Slashers Adopted a Dumpster Baby
From seeing @angelbarelywrites 's post on Slashers accidentally Adopt a baby, I wanna do a version with a Dumpster baby.
Slashers: Michael myers (78, 07, and 2018), Jason Voorhees, Thomas Hewitt, The Sinclair's, and Bubba Saywer
Michael Myers
Tumblr media
He was doing his usual nightly routine
He thought he was hearing things when he heard crying
Following when it's coming from until finding a trash can where the noise is coming from
Opening it up to his shock, a baby was inside it
Michael had to call it early on his spree to bring this tiny thing home to you
You were still up reading your book when you heard the door open, then shut. Hearing his boots walking to your shared room with the now sleeping bundle in his arms.
"I found this little one in a trash can." He said as you get up to see the baby
Poor thing was abandoned at their birth
You decide to adopt this little boy, Michael wasn't going to argue with that. He couldn't put it back where he found it
John was the name you decided, John Myers
Jason Voorhees
Tumblr media
He was walking around the campsite when he heard crying coming from somewhere
Following when the noises are coming
Pamela found where the sounds came from, a Dumpster next to the Mess Hall
Opening it and his Heart dropped and almost his Machete out his hand
A little baby in a blanket was crying
Pamela was tearing up from the site
She tells his boy to adopt this little baby as his and your"s
Jason brought the little bundle back to his cabin
You were asleep when he came home, hearing him at your side of the bed
You opened your eyes to see a blanket with a little hand holding your man's finger
Think he took this little one from their parents he explains that he found this baby in the dumpster, his mother backed up his claim
"Can I see them?" You said him
You held this little girl, cooeing when deciding on a name for your newly adopted baby
"Pamela Melody Voorhees."
Jason cried on the idea of his adopted daughter
RZ Michael Myers
Tumblr media
He heard crying when he came by a alleyway, he went to the only dumpster and opened it
Oh my god, there's a baby girl in this dumpster
He took up this little one in his large frame and comfort this little one
This little one reminded him of Boo when she was a baby
He took this little one back with him to you
You were watching Gorjia 54 on the TV when he walked through the back door
"You won't believe what I found in a dumpster." He said when he got closer to the couch, "Michael, you didn't eat Tra." You stopped when you saw the little bundle in his arms.
"Oh my god." You said as you reached out for the little girl. "That's what I said when I saw her in there. Someone just abandoned this little one in there."
You both decided to keep her
Audrey, because your daughter that night
Bo Sinclair
Tumblr media
He's just walking around in a nearby town till the sounds of crying caught his attention
Discovering a little newborn in a trash pile just lying there
"How'd you get here, little one?" He said as he picked up the baby. "Someone didn't want you? I'll take you home."
Bringing home a new little Sinclair
You put your little girl to sleep as you went down to get something to drink in the kitchen
"Y/n my darling, do you think that there's room for another Sinclair in the house?" Bo asked through the opening to the kitchen. "Maybe why do you ask hun?" You replied
"Surprise," Bo came into the full of the opening. "I found this little one in a trash pile when I was out." Holding the little boy in his arms. "Someone just left this little guy? He's so small." You said as you walked to see the baby closer
"Well, I think Miles would be Anna's little brother." You said as you took the newest edition of the family in your arms
Vincent Sinclair
Tumblr media
Vincent didn't know that he would be a father till he met you, a sweetheart who loves him
Bo came home with something in his arms
"I think you two would love what I got." He said as he hands his twin brother a little girl. "Someone dumped her in a dumpster, I heard her crying when I was having a cigarette."
Vincent fell in love with this child. They're pink cheeks, and Brown eyes were so adorable. He took this little one to show you in the share room
You heard what Bo said to Vincent, and you made your way to meet him halfway.
"Oh, she's adorable." You said as you hold her little hand
Lila Sinclair became your and Vincent's child
Lester Sinclair
Tumblr media
Just doing his usual routine of collecting Road kill off the road to throw on the pile
A bunch of trash was on the side of the road with a box in the pile
A small noise came from the box, which caught him off guard
He looks inside the box
A baby??!!
Holy Fk, poor thing was left out in here for a while from how cold it was
It's still alive, thank heavens
Lester takes this little tike into his truck with Jonesy
Finishing up his task, he brings the little one home
You are shocked by what your husband found
"You think we should keep them?" Lester asked you
Aaron Sinclair was the name you both decided
Peepaw Michael Myers
Tumblr media
He was doing his usual spree till he heard a sound while walking around
He found a trash can with a bag where the crying was coming from
Looking in the bag, he tilted his head seeing a teary-eyed baby in the bag.
He lifted this abandoned child up to his warm body, bundling the baby in his coveralls to warm them up as he walked home
You were sleeping when he placed the sleeping baby on his side of the bed on a pillow till they started crying again, which woke you up
Immediately confused about why he has a baby with him and has it on his pillow
"You found them in the Trash?" You asked him as checked on the little one, He nodded
Poor child left in a bag, you decided to adopt the little girl
Jane was the name Michael decided
Thomas Hewitt
Tumblr media
He was taking the trash out behind his mama's gas station when he discovered the little boy in the dumpster
Poor Boy teared up seeing this abandoned child in there
Coming inside the station, Luda Mae saw his son crying with a little baby in his arms
She got Deja Vu when Thomas told her where he found them
Taking this little one home
Thomas rubbed the back of the baby that he found, cheeks still stained with tears
Hoyt gotten Deja vu from the Dumpster baby, the day Luda found Thomas in one
You came down the stairs seeing your Husband holding a baby, he found at his momma's gas station
"He found this little one in the Dumpster." Luda said, "Like how you found." Hoyt said before cut off by Luda elbowing him in the ribs
"They got a little birthmark on their arm Its not the skin condition you got, Tommy." You reassured him. He felt that he got the same condition he was born with, but he felt relief from that revelation
"I think Jedidiah would like a bath to feel better."
Thomas loved that name
Bubba Saywer
Tumblr media
He wasn't expecting this when Drayton brought home a little baby home
Him and you already had a baby not too long ago
But this little one was just dumbed at Drayton's Station
Bubba was panicking inside, who would leave a healthy baby in a dumpster
Nubs and Chop Top being themselves joke about the Bubba was a dumpster baby, but Drayton smacked the both of them from that
You cooed the little one you held in your arms
Bubba looked at the little one, their teal eyes looking into his blabbering at them with their hand reaching out to him
He fell in love with this little one
"Bubba, I think we should keep them." You said. He agreed on that idea
Isaiah Saywer joined the family
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mitsuriville 3 months
This year art dump 馃
Since I just started account and intend to post my art here, I decided to post all of my art of this year so far (that I鈥檓 proud of) that I鈥檝e already posted from my insta/tiktok 馃拫
not in order it鈥檚 kind of shuffled LOL
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I鈥檒l be posting more in the future
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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hestiviea 1 year
Tumblr media
the new place (slasher x reader) (on Wattpad) https://www.wattpad.com/story/332567535-new-place-slasher-x-reader?utm_source=web&utm_medium=tumblr&utm_content=share_myworks&wp_uname=alenxiexd&wp_originator=HbcNb9OA8x8uuuK9vgreySQvKYb1%2F57jpAicHaTNm9GphotTO5EwTnMcaVo6%2B%2B1BS4MQhTsXdXN%2BuVNtYY65Ja9dUOXaDBeUSFSP%2FIZdrAKtMgfuy6S3xU9rOT5IkhMd after receiving a weird old hard drive, y/n and they're friend are now stuck in a place constantly trying to kill them, only they have somebody preventing to end their life cycle of torture, as multiple slashers are now constantly to get rid of y/n and they're friend from this new place
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mersypaint 2 years
Omg 馃憗锔忦煈勷煈侊笍 Thomas 馃槒
Tumblr media
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spookykittyboo 3 years
Small Moment
Connecting with Thomas for the first time.
Tumblr media
It has become a blur now, when, where and how. You can't even remember why you're still here, and you dont even fight the feeling of comfort you created for this place. It was all hot, dirty, just a piece of mess and yet somehow this is enough for you. Grateful even.
You are now on your own feet walking, your hands touching the walls around you but you will always remember when you can't even have control over your own body. Tied up. Strangled. Normal. You could've run and look back at all this as hell. No, you stay. You see this as a.... home.
You're humming a familiar song in your head, cutting up some meat to put in a sandwhich. Moving your body to the sound of the music you're playing. You can still all the sounds from the basement but you manage to keep doing what you're doing besides, it has become a bird chirping noise to you. Somewhat of an everyday routine to hear, not at all a horror to your ears, anymore.
But instead, the man who makes those scream, is a mystery to you. He never talks once, maybe only a few words. You're starting to get confuse as you remember all of the things you know about him. "Is he..." you keep questioning your experience of watching him. Again, you're still unsure of your thoughts on him, it changes because he will always surprise you in different ways. And as weird as it sounds, he never really leaves your head. You're too curious to just leave him out and you can't really understand why.
Is it his silence?
His act?
Or something you dont want to admit...
You know the story of him. Luda once told you while she tugged you in, she explained the whole thing with her own way, which sounded like a poetry to you. The pain he went through, the scars he has. Those what they called "horrendous scars" never really bothers you, it never stops you from looking at him secretly. You probably couldn't admit it to yourself but you always know that it's an awe. You watch the man doing anything he does, walking, lifting or helping Hoyt. A little smile would also go a long the way, but of course you didn't notice the smile that appear out of nowhere. As you're to focused on Thomas.
Day by day, your curiosity grows like a stabbing pain. You can not bear the heavy weight of all your longing for him and it might weird to say, but nothing can express what you're feeling for him. With him never having any contact with you makes you want to dig deeper even more. Well maybe once, when he carried you over his shoulder to take you away from everyone and the whole world. But that one moment is not enough.
You have a plate of sandwhich in your hand and a glass of warm milk in the other, you walk your way till you can see the stairs leading to the basement. You can't shake the fear off. Yes, you're in awe of him but also, he can skin you off and you'll be his new mask. All of the thoughts are rushing in your brain like cold water. "Hello." you said, a little loud. You couldn't detect any noise you heard before. Just a light noises and probably the sound of his heavy steps. "He-hello... are you... there?" you step down by your left foot. Passing one stair. Then you get too confident to pass another.
When you hit the 7th, you hear a loud bang. Your eyes widens, as the horror enters your body, sending shiver all over your body. "Hello? Are you here?" you keep looking down, unsure of what to do. Another step? Going back? "Wh-what should i do? Shit!" you whisper under your breath. "I dont think i-" you gasps, stepping back but all you find is yourself falling on your back, hitting the hard stairs. He appears in front of you, darken your existence with his huge shadow. "Y-you... you..." you still have the food in your hands eventhough the milk spills itself on you a little and touches your arm.
He stands there. Wondering why you have yourself down here. His eyes traces all over your body, he starts with your feet he can see the how dirty they are, because you would go around the house barefoot. He gets closer to you, both of his hands are wiping themselves on his apron. You couldn't tell anymore what he has on his apron, blood, dirt, anything is brutal and it's a mixed of color.
You're panting with your hazy vision. "You're... you're Thomas aren't.... you?" you dont know whether it's the fear that strikes you or you're mesmerizes by his figure. What's real and what's not is something you can't really decide.
"Y-you... you want to eat, Thomas?" the amount of fear you have, starts to wash away little by little. "I brought you food..." you stand on your own feet, showing him the food then put it on the stair slowly. "It's not the meat you guys eat. But i-i think it will be good... for you..." to be honest, you're starting to shy away from him, with his eyes still nailing themselves to you it's hard not to feel intimidated. Just when you're about to make it back upstairs, you have a little, maybe sick or crazy idea. "Or, you can sit here with me." you sit yourself down on the stair, bringing the plate to your lap, siding the glass closer to you giving him a place to sit. "Here, Thomas." you pat the space next to you. Still, you couldn't shake the feeling of nerve wrecking terror he gives you. Just. By. Standing. There.
He follows your so called command, moving towards the empty space you gives him. It makes you wonder even more. He can give in? He sits right next to you with his broad shoulder touching yours. Of course we all know why, the man is a giant. He hunch his back with his head down, but he gives you side eyes, still trying to understand something behind yours. "Here, i made it." you smile giving him the plate. The man gives you nothing but a huff and looking away from you. You dont know if it's out of stupidness or you're just going insane by now but giving up is not an option.
"Do you want me to help?"
Now, you onlt have his back as the view. But even with no face and just a dirt bathed clothes you can still see the vicious path he has gone through. Your eyes goes down to his hand. Each fingers represents the hard work he has to put to each of his shoulder, they're unrecognizable as his hands turn to a darket color due to the blood stained. "Thomas, here i can help you. Please look here." his head turns to you, and you greet him with a smile on your face. You hold one piece of sandwhich in your hand trying to feed him. If he even let you.
Hopefully, he will sink to your warm embrace. Cause there is nothing but pure tenderness you want to give him. You want him to feel safe. Even with his beast like figure, you know there is somethimg else, more human than the whole world behind that mask. "Here." you feed him the small piece, gently, through the opening of his leather mask. You push the food in, and surprisingly, he eats it. One bite, then when he starts to feel the taste of it in his mouth he's going range mode eating the food, which startles you. Makes you pull your hand in a sudden move. To say, your face is in a shocking state. And he's too busy eating the food to notice your reaction. But after he finish, he look back at you. This time you could not help but notice his eyes are no more showing a hostile brutality, it's almost like a cry for the affection he longs for. "Do you like it Tommy?" you asked him tilting your head.
" Hmm?" you smile gently to the soft giant. You keep digging for an answer from him. You find him with his head down. "Yes? Do you like it?" still no answer, now you starting to wonder if he's able to talk his mind out. "C-can you say it Thomas?" you can hear the desprate attempt of yours, trying to pull him out of his silence. He let out an angrily grunt from inside that brown mask. "Thomas..." you stutters "It's okay." you reach slowly at his shoulder, afraid of getting a wrong reaction. Once you settle your hand there, you can feel his body relaxing to your touch. Something you thought you could only feel in your wildest dream. "You can nod." giving him a comfort laugh to coax him into expressing his feeling.
He nods, looking at you for a while then come back to look at the ground. You don't show much of your excitement, but deep down you shoots firework at his cute respond. "Yes? You like it Tommy?" you laugh happily knowing he connects with you. And that is more than what you expected since you stand on the entrance of the basement. He nods again, seeing your responce, "Okay, yes. You can nod Tommy!" again, your excitement can't tame itself.
Without your own concious, your hand is on the side of his face "Tommy, you don't have to feel alone. I'm here." you whisper to him. Watching his head slowly leaning to your hand.
In this moment, there's nothing that could ruin what you and Thomas have. You keep feeding him the sandwhich and once a while you give him the glass of milk, while you help him drink.
Even he knows, nobody can have this moment but you and him. This small moment.
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brahmscardigan 3 years
RZ Myers/Peepaw Myers/Thomas Hewitt - Tall and large boys
*Note: I鈥檓 using the heights of the actors/things I鈥檝e found from google :)*
RZ Myers - 6鈥9鈥
鈥淗oly shit. Holy shit. Holy shit!! Wow you鈥檙e tall!!鈥
You鈥檙e in awe at the sheer size of him.
Since he鈥檚 taller than the average man he鈥檚 become your protector when you have to do any late-night grocery shopping.聽
Somehow, he still manages to scare you by seemingly appearing out of nowhere.
鈥淥h my goodness!鈥 you were startled by Michael stood behind you while you cooked. You swatted at his chest, 鈥淒on鈥檛 do that! I鈥檓 cooking with hot pans you know,鈥. You had turned back around, and you could tell he was smiling behind you. His arms snaked around your waist and he pushed himself against you, your head resting against his chest. 鈥淚t鈥檒l be finished soon, I promise,鈥 you said. He leaned down and pressed his lips against your head.
Peepaw Myers - 6鈥3鈥
鈥淐an you reach that for me please? No? Aw come on! You know I can鈥檛 reach,鈥
You hadn鈥檛 realised how big he was until he had you cornered.
He鈥檒l let you trail your fingers across the scarring on his back.
Steam floated out of the bathroom which let you know Michael had showered. You stood in the door frame as you watched him dry himself off. You walked up behind him and rested your hands on his shoulders. 鈥淵our hair smells good; did you use my body wash?鈥 you asked. He nodded slowly. 鈥淐an I?鈥 you asked, and he nodded. Gently you trailed your fingers along the scars on his back and around to his torso.
Thomas Hewitt - 6'4"
鈥淎hh! Put me down! It鈥檚 not funny Tommy!鈥
He鈥檒l pick you up when he wants because he knows he鈥檚 bigger and stronger than you.
No matter how many times you ask he鈥檒l always be big spoon. He LOVES feeling you against him.
Your back and feet were aching from cleaning, fixing and other various chores you had to do. You could barely keep your eyes open as you scrubbed the counter tops. Thick arms wrapped around you and lifted you off the ground. 鈥淭ommy!鈥 you squealed. He held you tightly, bridal style. 鈥淐ome on, put me down I have to finish cleaning,鈥 you said quietly trying to hide your yawn. He shook his head and carried you out the kitchen and up the stairs.
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slasherparadise 3 years
Would you be willing to write about Thomas hewitt, Michael myers and Vincent sinclair reacting to their S/O taking off theirs masks?
Slashers reacting to S/O taking off their mask
Tumblr media
Thomas Hewitt
You would have to have even dating for awhile before Thomas would even let you close enough to even touch his mask, and even with just that he would flinch away.
Thomas is very insecure about his face, he knows you love him but there's still a part of him that worries about you leaving him because of the way he looks.
Thinks you deserve someone better looking than him.
Desperately needs you to accept him as he is, he's been criticized his whole life by people who thought he was a monster.
When you reach up to take the mask off he flinched away at first, but you wait for him to calm down before you proceed. Once he does, you remove his mask completely and set it aside, he waits for your reaction. When you smile up at him and tell him how handsome he is, he'll melt like putty in your hands, pulling you in for a sweet kiss.
Be prepared for a long night y/n, neither of you are getting much sleep tonight 馃槈
Tumblr media
Michael Myers
No, just no
If you ever tried to take off his mask he would grab your wrist with force and give you a death stare.
You're lucky he actually has feelings for you y/n, otherwise you wouldn't still be alive
If he ever lets you see his face it will be on his terms, and thats final.
Tumblr media
Vincent Sinclair
You would have to catch him off guard to take his mask off. Most likely when he's working on one of his wax figures.
He's not going to like it, he'll most likely try to keep hiding his face from you. He thinks you'd be afraid of him or worse, think he's disgusting
Once you get him to look at you, you cover his face in sweet kisses telling him how beautiful he is. He'll immediately pick you up in his arms and return your kisses, finally getting to embrace you the way he's wanted to.
Stops working for now, he's got something growing in his pants for you. His work will just have to wait.
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Slashers with an S/O who has a Newfoundland Dog
Tumblr media
A Newfoundland Dog is my dream dog, and I had this thought of stabby men with a Newfie dog.
Characters: The Sinclairs, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers (78, 07, and 2018), Thomas Hewitt, Bubba Saywer, and John Kramer (I know he's not a Slasher but I've watched Saw X and wanted another character to add here)
CW: Boys getting Slobby kisses from a large dog
Vincent Sinclair
Tumblr media
Your dog came with you when you came to Ambrose. A 6 month old Newfoundland Dog
Your puppy found the way to the basement and found Vincent working at his desk
He was surprised that it wasn't Jonesy, and he walked with pup to find you
Let's just say one thing let to other
Vincent fell in love with Annie, your chocolate Newfie. He thought she was just like Jonesy, but he was so wrong.
6 months later and Annie's head is near his hips
You love seeing your big doggo with your Wax Hubby, giving kisses
Left side of his face is covered in slobber
Vincent would sketch your Newfe when whenever he doesn't know what to draw
Jonesy has a new friend to play with
Bo Sinclair
Tumblr media
Your 3 yo Newfie walked into the Church when you weren't looking and had to go get
Bo turned around and got a big slobbery kiss from your doggo
"DAVID, GET BACK HERE." You said getting your Dog to come to you. Leaving Bo's face covered. "Sorry." You said as you closed the door.
You were telling your dog not to do that, when Bo came out to have a Cigarette
"Sorry about that. David is really friendly with people." You said 'That a Dog?" Bo said, "He's a Newfoundland Dog."
Bo thinks your dog isn't one but a Horse
David would try to give Bo more kisses when he sits on the couch
He would guard his food when he's eating at the table as David tried to get at it
"There a reason you named him David? Was it from that Werewolf movie?" He asked as he patted David resting head on his leg. "Yeah, you seen it?" You asked, "I may see it on tv."
Lester and Vincent definitely love David.
Lester Sinclair
Tumblr media
Automatically in love with your pooch
Your dog, Aaron, knocked him over when they jumped up
Lester's face was covered in slobber, which he cleaned up with his tank top as he got up
Jonesy was taken aback from how big your dog was. But they got along real quickly
Bo and Vincent thought you owned a bear from how big they where
He's giving a lot of treats to your doggo
Michael Myers
Tumblr media
Oh Great
A Dog?
Michael met your puppy when he came home from his walk
A black and white pupper looking at his face
Michael wanted to get rid of it as he grabbed the scruff of their neck till he heard your voice screaked at him. "DON'T YOU DARE HURT BOWIE!! "
Michael definitely wanted not to be hit by something, so he put down Bowie.
Michael would have Bowie giving him kisses on his cheek when he's on the floor. He didn't like it, with a sour look on his face
He had to get used to your puppy
A few months and Bowie is much bigger than when they were a puppy. Michael noticed that he had to ask what breed Bowie is.
A Newfoundland Dog?? And they Get How Big?? Oh God
8 months later, Bowie is near his hips and needs a lot more food.
Michael would take them for a walk when you're at work
Bowie is now fully grown, and their face is right at his when he sits on the couch
Michael is now in love with Bowie
Jason Voorhees
Tumblr media
Hello, did you bring home a bear cub?
It's a Newfoundland Dog? Never heard of those before
That's an Adorable face I can't resist
Jason's keeping a close eye on your puppy when they go outside
Jason decided to give them the name Teddy cause of the mistake he thought
Couple months later, Teddy is double in size from the day you brought them home
Poor Jason nearly had a heart attack when Teddy jumped onto the lake, but Teddy started to swim back to the shore
Fun fact: Newfoundlanders have webbed feet that's great for swimming and a thick coat to fight the chill of the water.
Jason will take Teddy on long hikes when you're at work
His face is going to he covered in slobber from Teddy
Michael Myers RZ
Tumblr media
Oh God, there's a Bear in the house
Oh, it's a Dog
Definitely a Big Dog
Michael didn't know what to do, so he just patted their head
When he's just working on his masks, Danny is right beside him
When on the couch, he let's them lay on his lap
He would give a kiss if they kissed him first (But not with His Tongue lol)
Thomas Hewitt
Tumblr media
Thomas met you with your big doggo when your car broke down near his mama's gas station
Thomas was shocked at the size of your dog. He thought it was a bear when he saw them.
Mickey was the name of your Canine pal
Holty got licked by Mickey whenever he sat down on the couch. Thomas couldn't help but snickered
Thomas would come up from the basement to see Mickey laying at the top of the stairs waiting for him.
Laying in bed, Mickey would wake him up with wet doggie kisses on his face
Luda would spoil them with little goodies
The Hewitt resident's is a Dogs dream place. A lot of running around and places to go have privatize
Peepaw Michael Myers
Tumblr media
Michael was taken aback by this large Dog, he thought it was a bear at first
It just Woofed. it's a Dog
Normally, not a Dog person Michael felt differently with this Newfoundland Dog
Michael would be woken from his old man naps with a slobbery kiss from Arnold
Would definitely give them a scratching on their neck when he's reading a book
You catch Michael napping with Arnold on the couch
Michael may share his food with Arnold
Bubba Saywer
Tumblr media
Bubba Squealed in delightment, seeing a puppy bolting towards him
You brought home a puppy to brighten up Bubba's mood
Nubbin being himself tried to play fetch with the new addition to the family
"A Newfoundland Dog? Do they find new land?" Chop Top asked
Drayton hopes the dog doesn't pee inside the house
Jed gotten bigger as the months go by
Bubba loves getting kisses from Jed, but not Drayton
A run outside with you and Jed
Happy man loves the Big Doggo
John Kramer
Long story short, you became a caregiver to him
You sometimes bring your 5-year-old Newfie dog with you to John's "place of work"
Definitely a highlight of his day when you're gentle gaint rest there head on his leg. Much easier for getting pats on their head
Kisses on his hands
One Apprentice hope they don't pee on the floor
Bonus Character:
Corey Cunningham
Doesn't want to let go of your puppy when he comes over
Automatically, his therapy Animal
Loves getting kisses from your puppy makes him feel much better
Definitely would stay with you overnight to be with your puppy longer
He would volunteer to dogsit when your go to work
His mother is going to wonder why he's covered in dog hair
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Slashers with a goth/alternative s/o
I saw this a bunch and wanted to do my own version聽ofc, enjoy <3
Rz Michael Myers
Thinks its cool
Secretly wanted to dress like that when he was younger, not that he could, you know being locked up definitely put a tamper on personal style聽
A 50/50 chance he would let you 鈥渄ress鈥 him up, depending on his mood that minute聽
Will listen to your music with you, and silently enjoys it, not that you can tell
(Play Rob Zombie鈥檚 music..I mean? Hey, I think I鈥檓 vv funny)
Tiffany Valentine
Loves it!
You guys can share clothes and makeup so it all works out
Shopping is very fun, since you both have a more alternative style聽
You both enjoy a lot of the same music !
It's an all around a fun time
Vincent Sinclair聽
Also thinks its cool
And also wanted to dress more alternatively as a teen but didn't have the chance (for you know, obvious reasons)
Would want to help with your makeup and pick out outfits for you
Definitely likes your music taste
聽Bo Sinclair聽
Makes fun of you at first, just because he is a jerk tbh
Wouldn't admit it out loud but find your style interesting聽
(You know that scene in the shop with Carly when he starts playing music?) Yeah seems like he already has a 鈥渁lternative鈥 music taste聽
Lester Sinclair
Thinks it very fun
Might make jokes about it but all in light fun (Not like Bo鈥檚 straight up bullying)
Will make you things out of animals bones, says it matches you and your 鈥渧ibe鈥
Thomas Hewitt
Find its strange in the beginning, you know out of the norm from where he is
Is conflicted
Ends up thinking it's cool though
Likes to watch you get ready when he isn't busy
Would be interested in you putting makeup on him, just when he is alone with you though
Amanda Young
Definitely likes it
Would also steal some of your clothes, she thinks they are cool
Being with you she gets more into dressing more like she used to
Also loves the same music
Charles Lee Ray
You and Tiffany drag bring him along your shopping trips
Stu Macher and Billy Loomis
聽Thinks its hot
(I know it my soul what I wrote is the simple truth)
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softmary 3 years
My favourite part about friendships is the irony. I mean, my BFF inside and out:
Tumblr media
Her taste in men:
Tumblr media
Then there's me:
Tumblr media
Aaaaaand my taste in men:
Tumblr media
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end-arts09 3 years
Tumblr media
I doubt I'll finish this
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jigenswhore 4 years
So I just found something...
I was searching up the bois again, y'know? And uhh...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'm one inch taller than the 1978 Micheal Myers
Micheal, 5'10: *Does absolutely nothing*
Me, 5'11: Haha, lil' BITCH
Also me: *Searching up big stabby men*
Bo: *6'1*
Jason: *6'3*
Thomas: *6'5*
Remake Micheal: *6'7*
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spookykittyboo 2 years
Dream State
So....Basically the reader have stockholm syndrome
Tumblr media
You remember the scenery of the sunken sun in the big city, as the night prepared herself to roam the entire sky. It drove further as the car you were in drove away. The back seat was all you can remember now, you remember looking back to the place you were born, the place many people dreamed of, or cursed themselves as the expectation fell and crumbled while they burned. And that was the last glance you took. The last taste of the sweet freedom you could only imagine now.
Slowly, as the time goes by, the memory of dancing in the rain feeling the tiny drop touched the skin of your cheek, fades. You forgot who you were, who that was. The girl with her loud scream and strong words, she dissapeared, she's gone. She lost.
She was tied up to the bed, the rope marked their own territory on her skin making her adapt to the pain circling her wrists. Or perhaps, she adapted herself to more than a physical pain with obvious scar. Perhaps, she adapted to the new sorrounding, and to the idea she created all in her little head. The idea of turning this whole madness and the mad house itself to a place she can finally call home. She often found herself dreaming of the man they called Thomas. She knew little of him, just a name and his figure. But she was firm of her belief that he was more than a walking creature. She was curious at first, by the way he walked, the way he just... breathed. There was nothing more to see in him but he sure did attract her eyes and write his name all over her head.
It started with a few image, flashing over her eyes. Just some light touches, an image of her touching his hand. Wishing she could feel his skin through her own. As pathetic as it may sound, those wishes and the daily day dreams kept her alive, when she was in no control over her own helpless body. Her head was the only thing she could control, play any scenario she wants to comfort her being.
One day she dreamt of the man she knew nothing about while her eyes took an interest at the evening sky. She lost the sight of the sky once he entered her head. She imagined running one hand up to his chest, feeling his heart beat through her palm all the while she looked up to him with smile and adoration. "Thomas, come with me, here to the bed." she drove her hand down colliding with his and guiding him to the bed. She played the a sweet show for her that moment. But the one thing for sure she couldn't push away from her thought was the desire to feel more than just a slght touches of his skin. His huge figure drove her far too any fantasies the world has to offer. She often picture him as a beast im bed. He would thrust so hard and each thrust would make her breathless as he forcefully fuck himself to reach his own release, not caring for her damn pleasure.
But why does it intrigue me?
Each imagine and image flashing through her head everyday made want to stay inside of the madhouse instead of stepping out.
I could've scream louder...
Kick harder...
But i didn't...
"There she is Tommy. Look, she's pretty isn't she, i moved her to your bed. Now you can have her all you want, boy." a soft voice of a women entered the room gently. Greeting your aching head with a warm sensation. You were barely able to open your eyes, it was between a dream and reality.
A little while after the voice dissapeared, you could feel a warm skin, brushing against your cheek. Gentle, yet rushed. Rushed with curiousness and disbelieve. The chill running to your chest forced you to open your eyes as the man was hovering above you. "T-thomas..." your widened eyes told more story than just fear, or there never was fear. Just a disbelieve having him so close, yet the words weren't falling as they used to. It's also not helping with how close he was trying to be.
For a moment there, it's nothing but the air and the sound of his own breath and it was loud and heavy. But that was until,
"Mine. This mine." he whispered with a tired voice as if he was running out of air.
A despration.
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brahmscardigan 3 years
Bo/Thomas/Brahms w/ a shy and quiet S/O
Why are you so quiet when I鈥檓 around? You shy?
He鈥檚 an asshole about it at first. Especially if he likes you.
He鈥檒l feel like you鈥檙e scared of him but once you鈥檝e told him that鈥檚 it鈥檚 just how you are he鈥檒l tone down the teasing.
Are you scared of me? Did I scare you?
He finds it cute to be honest. He鈥檒l want to protect you so he lingers around you for a while
He鈥檚 very gentle with things around you.
Why are you blushing? I only asked to spoon.
Both of you were very shy at the beginning however Brahms鈥 shyness was replaced with confidence fairly quickly.
He鈥檒l use your shyness to get his own way.
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slasherparadise 3 years
Slashers reacting to a victim offering sex as an escape tactic
Tumblr media
Norman Bates
You had just arrived in town to visit your brother, finding the 'Bates Motel' had been a saving grace, you had no where else to stay while your brother's girlfriend was in town taking up the only guest room. Checking in had been a breeze and you recalled the young man that had checked you in, thinking about how handsome and sweet he was. "Norman" You said to yourself as you unpacked your clothes for the night, after getting settled in you decided to watch a little television before going to bed, he said they have cable right? Turning on the TV you couldn't help but look out the window and see Norman staring in at you, you gasped at the sight and went to the door, opening it to see what he wanted but you instantly knew something was off about him. "Well hello miss y/n, I don't believe I've had the pleasure of meeting you. I'm Norma, my son and I run this little place, isn't it charming?" You gave him a curious look as to ask him if he was joking " are you feeling alright Norman?" You said with a concerned look, what you didn't expect was for him to instantly grab you and push you into your room. Pulling put a knife he yelled "I told you my name was Norma! How much clearer do I need to be?!" Seeing that he was obviously confused you decided to play along in order to save your life "I'm so sorry, the lightning was a bit off, of course it's you" he smiled and stroked your cheek "such a pretty thing aren't we, be a shame to put you to waste" you weren't sure if he was talking about his sexual desires or the desire to kill you but you did your best to play the part "who said anything about wasting it, you can have me now, all of me" You said as you took off your shirt revealing yourself to this strange man. He looked at you with lust in his eyes as he put the knife down on the bedside table. You leaned in and kissed him wanting to get this over with. With the kiss it seemed to bring him back to reality, to himself. When he realized what he was about to do he ran out of the room. Not to be seen for the rest if the night. Leaving you both scared and confused.
Tumblr media
Michael Myers
You walking into your bedroom to be met with a tall figure, one you recognized from the news. You stumbled back and fell on your butt, looking up at his emotionless mask "your here to kill me aren't you?" You asked while studying his body language. He tilted his head to the side as if he were surprised that you spoke to him, pulling the knife out of the pocket of his jumpsuit your put your hand in front of you in defense. "Wait! What if we made a deal?!" He cocked his head to the side once more as if this proposition intrigued him "I have to say, I've always been attracted to strong men like yourself. I heard about you, you know. You were locked up right? Couldn't have had many visitors in all that time, what if you took your frustration out on me? I know you must have a lot, but Michael killing me isn't going to solve that, I can help you." His grip on the knife tightened momentarily before he put it back into his pocket, crouching down to get a better view of you "how.." he managed to say in a gruff voice "I'll let you have your way with me, to do anything you please. As long as you don't kill me. I'll be your willing slave, your sex doll" you were honestly afraid of his answer, if he said no well, you'd be dead. But if he agreed you had no idea what would happen (other than the obvious) . He stood up, picking you up along with him and flinging you over his shoulder like a rag doll, you had clearly underestimated his strength. Though you had to admit it turned you on. Throwing you on the bed he leaned over you and in that same gruff voice from before he said "you've got yourself a deal".
Tumblr media
Thomas Hewitt
You woke up to a pounding headache and little memory of the night before, when you tried to sit up you realized that your hands and feet were chained to a wooden table. Hearing loud footsteps approaching you wondered if it was the sheriff that brought your group of friends to this house in seemingly the middle of nowhere, but to your surprise it was a bigger man with a mask covering the lower half of his face. "Oh God, who the fuck are you!?" One of your friends screamed out, which only seemed to anger the man even more as he clenched onto the cleaver he was holding. As he came closer you saw how the other girls looked at him in disgust and fear, shunning him away with their eyes, all while you could see the hurt behind his own. "Don't pay them any mind, their just bitches" you said in a soothing voice which caused him to direct his attention to you. He stepped closer to you in a slow and steady pace, close enough for you to feel the back of his hand brush against your arm, making you shiver. He looked directly into your e/c eyes, causing a red blush to cover your cheeks. You always loved horror movies and would be the one rooting for the killer, so this only seemed like second nature for you. "I'll have sex with you if you let my friends go" he looked at you curiously before pointing at you "I didn't really think you were gonna let me go anyway " he shook his head no, before pulling out a notepad and scribbling on it, what you read made your eyes burn as the tears threatened to come out "no one wants to be with a monster like me" You looked up at the man with a single tear running down your cheek "I do."
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