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b1adie · 1 day
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a cowboy and a dragon walk into a bar…
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seaspringangel · 2 days
tears like sugar
Tumblr media
summary: the sweetness of your tears makes boothill feel human again.
pairing: boothill x reader
word count: 1.0k
content warnings: fem!reader, dacryphilia, oral sex(fem!receiving), overstimulation, some touch starvation, pet names(sugarplum/baby)
notes: just boothill being a love drunk simp <3
Tumblr media
“Yer so pretty when ya cry.”
Boothill's hold on your naked hip was bruising and possessive as he pushed you down on the bed, but he still traced a tender, affectionate line from your temple to the bottom of your eyelashes beading with tears as he smiled crookedly; he imagined it to be a star pattern, pressing light into your skin. “I like it when yer face gets all soft n’ cloudy n’ sweet.” 
You flushed, bashfully attempting to cover your face with your hands, but Boothill wasn’t having any of that. He gently peeled them away, forcing you to stare at his face, bright with adoration. “C’mon, sugarplum, ya’ know I need to see your face when I make you fall apart.” 
Boothill had missed you so desperately. His work as a Galaxy Ranger always took him so far from where your hands could touch him. So many bitter nights kept him from the comfort of your arms, as grounding to him as the star shine that he traveled amongst, leaving him full of yearning, loneliness, and dreams filled with you. 
If he still could cry tears, Boothill would have shed several, letting them rain down on your face. But that part of his humanity has long been bled out of him, craved out of his body, sold for parts, phantom tears forever haunting his eyes. So how can one blame him that he was addicted to the loveliness that was you jumping in his awaiting arms, your adorable tears moistening the metal of his neck?
Boothill had you laid out beneath him, your body a universe made for his hands; every awe-inspired, reverent stroke and caress from the pleasure-pain of his fingers and teeth and tongue left you flushed so beautifully, color painting your body like a sunrise, and Boothill couldn’t help himself, he could never help himself when it came to you; he nipped at the soft bud of your nipple, and the sting of heavenly pain was so sudden you gasped, shivers dancing up your spine, liquid heat pooling in your stomach, an electric fire sparking to life inside you as you push yourself into his metallic chest, embers kissing shards of ice.
And more tears, shining and sweet, gathered in your eyelashes. Boothill wanted those tears to slide down your cheeks and into his mouth like falling stars.
All of his hot blood had long been frosted over with metal and circuitry, his robotic body an ice tundra slaughtering the spring in his veins; there was no bleeding heart to beat organically in the metal cage of his chest, no flesh or sinew to rub warmth into, but he knew you tried your best to love all of the cold hardware that forced him to be the ruthless machine he was today, with every tender kiss and affectionate touch that you showered on him. You wanted to make him feel human again. To make him feel like he is someone worth loving.
But there was no better way to show your love for him than when you fell apart in his hands, your tears raining down on him like a gift from the heavens when he lapped up the sticky sugar sweetness from your cunt, the velvet of your walls clenching around his artificial cock as he kissed away the sweet relief weeping from your eyes, the next best thing to a sugar rush for him. That’s what made his empty cavity of a chest burn with something bright and warm: your tears, salty and lovely and just for him alone. That is what made him human.
Boothill continued lavishing you with licks and kisses and small bites as he kept you pinned beneath by your hips. He trailed down from the valley of your breasts to the bliss he sought between your thighs, your delicate cries of please, Boothill, pleasepleaseplease a beautiful, needy melody in his ears, sending every electronic component within him humming. Aeons above, he could hear you cry like that forever until his body rusted over and broke down to nothing but scrap metal in the haven of your arms.
When he reached your cunt, he breathed you in and groaned softly; you were already so wet, your honeyed slick sliding down your legs, and Boothill wasn’t one to waste any precious drop; he licked them all up with a burning, aching swipe of his tongue, leaving behind a shining trail of his salvia. “You taste better than moonshine…” Boothill sighed against your inner thigh, your taste, sweet, sugary, and so utterly addicting, washing over him. “I jus’ want to devour you whole…”
And that’s exactly what he did; he latched onto your clit, his shark teeth and mouth a ravenous, all-encompassing, ruthless thing, sucking and licking and drinking you in until your voice cracked, breaking apart on his name, your cries crescendoing into sobs. 
He ate you and ate you, coaxing one orgasm to crash on his tongue like a wave, then another, and another, until you were nothing more than a quaking, wanton mess gripping tightly at his hair for relief. So needy. So perfect. So completely his.
“You got one more in ya, sugarplum. I know you do,” Boothill cooed softly, gazing up at you from between your thighs with reverence, your slick shining on his mouth like spilled starlight. You looked like what he had dreamed about for so many lonesome nights: beautiful and wrecked from the hunger of his desire, your face soft and cloudy and sweet, wet with tears.
So many beautiful tears. 
He drank from you until you were whimpering and limp in his hands, his grip on your hips lessening until he was rubbing them soothingly. “You did so good, baby.” Boothill pressed soft, apologetic kisses to your body as he crawled upwards until he was peppering your cheeks with them, lapping up the tears spilling from your eyes with his tongue. “Yer pretty as a picture…” 
Boothill knows that as soon as he separates himself from the warmth of your body, he’ll have to leave again, becoming weary and rueful thing cast out to endure the cold, black nights alone. But at least he has this memory as beautiful as the sweetest dream emblazoned in his mind to keep him going when things get hard: you, the brightest stars swimming in your eyes, love weeping between your thighs, your tears sweetening his tongue. 
He will never dream for anything more.
Tumblr media
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mimisplayground · 24 hours
Plz for the love of all things holy give us the argenthill posts I will actually lose my mind
Being sandwiched between them while they give each other attention, whining and mumbling complaints when they kiss each other.
Because they aren’t even trying to be subtle about the way they’re teasing you. Grinning down at you and chuckling when you say “my turn…” when they keep giving each other little pecks on the lips.
And if you want attention so bad, shouldn’t you get it? Thats why both of their hands are on you quickly. Why suddenly you went from watching them kiss to yelping when Boothill nips at your tongue with his sharp teeth. Argenti chuckling when you grip onto him to ground yourself.
And Argenti is just worshipping you. Down on his knees and putting his mouth to work quickly. Ridding you of your pants and undergarments with urgency.
“Look at ‘im sweetheart” Boothill teases, kissing down your throat while he hears your whines when the knight suckles at a particularly sensitive spot. Holding you sit when you jolt at the tongue being laved against you.
Argenti just lets out the loudest groan when your hands instinctively begin to grasp at the red hair. Leading you to bucking your hips into his face even more. And you feel him spelling something out with his tongue, but your brain just feels too melty to figure out what.
The cowboys fingers travel, touching any inch of skin they can find, and chilling you when he finally decides on abusing your nipples while he nips at your shoulders.
When you finally cum its with a shout, legs lifting and clamping around Argenti’s head while your hands scramble to het a tight grip on Boothill.
You feel the knight stand, but your vision is blurry and all you can give is a huff when he pats your face and mumbles your praises.
And you can’t help but be much more appreciative of it when your vision clears and you see Boothill licking the redheads face clean before making out with the man.
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gothiccprince · 22 hours
Tumblr media
A redraw lol
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You can't tell me this guy is not good at babysitting
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llocket · 2 days
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✧  boothill graphics⠀
f2u, only with credit! no need to reblog but very appreciated! ↳ prize for @bloodfeeble!! ++ good in dark & light mode
BUTTHILL!!!! i'm going to use one of these in a rentry actually LOL
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dumbification · 2 days
Tumblr media
“whatcha doin’ now, sugar? you’re gonna ruin it anyway.”
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greenionpan · 15 hours
Tumblr media
i want u silly cowboy.. (This is actually a redraw bc I hated the boothill I drew a few weeks ago LOL)
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paraselenium · 1 day
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boothill !
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bet-h · 2 days
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does it look like boothill? probably not but i liked the hair anyway eheheh
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ducotte-real · 2 days
Everybody’s like “ooh Guns and Roses this, Argenthill that” what if theyre exes. Huh. What if the path of Beauty was one marked by sorrow and rejection thats a betrayal of both your lover and yourself. What if you can’t stand the thought of allowing yourself to love someone other than your god because, isn’t that what a knight’s devotion is all about? The layers. The miscommunication. If you wanted it bad enough, couldnt you have made an exception? Are we not beautiful enough for a dead god to allow? We both know the answer but only one of us is listening anymore
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cueyuan · 2 days
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ah the silly ;w; recently ive been drawing a lot of fanart for merch but also… originals for some sticker designs!! hopefully i can actually finish those lmfao 🥲🥲
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wormdevourer · 1 day
little Boothill oneshot I got inspo for randomly,, enjoy :)
“Remember to aim for the heart!”
warnings: none | fluff
Tumblr media
Boothill wasn’t the type to be overly clingy - that was, until you got a new job and could only spend limited time with him at home. He missed you during the days, the times that you usually spent together. The long hours that dragged by without you were like torture - he just wanted you close all day. Occasionally, he’d accept those regular dangerous missions from which his profit derived from, and those helped to take his mind off of things.
One night, you came home from work at around six in the evening, tired from the day’s stresses. Tossing your shoes into the cubby and stepping into the kitchen with a heavy sigh, you set out some water to boil for dinner.
As you stood there in the lonely, dim kitchen, waiting for the water to boil, you suddenly felt arms around your waist. Nearly jumping out of your skin at the touch, you whipped around to see Boothill clinging to you, his face nuzzled into the back of your neck.
“…I missed ya.”
His voice is low and uncharacteristically soft…he’s being sweet.
“Aww…I missed you too, Boothill~” You giggled and smiled at him, adding in some noodles to the pot ahead of you.
“Whatcha makin’…?” He asked curiously, tilting his head slightly - which made his soft white hair spill over your shoulders.
“Spaghetti for dinner, love,” you replied, feeling his grip on you tighten slightly, “does that sound good?”
He nods, nuzzling his face back into the nape of your neck.
“Sounds delicious, darlin’…and I’m starvin’.”
“Heh, sorry I was a little late…work kept me, as usual.”
He hums faintly against your neck, hearing the soft hiss of the water boiling. You stir the pasta and finish up cooking while he clings to you, before turning back to him.
“Dinner’s ready…can you let go, please, love?” You asked softly, not wanting to hurt his feelings. He reluctantly let go of you, but not before placing a soft kiss on your forehead. The two of you sat beside each other at the kitchen table, as you listened to Boothill ramble about his day. He was so cute like this - talking animatedly, excited to see you again…it made you feel so loved.
“Sounds like you had an okay day without me, hm? I’m glad - I can’t stand the thought of you at home, missing me all day…” you chuckled once he was done with his rambling, seeing his happy smile as he looked at you.
“I mean, I still missed ya lots, sugar, but I survived…mostly~” …so cute.
You two spent a couple hours chatting and relaxing together before getting ready for bed, and then, when you came back in to your shared bedroom…
…Boothill was snuggled up in a ball underneath the soft blankets, wearing his comfy pajamas with his white hair pooled out around him. His eyes were closed, and he was completely unaware of your presence. He looked so relaxed, and so adorable. You couldn’t help but to stare for a moment…he’s just too precious.
“…darlin’? you’re back?” He called quietly, sitting up and glancing at you, “c’mere~”
You wasted no time rushing over, shutting the lights off, and snuggling into bed with him. A soft giggle escapes you as he wraps his arms around you, nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck. Despite his metal body, he was actually quite warm - after all, he had an internal heater to keep his temperature regulated.
“Hm…this is what I’ve been looking forward to all day…~” you mumbled absentmindedly, smiling up at him as you ran your fingers through his soft hair.
“Yeah…me too, sugar. Me too,” he hummed lowly, pulling the blankets over you both. He absolutely loved your cuddles and warmth - it made him feel more human than anything else could. He loved these sweet nights with you, the sound of your voice so relaxed, and warmth of your body close to his…he loved you.
“Hey,” you began, meeting his gaze with yours, “I’m taking the day off tomorrow, sweetheart…to spend it all with you.”
His face instantly lit up at that - he looked so overjoyed. “Really, sugar?!” Once you nodded at him, he practically pounced on you, hugging you tightly against his chest.
“Sugar, I can’t fudgin’ wait!~” Aww, he sounded so happy… “I’ve been plannin’ a day of fun for us just in case! I’ll bring ya on a mission if ya want, an’ we can relax ta’gether, an’-“ you cut him off by cupping his face in your hands, smiling sweetly at him.
“Of course, sweetheart, I’d love that. I’m glad you’re so excited - it’s cute~” as you said that, his cheeks were tinged a light pink.
“C-cute…? Am I really, sugar…?”
(do not repost / steal / translate to any other sites !!)
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makio0uzui · 2 days
I finally finished making boothill
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where is the boothill ace content
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