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Love On Tour in Seoul via @ thv
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Can I just say something.
So, I had a bit of a FU day and I came home and I had such a strong desire to cry. Like i can't explain, shits happened and stuff. but that person didn't deserve me to cry because of them, so I listened to 1D . 1D is the only thing that can stop me from crying and bring me back to a calm state. AND THEN when I calm down I see this ::::::::::
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This is our cat Wangji and this is Niall from One Direction on this leg
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You ever clutch your phone to your chest whenever you finish reading a fanfic and you're like, sighing and thinking "yeah, that one's gonna stay with me forever" and smile all content and happy to yourself because you just read the most amazing thing on earth
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What in the 2012 is going on here
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He said happy 1d anniversary you all [x]
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7 am, somewhere in the world in front of harry’s mirror
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"We were always lucky that we had each other to share the experience with. I think we were the lucky ones. We could have all lost the plot because of all the madness that was going on around us. But we were all very good at calling each other out and we genuinely got on, were able to know each other's boundaries and suss each other out" — Niall Horan.
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hotel room | H.S
Tumblr media
summary: harry & Y/N are friends but it’s a love hate relationship with so much tension you can hardly breathe. this tension isn’t any better when they get stuck in a hotel room together for the night. and it only has one bed.
warnings: SMUT! hand job (f+m receiving), PIV unprotected, sloppy morning sex, teasing, swearing, praise, friends to lovers.
A/N:I have opened my requests! and I’d love to write some from you guys, so send them in here <3
“So there’s only… definitely only one room for us?” I say slowly, and the lady behind the counter nods.
“Y/N,” Harry says, “we’ve shared a room before—“
“I’m so sorry the inconvenience— Since the multitude of delayed flights from the storm we’ve had an unexpected influx of last-minute bookings…” her hands are zipping along the keyboard as she is clearly under the pump.
“You’ve been booked under a single room.” She glances up, face turned up apologetically, confirming.
I nod, knowing there’s so many other people needing somewhere to stay right now, there’s no point being picky.
It’s just one night.
Because Harry and I live in the same part of the UK, we usually catch the same planes to and from when we get short breaks from touring with the band.
So of course we flew out for our Australian leg of the tour several hours ago and got stuck at our layover destination, Abu Dhabi.
The storm rolled in quick, putting hour— even day long— delays on flights. So now people are scrambling to book hotels for the next few nights.
Luckily our management got on it as soon as we’d called them about the delay of out flight, but I suppose they only could get us the one room for two.
We get our room key and head up the elevator to the 7th floor.
When we walk into the room there is a single queen bed in the centre of it, and I glance at Harry out the corner of my eye. We are always close to one another being in the band, but never “share a bed” close.
“Don’t stress.” He says.
“I’m not stressed.” I quip.
“Yes you are, don’t try and bullshit me.”
“Harry, we’re adults it’s fine.”
“Hardly adults.” He chuckles.
I scoff at his constant digs, there is a fineline of how much Harry I can tolerate in a day and we are really pushing it.
“Well if you think that then I implore you to take the couch.” I know just by looking at the couch he’d hardly fit on it, and I’m not that much of an asshole to let that happen.
“Oooh, you’re just trying t’get the bed all to yourself? Bloody bed hog.”
I open my bag up, pulling out fresh clothes and my toiletries, “Was just providing you the options. I’m going to shower.”
“Too bad if I wanted one first.” He sighs dramatically, with a little smirk that usually indicates he’s teasing.
“Too bad indeed.” I smile sarcastically at him as I shut the door.
It’s so nice to wash away the gross feeling that sticks to your skin after long flights like we just had.
When I come out of the bathroom he’s laying in the bed, crisp white doona pulled back.
“Dude you’re getting airport germs in the bed.”
He glances up from his phone, eyeing me for a split second— I’m just in sleep shorts and a plain tshirt.
“It’s fine, I’ll just have this side.” He replies, a smile breaking out over his face.
He leaves me no room to respond as he stands up, “im gonna have a shower as well, and then we can order room service, how’s that sound?”
I nod, “I’ll get the menu and have a read through.”
It’s weird how we one minute can’t stop sarcastically niggling and the next we’re back to being normal friends.
I browse through their relatively large menu as the shower runs in the background. If I strain, I can hear Harry gently humming.
I’m happy to see my favourite foods on there… and heaps of deserts.
He comes out shortly after while I’m still reading the menu, and he’s clad in only grey sweatpants, adorning damp hair.
I choose to tear my eyes away from his bare chest, “I’ve figured out what I want to get, have a read through.”
I chucked him the menu and he comes to sit down next to me on the bed.
Im surprised we don’t end up in another debate about the sleeping arrangements, but I think we’re both so exhausted from the flight. The 8 hour plane trip settling deep into our bones.
“They have y’favourite.” He says with a smile playing on his lips.
“Yea, I’m so glad. It’s all I’m craving right now.”
“What are you gonna get?” I lean to look over his shoulder at the menu.
“Maybe I’ll try their tacos?”
“I’m gonna order some of the desert stuff too.”
“Y’gonna be so full.” He laughs.
“It’ll be worth it.” I say, as I stand up to go over to the phone on the desk in the corner of the room.
I ring up and order an unnecessary amount of stuff before giving them our room number and hoping back into bed.
It’s so cozy, and if it weren’t for the food I knew was coming, I’d probably curl up and fall asleep straight away.
We lay together, talking about the plan for the next few days until the food gets delivered with a knock on the door.
I get up to open it, taking the trays of food from the kind waiter.
He groans, “God it smells good.”
We both spread the dishes of food on the bed and quickly start eating.
The TV starts playing reruns of friends, the episode where Ross makes the paste with his leather pants, trying to get them up.
We’re both tearing up with laughter, stuffing our faces with our first proper meal since dinner on the plane over 5 hours ago.
“Holy shit.” He says, and we’re are letting out fits of giggles, as Ross says “—and the lotion and the powder have made a paste…”
“I swear— why did he listen to joey.” I scoff, shoving a bite of food into my mouth.
“No, because the way it just keeps getting worse.” He buries his face into his hands with a pained grin.
We watch a few of the episodes that were playing, sharing the last of the chocolate cookies that I’d ordered.
I stood up to move all the trays our food came on over to the small kitchen bench, leaving them for the morning.
“That was so yum.” I sigh out, content and full.
I go into the bathroom to brush my teeth and finish up my night routine, ready to honestly just go to sleep.
I come out with a small smile on my lips, excited to get back into bed where it’s cozy. Slipping back under the crisp white sheets, Harry turns off the TV.
The room is now dark, “fuck… can’t see now— I gotta brush m’teeth as well.”
“Have my phone.” I chuck it in his general direction, and clonk him straight in the side.
“Ouch.” He huffs, grabbing it and turning the flash on.
He pads over to the bathroom while I roll my eyes at how dramatic he is.
He turns the lights on in there, coming back over to give me my phone now that he can see.
I text a few of my immediate family members to let them know we’d settled into our hotel, choosing to leave out the fact we’re sharing a bed.
I mean assuming that’s what the plan is. I highly doubt he wants to sleep on the couch.
Being the only female in a band of boys leads to lots of assumptions throughout my family unit. Especially with Harry.
They mistake our arguments as ‘pent-up sexual frustration’. Which is far from how I like to think of it.
He steps out from the bathroom, and I turn my torch on so he can flick the light off.
He scrapes a hand over his face, looking to me with tired eyes.
The hotel was relatively quiet now, only a few drunken laughs echoing down the hallway as it nears 12am.
He climbs back into the bed, pulling the covers over himself.
I tug my pillow down a bit before turning off my flash.
“Y’tired?” He asks quietly, sounding already kind of groggy.
I hum in agreement, rolling to face him. It’s quiet a few beats.
I can just make out his outline next to me,
I can feel the warmth of his body from where I’m laying. And it feels like I’m being enveloped by it in a strange— yet lovely way.
The thought floats around in my head, images conjuring from the darkness.
I blame this on the 8 hour flight and sleep deprivation.
Usually I can ignore it, but as much as he’s a proper pain in the ass sometimes, I’d have to be visually impaired to say he wasn’t good looking.
And hell he’s laying in the same bed as me without a shirt on.
“Y’staring at me.” He chuckles softly, and I startle a little.
“How can you even see me?” I ask, amused.
“I can’t, can just feel it.”
“As if you can feel it.” I scoff, “I’ll roll over if my eyes being on you makes you too uncomfortable.”
“No, no, wait come back.” He whines as I start to move.
I huff out a laugh, and roll back over to him.
I keep my eyes shut, “better?”
He whispers a yes, and I smile.
I keep that very smile as I drift off, listening to Harry’s slow breathes from beside me, allowing them to lull me to sleep.
I can only half remember waking up.
I was warm, heavy, and I felt his body before I saw it.
My eyes had only opened a tiny bit—there was light creeping through the thin curtains, making his unruly hair just visible.
My leg was thrown over his hip, and I was pressed right into his chest. We were fully intertwined, and fuck did it feel nice.
I close my eyes again, I can feel his morning wood. My heart jumps a little in my chest. Maybe I can just roll over— pretend I didn’t feel it, and go back to sleep.
I carefully strain to make the movement, but I instead get pulled closer to him.
He pushes himself against me, a sigh slipping from his nose, and I realise moving may have been a bad idea.
“Fuck…” I hear him mutter against my hair, bucking his hips up again.
“Harry.” I say, voice croaky with sleep. Of course this does nothing.
I have no idea how awake he is, I’m not even fully awake yet. But Jesus, this feels better than it should.
I feel like a horrific person for enjoying the way his clothed-length is pressed into me. But by god I am not strong enough to remove myself from this situation.
“Harry, wake up.” I groaned, squirming a little in his grasp.
He seems to come to it, just enough to realise whatever the fuck is happening in a couple seconds.
“Y/N…? Fuck. what is—“ I feel his body tense underneath me as it hits him, and he probably feels his boner pressed between my legs.
His hand flys up to my thigh that’s resting on his hip, “Holy shit—“
“It’s fine, H.” I whisper, and I’m not really sure why I say that, or what I’m implying by doing so.
Or what it means paired with the fact I haven’t protested to his dick practically grinding against my cunt.
“What do you mean?” He asks, groggily.
“Not sure.” I confess, whimpering a little as he still is hard underneath me. I push into him a bit out of unspoken desire and I hear him swallow.
He doesn’t say anything as he slides his hand up my leg, cupping it on my ass.
I glance up to see his face, his eyes still half-lidded, and his cheeks have a gentle flush to them.
I feel myself getting wetter as he keeps rubbing himself along my thin sleep shorts.
He moans a bit, and I slip my hand between us to palm his cock through his sweatpants.
“This ok? Want me to help you out a bit?”
“God— yes please…” he groans.
I push it underneath his waistband, tugging him out.
He’s heavy and hot in my hand. Glancing down, its bigger than I expected. The tip is flush and red, glistening with the damp beads of precum. Hardly surprising he’s got such a pretty cock.
“Fuckin’ Christ— look at y’little hand wrapped ‘round me.” He swears.
I slowly squeeze the head of it, and that quickly has him bucking into my palm.
His own hand travels between my sleep shorts, “Mind i return the favour?”
I hum in agreement, but he doesn’t do anything, “Gotta hear you say it, tell me what you want.”
I roll my eyes, of course he’s like this in bed, wants to hear how bad I want him.
“What do you want me to say to you Harry? How bad I want your fingers in my wet cunt right now, or how I want you to fuck my clit with your tongue?”
“Want my tongue do you? Because yes that’s exactly what I’d like to hear.” He says, smirking as he dips his hand under my shorts, running his fingers through me.
“No panties… been next to me all night with your pussy so easily accessible. Such a little slut.”
He collects my arousal, carrying it up to my swollen clit. I moan with the action, trying to keep my hand pumping rhythmically.
This proves to be a challenge, as he’s very clearly skilled with his fingers.
“Fuck, you’re so wet. Hardly even touched you.”
“Been grinding your dick into me for a bit, actually.” I hiss as he slips a finger into me.
“Sorry, Baby. Did my hard cock get you all worked up?” He teases, and I hate the fact that he’s right.
I give a particularly hard squeeze and he grunts, “I’ll take that as a yes.”
He quickens the pace of his fingers, fucking them in and out of me.
“Hard to hate me when I’m making you feel so good, hm?” He kisses my forehead, curling his fingers in me.
I cry out. Fuck— I was going to come.
“Wait, wait, wait— don’t wanna come yet, please…” I clench my thighs around his hand and it stills.
I look up at him, his green eyes burning with desire.
He doesn’t say anything, just leans his head down and places a wet kiss on my lips.
He keeps his fingers pumping slowly in and out of me as we start to kiss.
He brings me close to coming again a few times, just to tease me, but he keeps his focus on my lips— pulling my bottom one between his and sucking on it.
It’s messy and sloppy, edges of it blurred from the morning haze still over us.
“Harry.” I say into his mouth, legs shaking a little.
“Want you in me.” It comes out of me as an unbridled thought.
“Jesus…” he murmurs, stunned by hearing the words fly out of me so openly.
He pulls his lips away, cock twitching in my hand, “you want…”
“You want me to fuck you?”
I nod, grabbing the hem of my shirt and slipping it off.
He’s enamoured by me, it’s clear in his eyes.
He reaches his hand up, out of my sleep shorts and he cups my breast with it gently.
He moves his mouth down to place gentle kissed over them.
“You’re perfect, yknow that?” He says against my skin, tugging me closer to him as I smile at the flattery.
“I’m on birth control too.” I state.
He glances up, and it appears I’ve shocked him yet again, “you wanna take me raw?”
I haven’t gone without I condom in ages… but I trust him.
“We’re both clean, right? I trust you.”
He smiles, “I’m clean. As long as your sure.”
I don’t think I’ve ever been surer of something.
He pulls my sleep shorts off, and I help shuck his sweats the rest of the way down his legs.
We’re warm between the sheets, and he’s peppering open-mouthed kisses along my neck as he lines himself up with me.
He locks eyes with me as he pushes in, and both of us moan at the feeling.
“Fuck— you’re tight.” He squeezes his hands on my hips.
I am blinded with the pleasure of him filling me up, I can’t even think about how bad an idea this could be.
“Feels so good, H.” I groan, scraping my nails along his chest.
“Can feel you clenching around me.” He reaches a hand down to play with my clit.
He’s gonna make me come embarrassingly quick— especially considering he sort of edged me a bit while we were kissing.
He was thrusting into me, a perfect pace to have me squirming in his arms.
I can tell he’s getting close, my name flying out his mouth paired with vulgar words and moans.
“I- fuck- I’m not gonna be able to drag this out if you keeping squeezing m’cock like that.” He pants.
“I’m close, so just come with me.” I plead, the thought of him finishing with me adding fuel to the fire in the pit of my stomach.
“God H, I’m gonna come— hard.”
“Fuck, sweetheart, keep talking.” He says, his skin slapping into mine, chasing his orgasm.
“You’re so pretty.” I blurt, spewing the first thing that comes to mind as I look at him.
He really is, his hair is tousled from sleep and my hands, his eyes half lidded from pleasure and tattooed chest slightly damp.
He swears, bottoming out and coming hard without warning. His hand circles my clit fast, bringing my crashing down with him.
“Harry!” I cry, burying my head into the crook of his neck as I ride out the waves of pleasure.
“Good girl, Y/N.” He groans, still thrusting into me trying to prolong his orgasms.
The high slowly ebbs away, and he stays in me for a bit. Nothing but the sounds of our laboured breathing filling the room.
I think we don’t know what to say, after something like that happens— when it all comes on instinct and you’re without any clue on what it changes.
Our dynamic, though it was a love-hate kind of thing, it was a consistent one. You knew what to expect. Now that this has happened…
“I have no idea what you’re thinking right now.” He whispers, “and that kind of scares me.”
I lay quietly for a few heartbeats, “just… that was really good. And I’m not 100% prepared for what might happen after this, y’know. To us I guess.”
“Well. To keep it simple, I really like you— and that was some of the best sex I’ve ever had so…” he trails off, unsure where to go with the sentence.
“Ok— so this isn’t gonna ruin our friendship?” I sigh in a bit of relief.
“Of course not,” he pulls back to look at me, and a smile spreads across his face, “after all, we are adults.”
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“I think we were the lucky ones.” - Niall Horan
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Tumblr media
It would really put a bow on the top of things
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Omfg- 😭 yesssssssssas
Tumblr media
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fool-for-harry · 1 year
~Just another list of my favorite Harry styles imagines/fics~
(This is my second rec list! I made this one cause I reached the limit on the other one.)
Smut: 🖤 Angst: 🤍 Fluff: ♥️
Let Me Feel You - Harry coming home from tour and not being able to wait to get you home before having you. 🖤 (@for-fucks-sake-h)
Good morning - morning blowie for the bday boy 🖤(@watchmegetobsessed)
To Be So Lonely - You find a way to convince Harry to finally add TBSL to the setlist. 🖤 (@watchmegetobsessed)
Ripped And Ruined - You steal Harry’s tights and he totally ruins them... and you. 🖤 (@watchmegetobsessed)
A good morning indeed - slow, half asleep, sloppy sex with harry 🖤 (@harrygivenchy)
Let Hurt Tonight - Harry keeps a box of memories in his closet, but those memories are from his ex.��🤍 (@alltheloveflowerh)
Love boner - Harry being horny for his wife while she is with the kids ♥️ (@meetmymouth)
Loving You Is Art - a painting day night turns playful 🖤 (@let-me-write-shit)
Soaking Wet - In which you’ve had a horrible day, and Harry just wants to make you feel better. 🖤 (@trulymadlysydney)
“That’s my spot” - H pressing down on y/ns tummy while fucking 🖤 (@jarofstyles)
Pool day - Harry fucking you quietly. 🖤 (@harrygivenchy)
Eating Out - Harry eating y/n out 🖤 (@harrywritingsbyme)
I’ve Got You Baby - in which y/n loses her dad. ♥️🤍 (@hstyles-1994)
Pretty Please - in which Harry has baby fever ♥️ (@hstyles-1994)
Cockwarming - y/n and harry love cockwarming (@haroldloverboy)
— - him begging for praise 🖤 (@stellarboystyles)
A Little Bit of Jealousy - Hardly anything upsets Y/N as much as when her Harry is being hit on. ♥️ (@harryimaginedstories)
10 minutes is all I need - they can’t have sex while their families are visiting 🖤(@harrywritingsbyme)
Be honest - they’re in a fight 🖤 (@harrywritingsbyme)
— - Harry and y/n find themselves in a really sandy situation 🖤 (@haroldloverboy)
Cafes and Poetry - Harry reads you some sexy poetry in a little cafe (@blessedbyharrystyles)
— - in which Y/N is never usually one to spit and Harry can’t stop laughing 🖤 (@haroldloverboy)
All To You - Harry gives it all to you 🖤(@confidently-dasiavuu)
Kale Juices Make Me Gag, But Not You - y/n is horny 🖤(@harrysbubba)
Ruin you - Harry makes you squirt 🖤 (@aqua-harry)
Protective - the one in which he is protective and you are drunk ♥️ (@blackmilkshake)
Rape - (TW! Rape and SA) Y/N sees her rapist in public, but Harry has no idea what she has been through. 🤍 (@imaginexxharry)
— - Y/N and Harry have been arguing for a couple days, they both find new ways to make up for their arguments. 🖤 (@harrystylesistheonlyone)
Tulle - you and Harry come home from a posh event 🖤 (@bfharry)
— - Shower sex 🖤 (@bdeharry)
Bite - A quick little blurb about biting bum’s and scorching heat and whiplash that leaves you breathless. ♥️ (@stylesunchained)
Morning BJ - waking Harry up with a bj 🖤 (@for-fucks-sake-h)
Rings - it can never just be a relaxing cuddle, can it. 🖤 (@for-fucks-sake-h)
— - Harry cumming inside you for the first time 🖤 (@haroldloverboy)
have your way with me - in which you’re horny and Harry’s little black lace ensemble for the Met Gala isn’t doing you any favors 🖤 (@hazzasgayvodka)
Tell Me - What Harry is like after a show when he’s high on adrenaline and high on you. 🖤 (@for-fucks-sake-h)
Luna de Amor - 🖤 (@svnflowervol666)
pillowtalk - in which nighttime is the most peaceful ♥️ (@autumn-sunflowers)
FEAR BEFORE VICTORY - Harry is afraid to go on stage and looks to you for comfort. 🤍♥️ (@satanhalsey)
Only Angel - In which Harry comes home late and tired from a full day of filming to see his angel dressed in a nightgown and ready for bed, but decides to tarnish her halo a bit. 🖤 (@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy)
I Show You My Heart - “The sentence that comes after is simple in construction but holds the complexity of the universe: ‘I want to make love to you.’” 🖤♥️ (@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy)
Waking Up Beside You - Harry wakes up with a little (not necessarily) problem. 🖤 (@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy)
Locked Out Of Heaven - 🖤 (@adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy)
BRING BACK MANLY MEN - You have to comfort Harry after Candace Owens has insulted him for dressing up as he likes. 🤍♥️ (@satanhalsey)
Drunk in Love - In which Harry is drunk and cuddly and you, being the wonderful girlfriend you are, are stuck taking care of him the whole night. ♥️ (@trulymadlysydney)
Beg - Begging harry to cum deep inside you 🖤 (@for-fucks-sake-h)
Positions. - Harry’s favorite sex positions. 🖤 (@mindofharry)
Get in character - Harry tells Y/n he was casted as Eros and they have their own little commemoration 🖤 (@harryhoney-bee)
Lover - Soft sex with boyfriendrry after the show, plus some domestic love ♥️🖤 (@harryhoney-bee)
Smug - Harry gets quite cocky after a fancy dinner, when him and reader get home they have sex in the kitchen. 🖤 (@harryhoney-bee)
My muse - Harry is in a fake relationship with another singer. After the show, reader and H get into a fight because of it. 🤍♥️ (@harryhoney-bee)
Scratches - y/n scratching Harrys back during sex ♥️🖤(@harrywritingsbyme)
My Birthday Girl - it’s her birthday ♥️ (@harry-writings)
— - Horny harry trying to turn you on, but you're being a tease and ignore all his efforts ♥️ (@hxarrysbabe)
The one where Harry & Model Y/N do a interview together - ♥️ (@hwrryscherry)
Right here Right Now - 🖤 (@harrywritingsbyme)
Right Choice - Harry has a moustache now and you want to get it sticky. 🖤 (@stylesberries)
Heat - Your boi’s too vanilla for your liking. He refuted that tho. 🖤 (@stylesberries)
Attention - he’s being clingy ♥️ (@in-the-name-of-styles)
Masterlist - @svnflowervol666
Masterlist - @watchmegetobsessed
💛🌟🌻Masterlist 🌻🌟💛 - @harrywritingsbyme
my stories - @harryimaginedstories
Masterlist - @blessedbyharrystyles
Masterlist - @harryhoney-bee
Masterlist- @confidently-dasiavuu
Masterlist - @aqua-harry
MASTERLIST: - @harrysbubba
MASTERLIST ☻︎ - @adashofniallandasprinkleoflunacy
MASTERLIST- @blackmilkshake
Masterlist - @stylesberries
masterlist - @crowdedimagines
Masterlist - @iguessweallcrazyithinktho
Masterlist - @twohearts-hs
masterlist - @autumn-sunflowers
MASTERLIST - @gucciharrywritings
MASTERLIST - @jarofstyles
MASTERLIST - @shawnsprincesse
masterlist - @hstyles-1994
masterlist - @heartbreakweatherharry
Masterlist. - @all-my-love-for-harry
Masterlist - @harrystylescherry
Masterlist - @hes-writer
If anyone wants their fic to be taken off this list, message me and I’ll take it off immediately. 💕
My other Rec List
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Married Pictures 💍
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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