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our flag means death S2E3: the innkeeper
#our flag means death#ofmd spoilers#ofmd s2 spoilers#shrimp gifs#it was just a very pretty scene i think#i'm laughing because i played around with curves -- as you do -- but then i had to manually bring the brightness down and make everything#more blue again because it's just better that way lol#god i'm having... so many little marbles bouncing around my head like#this post is already tagged with all the spoiler tags i think i can talk in here#the way it started i had No Inkling At All that this would be this kind of setting. so i didn't pay attention to the surroundings or all th#stuff. hell i could barely hear what they're saying because all my fancy schmancy english skills fall apart in the face of your normal soun#mixing. I MISSED THAT IZ AND ED SAID “LOVE” LIKE HELLO#but. but anyway. but. but once it was revealed that This Is All In Ed's Head. that hornigold is ed and everything is ed. man. god.#it's cold and wet and dark (ed likes warmth). ed was washed up on the shore with his face full of sand but THEN he got rescued by someone#who he hated and associated with all the pain and violence AND who then force-fed him soup so he could get better. who had pretty pieces of#glass hanging from his tent (there's no sun but the decoration itself is a promise of a pretty sighs when the rays of the sun hit#just right--) AND you can't forget the sandals. and the play-acting and aoughhhh EEEDDDDDDDD god he's so good HE'S SO GOOD#i dont think i should touch the delightful revenge scenes because they're dark as fuck and idk if the files i have are hq enough#to survive the becurvening. BUT. ed my love!!! i hope this is not where your insanities end
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perrie edwards - forget about us
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DNA Album Booklet: Page 1 - 10
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Tumblr media
✨kiss kiss fall in love✨
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imagine Miguel and trying to stay quiet but he’s hell bent on getting you to make noise for him so he starts working HARDER and biting you to get you to moan for him — 🥵🥵🥵
Hope you like <3
NSFW under the cut
You wanted to scream, your throat tight with pressure.
You fought to keep it together, slapping a hand over your mouth while you obediently bounced on Miguel’s cock. This position was always a mission, your thighs spread a little too wide to accommodate him, his large cock reaching parts deep within you that you didn't know were possible. 
He had a bruising hold on your hips, his fingers digging into your skin as he guided you at the speed he wanted. 
“Too quiet,” he grunted in protest, eyes trained on your face, “you know I hate it when you’re quiet.” 
“Y-you know damn well why I’m quiet.” You argued weakly, your hands flying to grip his shoulders tightly, nails biting into his tanned skin. You tossed your head back at a particularly intense thrust, chest heaving and pussy throbbing with need and arousal. 
Miguel made a noise of disapproval at your words, brows furrowed as he concentrated, his hand now roaming to grasp one of your tits.
“Don’t care.” Of course, he didn’t.
You were in one of the restrooms at HQ, shoved into a stall that barely held enough space for the width of Miguel’s broad shoulders, let alone the both of you for a quick fuck session. It was a tight fit, even when he sat on the lid of the toilet, forcing you over his lap with a simple tug of your waist.
Not the most convenient place to be in a compromising position. 
“Y-you should,” you whimpered, biting your lip at the delicious stretch of him, “a-anyone could walk in and hear.”
“Don’t care,” he repeated roughly, his red eyes observing the way you were creaming over his cock, “wanna hear you.” He grabbed you by the nape suddenly, pressing you against him so that he had complete access to your pretty neck.
He began to nose at the skin, inhaling the scent of your floral perfume mixed with the sweat of the current activity, before sucking a bruise. You moaned as he nibbled at your neck, gently at first, tugging and licking before he got the mark to his desired shade. The area bloomed with color, bright red, and angry.
“That’s it,” he cooed, grinning against your neck when more whimpers fell from your lips, “let me hear you." You choked out a moan, biting your lip as he continued to spear you in all the right ways, his hands gripping the bottom of your thighs to easily lift you up, only to slam you back down again. 
You arms snaked around his sweat slicked shoulders, your fingers gripping his hair as you cried out—finally—your achy cunt coating you both in your slick.
"Fuck," you cried, your eyes glazing over with tears, his cock hitting the perfect spot, "M-miguel!"
He hummed, licking a stripe down your neck before sinking his fangs into you, piercing through your skin at a superficial level, but he knew it'd be enough.
You came with a loud moan, gushing all over his cock, your juices running down his length and over his thighs. He didn't stop bouncing you on his cock, chasing his own pleasure. Your slick pussy pulsated over him, the wetness helping to glide easily in and out of you. 
"Fuck," he groaned, licking the metallic taste off your neck as he came deep inside, shoving his hips tightly against yours, "goddamn."
You dropped your forehead on his shoulder, catching your breath. Your hips ached from the position and you knew you'd be feeling the ache of your muscles and cunt for a few days.
Miguel removed his hold from under your thighs, wrapping his arms around your waist. He felt your rapid heart beat on his chest and smiled, nuzzling his face in your hair. 
"Oi!" Hobie's distinct voice echoed into the restroom, "you both done havin' a shag?" You went rigid in Miguel's arms, shrinking against his chest in pure mortification.
"Fuck off, Hobie," Miguel growled, slamming a fist against the wall of the stall to make a point. 
"Just tryin' to wash my hands boss." he chuckled, his boots squeaking under the linoleum floors.  The faucet goes off for a moment, then the paper towel dispenser before Hobie leaves. "Clean up after yourselves, yeah?"
You groaned when you heard the bathroom door swing closed, keeping yourself tight against Miguel as if he’d shield you from the embarrassment. His cock was nestled comfortably inside you, some of his seed slipping out as it softened. 
“I hate you,” you said with no bite, your words muffled by his skin. You heard him breathe deeply before he pressed a kiss over your hair.
“I hate you, too.” He said affectionately.
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ft. hq boys and their acts of intimacy <3
cw : fluff + sfw. timeskip! setting. mentions of bathing together.
Tumblr media
even though he may be a little too burly to fit comfortably with you in the tub, and it takes a couple minutes to get situated without getting squashed, bokuto loves to bathe with you. he enjoys running the warm water, not too hot, not too cold, but just right. he’ll mix in a nice scented soap that makes bubbles rise high in the bathtub, lavender and citrus you can smell in the mist of your bathroom. he’ll hold your hands under the water, and maybe splash you a couple times, but he shows he cares with the delicate touches he leaves on your skin as he washes away the worries of the world with a sponge of suds. he’ll lather your hair in your favorite shampoo, careful to not snag any knots, and rinse the strands with such gentleness you can barely even feel it. and when you’re all done, he’ll wrap you in a warm towel, snug and clean while he kisses your damp cheeks with a huge smile.
kita vowed that when he started dating you, he would never allow a week to go by without your vase being filled with a new bouquet. he’ll come home to you, new flowers wrapped in the palm of his hands as he kisses you hello. he loves the the way you get excited, eyes twinkling at the delicate petals and floral scent as you thank him over and over. he’ll watch you with a fond smile as you carefully take them in your grasp, setting them into a pretty vase that makes your home light up with color. he won’t let you see the flowers die, always keeping one for himself so he knows when it’s time to replace them. he’ll always tell you the meaning of the bouquet he got, or leave a pretty note tied around the stems. he buys a different type of flower every time, because he knows you’ll enjoy the variety. he adores you just as much as you adore the beautiful flowers.
atsumu has talented hands from years of playing volleyball, and he puts them to good use when you complain that you’re sore. he’ll knead at the expanse of your skin, smiling to himself as you sigh in content. he’ll rub away the tiredness of your muscles, gentle but calculated touches everywhere you could need. he likes to hold your hands in his, massaging from your fingers all the way up to your arms, and back down to your hands again. he’ll lay your sock-clad feet in his lap, squeezing and rubbing the ache away with his fingers. he’ll sit you on his lap, massaging the discomfort of your cramping shoulders until your melting into his touch. he won’t be rough, making sure his touch is tender and soft while he works the knots out. he kindly kisses your skin when he’s done, and feels that it’s a mission accomplished when you tell him you feel much better.
as long as osamu is around, you will always have a full plate. he’s always in the kitchen, a small and sacred book of his ma’s recipes standing proud on an easel. you don’t remember the last time you’ve heard your stomach grumble, because he’s already sliding a bowl your way. he loves how domestic it feels, to use the recipes he once enjoyed as a kid and serve them to you on a silver platter. he likes that you’re his personal taste tester, giving him a thumbs up with full cheeks as you chew. when your sick, he’ll insist on feeding you, hot spoon of soup between his fingers, his hand cusped at the bottom to catch any that falls. he’ll wake you up in the early mornings to tell you the food is ready, and sometimes surprise you with breakfast in bed. he’ll kiss your chubbed cheeks as you munch on one of his special onigiris, and ask you if you want another until your belly is full.
akaashi enjoys reading to you every chance he gets. a book held in the palms of his hands, licking his thumb every time he turns the page. he’ll have you curled up to his side, or sat between his legs, as he reads aloud the words imprinted on the page. he’ll add emotion to his voice at the important parts, and he’ll glance at your face to see your reaction. his voice is soft and soothing as he reads, occasionally moving his hand towards your hair to gently caress the top of your head. when it’s nighttime, he reads to you almost as if it’s a bedtime story, bedside lamp warming the room with it’s light as he flips through the pages. chapter after chapter he brings you closer to sleep, pages like a lullaby of prompts and fiction. he’ll pause when he notices your reactions have gone silent, breathing evened out as you lulled into a quiet slumber. he’ll smile as he puts a bookmark between the spine, already anticipating tomorrow when he can continue to read you the next chapter.
Tumblr media
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Child Support Part 2
Tim watched the other young heroes as they tried to look around the watch tower without seeming like they were. He's been here plenty of times, but the rest of the Teen Titans and a few of the Young Justice hasn't.
Much was due to the older heroes leaving the younger ones alone. Some not taking them seriously enough to welcome them at the big HQ as much as that made his blood boil.
They were taking the same risks. They were fighting the same good fights. Why was their age the main reason they weren't treated equally?
Some teenage heroes weren't part of a team per see, but they always answered when a call was sent. For example, Cass and Steph were present, speaking softly to Static Shock. Damian was standing next to Jon and his little friend Colin who was just getting into the swing of the hero business.
Bruce almost bit through his tongue when Damian told him Abuse would be joining Robin on parol, and he could do nothing to stop them. (Tim felt like he was watching Damian tell Bruce a paraphrased version of "But Daddy, I love him!" and it kept him smiling for weeks)
It was wild to see almost every young hero in one place. He doesn't think this happened since the last time Justice Leauge got mind controlled and almost destroyed the whole world.
"Any idea why we're here?" Kon asks to his right, lowering his shade to stare at the Outlaws. Jason's team stood to the side chatting iddly while cleaning over thier weapons.
Kon's always like their punk point of view, and he knows his best friend wants to go over there to talk to them. If it wasn't for the issue of the clone still being mad about what Jason did at the Teen Titans tower. Almost murder was hard to forgive for people outside the Bats.
"None. All I know is that John Constantine sent out a message to every teenage superhero group calling for a meet-up," Tim responds.
Bart whistles with a grimace on his right. "Must be bad if that guy is asking."
"I heard Hawkwoman tell Superman that she was worried and wasn't sure she wanted anyone of us mixed up in Constantine's mistakes." Cassie chimes in from where she leans on the couch. The three turn to her as she lowers her voice, attempting to keep the others from hearing. "Batman told her off for it."
"Batman did?" Tim asks, surprised.
Cassie shrugs, throwing a bit of her blond hair over her shoulder. "As much Batman can emote anyway."
Yeah, that sounded about right. Though it must have been something Bruce found disrespectful. His dad usually never reprimanded strangers unless they were saying something or doing something that sounded far too much like bigotry to him.
But to apply that to Constantine? Someone, Bruce generally disliked communicating with because the man tended to backstab his contacts? Yes, Constantine wasn't evil, but he wasn't pleasant either.
If Bruce had magical issues, he tended to contact Zatanna first.
Just then, the watch tower's zeta beams activate. Everyone who gathered turns to the teleporting pads where Constantine appears looking, for lack of a better word, absolutely exhausted. Even Tim knows that his eye bags aren't that bad, and he's usually going hours without sleep.
"Oh good, you all made it," Constantine says, sipping from a mug and wearing nothing but sweatpants and what looks like a nightgown. His signature trench coat was nowhere in sight. "I'm going to be quick about this. I need a team of young heroes willing to accept my son into their fold."
The room is dead silent. Constantine sighs. "Look, I've tried everything, but it's like Danny is allergic to laying low. He fought with a demon the other day over a child's doll- which you all know happens. People get haunted! But Danny refused to do it the right way, and now I had to beat off the demon's marriage proposal at least ten times. Not to mention his lack of social skills! No matter which one I stick him in, he can't seem to make friends in school. He got shoved into a locker on his first day! I thought that was an American exaggeration of the telly!"
Constantine pauses and takes a large gulp of whatever he's drinking before continuing his rant. A hand runs through his already messy hair, leaving it in bigger disarray as he speaks. "He's behind in terms of trends and technology cause his other father raised him outside of the typical timelines, so sometimes it's like talking to someone from the early two thousand, and other times it's like he's a modern Victorian era lad. His powers are also all over the place because the ectoplasm in our world is thicker, so when he breathes it in, he losses his control. Just the other day he accidentally made himself fly through our ceiling and almost reach the atmosphere before I was able to bring him back down."
A few of the fliers in the room wince. Jon nods and whispers under his breath, though his voice carries in the silence. "Yeah, been there before. Flying can be scary if you don't know how to come down."
Johns glances around at all the young people, eyes showing a tad bit of desperation. "He's sad all the time now, and I don't know how to help. If working with you could help him make friends, I would be grateful. He's a great kid. He just needs to adjust."
Tim had no idea what to do with this information; how do you respond to arguably one of the strongest Justice League Darks' heroes asking for a play date for his son?
"How old is the child?" Damian's voice rings out. Colin's hand is attached to his sleeve, a slightly nervous smile on the boy's face as he attempts to hide from the staring heroes behind his brother. Tim bets that if he wasn't wearing the domino mask, they would be able to see slight tears in Colin's eyes.
Damian's other hand goes across his body to cover Colin's hand, and Tim fights a shit-eating grin. His eyes lock with Jason, and the two send each other knowing grins. Looks like Bruce did have to worry about Damian having a secret boyfriend.
He can't wait to tease Damian later.
"He's fourteen....or well, physically?" Constantine answers eagerly.
"What does that mean?" Kon asks this time.
"Okay, so he's half human, half ecto-being. He sired him with his other father, Clockwork, which was only four years ago in this dimension, but since he was raised in the Infinite Relemas, times move differently there? " The British man says, and Raven goes rigid.
"Clockwork, as in the most powerful Ancient?" She asks, looking horror-struck when Constantine nods.
Before anyone asked what that meant, the zeta tubes activated again without permission. Someone had hacked into their systems which were ten levels bad. Everyone naturally fell into a fighting stance, only to blink when a teenage boy stepped out with a loud excited screech.
"We're in space!" The teenager runs to one of the windows, pressing his hands and face up against the glass. "This is amazing!"
Tim only relaxes his muscles once Constantine clears his throat. "Chum...what are you doing here?"
"Oh. One of your curse rocks things started proposing to me again, so I ran out of the House of Mysteries. Thought I see what you were up to." The teenager says, turning around with a smile and utterly freezing at the sight of the gathered heroes.
He had dark hair, wide blue eyes, and the most adorable face Tim had ever seen. Not as sexy as Bernard, of course, but darn close. Judging by the looks of anyone attractive to males, most heroes thought the same.
"Um...hi?" He says, offering the Godsmack teenagers a helpless little shrug. "I'm Danny Constantine."
"It is a pleasure, Constantine." Damian marches over to him with all his little twelve-year-old authority. He barely reaches Danny's chest. "I shall look forward to working with you. Are you formally trained in combat or strictly magic?"
"Um...oh, I can throw a punch or two? I'm mostly self taught. I rely on my powers a lot?" Danny fumbles to answer throwing a desperate look at his presumed father.
"No matter. I shall have you begin training. My Beloved also needs to work on his form. There is no shame in this" Damian nods, and Constantine lets out a large sigh of relief. He jogs over to place a hand on his son's shoulder, giving him a one-sided hug
"Yes, Danny, you will join Robin, Superboy, and Abuse on missions. They agree to help you settle and get used to your ghost powers." Constantine smiles. "I'll give me time to discourage all those idiots from trying to trick you into marriage."
"Oh...okay. It's nice to meet you all. Please call me Phantom on the field. Um, are you the team leader?" He asks Damian as the three youngest boys lead him further into the watch tower.
Constantine watches them go with the brightest smile he's ever seen on the man's face. He looks back to the group, who were barely starting to pick their jaws off the floor and makes a shooing motion with his hand. "You lot are dismissed."
Then the man vanishes in a green portal.
There is a ringing silence until Barts blurts out. "I'm pretty sure this is where the Phantom Fan Club first formed. A historical moment."
Tim wants to take a nap.
( Part 1 )
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tarjapearce · 6 months
I'm just minding my own business, eating a nice hot Italian sausage sandwich, and my brain decided to do the naughty thinking
Imagine Miguel all pent up cause he hasn't been home cause our big man's a workaholic, and when he is home he's dead tired or you're busy too for whatever reason. You two finally get to sit down and have dinner for a little date night, he's just finally relaxing and ready to dig into the delicious meal you two made together, and the poor poor man looks up just in time to see your lips wrapped around a sausage or any other suggestive food item., and his brain just fries.
I never understood the food leading to dirty thoughts thing until one of my exes straight up forbid me from getting ice cream cones or popsicles on dates and he had to explain it. Now I just find it hilarious
Oh nonny, 🤭
Mild nsfw undercut. suggestive, Dirty minded Miguel ~
Tumblr media
It didn't matter how heavy his shoulders felt like or how hefty they slumped, exhausted as he was, knowing you awaited him with welcoming arms was his reward after an extra busy day at HQ.
The Boss would find himself lost in your loving embrace, replenishing his energies with that gesture alone.
"Welcome home, Miggy"
Your voice was like a lullaby after the countless screams, barking orders to recruits that seemed to be slacking and so many complaints about the little malfunctions of his gizmo. But now, he was home with you, ready to prepare dinner.
Being a leader was exhausting, and when he was exhausted, he'd be hungry. Mostly of the times he'd be starving for you. Either just physical comfort like showering him in affection, playing with his hair or even letting him snuggle you on the bed or couch, whichever he plopped on first.
But other times it was the hunger for having you a trembling and breathless mess underneath him, mewling his name and pleading for more of him.
He chopped his share of vegetables as you cooked other things next to him. The little chat about his day turned into little playful bites on his arm, trying to light his mood up.
"Go sit down, I'll serve. You're tired."
"I'm okay, corazón."
You slapped his butt gently and smooched him, "None of that. You always work hard. Lemme spoil you, ok? Go sit."
Knowing that arguing with you was futile, he went to his seat and you served him one of his favorite comfort foods.
Huevos rancheros, some chile con queso and some spicy sausages. The way his lips burned at the spicy food was one of your preferred faces he made whenever eating along a tall glass of lemonade.
He dug right in after you sat next to him, devouring his food like he hadn't eaten in a long time, and knowing him, he probably hadn't have a nutritious meal in the past days. He groaned in delight at your seasoning.
"You'll choke, sweetheart. Do you want more?"
"I'll get it, it's ok."
He was about to stand up when his eyes darted towards you and your lips. Pouty and kissable lips perfectly molded in the round shape of the sausage. His Adam's apple bobbed as you bit down gently on it, letting the taste invade your mouth with a satisfied groan.
Some of the meats juices scurried away in the corner of your lips, one of your fingers dabbed away the little droplets before sucking it off your finger. His brain was entering an override. Lips parted as you took another bite, a little groan rumbled at the base of his throat as his eyes fixed on the degluting motion of your throat.
Just the way it moved when he slid in and out of your mouth, using your warm crevice in a more creative and delicious way. Your tongue peeked to lick your bottom lip, cleaning the saucy mix off it to then release it with an inaudible pop.
"You okay?" Big, round bunny eyes stared at him innocently.
"Yeah..." He tore his eyes away from you. Cause he knew that if he kept staring, he'd just throw you over his shoulder and take you to the bedroom where he'd make a trembling mess out of you. Tiredness slowly abandoned his body.
How could such mundane thing had turned his gears this way was beyond him.
"So good" You mumbled at the taste of the sauce he had done. His cock twitched almost involuntarily. Oh how he remembered the other intonations of such phrase, specially when he buried himself deep enough in your tight and moist walls.
His hands slicked his hair back, trying to placate his thoughts.
"Do you want more?"
He'd always want more, that wasn't even a question. Would it be too selfish to just rip your clothes off and bend you over the kitchen and raw you silly until your legs gave out?
But how could he when you were slurping the sausage off? Was it intentional? No. You were just hungry and he was definitely being dirty minded.
"You sure?"
"I'm fine, amor."
Lies. He wasn't fine and his cock certainly wasn't fine either, as it grew painfully tight in his sweatpants.
"Oh, you have something in your lips"
You'd dab away the sauce off him, to then lick it off.
Dios mío...
He stood gently to then pry the dishes away from your hands and threw you over his shoulder. It had been the last straw
"M-Miguel!" You giggled as he marched towards the bedroom. Exhaustion abandoning him completely.
Yeah, he'd be always hungry for something more.
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lieutnt · 5 months
I beg of thee when you have more ideas to keep up the trans Miguel agenda with the baby trapping if they contain it. Am also good without,your work is amazing. You have me hooked. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
i wasn’t gonna do a part 2 but i had this idea so here we are
cw: baby trapping & monsterfucking
Tumblr media
trans!miguel is all too aware of your animalistic tendencies when you transform - he’s observed you through his screens, watched as the lines between man and beast blur. he can’t help the way he rubs his thighs together, cunt growing slicker as you reign in the anomaly with such ferocity, sharp claws and even sharper teeth putting a quick end to the mission.
before you get back to hq you shift back (much to miguel’s chagrin), just finishing handing over the anomaly when miguel calls you to his office. you barely get through the doors before miguel’s on you, dragging and pushing you down on his seat so he can clamber on your lap, pushing your suits out of the way and sinking down on you. the adrenaline still coursing through your veins has you taking hold of his waist and bouncing him up and down, his tight wet heat sucking you in.
after pulling countless orgasms from miguel, despite his pleading, you pull out before your knot can lock you in place, instead cumming across his stomach. he collapses onto you feigning exhaustion, but he’s already planning in his head - if you won’t cum in him and give him what he wants, he knows someone who will.
it’s on another mission where your monster side is required. it’s over swiftly, and before you can transform back miguel joins you in the dimension, booting the anomaly through the portal and closing it. confusion and adrenaline make a dangerous mix, your body heaving as miguel stalks towards you. you can smell it, how soaked he is between his thighs, and when he pulls his suit down and bends over, all resistance snaps.
you’re on him like the animal you are, cock splitting him open as you fuck into him without hesitation, claws digging into his hips and teeth clamping where you can reach, staking your claim. by the time your knot starts to build miguel is desperately fucking himself back on you, begging you to breed him, knot him, fill his belly and it works, your hips snapping forward until your knot bullies its way into his slick cunt and locks you together, miguel’s eyes rolling back as he feels the sheer amount of cum that starts to fill him.
his dream comes true, as soon as your knot goes down you start fucking him again, mind completely overtaken by the need to breed the fertile little thing underneath you, more than happy to replace the cum that your thrusts push out of him. this time he really is exhausted, body trembling like a leaf when you pull out of him for the last time, skin already turning different shades of purple and blue from where you’ve gripped and bit him.
you aren’t happy with him when you transform back, you could’ve seriously hurt him, but miguel barely listens to any of your complaints, too busy floating through the clouds as you clean him up and take him back to hq, shuffling him to his private room where the second he hits the sheets he’s out like a light.
making your displeasure clear you avoid him the next few weeks. it's childish but it’s the only thing you can do to make sure you don’t snap at miguel. once he discovers he’s pregnant he finds you, giving you no choice but to speak to him when he hands over the positive pregnancy test. you’re sceptical but one deep inhale of his scent confirms it. anger curls in your gut but so does something else, a base instinct tucked away in your brain crawling its way to the front - the animal desire to show you can protect him and your growing brood, that you’re a suitable mate and can provide for him.
miguel’s never been more relieved when you reach forward to stroke across where his belly will eventually swell. you’ll forever be entwined with him now.
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When the night calls
Pairing: Miguel o'hara x female reader
Word count: 1800
Warnings: none
Content: hehe angst, love sick soft Miguel 🥹😌
When the moon rises, so does your alternate life. The one you’ve kept hidden, the one that could cause damage and let people know of your weakness. Being a superhero meant having no loose ends, strings that you could get caught by, so in a life that was deemed for you to be lonely in, you had found a way out of it.
You evaded the street scanners and cameras as you scaled the building, your fingers itching to get to a specific balcony. The lights were out, it looked like no one was there but that was all part of the illusion. To distract and keep wandering eyes at bay.
Your feet touched the cold floor of the veranda and swiftly moved towards the sliding door to see if it was open. It was a sign, if it was locked, he wasn’t home. And if it slid open like now, it meant he was waiting for you. A web of secrecy. You both preferred it this way, away from all the attention, atleast you did. But with how busy he was with keeping watch over the multiverse, these rendezvous got a lot less frequent.
Sure, you saw him around HQ or worked on a couple missions together but it never amounted to how he let you see him during these nights. His tenderness and whispers, the sound of his bare feet padding across to the bedroom, his time in the kitchen as he made dinner with his headphones on utterly lost in his own world. Nothing could be more precious.
The moment you entered the premise, you felt your wrist get caught in the hold of his arms. You didn’t protest as he led you in deeper, away from the dark and into the candlelit room. You knew you were late and during these days, he didn’t like to be left alone. You were feeling his touch for the first time in weeks, you would pass by in corridors without as much a glance or a faint trace of your fingers. So to feel his warmth sink into your bones felt intoxicating.
Having concluded you were in a safe space, he spun you around to face him, his eyes taking in every glimpse of you, his fingers shooting up to the edge of your mask to softly remove it, he was tired of all these layers of security you had established within this relationship.
His gaze finding yours in the dim light and the thirst in it meant he wanted more. He pulled you close as mumbled in Spanish, frustrated he couldn't get enough of you, to pull down the zipper of your suit, removing it from your body as though he was allergic to latex. To then wrap his arms around you as if that was the only covering allowed, when your skin was free from being trapped and free for his hands to roam about. You rested your head on his chest, his white tank top smelling fresh with the scent of his cologne mixed with laundry detergent.
The mundane and ordinary seemed more exotic and addicting than this little stunt you both were pulling off.
“You’ve grown impatient.”, you hummed.
“No more games to play?”, you chuckled to which he grumbled.
“You’re the one playing games, I’m  clear as to what I want.”, he spoke into your ear.
You pursed your lips, his fingers digging into your hips telling you in gestures how he didn’t want to be fed scraps of attention.
“You were the one who suggested this… this setup.”, you pushed away from him to catch his gaze. His arms not letting you go out his hold.
“And now when I want it to end, you keep it going.”, his eyes narrowed down on you, the candle light giving him a golden glow.
“porqué es eso?”, he leaned closer, his lips almost on yours. But you tilted your head, causing his lips to land on your cheek.
What should have been a fun night was already turning into an argument.
“Because…”, you couldn’t meet his worrying gaze, his tender eyes had a way of undoing your heart.
“If we stop this, then what are we?”, you bit back what you wanted to say and instead asked him a question in return.
He was thinking through his answer, you could tell by the way his brows furrowed but when he met your gaze, he didn’t give you an answer either.
“Exactly.”, you got out of his hold because he let you go.
Picking up your suit that laid on the floor, you made your way towards the bathroom. A warm shower felt better than continuing this conversation. But to your surprise he trailed behind you, his large frame blocking the doorway as he leaned on it.
“We’re friends, Miguel. This is all there is to offer.”, you said looking into the mirror as you tied your hair up.
“We’re more than that, amor.”, he said with certainty.
“Don’t tell me you’ve gone and fallen in love with me.”, you laughed but he didn’t.
“And what if I have?”, he asked which made you pause as you reached for the face wash.
Your throat ran dry, all your worst fears were coming true, this setup with him worked well because deep down you both had lost your families. You lost your fiance to a freak accident much like how he had lost his home.
So this deep rooted fear never left your system, that if you began to enjoy your life, it would be ripped away from you.
“What do you want me to say to that?”, you shook it off, continuing to set up for your shower.
“I want you to tell me why you keep fighting this?”, he held a towel out for you and with every small gesture it was beginning to get difficult.
Difficult to lie to him, difficult to not confess that you loved him. But, his honey glazed eyes were on you, the fear, the anxiety, losing him would be..
You didn’t want to finish that thought because even thinking about it would lead to another heartbreak, one you weren’t strong enough to survive.
You couldn’t answer him either, you turned away taking the towel and pulled the shower curtain to a close. Maybe if you turn on the water, you could cry in peace, without leaving evidence. But it was clear that nothing was going to stop him, he peeled away the screen to join you as he got out of his clothes.
His eyes softening seeing your hurt expression, his hands slipping onto your waist again to pull you close, that his constant need to touch was somehow to reassure himself that he had hope to save this relationship, resting his head on yours the water cascaded over you both in an attempt to wash away all the distress.
“What are you so scared off?”, he placed a kiss on your forehead.
“How aren’t you afraid?”, you sobbed, his calm voice working it's way into your soul.
“We’ve both loved and lost it all.”, you wrapped your arms around him, like he was the anchor to your storm.
“How are you so sure about this?”, you questioned him, his hand traced up the curve of your waist reassuring you of his presence. That he was here no matter how heavy your grief was.
“Because its you.”, he said confidently and you braced yourself to look up at him, his eyes warm and sure.
“You’re worth the risk, mi vida.”, he wiped the water droplets on your cheeks but only you knew that he had seen the invisible tears.
Here in his arms, here in the myrrh of his words, it felt safe and secure. That this was truly possible, loving each other and living to see where it went, to hold onto him forever.
“But you don’t seem to miss me as much as I miss you.”, he confided in you, the thoughts that he had held back had now come up to the surface.
“You don’t answer my calls, you don’t let me in.”, he continued, communicating his hurt, hurt that you had caused and now you couldn’t hold back either. You placed your hand on his jaw and watched him lean into it.
“Now I can’t sleep, I can’t work, you’re always on my mind. Making me constantly worry about finding us a cure.”, you see the pain in his eyes and you were angry with yourself. Your actions had caused you to withhold the love he craved, the love he deserved, from him.
As you traced your thumb over the edge of his lips, you felt your heart break. It was inevitable, that he was so strong having survived through the worst and then here you were, given the privilege of being held by him only to let your fears to wreck it.
“So do your worst and tell me the truth.”, he turned serious and you could feel it, that if you didn’t fight for this, you were going to lose it. You were going to lose him.
“Dime que no me amas.”, he demanded but the way he held you by your shoulders and stared into your eyes, he was begging you for an answer.
Your lips parted, he was convinced you didn’t love him when you were fighting your past to let yourself to embrace a future with him. So you stayed quiet, his eyes glimmering with the faintest hope.
“I’m growing tired of this distance you maintain, querida.”, he pushed away the strand of hair that followed the flow of water to get stuck over your forehead.
“So go easy on me and tell me you don’t feel the same.”, he pleaded again, his voice turning soft, losing the authority he had when he was in HQ.
You couldn’t run from this anymore. The other truth was, you wanted this, the easy ordinary moments he cultivated with such ease, showing you that he was capable of loving you. Where you didn’t have to question his admiration or demand his affection. He gave it freely, so it was time you did as well.
“If I say I do feel the same?”, you asked and finally observed the stress melt away from his features. He sighed with relief to slowly place his forehead on yours.
“What happens next?”, you asked quietly, like you wanted to know the start of the next chapter having finally put an end to the hold your past had on you, to look ahead. To dream again.
“I would then ask you, if you would like to marry me.”, he spoke the words that seemed to reassure you that you could in fact expect the best in the years ahead.
“Here in the shower?”, you laughed as the sound of the rushing water and the haze from the steam that encircled you made it all the more magical, right here in the ordinary.
“Well when you lose a universe, you don’t exactly wait around to lose the next one.”, his eyes were alive, his smile reaching the corners of his face. Hinting to the fact that he didn’t want to lose you. His new universe, the one full of his hopes and dreams.
“So will you?”, his question hung in the air between you. His hair dripping wet over his eyes. You smiled, pushing them away to hold his gaze. You didn’t want to run anymore.
“Yes.”, you whispered and as though he wanted to seal his forever right this instant, he kissed you gently, grateful that you had granted him his only desire.
A chance to start again.
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gatorbites-imagines · 7 months
Kinktober day 10
Miguel O’Hara + Aphrodisiacs
Tumblr media
Reader is a scorpion variant cuz I love scorpion. This is shorter than yesterday, but i hope yall still enjoy.
Kinktober 2023 masterlist
You were an abnormality, having been picked up by a sudden portal and sent to a different dimension in the middle of a fight with your original spiderman. You were similar to most versions of scorpions in the fact that you gained your powers from chemicals and radiation, but where other scorpions wouldn’t survive without their suits, you were just fine.
You got uncomfortable at times, like your skin didn’t fit quite right, but a good full body scrub with a rough sponge made most of it go away. You had a theory it had to do with the fact that scorpions changes exoskeletons at times, and your accelerated healing factor might make your skin thicker than it should be, leading to you rubbing up against things and scratching when it got uncomfortable.
You still had a suit that you went around in, as you yourself didn’t possess a tail, though you did have poison and venom in your own body you could trigger through your fingers and mouth. Apparently producing your own poison was rare in scorpion variants, as none of the colourful spiders that came at you expected it when you clawed at them.
The big red and blue one with the elbow spikes definitely didn’t expect you to bite him, but he bit you first, so acting on instinct you struck the closest thing, which happened to be his wide shoulder. Your poison and his venom seemed to mix strangely, as you didn’t go limp like others, but you did become loopy and distracted, your body feeling hot and uncomfortable, somewhat similar to when your skin became too much.
Miquel was as affected as you, his body heating up as arousal brewed in his body, but he was better at hiding it under his suit than you, as your helmet left the lower half of your face exposed. The spiders were able to bring you to HQ, all assuming you weren’t all there because of Miguels venom, which was somewhat correct. You didn’t even pick up on them joking about your sharp canines, or how they seemed to be dripping enough venom to run down your chin. They all seemed a little tense when they saw the venom hit the floor and sizzle like acid though.
For one reason or another, Miquel seemed as feral as yourself though it could be hidden in the way he normally prowled and was standoffish to the people around him, but the feeling in his abdomen kept pulling his attention to you. Miguel could feel his tongue tingle with the deep need to taste you, something deeply instinctual inside him almost roaring to have you, one way or another.
Neither of you were completely sure how you got from one place to the next, maybe Miguel made some excuse to want to check out your poison to find a cure, as he wasn’t the only one who had been slashed with the stuff, though he was the only one bitten. But before you knew it, you were alone in the place some called Miguels cave or office.
Miguel gripped the edge of his desk, trying to collect himself, but his attempts were ruined as he picked up the sounds of groaning behind him. Snapping his head around he felt the heat inside him flare and his crotch ache, there you were, laying on the ground, the upper part of your suit completely gone as you rubbed against the floor like a cat in heat.
You felt so hot and uncomfortable, and the tightness of your gear wasn’t helping, your skin felt raw as you rubbed against the cold floor, but it wasn’t enough. Your head swam as you started clawing at your torso, dragging your sharpened nails across your skin, only serving to make your state worse as more of your poison mixed with Miguel’s venom.
Miguel felt the last of his will snap as you groaned, snapping your jaws upwards like you wanted to sink your teeth into something or someone. Before he could comprehend it, Miguel found himself above you, his suit flickering out of existence as you tore off the bottom of your suit. You were both too desperate, feeling almost high, to even fully get anywhere, as you two rutted against each other.
You found yourselves biting each other, only shooting more of your poison and venom into the other and making you both burn even further, your torsos covered in a slick mess of cum and sweat as you kept grinding and rutting. Kissing only seemed to make it worse, as you both got to taste the others venom from the source, both of your minds clouding even further and narrowing down to the act of getting off.
It became a blurry mess of limbs, spit, venom and other bodily fluids, but at some point even your shared evolved biology seemed to be worn out from the act, even though your bodies clearly wanted to keep going. Even as everything started going dark, your hips were still moving, grinding aching lengths together and lips sealed together in a poor desperate attempt at a kiss.
Lyla tsked as she watched the two of you pass out in a gross pile of limbs, both still twitching and tense from the mixture of venom and poison clashing in your bodies. She was never gonna let Miguel live this down, ever, but she made sure to note down your dimension number in case Miguel needed an outlet like this again.
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perriecomfort · 16 days
Tumblr media
perrie and hatchi content is always my favorite 🐶
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littlemixdaily · 2 years
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Salute Album Booklet: Page 1 - 10
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inlovewithpandora · 9 months
- Instructions -
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: Hobie x fem!pregnant!reader
Request: [ @spidersthetic ] building a new piece of furniture from a flat pack together w Hobie || Ok, so what I was thinking for this was reader is pregnant and they're setting up the nursery and Hobie claims to know how to build the crib without the instructions and she doubts he can but enjoys the show as he struggles so like 10 minutes later, he gives up and asks her to give him the instructions and she tries not to laugh and comforts him a little.
Synopsis: Hobie tries to put together your child’s crib but it doesn’t goes the way he planned in his head.
Content: fluff, established relationship, Hobie trying to avoid instructions at all costs, reader supporting him no matter what, small Miguel diss, Reader being a cutie, cute and fluffy pregnancy fic
Author’s Note: I had fun writing this! This is my first time writing for astv or anything outside of avatar so I hope you all enjoy this!
- Shoutout to @spidersthetic for all her encouraging words and helping me while I’ve been making my transition to writing for astv! If it wasn’t for her sending me prompts/requests I wouldn’t have known what to write!
Word Count: 710
Extra: Requests are closed! || Likes, comments, and reblogs are highly appreciated❤️!
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Tumblr media
“Hobie, baby, can you please just read the instructions? I’ve been sitting in here with you for half an hour and nothing is done.”
“I told you I don’t need instructions. I got this. Don’t you have faith in your man?” His overconfident smile rises as he walks over and plants a kiss on your forehead to reassure you that he could handle this since in his eyes, it’s a minuscule task.
You shake your head, a chuckle emerging from your lips, knowing that this was going to go the opposite of what Hobie has in mind. “You’re right baby. I’m sorry, you got this!” You give him a wide smile along with two thumbs up to emphasize your support, and settle back to watching him once again attempt to put together your unborn child’s crib.
It’s been ten minutes since his last attempt, and just like you assumed it isn’t going well. However you wouldn’t deny that it was currently your source of entertainment. Hobie has multiple pieces scattered around the nursery; screws, and bolts attached to parts they shouldn’t be. And he looks by all means confused about how to assemble the crib.
As Hobie continues trying to figure out which part goes where, he starts growing frustrated. Each time he puts two pieces together, they don’t fit or the screw doesn’t align properly, which makes him groan as the feeling of aggravation arises a tad more with each passing failure.
You know he’s struggling and that he needs the instructions, but due to his stubbornness being mixed with a sense of determination, he doesn’t give up, at least for about another fifteen minutes.
“Can you pass me the bloody instructions?” He grumbles, hating the fact he has to admit defeat and cave to using someone else’s ideology of how to build a piece of furniture.
Looking at the scowl formed on his lips makes you want to burst with laughter, but you implement all your self-restraint and bury it deep down, knowing that it would only make him feel worse about not being able to complete the task solely on his own.“Here,” you hand him the pamphlet of instructions, “Honey, it’s okay to use the instructions, you know. I heard that Miguel had to use instructions to work the majority of technology in Spider-HQ even though he acts like he knows everything like the back of his hand.” You say in a playful tone, knowing how much Hobie dislikes Miguel and enjoys hearing stories about his screw ups.
“Really? Well, that does make sense. He is almost ancient at this point. I don’t see why he doesn’t retire and live a regular life instead of chasing Miles around Earth-928B like a madman.” He can’t help letting the laugh rise, thinking about how Miles blasted and defeated Miguel in front of everyone.
“Yes! So my point is that it’s okay to use instructions. They're here for a reason, which is to help.” You rub his back gently, hoping this will help lessen his complaints.
“You’re right, I’ll use the instructions.” He opens the pamphlet and begins to correctly assemble the crib, which makes you happy since you’ve been wanting this to finally be completed with the baby just a few months away from arriving.
“See, baby, your daddy is finally getting it done. He just needed a little kick in the pants from mommy.” You giggle softly to yourself as you rub your baby bump and watch Hobie make the final adjustments on the crib.
“How does it look?” He asks, inspecting the fully assembled crib in the corner of the nursery.
“Perfect, Hobie. I knew you could get it done!”
Tumblr media
I hope you enjoyed❤️!
Next Fic
Editor - @justmemyselfandthemoon
Tumblr media
Taglist: @inspace1 @number1gal @phoenixx69 @savagemickey03 @soilmayo @gamerxpfighter
Tumblr media
©️inlovewithpandora ━━━ 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟑 | All rights reserved. Do not repost, reupload, translate, modify, or claim my work as your own.
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jackles010378 · 3 months
"SUPE"R Flexible
(Soldier Boy x You)
Billy Butcher forces you to babysit Soldier Boy. Ben doesn't know you're a supe, until one night you have a nightmare and things get quite heated between you both 🔥❤️‍🔥
Warnings : Contains SMUT (of course it does, it is soldier boy 😆😜)
(I laughed so hard at one of the lines I came up with {sad I know} let's see if you guys can figure out which one it is 😂🤭)
Tumblr media
When Billy Butcher showed up at y/n's door, it was like a bomb going off in her quiet life. He had Soldier Boy in tow, a weathered and battle-worn soldier with a haunted look in his eyes. With his gruff voice and rough exterior, Butcher asked her without any pleasantries to keep an eye on Soldier Boy for him. Bewildered and taken aback, y/n reluctantly agreed, uncertain of what she had gotten herself into. "Don't worry sweet cheeks, you won't even realise I'm here" Soldier Boy commented as he pushed past her and plopped himself down on her sofa.
In just under an hour, Butcher had a few things delivered for Soldier Boy, which mainly consisted of booze, drugs and pornos. She turned a blind eye to all that. She knew what Soldier Boy had endured before he was put in that chamber over 40 years ago. As long as he didn't trash the place she left him to it. She only occasionally got annoyed with him when he wouldn't clean up after himself, or that he would just decide to walk around the apartment naked most of the time. Although she really didn't mind the latter part, he was easy on the eye after all.
The first few days after Butcher left seemed like an eternity. Y/n and Ben, which she now called him after a much heated argument, her telling him she wasn't gonna keep shouting Soldier Boy all the time. They managed to avoid each other as much as possible, their interactions limited to awkward greetings and fleeting glances. Y/n couldn't help but feel a mix of curiosity and unease whenever she caught glimpses of the man she was now responsible for. "Why don't you take a picture doll face, it will last longer" Ben said to her as he could feel her stare at him. Smiling to herself, she got her phone out and took it. He glared back at her as he heard the camera go off. He yanked the phone out of her hand "hey, you break it you will buy me a new one".
She watched in amusement as Ben studied the object in his hand. She knew she had to teach him about all the changes that had happened over the last 40 years he'd been "asleep".
He agreed reluctantly to let her show him all the new things like how smart TVs work, a laptop and obviously a mobile phone. He wasn't going to let on that he was enjoying spending time with her. Ben still had a lot of trust issues, he was let down by what was supposed to be 'his' team. Something in the back of his mind was telling him that he could trust y/n though.
Butcher had failed to mention to Soldier Boy that y/n was a supe just like him. Though to look at her you wouldn't tell she was one. Her frame was tiny although she was quite tall and she didn't have the muscle structure he had. Her powers were more to do with flexibility. If needed, y/n could squeeze herself into any small space or through the tiniest of gaps no one else could. Her bones were like elastic, making her able to bend into any shape she needed to.
Y/n, like Ben had been through a rough time. When Butcher found her she was so close to death he thought she would never make it. He didn't know of her powers until he took her to the hospital and they did all sorts of tests on her. Telling him she shouldn't have survived what she had endured and that it was a miracle she'd survived at all. It was then he asked starlight to do a little digging. He sent her a photo of y/n and asked if she could get info on her. Starlight found y/n's file at Vought HQ and told Butcher she was made into a supe. She was supposed to be a part of Homelander's team but she refused. Resulting in him torturing her endlessly till she caved, but she never did.
Nights were the hardest for y/n. Filled with restless sleep and vivid nightmares, she found herself tossing and turning, unable to find solace. And then one night, Ben heard her screams of distress. His instincts kicked in, and he rushed to her thinking she was being harmed.
Ben shook y/n awake, some concern etched on his weary face. Startled awake, she went into attack mode to begin with, but as soon as she realised it was Ben and looked into his eyes, in that moment something shifted. There was a connection between them, a spark that ignited a passion deep inside of her that she had never felt before.
Ben backed away from her as she regained her senses and breathing pattern. He stood in her doorway, staring at her. "Why don't you take a picture it will last longer" she shouted out at him making him laugh loudly. "What's so fucking funny Ben, You never seen someone having a nightmare before" she shouts at him, getting up from the bed ready to have yet another argument with the stubborn supe.
The air was thick with anticipation as Ben and Y/N exchanged smouldering glances across the room. What happened next surprised y/n. With only a couple of steps, Ben was right in front of her. His chest heaving as he tried to decide whether he wanted to fight her or kiss her. "What the fuck are you doing......." Before she could finish, his lips were attacking hers with a force that knocked her off her feet. His arms instinctively wrapped around her waist as she tried to fight the kiss. As much as she tried, she felt herself melting in his arms, kissing him back with as much force and passion he was giving to her.
The apartment became their steamy playground, each corner serving as a canvas for their passionate encounter. The living room became a shrine to their love, with every piece of furniture playing a role in their fiery dance. He practically threw her over the arm of the sofa, taking her from behind. Every drag of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy made her moan. Her walls pulsating and squeezing his penis tight.
After he finished with her on the sofa, y/n found herself pushed against the wall, her breath catching in her chest as Ben's hands roamed her body with urgency. His touch was electric, igniting a wildfire within her. She surrendered to him completely, allowing him to conquer her body in the most untamed ways. He grabbed her ass and lifted her up, her legs instinctively wrapped around his waist, his erection thrusting into her hard and fast once again.
They moved them from one room to another, fuelled by a fierce hunger that knew no boundaries. The kitchen countertops bore witness to their unbridled passion, as ingredients and utensils were forgotten in favour of more sensual indulgences. Y/n took Ben in her mouth, sucking and licking the underside of his dick, taking him fully in her mouth almost gagging as he thrust deep into her throat, making his cum shoot down her esophagus.
The bathroom became a sanctuary of pleasure, steam masking their fervent exclamations. Water cascaded over their entwined bodies as they abandoned themselves to a raw desire, their moans echoing through the apartment like a symphony of ecstasy. Ben sunk to his knees, his face buried deep in her pussy, licking and sucking at her clit, his tongue plunging into her core.
With the bedroom as their final destination, their union intensified. The sheets twisted beneath their weight as they moved with a primal rhythm. The room became an arena for their love, sweat-slicked bodies colliding in a chorus of gasps and cries. With one final thrust and an orgasm that he thought would nearly kill her, Ben collapsed beside y/n. He looked over at y/n noticing the satiated look on her face "well, you've surprised me doll, didn't think you'd be able to take all of what I just did to you. I'm impressed" he said quite smugly.
Y/n rolled her eyes at him. She got out of the bed and tied her robe around herself "I see Butcher didn't tell you everything about me then" she said whilst not looking at him. Ben quirked an eyebrow at her as she turned round to face him. "I'm just like you Ben, I'm a supe". Ben shot up in the bed and crawled over to the side y/n was standing grabbing her waist "well yeah he kinda failed to mention that. Why didn't you tell me". He seemed annoyed and a little angry. Y/n's hand caressed his cheek pulling him in for a kiss "well you know now".
Tumblr media
He pulled her back onto the bed and hovered over her "so, what's your super power then" he asked as he nipped at her neck and collarbone, "let's just say, I'm very, very flexible" Ben's head shot up to look at her face, a small smirk playing on her lips. "How flexible are we talking" he asked with a look on his face that gave y/n shivers "oh honey, you could bend me like a pretzel and it wouldn't hurt me" Ben growled at that comment and was ripping the robe from her body "shall we put it to the test then". For the rest of the night and into the early hours of the morning Ben had had y/n in every imaginable position he could think of.
TAGLIST: @k-slla @cevansbaby-dove @kaleldobrev @janineb86 @deans-daydream @alternativeprincess94 @nescavaneck @angelbabyyy99 @deadlydivergentgirl
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