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Simple, efficient, and brutal.
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the-hanged-lover · 8 months
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i come bearing gifts once again
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samijey · 3 months
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Wrestling is not a love story, it's a fairy tale for masochists.
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The Trickhood dream has come true.
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banger alert
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Ilja Dragunov vs Baron Corbin
NXT Deadline • Dec. 9, 2023
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xxamorxexmortexx · 7 days
Ilja's got intensity that makes me believe he's gonna finish a match one day by ripping his opponent's still beating heart out if their chest
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dynamitekansai · 3 months
WWE: "From a sidekick to a champion" Welcome to the Trick Williams era!!!
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Ilja Dragunov supremacy <3
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Summary: The reader starts to have doubts about staying with Imperium after the incident with Giovanni and Gunther's change in demeanor after losing the Intercontinental championship. Luckily for her, Ilja, who's an old friend, is starting fresh on Raw.
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The SUV has barely pulled into the arena for RAW and you are already tired of being there. Ludwig is busy on the phone talking with his girlfriend Tiffany. And Gunther never bothers to talk much with any of you before the show. Ever since Giovanni got kicked out of Imperium and moved to Smackdown you've been feeling more and more left out.
Ludwig finally hangs up the phone and acknowledges you for the first time since the group left the hotel.
"YN, what's with the face?" Ludwig asks you.
"What face?" You reply blankly and pull your bag higher up on your shoulder.
Ludwig shrugs and grabs his bag from the back of the car. "You look like something is bothering you." He explains. "Come on. You think I haven't noticed you moping around these past few weeks?" He adds and falls into step with you.
"Gunther hasn't seemed to notice anything wrong." You scoff, staring ahead at your leader striding through the hallway. "So maybe you're just being paranoid, Ludwig." You joke with him.
"Yeah, okay." Kaiser drops the subject for the time being.
The three of you head down to the Imperium locker room and get ready for the show. Gunther has a match scheduled for later against Otis, but you and Kaiser aren't scheduled for anything. That doesn't mean Gunther won't want the two of you out there with him though.
You drop your bags off at the locker room and decide to grab a bite to eat from catering since you aren't wrestling.
"I'll be back in a bit, guys. Gonna go grab a bite to eat." You announce your plans to the room as you head for the door.
"Don't be long," Gunther warns you. "I want you and Kaiser both out with me in case Gable and Maxxine are with Otis." He explains.
You nod and pull the door open. "Will do, boss." You muse playfully and head out.
You make your way down to catering and peruse the selection of food and drinks set out for everyone. You decide on a snack wrap and a bottle of water before settling down in an empty seat to scarf down your meal.
You are in the middle of eating and scrolling through your phone when someone approaches your table.
"YN LN?" A male voice catches your attention.
You peek over your phone, still chewing a bite of food, and nearly choke on said food when you see who's standing in front of you.
"Ilja?" You choke back your food and swallow hard. "Hey! How are you?" You ask and gesture for him to take a seat.
Ilja sits down across from you and you take a moment to observe him. It's been over a year since you've seen Dragunov. Not since your NXT UK days. He looks slightly older of course, but there's still that same fire in his eyes. He's dressed in a nicely tailored suit, like usual.
"I'm great, thank you." Ilja smiles at you. "Tonight is my first night here on Raw." He explains.
"Right." You nod. "Pearce snagged you from NXT." You recall Ilja's name being called last week during the draft. "Well, welcome to Raw, Ilja. I'm sure that you'll thrive here." You match his friendly smile.
Ilja nods in thanks. You feel your phone buzz in your pocket, probably Ludwig warning you to get back to the locker room. But you chose to ignore it. At least for a minute.
"And how have you been, YN, my dear?" Ilja asks you right back. "I heard that Giovanni recently left Imperium?" He asks you.
"Left, yeah." You scoff. "You could say that I guess." You shrug. "I've been good, Ilja. Thanks for asking." You assure him.
You and Ilja chat for a bit until your phone buzzes again. You begrudgingly take out your phone and check your messages. Ludwig has been blowing up your phone, warning you to get back to the locker room.
"Something wrong?" Ilja notices the annoyed look on your face.
"No, just work." You sigh. "It was wonderful to see you again, Ilja. But I've got to get back to work." You stand up from your seat.
Ilja does the same and walks around the table to you. He holds his arms out for a hug and you gladly accept.
"Of course. I won't keep you." Ilja pulls you into him for a hug. "It was a pleasure seeing you again, YN. I hope we can talk again soon." He adds as he lets you go.
"I'd like that." You nod. "I'll see you around, Ilja." You flash him one more smile before you hurry back to the locker room.
You hurry back to the locker room and manage to make it back just in time. Gunther and Ludwig are waiting for you when you arrive.
"YN. There you are." Gunther stares at you once you're through the door.
"I'm cutting it close, I know." You reply. "I'm sorry. I ran into an old friend down in catering and lost track of time." You explain.
Now that you're back with the group, everyone files out to the ring for Gunther's match with Otis. Ludwig falls into step with you behind Gunther, and he's got questions.
"Who'd you see in catering that was so important?" Ludwig asks you.
"Ilja." You reply, a smile creeping up on your face. "I ran into Ilja."
Ludwig's pace falters a bit at the mention of Dragunov's name. "Right. I forgot he was drafted to Raw." He suddenly recalls the draft. "What did the two of you talk about?" He asks you.
"We were just catching up." You shrug. "Ilja and I used to be friends. Remember?"
Ludwig nods. You did use to be friends with Ilja. The two of you started in NXT UK at the same time. You got scouted by Gunther to be a member of Imperium almost immediately. But Ilja remained his enemy. Despite the differences in factions, you and Ilja always remained civil. But the two of you lost touch when Imperium left NXT UK before him.
"Gunther isn't going to like talking to Dragunov," Ludwig warns you.
"I don't really care." You admit. "I'm a grown woman, Kaiser. I can talk to whomever I please." You huff, gaze fixed on Gunther walking ahead of you.
Kaiser nods and drops the subject. Everyone files out to the ring and Gunther has his match against Otis. You and Kaiser help keep Maxxine and Gable at bay for him. But otherwise, you are stuck on the sidelines for the majority of the match.
After Gunther beats Otis he decides to do a bit of showboating. He obtains a microphone and stands in the middle of the ring to address the crowd. You stand off to the side of the ring with Ludwig and roll your eyes at Gunther's ego rearing its ugly head.
"This again?" You sigh and turn toward Kaiser.
"Shh." Kaiser hushes you sharply. "Don't let him hear you. It'll only cause problems." He whispers to you.
You roll your eyes again but stop talking for the moment. Gunther finishes his speech and everyone heads back to the locker room. Kaiser once again falls into to step with you behind Gunther. And he's got more opinions to share with you.
"YN, are you going to tell me what's bothering you?" Kaiser asks you. "And don't tell me it's nothing again. I'm not an idiot." He insists.
"This doesn't bother you?" You gesture to Gunther walking ahead of you. "This new attitude from him?" You ask Kaiser. "He's always been tough, sure. But this? The speeches? What he did to Giovanni? None of that bothers you?"
Kaiser shrugs and glances forward at Gunther as well. "Gio was losing his edge. It was messed up, yeah. But it had to be done." He insists.
"I guess." You blink a few times, unnerved by Kaiser's lack of empathy for attacking his former best friend.
Everyone makes it back to the locker room area and are headed for the Imperium locker room. When you turn the corner Ilja is there loitering in the hallway.
"Ilja!" You greet him first.
You step forward and past Gunther who is now staring a hole into Dragunov.
"Hello again, YN." Ilja greets you. "Gunther, Ludwig." He nods to your companions. "I don't want any trouble friends. I just came to talk to, YN."
You walk over to Ilja and set a hand on his arm. You glance back at your comrades before leading Ilja away from them. The two of you step into a less-populated part of the backstage area so you can talk.
"Ilja, what's going on?" You confront Dragunov. "I didn't think you'd want to talk again so soon. It's only been like an hour or so." You add.
"Yes, I apologize for the intrusion." Ilja replies. "But I watched you out in the ring with Gunther and Ludwig." He explains. "And forgive me if this sounds a bit odd and uncalled-for, but I couldn't help but notice how uncomfortable you looked out there. So I wanted to check up on you."
You wear a look of slight surprise upon hearing Ilja's confession. "That's sweet of you to be concerned about me, Ilja." You fidget with your hands, the incident reminding you of back when the two of you used to be friends. "I'm alright, though. Really." You assure him, despite the fact that Gunther and Ludwig are obviously on your nerves.
Ilja nods, glad to hear that you seem to be alright. His worries are about to be put to rest when Ludwig steps into the room looking for you.
"YN? Hey, Gunther's worried about you." Kaiser makes a b-line for you, not giving Ilja a second thought.
"What? Worried about me? Why?" You turn around to talk with Kaiser.
Kaiser makes it over to your side and you don't notice that he puts himself between you and Ilja subtly.
"You're out here being all shady and disappearing with him." Kaiser looks at Ilja pointedly. "The fact that you trust him astounds me. And Gunther as well." He adds.
"Disappearing with him?" You scoff. "We're having a friendly conversation, Ludwig." You scold him.
Ludwig huffs and shakes his head. "YN, come on. Have some sense. Are you trying to end up like Giovanni?" He asks you.
That's the last straw for you. "Excuse me?" You raise your voice at Ludwig, which catches Ilja's attention. "You know what? I'd be happy to end up like Giovanni if it means I get away from you and Gunther's pretentious bullshit!" You step away from him.
Ilja steps up next to you, ready to defend you if needed.
"YN." Ludwig reaches a hand out to touch you.
"Don't." You swat his hand away. "I am done with this, Ludwig. I'm doen with you. And I'm done with Gunther." You insist. "I just can't do it anymore."
Ludwig tries to reach out again but is met by Ilja grabbing him with a firm grip. "I believe it is time for you to leave, friend." He warns Kaiser.
"Fine." Kaiser rips his hand away from Ilja's grip. "I'll set your bag out in the hall for you." He scoffs before storming off.
You watch Ludwig walk off in a rage. A part of you feels bad. He's been your friend for a long time. You're even getting close to his girlfriend, Tiffany as of late. But you simply can't do it anymore.
"Are you alright?" Ilja checks on you once Ludwig is out of sight.
"Yeah, Ilja. I'm okay." You nod. "Actually okay, this time." You muse. "I don't suppose that you're looking for a new compantion to join you on Raw?" You ask him.
Ilja cracks a small smile and nods. "I'd love to have you at my side, YN." He leans down for a hug. "Come on. I'll come with you to retreive your things."
"Thanks, Ilja." You nod and thank him for his support.
All this time has gone by since you've had the pleasure of being aqauinted with the one and only mad dragon. And yet he's still the same man you once knew. A fiercy loyal, good man.
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Sami complimenting Ilja Dragunov's ugliness is a beautiful thing.
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the-hanged-lover · 8 months
wwe & aew alignment charts
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samijey · 3 months
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Trick Williams and Ilja Dragunov backstage after their final match at Spring Breakin' 2024
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mrawkweird · 14 days
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Never before have I been happier to see more people find out just how little this guy gives a fuck about himself.
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whatdoeseverybodywant · 2 months
I feel so bad for Jey, niggas really turning on him because they want Ilja to win their match tonight smh
Calling him mid and weak 🥲 I hate the IWC 🙃
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