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thyholymistress · 1 year
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matthew lillard in animal room (1995)
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Rare Matthew Lillard
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nma-nekro · 17 days
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what if i make a dating sim from animal room or generally matthew's characters like stevo levy, tim laflour, cereal killer etc. 👀👀👀
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ahsxual · 3 months
Could we maybe have a smut with doug like maybe he billys the reader but decides to fuck her and leave her alone after
Dark Fear & Pleasure
Pairing: Doug Van Housen x Fem!Reader
Warnings: MINORS DNI +18!!, rough sex, extremely mean Doug, fear play, pain kink, reader gets bullied, CNC, cumming inside w/o permission, heavy degradation/humiliation, name-calling (verbal abuse), mentions of stalking, cursing, mean!Dom!Doug x sub!Fem!Reader, possessive!Doug, spanking, dacryphilia, fingering, p in v (w/o protection)
Genre:(Heavy) Smut
Word Count: 2,2k
A/N: This is definitely the darkest and nastiest fic I've ever written... I was absolutely drooling over this request!! Doug turns me on sm and that's so alarming, but Idc. Please, be aware that this fic contains extremely heavy themes! Anyway, I hope I wrote Doug right and that you guys enjoy this 🤭😈 tagging: @aliceblxck @twelvelevens @unidentifiablesubject <3
Tumblr media
"Leave me alone, you freak!" you couldn't take it anymore. You'd had enough. Ever since Doug laid his eyes on you, he wouldn't stop stalking you and humiliating you in front of his group, reveling in the fear and vulnerability you showed towards him. It made him feel powerful, like he could control you like a small, fragile bunny whenever he wanted to or felt bored.
This time, he crossed all your limits, invading your house while your parents were away. And this time he came alone, not bringing his friends to join in his "fun" with you, as he call it. How could he know you were home alone? Why was he so obsessed with you to the point of knowing your routine and discovering that your parents were going to spend the weekend away, leaving you unsafe for any creep who wanted to assault you? And now there you were, trapped between a pair of a psychopath's arms against the wall of your bedroom, his face so close to yours that you could feel his hot breath on your cheek. His grin was filled with malice, like a venomous snake analyzing its prey, ready to strike at any moment.
"And what fun would that be? I like tormenting you way too much, little bunny. You're so easy to scare... It actually turns me on." then you felt a warm tongue lick your wet tears running from your chin, while he moaned at the taste of fear in them.
You felt disgusted once you felt him get hard against you, so you impulsively spit on his face. You immediately regretted your bold action the moment you saw his blue irises darken so much until you could no longer see its color anymore. You'd never seen him so furious, as his jaw clenched so hard so as not to fall into the temptation of killing you right there.
"That's enough! You need to learn some manners and not disrespect who's in charge of you, you pathetic bitch!" you then felt his strong hands throw you harshly onto your bed, making you groan in pain. You were simply relieved that he hadn't thrown you to the rigid floor.
"Please Doug, what do you want from me...!?" you were feeling desperate by now, your fresh tears blurring your vision from the man who was about to destroy you.
"What do I want from you?" he chuckled, clearly mocking you like he always did. "I wanna be the one who's responsible for corrupting that cunt of yours. I bet you're not as innocent as you look... I bet you're tighter and wetter than any girl I've fucked before. And I'm gonna turn you into my sex slave for whenever I feel my balls full and want to warm up my cock. Are you more clear about my intentions with you now, huh?" he grunted before he forcefully grabbed your hair, forcing you to look at him as you winced in pain.
"No Doug, please don't... anything but that!!" you would be lying if you said that his words didn't make your panties wet and empty pussy clench around nothing, but you would never admit it to the man who's been tormenting you for months.
"Do you really think you can make a decision here?" he laughed at you. "Unfortunately, neither mommy or daddy are going to be here to help their sweet daughter from getting fucked by someone who just wants to abuse her slutty cunt. What a shame..." he slapped you across the face, purposely causing your cheek to burn and sting in pain. "You're so pathetic... and it makes my cock so hard." he said confidently, with pure danger evident in his words, before licking the top of your sternum all the way up to your chin with his long tongue.
"Why are you doing this...?" it was barely a whisper, but Doug could hear you perfectly. You looked away from him while he was pinning your wrists, restraining you with the weight of his body, while his free hand gripped your breasts and nipples roughly. He was way stronger and intimating then he looked, and the thought of being at his mercy absolutely terrified you.
"If you're a good girl for me and don't fight much, maybe I'll have pity on you..." he laughed as he said those words, making you believe he was lying with every tooth he had in his mouth. "But on second thought, I'd actually like to see you fight back." was all he said, before turning you over and shoving your face into your pillow to prevent you from breathing properly as he unbuckled his belt.
"Nooo, Doug!!" You screamed and tried to push him off you as you begged for his mercy, but that only seemed to turn him on even more, since it was completely useless. In one abrupt movement, you felt him pull your shorts and panties off, as he stared at your glistening pussy.
"Holy fuck, look at this... You're enjoying this as much as I am, you freaky slut. I knew I could corrupt you... This cunt is my fucking property now, you understand me?" you felt a hard slap on your ass, leaving a red handprint from his big hand. It hurt like hell, yet you couldn't ignore the pleasure that ran through your spine until it reached your core.
He kept spanking you until your ass was all red and sore. Once he got bored of it, he decided to check one more time if his actions turned you on even more, soon realizing that his suspicions were absolutely correct.
"You're even wetter now, little bunny... you should be ashamed of yourself for enjoying this. You do realize now that I'm not gonna stop ruining this pussy whenever I want to, right?" you moaned as you felt two long fingers enter you without any care and fuck you hard as if it were his dick.
"Stop it Doug, please, it hurts! It's too much!!" you whimpered loudly, no longer able to distinguish pleasure from pain. You'd never been intimate with a guy with hands as big as Doug's, and it hurt so good.
"Good." was all he said before speeding up his pace. He grabbed your hair so you could breath, and when he pushed you back against your pillow, you came and screamed from the intensity of your orgasm.
"Look at that... after all the bitch likes me to humiliate and hurt her." he whispered with a clear smirk on his face, as he looked down at his cum-covered fingers, before grabbing you by the hair to make eye contact with you.
"Open. Now." not wanting to test him any further, you opened your mouth hesitantly as he shoved two fingers in forcefully, making you gag around them.
"You better suck my fingers clean or I swear I'll make you choke on them until you pass out, you slut." you did as he said, afraid to face the consequences of his promises. When you finished, he took his fingers out of your mouth and put them in his own while staring deeply into your eyes.
"Doug, please..." you no longer knew what you were pleading for: for him to let you go or for him fuck you like the wild animal he was. You began to feel your body, especially your pussy, craving his cock and touch, making you feel slightly dizzy from the adrenaline and pleasure coursing through your blood.
"It'll feel better if you want it too, trust me. You're wet enough not to hurt your pretty pussy too much, so don't worry. I'll be gentle with you." he promised with blatant lies and fake enthusiasm as he brushed the pieces of hair from your face that were sticky with sweat, before laughing and mocking your face.
He then pushed you down hard so that you were lying on your back, while he ripped off your top to expose your tits and erect nipples, leaving you completely naked and vulnerable for him and his hungry eyes.
"No bra, huh? You're making this so much easier for me, little bunny. Now... don't even think about fighting back, because I promise you it will hurt." you couldn't stop crying, yet you couldn't stop craving him either.
You'd probably just discovered a new kink of yours that was unknown to you until then, or you'd only noticed that moment how profoundly attractive you were to Doug, even though he bullied you and made fun of you almost every day. It was extremely bizarre, however your dynamic was something you felt very addicted to, like a sweet poison that you couldn't stop drinking no matter how deadly and poisonous it was.
He was still fully clothed, which made you feel even more humiliated about the whole situation you were in. But as soon as he pulled down his black pants and boxers... you wished you could still see him fully dressed and not come face to face with the monster he was hiding between his legs.
"Holy shit..." you cursed wide-eyed, praying that you could take him all without being ripped apart from the inside out. You saw his proud, wide grin reappear, making you realize that he enjoyed watching your fear and horror at taking him inside you way too much.
"Scared? I'll make it all fit no matter what, so you better be."
The moment he penetrated you, it was as if the entire world had collapsed on you. You felt like you'd been drugged, since you could no longer think or see straight. To your surprise, it didn't hurt like you thought it would, your wetness and lust for him causing your pussy to immediately adjust to his huge size. However, it did hurt when he started pounding into you, his long cock slamming into your cervix at a fast, rough pace. Your screams were mistaken for moans of real pleasure, making him groan too at the feeling of your tight, welcoming cunt. When he changed position to fuck you deeper, you grabbed the bit of skin of his back that wasn't covered and dug your nails in until he grunted in pain.
"Fuck, I've wanted to destroy this fucking pussy for so long..." he whispered to himself with his eyes closed, loud enough for you to hear him. His confession made you clench around him as you came on his cock, since he was hitting your g-stop over and over again.
"No no, you're gonna look into my fucking eyes as you cum and ask for my fucking permission!" he shouted at you with an angry face, before slapping you as reminder not to dare desobey him. He didn't stop until he made you cum a second time with his cock, this time doing as he told you, which deepened the intensity of your last orgasm of the night.
"That's it little bunny, that's how I like my girl... Obedient to her owner like a well behaved whore."
"P-please, don't cum inside me! I'm begging you, please!!" you implored him the moment you felt him reach his orgasm, but as you expected, he did exactly the opposite of what you wished for.
"Don't fucking tell me what to do! I'll cum wherever I want and you'll thank me for that, you ungrateful slut." these were his last words, before cumming deep inside you, his thick sperm coating your walls so deliciously.
When he pulled his cock out of you, still half hard, he stared at you with pride. You were looking like a mess: naked and covered in dark hickeys, your sweaty hair all messed up, your face covered in black mascara while your eyelids were half shut from exhaustion and your chest heaving rapidly from your deep breathing. When you felt some of your energy slowly being replenished, you covered your naked body with your arms and knees as you looked out of the window, while reliving what had just happened in your mind.
"Hey, you came three times with my fingers and my cock. Don't tell me you didn't enjoy it too. In fact, I did you a favor, so be grateful. I bet no other guy will fuck you this good." he said while buttoning his pants.
Before climbing out of your window, he stopped halfway and looked back at you, lying in a fetal position while you clutched your legs to your chest. He slowly approached you and knelt down to your level, watching you carefully before one of his hands tucked a piece of hair behind your ear.
"I promise I'll leave you alone from now on, my little bunny... But I can't promise I won't come back to taste that sweet pussy of yours again." he chuckled darkly, as you felt him kiss your forehead firmly, before getting up and leaving your bedroom through your window.
And just like that, he disappeared in the middle of the night, as if the devil himself had paid you a visit to remind you who you belong to.
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charlottecutepie · 2 months
Now that you’ve watched Animal room, maybe a Doug x Reader? maybe public sex or creampie ?
⋆౨ৎ˚ A real animal (Doug Van Housen x fem!reader)
author notes: hey love! so here it is, thank you for the request, it was interesting to write about this character :) although I dont really know how well it turned out, i still doubt it tbh, im so sorry if it sucks, tho i tried harddd….in any case, ill be glad to receive new requests for this character
tags: nsfw, smut, vaginal sex, fingering, thigh fucking, rough sex, possessiveness, fingers sucking, spanking, hair pulling, public sex, unprotected sex, creampie, dubcon, a little praise, degrading, mean!Doug
Tumblr media
Doug kisses you like it's the end of the fucking world. He's groaning into your mouth, and his huge hands aren't hugging you at all, no, they're squeezing you as if he intentionally wants to break your bones. To break you not only as a person, but also as a body. Your bones, your skin, every hair on your body, every cell in you should belong to him. Doug Van Housen hates and loves you, and his every action is imbued with this poisonous and caustic mixture of madness. You seem to like that you are tightly pressed between a cold wall and his hot body, but at the same time you're afraid of what comes out of his mouth, you knew that he was far from a sweet and gentle person, you knew what you were going for, according to Doug himself.
“My fucking slut,” he growls into your neck and makes forward movements, rubbing against you. There's a lump in your throat and blood froze in your veins, you didn't expect that you'd be fucked right in this corridor, right fucking now. You wanted to invite him to your place, well . . . to watch a movie first, and then lie down and cuddle. But don't you know Doug? It's just not about him. If you dream of such an affair, then why are you dating someone as him? Doug's madly amused by you. Are you really that silly? “I'm gonna ruin you.”
“Just wait—” you can't stay still, putting your dignity at such risk, damn it. You cling to his shoulders and look into his eyes, trying to find at least some echoes of common sense. However does it make sense to look for it in a man like Doug? “Fuck, Doug, enough!”
Looking at your desperate plea, amusement flickers across his eyes. The hallway filled with the echo of your words as he pulls away slightly, raising his eyebrows. He laughs. “Someone is too cocky. Don't worry, I'll fuck this arrogance out of you. Or what? You don't like me anymore?” Doug grasps you by your hips tightly, slowly grinding into you as he nips softly at your neck. “You must have a fucking adrenaline rush, baby. I don't think you'll be as brave in a few minutes.”
“Uggh—” you groan almost in pain as he bites on your skin. “Can we at least do this at home?” you try to keep your voice quite, but Doug doesn't give a fuck so he makes a damn loud moan when you pull his black hair. You definitely don't expect this so you quickly let him go and glance at his face for signs of pain. There is silence for a second. Doug looks at you with his mouth open and breathes heavily, and then bursts into laughter.
“Was that supposed to stop me?” you stare at him wide-eyed as his laughter reverberates around. “Look, sweetie, I won’t care if we fuck in a pool of acid. The only thing I care about is claiming what’s mine. . . You're going to take me any way possible until there's not a drop of your fucking arrogance left inside you.” his lips descend upon yours fiercely; they consume your mouth entirely while he tangles one hand in your hair and grasps your hip harder. It all feels so animalistic, so brutal that it scares and excites you at once — two emotions mixing into an insatiable hunger for more from this twisted game between you two.
You're barely recovering from his rough kiss, your lips are flushed, as are your cheeks. “Doug. . .” you don't really know what you're saying, you just want to repeat his name over and over like a damn prayer. “Doug, Doug, Doug—” you whisper as he can't get enough of your neck, kissing every inch, although it's more like he's devouring you like an animal. His hands find your ass and squeeze it roughly through your clothes, which responds with a reddening of the skin and your sharp sigh.
“Oww, what a pathetic sight,” he taunts you when his fingers finally get under your clothes, pulling them down to your knees with impatient jerks, leaving you in only your panties. Before you can say anything, his finger makes its way to the sweetest spot between your legs. Doug rubs your pussy through your underwear and, feeling how wet you are, sighs contentedly and smiles, baring his teeth. “So fucking wet, look what I've done to you.” he pulls your soaked panties to the side and slips one finger inside you. So fucking slow and gentle, all the time staring into your eyes, just to tease and mock you. It's just one finger, but you can already feel your knees getting weak. “Don't faint, pretty, stay with me, yeah?” Doug hums in approval as your pussy clenches around his finger — a clear signal that his girl is desperate for more.
“Please. . .” you feel so weak to him.
He watches your pleading expression and raises an eyebrow. “More?” he asks, smirking as his second finger joins the first inside you. He starts pumping slowly while rubbing your clit in rapid circles with his thumb. Your hips jerk forward desperately and your lips part in deep sighs. Seeing you begging him like a desperate little slut makes him proud. “Pathetic, ain't you?” when you just get used to his two fingers, he abruptly plunges them even deeper into you. You gasp loudly, clinging on Doug for support as you nearly fall.
“Ohh—! No, fuck, that's—”
“Too much?”
“Yes, t—too rough, wait!” his smile broadens at that. And. . . Then he pulls back suddenly, leaving you panting heavily, your legs trembling.
“You taste heavenly,” he slides his wet fingers into his mouth as he savors your taste, watching your embarrassed face. “take off my fucking belt, baby,” he tells you before pushing two of them against your entrance once more, this time fingerfucking you faster. You don't know what to do, your body doesn't obey, while Doug roughly fingers you, tearing incoherent moans out of you. You try to grab his belt, but his fingers are moving inside you so fast that your hands are shaking. “i said take off my fucking belt.”
He knows you're about to cum as your pussy clenching around his fingers, but he doesn't let you, instead he slows down so you can finally take off his belt. You sigh and Doug takes his fingers out of you, which makes you look at him in shock, brows raised and eyes wide.
“Bu—!” he pulls your panties down and slips his painfully hard cock between your thighs, your soft skin making him groan loudly.
“Mhhm— You feel so fuckin' good, doll,” Doug thrusts forward, rubbing his dick between your damp folds. His length sweetly slides against your slit, every inch of it coated with your wetness. “my good fucking girl.” he wraps one arm around your waist and pulls you closer, not letting you fall.
His hips rock against you in a fast, sinful motion, teasing your cunt with the tip of his cock. He lets out a low groan, his shaft sliding across your folds and over your clit. “Ahhnn— ohh, im close!” you can’t help but whimper softly, you cling to him, fingers curling into fists at his shoulder, hips rolling instinctively with each slide of his dick through your wet folds.
“Cum for me.” Doug fucks your thighs faster, hitting your sensitive nub repeatedly. His breathing deepens as he thrusts harder between your thighs, spreading your wetness around his cock. “My little slut. . .” he hides his face in your hair. “cum for me.” he demands, you feel the delicious tension building in your belly, spreading through your core until it becomes all-consuming. Your whimper as you grind against him helplessly, your hole clenching around nothing.
When his tip slides over your little aching clit, that makes you shudder, a loud moan escaping your lips as you finish. You nearly scream, but your sounds muffled by Doug's chest.
“Good girl.” he praises you. “now I'm going to fuck your brains out and claim this little pussy.” Doug doesn't waste any time to prove his promises. With a ruthless determination, he flips you around, your face against wall. You gasp in surprise, your eyes widening as his dick presses urgently against your entrance. “Thaat's it, you stupid little girl.”
Doug slips inside you, bending his knees to be on a level with your ear and breathing loudly into it, mumbling what a tight cunt you have. You don't want to admit it, but his cock feels perfect. And although his sharp and rough thrusts hurt you, because he immediately began to push into your warmth, you find yourself enjoying this. You're still sensitive after orgasm, but it's only to his advantage as he moves his hips, driving his cock deeper.
”Fuck—fuck! Slow down, ohh” you yelp as he rails your pussy, he doesn't give a fuck that it does hurt you, just like he doesn't give a fuck if anyone sees you. The sounds of skin slapping wildly arouse you, as well as the fact that he's manhandling you and uses you the way he wants makes your legs buckle. “Hahhh, Doug!”
“I won't, you feel too good.” he groans, fucking you harder. “Ughh, you know you want this, your cunt ruined and filled with my cum, yeah?” he growls, feeling your walls tightly squeeze his cock. “Yeah?” he repeats in his mocking manner.
You don't answer his question, so his hand lays down on your ass, and a loud smack echoes down the hallway. “Y—yes! Yes, please, Doug!” you cry out.
Doug grabs a handful of your hair, yanking your head back so your eyes meet his. “Stupid brainless doll made just for my cock.” his heart beat like crazy, feeling your tight and wet pussy wrapping around his shaft as you take him. He pumps deeper into you with every thrust and reaches forward, he slams one hand against the wall beside your head. “You're mine, all mine.” he murmurs, looking down where your ass meets his hips, smile faded from his face. Your whines and moans sounds way too pretty and broken, your eyes burst with tears.
“Hnnhg. . . Slow down!” you tell him like he cares, like he's going to stop. “Doougg”
Your head fuzzy as you feel his cock reaching way really too deep, where you almost feel him in your guts. Doug ignores your words and pleas, knocking the air out of your lungs with his rough pace. He feels you on a completely different level, not only because he's balls deep inside you, he feels the madness that covers his eyes like a veil. Hatred, anger and arousal merged together.  And your “ohhh god, Dougg!” which slips from your lips only inflames him even more.
“My pretty slut, my little girl, mine, fuuuck, just like that,” Doug's lost just like you, fucking you like an animal, a crazy one. “Thank me, thank me for fucking you.” after these words, he puts his long fingers in your mouth, as if trying to pull out your tongue. They penetrate so deeply that you feel sick. He runs his fingers over your mouth, wetting  them in your saliva. You're almost suffocating.
“Thh. . . Nkkk—” that fucking bastard, you know why he's doing this. He wants you to realize what a helpless, pathetic, but wonderful little ragdoll you are. If his dick wasn't pounding your dripping pussy right now, you'd definitely slap him in the face for it. “Aankkk yo— Ahh! Ouhh”
He chuckles, literally fucking your mouth with his fingers as he hears your babbling. “What was that? Didn't hear you.” you want to cry hysterically, want to bite off his fucking fingers. But his voice is so hot, so damn beautiful. Even though he tries to sound normal, you still catch these little groans and breaths, his voice shaking. And it only makes you wetter. “Hard to talk with your mouth full, baby?”
He takes his fingers out of your mouth, all in your drool, and you almost calm down, but then you arch your back and yelp when you feel them touching your little clit. He rubs your bundle in tight circles, what makes your cunt throb around him. “Fuck, thank— Thank you! Thank you, Doug—” you're moaning so loudly that your throat is already dry.
“Mhmm, such a good girl, that's it,” he cooes, grunting. “so fucking good for me. A slut who needs nothing but my cock.” your chest rises and falls from increased breaths, blood running hot, a mess he loves to see.
He lost his sanity a long time ago and therefore does the same thing to you, making your brains melt as if under the scorching sun. You don't feel yourself, you only feel Doug, everywhere, in your pussy and in your subconscious, your brain and your heart. You even forgot that you're in this fucking hallway.
“Wanna feel you cum all over my cock, pretty.” he leans closer to you, his fingers never stopping rubbing your clit. He brushes his lips against your neck, sliding his tongue on your fresh hickeys and bite marks.
“I'm gonna c—cum, ohh,” before you know what's going on, your body shaking and you feel like you're already falling. Although this would have happened if Doug's hands hadn't been holding you all this time. You cum hard and he follows, burying himself even deeper inside of you as he grits his teeth and groans, his seed spills inside you in thick ropes as your pussy greedily milks him dry. He breathes heavily and moves his hips, fucking you much more slowly to make sure that every drop of him fills you, you moan as you feel his cock twitching inside you.
Doug doesn't take his hands off you, holding you possessively still. But he notices that you're trembling, and his grip soon loosens as he puts his hands on your waist. He kisses your neck, whispering something.
A pair of eyes looked at you two from the darkness of the corridor, and their owner took a deep breath.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Animal Room (????????) 1995 (????!?!?!?!!)
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Matthew Lillard's characters 🤝 manipulating men while standing behind them
Movies in order: Scream, Animal Room, The Curve
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Okay so-
Tumblr media
Why did this man spend ALOT of time in dramatic lighting that made me wanna kiss his face- hello? There was no need for this but I am GRATEFUL that it’s here
Tumblr media
That’s it. That’s the post.
Movie: The Animal Room [1995]
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frnko-mars · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Matthew Lillard as Doug Van Housen in Animal Room (1995)
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tasteofyourblood · 1 year
i have... no words
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sleeplessgreaser · 4 months
Animal Room (1995)
Directed by Craig Singer, starring Matthew Lillard and Neil Patrick Harris, this movie is WILD. If you like Matthew Lillard, or you just enjoy strange and obscure movies, it's possible you've heard of this one! Well, I decided to write an essay on it, because I have autism I love this movie for some odd reason. Also, it is impossible to google information about this movie so consider this my version of Wikipedia for the movie, Animal Room.
WARNING: This movie, and the following post, contains a lot of dark themes. Please be aware that this movie includes murder, suicide, peer abuse, substance abuse, domestic abuse, animal abuse, rape, religious themes, satanic themes, gun violence, and very graphic depictions of pretty much all of the above.
Still interested? Alright, let's get into it then. (Also, this is really long, sorry.)
This movie is strange, confusing, terrifying, shocking, and downright disturbing. It supposedly takes place in the near future, though the exact year isn’t defined, and this can be seen through odd clothing styles and the occasionally weird setting choices. I would say a lot of it is inspired by the suburban gothic dystopian genre? (Niche, I know, but stay with me here.) Topped off with a hint of The Matrix… are you still here? Okay, cool, because it’s only going to get weirder.
First off, we need to know all of the characters, and there are a lot. Many characters have their names mentioned in passing, and as a result we don’t really know who is who, so I will do my best to explain them all.
The first person we see is known as Pink, played by Ryan Payne Bell. He’s a pale redhead with frizzy hair, typically seen wearing a bowler hat and trench coat. Pink is a part of Doug Van Housen’s gang, who we soon find hanging out on the pier of a seemingly abandoned carnival. Doug, often referred to as simply ‘Van Housen’, is played by Matthew Lillard. He has jet-black hair, styled in a messy bowl cut, and he wears multiple different outfits throughout the movie, always consisting of whites and blacks. His style could only be described as “modern vampiric”. (Which actually makes a lot of sense, once you get to know him.) His girlfriend, Shelly, played by Lori Heuring, has long blond hair and can usually be found hanging off of Doug’s arm. The other members of the gang include Eddie, Porky, and Hinge. Eddie LeMaster, played by Brian Vincent, has short brown hair and is usually wearing a leather jacket or a sleeveless shirt. Porky, played by Eddie Malavarca, can easily be recognized by his bright red (sometimes black) bandana and curly black hair. And finally, Hinge, played by Dechen Thurman, has straight brown hair that comes down to his shoulders and is always carrying, if not actively reading, a book.
As far as I can tell, the hierarchy of the gang is as follows: Doug is the leader, Shelly is his “consort” of sorts (she isn’t really treated as part of the gang, but more like an ally who gets special treatment), Hinge is Doug’s confidant while Eddie is the main instigator, and Porky and Pink are the goons who hang around just to be a part of the fun and do what they’re told. Hinge and Eddie seem to be important to Doug – Eddie is loud and excitable, likes to start shit and cause chaos, while Hinge is quiet and reserved and silently encourages Doug’s bad behavior. We see throughout the movie that Doug is often annoyed by Eddie’s behavior (along with Pink’s and Porky’s), whereas with Hinge he seems to enjoy his company. We see him often leaning on Hinge’s shoulder, listening to him explain complex topics or just zoning out while Hinge is reading a book. Their relationship is subtle, as Doug treats Hinge as if they were friends, meanwhile with the other three he’s a bit more leader-ly.
Eventually we meet our protagonist, Arnold Mosk, played by Neil Patrick Harris. Arnie is a young boy, with short blond hair and thin glasses, who is actively dealing with a drug problem. In his free time, Arnie sneaks into the school auditorium and takes hallucinogens while sitting out in front of the stage. He has no friends (minus Gary), no social life, and he talks like an absolute nerd with a cynical, nihilistic, and severely depressive outlook on life. Here’s an actual quote from him when someone asked him “What happened?”: “Oh, nothing untypical. Barbarians rarely capitulate.” … I mean, come on. Is it any wonder he gets bullied?
Anyways, we learn that the school has designed a special “class” of sorts for troublesome students, and Arnie (being a drug addict) has to be a part of that class. As a result, he’s become a target for Van Housen and his gang – well at least, he’s become a bigger target than before. There are two adults in the school who are important to the story, the principal and a teacher who acts as Arnie’s therapist. Principal Jones, played by Stephen Pearlman, is the secondary antagonist of the story, as his choice to continue the use of the "Class for Troublesome Kids" is the main issue for our protagonist, and Doug Van Housen’s abuse is simply a result of it. Meanwhile, Doctor Rankin, played by Joesph Siflavo, is Arnie’s only advocate on the schoolboard as he actively argues against the use of the "Class for Troublesome Kids" or, at the very least, that Arnie doesn’t belong in there. Throughout the movie, Arnie visits Rankin’s office to confide in him about his troubles, and in turn Rankin tries to convince him to stop using drugs.
This special class, known by the students as the ‘Animal Room’, seems to be either an all-day class or at least a homeroom for the students that are assigned to it. Principal Jones claims that the class is for the sake of the 95% of students who are not troublesome, and that the 5% who are should simply be kept away from the rest so that the majority can succeed. However, this means that the 5% of students who are not a part of the “good” population are rounded up together and left to fight amongst themselves. This classroom is found in a basement area, at the end of a long hallway filled with short flights of stairs and graffiti, and security guards sit (or, most often, sleep) outside the door. In this classroom, we find Doug Van Housen and the rest of his gang (minus Shelly) and some other students who have been deemed troublesome, such as ‘Baldy’ (more on him later) and Arnie. This room is filled with shoddy desks and chairs, cement walls lined with pipes and ductwork, and a single television which is always playing the same thing: a recording of a man dressed in all black, similar to the security guards, with slicked back hair and wearing matrix-style sunglasses. This man is usually inaudible, but is always speaking in a very authoritative tone and staring directly at the camera. Watching this TV seems to be the only thing in the classroom the students are “permitted” to do, although there is rarely a teacher, or even a security guard, inside the room to stop them from doing otherwise. If things start to get loud, however, the guards outside will come in to stop it.
Next, we meet Gary Trancer, played by Gabriel Olds. He’s Arnie’s only friend, and apparently has been his friend since they were kids, but in the past few years they’ve grown apart. Gary’s girlfriend, Debbie, played by Amanda Peet, apparently either temporarily dated or had a one-night stand with Eddie LeMaster, and as a result Eddie holds a grudge against Gary for “stealing his girl”. This, combined with Gary’s brave attempts to protect Arnie from the school bullies, makes him into a target as well.
Now that we know all the characters and their roles, let’s get into the actual story. First off, we truly learn just how bad things are at this school when Van Housen’s gang ambushes Arnie in the bathroom, and I’m begging you to skip the rest of this paragraph if you’d rather not be horrified by something that is so terrifyingly real it truly sickens me. Ready? Doug begins to beat Arnie, while Pink and Eddie are taunting him and Hinge is flicking the light switch on and off like it’s some kind of nightmare. We see Porky walk out of a bathroom stall, buckling his pants, and the boys grab Arnie and drag him into the stall, while he’s struggling and crying. Doug, who’s standing over the toilet facing Arnie, grabs him by the back of the head and shoves him face-first into the bowl filled with Porky’s shit. Arnie is gagging, suffocating, and essentially being drowned, until finally he stops struggling and allows himself to go still. The gang leaves him there, gasping, coughing, and puking on the floor of the bathroom. This scene may not be as bad in writing, but actually watching it play out legitimately made me feel sick.
Soon after, we see Arnie and Doug sitting in the principal’s office – Arnie, looking half-dead, and Doug playfully giving himself paperclip nails. The principal sits down and begins to scold both of them, as if Arnie had been equally in the wrong, and then proceeds to deal out zero punishment.
We then see Doug making his way home. He walks through a cemetery, passes by a lone guitar player sitting on a small dock playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (No. 14 in C-sharp Minor). His home is a giant mansion, and when he walks in he immediately strips naked in front of his butler, then walks up the stairs, leaving the butler to pick up his clothes. Meanwhile, Arnold is having a hallucination about being at a bar with creepy old men, presumably the one where he got his drugs, and is being strip-teased by a woman in white lingerie while a baby cries in the distance.
I warned you that this movie was wild, and it's only going to get wilder from here!
The next thing that happens is that Van Housen’s gang, along with Shelly, bursts into the home of Shelly’s family (Shelly being Doug’s girlfriend, in case you forgot). Her mother is upstairs taking a bath, while her father and brother are sitting at the table eating dinner. Once again, if you'd rather not be traumatized by the horrifying actions of Doug Van Housen then I suggest you skip the rest of this paragraph. They start taunting and torturing her father, who is confined to a wheelchair and begins to have trouble breathing. Eddie grabs a trash bag and pulls it over her father’s head, suffocating him for a moment before dragging him out of his chair, meanwhile Doug has climbed the stairs to interrogate Shelly’s mother, who is now wearing a bathrobe. Doug asks for the gun owned by Shelly’s father, threatening to rape the mother among other things. She slaps him, then gets the gun and asks him to leave. As the gang heads out the door, Eddie hangs back and pulls Doug aside, whispering something. The camera cuts to Shelly’s mother, sitting on the stairs, and Eddie walks up, grabs her by the hair and drags her to the bedroom as she screams.
I warned you, this movie is disturbing.
Later, in Dr. Rankin’s office, Arnie tells him a story about how a group of thugs once beat up Van Housen, and how slowly, over the next year, each of those thugs disappeared and were eventually found dead.
Later that day, Gary visits Arnie’s home to discuss how they’ve grown apart. He wants to reconnect, and they talk about going on a trip to the Caribbean, something they had always dreamed of doing back when they were children. They decide to finally take that trip in the summer, as soon as their final year of high school is over and before Gary has to leave for college. It’s important to note that Gary is the only person in the school, besides Dr. Rankin, who treats Arnie like a regular human being. Everyone else, even casual peers, see him as a freak or weirdo. Also, once Gary leaves, Arnie scolds his mother for being a drunk, and for acting weird when Gary came to visit. (To be fair, she was acting very weird, but it was obviously out of innocence, and I don’t think she deserved to be scolded like that by her own son.)
When we get to see Doug Van Housen’s room, we learn a bit more about who he is as a person, and Why He's Like That. Religious paraphernalia, paintings and statues line the walls alongside gothic hanging lamps and candles. His bed has a gigantic headboard, and we see him lying in bed wearing reading glasses, looking through a book that mentions King Henry VI.
We now get to meet Baldy, played by Huckleberry Fox, in the Animal Room. He’s drawing at his desk, while Van Housen’s gang is discussing hypotheticals, and Doug walks over and begins messing with him. Doug starts nosing the side of Baldy’s face, whispering in his ear tauntingly, then spits on the back of his head, where we see he has a tattoo of a ghoul. Baldy jumps up, turning around to yell “Why are you such a filthy scumbag?!” The gang all jump to defend him before a guard walks in to break it up.
Arnie has a hallucination about the carnival, where he finds the rotting corpse of Doug Van Housen wrapped up in plastic like a game prize. Doug asks him, “Do you see what your friend did to me?”
We cut to Baldy, who is helping to run a recording session for the band, Misfits (yes, the real band), and Van Housen’s gang is sneaking into the studio. When he isn’t looking, they sneak into the room and grab him. The band, on the other side of the glass (which is apparently one sided, as they can’t seem to see the events on the other side) begins playing again while the gang begins to interrogate Baldy for calling Doug a “filthy scumbag”. After a few minutes of torment, they shove Baldy to the ground and Doug begins slamming his head into the floor. The others look afraid, Eddie yells at him to stop, Baldy is bleeding and has gone limp. Doug wipes a hand over Baldy’s face, kisses his forehead and says “Goodnight.”
We then cut to Baldy’s father, sitting at home and staring at a picture of him, then we cut back to the gang who has now moved to their usual hangout on the carnival pier.
Shelly arrives (she must have gone home for a bit, since she had been there when Doug killed Baldy), and she’s holding a small rabbit. Porky and Pink are cooing over it, and Shelly brings the rabbit over to Doug for him to hold. She watches as he twists the bunny’s neck, killing it, and she begins crying and screaming hysterically. Porky and Pink decide to escort her home, Hinge and Eddie leave soon after, and Doug is left alone.
Pink, who is now seen walking around town, is cornered by Baldy’s father who pulls out a gun and shoots him. He falls dead on the street.
At school, in the Animal Room, Eddie pulls the fire alarm. Everyone is evacuated out of the building, but Doug corners Arnie and keeps him from leaving. Doug begins telling him the story of Job from the bible. Oh, and also he tells Arnie, “I want your blood in my mouth.”
Later, in Dr. Rankin’s office when Arnie is recounting the event to him, Rankin admits to Arnie that he’s going to be leaving the school due to a job offer. Arnie leaves, and when we next see him he has a gun. He pretends he’s pointing it at Doug, then considers pointing it at himself. We see him sitting in the school hallway, leaning against the lockers and fiddling with the gun. He puts the gun in his mouth, and a teacher and janitor catch him before he pulls the trigger. He points the gun at the janitor, who pulls out his own gun and shoots him.
Arnie ends up in the hospital, in a coma. His mother and Gary are there with him.
Van Housen’s gang, which has now dwindled to only four members, is once again hanging out on the carnival pier. Gary approaches them, holding a gun and pointing it directly at Doug. Doug makes Hinge, Eddie and Porky leave, then stands with his arms out, daring Gary to shoot. Gary screams, shooting off five rounds, each one missing Van Housen. Doug walks to Gary, carefully taking the gun from his hands. He shoots the last round into the air, then leaves with his friends.
Debbie (Gary’s girlfriend) is throwing a party. Gary is there, but sitting alone in another room, away from the other guests. Through the doors come bursting Eddie and Porky, behind them is Hinge who has Doug hanging off of him. As Doug steps out from behind Hinge we see he’s sporting a brand new look. His hair is slicked back, and a dark red circular mark is branded onto his forehead. His face is pale, and he’s wearing all black. The gang leaves, and it’s just Gary and Doug, alone.
Doug says he’s going to hurt Arnie as soon as he’s out of the hospital, and Gary tackles him. They immediately begin throwing punches, until Doug gets his hands around Gary’s throat and begins choking him. Doug tosses him to the ground, then pulls out the gun he took from him. Doug sits down on the floor, setting the gun in front of him and Gary grabs it, putting it directly to Doug’s forehead who then pulls his hand down to point the gun into his mouth. Gary backs away, dropping the gun fearfully.
Doug says, “Gary. I will be there when your children wake up. I will be there when you get married. I will be there at your next birthday. I will be there when little Arnie gets out of the hospital. You hear what I’m saying to you, Gary? I will always be there.”
“I will always be there.”
On the wall is a decorative sword. Gary takes it down as Van Housen holds his arms out, once again inviting him to make a move. Gary slashes the sword across his chest, mimicking Doug’s corpse in Arnie’s hallucination. Doug falls limply to the ground.
The police are called.
Officers walk into the room.
Doug is still holding the sword.
They shoot him.
My Thoughts:
Okay, so first of all, Gary was too good for this world. He was the only likeable character in the entire movie, and I was devastated when he died, especially because it was so sudden and they really make you think he’s in the clear. Second, Doug Van Housen, and his group, are absolutely fascinating to me. Their dynamics are just so intriguing, especially the one between Doug and Hinge. Of course, there are so many oddities about this movie that it all feels like a fever dream. The clothing choices, the symbolism, the dialogue, it’s all so wild.
Honestly, I don’t know if I would recommend this movie. On one hand I think it is fascinating, and could be very interesting to some people, but on the other hand it is hard to understand and will likely just leave you questioning things. You’re telling me Doug Van Housen has killed at least five people and faced no charges for any of those murders, when clearly everyone knows he did it? And then when Pink is killed, no one mourns him, and his death is barely even recognized by the characters. Baldy’s father had two seconds of screentime: mourning his child, and shooting Pink. That event is never acknowledged after that. Then, Shelly was so in love with Doug that she forgot who he was, she forgot that he’s a psychopath. She thought she was special, but she wasn’t. He kills her rabbit and then she’s gone, and we don’t see her again. And what about her family? They tortured Shelly’s mother and father, and they just chose not to press charges?? And last but not least, Arnold, who ended up in a coma, is going to wake up one day and find out that his only friend is dead. He was already suicidal, his mother might as well pull the plug and let him go because as soon as he finds out about Gary he’ll probably try to off himself anyways.
Really, the only way to truly understand the movie is to watch it for yourself. As far as I know there is basically no way to buy it anywhere online, and no streaming services have it. Thankfully, someone on youtube has uploaded the whole thing for free. You can find it easily just by looking it up! If you want to know when certain things happen (so that you can skip them or skip to them) or if you have any questions regarding the movie, feel free to shoot me a message or leave a comment!
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