#acotar nesta
Nesta, holding a head of cauliflower in front of Feyre's face: What is this?
Feyre: ... Cauliflower?
Nesta to Cassian: Now tell her what you think it is.
Cassian: ....
Cassian, folding his arms: Ghost broccoli.
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cla-oh · 8 days
Tumblr media
A fierce Nesta and too much red for y'all eyes sorry-
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lyssasdrafts · 2 months
azriel: cassian, you’re the general of the night court
cassian: that’s my side job.
azriel: then what do you actually do for a living?
cassian, smiling: being nesta’s mate!
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shadowdaddies · 2 months
Being mated to Azriel/Cassian/Nesta. Az and Cass are away, visiting some Illyrian camps, and whenever they are away, you all have agreed that you’re free use for Nesta?
hii thank you for the request, I've been slow with them lately and hating everything I write but I hope you like this! I got carried away here
Mine All Mine
Nesta x f!Reader smut (ft. Cassian and Azriel)
warnings: pure smut, free use, oral f!receiving, masturbation, gagging/toys, d/s dynamics
Tumblr media
“Be good for us while we’re gone, sweetheart,” Cassian purred, flashing a roguish grin that forced heat to your cheeks under his gaze.
Azriel leaned in, arms wrapping you in a gentle embrace as his lips brushed yours, the tender moment at odds with the words that followed.
“She’ll be good, Cassian. Our girl knows she is solely responsible for Nesta’s pleasure while we’re away.” His voice maintained its smooth calmness, but the shadowsinger’s grin turned vulpine as a scarred finger curled under your chin. “You’ll take care of Nesta while we’re gone, won’t you, angel?”
It was an agreement the four of your had as mates. While Cassian and Azriel were gone, you were responsible for Nesta’s pleasure, and she for yours. She could take you at any time she wanted to get what she needed from you, and you relinquished complete control over your own pleasure to her.
You nodded at Azriel, embarrassed at the rush of heat that built between your thighs at his words. Two sets of hazel eyes simmered with desire at the scent of your arousal drifting through the room. “Yes, sir,” you whispered, lower lip tugged between your teeth.
Cassian was the first to break the tension, clearing his throat before mumbling something about being late to their meeting in Windhaven. Azriel slowly drew his finger from your chin, his intense gaze as he did so sending a shiver down your spine.
“We will see you very soon, angel,” he promised, the side of his lip curving to show a dimple before the two Illyrians disappeared through the door, the sound of their wings beating as they took off echoing through the air.
The house instantly felt empty, a restlessness settling over you at the quiet. Your mind drifted to the things Nesta would do to you when she returned home - the ways she would use you for her pleasure, push you to the limits of your own - and slick dampened your thighs, core clenching around nothing.
Face flushed, you shook the shameful thoughts from your mind in favor of distraction. A book caught your eye, resting on the couch in front of the fireplace in invitation. 
Picking up the novel, you collapsed against the soft cushions before peering at the cover. It must have been one of Nesta’s books, a Sellyn Drake novel like those she’d been trying to get you to read for awhile now. 
Pulling a throw pillow under your head, you flipped open the book, quickly finding yourself lost in the story. You had no idea how long you’d been reading when the two main characters found themselves in an inn with only one bed to share. You read of hands slipping between thighs, light teasing touches, gasps at the exquisite pleasure being exchanged.
You found that heat building between your own thighs once again, desire making it difficult to focus on the book. Tugging your lip between your teeth, you set the novel to the side, freeing your hands to explore.
Brushing your nipples through your shirt, you mewled with need when your hand drifted lower, featherlight touches teasing yourself as you slipped beneath the waistband of your pants. 
“Enjoying the book, pet?” a familiar voice drawled from the doorway, sending a chill down your spine and halting your movements. Your wide eyes flicked to where Nesta leaned by the wall, arms crossed and silver eyes glowing with amusement.
Breathless, you watched her stride toward you on long legs, her leathers hugging her curves. “Which part were you reading?” she murmured, limbs stretching across the couch as her body settled over yours.
Nesta’s hands pulled your own from where it rested on your lower abdomen, her eyes focused keenly on you while you stumbled through the plot of the book. Just as you began to recount the scene at the inn, Nesta popped your fingers in her mouth, licking and sucking fervently while she nodded for you to continue.
Somehow managing to breathe out the steamy details to Nesta - despite her lips around your fingers, hips grinding against yours while she straddled you - you loosed a sigh of relief when she relented her efforts in favor of releasing you. 
Standing for only a moment, Nesta stripped off her pants and turned away from you, showing off her perfect ass as she did. You started to lean forward, eager to meet Nes where she stood, but the female clicked her tongue in disapproval.
“Lay back, love. Stay still for me,” Nesta purred, flashing a grin over her shoulder as she settled above your face. The scent of her arousal was dizzying, the need to please her consuming your thoughts.
As though she could sense your desperation, Nesta hummed a “good girl” before sinking down onto you. Slick core pressed against your nose, her clit perched perfectly atop your mouth for your tongue to flick out against the swollen bud.
Her hips rolled against you on instinct, a soft moan escaping Nesta’s lips at your mouth on her. “Just like that, pet,” she breathed, hands pulling your still-soaked digits towards your heat. “Touch yourself while I read this.”
Picking up your book, Nes began to read the scenes you described, her wetness growing and spreading sloppily across your face as you ate her out. One hand wrapped around her waist, encouraging the rhythm of her hips against your lips, while the other followed her directions to your clit, rubbing tight circles that made your legs jerk against the couch in ecstasy. 
You felt Nesta’s core clench, her hips shaking as she moaned your name, dropping the book when her orgasm rocked through her. The scent of her invaded your senses, weight settling fully over you as you released muffled cries against her warm center, your own high crashing into you. 
Panting for air, you sighed with relief and longing at the loss of her heat on your face. Eyes struggled to focus, finally finding Nesta’s gaze on yours as she lifted your fingers to her mouth once more and licked your release clean.
“I need more,” Nes nearly growled, a wolfish grin formed on her full lips. “I’m not done with you tonight,” she promised, heat dancing in her eyes like flame when her hand wrapped around your wrist. “Come with me.”
You followed dutifully back up to your bedroom, stripping as directed before laying back on the mattress and watching Nesta undress. 
“I got something new for us, love. To use when the boys are gone,” she explained, rifling through her nightstand before pulling out a strap with a dildo attached to the end. But this one was different from Nesta’s strap; it was simple and black with one buckle around the back.
Sensing your confusion, Nesta grinned wickedly. “This one is for you to wear, sweet girl,” she purred, bare hips straddling your own as she lifted the toy to your mouth to demonstrate. “If that’s okay,” she amended, laughing when you eagerly nodded and lifted your head for her to secure the gag.
“So good for me,” Nesta cooed, golden brown hair falling down in a curtain around her as she smiled down at you. “I just need you to lay there and take it for now.”
Hips settled over the toy perched on your mouth, Nesta’s puffy center spreading her slick over the tip before sinking down. You moaned through the gag at the sight, your mate filled up and bending over to hover your core. Gentle hands spread your thighs before Nesta dove in without warning, tongue making wicked movements against your clit as she began bouncing up and down on your face.
Helpless moans and squeals escaped you, sounds drowned out by the toy covering your face. “Just wait and see, love, what I have in store for us this week,” Nesta moaned, perked nipples brushing your stomach. “This is only the beginning.”
Tumblr media
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kaelderdoer · 2 months
Tumblr media
Cassian walks by the doorway to the library and sees Nesta standing by the armchair, not sitting down, probably so lost in the book that when she got up to get a glass of water or to use the restroom and she came back and picked up her book and started reading, she got so immersed that she forgot to even sit down. When he sees that, his love for her grows even when he thought he couldn’t possibly love her more and he smiles to himself thinking he is the luckiest male to ever have lived.
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*the inner circle all drunk at family dinner* cassian: OKAY EVERYONE! let's go around the room and say who our favorite person here is rhysand: that sounds like a horrible idea cassian: i'll go first rhysand: please don't- cassian: AZRIEL nesta: i agree, azriel mor: if i had to choose, azriel amren: i'm also going to say azriel because he's the only one of you who knows how to shut up feyre: definitely azriel *rhysand, mouth wide open, looking at his mate in absolute shock*
feyre: oh come on, don't pretend you're not also picking azriel rhysand: there is no way i would ever pick anyone over my mate, the love of my life, the mother to my child, the only person who-- *sighs* okay yah i'd pick azriel.... *everyone looks at azriel intently* azriel: nope, i'm not doing this again *disappears into his shadows
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redr0sewrites · 1 month
threesome with nesta + cassian from acotar during the frenzy? i love both characters sm and saw u were taking reqs :>
hhhhh yes they are soooo fine
🥀Cw: SMUT!!!, threesome/poly, gn!reader, dirty talk, mating frenzy
🥀minors dni
Tumblr media
cassian and nesta are wonderful partners, but when it comes to the mating frenzy??? they are literally SO overprotective and horny i just know it
from the minute the frenzy starts to the minute it ends the three of you are all over eachother. they both definitely enjoy spit roasting, with Cassian fucking you senseless while Nesta rides your face. they will absolutely make out while on top of you, and if she's feeling especially cruel, Nesta would absolute play with your clit/cock while Cassian fucks you
Nesta would be sooo mean!!! she definitely uses your sensitivity and horniness against you, even though she's just as insatiable. Nesta and Cassian are pure opposites when it comes to dirty talk, and they'll switch up on you until your fuzzy with pleasure. one minute Nesta could be spitting out the cruelest words and condescending remarks while Cassian praises you with no end in sight, and the next minute Nesta could be pampering you and praising you while Cassian whispers the filthiest shit in your ear and calls you his little slut. they are genuinely so versatile in bed, and that's only amplified during the frenzy
if you are more of a dominant person, you and Nesta DEFINITELYYYYY team up on Cassian at least a fee times, until he's all overstimulated and subby :( if you have a dick he woukd absolutely adore being pegged, but he would deny it to no end. if you don't thats ok too, you can still use a strap which will lead to the same effect- a wrecked and needy Cassian
USE HIS SENSITIVE WINGS AGAINST HIM. you and Nesta on either side of him while he's restrained, gently caressing his wings and teasing his thighs, but not touching his painfully hard cock. he'll be whimpering in minutes, he just needs you so much!
Nesta is a bit harder to team up on, but it can be managed. you'd have to start off slow, praise her and feed her ego. she loooves being pampered when she's subbing and is def a bratty pillow princess. she'll be very pliant and down for whatever, but COMPLAINS the entire time about how she can't feel a thing. so, in response, you and Cassian work together to fuck her SENSELESS. the easiest way to break her down is with incessant praise, she absolutely meltsssss
your all big fans of marking, like your all walking out of your 3 week frenzy with claw marks, hickies, and bruises on every available inch of your bodies'. your definitely gonna be wearing turtlenecks for a few weeks lmao.
you guys definitely prioritize aftercare a lot though. you always pause between sessions to get food and water, and y'all definitely bathe together. it's not always spicy either, sometimes bathing during the frenzy was intimate but not in a sexual way. lots of massages over sore muscles and praise were shared, and bathing together is one of your favorite memories of the frenzy (besides the filthy, steamy sex 💀)
honestly yall probably spend a week after the frenzy just SLEEPING and snuggling together after like barely sleeping for so long 💀
"fuuuck Nes," Cassian groaned between sloppy kisses above you, aligning his cock with your aching hole. Nesta shudders as you moan, sending vibrations against her clit. she was sitting on your face, muscular thighs framing your head as she grinded down against your tongue. Cassian was sliding his aching cock against your hole, grinding down between your folds/ass. you were already wet with preparation from your previous rounds, but the sloppy sounds of Nesta and Cassian making out above you only turned you on more.
Slowly, Cassian thrusted inward, watching in admiration as his cock sinks into your hole. "fuck, baby, takin' me so well," he murmurs, and pulls Nesta back into a breathy kiss. you whine, the fullness of his dick inside you making your clit/cock twitch with need. Nesta's hand travels lower and lower down your sternum, reaching for your pulsing sex. nimble fingers toy with your clit/dick as Nesta's thighs tremble with need.
your tongue works wonders against her aching cunt as Cassian sets a brutal pace. teeth and tongue clash together above you as your two mates make out, and the sound of skin slapping against skin fills the room. you can tell Nesta is getting close from her breathy whines, and the way her thighs tremble with each roll of her hips against your face. Cassian's cock twitches inside you as Nesta lets out an especially wanton moan, and your back arches in response.
Cassian's dick hits a sweet spot inside you that you barely knew existed, and you moan against Nesta's clit. her hips buck against your face as her orgasm washes over her, and you can feel the coil in your abdomen tightening as well. a string of curses leaves Nesta's lips as you grip onto her thighs, pulling her through her high as you continue to eat her out. Cassian nearly comes at the sight, his two perfect mates deep in their own pleasure.
Nesta's swift fingers keep working at your clit/cock until your clenched tight around Cassian, your hole practically sucking him in with each thrust. "shit, 'm gonna-" Cassians voice cracks into a moan as his orgasm tears through him. you mewl and buck your hips as he fucks you through your own high, Nesta's thighs squeezing your head as your mind glazes with pleasure.
"don't suffocate them Nes," Cassian murmurs, pulling out as you both come down from your post-orgasmic high. "oh please, they can take it. can't you, doll?" Nesta coos, and you struggle to nod from beneath her thighs. Cassian shoots her a look, and she crawls off of you. the mattress dips as she lays down besides your panting form, and she gently runs her fingers over your stomach, tracing upwards to cup your cheek.
"we weren't too rough, were we?" the question is spoken softly and genuinely, and you shake your head. "don't worry, 'm fine, Nes. just a little tired", you chuckle, and Cassian lays down on your other side. he pulls you both close, his wings enveloping you all and dousing the soft light from a nearby lantern. "lets all get some rest then, shall we?" you and Nesta both nod, worn out from hours of passionate lovemaking. as you begin to drift off to sleep, you can't help but think about how blessed you are to have such wonderful mates.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing(s): Cassian x Reader x Nesta, Cassian x Reader, Cassian x Nesta, Nesta x Reader
Warnings: polyamorous mates, cunnilingus, fingering, voyeurism, male masturbation, female masturbation
Words: 1227
Summary: Your mates always rose early in the morning to train without complaint. Unlike them you're one to spend the mornings in the comfiness of your bed until Nesta rouses you awake.
Tumblr media
Helplessly, your hand shoots out and barely catches Nesta's wrist in time before she was out of reach. Nesta quirks a slim brow at you. "Five more minutes. Please. . ."
She rolls her eyes at you, Cassian snickering as he stops by the bedroom door. Nesta leans down to catch your sleepy lips. "How about you come join us?"
You huff and roll over to your other side; facing away from Nesta. Your childish display had Nesta pinching your butt.
Shooting a glare over your shoulders, you watch as Nesta moves around Cassian and leaves your shared bedroom. Cassian smirks at you. "We'll see you in an hour?"
Nodding, your eyes were already growing heavy. Begging for you to close them and resume your sweet slumber. You hear Cassian's laugh echoing in the distance.
They always woke up too early for your liking. You trained once a day, sure, but your two lovers trained like it was a religion to them. And that's why they were formidable foes while your skills weren't as mastered.
Eventually you would be able to find the strength to tear yourself away from the possessive embrace of the blankets, but you definitely were not a morning person.
But when the hour passes with still no sign of you, Nesta and Cassian take it upon themselves to rouse you from bed whether you were ready or not.
Returning back to the bedroom, they find you still peacefully asleep; one leg draped out of the blankets and your face buried in a pillow.
"Lets let her sleep, Nes. She looks so comfortable. It would be a shame to ruin whatever sweet dream she's experiencing." Cassian attempts to reason with Nesta who is already making her way to the massive bed that threatened to take up the majority of the room.
"You coddle her too much. This is why she's lazy in the morning." She doesn't bother to look over at the large Illyrian male. Besides, she wasn't that cruel to where she'd just rip your from your sleep. Nesta had her ways of coaxing you out.
Practically purring at how defenseless you are, Nesta gently moves your leg so that she can slip the rest of the covers off of your body. Making sure each move she made was imperceptible to your sleeping conscious. The lower half of your body was bare except for the panties you wore. Clothing your upper body was one of Cassian's shirts, large but silhouetting the rise and fall of your breasts.
If you trained as hard as Nesta and Cassian did, Nesta knew you'd be able to feel each gentle shift of your body. You were out cold. Always a heavy sleeper.
Covertly, Nesta separates your legs to gaze at your clothed mound. On top of you, Nesta brushes the tip of her nose along the crease your pussy made on your panties. Saliva immediately fills her mouth when she inhales your scent. When she was a human, she'd never imagined how drawn to the same-sex she could be.
You stir a little but resume your sleep and allow Nesta to continue.
Cassian has to bite down on his bottom lip to suppress the groan that rolls in his throat at the sight of Nesta pulling aside your panties to give your pussy lips the tenderest of kisses that has you unconsciously twitching.
Nesta's own rounded ass was high in the air as she continues to leave butterfly kisses all over your labia. Sweet little moans leave your lips. Cassian wondered if you were dreaming of Nesta's lips on you.
Fuck, his pants were getting too cramped in the crotch area. He palms at his erect cock through the material of his pants. Cauldron, Cassian felt like the luckiest male in the entire world. Who else could brag that they had two incredibly gorgeous mates.
He watches intently as Nesta's pink tongue breaks past her lips and lick a long strip along the cleft of your cunt. Soft kitten licks that had you trembling, eyebrows furrowing at the strange sensation. Your eyes were still closed.
From the kitten licks, Nesta places her index and middle finger to spread your pussy lips open. Gray eyes darken at the display before her. You were already wet due to her previous affections she bestowed upon your mound. Her finger easily slides in.
In that moment your eyes pop open. "Wha-"
"You are very late to training, sweetling." Cassian darkly chuckles, carefully getting onto the bed and props his head up in his hands.
Your words catch in your throat as Nesta's tongue swirls agonizingly on your clit. A broken moan escaping you.
"Maybe Nesta is right that I coddle you too much. Look at you. You've become an utter pillow princess. Not that I'm complaining. If that's the life you want to live, I'll happily oblige-"
"You're talking is ruining the mood." Nesta growls against your thighs. Her lips smear your wetness along the soft skin of your inner thighs.
That's right, he had to be careful when Nesta was eating. She didn't like anything to interrupt her. Rather, she didn't like any other noise getting in the way of your delicious moans and cries.
With Cassian zipping his mouth, he sits back to enjoy the show; gently palming his erection which he'd finally released.
Nesta gives out a pleased hum and leans her face back down. She could feel her own neediness begin to warm her core making her aware that she had far too many clothes.
Pulling back for a second, she strips herself as fast as her impatient hands could. When Cassian can't resist a laugh that bubbles up, Nesta shoots him a glare. She was well aware of the frustrated flush of her cheeks, the stray strands of hair that were sticking up. Cool and collected Nesta. During her human life, she was seen as cold but perfect. Cassian couldn't even boast that he was able to get Nesta to look the way she did when she was eating you out.
Her fervor causes you to whimper and hide your face with your forearm. Cassian stops you with his strong fingers wrapped around your wrist.
The hand that wasn't occupied in fingering you was swiping over her own clit.
Cassian doesn't know what to focus on: your fucked out face, Nesta's fucked out face, Nesta using her mouth and fingers to fuck you, or Nesta using her fingers to fuck herself.
Shamelessly you mewl out Nesta's name. Your male mate's groans had your hips tilting up desperately to ride Nesta's face.
Wrong move.
Nesta snarls out to Cassian "Keep her hips still."
"Please Nes!" Sight growing bleary, you vaguely make out the sharp features of her lovely face.
"I'll give you what you want." She knew this was a sure fire way to get you to do whatever she desired. "Eventually."
"Ya know-" you wheeze out "-when you said you'd give me what I want eventually, I thought you were alluding to more sexy stuff." The white fabric wrapped around your head was soaking with sweat.
You swing up your sparring sword just in time for it to clash against Nesta's.
"I know very well what you assumed." She chuckles, a tinge of pink to her prominent cheeks. "I promise. After training I will give you your reward. "
Tumblr media
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chunkypossum · 2 months
Embers in the Wind
Ch 2: Eyes Closed, Head Down
Tumblr media
Nesta X Cassian x Eris for @polyacotarweek
DAY 2: Comfort
Ch 2/4
4k words
Snippet under the cut.
Tumblr media
Eris muttered something as he took a sip and Cassian felt Nesta stiffen next to him.  “What did you say?” He growled.   “I said,” Eris raised his voice, sitting up and leveling Cassian with a stare that would make lesser men wilt. A true lord of fire. “The mother has a sick sense of humor.” He slumped back in his chair and smirked, downing his second glass completely.  Cassian tracked the movement as he swallowed, watching as a drop of whiskey that hadn’t made it into his mouth slipped from the corner of his lips and slid down the column of his throat. Realizing what he was doing, Cassian’s nostrils flared and he too threw back his entire drink in one gulp.  Nesta’s eyes narrowed on him and she sent a tug down their bond but he ignored her.  “What if we made a bargain?” She offered, looking down at her hands.  “Absolutely not.” Eris said.  At the same time as Cassian ground out a resounding, “No.”  “See,” Nesta teased, “Already working together. That’s progress.” She winked at Cassian who glowered back. Out of the corner of his eye Cassian swore he saw a smirk on Eris’ mouth, but by the time he had looked at the male the smile was nowhere to be seen. 
I know I gave a shout out on Ao3 but needed to here too! @acourtofladydeath thank you so much for your help beta-ing this fic. Your suggestions were beautiful and made all the difference.
If anyone wants on or off the taglist please let me know!
@hieragalbatorixdottir @talibunny30 @iftheshoef1tz @born-to-riot @pathfinderofnight @fell-in-luvs @fieldofdaisiies @aktrain @honeysuckle-daydreams13 @secret-third-thing @acourtofladydeath @pippsmcgee @youvereachedthenearest-lovergirl @baileybird71 @skyesayshi @yanny-77 @icey--stars
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jenibearx3 · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Cassian and Nesta after a long day, together at last
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Nesta and Cassian 45 minutes into a hiking trip.
Cassian: Let's play a game!
Nesta: Sure. I spy, with my little eye, someone who needs to shut the fuck up.
Cassian: Is it me?
Nesta: It's always you.
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toast-com · 1 year
Nesta with a gun. She deserves it.
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lyssasdrafts · 4 months
i know nesta and lucien were supposed to end up together and didn’t but i need their friendship. it starts with lucien telling embarrassing stories about eris after finding out nesta almost married his brother. after he finds out he’s helion’s son, he invites nesta to the day court and she loves their libraries. lucien brings her book recommendations from there and they always visit each other to catch up and gossip.
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shadowdaddies · 3 months
You said you reread the same Nesta fics - do you have any recs?
you bet I do 😎 here's some of my faves 💜
Nesta x Reader Fic Recs
Tumblr media
Smut ❤️‍🔥
Sweet Ride by @throneofsapphics
Dinner First by @throneofsapphics
First Time by @danikamariewrites
Oranges by @tadpolesonalgae
Look At Yourself by @sweetcarolina-24
Meet Me in the Training Ring by @daycourtofficial
Fluff ✨
Long Day by @danikamariewrites
Sparks Fly by @danikamariewrites
I'll Love You Even If You Step On My Toes by @danikamariewrites
To Build A Home by @honeybeefae
Angst 💧
Swordsmanship by @harrystylesfan2686
✨ Never by @rowaelinsdaughter
✨ My Love Should Be Celebrated by @daycourtofficial
✨ Because I Love You, Idiot by @zoyaofthegardvn
Tumblr media
Poly Pairings
Nessian x Reader
❤️‍🔥 In and Out of Dreams by @throneofsapphics
✨❤️‍🔥 Crush on Them by @harrystylesfan2686
✨❤️‍🔥 Midday Cravings by @danikamariewrites
❤️‍🔥 Behind Cracked Doors by @honeybeefae
Nessian x Azriel x Reader
✨❤️‍🔥 Always Ours by @leafsandstarlight
Tumblr media
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kaelderdoer · 2 months
Tumblr media
Nesta Archeron from A Court of Thorns and Roses
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*azriel comes back inside from the training ring sweaty and shirtless* azriel: hey has anyone seen my shirt? i could've sworn i left it by the weapons rack
*cassian starts whistling and refuses to make eye contact with azriel*
cassian: your shirt? you had one of those? nope, never seen it before. *azriel rolls his eyes and then heads to his room before heading back out moments later, still shirtless* azriel: okay, seriously you guys, where are all my shirts??
*nesta holding a book upside down and pretending to read*
nesta: we have no clue what you're talking about azriel: really? then what's that behind your chair?
*nesta quickly kicks a large bundle of cloth into the fireplace next to her*
nesta: nothing..... azriel: (sighing heavily) feyre, please help me out here *the clothes spontaneously combust and feyre shoots azriel a sly smirk* feyre: sorry az, i don't think i can do that. it's for the good of the court.
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