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-runaway max
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which ship gives off the most sweet sweet bi4bi energy
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willelfanpage · 2 days
sorry always thinking about lucas and max being so close to each other that they like music that is related to or reminds them of the other. catch me at 'never getting over "yeah, NOW i am. she saved your life" island' !!!!!
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nowmemoriees · 3 days
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their breath catches.
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corroded-coughing · 12 hours
corroded coffin got nominated for a grammy. eddie wants steve to be there, but it's in la and steve hasn't ever left hawkins. eddie decides to tell him, and assure him that it's okay, and that eddie doesn't have to be there, but steve protests. steve suggests that the kids come along, that way, when they leave hawkins, he won't have anything to worry about. the first kid they go to is max. eddie explains the situation, and max says no at first, until steve tells her that kate bush will be there too. next, they go to will and el. will says yes without hesitation. two checked off.
el, however has a lot of questions. "what is a grammy?" "how do we get there?" "why?" eventually, she agrees. steve tells lucas, and he agrees, as long as max goes. mike agrees to go, as long as will goes. steve sits dustin down, and has a long, off topic conversation with him, until eddie finally just asks. he agrees. the week before, eddie took each of the kids to his fashion designer to have them fitted for their outfits. the night before, steve triple checked that the tickets for their flight were purchased.
everyone slept over at steve and eddie's house, so it would be simple for them to get to the airport on time. this was not the case. yes, steve walked through the house, yelling for everyone to get up, and keep in mind, this was 4 in the morning. everyone was on edge, arguing, pushing past one another. around 6am, they finally got all of their suitcases packed into the car. everyone got in, and steve started speeding to the airport, claiming that if they missed their flight, he was going to be pissed.
turns out, they arrive with an hour to spare. steve and eddie sit down and drink some coffee, while the rest of the kids bicker. when they're called to board, the all get on, and the flight is mostly silent, except for the crying babies and max and lucas arguing about something. their plane lands, and cc gets escorted to a car, trying to lay low and avoid the paparazzi. steve and the kids are told to get in a different car, and as they drive away, paparazzi chases both cars. steve hasn't noticed how famous cc really is. they live in a small, empty town.
yeah, sometimes when they're walking downtown together, people will want an autograph, but that's practically nothing. the cars park in front of a large house, and they're guided inside. make-up artists, and fashion designers steal the kids, one by one, and then steve. cc is nowhere in sight. steve hasn't worn make-up since 89', and that's because eddie wanted to put eyeliner on steve. they blend some type of powder into his face, and style his hair.
he gets handed a suit and led to a changing room. this place has to be bigger than his parents house. steve quickly changed into his suit and was led back outside into a limousine. the kids were already dressed and waiting for him. cc squeezed into the limo with the rest of them, and they took off. corroded coffin's manager went over all of the rules, and told the kids how to respond to certain questions.
once they arrive to the red carpet, they all sperate. steve stays with eddie, though. they get asked about their marriage, and who the young adults that showed up with them are. soon, the ceremony began. cc was nominated for a few categories: best group performance, best metal performance, and album of the year. ozzy ended up winning best metal performance, and metallica won best group performance. their last chance was album of the year. if they didn't win, they were still honored to be at the grammys, let alone be nominated for three categories.
when they announced that corroded coffin had won, it took eddie a bit to process it. when it finally sunk in, cc ran into stage. steve wrote eddie a speech to say just in case corroded coffin won. eddie pulled the speech out of his pocket, shook his head, and balled it up, shoving it back into his pocket.
"hi." he says, ignoring the feedback from the microphone. "wow. this is um.. this is wild. i mean, we've spent our entire lives working together in corroded coffin, and never in a thousand years, did we think we would be standing on this stage. i want to thank a lot of people, but there's one person in particular. he um.. he wrote what i was supposed to say for this, actually, but he didn't mention someone. the person who made it possible for corroded coffin to be here. himself. when we would have to stay late in the studio, he would bring us all dinner. he would stay up until i got home. and, he made sure to make time for me. this is actually his first time out of our hometown, and he demanded that he come with. steve is the most selfless person i know. he's also my favorite person. if you guys knew him, you would understand where im coming from. so, i want to dedicate this grammy to steve. i love you stevie. thank you all!" the audience shifted to cheers and applause.
eddie ran off stage, cc following behind, and steve met him with a kiss. tears were running down both of the boy's faces. maybe leaving hawkins wasn't so bad after all.
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elekinetic · 5 hours
being mean and evil with @astrobei and thinking about lucas in max's hospital room a few weeks after that terrible day, and silently realizing that max was probably waiting to hear the music, for the walkman to start. she was probably face to face with vecna, thinking maybe it would be okay because lucas was there and he said he'd protect her, that he'd be armed and ready with the walkman. realizing she must've been so scared, that she was waiting for him to help her, and he never did. realizing that when (not if, when) max wakes up, she'll hate him. she'd be right to, too. he left her. just like she was afraid he would.
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baymax bi-max
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booksandpaperss · 3 days
One of the greatest things about lumax is probably that we were literally faked out of a “love at first sight” type of situation. Because yes Lucas and Dustin were both into Max pretty much right away, but once Lucas actually got to know Max, he fell again but way harder because he actually knew her and wanted to know more.
Like it was a crush -> friendship and oh shit she’s so amazing actually -> grounds for genuine feelings that only grow with time situation. That’s why it’s so good. The writers said “love at first sight but HAHA not actually bc these two are gonna genuinely connect first and that’s why Lucas was who Max ended up with 😌✌🏻”
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this is so fun :D
there will be a part two
There is no point in this btw
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name a more iconic couple. you can’t.
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bluebugjay · 3 days
WAIT if season 5 is going to follow some of the dynamics of season 1 what if byler don't get Murray-ed but they get Lucas-ed??
In season 1 Lucas is the one to call out Mike for being 'blind because he likes that a girl's not grossed out by him', he's the one to break off from the group to save Will on his own no matter what the others say. It makes sense that he'd be the one to push Mike in that direction again (also the fact Lucas has been the one who has tried to help Mike in his relationship with El the most throughout the seasons so he'd know how none of it came naturally to Mike)
Not to mention in season 5 we're probably going to have Max in a coma for a while with Lucas depressed over it. It would work so perfectly that Lucas snaps after hearing Mike talk about his rocky relationship with El and maybe a bit about Will and just yells at Mike that he's being childish with his emotions because Lucas himself is mourning his real relationship when Mike is still hung up over his pretend one. Also a parallel about how Mike acted when Will was gone in season 1 to how Lucas acts whilst Max is 'gone' in season 5 would also work so well.
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Take my hand, take my whole life too ❤️
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