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vanillayoteart · 18 days
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Coyote HRT: Month 5.5B
Coyote HRT: Week 23 I knew going into this that dogs could hear more.  I knew going into this that things would hurt.  I did not foresee myself dealing with muzzle pain and misophonia at the SAME TIME. Major thanks to AyvieArt and Lakehounds for the inspiration Start - Prev - Next 
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aspenonpawzzz · 2 months
yes, you! therian/alterhuman/otherkin seeing this post!
do you know/ have read the green ember?
yes? good, who did you react to Helmers saciefice?
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poorlyprogrammedwolf · 2 months
I got some doggy bandages for whenever I do my T-shot :0
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goblin-crow · 2 months
need hrt that turns me into a deer or perhaps a coyote
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gracewolfing · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
WolfHRT | Week 2 - A Splash of Color |
"Woke up this morning and saw that my hair was graying out? I panicked and decided to run to the store to get some dye for my hair..."
Inspired by AyvieArt's Dragon HRT and Vanillayote's Coyote HRT
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boyswillbedogz · 23 days
ive seen a few others doing them (namely a coyote whose username i cant recall?? it was super neat) and now i wanna do one but idk if people would like
enjoy that
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nyxisart · 3 months
Wait a min... this is just Monster Girls, but with HRT!
(Also Succubus/Demon Girl... I could choose Chimera, but idk)
Cat girls ✅
Puppy girls ✅
Crow girls ✅
Coyote girls ✅
Ox Girls ✅
Slime girls ✅
Bunny girls ✅
Otter girls ✅
Fox girls ✅
Raccoon girls ✅
Eldritch horror girls ✅
Snake girls ✅
Deer girls ✅
Fish girls ✅
Spider girls ✅
Wolf girls ✅
Rat girls ✅
Raven girls ✅
Moth girls ✅
Robot girls ✅
Axolotl girls ✅
Manul girls ✅
Cow girls ✅
Alien girls ✅
Goat girls ✅
Tanuki girls ✅
Chimera girls ✅
Dragon girls ✅
Seal girls ✅
Succubus girls ✅
Demon girls ✅
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cadavercatt · 2 days
thinking abt making an animal hrt comic. ird probably be either crow, blue jay, cat or coyote and itd purely be for me but i think it could be fun
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mangedmutt · 2 months
Coyote HRT updated time to feel incredibly dysphoric about this for some reason
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butchmartyr · 1 year
wish I had big soft coyote ears so people I like could tussle my hair and rub my ears… need hrt that makes me like inuyasha
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vanillayoteart · 1 month
Tumblr media
Coyote HRT: Week 21
Coyote HRT: Week 21 terrev started her species transition within a few days of me so we are almost on the same timeline. I love this big kitty so much!  Major thanks to AyvieArt and Lakehounds for the inspiration Start - Prev - Next 
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poorlyprogrammedwolf · 2 months
I got some doggy bandages for whenever I do my T-shot :0
Tumblr media
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wizardchicken · 5 months
Ahhhhhhhhh it's going good...?
good !!!
I'm feeling better about just calling myself a trans girl and just going with it.
that's probably the most important thing :) getting used to a new label can take some time. you gotta break it in and make it feel like home!
But now the prospect of what's next is starting to spook me.
valid !!!
Like, I don't really *have* to actually transition irl, and I don't really intend to for a while, but I'm not really sure if I just want to stay like this or not, y'know?
i definitely know. i think there's a few ways to take some baby steps to test the waters, but a lot of the time you kind of just have to take a leap of faith.
when people talk about "transition" they typically use it to refer to two categories of transition, which is socially transitioning and medically transitioning.
socially transitioning is the one that's scary for trans people, which is where you get boymoders who take HRT and pretend to be boys.
medically transitioning is the one that's scary for cis people, which is where you get legislation about bathrooms.
ultimately, depending on your circumstances, either one can be something you can dip your toes into.
voice training, for example, is non-destructive and reversible. so is dressing different. if your family and or friends are cool enough, you can try out different names or pronouns with them same as you would try on different clothes.
hormone replacement therapy can lead to permanent changes to your body, but ultimately? your existing hormone regimen has already lead to permanent changes in your body. it's called puberty. and for most transfem people, once they start hrt their main concern is that those changes aren't happening fast enough.
I've been growing out my hair but I'm starting to notice that I'm getting closer and closer to it actually being significantly longer than at any other point in my life and it's making me really nervous because I have no idea how to manage my hair or style it or make it look good in either a masculine style or a feminine style and I don't really want people asking too many questions and I'm also nervous about actually seeing myself with longer hair and...
You should go to a salon! You can poke around to see what salons near you are trans-friendly and book a women's hair appointment with them. Get in there, ask their advice on what would be feminizing on you, ask them for care instructions, just ask shitloads of questions.
If anyone questions your hair, it's literally so easy to be like "Do you like it?" and "Thanks! I've been trying to take better care of it :)" and just act totally ignorant to the whole thing. My best friend is a massive egg who's been growing their hair out for the better part of a decade now, and nobody ever comments on it.
My advice? Go full fem. You can always chop it later, but it takes time to grow it back.
And heck, maybe I'm not even trans at all and I'm just making this all up or really exaggerating my feelings or something... but honestly I'm probably not... unless??? No, probably not... but maybe... perhaps... unless...
not a single cis person on the planet has ever said this
...on second thought I don't think the jitters have really gone very far at all lol
valid :) i think they'll start going away the more you start to engage in gender affirming actions. like right now, you've just leapt off the cliff of cisness and are wile-e-coyote frozen in the air. the only way forward is to touch down on the cliff on the other side !!
It's been a week since I came out but it's felt like forever
totally! a lot of trans people keep track of their coming out day as like a secondary birthday because it's such a momentous occasion.
sounds like things are progressing as normal! i'm excited to hear about your haircut -- hopefully they have you looking beautiful!
You’ve got so much good advice <3
“Not a single cis person on the planet has ever said this”
Lollll you’re right I swear I’ll get it into my dumb mind eventually
I think I probably have a few friends I could probably come out to… I’ve just gotta work up the courage for it first. I think that it might be a pretty good idea to do so, though.
I can’t promise I’ll get the haircut… but I’ll at least give it proper consideration!!
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gracewolfing · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
WolfHRT | Week 3 - A Coyote's Intuition |
"Was out and about getting some stuff and I bumped into Rain (@vanillayote) while at a coffee shop. Both got a coffee and went over to the park for a bit"
Inspired by both AyvieArt's Dragon HRT and Rain's Yote HRT
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kimabutch · 3 years
The further I get in my transition, the more I’m so, so very grateful for all my queer elders, and how very tangibly they’ve carved out the roads that I’m walking.
To the nonbinary people who’ve taken HRT and gotten gender-confirmation surgeries and are the reason that I can safely tell my doctor that I’m nonbinary and still be allowed to medically transition at all, which wasn’t always possible.
To everyone who’s ever written about or taken pictures of their experiences with testosterone and top surgery — for answering my questions before I could ask them, for soothing my worries, and for proving to my mum that no, I’m not the first person to do this, yes, even while being nonbinary, yes, even while being a lesbian.
To every butch, nonbinary or not, whose writing or friendship taught me that it was a viable identity for myself, that I didn’t have to choose between transitioning and being butch. (To that one short chapter by Ivan Coyote in Gender Failure: “Do I Still Call Myself a Butch? Yes. Of course I still do.”)
And, as ever, to every single queer person who’s walked the streets before me and given me the confidence to go out as myself, with the words that describe me proudly on my tongue.
I wish I could thank every single one of you.
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thetravelerwrites · 6 years
Elsabet (Female Lich) SFW
Tumblr media
Rating: Teen Relationship: Female Lich x MTF Trans Reader Additional Tags: Reader Insert, Exophilia Content Warnings: MTF Trans, Pre-HRT, Dysphoria Words: 1536
I got a request from @chaoswolf1982 for a fem trans reader and a Lich lady, and managed to knock it out in a few hours! This was a fun one, since the Elsabet is from the 1600s and speaks all fancy, and I haven’t done a MTF trans woman before now, so that was a new experience, too! Please enjoy!
I accept requests, but they are limited to 1500 words. Anything more than that, and I’m afraid I’ll have to charge.
Tumblr media
The day it happened was actually your first day on the demolition site. It was a shame; this crumbling ruin must have been glorious when it was first built. You could see the structure of the fallen parapets and towers in your mind’s eye. There weren’t many real castles in your country, and even though it was the job you’d been given, you thought it a pity to get rid of it.
The other construction guys had been looking at you sideways all day. You hadn’t started hormone replacement therapy or undergone any surgeries yet, so even though you’d grown your hair out and despite wearing black jeans with flower embroidery and a feminine-cut button-up shirt with thin, pink pinstripes and a half sleeve, you still had a five o’clock shadow and a tell-tall adam’s apple. You knew you didn’t quite pass yet, but you didn’t care. You’d spent too much of your life hiding yourself and you just plain refused to do it anymore.
At least they had enough consideration to hold their tongues while you were in earshot. Not that it mattered, of course; you were the only explosives expert within a hundred miles that they could hire, so what they thought about you and your life choices didn’t make a difference either way.
“Okay, so, that tower that’s leaning,” You said to the tear-down team. “It doesn’t need explosives. If you take out those three support stones underneath it, it’ll come down pretty quick. The main hall is the one thing I’d say we’d need to rig up, but we’ll work inward toward it and leave it for last.”
“Okay, boys,” the team leader said. “You heard the…” He paused, side-glancing at you. “Start on that tower. I want to have at least half of it cleared out by dark.”
You shook off your annoyance and started mapping out the plans for the main hall. You heard distantly the sound of the supports being smashed away, looking up to make sure the men got out of the way before returning to your measurements.
Then a blood-curdling screech shattered the atmosphere around you. You stood up straight and saw the men scattering, yelling and cursing.
“What the hell is that?” You asked the men as they ran past you like rabbits from a fox. They all jumped into their trucks to flee.
“Wait!” You called, but they were gone, kicking up dust as they sped off. “It was probably just a coyote, you fucking cowards!” You shook your head and growled at them, as they left you here. You reached into your own truck and pulled out your high-impact airsoft rifle. You weren’t really a fan of guns, but you worked in the country a lot and predators were a common problem, so at the very least, a non-lethal deterrent was necessary.
You approached the fallen tower with your rifle up and ready, whistling loudly.
“Alright, whatever is in there needs to fuck off! I have a job to do here,” You said loudly, your voice echoing off the stones. You grimaced at the sound of it. You didn’t have a lot of body dysphoria, but your voice was one thing about yourself that really bothered you. You didn’t know how to make it sound more feminine without feeling like you were pretending.
You didn’t see any movement inside the main structure, so you called out again. “I’m serious! Get out of here!” You even cracked a BB off of the nearest rotting wooden window pane in warning, which you assumed once had glass.
To your immense surprised, a largish rock came sailing out of the darkness in your direction, and you ducked with enough time to avoid getting brained.
“Begone!” A voice inside said. It was a rasping, crackling voice, as if whoever it belonged to hadn’t used it’s own voice in quite some time. “Let this accursed woman rest! I have paid your infernal tax well into the next decade! Get thee hence and vex me no more!”
“I’m sorry, ma’am,” you said, lowering your rifle but stepping tentatively into the main hall. It was still pretty solidly standing. “This place has been scheduled for demolition. You can’t stay here.”
Another stone was lobbed at you, and you dodged it.
“Dost thou intend to eject a lady from her own dwelling? Bought and paid, I have! This land and all that exist within is my own! I shall not suffer thee! Darken my doorstep no further.”
“Ma’am, please,” You said. “This property is owned by the state. They’ve plans to turn it into a resort. You can’t stay. If I have to call someone to get you out of here, I will.”
“Threats?” You saw two pinpricks of light in the dark, moving around the room, and froze. “I should like to see thou maketh good on thy foolish promise. Come, then! Come and see that which you so blithely provoke.”
The person to whom the voice belonged stepped into the sunlight, and you immediately pulled your gun up again.
It was… a corpse. A walking, talking corpse made of tanned leather skin stretched over a skeleton with no muscle or organs beneath. It’s lips were drawn tightly back, leaving it’s long teeth exposed. The lights you had seen were coming from the sockets of its eyes, deep in the darkness of it’s skull. It was tall and wore a tattered, ill-fitting dress; old-fashioned, perhaps centuries old.
“Dost thou comprehend now?” It asked. “Dost thou see what it is you seeketh to expel from her own domicile?”
“What are you?” You asked in shock, your rifle forgotten in your hands.
“I am an undead thing, bound to this castle,” It said. It peered at you curiously. “What is thou?”
“I… I am a woman,” You replied, your heart skipping a beat. It was the first time you had ever said that sentence out loud.
The lights of it’s eyes dimmed, as if it was squinting. “Lookest ye not like a woman.”
“Neither do you,” You retorted, bristling.
You expected a barbed reply, but instead it said, “Thou dost not speaketh a falsehood,” It--she--sat on a moldering wooden chair. “This curse hast robbed me of much. My womanhood is but the smallest facet of the jewel that I once was.”
“How did this happen to you?” You asked, setting the rifle aside.
She waved a bony hand dismissively. “Money and power breedeth hostility. Any number of the vulgar rabble would revel in my misfortune. I am the last of my damned line. The curse hath fixed me so that no further children of my blood would be born, but that my house and name continue in death for eternity.”
She waved her skeletal hands at the remains of her castle. “All that you see is the remnants of my home and my prison. Eternally shalt I pay for the sins of my forebears, though no such sin did I commit.” She looked introspective, her angular shoulders hunched. “Perhaps, if thou dost breaketh down these walls, I shall crumble with it. Perhaps I, too, may fade.”
You knelt down. “How long have you been trapped here?”
“What is the year?” She asked, and you told her. She gasped softly in surprise. “Has it really been so long? I had grown melancholy that I thought to sleep for only a few years, just to pass the time. I have… severely miscalculated.”
You had the strange urge to reach out to her and take her hand, and you did. She looked at you in surprise.
“I’m sorry,” You said. “I can’t stop the demolition. It’s not up to me. You scared off this crew, but they’ll hire more.”
She shook her head, the wisps of hair still left on her scalp floated around her ears like dandelion fuzz.
“No,” She said. “What must be done shall be done. I shan’t stand in thy path or interfere in thy work. The time has come for the end, as all things must.”
“Are you sure?” I asked. “What will happen to you?”
“I do no know,” She said. “But circumstance will be different. That shall be well enough.”
“What’s your name?” You asked her.
She frowned, thinking. “It… it is Elsabet.”
Tumblr media
The next week, you began planting explosives around the main hall. Elsabet had retreated to the treeline to watch from a distance. The other workers hadn’t spotted her; the faded green hue of her clothes and tan of her skin made it easy to blend in with the foliage.
You twisted up the charges and set it to the trigger, calling for the team to clear the area. Once it was free of people and everyone was behind a blast shield, you glanced in Elsabet’s direction, and she nodded once. You pushed the plunger down, and the entire main hall blew out from the bottom and fell straight down, shooting dust and debris across the forest floor.
That evening, after spending at least twelve hours cleaning up the wreckage, you made it home and sank onto your couch with a groan of exhaustion.
You felt something push the hair away from your brow, and your eyes jerked open with a start. Elsabet knelt in front of you.
“This place hast not the grandeur of which I am accustomed,” she said. “But… it doth retain a… charm. Perhaps, if thou wouldst enjoy my company, I may stay with thee? I shall endeavor not to be troublesome.”
You smiled at her and touched her cheek. “Only if you want to.”
Tumblr media
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