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nightwolferebornii · 1 month
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killinitsince1983 · 2 months
One day,
The right one will show up.
Y'all will speak the same language.
There will be no explanations needed.
Both of you will know.
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lydiaortega1996 · 2 months
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desertmystic · 9 months
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dangerkeith3000x · 1 year
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bbygirlbunny · 1 year
I just wanna be someone's little. Why is this so hard?
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m0ve-0n · 1 year
Tell your kids about me
I hope that when you’re older
and your hair is begin to grey
when you’ve built your life
found your happiness
Your child asks about me one day
I know that you’ll be stunned
But let out a soft smile
I hope that you’ll ask them to take a seat
Cause you’ll be talking for a while
It was never a thought in my head
That we would be sharing our love story alone
I always thought those kids would be ours
But I guess the future is unknown
Please tell them how much I loved you
Share our memories
Give them advise
Tell them about the choices you made
It’ll make you wonder if it was worth the price
Be honest with them about what happened
Please don’t tell them we endet fine
Your first love just not your last love
But maybe we will work out in another lifetime
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allo-frouto · 3 months
Maybe this is an unusual complaint but I've had three boyfriends now and can't seem to find one that is on my level when it comes to sexual preferences...as in, I want to be much dirtier and kinkier than they are willing to be. Which is their right, of course, but it means we're not so sexually compatible even if I like them in other ways. 😬
I feel like there are some solutions to this problem because it is only natural to have a different taste when it comes to sexual intercourse and ways to show affection. Firstly, you can talk openly with them and try to understand if they would be up for more exciting ways to pleasure one another and if so, what these ways include. If this conversation has taken place and the outcome isn't the one you'd been waiting for, you could always initiate some activities in a very cautious and mild manner at first in order to see how the other reacts. In any case, no one should feel pressured to do anything they don't feel comfortable with. I see you are coming from a good place and I understand you because I've been there. What worked for me was definitely talking it out but when this wasn't enough, I walked out because no one should settle for something that doesn't fullfill them or make then reach their levels of pleasure!
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soulinkpoetry · 1 year
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It’s in the knowing. What she wants , what she expects , what she desires, when it’s appropriate to give it. The man who cares enough to know you, knows the right amount of gentle and dominance that pleases your senses.
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pistachi0art · 2 years
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Toshi Z. and Arsène IV 🍜
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projectbatman193 · 2 years
Little light fun 😅🤣
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luveline · 2 years
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n-taszka · 2 years
which toe is your favorite toe?
I hate that I know who exactly asked this and definitely not yours<3
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feelgigglethink · 2 years
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What makes me different
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bookwyrminspiration · 18 days
god I would be UNSTOPPABLE if I was capable of consistently initiating tasks. just you wait. you'll be waiting a while but just you wait
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raskolnikovslawyer · 3 months
coffee shop by my house hired a new barista who is extraordinarily hot and flirts with me incessantly but she also makes the worst - and i truly mean the worst - coffee i’ve ever paid for. atrociously bad. just another of god’s little jokes
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