cry and go to sleep to doze everything off. You had tried that before but it never worked all the times. Walking around the house, you did a bit of cleaning by putting away the now dried cluttery but that didn’t get rid of the stress. Placing the last knife in the drawer, you decided to head to your room which was situated a bit way from Karl’s own room. Running your hand along the walls as your walked past them, you pushed open your door and closed it behind you. Breathing out harshly, your gaze had settled onto the stuff animal on your bed still. This was Mr Bear, the best name your creative 5-year-old mind could come up with. Seeing Mr Bear had made you giddy, smiling as your troubles had slowly and unnoticeably slipped away. Skipping to the end of your bed, you jumped on the bundle of blankets and grabbed hold of the small brown bear, laughing as you threw him up and caught him again in your hands. Just like your troubles, your mind also slipped into a freer mindset, one that the more adult you wouldn’t fully comprehend the reason behind your actions. It was like a switch in your mind, only this switch had been hidden away from everyone, including Lord Heisenberg.
Sighing, he fumbled with the loose metal compass necklace around his neck as he moved one leg to rest on the other’s knee. Karl Heisenberg had been awaiting your arrival for the last 10 minutes, and everyone who had crossed paths with him understood he was no patient man. Letting go of the compass in his hands, he pushed his chair out as he used his hands to stand up. You had never been late; this was a first and he would be lying if he spoke that he wasn’t worried for your well-being at all. Maybe you were sick? He convinced himself as he picked up your bowl of vegetable soup and used his powers to pick up the spoon that rested beside the bowl’s placement. Walking around the table, he wandered out of the room and called your name again. “(Y/n)! C’mon food is getting cold!” He leaned against the doorframe that split the dining and kitchen from the living room. Still no sound, only small thumps that were barely audible anyway. Groaning, he left the kitchen area and walked through the living space, walking behind the couch to the hallway that had three doors. Turning to the first door, he raised his fist and knocked harshly. “I’ve been shouting you, c’mon out buttercup!”
He rolled his eyes as he could hear your laughter from within the room. Just as he was about to grab the handle of your door and swing it open, his hand stopped midway as he heard you talking. Being curious, he placed his ear by the door and squinted his eyes. Yep, definitely you talking to someone. “No, you got to get mawwied! And I shall be the talking person!” Finding your talking out of character, he went back to grabbing the door handle and as he wanted, he swung your door open. Looking around, he saw you on the floor at the foot of your bed, holding a brown bear and a doll that Donna Benevinto had given to you as a gift. Seeing you hold the two objects; Karl shook his head.
“What are ya doin’ down there darling?” He asked as he crouched down to be eye level with you. You stared at him within unamused look in your eyes.
“They are getting mawwied” You exclaimed, holding the two now married objects into the air and giggling at Karl’s reaction of being wide eyed. He was going to speak but you cut him off before he could get a word out. “You could be the Flowey boy!” Getting up from your spot, you dropped the married couple onto the floor and ran to tackle Karl into a hug. Without expecting the sudden movement, Karl let himself fall onto his backside as you cuddled him by hugging and continued giggling finding the act of surprise fun.
“Buttercup you feelin’ alright?” He questioned as he took his glove off by his teeth and went to feel your forehead for a raise in temperature. You shook your head and scrambled to get off him after he had touched your forehead. As you got off him, you sat in front of him with your legs crossed. You rest your elbows on your knees and leaned forward scrunching your face which caused a chuckle to come from Karl. “What are ya doin’ then buttercup? We have food to eat,” He motions towards the bowl in his hand which you hadn’t caught before. A sudden sparkle spread across your eyes and you crawled towards him and looked into the bowl seeing the substance and liquid move about with every small movement. You pulled a face and backed away, shaking your head.
“I don’t like it.” You spoke, crossing your arms over your chest and looking away with a pout and furrowed brows. Karl was immediately taken back from your response.
“But you like this!” He said, dropping the floating spoon into his other hand as he pointed it at you. You didn’t look, still looking away from him with the same emotion. Huffing, Karl stared at you with an intense look. He was lucky he had his shades on. “Gosh how old are you?” He mumbled under his breath, meaning it in no harsh way but rather a confused intention. What he didn’t expect was you to hear him, and reply.
“5...” He sat straight, looking at you with a questionable look. He placed the bowl beside him, with the spoon in it, and leaned on one of his knees.
“You’re 5?” He repeated, watching as you looked over from the corner of your eye and slowly nodded. He didn’t choose to question it further; he didn’t fully understand nor did he know why you were all of a sudden 5 but it didn’t fully matter to him why you had changed age; he was just worried for you. And he would remember to ask you the next day most likely or when he had the chance to. He watched like a hawk as you crawled back over to where you placed the bear and doll down to pick them up. Smiling, you had shuffled back towards him and passed him the doll.
“Take it,” You pushed the doll into his hands and swayed your head left and right. With the bear in your own, you pretended to make the bear wave at the doll and made the bear walk as you moved it side to side. Coughing slightly, you spoke in a deeper tone. “Hewwo pwetty,” Karl held a laugh back as you looked up at him showing your teeth. You sat there and waited...and waited...and waited. Karl was beyond confused. “You tawlk now.” You whispered to him as you gently nudged his knee with your foot.
Karl gazed down at the doll in his hands, what was he supposed to say? He looked back up at you and saw the sparkle in your eyes with the same smile had had loved chiselled into your face. Gulping down any embarrassment he had, he made the doll wave back. You lit up like fireworks and fidgeted in your place. Karl smiled softly at your reactions, his eyes behind his glasses resting on your form. You seemed much calmer like this, something he never got to see much as you would be trying your best to please everyone in the village after being casted to work for the Lord Heisenberg. “Hi there,” He spoke, playing along with your game by placing a high pitch voice on. Yor conversation lasted for a while, to the point you both had gotten on your feet and started to move on levels from furniture to each other. At the moment in time, Karl was on his knees as you placed the bear in his now up sided hat and pretended it was a boat as you made it move physically around Karl’s frame. His laughter had become harder, some tears threatening to spill, watching you make your best ‘boat noises’ as you moved the boat about.
Whilst you were still moving the ‘boat’, Karl had turned to look over at the clock.
He placed the doll down and waited for you to come back in front of him. He watched as you had sailed the ‘boat’ around him then he quickly grabbed you by the waist making you squeal. Bringing you into his lap despite your protests, he rocked you both as your whines became less and less. “I think we should go eat,” He said, standing up with you in his arms holding onto the ‘boat’ and bear.
“I don’t wanna eatttt,” You whined, squirming in his grasp as Karl walked out of your room and back into the hallway. Nuzzling his head with your own, his beard feeling ticklish against you skin, he chuckled as you tried to swat him away.
“You’re going to eat whenever you like it or not seemingly, I have to reheat tea all over again.” Karl took longer strides into the kitchen, placing you down on the table edge and making sure you were secured in your place. Taking his hat away from our hold, he took the bear out and gave it to you then proceeded to place his hat on your head. You gasped and talk to your bear as Karl turned feeling satisfied with the happy vocal noises, he manages to make you say.
“Look Mr Bear, I’m like Mister over there!” Karl didn’t need to turn to know you were pointing at him for Mr Bear to see. His heart swelled hearing you speak about being like him, just having you with him made him feel so much more love and affection. He wanted to return that, to give you the love and affection you deserved to have in your life. He knew little of your past and family, he never thought to talk about it much since you didn’t strike any interest in them. Any conversation about them was brought to an end after a short reply.
Turning the stove on to reheat the pot of soup, Karl turned around and saw you playing with bear making it dance in your lap. He watched you, finding your actions oddly cute. To think this morning you were awake, ready to take on the day even with the clear evidence of the stress tears creating dark circles under your eyes. Seeing you play happily without a care in the world had made his shoulder drop and become relaxed, you were calm and so was he. It was like your auras would affect each other but either way it was a good collision of feelings.
“Mr Bears says your pwetty!” You said, holding the bear around its waist and holding it down on your lap. Karl raised a brow and took off his shades, placing them to hang of his green under shirt.
“Oh really-?” He walked forward, raising his hands up and wiggling his fingers about. Your child mind got the idea and started to back way on table, shaking your head with a mischievous smile. “If you don’t agree your cute then, I'll transform into the tickle monster.” You laughed and backed away to the edge, sealing your lips shut and staring at Karl with bright eyes.
Bringing up Mr Bear, you took him into one hand and raised him back behind your head, only to lunge him towards Karl, “GO MR BEAR! ATTACK!” Karl could only pretend to get hit as he placed his hand onto his heart, pretending to ‘die’.
“Oh no, I’ve been hit!” Getting down on one knee, he was slowly disappearing from your view from the other end of the table. Biting your tongue gently, you crawled on the table making your way back to your first position on the other side. You leaned over the edge, watching as Karl was on his back hand still over his supposed ‘wound’ from Mr Bear. “I’m going,” He whispered as he dramatically closed his eyes and turned his head as he was now ‘dead’. He held back another smile as he heard your laughter from above him. Your laugh was something he treasured and cherish, to hear every second of it was like his favourite record playing on repeat.
The sudden smell of hot soup hitting his nose had him open one eye, to see you blowing a raspberry at him. Getting up quickly, he gently set you back onto your butt and made sure you were stead on the table. You continued to blow raspberries at him until he gave you Mr Bear, who was left on the floor after the attack, back into your arms. “Keep them safe.” Karl demanded as he turned to go back over to the pot and turn the heat off.
“He’s called Mr Bear,” you responded, facing Mr Bear towards you as you brushed his fluffy fur with your thumb. Karl hummed as he went to grab two bowls from the cabinet, bringing them over to the set them next to stove. Taking the lid of the pot, he used a larger spoon to gather its contents and pour them into the bowls, blowing on it to make sure the heat isn't too much for you. Once the bowls were filled with the vegetable soup, he walked back over to you as he used his powers to collect two spoons from the draining board and bring them over to him. Your eyes followed the flying metal, eyes following there every movement. Your interest would be the same as a child in your caring group, they too would watch the flying metal with interest and curiosity.
“C’mon now, time to eat.” Karl took hold of you gently before setting you down on a chair. You pouted, your bottom lip quivering slightly. “What’s up my little royalty?” He questioned as your hug on Mr Bear suddenly was tighter.
“I want you to fweed me.” You mumbled, your eyes pleading him to do so. Karl was really glad that his other ‘family’ members were not there at this moment to ruin everything. Without a second of thought he agreed, grabbing one of the flying spoons into his hand and stirring your bowl to have an even amount of coolness to its hot substance.
Grabbing a spoonful, Karl brought the spoon to his lips and blew on it making sure there isn’t any steam on it after. Once he was sure it was cold enough for you to have, he held the spoon in front of your face waiting for you to open. “Say ‘ah’” He waited for you to comply, slowly you opened your mouth and felt him nestle the spoon into your mouth. Clamping your mouth close onto the spoon, Karl angled the spoon to pour its liquid into your mouth before pulling it out clean. You chewed and swayed your legs, swallowing and smiling after. Karl turned to his own bowl beside him and used his magic to get a spoonful himself to feed himself with. The routine was that, he’s feed you then feed himself. He wasn’t bothered by this in the slightest, it made you happy so why shouldn’t he do it.
With the food soon gone and bowls washed up, Karl had settled down with you on the couch in the living room as he talked about his plans to kill Mother Miranda. It wasn’t the best subject to talk about since he didn’t know if you understood his rather more profanity vocabulary but either way it seemed you were enjoying listening to him. To you, it was like Heisenberg was telling you a fairy tale and you were just nodding along with the story. Sure, you were learning new words but you were happy to be in his presence. His smile made you smile, when he laughed you also laughed, when he swore- well let's say he began to be more careful with his words after you repeated them.
Although you loved hearing Karl’s voice, your mind was beginning to be lulled to sleep by him. The hot food that you recently found out you liked again and the fun games you spent today with Karl had left you nearly exhausted. Only enough energy to sit and move Mr bear about in your arms as Karl had gotten up to grab a blanket since he too was feeling a little sleepy himself. Getting comfortable, you nuzzled into his side and held Mr bear close, whispering a ‘goodnight’ to him. After you looked up at Karl, who was holding back an urge to smoke a cigar since it was right beside him on the table and gently nudged him with your smaller hand. Karl looked down at you and nodded, waiting for you to speak. “Thank you,” Was all you said before you closed your eyes, resting your body and mind against him.
“Sweet dreams,” was the last thing you heard and your mind had shut off, the darkness being placed with a land of green grass and a black horse running about a great oak tree.
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saturatedboy · 2 years
Donna Beneviento x Fem!Pirate!Reader
Part 1- https://saturatedboy.tumblr.com/post/656447840040747008/hai-i-have-another-request-if-its-okay-can
Words- 3K
Now reading part 2
The next day came quicker than she was prepared for. Waking early in the morning, Donna swiftly did her usual routine and needed straight out. She hadn’t wanted to waste a second minute doording about- her mind had been racing since the last day. How the face of the pirate was implanted into her brain, her words repeating like a Sailor's shanty and the smirk- The. Smirk. It was a smile of cheek that caught her. For someone who should be like the books, the pirate named after ‘Silvering’ was far more real than any of those stores would ever be. “Hey hey hey! Wait for meee!” Angie,Donna’s companion in crime, had hollered out as she reached with her wooden arms to grab onto Donna’s moving fabric. “You weren’t going to leave me behind on an adventure now, were you?” She questioned as she had seated herself onto Donna’s shoulder, holding onto her black veil as she shuffled around.
If her face was unveiled, Angie would’ve seen the bottom lip of the doll marker’s being bitten off as she tried to change her answer. “No, I wasn't. I just thought you might want to stay behind is all,” Her voice came out more strained than anything. She really did want to see the Lady Pirate on her own, to be able to get closer to her.
“Mhmhmm-” The groan from the doll came out short as the front door of the Beneviento manor shut behind them. The walk to the tree in the middle of the forest was filled with small conversation. Changing from the flowers that were finally blooming to the talk about maybe hosting a family party down near the waterwall-however Donna spoke that she wouldn't be having any of them around since this tree could be used for her mother’s reasons and she may never see the pirate again.
Angie felt herself falling asleep, the walk around there was a long walk indeed, the sound of leaves rusting to the noises of birds chirping as the sun was finally making its way higher and higher into the dark blue sky littered with small lanterns of gas. The atmosphere around them surrounded in sheer coldness had created a translucent fog amongst the dirt and fallen branches of the leaf floor. With Angie’s gentle humming, anyone who would’ve dared to cross paths with Lady Beneviento would have run the other way not wanting to know where the sound was coming from.
Up ahead the tree stood, the same orange goop heavily dropping from its branches. How had no other villager come across this yet, Donna had no clue but she was delighted to know that they hadn’t because this meant that she could rather keep this tree private for her and Angie’s use only. “Look Donny, its thereeee!” Angie cheered, jumping on her shoulder with her legs flailing about.
Donna nodded, staying quiet with her lips locked together and quickened her walking pace to meet up with the tree. The tree stood tall as usual. The orange goop dripping down and becoming enchanting to look at. “It’s...pretty.” Donna muttered, her dry lips breathing out into the cold air. Raising her small hand out, Donna reached out towards the goop but hesitated as she was a slight touch away. Looking between the hand and goop, Angie tilted her head and twitched.  
“You...gonna touch it?” She questioned, leaning forward to get a look at Donna’s face which she couldn’t see anyway. A silence moment appeared between the both, the wind and birds filling the dense sound with their morning talk.  
“Maybe-I’m not sure. What should I do?” Donna held her arm in place, unmoving herself away from it all.  
“Touch it, touch it for an adventure!” The excitement of Angie had slightly knocked Donna off balanced and made her step forward to catch herself, however by then the goo came in contact with her finger and instantly made her feel light headed. The slightly banging came back and swirled in her mind, the forest around both Angie and Donna had fell into a whirlpool of moving images. Heavy breaths came from Donna as she set herself down on her knees and curled up gain, finding this position was quite comfortable after her last visit to see the pirate. Closing her eye, Donna felt the movement of air change as well as the forest smell now forever gone. With her eye shut, she could only identify where she would be with sound. The chirping birds became into squawks, the leaves rustling became the sound of waves crashing over one another, the sound of the wind whispering had become one with the water. Underneath her, Donna could feel the change in texture through her dress. The ground was no longer he usual soft dirt after a rainstorm, rather this time it was more breakable, soft under the touch.  
“This happened more...quickly.” She quoted, waiting for her headache to move on so she could open her eyes. On top of her laid Angie, watching everting around them disappear to change into a completely new scenery. Angie laughed at the new brighter colours surrounding them, the green, yellows, blues and browns coated the area very nicely in warmness. The usual coldness of the forest was far gone, stranding both of them into a desert island with the odd red crab running along back into the waters.
“Oh, this is so cool! Donna! Donna looks! C’mon sleepy head look!” Excitement from the other had gave Donna determination to open her eye, sitting up after to look about. This was no boat. This was not where she was last time, this was a new territory. Clinging Angie close to her chest, Donna rose to her feet being brave to face whatever shall come towards her. Out in front of them was the sea, softly waves came in and out as they rolled amongst each other. “Look over here!” The attention was soon brought to where Angie was pointing. To the far left out to see was a figure slowly coming closer. The more Donna stood and looked, the more she could see what it was. The speck soon became a dot that came a shape. The noise had been lifted with shouts and cries from the shape. It soon all became a boat, filled with pirates.
Donna watched as the boat came closer and closer, the faint shouts soon becoming audible to the human ear. “Captain! Tis the strangers!” Voices repeated over each other as faces of all colours and shapes looked around the boat as their eyes landed on Donna and Angie. Angie squealed as she saw the boat take stop on the side of the beach island, seeing the anchor get thrown down made her look at it in awe.  
“I bet I can lift that!” Her voice had reached higher pitches than ever, her excitement grew as she jumped off Donna’s shoulder and flew over to the black anchor on the beach land. The Lady of the Manor stayed in place, keeping a watchful eye on her companion knowing her emotions can get her into more trouble than ever. However what Donna hadn’t realised was another watchful pair of eyes looking down at her from the boat, the usual smirk being wider than ever.
With Angie caught up in looking at the anchor, and the pirate crew watching the strange doll scare them by disappearing and reappearing, this was a perfect moment for the two unknowingly attracted entities to meet again. With the sun still high in the sky, their time together would be longer then their last. With a command to her pirate crew, the captain of the ship slipped through the back onto the bottom deck and out threw a cannon window. The fall was deep, but with a date to get someone flustered the captain completely ignore that and risked the jump. Feeling her cloak lift behind her and the air rushing around her exposed skin, the lady of the ship felt at peace after the day’s events of stealing and capturing others.
Once her boots had touched the ground, she took off with a walk of pride towards the unique guests of some sorts. “If it isn’t the pretty lady,” She spoke, her teeth shining in the light of the sun in the East. Although her voice was slightly unheard to the lady of the manor, she still turned her head after seeing her figure approaching from the ship. With hands placed behind her, Donna walked at her own slow pace towards the other staying mute. “’ey, not talking are we today.” With a shrug in return, the captain breathed out a breath and nodded. “I get that, sometimes you ain’t wanna talk but sometimes ya do. No need to rush in hearing your voice, I’ve had it playing like a melody in my head since yesterday.” The words that were unfamiliar to Donna had brought the same light blush it did as the day before. Her head was no longing spinning yet a feeling deep in her stomach had turned into a mass of butterflies fluttering about making her furrow her brows and her lips become slightly parted with hearing each word from the captain.
“(Y/n), right?” The captain looked pleased, hearing the ‘pretty lady’ speak.
“And there it is! The voice sweeter than any mermaid in the sea. And why yes,” Bowing, (Y/n) took her hat off and placed it where her heart would be, looking up to see the veiled woman staring at her. With a toothy grin, she lifted herself back up and placed her hat back on. “-my name is indeed (Y/n) fair lass.” Being light on her feet, the pirate had snatched Donna by the waist and dipped her down with her face hovering over the veil- but the quick movements of being thrown back had forced the veil to drop of Donna’s face revealing all that’s under. Finding the sudden situation awkward, Donna looked everywhere other than the Pirates eye, but (Y/n) wasn’t having that. Using her fingers, she gripped onto Donna’s chin and made her face her to be met with (Y/n) smile-no smirk a smile. “Pretty Lady, no need to hide your battle scars. We are all pirates here facing great big problems bigger than the sea, don’t let waves take away what’s precious to you.” Donna slightly teared up; she could feel the light touch of fingers running over her Cadou scar. “You’ve sailed through great storms it seems, but rest now, the storm is at peace.”  
The safety of the embrace she was brought into had Donna sniffling back held emotions. How could he easily fall apart in the arms of a fictional figure- but the safety was all she needed. With her head buried into (Y/n) chest, the other hand an arm wrapped around her waist and the other was running light circles onto her neck calming her down. Being a pirate raised by her mother, she was taught to give to those who needed the most, and to never look down on someone who came out on top. Respect the place you place yourself in and live in the moment where you are- those were the rules set by her mother. Inhaling deeply, the soft scent of flowers filled (Y/n)’s nose as she swayed side to side with Donna in her arms. “To say you’re a pirate...you’re oddly pleasant to be with.”
With a fake gasp and heart on the forehead, (Y/n) chuckled and pulled away from Donna. “Me- oddly pleasant. Now I think I’m going soft.” the laugh from (Y/n) had sounded wonderful to Donna’s ears. The deep chuckle that came from the female had her in a safe space of mind away from the family problems at her home. “But anyway, want to ‘ear a story?”  
Time had flown by as the two talked and listened, sun setting closer to the sea line as their hands touched and cradled in one another. Their talks had led deeper than the sea itself, talking from family to aspirations in life. A few of the crew members including Slasher the mutt had joined in to listen as the waves swayed back and forward. With a few rum beers later, the crew had decided to go explore the island leaving the two strangers and their captain alone to sit together on a stray log they pushed out from the island behind. Taking a swing at her beer, the captain placed her mug down and took her white hat off- only to place it on Donna’s head. “Looks a lot better on ya then it will on me m’lady.” (Y/n) spoke, smiling as she watched Donna readjust it on her head liking the feeling of having the hat.
“It's a beautifully made hat,” Donna said after, cradling Angie in her arms as the doll was asleep after tiring herself out scaring the crew and trying to lift the anchor. More laughs came from the captain, her pulling her hair strands from her face.
“Thank ye, this was my mothers. I just hope to complete my main goal she never did, to find the perfect woman to spend life with." Although the pirate had been joyous and kind to her since she first came, Donna couldn't shake the feeling of the sorrow that had drowsed the poor soul’s voice when the talk about her mother was brought up. Cradling Angie with one hand, Donna uses the other to place on the pirate's knee and leaned forward.
“I’m sure she would be proud of you with or without a completed mission.” The words that came from her made (Y/n) smile and look away, the slight nodding of her head showing she appreciated the words. The silence erupted the air again, however their presence to one another was more comfortable than the clouds hat clouded over the sky as night rolled in. Watching the sea, Donna had failed to see the captain turn to her and stare at her with awe in her eyes. Such a pretty lady- always a pretty lady no matter what she looked like. Fidgeting with her fingers, the pirate coughed into her hand and gently tapped on Donna’s shoulder beside her. Turning around, Donna smiled at the sight. Their (Y/n) had her hand out, a silver ring with an orange gem in the centre was in her hand out on show to Donna.
“I want ya to have it- to remember me when you disappear again. Although we may not always cross paths, I hope to have ya in my future with my crew. We get people from everywhere in different places, they come and go.” Taking a breath in and out, the pirate slowed her talking down and took Donna’s free hand into her own placing the ring onto her right-hand ring finger. “And if you must come and go like them fairy tales, I’d be glad to have you remember me if you do not return back.” The sun that was close to setting had made the orange gem glow dimly in its light, the orange reminding Donna of the goop back at the tree in her own place. Could the ring be connected to it?
“I’d have it on every day in hopes to meet you again,” Donna smiled sweetly, the company of the Pirate had become one she was rather enjoying more of. She knew she would be going6 soon, the sun setting was a ticking timer and her minutes with the other was disappearing quickly. “Let us meet again and go on an adventure.”
(Y/n) watched as Donna’s eyes grew tired, the white shine in them was going greyer by the second. With a sad smile, she nodded, feeling Donna that had little strength now, place the hat she was wearing back onto her head with a weak smile. Donna fell against her chest one last time, sniffing into her scent smelling the smell of salt and weirdly enough grapes. “You smell like grapes,” She whispered, feeling (Y/n) coil her arms around her tighter, pulling her closer to her body.
“I loves grapes as much as I love you- your company I mean!” The quick save from the other was not taken lightly the Donna. With a shake of her head, she leaned up and kissed her lips feeling instantly the feel of a hand being pressed against the back of her head onto (Y/n) lips, having them much closer with the pressure. As their moment would be forever remembered by the lingering touch, Donna had slowly left the space next to the pirate as she soon realised, she was kissing just the air. No sign of another ever being next to her. Smiling and wishing to see the other again, she stood up and stride away back to her boat, ready to set out on an adventure in hopes the pretty lady would show up again soon.
“Donna are you listening?” Mother Miranda had asked the doll maker.
“She is mother Miranda!” Angie replied for the other, keeping herself upright on her partners knees as she held onto them. Behind Angie, Donna’s hands were placed. She was far too into her own world to be listening to her ‘mother’ right now. Ever since she came back from her adventure with the other, she couldn’t stop messing with the silver ring around her finger. You see, when she first came back from her adventure after the kiss, her ring had glowed up brightly, the gem seemingly to respond with the tree. The tree has not gone anywhere, the tree still stands tall in her territory and Donna was willing to do everything in her power to keep anyone from finding out about it. Her pirate story was one she was not willing to share. after all, if any ones-
It’s all just a fairy tale.  
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saturatedboy · 2 years
Lord Heisenberg X Male!OC
New and first story series! This involves a male OC, however be free to use your own name instead. This book won’t exactly follow the plot of RE8, however ideas will be taken from it.
Male!Oc- Leonardo is a 27 year old male that works within a distance village called ‘Village of Ram’. Reason for it’s name is that its hidden away behind many mountains. His job includes being a literacy teacher within a new still-in-construction school. On the side lines he is a journalist, using his findings to post through the Duke to spread around the other villages. However not all his stories can have a happy ending, and I fear the story he’s within won’t go to plan. Would his story be complete with a happy ending, or will he loose- may the pages of his story be turned.
Warnings: Mentions the use of alcohol
Words: 3K
The Slaughter of the Ram
Chapter 1
They all stared at him with a lost look in each and every one of their eyes. Some had heads down, others blinked away any boredom that snuck in through the words that came from his mouth and the rest were whispering amongst themselves with a few giggles escaping. They really didn’t want to be here but they were forced by the leaders of their home to. It wasn’t like they could get education anywhere else.  
The sudden chime of a bell ringing had woken most of the young. Them all being swift in gathering their things together. The older male stood with chalk in hand, watching the young pack away equipment such as pencils, paper and books. Smiling at their eagerness to leave his class, with a clear throat he spoke over the loudness that they were causing with their chairs and voices. “Read pages 12 to 16 of ‘Mid-Summer Night Dream’ please in your break!” A chorus of groans left most of their mouths leaving the male at the front to chuckle. “I know you all are enjoying it all!”
“Sir, must we read? It’s Summer break-”
“Since when do we have Summer break here? You know it’s always Winter here Robert.” The girl with a high bun, neatly wrapped with a silk ribbon had spoken up as she gently flicked the boy named Robert on his forehead.
“So, Charity, it’s still Summer-” He shot back, grabbing her wrist before she could give him another flick. She struggled out of his grip, moving her arm about as she smiled at the others playfulness. The oldest male cleared his throat having heads turn towards him. With a silent chuckle, he banged his fist against his chest a couple of times to clear his throat fully before speaking.
“And here I thought you all wanted to go home.” Just as quick as the words left his throat, his future generation had scrambled out of the door and filed into the very small hallways to escape through the front. He stood there for a minute or two, waiting for all the students to leave fully before turning to face his desk and gathering his own equipment and papers to mark. Being in thought about his next meal of the night, he was drawn back out by a knock against wood.
“Knock knock, it’s your favourite.” A feminine voice that had the tone of a mother had spoken from behind him. Placing the last paper into his messenger bag, he stood and turned to face the old visitor with a bright smile. Leaning against his open door was a woman with blonde hair that was slightly mangled from her usual bonnet that she would wear that was now resting on her shoulders. Her green dress with an apron over the top had reached her ankles which feet was accompanied by black doll-shoes.
“Catherine, great to see you. How were the lessons? Heard you have some new sprouts.” The sudden expression change that came from her explained the whole day to him instantly. With a heavy sigh, she placed her bonnet back onto her head and spoke.
“They were terrible. I’m not even joking. They don’t understand how to make soup. Soup I tell you!” she continued to ramble on about her day, expressing her hatred towards the new students and old ones that she herself had to teach for cookery class. “-And then I told her to put her utensils back and-Hey! Are you even listening to me?” A pout fronted her lips, brows furrowed as she stared at the male with arms crossed over her chest as she watched him stare into space. With a harsh nudged of her, he blinked his eyes and turned t face her, hair swaying with his movement. With a smile and neck scratch, he spoke.
“I’m sorry Catherine. All this talk about food is making me thirsty. Say, would you like to join me at the Inn? I’m pretty sure some whiskey would move all your problems away.” He suggested, adjusting his messenger bag over his shoulder and rolling his beige sleeves up to his elbows. With a soft sigh, the woman placed her bonnet on and brushed her dress down, getting rid of any wrinkles easily.
“Only if you’re paying, and I’ll take my usual of scotch thank you.” Together they walked, arms linked out of the room and school that was still being built. The snow wisped around them, being gentler as it lightly touched their exposed skin. With the walk being silent, they could hear the joyful cries of smaller children playing with sticks and others having the usual game of a snow ball fight. The sight made Catherine cringe. “Children, they are so much to handle.” she expressed her hatred through bending down gathering snow and then throwing a snowball at a child that was in her classroom that day. “And that’s for running with a knife!” She exclaimed as the child that got hit only laughed with a thumbs up, using their other hand to wipe the snow off her arm.
“You mustn't hurt the children; they are the reason this village will be up and running still in times yet to come.” The older male spoke, placing his arm back out for Catherine to grab, which she did almost immediately. Catherine sighed and rolled her eyes, tutting at his words.
“Now Leo, you know very much that if these children aren’t taught manners, then how could they ever survive. Haven’t you heard the news from the Village of Shadows?” She asked, however the older male, Leonardo, stayed quiet. She continued as the Inn was slowly getting closer in their reach. “Apparently mutant sorts of dogs have been wandering about, snatching children left and right. A young girl, age 14 I think, was attacked but luckily survived as her father with his buddies shot at the beast. Wicked I tell you, scarily wicked.”
They reached the Inn at the end of her words, a now unsettling aura around them both. Leo pondered to himself, being caught up in his thoughts as usual. ‘If the centre village is being attacked, then why haven’t they cancelled the festival for two days' time?’ Being dragged into the Inn, Leo huffed and coughed slightly at the sudden smell of cigars blocking his nose. The stench was something he had yet to still get comfortable with however he would deal with it for now. Letting Catherine lead him, Leo looked around the now bustling room of other men and woman, some children falling asleep in the wooden booths to small babies nestle in their mothers' grasps. Waving to familiar faces as he passed them, he quickly settles down at the bar as Catherine sat beside him. “Would you look at her,” She sighed dreamily. Watching her line of vision, Leo followed it to have his vision set on a beautiful woman. Long brown hair reaching her hips, a brow dress reaching the floor with a daisy took behind her ear. She was enjoying a glass of water with some other people that Leo hadn’t set a name with the faces.
“I swear we only come here for you to gush over women.” Leo snarked, rolling his eyes at his friends' actions of whistling loudly grabbing the attention of the girl who blushed deeply in return. Leaning back against the bar top, Catherine giggled and she raised her hand up to call for the bar tenders' attention.  
“What can I say, women are really pretty and you can't say much, what about you and Aaron? What happened there?” Her question aa caught in the air as she held a finger up to keep Leo silent, telling the bar tender their orders of whiskey and scotch. It was only after the tender had written down their orders that she signalled Leo to carry on as she turned on her buffet to instead sit straight and look at the lines of bottles behind the bar.
With a groan, Leo dropped his head onto the wooden top as he turned his face to look at her. “He let for another village, asked if I wanted to come. I declined and so he left without any trace of a ‘goodbye’ to me.” Catherine pursed her lips together, only for her lips to stretch into a smirk.  
“So, writing boy is free to date hmm~?”
“No, I am not. I enjoy being single and I don’t need no man in my life.” Beside him, Catherine held her laugh. Her faced flushed in red as she tried to keep her composure. With a hard slap on his back, Leo jerked up and sat with an angry look on his face. “Hey, what was that for?!”
“I just felt like it. All this talk about love is making me thirsty- EY BAR TENDER, PASS OUR DRINKS WILL YA!” With a nod from the said other, the bar tender came over to them dropping their drinks on the counter and nodding to them. With muttered ‘thanks’ of the best friends, he walked away to tend to other customers.
Both sat in minable silence, the odd talk about classes to talk about summer ideas passed through their conversations. As the night became young, the pace began to get more crowded and louder. Someone had started to play the harmonica, Catherine had wobbled away from Leo in search of the girl she called beautiful, the place began bustling with smokers and soon, Leonardo had turned on his buffet to watch everything go down. Smiling, he watched as happy couples were on the make-shift dance floor as a small band played, children were running in and out of the doorway and the odd student came up to Leo to ask about the pages they must read. “Just those would do, now go enjoy your night and holiday.” With a loose hand shake, the student ran off again into the crowd of people. Leo scrunched his nose as he downed his 4th glass of the night. The fiery taste burned his throat yet he was still perfectly fine. Looking around the room, he spotted multiple photos hanging of ‘Mother Miranda’. She was Somone that his community and others worshipped. She was their god in their eyes. Although Leo didn't quite understand her, he had his own hopes he wished to grant to her however dreaming is one thing to reality.
Just above the doorway was a sketch of his entire village. ‘Village of the Ram’ was quoted at the bottom of the sketch. There were multiple villages in the area, however his village had mostly resided away from Castle Dimitrescu as he remembered. Words between villages was sent through post by the duke. A large man who acted as a father to all. He was sweet, something Leo did find attractive however The Duke was far from his type. If he didn’t travel every day, Leo was sure to find himself maybe even falling in love with him however he treasures the fact both were close friends- but that never stopped him from never getting a discount of the other.
Placing his empty glass back onto the bar top, the noise from the bell of the door along with gasps and the sudden stop of music had caught his full attention. Turning towards where everyone was looking, the door was wide open with a fairly tall man standing in the way. With long strides, the man had walked in, banging the door close behind him. Murmured talk between everyone erupted at the visitor. The free and enjoyable air that was in the atmosphere had let as it was placed with an uncomfortable sense of feeling. “Ignore me will ya.” The deep, husky voice spoke as everyone went back to what they were doing. Music had started to play again as the new visitor had stride his way up.
Leo stared at the man, taking in his features as he walked practically up to him. Not wanting to attract attention to himself, he spun back around on his buffet and asked the bar tender that was nearby to order him another glass of whiskey. The tender placed the glass he was drying down and went to do as commanded. Leo had stated to take notes in his mind. ‘Big guy, sunglasses blocking his vision, fair long stipple of beard growing, really nice grey hair to compliment his face- overall the fucking Lord Heisenberg.’ Thanking again to the bar tender, Leo kept his eyes on his refilled glass that was stirring with his chosen liquid. He tried his best to keep his breathing down as the Lord of the Village of Shadows had taken the seat next to him. With a shaky hand, Leo sipped his drink this time only to have his eyes wander to look at the man beside him. To his shock, he could see behind the sunglasses to have a pair of greenish yellow eyes staring back at him. Pretending he wasn’t looking; Leo slowly turned his eyesight back onto his drink as he placed the half empty shot glass down. “I’ll have what he’s having.” The same deep voice spoke.
Distracting himself from the talk about him, Leonardo ran a hand through his fairly long hazel hair and pulled it back into a ponytail, using a bobble he had solen of Catherine to tie his hair back. Two loose stands fell in front of his face framing his jawline. “Do I get the pleasure of knowing the young man's name?” The lord asked, turning his larger frame to face Leo.
Biting his lip, Leo turned his head to face him, being greeted again with the same eyes that felt captivating. Without a second thought, he spilt his name. “Leonardo- or Leo would do.”  
The Lord smiled in satisfaction, a smirk stretching his lips. “So, you are more than staring!” He exclaimed, catching the attention of a few nearby people who were also sat at the bar, however as soon as they noticed it was the Lord speaking, they turned their heads quickly to carry on with their conversation. Biting back his frustration, Leo spoke up in a much harsher tone forgetting who he was dealing with.
“I’ll have you know it was you staring at me first you-”
A hand pulled on his shirt collar, making him look at the culprit. Catherine was there with the woman from before clinging onto her arm. “My apologise Lord Heisenberg, my friend appears to be drunk.”
“I’d have you know I am no light drinker; he was staring at me-” Catherine slapped her hand over his mouth and began to pull on Leo’s shirt.
“Looks like the alcohol is getting to him. C’mon it's time to go Leonardo.” Heisenberg waved the bar tender away as he placed down his drink of the same liquid as Leo.
“It’s quite alright miss, I find your friends attitude towards me quite...intoxicating.” Heisenberg leaned to grab his shot glass, only to down the whole drink in a mere second. Slamming the glass back not the top, he swung an arm over Leo’s shoulder and pulled him away from Catherine’s grasp. “It’s not every day I see new villages with such Firey attitude. I think I may stay around a little longer, what do you say Leonardo?”  
Leo groaned; he could start to feel the effect of the alcohol seeping into his blood stream. Oh, to just pass out in Catherine’s arms would be amazing. “You may be a Lord but that doesn’t mean you weren’t staring at me first.”
“Leo, drop it already.” Catherine hissed, bringing the woman on her arm behind her as she glared at Leonardo. Leo shook his head, letting the alcohol take over his movements as he slowly began to get tipsy.  
“He looked at me though,” He whined, pouting as he shot a glare of his own at the Lord who smiled in return. Oh, how he was loving this. The way Leo swayed slightly, to his slightly muscled arms being free and on show for him. To say a man was having such an effect on him that he couldn’t understand, he was enjoying every moment of this.
“How could I not look; you are like the Ram of the village aren’t you.” Heisenberg let Leo’s body fall against his, his arms wrapping almost immediately around his front. Catherine shook in her boots; her friend was at the mercy of the lord’s grasp. “Strong arms with an attitude to prove strength by. So fascinating.” Heisenberg hands got tighter as he pulled Leo closer to him, his scent of chalk and a whiff of whiskey became an instant comfortable smell.
Catherine watched her friend in worry, he was getting less sober by the second whilst she was gaining her composure to be sober. “Not to be rude but I think it's time I take my friend home Lord Heisenberg.” Catherine spoke, twiddling her fingers as the Lor stared at her with an unamused look.
“He’ll be fine. This is a 24-hour Inn, right? I’ll stay with him until he wakes up. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to a Ram like him.” Catherine balled her fist. Here her friend was half awake and half asleep and she knew she couldn’t do much against a Lord. She sighed and nodded, trusting him with his words as she turned on her heel and walked away, the smaller lady following her.
Heisenberg turned his attention back onto the male named Leonardo. ‘Such a pretty little thing, too bad you're a little annoying- or maybe it's because of the alcohol.’ Heisenberg thought as he placed Leo’s head onto the counter carefully, letting his whole slightly taller than average frame fall against the counter. Heisenberg watched as he slept, this was sure an interesting interaction.
He only came to here explore the other villages, for Mother Miranda to have some new bodies for the experiments. He never suspected to already be caught up in weird feelings with some random boy. He only knew his name anyway. “Leonardo,” He smirked to himself, pulling out a cigar from his pocket and lighting it. “Leo-...nardo.” He repeated but more slowly this time. The syllabus that rolled of his tongue felt good. The name was perfect. Looking at the sleeping male one more time, Heisenberg took a drag from his lit cigar.   “Leonardo, Strongest Ram in the mountains.”
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saturatedboy · 2 years
Hai! I have another request ( if it's okay ) can you do a donna x fem pirate reader where Donna is just wondering around with Angie when she found a portal to another dimension that leads to a beach where the reader's ship is alongside the shore then they went to inspect it but ended up being caught by the crew and brought her to the captain of the ship ( which is the reader )
Donna Beneviento X F!Reader
Quick talk, this will be in two parts. I missed some of your idea to keep for the next part because I had ended up getting caught in writing this that I completely forgot to check through the request again. My deepest apologise for that but I promise to have the next part up soon.
Part 2- https://saturatedboy.tumblr.com/post/657437883445166080/donna-beneviento-x-fempiratereader
Requests: Open
Words: 3k
The fragrance of sugar and chocolate had diffused around the small room. Sat back in her chair was none other that Lady Beneviento, Donna. Brining the china cup up to her slightly chapped lips, she sipped the Earl Grey tea and sighed in delight as the steaming liquid ran down into her stomach system. Gently placing her cup down, she looked to the other side of the small round table that was surrounded by nature's plants. At the other end was Angie, the doll, chewing down on some Victorian sponge cake. Donna raised her dainty hand to her lips to hide the small smile that had sketched itself onto her face. Keeping her lips pursed together, she held in the chuckle that threatened to escape from Angie having some icing around her mouth. Pushing the chair out, the metal scraping amongst the wooden floor, Donna had raised herself out from her chair and walked over to Angie, picking up a napkin that was settled in the middle of the table.
Making her way towards Angie, she took the doll's head within her hand and dapped at the white smooth icing that had coated her mouth. "I know you can't feel but please do try to be careful when eating." Donna spoke softly, folding the used napkin up and placing it next to Angie's now finished plate.
"Yeah yeah, I know. But now we have had our afternoon tea, I think it's time for an adventure!" Gliding up from her own chair this time, which was stacked with books so Angie could reach the table when sat, the doll had grabbed it's toymakers hand and whooshed out through the many corridors.
"Angie, I wasn't finished with my drink," The whine came from Donna's mouth, her veil flying behind her unmasked  face as she tried her best to keep up with her doll's quick speed when flying. Angie however completely ignore the cries of Donna and dragged her to he front of the manor by the cloak rack. A stern look had edged its way onto Donna's features as she was still upset about her tea going cold.
"I will make you more after a walk in the woods!" Angie swirled herself around the cloak rack and grabbed a black cloak for Donna to ear. Twirling herself around Donna, Angie placed the cloak on and tied the front into a bow. "There now lets go!" Donna shook her head slowly and flipped her veil over her face, only to follow Angie out of the manor, still wishing she could of finished her cup of tea.
"10 green bottles on a wall...10 GREEN BOTTLES ON A WALL!" Donna mentally screamed in her head as she listened to Angie scream. Although her behaviour would be accepted in the manor, Donna was very against of any attention outside her territory, which to her was mostly the manor.
"Angie, please keep it down a little," She whispered, closing her eyes as she followed the familiar path through her woods. Angie groaned loudly and dropped her arms to place weight onto her float. She let her eyes turns about as she started to spin in the air to give herself entertainment since she wasn't allowed to be loud.
"Spinning I am, spinning indeed." Angie talked to herself as she continued spinning, completely unaware of Donna having her eyes closed behind her veil as she herself was subconsciously following Angie's voice. As Angie was spinning, being unaware of her surroundings, she came connected to a rather large tree that had branches sprouting far and wide. "OW!" She screeched, altering Donna of the sudden pain. Donna opened her eyes and hurried towards Angie who was now sat on the dirt floor looking up at what she knocked into. "WOAH!" She cried out as she was back up floating around the large trunk. "When were you going to tell me you have a huge tree!?" She questioned Donna, circling around the trunk once and gliding towards Donna to settle onto her shoulder.
"I...didn't." Much just like Angie, Donna was also curious about the tree. She knew her territory like the back of her hand and she was more than sure that this tree had just came out of nowhere. Kneeling down onto the slightly soggy dirt, she inspected the large roots that were coted in a slimy orange substance. Dragging a finger through the slime, she fiddled with it between her index and thumb. "How strange, I haven't seen anything like this before."
"Oooooo maybe it's magic!" Angie threw her hands wide, her head doing a full 360 as she wriggled herself about on Donna's shoulder. Donna wiped the substance off her fingers onto the ground, pulling herself back onto her feet as she stared through her black veil at the now growing orange. "Erm Donna, what did you do?" Angie asked, watching as the orange had sprouted its way higher up the tree from the roots, to the trunk and so on, accompanied by a slight rumbling erupting from what sounded like inside the trunk.
"I have no idea Angie!" Shielding herself and Angie with her hands by crouching and hugging Angie close, Donna closed her eyes as the orange glow grew lighter and brighter in colour, changing into a warm white. She felt her body became much warmer as her head began to spin. Not knowing what was going on, she felt the faint touch of breeze brushing through her cloak. Letting herself fall onto her side, Angie still in grasp, Donna curled around and let whatever was going on to happen.
"-off mine. Go scrub the lower decks Decker."
"And why should I! I was only takin' a look!" Donna groaned as she felt the sudden feel of sickness wash over her body. She curled tighter as she felt like her body was swaying side to side. Trying to pride her eye open, she was met with the once darkness she had remember seeing from when she was first experimented on with the Cadou. A deep feeling of fear washed over her
"Because I'm the captain and you don't want to make the Captain angry now do ya boy?" Donna's fear increased at the sound of the voice. It was dripping in venom and threats that even she felt frightened of. The voice wasn't familiar either and the accent was one she hadn't heard before, Donna could've swore she knew everyone from the village, even the small children that had wished to see her to make flowers crowns with her when the festivals would be around.
"No ma'am-"
"Captain Decker. I am your Captain. Now off ye go boy before I get Slasher on ya. Beat it." The noise of heavy footprints had sped past Donna's head as she kept still, trying to keep her breathing to a minable. As far as she was now aware, whoever this captain was should be the only person left with her- wait no. Angie....where was Angie? More heavy footprints has walked past her head but whoever this pair has stopped right next to her head. Donna kept still on her side, not daring to even open her eyes in fear her veil may not be covering her face.
Silence was between all of them.
"I know you're awake~" The same voice, the Captain's voice this time was right above her ear making Donna squirm under the heat that came from the mouth. Shaking in anticipation, Donna shot her upper body up and pulled her knees to her chest, feeling small against the new person she has came in contact with. Looking up and keeping her eyes wide, she was in complete utter shock. In front of her stood a rather tall woman. Above average height she would compare her height to. Her hair was knotted, having a large Tricorn hat with a white feather place amongst the small nest of hair. A wide grin with small sharp teeth was scarred on the face of the female. She stood tall, a sword hanging from her hip with a long tail coat in white covered her body mostly with the front being open wide. Underneath the tail coat was a white waist coat, hugging the figure perfectly. White tights were worn with brown boots that reached the knee area. Donna's mind flicked to one word and one word only,
Pirate. Just like in the many stories she had read to Angie in the past. In front of her was a pirate, and a good looking one too in her eye. "Say there lassie, ye a long way from home ain't ya?" She spoke loudly, a chuckle rumbling her chest as she stared down at Donna. Donna was beyond speechless, did she transport world? Pirates were made up stories, they belonged in a book but the tree....the tree.
"Donnaaaaaaa," A satisfied sigh left Donna's mouth as she heard the familiar voice of her partner in crime. Looking around her space trying to find where she was, Donna saw blue the surrounded the scratch wood she was on. Looking back at the female pirate, she saw behind her an upper deck that had led to a steering wheel with a large male behind it with a pipe in his mouth. Looking behind herself, Donna saw the bow of what she now knew to be a ship. A sudden grip wrapped itself around Donna's back, a giggle escaping from whoever it was. "Donna we can be pirates! Oh this is a wonderful adventure!" Angie screamed out, squeezing herself under Donna's left arm to hug her from the front instead. Beneviento looked down at Angie, who now had a small hat on top of her grey veil.
"Angie, oh Angie." Donna huffed out as she hugged her doll close, being glad she was safe and not a single scratch on her.
"Gotta say, she's quite the hyper character ain't she. Pretty tough when up against Slasher as well. My mutt was gonna take a swig at 'er head there" Donna glared at the female pirate, feeling invaded and insulted that she would call Angie out on her character so easily like that.
"And you're just a...just a..." Donna threw her head to look back at Angie failing to come up with an insult to fend Angie's honour.
"Don't mind her, she's just head over heels for cute girls like yourself," Donna flicked Angie's head at her sudden words. Donna was sure she wasn't interested in fictional characters. Donna preferred to be clean, not like a pirate who would stay in the dirt and drink beer till they pass out inly to want a 'good time' when it was for their own personal needs. The thought of even dating a pirate sent shivers up her spine.
"I ain't no cute girl, I prefer the words dare devil or even maybe sexy~" The female flirted back, staring directly at Donna. Donna let go of Angie and stood up, her shy demeanour was long gone. She crossed her arms over her chest and threw her veil up not daring to take such immature behaviour from the other. The other had gasped, but not in shock but rather like she had just found treasure.
"Sexy isn't a word to describe such yourself- gosh I don't even know your name."
The pirate smirked, leaning their arm on the grip of their word as she lightly leaned back on her knee. She licked her teeth and smiled peevishly. "The name's (Y/n), however on the sea 'ere the name's Captain Silver-ring." Donna grimaced at the sudden outtake of the 'Captain Silver-ring's hand. She softly knocked it away from herself with her own hand and tutted, Angie watching from the side lines next to a rather buff dog which had seated itself on top of a barrel.
"I prefer it if you didn't touch me (Y/n). Contact by others isn't something I'm much used to." The quick explanation from Donna had created a head tilt from the Captain. She way beyond confused, what was a lassie doing dressed in full black even doing on her boat. Everyone in the area knew that contact was the only quick way to gain any booty, either by stealing or by taking- totally not the same.
The captain slowly nodded her head, a finger drumming on her cheek. "Okay, so ye on my boat with no thoughts of getting any of me treasure? Who are you working for? The Wooden Boot? Maybe you're a stealer for the Crow's Eye. I always knew she would try take me booty." Angie laughed out-loud drawing the attention of all the sailors on board the ship, even Donna.
"She said booty!" Donna covered her eyes slightly, feeling embarrassed. Her she was, a new world with new people and she may end up dying here. Great...just great.
"So if ye not 'ere to steal me booty, why are you 'ere then?" (Y/n) asked suspiciously as she then began to circle Donna, making her feel smaller than ever. Under the intense glare that (Y/n) gave out, Donna could only whimper slightly until the same light headed feeling came back to her just like before she came to be transported here.
"I don't know, I just somehow got here." Donna mumbled, letting herself drop to her knees with her head hung down. (Y/n) waited and stared at Donna, only getting bright eyes when she signalled everyone off top deck. Hurried feet ran down below, leaving just the captain, Donna, Angie and Slasher on top as night began to roll in.
"I never got ye name," (Y/n) said, kneeling down but keeping distance away from Donna after remembering she didn't like contact.
"I'm lady Beneviento-"
"A LADY! Oh my gosh, Where are my manners." Donna raised a brow as she lifted her head, it swirling around a bit, and watched as (Y/n) bowed.
"My Lady Beneviento-" A quiet gasp came from Donna's mouth. Never in her life was she ever called by 'my'- it was oddly comforting.  "-I am Captain Silver-Ring, name belonged to me mother who used to be the greatest pirate of all times. I am in her place as Captain of the white vessel, I strive to find the treasure she never found."
Angie began to bounce up and down, the sudden energy that surrounded them all made her giddy- especially the loudness of (Y/n)'s voice. "An what is that treasure?!" Angie asked excitedly, seemingly slightly affected by the same feeling of Donna with the light headedness as she would use her hands to steady herself straight.
"Well, it's simple- kinda." Donna waited for an answer, her vision slightly blurring as she looked up at the Captain who was now on two feet. Swinging her sword out, she raised it high as the sunset light had bounced off the silver blade. "And that is to find the perfect woman to be with forever!"
Just like she was hit with cupid's arrow, Donna fell suddenly to the ground and felt the same sickness run over her body. She dropped in temperature as she held tightly onto the cloak that covered her body. Closing her eye, she sucked her lips in and bit on them to keep her mouth shut. She didn't feel like throwing up t the moment, gosh no but the burning sensation building up in her stomach would want to beg her to.
Voices rang about in her mind as she curled once again. Letting ridged breaths out through her nose, she no longer smelt the salt that had clogged her nose when she was on that ship. Instead a smell of pine and mud filled her senses. Staying laying down, Donna waited until she felt like she could move and not throw up. Expecting when she opened her eye to be faced with the cocky smirk of the pirate, she was surprised to find Angie- without a pirate hat- looking down at her. "Looks like we are back home." She said, letting herself glide up into the air.
Donna closed her eye and re-opened it. Indeed this was her home. The smell of the mud was familiar to know. Pushing herself up, light headed still evidence within her mind, she watched as Angie looked behind her. "Ya know, that was quiet the adventure. I think we should do it again tomorrow!" Angie exclaimed as she pointed at something. Following her finger, Donna looked behind herself to realise the tree that had gotten themselves into that mess was still there.
"I think I'll skip." Donna said, letting herself lay in the mud. Angie hovered right over Donna, looking down at her with a smirk.
"Too afraid to face Captain Silver-ring?" She teased, wagging her finger at Donna making fake kissing noises. Donna scrunched up mud in her hand and threw it at Angie who laughed in returned. With slightly rosy cheeks, Donna protested against the idea of seeing the Captain again. "Okay okay...maybe I'll show Lady Dimitrescu the tree! ooo I bet (Y/n) would love her. A lady who loves danger, how perfect their match would be."
For unknown reasons to herself, Donna couldn't help but scoff at the name of Dimitrescu. "You know what, I will go back tomorrow. Not like we have much to do anyway," Donna dragged out, her scowl still on her face. She wouldn't let Dimitrescu see her, oh no. She wouldn't allow it.
She found Captain Silver-Ring first, she shall be the one to see her again. "Is this you saying you love her~"
"Angie love is a strong word, one I'm sure Pirates don't use. I'm only going to gather more information- who knows maybe mother would like this tree." Donna bit her lip after her sentence. "Or- we just keep this tree to ourselves and leave it like that?" She questioned mostly herself but either way, Angie replied with a grin.
"Maybe we could help her find a lover and we could ask for information in return to give to Mother Miranda!"
"Yeah....lets do..that." As Angie floated away back to the Manor clearly excited for the next day, Donna stayed laid in the mud questioning herself. A sudden flash back of the Captain's grin came into her mind making her hit her cheeks. "No no Donna, you are a Lady. She is a Pirate. A really...really- awkwardly nice pirate." Closing her eye, Donna laid there silently enjoying the look of the Pirate in her mind on repeat. How weird- she was enjoying remembering the new Captain. A new world.
Her now favourite adventure.
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saturatedboy · 2 years
Hey can you do a fic of Lady Alcina x GN!reader where the reader has ADHD so little things just gets forgotten and jumping topics so fast it’s kinda hard for Alcina at first and she’ll get frustrated but still loves the reader just how they are? If so that would be fantastic! Have a great day!!
Alcina Dimitrescu x GN!Reader
My apologise for taking a while, a thunder and lightning storm happened near me and it blew up the fuse to my internet box. But I'm here with more writing so I hope you enjoy!
Requests: Open
Words: 2.5k
The vast castle that had loomed over the Village of Shadows had always been ancient and portentous. The unknown creatures however that hovered over the sky close to the pole towers were always a great sight to see from the village. However, those who live far away from the castle merely thought to them to be birds with a wide wing span that would fly around and bless the castle with their saint fortune- however if you knew the castle and it's true owners, you would find everything to be more depraved of it's fake nature.
Humming softly, you dragged the wooden comb through your strands, being careful to not pull on any knotted ends too hard. You stared at the mirror with soft eyes, it had been quite the evening for you after the day being filled with lessons on acting like a true noble. You could hear the young ladies down the extended corridors, arguing over who would get the first drop of the sweetness a simple maid had once carried. Although not a vampire yourself, you strived yourself to be lucky amongst those who were caught in any of the young and head mistresses claws. Ah, the mistress. The simple thought of her had brought a rose tint to your cheeks, you smiling unconsciously as you let your mind wander off into far lands that were filled with no violence, only peace amongst the dammed. Only a sudden knock had transported you back into the real world. Coughing, you placed the comb down on the vanity and turned on your buffet, facing the door with hands folded on your lap. "You may enter," You spoke out loud, awaiting the turning of the knob.
The sound of slight clicking of the knob being turned brought your full attention to whoever was to enter. The door became ajar, then pushed to an opening with the guilty entering. A wide smile had stretched it's way onto your face as you stood to greet the one who knocked. Bowing your head slightly, you raised it to be met with the eyes of the lady of the castle, Alcina Dimitrescu. "My lady."
"My darling," She spoke back, closing the door behind her as she looked down upon your small form, however still slightly taller than her three daughters. Seeing your smile brought one onto her face, her eyes gleaming softly at your relaxed state. Looking around your neatly tided room, she let her eyes graze back over to yours and tilted her head to the side ever so slightly. "Why are you still awake? You should be asleep by now."
Awkwardly, you had bit your bottom lip and looked away in shame. Any of the pink fairy dust that was once coating your cheeks had turned deeper than the pinks in a sunset. "Well, my lady, you see I-" You had quickly cut yourself off. You weren't going to tell her that you was awake because you could hear the cries of the maid. And no you weren't going to tell her that she had been running on your mind either-
"Well?" She softly asked as she crossed her arms under her chest, placing herself to sit on the end of your bed as she watched you fiddle with your fingers with a long-lost look within your eyes.
"I'm just feeling energised." You saved yourself as you silently thanked your mind for quick thinking. Well, you weren't exactly lying but at the same time you had been because the cries of the maid had woken you from your slumber. Not wanting to get into any sort of trouble with the Lady. Lady Dimitrescu nodded in reply, not fully understand to why you would be energised after a long day of training to be a noble but none the less, she was glad you weren't hurt at all or hiding any sort of pain.
"Hm, I suppose that may makes sense. Though I don't remember you having any sort of sugary treats to be feeling so much energy to stay awake..." Dimitrescu had trailed of at the end, instantly becoming entranced when you had grabbed the comb once again and brushed through your hair. Tutting slightly, she stood and walked over to your sitting form, plucking the brush from your hand and using it to comb your hair for you. "Your combing wrongly, follow the flow of your hair- don't try to change it's path."
Feeling her gentleness as she combed through your hair had made you start to fidget in your seat. Although you loved the feeling of her hands caressing your hair, there was something about it that made you want to adventure further. You didn't want to stay here, no you couldn't. This wasn't right sitting here anymore. The feeling was so sudden- and you knew why. Arguing in your head, you dragged your mind away from the reality of the world into a blank space where you could try sort out these mixed emotions. However as you were away from the reality, your body had reacted on its own recordings. Your leg began to bounce with your hands intertwining with one another then letting go only for them to become fists. Without any thought of it, Alcina hadn't notice your sudden change in mood, she was too focused on trying to get a certain knot out of your hair.
Yourself on the other hand, was stuck fighting for movement or staying in place. It wasn't till the noise of wood being placed back onto your vanity and the hand that had blocked your view from the mirror that brought you away from your argument. Without a second thought, you stood abruptly and turned to face Alcina with a wide smile. "We should go for a stroll! The night will be young and I'm sure the young mistresses will be busy with their feeding tonight. How about it my Lady?" You held your hand out, your white tunic and grey pants had provided enough heat for you to want a walk in the breeze of the lost screams within the castle.
Alcina had looked at your hand, so small and doll-like. Holding your hand normally brought great warmth to her soul. The feeling of a human being alive and wanting to be close to her had always brought a soft, comforting feeling. And she had only felt that with you. So, wanting to feel the same feeling again she cupped your small hand within her own and used her other hand to straighten out her hat. "Lead the way my love."
Within no second to spare, you speed-walked out of your room and practically dragged the Lady behind you. Why were you so excited for a walk? She had no clue to what was exactly going on in your mind, she never understood what was on your mind but that was because she couldn't read you like an open book. She had always had people praise her like some Goddess which brought much pride to her, but seeing you hold her hand and walk with her like she was a regular person- maybe like what the children would do in the village when they found something interesting and wanted a parent to see it quickly- that what you had reminded her off. "My darling, aren't you going a little fast?" She asked, although having no problem keeping you with your speed, she found it unusual for you to be walking at this speed.
"Nope! Now come on, we have the castle to explore more of!" You giggled and and bopped your head side to side like you were listening to silent music. "Oh! When we explore the castle we should play hide and seek! Do you think the other girls would love to join, I'm sure they would! Ooo maybe you could teaching me how to sort out flowers to make a beautiful boutique like you had done once when Lady Beneviento was over!" Your rambled on about activities you both could do as you let go of Alcina's hand and walked off by yourself. Your stranded look had brought Alncia to be slightly worried about your change of state. Being quick, Alcina followed behind you keeping close tabs on trying to make out what you was saying since you were getting further ahead of her.
"Darling....Darling!" She called out as you kept walking onwards, twisting through the hallways and moving yourself out of the way for any maids that were walking around or cleaning the hallways. Alcina shook her head and sped walked to catch up to you so she could take swiftly your arm within her grasp to make you stop walking away from her. The sudden yank that she gave you made you lock your lips together and looked up at her over your shoulder. "Darling your speaking too quickly and mumbling half of it. Speak with a clear tone and articulation. I taught you this today before you went up to bed."
You looked at her with glossy eyes that held your innocence. Her figure over you had somewhat calmed your mind to rest, or maybe it was her touch- you couldn't decide on which. You focused on her hand around your arm, her fingers going back to her palm as her larger hands captured your arm within her grip- no movement could make you escape. You opened your mouth to speak up but your words were caught in your throat. Again you tried but only slight noises of struggle came out. Taking a deep breath, Alcina sighed out in annoyance and rolled her eyes. "Would you mind telling me what's going on. One minute your relaxed, the next your up and walking away like you have to catch a carriage. You're also changing your mind on what to do-Sweetie you said you wanted to go for a walk."
Trailing your eyes from her hand up her arm and peering at her face, you saw a clear look of her being stumped with your actions. Pulling your arm out of her grip, you cradled it close to your chest. "I'm sorry." Was all you could mutter before taking a deep breath in and out, steading your breathing after the fast walk you had travelled with. Leaning against the closest wall in the hallway, you swept strands out from your eyes and gazed down at the wooden floor with deep crimson carpets. "I've always been like this- It's something that is hard to control." You gathered the small courage to face her again, looking at her with a guilty stare.
Alcina patted her dress down as she heard your voice speak. She had no way in understanding why you act like this because this was the first time it happened so suddenly and well- she hadn't been a human for a very long time now. You remembered times before you came to the castle that down in the village you would take off through the woods to lose the energy you gained for no reason and speak to any animal life you could find. It was much more relaxing to talk to someone who couldn't say anything back- you couldn't interrupt anyone or get the harsh reply of 'Stay on a subject' because your mind jumped from one thing to another. That was actually how you met the Lady of the castle in the first place, and it was the first place you confessed your dying love to her. But now- everything happened without yourself even realising it was happening, you felt like the one to blame for putting the Lady in this position of following you about and practically making her own mind run in circles.
A delicate hand lifted your chin that had dropped to rest on your chest, a finger running along your bottom lip. The hand belonged to Alcina whom had knelt to the floor in front of you. "(Y/n)." She spoke your name with tenderness and a tone that would forever make your heart melt with affection. "You have nothing to be sorry for. If this is how you are, then I love you for who you are." She felt your lip quiver under her thumb, her other hand pulling you into her chest where soft sobs had came from your mouth. She held you close, humming a tune to calm you down. Your salty tears had wet her long white dress, but she didn't care. She cared for the fact that you had been dealing with something that had made you think you were in the wrong for feeling it. "If you wish to ramble about anything on your mind, go ahead. Tell me stories, tell me knowledge, tell me how you feel. I will listen to everything to have to say- even if it does get mixed up that's okay." With a vision blurred, you tilted your head up to look at her as yo used your hands to clear the spots of wetness of your face. "I may not be able to fully understand, but I chose to love you and that means anything that you come with is something I adore my dearest."
A chuckle escaped your lips as you felt her hand glide itself down under your arm and slightly tickle you. "W-wait that tickles-"
"Oh I know~" She whispered into your ear and she playfully picked you up in bridal style within her arms and began her own journey somewhere. Still watching her face and feeling her arms wrapped tightly around your form, you couldn't help but wonder what she was doing.
"Where are we going? Are we going outside or are we going back to my room?" You asked as you continued to clear your eyesight from the specks of fuzzy marks. Adjusting you in her arms slightly so she could instead carry you with your head resting on her shoulder as she held you under your behind and legs wrapped around her upper torso, she replied.
"We are going to find my three daughters and tonight as a family we shall play games. A game night. I figure we both could need one of those especially your hard work of being a noble." She kissed your cheek as she carried on walking, you on the other hand had tried to say something again but it came out with stutters.
"But what if I talk about something stupid or make a fool of myself. Maybe I might not be able to sleep and you need your rest m'lady,"
"Oh darling, I wouldn't sleep without knowing my precious dearest is safe and sound under my gaze. If you can't fall asleep still we shall sit by the fire in the main room and I'll read whatever you wish for." Her words were sincere. She was being truthful. She didn't need to know about your condition, she just understood that she will be there for you in your tightest moments and fit what is right for you. And anyway, she also loved your voice- it was secretly one of her favourite features about you. Why wouldn't she want to listen to you, anything to hear her dearest talk would make her heart swoon with love.
Only a love that she was willing to give to you.
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