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copypastus · 2 days
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I believe Tamlin would get better much faster if given some rest, love and care instead of people coming to his house and lands to yell at him.
Another piece I ran out of time to finish for @tamlinweek
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emilyondemand · 1 day
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🌸Elriel as the Welsh myth of Blodeuwedd and Gronw 🦇
The Welsh goddess Blodeuwedd was created from flowers by the magician Gwydion to be a mate to Lleu. However, because she fell in love with a warrior hunter named Gronw, Gwydion cursed her and transformed her into an owl. Having been literally created by man for a man in an image chosen by man, initially she was dutiful and faithful. But ultimately she makes choices based on her heart and takes control of her own destiny.
It’s no wonder Sarah saved an image of Blodeuwedd and labeled it ‘Elain’ when she had a Pinterest board. The parallels between where Elain’s story stands and the myth are impossible to ignore.
For this piece I wanted to represent what it may have looked like when Blodeuwedd met the handsome hunter for the first time, when she found someone she was willing to change her destiny for. I believe this is where Elain and Azriel’s story is headed: a forced mating bond being trumped by true love.
I was so excited for the chance to work with @jae.sketch, and collaborating with her was so much fun! Rachel managed to take my sometimes disparate ideas and pull out the best elements and created something absolutely divine and even better than what I imagined 💕
Art by: @jae.sketch on IG
Commissioned by: me
Characters owned by: @sarahjmaas
Find it on IG here
Likes, comments, shares, and saves are always appreciated!
Please do not repost without permission
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lucychanart · 1 day
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cauldronblssd · 1 day
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Happy Cassian week!
@moonpatroclus , @panicatthenightcourt , and I are so excited to celebrate Cassian this week. We think the hair prompt is an excellent excuse for our guy to show off! We just know he does a little extra flex while he ties his hair back! 👀
When we reached out to the.angel.incarnate , they had incredible ideas of their own for a Cassian inspired by Greek and Anatolian culture. We couldn’t be happier with it!
Art by @/the.angel.incarnate, commissioned by Willow, Panic and me.
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jennastokesart · 2 days
⚔️🦇Lord of Bloodshed🦇⚔️
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A little birdie told me Cassian Appreciation week started TODAY! This was impeccable timing😈
Behold! The Lord of Yo Mama jokes! He’d have to worry about ME biting HIM 🥴
To see more of the art and this weeks next couple Cassian/Nessian pieces check out my Instagram! Though…I might drop a few sneak peeks here 👀
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nesta-apologist · 2 days
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Day 1 of @cassianappreciationweek ✨
I'm literally so proud of this one - and this is just the beginning, guys!
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moonpatroclus · 10 hours
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“They learned that we love each other as true brothers, and there was nothing that we wouldn’t do to reach each other.”
ACOTAR is known for romance but one of the other things we love so much about it is the friendships and found family amongst different characters! Thank you to @cassianappreciationweek for giving @cauldronblssd and I an excuse to commission our bat boys showing a moment of brotherly love!
Thank you to julsunart for working on this piece for us! They were a pleasure to work with and we couldn’t be happier with how this turned out!💗
For @cassianappreciationweek Day 3: Family
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legendl0re · 1 day
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*Gives the angriest sigh*
AO3 got me over here acting unwise. And yes, it is a bat boys and Feyre piece
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tsunami-of-tears · 2 days
Cassian Week - Day One: Flying ⚔︎
Tumblr media
Just a simple one 💙 I’m loving doing these layered backgrounds.
✧ Please do not repost or use with AI ✧
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dedolubka · 7 hours
May I tell a little bit about my original characters in ACOTAR ? 👉👈 I brought a few real fairies there because someone had to
So, get to know each other!
Tumblr media
Ariel, an airy spirit. This is a character in the William Shakespeare's play "The Tempest". This spirit commands the air, and also knows how to change forms. For example, he can take the form of a beautiful nymph or a terrible harpy. Ariel is non-binary yes sjm, fairies should be non-binary. Ariel was planned by me as an alien from another world, like Stryga or Amren. Ariel fits into the Spring Court like no other. I think his loyalty to Tamlin is unconditional. The wind obeys the lord of the wind.
Tumblr media
Puck, a mischievous fairy, is a character in William Shakespeare's play "A Midsummer Night's Dream", based on the Puck of English mythology. He is basically an eternal child, he delights in pranks. I think the Puck is from the Autumn Court. Puck served Beron, but then ran away to Lucien. Because Beron is boring, angry and does not allow you to be naughty (for the same reason, Puck stole the magic dust and now everyone should look around more often.)
Tumblr media
sjm named the HL of the autumn court Beron… never has the fairy King Oberon been so humiliated
I can't write fanfiction about these guys because I'm writing through a translator… BUT I CAN DRAW COMICS OH MY GOD ( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• )
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rainingriversofyou · 3 months
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Starborn, Fireheart & Lady Death - CC, TOG & ACOTAR
Artist: renata_watsonn
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shadowdaddies · 8 months
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obsessed with this batboys band au
from elenana.art on Instagram
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cinnibelle · 2 months
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tiffyelefano · 2 months
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“If I offer you the moon on a string, will you give me a kiss, too?”
i just read all of the ACOTAR books in one week, and gosh did it reignite my love for reading. i absolutely love lucien; i’ve decided he’s my favourite character and my love so i will not tolerate any hate on him!!! he deserves the world and so much love after everything he’s gone through </3
(post edited 05.17 for minor drawing edits)
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copypastus · 3 months
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@nestaarcheronweek Day 3 - Self Care
Self care is calling your sister's bluff and moving away from the Night Court instead of to the House of Wind.
Listen, I fully believe if Nesta and Tamlin got to compare notes on how the NC treats them they could have bonded. And it would be hilarious.
Tumblr media
Bonus twitchy Tamlin reaction picture free to use.
Tumblr media
Second one too. I'm generous like that.
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nesta-apologist · 1 day
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@cassianappreciationweek day 2: hair!
Sponsored by my indecisiveness: I had a lot of fun playing around w his hair styling and texture, but also his face. They all feel at least a little bit Cassian and I think that's beautiful
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