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Steve whump part 2 ✨ (final part)
Part 1
I hope this part fixes all the hurt. I shoved as much comfort and fluff in as I could.
Steve doesn’t sleep. He lays, bleary-eyed, on the couch, watching the purple sky turn dark through their small windows. It was early when he turned in: a desperate attempt to be carried away from where Eddie isn’t. 
Sleep, of course, eludes him, with the warmth he’d grown so accustomed to now gone. He knows he should call Robin. Because Robin would be here without hesitation, in her pajamas on her bike if she knew he needed her. Would squeeze her bony limbs around him until everything is smooshed out of him.
He doesn’t, though. He wallows on the couch, thinking about how, on nights like these, nights Steve can’t sleep, Eddie likes to scratch his blunt nails across Steve’s stomach, comforting and loving. Reverent. A touch that sends tingles up Steve’s spine until he’s able to nod off. How Eddie never stops until he can hear Steve’s breaths go even and deep.
Steve sinks his back into the saggy cushions, feeling incredibly stupid and very pathetic as he tries to mimic the press of Eddie’s body. 
Steve wonders how long a minute is. Every noise he hears from the their creaky hallway sends his gaze to their front door, his heart dropping every time the footsteps pass. 
He ruminates over their argument. Replays Eddie’s words over and over again until the letters separate into meaningless sounds. Because the important thing, the thing he should take away, is that Steve had screwed up. Because anything that could make Eddie look at him the way he had means Steve’s the one in the wrong. 
He lays there as his eyes go dry, the tears finally stopping as fatigue creeps into chest. His mind buzzes, spirals as his legs and his arms and his heart beg for sleep, his back already aching against their shitty couch.
The what ifs, the if onlys, swirl, make him dizzy, until he can’t take it anymore.
Steve returns to their bedroom. Pulls on the sweatshirt Eddie had left on the back of their desk chair and breathes it in. It smells like Eddie. Like cigarettes and weed, like that cheap cologne he gets from Melvald’s: like wood and spice and warmth. 
The swirling slows.
He buries himself back into the couch. Pulls the strings of the hoodie until it’s cinched tight over his eyes. Until he just has to dip his nose down to breathe in the smell of tobacco and cedar.
It’s dramatic. And emotional. And he wants to be able to calm himself, to be able to crawl under the sheets of his bed and be rational- to know that Eddie’s coming back. 
It doesn’t feel that way, though. The throw pillow is stiff under his neck, and his legs stretch uncomfortably over the end of the couch, and his head is pounding from the grinding of his teeth and the tears that had finally stopped. 
He curls up tighter. Presses his thighs into his stomach and wraps his arms around himself, feeling like a child. 
He’s too old to be behaving like this. 
He does it anyways. Stays curled up on himself as he feels the minutes tick by, twisting his thumb into the small tear on the seam of the sleeve, a nervous habit of Eddie’s that he’s now copying.
Steve doesn’t know how long he’s laid there when their door finally opens.
He doesn’t move. He listens as Eddie pulls off his shoes. Takes off his jacket. The sounds soft like Eddie’s trying to be quiet. He hears Eddie’s socked feet creak into their bedroom. 
Steve wonders if Eddie’ll stay there. If he, unlike Steve, will be able to manage himself well enough to get under the covers without him. 
Silence rings. Steve can’t hear Eddie’s footsteps through the plush rug of their bedroom, and he assures himself that it’s fine. That Eddie in their bed and him on the couch is- is fine. He’s an adult. He can handle one night without his boyfriend’s arms around him. 
He doesn’t need to be so emotional.
The floor creaks again. Eddie’s quiet footsteps come closer, and Steve stays buried in his sweatshirt. Eddie pauses. Steve can sense him, at the foot of the couch, unmoving. 
After a moment there’s more shuffling before the footsteps come closer. 
They stop in front of him. Steve can hear Eddie crouch, his bad knee, the one shredded by the bats, pops as he does. Eddie’s warm hand comes to rest on Steve’s face, over the hood still cinched over his eyes. 
Eddie drags his fingers back and forth across Steve’s ear. Comfortingly. Reverently. “Stevie?” He whispers. “C’mon, honey, you shouldn’t be sleeping on this couch.”
The pet name that falls from Eddie’s lips releases the pressure in Steve’s chest. He moves, pulling at his hood until he’s able to look Eddie in the eyes. 
Even in the dim lighting of their living room Steve can see the puffiness of his boyfriend’s face. He red cheeks and bloodshot eyes. 
“I’m sorry.” Steve croaks, his voice rough as he tries to keep inflection even. “I didn’t mean to make you leave. I lo-” but he stops, tongue tangling over the words that have flowed so easily up until this moment. Because maybe that’s not what Eddie wants to hear. Maybe that’s the bullshit Nancy had told him about. That Eddie can see, now, too.
But Eddie inches closer. Drops onto his knees so he can bring his face closer to Steve’s. He moves his hand under the hood, so he can curl his long fingers into Steve’s hair. Eddie shakes his head. But it’s different than before. Desperate, now, instead of disbelieving.
“I’m sorry.” Eddie emphasizes. “Stevie, I never should’ve said that. I know. I know you love me, sweet thing. You have made me feel loved every single day we’ve been together.” He pauses, petting at Steve’s hair. His thumb comes to rest on Steve’s temple. Applies pressure like he knows without Steve saying so that there’s a pounding in his skull. “When I thought you didn’t trust me I got scared and- and insecure.” Eddie’s eyes shine again, his flushed face going redder. “And so I got angry, and I didn’t want to be angry at you, so I left. But I shouldn’t have done that. I got mad at you for not talking to me, and my response to that was leaving so you couldn’t.” 
Eddie sucks in a breath, makes small circles with his thumb on Steve’s temple. “I’m sorry, honey.”
Steve closes his eyes into Eddie’s warm touch. Feels the rough callouses from so many years of plucking guitar strings press soothingly into his skin. 
Eddie inches closer, and Steve adjusts his position on the couch until they’re both curled up next to each other, Eddie’s hand still in his hair, Steve’s head on his shoulder. 
Eddie curls an arm around Steve’s legs, pulling on them until they’re crossed over Eddie’s lap. He smells like cigarettes, like he smoked a whole pack in the time he was gone. It should aggravate the headache Eddie’s still trying to massage out of him, but Steve has always found the smell comforting. Familiar. Steve’s breathing deepens against the weight of Eddie’s arm. Against the press of his skin. Against the fanning of his warm breath through Steve’s hair. 
“Where’d you go?” Steve asks, quiet. 
“To Wayne.” Eddie answers, simply.
Steve doesn’t really know what he expected, but the answer soothes him all the same. 
“He was pissed at me.” Eddie continues, a small smile in his voice. “Kicked me out pretty quick once he understood I left in the middle of an argument. Told me I needed to go home and use my words like an adult.” Eddie’s grip tightens a little around him, his strong hands gripping Steve’s legs. “So I drove around for a bit. Until I realized I was being stupid.”
Steve presses closer, until his forehead is resting against Eddie’s neck. “I get it, though.” Steve whispers. “‘M sorry I got so upset.”
He listens to the steady beating of Eddie’s heart. Feels his pulse against his forehead. 
“Is that why you think I was mad?” Eddie whispers. His voice is soft, searching, like he wants to know. 
Steve shrugs. Closes his eyes. “‘S why I don’t talk about stuff. It’s not worth it. Getting people mad with me.” 
Eddie’s quiet for a moment. His one arm is still fastened around Steve’s legs. His other still massaging his temple. Voice still low, Eddie asks, “who would get mad at you?”
Steve kind of doesn’t want to talk about this anymore. Doesn’t want to complain and moan about a childhood he knows was filled with privileges. 
But Eddie had asked, concern weaved in. So, quietly, Steve replies, “m’ parents.” 
Steve feels a soft kiss to the top of his head. Eddie’s fingers leave his temple to massage behind his ear, and Steve’s eyes close again. 
“I’ll never get mad at you for telling me how you feel, Steve. I was upset because I want to know when you’re upset. Especially if I’m the one who made you feel that way.” Eddie’s voice goes thick. “I don’t like thinkin’ that ’ve hurt you without knowing.”
Steve pulls the hand that was wrapped around his legs between his own, clenching Eddie’s palm between his fingers. “It’s nothing like that.” He insists. Promises. “It’s just little things. Stupid, small things. You don’t- you’ve never hurt me.”
Eddie’s other hand drops from his ear to wrap around Steve’s middle, his fingers dipping into the flesh of Steve’s stomach. “Can you tell me, still?” Eddie asks, hesitantly, as Steve looks him in the eyes. “Like, even the smallest of things. ‘Cause, honey, I chose you. And that means choosing all of you. Every single part of you. I want to be there for you when you’re sad or mad or- or anything.” 
Choosing him. Like Robin chooses him. Like he chooses Eddie in return. 
“You won’t leave?” Steve whispers. Embarrassed. Small.
Eddie’s face crumples. The glassiness of his eyes spills, painting his cheeks. He shakes his head again. “No.” Eddie kisses him on his forehead. Between his eyebrows. “No, Steve. I won’t, baby, I promise. You’re a hundred percent stuck with me. I’m shrinking you down so you can live in the shell of my ear.”
It breaks the last of the tension in his bones. Steve smiles. Small. 
“Okay.” He agrees. “I’ll start. Trying to tell you.”
Eddie lets out a long breath. His fingers drag against Steve’s stomach. “Thank you.”
They stay like that, curled up around each other, for a while longer. Until Steve’s eyelids start to droop in earnest, and Eddie asks if he wants to go to bed.
They stand, and Steve sees why Eddie had done all that shuffling. 
Their comforter and Steve’s pillow are in a heap by the foot of the couch.
“I thought you had gone to Robin’s.” Eddie murmurs. “I didn’t want to sleep in the bed without you.” Eddie’s face is red, still, but it’s different. Happy. Embarrassed. Steve loves him.
“I love you.”
Eddie grins. “I love you, too.”
They pick the bedding off the floor. Snuggle under the comforter when Eddie tucks it in around them. 
“Big or little?” Eddie asks, his face barely illuminated in the darkness of their bedroom. 
“Little.” Steve replies, easily.
He turns, and Eddie pulls him into his chest. He wraps an arm around Steve’s middle, buries his face in Steve’s hair.
Steve knows they should talk in the morning, too. That he should explain more. More, so Eddie knows it all. So Eddie knows that Steve will get there. Will trust him.
But for now it’s enough. Enough that Eddie understands the bones of it.
His boyfriend’s fingers find their way under Steve’s shirt. They drag, back and forth, over the give of his stomach. 
Steve’s eyes droop. He presses his back into Eddie, arching, and his boyfriend curls closer, shifting his legs so they’re flush with Steve’s.
“Love you.” Eddie mumbles. “So much.”
Steve falls asleep as tingles drift up his spine.
(you can skip this blurb if you want) I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who commented/ reblogged/ liked part 1. I have NEVER had such a response to any of my fics like I have with this one. The tag list is huge (I literally made an excel spreadsheet??? and I'm going to have to make multiple posts for it!!) and the amount of new followers I got from it is absolutely unbelievable. So- thank you. I was completely overwhelmed by all the nice comments, so please know that even if I didn't reply to yours, I've read it. And I appreciate you so much. Commenting on authors posts is just- the nicest thing you can do for us. Thank you to everyone who has.
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Tumblr media
“i love you.”
satoru hears you say it when he’s clumsily wiping the food crumbs off of the table, his eyes determined on cleaning the table to perfection and tongue poking out between his lips in concentration.
he lifts his head up to take a look at you.
apron still tied around your frame, arms crossed over your chest, you are leaning against the counter, your expression soft as you smile at him.
there is a look in your eyes he often sees by accident; whenever he looks at you suddenly and for a brief second your pretty irises reveal to him a lot more than your words ever could before you turn away quickly, acting as if you weren’t staring at him. a look full of admiration and fondness he himself can barely contain when he is reminded of your presence in his life, but it’s kind of weird to receive that look instead of giving it, like he usually does with no shame.
you don’t turn away this time though, still gazing at him and satoru wonders if you’re even aware of your own actions. does he look like that whenever he stares at you? he always stares at you, attention automatically switching to you and not wavering, whether you are staying by his side or just temporarily, busy with work and errands and your life.
satoru steps closer to you, ignoring the stinging pain in his thigh where he just bumped into the table’s sharp edge, like he always does when manoeuvring through your tiny(in his words) kitchen. he doesn’t make a scene though, choosing to keep his dramatic yelps of pain inside for tonight, just so you have that bright beam on your face for a little longer. he likes it a lot.
his hands find place on the edge of the counter, caging you between them. you don’t mind, eyes just languidly following his as he leans in a little bit. you lean in too, eyelids almost closing as you tilt your head up, breathing the same air as him.
satoru presses a soft kiss onto your corner of your mouth. your lashes flutter and you huff in frustration, slapping his chest lightly.
“you had some crumbs there.”
he smiles cheekily, eyes roaming over your features as you roll your eyes lightly at his words.
“and here too,” his lips land on yours, moving away quickly, just they way he knows it will irritate you enough. “and also here.” another kiss, this time on your jaw.
that continues until you grab the sides of his face, effectively stopping him from attacking your face with short pecks and kisses as you pout at him. satoru can’t help the lovesick, wide smile that takes over his face when your thumbs caress his cheekbones, following the labyrinth your eyes mold as they wander over his face attentively, full of adoration for him and only him.
“i love you.”
Tumblr media
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dating simon riley means constant clinginess. large arms wrapped around your waist at any given moment, simon is most comfortable when he's holding you. after being away from a long mission, he'll find you wherever you are in your shared apartment and silently crawl into your arms like a puppy. he'll bury his face into the crook of your neck, slowly inhaling to bask in your scent that he missed more than anything. with an amused chuckle, you'll wrap your arms around his warm torso, gently rubbing his back. "no hello?" you'll tease, to which you always earn a content hum in response, along with simon's hold tightening ever so slightly.
dating simon riley means lots of playful teasing. if you make a typo in a text message, he'll begin spelling the word as your typo for the rest of the day. if you believed in a silly fact, he'd bring it up for the rest of your life. "this is like when you thought our blood was actually blue" he'd snicker, which would cause you to whine for him to stop and swat his arm.
dating simon riley means constantly being cared for. simon is a man who can do everything, or at least tries to. he somehow manages to get to all the chores before you do, which has ended in you reassuring him that you can handle it many, many times. when doing something potentially dangerous like standing on a ladder, handling a knife or using tools, simon will constantly glance in your direction to make sure something won't slip and injure you. like a spidey sense, he's quick to pull you away or come to your rescue if you're in a situation where you're about to hurt yourself. "you alright?" he'll mumble softly, dark eyes laced with worry that is a rare sight to be seen by anyone else.
dating simon riley means you have a second wardrobe. his large clothes are just too comfortable to resist, and he's often left searching the apartment for a shirt that you had placed amongst your own clothes. though, he makes no effort to steal them back from you, as seeing you in his tshirt, his boxers and his hoodie fills him with a loving possessiveness. he'll walk into the kitchen to see you turned away as you wash dishes, wearing one of his shirts as a short dress. managing to silently sneak behind you even with his bulky frame, he'll wrap his arms around you from behind and place a kiss against the nape of your neck. "you look so pretty in my shirt, love." he'll then purr into your ear.
dating simon riley means seeing a side of him that many never do. whether it be physically or personality wise, you see so much of simon that you can't remember the last time you referred to him as ghost. his large pointy nose, his dirty blonde hair that he always forgets to fix in the mornings, and his lopsided smile that appears when you tell the corniest of jokes are all things that many have never seen and never will. he speaks so softly to you; a low tone that you can feel reverberating in his chest when you lay against him. simon is kind, patient and vulnerable with you, and will mutter the words "i love you" against your lips, just loud enough for only you to hear.
dating simon riley means being friends with the rest of the 141. you were the one who wished to host hangouts at your apartment, wanting those closest to simon to like you. despite their intimidating demeanors, you quickly realized just how kind they were. they know just how important you are to simon, which is a rare feat in itself, so they would never treat you in an ill manner. soap will always refer to you as "the missus" when speaking to simon, which never fails to make you giggle when you overhear their conversations.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
‎‎‎‎‎‎‎     ‎。・゚゚・ simon 'ghost' riley x gn!reader‎
craving a warm hug from a big masked military man who will tell you everything's going to be okay? well, this is it. wc. 694
cod masterlist
Tumblr media
fuck fuck fuck fuck, you cursed under your breath. you were hoping simon would have already been asleep by the time you got back to his room. you didn’t want him to see you like this—so defeated and broken. 
but no, of course, he wasn’t. he didn’t sleep well without you, so it only made sense that he’d wait up. 
“thought you’d be asleep,” you mumbled as you walked in, not bothering to turn on the light. 
he stretched his arms over his head and yawned. “waitin’ f’you.” he gave you a lazy smile, his eyes following your movements about his room. 
you shied away, grabbing one of his hoodies and pulling it on over your head, trying to hide your face. the smell of his clothing relaxed you slightly, but not enough. 
“y’okay?” he asked, his eyes narrowing while his smile faded. 
“course,” you replied, crawling into the small bed and facing away from him. “jus’ tired.”
you heard him hum in the back of his throat in disapproval. the tears were steadily falling now, but as long as he didn’t see you…
simon’s hand settled on your arm and he rolled you over with remarkable ease. his arm extended over you so he was hovering slightly above you and his brows furrowed when he saw your face. you instinctively closed your eyes, embarrassed.
you felt his calloused fingertips stroke your cheek, wiping away the steady stream of hot tears. “what’s wrong, baby?” his voice low, almost like when he was angry, but laced with concern and an air of softness.
your eyes fluttered open, looking at him through the dew drops in your lashes. you were going to speak, to say something along the lines of nothing, and give him a fake laugh. but your lips turned into a frown and a hiccup escaped your throat. you were ardently crying now. 
he was quick to wrap his arms around you and pull you into his chest, rolling onto his back slightly so you were propped on him. the feeling of him protectively holding you set a bit of your racing heart at ease. 
“jus’...” you began through small cries. “everything.” 
his hand rubbed patterns on your back affectionately. his other hand slid up into your hair, cradling your head under his chin. he hummed softly. “shh,” he cooed. 
your cries continued on, but they softened. simon was absorbing some of the pain—the hopelessness, the anxiety, the defeat—that you were feeling. “everythin’ will be okay,” he told you gently. his voice was rough in your ear as he whispered, his deep baritone not made for speaking quietly. 
“you don’t know that,” you whined, tilting your head up to look at him. 
he gave you a tight-lipped smile. “yeah, I do.” his hand left your hair and he used his thumb to wipe away more tears. “and even if it s’not. we’ll get ya through it. m’here, love. this isn’t all on you.”
you buried your face back against his chest and wrapped your arms around his midsection. he continued to hold you, the soft strokes of his hand on your back never stopping. eventually, he slid his hands up under his sweatshirt you were wearing, his cool hands touching your skin now, and he drew small patterns on your back. it felt nice. calming. 
“m’here,” he promised again. 
you smiled through the wetness in your eyes and against his warm chest. he was here. you weren’t going through any of this alone. simon was here for you. he’d take care of you. 
he held you long into the night, until you finally cried yourself to sleep, never letting you go. his arms tight around you as he slept under you. when you’d wake in the morning, your face was plastered to his slowly rising and falling chest, his arms snug around you, your legs straddling him, both of your bodies flesh against one another. you’d feel a wave of safety in his embrace. you’d know that no matter how bad things got, he’d do anything for you. and he’d steady your racing heart by reminding you he would always be there. 
⋆。˚ ☁︎ ˚。⋆。˚☽˚。⋆⋆。˚ ☁︎ ˚。⋆。˚☽˚。⋆⋆。˚ ☁︎ ˚。⋆。˚☽˚。⋆⋆。˚ ☁︎
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lucyrose191 · 1 day
Pairing: Protective!Kimi x Sunshine!driver!reader
Summary; You always have a smile on your face, even through the struggles of being the only female driver but when it feels like the entire media is against you it’s hard to keep that smile on your face but Kimi won’t allow it to disappear, he’s always there protecting you.
Warnings; fluff, mistreatment of women
F1 Master List
Tumblr media
You had fought to get in the position you were in today and you had done it all with a smile on your face. It was easy back then, when there was less attention on you and less people questioning your every decision or underestimating your talent compared to the other drivers on the grid simply because you weren’t a man.
You were known for your smile, the way it was always present with everyone you spoke to and no matter the question you were asked but people seemed to take it as an invitation to say whatever they wanted as though it had no affect on you.
It didn’t in the beginning.
But as each of the questions piled on top of each other, the strain made it harder to maintain the smile, your struggle was hard to notice because you did such a good job of hiding it but one person did.
Kimi Räikkönen.
Whilst he was quiet, he was observant.
To him only a fool would think your smile was real. There was clearly such a huge difference between you being happy and you pretending to be happy.
There were no more sparkles in your eyes or twitch of your nose and it enraged him.
It was infuriating, knowing that the journalists and media had managed to ruin the pureness in you.
He wasn’t going to allow them to destroy you of everything you were.
You normally didn’t mind the driver’s press conferences but lately they’ve been…. hard.
The questions lately have hardly been about driving, instead about your possible challenges against the other drivers or if you feel as though you’re at a disadvantage.
You don’t. You’ve said countless times that you don’t feel the need to be treated differently in any sense and that you being female added no extra struggles in your opinion.
It seemed the tipping point for Kimi with these questions was when a female journalist asked not only peculiar but disturbing question.
You smiled at the woman as she stood up, thinking you’d get a real question about driving but that smile soon faded as she opened her mouth.
"Hi, this is a question for Y/N. As a woman, I was curious as to whether it’s more difficult for you to finish a race during the time of the month when you’re menstruating?"
You hated it. You hated that just because they’re a woman they think it excuses the questions they’re asking.
Beside you Kimi scoffed loudly, the most noise he’d made during the entire conference. "What sort of fucking question is that?" He stared straight into the woman’s eyes with a face as hard as ice.
The woman seemed taken back by him and started stuttering. "I-well-I was just-"
Kimi shook his head "We’ve been sat in these chairs for half an hour and not a single one of you imbeciles has asked her a real fucking question about the car or the race. All of you have sat there and just questioned her ability to do her job as if any of you know a thing about racing."
Kimi stood up from his seat and gestured for you to get up as well from where you were sitting in pure shock, lips parted and eyes wide you did and followed him out of the room, ignoring the fact that you weren’t meant to be leaving any time soon.
He was raging, he had sat and watched as your smile dimmed with each question; anger building inside until he just couldn’t keep it to himself anymore.
You had to run to catch up with him, he was walking so fast, fuelled by his anger. Your body was still in shock from the way he had spoken and stood up for you but you caught his arm which caused his footsteps to pause.
You looked up at him in silence for a moment, contemplating what to say as he looked down at you with those piercing blue eyes.
"You didn’t have to do that," you settled on saying.
Kimi huffed, glancing away for a short minute before returning his gaze back to you. "I did, I wasn’t going to sit and let them speak to you like that, you deserve better."
You shrugged and smiled weakly "It’s how it’s always been, they’re not going to change and I’ve accepted that."
"You shouldn’t need to," he argued before grumbling under his breath and reaching out to cup your cheeks, keeping his gaze locked with yours. "They’re taking away your smile and I’m not going to let them. You’re beautiful and your smile is beautiful, I’m not letting them take that away from you."
You blinked up at him in shock whilst trying to process his words, raising your own hands up to wrap around his wrists to keep his in place.
Eventually, you smiled and leaned into his touch. "Thank you."
He gave you that half smile you knew so well before pulling you into his embrace "Don’t listen to anything they say, they don’t know you."
You wouldn’t. You wouldn’t let them knock you down, not when you had Kimi there to stand in front of you like a protective shield or hold your hand as you walked through the media storm.
You could do anything with him beside you, you could even keep your smile.
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lw6-woso · 11 hours
coping mechanism (Leah Williamson x reader)
Tumblr media
OCD, it was something. when you first joined the Arsenal squad in 2018 the girls took notice quickly that you were some one of a clean an organising freak. the first time they really noticed was when they walked into your apartment for a team bonding night. everything was highly organised, you books you food and everything was perfectly clean like it was really impressive.
so when you and Leah moved in together, Leah got first hand of the struggles of our OCD and not just been organised and neat. the anxiety, the mood swings all the bad things Leah has witnessed.
it was a normal day and you both had just gotten back from training, you both showered and Leah went to do some work in the office whilst you were doing some organisation in the kitchen since it was getting on your last nerve. you were currently taking out everything from the cupboards and cleaning the cupboards, the things in the cupboards and then organising everything.
Leah had walked in half way through you being in your moment, and signed knowing that you were getting bad, that's what the girls like to call it it was stages, you would clean simple for example hoover and polish, you would clean excessively like lamps and do a real spring clean and then you would slowly get worse with organising closets, clothes and then going through the house and organising every part of the house over and over again. during these stages your wellbeing would get worse with your mood changes, sleep it would all get worse. worse was a key word in this situation.
Leah always struggled with this sort of things, never knowing the triggers as you didn't even know, it just happened.
"hey baby what you doing" she asked leaning on the door frame.
"this kitchen has been bothering me for a while" i said finishing off another cupboard.
"okay so what do you want for tea tonight" she said not knowing if the kitchen will be in cooking conditions tonight.
"takeout" you said almost instantly.
"okay what food you thinking" She said.
"i don't know I'm not that hungry you can choose love" you said to her and she nodded leaving you to it. Leah walked back into the office and ordered food and and asked Kim for some advise.
you were really getting along with the Kitchen finishing all the cupboards and sweeping and mopping before leaving the kitchen. you were walking towards the office still feeling awful you couldn't even describe the deep feeling you had within you. walking into the office you sat next to Leah fidgeting about.
"come on" Leah said getting up and grabbing your hand.
"what" you asked.
"we are going for a drive" she said as you walked out of the house. you didn't question what she was doing. you just let Leah drive off.
"what about food" you asked.
"we will pick it up" She said, and you did just that you picked up the food and continued to drive and drive hoping it'll clear your head. Leah parked up in front of the sunset, you sat there in silence not knowing what to say.
"what caused it" she said and you knew exactly what she was going on about and you knew the answer.
"my therapist suggested to change my prescription" you said.
"oh love, why didn't say anything" she said.
"i don't know i just thought id be fine" you said.
"so how do you feel about it all" she asked.
"in my gut i think its good idea like i haven't had to many slips and I'm progressing with everything but in my mind i think that if it change everything its just going to get worse and ill end up like i did after covid and i cant do that again" you said.
during and after covid was awful for you the germs and the news go to you and to summaries it all you refused to play football and when you did start to come back to training you went through a breakdown and you didn't come to training or play for almost a month.
"you won't because you have a strong support system and i think personally i think that you should try to change your dose so then if it doesn't work then you really know where you are and if you are improving and if it does work then your getting there its a long process as you know" she said.
"yeah" you said.
"one step at a time" she said and you looked at her and kissed her.
"i love you" you said to her.
"i love you more" she said back.
"not possible" you said to her kissing her again.
"right lets get home I'm shattered" Leah said and you agreed it had been a long day.
you both went home and straight to bed. over the next couple of weeks you agreed to change your dose and it had been the best decision you had made during the journey, you felt more free. you obviously had your moments with cleaning, that will never change as you were always a clean person before your diagnosis, but Leah was right with having a strong supportive system all the girls were rocks, and Leah especially having her to come home to made life so much easier.
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𝐜𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐞! 𝐬𝐮𝐤𝐮𝐧𝐚
Tumblr media
featuring. sukuna ryomen x reader
warnings. cursing and, just sukuna looking for your attention tbh
note. just a thought of how sukuna would be as your classmate (who likes you a lot but doesn't know how to show it). and idk if this whole post fits his criteria, i'm going to write a part 2 of the super sensitive reader after this! i'm super in love with the thought of sukuna being so lovesick for his s/o, like??? imagine him doing things he wouldn't usually do just for them.
Tumblr media
classmate! sukuna is seated behind you, he would always be either asleep or bothering you. there is no in between. if he chooses to sleep, he tells you to not move so the teacher wouldn't find out - and if he decided to bother you, just be ready to get trashed by little paper balls he'd throw at you throughout the whole period (or the soft tugs at your hair every once in a while).
classmate! sukuna who would always choose you to be his partner in a group project because he knows you'd carry him and not dare to say anything about it, but he ends up helping you because he feels bad (but won't admit it). sukuna's smart, his egotistical attitude just covers the whole thing up.
"alright. my turn," he mumbles out grabbing your pen and the research paper, he looks at you and raised a brow, "i said my turn. you did your share."
classmate! sukuna who would see you get bothered by a few classmates because they wanted you to do their works for them, but said nothing to defend you. later on in the day, the same people comes back and apologizes to you before telling you that you don't need to do their works anymore for specific reasons.
"fuck y'doin? this shit is so old-schooled. do your own fuckin' works, dipshits." he hisses the moment the group of people exit the class at lunch time, "get back in there and fuckin' apologize."
classmate! sukuna who silently watches out for you whenever it's p.e time. being the best in that lesson, he picks you to be on his team every single time (although he tells you that it was because he felt bad that you'd be the last choice, obv a lie). whether it being football, dodgeball, basketball, or any other type of sport - his eyes would be on you, making sure you'd be alright (but nobody notices).
classmate! sukuna who'd always notice how you never leave class at lunch time, so he would come back after leaving for some time, grumbling and letting out a string of curses while a carton of milk or any other beverage (you pick) is in his grasp, he got that for you - but it would take a decade for him to admit that he willingly got that for you, so he just puts on a gimmick.
"fuckin' machine...oi y/n!" he yells out from the back of the classroom and you glanced a little, arching a brow, "take it, i don't fuckin' like this shit."
would be a little happy if you drank it once he gave it to you.
classmate! sukuna who would lie to you about failing a subject so he could spend time with you getting tutored in the library. he'd spend his time pretending to listen to you and end up spiraling out of topic, asking you the most out of topic questions (he's doing that to learn more about you, because he won't say it to your face that he wants to get closer).
"y'like matcha?"
"i'm fine with it."
"i'm fine with it too."
"if you had to pick one, which would it be?"
classmate! sukuna who gets the matcha/taro for you because he remembered about it, saying how he got one for free after buying a cup of coffee in the cafe near school. wrong. he spent his money to buy you the said drink so you'd be happy.
"why'd you get this for me?" you ask him when he puts the cup on top of your desk as he was getting to his seat.
"get that for you? why the fuck would i get that shit for you? it was free when i bought my coffee and i don't know who else to give it to, don't fuckin' think that you're special." he mutters out, burying his face inside his arms with a small, knowing smirk on his face.
classmate! sukuna who gets a little jealous when he sees the class captain talking to you about random things, wondering if he was doing something wrong since he couldn't get along with you like the class captain does. stares at the class captain menacingly until he leaves because of it, but you wouldn't know why because the moment you turn around sukuna has his head buried in his arms like the usual.
classmate! sukuna who notices how you bite your tongue when you focus on your assignments or crinkle your nose at the slightest bit of disatisfaction. he finds it cute, but would never say it - would do things like softly tugging on your uniform, hair, ears, anything to make you crinkle your nose cutely and then leave the class for a couple of minutes to (quietly) gush over you.
classmate! sukuna who becomes aware and visibly threatened when he overhears someone in class confesses to you in the class at lunch time (he was about to come inside the class), and he for the first time feels a little insecure about himself (even if his ego is over the top, that particular moment made him rethink about everything) and he leaves the scene, a little afraid of your answer towards that confession.
classmate! sukuna who then stops trying to look for your attention after that confession because he didn't know if you accepted it or not, as much of a fucking jerk he is, he won't bother you if you have a partner already. and you noticed. no more tugging, paper balls, random drinks, hell, he no longer picks you at p.e or group works.
classmate! sukuna who tried fighting himself because he misses you and won't admit it, telling himself that you would never accept him if he confesses to you (and the fact that you might already have a partner). and he somehow regrets the fact that he didn't tell his feelings towards you sooner because of his damn ego.
classmate! sukuna who never realizes about the effects of him avoiding you. you tried talking to him about something? he brushes you off, leaving the class. you tried partnering up with him? he immediately calls out a random classmate. you tried calling out to him? he pretended like you weren't there.
classmate! sukuna who feels somehow guilty for doing all that, but in reality he was just afraid. yes, the sukuna ryomen who gets into fights, scares people, is now the one afraid. afraid that you might actually slip away from him completely if he keeps up this whole "running away" act but didn't know how to stop.
classmate! sukuna who finally decided to partner up with you after so long and it was awkward. spending both of your time in the library doing a research about world war ii and saying nothing to each other, not even small talks. but he was intently looking at you, trying to find the right timing to say his mind. but you beat him to it.
"why are you avoiding me? did i do something wrong?" you asked him. looking straight into his eyes as he gazed upon you.
"the fuck? have you always been this straightforward?" he mutters out exasperatedly, "and 'm not avoiding you..." obv lie.
"so it was just me then?" he nods, his ego not letting him speak of the truth, "okay then. sorry."
classmate! sukuna who was shocked when you were the one who confessed to him first one day.
"i like you. so please don't avoid me again. i don't know what i did wrong and you told me that you weren't avoiding me, but we haven't been interacting a lot and if it's something that i did, i'm sorry."
classmate! sukuna who said nothing after you confessed but just stared at you like you're an idiot, so you left with no feedback. and he wanted to pull his hair out for the rest of the night for pulling that stupid move, texting you messages only for them to be left unread. so he decided to approach you the next day, not even caring about his image or ego anymore. he just wanted you.
classmate! sukuna who told you about his feelings when he arrives at class in the morning, not giving a flying fuck about his classmates and just...tells you everything about his feelings.
"i was fuckin' avoiding ya' because i thought you had a partner...that one day someone confessed to you, i didn't know if you accepted them or not. and i was unsure if you'd return my fuckin' feelings so instead of getting hurt by this love shit, i avoided you."
classmate! sukuna who didn't expect you to fucking smile at him and told him for the second time that you liked him too. the class was happy for you, even if the majority of them feared sukuna as a person, they were glad for the both of you.
classmate! sukuna who feels relieved that he didn't have to be afraid of anyone stealing you anymore, or the fact that he didn't have to look for your attention anymore because it's all completely on him now.
classmate! sukuna who is now no longer a classmate but a lover! sukuna to you.
Tumblr media
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When You're Injured PT Two
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
So sorry for posting this so late! Thank you for all of the support in the previous part, which is here! Part 3 is coming soon! WC: 3,513.
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
Tag list: @metonimia-de-bellota, @veroxbarnes, @plan3t-plut0, @karichu19, @awkwardspontaneity, @drakulana, @twismare, @pascalmode, @bluegalaxygirl, @lavanderdreamve, @jxstmxlly15, @rivui, @norasincubi, @theladyofmanyfandomsofficial, @athena-portgas, @aechmea01, @rossetter and @phsycochan
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
As Law worked on his paperwork, he felt the stress building inside him. He had been working on it for hours, and yet he still hadn't made any headway. He was starting to feel overwhelmed and frustrated by the seemingly never-ending pile of documents. He felt like he was wasting his time, and it was only making him more anxious.
Law took a deep breath and tried to focus on the task in front of him. He knew he could do it if he just stayed focused and kept pushing through. He took another deep breath and forced himself to keep going. He knew he could do this, and he was determined to finish the task.
Rubbing his temple, Law heard someone open the door. He looked up to see his navigator standing in the doorway, a concerned look on his face.
"Law, are you alright? You've been in here for hours and I was starting to worry," Bepo said.
Law nodded and tried to smile. "I'm doing alright, I just have a lot of paperwork to finish," he said.
Bepo nodded and stepped into his office. "Do you need help with anything?" he asked.
Law shook his head and smiled. "No, it's okay," he said. "I can handle it. But thank you for offering."
"Oh! Maybe I should bring Y/N to make you feel calm," Bepo said out loud as if it was supposed to be a thought.
Hearing your name made his eyes widen and his heart start to race. He quickly tried to compose himself, not wanting Bepo to know the affect your name had on him.
You were a special case.
Law had taken a rather special interest in you because of your Devil Fruit, the Yume Yume no Mi, the ability to shoot a cosmic ray to make people fall asleep for a desired amount of time or fall asleep so deep that they could die.
You also had the ability to control people's emotions, but only if a flower was present. He had found himself drawn to you and your ability, and you two had become close.
Although he was embarrassed to admit it, he felt calmer just by being around you.
"Have you seen her around recently?" He asked Bepo in an 'uninterested' tone.
Bepo shook his head and replied, "Nope but I saw her with Ikkaku going into the forest. Why do you ask?"
Law felt a wave of disappointment wash over him. He knew that he had no right to be disappointed, but he couldn't help it. He had been hoping to see you to help him with his paperwork, and he had been looking forward to spending time with you.
He quickly brushed away his disappointment, not wanting Bepo to know how he felt. He forced a smile onto his face and said, "I was just wondering. I'm sure I can finish this by myself."
Bepo nodded, not seeming to notice Law's sudden mood change. "Well, if you need anything, just let me know. I'll be around," he said as he was about to leave his office.
"Hey Captain, I heard my name being said," Ikkaku said, looking at Law curiously. "What's going on?"
Ikkaku stepped into the room and saw Law and Bepo, both of them looking surprised to see her.
"Oh nothing-" Law started but Bepo continued, "We were talking about Y/N, wasn't she with you last? I heard you two were headed to the forest."
Ikkaku nodded, confirming Bepo's question. "Yes, we were. We were looking for some materials but we parted ways to cover more ground. Why do you ask?"
"We were just wondering if she was coming soon," Bepo added.
Ikkaku looked shocked as she said, "I thought she already came back since I didn't see her for a while,"
Law glanced towards the window, the sun was slowly sinking behind the horizon, casting a golden hue over the sky and painting the clouds a soft pink. The sky was alight with a mesmerizing array of colors, as the sun's final rays of the day illuminated the sky in a beautiful display.
Strange, he thought to himself, you should be back by now. You usually do a daily report to him before you go to sleep so it can't be that.
He couldn't help but worry, as he knew that the forest was a dangerous place and anything could have happened to you.
He finally decided. "I'm going for a walk," He said in a nonchalant tone. He wanted to check if you were okay. He figured a quick walk to the forest wouldn't hurt anyway.
He thanked Bepo and Ikkaku and left the office, quickly making his way to the forest.
Bepo and Ikkaku watched as Law left the office, both of them with a knowing grin on their faces. They knew he was worried about Y/N and was going to check up on you. They knew him that long to know that.
They watched him leave the submarine and jump onto the island, heading towards the forest.
Ikkaku stated, "Well I think Y/N likes Captain more than he realises." Bepo nodded in agreement, "I hope Captain returns her feelings."
Tumblr media
The forest was dark and still, with a creepy atmosphere that even Law could sense. The shadows of the trees seemed to stretch out, creating a menacing atmosphere, and an eerie silence hung in the air. The wind whispered through the trees, carrying a chill that made Law's skin crawl.
He could feel eyes watching him as he made his way through the forest, and he could almost sense the danger that lurked in the darkness. He knew that this forest was full of unknown creatures and secrets, and he was careful to stay alert as he made his way forward.
"Y/N! Y/N, where are you!" Law yelled out as he gripped the sword firmly in his hand.
His voice echoed through the forest, but there was no reply. He kept calling out your name, but all he heard was the rustling of the trees and the chirping of the birds. He finally stopped and took a deep breath, his heart racing as he tried to think of what he should do next.
He was about to turn back when he heard a faint voice calling out his name.
He immediately rushed towards the voice, pushing himself to walk faster and faster as he heard the voice call out again. He could hear the pain in your voice, and it sent a wave of panic through him.
Did something happen to you? Was there anyone still on this island? Were they after you? Why you and not him?
Suddenly, a loud scream pierced through the silence, echoing through the forest and making Law jump in shock. Without thinking, he started to run, his heart pounding in his chest as he raced towards the source of the scream.
He was filled with dread as he ran, fearing the worst. He could feel his heart in his throat as he ran faster and faster, his feet pounding on the ground as he desperately ran towards the scream.
"Don't! Please stop!-"
Anger started to boil in him as he ran, his blood pumping through his veins as he thought of all the possible dangers you could be facing. He wanted to reach you as soon as possible and make sure you were safe.
He pushed himself harder, and soon he could see the clearing ahead. He was so close, and he could only hope that he was in time. . . .
Tumblr media
"So what are pirates like you doing here?" you asked.
You had heard rumors about the Heart Pirates docking on your island, so when you saw a ship docked near the shore, you knew it was them. You approached cautiously, not sure what to expect.
Everyone seemed to be on edge, no one daring to approach the pirates or even speak to them. Everyone was aware of their reputation, and the potential danger that they could bring. All eyes were on them, and the atmosphere was tense. Everyone was cautious, not wanting to be seen as a threat.
But you were different. You walked straight towards them with a smile on your face, your steps firm and confident. You knew that if you showed any fear, they would take it as a sign of weakness and attack.
So you kept your head held high and your shoulders back, determined to show them that you were not afraid. You kept your gaze steady as you approached them, your heart racing as you wondered what they would do.
As you got closer, the Captain, Trafalgar D Water Law, looked up at you with caution. He had a stern expression on his face. His eyes narrowed as he looked at you up and down. He was clearly not expecting anyone to approach them, and he was apprehensive about the situation.
Despite his caution, there was a hint of curiosity in his gaze as he looked at you, as if he was trying to figure out who you were and why you were here. He seemed to be assessing the situation, trying to figure out if you were a threat or not.
He remained silent, his eyes never leaving your face as he waited for you to speak.
"So what are pirates like you doing here?" you asked.
He was slightly shocked at the calmness in your voice but still replied, "We're only here to repair our submarine and then we'll be gone."
The villagers, who had been whispering and murmuring to each other before, got louder and more animated after seeing your interaction with the captain. They seemed to be surprised and intrigued by your boldness and even more so by the captain's response.
They exchanged glances, whispers, and nods as they discussed what had just happened.
"By any chance, did you see any ships around-"
"Miss. Y/N! You can't run off like that!" An elderly woman screamed as she pushed her way through the crowd in front of her. "Master wants you back immediately!...."
When the woman saw you talking with Law, she became quiet and her eyes widened in shock. She stopped in her tracks, her mouth hanging open as she stared at the two of you. It was clear that she was completely taken aback by the scene before her.
"Master? Who's Master?" "I heard she's a slave for the Leader, the poor soul," "Look at her clothes, they're filthy,"
Like an unruly flame, rumors ignited and spread throughout the crowd. The certainty that couldn't be denied, even though it was only whispered within gossipy circles.
Law looked at you with a neutral expression, as if the rumours had no effect on him. His eyes were clear and his gaze steady, showing no signs of pity or sympathy.
He seemed to accept the situation as it was, without passing judgement.
Something you haven't seen in a while.
"Y/N L/N! You are to be taken back to your cell!" Royal guards stated loudly as they charged in the same direction.
The crowd parted to make way for the guards, and the woman stepped aside without a word. The guards were armed with guns and were determined to take you away. Law remained still and watched as the guards approached.
He seemed to be deep in thought, his brows furrowed in concentration. He looked up at you and opened his mouth to speak, but before he could say anything, you raised your hand up.
"Tell the leader not to follow me, I'm not coming back,"
At first thought, a cosmic ray shot from your hand and everyone except for you and Law had dropped to the ground. The villagers were unconscious, their bodies limp and their breathing shallow.
The Royal Guards had also been affected by the ray and the only sounds that could be heard were the faint whimpers from the villagers and the echoes of the guards' armor clattering on the ground.
Law stood in stunned silence, his eyes wide with shock as his gaze shifted from the unconscious villagers to you.
He had only one thought in his mind. He had to know more about your ability.
"What were you going to ask?"
"If you've seen any other ships around the area, it doesn't matter if it's a pirate ship. I just want to leave here-"
"Then come with me and join my crew."
Tumblr media
He didn't know why that memory flashed in his mind. The time he had first met you.
Was it because he knew there was a chance that you could die? Or was it because he felt a deep connection with you in that moment? Or maybe it was something else entirely?
Whatever the reason, the memory of their first meeting stayed with him long after.
He ran faster and faster, his heart pounding as the memory kept playing in his head. He ran until his lungs burned and his legs ached, but he still kept going, as if running away from the memory would make it disappear.
"Sir! Please stop!"
"Looks like you've lost your manners. You only address me as Master," His voice was demanding, with a hint of anger.
"I'm sorry," There seemed to be a pause. "Master. I didn't realize I had lost my manners. It won't happen again."
"Now you are going to come with me and stop this little adventure of yours, you know you're mine,"
"I bought you. I own you. You are my possession. You don't just get to leave me when you want."
As the voices grew, he felt his heart racing with fear. He knew he was going to be confronted with something unpleasant, and he felt a chill run down his spine.
He knew he had to face whatever it was that was waiting for him, so he took a deep breath and prepared himself for what was to come.
He saw a clearing ahead and what he saw made his blood run cold.
There was a man strangling you and you were grabbing his hands, trying to break free. He wanted to run in and save you, but he was frozen in place, unable to do anything.
He watched, helplessly, as the man tightened his grip around your neck, and he felt a rage unlike anything he had ever felt before.
He didn't know why, but the sense of rage and fear that had taken over his body made him forget everything else. He dropped his sword and ran towards them, not caring about the consequences and only focused on saving you. He was determined to do whatever it took to get you away from the man's grip.
Get away from her. Leave her alone. Don't touch her.
He felt a surge of adrenaline as he threw the man to the ground. He was filled with rage, and he could barely contain himself. He punched the man again and again, and the man let out a loud groan.
Law was determined to make sure the man wouldn't hurt you again. He kept punching him until his knuckles were bloody, and he could feel the man's body going limp beneath his fists. He continued to punch him until he felt the man's body go still, though he still wasn't satisfied.
Until suddenly, a sense of calmness filled his body, making him confused. He looked around, not quite sure what had just happened. He could feel his heart rate slowing down, and the anger slowly draining away from his body.
He felt a strange sense of peace and tranquility, as if he had just been released from a spell.
He was so overwhelmed by the sudden change that he didn't know what to do. He looked around and saw the man lying on the ground, unconscious and badly beaten.
There was no one else that could have made him feel like that. Except you.
He quickly turned around to look at you, your hand out towards him.
You used your power on him.
He could see the fear in your eyes, but there was also something else there, something he couldn't quite put his finger on. He slowly walked towards you, never taking his eyes off you.
He felt a sudden surge of panic as he watched your hand drop to your side, and he rushed to your side.
He quickly put his ear to your chest, listening for your breathing and heartbeat. When he heard them, he let out a sigh of relief. He slowly placed his hands on either side of your face, gently cupping it in his hands. He looked into your eyes and smiled, relieved that you were still alive.
"Are you okay?" He asked quietly, his voice barely above a whisper as he looked into your eyes, searching for any sign of discomfort or pain.
"I- I'm okay," You answered, your voice shaking as you looked into his eyes.
"Are you sure?"
". . . . No,"
"He's not going to touch you again, I promise." Law reassured you, gently brushing a strand of hair away from your face. "No one will ever hurt you again," he said in a soft voice, his eyes never leaving yours.
He reached up and ran his thumb over your cheek, wiping away a tear that had escaped your eye.
Even though you nodded at his statement, it did not provide him with any reassurance at all.
"Yes Y/N?"
"I don't think I'm going to make it back," You shakily said, lowering your shirt to reveal a green patch that was spreading across your arms and chest so that Law could see it.
Law's eyes widened in shock as he stared at the spots that had spread across your body. He had no idea what it meant, but he could tell that it wasn't good. He quickly put his hand on your forehead, feeling your temperature.
Too hot for you.
As soon as he noticed you were starting to close your eyes, he immediately stopped you and said, "Hey, hey, stay awake,"
"I'm sorry for troubling you-"
"You're not," Law replied, taking a position where he would be able to carry you while using one hand to grab the sword that he had dropped onto the floor.
It was then that he stood up with you and started to run back, now seeing that there were hundreds of men scattered across the area that lay motionless, having been the victims of your abilities.
When he looked down at your weak form, he wondered how on earth you had been able to defend yourself against so many people at once.
Please stay awake a little longer.
"Law?" Your lips trembled as your gaze wandered unconsciously across his chest.
"Yes Y/N? I'm right here, just keep talking."
"If I die, I just want you to know that I've liked you for a while now."
In the middle of his steps, he froze in place.
All of his coursing thoughts were made into one single question: You liked him?
"I thought I was being too obvious but it seems that even the Surgeon of Death can't even catch on to things like that." You chuckled to yourself yet there was no amusement on your face.
As you glanced up at him, hoping to see if it was a smile or a grin, you were surprised to see that it wasn't either, but rather one of horror.
You knew it. He never did like you.
"Leave me here. More reinforcements are going to come now and they're stronger than ever. I'll keep them back so you can escape-"
"Stop talking."
In an instant, a glance had you stop what you were going to say, instead you paid attention to your breathing and not the reaction that he showed to your confession.
Law was everything but calm at this point: you were currently dying of an unknown injury, more reinforcements were coming for you and you just confessed your feelings to him.
You were a big part of his problems, yet he couldn't just let you go.
There's never been a feeling like that for him before.
He would miss you even though he saw you an hour ago. He got into flowers because it was part of your ability. He'd let you stay in his office and he wouldn't mind.
For goodness sake, he ate bread because you asked him to!
Could it be that he was also in love with you?
Feeling your head drop back made him jump slightly, and he quickly moved to cradle you in his arms. He felt a chill run through his body as he realized you was slipping away.
He quickly put his fingers on your neck and felt for a pulse, but it was slow and fading. Fear began to surge through him as he realized that time was of the essence.
He didn't want to admit it but he was losing you. . . .
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
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kopilot-pop · 1 day
[Aespa x Touch-Starved! Reader]
- imagine.
Tumblr media
Summary: You’re a just really touch starved cat in a human body, and Aespa adores you.
Warnings: poly!aespa, alcohol, cursing, overabundance of fluff, unseriousness, etc.
A/N: While writing this I had to search if touch-starved meant what I thought it meant. I found out that there’s alot of variations so I just wrote based off of my touch-starved ass. I’m experiencing a very slight writer’s block, so I wrote this as something easy. Thank you all for loving my fics <3
Even after a year of being a team and an additional 6 months of being in a relationship, your girlfriends never noticed how much affection you really craved.
It’s not like they weren’t affectionate towards you - no, quite the opposite actually.
They love to hold your hand, kiss you, cuddle you, but they hesitated whenever you flinched
You weren’t scared or anything, just not used to that much affection; but they didn’t know that
So the four of them kind of came to think that you didn’t like physical affection at all :0
So it was basically torture to watch them slowly distance themselves (only physically, they still made sure to tell you how much they love you)
But since you were shy and scared to directly ask for their touch, you just sucked it up
But hey, the girls aren’t stupid y’know?
Tumblr media
Jimin noticed how much you craved their affection when she decided to wake you up the morning she arrived back from a Paris fashion show.
Her hand was resting on your cheek, gently drawing circles with her thumb as she tried to wake you up for breakfast
When you started to stir she tried to get up
but you snatched her hand back
You were definitely asleep, so she was surprised how strong you were
literally WRESTLING her hand to force it back on your face
“Mmmh… is cold…”
Her nose might have bled a little
Safe to say she took a million photos of you like that and changed it to her wallpaper.
Ever since that incident (that you don’t even know happened), she started to be a bit more forward with pda.
Tumblr media
Aeri noticed when you clinged onto her before he had to leave for Tokyo.
You guys decided to get dinner together and ended up getting drunk
While walking towards the dorm, you would act like her shadow, stuck right behind her as the two of you waddled back into the house
a very giggly Gigi
“Y/n I need to change-!”
Getting ready for bed and you’re right beside her with a prominent pout on your face
When she gave you a peck to stop it, she noticed the slight twinkle in your eyes (ur so whipped)
If the others held you alot, she’s the one that kissed you alot
So before she removes her makeup she leaves a bunch of kiss marks on your face :0
She kind of panics when you drunkingly tell her you aren’t going to wash your face until she comes back from Tokyo
Tumblr media
Minjeong realized the moment she walked through the door and you decided to carry her everywhere (honestly she’s smol)
she smells alcohol on you, making her even more confused
you didn’t even say anything man, just yoinked her
“AH-! Y/n what-?!”
You just grab her and sit down on the couch to watch some shitty show you put on a few hours ago… while finishing 4 bottles of soju.
In a span of 5 minutes, Minjeong suddenly became your personal teddy bear
she hates the smell of alcohol, but watching you snuggle up to her with such a giddy face made her put up with it (she’s whipped)
loves the way you practically melt when she starts to play with your hair
Tumblr media
Ning found out about your love for physical affection in the dumbest way possible
You were lounging on her bed, watching an interview she took a week ago, when she started to talk about her sleeping habits
“Oh yeah, I have this bear from IKEA that I like to hug while sleeping. It’s really soft and..”
You started to get annoyed as your girlfriend went on about it and snapped your head up to see the bear staring right at you (it wasn’t, you were just jealous of a fucking stuffed animal)
Now imagine Ningning walking into her room after a photoshoot and you’re just sucker-punching her stuffed bear.
“???Y/N?? What are you doing???”
You ramble an apology/explanation, but all she understands is that you want to be cuddled too (you didn’t say that of course. she just has a ‘Y/n translator’)
She makes fun of you alot after that, but decides to grant your unspoken wish
Just snuggling into your jacket (that you’re wearing btw) whenever it’s cold, hugging you from behind as you get your makeup fixed…
she thinks its cute how you freeze up for a few seconds before melting into her
(it’s poly so im gonna add more)
the 4 of them have a long chat about your actions
and after talking for a while, they come to the realization that you were actively seeking for their touch only when you were half asleep or drunk.
Aeri’s the one that comes to the conclusion that you are touch-starved
So that’s why every Saturday, you’re dragged to the living room to have a movie day with your girlfriends.
You’re slightly nervous when you’re put on the center of the couch.
But by the end of the film, you’re quite literally molding into the couch
Jimin is on your right, with her face leaned against your shoulder as she plays with Minjeong’s hair.
Minjeong is on the ground with her body leaning against your leg.
While Ning is on the other side of the floor, holding your hand in a tight lock.
And Aeri’s the one softly rubs circles on your arm, sitting on your left
you’re just stuck in the middle like:🧍🏻‍♀️
They think it’s adorable how much you can relax with them
One time, an interviewer was being extremely rude, making snarky remarks about you and your performance
and Karina’s immediate reaction was to hold your hand while Ning told him off with a smile on her face
and when Jimin held your hand you genuinely did not care what that man said
another time you were extremely nervous before a solo performance for the MMA and the girls could tell how tense your shoulders were
but they all watched Minjeong lightly touch your neck and your back muscles just relaxing automatically
Ningning’s confused laughter because she didn’t know human bodies could work like that
Fans love watching you melt like a puppy during lives
just clips of ‘Y/n with Aespa vs. Others’ going around the internet
and one of those clips is you napping on the couch when a staff member helps fix your hair
you lean into the touch at first but jolt awake
vs. you asleep again in the waiting room couch when Giselle fixes your hair
and this time you don’t wake up, just leaning more and more into the touch
what they don’t see in that clip is the other 3 squealing and Aeri ending up with you cuddled up inside her arms <3
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The snowflake
young president coriolanus snow x first lady reader
WARNING: snow is out of charakter, i am delulu, i can change him
First love.
And now the husband. The man who slept soundly next to me meant all this to you. The sun poured into our shared bedroom along with the cold air coming in through the half-open window. As a result, Cory and I huddled together in our sleep to protect each other from the cold. I looked at his face buried in my shoulder, his quiet breathing made me smile and I kissed the top of his head feeling him start to wake up. “Good morning dearest,” he murmured in his morning voice. "Good morning love, I was afraid you wouldn't wake up," I replied. “Who would want to wake up if they could sleep next to you for the rest of the ages,” he growled back. “But you're too sweet. I laughed at his flattery. However, I rewarded him with a kiss on the corner of his mouth and began to slowly get up from the bed., Don't forget that today we have an interview with Lucky and...” my sentence was interrupted by an announcement. a rush of nausea that suddenly came over me.,, Are you okay , darling." Coriolanus shouted with panic in his voice as he quickly tried to get out of bed.,, Yeah yeah I'm fine.” I waved my hand at him to calm him down.,, You sure it looked bad so we can cancel the interview " to quickly counter., "No, it's fine. I didn't drink much water yesterday, so I felt nauseous. I carefully went to the kitchen where I poured myself a full glass of water and drank it. to have an interview as the first lady of Panem, but my day continued by going to teach students at the academy afterwards.I lectured on the history of Panem and my attitude made me quite a popular professor. Many of your former classmates were content to be representative wives, but I wanted more. I wouldn't mind just being a wife, but I remembered well how boring your professor's lectures were at the academy, thank you for this subject. And thanks to my enthusiasm, the students will also start to enjoy it. Therefore, I did not want to lose my lecture, so I decided to attend despite the nausea and the interview. Coriolanus in turn shared his schedule for the day, which included a meeting with the Minister and other presidential duties, as I liked to call them. After long preparations, I ended up with a dark red velvet dress with a square neckline and black heeled shoes. I quickly grabbed my bag that had my class materials and some corrected tests.
Tumblr media
I went out to the entrance door where Coryo was waiting in a red suit and coat and in return he was holding mine which he quickly helped me into. Coryo immediately offered you his arm and carried your bag as you continued on your way to the car that would take us to the interview. Coryo who seemed to be the perfect gentleman opened the door for me and placed my bag in the trunk of the car. Unfortunately, my nausea got worse on the car ride and I was pretty sure I was green in the face. My husband's hand held my hand the whole time, and the third put small rings in it. Fortunately, we soon arrived in front of the studio where we were to give the interview. Coryo immediately got out and opened the door for you to simply get out. He offered me his hand again and together you walked to the studio waving to the crowd that had come to see the President and First Lady. I knew I couldn't show how miserable I felt, so I just smiled and waved. Fortunately, the interview went very quickly and all that was needed was for you and Cory to confirm that you will try your best in your new position and lead the Lord to a better tomorrow. After the interview, I said goodbye to Cory and started walking to the academy. Coryo offered to take me by car, but I insisted that I would rather walk. The second thing was that I thought the fresh air would help my nausea, which only got worse. I reached the academy within ten minutes and immediately entered my classroom. I had about five minutes before the students came in and your lesson started. Everything went well at the beginning of the lesson, the students answered my questions and everything went smoothly. But my nausea only got worse and I even got a headache. Suddenly my eyes went dark and my head was suddenly very light. Around you, you heard screams and commotion, someone was shaking my shoulder and talking to me. The darkness welcomed me into its arms and I lost consciousness.
Coryo pov:
I was just signing the cooperation agreement when the landline I had on my desk suddenly lit up. The number called was my wife's number. It was weird because she was supposed to be giving a lecture at the moment, but it was even more disturbing because I knew (Y/N) would never just interrupt her lecture. So I immediately picked up the receiver and a distraught young man's voice was heard on the other end. "P-Mr. President, Mrs. Professor has o-passed out and we don't know what m...ow." the distraught boy had to get a slap on the head. "What's wrong with my wife?" I shouted to the other side. There was silence for a while, but finally a mature female voice answered, "I'm sorry president, but the students here panicked, your wife passed out and was just taken to Frenill Hospital.",,Okay, thank you." he thanked the woman on the other end of the line and hung up. I immediately called my driver and rushed to headquarters. The whole time I was going to the hospital, I was wondering what happened, she has some kind of illness or someone poisoned her, my thoughts were running everywhere that I didn't even notice that we were already standing in front of the hospital. . I jumped out of the car and ran to the hospital reception hall. I ran to the counter but before I could open my mouth the nurse informed me that (Y/N) was in room 208. I went up to the second floor where I finally found her room and immediately burst inside. she lay conscious, but terribly pale, and had a drop in her hand. I went to her and stroked her hair.,,Hi, what happened." I asked her with a soft look. "I don't know, it got worse and worse and then I passed out, when I woke up, I was here. she whined.
Your view: Coryo was gently caressing me when suddenly the doctor came in. “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Snow, I'm here to tell you the test results. Coryo grabbed your hand and put the tranquilizer rings on. The doctor suddenly laughed, “Don't worry, that's good news Mrs. Snow, you're pregnant, you're at the end of your third trimester, the baby should be born in six months, congratulations to you both. "said the doctor, leaving the room. I looked at Coriolanus and tried to decipher his opinion on the matter. I was happy myself, I always wanted my child. "Well, I think that empty room in the house will be used at last," he said and he smiled softly and reached his hand over my stomach and began to caress it gently. "I am the luckiest man in Panem."
I hope you like it if you have any request i am always open.
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⋆.ೃwe’ll live forever࿔*:・
veneer x GN!reader
one shot
you are helping veneer get ready for his next show. you both have had crushes on each other since you were kids, and all you two wanted to do was confess your undying love for each other, and the only thing stopping you was velvets disapproval and judgment.
but, that doesn’t stop the tension between you two when you’re alone…
ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ-ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ-ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ-ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ-ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ-
“y/n, get in here.”
you hear Velvet speaking from the radio that was
attached to your chest, which helped the twins
communicate with you easily whenever they needed
you. currently, you were in your own “ office “ (not
really privileged to you, but it’s where you got your
work done ) getting contracts ready for Velvet and
Veneer to sign. you weren’t very sure either of them
were even going to sign, but you were just doing your
job. you fumbled your hands to hold the speak
button of the radio and stood up rapidly from your
“yes, Violet. on my way,”
you gathered your papers and tapped them upright
on the table a few times to make them even, then
you dashed out the door and to their dressing room.
you didn’t like to admit it, but every time that Violet
called you to their room, you couldn’t help but feel
excited to see her brother, Veneer. whenever she was
being uptight or just plain rude, Veneers little jokes or
just the sound of his voice made the room feel a lot
less tiny. you’re anxious quite a bit , and perhaps he
picked up on it, because even just a softened gaze
from him helps you ease up.
you were a little like him, in a way. both of you thrive
to find approval from those higher than you, and in
your case it was both of them and HR.
it didn’t really take much for Veneer to like you,
you arrived to their door, and knocked gently but
hard enough to have them hear you. oftentimes you
were scared of knocking too loud, since Violet
doesn’t like to be interrupted by obnoxiously loud
sounds…that’s really the only thing you can relate to
her with.
the door opened, and you saw Veneer standing there
with a warming smile on his face, and his hair looking
a little…eccentric. gel clearly wasn’t put in the right
way, strands falling out, and it was tilted to the side?
the sight made you blush, and you couldn’t help but
smile back, gripping the papers a little more tightly in
your hands.
“hello, Ven-“
you and Veneer jolted from velvets snappy tone, and
the door was whipped all the way open, tearing it
away from Veneers grip.
you are greeted with a
moderately-infuriated Velvet who looked upset but
also stressed. she then grabbed Veneers wrist and
pulled him towards a dresser chair, forcing him down
and pointing at him, one hand on her hip.
“okay, i CANNOT get his hair to cooperate. or
she exclaimed, throwing her hands in
the air as if she was trying to strangle her own brain.
she pointed to the closet and stomped her foot
“i had to put crimp in there because even SHE couldn’t do it ! i- just-“
she was obviously stressed out, and you showed her
a small smile.
“i understand. here,” you handed her the papers. “if
you can just throw a few signatures on here, i’ll fix
him up for you. i used to do a bit of hair dressing in
university, i’m sure i’ll be able to do something.”
her gaze softened for a moment, like she was
relaxed, but it was instantly back to a stubborn look,
and she snatched the papers from you.
“fine.” she sneered, and grabbed a pen from the
vanity. “i’ll be back, i have to go see a couple of
snobby interviewers before the show.” she notified,
approaching and opening the door. her back towards
you, she stopped.
“..thank you.”
she slammed the door, you and Veneer jolting again.
it was silence for a moment, until you cleared your
throat. “okay, let me figure this out.” you start
grabbing scissors, gel, hairspray, a comb, and bobby
pins to prepare yourself. Veneer watches you as you
speak to yourself and collect your train of thought.
he stares a little longer than he should.
you then turn him around in the chair and step
closer, your chest almost pressed against the back of
him. you clench your jaw and are instantly flooded
with the scent of 100 toxins from his hair, which you
found sort of nice. you start to drag your fingers
through his crunchy hair, easily getting knots out so
you don’t hurt him.
“you didn’t have to do this,” he says quietly, watching
you in the mirror as you comb through his hair.
you smile at him without making eye contact.
“oh, i know. i want to. it’s fun.” you say in an almost
monotone voice since you were concentrating. he
doesn’t respond , only admires you. you start to work
your magic, pinning up chunks of hair and letting
some fall, costing your hands with gel and infesting
his nest with hairspray. it was time to move to the
front, but a strand you had in your hand had to
stretch to that direction.
you walk around Veneer, your arms basically
wrapped around him, and stand in front of him whilst
pinning up that strand of hair you had in your hand.
this position seemed to last a little longer than it
should have, as you were shaking from nervousness.
you held your breath , anxious that he would feel it on
you back away for a second, looking at your progress
so far, and he looked up at you with his big beady
eyes , as if he was just waiting for you to do
something. you tried to shake off the tension, but it
didn’t help when you had to get up in his face to fix
the obnoxiously huge wave in hair.
and there you were, your hands all up in his hair, your
faces inches apart, and all you could think about was
if his green lipstick tasted like lime.
you were nearly done, you would be able to breathe
in 10 seconds, when you two locked eyes. you didn’t
notice how flushed in the face he was until now. his
lips were slightly parted, his eyes gleamed as he
searched your eyes.
he shifted in his seat, and you backed away, letting
out a shaky exhale.
“o-okay, your hair is done. i’ll re touch your makeup.”
you said nervously , picking up his stick of lipstick
that was next to his sisters. you leaned close to him
once more, held his chin like you would your
favourite book, and swiped his bottom lip very
carefully. then, he had jerked his head oh so slightly
to the side, causing a smudge. you just stood there
thinking ‘shit , i need to wipe that off,’.
if only that’s what you were really thinking.
before you could comprehend your next action, he
muttered your name in a whisper and reached his
head forward, pressing his stained lips to your tinted
ones. you dropped the stick of lipstick, your hand
still in the air , and let yourself melt into the feeling.
your heads simultaneously titled as a natural flow of
kissing started, and Veneers fingers danced on the
skin of your forearms. you could feel the energy
coming off of him, how he desired more passion of
your slow, sweet kisses, but he was already drunk off
of what you were giving him now.
then he stood, leaning you gently against the vanity,
putting one hand on the platform and the other
snaked around your waist to support you. you kept
yours on his shoulders, not wanting to mess up his
hair, but he couldn’t care less.
he wanted you.
pulling away from each other, you both caught your
breaths, your eyes still closed to capture what just
happened. you felt his right hand take yours, your
fingers intertwining as he left a trail of kisses down
your jaw and rested his forehead on the crook of your
neck, smiling against you.
“Veneer…” you whisper, nudging your shoulder to
make him lift his head. he hummed in response and
looked at you, a sly smile on his face. you felt
flustered , trying to turn your head away but he used
his cheek to guide your face back towards him,
giving you a soft kiss in return. you then feel alarmed
and pushed him back slightly.
“ shit ! you have to GO, Velvet is going to kill you,
fuck, your makeup isn’t done, i-“
Veneer cut you off with a finger to your lips, waiting
for you to be quiet before backing away, putting his
shoulder pads on.
“I don’t care , dear. it’s a look, some fan will love it.”
he winked at you and opened the door, turning his
head to look at you.
“doesn’t it tell them that i’m off limits anyway?” he
clearly teased and your mouth parted slightly in awe.
he chuckled, his eyes falling half open.
“meet me backstage after the show , y/n. maybe we
can ruin the lipstick a little more.”
you stood there in disbelief.
˚ · • . ° . ˚ · • . ° . ˚ · • . ° . ˚ · • . ° . ˚ · • . ° . ˚ · • . ° .
i hope u guys enjoyed this, my writing isn’t terrific 😞 if u have any suggestions about making Veneers character more realistic or just ideas for more one shots pls lmk !!! p.s im open to doing all genders for Veneer , i just wanted to stay neutral for my first fic <33
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dragon-ascent · 2 days
Zhongli and you have been together for quite a long time now, to the point that you’re eligible for a Liyue citizenship.
You vehemently refuse to get one, though. Your husband fully respects that, but of course he can’t help but be curious as to the reasoning behind your firm decision.
You’re completely serious when you look him in the eye and give your answer. “They often say Rex Lapis views the people of Liyue as his own children. I don’t want to child-zone myself and make things weird :(”
This is, of course, met with raucous laughter from your beloved.
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shebunnie · 2 days
𝐁𝐚𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐢𝐧 𝐁𝐥𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐬
𝗠𝗶𝘇𝘂 𝘅 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱𝗲𝗿
Tumblr media Tumblr media
𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠: 𝗶𝗻𝗷𝘂𝗿𝗲𝗱 𝗺𝗶𝘇𝘂, 𝗰𝗼𝘃𝗲𝗿 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗲𝘆𝗲𝘀 𝗗: 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭: 𝟮.𝟭𝗸 𝐀/𝐍: 𝗜 𝘄𝗮𝗻𝗻𝗮 𝗺𝗮𝗸𝗲 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝗮 𝘀𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗲𝘀
Tumblr media
"I pray for the day you’d finally choose someone else to treat you. "
The mans eyes lingered on you for a while, he let out a sigh and took a seat on a rock by the river’s shore facing you. A grunt came out of his pale lips from the sting of his wound, breath wavering "Shouldn’t you be doing the opposite? You would go out of business without me." 
You stood there, contemplating. Whether to help this man or not, he seemed capable enough but the wound seemed to look like it needed stitches. Without a word, you neared the swordsman with careful steps. Pulling out your handkerchief from your kimono, dipping it in the warm waters of the lake, squeezing out excess water as you kneeled beside him.
"May I?" head tilting up to look at him to which you noticed more details about the samurais' appearance. An angular yet soft face, straight brows, and heart-shaped lips. The swordsman hummed turning his head away from you and his wounded shoulder. Slender yet calloused fingers grasped the hem of his yukata and slid it off of one side.
The air around you felt heavy with unspoken words, and as you worked on his injury, you couldn't help but wonder about the man in front of you. How did he end up like this? What battles had he fought, and what demons was he running from? But those questions lingered in the back of your mind, overshadowed by the more immediate task at hand.
“We’ve been crossing paths quite too coincidently, and I must ask, where you are headed?”
Silently grimacing at the sight. With hesitation, you carefully tried to dab the cloth around the wound. The swordsman flinched instantly and went to constrict your frail hand from disinfecting the gash, the other squeezing the side of your hip in an attempt to push you back "Aghh!" he seethed, licking his chapped lips, glaring at you.
"I'm sorry that was not meant to hurt."
You pulled your hand away, maintaining a composed expression despite the sharp pain in your hand. His grip loosened on your hip, and you resumed cleaning the wound, this time with even more caution. The tension in the air lingered as you worked, the only sound being the soft lapping of the river against the rocks.
"Your apology doesn't mend my wound," he muttered through gritted teeth. "But I appreciate the effort."
You continued your task, skillfully cleaning the wound and examining it closely. The gash was deep, and stitches were indeed necessary. You glanced at the swordsman who had been observing the entire scene with a mixture of curiosity and concern.
Their gaze remained fixed on the horizon, his eyes clouded with a distant intensity. "I'm headed to fill a vow," he finally replied, his voice carrying a weight that mirrored the burdens etched into his features. "A man that I’ve sworn to kill."
Your hands paused in their ministrations, the gravity of his words settling over the scene like a sudden storm. The air grew thicker, and the gentle rustle of leaves seemed to hold its breath. You met his gaze once more, the flicker of the river reflecting the turmoil within his eyes.
"A vow to kill?" you echoed, the words hanging in the air, heavy and pregnant with the weight of untold stories. The swordsman's jaw tightened, a subtle nod confirming the gravity of his quest. "He's taken everything from me," he continued, his voice low, a storm of emotions hidden beneath the calm facade.
The river's current seemed to echo the turbulence within his soul, a silent witness to the pain that fueled his journey. In that moment, understanding evolved into a dance with the shadows of his past.
"Vows can be shackles," you mused, breaking the silence that stretched between you. "But they can also be the flame that guides you through the darkest nights." The swordsman's gaze flickered, a subtle acknowledgement of the truth embedded in your words. The river murmured in agreement, its rhythmic flow a backdrop to the shared understanding that wove its threads through the night.
The revelation hung in the air like the heavy mist rising from the river, a revelation that shifted the atmosphere between you. The weight of your words settled over the landscape, casting a shadow that stretched across the rocks and water, intertwining with the encroaching darkness of the night.
"What drives a person to such extremes?" Eyes met his, searching for the story etched in the lines of his face.
The wielder's gaze held yours, a mixture of determination and a weariness that seemed to transcend time. "Betrayal," he spoke, voice a low murmur, as if revealing a secret that had long been guarded. "A betrayal that carved scars into my soul. I made a promise."
The revelation echoed in the quiet night, the river's soft lapping against the shore forming a backdrop to the swordsman's tale. His wounds, physical and otherwise, became more apparent in the dimming light. As you absorbed his story, a realization dawned - his journey was not merely one of aimless wandering, but a quest fueled by a profound purpose.
The silence that followed was pregnant with unspoken empathy. You contemplated the weight of his words, the burden he carried, and the path he had chosen. The makeshift bandage you had prepped seemed insufficient, not just for the gash on his shoulder, but for the wounds that lay hidden beneath the surface.
"Why carry this burden alone?" you questioned, your words soft but earnest. "There's strength in shared struggles, in the companionship of those who understand."
The swordsman's brows furrowed, as their eyes flickered a vulnerability surfacing once again. For a moment, it seemed as though the walls he had built around himself wavered, allowing a glimpse of the person beneath the stoic exterior. "I've walked this path for so long," he admitted, "that it became easier to carry the weight alone."
You listened in silence, the stillness of the night amplifying the weight of his story. You gently placed a hand on his uninjured shoulder, offering a wordless gesture of understanding. The swordsman's gaze shifted from the horizon to you.
"Why are you helping me?" he asked, a note of vulnerability cutting through the layers of his stoic demeanour. "I've walked this path on my own accord, but tonight, you chose to ease my burden. Why?"
Eyes holding a quiet resolve. "Because vengeance can consume the soul, and sometimes, a moment of respite is needed," you replied, words carrying wisdom that transcended the simplicity of their arrangement.
Your gaze met his briefly before returning to your work. "I may pray for you to find someone else to treat you, but that doesn't mean I'd leave a man to bleed out."
The swordsman chuckled, wincing as the movement pulled at his injured shoulder. "Quite the contradiction, aren't you?"
"I prefer to think of it as balance," you replied, finally satisfied with the wound's cleanliness. "Now, let's get those stitches in place, and wrap it up."
Without a word, you resumed your task, the man watched as you skillfully threaded the needle, your hands steady despite the tension in the air. While you worked, the swordsman winced occasionally, but he didn't protest. His wound now carries a weighty significance. Once the last stitch was in place, you leaned back, wiping your hands on the damp handkerchief. 
The swordsman flexed his shoulder experimentally, a hint of relief crossing his face. After wrapping the makeshift bandage on his injury. Each fold of the fabric became a silent promise, a pledge to stand beside him in the face of the darkness that clung to his every step. The night deepened, and the stars overhead bore witness to the quiet exchange unfolding between you.
"Balance," the swordsman mused, his gaze drifting towards the stars as if seeking answers in their distant glimmer. "A rare concept in a world that often feels tipped towards chaos."
You nodded, your eyes following his to the celestial tapestry above. "Sometimes, balance is found in unexpected alliances and moments of kindness," you remarked, the rustling leaves and the distant hoot of an owl providing a natural backdrop to your words.
The swordsman's gaze lingered, contemplating the truth in your words. It was a truth he had seldom encountered on his solitary journey of vengeance—a journey marked by blood, betrayal, and a relentless pursuit of satisfaction.
"You're not like most people I've met," he confessed, his eyes returning to you, seeking a glimpse into the enigma you presented. "Most would either turn away or try to exploit my vulnerabilities."
A small smile touched your lips, the moonlight catching the subtle curve. "Perhaps, I see something beyond the surface. We all carry wounds, visible or not. Sometimes, a shared burden makes the journey a little less lonely."
The swordsman's gaze held yours, a silent acknowledgement passing between you. The night, now draped in a velvety darkness, seemed to hold its breath as the unspoken connection deepened.
"Thank you," the swordsman said, gratitude layered in his voice like the petals of a blooming flower. "I didn't expect to find this on my path."
With a hum and quiet understanding. "Paths have a way of converging when least expected. Perhaps, this encounter is a reminder that even in the pursuit of vengeance, there's room for compassion and shared moments of relief."
The night pressed on, and the river's gentle murmur accompanied the shared silence between you two. Companionship, ignited by a chance encounter by the river, continued to glow, casting a comforting light on the uncertain road ahead. The swordsman, his wound tended to and burdens shared, found himself tethered to a presence that promised more than mere stitches—it promised a companion on the winding journey that lay ahead.
You looked up at Mizu with a playful glint in your eyes. "Well, now that I've saved your life and mended your wounds, I suppose you owe me a favour or two."
Mizu raised an eyebrow, a smirk playing on his lips despite the lingering soreness in his shoulder. "Oh, is that how it works? I didn't realize healing came with a price." The sword wielder chuckled, a hint of warmth softening his stoic features. "I suppose I do. A debt of gratitude, and a pair of nimble hands with a needle."
"Ah, yes, the nimble hands that saved you from bleeding out. Quite the valuable asset, wouldn't you say?" you retorted, a playful smirk gracing your lips. Mizu's gaze met yours, a spark of amusement in his eyes. 
"A healer with such a sharp tongue. It's a rare combination."
"Well, one must keep things interesting, especially when dealing with brooding swordsmen on a quest for vengeance," you replied, feigning an air of nonchalance.
The tension from earlier dissipated like morning mist. "I suppose I should be grateful for the unexpected twists on this journey."
"Gratitude suits you. Perhaps it will become a regular companion on your quest," you quipped, a playful glimmer in your eyes.
Mizu raised an eyebrow, a smirk playing on his lips. "So you say? I'll have to get used to it, then."
You chuckled, the sound echoing in the quiet night. "Consider it a down payment for future rescues. Who knows when you'll need another skilled healer by your side?" Leaning back on the rock, his gaze meeting yours. “Fair enough. But I hope your future rescues involve less blood and more pleasant conversations.”
You grinned, the moonlight catching the mischievous glint in your eyes. "I cannot promise that maybe just some casual chatter and tea." Mizu scoffed, the tension of the night dissipating in the warmth of the moment. "Tea sounds good. I could use a break from the constant clash of swords and the sting of wounds."
As the night embraced its darkest hours, a playful smirk graced your lips. "Trouble seems to have a way of finding you. Maybe it's time you start offering it some tea instead of drawing your sword."
"Tea might perhaps be the key to resolving conflicts. A cup of tea and a good conversation."
"Who knows," you replied, a mischievous glint in your eyes. "Maybe you'll find your sworn enemy sipping tea at a local tea house, and you can settle your differences over a matcha ceremony instead of a duel." 
The swordsman shook his head, a smile playing on his lips. "A novel approach, but I doubt my sworn enemy has a taste for tea."
"Well, then," you said, rising from your spot by the river. "We'll just have to introduce him to the finer things in life. A well-brewed tea might just be the key to unlocking a truce."
Mizu followed suit, the night now alive with the shared promise of an unexpected encounter. The moonlit path ahead seemed less daunting, and the weight of vows and vendettas felt momentarily lifted. 
And maybe that tea ceremony would come sooner than expected.
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Soft Rain: Gojo Satoru x Reader (SMUT! Mature/Explicit) Part 1
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I want to first say I usually try to find a photo that fits the aesthetic of the story but this one was way too good to walk away from. Everyone enjoys this gem <3. Also, this fic because it's too damn long is split up into two parts. Part 2 is already up and will be linked at the bottom of this page.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*Rating: Mature/Explicit (Sexual scenes)
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*Summary: You are in a coffee shop one rainy day when a sad beautiful stranger enters. Slowly, you open up to each other in the warm confinement of the cafe. Little did you know that you would fall in love with this man, and he with you.
I wrote this from the perspective of seeing Satoru with his barriers down. No masks, no facades, just him when he's alone with his haunting thoughts. I wanted to give him a more human perspective and touch on some of the things that plague his mind. I know I have been MIA for quite some time, if you were someone who was waiting for this I am sorry! Life has been a rollercoaster recently but I am finally back to being in a place of stability. This is certainly a longer fic, so I hope you all enjoy it. As always feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below!
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*Word Count: 25k+
September: When I met you
“Your coffee, miss.” 
“Oh, thank you,”  
Finally, you tore your eyes away from your book to smile at the girl handing you your drink. 
You gratefully accepted the liquid, hands wrapping around the warm ceramic mug as you inhaled deeply. The bitter scent of coffee with a hint of vanilla kissed your senses, causing you to smile. 
Taking a sip, your eyes wander to the large window as the warmth travels down your throat. 
Soft rain fell from endless gray. 
It had been raining for hours now, which drove you into the small cafe. You were pleased when you entered the space. A warm cozy atmosphere fragranced with coffee and paired with the sound of rain. 
What more could you want for a reading environment? 
You let yourself settle further into the oversized couch, watching placidly as drops of rain slowly travel down the planes of the window. 
Such a perfect day. 
Peering down at your watch, you sigh. It was nearly 5 pm. Idly, you run your fingers along the soft threads of the couch, drifting further into your own thoughts. You knew you had to leave sometime soon, but willingly tearing yourself away from this serenity seemed like a crime.
“Is this seat taken?” 
You pull your eyes away from the window to find a man standing before you, soaked to the bone in rainwater. 
Soft white hair stuck to his porcelain skin. It drew your attention, eyes unable to look away. However, when your eyes met his, your breath caught. They stole your attention; piercing blue that seemed to know everything . 
“No, go ahead. Do you need a towel?”
You realized you were staring all while feeling slightly awkward. There were many other open seats, why did he need to choose the one that was adjacent to you? 
“Do you have one?” he asked with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. 
Giving him a curt nod, you began digging in your purse until you found your folded hand towel. Silently, you handed it to him and he accepted it, sitting down with a huff, roughly drying his hair. 
Beginning to feel uncomfortable, you set down your coffee and resumed reading your book. Your fingers lightly played with the cover – feeling the embossed words, you traced the shapes, mind unable to focus. 
Who is this guy? 
You peered at him over the cover. 
He had unzipped his black athletic jacket and draped it over a chair. He now wore a simple white button-down shirt and it clung to his muscular body. The color of his skin bleeds its way into the white, stealing your attention. With eyes discreetly tracing the planes of his body, you noted the pale blue veins that delicately decorated his hands. 
You blushed, feeling as if you saw something you shouldn’t, so you quickly turned your eyes to the book – pretending to read.
Is he some kind of gym rat? Why is he so fit? He looked like a noodle a second ago… 
“Miss?” his low voice calls, breaking your thoughts.
You meet his eyes over the pages.  His hair, now more dry than wet, began sticking up in multiple different directions. The male is holding your towel out to you with a sad smile on his lips. 
Deciding reading is futile, you close your novel, placing it to the right as you shake your head. 
“Keep it,” 
You don’t want a wet towel in your purse and it seems he doesn’t have an umbrella. It’s not much, but you hope it’ll give his spikey head a little coverage. 
“You sure?” he asks, already leaning back to find comfort in his seat. You control the urge to stare at his body. So you grab your coffee, forcing your eyes to look at the deformed latte art. 
“I’m sure. It seems it’ll get more use with you. Why were you outside in this weather anyway?” 
It had been raining for hours, most people would be in their homes by now. 
He eyed you for a moment, white eyelashes downcast, almost like he was recalling a painful memory. 
“I wanted to be alone, my thoughts were loud, so the rain helped block them out. What about you?” 
How can you say something like that so casually? 
“Honestly, I was on my way home. But it had started raining and it led me here. Pulled out my book, and yeah…” 
You shrugged your shoulders. 
If you were being sincere, it was a needed escape. The walls of your home felt too suffocating, you looked for any excuse to not return. 
“What’s your name?” 
You now fully looked at his face. 
He is handsome, with a sharp jawline and regal features. Nothing about him was mundane, it seemed as if he was a sculpture; something perfect and unattainable. 
“Y/n, you?” 
“Satoru. What do you do for a living?” 
With eyebrows knitting together, you eyed the man.
What is this, a surprise interview?  
“I am an author and I do some remote networking for a hospital. What about yourself?” 
His eyebrows rose at your response and you couldn’t tell why. It’s not like your profession was anything to be shocked about. 
Taking a sip of coffee, you sigh. The warmth slides down your throat as the delicate taste coats your tongue. Silently, you savor the feeling – the easy calm that washes over you.
“I am a sorcerer,” 
The cup nearly dropped out of your hands.
Well, shit.  
It’s not that you didn’t know they existed, it’s that you did your best to distinctly distance yourself from that world. 
That explains the physique at least.  
“I am sorry, then.”
You watch as his eyes turn sorrowful, then he faces the window, cheek in his palm. 
“I don’t see any cursed energy coming from you, how do you know about us?”
 It’s a simple question, but in truth, it was perhaps the heaviest one to ask you. 
“A close friend. They went missing about 6 years ago. Police never got a trail, so I dug and I stumbled upon a lot of information I shouldn’t have. Been doing my best to ignore it since.” 
You weren’t sure why you were talking to this random stranger. Maybe it was something in his expression, with the way his eyes longingly looked out the window – as if he too missed someone close to him. 
Satoru hummed as he tapped a finger against his thigh, perfectly in tune with the soft rain. 
“I lost someone too,” 
The man spoke so softly you hardly picked up on his words. If you hadn't been paying attention to him, you may not have caught it. 
“A lover?” 
Judging by his expression, you guessed it had to be someone he loved. But, to your surprise, he let out a humorless laugh. 
“No, but you could see it that way. He… Was like the other half of me. Someone I could trust. I knew with him, I could let go and be myself. I could breathe. Because he was the only person who saw me .” 
Endless blue plagued with deep sadness gazed towards you, knocking the air out of your lungs. 
“When it rains, it reminds me of him.” 
Your heart dropped.
“Where is he now?” 
Becoming fully invested in the man in front of you, you cross your legs, leaning your body forward. 
“I… He’s dead. It’s been a year,” 
Satoru’s eyes turned down again. 
Unable to stop yourself, you reached out, gently taking his hand, rubbing the cold, soft skin of his knuckles. Your touch shocked him for a moment, but he slowly relaxed into it, large palm melting in your delicate fingers. 
The contact made your body shiver.
When was the last time I touched someone?
“Do you want anything?” 
You didn’t want to offer him fake pleasantries, for you thought he wouldn’t appreciate it. However, you also didn’t know what to say. Nothing comforted you when your friend died, and you were positive it was the same for him.
“No, I am good. Thanks though.” 
Nodding softly at his words, you reluctantly remove your hand to find your drink. Again, you welcomed the warmth of the liquid, relishing in its taste. 
“Do you plan to leave soon?” the question left your lips in a whisper. 
“Yeah, but if I am being honest, I don’t want to go back. I kind of just want to forget, y’know?” 
At his honest words, you sighed, taking another long sip of your coffee. 
He laughs at your answer. The pure sound makes you smile into your cup, shaking your head to try not to join him. 
Maybe some company wouldn’t hurt.
With eyes falling to your coffee, you let your laugh die in your throat. It had been so long since you willing had a conversation with someone. Now you felt stiff and awkward. 
“I-If you want, my home isn’t too far from here. You can wait out the rain there. I have some extra clothes that might fit you, that way we can wash your current ones.”
Finding a little bit of confidence you offered the man a small smile, to which he returned with his own. 
If you were being honest, it seemed like he needed someone. 
And maybe you did, too… 
“Inviting a stranger over to your home? That’s awfully brave.” Satoru said with some found bravado, which only made you chuckle. 
“Well yes, you are a stranger. But you also look like a wet, sad cat. It would break my heart to leave you stranded.” you tease back, earning yourself a smile from the male which made you bite the flesh of your inner cheek. 
He really is beautiful, it's kind of unfair.  
To hide your blush, you stuff your face into your mug, gulping down the remnants of your coffee. 
“Alright, as long as I don’t end up in a crop top and short shorts.” 
It was your turn to laugh. You couldn’t help the giggle that bubbled out of your throat, just imagining him in such an outfit was ridiculous – all long limbs in hot pink and denim. 
Somehow, you think he would pull it off if he tried. 
“Oh I don’t know, now you’re giving me ideas~” you coo playfully, wiggling your fingers in his smiling face. He feigned being offended, crossing his arms over his chest, and looking the other way – which only caused you to laugh harder and him to join you. 
The two of you giggled uncontrollably a bit, hands lacing over your stomachs. It was the only sound that could be heard other than the soft pitter-patter of rain. 
Deciding you had overstayed your welcome, you began collecting your items. In a pair, you exited the building. Your bodies huddle together under the umbrella that Satoru held. The male looked down at you with a wicked smile, then jumped in a puddle, effectively splashing the both of you with cold rain. You laughed and pretended to be annoyed, joining in his childish behavior. 
At some point, you began chasing each other in the rain, umbrella forgotten. You laughed like children till you reached your home, the two of you completely soaked. 
Still giggling, you unlocked the door, wiping your hair out of your face. 
“Wait here, I’ll get you a towel.” 
Knocking off your shoes, you padded over to your hallway closet, grabbing two towels. You were already running yours through the length of your hair when you returned to the male. He gratefully accepted the fabric, using it immediately against his unruly hair. 
It was then that you noticed his height and stature. His body is elegant and lithe, whereas he is tall, easily towering over your frame. 
This somehow annoyed you. 
Why do all the good genes go to one person?
“You’re staring,” he commented and you shrugged. 
“Just thinking you’re unfairly blessed,” 
A long sigh escaped your lips as you dropped your towel to the floor, hoping to clean some of the water off the polished wooden planks. 
“You wouldn’t be the first – Is that a cat?” 
Catching the excitement in his voice, you smile. 
“Yes, that’s Noir. Before you say it, I know she’s white. I just like the novelty of the name.”
Slightly shaking your hair, you hang up your jacket, watching Satoru stare at your cat out of the corner of your eye. 
“Will she attack me?” he asks and you hear an audible gulp . 
Satoru places his towel on the floor, cleaning up his own puddle of water with his foot to hide his embarrassment. 
Who knew such a big man would be so cautious of a little feline? 
Holding your hand out to the male, you lightly cock your head to the side, wet hair tickling the nape of your neck. He places his large hand in your small one and you lead him to Noir, who is currently perched on your gray couch, cleaning herself. 
Gently, you guide his hand to your cat, allowing her to give him a sniff. Then, she affectionately nuzzles her head into his palm, purring when he scratches under her chin. You watch as he smiles like a big idiot, squatting down so he’s at eye level with your pet. 
“I think she likes me,” he whispers to you happily, and you roll your eyes playfully. 
“She likes everyone . That girl is also a glutton, the T-R-E-A-T-S are on top of the fridge. I am going to take a shower, keep my precious furbaby company will ya?” 
You couldn’t help the tight squeeze of your heart at the sight. In a way, they kind of resemble each other. Right down to the unruly fur and knowing blue eyes. 
“I wouldn’t let anyone harm her for the world,” he promises, and you chuckle. 
Feeling some life return to him, Satoru pads over to the kitchen, securing the treasure; treats for Noir. 
“Here girl,” 
He makes kissing noises and the soft feline comes running over. She has a fluffy white coat, and if she had been asleep on the couch he may have mistaken her for a throw pillow. 
The cat ‘meowed’ at the sight of the bag, spinning in a circle then sat down, staying perfectly still. 
Oh, did your mommy teach you tricks?  
“Oh, good girl, Noir!” 
He excitedly plucked out a treat, placed it in his palm, and then brought it down so she could lick it off his skin. The scratchy feeling of her tongue tickled his hand until the snack was gone. Then she was sitting again, big blue eyes begging him for more. 
“Let’s see,” Satoru hummed happily, grabbing another treat from the bag, holding it a little higher than the cat. 
Noir did as commanded, gracefully jumping, catching the treat in her mouth, and snacking while walking in a triumphant circle.
“Ohhh~ You’re such a smart girl!” the cat rubbed his leg, purring affectionately into him. He knew that she was buttering him up, but he didn’t care. 
Over and over, he played with Noir. Giving her treats with each performed trick, petting her lovingly after every graceful action. Eventually, he sat down, ignoring the bite of the cool kitchen tile, letting the cat lay on his chest. 
He closed his eyes, enjoying Noir’s warmth and soft fur against his skin. Her soft purs tickled the pads of his fingers, making him smile to himself.  The feeling ebbed some of the ice out of his chest, blocking out the whispers of loneliness.
“I see my little lady has captured your heart,” 
He cracked open one eye. 
Y/n was smiling down at them, wet hair surrounding her soft features. She dressed simply in a white t-shirt and sweatpants, but she still looked beautiful. 
He sighed, kissing Noir’s soft little head, then stood. Y/n’s eyes followed his movement, every bit of curiosity easily readable on her face. He couldn’t remember the last time he was around a non-sorcerer. However, her presence was calming, and he was willingly letting himself drown in her serenity. 
“The bathroom is down the hall on the left. I put the spare clothes on the counter along with a fresh towel,” her eyes raked his frame. She then clicked her tongue with a disapproving look on her face. 
“Put those ruined clothes in the hamper and place them in the hall. I’ll wash them.”
Oh, she’s just not happy about my clothes. It wasn’t toward me. 
“You got it, boss,” 
Satoru smiled playfully, finding his familiar mask. He heeded her words and headed down the hall. Once in the bathroom, he shut the door and got to work. 
Quickly, he peeled himself out of his now-damp clothes and placed them in the empty clothing hamper. 
She’s kind.
Hiding behind the door, he slid the hamper into the hallway. 
“Clothes are out!” 
It was a bit odd, calling to her as he hid his naked body. It made him feel slightly embarrassed somehow. 
At her response, he closed the door. 
He felt a blush creep up his cheeks as he turned on the shower, stepping into the comforting heat. It warmed his rain-chilled flesh, blotting out some of the emptiness inside him.
Why do I feel so nervous?
While raking his hands through his hair, he let his day settle over him. 
In truth, he never meant to enter that cafe. He simply meant to walk around aimlessly, letting the rain soak him to his bones. Thoughts of Suguru always plagued him on days like this, and with the anniversary of the day he left passing, it was worse. 
He couldn’t let his students see him like this, so he sought to punish himself. Walking in the rain for hours, dropping all barriers, letting his body turn frigid. 
Then he saw her . 
He watched as she had to tear herself away from her book, brightly smiling at the barista handing her the coffee. She settled into the couch, drinking her drink while looking out toward the rain with such serenity he couldn’t help but be drawn to her. It was as if she was tranquility itself, surrounded by the warm glow of the industrial lights, dressed elegantly in soft white and pink. 
At that moment, she pulled him away from his haunting thoughts.
Feeling the unwavering need to be closer to her, he stepped into the shop. He didn’t know what he needed, but he found himself relaxing little by little under her whimsical gaze. The woman didn’t probe him or shy away. Instead, she offered her silent kindness and pleasant smile. He then found himself opening up to her, saying things that he hadn’t said to anyone in years .
She surprised him, when she softly grabbed his hand, asking if he wanted anything rather than giving her sympathy. He allowed himself to get lost in the kindness of her eyes. He let her touch him, having to hide the shiver that ran down his body from her warmth. 
Then, they were laughing. 
Before he knew it, they were chasing each other in the rain like children. Even though she was soaked down to her socks, she was spinning and laughing, hair sticking to her skin as she happily jumped into cold puddles to splash him. It was as if they had no care in the world. 
Not once did thoughts of Suguru attack him, even with the feeling of rain tracing his skin. 
A light smile tugged on his lips. 
Who knew I just needed to feel normal? 
You were setting out the items to make dinner when Satoru entered the kitchen. When you turned around, you had to stifle your laughter. 
The sweatpants, though several sizes too big for you, came to about mid-calf length on him. It also didn’t help that he was wearing a baby pink t-shirt and a pair of fuzzy house slippers to match. 
“You look dashing,” 
Placing a hand on your hip, you motion for him to twirl with your other, earning yourself a bemused glare from the male. 
“I look like a twink,” he huffs, a blush lightly kissing his pale cheeks, making you giggle.
“Can you cook?” you ask, completely avoiding responding to his statement. His eyebrows knitted, taking in the ingredients on the counter. 
“If you instruct me,” the words leave his lips slowly, still trying to piece together the dish you’re making. You laugh, walking up to him and placing a reassuring hand on his broad shoulder. 
“Don’t worry too much. It’s pasta, if you mess up just add more cheese.” 
Letting your eyes meet his, you hold your breath. 
They were softly looking down at you, corners folding kindly as if he was looking at something precious. The difference was so stark from the emptiness you saw earlier – it made your heart melt. 
“I’ll blame you if it goes wrong,” Satoru winked down at you, hand coming up to your hair, ruffling it lightly. 
“H-Hey!” you retort, and he laughs, easily avoiding your swipe at him. 
“What’s first?” he asks innocently and you huff while rolling your eyes, unable to hide your smile. 
“Let’s hope you don’t burn down my kitchen.” 
Turning on some music, you and Satoru worked together to make dinner. 
Laughter sounded throughout your home as you instructed the male. You watched as he fumbled with different utensils, unsure of what to do with each item. He would turn red, blaming you for not instructing him properly when you would tease him – which only resulted in you both laughing under your breath. 
Noir had joined the party, nimbly weaving between your two bodies, brushing up against your legs as you cooked. Once you were waiting for the pasta to finish cooking, you were humming and swaying your hips to the music. Satoru noticed and took your hands, joyfully dancing with you. 
You both danced around your kitchen, laughing infectiously. At some point, he picked up Noir, snuggling her close to his chest with one arm as his other spun you. 
The silliness continued through the night as you turned on a rom-com movie and halfway through Satoru was tearing up, asking you why he would leave the girl. You were too choked up yourself, shaking your head and cursing at the male lead, holding Noir close for emotional support. With both of you fed up, you decided there was no way you were ending on a sad note, so you turned on a children's movie to feel better. 
Which, somehow, made both of you more emotional. 
Once the movie was over, you washed the dishes together. It was only then you saw the time. 
“Oh my god!” you cried, almost dropping the freshly dried plate. 
“What?” Satoru asked, much calmer than you. 
“It’s midnight! Do you live close by? I’ll pay for your taxi back. I am so sorry, I lost track of time.” 
The male only laughed, making you pout. 
Why is he laughing?  
“No, I don’t live near here. The taxi would be expensive. I’ll find a hotel, don’t worry about it.” he smiled softly, eyes crinkling at the corners. 
You shook your head aggressively. 
“I can’t make you pay for a hotel! After all, I invited you over, so I should take responsibility.”
“I, um…” running a hand through your hair you sigh. There’s really only one option but that seems a bit much. 
“You can stay the night, the couch is moveable so I’ll just make it into a bed for you.” heat rushed to your cheeks. You were so embarrassed. 
I got lost in the moment . 
“Are you sure? I don’t want to invade your space.”  he took the plate from your hand and put it away. 
“I’m sure. I spend most of my time alone, anyway. Your company isn’t entirely unwelcome.” you could only hope you sounded natural. Internally your brain was screaming at you.  
Satoru rolled his eyes, making you chuckle. 
“Oh, wow, thanks. Makes me feel so wanted.” 
“I am glad you feel that way!” you chirp, playfully elbowing his side as you finish putting away the last dish. 
Satoru picks up Noir, nuzzling his nose against her pink one as he starts bad-mouthing you. 
“Your mommy is very mean. You should come live with me, I’ll give you lots of treats~” 
Rolling your eyes at the sight, you make your way to the hallway closet to pull out an extra blanket and pillow. 
Tossing the items on the couch, you cross your arms over your chest. Satoru was possessively holding Noir close to him, eyeing you suspiciously. 
“She sleeps with me,” the man-child announces, and you roll your eyes. 
“If you truly feel the need to claim her for the evening, then fine. Just don’t be surprised when she’s on your head in the morning.” 
Still eyeing you, he slowly places Noir down. The furball comes running up to you, rubbing her head lovingly against your leg. 
“Traitor! I just gave you so many kisses.” 
Laughing, you motion for him to help you move the couch. He obliges and you work together to shape it to a somewhat bed that will work with the length of his body. 
“You should learn spooky magic that makes you shrink.” you huff, eyeing his long frame. 
Again, he was back to looking like a noodle. But you knew that he packed muscle under the semi-baggy clothes. 
“It’s called jujutsu and I don’t think that exists. Also, you’re staring again,” he notes and you sigh, waving a dismissive hand. 
“I am going to bed, if you need anything just knock on the door.” 
You turn and you hear him chuckle. 
“Avoiding me?” 
Looking at him over your shoulder, you run your eyes over the length of his body, this time letting him watch your features. 
“You’re beautiful and strong. However, you’re also hurt and trying to piece yourself back together…” 
Pausing, you consider your words.
A fallen angel. Made of pure moonlight and stars. But shattered like the image seen through a kaleidoscope. 
“I hope you heal your heart, Satoru.” 
Without waiting for his response, you closed your door, locking it behind you. 
Your worlds are completely different, and you couldn’t even begin to imagine what he had been through. Nor were you going to pretend to know. 
But if there’s one thing you could relate to, it’s trauma. 
Satoru spent the entire night tossing and turning. Noir was resting above his head, purring softly against him. With each passing hour, his throat became drier and drier, until eventually, he was coughing. 
My head hurts and my throat feels like sandpaper.  
Once the first rays of morning sunlight trickled through the window, Satoru was coughing aggressively while his body felt extremely hot. 
Am I sick? There’s no way. 
Y/n came out of her room with her hair a mess and her pajamas wrinkled. The second she heard his cough she was rushing over. 
“How are you feeling?” she asks, voice soft and somewhat gravelly. 
She was rubbing the sleep out of her hazy eyes, already moving to press the back of her hand to his head. 
“No, I am fine–” he coughed and she flicked his forehead. 
“You're burning up. Most likely a cold from the rain. I’ll go get you some medicine, just rest.” 
Sighing, she ran a hand through her tangled hair. 
“Really, I’ll be okay. I’m–” Satoru couldn’t even finish his sentence. He started coughing aggressively, each retch of breath making him feel like he was eating sand. 
“Right, and I can fly. Don’t be stubborn.” 
Rolling her eyes, the woman padded over to the kitchen. 
“I can fly!” he shouted hoarsely like a petulant child, plopping back against the cushions, and reaching up to grab Noir. The second his fingers wrapped around her soft warmth, he brought her to his chest, rubbing his nose into her fur. 
“Good for you!” 
This is humiliating . 
After a few minutes, she returned with a mug in her hand. 
Slowly, he sat up. His chest felt like it was caving in and he felt incredibly lightheaded. Satoru eyed the mug and then gingerly took it from her small hands.
“What is it?” 
He sniffed and she raised her brow. 
“It’s ginger tea with honey and lemon. It’s hot. The honey and temperature, once it cools a little , will help soothe your throat.” 
Why does it sound like she’s talking to a kid?
Giving Noir a loving pet to the head, she crouched down so she was at eye level with the feline. 
“As for you, my sweet girl, your food is in the kitchen. Watch over this big child for me.” the cat seemed to understand its master because she ‘meowed’ in response. 
“I’m not a child,” Satoru said begrudgingly. Y/n only stood with a bemused expression. 
“Right.” she eyed him up and down once, then walked away. 
Satoru felt his face become hot, and it wasn’t from the steam kissing his cheeks. 
Usually, women threw themselves at him. It had happened so many times now with both men and women that he assumed he was everyone's type. But it seems Y/n couldn’t care less about his looks. 
For whatever reason, that bothered him. 
How can she call me beautiful but be so cold toward me?  
Without thinking, he gulped his tea, only to quickly pull away due to the heat burning his tongue. 
Cursing softly, he set the mug down on the coffee table, pinching his burnt tongue between his thumb and forefinger. He tried to reach for Noir for comfort, but she had long abandoned him for her breakfast. 
Y/n exited her room, hair pulled into a loose bun as she wore a baggy white t-shirt and black cargo pants. He couldn’t help but think she looked cute in her streetwear. 
Once her eyes saw him, she sighed, a soft smile on her lips. 
“You know, I did mention wait to drink your tea till it had cooled. I thought you were a good listener. But it appears I misjudged you.” 
With an elegant wave of her hand, she bid him farewell. He watched as she slid on an army green windbreaker and black Dr.Martens. Then she grabbed her purse and left, leaving him alone with his thoughts. 
Knitting his eyebrows together, he turned his head toward Noir. She was eating her special food neatly, back to him as she softly purred. 
“Is your mommy always so mean?” 
Walking down the street you couldn’t help but look at the puddles decorating the ground. Yesterday was the first time you laughed and had fun in years. 
When you and your best friend moved to Japan it was scary. You were a foreigner and you didn’t know anyone. So naturally, when she passed, you became more isolated. You tried going outside to meet people, but sometimes it felt like too much. People were more interested in the fact that you’re from the States, they were never really interested in you . 
To add, you work remotely from home, so opportunities are truly limited. 
“Eh, adulting is hard~” you whispered to yourself as you entered a local convenience store. 
The clerk at the desk welcomed you in and you gave them a slight bow in response. 
Immediately you B-lined for the medicine, grabbing the items you needed. Then, because you were already here, you began searching the aisles for snacks. 
I was expecting him to be gone this morning. Even if he’s sick, I can’t say I am not happy for the company. 
After checking out you started to head home, thinking about all the trivial things you needed to get done today. You had deadlines to meet for your book and you had to look through the servers to make sure there were no network issues. 
Grabbing a coffee from a small shop that you frequent, you began frowning, feeling the lines form on your forehead as your daily list seemed to keep stacking higher. 
You were sipping on the last remnants of your iced latte when you opened the door to your home, finding Satoru fast asleep. 
Softly closing the door, you shimmied out of your jacket, hanging it on the wooden coat rack. Noir padded over to you, the sound of her little paws tapping on the floor sounded through the space. Smiling sweetly, you pat your cat on her soft head as you take your boots off. 
Making your way to where Satoru was on the couch, you note he seemed to look worse. His cheeks are flushed and his skin is pale. You make press your hand to his forehead, but you feel like you're touching a wall. 
Your fingers were splayed flat against an invisible barrier, hovering right over Satoru’s body. 
“Strange,” you murmur in wonder, trailing your finger over the length of the wall. It stretched all around his body, protecting him in a bubble. 
Satoru opened his eyes, softly blinking as he adjusted to his environment, taking in your features.
Suddenly, that wall is gone, and your hand falls limply to your side. 
“It’s called Infinity,” he rasps, light cough already pressing out of his throat. 
You hold up your hand to silence him, quickly grabbing the medicine you purchased earlier.
“Don’t worry about explaining anything. Just drink this. There’s a sleeping agent in it, so expect to feel drowsy.” he opened his mouth to protest, but you shot him a pointed look, effectively silencing him. 
The male sat up, accepting your carefully measured medicine. He drank it, making a face as it went down his throat. 
“It tastes like shit,” he coughed and you rolled your eyes. 
“You know what that tastes like?” 
Leaving the medicine on the coffee table, you make your way to the kitchen. 
“You’d be surprised.” he shoots back, voice already sounding better. 
“Oh, I am sure~” you make your voice annoyingly sweet as you prepare a bottle of water for him. Once you made your way back to the couch you saw his features flatten, not taking your teasing kindly. 
“I have seen things that would probably make you piss your pants and cry.” 
He catches the bottle you toss him and you shrug your shoulders. 
“Maybe, maybe not. I may not be as soft as you think I am.” Satoru’s eyes widen in surprise and you turn away.
Plopping down on the overstuffed chair adjacent to him, you pull out your laptop from the convenient cushion/storage. Once you obtain your computer and headphones, you place your feet comfortably on the cushion, letting your back sink into the softness of the chair. 
“You’re a non-sorcerer, what have you seen that’s on the same level as curses?” his voice calls, no prejudice in his words, just general curiosity. 
You roll your shoulders. Suddenly, they felt heavy. Every time you thought about your past this happened. Your shoulders would ache as cold sweat licked your spine. 
Opening your computer, you sigh, remoting into the network server you manage. 
Maybe if I talk about it while working it’s not so bad . 
“Curses are born from human's negative emotions, right?” you start slowly, not wanting to look at him. 
“Right,” Satoru confirms, confusion in his tone. 
“You see, some people act on those emotions. Anger, fear, sadness, resentment…” Swallowing thickly, you continue.  
“I think you’ll find that some of those people are much more ugly than curses. Curses don’t wear masks, they are just as they are. People, however…” you cracked your neck, diligently typing in commands into your computer, eyes scanning your screen. 
I am not my past. It does not define me.  
You repeat this mantra to yourself, steadying your nervous heart.
“Have you experienced it? The ugliness of humanity?” you could hear the caution in his words, almost as if he was scared to say the wrong thing to you. 
Your hands had stopped typing entirely.
You opened your mouth to answer but felt the words die in your throat. You could hear your heartbeat in your ears as your eyes shook. It was like two hands were wrapped around your neck, thumbs pressing into your windpipe, choking you.
Taking a deep breath, you steady your heart. 
I am not my past. It does not define me. 
“You should sleep, I’ll be in my office. It’s at the far end of the hallway. If you need anything just ask.” 
Closing your laptop, you place your headphones in your ears. You see Satoru say something, but you pretend not to notice, watching as his features twist with confusion and self-doubt. 
You walk away, playing music in your ears but you hear nothing. Everything is silent. 
Sorry, it’s not your fault . 
Once behind the door to your office, you let out a shuddering breath. 
Why did I pay for therapy if I can’t even talk about it? 
You spent years trying to feel normal, and for the most part, your brain let you forget. You could be fine for months, but then you get thrown into a space that’s a little too crowded and suddenly you can’t breathe. Someone touches your shoulder and you feel like a thousand spiders are crawling all over you. If you were in a space where there were too many noises, your brain would turn everything into white noise, leaving only the sound of your erratic heartbeat in your ears. 
It was the reason why you were single. The last relationship you were in ended with him telling you that you were too complicated . Your love language is physical touch, but sometimes that touch was too much, too overstimulating, or triggering. You enjoy being outside, but can’t be in crowded spaces without being plagued by anxiety, and living in Japan, well, it’s always crowded. 
Maybe I am just better off alone.
Satoru awoke to the sound of Y/n humming softly. 
Cracking open his eyes, he peered over the edge of the couch. It seemed she was making something, but her headphones were in and she was swaying lightly. 
He recalled the way she looked just hours prior; shoulders caved in, sweat running down her face, eyes distant. She looked like she would run away any second. So many questions circled in his mind, but more than anything he wanted to hug her. He had seen that look too many times.
Turning his eyes away from the female, he checked his phone. 
Shit, they’ve been calling me. 
Yaga had called him 6 times whereas Megumi texted him. 
“Where are you?” 
“I won’t be back for a little bit. Hold down the fort, kay’?”
Megumi immediately responded. 
“What are you talking about? Are you on a mission?” 
“Don’t worry~” 
“Stop being weird.” 
“If anyone asks, I am handling a personal matter.” 
Satoru had a sneaking suspicion that if he admitted he is sick, he would never live it down. 
“You awake?” 
Y/n’s head was now peering over him, the ends of her hair tickling his face. He searched her features, but none of her earlier fear remained. She looked calm, but now he couldn’t help but wonder what lies beneath the surface of that practiced tranquility. 
“You’re staring,” her soft voice teases, making him chuckle. 
He moves to sit up and she removes her face from his view, stepping around the couch to hand him a bowl. He takes the dish from her hands to find a broth-based soup with meat, noodles, and vegetables.
“Did you make this?” he asks as she takes up a seat beside him, blowing on a spoonful of golden liquid. 
“Mhm. You’re probably not very hungry, but try to eat a little bit.” she hums as she takes a bite of her food, bringing one leg under her other, comfortably settling into the couch. 
Satoru follows her lead, blowing on his soup, and then taking a bite. The warm liquid soothed his throat as the broth coated his tongue. It was light but enjoyable.
“Do you cook often?” he asks, turning to face her and she does the same. 
Watching as she shrugged her shoulders, he bit back a smile. Her hair was a little messier and her cheeks were lightly flushed from the steam of the soup. 
“If I can, I avoid going out too much. I’m a homebody.”
He nodded his head at her words, understanding what she meant. He was the same way, but also different. Being out on a mission or being at Jujutsu High made it difficult for him to eat homemade meals like this. More often than not he would eat out. If he had a choice though, he would rather relax like this. 
“Do you not like people?” he ensured his voice was neutral, not wanting her to feel cornered or pressured. 
Meeting her eyes, he watched her swallow thickly, considering his words. 
“It’s not that. I just don’t do well in crowded, loud spaces. Were you able to sleep?” she changed the subject so naturally he barely caught it. Somehow, he found himself frowning, feeling as if he’d been robbed of an opportunity. 
“Somewhat. You said you’re an author right? How’s writing going?” 
He watched as she scrunched up her face, shaking her head. 
“Annoying. I keep rewriting this scene, but I can’t seem to get the atmosphere right.” 
Taking an aggressive bite of her soup, she set the bowl down, leaning her head back against the couch. 
Even when she pouts she’s cute. 
“What’s it about? Maybe I can help.” 
He wasn’t much of a writer, but he was also curious about what her story was about. 
Her face suddenly became red, so much so to the point that she turned her gaze away from him. 
“I-It’s not important. You said you slept somewhat well, right? Is anything uncomfortable?” she asked without looking at him. 
Smiling, he set his bowl down and poked her red cheek. 
“Eh? Why don’t you answer my question first~” she swatted his hand away but he kept pressing, now lightly pinching her cheeks. 
Y/n faced him, eyebrows furrowed as she shook her head, taking his hands with her. 
“No way! I will not divulge secrets of my unpublished novel to you.” 
Her small hands wrapped around his wrists to pry his hands away, but he didn’t budge. Instead, he moved his hands to her sides, tickling her waist. 
“Hey! Ah, what’re you doing–” 
Laughter filled his ears, and it was like sweet music. He laughed with her, now moving her body to fully face him. She kicked her legs furiously, not caring that she was kicking his thighs at all. 
“Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!” 
Her hands were frantically grasping at him. She was grabbing his arms, chest, and neck, pulling him closer to her squirming body as she was shouting while laughing. 
“No, ah, please stop!” She cried helplessly, hands fisting the shirt that rested on his body, and grabbing it so harshly it pulled his body forward, making him catch himself on his hands to not crash into her.
His eyes widened. 
Her face was inches from his own as her hot, heavy breaths tickled his skin. Shocked eyes stared into him and he took in her features. Long dark eyelashes fluttered against her flushed cheeks as her lips, full and parted, began distracting him. Her dizzying scent filled his nose– soft rose with a hint of sandalwood. He could feel the ghost of the rise and fall of her chest as her hands, still fisted in the fabric of the loaned shirt, trembled. 
Hesitantly, he reached up and traced the curve of her cheek. She closed her eyes, body shuddering as she leaned into his touch. Her skin was soft beneath his fingertips, and he let himself enjoy the feeling of her warmth seeping into his pores. 
Noir jumped between the spaces of their bodies and planted herself right on Y/n’s face. Satoru reluctantly removed himself from the scene, allowing Y/n to pluck Noir off of her. 
“I– what has gotten into you Noir?” 
The woman held the fluff ball right above her head. The feline flattened her ears while she swayed her tail back and forth. 
“I think she doesn’t like sharing her mom,” he suggested and she lifted a brow. 
“Or maybe, my precious girl was saving me from my assailant.” She spoke in a baby voice, gently shaking Noir.
“Don’t say it like that! It makes me sound like a creep.” 
She sat up, pulling Noir close to her chest as she placed a kiss on her head. 
“You attacked me, as far as I see it, I am speaking the truth.” 
Turning her head in pure defiance, the woman set down her cat as she stood, taking their finished bowls of soup with her. 
“If you just told me I wouldn’t have attacked you!” 
“You admit to your crime, then?”
“I plead the 5th.” 
What was that just now?
Satoru placed his hand on his chest, feeling the erratic beat of his heart. His cheeks felt hot, and he wasn’t sure if it was from his sickness or the lingering scent of her perfume. 
She scoffed and he heard the sound of water running. The only noise that filled the space was the sound of dishes being washed, and her making something. Once the woman returned, she was holding out a mug toward him while holding one of her own. He took the liquid from her hand, and she rejoined him on the couch. 
Eyeing the cup, he noticed it was the same tea from earlier, but much less hot. Y/n fidgeted with the string of her tea, he watched as she brought her knees up to her chest, eyeing him sidelong. 
“About earlier, I am sorry.” 
She lowered her dark eyelashes, eyes refusing to meet him as she took a sip of her tea. 
“Don’t apologize. I shouldn’t have asked you something personal.” 
His response seemed to surprise her. She faltered for a moment, then set down her mug, slightly facing him. Satoru took a drink of his tea, the temperature pleasantly warm, easing his sore throat. 
“It’s not that. It’s just hard to talk about, my mind will suddenly go blank and I can’t think.” 
She wrapped her hands around her knees, resting her cheek on them as she let her eyes meet his. Solitary sadness peered at him, whispering of isolation and numbed scars – a look he knew all too well. 
“It doesn’t hurt me anymore, but forcing myself to relive memories is harder than coping with them. People always say talking about it makes it easier to deal with, but I think that’s bullshit.” 
He laughed lightly at her words, making the corners of her mouth lift softly. 
“I haven’t talked to anyone about Suguru since it happened. I don’t think they would understand me if I said what I was really thinking.” 
His finger traced the rim of the ceramic mug, memories of his youth playing in his mind. 
“Whatever you feel, it’s valid. It doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong.” 
His chest suddenly felt tight. Her words eased some of the tension out of his shoulders, making him avoid her gaze. 
“Can I ask you something?” 
She hummed in response and he swallowed his saliva. He needed to be careful, for he tended to be too insensitive at times. 
“You seem so at peace, but earlier, you looked…” 
He couldn’t find the right word. 
Distraught, lost, fearful, horrified, panicked?  None of the words seemed to fit.
Y/n laughed, shaking her head, and letting it rest between her legs. 
“Years of practice. It’s a mask of sorts. I let myself forget most days, and it’s easier when I fall into a routine. But sometimes, something will trigger me, and I kind of just… Shut down? I don’t know how to describe it, but I become numb to everything for a while.” 
Her words struck him. He placed his mug down and leaned forward, forearms on his thighs as he resonated with her. 
“How much do you know about the Jujutsu world?” 
Maybe we can relate to each other. 
“The basics. A lot of the times the Gojo family and the Six-Eyes came up in my research, but honestly, I skimmed through those bits, understanding almost nothing about it. Why do you ask?” 
She eyed him, and he inhaled deeply. Her stare was piercing; like she was dissecting him. 
“I am the strongest sorcerer of this generation. I am also a teacher to the new generation. I’ll save you from the specifics, but my role is incredibly isolating. Naturally, I can’t ever fail. There was a time when I thought I would be able to share this burden of power, but my dreams were crushed by the reality of my strength.” 
Satoru opened and closed his hands, familiar frustration rising in his chest. 
He looked at her and that frustration vanished. She gazed at him with open sincerity. Kindness traced her features, listening to every word he said earnestly. No sign of awe or admiration, just pure intent on understanding him. 
He cleared his throat.
“You see, despite the blessings I have been given, not once has this power made a difference. When it mattered the most, I was unable to save those who I deeply cared for. So I smile, laugh, and pretend I am okay. But in truth, I want to destroy the system and people that have stolen the youth of so many, consequences be damned.” 
The truth of his words lingered in the air. The only way he could cope after Suguru was by dedicating himself to a new goal, something substantial that would transcend through generations. 
“I can’t claim to understand the isolation of power, I am just an average person. But, I do understand the loneliness and yearning for someone to understand you…” 
Finding her tea, she paused, took a deep breath, and then continued. 
“I never knew my parents, I was an orphan. Whether they died or gave me up, I don’t know. But I bounced around from one temporary home to another. Most weren’t great. Some kept locks on the pantry and fridge so I couldn’t eat. One would lock me in a small closet as a form of punishment, that is if they were too tired to hit me. Either way, there’s not a lot of people who relate to that. So it’s isolating.”
Y/n softly smiled at him. No tears filled her eyes, despite the heavy words that left her lips. She just smiled sadly, eyelashes softly kissing her cheeks; it felt as if she was peering into his soul. 
He didn’t know what to say, so he took her hand in his, wrapping his fingers around hers, softly stroking her knuckles. She squeezed, soft skin hugging his own. He could feel the slightly rough texture of her fingertips as her warmth seeped into him, calling to his nerves.  
She laughed lightly, shaking her head, setting some of her hair free of its confinement to frame her face. Again, he was struck by her alluring beauty. 
“What?” the question left his lips in a breathless murmur. 
“Usually, I can’t talk about that without my heart beating out of my chest.” 
Without another word, she gently guided his palm to her chest, right above her heart. Subconsciously he held his breath as he felt the steady thrum of her heart. It softly beat against her chest, and he could feel it through the fabric of her shirt. Her lovely warmth kissed his skin, and he couldn’t tear himself away. 
She smiled. 
“No anxiety,” whispering in astonishment, her eyes searched his in wonder. 
He was locked in her innocent gaze – eyes swirling with perplexed emotions. 
Satoru smiled down at her, allowing her fingers to intertwine with his. 
If only for now, let me be human.
“Tell me more.” 
You spent the rest of your day exchanging stories of your youth with Satoru. Sometimes you laughed, and other times you teared up, but either way, you both listened to each other earnestly. 
It was different somehow. 
There was an ease to the flow of the conversation, and it washed away any lingering fear in your heart. It was like you could breathe for the first time – you could be you, and you didn’t shy away from it.
“How are you feeling?”
Having finished your 5th cup of tea, you were starting to get a little stir-crazy. Satoru seemed to be in higher spirits as his fever died down. From the looks of it, the medicine and his stupidly good genes fought off the germs quickly. 
He sighed, stretching out his long limbs. 
You pulled your eyes away from the sight, trying not to look at where the shirt had risen over his stomach. 
“Well, would you like to join me for a walk?” 
It’s a small offer, though asking still made you feel self-conscious. Your fingers fumbled with the damp tea-string idly, a welcomed distraction from the growing heat on your cheeks. 
It’s not like I am asking him on a date, so why am I getting so embarrassed?  
Satoru gave you a knowing smile but then gestured to his clothes. 
“Just like this? Fuzzy pink house slippers and all?” 
Rolling your eyes at his tease, you motion toward the bathroom. 
“Your clothes and a toothbrush have been laid out since this morning. The outfit choice is yours to make. Brushing your teeth, however, is non-negotiable.” 
“Oh, planning on stealing a kiss?” 
The male stands, and you now have to crane your neck to meet his gaze. 
A smirk tugs at his lips, and it makes your mouth go dry. Despite the playfulness of his demeanor, there is something predatory in his eyes. He takes another step forward, invading your space. Not close enough to feel his breath on your skin, but it was the distance that lovers stood from each other. 
Finding some bravado, you speak. 
“Fantasizing about me already?” 
You feign confidence by placing a hand on your hip while puffing out your bottom lip. 
To say that you’re not attracted to this man would be an outright lie. Also, to say that you only have platonic feelings for him would be another lie. But you weren’t going to let him know that, nor were you going to let him toy with your feelings. 
Satoru's smirk doesn’t falter, instead, he lowers his eyelashes elegantly, looking at you in the way men look at women they’re enamored with. 
“You want to make those fantasies a reality?” his low, breathy voice caught you so off guard to the point your eyes widened and your cheeks became heated. 
“I– wha?” incoherent words fumbled out of your mouth. 
Then Satoru laughed. 
“You should see your face!” he said between breaths, making you only blush harder. 
Embarrassment rising in your chest, you kick his shin, grateful his magical protection bubble wasn’t up. 
“Don’t pretend to be hurt! Go change you bastard!” 
Cold night air nipped at the skin of your cheeks as you and Satoru walked silently side by side. The quiet was welcomed as you relished in the calm of the night. The warm glow of the street lights complimented the cool evening sky. Though only being just past 9, the streets were empty, which you appreciated. 
Peeking at Satoru out of the corner of your eye, you smiled. 
His eyes, beautiful and alluring in the night air, took in his surroundings. They seemed to be swallowing every detail, brain dissecting and memorizing the scene in front of him: Stone tiled streets lined with a mix of old and modern homes. 
It made you wonder if he ever had moments of quiet like this. Because right now, he looked like a child who had never been outside a day in his life. 
“Do you not go on walks often?” you ask, breaking him out of his reverie. 
The male, with hair that of moonlight and eyelashes of silver, blinked – your words registering in his mind. 
“It’s not that. Usually, I am on a mission. It’s not often that the world is this slow .” 
Clasping your hands behind your back, you consider his words, trying to piece together an understanding. 
“Care to elaborate with the class?” 
The need to understand was greater than your pride. Even if you were to come up with a plausible answer, your guess would be further from his truth – and every part of you screamed to know that truth. 
You hear him chuckle under his breath, then he turns his eyes to the stars. 
“My eyes are special. To put it simply, they allow me to process everything around me at a much faster rate than the average person. So, usually, when I am out I am surveying my surroundings so much to the point where the simplicity of life is lost. Beautiful architecture no longer captures my eye, rather its existence becomes how I can use its shape to my advantage in a fight…” 
His eyes found yours as he held your curious stare side-long. 
“But right now, my mind is quiet. I can’t remember the last time I felt like this. With you, everything seems to slow down. Almost to the point that I feel normal.” 
The sound of your skipped heartbeat filled your ears. 
Unable to hold his burning gaze, you turned your eyes to the starry night sky. 
The stars, bright and alive against midnight blue are surrounded by the white glow of the moon. They captured your attention – reminding you of the male at your side. 
“I don’t think I could ever see you as normal if I am being honest.” the words left your lips in a whisper. 
“Why’s that?” 
His voice was filled with innocent wonder, so you answered. 
“Everything about you is unnaturally beautiful. Not a single feature that decorates your skin is flawed. It’s like someone painted you into existence.” 
Perfect and unattainable. Something to be admired, but never to be kept. 
Curiosity getting the better of you, you allowed your eyes to peer over at the tall male. He was smiling softly, eyes staring up at the night sky, the stars that rested there reflected in his irises. 
It was like he was talking to the stars, and they glittered brilliantly in response. 
“You see me so poetically,” Satoru murmured, mostly to himself. 
“How do you see yourself, then?” 
The question left your lips before you could consider its weight. You watch as he takes a deep breath in, whether it is to calm himself or to simply enjoy the atmosphere, you can’t tell. 
“Honestly? Objectively, I know who I am and the weight of my power, it’s not fueled by ego or feigned confidence, it’s just a fact. But when I look at my reflection, it’s blurry. I can’t see anything, because I resent myself. If I had just tried a little harder, been less selfish, and paid more attention, maybe things would have been different.” 
His honest words cracked your heart. 
You silently grabbed his hand, intertwining your fingers. He leaned into your touch, molding his hand to yours, thumb idly sweeping over the flesh. Unable to resist the smile that tugged at your lips, you let his warmth seep into your skin. Your hands swayed lightly, and to anyone else, you would’ve looked like a couple.
If only for a short time, I will open my heart to you.
“You know, someone once told me that you can choose to live in your past, to let it define you and your life. Or, you can learn from it and grow into the person you’re supposed to be, carrying the memories of those most precious with you. So, when I feel lost in the murky darkness of my thoughts I tell myself: I am not my past, it does not define me.” 
You’ve never been this raw with anyone. Part of you was fearful he’d laugh in your face, but the other part of you whispered for you to let go. To continue baring your soul, because with him, he made you feel seen . 
Satoru tugged your hand, halting your movement, stopping both of you in place. You met his eyes, a sheepish smile on your lips as you tried to hide your embarrassment. 
“You are… A surprise.” 
There is a hint of shyness in his voice, which in turn made yours rise. The tips of your ears felt hot, but you couldn’t pull away from his stare. You allowed yourself to be swallowed up in the moment, surrendering yourself to him under the gaze of the stars. 
“Meeting your expectations?” 
You bite the flesh of your inner cheek, feeling naked under his knowing blue eyes. 
“Exceeding them and more,” 
His eyes folded kindly, white eyelashes kissing his cheeks as soft moonlight illuminated him in an otherworldly glow. You couldn’t help but be swept away by his beauty – as if he was pure moonlight itself with dazzling stars for eyes.  
For the second time this evening, your heart skipped a beat. 
If you keep looking at me like that, I am going to fall for you, you idiot. 
“Let’s go back, yeah?” 
With forced enthusiasm, you turn around to head back the way you came. A light laugh escaped his lips as he allowed you to pull his body, which you were grateful for. 
What he didn’t know was the act was to hide your deepening blush. 
The evening ended and you went to bed feeling lighter than you had in years. 
But in the morning, it vanished. 
“Good morning,” you greeted him, having just finished freshening up for the day.
Satoru was dressed in the clothes you met him in, with the addition of a black blindfold covering his eyes. You saw that your couch was arranged the way it was previously, and Noir was eating her breakfast. 
He cleaned and fed my cat.  
“Morning,” his voice was somewhat distant, so you stood in front of him, placing your hands on your hips. 
“You leaving?” 
The fabric of his mask rises. Taking it as you surprised him, you rolled your eyes. 
“I have to go back,” Satoru answered and you nod your head, taking a deep breath. 
It’s not like you didn’t expect this. However, after yesterday, you knew you were going to miss him. 
“I see. Thank you for cleaning up and feeding Noir.” You say pleasantly, trying to make your voice bright. There was no way you were going to let your feelings show. It isn’t fair to him. 
Satoru took off his blindfold and stood, taking your face in his hands.
The sudden contact surprised you, but you didn’t pull away. Instead, you steeled yourself, forcing your eyes to meet his. 
“You don’t have to put on an act, Y/n.” his thumbs rubbed the soft skin of your cheeks as his eyes, endless sparkling blue, stared into you. 
You let out a small laugh, allowing yourself to lean into his touch. Closing your eyes, you begin committing him to memory – The callouses that peppered his hands, the warmth of his skin, the faint scent of fresh summer rain. 
“You don’t have to make it harder, you know.” 
Your words left your lips in a whisper, barely audible to yourself. But he heard it, tilting your head up, forcing you to meet his eyes. 
“Is it so hard to let me know that you’ll miss me?” 
His thumb traced your lower lip, and you shivered, tucking away that memory, too. 
“Yes, because then I’ll be admitting something to myself I am not ready to face.” 
With eyes stinging, you smiled sadly, drinking in his features for the last time. Soft and elegant with eyes that looked at you as if you were the only thing in the world that mattered. 
Let him go.
Lightly wrapping your hands around his wrists, you pull his hands away from your face, separating your bodies. 
“Please, go, and be safe.” Satoru nods. 
Don’t leave.  
“Goodbye, Y/n.”
I know I don’t belong in your world.
“Goodbye, Satoru.”
Will you miss me?
Leaning down, Satoru pressed his lips to your head. The soft, warm pressure made your skin tingle as his scent invaded your senses, giving you a false sense of safety. He lingered for a moment, hand brushing down your arm, making you bite your lip to hide your helpless whimper.
You closed your eyes and felt his warmth disappear. Only when you heard the ‘ click ’ of the door did you allow your tears to fall. 
Curling up into a ball on the couch, you hugged your knees, crying into your skin. Your heart felt like it was breaking into two. 
He was never mine, to begin with, so why did I get so attached?  
His scent lingered on the couch and you clung to it like a child, desperate and hopeless. You couldn’t breathe, and you were sure you were shouting. Noir came to comfort you, soft body brushing up against yours as you cried violently. 
That’s the first time he said my name… 
Satoru had to force himself to walk away. Her cries reached him through the door, and it took everything in him not to turn around. 
When she told him to leave, her eyes begged him to stay. When he kissed her forehead, drinking in her scent for the last time, he felt her small body tremble. While he walked away, his heart screamed at him to turn around, to pull her into his arms and soothe her pain. 
But that would only make it worse. 
Because their reality is that she is just a normal girl, and he is the strongest sorcerer of his time. Their worlds are completely different, and she would be in danger if he allowed her to be close to his heart. 
And he wasn’t about to allow himself to lose another person to his strength. 
Fall in love with someone else and be happy, Y/n.
“Why do we keep stopping in cafes, you don’t even drink coffee,” Megumi asks begrudgingly, but Satoru simply waves a nonchalant hand. 
I thought I saw her… 
“I just can’t help but chase the sweet smell of mochi!” 
Stuffing his hands into his pockets, Satoru continues his leisure walk with his student. He hears Megumi let out a deep sigh – clearly getting more fed up with him. 
“Where are we going anyway? You’ve been shut in your office ever since you came back from your ‘personal matter’. Why drag me outside with you all of a sudden?” another long sigh accompanied by an eye roll. 
“I needed some fresh air and wanted company.” 
It was half of the truth, but he was leading them to a training ground so they could have a private conversation. Too many untrustworthy ears at Jujutsu High. 
“You really need friends your age. Or get a girlfriend, you’re getting old. At this point, you’re going to die alone.” 
Before he could get offended, a woman in an army green bomber jacket and a book in her hand walks right by him. 
Without thinking Satoru turns around and grabs the woman’s wrist. Her frightened eyes peer up at him and his heart sinks for the 10th time today. 
“U-Um, excuse me, do I know you?” 
Not Y/n. 
Megumi yanks him by his collar. Satoru let him, of course, but nonetheless, he yanked hard .
“Sorry ma’am, he confused you for someone else, forgive him.” 
The boy didn’t even wait for the woman’s response, he walked, dragging Satoru with him. 
“What the hell is wrong with you today?” Megumi whisper-yelled, spitting venom in his direction. 
Satoru sighed, letting his brief defeat wash over him as he righted himself. He put infinity back up, moving his student’s hand away from his frame, no longer wanting to feel the touch of another person. 
“I rather die alone.” 
That was all he said for the rest of their walk, pointedly ignoring every cafe they walked by. 
Part 2
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littlemissayu · 2 days
“YOU SPOKE!!” – Their kids first words (Night Raven 3rd Years-Malleus & Lilia)
Tumblr media
A/n: Yes I ‘m well aware I haven’t updated/posted my other oc request from my event, even though it ended over a month ago BUT it’s getting done and I will try to finish as fast as I can. I ‘m just posting this because it’s been delayed forever and I need something to get my writing juices going.
If you see me mention gender it’s based off of my Twst boys as Parents series that you can find here!!
Warnings: FEM! Reader, pregnancy,domestic fluff, babies(ofc), google translate translations, I’m only doing their first kids/first set of kids
pairing(s):3rd Years x fem!Reader(separate/romantic)
Tumblr media
Yummy/Delicious- Hears you say it everytime Trey makes a really good baked treat(aka all the time). Now I know delicious is probably a hard word for a baby to say which is why I also have ‘yummy’. They say it for the first time after Trey gives them a small part of a macaroon. You could just see how Trey’s eyes lit up when he heard his little one speak for the first time!!
Tumblr media
Smile!!/Cheese!!- The two of you (mostly Cater) always say these phrases to your kids, so it’s no surprise when their first words are smile and cheese. With the family album(that I 100% believe Cater would start making once you get pregnant). When Cater heard his babies speak for the very first time he got super sentimental and excited calling you over(if you weren’t already there)
Tumblr media
Papa!- Now this is solely based on my personal headcanon that Leona’s first kid would be a girl and a total Daddy’s girl. Always with him, even though you carried her for 9 MONTHS, homegirl got evicted from the womb and wanted to follow around papa. I also believe this happened as he was getting something and turned his back to her so she tried to get his attention. His ears immediately shoot up and his eyes open wide. He instantly picks up his cub and rushes over to you to tell you what your daughter just said. But dw, her next word ended up being mama. Is so proud of his little girl~
Tumblr media
Pretty!- You’re always saying this to your husband so she eventually just picks up on it. Also hears other people saying it about either you or Vil; not to mention you and Vil do occasionally call her “pretty girl”. So she’s just surrounded by the word so it's no shocker when it’s her first word. Vil just beamed at his daughter, truly feeling the sentiment. His little girl, his pride and joy has spoken for the first time BUTTTT sadly he wasn’t there to witness it. So all that happened when he came back from work. He almost left early after you told him over the phone. But he could be more proud of his kleiner engel.
Tumblr media
Up!!- Now this is because this little Hunt loves being picked up, especially when her father is flying on his broom. They love the feeling of being high up and flying through the sky with her father. Rook is always open to giving his petit oiseau what they ask. When his little one said their first words he couldn’t help but outburst with joy. He couldn’t stop praising them for speaking, then when you came in or called out to him/your child, he began praising you for giving this wonderful child.
Tumblr media
Play!!/Uh oh- Now 2 things to establish, 1. Ik “uh oh isn’t a word” but I’m just gonna have to count it and I will explain why 2. Why are there 2 different words, well if you read this fic here!!, you’ll learn that I believe Idia has twin boys therefore I wrote 2 different words. Now onto my explanation; for ‘play’ it just makes sense, sitting on his dad’s lap watching him play games that say and display the word ‘play’ on the title screen ofc that would be his kid’s first word it just makes sense. Now for your other twin boy this was his first “word” because whenever Idia gets frustrated on the game at a certain point he hears you say “uh oh”, meaning “Dad’s about to burst”. They also have learnt(bc they're a very smart child) that they can use this for other times when something is about to go wrong so they do say it when something might go wrong. Idia seemed nonchalant at first place but then a smile grew on Idia’s face from his adorable talking twins.<3
Tumblr media
Heartsabyul Masterlist
Savanaclaw Masterlist
Pomefiore Masterlist
Ignihyde Masterlist
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⋆‧₊˚ TEACHERS PET pt. 2
Tumblr media
A/N: ALL CHARACTERS ARE OVER 18!! i luv this song but doesn’t really fit 💔
Summary: Reader has a new teacher and finds herself falling for him blahblahblah teachers pet by melanie vibes xoxo
Warnings: swearing, mentions of nsfw content, that’s it??
"Just have to hold you behind a bit and ask you something," he continues.
He gestures toward a random desk chair, silently inviting me to sit, and I comply. Mimicking my actions, he takes his desk chair and turns to face me. "I read your essay last night," he begins. Curiosity fills my gaze as I await his judgment. "Was it good?" I inquire, feeling a vulnerability in his presence. He sighs, briefly looking down before meeting my eyes again. "It's good," he starts, "but you tend to sit on the fence. Write less formally and infuse more personal elements."
I nod, nervously biting my bottom lip. "You're a smart girl, Y/N. I don't doubt that for a second. You have the potential to lead this class, but you need to be more organized and avoid last-minute efforts," he advises with a smile. Returning the smile, I stand up, throw my bag over my shoulder, and express my gratitude, "Thanks, sir."
As I head for the door, he adds, "And in future lessons, try to focus more on the work than your teacher." I turn to him, cheeks burning, and he smirks. My attempt to respond fails, and I release a small chuckle, rolling my eyes before walking down the hall. I sulk, realizing how challenging it will be to ever meet his gaze again.
˚₊‧꒰ა ☆ ໒꒱ ‧₊˚
About a week has passed since Matt's feedback, and as time elapses, the workload intensifies - his words still linger, throwing me off balance. Today, nothing seems right – my hair, makeup, and the mounting stress are pushing me to the edge. I grab my keys, bag and water bottle and start my walk, listening to a calming playlist, hoping to ease my nerves. I admire the scenery, the once-orange leaves now lie scattered on the ground.
I arrive at class, 10 minutes late due to my meltdowns. I exhale, remove my headphones, and open the door. All eyes turn to me, interrupting Matt mid-sentence. Anxiety grips me as I make my way to my desk, noticing Madi's absence. Matt resumes teaching while I space out, arms crossed, and slouched in my chair.
God knows how long I was zoned out for until a deep voice breaks my trance, "Y/N? You okay?" Matt leans over me, his chain dangling close. I nod and force a smile. "Need water or a break?" he offers. "No, I'm fine, I swear," I reply, smiling through my lie. Matt glances around, then leans toward my ear. "Need to see you after class," he whispers, his warm breath grazes the skin on my neck and ear, causing a shiver to run down my spine. Pulling back just a bit, he meets my gaze with his icy blue eyes. Our faces remain in close proximity, and I catch a whiff of his breath—a mix of spearmint and cigarettes. The subtle notes of amber and a woody, musky cologne emanating from his shirt complement him perfectly. Through my lashes, I look up at him, utterly dumbfounded. I offer a nod and a soft smile in response.
He reassures me with a smile, sending a quick squeeze and pat to my shoulder before attending to the next student. I watch him help another, feeling an unexpected twinge of jealousy. I rub my face, trying to refocus.
The lesson concludes, and I remain seated, nervously fidgeting with my pen. The classroom empties, leaving only Matt and me. He takes the initiative, shutting the door, pulling up a chair, and positioning himself opposite me. With a thoughtful expression, he sticks his tongue in his cheek before breaking the silence. "Y/N, if there's anything going on, you don't have to tell me, but I'm here if you do want to speak about it." Confusion crosses my face until I realize he's addressing my recent struggles in class. "Oh, no, I'm fine. I'm just a bit lost with the work," I reply, attempting to make the conversation less intervention-like with a smile.
He sighs and leans back in his chair. "Y/N, you need to remember that this is college. If you don't find your feet again, they might have to kick you out, and I really hope it doesn't come to that," he advises. Fiddling with the lid of my pen, I hum in agreement, looking down at my hands. "Which is why I think I should tutor you privately. This classroom isn't a good environment for you, and, like I said before, you have so much potential. I'd hate to see it go to waste." Nervously chewing on my lip, I meet his intense gaze. He wants to privately tutor me? I nod and manage a smile, "Yeah, I think that could work."
He smirks a bit, resting his elbows on my desk, leaning forward. His hands play with his rings, revealing clearer views of his tattoos—a lighthouse, an owl, keys, and more. "Do you think I could get your number?" he asks. I'm shocked by his request, "To contact you for sessions, of course," he clarifies, clearing his throat. "Yeah, of course." We exchange details, and I can't help but admire his large hands whilst they grip his phone. Afterward, I stand up, throw my bag over my shoulder, and he returns to his desk, opening a small journal.
"I'll send you the address now. Could you do tomorrow night? We don't have a lesson here, so you could come at like, 5? 6?" he suggests. I look at him, "6 is good." Smiling, I walk toward the door, saying, "Bye, sir. Thank you." "No worries," I hear him call back as I make my way out.
˚₊‧꒰ა ☆ ໒꒱ ‧₊˚
As I walk to Matt's place for our first tutoring session, I can't help but feel like I've gone overboard. My phone's maps tell me I'm just two minutes away - I'm drenched in perfume, a full face of makeup, my most flattering jeans, a long-sleeve crop top with just the right amount of cleavage on display, and a matching set underneath. I scold myself internally - Y/N, you're being delusional. Upon reaching his place, I'm slightly taken aback. It looks like a family house, detached, with a front gate and lights leading up the path to the front door. It's a 20-minute walk from mine.
I push the buzzer, hear a beep and the unlocking click, and let myself in. Glancing around the driveway, I spot a single black Mercedes, looks like an S-Class. I hear his steps approaching the door, my heart pounding out of my chest. A cold breeze passes, and I cross my arms, shivering. He unlocks the door, swinging it open.
My eyes scan his body as he does the same to me. He's in a black tee that hugs him nicely, grey sweats, Air Forces, and his silver chain over his shirt. Fuck. His cologne wafts from him, and I can’t help but think about how hot he looks right now. "Hey," he says with a smile. "Hi," I quickly return. He leans against the door, bicep flexing on his tattooed arm. He further opens the door, and I let myself in, brushing past him. "You must be freezing," he observes, locking the door and leading me to his office. I giggle softly, following him. "Yeah, just a bit. Nice house. You live here alone?" I ask, attempting to learn more about him. He glances at me briefly before leading me upstairs. "Yeah, just me. Why, is that a bad thing?" he teases, nudging me with his shoulder. I smile up at him, "No, it's nice. I'd love to have my own place. I'm sick of the accom here - always so much noise and drama." He chuckles before stopping us at a large, double door. He pushes it open, and we finally arrive at his office.
I take a seat opposite where his chair is, but he drags his chair next to mine, sitting down. I feel myself growing hotter at the close proximity. We get everything we need out, and I start writing down the main points I need to work on. He leans over tilting his head, our arms and knees touching, to look down at my notes. His skin feels warm against mine, which is cold due to the blistering weather. "Okay, so theories and methods use different sociological viewpoints," he starts, writing in his notebook. "It's just positivists and interpretivists." He looks down at me, his eyes scanning my face for any sign of confusion. I nod in response, and he continues explaining.
The session continues with small, intimate glances and touches. Eventually, we wrap up, and I gather my belongings. As I do so, he walks over to a bookshelf, grabs something, and comes back to me. "I think you should read this. It's good to build your knowledge, and I actually enjoyed reading it," he says, handing me the book. Our hands brush against each other before I look at the cover—'Tristes Tropiques' by Claude Levi-Strauss. I slide it into my bag, and we walk back down to the front door.
"How are you getting home?" he asks, looking down at me. I look up into his eyes, feeling myself blushing. "Walking," I smile. "At this time? And in this weather?" he asks, slightly shocked. I shrug. "Let me drop you off," he offers, stopping in his tracks, and I do the same. "I don't want you walking home, Y/N," he repeats. I sigh, looking down briefly before replying, "Alright, yeah. Thank you." He smiles before grabbing his keys. We step out to his car, getting in. It smells like him, and I can't help but admire how nice the car is—clean, modern interior, touchscreen navigation, blue LEDs illuminating his structured features. I type in my address, and he begins the journey, some music playing in the background.
Looking out the window, I decide to speak up. "How long have you been teaching for?" I turn around to face him, but he's already looking at me. He turns his eyes back to the road. "I was doing training for four years in college. This is my first real year," he replies. I do the math—he's only 23. There's another pause before he breaks the silence. "Why are you studying sociology?" he asks me. I shrug my shoulders, "It's good to have."
We finally arrive outside my building, and we both look at each other. "I'll text for our next session?" he asks. I nod, biting my lip. I grab the door handle, opening the door. "Thanks. Bye," I smile at him. "Bye," he mumbles back. I shut the door, walk up to my front door, and take my keys out of my bag. As I unlock the door, I see him waiting to see me get inside. I smile, giving a small wave, which he reciprocates before I get inside, shutting the door. I hear him drive off, and I walk up the stairs to my floor, taking my phone out. I see a text from Madi.
From Madi F
Wyd tomorrow night x
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