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Stu posting these around town, just hoping
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"Only if you come over" || Modern Scream (1996) one-shot
Billy Loomis x GN AFAB reader 馃敒
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/N: I was wondering what Billy and/or Stu would be like in modern times, and how'd they interact over text and such, so I wrote some sexting/phone sex fun with Billy ;)
Warnings: Phone sex, sexting, description of nude pictures and videos, mentions of choking, a lot of dirty talk, Billy's a fuckboy (lol,) use of sex toy (vibrator,) reader has predetermined interests, no pronouns used flr reader, AFAB reader, unedited
Tumblr media
*New text message*
Billy: Hey
You rolled your eyes when you opened the message and saw it was Billy Loomis once again.
You guys had been on and off playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse. You needed to stop, but the attention and adrenaline rush was addicting. You allowed selfishness to take over you.
You weren't close to his friend group, the ones you talked to the most were Randy and Stu since they were the loudest. Plus, you were sure Stu wanted in the little game you and Billy had with each other, despite both of them being taken.
Other than casual interactions, you were just another nice classmate that was nice to talk to. Nothing else.
Except for Billy.
You were his distraction. Entertainment. He was tired of trying to fuck Sidney to be able to kill her once and for all.
He needed some release, and you provided that for him.
For you? It was basically the same, but it was an addiction that came from trying to keep your mind off your murdered friends. Casey and Steve. Instead of using drugs or drowning yourself in alcohol, you used the thrill of sex and seducing unavailable people just for that addictive rush of endorphins.
It had been about three weeks since you and Billy had any sexual contact and he was starting to crave you. He tried to get your attention by liking your posts and stories on the socials because there was no way in hell he was going to demonstrate that he needed you, but he grew tired of waiting.
You: Hey 鈽猴笍
Billy: How've you been? It's been a while...
You: Yes, it has. I've been good, hbu?
Billy: I've been missing you
There he went, with his straightforward pick up lines. You hated it and loved it all the same. You knew he was a player, but gosh did it feel good to be bad once in a while.
You: Is that so?
Billy: Yes, I can't stop thinking about your taste, how good that pussy feels around my cock...
Ugh, and you missed him too. The way he filled you up and pounded into you. You didn't want to play hard to get at, it was so fun to mess around with him and rile him up.
You: I don't believe you, Loomis. I might need some evidence.
Billy: Only if I get something in return 鈽猴笍
Such an asshole.
You: You know I play nice when I get what I want 馃槍
Billy: *New image*
You opened the picture and Billy was sitting on a desk chair in front of a mirror. He was shirtless, wearing grey sweatpants and you could see the outline of his hard cock. His veiny hand rested over his thigh and you couldn't help but imagine it wrapped around your neck.
Billy: How's that for evidence baby?
You: *New image*
You took a selfie of yourself sitting on the edge of the bed so your thighs looked extra thick. You had a black lace thong on with a white crop top that sat right under your nipples. It exposed your underboob perfectly and the tiniest bit of your hard buds.
Billy: Fuck, you're driving me crazy...
Billy: *New video*
He was in the same position as the picture only this time he was running his hand up and down his clothed length. You could see his cock twitching from how sensitive it was and Billy threw his head back, exposing his neck.
You felt yourself grow wet at the visual and the slight impatientness of wanting him with you was starting to grow.
You: *New video*
You ran your hand over your tits and lifted your shirt up teasingly, squeezing and pinching your nipples while releasing little moans. You knew that drove him crazy and he wouldn't be able to resist.
*Incoming call from Billy*
"Hey" you answered, your voice was soft and teasy.
"Let me hear your cute little moans baby" Billy said, his voice lower than usual.
You slid your hand between your legs and began teasing yourself, rubbing your clit in circles softly. "Mmhh... Tell me what you'd do to me right now" You replied, moaning just how he likes it.
Billy was already fucking himself agonizingly slow with his hand, panting softly. "I'd bury my face between those perfect thighs of yours and taste you while finger fucking you. Just how you like it." He replied and you whined at his description. You could feel his touch just by imagining him there doing exactly what he described.
You reached for your nightstand and grabbed your small wand vibrator from the drawer. Billy's breathing got heavier in your ear and you wished you could feel his hot breath against you.
"Mm, what if I rode your face instead? Grind against your mouth slowly..." You said and Billy chuckled, you could hear him smirking and bit your lip in response. "You know me so well." He responded and moaned at the end of his sentence.
You turned the vibrator on and ran it over your clothed center to further tease yourself and breathed heavier as the seconds went by.
Billy thrust into his hand imagining that he was pounding into you from underneath. Your favorite position. You could hear him cursing and the obscene sounds of his hand stroking his cock.
You could imagine him sitting in his room by himself in front of that mirror, fucking himself to the thought of your cunt wrapped around him.
Better yet, you envisioned yourself sitting on his cock and riding him slowly. his hands on your hips, holding you tightly as he meets your hips half way, burying his cock deep inside you.
You wanted to pull his hair and hear him groan against your skin while you bounced on him and gave him the perfect view of your tits.
Gosh you needed him to grab your neck and choke you until you felt faint and whimpered in the pleasure that asphyxiation elicits in your body.
By that point you had thrown your underwear somewhere across the room and held your vibrator against your clit.
"Fuck... Billy please, I need you so bad..." You moaned while reaching your throbbing hole with your free hand and teasing yourself with your fingers.
"Fuck yourself for me. Let me hear you baby." Billy moaned and you slipped two fingers inside you, pumping them in and out of you at a steady pace.
"You... Feel so good inside me." You whimpered and Billy groaned. He loved hearing you beg for him when he wasn't even there with you.
He was approaching his orgasm quickly. The sound of your moans were just enough to make him explode, but fuck did he want to feel you too.
"Mmm, I'm so close to cumming inside you" Billy whispered and you whined at his words. You needed to feel him release inside you so bad.
"Fuck, Billy... I'm gonna cuuum" you whined pathetically and he chuckled despite him being just as close as you.
Your legs shook as you came around your fingers with your vibrator pressed firmly against your clit. You moaned into the phone pornographically and that alone made Billy cum all over his hand.
You both breathed heavily for a brief moment before Billy spoke; "I wish you were here to clean the mess you made on me."
You scoffed playfully and replied; "You're such an asshole. I'm gonna shower, I'll text you in a bit."
"Round two?" Billy said teasingly followed by a breathy laugh.
"Only if you come over."
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bitches be like 鈥渉e鈥檚 my comfort character鈥 and it鈥檚 just some dude covered in blood
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Tumblr media
Here鈥檚 another, and I got more
Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
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Wrong House
Tumblr media
Pairing: Stu Macher x Nerdy!Reader x Billy Loomis
Word Count: 3.2k
Summary: A step into wrong house leads to a night of the right fun.
A/N: I was not supposed to upload this tonight but I'm too excited about it. I'm not proof reading this long ass shit either so if something is spelled wrong use your imagination to fix it, mwuah! <3
Warnings: reader has afab anatomy breaking and entering, knife play, homoerotic themes (they kiss but nothing more than that), mentions of murder, eiffel towering, loss of virginity, coercion and ultimatums, rope bandage, panty kink, and panty sniffing.
(Y/n) was naturally an anxious girl but, with her parents out of town and the string of murders happening, she was on edge. She had every single light on in the house, the downstairs tv on, anything to make it seem as though the house was full of life. The reporters on the radio had told people to stay together and while most of the students in school had that option, she didn鈥檛. Nobody wanted to be friends with the quiet girl who still wore Care Bear sweaters and could recite Star Trek lines from memory.
Nibbling the end of her pencil, she let out an exasperated sigh. She had been staring at the same math problem in her textbook for a good 45 minutes. 鈥淔ocus, (Y/n/n), focus. If you do end up living through all of this, you鈥檒l want to get into a good college.If you fail, mom and dad will make you wish you were dead.鈥 she said out loud to herself, a sad laugh falling from her lips. At that same moment, her stomach began to grumble. When was the last time she ate? Reaching for the phone, she dialed the number to her favorite chinese food place. She loved it because the food was cheap and they were one of the only places that delivered something other than pizza after 10PM.聽
鈥淎lright, thank you!鈥 she said, placing the phone back on the receiver. It鈥檇 be about a 20 minute wait, giving her time to focus more on her work. Sighing she sat back down in front of her textbook, staring at the page until the numbers started to blur together. 鈥淲ell, that鈥檚 enough of that! I should get the money for the delivery driver seeing as it鈥檒l be here in鈥︹ glancing at the clock on her wall she sighed, 鈥淭wenty minutes.鈥 ignoring that face, she stood up, bunny slippers stomping over the carpeted floor to the piggy bank on her dresser. She pulled out a 10 dollar bill along with a 5 for the tip. But before (Y/n) could even get to her door, she heard a noise at the front door.聽
鈥淭h-that鈥檚 weird. There鈥檚 still nineteen minutes an-鈥 she shrieked at the sound of the door bursting open. Every anxiety filled thought she had had since being home by herself was coming true. The blood drained from her face, her body growing light at the sound of the voices coming from the living room. Tears began to form in the corner of her eyes as she turned off the lights and closed her bedroom door. The sound of footsteps coming up the stairs put in perspective just how real this all was. She silently cursed her dad for never fixing the damn lock on her window. She might鈥檝e broken a few bones from jumping, but that鈥檇 be better than being completely dead! Looking around her room she made the decision to jump in her closet, closing the accordion door.
She became aware of how loudly she was breathing, clamping her hands over her mouth. Her body trembled with terror. 鈥業s this how I die? Alone, never experiencing friendship or love?鈥 Was this really the time to be feeling sorry for her lack of social and love life? 鈥榃ell to be fair, this may be one of the last times I鈥檓 able to feel anything whatsoever.鈥 The sound of her bedroom door opening instantly made her mind go blank. The girl felt as though she was having a heart attack and honestly? She would have preferred that to whatever death she was about to experience.
鈥淎re you sure this is the right house? This doesn鈥檛 look like Chelsea鈥檚 room.鈥 A male鈥檚 voice remarked, the lights flicking on. She could see through the small slots on the folding door that there were two men. One had dark hair and a knife in his hand. The other one was taller with blonde hair and a backpack with god knows what inside of it.
鈥淵eah, dude! This is 345 Avalee Lane.鈥 the other one exclaimed, an almost sinister grin on his face. The dark hair one made a sound that was a mix of a growl and a sigh.
鈥淵ou fucking idiot! Chelsea lives in 348, we鈥檙e in the wrong house!鈥 he pinched the bridge of his nose, kicking over the little trash can near her desk across the room. (Y/n) relaxed a bit. Maybe since they weren鈥檛 looking for her they鈥檇 just leave?
鈥淲ell at least no one鈥檚 home, we can just get out of here.鈥 The blonde one rasped out, eating a piece of candy off of her dresser before tossing the wrapper on the ground. 鈥楻ude鈥 she thought.
鈥淭he lights and the tv were on. Someone鈥檚 definitely in this house. I鈥檓 going to go check the other rooms and you look around this one a bit better. We can鈥檛 take any chances.鈥 The brunette exited the room and in the distance he heard the sound of different doors being opened.聽
The blonde one began to hum, snooping around her room. He walked over to her dresser, opening up her panty drawer. A smile grew on his face as he held up a pair of white ones with a pink lace trim, shoving them in the back pocket of his baggy jeans. 鈥淐ute.鈥 he said to himself (or so he thought). Walking over to her bed, he tossed the covers back before bending down to check under the bed as well. Next, he walked over to the cupboard of her collectable figurines, opening up the door. 鈥淗m.鈥 he shrugged before beginning to exit the room. She removed her hands from her mouth, placing them on the floor beside her as she let her body relax. However, before he could leave, she could see a lightbulb go off in his brain as he turned around walking towards the closet. The girl鈥檚 eyes went wide as she shook her head. As he opened the closet door, she couldn鈥檛 even manage to make a sound. A look of surprise made its way onto his face before he began to grin. 鈥淵ou鈥檝e got cute little undies. Hey Billy!鈥
All (Y/n) could do was sit there in shock. She recognized this boy, he was in her art classes although he rarely showed up. Now that she could really see his face, he was quite attractive. Before she could delve into why she was letting herself think that, the other one (who she assumed was Billy) appeared right next to him. Although he had a scowl on his face, he was just as attractive. 鈥榃ell, you always said you wanted a cute guy to notice you. There鈥檚 two! But you should鈥檝e been more specific, huh (Y/n/n)?鈥櫬
鈥淪he鈥檚 kind of cute in a dorky little way, ain鈥檛 she?鈥 Stu commented as Billy used his knife to lift her chin. She didn鈥檛 dare stop making eye contact with Billy for fear of what he might do with that knife the second she did. He tilted her face around, examining it from all sorts of angles before he chuckled.
鈥淪he is. (Y/n), right? You鈥檙e the girl that鈥檚 always winning those sciences awards at school. We have AP English together.鈥 he said in a calm tone. This was the strangest thing she had ever experienced. Why were they dragging this on so much when they could just kill her and get it over with?
鈥淢-mmm-mhm!鈥 she stuttered out, nodding her head ever so slightly so she didn鈥檛 cut herself on the blade.聽
鈥淎lthough I agree with my friend here, you still find yourself to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. See, I鈥檝e got a plan and if I let you live, there鈥檚 a big chance you鈥檙e going to blab and ruin it for me.鈥 he said, his words coming out through gritted teeth towards the end. 鈥淪o unfortunately, your time鈥檚 up.鈥
鈥淣o, no please! I-I-I won鈥檛 blab and tell! I don鈥檛 have any friends or anyone to tell I won鈥檛 tell please! I promise!鈥 she sobbed, begging for her life as he pressed the knife against her neck harder. Adrenaline was coursing through her veins, which would also explain the sensation happening between her legs. Fat tears continued to stream down her face. 鈥淚 promise please there鈥檚 gotta be a way!鈥 she continued to plead for her life, waiting for something, just anything to happen. Whatever it鈥檇 take for this situation to be over. However, she was surprised when the knife suddenly was no longer pressed to her neck. Looking up, she saw the blonde one鈥檚 hand had moved it away and he was whispering something into Billy鈥檚 ear. Their eyes kept flickering to parts of the room and then back to her before Billy gave a singular nod.聽
鈥淚t seems my friend Stu here has taken quite a liking to you so here鈥檚 what we鈥檙e going to do. We鈥檙e going to have a bit of fun with you and if we enjoy it, you live and we鈥檒l be back to get you after we finish some鈥usiness. And if not, I鈥檒l slit your throat right after we finish. Does that sound fair?鈥 Billy said, tugging her from her sitting position to be in between the both of them. She nodded frantically, happy to have even a small chance of living. She knew they were probably going to kill her when they were done, but at least that moment was suspended for a bit longer.
鈥淲h-what do I need t-to do?鈥 she asked, her heart racing as she looked up at the two of them. They were completely dwarfing her with their size, it was like being trapped between two incredibly hot trees. Stu grinned at her once again before stepping back a bit.
鈥淲ell you can start by stripping!鈥 he instructed, phrasing it like a suggestion even though she knew it wasn鈥檛. She nodded, taking off her cream colored sweater, sliding her Power Rangers pajama pants down right after. She began to hesitate slightly as now she was just in her slippers and underwear.
鈥淎llow me.鈥 Billy said, using his knife to snip off her bra. He started at the shoulder straps, taking a moment to stare at her breast before tearing the backband as well. She didn鈥檛 try to cover up, knowing her chances of survival would dwindle to none. He went to pull down her panties but Stu stopped him, shaking his head.
鈥淟eave those on her.鈥 he said, before getting down on his knees in front of her. Billy held her arms behind her back with one of his, peeking over the girl鈥檚 shoulders to see what his moronic friend had planned. What she didn鈥檛 expect was for him to bury his face into her underwear-clad pussy and sniff. Stu let out a low moan as he did, eyes rolling back in pleasure. He continued to sniff at her front, his nose nudging her clit through the fabric. 鈥淕od that鈥檚 amazing. Looks like she鈥檚 enjoying it too.鈥 he said, rubbing his finger on the wet spot forming on her panties. He gently pressed his fingers against the fabric causing (Y/n) to squirm a bit, a gentle moan falling from her mouth.
鈥淥h, that鈥檚 such a pretty noise.鈥 Billy purrs lowly in her ear. Standing from the floor, Stu lifts his fingers up to Billy鈥檚 mouth and without thinking, he opens it. The girl watches in awe, her clit beginning to throb at the way the two men were interacting with one another. Stu slowly pulls his fingers from the man鈥檚 mouth, biting his lip as the other man licks his. 鈥淒id you want a taste?鈥 he asks in a deep tone. At the same time, they both lean over and begin to share a passionate and heated open mouth kiss. Little moans and grunts fall from them, a gasp falling from her own lips as Stu grips at her waist, beginning to grind against her front, his bulge slotted between her slit. Billy mimics his actions, grinding his cock against her ass. She was glad the two were holding her up, because at the current moment she wasn鈥檛 sure if her legs would work. This was a whole new world for her. She had never been kissed or even touched by one man let alone two. The noises falling from her mouth were completely out of her control, the sensation of their rhythmic rubbing along with the scene of them kissing above her was all too much for her to handle.聽
As though they could hear her thoughts, they pulled away from their kiss, turning their attention back to her. She hadn鈥檛 even realized that the knife was completely gone now. If she wanted to, she could鈥檝e ran and gotten away. If she wanted to. Billy gripped her arms once more, beginning to walk her over to the bed. She felt her face grow warm at the collection of stuffed animals, causing her to look at the ground. 鈥淭hey keep me warm at night.鈥 she defended weakly. Stu laughed, cooing at her before picking one up and turning it to face the wall, repeating the action several times with the other one.
Billy groaned, annoyed. 鈥淪eriously?鈥
鈥淲hat? I know how the girls get about that sort of thing.鈥 As Stu continued with his antics, the brunette reached for his friend鈥檚 bag. (Y/n) eyed him curiously, thinking he had changed his mind on their deal but was relieved when all he pulled out was a bit of rope. Wait, rope? He tossed it up and down smirking at her before positioning himself behind her as he began to tie her hands together. 鈥楾his is better than whatever they usually probably use this for.鈥 She tugged at the rope, the friction causing a mild irritation from the action. He pushed her a bit, causing her to fall forward onto the bed. Her ass was in the air while the upper part of her body fell down due to having no support. She listened to the sound of belts and pants clambering before feeling the bed dip down behind her. At that same time, a pair of legs kneeled in front of her as well. She felt as a hand carded it鈥檚 way through her hair before tightening, lifting her face to be eye level with a cock. Peering up, she saw that it was Billy.
鈥淎re you gonna open up or am I going to have to do it for you?鈥 he asked, causing a bit of panic to flash through the girl鈥檚 (e/c) eyes.
鈥淪-sorry. I鈥檝e never done any of this before.鈥 she muttered, causing a whistle from behind her. She could imagine the grin on Stu's face.
鈥淎 cute virgin?! How lucky are we tonight? Oh this is going to be fun. I haven鈥檛 popped a cherry in quite a long time.鈥 Stu gushed, rubbing his hands together. 鈥淚 can barely contain myself!鈥 her panties were then pulled to the side, long fingers beginning to rub all along her slick covered folds. She let out a whimper, her knees trembling as he began to rub circles on her clit. As he slid a finger in, her mouth fell open which Billy saw as the perfect opportunity. Gripping her hair a bit tighter, he began to slide his cock into her mouth slowly. He stared down at her face, watching as her mouth began to struggle with the girth of him, tears falling down her face.
鈥淵ou better stop with all those tears, I really don鈥檛 wanna cum this early.鈥 Billy teased, beginning to rock his hips back and forth. He hissed in pleasure at her tight and warm little mouth, tossing his head back as he let out a guttural moan. Behind her, Stu had managed to work the third finger in, stretching and scissoring them around.Gripping her hip with one hand, he used his other to glide his cock along her lips causing them to both moan. 鈥淗urry up, I wanna pick up the pace but I鈥檓 trying to make it easier for you.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 going!鈥 and with that, Stu slid his cock in with one swift motion. His grip on her hips tightened at the same time her walls did as he fell forward for a bit, head resting against the small of her back. 鈥淕-god, oh fuck! You鈥檝e got a tight little pussy, huh?鈥 he said through gritted teeth, beginning to pound into her at an almost animalistic pace. Her pussy drooled around his cock as she continued to moan around Billy, choking as he also picked up his pace. Their thrust were alternating. As Stu would pull his cock out some, Billy鈥檚 would enter her throat deep, barely giving her a chance to get used to anything. She had already came around his cock twice, the feeling being overwhelmingly pleasurable.聽
They were using her like a doll, holding her up and angling her just right. All she could do was sob and take it, the only thing on her mind was their cocks and her life. She didn鈥檛 even care if she was going to die after this, this was the best thing she had ever experienced in her life.聽
鈥淵ou look so helpless when you cry. God, Stu I wish you could see her right now.鈥 Billy moaned out, staring down into those wet (e/c) eyes. Picking up his pace, he gripped at her scalp, full on skull fucking her now. His thrust had grown sloppy and so had his counterpart鈥檚.聽
鈥淭r-trust me, my view is just as good. I鈥檓 cl-close!鈥 he whined out, reaching a finger down to rub at the girl's sensitive and swollen clit. (Y/n) screamed around Billy鈥檚 cock sending him over the edge. Pulling out, he coated her face and hair in a load of sticky white cum. Watching Billy stroke his cock over her face pushed Stu over the edge as well, causing him to bounce her back on his dick, whimpering as he came deep inside of her.聽
The room fell silent and as (Y/n) came to her senses, the question of the hour came back to haunt her. Was she going to live?
鈥淎re you satisfied, Stu?鈥
鈥淢ore than, man.鈥
鈥淲ell..鈥 Billy trailed off, stepping off of the bed. As Stu pulled out, she felt cold and exposed. Both men stood behind her, staring as the load of cum began to roll down the back of her legs. The brunette reached forward, grabbing her wrist rather roughly before untying her. 鈥淚 guess you live. We鈥檒l be back. In the meantime, get cleaned up.鈥 the sound of the doorbell ringing caused the two men to look out the window, thinking she had somehow managed to get in contact with help. However, they both relaxed at the sight of the delivery truck on the outside of the house.聽
鈥淢ake sure you save me some chow mein!鈥 Stu said. The girl rolled over on her back, letting out a breathless laugh watching as the two quickly got dressed. Before they headed for the bedroom door, Stu took her panties off of her, sticking them in the front pocket of his jeans.聽
鈥淔or good luck!鈥
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liverralonee 3 months
brb i鈥檓 gonna go think about this video all night
(link wasn鈥檛 working so i had to save it from tiktok)
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redcoralpot 7 months
Eleganti - Poly!Stuilly x FTM!Reader
If you saw this before it was reposted, no you didn't.
Warnings: Implied internalized homophobia.
Summary: The heat has managed to affect all of you, and the only solution? A date at Stu's house with a dash of nail polish. You're sure they were both thrilled.
Tumblr media
The summer heat truly had gotten to the three of you, with not even a cool breeze to give you relief. Rich boy Stu Macher鈥檚 parents were away for the weekend, again, which left his house the ideal place to take shelter in. If you had to be honest, you did not mind the temperature鈥 kind of. The bottles of nail polish in your bag clinked together as you walked up the stairs; you knew Billy would be able to sit still long enough for it to dry. Stu, on the other hand, you weren鈥檛 so sure of. Not without heat and plenty of air flow.
Speaking of the devil, Billy glanced up from his book as you creaked the door open, leisurely spread on Stu鈥檚 bed. He raised an eyebrow at your appearance, before going back to reading, shifting a little to the side so you had more room to sit down. A smug grin slowly spread over your lips as you set your backpack down on the bed and unzipped it, making a show of the little, colorful bottles you displayed inside. You scooched beside it, and after setting down a towel in front of you, cracked open the first container.
Seeming to catch the smell, Billy spoke up, 鈥淣ail polish?鈥
鈥淵eah, want some?鈥 He watched as you meticulously picked the colors you wanted, his mouth pursing.
鈥淣ot right now.鈥
You shrugged, applying a lavender base to your fingernails, 鈥淪uit yourself!鈥
Your hand flinched as the door was shoved open, smearing the liquid down your skin, only to be greeted by the eccentric figure of Stu. Upon seeing the predicament he caused, he bounced his shoulders and held up his hands beside his head, with an exaggerated frown.聽
鈥淯h鈥 whoops!鈥
He sauntered over, pressing his face into your shoulder. In response, you slapped the towel onto his face after wiping the spilled polish on the material. Stu grumbled something; it was ineligible.聽
It eventually slid off on its own, with a little help from the teen shaking his head, 鈥淪uffocate me, why don鈥檛 you?鈥
Chuckling, you said, 鈥淵ou were the one who made me mess up, tough guy.鈥
鈥淚 totally meant for that to happen.鈥 He slipped his arm over you, hanging like a sloth.
鈥淚f you meant it, then you have to be my test subject!鈥
Stu made a noise, contemplating. You wouldn鈥檛 force him to wear it, of course, but it was funny threatening something so harmless anyway. After just a few seconds, you felt the weight on your back release; Stu had moved in favor of shoving your bag into Billy to make space for himself. Then, the noodle of a guy flopped across from you, sitting criss-crossed with the most shit eating grin you have ever seen. Billy scowled at the rough treatment, but the expression was covered by the other鈥檚 knee.
He leaned forward, 鈥淕imme orange.鈥
鈥淕ood choice!鈥
To prevent smearing, you blew on your covered nails as best you could, before bright orange coated the tiny brush in your hand. Stu seemed giddy as you took his hand, peering down, applying the cool liquid with precision. It was such a contrast to what his hand felt like; rough and as warm as a furnace. In the corner of your eye, you could see Billy鈥檚 eyes watching over Stu鈥檚 jeans, his book long forgotten. Finally, you finished, and allowed the fidgety boy to hold up his palms. His eyes were wide as he admired your handiwork, flexing his fingers with pride.
Stu tapped the top of Billy鈥檚 head with his elbow, 鈥淗ey, dude, want some of this?鈥
You snickered, 鈥淚 knew you鈥檇 crack.鈥
Billy rolled his eyes and leaned on Stu, holding out a hand. He shivered when you made a slight mistake, and gave you an unimpressed look as you fixed it with the edge of your towel. You could only complete one hand before he stopped you.
鈥淟ook who鈥檚 gonna be Cruella this Halloween!鈥 Stu sneered, poking the other鈥檚 nose.
鈥淗ey, hey, it鈥檚 nothing to be ashamed of.鈥 You shut the bottle, carefully sealing them all back in your bag, 鈥淔uddy duddy William could be making a new trend.鈥
鈥淣ever call me that again. Is this enough for you two?鈥
Stu cocked his head, 鈥淟emme think鈥 nope.鈥
You stretched your body out, setting your belongings on the ground. Opening Stu鈥檚 own closet, you ran your fingers over the variety of shirts and robes the guy had. In the very back, there was a band shirt, obviously too small for Stu; he grew out of it by the time he was sixteen. You held it out, studying it, before shrugging and taking it off the hanger. Your shirt flew over your head and smacked Stu in the face, but the air soothed the sweat that was gathering under your double sport bras, at least for a moment. Then, the newer shirt covered everything back up, and the dark material banned anyone from clocking the extra layers underneath.
鈥淲hy don鈥檛 we go out for ice cream?鈥 you suggested.
Stu pumped his fist, even though your shirt was still clinging to his body. Billy shook his head, a little smile playing on his lips when Stu ran out the door, presumably to get his car keys. You, on the other hand, hesitated when you saw a shadow underneath the shirt, where your chest lay. The only other boy left in the room must have caught on, because you felt a passing hand on your shoulder and a whisper in your ear.
鈥淵ou look fine, it鈥檚 normal.鈥
He met your gaze. However, someone was getting impatient, as a muffled shout rang through the closed window, 鈥淐oming? I鈥檓 totally getting pistachio this time, and you gotta be here to see me try it!鈥
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lizthewriter 8 months
billy loomis, stu macher, and poly! headcanons with reader s/o
billy loomis headcanons with reader s/o
Tumblr media
鈥 first of all, billy is actually a pretty intelligent guy - cunning, strategic
鈥 it's why he's always so good at chess (not that he's the biggest fan)
鈥 reads lots of books - obviously horrors and thrillers are his favorite
鈥 a bit obnoxious pissy about horror movies
鈥 he will force you to watch horror movies with him - movie night ftw
鈥 he's also a big trivia fan! loves trivia games, especially horror
鈥 he says he doesn't like music, but secretly he listens to pop and motown - you will catch him singing along to marvin gaye and he will never admit that it happened
鈥 has mediocre grades, despite his intellect - school bores him and he doesn't like to listen to what people tell him to do
鈥 speaking of school, people paint him out to be some kind of "bad boy" but really all he is is quiet and reserved
鈥 the only real reason he became friends with tatum, sid, and randy was because they became friends with his childhood best friend, stu
鈥 he and stu are inseparable and they do everything together
鈥 you'll probably end up spending more time at stu's then at billy's because billy doesn't like people coming over to his house
鈥 mostly because of the fact that it's on the poorer side of town, and that everyone thinks that he has the picture-perfect family
鈥 speaking of this so-called "family," he has major abandonment issues because his mother abandoned him and trust issues because his father had an affair and would barely pay him any attention
鈥 both of these also contribute to his protectiveness/possessiveness
鈥 it's not so much that he doesn't trust you around certain people (he does have intrusive thoughts a lot), he doesn't trust other people around you
鈥 but when he does get insecure and starts to think that you'll leave him, it's more from his fear that he's unlovable and a bad s/o
鈥 that's why he would love an s/o that would take care of him and do all those lovey-dovey things, even if he likes to pretend that he's not that fond of it
鈥 holding hands, going on walks together, date/movie nights, staying in together, sleeping in the same bed, he wants ALL OF IT
鈥 once he gets more comfortable around you and trusts you, he'll open up a lot more - you'll find he's really sweet on the inside, and REALLY funny
鈥 no i swear, he has the best sense of humor - dark and dry, the perfect mix
鈥 he's not really into PDA unless someone's trying to get in your pants, in which case all social conventions are dropped and he WILL shove his tounge down your throat
鈥 this man is a great kisser *chef's kiss*
鈥 his sex drive is at a medium, I'd say
鈥 but damn if this mf isn't kinky as shit
鈥 lovesss degrading you, being dominant, definitely has a size kink, knife kink, predator/prey, edging, he eats that shit up
鈥 he barely ever gets subby - like ever, but once in a blue moon he just wants some slow, soft sex (this usually happens when he's feeling insecure)
鈥 he's a boob guy 1000%
鈥 he's not too into foreplay - don't get me wrong, he likes to make out for a little while and he knows you need time to get ready, but as soon as your wet he's already inside you pounding away
鈥 loves missionary 馃き馃き he likes to watch your reactions and dies every time he elicits a sound from your mouth
鈥 dirty talks the entire time
鈥 he's a multiple rounds kind of guy too - he may not want sex that often, but when he does, he WANTS IT
鈥 not the best at aftercare, but he does pretty well - he'll clean you up, bring you a glass of water, but he really just likes to cuddle and fall asleep right after all that
鈥 watches you while you sleep - he finds that it calms him, watching the slow rise and fall of your chest
鈥 the biggest morning person ever - the definition of a morning person
鈥 by the time you get up, he's already ready for school and prepared you breakfast
鈥 has a nice car - loves to drive you around
鈥 oh and he LOVESSSSS making you flustered, but in more of a conspicuous, secretive way
鈥 will send you those FUCKING EYES in the middle of biology
鈥 oh and if you sit next to each other in class, he'll place a hand on your thigh and rub circles into it
鈥 he just loves to rile you up and watch you get angry at him (it turns him on a lil' bit)
鈥 requires a kiss hi and a kiss goodbye - it doesn't matter where, as long as it's a kiss
stu macher headcanons with reader s/o
Tumblr media
鈥 this man is the legal textbook definition of ADHD, if not autism
鈥 he has trouble paying attention, especially in school - somehow gets amazing grades anyways
鈥 class clown - main goal in life is to make everyone laugh
鈥 he likes books but finds it hard to pay attention to the words on the page - he much prefers audio books! the main way he consumes media
鈥 he loves all kind of music, but especially alternative rock and hard rock (alice in chains' biggest fan for sure; loves to sing "them bones" out of nowhere - "man in a box" is his favorite)
鈥 he also loves horror movies but he doesn't get as technical about it as billy - he'll watch all kinds, but he does have favorites
鈥 also a big trivia fan - loves playing trivial pursuit
鈥 remembers random facts (he watched jeopardy chronically as a child)
鈥 he was babied by his parents a lot as a kid, which is why he's so extroverted and wild (*coughcough* rebellious *coughcough*)
鈥 he's bisexual
鈥 he lovesss doing makeup and also he wears crop tops all the time and he looks MAGNIFICENT in them
鈥 he's very creative - loves to come up with stories and draw, but he's not really an artist per say, more like he likes scribbling random things
鈥 his stomach is a black hole - no literally, this man devours the entire kitchen
鈥 DO NOT LET HIM IN THE KITCHEN IF YOU ARE BAKING - he will eat whatever dough you're preparing behind your back
鈥 loves to tease you and make you flustered, but in a very obvious way
鈥 is VERY into PDA and flirting in public; constantly has an arm either slung around your shoulders or waist and will make out with you in front of his locker if you let him
鈥 man has no boundaries
鈥 also he will shower you with affection and treat you like a queen; worships the ground you walk upon
鈥 he. loves. matching. clothes. will cry if you don't wear matching pj's with him
鈥 you will chronically be at his house - he has beautiful puppy eyes, so it's easy to convince you to come over every day
鈥 he loves having you sit in his lap or lay across his chest
鈥 he also lovessss playing with your hair and is actually really good at braiding and all that (he has two older sisters)
鈥 foreplay is his favorite thing in the whole world
鈥 ass, boob, thighs? how about ALL
鈥 absolutely a switch!
鈥 prefers to eat you out and loves to overstimulate you mmmmm
鈥 he has a very high sex drive - oh yeah, he's at it every night
鈥 also prefers missionary, but likes you on your stomach, ass up, fave shoved into the pillows (his only purpose: to fuck you into subspace)
鈥 he's pretty kinky too, but with slight differences from billy - instead of edging he loves overstimulation, rimming, marking, praising
鈥 will make up any excuses to get in your pants and will also ask at the most random times - also, if you have a period doesn't care about it whatsoever, will still have sex with you
鈥 aftercare KING!! he has everything prepared for when your done - he'll clean you up, he'll put the sheets out to be washed, he'll grab water and snacks, cuddle with you, and lay up for hours just talking
鈥 he loves one on one conversations between the two of you, especially at more romantic spots like on the roof and under the stars
鈥 will romance you - coincidentally (not at all) loves valentine's day
鈥 you must give him your upmost attention - he loves ranting to you since you're the only person who listens to him and laughs at his jokes
鈥 you will catch him staring at you with lovesick puppy eyes and he doesn't even care if you notice him, he just has an infinite love for you
poly!billy loomis and stu macher headcanons with reader s/o
Tumblr media
鈥 together they are certainly a duo - their personalities really balance them out perfectly
鈥 stu is loud and hyperactive, billy is quiet and reserved
鈥 but stu does bring billy out of his shell and billy reigns stu in when he goes too far - all in all, they make each other better
鈥 you all bang out at stu's house - most of the time, just to chill, but bill insists on weekly movie nights and stu insists on weekly board game nights
鈥 if you're not on good terms with your family, stu's welcomes you in like you're their own kid (billy had basically been their son for years)
鈥 billy loves halloween and while stu loves halloween, he's also a big christmas person as well
鈥 stu really just loves holidays and anything that gets them off of school
鈥 whatever shenanigans stu is up to, billy pretends to dislike it but he goes along for a reason, doesn't he? he kind of likes indulging in stu
鈥 they love taking you on car rides around town
鈥 stu buys you all matching shirts and pj's, much to billy's horror
鈥 stu is just constantly buying the two of you random shit
鈥 "i saw this and it reminded me of you guys!"
鈥 usually the way sleeping together works is stu is on the left, you're laying across half of his ches, and billy is on your right with his arm slung around your waist
鈥 stu is constantly warm (why he has his shirt off half the time) and billy had cold hands (will place them unprovoked on the back of your neck)
鈥 if you bake, they work together to steal your dough and eat it
鈥 oh my god, if you go somewhere to get clothes, they will be trailing right behind you and wait for you outside the dressing room to out their two cents in
鈥 billy was kind of dragged along - he truly thinks you look good in anything no matter what, but stu actually offers you good fashion advice
鈥 "hmm . . . no, that red really isn't your color - they have that dress in a blue you look good in, why don't I go grab it for you?"
鈥 billy and stu make sure your birthday is really special
鈥 their goal is just to make you feel loved, accepted, and respected in general
鈥 together, they are both VERY possessive over you, however - so PDA is a must
鈥 they will make it plainly clear to everyone that you are THEIRS and not to be touched
鈥 constant sex - no seriously, be prepared
鈥 I've already made it clear what they both like individually
鈥 but, yes, they both love to tease you - foreplay is a must, and they'll draw it on for a while to get you desperate
鈥 most of the time, they're both dominant in the bedroom, but I can see you and billy turning the table on a subby stu (or in the case of billy being a sub, soft sex with all three of you)
鈥 they are both brat-tamers, but stu's the nicer one
鈥 however, billy is a bit of a brat sometimes (will never admit it but he would die to be punished by you and stu)
鈥 they're both into bondage . . . I think that was a given
鈥 hours and hours and HOURS
鈥 also everywhere. in the kitchen, on the couch, in the bedroom, hell, in the bathroom, they will take you EVERYWHERE
鈥 like I said, they're both pretty good at aftercare
鈥 they love to spend time with you and cuddle - billy likes to trace your skin with his finger, especially your back, while stu likes to play with your hair
鈥 you will fall asleep together like this
鈥 stu would probably be the first person to say "I love you"
鈥 it might take a while, but billy will too eventually
鈥 they just want all of you to be happy and that's all that matters :)
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vins-do-over 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
was hit by a sudden bolt of inspiration
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hinattp 1 month
Missing them馃ズ
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sharpth1ng 26 days
Tumblr media
Stu Macher, 2.5 seconds before getting slapped
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whateverloomis 3 months
Lick me like a lollipop 鉁掞笌 Billy Loomis x GN reader
Tumblr media
Warnings:聽SMUT, Infidelity, Stu is annoying (lol), oral (male receiving), edging, size kink if you squint, unedited.
Note: Afab or amab people apply for this <33
Readers POV | Word count: 1.4k / Part 2
It was Tatum. She had gotten me addicted to freaking lollipops after I told her I have an oral fixation. Apparently she did too, and Stu was very happy about it,聽if you know what I mean.
It was Friday after last period, I was at my locker with Billy, Stu and Sid putting away my books -- with a lollipop in my mouth, of course -- before we all left to Stu's house to get ready for movie night. It was a routine at this point. Every Friday night after class we'd go to Stu's house to wait for Tatum to get out of practice and bring Randy over from work. He'd bring a scary movie to watch and criticize all night long until one of us got too tired to continue the pointless debate.
"Stu, we watched that one last Friday!" I said for the third time, patience long gone. That was the fourth week he suggested to watch Halloween.
"But it's Jamie Lee Curtis, man! She's hot as fuck! I bet Randy would be on my side here, you guys are no fun." Stu replied with a huff.
"Yeah, because he has a weird obsession with her too." I replied, rolling my eyes as I pulled the lollipop out of my mouth, it releasing a soft聽pop聽sound.
There was a brief pause, Stu smirked at my actions and shamelessly looked at my lips when I pulled the sugary bulb out of my mouth. Billy was staring too, but he was subtle. His eyes raked from my own, down to my lips, lingering a tad bit more than usual before he took a deep breath and glared at Stu. "Shut up about it will you? We're watching Psycho. It was decided last Friday, dumbass."
"Can we all leave this argument for tonight? It's too early for this." Sidney said, closing her locker before we walked out of college and made our way to Stu's house.
Once everyone arrived at Stu's house, we didn't take long to settle and start debating about the movie, because Stu couldn't keep his mouth shut. His argument was that Psycho wasn't even that good because you couldn't see the red color of the blood, therefore it wasn't scary. Randy and Tatum were practically arguing about the topic while Sidney laughed at their unnecessarily serious discussion.
"All I'm staying is; what makes a movie scary is the blood, man!" Stu commented.
"Stu, it's a classic black and white movie. Plus, horror isn't all about the blood and gore." Randy countered, and Tatum agreed. "See? That's what I've been telling you doofus!" She told Stu, and he laughed at her anger.
I decided to pitch in and attempted to cut the conversation to continue watching the movie. "Guys, it's not that serious. Stu is clearly too basic with horror movies-" - "Am not! I bet you haven't watched nearly as many horror movies as me and Billy!" Stu cut me off, and I pointed at him with my third lollipop of the day. "Not fair! Two people versus one person's movie knowledge? That's not how it works, Stu." I countered and Billy placed his beer bottle on the glass table loud enough that it caught everyone's attention.
"You guys are being idiots and I need a refill." The boy said, and I quickly stood up from the couch as I put the lollipop in my mouth, following Billy to the garage.
When we arrived at the door, Billy opened it before me so I could climb down the stairs first. I pulled the lollipop out of my mouth before sending him a small smile of appreciation. His eyes scanned my lips before he caught my gaze and smirked at me. As I climbed down the stairs I could feel his eyes on my back so I purposefully walked a bit slower, adding a bit of swing to my hips.
When I opened the fridge and bent down to look for the beers, I felt one of Billy's large hands on my lower back. "Need help carrying those?" He questioned, following my gaze as I stood up to face him. Placing some beer bottles on the table next to the fridge, I took the lollipop out of my mouth again to answer "yes." He visibly tensed up at my actions.
"You really need to stop doing that." Billy said, voice lower than usual. I looked at him questioningly, and before I could pull the pop out of my mouth again, he did it for me, putting it in his mouth before pulling it out a second later. "This." He said.
I raised an eyebrow and smirked, took the lollipop out of his hand and repeated his actions before I discarded the candy in the trash next to the fridge. "Can't handle your urges, Loomis?" I asked teasingly and he took a step forward, towering over me. A tense silence washed over both of us before he closed the gap and kissed me softly, placing his hand on my hip as he pressed me against him.
"Billy, Sidney is upstairs. We agreed not to risk it like this..." I said, reminding him that our ongoing affair could've cost us a lot.
"I don't care... You've been driving me crazy all day sucking on that lollipop." He replied and kissed me again. This time more desperate and needy. It didn't take long for us to start playing with each others tongues, tasting the sweetness off the candy we had been savoring earlier.
I pulled Billy's hair softly with my left hand and grabbed his shirt with the right, pulling him impossibly close to me. We continued making out hungrily and then he broke the kiss. I leaned on the edge of the table and he pulled me towards him, parting my thighs with his leg so I could rub myself against him.
As I continued kissing Billy, he moved my head towards his neck and I knew what he wanted instantly, so that's what I did. I kissed his neck and made my way down his body, kneeling down in front of him. He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans for me before pulling his throbbing cock out. I opened my mouth for him. Billy smirked at me and tapped the head of his cock against my tongue a few times before sliding half of his length in. I started bobbing my head up and down slowly, moaning softly around his length while looking up at him with the most innocent look I could give him. That drove him crazy, so Billy grabbed the back of my head and started to thrust into my mouth, slowly picking up the pace.
We moved together in unison, never breaking eye contact. I moaned and whined around him while sucking, pushing him closer to his orgasm. As I felt him getting close, I slowed down my movements, edging him. Billy loved it. He hissed at the sudden change of speed and bucked his hips so his cock penetrated deeper inside my mouth. I pushed his length all the way inside and then pulled my head away, opening my mouth with my tongue sticking out. I licked the tip of his cock as if I were licking a lollipop, then I sucked, and licked, and sucked, and licked, and;
"Fuck, baby... Open up." Billy said and I did as I was told, sucking a few more times before opening my mouth for him, tongue sticking out for him to cum inside me. I chuckled at his attempt to keep quiet while the orgasm washed over his body. I swallowed his load in front of him, licking my lips and biting them afterwards.
"Oooh fuck..." Billy moaned. The sensation of his most sensitive spot being overstimulated was enough to get him close again. I noticed the tension building and giggled at the neediness he was displaying. Taking him all the way inside my mouth, I continued bobbing my head like I was before and looked up at him once more observing how he panted and threw his head back in pleasure.
Standing up in front of him, he kissed me and tasted himself on my lips. "You're so good at giving head, my God." He said and chuckled, before zipping his pants up along with his belt and fixing his hair.
"I know." I said, smirking at him before pulling another lollipop from my pocket and putting it in my mouth.
"Leave your window open tonight, we're not done here." He said and kissed me one final time before picking up the beers from the table and joining the group as if he hadn't gotten the soul sucked out of him a few minutes prior.
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whorrorfix 3 months
if i survived a slasher it鈥檚 because i fucked him
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whats-those 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Part 4
Part 1
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astrlioquus 15 days
Tumblr media
hello stuilly enjoyers *feeds you*
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liverralonee 1 month
looking at the Scream 1996 trivia imdb page and found this
Tumblr media
鈥淪idney sticking her finger in Billy鈥檚 fresh wound was devised by Wes Craven as an 鈥榠ntimate reverse love making鈥 of her penetrating him.鈥
love the confirmation that this scene is sidney fingering billy, thank you wes craven 馃榿
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