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ahsxual 3 months
William Afton x Fem!Reader who is his stepdaughter, Y/N being a person that dresses very feminine and a lot of short skirts and dresses. Y/N would have a boyfriend that she learns had cheated on her with her best friend and she goes to her mom and stepdad house for comfort from her mom before quickly, realizing her mom was not home and it鈥檚 instead gets cheered up by her stepdaddy 馃槒
Daddy's Comfort
Genre: Smut & Angst
Warnings: minors dni +18, sad reader, Soft!Dom!William x Sub!Reader, cunnilingus, fingering, Perv!William, married!William, nipple play, praising, William calls reader a slut twice, cheating, age gap (reader is +18), daddy kink, almost getting caught
Word Count: 2,2k
Tagging: @aliceblxck @wolfman-moony
Tumblr media
Warm tears streamed down your face the moment you discovered that your boyfriend was cheating on you. And to make things worse, it was with your own bestfriend, the girl you were supposed to trust the most. But oh, how wrong were you. You never saw the bad side of people, because you didn't believe that people could be so cruel and untrustworthy. Whenever you felt down, you would go to your best friend's house to cry on her shoulder, but now that wasn't an available option, leaving you alone with your broken heart and no one to talk to about your pain.
You never liked to vent to your mother about your heartbreaks, feeling embarrassed to be vulnerable in front of her. Your stepfather William Afton, on the other hand, always gave you advice about how boys your age only wanted to play with naive girls and take advantage of their fragile hearts, which was why he was so strict about you having affairs or boyfriends. Right now, as you were heading home to get some comfort from your parents, since there was no one else who would listen to you, you realized how William was absolutely right.
You were hoping that your parents would be home at that moment, comforting you with the right words and the reassuring physical touch that you so desperately needed. However, when you opened the door, you noticed that only your new parental figure was home.
"Hi sweetie! How was your day?" William immediately noticed you weren't well the moment he looked at you. Your red face and puffy eyes weren't fooling anyone, especially your stepfather who was such a intelligent and perceptive man, and who apparently knew you too well.
He was sitting on the couch watching a criminal documentary to which you didn't pay much attention, as your mind was occupied with other thoughts. He was already in his pajamas, so he must have gotten home some time ago. He got up quickly the moment you didn't answer him and instead you just cried on the spot, as his tall figure approached you carefully so as not to elicit any negative reaction from you.
"Hey hey come here, honey. It's alright, daddy's got you now, baby." he reassured you in a soft tone, as he hugged you against his strong frame. You instinctively returned his gesture, the feeling of hugging your stepdad being much better and needed than you expected.
"Do you want to talk about it?" you nodded, allowing him to carry you over the couch and sit you on his lap, while he rubbed your back and grabbed your exposed thigh to hold you closer. You hadn't realized the effect you had on him because you were wearing a short, pink dress with a bow that hung just below your cleavage.
"You were right, William... guys are all the same. M-my boyf-, I mean, ex-boyfriend cheated on me... with my bestfriend! How could they do this to me??" you started crying harder now that you had verbalize what had been haunting you since that morning, but you still felt much better for being able to talk about it with your stepfather. Suddenly, you felt William's hand squeeze your thigh harder, but you ignored that feeling for the moment. He remained silent for a moment before he spoke again.
"Sweetheart, boys your age don't know how to value a woman... Daddy tried to warn you, but you didn't listen. You need to find a real man who can take care of you and who won't break that soft heart of yours. You're too beautiful and young to cry over some idiot, and that's why I don't want you dating anyone. Do you understand me now, honey?" his voice was slightly deeper than before, but once again you let it pass. After listening to his "dad speech" about boys, you just nodded and leaned your head on his neck as you hugged him, looking for some kind of safety and warm physical touch.
"I'm sorry, daddy... I didn't mean to upset you. You were absolutely right... boys my age are real assholes." you stayed on his lap for a while, as he softly stroked your back and legs and kissed your head several times. As time passed, you noticed that his breathing changed its rhythm to a faster one.
"And there's one more thing..."
"What is it, daddy?" you asked innocently, having no idea what he was going to say next.
"You shouldn't... dress like that around men. You know how pretty girls are an easy target for men to take advantage of. You can... drive them crazy and make them do things that they can't... control. Do you understand what I'm trying to say, sweetie?" it was only then that you felt something getting hard under your ass, his thin pajama pants making it obvious that he was getting turned on by your outfit and vulnerable state. You blushed heavily at this and began to tremble a bit from embarrassment and nervousness.
"I'm sorry daddy, I didn't mean to..." you were left speechless, as you had no idea what to say or how to face this awkward situation.
"Do you want daddy to make you feel good?" he asked bluntly, his tone indicating that his intentions were far from innocent.
You didn't know how to react, but what you did know was that you desperately needed him inside you. You stared deeply into his eyes, trying to figure out if his intentions were the same as yours, and as soon as you realized this was confirmed, you simply nodded and spread your legs wide. His pupils were extremely dilated and his stare at your lips was becoming unbearable, while a small smirk appeared on his face.
"My babygirl is so good to me... I promise that daddy will take care of his sweet girl and make her forget about everything that upset her. Do you want that, bunny?" his hand was now dangerously close to where you needed him the most, as you felt your white cotton panties already soaked by his simple touch and voice.
"Yes daddy, please... I need you." you moaned softly, and that was enough to drive him crazy.
"Can I kiss you?" he asked cautiously, yet you could see he was getting desperate and impatient to touch you in such an intimate way. The moment you said yes, his thin lips glued to yours in a hungry, passionate kiss, a kiss you'd never experienced before. You could have sworn it was the best feeling you'd ever felt, until he rubbed his long, skilled finger against your clothed pussy and smeared your cum juices all over your already ruined panties.
"Oh fuck... is this all for me, baby? You're so, so wet... it'll make everything so much easier, you'll see." and that's when you felt him pull your panties aside to insert his middle finger inside your cunt.
You immediately moaned loudly as he curled his finger inside you, hitting your g-stop over and over again, so sweetly. He went from fingering you to drawing circles around your clit as you he kissed you slowly, his tongue dominating its territory inside your mouth. After a couple of minutes, you felt yourself getting closer and closer to your first orgasm, before he added a second finger inside you. Just as you were about to cum, he started fucking you faster and harder with his fingers, before bitting your neck and sucking on a purple hickey, making you reach your limit much more intensely. While you recovered, he never stopped kissing your neck and face, making you feel like the most special girl in the world.
"My sweet girl is so beautiful when she cums... What a beautiful sight to behold every day, every second... if only it was possible..." he whispered lovingly as he played with your lower lip. You wanted to please him too, so you took his thumb into your mouth and started sucking on it the best you could while gazing into his eyes.
"Can I suck your cock, daddy? Please, I want to pleasure you too." you were too eager to see what was under those pajamas, the hardness of it already promising that he could destroy you if he wanted to. He chuckled softly at you while shaking his head.
"Not now, sweetie. Daddy needs to taste his favorite girl first. You're the one who's had a bad day, right? So I'm going to pleasure you until you can't take it anymore... You can suck daddy's cock later, ok? I promise you'll see, feel and taste every bit of my cock sooner or later... I'll make sure of that. But right now, it's all about you, bunny." you smiled at his gentleness, and only wished you could have more time alone with him, since your mother would be home soon. Now you understood why your mother married this man after saying several times that she would never marry again.
William grabbed you in bridal style and took you to your room, where you would feel more comfortable and remember it every time you went there or slept. You were giggling in joy in his arms, his pecks on your lips made you feel hysterical butterflies flying around in your stomach. When you reached your bedroom, he gently placed you on your bed before undressing you. Your nipples hardened not only because of how cold it was in the room, but also with desire.
"Would you look at this... my bunny has such a perfect pussy. I can't wait to fuck you so good, princess. You're gonna love daddy's cock inside you. But for now... I'm gonna show you how a real man eats his pretty girl's pussy." his tongue trailed slowly through your wet folds, before leaving soft kisses on your clit. It was driving you insane and you desperately needed to beg him for more.
"Daddy, please... I need more please!" on another occasion William would continue to tease you, but your time was limited and he needed to make you cum again. He began to eat you out more eagerly, until you screamed his name over and over again. His skilled tongue never stopped pleasuring you, his beard and chin all covered in your juices, before you came again on his mouth.
"Just one more time and I'll let you go, baby... Come one, make daddy proud and cum all over my face." he demanded, before pinching your nipples harder.
His tongue didn't stop sucking on your clit, before it entered your empty hole until it reached the sweet spot inside of you. His beard scratched your tights and the slight pain only increased the pleasure you were feeling. A few minutes later, he grabbed your trembling legs and forced them over your chest with one of his strong arms, while his free hand fingered your pussy at a fast pace as he sucked on your clit. That was enough to make you moan loudly from pleasure as you came in his mouth and fingers, your cum dripping from your stepdad's chin as he stood up and looked at you.
It was only then that you heard some keys trying to open the front door of your house and you both immediately exchanged a knowing look. William wiped his chin with his sleeve, before leaning down to kiss your lips. However, you couldn't let him go just yet.
You knew that your mom's routine was to go to the bathroom before greeting her family, so when William was ready to leave your bedroom, you grabbed his arm to turn him towards you. He frowned at you, not believing that you were willing to risk getting caught, before you pulled his pants down and freed his cock.
"Honey, what are you do-" you didn't let him finish his sentence, as you put his long, thick dick inside your mouth and started sucking him off as if your life depended on it. "Oh fuck, you needy little slut... you just can't resist daddy's cock, can you? You're so desperate that you're willing to get caught sucking off your own mother's husband. Bad, bad girl..."
And that's all he said, before forcefully grabbing your hair and fucking your throat harder than you thought, which made you choke around him as spit dribbled down your chin onto your exposed nipples. Your mother had already left the bathroom by then, so you had to be quick. You held William's hips firmly and helped him fuck deeper into your mouth, which helped him finish faster inside you. You swallowed every drop of his cum, before showing your tongue to prove that you were a good girl for him by swallowing everything he gave you.
"I had to thank you for making me feel better, daddy. I wanted you to feel good and proud of me too..." you smiled shyly, while blushing and bitting your lip seductively.
"Oh, you little whore... my baby is always surprising me for the better. Next time, I won't be so gentle with you. And this is not a warning... it's a goddam promise." he said with a satisfied grin, before leaving your room with a wink in your way that held a million promises.
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yeollie-plz 8 months
Hi! I really love you're writing style, it's so good. Do you think you could do a fic with Matthew Lillard (or if it's easier stu from scream)? It can be about anything! It's just hard to find any good fics about the man haha
We Can't Just Be Friends
Tumblr media
Ex! Stu Macher x GN! Reader
Synopsis: You and Stu broke up, but he wants to still be friends.
Genre: angst
Warnings: Stu and Randy being dumbasses, mentions of cheating, tbh I don't think there is anything else to warn about
Gif credits to owners!
Tumblr media
You last person you wanted to see today was your ex, Stu. The man was insufferable. Actually he didn't even deserve that. The boy was insufferable.
Already having a rough day, the sound of Stu's laugh from across the store sent a shiver down your spine. You had half the mind to just leave the store quickly, but you had a cart full of groceries. Rolling your eyes, you decided to continue shopping, hoping that Stu wouldn't see you.
You were on the very last aisle when you heard your name being called behind you. You froze, you would know that voice anywhere.
"Stu." You said as you turned to face him. You saw him with his friend Randy. Great two idiots in one go!
"Long time no see, Y/N, how you been, baby?" Stu asked, leaning onto Randy, almost knocking him over.
You cringed at the pet name, "I was fine." Anger dripped from your voice.
"Oh come on! You can't still be mad about the break up." Stu laughed. He was always so unserious. You weren't sure what you had ever saw in him.
"It was only two weeks ago, so yeah I'm still a little mad." You desperately wanted this conversation to end.
"I wouldn't have broken up with you if I knew you were gonna hold such a grudge." Another laugh, this time he nudged Randy's side in an attempt for him to laugh along.
"You broke up with me?" Your jaw dropped open. "I caught you with another girl, I ended it!" Okay, now you really were angry.
Stu scoffs, "I was just flirting with her so she would do my homework, I told you that. It wasn't a big deal."
"Yeah, whatever. I'm sure you're already with someone new anyways." Come on, Y/N think of an excuse to leave.
"He is!" Randy now finally inserts himself into the conversation. Both of your heads snapping to him at the words.
"Dude", is all Stu says as he pushes Randy.
"Right, so is there going to be a point to this conversation or can I leave? Not that this hasn't been exhilarating!" You start to walk away when neither of them respond.
You are about to turn the corner when Stu calls your name again. You audibly groan as he jogs to catch up with you. He places his hand on your shoulder, lightly turning you to face him.
"Baby, please can't-"
You cut him off, "Baby?" He's has to take that word out of his vocabulary.
"Y/N," he corrects himself, "I'm sorry, okay? You know how I am when other people are around. Please can't we just be friends?"
You almost laugh. Be friends? He wants to apologize now, he should've done that two weeks ago.
"We can't just 'be friends', Stu. You have no respect for me, you have no respect for yourself. If you really were sorry, you would make the effort to be."
"Y/N, I never meant to hurt you, really!" He tries to plead anyway he can, but you are done with the conversation.
You turn around once again, putting distance between the two of you. Hoping he doesn't follow you again.
He doesn't.
Tumblr media
A/N: Ok! Ok! Short and sweet. I really didn't have any ideas for this but wanted to get this request done because I loved the chance to write for Matthew/ Stu. To the anon who sent this request, I hope you enjoy this. If you don't and want to see something different, please send me another request! I am more than down to write for him again!
Tumblr media
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my type if you care
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Pretty Little Wife (William Afton x Wife! Reader SMUT)
Tumblr media
Hi everyone, this is my first fic for the FNAF fandom, AU where William isn't a murderer, he just owns the pizzeria with Henry. MINORS DO NOT INTERACT, THIS STORY CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT, 18+ ONLY, MDNI, mirror sex, soft dom William, slightly possessive William, fingering, multiple orgasms, throat holding/slight choking but not really, hand job, praise, fluff at the end, William is just really obsessed with being your husband, she/her pronouns used, AFAB reader, sweetheart, honey, baby, bunny used as pet names. I hope you guys enjoy!
If anyone knows who came up with this head cannon originally please let me know so I can tag them! William Afton absolutely fingers his wife with the hand his wedding ring is on, the thought has been making me feral for days.
You can find my Masterlist here! ~ AO3 Link!
William loved nothing more than showing off his pretty little wife. Having you holding onto his arm, giving his bicep a tender squeeze whenever you joined in about one of his accomplishments. It was nights like tonight when he wished he had turned down his friend's request to join him and his wife for dinner. Every small shift in your movements highlighted something he absolutely adored about you; how you crossed one leg over the other, causing your dress to ride up slightly and show off the plush flesh of your thigh, how you would lean your head on his shoulder and he would catch the intoxicating scent of your perfume, how your much smaller hand would fidget with his when prompted to talk about yourself. 鈥淲ill, I still don't know how you managed to pull a dime like that.鈥 Henry chuckles as he pours the both of them a glass of whiskey. He hands him the crystal glass, the dark amber liquid swirling around inside.
鈥淲hat can I say? I'm a lucky guy.鈥 He smiles as the sound of your laughter drifts in from the other room.
鈥淭o our beautiful wives, my friend.鈥 The glasses clink together as they toast. William eyed his business partner with disdain. He had noticed his lingering gaze on you the entire night, the sight alone was enough to nearly throw him into a jealous rage. How dare he look at you in such a disgusting manner, his best friend of all people.
鈥淲e should probably get going.鈥 William forces a casual grin of dismissal. 鈥淚'm sure (Y/N) is getting pretty tired, she's had a long day.鈥
鈥淥f course.鈥 William nods courteously. 鈥淚 wouldn't want to keep you and the Mrs. out too late.鈥 The pair make their way back into the dining room where you sat chatting excitedly with William鈥檚 wife, Emilie. Your bright smile sent a surge through Williams veins, your bright eyes landing on him the instant he had entered the room. 鈥淗oney, you want to start heading home?鈥 You nod, rising from your chair and molding into his side. He wraps his arm around your shoulders, shooting a possessive look towards the other man.
鈥淕oodnight, it was wonderful to see you.鈥 The pair make their goodbyes before you head out the door with your husband. 鈥淲e should do that again soon.鈥 You smile up at him as you cuddle into his side. A brief scowl flashes across his features as he thinks of the way his friend looked at you.
鈥淥f course honey, I know how much you love spending time with Emilie.鈥 His thumb languidly trails over the bare skin of your shoulder. You pause, your husband halting in time with your stopping movement. You gaze up at him lovingly, your hand sliding over his stomach as you turn him to face you.
鈥淚 love you, Mr. Afton.鈥 You say softly and with a smile.
鈥淎nd I love you, Mrs. Afton.鈥 His head drops lower, allowing his lips to meet yours as he pulls you into a sweet kiss. The ride home was spent with you tucked comfortably into his side as he drove. You pulled up in front of your house, your gaze drifting up to meet his. 鈥淚 can't get over how beautiful you are.鈥 Your breath shudders from your chest as you feel yourself drowning in him. William always seemed to have this effect on you, his strong and dominant gaze holding you firmly in place as he admired your beauty. His hand slowly slid over your thigh, a shiver running up your spine at his subtle movements. His hand drifts to your face, tilting your chin up slightly as he brings his lips to yours. 鈥淟et鈥檚 head in.鈥 He whispers.
鈥淥kay.鈥 You respond in the same tone as a smile creeps across your lips. William slides out of the driver's seat, taking long strides around the front of the car to open your door for you. You giggle as he offers his hand to help you out, allowing him to spin you around before he pulls you into his side. 鈥淚鈥檓 going to make some tea, do you want some?鈥
鈥淭hat would be great, baby, thank you.鈥 He kisses your forehead, both of you lazily walking to your shared bedroom to change into something a bit more comfortable. You had opted for one of your husbands button down shirts, the loose fabric cascading off one shoulder as you left it half unbuttoned, the lace of your lingerie peeking out just below the hem. William was forced to suppress a groan as he caught sight of you in the mirror, admiring the way you looked in his clothes with a giddy expression on your face. 鈥淪weetheart,鈥 you perk up at the sound of his voice before turning to face him, 鈥渃ome here.鈥 You saunter over to him, pulling your bottom lip between your teeth as you look at him with bright, excited eyes. He gently takes hold of your waist, turning you around and guiding you back into his lap. You could see both of your reflections in the full length mirror across from you, your husband鈥檚 massive stature easily dwarfing your smaller frame. You sigh softly as you feel his lips press against your shoulder, your eyes meeting his in the mirror as you watch him trail kisses over your exposed skin. You feel his hand slide over your thigh, the cool shock from his wedding band drastically contrasting his warm skin. William always loved the way the gold band looked as his hands roamed your body. You push your back into his broad chest as he eases your legs open, 鈥淚 think you look even better in this shirt than I do.鈥 He breathes next to your ear. You squirm in his lap as he languidly trails his fingers up and down the inside of your thigh.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 know about that.鈥 You run your hand over his strong forearm. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e always very nice to look at.鈥 Your eyes drop to his lips before slowly raising to meet his again. His chest rumbles as he lets out a quiet chuckle.
鈥淚s that so?鈥 His hot breath fans over your lips. His finger trails along the edge of your underwear before he hooks into them, slowly easing the lace down your legs. He holds your face in his hand, directing your attention to the mirror in front of you. 鈥淵ou seem to forget how beautiful you are, sweetheart.鈥 His massive hand wrapped around your thigh, massaging your soft skin as he presses a kiss to your cheek. Your head falls back against his shoulder as he finally runs his fingers over your dripping folds. 鈥淟ook in the mirror, bunny.鈥 He growls. You struggled to meet your reflections gaze, warmth immediately spreading across your cheeks at the sight of your husband's fingers quickly becoming covered in your arousal. Moans fell effortlessly from your lips as he gradually increased his pace. You cried out his name as he suddenly sinks his teeth into your neck. Your body jolts as his thumb grazes over your clit. 鈥淟ook how pretty my girl is, already so loud from just my fingers.
鈥淲-Will-鈥 You gasp out his name, struggling to keep your eyes on the mirror as you watched him relentlessly fucked into your soaked cunt. He whispers sweet praises in your ear in an attempt to keep your mind from getting too hazy.
鈥淵ou know, I never get tired of seeing my wedding ring disappear inside of you.鈥 He hums. You could faintly make out the glint of the gold band in the dim lighting of the bedroom. William felt your walls flutter around his fingers. 鈥淐um for me sweetheart.鈥 He speeds up his pace rubbing your clit, your orgasm crashing over you not long after. You screamed as white hot pleasure ripped through you, William taking your chin in his hand to force you to look in the mirror. Your legs shuddered, your hips desperately grinding against his drenched hand. 鈥淭hat鈥檚 it honey, good job.鈥 He praises you gently. 鈥淭hink you can give me a few more.鈥 He grins mischievously at you. A whine escaped your lips as he slowly began to pick up his pace again, your throbbing cunt already growing oversensitive from his touch. You squirmed, keening at his touch as he grazed your sensitive bundle of nerves. Your body jolted at the smallest stimulation, your husband very easily able to bring you to the brink of your second orgasm. He chuckled slightly as you pushed yourself further down onto his fingers.
鈥淔uck.鈥 You groan, your climax just out of reach.
鈥淛ust relax honey, let me take care of my pretty little wife.鈥 He says as he nips at your neck, causing you to yelp. He caresses your jaw, guiding your eyes to meet his in the mirror. He traces a finger down your throat before wrapping his hand around your neck. 鈥淲ho do you belong to honey?鈥 You feel the smirk spread across his lips as they press to the corner of your mouth.
鈥淢y husband.鈥 You suppress a grin as you pull your bottom lip between your teeth. You hear a growl rise in his throat, hearing you call him your husband always did something to him. You scream as his fingers begin to fuck into you at a relentless place.
鈥淪uch a sweet little wife I have, look at how well you鈥檙e taking my fingers baby. Fuck, I love you so much.鈥 You feel him start to rut his hips into you, his hard member pressing into the curve of your ass. He somehow managed to understand you begging to cum through the sobs that cracked free from your throat. The light pressure he was putting on your throat was making you delightfully lightheaded. You watched as his fingers slid in and out of your soaked core. Your body went rigid as he thrusted perfectly into a spot inside you that turned your vision white.
鈥淪hit, that鈥檚 it, right there.鈥 You gasp out. He places hot open mouthed kisses to your jaw. After a few more pumps of his fingers you screamed out his name, begging him to keep fucking you as you rode out your second orgasm. Your husband curses under his breath, you feel him struggling to pull off his pants. His hands wrap around your waist, moving you to sit on his stomach, guiding your hand to wrap around his cock. He hissed as you gave him a few tentative pumps. You moan as his fingers slip back inside of you, his rhythm matching your strokes.
鈥淔aster.鈥 He groans out a command, both of your rhythms increasing. You whined, resting a hand on his thigh as you struggled to stay upright. His hips stuttered as he tried to resist fucking into your fist. Your legs trembled as you fought against your impending orgasm, wanting to finish at the same time as him. You felt his cock twitch in your palm.
鈥淚鈥檓 gonna cum.鈥 You moan, rolling your hips against his hand.
鈥淔inish for me sweetheart.鈥 He holds on tightly to your hip with one hand, keeping you in place as the other pounded into you. You hear his breathy moans and strangled gasps as his own climax begins to creep up on him. He growls out your name as hot ropes of cum shoot from his aching member and splatter on his stomach, You collapse onto the mattress, his hold on you the only thing keeping your hips in the air as he forced one more orgasm out of you. You sobbed into the sheets, hot tears trailing down your cheeks as the intense pleasure became almost painful, your gummy walls clenching around his fingers as your whole body shook. Your body slumped as you came down from your high, William gently eased his fingers out of you and laid you down. He pulls you into his arms, his chest heaving against your back as you both try to catch your breath. He carefully tilts your chin up, kissing you softly as he holds you close.
鈥淚 love you Mr. Afton.鈥 You smile sleepily, your eyelids already feeling heavy as you sink into the mattress. He chuckles at your fucked out state. He helps you out of his shirt before fully stripping down himself. He pulls your back to him, placing a kiss to your shoulder.
鈥淚 love you Mrs. Afton.鈥 You laid in silence, the two of you just enjoying the quiet intimacy. It wasn鈥檛 long until you drifted off into a dreamless sleep wrapped up in your husband鈥檚 embrace.
Thank you so much for reading! If you'd like to be added to my tag list drop a comment below! Likes, reblogs, and comments are always appreciated!
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gh0stsp1d3r 7 months
How about stu with a reader whos a bit more shy and gets easily flustered by for example pda and stuff STU WOULD HAVE A FIELDDAY WITH THEM hed absolutely love it馃槶
OMGG I love this
Tumblr media
鈥淪tu. Fucking. Macher.鈥 You said, your cheeks getting hot and your eyes flickering to him as you spoke his name through gritted teeth.
A grin broke out on his face, he loved to get under your skin and he loved to get you flustered in public.
His hand was around your waist, he was planting sloppy kisses on your neck.
Your hands reached the back of your neck, trying to stop his attack. You rolled your eyes, and turned to him when he didn鈥檛 stop.
鈥淪tu!鈥 You mumbled, seeing some people giving odd looks at you both. He put an arm around you with a smirk, not caring about anyone giving you both odd looks.
You fell into his chest, huffing and sighing. You buried your head further into his chest to avoid the stares.
You both were standing in a long line, a line that Stu practically had to beg to wait in.
And this happened every time you both went somewhere, a hand always on your waist, his lips somewhere on you.
He would do anything to see you get flustered, he loved how you practically melted into him, always trying to hide from everyone else around you.
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theghostinyourwalls 8 months
Tumblr media
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springhrtrap 9 months
lillard!william x reader (1/?)
Tumblr media
WARNINGS (pet names, murder, implied kidnapping, noncon, blood, knifeplay, restraints, william being creepy. the good stuff)
edit: chapter 2 is up at my ao3! (link is pinned on my profile)
You inhaled sharply as the cool steel of the blade made contact with your skin, your eyes closed tightly as you jerked your head to the side, bracing for what would come next. A cut, a slash, anything he could do to harm you. You were shaking, holding your breath to remain as still as possible. William tutted, slowly dragging the blade to your chin. He was applying slight pressure, not enough to draw blood, but enough for you to take it as a threat. A whimper escaped your lips. You silently cursed yourself.
"Don't be afraid, darling." William said softly, stepping closer to you. With his knife, he guided your head to face him, taking in the beautiful sight of you. Your cheeks and lips were flushed a deep red, the tears pricking the corners of your eyes glistened in the dim light as your face twitched in fear. You refused to open your eyes, clenching them shut so hard to the point of a headache. Taking in a deep, albeit shaky breath through your nose, you could find your voice for only a moment.聽
"Please, don't." You pleaded, barely audible. Your throat cracked from the dryness and you winced in pain, swallowing hard. You weren't even sure if he heard you, until you felt the blade press harder against your skin. Another whimper escaped, this time with a sob that made you shake.
"What makes you think you have any power right now? Any right to tell me what I can and can't do?" William hissed through gritted teeth, grabbing a fistful of your hair, promptly yanking your head to the side, facing away from him. He closed the gap between the two of you, tightening the grip on your hair. The knife dug dangerously into your skin, only a moment before drawing blood. After a moment, he let out a huff of air, steadying himself, trying to regain his composure. William removed the knife as he inhaled deeply, then exhaled a stream of cool air through pursed lips. You regained the strength to open your eyes, if not only for a brief moment.聽
You could do nothing but watch in horror as William's eyes glanced up and down your body. He hummed softly before his eyes met yours. With a sharp exhale through his nose, similar to a laugh, he smiled. Almost instantly, you closed your eyes as tight as possible and grimaced, squirming beneath his grip with a shudder. The pit in your stomach grew larger, your heart pounding even faster. Your entire body felt hot with shame, anxiety pooling in your chest, making it even more difficult to breathe. Your hands behind your back wriggled against the restraints desperately, and, to no avail, didn't budge. To that, he let out a real huff of laughter.
"My, my." William let out a sigh before moving even closer to you, hunching over to get up close to your ear. "What am I going to do with you, bunny?" He whispered as he angled his head, his scratched voice dropping dangerously low. He let out a shuddering breath, almost animalistic. William inched closer to your head, his hand now caressing your hair, loosening the previous firm grip he had. The pain in your scalp began to dull, although you could swear you could still feel the imprint of his fingernails digging into your skin. His hot breath bounced off your skin, warming you for only a moment. It wasn't long before his calloused fingers slowly made their way toward your neck, gently caressing your soft skin. "You look so beautiful for me."
'For me', you thought. A sob escaped you, hot tears streaming down your cheeks. The thought of him owning you, you being his new little play-thing made you sick. His hand moved to cup your jaw, gently placing his thumb on your cheek, delicately wiping away a tear. "So beautiful." He hummed to himself.聽
William remained there for a moment, lost in thought. It truly was a beautiful sight to him. He reveled in the thought of your powerlessness, of the desperation you must feel, of how you'd do anything to stay alive. His life was in your hands, and that was the beauty of it all. He could take away everything in an instant. Oh, how he would love to kill you, though. Push his knife into your chest, look down at you with a sickening grin. He would force it deeper inside you, inch by inch, watching in delight as fresh blood would pool on the ground, as you would gasp and thrash violently underneath him, fighting desperately to stay alive. You would scream for help, throat bleeding from the harsh yelps. He would twist the knife, pushing it all the way to the hilt before removing it completely. Blood would seep from the fatal wound, soaking your clothes. The last thing you鈥檇 see would be William Afton, bloodied knife in hand with a wicked grin. Life would leave your eyes. The corners of his mouth twisted into a smile at the thought, arousal pooling in his stomach. But what fun would that be now? No, he liked to play with his food. Let them think they have a chance. Push them to the edge, see how desperate they can get. Now that was fun.聽
William shook his head slightly, forcing himself to the present. He looked down at the knife in his hand, and with a grin, pressed the knife against the skin above your collarbone. "You'll be a good girl, won't you?" It wasn't a question as much as it was a command. You inhaled sharply again, not daring to move an inch. You didn't know what to do, what to say. You simply nodded with a whimper, hoping that it would make him ease up on you, somehow. He was grinning at the state of you. Scared, desperate, begging. He wondered if you'd given up, yet.聽
Without warning, he slid the knife against your collarbone, the blade gliding effortlessly, breaking the surface layer of skin, almost instantly drenching the steel with a layer of blood. "Oh my god-" Your voice shook, eyes widening as you watched your own blood seep from the cut. Barely being able to process what had happened, you began to jerk around, desperately trying to break free from your restraints. "Fucking- HELP!" You yelled, whimpering between shuddering breaths, fighting desperately against your restraints. Your breathing was erratic, with every huff of air your voice broke with whimpers and sobs, your heart racing, head pounding You couldn't help but watch, struck in place with fear as your own blood dripped slowly down your chest, soaking your clothes. It hurt, your skin stinging and pulsing from the wound. You鈥檝e never seen yourself bleed this much before.聽
sorry for the abrupt ending, if you guys would like to see more let me know!! im very shy when it comes to uploading my writing 馃槶 this is something i just wrote on a whim... he is in my head i cant get him out 馃挃
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Cat // Mouse
Reader x Steve Raglan (William Afton)
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: You get a job working for an old man you want to fuck. Are you misreading things? Where did that vibrator come from?
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Is this considered a slow burn? It felt slow to write. It's supposed to be like will they? Won't they? But it's... Well yeah. Look at this gif??????? My PUSSSY????????
WORD COUNT: so many.
Tumblr media
Daddy issues. At least, that's what they call it. That's what your ex screamed at you about before he left you in a state thousands of miles from the one you were raised in. He said it was because you made him feel immature; less than. But maybe he was. All he ever wanted to do was drink and play video games, you craved more.
After he left, you realized you'd have to get a better paying job to cover the portion of rent your ex was paying. You take a day to really let it settle in. You cry and drink an entire bottle of wine while watching Dirty Dancing, and then you schedule a meeting with a local career counselor.
You sigh as you hang up the phone. It's embarrassing to need a temp agency's help finding employment, but you're new to this area. You don't know anyone and you're barely sure where to start.
Your alarm blares throughout your room, startling you awake. You barely remember falling asleep at all, and somehow, it feels like you couldn't have possibly slept enough. You're sluggish and groggy, but you still find the energy to get ready for your interview. You're hoping a little extra effort will get you further in a small town like this, so you spend a little more time on your makeup before heading out of the house.
The drive across town to the agency is quick and easy. You pull into the parking lot and emerge from your car, shielding your eyes from the sun to read the rickety sign that's hanging on for dear life outside the building. You huff, unsure if this was the best place to go looking for higher-paying work. When you step inside the door, a petite old lady greets you with a smile. She points to an office down the hall and tells you to knock.
*Knock, knock, knock.*
You push the unlatched door open slightly and a warm voice invites you in.
"Come in, have a seat." The man instructs. You scan over his office. It's dated, and decorated with styles reminiscent of corporate America in the 80's. You read the name tag on his desk, Steve Raglan. You take a seat in one of the muted yellow chairs opposite Steve and await his introduction.
"Steve," he extends an arm over the desk and you shake his hand, telling him your name.
"Thanks for having me, Mr. Raglan. I'm new to town, well, new to the entire coast, really."
"Wow, a little far from home, aren't we?" Steve chuckles kindly, smiling with a tightly closed mouth, spreading his mustache across his lip.
"You have no idea," you laugh exhaustedly and Steve tilts his head as if he's pondering something, but he doesn't mention it. "Anyways, here's my resume. It's not much, but uh..." You hand him a folder with your work history document professionally stored inside. Steve happily takes the folder and begins to read through your papers.
Your resume is impressive. You're well educated with a strong work streak. Your work ethic stands out to him. He's reading through your accomplishments aloud, commending each one. You're unsure why, but his praise fills you with a very specific need. You crave more and something in you tells you that you'd do almost anything to get it.
"A course in robotic engineering?" Steve's voice sounds surprised. He looks up at you with raised eyebrows. A grin spreads across his bearded face. "Huh."
"Yeah, I actually took a few courses. I never did anything with it though."
"Do you remember a lot from those classes?" He sets the closed folder to the side and casually places other papers on top of it, distracting you enough to keep you from asking for it back.
"Oh, sure. Mostly coding, I guess." You shrug.
"Coding." He repeats to himself, nodding knowingly. He can think of a million places in this town that could use a smart, pretty little thing like you. A strained silence grows for just a moment before he speaks again. "Well, Y/N. I think I have an offer for you, but it's not much of a pay raise like you'd hoped."
"What is it?" You ask, hoping for at least a dollar difference.
"Did you see Mrs. Penneman out there?" Steve points in the direction of the kind old woman who greeted you.
"Mrs. Penneman?"
"She's at the front desk. She's retiring in exactly one week. That position will be open." He goes on to talk about the ways you could incorporate what you learned in your engineering classes as they switch from mostly paper to computers after Y2K.
"What's the pay like?" You ask, already knowing you plan to agree the second he stops talking.
"Not great, but!" He pauses for a moment. "Plenty of opportunities for overtime." Steve's not an idiot. He saw how looked when he was praising you. The way the red in your cheeks was flaming hot at the mere mention of you doing a good job. He knows what he's doing to you, and he loves it.
"Of course. Switching the entire employee records from paper to digital isn't an easy feat. It's going to take a lot of time you may not have during the work day. Does this suit you or should I keep looking?"
"Oh, uh," you hesitate. Steve stifles a grin as he watches your inner battle decide between being around him or possibly making more money. "Yes, that's perfect. Thank you, sir."
"Excellent. You start Monday." Steve ends the conversation abruptly. A jarring switch from friendly and conversational to busy and indifferent. It triggered something in you. A desperate need to get that warmth back.
"Right, okay. I'll... See you Monday." You leave the office, yearning. And Steve is well aware. He sits alone in his office, staring forward as he makes plans for you. He folds his hands together and rests his chin on them as he imagines the way he'll pick you apart like a toy. You're already so desperate for his approval, you've done the hard part for him.
Monday rolls around and you, of course, wake up a little early to get ready. Of course, you don't want to come off as desperate, so you're very tactful in the way you dress and present today, your first day. You've all but forgotten your ex was ever here, let alone the fact that you moved all the way to Hurricane, Utah for him.
Nervous, but good at hiding it, you walk into the building with a beaming false confidence. You're trying to remind yourself that while Steve is attractive and older and something mysterious about him draws you in, you're still here to work and you really can't let rent slip because homelessness is not an option when you're this far from your home state.
You brace yourself for what you assume will be an extremely long day, and you hope it is. Not only for the money but the view as well. When you walk up to the desk, Mrs. Penneman is nowhere to be found. All her belongings are missing from the desk, leaving a generic canvas of an office. You glance down the hall to Steve's open office door.
"Mr. Raglan?" You knock lightly on the door, stepping inside slowly so as not to intrude. He's not there. The entire building seems eerily empty. Just as you turn to leave his office, you run flat into a broad, solid figure. Steve. You stumble before finally falling backward. You sit on the floor for a moment, red-faced, but keeping your composure to the best of your ability.
"Someone's punctual." Steve extends a hand to you, helping you up to your feet.
"I'm so sorry, Mr. Raglan. I couldn't find-"
"Mrs. Penneman decided an early retirement was in store. I'll be training you, if that's alright." Steve smirks, knowing he relieved his previous secretary of her duties early specifically to have this time working so closely with you. He dressed it up as a gift to her.
"Oh, okay. Of course. Where should I start?" You smile, awaiting instruction. You cling to every word he says, the guidance, the leadership. The way his dimples deepen when he smiles in the slightest. You become dependent on making him smile simply for this reason.
Steve sets you up for data entry and asks that you let him come check your work every so often to make sure things "meet his standards." You've never been more determined to do something perfectly in your life. With unbreakable focus, you start the first few tasks. You're mindful, double-checking, efficient, and fast.
"Mr, Raglan?" You appear like an angel in his doorway. He looks up from his papers and waits for you to continue. "I finished the first portion. Could you come check it for me?"
Steve smiles warmly as he stands to follow you to your desk. The warmth of his gaze melts you from your head to your pussy.
"This looks great, Y/N. Good job." He adds the last bit just to see the way your eyes shift and sparkle when he compliments you. He leaves you to do the rest of your work in peace, but he lingers a little longer in the hallway, watching you for a moment, carefully hidden from your view.
You pick up on the data entry rather quickly and finish the very last employee record by the end of your first week. When Steve comes to finalize the task, he grabs a chair and slides it next to yours so you can both look at the screen together. You're poised and collected by now, the initial lust seeming to die down after a week of seeing him every day. Though his words of approval still cause a knot to form in your stomach.
Steve picks up on your dwindling excitement and decides this is war. As the two of you sit next to each other, he carelessly allows his legs to take up more and more space. Normally a man's obliviousness in a situation like this would boil your blood, but when his thigh grazes yours so softly, you freeze. His touch lingers and he looks at you with half-lidded eyes. His face is dangerously close to yours. He leans in even closer, boldly placing his lips mere inches from your ear.
"You're a very impressive young woman. You know that?" His warm breath brushes against your ear, inviting a million little goosebumps across your skin. It takes everything in him not to chuckle at your visceral reaction. You're frozen, staring straight ahead, basking in the closeness to this man you desire so badly. A few moments pass and a light chuckle leaves his lips. Still ever so close, he speaks again. "Aren't you going to say anything?"
"S-sorry! Thank you, Mr. Raglan. Sorry," you nervously laugh, wishing so badly you could go back in time and rip the sticker off your forehead that says "Fuck me, Mr. Raglan."
"Don't mention it." He suddenly withdraws from your personal space, leaving you clinging to the dwindling body heat he's left behind. His tall figure towers over you, especially so when you're sat. He's gone just as quickly as he arrived and you can't help but feel perplexed. Was he not just coming on to you? Did you project all of that onto a perfectly normal interaction? He warps your reality without even touching you.
"What the fuck?" You question aloud to yourself. Your heart is racing. Your mind is constantly replaying the moment. His voice, his words, all of it.
The next day, it starts as any other. You're replaying the day before over and over again, just as you did when you shamelessly touched yourself last night. The sound of his voice so close to your ear, the way his leg brushed against yours. Just thinking about it feels like butterflies in your stomach.
"Good morning, Y/N." Steve walks right past you. You try to return the greeting, but you're cut off by the sound of his office door closing. He's frustrated, but you're not sure why. Disappointed, but not really the probing type, you decide to just get to work. Today was supposed to be the day he trained you for a "side project" utilizing your coding skills, but you're hesitant to ask about it while he's so visibly upset.
The day continues as usual, though it does seem to drag on a little longer for you when you don't get to stare at Steve. You're straightening up the waiting area, bent at the waist to fan out the magazines. When you stand, there's suddenly a tall figure behind you. Steve is pressing the entire front of his body directly against you. You involuntarily release a small gasp when you feel what you're sure is his half-hard cock pressed against your ass. Steve takes only a second to inhale your scent and feel himself pressed against you before he whispers in your ear once again.
"You're my secretary, not my maid." He steps away and you frown, still facing away from him.
"I'm sorry, sir. I've run out of things to do." You shrug and you turn.
"Out of things to do? Already?" He raises his eyebrows.
"Yes, sir." Your formality is adorable to him. And something about you calling him "sir" makes him hard just hearing it.
"Well," Steve steps closer to you now that you're facing him. He's so tall, towering over you, craning his neck to keep his eyes locked on yours. "You're such a good girl," there it is. His words make you shudder. There's no way he's fucking with you right now, right? Wrong. He once again creates a gap between the two of you.
"Good kid with a good head on your shoulders. Try not to overthink it." He smirks at your beet-red face and swiftly disappears to his office. You're becoming frustrated. It's as if by the time he walks away, you're so enthralled that you can't remember whether or not your degenerate, horny brain over-dramatized the memory. Angry and even a little embarrassed, you make your way back to your desk.
Steve sits in his office carefully listening to the sounds of your frustration. He loves the way you'd fall to your knees for him right now if he asked, but he likes fucking with you more. He hears you sigh away the sexual tension and he grins. Having this much power over someone like you. You're so smart and beautiful, what are you doing melting in his hands like that? His strong hand finds the growing bulge in his slacks, hoping to relieve any of the pressure he's been building up for the both of you.
He closes his eyes and inhales deeply through his teeth still palming himself, picturing you bound and gagged in front of him. Maybe that's why he's so insistent on teasing you instead of fucking you on his desk like he knows you dream about. Maybe he wants the chase, the restraint. You're too easy, he wants you to be scared.
At the end of the day, you decide to say "fuck it" and see what he'll do if you match his energy. He's grabbing his things to leave when you slip into his office and close the door behind you. You're shaking-nervous, your heart is pumping at an inhuman rate. You have no idea what your plan is until it happens.
"Mr. Raglan, can I ask you a question?" You make your way across the room, passing the boundary of the front of his desk, standing with him behind it. Steve tilts his head in a bemused expression.
"Y/N, feeling a little comfortable, are we?" His sarcastic question leaves you a little more unsure of yourself, and you take a step back. "Ask away." Steve smiles innocently.
"Forgive me if I'm wrong, but..." You're shocked at how steady your voice is as you fall into this sultry character you've created for yourself. It's never failed you before. "I feel like there's something you're trying to tell me. It's not very subtle." You lean against the desk casually. "Am I wrong?"
"Oh, wow," Steve can't help but grin, but he quickly replaces it with a smug, sarcastic expression. "You must be the queen of subtly, right?" His snarky words catch you off guard. "No, dear. Sorry about any miscommunications on my part. See you tomorrow, Y/N."
Steve steps around you and walks out the door without another word. You're stunned silent and extremely embarrassed. You consider leaving a resignation letter on your desk and never coming back. Furious, you slam the door to your car and drive home. By the time you get to your driveway, you've calmed down and accepted that everything you thought he was doing was just your imagination.
You're still angry, unable to fully accept that you'd be that delusional, but who really knows? From then on, you put away your fantasies and focus on work and getting money set aside for rent. The next few days continue like normal, with no more "misunderstandings" or advances. Until... Steve reaches for a binder off a shelf behind your desk. As he slides in behind you where you stand, right behind your pushed-in computer chair, and reaches his long arm up to the shelf, his other arm searches for a surface to brace on. That surface is your pencil skirt-clad waist.
You gasp quietly, but you don't allow yourself to react any further. Steve has the binder in his hand, but he doesn't remove the other from your waist. He lingers, staring at the back of your head trying to read whatever emotion must be displayed on the other side. You're rigid, like you usually are when he pushes these boundaries, but he also senses your frustration and boredom. He can't help but chuckle as he steps away.
"Thank you, Y/N," he says, waving the binder as he walks away to his office. Did he even need the binder? No, probably not. You huff at your seat, officially deeming him untouchable. You decide he must just be a weird old man that doesn't understand personal space and you can accept that now that he's no longer the object of your desire.
This is what he wanted. Your indifference. It's all part of his plan. As the days continue and your attraction settles to dust, he waits for you to make a mistake, any mistake. To his surprise and perhaps even dismay, you're nearly perfect. Then finally, you accidentally double-book a client meeting that leaves someone jobless with no way to reschedule. You're horrified and apologizing left and right to the man who is more than understanding, making you feel worse.
The man finally leaves, with no job, and no meeting. You sit at your desk and mentally scold yourself for being so careless. The stress of the approaching deadline of your rent seems to be taking a larger toll on you than you realized. Steve's client meeting ends and he sends the temp on his way with high hopes. You wish him a good day and try to focus on your computer.
"Y/N, can I see you in my office?" Steve appears from nowhere in front of your desk. He moves so silently when he means to, it's unsettling. You shamefully look up from your work and nod, following him to his office. You both sit in the appropriate seats and he releases a sigh.
"I'm disappointed in you, Y/N." His opening statement crushes you. "That was a huge fuck up, was it not?" His voice is stern and the use of cursing lets you know this is not a formal scolding. You're in trouble.
"I-I know, but it's the first one I've ever made since I started, sir."
"So that means I should just forget about it, right?" He leans back in his chair, folding his hands in front of him. "A man can't feed his family because he doesn't know when he'll have a ride back here."
"I know, sir. I'm... I'm sorry." You sigh, eaten alive with guilt. "He was very kind."
"Did you deserve it?" He's angry.
"No." You look away from him.
"What was that?" He tilts his head, eyebrows still arched. You glance at him, confused for a moment.
"No... Sir." You add.
"I think you're getting too comfortable here, Y/N. 'It's not very subtle.'" he quotes you and your face ignites with blush.
"O-Of course, sir. I'm so embarrassed. I'm sorry."
"Well, don't be embarrassed. Do better." You nod and begin to stand to leave when he leans forward with a softer expression. "Coffee?"
"What?" You don't even mean to ask him to repeat himself, it was just such a jarring switch in tone.
"Coffee. I just made it." Steve stands and crosses the room to a little black coffee maker in his office that you'd never noticed before.
"Uh, sure." You accept, hoping the caffeine will give you some sort of drive to improve your current work performance. Steve pours you both a cup and passes one to you. They're the same cup, but his looks comically small in his large, nimble hands. You take a few sips of the hot, dark liquid and begin to feel light-headed.
Everything around you seems to melt away. You've completely disregarded where you are or why you might feel this way. You try to stand and you drop the still-full cup on the office floor. Steve watches it all leaning against the table across the room. He nonchalantly sips his coffee as he waits for you to collapse. Just as he planned, the minute you get to your feet, your knees buckle beneath you. You're out before you hit the floor.
"Look at this. Look how little you think of yourself the second you hear how disappointed I am." Steve chuckles as he lifts your unconscious body. You're bound and gagged in the back seat of his '79 Ford Fairmont as he makes his way to an undisclosed location. Yeah, that one.
You wake up with a deep, sharp gasp as if you'd been holding your breath the entire time. Your head is spinning and your vision is blurry as you try to scan your surroundings. It's a dank grey room littered with failed attempts at his "side project" he'd mentioned to you weeks ago. Crumpled endo-skeletons and half-built robot heads cover each corner while wires and bolts cover the rest. Your heart begins to race and you try to rise from the cold, metal table you reside on, only to find that your wrists and ankles are strapped in place with thick leather binds.
"What the fuck?" You mumble to yourself as you continue to try to wake up. "Hello?! Help! Help me, please!" You scream and thrash on the slab.
"They all say that, you know? They always scream for help as if anyone's coming." Steve slowly enters the door. His tie is loose along with a few buttons, and his sleeves are haphazardly shoved halfway up his arms. His normally carefully combed hair is disheveled and damp with sweat as if he'd been hard at work before entering this room.
"'They?'" You tremble, rattling the metal.
"Of course, you're the first for this type of venture, I guess. Normally I just skip to killing," he chuckles, removing his tie. You're in a state of shock, sheer disbelief. Hearing that last word sends you into hysterics.
"Please don't kill me, sir. I- I won't fuck up again, I promise. Please-"
"Shut. Up." Steve's stern voice cuts directly through your pleas. "I haven't decided yet."
Tears flow steadily down the sides of your face as he begins to grope you. His rough hands explore every inch of you. His calculated hands knowingly leave bruises on your tender skin.
"Please..." You whisper with your eyes tightly shut, afraid of every movement he makes.
"Sweetheart, if this part scares you, I'm not sure you're gonna survive what comes next." He's only inches from your ear as he whispers. Your body shudders with terrified sobs. The cries only get louder when you feel Steve cutting off your clothes. You're too afraid to fight him off, unsure of whether any injuries you may acquire would be accidental or not.
"Why are you doing this? I-I literally came on to you!" You try to find reason in his actions, mostly to distract yourself from the fact that you're completely exposed, the remnants of your clothes a tattered mess beneath you.
"Where's the fun..." he drags the tip of his knife softly from your ankle to your navel as he steps closer to your blushing face. "In that?" He continues, positioning the weapon to stab through your abdomen, should he press down with any effort at all. Goosebumps erupt over your skin. "Now, are you going to shut your fucking mouth or do I need to shut it for you?" He places a gentle hand on your cheek. You nod frantically, looking into his eyes. They look so calm.
You hate to admit it, but the way he touches you seems to attempt to dig up that insatiable attraction you felt for him not long ago. Your fantasies never ventured to this genre, but you used to dream of him making you orgasm. You're torn from that memory when you remember his admittance to murder and how you know that means you probably won't make it out of this room.
Steve places the knife to the side and slowly slips his middle finger inside you. You gasp, and he plunges away, growing rougher with each stride. He curls his knuckles and watches your face closely as your crying eyes roll back into your skull. You yank against your restraints, trying to squirm away from him, but he's ruthless.
"You're so... Peculiar, Y/N." He removes his fingers from you and cleans them of your undeniable arousal with a pocket handkerchief. "I almost caved when you confronted me in my office. So bold. It's been a riot just picking at you." Steve reaches a hand into a desk in this mysterious room and retrieves an unknown device. You gasp as he slips the small, cold object inside you.
"What are you-" your question is swiftly silenced by the small remote in Steve's hand activating a powerful vibration from the item in your pussy. His free hand rubs rhythmically up and down your clit, stimulating you further. Steve stares down at you as you melt away into pleasure, ashamed and silently begging for more. He's laughing at you, hovering his head over yours as you anxiously avoid eye contact.
"Look at me," he demands, but you can't. You shut your eyes. He releases a breathy chuckle and raises the intensity of the vibrating gadget. "Don't start enjoying yourself or I might have to really scare you." You don't want to know what that entails, so you force yourself to look into his soulless blue eyes. The eye contact deepens the red shade that washes over your cheeks and Steve shakes his head, laughing at you again.
"Why are you so embarrassed now? Would you still be this shy if I'd bent you over my desk like you wanted? You're so much tighter when you're scared." Steve abruptly removes the vibrating toy from between your legs. You whimper pathetically in the absence of stimulation. He leaves the room and returns with yet another machine. This one's larger, a box.
He places the box down between your legs, as close to your throbbing entrance as he can get it. The side of the box facing you is adorned with a hole housing a phallic shape made of soft, silicone material. Your heart is bound to give out at this pace. The box itself covers a mass of gears and wires, a motor to power the rod in and out of its destination. You.
"We'll start it out slowly for you, how's that?" Steve presses a button and the machine pushes into you, slipping in easily as your body clearly craves it. You whine and cry out in pain as the machine stretches you out, slowly boring in and out of you. "If this thing's too big for you, what makes you think you could've taken me?" He laughs as he leans against the desk and watches the mechanism fuck you out. Every so often, he increases the speed.
Finally, it's maxed out. You're squirming and wailing in overstimulated pleasure and pain.
"Please! Please, I can't take it- I can't-" your begs are ignored. Steve places a rough hand around your neck, carelessly cutting off your oxygen and blood flow while his other hand delicately flicks your clit. That's it, that sends you over the limit. You climax harder than you ever thought possible, drenching the machine that's still fucking into you as your body quivers. Steve allows you to breathe again and takes his sweet time powering down the penetration machine.
You're shaking. Your tear-stained face is frozen in a look of exhaustion. The last thing you're able to do is move or speak. Your breathing is a plethora of hitched coughs and gasps and you flinch at even the possibility of being touched again at all.
"I think you might be ready now." He unfastens your bindings and takes a step back to observe. You don't move at all, not a single muscle. The truth is, you can't, even if you wanted to. Steve smirks, pressing a foot-lever under the table that lowers you right down to his waist. Two powerful hands hook under your legs and pull you so your beaten hole is perfectly accessible to him. You cry out as he moves you.
"I-I can't, Steve. I-" Your nearly inaudible mumbles are knocked from your mouth as he lands a hard open palm slap across your face.
"You're going to." He makes quick work of his belt and quickly aligns himself with your entrance. At one point all you wanted from him was this, but now you'd rather be anywhere else. Your cheek is ablaze, covered with a spreading stinging sensation. You're too distracted by the pain to notice Steve rearing back. He slams into you at full force, throwing his head back in ecstasy.
"Nooo!" You whine, unsure of how much more your body can truly take.
"Fuck!" He's almost primal when he's inside you, digging his fingertips into your flesh like he intends to take it off your body. "After all of that, you're still so fucking tight."
He reaches to your breasts and roughly gropes at the delicate skin. Your weak hand tries to tug at his wrist, but he simply flicks you away like a pest, continuing the assault. He slams into you, hoping to do more harm than anything, smiling at your sobbing face. Your makeup is a smeared mess and your hair is in disarray from the way you fought back on the table. You look pathetic to him and he loves it.
"You want to be filled up, don't you sweetheart?" He huffs, slowly approaching his climax. Your eyes open wide and a new wave of fear and adrenaline shoots through you, but you're still too weak to manage. Steve easily pins your wrists by your shoulders and thrusts deeper and deeper, hooking his hips to temporarily reach the very limit of your cunt.
"Please don't! Mr. Raglan, please!" You beg between gasping sobs as you listen to his labored breaths become unsteady. His agonizing thrusts lose their rhythm and suddenly you can feel his thick erection twitching inside you, brushing your G spot and carrying you over the edge again as well. You didn't even think that would be possible at this point.
You and Steve ride out your highs. He continues to pump into you making a heinous sound as he fucks his cum deeper inside you. To his surprise, he remains hard, so he continues to rut into your destroyed pussy until his legs threaten to give out. Steve finishes inside you a second time, laughing as he watches your horrified face realize how full of him you are. He's taking his time pulling out of you, playing with your cum soaked clit until you finally pass out from exhaustion.
Steve releases a breathy laugh as he fastens his belt and collapses in a chair nearby. You're lying there, naked and dripping cum from your swollen, demolished pussy. He can't get enough of this view. His original plan was to just get rid of you when he was done here, why not? But this is too much fun for him. Maybe he needs a new pet.
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kloi 6 months
Tumblr media
i was possessed to draw this
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whoreofdilfs 1 year
I'd pay huge amounts of money for Skeet Ulrich and Matthew Lillard to spit in my mouth
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ahsxual 4 months
Could we maybe have a smut with doug like maybe he billys the reader but decides to fuck her and leave her alone after
Dark Fear & Pleasure
Pairing: Doug Van Housen x Fem!Reader
Warnings: MINORS DNI +18!!, rough sex, extremely mean Doug, fear play, pain kink, reader gets bullied, CNC, cumming inside w/o permission, heavy degradation/humiliation, name-calling (verbal abuse), mentions of stalking, cursing, mean!Dom!Doug x sub!Fem!Reader, possessive!Doug, spanking, dacryphilia, fingering, p in v (w/o protection)
Genre:(Heavy) Smut
Word Count: 2,2k
A/N: This is definitely the darkest and nastiest fic I've ever written... I was absolutely drooling over this request!! Doug turns me on sm and that's so alarming, but Idc. Please, be aware that this fic contains extremely heavy themes! Anyway, I hope I wrote Doug right and that you guys enjoy this 馃き馃槇 tagging: @aliceblxck @twelvelevens @unidentifiablesubject <3
Tumblr media
"Leave me alone, you freak!" you couldn't take it anymore. You'd had enough. Ever since Doug laid his eyes on you, he wouldn't stop stalking you and humiliating you in front of his group, reveling in the fear and vulnerability you showed towards him. It made him feel powerful, like he could control you like a small, fragile bunny whenever he wanted to or felt bored.
This time, he crossed all your limits, invading your house while your parents were away. And this time he came alone, not bringing his friends to join in his "fun" with you, as he call it. How could he know you were home alone? Why was he so obsessed with you to the point of knowing your routine and discovering that your parents were going to spend the weekend away, leaving you unsafe for any creep who wanted to assault you? And now there you were, trapped between a pair of a psychopath's arms against the wall of your bedroom, his face so close to yours that you could feel his hot breath on your cheek. His grin was filled with malice, like a venomous snake analyzing its prey, ready to strike at any moment.
"And what fun would that be? I like tormenting you way too much, little bunny. You're so easy to scare... It actually turns me on." then you felt a warm tongue lick your wet tears running from your chin, while he moaned at the taste of fear in them.
You felt disgusted once you felt him get hard against you, so you impulsively spit on his face. You immediately regretted your bold action the moment you saw his blue irises darken so much until you could no longer see its color anymore. You'd never seen him so furious, as his jaw clenched so hard so as not to fall into the temptation of killing you right there.
"That's enough! You need to learn some manners and not disrespect who's in charge of you, you pathetic bitch!" you then felt his strong hands throw you harshly onto your bed, making you groan in pain. You were simply relieved that he hadn't thrown you to the rigid floor.
"Please Doug, what do you want from me...!?" you were feeling desperate by now, your fresh tears blurring your vision from the man who was about to destroy you.
"What do I want from you?" he chuckled, clearly mocking you like he always did. "I wanna be the one who's responsible for corrupting that cunt of yours. I bet you're not as innocent as you look... I bet you're tighter and wetter than any girl I've fucked before. And I'm gonna turn you into my sex slave for whenever I feel my balls full and want to warm up my cock. Are you more clear about my intentions with you now, huh?" he grunted before he forcefully grabbed your hair, forcing you to look at him as you winced in pain.
"No Doug, please don't... anything but that!!" you would be lying if you said that his words didn't make your panties wet and empty pussy clench around nothing, but you would never admit it to the man who's been tormenting you for months.
"Do you really think you can make a decision here?" he laughed at you. "Unfortunately, neither mommy or daddy are going to be here to help their sweet daughter from getting fucked by someone who just wants to abuse her slutty cunt. What a shame..." he slapped you across the face, purposely causing your cheek to burn and sting in pain. "You're so pathetic... and it makes my cock so hard." he said confidently, with pure danger evident in his words, before licking the top of your sternum all the way up to your chin with his long tongue.
"Why are you doing this...?" it was barely a whisper, but Doug could hear you perfectly. You looked away from him while he was pinning your wrists, restraining you with the weight of his body, while his free hand gripped your breasts and nipples roughly. He was way stronger and intimating then he looked, and the thought of being at his mercy absolutely terrified you.
"If you're a good girl for me and don't fight much, maybe I'll have pity on you..." he laughed as he said those words, making you believe he was lying with every tooth he had in his mouth. "But on second thought, I'd actually like to see you fight back." was all he said, before turning you over and shoving your face into your pillow to prevent you from breathing properly as he unbuckled his belt.
"Nooo, Doug!!" You screamed and tried to push him off you as you begged for his mercy, but that only seemed to turn him on even more, since it was completely useless. In one abrupt movement, you felt him pull your shorts and panties off, as he stared at your glistening pussy.
"Holy fuck, look at this... You're enjoying this as much as I am, you freaky slut. I knew I could corrupt you... This cunt is my fucking property now, you understand me?" you felt a hard slap on your ass, leaving a red handprint from his big hand. It hurt like hell, yet you couldn't ignore the pleasure that ran through your spine until it reached your core.
He kept spanking you until your ass was all red and sore. Once he got bored of it, he decided to check one more time if his actions turned you on even more, soon realizing that his suspicions were absolutely correct.
"You're even wetter now, little bunny... you should be ashamed of yourself for enjoying this. You do realize now that I'm not gonna stop ruining this pussy whenever I want to, right?" you moaned as you felt two long fingers enter you without any care and fuck you hard as if it were his dick.
"Stop it Doug, please, it hurts! It's too much!!" you whimpered loudly, no longer able to distinguish pleasure from pain. You'd never been intimate with a guy with hands as big as Doug's, and it hurt so good.
"Good." was all he said before speeding up his pace. He grabbed your hair so you could breath, and when he pushed you back against your pillow, you came and screamed from the intensity of your orgasm.
"Look at that... after all the bitch likes me to humiliate and hurt her." he whispered with a clear smirk on his face, as he looked down at his cum-covered fingers, before grabbing you by the hair to make eye contact with you.
"Open. Now." not wanting to test him any further, you opened your mouth hesitantly as he shoved two fingers in forcefully, making you gag around them.
"You better suck my fingers clean or I swear I'll make you choke on them until you pass out, you slut." you did as he said, afraid to face the consequences of his promises. When you finished, he took his fingers out of your mouth and put them in his own while staring deeply into your eyes.
"Doug, please..." you no longer knew what you were pleading for: for him to let you go or for him fuck you like the wild animal he was. You began to feel your body, especially your pussy, craving his cock and touch, making you feel slightly dizzy from the adrenaline and pleasure coursing through your blood.
"It'll feel better if you want it too, trust me. You're wet enough not to hurt your pretty pussy too much, so don't worry. I'll be gentle with you." he promised with blatant lies and fake enthusiasm as he brushed the pieces of hair from your face that were sticky with sweat, before laughing and mocking your face.
He then pushed you down hard so that you were lying on your back, while he ripped off your top to expose your tits and erect nipples, leaving you completely naked and vulnerable for him and his hungry eyes.
"No bra, huh? You're making this so much easier for me, little bunny. Now... don't even think about fighting back, because I promise you it will hurt." you couldn't stop crying, yet you couldn't stop craving him either.
You'd probably just discovered a new kink of yours that was unknown to you until then, or you'd only noticed that moment how profoundly attractive you were to Doug, even though he bullied you and made fun of you almost every day. It was extremely bizarre, however your dynamic was something you felt very addicted to, like a sweet poison that you couldn't stop drinking no matter how deadly and poisonous it was.
He was still fully clothed, which made you feel even more humiliated about the whole situation you were in. But as soon as he pulled down his black pants and boxers... you wished you could still see him fully dressed and not come face to face with the monster he was hiding between his legs.
"Holy shit..." you cursed wide-eyed, praying that you could take him all without being ripped apart from the inside out. You saw his proud, wide grin reappear, making you realize that he enjoyed watching your fear and horror at taking him inside you way too much.
"Scared? I'll make it all fit no matter what, so you better be."
The moment he penetrated you, it was as if the entire world had collapsed on you. You felt like you'd been drugged, since you could no longer think or see straight. To your surprise, it didn't hurt like you thought it would, your wetness and lust for him causing your pussy to immediately adjust to his huge size. However, it did hurt when he started pounding into you, his long cock slamming into your cervix at a fast, rough pace. Your screams were mistaken for moans of real pleasure, making him groan too at the feeling of your tight, welcoming cunt. When he changed position to fuck you deeper, you grabbed the bit of skin of his back that wasn't covered and dug your nails in until he grunted in pain.
"Fuck, I've wanted to destroy this fucking pussy for so long..." he whispered to himself with his eyes closed, loud enough for you to hear him. His confession made you clench around him as you came on his cock, since he was hitting your g-stop over and over again.
"No no, you're gonna look into my fucking eyes as you cum and ask for my fucking permission!" he shouted at you with an angry face, before slapping you as reminder not to dare desobey him. He didn't stop until he made you cum a second time with his cock, this time doing as he told you, which deepened the intensity of your last orgasm of the night.
"That's it little bunny, that's how I like my girl... Obedient to her owner like a well behaved whore."
"P-please, don't cum inside me! I'm begging you, please!!" you implored him the moment you felt him reach his orgasm, but as you expected, he did exactly the opposite of what you wished for.
"Don't fucking tell me what to do! I'll cum wherever I want and you'll thank me for that, you ungrateful slut." these were his last words, before cumming deep inside you, his thick sperm coating your walls so deliciously.
When he pulled his cock out of you, still half hard, he stared at you with pride. You were looking like a mess: naked and covered in dark hickeys, your sweaty hair all messed up, your face covered in black mascara while your eyelids were half shut from exhaustion and your chest heaving rapidly from your deep breathing. When you felt some of your energy slowly being replenished, you covered your naked body with your arms and knees as you looked out of the window, while reliving what had just happened in your mind.
"Hey, you came three times with my fingers and my cock. Don't tell me you didn't enjoy it too. In fact, I did you a favor, so be grateful. I bet no other guy will fuck you this good." he said while buttoning his pants.
Before climbing out of your window, he stopped halfway and looked back at you, lying in a fetal position while you clutched your legs to your chest. He slowly approached you and knelt down to your level, watching you carefully before one of his hands tucked a piece of hair behind your ear.
"I promise I'll leave you alone from now on, my little bunny... But I can't promise I won't come back to taste that sweet pussy of yours again." he chuckled darkly, as you felt him kiss your forehead firmly, before getting up and leaving your bedroom through your window.
And just like that, he disappeared in the middle of the night, as if the devil himself had paid you a visit to remind you who you belong to.
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frost-queen 7 months
To his liking (Reader x Steve Raglan /W. Afton)
Forever tag:@missmelodramatic,聽@merlin-dahlia,聽@alex--awesome--22,聽@elllie-does-the-posts,聽@floatlosers,聽@merlieve,聽@queen-of-books,聽@glimmering-darling-dolly@denkisclown,聽@wildieflower,聽@meyocoko,聽@bubblybrianna,聽@justanothercoco@subjecta13-thefangirl,聽@m-rae23,聽@harleyquinnswifeyfrfr,聽@swampthing07,聽@melsunshine,聽@panhoeofmanyfandoms,聽@venomsvl,聽@the-uncoordinated-house-cat,聽@rosecentury, 聽@imagines-by-her,聽聽@evilcr0ne,聽@vviolynn
A/n: This is my first time doing something for this fandom. I hope it is any good as I didn't have much time for my regular request so I whipped something up. Summary: In need of a new job you find yourself at Steve Raglan's office hoping he would find a job for you. [part 2 & part 3 & part 4]
Tumblr media
Your knee trembled nervously. Sweaty palms rubbing against your legs. You had read the posters in the little waiting room numerous times. All silly adds with cheesy lines. Your gaze drifted to the left where an elderly lady was typing loudly in her computer. Her face hidden behind the big box of a screen. The smell of her coffee adding a new scent to the already muffy smelling room.
You seated yourself better, feeling that your bottom had been hurting from sitting on that darn wooden stool for what seemed ages. Four wooden stools lined up against the walls in order to wait. Beside the stool on your right was a small table with old magazines. At least dated from five years back. Looking back around you started to wonder why you were even her. Yet the answer was very clear.
This was your last chance. Your last chance at making a change. Rubbing your sweaty palms over your legs again, you let yourself slouch down in the chair. Just a few more minutes and you might call it off. Simply get up and walk out as you weren鈥檛 getting anywhere. Waiting for ages. Waiting for that wooden door to finally open and allow you to meet your future.
The clock ticking almost tauntingly by the minute. It was agonizing to wait this long. It was almost as if they were testing your duration. See how long you would stand with it before throwing in the towel. Sighing again you moved your bottom to the back of the stool, leaning forwards. Palms in your hair. The lady behind her desk kept typing loudly without a care or notice of you.
This was it. You had enough. Leg shaking nervously. You jumped up with a deep breath. At the same time you got up, opened the wooden door. No one standing in the door opening. It made you stare at the door wondering if anyone else before you would head out.
A slim figure wearing glasses opened the door more standing in the opening. 鈥 鈥淵/n Y/l/n just who I was expecting.鈥 鈥 he said moving a bit back to create an opening. Somehow you kept staring at him. He chuckled waving you over. 鈥 鈥淐ome, come don鈥檛 be shy. I don鈥檛 bite.鈥 鈥 he teased with half a smirk.
Walking up to him you saw the lady behind the compute follow your movement with her head. Her expression dull and neutral. Pausing briefly in the door opening you looked up to the man. He smiled invitingly at you. With one soft breath you entered more as the door got shut behind you. 鈥 鈥淧lease, sit.鈥 鈥 he offered gesturing at another one of those uncomfy chairs. You sat down looking around his office. He walked behind you across towards the coffeemaker. You kept your gaze in front of you, pressing your hands between your legs.
A name clip standing on his desk. Raglan it read. Steve Raglan. 鈥 鈥淐offee?鈥 鈥 you heard him call out. Humming loud you snapped out of your little thought bubble. 鈥 鈥淥h uhm no thank you.鈥 鈥 you answered moving your hands away. Raglan went to his desk, sitting down across from you. He set his coffee mug aside. He leaned a bit back taking a file from his desk. He opened it leaning fully back.
Taking a deep breath, he rubbed his finger over his beard and mouth. You kept a close eye on his expression. His seriousness when his eyes trailed over the words. The way you felt a bit shy around him. He took a soft gasp of breath leaning forwards to the desk, laying your file down. 鈥 鈥淚鈥檓 going to be honest with you Y/n鈥 may I call you Y/n?鈥 鈥 he asked looking over at you.
You nodded hesitantly with a flush in your cheeks. 鈥 鈥淲ith your record of work, it won鈥檛 be easy to find someone that would like to hire you.鈥 鈥 he said making you swallow nervously. 鈥 鈥淵elling and cursing at a parent.鈥 鈥 he read out loud with a slight shake of his head. 鈥 鈥淐alling them a pervert and kicking them in the鈥︹ 鈥 he stopped as his gaze went up to you. 鈥 鈥淒elicate area鈥檚.鈥 鈥 he added waving his hand down his stomach to show you.
鈥淭hat is unacceptable behaviour Y/n.鈥 聽- he went on picking up your file again. 鈥 鈥淗e had it coming.鈥 鈥 you mumbled. Raglan curling up a smile. 鈥 鈥淚鈥檓 sure he did.鈥 鈥 he responded as it startled you that he had heard you. 鈥 鈥淚鈥檓 not hear to judge you Y/n but that wasn鈥檛 your first fall-out.鈥 鈥 he looked down at your file, flipping a page.
And another one. 鈥 鈥淵ou have a history of being violent.鈥 鈥 his gaze flashed up to you. Was there a hint of a smile on him? Did your violent history amuse him? He placed the file down again leaning forwards as he folded his hands before him. 鈥 鈥淚t鈥檚 not going to be easy for you Y/n.鈥 鈥 his words echoing like doomsday in your mind. Were you done for it?
鈥淪o you got nothing for me?鈥 鈥 you asked trying to hide your fear of having nothing. Raglan licked his lips leaning back in his chair. 鈥 鈥淚鈥檓 afraid so.鈥 鈥 he replied watching you closely. You broke. Leaning back to look up at the ceiling with the deepest sigh. You were ready to get up and walk out. What use was staying here if he had nothing to offer you.
Raglan picked up on your urge to get up and walk out. He got up making you freeze half way from getting up. You watched him go around the desk to come lean against the edge on your side. It made you sit back down eager to know what he wanted to say.
He stroked his beard thoughtfully. 鈥 鈥淚 might have something for you.鈥 鈥 he started sparking up your interest. 鈥 鈥淭he hours are brutal and the pay-check even worse.鈥 鈥 he went on. 鈥 鈥淚 don鈥檛 care.鈥 鈥 you said eagerly grabbing onto the railing of the chair. Raglan smiled. 鈥 鈥淓ver heard of Freddy fazzbear鈥檚 pizzeria?鈥 鈥 he asked. You shook your head. 鈥 鈥淚t was a big thing in the eighties.鈥 鈥 he added. 鈥 鈥淏efore it got shut down.鈥 鈥 he finished looking down at you.
He looked briefly over his shoulder to your file on his desk. 鈥 鈥淚 read in your file you played dress-up for kid鈥檚 parties a few years ago.鈥 鈥 you hummed loud to acknowledge him. Raglan chuckled softly removing himself slightly from the desk. His hand grabbed for your chin, tilting your head back. His eyes locking with yours.
Somehow you didn鈥檛 push his hands away. Actually finding it mesmerizing how they held you. 鈥 鈥淗ow do you stand against masks?鈥 鈥 he asked. 鈥 鈥淎lthough it would be a shame to hide that pretty face of yours behind one.鈥 - 聽You felt your cheeks burn up from his words. 鈥 鈥淲hat do I have to do?鈥 鈥 you asked as he let go of your chin. 鈥 鈥淒ress up.鈥 鈥 he spoke plainly. 鈥 鈥淚鈥 thought the place got shut down?鈥 鈥 you asked to be sure you had heard him correctly.
聽鈥淵ou鈥檇 make a fine addition to the鈥 family.鈥 鈥 he answered deflecting your question. 鈥 鈥淭he kids will love you.鈥 鈥 he muttered to himself. He took you by your hands making you stand up. 鈥 鈥淲hat do you say Y/n do you plan on staying?鈥 鈥 he asked holding your hands dearly.
Having no other option you accepted. It didn鈥檛 sound that bad. Dressing up for some kids. As long as there weren鈥檛 any rude or perverse parents to test your temper. Raglan curled up a sinister smile.
Read more of my fics on my聽Masterlists!聽聽
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allied-mastercuntputer 5 months
after your planned date with tim takes an unexpected turn, you show him just how full of surprises you are鈥
Tumblr media
word count: <500
warnings: not proof read鈥 kinda raw dogged this :p no use of y/n
notes: omg first thing of writing on here鈥m an autobiographical writer, haven鈥檛 touched fanfic since i was like 10. with that being said if i proof read it i won鈥檛 have the guts to post it. there will be better writing on my blog i promise. also super late for valentine鈥檚 day but it rained when i love the day of and no other day of the week n i thought it was funny.
鈥淵ou told me you checked the weather Tim.鈥
You had called your boyfriend to let him know that a picnic wasn鈥檛 going to work. As soon as you woke up, the noise of rain pattered on your apartment鈥檚 roof, hitting you with the reality that being outside wasn鈥檛 an option.
鈥淚 did! Today is the first time this month it鈥檚 rained! But uhhhh should we do the Mary鈥檚?鈥 He tried to remedy the situation with the Italian restaurant in your university neighborhood.
鈥淲e go there all the time, can we do something special since it鈥檚 Valentine鈥檚 Day baby?鈥 You smiled into the phone receiver. You knew he melted into man pudding when you called him baby and used that tone.
鈥淥h uhh-鈥 evidence of your work, 鈥淎nything you want. Maybe the rink and then hot chocolate after?鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 a date.鈥 You smiled, perfect time to show Tim what he didn鈥檛 know about you on the ice.
鉂 鉂 鉂
Tim came to pick you up, you made sure to put on a raincoat. Not only to protect yourself from getting soaked, but also to reveal your outfit to your boyfriend in the car.
鈥淥h look at you, expecting to get some laps in?鈥 He joked at the expense of your lululemon attire
鈥淚 like my pink define jacket, thank you very much鈥
鈥淗ey! I like it too, definitely鈥ight. Hugs the right pla-鈥 You slap him on the shoulder, 鈥淥w! Do you even know how to skate babe?鈥
This was your moment. Should you lie and wow him? Or should you tell the truth and loose your novelty? You lie.
鈥淣o actually, you鈥檒l have to teach me.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 great actually, then you can鈥檛 let go of me-鈥 he smiled like an idiot before you interrupted him
鈥淒on鈥檛 push it鈥
鈥淵es ma鈥檃m鈥
鉂 鉂 鉂
You try not to be suspicious. 鈥楢ct like you鈥檙e nervous, get shaky the first few minutes-鈥
鈥淗ey babe, need help with your skates?鈥 Tim is an angel. As much as he likes to talk dirty, he genuinely cares and you always know it.
鈥淥h uhm, yes please鈥
鈥淣o problem.鈥 he got on his knees and laced your skates up, 鈥淭hey need to be super tight, but not so tight you can鈥檛 bend your knees beyond a certain point.鈥 Nobody could wipe the smile he had off his face. He was just happy to be teaching his girlfriend how to skate on Valentine鈥檚 Day.
鈥淭hank you Tim. I feel like Cinderella, only my shoe has a sharp blade on it and my prince charming doesn鈥檛 know how to check the weather.鈥 You giggle at his expense
鈥淚m sure I鈥檓 a much better prince charming than whatever that guy had going on. Now stand up and see if it鈥檚 comfortable.鈥
鈥淧erfect! Oh! I mean uhhh-鈥 You can鈥檛 let the jig be up, 鈥淥uch super tight but I鈥檒l be okay!鈥
Tim looks at you funny, but thought nothing if it, 鈥淎lright let鈥檚 go.鈥
鉂 鉂 鉂
You can鈥檛 even stand it. You鈥檝e been pretending to be awful at skating for almost 30 minutes. The real truth? You were on a figure skating scholarship just like how Tim was on a hockey one. You鈥檇 been skating since middle school and it had become a sport you loved deeply. You and Tim had been together for eight months, but the topic never really came up due to you thinking there were far more important things to your character.
鈥淐an I try by myself?鈥 your posture was awful, but it as about to be perfect in about 5 seconds
鈥淩emember what I taught you about falling on your butt and not your face?鈥
It took so much not to roll your eyes, 鈥淚ll try not to fall because you like both of those things about me. think I鈥檓 okay.鈥
鈥淕reat! Let鈥檚 see you do 5 feet ahead. Go at any pace you want.鈥
You nodded, kissing him on the cheek. You immediately shifted into better posture, stopped shaking , and started skating at the pace you wanted, like he said. You begin with fluid crossovers, transitioning into quick footwork. With a push, you launch into a simple jump, landing with precision. You could feel the air whipping past your face as you gained speed. Your body twists and turns effortlessly, soon you鈥檙e skating circles around your boyfriend, who couldn鈥檛 do anything but look at you in shock. You stop right next to him.
鈥淲as that okay?鈥
鈥淲as that okay?? What are you doing studying here! People get injured all the time at the olympics I鈥檓 sure you could fill in and it would make no difference鈥 He laughed in complete shock, 鈥淗ow long have you been skating for?
鈥淢ore than 10 years鈥
鈥淲e should definitely take this to my place. You鈥檝e won my heart. Not that you didn鈥檛 before I just- let鈥檚 go babe.鈥
鈥淣o I鈥檓 actually having so much fun!鈥
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Skeleton Writes
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Fun at Fazbear's
Parings: William Afton x f!reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Mr. Raglan has had to work some long and hard hours the past few weeks, and you just want to help the poor man winde down. But when you sneak into his office, hes on a call. So naturally, you decide to test his limits.
Word count: ca 2k
Warnings: established-secret relationship, age-gap (reader over 20), choking, semi-public sex, pinv sex, rough sex, A slap, creampie, slight praise (used "good girl" once.)
Tumblr media
I opened the door quietly, slinking in before anyone looked my way.
I knew he would be working late today, as he had been for a while. So I wanted to chear him up, to leave him with a pleasant memory of me for later.
He sat at his desk, leaned back in his chair with the phone in one hand and forehead resting in the other as he supported himself on the armrest.
'No, no. That wont work.' He spoke into the phone, shaking his head, clearly sick of the conversation. Perfect.
I stepped inside, turning my back against the door so that I faced the room. I grabbed the doorknob behind my back and carefully pulled it shut, making the door click softly as it locked. Steve looked up at the sound, noticing me and immedietly sighed. He was not particularly pleased that I had interrupted him, and even less so for entering his office without permission. But I would not be so easily discouraged.
Smiling sweetly I clasped my hands behind my back and sauntered toward him, swaying my hips seductively with each step. He let his hand fall onto the desk and mouthed 'What is it?' As he listened to the voice on the other end, furrowing his brows in annoyance, not really in the mood for my usual antics.
I shrugged my shoulders innocently and a pleased expression crept its way ontl my face, it could not be rubbed of even if I tried. My hands slid up my body, stopping at the bow of my blouse which was tied around my neck, and undid it.
The annoyance in his features reshaped into uncertainty as he raised his eyebrows in surprise, 'Uh huh, well. . . Go on.' He answered the person on the phone, but looked at me as he said it. I obliged.
I twirled the blouse ends between my fingers, then traced my hands along the bare skin of my chest, slowing as I reached the buttons and undoing them one by one, very slowly. A wicked smile crept onto Mr. Raglan's face as he sat up in the chair and leaned onto the desk, nodding approvingly and urging me to continue.
I stopped wasting precious time that couldve been spent close to him and walked up to him briskly, lust sinking its claws into me. I rounded his desk, stepping into his proximity and he moved his arm to make room for me. As I moved to sit down his desk, he grabbed my waist with his free hand and pulled me close to him. I stood between his spread legs, almost close enough to touch his growing bulge. He laid his chin on my ribs looking up at me, then kissing the skin under the ribcage in gratitude. He had needed this, and he would be taking complete advantage of it later, fully letting go of his stress as he came deep isnide you.
I smiled down at him, knowing that hed yet to expercience the full extent of my plan. I sat down his desk, opening my legs slightly. He sighed again, but this time happily. His hand fell to my thigh, rubbing it purposefully and I hummed appreciatively at the feeling. Spreading my legs wider, letting my skirt hike up over my thighs to reveal my unclothed core. He stopped rubbing and froze, looking at my center with an animalistic desire and squeezed my thigh real fucking hard. Id have fingerprint shaped bruises in the morning, thats for sure. He fought hard to control his breathing as his hand fell down the inside of my thigh and moved to my clit.
But I grabbed his wrist an inch before he made contact and his eyes snapped to mine, furious that I would dare stop him. But I only smiled, very pleased as I was in control, which was only infuriating him further. I raised my hand to his face, pinching his chin between my fingers and meeting his eyes through my lashes. I leaned close to his unoccupied ear to whisper, 'You cannot touch, not while on the phone.' And smiled wickedly, very happy with myself. I was chearing him up and he'd get his prize, but I wanted to have some fun for myself first.
I leaned back again, giving him a quick kiss on the lips to prove that I could still touch, then moved my gaze to his as I pulled the blouse over my heaf and removed my bra. I stood up swiftly, unzipping the skirt at my back and let it fall to the floor. I sat back down and put on a show for him, my hands roamed my body, squeezing, pinching, kneading. Breathlessly moaning, loud enough for him to hear, but low enough to avoid the caller hearing. He snarled at the sight, holding on to the armrest agressivly, almost ripping through the material. I heard the voice on the phone go, 'Mr Raglan, is everything alright?'
I raised my eyebrows in mock surpise and whispered 'You'd better answer that.' But Mr Raglan's reaction was not what I was expecting. His expression changed from fury to calculated grinning, then answered the man 'Sorry about that.' He drawled, 'Im not feeling to well, would you mind if my assistant answered your questions instead? Shes more than capable.'
My eyes widened in fear, eyebrows remained raised in what was not mocking anymore. I had, had the crontol for a second and he ripped it away from me. I heard a muffled agreeing from the man, 'Great, I'll go get her' Steve told him, then handed me the phone.
I took it involuntarily, as if forced by my own body, knowing there would be hell the second I put it to my ear. I Hesitated, as he was staring me down, waiting to pounce on me like a predator luring its prey. As I contemplated my choices, he began unbuckling his belt. I swallowed hard, anticipation and fear prickling my skin in equal amounts, then answering 'Hi, this is his assistant speaking.'
And then, rightly so, there was hell. He zipped down his jeans and pulled it out. I gasped at the sight of him, huge to say the least. 'Mhm, Yes thats right sir' I answered the man on the phone with a shaky voice.
Steve hooked his hands under my knees and dragged me closer to him, then moved my legs to stradle his hips. His cock teasing my opening, he met my eyes hastily and put a finger to his lips. A clear warning, truly threatening if anything and then shoved himself inside of me. I grabbed the end of the desk for support as his thrusts rocked my entire body and bit into my shoulder to keep from screaming. He grabbed my hip with one hand and pushed my upper body against the desk with the other, then grabbing my breast rougly. I squeezed my eyes shut as I tried to focus on the callers voice, but it proved hard as pain and pleasure coursed through me. His pounding was vicious, no doubt punishing me. But I was loving every second of it. He moved his hand to my throat, grasping it gently and stroking my jugular in soothing motions, then yanking me toward him, meeting my lips in a hungry kiss. I moved the phone to my shoulder, holding it firmly against my skin, hoping it would be enough to muffle the disgustingly carnal sounds of wet slapping and kisses. He released my lips and kissed his way down my shoulder and chest, stopping at the breast he'd previously attacked and took it into his mouth, sucking and kissing feverishly. I threw my head back in pleasure, moaning loudly. His hand squeezed my throat in warning, reminding me of the man on the phone. My eyes flew wide, I put the phone back to my ear 'Hello, miss? Are you there?' I covered the phone, sighing in relief as he had not heard us, 'Im sorry- sir' I managed, stopping myself mid-scentence from moaning again, 'Im not quite sure what happened there.' I lied, rushing through the words in the most normal voice I could muster. Mr Raglan chuckled against my skin, his breathing strained. He let go of my throat, pulled out of me completley and stepped back. Confusion hit me for just a second before his hands were at my hips again, pulling me off of the desk, turning me around and thrust me back over it, all in one quick motion. He nestled his hand in my hair and shoved my face into the desk and then slammed back into me. His pace quicker and harder than before, the sound of slapping skin mixed with him filling me perfectly had me close to my release. 'Mmh, close.' I mumbled, earning a hard slap on my ass in punishment. I bit into my hand, trying hard not to make another sound. 'I- I uhm. . I only ment that we're close, to. . .' I paused, trying to think of am answer as my mind was clouding with thoughts of my realese, spots were specking my vision and a knot tightening in my stumache. 'Close to-' I began but stopped myself, 'Close to meeting our goals for the month.' I tried, but had no idea what I or the man was actually talking about, but he sounded pleased.
I was quite sure however, that he left our conversation more confused than before he had called. He finally wished me a good evening and hung up. A pent up moan escaped me that same instant, 'Good girl' I heard breathed from behind me, and I smiled happily. Glad I had managed relatively well despite the circumstances. His thrusts were becoming unfrequent, close to his release aswell. He snaked his free hand under me to rub my clit and It tipped me over the edge, with him close behind me. I almost screamed, had he not stopped me. He yanked me toward him, my back flush against his chest and moved the hand to cover my mouth, muffling my screams. In our exhaustion, Mr Raglan fell back into his chair and dragged me with him, settling in his lap with his dick still inside me and his cum oozing out of me. I leaned my head against his shoulder, and he stroked some hair of my face as we just enjoyed the sound of eachothers breathing.
'Am I still coming over later?' I asked him, and he smirked, 'Youre coming later, your coming tonight, tomorrow morning, again at work and again in the evening, and so we shall repeat.' He breathed, and I smiled 'Good, because im not sure how well that call ended and we both might need some chearing up after that.'
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