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His belt swinging and tongue out always my favorite part 🤤😏
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Special Memories - Rhea Ripley (18+)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: Rhea Ripley x Female!Reader
Summary: Rhea has a special day planned out for your 5 year anniversary.
Warnings: 18+, Cussing, Smut, Pegging, Strap-On, Mommy!Kink, Public Sex, Fingering, Oral, Minors DNI
Word Count: 4,719
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Note: This is not proof read, I had no time!
Tumblr media
Airports. Not your favorite place in the world. People were rushing with their suitcases in hand, cargo trailers swerving in and out of every other direction to pass people. Not to mention the large families pushing past others so they could rush through security and onto their flight. 
Airports were not fun, but you were only here to pick up one person and that was the love of your life, Rhea Ripley. Rhea has been traveling the world for nearly nine months now for the company she wrestles for and she finally had time off to spend with you. 
“Where are you, Rhea?” You grumbled to yourself as you looked down at your phone once more, checking the screen there were no new text notifications from your lover. Rhea just messaged you saying how she just landed and was about to see you soon. 
“Hey dude, watch it!” You snapped at someone who ran into your shoulder from behind, running. “What the fuck.” You mumbled, seeing now that there were more people rushing inside the airport. 
“I heard she just landed!” Someone yelled. 
“Oh my god, I hope we can catch her.” Another person spoke up as their feet trampled the marble floor where you stood.
You went up on your tippy toes, trying to see who everyone was excited to see. Looking around you could only see the back of people's heads and somewhere holding up their phones trying to take pictures of whoever it was. It wasn’t until when someone yelled out her name that made you freeze.
“I fucking LOVE Rhea Ripley! I have to get a picture!” A male voice boomed. “Rhea!” Everyone started to chant. 
“Oh god.” Your heart rate started to escalate as everyone was now pushing and shoving trying to find Rhea, you knew you needed to find her first and get the fuck out of here but since she was the most popular woman in the WWE she was most likely deep in autographs and pictures with fans already.
You looked around trying to find her but it was getting hard to stay in one place with everyone pushing and shoving. How the hell was this possible? How did they know she was here? Grabbing your phone you quickly went on twitter and looked up ‘Rhea Ripley’ 
There were multiple images of her, Rhea was either sleeping on the flight, eating or just reading a book with headphones in. Fans took pictures of her and posted them on twitter right when they landed announcing her flight and location. You really disliked the fans that were out there exposing her privacy like this.
You frowned to see one photo that was just published two minutes ago. It was of Rhea smiling at the camera with a fan next to her and the caption read. ‘Just met Mommy Ripley, my life is complete!’ 
You knew that you were going to be waiting at the airport for hours of Rhea trying to get through the crowd to leave along with photos and autographs. You noticed security running by trying to get people to leave that weren’t supposed to be here so that the regular traffic could flow and not be blocked by crazy fans.
You collided shoulders with another person, this time they had a black sweatshirt on and their hood over their head, hiding their face. “Hey!” You barked, nearly stumbling backwards until they gripped your arm from making you fall. 
“Keep walking.” The girl said, her head being low as she dragged you away from the fans. The woman was hunched over, not showing off her true height as she dragged you away. 
“R- Rhea?” You whispered.
“Shh!” She snapped, not wanting the fans to hear. 
You had a large smile on your face as you let Rhea guide you out of the airport and towards the parking garage. Once no one was around, Rhea straightened up, becoming her full height and pulled back her hood, smiling down at you.
You grinned stupidly up at her, blushing as if this was the first time you two ever met. “Hi.” You greeted.
“Hi yourself.” Rhea’s lips twitched up into a smirk. Her dark hair was slicked back with a baseball cap covering it, her lips were dressed in black lipstick. “You just gonna stare at me starstruck or do you wanna hug me?” 
You blushed harder, running to her you wrapped your arms around her form as she draped her around you. “I miss you.” You mumbled into her chest, your face pressed against her breasts, inhaling her scent. 
“I missed you too, love.” Rhea mumbled against the top of your head, squeezing you tighter. 
You pulled away from her, hands still resting on her waist. “I got the hotel, it’s just a few blocks away.” You tried to pull away from her to walk towards the car but Rhea gripped your wrists, making you stop. Looking up at her confused you cocked your head to the side. “Baby?” 
“You think we’re just gonna leave before you give me a kiss?” She laughed. “Come here.” Her arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you close to her. Her lips crashed against yours. Moaning against her lips, your arms slipped around her neck.
You pulled away from the kiss first, licking your lips as you stared up at her. “W- We need to get to the hotel now.” You whispered. 
“Fuck the hotel.” Rhea breathed out, pushing you up the nearest pillar, pinning you against the cement. 
Your eyes widened, looking around to only see cars parked in their spots you broke out in a cold sweat. “R- Rhea, someone could see us.” 
“I don’t care, let them see us.” Rhea’s lips attacked your neck, suckling and biting down on your flesh you let out a yelp. 
This could ruin Rhea’s career, her reputation she built over the past years you two have been together. “Oh f- fuck, Rhea.” You choked out a moan as Rhea’s talented fingers slipped in your pants and toyed at your cunt. You tossed your head back against the cream color wall.
“There she is.” Rhea whispered. “You feel so tight around my fingers.” Rhea hummed, she left pepper kisses up and down your neck causing you to break out in goosebumps. “You’ve been a good girl, I can tell.” Rhea darted her tongue out, licking your neck upwards, moaning. “Your sweet pussy is fluttering around my fingers, you haven’t come in such a long time.” 
“I- I’ve been such a good girl mommy.” You whined. “I haven’t come since the last time we had sex over facetime.” 
“And how long ago was that sweet girl?” Rhea’s two digits pumped in and out of your cunt, your juices coated Rhea’s fingers making it easier for her to pump in and out of your pussy and diving them deeper against your sweet spot. 
“Fuck!” You sobbed out. “Three- Three months, mommy. It’s been three months since I’ve creamed on my toy.”
Rhea hummed, her fingers spreading, the palm of her hand grazing against your clit as she scissored your wet channel. “You’ve been such a good little girl.” Rhea watched how your breasts rose and fell with each deep breath you took. 
Tears threaten to spill as the coil in your lower stomach tightens and your cunt squeezed Rhea’s fingers so tightly. “R- Rhea- Come- I want to come.” You begged, grinding your hips against her touch, your eyes were focused on her, nearly forgetting that you were getting fingered in a public area. 
“You wanna come?” Rhea’s tongue dragged along her lips as she chuckled. 
Your teeth sunk into your bottom lip as you nodded. “S- So badly, please mommy.” Rhea’s ring finger squeezed past your walls, making it three digits stretching your walls, making you feel full. “Oh god, please!” You sobbed.
“Come sweet girl, come all over my hand.” Rhea demanded.
Stars appeared behind your eyes as your orgasm washed you over, arching your back off the pillar you cried Rhea’s name loudly as she quickly covered your mouth with her free hand, her fingers still thrusting inside of you.
“Did you hear that?” Someone in the distance commented on your loud moans.
“Probably just a bird or something, come on mom said she landed.” Footsteps continued to echo in the lot making their way to the exit. 
Tears streamed down your cheeks as you exhaled a shaky breath through your nose, staring at Rhea. Her dark pupils stared back at you, she slowly pulled away her hand. “Good girl.” She repeated in a softer tone. Rhea pulled her hand back, showing off her drenched come covered fingers she stuck them in her mouth, moaning as she cleaned them off. “Fuck, I nearly forgot how good you tasted.”
Leaning against the pillar, you didn’t trust your legs to move yet as you tried to catch your breath in soft pants. Rhea just laughed at your flushed face and tired body. “Come on my love, let's go to the hotel because I have so much planned for us.” Rhea held your hand while you wrapped your arm under hers, leaning on her for support. “Happy five year anniversary, Y/N.” Rhea kissed the top of your head as you nuzzled against her while making your way to the car.
Rhea indeed made the anniversary unforgettable. Rhea insisted that you book a 5 star hotel and she’d pay all expenses. You tried to deny it before booking the expensive hotel saying how a ‘Hotel 8 is fine for your liking’. But Rhea wasn’t having it. After spending years with Rhea, she trusted you with her credit card so from time to time you either used it for reserving hotels and restaurants and when Rhea knows you’re low on groceries she insists on you to go shop with it knowing your 40 hour job can only pay for so much.
You were grateful for Rhea and everything she has done for you.
After settling in the hotel, unpacking and showering Rhea took you to the city national park, walking around and enjoying nature. You weren’t surprised when people instantly noticed her and asked for photos. Rhea would look at you apologetic and about to deny the people until you spoke up. “She’d love a photo with you guys, want me to take it?” 
Rhea gave you a soft smile as the fans were excited to get a photo with their favorite wrestler. Taking the phone from the fan you pointed the camera at them. “One, two, say cheese.” You clicked the circle snap button a few times making sure to get a good photo. 
“Oh my god, thank you so much.” The girl said as you handed the phone back to her. 
“No problem, enjoy your day guys.” You waved at them as the girl and her friends rushed off down the trail.
“It’s okay to say ‘no’ ya know?” Rhea spoke up as you both started to walk down the trail.
You wrapped your arm through hers, resting your head against the side of her shoulder. “I know, but it’s not every day you run into your hero.” 
Rhea tossed her head back and let out a laugh. “I wouldn’t say I’m anyone’s hero, I guess an idol?”
“Fine, idol. It’s still not every day you run into your favorite idol.” You squeezed her hand tightly. 
“I suppose not, but this is our anniversary date. I’m trying to make it special.” She sighed.
You watched the branches on the trees slightly sway as a breeze rolled by, it felt nice while the sun beat high in the sky. “We’ll have plenty more anniversaries to make special.” You reminded her. “I’m fine with you taking pictures with fans, Rhea, really.” 
Rhea stopped in her tracks making you stop as well and look up at her. “Fuck, how did I get so lucky.” She whispered, cupping your jaw.
“You have someone that understands the business.” You chuckled. 
It was true, you trained for a while a few years ago, even did some indy matches but unfortunately one big nasty bump ruined your chance to move on with your career. 
It was an intergender match against a guy you knew very well, Timmy Titan, and it wasn’t your first match together. It was where you met Rhea too when she was still in her indy days. She just came to the States to see all the fuss was about trying to try and make it big in America. 
Timmy went for a drop kick while you were getting distracted with Timmy’s manager, his feet collided on your spine, doing a drop kick. Tthe spot was for you to go over the top rope and lose by a ten count. But the plan failed as you felt numbness went up your spine and you weren’t able to feel anything. Dropping to your knees, a cold sweat went through your whole body as you weren’t able to move your fingers or toes, worrying you went paralyzed. 
The ref quickly slid over to you asking if you were alright you quickly whispered to him something was wrong and to take the match home. Timmy quickly scrambled over to you with a pin. “You okay?”
“I can’t fucking feel my legs.” You wanted to cry, trying to be strong so the fans wouldn’t worry.
After the match an ambulance was called, carrying you out on a stretcher while fans asked if you were going to be okay and what the hell happened. A warm spark shocked up your hand as you looked to see Rhea walking besides you as you were getting rolled out, she was holding your hand.
“I’m right here, Y/N. I gotchu.” Her Australian accent is thicker than ever.
You exhaled a sigh, resting your head back on the uncomfortable stretcher pillow knowing you were going to be alright since you could now feel Rhea’s hand gripping yours.
As if Rhea knew what you were thinking she spoke up. “You fucking scared me that day.” Rhea said.
You looked at her dark eyes, remembering how worried she looked. You smiled at her. “Aye, I lived.” You tried to joke.
“You could have been paralyzed, Y/N.” Rhea’s fingers twirled around your hair, playing with it. 
“I’d do it all over again, to hear the crowd one last time.” 
Rhea stared at you while you looked away trying not to cry. Sometimes, when watching Rhea every Monday Night Raw, you grew slightly jealous hearing everyone cheer for her, whistle and applaud. You craved the aching feeling along your back from hitting the ropes or taking bumps from a shoulder tackle, you missed the smell of the wrestling mat. 
You sniffed, feeling the pad of Rhea’s thumb wiping away a tear that escaped your eye, you didn’t even notice that you were crying. “I know, baby.” She whispered, leaning down she pressed her lips against yours to make you feel better.
As the rest of the day went on, Rhea kept having surprise after surprise after surprise and of course while doing so she took photos of fans wherever she took you. “That was really nice of that family to pay for our meal.” You said walking alongside Rhea down the beach shore. 
“Yeah, it really was.” Rhea held your hand tighter as she swung both of your arms. Rhea took you to a five star restaurant that had strict dress clothes along with a wait list that lasted for months.  Rhea wore a black button up shirt along with black slacks and dress shoes that were now in her hands.
You wore a black skin tight dress that made your breasts push up perfectly to which the waiter couldn’t keep his eyes off. Rhea had to keep clearing her throat making sure the boy didn’t over spill the wine he poured. He’d meekly apologize and rushed away to another table with a blush dusted on his cheeks. 
Your dark heels dangled in your left hand, the sand squished in between your toes as the softness of it brushed up against your feet with each step you took. “Do you have any more surprises I should know about?” You teased. 
Rhea chuckled looking over at her, you noticed the top two buttons of her shirt were undone, the cool night breeze made the cloth slightly move. Your eyes dragged down seeing her breasts peeking out.
“I do have one more surprise to end this perfect day.” Rhea looked straight ahead. “It’s right here.” 
You looked where she was looking to see a blanket with a picnic basket on top of it and a dozen candle lit lanterns around the blanket. “Oh, Rhea. This is perfect.” You smiled at her. 
“Perfect way to watch the sunset.” Rhea hummed, pulling you towards the romantic set. She laid down on the large blanket and tugged you down. You laid down next to her, head against her chest as you watched the waves roll in and the orange sun setting leaving behind a pink, purplish, blue sunset. 
“It’s beautiful.”
“You’re beautiful.” Rhea hummed, her hand rubbing up and down your back as she posted herself up along with you on her breasts. You could hear her heart thumping a million miles per minute. You knew she was nervous about something. 
You watched as the sun crept below the horizon until it was fully dark and the stars replaced the pretty sunset and the moon was in the sky. You sat there, watching the waves wash onto the beach and roll back into the ocean. “Well, should we start heading back to the hotel?” You sat up looking at Rhea. You slightly squinted at her, confused by her grinchish grin. She has something up her sleeve. “What?” You broke out a smile.
“I want to do something before we leave.” Rhea whispered, grabbing you by the waist she rolled you over, making her on top.
“R- Rhea?” You swallowed, slowly getting the idea she had in mind. 
“Shh, relax baby, relax.” Rhea’s hand slid under your black dress, pushing it upwards she let out a soft moan. “Fuck, no panties?” 
“I- I know how much you like it when I don’t wear any.”
“I’ve trained you so well, Y/N.” Rhea’s hard slid up your smooth thigh, massaging your waist. Rhea leaned down, her hot breath against your sensitive cunt. You squirmed in her grip making her chuckle. “Poor darling, I haven’t even touched you and you’re squirming under me.”
“S- Sorry, mommy.” You moaned as her tongue slowly licked the entrance of your cunt, you bit your bottom lip, arching your back. Rhea didn’t hesitate to thrust her tongue inside you, swirling it around and stretching you. She moaned against your pussy, moving back and forth, the bridge of her nose pumping your clit.
“Fuck!” You sobbed, bucking your hips against her face. “I- I’m close, I’m gonna come.” You warned. 
Rhea lapped her tongue over your tight walls a few more times before pulling away, a string of your juices snapping off her lips as she smirked. “Already? So soon?” Rhea’s fingers replaced her mouth, smearing her saliva over your eaten out pussy. 
“Hmm’ sorry.” You sucked the inside of your cheek, feeling slightly embarrassed. 
“Oh no need to be embarrassed, love. I love when I can make you come so quickly. But how about you come on my cock, hmm?” 
“You- You brought the toy?” You gushed.
“Oh honey, I did more than just brought it.” Rhea sat on her knees and started to unbuckle her belt. “I wore it.” 
Your cunt pulsed, the thought of Rhea wearing the strap-on underneath her pants made you even wetter before. Please mommy, fucking put it in me.” 
Rhea laughed lowly, pushing the black slacks down her thighs to fully let the cock extend from her pants. “Such an eager little girl, huh?”
You nodded your head without a response only to cry out, arching your back as Rhea slapped her palm over your wet cunt. “Y- Yes, please yes, fuck!” You cried out.
“Always such a good little girl, Y/N.” Rhea reached over at the wooden basket she brought and pulled out a small bottle of lube. She squirted some in her hand and soon lathered the cock with it. The straps were secured over her thighs and waist making her ass plump. “Fuck, I’ve been dreaming of coming home and fucking you every night, baby.” Rhea bucked her hips, fucking the fake cock into her lubed up hand. 
“Me too, I’ve been wanting your cock mommy, I’ve been craving it.” You tried to waist patiently, you squirmed your hips, watching her fuck her own hand and not you was like torture. “Rhea, please I want it.”
“You’ll get it, love.” Rhea tossed the small lube bottle towards the basket and pulled you closer to her, making you squeak. She rubbed the silicon cock against your folds, pushing very slowly and watched your cunt swallow the toy whole. Moaning lowly as your walls clenched down on the large toy. You wrapped your legs around Rhea’s waist, forcing the toy to bury deeper as she leaned forward. “Fu- Fuck!” You moaned.
“Yeah, there she is.” Rhea kissed your neck and jawline as she slowly started to rock her hips against you. “Take it so well, princess.”
“Y- Yes, faster, please.” You clenched the back of Rhea’s shoulders, trying to pull her closer to you as your dress kept hiking up further on your body.
“Naughty girl, I wanted to take it nice and slow for this special night but you wanna be fucked like some whore from the streets.” 
“Yes!” You screamed. “Fuck me like a common whore, mommy.” 
Rhea sat up slightly, watching how her cock pushed in and out of your dripped cunt, smirking at the sound of your wet cunt taking the toy. “Fuck, look at you. A sobbing mess for my cock.” Rhea rutted her hips in a circle, hitting it from a different angle. Rhea smirked at your facial features, your mouth hanging open and no sounds coming out. “Fuck, looks like I ruined you with this cock. Looking so cock drunk for me.” Rhea laughed.
Rhea didn’t let up on her thrusts as she grunted with each movement, your quiet sobs left your throat as you arched your back. Your walls clamped tightly around her cock each time she pushed in and tried to keep her in whenever she pulled out. “C- Come, I’m gonna come!” 
“Oh no sweet heart.” Rhea pulled her cock out from your fucked cunt making you sob loudly from the lost of contact. “You’re gonna work for this orgasm.” Rhea used her muscles, filling you over and forcing you on your knees while your shoulders and head were pushed into the ground. “Fuck, I nearly forgot how flexible you are.” Rhea moaned, grabbing the base of the cock she pushed back into your needy hole.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” You chanted as Rhea’s cock was buried to the hilt of your cunt but didn’t move. “Pl- Please!” You sobbed, feeling fresh tears drip down your cheeks and onto the blanket.
“Oh no, you wanted to act like a whore so I’m going to treat you like one. I want to see this ass bounce on my cock and earn your orgasm.” Rhea’s hand sharply slapped onto your ass once more, making sure your dress was out of the way.
You groaned, about to push yourself up onto your hands but was pushed back down onto your face by Rhea pushing the mid of your back down. “No. I want you to work for it. Grind.” 
You shivered at her dominant tone, rocking your hips back you moaned softly as her cock nearly slipped out of you, leaving the tip and pushing back into you. “Fuck.” You whispered to yourself. “Feels so good.”
“Looks so good.” Rhea replied, watching as you started to pick up pace, riding yourself on her cock from behind. “Fuck darling, you’re taking this cock so fucking well.” Rhea gripped your ass, trying to stop herself from thrusting inside of you. “Keep going, baby.”
“M- Mommy.” 
“Mommy has you baby, keep going.” Rhea grunted, she watched as your creamy cunt lathered the cock up with your juices each time you pulled out. She moaned at the sight, not helping herself but slightly buck her hips against you, hitting that sensitive spot nearly making you go over the edge. 
“C- Commies, mommy, I need to commies!” You warned, slamming your hips back against the cock it was hitting you in all the right places. The way Rhea gripped your waist and was meeting your thrusts made you scream her name as she was grunting behind you. Sloppy wet sounds of the cock plunging your cunt erupted on the empty beach.
“Come baby, come on my fucking dick.” Rhea moaned. 
A fire spread from your cunt throughout your body as your walls clenched tighter against her dick, you gripped the blanket tightly as you gasped loudly. The dam breaking and your orgasm riding through your body, you shuttered out a moan as you squirted on her cock.
“Holy shit!” Rhea exclaimed, surprised by the mess that she was covered in. 
You stilled yourself, light headed and seeing stars as you tried to blink them away. “Y/N, Y/N?” Rhea called your name, her hand rubbing your back as you hummed in pleasure.
“Are you okay?” She slowly pulled the cock from your cunt making you wince slightly. 
“Why wouldn’t I be?” You asked, rolling over on your back your eyes widened at the sight. Rhea’s pants that rested upon her thighs were soaked and the rubber toy was dripping with your juices. “Did- Did I just-”
“Squirt? Yeah, all over me.” Her eyebrow arched with a cocky grin.
“Oh god, I- I’m so sorry, wait hold on.” You reached into the basket to try and find a towel or something to clean her up. You were too embarrassed to even look at your girlfriend, being the first time you ever squirted, you didn’t hear her voice.
“Wait, no, Y/N!” Rhea reached towards the basket trying to take it away from you but you stopped looking for the towel only to see a small black box, slowly reaching for it you pulled it out.
“What’s this?” Your eyes left the black smooth box and looked at Rhea who looked guilty, rubbing the back of her neck and looking away. She swallowed thickly and finally looked at you.
“Open it up and see what’s inside.” 
Your heart was racing as you kept your eyes on Rhea the whole time. You didn’t break eye contact even when you opened the box, you were too scared, worried that it was just a pair of earrings and not what you really wanted. Your eyes glimpsed at what was inside only to quickly shut it. “N- No.” 
“Yes.” Rhea smiled, in one smooth motion she tucked the dripping toy covered in your juices into her slacks, adjusting herself and buckling them up quickly she got down on one knee. “Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, will you make me the happiest wrestler in the world and be my wife?”
“Oh god, Rhea Ripley yes! I fucking will!” Despite your dress being a mess you lunged towards her and hugged her. 
Rhea laughed, holding you close as she took the box from you, opening it again and pulled out the ring. She held your shaky hand and slid the band onto your ring finger. “It’s a perfect fit.” You sniffed, trying not to cry.
“Come on, let's take a picture.” Rhea helped you up onto your feet. She gave you time to adjust your dress and hair only to steal a kiss from you on the lips, you held your hand up towards the phone as she snapped the picture. “This is going on instagram.” She smiled, quickly posting the picture.
The likes instantly started to come in and comments on how people are proud and congratulations. One comment that got the most likes stated: ‘They fucked on the beach’.
Tumblr media
Rhea Ripley's Masterlist
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jeff Hardy gets pumped for his match.
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This is me projecting for sure, but can I request a female reader x Hook? She meets him at a convention meet and greet and he ends up being really into her. Feel like this is kinda cliche but I’m supposed to meet him in two weeks so I am projecting/lowkey manifesting👀 😂😭
Tumblr media
Pairing: Hook x Female!Reader
Warnings: Fluff, Meet and Greets
Imagine Requests: Open!
Note: YOU'RE MEETING HOOK!? Ugh lucky! I just met Brian Cage a 2 weeks ago! Ugh I hope to meet Hook one day! I hope you have fun!
Follow My Main Blog!: @dirtywrestling
Tumblr media
Your stomach clenched tighter as you saw Hook's fluffy brown hair in view. You bit your lip to see him looking up at the person in front of him and smile. His smile melted your heart in way you never thought someone could. You grew even more nervous as you realized you were the next person in line to speak with him.
It seemed like your legs were becoming wobbly with each step you took. Watching the person in front of you leave in excitement you looked at Hook to see he was already looking at you with a large smile. "Hi!" He greeted.
"H- Hello." You gushed, walking up to the table. You handed him a piece of paper with a drawing on it of him.
"Holy shit, is this me!" His eyes sparkled as he admire the art work.
"Yeah, I uh have been working on it for awhile." You blushed as he grew excited over your work.
"This is amazing." Hook's eyes never left the paper as he grabbed a marker. "Who can I make this out to?" He popped off the lid.
"Y/N." You said sheepishly, biting your lip as you watched him autograph the drawing. "I'm a big fan of you." You finally admitted.
"And I'm a big fan of you as well." Hook gave your art piece one last look before handing it to you. "Do you post on Instagram?"
"Of my work? Daily." You smiled, carefully grabbing the sheet, making sure not to ruin it.
"Well, how about I give you a follow so I can see all your amazing art work?"
You stared at him in disbelief. "R- Really?" You fumbled to grab your phone, looking up your Instagram username. "Here, it's this." You showed him your profile picture as he pulled out his phone with a smile and put in your account.
"And, followed."
You looked at your screen to see Hook was officially following you.
"Come on, can't leave without a picture." Hook stood up from his chair as you made your way around the table, he wrapped his arm around your waist and held you tight, smiling towards the camera. Once the flash went off me whispered in your ear. "I'll text you later."
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Kidd Bandit and their influence on Wrestling
Wrestling has always been a vibrant and dynamic sport, continuously evolving and pushing boundaries. In this blog post, we explore the influential presence of Kidd Bandit in the wrestling world. From transforming the in-ring action to inspiring a new generation of athletes, Bandit's impact on the industry is undeniable. Join us as we delve into the incredible influence of Kidd Bandit and their contributions to the world of professional wrestling.
Kidd Bandit has brought a unique style to the wrestling scene, revolutionizing in-ring action and captivating audiences with their innovative moves. Bandit's repertoire is a fusion of high-flying acrobatics, technical prowess, and a dash of daring risk-taking. By combining these elements, Bandit has set a new standard for athleticism and creativity within the squared circle. Their awe-inspiring maneuvers have not only wowed fans but have also inspired other wrestlers to push their limits and explore new possibilities in the ring.
As a wrestler, Kidd Bandit represents the importance of diverse representation in the world of professional wrestling. Breaking stereotypes and challenging conventions, Bandit has become a symbol of inclusion and acceptance. Their unique persona and in-ring abilities have transcended traditional boundaries, allowing fans from all walks of life to connect with their character and journey. Bandit's success serves as a reminder that diversity is not only valuable but also essential for the growth and evolution of the wrestling industry.
Kidd Bandit's influence extends beyond their in-ring performances. They have become an inspirational figure for a new generation of wrestlers and fans alike. Bandit's story of perseverance, resilience, and personal growth resonates deeply with aspiring athletes who face their own challenges. Through their journey, Bandit demonstrates that with dedication, passion, and a willingness to embrace one's uniqueness, dreams can be achieved. Their story serves as a beacon of hope for those striving to make their mark in the wrestling world.
Empowering Women in Wrestling: In an industry historically dominated by men, Kidd Bandit has played a significant role in empowering women in wrestling. Breaking down barriers, Bandit has shown that gender is not a limitation when it comes to success in the ring. Their skill, charisma, and determination have paved the way for female wrestlers to shine and be seen as equals. Bandit's impact has led to increased opportunities and recognition for women in wrestling, inspiring a new generation of female athletes to chase their dreams fearlessly.
Advocating for Mental Health Awareness: Beyond their athletic prowess, Kidd Bandit has been an advocate for mental health awareness within the wrestling community. Bandit openly discusses their own struggles, encouraging others to seek support and prioritize their mental well-being. By breaking the stigma surrounding mental health, Bandit has fostered a supportive environment that prioritizes the holistic health of wrestlers. Their efforts have prompted important conversations within the industry, creating a more compassionate and understanding space for all.
Kidd Bandit's influence on the wrestling world is far-reaching and profound. From revolutionizing in-ring action to championing diversity and inspiring a new generation of athletes, Bandit's impact is undeniable. Their dedication to empowering women, advocating for mental health awareness, and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the ring has left an indelible mark on the wrestling industry. As we look to the future, Kidd Bandit's legacy will continue to shape and redefine professional wrestling for years to come.
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ITS SUE!!!!!!!
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Wrestling’s Bad Boys : The Story of The nWo and The Monday Night Wars
During the 1990s , Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Federation and Ted Turner’s World Championship were in competition with each other to see which shows could get better ratings, this was called ‘ The Monday Night Wars ’. In 1993 , Ted Turner appointed a former wrestling commentator named Eric Bischoff ask executive producer of WCW. Bischoff took the failing promotion and turned it around by having creative and financial control. His vision was to turn from a Southern wrestling company to a modernized one that he knew people would tune in and watch. In order to do this, Bischoff eliminated a lot of Southern accents on commentary, increased the production value , avoided house shows with no income , and increased the number of big Pay-Per-Views for the company. He even recruited big names in the business such as Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage.
In 1995, Bischoff wanted to compete with the WWF. He met with Ted Turner to see what he could do to compete with WWF RAW. Thus, Turner approved his idea and Monday Nitro was born. The inaugural episode of the show debuted on September 4,1995 and this kicked off the Monday Night War, and both companies battled for viewers and high ratings each week. Between 1995 and 1996, both the WWF and WCW would take turns beating each other in TV ratings. Nevertheless, WCW would be on top for 83 weeks.
The reason that WCW stayed on top of the ratings war in 1996 , was the rise of a new faction and storyline. This faction would come to be known as the New World Order ( nWo). The storyline started out with The Outsiders , Scott Hall, and Kevin Nash , leaving the WWF to come to Monday Nitro. People thought they were there on behalf of Vince McMahon to get a proxy war started. The Outsiders stated they would soon be joined by a third man. Therefore , the third man was revealed to be Hulk Hogan. Monday Nitro was always live while WWF RAW would alternate between live shows and taped shows. With this storyline , Bischoff hoped to get to WCW’s 18 to 35 year old range for their programming. Alongside the main booker for the promotion, Kevin Sullivan , Bischoff did so by using real names and edgier gimmicks. For example, Sting , one of the most popular stars of WCW went from colorful face paint to a look inspired by the movie , The Crow. They also added a new division to the show, the Cruiserweight division.
For the nWo , Eric Bischoff was influenced by NJPW when he attended their Battle Formation show in Japan in 1996.
During the nWo Invasion storyline , Eric Bischoff would be attacked by The Outsiders at Bash At The Beach in 1996. Hall and Nash kept teasing their third man during the attack as well. Nevertheless, Bischoff soon joined the group as their manager after Rowdy Roddy Piper revealed him to be the mystery new member of the group. Scott Hall called Bischoff’s gimmick , ‘ Eazy E ’. Bischoff also had a talk show similar to The Tonight Show , with Miss Elizabeth being his co host. The downfall of the promotion came in 1998 when WWF rebranded with the Attitude Era and took the top spot in the ratings. Soon, the nWo broke off into a few different groups. And the end of WCW came when Vince Russo replaced Bischoff and Vince McMahon purchasing the company.
Eric Bischoff now has a podcast called 83 weeks and a show called Wise Choices. Bischoff was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2021 and the nWo was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2020.
My Final Thoughts:
The Monday Night Wars will always be one of my favorite things to talk about when it comes to professional wrestling. I was born in 1997 during it. I also absolutely love the nWo because they were different. They made it cool to be the bad guy. I probably would’ve mainly watched WCW just so I could cheer them on. Eric Bischoff is one of the most iconic names in wrestling history. To me , he changed the game when WCW had its rebrand. He’s also a major reason I became a manager. I study him all of the time. I even bought an nWo shirt because I’m a big fan. I’ll always be nWo 4 Life!
Love You All,
- Kay
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Roman smile always brightens my day 🤭
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Neighbors - Jeff Hardy (18+)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Young!Jeff Hardy x Female!Reader
Summary: You gets a new neighbor who is bit of an asshole.
Warnings: None really, fluff, mention of death, foul language, Jeff lowkey being a dick.
Word Count: 2,675
Follow My Backup Blog!: @dirtywresling102
Tumblr media
Living alone and being young had its perks; You could leave whenever you pleased, arrive home no matter what hour of the day it was, your money went towards your bills, food, and things for your cat, Snuffles. 
No parents nagging in your ear about curfew or other problems you didn’t care about. You weren’t a trouble maker: Straight A’s, great attendance, a goody two shoes, but you were tired of living under your parents rules and high expectations. 
Once you graduate you went full time at your job and searched for a cheap but nice apartment. Luckily, the one bedroom and one bathroom apartment was in your price range. While meeting up with the landlord to look at the apartment, you took it in a heartbeat.
While living in the small apartment, you decided to get some company. You went to the local animal shelter and asked about adopting a pet. Krystal, the one in charge of the shelter, talked about a stray they’ve had for some time now. “We don’t know how he’ll react to being an indoor cat but we’re going to be forced to euthanize him if he isn’t adopted soon.” She said as the two of you walked into the cat room. Your eyes were immediately drawn to some beautiful orange fur. Attached to the fur were some big green eyes that looked like emerald jewels. Your heart became so warm that it felt like it was going to burst out of your chest. “His name is Snuffles.”
After quickly filling out an adoption application, the shelter contacted you the very next day to bring Snuffles home. Ending the phone call, you quickly grabbed your keys and headed out the door to bring Snuffles home. 
You tried to maintain yourself, not wanting to scare the little guy. You placed his cage in the middle of the living room, opened it and walked away, letting him explore on his own. 
That was nearly a year ago. Snuffles got used to his new environment quicker than you expected. He realized he had a home instead of being cooped up in a small cage and only getting fed once a day. Snuffles quickly became attached to you and he loved to play with you and his toys. 
The neighbors in the apartment complex were nice as well. You visited a single mother that lived below you often. She gave you a plate full of cookies and left overs. Her 5 year old son was cute too, he loved Snuffles. Snuffles paid no mind to the toddler grabbing his tail or tugging at his fur. The old cat understood the child’s intentions. 
There was an elderly couple, The Johnson’s, across the hall from you. They were talking about leaving for a retirement home, which made you upset, but glad that they’d be in a home supervised and they wouldn’t get hurt in their apartment. 
Walking up the first flight of stairs, you frowned as EMT’s rushed past you, heading down stairs. Quickly jogging up to your floor, you saw a police officer by Mr. and Mrs. Johnson’s apartment. “What’s going on?” You asked, approaching the officer. 
“Do you know these people?” His voice was gruff with a stone cold look on his face.
“Well, they’re my neighbors. I’ve known them for almost two years now. What happened?” You asked again, getting worried. Your eyes darted to his name tag. D. Knicks. “Please, Officer Knicks.”
Officer Knicks sighed, taking his cap off and running his fingers through his thin dark hair. “Mr. Johnson,” He started, “he suffered a heart attack.” He placed the blue and black hat upon his head again. “I’m sorry, he didn’t make it.“ 
"And Mrs. Johnson, what of her?” You tried to get a look at the Johnson’s apartment, only to see an EMT zipping up a black body bag. Your face instantly becomes white at the sight. 
“She’s with her daughter. Mrs. Johnson is going to live with her for a while." 
You nodded your head in sorrow. "At least she’s okay.” You maneuvered your way past the tall officer, unlocking your apartment, you walked in and were greeted by Snuffles. “Oh Snuffles, Mr. Johnson passed away.” You bent down and patted his head. 
“Meow.” He rubbed his body against your leg as if he was trying to say ‘Don’t worry, everything will be okay.‘ 
“You’re right Snuffles, Mrs. Johnson is with her daughter, she’ll be alright.” You tried to reassure yourself.
Fixing up dinner later that night, You heard a knock at the door. “Coming.” You walked towards the front door, looking through the peephole to see your friend from downstairs, Lexi and her son, Dawson. 
Unlocking both locks, you swung the door open. “Y/N!” Lexi wrapped her arms around you. "I heard what happened to Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.” She released the hug and walked in, Dawson was already in the apartment looking for Snuffles. You sat down on the sofa and Lexi joined you. 
“They were just about to go to a retirement home together.” You explained to her in a sad voice. You don’t want to think too much about it, dying alone must be terrible. It encourages you to go out and start dating, to search for your soul mate. But only being in your early twenties, you brush off the whole dating idea and remind yourself that you’re still young. 
“Sad. Did you hear about their apartment?" 
"No?” You arched my eyebrow.
“Well, Mrs. Johnson has to get her things out before the end of the week because someone is going to be moving in.”
Your eyes widen. “How morbid!” You nearly shouted, the poor woman lost her husband and now the landlord isn’t giving her any time to move out. “Her husband just passed away.” You frowned. 
“At least she has her daughter. I’m sure they’ll figure something out.” Lexi patted your knee in comfort.
“Yeah, I guess so. No matter who moves in across from me, they’ll never be as nice as The Johnson’s." 
"Y/N, calm down. I’m sure whoever moves next door will be nice.” Lexi explained. She stood up from her place and picked up Dawson who whined slightly. “Well, it’s getting late. Somebody has school in the morning and if they don’t get enough sleep, they will be cranky.” Lexi groaned out. “Don’t have kids.” She whispered with a teasing wink.
You scrunch your nose. “No thanks, I’ll stick with my cat." 
"You’ll have kids, Y/N. You just wait.” Lexi headed towards the door, exiting herself out. 
“No, thank you.” You mumbled to yourself. 
The week went on and by the end of it you were exhausted. You ran to the grocery store to buy cat food, food for yourself, and other things that you ran out of. You were almost late for your shifts down at the cafe which made some coworkers upset. Some of your bills were almost overdue but, luckily, you paid them off right at the last second. 
Christmas was coming up and you had no idea what to get your friend Lexi or your family members. The Holidays were drawing near.
Stomping up the steps with your arms full of shopping bags, you tried your best trying to see where you were walking. You heard a door slam shut, you grew worried that someone was in your apartment. “Ooph!” You stumbled backwards, it was like you just walked right into a brick wall.
“Watch where you’re going.” A male voice snarled. 
You made a sour face. “Well, I would if I could.” You snapped back at the man. “But obviously my hands are a bit full." 
"Ever heard of a second trip?” He retorted back.
You turned your body to the side to see who you were dealing with. A young male that was nearly the same age as you or a bit older stood in your way. He wore a fishnet shirt that exposed his muscles and nipples, his hair was dyed different colors and shoulder length. His pants were black and ripped with a couple of chains hanging off of them. You scoffed. “Nice, did the circus come to town?” You snorted.
“No, I’m a professional wrestler.” He gloated, puffing his chest out as if you were supposed to worship him. “Jeff Hardy is the name.” He smirked, as if I should know who he was.
“Right, whatever Jeffy.” You pushed past him and to your apartment. 
“Don’t tell me you’re my neighbor, goody two shoes.” Jeff groaned.
Your blood boiled, this guy was your new neighbor?! You’d rather take back the Johnson’s. “You got a problem with it, then move.” You snapped, fishing your keys out of your pockets.
Jeff smirked, watching you struggle and trying to juggle the grocery bags in your hands trying to get your keys. He could offer to help but he liked to see you suffer already. 
“You could help instead of staring at me.” You stopped trying to fetch your keys. 
“Yeah, I could.” You heard Jeff chuckle. “Have a good one neighbor.” Jeff started to walk down the steps. 
Your arms grew weak, the bags fell to the floor. Foods and gifts poured out of the ripped brown baggies. Groaning you glared down the steps to see that Jeff was already off of this floor and to the next. Ripping your house keys out of your pants you opened up the door to your small apartment. 
You hated your new neighbor, Jeff Hardy. He was obnoxious, loud and apparently, he had lots of friends because he threw parties almost every damn night. You called the cops but since you were the only one who complained. They told you to take it up to your landlord. You grit your teeth and do what they suggested. Taking it to your landlord, he just shrugged his shoulders and explained that Jeff was a paying tenant.
You couldn’t catch a break. You were losing sleep, getting headaches on the regular. You confronted Jeff about the loud noises, he promised to keep it down but he was just louder the next night, you didn’t think that was possible. 
“Dude, you look terrible.” Lexi said, smirking as she sipped her soda. 
“Don’t remind me.” You grumbled, drinking your beverage. 
Dawson chased Snuffles around the apartment, the cat meowed while the toddler giggled away. “Can you seriously not hear anything from underneath him?” You asked, eyes droopy. You thought you were gonna fall asleep in the middle of a sentence. 
“Not a thing.” She chuckled into her cup. “You should take a vacation, get out of town for a while.”
“I guess that sounds fun.” You murmured. Your attention went to Snuffles running underneath the coffee table. “But who would take care of Snuffles?” You looked over at Lexi, wondering if she’d do it.
“Nuh- Huh, I have a child to take care of. That’s already a handful. I have a friend, a guy friend.” She wiggled her eyebrows. “Maybe I can hook you two up when you get back. His name is Randy." 
You bit your lip, looking down at the hard wooden floor. You heard stories about Randy, you were scared he’d hurt Snuffles or throw a party in your apartment. Sighing out you scratched the back of your head. "I don’t know.” You sounded reluctant to have this man come to your apartment.
“I say yes, you’re going out of town for the weekend.” Lexi already had her phone pulled out, texting away to Randy.
It looked like you didn’t have a choice. “I do have the weekend off..” You trailed off into thought. What’s the worst that could happen? 
The weekend felt more like a week. You visited your parents a few towns over and all you did was text Randy. Not in a flirtatious way but questions about Snuffles. How was he? Was he eating? Can you send pictures? You knew you were annoying the man but you didn’t care nor did you have any interest in dating him. 
Walking up the stairs to your apartment, you faced your door. About to place the key into the socket, you stopped and listened. It was quiet. That was new. You turned your head behind you, looking at your neighbors, Jeff Hardy’s door. There wasn’t a peep coming from behind the wood. Raising your eyebrows, you grew curious but that left your mind as quick as it came. 
Twisting the key you pushed open the front door. “Hey Randy.” You greeted the man who was sprawled out on your leather sofa. You placed your bags in your room and looked around your apartment, there was no sign of Snuffles. You looked at his cat bowls, both the water and food were empty. 
His litter box was scooped clean and toys not even touched. Rushing back into the living room Randy still was in the same position. “Where the hell is Snuffles?”
“Who?” He asked groggily.
“My Cat!” You shouted, the man flinched, getting up and stretching.
“About that, he escaped." 
Your heart sank. "Escaped?” You whispered, almost in tears. 
“Yeah, bolted right out of the apartment the day you left.” Randy stalked towards you.
“That’s why you never messaged me back.” You looked up at the olive skinned man with the green eyes. 
“So, should I get my reward now or later?” He licked his lips, eyes shined with want. 
You didn’t believe what he said. You raised your hand, slapping his face as hard as you could. Randy stumbled back, shocked. “What the fuck!?” He shouted.
You approached Randy, grabbing him by the shirt and shoving him towards the door. “Get out!” You screamed. You kicked your foot at him, hitting his ass. 
“I’m leaving!” He hollered, Randy fell onto all fours when you kicked his ass “Crazy bitch!” Randy stumbled to get onto his feet and rushed to the stairs. 
Slamming your door shut, you covered your face, crying. Tears started streaming down your cheeks. You blame yourself for not getting Snuffles microchipped just in case something like this would happen. 
Three loud knocks came from the door. “I swear Randy, if that’s you." 
"It’s not, it’s me.” A voice with southern drawl said through the door. 
The door seemed like miles away, grabbing the handle you swung it open, the hinges creaked. “What do you-”
“This belong to you?” Jeff teased, holding out a big orange tabby cat. 
“Meow.” Snuffles purred.
“Snuffles!” I exclaimed, grabbing him out of Jeff’s arms. “What- How did you?” You looked at Jeff with sparkling eyes. 
“Well, that boyfriend of yours threw him out. I guess Snuffles here kept bothering him, then scratched him and Randy kicked him out of your apartment. Snuffles kept meowing, wanting back in but that douche wasn’t going to let him in so I scooped him up and let him stay here for the weekend.” Jeff smiled. 
“What about food or cat litter?" 
"I got a small bag of food and a litter box with some litter.” Jeff petted Snuffles head.
“Wh- Why?” You asked, “Why would you do it?" 
Jeff looked down, his eyes shining in the light. "Well, to be honest I know I was a big dick when we first met.” He sighed. “I just wanted to make it up to you." 
"By saving my cat.” You smiled. 
“What, you want me to bake you a fruitcake?" 
"Tis’ the season.” You teased.
Jeff rolled his eyes letting out a low chuckle. “If you say so." 
Snuffles jumped out of your arms and rushed over to the toys, pawing at them. 
"Well, I have pizza rolls in my freezer. It’s not a perfect dinner but I’d love to make you dinner sometime?" 
Jeff let out a hearty laugh. "Pizza rolls sound amazing right now.” He smiled down at you. “You got netflix?" 
"Of course I do." 
Jeff walked into the apartment, shutting the door behind him. 
"So, you say you’re a wrestler. Care to show me some moves?” You giggled.
Tumblr media
Jeff Hardy's Masterlist
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Tumblr media
A young CM Punk competes for the first time in WWE.
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Pleasurable Mistakes - Jey Uso (18+)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jey Uso x Female!Reader
Summary: The reader gets caught having a intimate moment in Jey's room.
Warnings: 18+ Blog, Minors DNI, Smut, Fingering, Masturbation
Word Count: 3,578
Follow My Main Blog!: @dirtywrestling
Tumblr media
“Once we graduate, we should totally get an apartment together to save money!” Jey smiled widely, his voice slightly cracking with excitement.
“Yeah! When you’re off traveling for the WWE, I’ll stay and take care of the apartment! It’ll totally save up money.”
“Can we get a dog?” Jey pointed out.
“How about a cat?” You persuaded.
“I can work with a cat.” Jey grinned.
“God, why don’t you two get married already.” Jimmy, Jey’s twin, spoke up. You and Jey gave each other weird looks before looking at Jimmy across the lunch table. 
“We’re not getting married.” Jey laughed.
“Yeah, we’re thinking financially, you know once we graduate high school you actually can’t really live on your own in this economy and the way it’s going.” You picked through your school lunch, regretting not taking your car to school so you could have left for lunch and get Taco Bell. It was such a nice day and your mother insisted you walk.
“Whatever, when I graduate I’m going to get into the WWE, find myself a hot wife and buy a house.” Jimmy nodded with a smirk on his lips.
“You, a hot wife?” You laughed. “You can’t even find a hot girlfriend.” 
Jey laughed along with you as Jimmy gritted his teeth and rolled his eyes with an embarrassed blush on his face, grabbing his lunch tray as he stood up from the table. “Whatever! You’ll see, Y/N, you’ll all see!” Jimmy stormed towards the trash cans, tossing whatever food he didn’t eat and headed towards his homeroom to sit and brew.
Jimmy in fact did show you, he got into the wrestling industry, trained hard and got himself in the WWE, it wasn’t long until he had a nice looking lady on his side and within a few years he proposed. You also showed Jimmy, you were correct all those years ago about the economy not getting any better, taxes were up, and so were milk, gas and rent in the nice city of Miami you grew up in, but you and Jey stuck to your word.
Right after graduation, you lived under your parents roof a little longer until the following year, once money was saved up you and Jey went on with your plan and placed a down payment on an apartment with a nice view of the Atlantic ocean. Popping open champagne on the first night in the apartment, you and Jey stood on the balcony, watching the waves of the ocean roll in and the moon high in the sky reflecting in the water. 
Glass in hand you stared off into the distance and on instinct, you placed your head upon Jey’s broad shoulder. “We did it.” You sighed happily.
“Yeah, we did.” Jey maneuvered his glass into his other hand while his right hand wrapped around your waist which immediately sparked something in you.
As the years passed, Jey went into some training along with his brother and they were immediately signed to the WWE, possibly because they were a package pair or because their father was also Rikishi some would argue but you’d always back them up and say they were there due to their hard work. 
Watching Jey and Jimmy take their career higher and higher every Friday Night made you a little closer to the brothers. Even though Jey was never home regularly he still made sure to text and call daily whether it be checking up on you or giving you an update on where he was at and when he’d be coming home. It made your heart swell knowing he was thinking of you but it also feared you. What was he doing when on the road? Was he at bars? Was he fucking women while celebrating his wins?
Then again, he wasn’t your boyfriend and you never asked any personal questions. You never pushed him when he came home, wanting to know all the details on what he did while traveling knowing he was too tired to do anything when he came home, bags in the living room and him collapsing on the couch. 
“So, any plans for tonight?” Jey asked through the phone that you held against your ear while typing a paper out for work. 
“Me? Plans on a Saturday night? Psh.” You scoffed following it with a laugh as you skimmed through the pages. “I’m just finishing this report for work, take a shower, have a glass of wine and most likely watch a show.” 
“Boring!” Jey sang loudly to where you had to pull the phone away with a smile. “You should enjoy yourself, go to the club and have men buy you drinks!” 
You could hear the playfulness in Jey’s voice but you couldn’t help but to frown, you wanted him to buy you drinks and take you to the club, not some strange man grinding against you and trying to get you drunk to have his way with you. Shaking your head you cleared your throat, shutting your laptop. “I’m good.” You reassured.
“Your Saturday night, princess. Spend it however you want.” 
You broke out in goosebumps at the pet name he gave you, wishing he really meant it and not in a sarcastic way. “I will, thank you.” You placed your laptop on top of the coffee table. 
“Well, don’t have too much fun with Mr. Whiskers. No parties.” Jey teased.
“No parties, I promise.” You laughed, just on cue yours and Jey’s gray tabby cat Mr. Whiskers jumped on the couch and started to make biscuits on the cushion. “Where are you anyway?”
“We just got to the airport, it shouldn’t be a long flight but I’ll be home soon. Oh, we’re actually boarding the flight right now, so I’ll talk to you later.” Jey said.
“Okay.” You bit your lip. “Oh and Jey?”
“Yeah, Y/N?” 
It was silent, you didn’t follow up with anything, your stomach twisted, you wanted to tell him how much you missed him and how excited you are to see him again after being on the road for months. “N- Nothing, never mind. Safe travels.”
“Thanks, Y/N. I’ll see you soon.” 
With that the phone beeped a few times showing that the call ended. Sighing out loud you set your phone down next to you. “Well, Mr. Whiskers look like it’s just us for a bit.” You looked over at him at the other side of the couch to see he was already curled up and fast asleep. “I guess it’s just me.” Getting up you went to the kitchen, grabbing a meal prep from the freezer and heated it up.
Chowing down on the rice and chicken with a side of veggies you tossed the plastic container in the sink reminding yourself to wash it in the morning. Tidying a bit around the apartment you wanted to make the place look nice when Jey arrived. Placing the vacuum back and all the cleaning supplies in their rightful place you exhaled a tired breath, looking around the spotless apartment. 
Satisfied with how everything looked, you made your way towards the bathroom, turning the light on and shutting the door behind you, you looked in the mirror. Dark circles were under your eyes as your hair was in a messy bun from a long day's work. You started to strip from your street clothes. Making your way to the shower you started it up, getting it to the temperature you wanted.
The steam started to roll immediately showing that the water was getting warm quickly. Stepping out of your panties and tossing your bra in the pile you pulled back the curtain and stepped into the water. “Shit.” You hissed, quickly reaching for the cold knob and turning it to balance the temperature. 
Humming softly as the water turned more comfortable to your liking, you bowed your head underneath it, letting it spray down on you and roll down your back. Goosebumps broke out as the water strolled down your body and the steam danced along your nipples, making them hard. 
Shivering at the sensation your mind went to Jey. Leaning against the tile wall with your eyes closed you slowly started to realize how much you missed Jey’s smile, his laugh along how he’d watch you everytime you cracked a joke or how his muscles would tighten and ripple from the pushups and situps he’d do in the living room. 
Your teeth nipped at your bottom lip as you started to think more of Jey in a sexual way. You’ve never seen what he was packing under his pants but you knew by the way he walked he had some size. 
Your fingers danced along your stomach, making their way south of your body and cupping your hot sex. Exhaling a soft breath, the tip of your index finger and middle finger swirled around your sensitive clit. “Fuck.” You whispered to yourself out loud. Applying more pressure to your clit, you bite your lip harder imagining it being Jey’s hand toying with you. “Jey, please. Put it in.” You whined, your fingers still teasing your clit, slowly picking up the pace. 
Your cunt clenched around nothing, your stomach slowly started to tighten as you built your orgasm. Finally deciding to back off from your clit, your two fingers slowly traced your lips, collecting your dripping juices. “Oh Jey.” You said softly. Slowly inching your fingers up into your entrance, your cunt tightly wrapped around your digits as they sunk deeper inside. Your mouth collected saliva as the delicious pleasure started to drive up your spine. 
Slowly dragging your two digits out you plunged them back inside of you letting out a soft moan, echoing in the bathroom. Your wrist started to ache but that didn’t stop you from picking up the pace. Your fingers quickly pushed in and out of your slippery cunt, your walls squeezing and sucking your fingers back in with a warm squelchy welcome. 
Your thoughts ran wild as you imagine Jey, naked behind you grabbing your neck with his other hand while his free hand finger fucked you. “God, Jey. Gonna come.” You moaned out, your walls fluttering around your cunt. The warm water still sprayed from the head of the shower down onto your bare breasts as you tossed your head back against the tile wall with a loud ‘thud’.
The wetness of your cunt and your panting moans mixed in the air with the steam rolling around the hot shower. Your orgasm came quickly, coming undone on your fingers as they dripped with your creamy color. “Holy fuck.” You panted, resting against the cool wall with the mixture of the hot water made goosebumps rise on your skin again.
Slowly pulling your drenched fingers out from your aching pussy, you rinsed them off underneath the shower and finished up washing your hair and body. Once you rinsed yourself off, you turned the shower off and grabbed a towel. 
Feeling much better after a little time, you stepped out of the bathroom, steam rolling past your ankles into the hallway. You held the towel around your body tight and started to make your way towards your bedroom. Stopping in front of a closed door, you looked at it. Jey’s room. You never went in when he was out traveling, you respected his privacy too much to even step one foot inside when he wasn’t home. 
‘Don’t you miss his smell, though?’ A small voice in the back of your head announced.
You did miss his smell. The strong cologne he wore was always your favorite, smelling like hickory and vanilla. You squeezed your thighs together as your core grew warmer at the thought of smelling his pillows real quick. Looking towards the front door to see it was still locked and no sign of anyone coming in, you grabbed the door knob and twisted it, pushing the door open. 
Standing in the hallway you looked inside the dark room, flicking the switch on the room soon became bright and showed off his wrestling memorabilia. His room was neat and clean, dressers dusted and tidy along with the large flat screen tv hanging from the wall and his gaming system hooked up to it. You eyed his dirty laundry, seeing a sweater hanging from the side of the hamper. 
Stripping your towel off, you let it drop to the floor, pooling around your feet. Stepping out of it, you grabbed the black hoodie, holding it tight and inhaling his scent. Moaning softly you remembered he wore this sweater when he was making a protein shake after his gym workout. The memory made you smile as you slipped it on over your head and now covered your upper half and slightly some of your lower half. 
You inched your way to his bed, seeing how he neatly tucked his sheets in and the bed comforter pressed firmly with no wrinkles. You instantly ruined it as you laid on top of his made bed, his scent wafting in the air hitting your nostrils. Humming at the smell of Jey your brain became fuzzy and warm along with your cunt slowly started to throb again, wanting to be full once more.
You knew it was wrong, you knew you shouldn’t be in his room especially when he was on his way home. You nuzzled your head back into the soft pillows, gripping the chest of his sweater and bringing it to your nose you inhaled deeply once more. Memories of Jey flooded your mind as your heart hammered in your chest and cunt started to drip again. You needed another round to calm you down and this time in his bed. 
Your right hand slowly traveled down your stomach like before. You skipped past your clit, not wanting to tease yourself anymore as your fingers pressed against your soaking entrance you pushed past your folds with no hesitation. “Fuck, Jey!” You cried out, arching your back as your two fingers plunged in and out of your pussy. Your eyes closed tight as your head tossed back into the pillow even more.
Jaw slack and mouth hung open, your fingers scissored deeper into your pussy but it just wasn’t enough. You needed another, your ring finger pressed against your middle and inched itself past your tight walls. “Y- Yes, more, more, fuck Jey I want more!” As you had three fingers inside your cunt, fucking yourself, your lower stomach tightened, you could see Jey behind your eye lids, he was there above you fucking you raw and moaning with you. “Yes, Jey. Please ‘Mmm close.” You sobbed.
As your orgasm was about to ripple through your body you heard your name being shouted, your eyes snapped open while your fingers quickly drove out of your wet cunt as you quickly sat up in the messy slightly damp bed. There stood Jey, suitcase by his side with wide eyes and jaw dropped. 
“J- Jey! I can explain!” You grabbed the hem of the black sweater you wore and tugged it down your lower half to hide your dripping cunt. “I- I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry!” You apologize, rooted to the bed you couldn’t move but just say how sorry you were. You disrespected him, his privacy, his bed, the friendship. Tears threaten to spill from your eyes as you see Jey not moving from the spot.
“So,” Jey’s tongue darted past his plumped lips. “You play with yourself in my bed instead of throwing parties while I’m gone.” 
Still too scared to even realize Jey was joking you choked out a ‘no’.
“I must admit, this is a better sight to come home to instead of a loud party.” Jey smirked, his dark hooded eyes ran over your body. 
“Y- You’re- You’re not mad?” You hiccuped, tears running down your cheeks. 
Jey’s hands started to fiddle with his belt and unbutton his pants. “Does this look like I’m mad?” As he finished his words, he pushed down his pants along with his boxers, his hard cock sprung upwards, hitting his stomach. 
“Oh my god- Jey!” You quickly shielded your eyes, looking away from him in respect. “I- I.”
You heard more shuffling being done towards the doorway and felt the bed dip on the opposite side you were looking from. “Hey, Y/N.” Jey grabbed your wrist and pulled it away from your face. “Please, Y/N, I need to know if you really want this, if you want me.” He whispered ‘me’ softly. 
Finally opening your eyes to see Jey fully naked laying right next to you had your face heating up, your best friend caught you masturbating in his bed and now he was laying naked next to you. “I- I do want it, Jey. I’m so sorry for- for doing this in your bed.” You sniffed.
Jey had a large smile plastered on his face and tossed his head back slightly with a laugh. “I wasn’t expecting it but I much do love coming home with you on my bed fucking yourself silly on your fingers.” He groaned the last part. You caught how his dick twitched as he spoke. 
“Then yes, please Jey, I want you. I want all of you.” You begged him. 
“Fuck, you have no idea how long I’ve waited for you to say that.” Jey leaned forward, his lips crashing against yours in a hot kiss. Your lips moved along with his as he slowly guided himself on top of you, wedging in between your legs and making sure not to crush you with his full weight. “Been wanting to be in between these legs.” Jey said in between kisses. “Deep inside this pussy.” He moaned.
You whined against his lips, wishing you did this little stunt nearly ten years earlier but always too scared not knowing if he felt the same way you did. “Please, Jey. I’ve waited long enough, give it to me.” 
Jey shivered at your words, looking down, his hard cock was poking against your thigh, twitching in anticipation to be inside of you. Jey’s hand went in between your bodies as he gripped the thick base of his cock and slowly nudged the tip of his cock against your still wet pussy. You both exhaled a satisfying breath as he sank deeper inside of you with ease due to you preparing yourself for the past hour. 
“You feel so fucking good, snug around my dick.” Jey moaned. “Were you getting this pretty little pussy ready for my fat cock?”
Too dazed to even speak, you nodded with soft moans leaving your lips, your legs wrapping around his waist as he started to swirl his hips in a circular motion. “Hmm, Jey.” You moaned, enjoying how his cock stretched you wider. 
Jey’s moans rang in your ear, making your cunt grip his cock tighter in a reaction you didn’t expect. “Fuck, darling yes.” Jey hissed through gritted teeth as he started to rut his hips against you, his cock pushing deeper inside of you with every thrust. As he pulled his cock out it was slow, slightly painful but soon pleasure rushed through your body as he pushed back in. 
“Jey!” You screamed as his pace started to pick up in a sloppy manner. 
“You sound so fucking sweet, scream for me baby.” Jey panted, his wet cock slipping in and out of your tight channel. ‘Fucks’ and ‘shits’ escaped both of your mouths as both of your orgasm started to approach. 
“I- I’m close Jey!” You warned as your vision slightly blurred and the coil in your stomach started to tighten. “I want- want your come baby, I want your come!” You begged, rolling your hips against each of his thrusts. 
Jey nearly stopped his movements as he groaned lowly. “N- No! Please, fuck please don’t stop.”
“Fuck, the way you did that, shit.” He breathed out, his hips started to pump inside of you again. 
“That’s it, right there!” You cried out, closing your eyes tight you saw bright lights explode as your orgasm went over the edge, taking control of your body. “J- Jey!” You screamed.
“Yeah baby, I’m coming, I’m coming.” Jey moaned, his cock drilling into your sore cunt, sloppy wet sounds and skin against skin roared in the room along with his bed frame racking up against the wall loudly. 
His warm seed exploded inside your tight cunt as he tossed his head back, moaning. A thick vein appeared in his throat, pulsing as he panted heavily. 
“Hmm, oh fuck.” You moaned, wiggling against his stilled hips to feel yourself full of his come. “Big load.” You teased, feeling your pussy swallow his thick come. 
“You have no idea.” Jey panted, hinting that it’s been awhile for him from having sex. 
Jey slowly pulled his cock out from your abused cunt, the creamy liquidy mess dripping from your cunt onto his sheet. Jey didn’t care as he collapsed next to you, eyes closed but you couldn’t help but to stare at him. “How long?” You whispered.
It was silent for sometime as Jey just smiled. “Long.” He whispered back. “Very long.” He licked his lips, still smiling and cracked one eye open. “Since early high school.” 
You couldn’t help but to smile back at him, he wanted you and you wanted him and here you were, finally having each other.
Tumblr media
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Roman & Rock looks so happy here ☺️😊
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figuresandflippys · 10 months
And we are back with our newest podcast episode! Check out the YouTube link! We cover ROH Death Before Dishonor, WWE, and AEW!
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The Revenant Wife
Pairing: Joel Miller x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Mentions of grief and death. 
Summary: Ellie knows very little of Joel and even less of the wife he had before the outbreak. When she finally meets you, its just as much as shock to her as it is to your husband. 
Word count: 1.6k
Note: ficlet is based off of this previous post about Joel getting separated from his wife during the outbreak and assuming you died until you find one another years later. Reader is described to look like Sarah. Title came from the ever lovely @djarin-junk​ <3
Tagging those I think would enjoy: @pedrostories​ @thesadvampire​ @joel-mlller @softanon​ @max--phillips​ @captainsamwlsn​ @hooplahoopla​ @moondirti​ 
Tumblr media
Ellie didn’t know that Joel had a wife. 
Granted, she didn’t know much about his old life at all. 
She knew he built things. That he had a brother named Tommy and a daughter named Sarah, but didn’t like to talk about the latter that much. In one fleeting conversation, full of mumbles as her eyes began to close while they rested under the night sky she heard him mention you but was far too gone to truly hear what he said. Nothing more than the vague rumble of his voice saying “my wife” before her eyes opened once more. 
“You’re married?”
She asks with such incredulous shock it sounds more like “somebody married you?” but girls at her age hardly ever have filters. 
“I was.” 
There’s the same bristle in his throat and far off look in his eyes as when she first asked about his daughter. An open answer but one that carries enough unsaid to tell Ellie of your fate. To warn her that she should change the subject or simply shut her mouth and go to sleep before plucking his raw nerve one too many times until he snaps- 
“What was she like?” 
But Joel learned early on that Ellie wasn’t one to follow warnings. 
“Kind.” His breath stutters. “But not a pushover- she didn’t take shit from anybody.” He stares up at the sky, feeling his chest grow tight and fingers twitch by his side until there’s a rustling, the girl next to him rolling over to face him and he turns to find Ellie peeking out from her sleeping bag with a smile. 
Damn this girl. 
“Not even from you?” 
Joel scoffs. “Especially from me. The amount of times she gave me and Tommy and earful-” he shakes his head, Ellie watches a smile grow on his face in silence, as if worried she may frighten it away. 
“Did she cook?” 
Ellie thinks of the stories the older kids would tell her. The ones who remembered life before the Outbreak, who told her of freshly baked pies on weekend and fluffy pancakes in the morning. 
Joel remembers the first time you tried to bake him a cake for his birthday back when he was sixteen. How he opened the door to your forlorn face and a store bought sheet cake in your hands because as your mother told him over the phone, you damn near burned the whole house down trying to bake for him as a surprise. 
“From time to time.” 
There was only so much she could get out of him before his voice became clipped and eyes full of an emotion she didn’t quite know the name of that he told her to get some rest. Leaving her with nothing to do but to stare at the sky and wonder about these stories in the shape of a woman who unveiled a little bit more about the mysterious man she traveled with. 
Of all the silence and secrets that made up the man that protected her, she created stories to fill them. Stories of Joel Miller, husband, father, brother and badass contractor that everybody loved.   Of his soldier brother, of his wife and their smiling daughter between them both. 
In Ellie’s mind, you didn’t work. 
But not in a ditzy lame way like some boring housewife. But just because you didn’t have to. 
Joel said that everybody loved contractors so that means he probably got paid like, a ton of money to build stuff for people so you got to stay at home all day. Ellie imagined your house to be ginormous. Maybe Joel made it himself for you when you guys first got married. It was big enough that when Joel came home everyday he’d call out your name and it’d echo through  the hall as you called him into the kitchen, where your daughter sat reading as you set dinner on the table. Sometimes you’d get upset if he came home late but then he’d kiss your cheek and you would roll your eyes but smile before you all sat down and ate as a family. 
Ellie imagines Joel’s daughter, she wonders if Sarah looks more like her mother than her father. 
Ellie wonders as the sleep takes over her body, if they could have been friends. 
When it happens, months later after she’s come to think of Joel as something akin to family and he thinks of her as something he can’t say out loud just yet, she’s shocked. She’s face to face with a woman holding her at gunpoint that looks nothing like the smiling mother she dreamt of during cold nights. 
You don’t match the stories Ellie made up in your head.
You’re mean. 
No. Mean isn’t the right word. 
Cold. Yes. you're very cold. 
Ellie watches in shock as you ask where they're headed, gun focused on the center of her chest while the two boys at your side point their own at Joel, who has yet to speak. 
She waits for him to answer, but he just stares at you in awe. The same man she’s seen kill and threaten to keep her safe day in and day out is rendered speechless until all he can do is utter your name and she realizes that he knows you. More than that, judging by the way he surrenders his gun to you with no fight, something she had never seen him do. 
You lift your head to look at him, the brim of your hat raises just enough to clear the shadow cast over your face and Ellie can finally see your eyes and the snarl on your face. 
You’re also very pretty.
“I won’t ask again.” 
The two boys standing on either side of you have your eyes. Same color and intensity, narrowed into slits like guard dogs waiting for an order and Ellie sees the way Joel stares at them. 
She wonders if Sarah had brothers. 
“Out west.” He manages. “Takin’ her to her family.” 
Your eyes move to her and she holds her hands higher in the air. 
“That true?” “What?” 
“Is he telling the truth?” 
The taller one, Duke, she had heard you call him, had already ripped the bag from her back and emptied its contents onto the ground, she had nothing else to hide from you. 
But then she sees something in your eyes. A concern for her that she hadn’t seen since Tess or Marlene. 
And she understands. 
“He’s telling the truth.” Ellie forces out. 
You watch her for a moment and there’s a moment of panic where she thinks you can see right through her lie. 
But then you lower your gun and jerk your head over your shoulder. 
“C’mon.” is all you say before you begin to walk away. The boys gawk at you for a moment before you give them a look of warning and they follow in your step, occasionally casting glances behind them at Joel and Ellie who follow suit. 
She’s quick to grab onto the sleeve of Joel’s jacket and pull with a harsh whisper as the other’s march forward. 
“You know this psycho?” 
Joel flinches at her voice as it pitches up. If any of you heard her, which he gathered you did because Ellie didn’t have an inside voice to save her fucking life, you didn’t care enough to react. 
Ellie whispers his name again. Insistent and angry for answers but he just keeps looking forward. He can’t take his eyes off of you or the boys ahead and it fills her with worry but she doesn’t know why. 
“She’s my wife.”
You lead them to a cottage. Its paint is chipping and the fence is reinforced with wiring around the perimeter but it looks like a home. She can vaguely hear the soft clucking of chickens nearby and there's a flash of fur behind the fence with a pair of pointed ears that duck away just as fast as she saw them. 
Ellie has seen the remnants of homes before the outbreak. The plates still stacked in the sink and the jacket still hung up on the hook. A story telling a family that once lived within its walls and is now nothing more than memories that ghosts along its foundation. 
But this one is real. It’s yours. 
 There is a rickety wooden table in the dining room. Each chair around it seems to have been brought from a different house and is varying shades of faded brown. You kick the leg of one and nod toward it.“Sit, both of you.”
Ellie looks to Joel before sitting. He follows suit, choosing the chair closest to her. 
“I’m gonna get some bandages for that leg-” 
Joel shifts forward. “I don’t need-” 
“I wasn’t fucking asking, Joel.” 
You’re not stronger than Joel, if she had to guess. You both look the same age, but she’s seen his strength, his violence, all done for her safety and knows if it came down to it, you might not win in a fight against him. 
But at your order, he sits back in his chair. 
You turn and set a shoulder on your son’s shoulder. 
At least. She thinks he’s your son. 
Softly spoken words are exchanged while the other keeps his eyes on Joel and his hand on his holster. The boy says something back in insistence, but you tilt your head and he nods. 
“If either of them try moving or taking anything.” You offer them one final look over your shoulder before slipping out of the room. “Shoot them.” 
They listen to your footsteps slowly retreat until there’s nothing but the subtle creak and groan of the wood floor beneath them. Ellie leans forward to look at Joel, setting her hands firmly on the dinner table in announcement. 
“Dude-” The young girl breathes out. “Your wife is a bitch.”
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Hi all, I am thinking of moving all this content accross to my main blog (and removing this one):
I will be changing the name of my main soon, to something more wrestling related also.
Just a heads up 🙂
- Elle 💕
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