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arson-jellyfish69 · 2 months
AI disturbance overlays for those who don't have Ibis paint premium. found them on tiktok
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Guys, Elon released his stupid AI on Twitter and the first thing his idiot devotees did was ask it if trans women are really women and they are losing it over getting the correct answer back.
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Now it’s recounting Elon’s lies for people too
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This may be the only AI bot I’ve ever liked.
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bornt-urnge · 7 months
⚠️ Fandom is Moving Forward with Generative AI ⚠️
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As of December 15, Fandom has announced their plans to continue using AI to "enhance" their articles.
In short, they claim to have primarily used AI to
Scan images for "appropriateness" (be that NSFW content or just fitting in with the theme of the show), which still involves scraping tons of images and comparing them to a potentially unethically sourced database. As with all machine learning using images, it is still wildly inaccurate.
Optimizing edits - something they admit is still severely lacking because it can't read tables or variants on simple things like "birthday"
Optimizing SEO - this is clearly what they care most about, since Google likes the "Quick Answers" - as shitty as they were - this means they can continue to dominate the search results and gain more ad revenue.
This is a good time to remember that Fandom is a for-profit company with inverstors, which means their end goal is always to make the most money possible. They don't care about "The Fans" (despite the lip service), and they don't care about the authenticity of user-generated content if they can figure out how to automate the process.
Indie Wiki Buddy is an extension that will redirect you to non-Fandom versions of wikis if it's in their database.
BreezeWiki displays all Fandom wikis in a clean, ad-free format with just the article content (no links to their forums, autoplay videos, etc)
If you must use Fandom, install UBlock Origin. It's available on all desktop browsers and Firefox Mobile. Hit them where it hurts. And encourage the wiki teams to leave Fandom if they can.
Also, be sure to support independent wikis! You can disable adblockers while on their sites, as they usually have much less obtrusive ads which directly fund server maintenance rather than CEO salaries. Change links on your posts/pages to direct to non-Fandom Wikis (even wiki.gg is better).
Keep information free from corporatization.
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very-uncorrect · 5 months
I hope AI crashes and burns like NFTs and the metaverse and in a year's time we'll all be laughing about how dumb it was
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kaneidae · 10 months
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In lieu of recent events
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madnessandentropy · 5 months
I will never understand A.I "artists". What do you feel when you get complimented for your "work"? Surely not pride. What is there to be proud of? You did nothing. You didn't plan it, sketch it, spend hours on it and trying to make sure it looked good, or got excited to make something you love You entered a few prompts and the final product that took a few seconds is likely stolen from a real artist, and those that do compliment you usually don't know it's A.I, then backtrack when they find out.
Like how could possibly consider yourself an artist in any way? You're not. Art is created by humans. A.I is just a copy, a weak imitation, a mishmash of things it scoured for online.
A.I art is not art, and A.I. artists are not artists.
The same applies to writing. That, too, is a form of art. You are not a writer. You didn't think of how you want the story to go. You didn't research to make sure what you wanted to write was accurate or to give a character or place a unique name. You didn't spend ages trying to get the scenes and dialogue just right, filled with passion about what you were creating
No, you entered a prompt in a generator that probably stole someone else's writing and claimed it as your own. You're not a writer. You're a fraud.
A.I is worthless. It is not art. It is not human.
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sekhithefops · 5 months
How to Kill Microsoft's AI "Helper" Copilot WITHOUT Screwing With Your Registry!
Hey guys, so as I'm sure a lot of us are aware, Microsoft pulled some dickery recently and forced some Abominable Intelligence onto our devices in the form of its "helper" program, Copilot. Something none of us wanted or asked for but Microsoft is gonna do anyways because I'm pretty sure someone there gets off on this.
Unfortunately, Microsoft offered no ways to opt out of the little bastard or turn it off (unless you're in the EU where EU Privacy Laws force them to do so.) For those of us in the United Corporations of America, we're stuck... or are we?
Today while perusing Bluesky, one of the many Twitter-likes that appeared after Musk began burning Twitter to the ground so he could dance in the ashes, I came across this post from a gentleman called Nash:
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Intrigued, I decided to give this a go, and lo and behold it worked exactly as described!
We can't remove Copilot, Microsoft made sure that was riveted and soldered into place... but we can cripple it!
Simply put, Microsoft Edge. Normally Windows will prevent you from uninstalling Edge using the Add/Remove Programs function saying that it needs Edge to operate properly (it doesn't, its lying) but Geek Uninstaller overrules that and rips the sucker out regardless of what it says!
I uninstalled Edge using it, rebooted my PC, and lo and behold Copilot was sitting in the corner with blank eyes and drool running down it's cheeks, still there but dead to the world!
Now do bear in mind this will have a little knock on effect. Widgets also rely on Edge, so those will stop functioning as well.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
But I can still check the news and weather using an internet browser so its a small price to pay to be rid of Microsoft's spyware-masquerading-as-a-helper Copilot.
But yes, this is the link for Geek Uninstaller:
Run it, select "Force Uninstall" For anything that says "Edge," reboot your PC, and enjoy having a copy of Windows without Microsoft's intrusive trash! :D
UPDATE: I saw this on someone's tags and I felt I should say this as I work remotely too. If you have a computer you use for work, absolutely 100% make sure you consult with your management and/or your IT team BEFORE you do this. If they say don't do it, there's likely a reason.
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fireflysummers · 9 months
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FireflySummers’ Guide to Arguing Against the Use of AI Image Generators
(AKA I hate AI image generators so fucking much that I published a whole ass academic article on it)
Read the Paper: Art in the Machine: Value Misalignment and AI "Art"
Citation: Allred, A.M., Aragon, C. (2023). Art in the Machine: Value Misalignment and AI “Art”. In: Luo, Y. (eds) Cooperative Design, Visualization, and Engineering. CDVE 2023. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 14166. Springer, Cham. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-031-43815-8_4
The purpose of the original paper and now this post is the following:
Provide at least one academic article that you can cite. (Full paper + citation available below)
Make explicit community values that have previously been implicit, in order to better examine your own perceptions of the online artist community, and where you sit within it.
Provide rebuttals to common pro-AI talking points, with the intention of shutting down the conversation and reclaiming the narrative. 
What this paper and post cannot do:
Act as a sole authority about the online artist community and its values. We are not a monolith, and it is up to you to think critically about what, exactly, you want to take away from this discussion.
Provide a way to convince AI Evangelists that what they’re doing is wrong and bad and needs to stop. You will never convince them. Again, focus on shutting them down and reclaiming the narrative.
Final Disclaimer: I'm a very fallible researcher who is still very much learning how to do academia. I cannot speak for the entirety of the online artist community or fanartist community. We all have different lived experiences. I have done my best to include diverse voices; however if you have concerns or critiques, I am open to hearing them.
If you show up to debate in favor of AI image generators, you will be automatically blocked.
Editors, Meme Experts, and Annotators: @starbeans-bags, @b4kuch1n, @cecilioque.
Tutorial Examples: @sabertoothwalrus, @ash-and-starlight, @miyuliart, @hometownrockstar, @deoidesign, @cinnamonrollbakery
If you have read this far, thank you very much. I hope that you have found a constructive lens for approaching the war with AI image generators, as well as a new tool for shutting down debate and reclaiming the narrative.
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emilylorange · 6 months
Tumblr media
listening to my podcasts while working today and happened to come across this from the most recent Behind the Bastards episode on AI, and i felt like it deserved to be spread.
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candycornstudios · 2 months
If you are sick of Google giving you blatantly wrong or even dangerous AI answers to your search query, here are some search engines that don’t use AI at all:
Startpage (highly recommend this one)
I was about to put Yahoo on this list since their search doesn’t use AI, but it turns out their email service has AI integrated into it :(
DuckDuckGo uses AI by default. Even though you can just toggle it off, I still lost trust in DuckDuckGo
Definitely DO NOT USE BRAVE. Not only does it have built into AI integration, but also has cringe ass crypto and NFT crap built in because the company is ran by cryptobros. The founder of Brave is also a transphobe
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mellomadness · 1 month
psa from your local artist: it is ALWAYS morally correct to flag ads for ai art creation programs as “malicious” or “inappropriate” ESPECIALLY on tumblr :)
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SAG-AFTRA throwing voice actors under the bus after spending the last couple of months striking for protections against AI for on camera talent is some of the scummiest shit I have ever seen.
All these voice actors stood in solidarity with the on camera folks during the strike, but when push comes to shove their own union will gladly stab them in the fucking back because they don’t consider voice acting and performance capture “Real acting.”
Voice actors need their own union because this shit is ridiculous.
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dazzleluminosity · 2 months
Every time I see some AI-generated landscape with like four horizon lines and the walls become trees become curtains the further in the background you go, I imagine that's what the compulsive construction in Network Effect looked like. Just off, unsettling, with a note of depressing in the realization that it's taking over your culture and the people brainwormed by it either truly can't tell it's terrible, or are dedicated to pretending they are.
Is this... what it's like to be dealing with alien remnant contamination?
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drachenmagier · 9 months
You cheated not only the art, but yourself.
You didn't grow. You didn't improve. You took a shortcut and gained nothing.
You experienced a hollow victory. Nothing was risked and nothing was gained.
It's sad that you don't know the difference.
(this is about A/I generated pictures d:)
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witchpussy42069 · 3 months
AI art is fucking horrible and I know I'm not the first person to say it but SPECIFICALLY what I personally hate about it so much is how pervasive it is. Not as in sexual, but as in it's fucking everywhere and it's NEVER tagged as AI so now everytime I see something beautiful, whether it's a photograph or a painting or something, I feel the uncanny suspicion that maybe there's not even an actual artist behind this. Maybe my liking and reblogging and support is in vain and I'm giving my energy, my admiration, my support to a soulless robot or a fucking con man. There's no way to fully filter it out of search results, or block it from my for you page/ home page. It feels insidious. I should be able to report AI creations for unreality/misinformation/ SOMETHING. the internet is becoming a more and more hostile place, even now when I just want to look at photos of flowers. This is horrible for the collective mental health of us all.
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siffrin-enthusiast · 4 months
you can’t say “fuck ai art” and then make ai voice covers btw. that doesn’t work. you can’t pick and choose what art is “okay” to make ai of you’re still feeding the machine and costing people their jobs and livelihoods
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