Katsuki was born elderly
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Afternoon patrolling 🌅
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Background bkdk is best bkdk imo
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atp MHA is just gay people dying for each other and I'm here for it
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Angry Dilfs- Midoriya Izuku
Husband Midoriya Izuku x Wifey Reader
Tumblr media
Context: Your husband doesn't take lightly to people staring at your ass, especially if it's Bakugou Katsuki.
Warning: Brief SMUT/ Angry sex. It literally lasts like 3 paragraphs, its not that deep, Shouting, TOXIC EX! Bakugou Katsuki, the mention of vasectomies (the horror), Children (the horror x2)
Note: This sort of links to The Contract series that I wrote for Izu.
You leaned back in your chair as everyone laughed around the table. The long dining room table sat big enough to fit your entire family and the Kirishimas who had come over. Your husband sat at the head of the table to your right. He had a resting smile on his face as he looked at the people around you. Your large man, husband of sixteen years, father of five and Number One hero sat with his large figure in his seat, plate long empty as Katsuki told his story. You got up from your seat, moving to take you and your husband’s plate to the kitchen, the kids having gone to play video games or talk amongst themselves, leaving you adults to talk (plus your newborn, Kota who was chewing his hand).
You picked up his plate, instantly taking his attention. You leaned down to him, placing a kiss on his forehead. He moved a hand to your waist. “Want a refill Izu?” You asked softly, motioning to his glass.
He nodded his head with a smile. “That would be wonderful, thank you.” He spoke softly back up to you. You smiled as you moved to the kitchen.
Izuku watched you with a fond smile before turning back to Katsuki. However, the blond hero seemed to have his own crimson gaze following you too. That did not sit well with Izuku. Truth be told, the blond Number two ProHero had been looking at you seconds too long for Izuku’s liking.
Katsuki took a sip of his Manhatten as he leaned back, a chuckle at the back of his throat. “I told her that she should try running after a car going a hundred sixty kilometres an hour and see how she feels.” He jested making the men at the table chuckle.
 Eijiro sat beside Katsuki with a smile on his face. He watched as his twelve year old daughter shuffled into the kitchen, her black hair tied down in a braid as she moved to help you in taking care of the dishes.
Katsuki looked to Izuku who had picked up Kota from his high chair and brought him to sit on his lap. The eight month old was a rather happy and giggly baby, never really crying much and had the cutest and roundest freckled cheeks. Katsuki raised an eyebrow at the baby who seemed no infatuated with Izuku’s hand. “So when’s the vasectomy appointment, Deku?” He asked motioning his glass to the green haired man.
Izuku raised an eyebrow with a scoff. “What vasectomy?” He asked.
Katsuki shrugged as he leaned back. Eijiro looked at him uneased, not liking how this might end up going. “I mean you’ve got five kids, don’t you think it’s time you…” He made a scissor motion with his fingers and made snipping noises. The motion made Eijiro shiver at the pure thought of anyone coming near his own pair.
Izuku stared at Katsuki unblinkingly for a moment. Out of pure decency and the fact that he was holding his youngest son with him, he kept his composure. Katsuki had the habit of jesting and poking at Izuku just because he wanted to. Izuku hated it almost as much as he hated the blond himself. He let out a breath as he ran a hand through Kota’s soft green curls. “That’s between me and my wife, Kacchan. If she wants me to do it, I’ll do it.”
“If I want you to do what?” You appeared again, placing down a glass of lemonade in front of Izuku. He never liked to drink whenever the kids were around, even if it was just a glass. If he was going to drink, it would be away from them. You leaned against your husband, your weight barely effecting him at all as you held a warm bottle of milk that you had just warmed up for your youngest son in your other hand, shaking it gently.
Izuku opened his mouth but Katsuki beat him to it. The blond leaned forward with a teasing smirk on his face. “Don’t you think it’s time your husband got a vasectomy?”
Your eyes widened as you turned to look down at Izuku, wondering where that all came from. He sighed as he shrugged, telling you that he didn’t even know where it came from. You turned your head to look back at Katsuki. “Well, I think we will talk about it if that’s how we want to go about doing things.” You worded carefully, not entirely sure what the point of the question was. “Either way, I’m happy with my boys.” You smiled sweetly as you looked down to Kota who was silently staring at Eijiro who was playing peek-a-boo with him, soft giggle escaping his mouth. You picked him up gently, taking his attention making him squeal at the sight of his mother, happy to see you. Bright green eyes holding nothing but happiness and love. You chuckled as you held your little boy in your arms. “My five boys are all I could ever wish for.”
“I’ve given up on having a girl.” Izuku casually stated as he lifted his glass of lemonade up to his lips.
Eijiro chuckled as he scratched the back of his head. “I think I would only ever have girls, if Katsuki-”
“Don’t start with me, Red.” Katsuki dismissed with a hand up and a roll of his eyes. At that, not too far away you heard shouting from the two oldest boys in the house who were shouting about their video game. “Two is enough as is.”
Eijiro stared down at his empty glass, his large hands holding it rather tightly as he kept a smile on his face. “Of course, babe.” He said softer this time, red hair cascading down his shoulders as he stared at his cup. He took a deep breath before looking up with a smile. “Speaking of which, we should get going. It’s getting late.” He puffed out as he stood up in his chair. He looked to you with a grateful smile. “Thank you for the meal, Y/N.”
You smiled. “It’s no problem, Eijiro.”
Eijiro waved to your youngest, making the baby wave a hand back flexing his fingers as his way of saying bye. Eijiro looked to his daughter. “Satomi, sweetheart, say your goodbyes, we’re leaving.” He notified her.
She put down the glass she had rinsed off and looked up with a smile. “Okay, daddy.” She said sweetly as she moved back over to you. “Sorry I couldn’t finish the dishes, but I did most of them. Thank you, it was really nice.”
Satomi was always such a sweetheart, carved from literal gold and gifted from the heavens. She was her father’s little copy and you knew how much she was a light in his life. You put a hand to her face and smiled. “You didn’t have to, Satomi, but thank you. I’ll see you soon, okay?” She nodded her head excitedly and said goodbye to your husband. You turned to look down the hall. “Toshinori! Kane has to go now!”
It took a few seconds before your oldest son who had just turned fourteen appeared, curly green hair mostly hidden under a beanie. “What?” He let out in disappointment. “We were just getting to the good stuff.”
Appearing as well was Kane, thirteen and the splitting image of Katsuki. His puffy blond hair and crimson eyes looked so much like his father, but he had so much softer edges to him than Katsuki. “What!? Can Toshinori and I have a sleepover.” He bargained.
Eijiro chuckled. “On another day, Kane. Not tonight. You can both play video games tomorrow.”
Kane frowned but nodded his head with a grumble, following Toshinori to go pack up their games.
You saw little heads of green hair peaking from the side as well, Toshinori’s three other brothers peaked from over the side, a ten year old, six year old and four year old, giggling with mischief in their eyes. You gave them all a pointed look and motioned up the stairs. “Sprouts! Go get ready for bed.”
They all grumbled, the oldest one of the three of them, ten-year-old Asahi, led his brothers upstairs.
“Kacchan, can I talk to you for a second?” Izuku asked as he stood up, his hands in his pockets. A serious look was on his face as he confronted the blond.
Katsuki rolled his eyes but stood up from the chair he had made himself comfortable in and headed towards the back sliding door that led to the garden outside, following after your large bulky husband. Your eyebrows furrowed in wonder at what they would be talking about but you decided to leave them be. Kota had been drinking from the bottle you had gotten him, safely holding it with his hands as he started to get tired from the long day. You turned to look at Eijiro. “Come, let me get you guys some left over brownies.” You motioned for him to follow you.
Eijiro let out an awkward laugh, his daughter going off to Toshinori and Kane who were still packing up. “You don’t have to, Y/N.”
“Nonsense.” You shook your head. You leaned over closer to him. “Izuku eats too many anyways.” You whispered teasingly.
You handed him Kota making his eyes widen in surprise, but he held the baby properly and supported the bottle that he was drinking from as well. You made swift work of packing a container of brownies that you had baked. Living in a house filled with boys, you had learnt to cook and bake in the masses. You carefully got foil and placed the chocolate brownies in the container. You looked up at Eijiro who looked down at your youngest son with an adoring look. The little one blinking slowly with sleep in his eyes.
You motioned to him. “He really likes you.” You pointed out. “You’re so good with kids, Eijiro. How come you and Katsuki never had more kids?” You asked trying to make sure you weren’t coming off too strong. After you and Izuku had Toshinori, Katsuki and Eijiro got egg doners and a surrogate and managed to have Kane and the next year, Satomi.
Eijiro he looked down at Kota with an easy smile, holding him sweetly as he rocked him in his arms. “Katsuki didn’t see the point in it.” He spoke nonchalantly. “Said too many would get in the way of his career and spot as Number Two. He doesn’t want added pressure I guess.” He shrugged.
You nodded, remembering how serious Katsuki took his career when you both had been dating long ago. Too long ago. But that was in the past. You didn’t say anything more, glancing at Izuku and Katsuki who stood outside, the sliding door closed, blocking any bits of their conversation. However, you could see by their body language that it must have been a heated conversation to say the least.
“What the fuck are you saying, Deku?” Katsuki let out with a harsh crimson glare aimed at the taller man in front of him.
Izuku had his arms folded over his chest as he stared down at Katsuki. Hands gripping his biceps as he frowned at the blond man in front of him. “You heard what I said, Kacchan.” He tried keeping his voice even toned and with less aggression as he could muster. Knowing how Katsuki could get. “I’d appreciate it if you stopped staring at my wife.”
Katsuki scoffed as he rolled his eyes. “And on what basis would you think I would be doing that?”
“On the basis that I have eyes.” Izuku stated plainly. “I’m not ignorant about your feelings to her have not gone away even after the two of you broke up nearly two decades ago. I don’t know what inner complex or feelings you must be going through,” He motioned to the blond man in front of him, his eyebrows furrowed in seriousness. “But I think it’s for the best you keep those in line and in check.”
Katsuki smirked with a tilt of his head, his crimson eyes finding amusement in the situation as he let out a low chuckle. “Or what, Deku?” He asked lowly with a raised eyebrow. “You’re gonna blame a man for having eyes or are you going to blame your wife for having a fat ass?”
Izuku closed his eyes as his fingers dug into his bicep, he took a deep inhale before looking away from Katsuki. “Okay, I think it’s time for you to go, Kacchan.”
“I swear, Deku,” He stepped forward closer to the Number One hero, “Just because you can give her all the sons she wants and all the money in the world doesn’t take away the fact that…” He leaned in close, a smirk on his face and a whisper out of his mouth. “I’ve been in your wife’s pussy before. It doesn’t take away the fact that at one stage she would have been in the exact same position she’s in now but instead she would be Mrs Bakugou and she’d be having my blond brats instead. So why don’t you stop your high horse because you were lucky to wind up with her, and leave me be.”
The blond stepped back as he moved to leave Izuku outside, heading back inside the Midoriya residence. Katsuki smirked as he moved over to where everyone had now moved to the entrance hall, making their way outside. You held Kota in your arms as you allowed Eijiro, Kane and Satomi outside.
Katsuki smirked as he walked over to you, his hands in his jacket. “You take care now, Y/N.” Katsuki kept his eyes on you with that deep intense gaze.
“You too, Katsuki.” You nodded with a pleasant smile, ignoring his eyes racking over your figure as he stepped to leave outside.
You felt Toshinori step closer to you. Your son having a tense smile as he moved to hold the door. “Goodbye Uncle Kacchan.” He dismissed.
Katsuki scoffed as he looked the boy up and down. He rolled his eyes as he moved over to his Audi. “Midoriyas.” He shook his head.
Toshinori’s face dropped as he glared for a second before closing the door rather. He shook his head with a frown. “Uncle Kacchan is weird.” He stated simply making you chuckle. Toshinori had been getting taller and taller everyday and you were just waiting for the day he would surpass you, already nearly being your height.
You nudged him softly. “You heading to your room?”
He nodded his head. “Yah. Training with dad this morning made me kind of drained.” He explained.
Toshinori had received One for All from Izuku, having been born quirkless and was slowly being trained in dealing with the powerful quirk he now had. One for all was a strange thing, as Toshinori inherited it, it never diminished Izuku’s own power either. Having two holders of such a powerful quirk was something you knew the Commission seemed more than excited to explore once your son hit UA. But you were just glad he was managing the new quirk so well and he hadn’t gotten seriously hurt.
You nodded your head. “Alright, you head to bed. I’m sure you two will be going for another morning jog.”
Toshinori nodded his head, a spark in his bright green eyes at the thought. “Yah! Dad said it would increase my stamina, but honestly I think its also for indurance. Ever since receiving One for All, I noticed the gravity of having to have a lot of energy but also learning to use the energy I have. It’s really interesting actually, especially since I haven’t unlocked all the other quirks yet! I wonder if I’ll be more like dad or grandpa All Might? All the past holders seem really informative but nothing I’ve already received from dad and-” You watched your son drone on a tangent, so passionate about his quirk.
You couldn’t help but smile dearly at your oldest boy. He was so much like his father. You chuckled and nodded. “Alright, alright, Toshi. Just don’t push yourself too hard. You still have time before hitting UA.” You reminded him, pulling on his beanie a bit more. “You head on to bed now.”
He nodded his head and leaned over and placed a kiss on your forehead. “Night, Ma.” He whispered closer to you, remembering his little brother who was now passed out in your arms on a milk coma. Toshi turned to look at the sliding door to where his father was.
You turned to look at Izuku who had his back to the door, standing motionless as he looked out at the garden. You put a hand to Toshinori’s shoulder. “I’ll tell him you said goodnight. He’s probably counting the bunnies again.” Toshi nodded his head and left to go upstairs. “Mind checking on your brothers for me?”
“Not at all.” He spoke cheerfully as he left to go upstairs.
You watched him leave to go upstairs before turning to look at your husband. Your eyebrows furrowed in worry, feeling as though something happened when he was talking to Katsuki. However, you knew he needed some time to collect all the millions of thoughts that buzzed around his head.
“Ah! Izuku!” You cried out as his hands gripped your hips. Your ass slapped against his pelvis hard and fast as he slammed you back onto his cock. His grip on you was bruising to say the least, borderline painful but the pleasure was also just as overwhelming.
You hadn’t expected to end up in this position when you had both retired for the evening, you putting down all the boys, making sure they were all in bed and asleep while Izuku insisted on cleaning up downstairs. He was an attentive husband that way. With all the work he did as Number One, he still always put in work in the home and with you and the kids. You felt lucky to have a husband who managed to balance it all like he did.
However, you were surprised to find yourself wrapped up in his arms, pure need and wanting in his intentions. It flattered you to say the least and you took your chance at intimacy with your husband as quickly as you could. That’s how you found yourself face first in your sheets, so glad that your room was soundproofed.
However as much as you loved your husband and how much he filled you up so effortlessly, this was a surprise to you. The aggression he had tonight seemingly came out of nowhere. Now you weren’t totally adverse to how rough he was being, however you had that nibbling feeling inside you that told you that something wasn’t right.
You bit back a moan as you turned to look at him. Your large thick husband seemed deep in his head but also focused as he fucked you. His eyebrows were furrowed and seemed less vocal than normal. That raised enough flags in your head (as well as the bruising you would have on your hips and ass) to tell you that you had to put a pause in things.
“Izuku… Izuku stop.” You let out rather firmly. At your tone of voice, instantly your husband paused. Not even asking or entertaining the thought of pressing on for more sex that could clear his turbulent mind. You looked back at him worriedly. Your husband had never struggled performing in bed, but you knew just how strong his emotions are and how they could effect him.
He let out a low growl. “Shit!” He shouted, pushing himself out of you before letting go of you completely.
You finally relaxed into the sheets for a moment, letting out deep breaths as you tried to collect yourself for a second before turning over to look at your husband. Izuku sat with his head in his hands, turned away from you, his scarred back facing you as he was silent. You bit back the slight discomfort to your sex as you shuffled over to him. “Izuku...” You spoke softly, placing a hand on his back as you sat up. “Talk to me. What’s wrong?”
He let out a deep breath before standing up and out of bed. “Bakugou Katsuki. That’s what’s fucking wrong.” He let out clearly riled up and angry as he started to pace around the room.
You watched him silently, nodding your head, allowing him the moment to vent. “Okay, what did Katsuki do?” You asked him.
Izuku stopped momentarily to look at you. He motioned to the side. “All night, he had been staring at you like you were some piece of meat on a platter for him to take all for himself. I mean, this isn’t the first time, Y/N.” He told you, green eyebrows furrowed in a mix of anger and confusion. “I mean, I see how he constantly looks at you at Hero Galas, when we meet up with friends, school events, even in our own house! Now I decided to talk to him because I don’t appreciate him staring at my wife like that and he comes back to the fact that he’s still adores you! Telling me all about how he’s been inside you before and how you should be Mrs Bakugou. I told you that he would never move past that.”
You shifted uncomfortably, remembering the drama that had happened long ago when you were once in love with Bakugou Katsuki, only for him to cheat on you with the very same redhead man you had eating at your dining room table tonight as well. It was something you still thought about, but one you had gotten peace with. Mostly because you were happy with Izuku, you were happy with the family you had built based off of something you never thought would give you so much happiness.
However, the thought that Katsuki still thought about you in such a way made you uncomfortable. Of course you couldn’t deny that you and Katsuki had had sex before nor the fact that at some point in your life you did fantasize about being Mrs Bakugou, but not anymore. That was the past.
You nodded your head. “I understand your anger, Izuku. I don’t like it either.”
He motioned to you, relieved and glad that you understood his point. “Thank you.” He let out with a sigh. “I never liked having him here, but because our kids are friends and because I know how hard you have worked to getting peace and harbouring no ill feelings, I didn’t say anything. All I want for you is to be happy even if it means having to deal with Katsuki for a few hours, but…” Izuku stopped as he let out another sigh.
He looked to you and shook his head, completely and utterly at his end when it came to this situation. He looked almost as if he wanted to find another solution than the one he was going to give you but couldn’t see one.
“My love, I…” He paused before looking at you serious and having made up his mind. “I don’t want Bakugou anywhere in this house while he still thinks like this. I don’t feel comfortable with him here. I can’t control outside but in here… I just…”
You nodded your head understanding. You didn’t think it would come to this but you weren’t surprised. “Izuku…” You motioned to the place in bed next to you, tapping it gently with a smile. His shoulders lowered as he walked over to you, slowly before lying down beside you. You smiled at him as you ran a hand through his soft hair. “I agree.” You affirmed, half taking Izuku by surprise. “I will not allow anywhere to make you feel uncomfortable in our own home, no matter who they are. I don’t feel comfortable either so it’s okay. This is our home and we get to decide who we let inside and out of it. I respect and understand your feelings.”
Izuku closed his eyes, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into his chest. He rested his head on top of yours. “What about the kids?” He sighed. “I don’t want this to effect them.”
You smiled, glad that he was thinking about them. “I don’t think the younger ones care all that much. But with Toshi…” You lifted your head from off his chest and looked up at him. “Izuku, he praises the ground you walk on. Your son idolises you and he isn’t stupid either. He notices things and understands them. He’s a lot like you.” You teased with a smile. “I think if he asks, just sit down and talk to him. This is a good lesson that sometimes even if they are your friends, if they make you uncomfortable, you shouldn’t allow them into your space. He’ll understand, he listens to you.”
He nodded his head as he stared down at you. He gave you a gentle smile and put a hand to your face. You smiled, seeing those clear eyes again. “Thank you, love.” He whispered, placing a kiss on your forehead. “I’m sorry if I was rough with you. I didn’t mean to ruin the mood.”
“Izuku, it’s fine.” You shrugged it off, moving to cuddle in to him closer. “We don’t need sex to make each other feel better or at all. This,” you squeezed him tighter, earning a chuckle as he held you in his big warm arms. You leaned your head against his chest hearing his heartbeat. “This with you… in my husband’s arms like this, is much more intimate than anything else.”
He hummed, glad to hear it from you. “Hey Y/N…”
“I love you.”
You smiled. “I love you too, Izuku.”
[Angry Dilfs- Katsuki Bakugou]
[Angry Dilfs- Kirishima Eijiro]
Next we have Eijiro!!
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Tumblr media
f!reader | thinkin abt prone bone with katsuki. he’ll put his full weight on you bc he doesn’t give a single fuck if it’s too much, he wants it. his fat cock slams into you, heavy balls clapping against your clit almost too hard, but you can’t stop him, so does that even matter? your legs are almost spread too wide as he cages you in, but he’ll pull them back open if you try to close them because he wants to fuck you so deep he’s in your guts. maybe his hands are under your chest so he can grope your tits, twist and pull your nipples as much as he wants. he’ll pull your head back hard by the hair to get better access to your neck, keep you from muffling the moans he’s ripping out of your body. he’ll finger your mouth like that just to see you drool, feel your cunt clench and flutter from the humiliation of it. he’ll suck and bite hard marks into your skin along your neck and shoulder, kiss the tender spots that he’s created. maybe he’ll do all of those things while you’re laying with your back against his chest so he is hands have more purchase over your body as he thrusts up into you. but what runs through your head the most when you’re alone is the way he speaks to you. his voice, much like his groans are low and rough, but still soft enough that it gives you chills.
“tch. listen t’you, so fuckin needy…. such a good girl, lettin’ me fuck you like this. takin’ me so well…. you deserve it, princess. deserve t’be fucked like you belong t’me…. who owns you, huh?…. ‘s right, i do…. so fuckin’ perfect f’me…. fuck, that’s it, pretty girl. lemme have it. make a mess on my cock…. that’s my girl, don’t stop cumming. i need it, don’t fuckin’ stop, baby….”
Tumblr media
if you’d like to be added to my tag list, let me know. ♡
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kirishima couldn’t care less about how much you weigh and anytime you’re down about it, he’s sending you videos from the gym, lifting two-three times your weight. he’s curling it, he’s hip thrusting it, the works. and it’s always followed by a flirty little message, ones that make you blush if the videos didn’t do that already. but he doesn’t stop there, once he has time alone with you, he’s driving that message home by pounding the hell out you. he’s got you picked up into his arms, secure in his hold as he fucks you where he stands. the loud clapping of his hips smacking into you is all you can hear as your mind blanks, insecurities forgotten for just a moment. he’s growling into your ear, feral as he drills you.
“yeah, this what you wanted, honey? wanted to be held in daddy’s arms…my precious angel. mmhm i gotcha..makin’ a big fuss outta nothin’.”
and if it’s not that, its him absolutely worshipping you, most times in front of a mirror. he needs you to know how fucking down bad he is for you. he could kill a man if he had to.
“who’s my pretty baby? hm?”
“m-me-“ you’re responding as best you can with him peaking up at you from between your thighs. you’re sensitive, having just came over and over…and over…and he still wanted more.
“yeah? i think so too. absolutely gorgeous.” and he’s sucking marks into your tummy, your hips, your thighs.
“mine. mine. mine. all fucking mine.”
tags: @neon-gothicc @bakubunny @bookcluberror @kunigamisgirl @dizazter-dragoon @jazzafayesworld @cherriluvs35 @dreamcastgirl99 @pastelbakugou @ladybirdk @i-literally-cant-with-this @sluttyshigaraki
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Aizawa, on the phone: I’m breaking up- Present Mic: Im pregnant Aizawa: Aizawa: I meant the call Present Mic: Right, sorry. I panicked
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Near the End - Old Man Yaoi AU
(spoilers for what's to come, the HPSC stand-in president is about to be obliterated because how dare he take away AfO's 'toy' before he's done playing with it)
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Roots - Part 7 END
Thank you so much for reading all the way through!!! I'm glad I was able to make this comic ^o^/
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Tumblr media
Shoto from my drafts
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Tumblr media
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Kiss it better ❤️🧡
I needed some cute KiriBaku out of my system for you to enjoy 🤣💕
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‘Til the bed breaks, til my legs shake, til the windows fog up, til we both burn, til Endeavor dies, til the whole Japan knows his name
(These artworks from Horikoshi’s assistant have me so feral I can’t even form proper words right now I am actually going insane thats my man right there I- )
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