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wingo5 · 2 months
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“Taka-Chan! I know what we have to do!”
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tokyo-daaaamn-ji-gang · 6 months
Ah the covers for the next two full coloured editions have been released, it's Emma + Hina and Ran!
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demilypyro · 2 years
PLEASE watch Fabiniku
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ariachaos · 4 months
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pt. 2 of answering this ask! thank you again for requesting~
the reader is hinata's older sister by one year since mikey is a year older than takemichi and hinata!
reader is fem! reader
ᵐˢ. ᵗᵃᶜʰⁱᵇᵃⁿᵃ ? ⁿᵒ, ˢᵃⁿᵒ !
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being hinata's sister includes...
imma start by saying you have the best sibling duo out of the entire series.
hinata and noato are by far the least problematic people in the series, and i'm confident that being their oldest sibling is like herding a flock of sheep as a shepherd. easy.
i imagine you met mikey during the meeting hinata went to with takemichi, when toman officially called war on mobeius.
you usually follow hinata wherever she goes outside of school and cram school, since noato doesn't want to look "lame" in front of his friends. (apparently you make him look even more childish if you're constantly with him)
during the whole meeting, you kept yourself entertained by talking with emma, who complimented your fashion sense, and hinata, who claimed that you were prettier than the models on magazines.
it is also at this time that you spot takemichi getting talked at by pah, so you excused yourself from their conversation and tried to make yourself a decent sister-in-law.
which is how mikey even noticed you to begin with, so go you!
after shooing pah away from poor takemichi, you made sure he wasn't going to piss his pants and left to chill in the corner with emma and hinata, who thanked you for keeping her boyfriend out of trouble.
after the brief meeting was finished, emma dragged you to show you off to her brother mikey, talking about how good of an older sister you were, and how much you reminded her of a person named shinichiro.
not in the way you're lame or have no rizz, but it the way that you're mature and doesn't hesitate to correct the wrongs you see in front of you.
and mikey dug that.
to the point he would attach himself to you almost unconsciously whenever the two of you would run into each other.
it got to the point mikey would give you rides to and from school, insisting that it was a good way to make sure you were getting to places safely. and it's this particular behavior that sets hinata off to ask if the two of you were dating (she saw you from the balcony).
you say no, but mikey clearly thought otherwise when he looked at you all heartbroken going, "we're not?"
and then you explain to him that neither of you properly asked each other out, and you didn't think he saw you that way. (it was clear as day, you're just wearing sunglasses)
he claims on the spot that he's liked you for a while, all the while hinata is recording the whole scene to send to emma so they could fangirl together about how cute and clueless the two of you were.
and unlike my other headcanons, you weren't all that in love with mikey because in the "who fell first v.s. who fell harder" trope, you would be the type to take your time falling hard.
and you did after mikey shamelessly showed up at your front door shirtless, beaten up, and with only his toman uniform on (like his fit during the valhalla fight).
part of it was because he looked hot af, but another part of it was because of the amount of trust he had in you to go and look for you so you could patch him up when he was hurt.
and you did! you even gave him a "get-well-soon" kiss! on the lips! AND IT WAS THE BEST DAY OF HIS LIFE!!!
if he wasn't worshipping the ground you walked on then, he definitely was now.
and the two of you continue your relationship all the way to marriage because y'all might not have started strong, but you definitely went strong for a long time.
(yes, naoto went to takemichi and complain about how you had to go and fall for the ONE guy, but he got over it.)
nicknames for hinata: hina, na-chan, imouto, osanai imouto (baby sister), and akachan no hana (baby flower).
nicknames for naoto: nao, ato-chan, otouto, osanai otouto, akachan no kumo (baby cloud)
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shizukais · 1 year
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justalittlebitartsy · 11 months
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next up: koko, wakasa, kakucho, and hinata!
[art by me, do not repost]
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kokonoiscoconut · 1 year
Keeping up with the Older Siblings of TR - Episode 5
Episode 5: A win is a win + Bonus scene w/ the Akashi brothers
Summary: Haruchiyo Sanzu finally gets with his ideal girl of his dreams. There's only one small problem the rest of the older siblings have with this date; she was his stalker.
Warning: mentions of stalking, bdsm (slave play) mention, guilt tripping, sanzu's yandere and questionable tendencies, swearing, takeomi gets told to die once, mention of murder
monica's notes: look who decided to post again 💀 this might be the last update for a while though, so yeah. I also have a poll that will come up soon about this series, so yeah.
Minors dni
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Bonus scene with Takeomi
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— 𝐄𝐦𝐦𝐚 𝐒𝐚𝐧𝐨 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐇𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐭𝐚 𝐓𝐚𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐛𝐚𝐧𝐚 𝐛𝐞𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐛𝐞𝐬𝐭 𝐟𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐧𝐝𝐬!
⊹ . ♡ ۫ . Headcanons of what it would be like to have Emma Sano and Hinata Tachibana as best friends
✩‧₊˚➳ H e a d c a n o n s !
₍ᐢ. .⑅ᐢ₎ 𝑭𝒕. Emma Sano and Hinata Tachibana
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✩‧₊˚ You spend a lot of time together, usually, you go out to parks or shopping, or just stay at home watching movies or reading.
✩‧₊˚ You guys love slumber parties and have parties like this on a regular basis, it's usually Emma who organizes everything and it always turns out perfect.
✩‧₊˚ They are protective of you, always give you all the support in the world, try to give you good advice and want to protect you from all possible harm.
✩‧₊˚ You wear friendship bracelets, sometimes you wear matching profile pictures, as each one has a different style, it's a way to match.
✩‧₊˚ You love shopping and take a lot of pictures together, you also like to talk about the most varied subjects possible, you have a lot of intimacy, that's why you also usually talk about girls or boys.
✩‧₊˚ They are jealous, they don't like to see you with other people, but they accept it, your friendship is extremely healthy and there is a lot of companionship between you.
✩‧₊˚ Emma loves to choose her clothes, shoes and accessories, besides that, she loves to do makeup on you or at least put some lip gloss on your mouth, she does the same with Hina, both are extremely vain.
✩‧₊˚ Hina always helps you with a lot of issues, whether it's school, personal life or any other problem you have, she's the kind of friend who listens to all your outbursts and does everything to help you, Emma is also very understanding, they like to take care of you and ensure your well-being, you know you can count on them for everything so you feel extremely safe having them in a friendship.
✩‧₊˚ You have a lot of pictures together, Emma loves taking pictures of you and everywhere you go they take pictures, plus you keep a group just to send funny pictures or things like.
✩‧₊˚ The two are affectionate, you usually give each other gifts, they know exactly all the things you like, so they do their best to please you, Hina is the one who shows the most affection and Emma is the most protective, together , they are the best friends you could ever have.
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bmpmp3 · 1 year
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realizing more and more every day how much i struggle drawing my favourite big sparkly eyed anime characters
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How they confess ♥️
How the characters of Tokyo Revengers confess their feelings to their crush.
Sends a love letter and asks to meet privately 💌
Hina, Yuzuha, Chifuyu
Does nothing, buries their feelings forever 🤐
Draken, Hakkai, Inui
Takes you to your favourite spot to say it 🌇
Takemichi, Kazutora, Kakucho, Shinichiro
Accidentally blurts it in a random situation 🫢
Mikey, Baji, Benkei
Takes you out to a nice dinner first 🍷
Kokonoi, Ran, Takeomi
Catches you by surprise with a kiss 😗
Hanma, Ran, South
Suddenly holds your hand while hanging out and waits for a reaction 🤝
Naoto, Mitsuya, Emma
Asks if you have a crush, hoping you'll confess first❓
Kazutora, Sanzu, Souya, Izana
Calls you out of the blue to ask you out 📞
Taiju, Rindou, Wakasa
Casually confesses like it's common knowledge 😎
Develops an unnecessarily complicated plan to impress you first 📑
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kimasousparky · 8 months
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i do not remember if i ever posted these but anyways
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wingo5 · 5 months
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Two pretty best friends and their boyfriends!!
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tokyo-daaaamn-ji-gang · 8 months
We got some new and clearer shots from the fire force game collab!
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lazypotaters · 2 years
My princesses whose friendship didn't get enough screentime.
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ariachaos · 23 days
m!reader who is the little brother of the tachibana (he is about 9 or 10 years old), he, unlike his siblings, is a complete disaster, as if his older sister could only sigh when she saw the boy fight against takemichi (and win lol)
a feral child for two calm siblings, got it
reader is m! reader
ᶠᵉʳᵃˡ ᵗᵃᶜʰⁱᵇᵃⁿᵃ !!
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being the youngest tachibana includes...
look, i'm going to say this now, naoto wonders every day how you're even related to him and hina.
like he loves you and thinks you're the most badass little sibling a guy could ask for, but sometimes... he just sits there like "how are we related"
hina just adores you flat out, no questions asked because you're a little more accepting of her spoiling you with love and affection while naoto acts like he's allergic to such things and emotionally passes away every time she tries to hug him or something.
the three of you are pretty much three peas in a pod, though, because there are no major arguments or something, but there is always going to be a ww III over the last mochi in the fridge. anything for mochi, even the blood of your siblings ig
other than fighting over food, you're oddly overprotective of your siblings, even going as far as to biting takemichi the first time you saw him because you thought he was going to throw hands with your sister, when really he was using what little rizz he had to romance her.
you eventually came to accept the guy as your other older brother, but you liked to tease him, asking if him and hina kissed yet or some average annoying kid stuff like that.
there was this one time kisaki tried to get on your good side and earn your favor more than takemichi, but you got heebie jeebies from him and starting crying at the mere sight of your smile.
he's still devasted over it to this day.
on the other hand, takemichi is overflowing with good vibes and golden retriever energy, so you reacted well to him.
you warmed up to calling him big bro relatively quickly, and it really wasn't long before you would crawl over him anytime he came over to study with hina.
another reason you glue yourself to takemichi is because you can annoy him all you want, and he wouldn't say no to you. since he didn't grow up with siblings, takemichi doesn't mind being bothered like this once in a while, plus you're cute and cuddly so you're great to just have chilling on his lap while he studies with hina.
one time he showed up to hina's house beaten up, and he never felt so bad about it until you started crying and asking your dad to take him to the hospital.
you're a feral, energetic child, but you definitely held people close to your heart, and it shows.
most people do think you're so feral you wouldn't care what people think about you, but your siblings know far better than anyone that you're very sensitive to what people say about you.
hence, naoto is very protective of what you hear and see, and he's willing to break a few of his bones just so you don't have to suffer and have your heart broken.
it goes both ways, since hina coddles the two of you, naoto makes sure neither of you are facing anyone unpleasant, and you would physically bury someone alive if it made your siblings happy,
nicknames for hina: hina-nee, nee-chan, pretty nee-chan, best sister, angel, nata, nata-chan, and pinky-nee-chan.
nicknames for naoto: nao, naoto-nii, nii-chan, smart nii-chan, best nii-chan, small nii-chan, aniki, blue aniki, and pouty nii-chan.
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shan-luoluo · 9 months
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