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ohhh, I love your blog. you could write bau!reader that she is hotch's daughter, she and spencer go out in 'secret' but in reality everyone in bau knows except him and one day they both arrive disheveled or she with a hickey, he's all 🤨🤨🤨
I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense 😞
fem reader (wears a sundress and lipgloss); bau!reader; hotch’s daughter/child!reader; innuendo; teasing; kisses; ~1300 words
it makes perfect sense, don’t worry! thank you for the request and your patience <333 i made spencer the one w/ the hickey.. sawry.. i hope u like it!
Tumblr media
You typically hid your affection for Spencer pretty well when you were at work.
You were close and touchy with all of the team — you playfully flirted with Morgan and Emily (though you made sure to clear it with Spencer when you started dating, and have since folded in more compliments and praise for him while in the office or field in your day-to-day), and were quick to joke and chat with Penelope and JJ. 
Of course, your dad was… well, your dad. Leader of the team. 
You knew the team knew, despite your best efforts to conceal it, that you were dating Spencer. They dropped subtle innuendos and sent playful jabs towards you both, with them becoming especially common during nights out. They were guaranteed when Emily had a little too much to drink. One time, on a girl’s day out shopping, Garcia had thrown a lacy bra at you and suggested that purple was the perfect color for you to start buying lingerie in. You’d spluttered and felt your face burn, and refused the idea purple was any better than different colors of lingerie — even insisting you had no use for lingerie, regardless of color, due to your work schedule. But you bought it anyway, when you thought they weren’t looking. JJ’s laughter told you otherwise.
Your bottled up affections and praise for him were expressed readily and easily outside of work and formal environments, with the ease and comfort of a relationship settling and becoming more long-term and serious.
Spencer’s face burned red most of the time he was alone with you.
“Spence,” you coo, fixing his collar. “You’re so handsome.” He’d cut his hair recently (and showed you the inspiration photo so you could mourn the change in advance), and it suited him. With your dedication over the past few months, his curls were healthier and softer. The cut removed split ends and showed how healthy you’d really gotten his curl pattern, the strands soft to the touch as you finger combed a leave-in conditioner through it and styled his hair for him, delighting in the way his eyes crinkled with his smile and his gaze dipped to your lips before kissing you.
“Mm,” he hums as he pulls back. “And you’re so pretty.” His thumb traces your collarbone and toys with the strap to your sundress. “Is this up to BAU dress code?”
“You tell me.” You laugh softly. “You know it inside and out.”
He does. What he’s trying to say is that he doesn’t want other people to see you like this. Only a year and a half into your relationship, his possessive streak had yet to fully fade. He thought you were stunning, and had an intense desire to keep you for his eyes. Or at least let people know you were taken.
Besides, you were in a sundress. Spencer had… a thing for them, and the way they fluttered around your thighs, how the colors made your skin glow, the femininity of it all. He couldn’t keep his hands off you when you wore them, and was trying to figure out if he’d be able to focus at all if you were wearing it to work.
Spencer had a penchant for leaving marks, enjoying them just as much as the sight of you confident in your pretty dresses. He didn’t see any fading bruises on your neck and shoulders, and he knew you’d be fine to wear it — even if he wouldn’t be fine, and would find his eyes tracing and retracing the curve of your shoulders and neck, the dip of the neckline. 
He also enjoyed wearing your marks, even taking pride in them (and refusing to cover them unless you asked, even with marks as innocent as lipstick or lipgloss stain on his skin.). 
His eyes snap up to meet yours. “It’s up to code. We’ll be late if we don’t head out,”
You nod. “Just help me pick my lipgloss?”
Spencer smiles. “Your strawberry one. The sparkly one.” That was his favorite of yours. You complained that you ended up never actually wearing it because he licked it off almost immediately with countless kisses. “I’ll try to keep my hands to myself. Even if you’re wearing all my favorites,” his voice is despairing and petulant, and you peck his lips, giggle sweetly, swipe on the gloss and tuck it into your bag.
“Let’s go,” you chirp, linking your arm with his. “We don’t want to be late.”
Spencer thinks that, actually, it would’ve been better to be late. Or to not come at all. He would much prefer spending the day at home with you or, as he wants right now, to be swallowed whole by the earth.
“Spencer,” Hotch calls, and his hand stills for a moment before putting up the coffee pot.
“Yeah, Hotch?” He spins to face his team leader, but the easy smile on his face drops at the seriousness of his face.
“Fix your collar. Or wear a scarf. We have a press conference later,”
Spencer frowns, brow furrowing. His collar? He runs his finger over the fabric and finds it laying perfectly normal. He leaves his coffee on the counter and heads to the men’s bathroom, studying his appearance in the mirror. There are no stains or wrinkles.
There, an inch or so below his ears, is a large blooming hickey, a mix of purple and red. You must’ve given it when his attention was… understandably… elsewhere last night.
Spencer can feel his face burn, and flips his collar to cover it as best he can. The bruising still peeks out, but it’s a little more professional.
He finds you with his coffee, leaning on the edge of his desk. You smile brightly and tell him “I finished making it for you!”
Spencer thanks you softly before sitting down, pouting.
“What’s wrong, baby?” You ask softly, eyes darting around before you speak to ensure the rest of the team can’t hear your whispered pet name.
Spencer gestures to the hickey before tugging the collar again. Your eyes grow wide and you hurriedly check your own neck in your phone camera.
“You don’t have any,” Spencer tells you softly, voice a little strained and weak. “I checked.”
“Sorry,” your voice is whiny. Embarrassed.
“It’s okay, sweetheart,” and it’s when he carefully takes your hand in his, thumb rubbing over your skin, that he realizes the team has re-entered the room. Morgan wolf-whistles, he can hear Garcia squeal and some rush of excited words from her, and then an uneasy silence.
“Spencer.” Hotch’s voice. “__,”
You turn to face them first and Spencer spins his chair to face them, and he wishes the fabric could swallow him whole. Derek’s shit-eating grin is infuriating, but he does feel a friendly warmth that eases his humilitation when the other agent mouths ‘my man!’ at him.
“Dad,” you look at him, stance challenging. A false bravado — he thinks. Or maybe you did regain your confidence that fast. Either way, he’s glad one of you can look Hotch in the eye.
“Did you do that to him?”
You let out a sound that’s a mix of a laugh and a scoff. “Well, I would hope no one else did. Spence, baby, are you cheating on me?”
“You know you’re the one who put that there,” he mumbles, covering his burning red face with his hands. 
Hotch sighs. “At least cover it up next time. You can buy makeup in his shade,”
You laugh and so does Emily. 
Spencer wants to die.
“You wear it well,” Morgan whispers as he walks past, chuckling.
Spencer sighs, long and suffering. He does wear it well, it’s from you, but he’d prefer that the team didn’t see them. Anyone else was fine — he would even show it off, proud he was yours. But your dad seeing love marks… he didn’t ever want a repeat.
Tumblr media
trust when i say this man would be so hickey-ed if it were me reader is so real
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Hi!! I love your work sm and I was wondering if u could write a minghao drabble with the prompt “you don’t count- I love u” thank u 🤍🤍
The8 (SVT) | "You don't count - I love you" fluff | 0.8k | gn!reader A/N: thank you for requesting! also inspired by @hanniedream's froggy ring post and bibi being a menace feeding into all of my delusions
Tumblr media
“Absolutely not.”
You pout at him, whine his name, whisper into his ear how cute it would be to have a matching jewelry - a silly piece, the exact opposite of the classy necklaces and rings and bracelets you already had plenty of. But nothing gets Minghao to change his mind, and so the little froggy faces can only watch as you leave the store without them.
You sulk about it only a little. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. Your relationship matters, and it’s loving and wonderful, and Minghao is the best partner you could wish for. What would be the point in wearing a matching ring if you knew he hated it? He always makes sure you don’t lack anything you want or need, silly or serious. You let it go and truth be told, the entire thing slips your mind.
Until today.
Until today’s afternoon, to be exact, today’s very ordinary afternoon when your boyfriend suddenly told you to close your eyes before putting a little box in your palms.
“Open it,” he smiles at you as he sits down next to you.
You feel a lump in your throat. There are two rings staring at you. Matching rings. One with a little black frog, its limbs spread as if it was swimming, and the other with little lily pads and a white blossom. Minghao must’ve had them made, you don’t think he could find rings like this in a shop somewhere. 
“Do you like them?” he asks with a small smile. His hand slowly rubs circles on the small of your back. You look at him in disbelief.
“Why Hao?” you take a shaky breath. He frowns, sitting closer to you and putting his other hand over your knee. 
“What do you mean why?” his brows are knitted together, “Do you not like them?”
“No, I do - I love them,” you sigh, “But you hate things like this.”
You look at them again. The sizes make it pretty clear which ring is his and which is yours. He’ll look even more like he came out of a fairytale with the tiny blossom adoring his finger. You truly love them. You love the cute little frog. And you appreciate the gesture, but…
“I wouldn’t get them if I hated the idea - or if I didn’t like these rings themselves,” he assures you patiently.
“But you hated the silly frog rings I showed you,” you argue back, making Minghao smile and pinch your cheek.
“And I didn’t get those, did I?” he watches you laugh and loosens up a little himself.
“These are still silly,” you shake your head, “More… tasteful and elegant, but silly.”
“I’m good at compromising with you,” he grins. His thumb strokes your knee absentmindedly. It’s good to see you relax again, good to see the tender look in your eyes as you study the rings.
He looks at the box resting in your hands and carefully takes it from you. He slides the frog adorned ring on your finger before handing the now half-empty box back to you. Suddenly he feels shy when you take his hand in yours. You stroke your thumb over the ring once it sits on his finger, tapping the little flower. 
“You know you can tell me if you don’t like them or if I hurt you before and you no longer want silly matching rings. I won’t be upset,” not at you anyway - but he doesn’t say that.
“I’m really happy, Hao,” you lean in for a kiss that he’s more than happy to give you, “I just don’t want you to do anything you don’t like.”
“I’m not,” he threatens the doubts in your mind with a slight pout on his lips.
“You always shut everyone down with things like this though,” you don’t give up, stubborn as he is.
“Well,” he smirks mischievously and leans closer again to steal another kiss, “You don’t count - I love you.”
“That’s so corny,” you scrunch up your nose, pushing at Minghao’s chest without any force. It’s only natural that with every push comes a pull, so you don’t struggle when he pulls you into his side.
“But I won’t wear mine all the time, just so we’re clear,” he says softly yet firmly enough to let you know it’s not up for debate. Still he looks at the ring with a smile.
“I guessed you don’t have that many fits to match it,” you tease, “But I’ll wear mine all the time just so you know.”
“I’ll wear it when I’m not running around schedules. And when I’m with you. We shouldn’t leave the frog without its home for too long, hm?” he laces your fingers together. You gasp when you see it - like this it indeed looks like the frog is swimming towards the lily pads. You can’t help but laugh and snuggle closer to him.
You guess it is a little like that - Mingao is your home.
And you’re Minghao’s whole life, giving his existence a purpose. Even if that might be too much for a little frog to convey.
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Tumblr media
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“convenient chances” 🎱
Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary: Your obsessive ex-boyfriend Jay Park goes to extreme measures to ensure that you submit to his ruthless control, and with your body weakening with each pitiful day that passes, you’re not sure how much longer you’ll be able to put up a fight…
pairing: Stalker! Yandere! Enhypen x Fem! Reader
contains: Suggestive, Non-con Kissing and Touching, Degrading Nicknames (crybaby, play thing, etc), Mentions of Self-harm and Other Violent Themes, Heavy Angst
word count: 5.3k -> previously . . .
Tumblr media
YOUR BODY WAS fully awake, but your mind needed a moment to catch up.
The feeling of moist soil on your scalp somehow helped to comfort your body’s soreness as you laid down in the shallow ditch of dirt which was inevitably dubbed as your bed last night…
You could hardly push past the pain in your tired eyes, having cried yourself to sleep and back awake more times than you could count while meddling about with only one emotion coursing through your starved out veins:
Not in the sense that you were ready to forfeit your role in this one against seven battle, but you worried your body could only take so much more of their combined insanity before giving up…
Just to let Jay claim you as his noble prize in this one-sided race for a twisted love—
Pat, pat, pat.
Your ears keened in on the sounds of nature surrounding you, eyes lazily opening up again as sprinkles of dry earth kissed your forehead, followed by more pats from above.
But the pats came with friends, the sounds now becoming more layered, louder as they approached the rim of the steep hole.
It was them.
The six goons, excluding their crookedly righteous leader who to this day leaves you baffled as to why you even dated him in the first place.
If only he wasn’t so good at pretending…
Pretending like everything was normal and that your past relationship with him was somehow reconcilable.
Your vision was still a bit cloudy given the poor lighting provided by the hardly risen sun and surrounding forestry, however you could still make out each boy's face as they stared back down at you. Jake, the nicer one, slowly guided a rope down to meet you.
“Can’t imagine you got much sleep down there, did ya’ cutie?” Heeseung’s voice started, stinging your soul like venom as he cooed at you with pouty lips from above, “don’t worry, I’ll give you a good morning kiss once we get you outta there…”
What a raging creep.
“This isn’t gonna be easy, but the only way to get you back up here is if you climb…”
Wow. He almost sounded like he cared about you when he said that.
“C’mon, we threw you in a ditch, not a fucking volcano,” the tallest one grumbled impatiently, annoyed by your seemingly feeble demeanor.
“Niki,” Sunghoon scolded sternly, the younger boy shrugging in defense, “don't encourage her to resist us, alright?”
Jay must've been too busy to come and get you himself today, given all the work obligations and tasks he had lined up for the week.
So unfortunately, as if your luck could get any worse, you'd have to deal with his violent clan of minions until he got back.
Jake gave the rope a little shake to draw your attention back to it, your eyes having wandered off for a second in thought.
These boys were capable of the darkest evil's, but you knew it'd be better to comply than give 'em a hard time right now.
“Atta girl,” Jake smiled, watching as you stood up on wobbly legs before making your way to the dangling rope, “take your time coming up...”
Someway, somehow, you managed to climb up the rope, despite the dizziness clouding your mind on the way there.
Jungwon greeted you with a half-friendly expression, pulling you out of the ditch the rest of the way with a strong hand.
You honestly struggled a bit to stand up properly on your own, given how long your legs had been idle for, so Heeseung took it upon himself to carry you.
All the way to the nearby van, whose black exterior sent chills down your spine, despite how inviting the morning sunrise looked while casting upon it.
“Look at you,” Heeseung cooed, eyes scanning the fresh scar tracing the back of your hand as you clung to his shoulder for support, “so vulnerable and fragile...”
He took your hand and pressed a kiss to the flesh there, but you couldn't be bothered to pull away from him, thinking in your mind that you had to seem submissive.
You had to escape.
And tricking them seemed to be one of the few options you had left, especially with Mandy out of the picture.
Yes, you felt weak, but nowhere near as much as you were gonna pretend to be.
You were always a fighter, and you didn't plan to give up just yet, no matter how many times you'd have to get up just to fall back down again.
Sunoo held the car door open for Heeseung to help you get in, the rest of the boys already loading themselves into the vehicle at either side.
The sound of dirt stalling the trucks tires filled your ears before Sunghoon slammed his foot on the gas, forcing the car out of its mossy patch.
The trail back up was rocky, which made Niki reach an arm over to keep you in place as you kept wobbling in your seat.
You knew it wasn't because he actually cared for your safety, especially not with the bitter look plastered over his features.
“Since when did you get employed as a human seatbelt?” Jungwon asked with furrowed eyes, confused by Niki's behavior.
“Just trying to keep Jay's play thing safe,” he smiled facetiously, just as his eyes turned up to a tear in the roof, or more accurately, an empty slot where a seatbelt once was… “since you overgrown fuck-nuts like horsing around in here...”
BY NOW, THE car drive was nearing its end, human civilization barely coming into view through the dark tinted windows.
Sunghoon's eyes were trained on the road ahead as he started to speak, “So... we don't have many options for breakfast, but given how hungry you are, I'm sure you won't be picky...”
He pulled into the drive-thru of a nearby fast-food restaurant, the scent of deep-fried breakfast foods infiltrating the cold air behind the truck windows.
Meanwhile, your mind was stuck on Niki's mentioning of the broken seatbelt earlier, simply because no seatbelt meant no restraints, and ultimately, nothing was holding you back.
Truly, what you were plotting to do next was quite obviously a very bad idea... but, with the little strength you had left, you decided to push through anyways.
You pushed passed Niki and slung open the car door, slamming it behind you just as Niki’s hand barely grazed your arm, cursing to himself as you took off into the morning fog.
Thud, thud, thud.
Your sneaker-clad feet hit the pavement with harsh steps as you ran off into the opposite direction of the boys, treading as far as your dry bones could take you.
With your heart pounding like a drum in your chest and your eyes glued straight ahead, you knew looking back would only slow you down.
That’s when you noticed the parking lot was completely empty, which meant that no bystanders were present once Heeseung’s long legs eventually caught up to you, grabbing your shoulder to halt your tracks, right before leaving a slap clean across your face.
You fell to the ground, scuffing your elbow in the collision with a now busted-lip complimenting your dark under eyes.
“Pretty energetic to say you’re running on an empty stomach, aren't you, baby face?” He pressed with aggression, taking your jaw in his fierce grip to make you look up at him, “What? Too scared to talk now that I’m being rough with you?”
All you did was wince at his words, the adrenaline boiling in your chest only increasing with fear as the rest of the goof-troop approached the scene.
“Aww… you scared her into silence,” Sunghoon pouted while kneeling down to meet where you sat, “what’re we gonna tell Jay about her sudden case of muteness, Heeseung?”
“Hmm... I can think of plenty ways to force some pretty sounds out of that mouth of hers,” the eldest grinned, releasing your chin only to grip your hair this time, pulling you back with force.
“Ahckk,” you groaned in pain, gripping his arm in an attempt to keep your sounds in, but he was already snickering at you, noticing the rosy red bruise raising to your skin from how hard he slapped you earlier.
“Oh?” he cooed, tilting his head as he spoke… “I didn’t mean to hurt you, ____,” he whispered sarcastically before his lips met the sore part of your face...
“Let me make it feel better.”
Heeseung's lips moved lower down your neck as his grip on you only tightened, his rough teeth grazing the surface of your skin before pinching down on it, all while the most satisfying smirk stained his features.
Damned if I do, damned if I don’t, a voice in your head reminded as your brain returned to reality, brushing off the wild scenario you'd just came up with.
“That’ll be it, thank you,” Jungwon said to the lady over the drive-thru speaker as Sunghoon pulled up to the next window.
“What’s on your mind?” Niki asked, noticing the way you became quiet all of a sudden, your previously shaky breaths settling to a near inaudible decibel.
“N-nothing… just a little tired I guess,” you stuttered, not meeting his nightmare-like eyes to which only made him hum in response.
“Welp, I hope you like coffee, because Jay has something special planned for you two later, and you wouldn’t wanna show up all drowsy like this...”
You had known Jay long enough by now to know that something special was code for a disaster in the making—
“____ loves coffee,” Sunoo blurted out in a nonchalant tone, “I used to buy her five cans every weekday from the convenience store to keep her stocked for the whole work week...”
Until I switched to banana milk, you thought to yourself, a tiny smile rising to your features at the wholesome memory.
Sunoo’s gentle voice trailed off as he hung his head low, the boys looking at him in confusion at his sudden comment.
You sulked quietly; Sunoo had became so cold towards you since the day you scolded him after he betrayed your friendship for Jay... so much had happened since then that you almost forgot how close you and Sunoo used to be before all this…
“God, I don’t know why I even said that,” he cursed himself with a sigh, looking out the window to avoid their judgmental looks.
“It’s uh… it’s fine buddy, just… pass me us a twenty please,” Heeseung continued, Sunoo pulling out a $20 bill and passing it to Jake to pay for the food.
“Have a good day,” the cashier said with a forcefully chipper voice, Sunghoon already driving off as her final words were cut off by the sound of the truck engine.
He took another short path that led to a gas station nearby, letting Jungwon, Sunoo, Niki, and himself take you inside the corner-store to eat while the rest stayed back to pump gas and shit-talk.
The shop resembled one you might see in an apocalyptic video game, the food-stained tables and flickering ceiling lights only adding to the unsettling aura.
That's when the wall-mounted TV, just a few inches beside the glass entry doors, broadcasted a live news report featuring a woman by the name of Mandy Reeves.
You felt part of your soul descend at the mere mentioning of her name as the scratchy-voiced newswoman began to report from the speakers...
“62 year old Goldman's 24-Hour Convenience Store worker Mandy Reeves was reportedly found tied up with a rope and non-responsive in the establishment’s storage room around midnight. While Ms. Reeves is in better condition now, authorities have concluded that this attack was from within. Here’s what Mandy had to say concerning the incident.”
“Oh my God,” you said louder than necessary, eyes wanting to brim with tears until you noticed the equally worried looks on the four boy's faces, but of course, the five of you had pretty different reasons for looking that way.
“This is Sydney Baker with ENN News… Ms. Reeves, can you please share an account of what you remember most from your attack last night?” the reporter interrogated with a fat microphone in her hand.
From what you could tell, Mandy still seemed pretty shaken up about what happened, even from the blurry TV screen.
You couldn't help but feel guilty after sending her through all that, knowing she was the type of person to stand up for someone even if it meant she'd end up getting hurt, too.
“I… all I remember was a bunch of boys… T-too many of them to count, but they all looked like trouble from the moment they walked in the store,” Mandy stuttered before the camera, eyes wandering all over the place with her gray mane an utter mess on her head.
“And what did you say about another girl earlier? Did she assist the attackers?” The reporter asked back.
“NO! No, not at all... she was the one in danger! I... I-I can’t remember her name, but she’s a good friend to me… always stopped ‘round the shop at night… treated me like I was her own mother…”
“But the attackers, ma’am. Are you genuinely sure this wasn’t some kind of set up?”
“One of those buck-crazy hooligans were in an abusive relationship with her! His name was… Jay… s-something like that… he must’ve built up some kinda gang to get her back.”
“Ma’am, you said earlier that your memory is a bit foggy… are you certain the information you’re sharing with us is accurate?”
“Yes, this all happened before they jumped me… that girl… she’s been hiding from him for over four months now I believe… my guess is that he finally caught up to her... I went to call the police and—”
“Thank you for your cooperation, Miss Mandy, but we’re running low on time… once again this is Sydney Baker reporting live from Goldman's 24-Hour Convenience Store. Back to you, James...”
The reporters voice faded into the background as Niki and Jungwon made direct eye contact with each other, looking at Sunoo next who sat with a worried expression on his face.
“That old fucking bitch-”
“Niki, chill out, alright?” Jungwon interrupted, standing up from the table to gather your food and trash.
“Hey, I was still eating that,” you complained, taking one last sip of your drink before he snatched that from you too.
“Tough because we’re leaving,” Sunghoon said sternly before aggressively hooking your arms in his, despite how gentle he wanted it to seem to anyone looking.
“She thinks this shit is funny,” Niki scoffed, opening the gas station door for Sunghoon to lead you back to the car, “just look at the way she’s beaming right now…”
“My 'beaming' has nothing to do with you assholes getting busted for not covering your tracks properly, but everything to do with your actual response to the news,” you corrected, feet struggling to keep up with Sunghoon’s fast-paced walking as his hold on your arm fastened, “you all should be scared...”
“Interesting comment coming from you,” Jungwon retorted, right before calling out to his hyung’s ahead of him, “we gotta get her outta here as soon as possible.”
“What happened?” Heeseung asked first, considering how fast you guys came back.
Jake had just finished pumping the gas when you all reached the car, disgruntled looks on the three boy's faces as Sunghoon began to explain what happened.
“We were on TV,” Sunghoon said, opening the back door of the truck and practically shoving you in, “that old chick gave the cops a name, too…”
Heeseung's eyebrows furrowed at his friends words, “I... I don’t understand, what’re you guys saying?”
“We don’t know much yet, but someone found Mandy last night and she spilled as many beans as she possibly could,” Niki spat somewhere in between, all of them getting in their respective seats as Jake caught on to the dilemma a little sooner than Heeseung did, “we’re fucked.”
Slamming his foot on the gas, the vehicle took off out of the parking lot, the entire vibe somehow feeling much darker than before now that they were potentially being man-hunted.
“Whose name did she drop?” Jake asked angrily over the steering wheel, knuckles turning white from the intense grip.
The boys fell quiet, Heeseung being equally confused and curious as they sat with clenched jaws, body’s rocking a bit with the car's bolstering drifts as you decided to speak up on their silent behalves.
“Jay,” you started, voice like a single note of a piano that rung strong in their headspace as chills ran down their tensed backs… “she mentioned Jay...”
ABOUT AN HOUR had passed before the sleek black van pulled up into Jay’s driveway, a feeling of shock and gratefulness washing over you at the fact that the boys didn’t take a pit-stop at the “classroom” to teach you any lessons.
“Get her out,” Jake practically barked, Niki almost instantly grabbing your arm at his hyung’s words.
“Isn’t Jay still at work?” You asked somehow in between all the action, Sunghoon having opened the car door to your right and grabbing your other arm, too.
“Yes,” Sunghoon sighed, not even meeting your face as he spoke, “but he’ll be here shortly—”
“I’ll put in a tip that the crybaby missed him very much,” Niki added, speeding up his footsteps until you all reached the tall, mahogany front door, the simple sight of it bringing back one too many memories you wished you could forget now…
Memories of when you loved Jay sincerely, and he loved you… memories of when he used to never put you in harms way… memories of when you were able to look him in his handsome face without gritting your teeth with rage—
Jungwon unlocked the door with a spare key that was so conveniently placed beneath the front porch statue of an eagle.
Sunghoon and Niki let your arms free in unison, a tingly sensation running up and down the length of your limbs thanks to the force they initially applied.
The four of you stood there awkwardly for a moment, up until you felt a hand tap your shoulder.
“Make yourself at home, ____,” Heeseung began, startling you from behind as your mind became aware of his daunting frame behind you, “and make it quick before a bug flies in, please…”
“O-oh,” you stammered, taking a few rushed steps until you made it all the way inside, the flashy interior of Jay’s home somehow widening your tired eyes.
The sound of Jake’s boots traveled somewhere behind you, his arms being filled with a black dress, pair of heels, and velvet jewelry bag.
“For you, if it wasn’t obvious,” he said plainly, facial features as blank as a fresh canvas.
“Jay wants you to shower before he comes back… and also,” he paused for a second, handing you the items he held before his hand snagged at the rubber band holding up his man-bun and passing it to you, “try to make yourself look nice, alright?”
. . .
The faucet creaked slightly as you hopped into the shower, it’s stream of warm water soothing your grimy skin.
You took a moment to let the water moisten your entire body from head to toe before reaching for the loofa and bottle of soap, sudsing up the product before lathering it in.
The tiny pool of water around your feet was muggy and dark, reminding you of just how dirty you had been the whole day, even though it didn’t really bother you after a while.
You turned the faucet off, guiding your freshly shampooed hair into a towel while you dried off your body, stepping out of the tub with dry feet to avoid making a mess of things.
The house had become so quiet that even the water trickling down the drain sounded loud.
Pumping a few squirts of lotion into your palm, you massaged it into your thirsty skin, just as your eyes caught sight of the pink razor sitting idly on the counter.
It’s set of three silvery blades shined eerily beneath the overhead ceiling lights, especially against the foggy bathroom mirror.
That’s crazy, your mind internally scolded itself, even though the razor was already in your hand by now.
It’s not even worth it, you heard another voice say, but this time, in an almost daring tone.
Your eyes narrowed in on the squiggly train of green and blue veins decorating your delicate wrist.
You felt your heart start to throb the longer you stared, not out of nervousness, because your heart beat was relaxed in this moment, but out of pain from the sharp sensation that traveled to your finger tips, a stream of dark, rich red trailing down your forearm and dripping onto your bath towel.
Knock, knock, knock.
“Hey, you almost done in there or what?” Heeseung’s voice asked from behind the door, your mind just now realizing that the razor was still inches away from you, resting in its initial spot.
No blood.
No pain.
Just your head playing tricks on you again—
“Uh… y-yeah, just gimme a sec.” You stalled, hand almost instantly grabbing the black dress from its clothes-hanger and sliding it up your hips.
Heeseung still stood behind the door, very aware of the fact that you weren’t even close to being ready… regardless of this, he turned on the heel of his boot and called out, “She’s almost ready, Jay!” indirectly letting you know to hurry the fuck up in there.
“How does she look for me?” You assumed Jay asked from outside, given that Heeseung responded with a cheesy “absolutely beautiful.”
Jay made his way into the room, knocking gently on the bathroom door... not peeking, just listening to your soft yet nervous breathing, “I’ll meet you downstairs, okay love?...”
You didn’t answer, but instead, fastening the zipper on the side of your dress, clipping in the crystal earrings, silver necklace, and two beaded bracelets for either wrist while double checking yourself in the mirror.
That's when you heard Heeseung’s footsteps walk away with Jay’s, just as a new set followed right after.
“It’s me, ____,” Sunoo’s voice began, “can I come in for a sec?”
Once again, you didn't answer, only letting an exasperated huff fall from your lips as you looked into the mirror, the act of trying to style your slippery wet hair with Jake's flimsy hair-tie only adding to your stress…
“I know I'm probably one of the last people you wanna talk to right now, but I can help you,” he continued, part of you wishing he meant 'help you escape'—
You unlocked the door knob with a creak, the misty bathroom air hitting Sunoo’s dewy skin as he walked in, directing his hand out as a sign for you to sit on the toilet.
“Close your eyes for me,” he said, pulling out a tube of mascara to apply to your lashes.
“Thank you,” you meant to say, but you were interrupted by his voice saying, “I'm sorry” first...
“Sun, can we please not do this right now?” You sighed, an apology from anyone being the last thing on your mind right now.
Sunoo’s chest raised with an anxious exhale before he let the air out through his nose as he whispered the words, “I had to say it ____… It hurts me, y'know?... seeing you like this... seeing what I helped them all do to you...”
An unsettling silence swarmed between you two before the sad-eyed boy reached in his pocket, pulling out a blush compact to apply a bit of hue to the apple of your cheeks with his fingers.
He then pulled a few hairs out from your head, trying to emphasis your natural beauty instead of stressing over a specific style.
“We won't be toying around with this, by the way,” he smiled softly, taking the rubber band from your hand and tossing it into the bin beside you.
You let yourself chuckle a bit at his actions, but it wasn’t the kind of laughter that made you feel good…
It was the kind of laughter that you have with a friend in grade-school while sitting in detention, waiting for your angry parent to come and pick you up for a good scolding—
“So,” he started, placing his hands at your shoulders as you stood up from the toilet, looking at yourself in the mirror, “what do you think?”
Looking back at your reflection, all you could do was smile softly, not for genuine purposes, but for Sunoo’s sake, a familiar smile spreading across his face too at your appearance.
“You're welcome, then,” he meant to say, but you interrupted him first by turning around, wrapping your arms around his waist and whispering a cracky “I forgive you...” against his chest...
BY NOW, SUNOO had left you alone to gather your emotions for a few more minutes before coming down.
He told you a series of simple steps to follow once you'd leave the bathroom:
1. Walk down the staircase.
2. Greet Jay with a smile, either fake or genuine.
3. Don't do anything stupid.
The hardest of these steps? All three if you were being completely honest... but by now, you had already completed 1% of step one, your nervous legs standing still and firm at the very top of the staircase as Jay's voice called out to you.
“My love, what's the delay for?” You heard Jay ask from the bottom, not being able to see you given the way the stairwell curved, “I'm ready to see you...” he went on...
The gall of this man... to demand your presence like he had a right to it or something... this whole thing was just so... dehumanizing.
“I don’t think I can keep doing this Jay,” you blurted out, letting your first mind speak before you could even rationalize a more suitable reply... before you could even take your next step down the staircase...
“I'm giving you an opportunity to cooperate by your own persuasion, ____... please don't abuse it,” he warned coldly, resting his hand on the staff like structure of the staircase as he kept envisioning you coming down the steps, almost as if his thoughts could manifest it happening...
“You're not even listening to me, ____,” you scoffed, thinking back in your head how this clown-show would've been avoided if you actually just picked up that damned razo-
“That's nonsense, and you know it, ____... I understand that you're stressed, but please-”
“No, Jay, because that's the thing,” you interrupted with a raised voice, “you don't understand a damn thing about what I've been going through, all at the hands of you and those strange boys you puppet around...”
“Baby, I get that this is a difficult situation, but I'm trying my very best to make this work,” he pleaded, looking at top the stairs as if you could somehow see his forlorn face.
By now, you had already skipped step 2 and entirely ignored step 3-
“Well, pardon me for adding to the difficulties, but fuck your efforts,” you spat, kicking off the heels you wore and tossing them beside you with a loud clatter, “they've only been out of vanity this whole time anyway...”
The word echoed within your soul, right before it became like wind in your ears...
Your heart skipped a few beats as you suddenly felt like you were falling, both down with gravity and out of the world at the same time, eyes widening with the gasp that escaped your tightening throat.
The feeling of forceful hands left your back, your feet tripping over your steps as you whipped your head to see who pushed you, the whole moment occurring in slow-motion as your eyes met Niki's piercing ones, his large hand waving facetiously at you as you continued to tumble down the staircase.
Your back hit the final step with a loud crack, your consciousness leaving you instantly as your now sleeping face met Jay's, and even though you couldn't see it, his eyes filled with utter terror, boot-clad feet running towards your feeble body.
His words came out like confused soup, but each sentence was something along the lines of 'don’t leave me like this.'
“She brought this upon herself, hyung,” Niki announced shamelessly, coming down the staircase in harsh, slow steps as the shadow of a menacing smirk remained clear on his face, “just let her go...”
Jay looked up at Niki with tears in his eyes. “You idiot!” was all he yelled before scooping you up in his arms, Heeseung running over from the kitchen to see what happened from the noise.
“Oh my God,” Heeseung gasped, running to take you from Jay's hold only for his hand to be swatted away with a nonverbal 'I can handle her,' on his behalf.
“Just open the door... I have to get her outta here,” Jay's voice bit back, trying to stop himself from breaking down at the sudden course of events.
“If she doesn't wake back up soon, promise me that the five of you will make sure that Niki doesn't live to see another day...”
YOUR EYES CRACKED open slowly like rusty door hinges, a throbbing sensation from your head being the first thing you noticed upon waking up.
And the second sensation? Well, it was the tingly feeling running up and down your back, extending all the way into your tied up wrists.
If you didn't remember falling down the stairs before, you definitely remembered it now as you felt a bit of blood drip from the poorly bandaged cut in your brow, your entire being physically cringing at the memory.
Step, step.
Your eyes darted to the source of the sound, only to find Jay waltzing around in an idle circle around the room.
Or more specifically, the classroom...
You're not sure why he decided to bring you here instead of a proper hospital to be checked out, but then again, you didn't really understand anything that Jay did.
Like for instance, why he decided to tie you up in a basement like a criminal within minutes of you literally flying down his staircase-
“Where’s Sunoo?” You began upon making eye contact with Jay, not giving him the chance to start a conversation first.
There was an awkward pause before he finally responded with a blunt, “What’s it matter to you, anyways?… He hated you with every bone in his pathetic body...”
“That's a lie!” You barked back, surprised by your own intensity.
And God, yelling at him only made your head hurt even more.
Jay scanned your bruised face for a moment, communicating to you with his eyes that it’d be best to watch your mouth from here on out considering how it landed you at the bottom of a staircase not too long ago.
His eyes then fell to the sight of your arms that were tied securely behind your back and to the chair post, all by the likes of Heeseung.
You were already treading on thin ice here, so you knew that if you were to say anything at all, it would have to be at the very least somewhat respectful...
Jay smiled softly as your facial features relaxed with the exhausted sigh you let out, the slim sign of compliance compelling him to pace around the room more freely this time.
“To answer your question, love… I suppose some people are just simply,” he delayed in thought, looking up for a second til the right word came to mind… “Replaceable,” he finally finished, voice sounding eerily low as he now made a fierce eye contact with you.
You didn’t understand why he was taunting you all of a sudden… almost as if his previously compassionate demeanor had been corrupted by someone…
“A set of six friends that help you commit crimes… the meager cashier at a local convenience store… there are plenty of kindred spirits for those type of people… for instance, we’re both bound to find another Sunoo… and you, another Mandy—”
“What gives you any right to speak of them in such a way? After all the pain you’ve cost in their lives,” you questioned with a broken voice, hesitant tears welling in your eyes as the pain in your wrist increased with your emotions, the tight restraints only feeling worse any time you moved even in the slightest bit.
Jay caught onto this, too… watching the way your body winced from behind every time you even thought to disrespect him… it brought one of the most sincere smiles to his chilled face that you’ve seen in quite a while.
“Does talking back to me make you feel powerful, love?… c’mon, you can be honest… I won’t laugh…”
You never gritted your teeth so hard in your entire life as you did in this moment, staring back at him with bloodshot eyes as your vision started to blur from the tears.
“No,” you muttered out wobbly, hanging your head low as it became too hard to keep looking at his face, “it doesn’t make me feel anything at all…”
His feet paused in their pacing, right before he turned to meet you where you sat, taking your chin in his hands and forcing you to look up at him, an unreadable but nonetheless threatening look in his eyes as your heart fluttered with nerves...
“I see…,” Jay continued, eyes not meeting yours but still wandering over the expanse of your face, observing your bruised cheek bone, the tiny cut in your lower lip, and the wrinkle between your furrowed brows. “Allow me to help you feel something for once, then…”
“Something painful, I’m sure—”
“I prefer the word pleasant,” he smiled, still holding your chin in place as his free hand reached for the dagger sitting on the side table, its sharp blade still shining before you despite the dimly lit atmosphere.
In this moment, the only pleasant thought in your heart was death, but Jay knew that would be both too good and bad of an ending for you.
Kneeling over you, he lined the blade up with the thick rope entrapping your weakened wrists, slicing back and forth in skilled motions until he felt your hands release.
A relaxed sigh left your mouth at the feeling, the simple sense of relief still mixing with anguish as Jay locked his eyes back on yours.
He knelt down now, letting your chin go as he cut the restraints from around your ankles, placing the blade in your lap before standing up to take a few steps away from you.
“Jay, why are you letting me free—”
“Because I love you, ____,” he stated firmly, removing his jacket from his shoulders as he watched you from where he stood, “that’s always been my reason behind everything since the day I first met you… since I realized that a soul like yours isn’t replaceable…”
“I… I don’t understand what you're trying to say—”
“Stand up,” he continued, voice sounding so deep that you felt it in your feet, “and pick up the knife…”
He watched your trembling hand reach for the blade as if in slow motion, your knees flexing to stand up, weakness plaguing your every step as you walked towards him, his usually sharp eyes softening to a state of meekness…
Or perhaps, it was another state in reflection of the twisted love Jay had chased for months on end… right before he decided within himself that he was willing to finally give it up if that's what it'd take to keep you safe... to see you happy...
“All you’ve ever wanted was to make your own choices… to have that freedom back that I took away from you... this is the only time I’m willing to give you a chance at liberty—”
“I’m not going to kill you, Jay,” your voice came out quietly with a crack, silently hiccuping now as the tears continued to fall, your anxious body somehow craving none other than his strong arms to catch you in case you fell… or even just for the fuck of it...
“Then don’t,” he whispered, maintaining a gentle smile as you practically fell apart from the inside out right before his eyes, “you can do whatever it is that you wish to now... Kill the thought of me along with this version of yourself, and run away for good… I won’t chase you anymore…”
This whole thing... it was becoming far more confusing than you could bear… all this time, all you ever wanted was to be your own person again... who could make decisions without having to look over their shoulder in fear anymore...
All you ever wanted was to live a happy life without Jay and his games, but right now, you couldn’t really remember or imagine what a life like that would look like anyways...
Even if you did run away, you’d still have all the memories from these horrors attached to you… all of the fears cementing every corner of your being like a dungeon... you’d still be reminded by all the bruises and pain...
Your life had come to a point where there was no more pleasure to seek from here, as Jay had filled every possible void and meaning in your life with fragments of his insanity for you...
Just as he operated and just as you concluded to yourself a long time ago, broken toys were Jay’s favorite objective, and if you weren’t already broken upon being found, you were bound to be by the time he finished playing with you.
Simply put, this traumatizing love game was nearing its demise, and you had come too far, become too weak to still put up a fight...
You fell into Jay's chest, his protective arms holding you close to him as your cold tears met his warm skin.
You desperately clung to his shoulders, hoping to gain any sense of comfort from the contact… any sense of that pleasantness he offered to you.
The dagger fell to the ground with a shattering clink, all of your nerves melting away as Jay continued to hold you, pressing a gentle kiss to the crown of your head as you continued to sniffle.
He always knew you’d come around, because that's how things went for him as a Park... though, he also knew it’d still hurt you in the beginning until you'd become adjusted.
You exhaled in his embrace, eyes shut tight even though the tears continued to spill.
“I don’t want to run anymore either, Jay,” you choked out, still clinging to him as he hummed at your words.
“I know, ____…” he said, almost in an apologetic manner, “but now…” he stalled in the silence, peeking down at the knife on the floor, “you’ll have to learn to love me again… but in the meantime, things will be different between us... better... and I can promise you that, love...”
All you did was nod against his chest, finally letting your eyes open up as you spoke an almost inaudible, “I hope I’ve made the right decision…”
He broke from the hug, still connecting your bodies by the waist as he took your hand in his hand to place a kiss against the tender marks on your wrist, a single thought resting in the back of your troubled mind...
You had just given up on your only chance of survival, and was that a foolish or wise decision? You’re not so sure as of now… but either way, one thing remained certain… a thing that you dreaded to acknowledge even now as Jay held you in his arms…
You could only hope that this certainty wouldn’t haunt you til the end of time, and that somewhere within the depths of your broken heart, you’d grow more accepting of the simple fact that Jay, in all of his efforts, had finally won, leaving the two of you now as a united pair to pick up and rebuild the pieces together…
Tumblr media
☆ This concludes the CONVENIENT CHANCES series’ season finale everyone! I’d like to give special thanks to @yourmomscuntis2tighy for originally requesting this piece, and to all of the amazing people who supported this series to the very end 🤍🤍🤍
☆ NOTE: in no way, shape, or form does this fanfic intend to romanticize unhealthy relationships or abusive behaviors. i simply write for entertainment and creative purposes. thus, reader discretion is always advised.
☆ TAGS: @squoxle @nikisvanillaccola @ashgonedash @addictedtohobi @wonbinisbabygurl @cherlv @03sunoos @kaykay11sworld @gigiramirezsblog @hoonsyo @en-thralled @haechansheart @night-en-shining-armor @cutiejseong @j-wyoung @bambangan @wonbyf @4imhry @zhangyi-johee @naddii @valhrts @tinyenha @lisaaannna @valentineluvr @heecries @espyluvsyou @tokusatsutoad @confuse20x @teddursa @riviyw @tamii4 @lovelycassy @addictedtohobi @gardenwons @nikipedia07 @tubatusoobs @03sunoos @oshsha @elleflying07 @jjungwonss @soobins--dimple @heeseung-min @heerinnie @wonbyf @smouches @ilovesunoosm @whattheflipbroski @starrylovesu @jungwonloveer @idkdykilr @jays-property @daintysan @oddracha @miinie6300 @lilyuwon @meowmeowjang @sun00027 @kkamismom12
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hauntingkiki · 23 hours
Hi! I was wondering if you can do venture waking up from having a nightmare about reader dying and readers like lying right next to them and hears venture crying but reader try’s to comfort venture? Just some angst fluff please :c
Tumblr media
Hellish Night
Venture x Reader
2nd POV
venture scrambled into their room, tears poured out of their eyes, rolling down their cheeks and dripping on their clothing, skin and the wooden floor beneath them. “oh my fucking god.” they shakily sobbed, their mind backwards as they immediately forget where everything was located around their room.
their knees gave out from under them, catching themselves on their desk with a sucked in breath. their heart hammered against their chest, the scene from a few hours ago replaying in their mind.
“SLOAN!” you screamed, struggling against the strong hold that was around your waist. you threw your fists into the back of your kidnapper, trying to wiggle out of their hold.
sloan chased after you, stumbling as they tried to keep up with the pace. “Y/N!” they cried, reaching a hand out in your direction.
your kidnapper turned his torso, grabbing his mini gun then firing at sloan, dropping the weapon back to his side as he continued to make his way to the get away helicopter that drowned out the loud mini gun sound with the obnoxious whirling of the propeller.
venture was lucky that all the shots missed, punctuating the ground that was at their feet. venture came to a halt, skidding against the orange dirt as they started at the flying machine in front of them.
your attacker threw you off of his shoulder and onto the metal floor, enemy troops snagging you off the floor, trying to detain you but struggling as you kicked and bit, wiggling around.
venture covered their face with their arm, turning their torso away as the wind around the helicopter pushed them back slightly. when the wind slowly stopped, sloan peeled their arm away and cocked their head up towards the pink and orange sky, wide eyes, horror completely washing over their body as they watched the helicopter zoom off. they faintly noticed you reaching out the open side of the vehicle, getting pulled back by the troops inside.
it kept playing in their mind.
over and over and over again.
a hand shot over their mouth, wide eyes as they gagged, but thankfully swallowed it down. sloan started at the wooden floor beneath them, the wax having a faint reflection of themself.
they felt so stupid.
they could’ve prevented all of this from happening.
sloan should’ve been more cautious about the situation, they could’ve warned winston about their past encounter so he could’ve been kick out of overwatch.
sloan knew what he was capable of. fuck, they’ve seen it first hand! back at illios, talon and some of his troops came into the sight, including mauga.
groaning through gritted teeth, sloan pulled themselves off of the floor, whipping their head around to find the needed supplies they were going to need for this journey.
their eyes landed on their canteen that was hanging on their doorknob. ripping it off of the door, they stormed out of their room and into their kitchen, placing it onto the island before walking off.
they did this for about 15 minutes, going into different rooms and grabbing things that they were going to use.
letting out a breath they didn’t even notice, they stood in front of the island, glancing over all the items that were scattered around the countertop.
a first aid kit; full of gauze, wrapping tape, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol wipes and a lot of other shit sloan didn’t even know were medical stuff.
a canteen with backup water bottles.
a few snacks; crackers, chips, small baggies of fruit and some assorted sweets. anything to give them and you fuel.
a pistol that their grandfather gifted them with boxes of backup ammo.
and their drill.
with backpack in hand, they started to pack, trying to organize everything so it would fit into the pouch the best it could.
just as they finished filling up their canteen, a knock echoed through the room. turning the tap off, they twisted the lid on the metal container, gently placing it on the counter as they walked over to the door.
“angela?” sloan gasped when they opened the door, revealing the medic. their eyes looked around her face, brows knitting together. “what are you doing here?”
angela peeked behind sloan, getting a glimpse of their backpack and their drill. she sighed when they stepped over to the side, blocking her view from inside, even though they were too late. “venture, you can’t go there alone.” she muttered, adjusting her glasses before reaching out and grabbing their calloused hands. “lucio’s getting winston now; we’ll all go with you to save y/n.”
venture turned their head to the side, eyes glued to the ground. “i can’t wait, angela.” they huffed, looking her in the eyes, watching as her face slowly softened at their words. “she needs me. she’s my girlfriend for christ’s sake!” they chuckled faintly at the end, shrugging their shoulders.
the two fell silent, angela letting go of their hands with a nod. “go get her then.” she whispered, nodding in approval. “just…stay safe. and bring her back safely.”
venture started at her with slightly wide eyes, their lips parted at her words. they nodded faintly before nodding eagerly. “i will.” they reassured, running a hand through their chocolate locks. “when winston gets reported of it, you guys can head straight there.”
angela hummed in agreement, giving them a quick hug before running down the hall to alert the others about the situation at hand.
venture quickly put the backpack on, then their canteen around their body. they grabbed the gun and put it in their waist band before dragging their drill and walking out, making sure to grab a pair of keys with them on the way out.
locking their door, they made their way over to all the hero’s vehicles, speed walking over to their motorcycle. they got their drill adjusted onto the back of their bike before they hopped on, putting the keys into the keyhole and started up the bike. revving the engine a few times, they slowly drove out of their parking spot before accelerating and driving off.
coughs and hacks filled the room, the sound of liquid dripping into the floor faintly made it’s presence. shoes clicked around you as one of the soldiers walked around your hunched over body, all of the soldiers who took you hostage watched with chuckles and smirks as blood slowly started to cover the floor from their torture.
tears pooled into your eyes, your attention glued on the blood and spit mixture that dribbled down your chin and into your legs, rolling down your skin and spreading onto the concrete. you slowly turned your gaze over to mauga, your body shaking as you watched one of the soldiers try to coax him into joining the torture, but thankfully for you, he declined, staying in the shadows with his arms crossed.
“i’m going to ask you again!” a male voice spat, baton in his right hand. he got onto one knee, grabbing a fistful of your hair and yanking your head up, making eye contact with your wide, tearful eyes. “WHERE is the ffFUCKING ARTIFACT?!”
you shook your head against his hold, blood and spit rolling down your chin. “i don’t FUCKING KNOW.” you spat, blood spattering onto his mask that was covering his identity.
he let go of your hair and spun the baton in his grasp before swinging, landing a clean hit on your jaw.
you cried out, your head snapping to the right. you scoffed faintly, opening and closing your jaw before you spat out some more blood.
the soldier pushed you over with his boot, making you whimper as you landed on your fresh cuts and bruises. you brought your knees up to your chest, hissing as blood gushed out of your abdomen from one of the many stab wounds you’ve received. he raised his arm over his head, getting ready to hit you before pausing.
everyone froze, turning their attention onto the doorway as faint gun shots echoed throughout before a booming drill sound followed.
then silence.
your heart fluttered in your chest, pushing yourself up from your laying down position. you knew that clunky drill sound from anywhere.
venture walked into the room, blood slightly dripping off their drill and off their coat.
your eyes went wide, shuffling forward as tears started to pool into your eyes again. “VENTURE!” you sobbed, your body violently shaking as you wailed.
“GET EM!” a soldier from behind you called out, the rest of the soldiers (besides the one that’s next to you and mauga) started to shoot at the archeologist.
sloan dived behind a pillar, using the pistol to pick off some of the soldiers, groaning when they remembered they left their bag full of ammo back with their bike. tossing the gun to the side, their hands wrapped around the handles of their excavator before they burrowed under the concrete.
you watched your partner with a twinkle in your eyes, your lips parted slightly with a faint smile.
you were going home.
mauga slowly walked over to the soldier who stood a little ways behind you, clearing his throat to gain the man’s attention. once he had his gaze, he jerked a thumb over towards you. “she, uh…she won’t say anything.” mauga admitted, rubbing his neck as he glanced over to you before turning back to the soldier. “we just need to find someone else to tell us.”
the soldier’s eyes landed on a dagger that mauga was holding out to him. he gently took it from the inked up man, caressing the blade between his fingers, being careful to not cut himself with it. he slowly nodded, getting a comfortable grip on the handle. the soldier inched his way over to you, kneeling behind you and-
your eyes shot open, the coldness of the blade entering your skin before it quickly left. you slowly and shakily looked down, blood oozing out of your skin, soaking into your shirt. you felt the liquid trickle from your chest and your back, seeping into your pants.
breathing quickly became hard to do, making you put all of your energy onto a simple task.
the two men behind you quickly left, the dagger staying behind on the floor a few feet away from you.
sloan had their back towards you. their chest fell and rose rapidly, sweat building up and collecting in the blood that spattered onto their skin; they were covered, almost head to toe.
sloan snapped out of their odd state, turning to you with a grin before it quickly slipped of their lips, fear washing over. “y/n!” they gasped, dropping their drill as they ran over to your laying down frame. they slid on their knees when they got to you, rubbing a bloodied hand through their hair. “no…no, nonononono.” tears collected in their caramel eyes, gently lifting you up and holding you in their arms.
you wheezed, coughing as you felt the blood pool into your lungs, time quickly running out for you as you were drowning by your own blood. your own body was killing you.
slowly, you reached a freed hand towards your partner, sloan meeting your hand halfway as they leaned their head down into your touch, placing their bigger, calloused hand over yours.
tears were flowing out of venture’s eyes, dripping onto your face as they slid down. “i love you, cariño.” they whispered, their shoulders shuttering as they sobbed. “don’t leave me…please.”
you smiled meekly, caressing their cheek with your thumb, the blood on their face and on your fingers smudging into their skin. “i love you too, baby.” you muttered, taking a deep breath before slowly exhaling, your eyes closing for a brief moment. “i…” you sighed, before going quiet, falling limp into sloan’s arms.
sloan let out a gasp, clawing at the bedding that was placed over them as they shot up. their hunched over frame stared at the base board at their feet, their chest rising and falling quickly.
sweat rolled down from their temple, their shirt was drenched in the salty liquid, so they quickly tugged the shirt off, some of the left over sweat sticking to their chest from the shirt, but it seemingly disappeared once the ac kicked on.
their vision was a haze, impossible to see in the dark. they blinked a few times and their vision got adjusted to the darkness. they glanced around the room they were in, their eyes stayed glued to the right side of the room first. a bunch of maps, drawings, rocks and gems, history books and other things littered the side of the room; their side of the room.
slowly they turned their head to the left side, their eyes immediately shot down to the bed that they were in.
there you were. sleeping peacefully, your lips slightly parted as you lightly snored, your hands gripping at the sheets and comforter that coated your body.
sloan immediately broke down at the sight of you, relief quickly washing over them when they realized that it was all a dream, a nightmare more than a dream. they threw their face into their hands, their back pressed against their pillows and the head board.
their hics and weeps were quick to wake you up, your hand rubbing the sleepiness out of your eyes as you let out a yawn. “babe?” you yawned, fluttering your eyes open once you were done rubbing them with your knuckle. you let out a gasp, pushing yourself up into a seated position as you leaned over to the person sitting next to you. “sloan?! w-what happened? are you okay?” you panicked as you turned on the small lamp on your nightstand, the soft light casting a gentle glow onto the two of you.
your eyes darted around the backs of their hands, scooting your way in between their legs so you were front of them.
sloan peeled their hands away from their tear stained face, choking on their sobs as they struggled to make eye contact. “i…i had a nightmare..” they admitted, almost embarrassed that they were sobbing like this over a nightmare.
you nodded, showing that you understood, sincerity lingering in your eyes. “okay..” you whispered, your hands rubbing gently along their bare, muscular arms. you would be lying if you said you didn’t blush a little at the sight of their bare chest, a small skull with your favorite flowers in your favorite color on their left side immediately catching your eye. you shook your head, scolding yourself at the thought. you can think like that later, you cursed to yourself. “what happened in the nightmare?” your left hand reached out towards their face, gently cupping their cheek as you gently made them look at you, a worried look twisted at your face.
sloan swallowed thickly, their hand atop of yours. they also linked their other hand into your free one, immediately getting a reassuring squeeze from you. “you were taken by talon…” they started, their eyes flickering between your eyes as you watched them. “and you were killed.” they whispered, you almost didn’t catch it.
you let out a huff, a frown tugging on your lips as you brought sloan into a hug. “oh, you poor thing.” you muttered, rubbing a hand in circles along their bare back as your other hand got lost in their thick curls.
sloan dove their face into your chest, gripping at your top as their body shook once again, sobbing into your pajamas.
you shifted around as you comforted your partner, your legs straddled their hips as you gently shushed them, your chin atop of their head as you gently pressed kisses against them every now and then.
“i don’t want to let go.” they muttered against you, loud enough for you to hear it. they pulled away from your body, looking up at you as your hands cupped their cheeks, thumbs grazing under their eyes.
“you don’t have to.” you whispered, kissing their forehead. “i’m not going anywhere.”
sloan sniffled, nodding their head against your hands as they leaned into your right, kissing your palm. “i love you.” they whispered, hands snaking down to your waist as they pulled you closer. “so much.”
smiling, you bright them into a kiss, their lips chapped from the cold air that was being blasted into the apartment. “i love you too.” you muttered against their lips, pulling them into another hug.
that took so long to write holy😭 but totally worth it! (if you couldn’t tell, they’re my favorite character to write) i hope you enjoyed!
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Tumblr media
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anewgayeveryday · 23 hours
Today's LGBT+ Character is;
Tumblr media
Lady Kima of Vord and Allura Vysoren from Critical Role-WLW and Bisexual Respectively
Art by @chaoticgood-libra
Requested by Anon
Status: Alive (And Married)
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icycoldninja · 2 days
Hello! I've been a fan of your posts for a while and I'm very impressed by your ability to write in such a wide range of requests 😃
So, Vergil x reader who is very emotional and at the same time out of touch with their feelings, in a way that tears are a basic reaction to any kind of emotional situations. They try to act like a tough cookie, but then eventually pathetically break down. They can't explain to Vergil why they are crying, and are afraid that he wouldn't tolerate any kind of emotional situations from them. With a happy ending though.
That probably will be really short, but still thanks :)
OMG thank you 💜 I hope you enjoy!!
Emotional (Vergil x Reader angst/fluff)
Throughout your life, you'd always been emotionally detached, yet extremely emotional all at the same time. No matter what the situation was, if it was slightly saddening, you would cry. You'd turn your head to keep others from seeing your tears, and vehemently deny it if anyone asked questions, but the facts remained. You were a strange person in terms of reactions, but since you took great pains to keep this a secret, no one noticed; no one knew.
You were perfectly content to keep things that way, crying in private or covering your face with a book, your phone, or just turning away and pretending to do something else, but it seemed Fate wasn't having any of that. It decided that someone had to know your secret, and of course, that someone had to be your loving, but incredibly stern and cold boyfriend, Vergil.
He'd been away on a very long mission for 4 months and hadn't contacted you once during that time. You tried asking Dante and the others to see if they knew where he was and if he was alright, but no one knew where he went; all anyone could do was trust that he'd return. Despite their reassurances, you were worried sick. There were so many possibilities, none of them good. What if he'd been kidnapped? What if Mundus got him again? What if he was being tortured? What if? What if?
Once again, your reaction to this situation was to curl up on the bed and cry, silently, since no one was watching. You lay there like the lump of miserable flesh you were, tears streaming down your face and soaking the sheets. Then, as if summoned precisely for this moment, you heard the sounds of a portal being opened in the living room. You quickly tried to compose yourself, but no matter how hard you rub your face, you can't hide the redness in your eyes.
You heard him call out to you, footsteps heading towards the bedroom, where he presumed you would be. You sat up, trembling in anticipation, the stress and anxiety in your heart finally getting to you the moment Vergil set foot through the door. The first thing he saw was your flushed face, glassy gears streaming out of your bloodshot eyes and pouring down your cheeks, the small sniffling noises you made adding to your utterly defeated appearance. Vergil was used to you putting on a "tough cookie" act, not this. He'd never seen you cry before, and now that he was, he felt horrible.
"What's wrong, are you hurt?" He asked, stiffly walking over to you. You knew you shouldn't have done what you did next, but you did it anyway.
"I don't know!" You wailed, springing up from the bed and flinging yourself into his arms. Vergil was stunned for a moment, but quickly realized what you wanted and returned the hug with enthusiasm.
"What is the matter?" He continued, "Did you perhaps grow lonely because of my absence?"
"I don't know," You repeated, sniffling and pulling away, furiously rubbing your eyes and biting down on your tongue to keep from crying any more. You did this because you thought Vergil wouldn't tolerate tears or any kind of weakness, especially if they were from you. To your surprise, Vergil snaked his large arms back around your waist and tugged you close, smushing your face into his chest.
"Shh, never mind, just stay here." He told you, running one hand up and down your back.
"You're not...mad at me?" You croaked, your face still buried in the wall of muscle that was his chest.
"Why would I be? What justifications do I have to be cross with you?"
"Cause...I'm crying...and...you don't want me to be...weak..."
"Your tears are not weakness." Vergil's words were shocking; you never expected him to say something like that. "They are the embodiment of your emotions, emotions that you are otherwise indifferent to. For anyone else, they would be signs of weakness, but not for you." Vergil glanced down at you with his rarely seen, truly warm smile, and pressed a kiss to your forehead.
"Not for you, my dove. I could never be cross with you."
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sweet-stims · 1 day
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
blue, stars, and sheep stimboard! ♪
🐑🌘🐑 - ⭐️🌌⭐️ - 🐑🌒🐑
requested by anon!
this request was collecting dust in my inbox, sorry for taking so long to get to it,,
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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moonsharky · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the buckley siblings ∘⁠˚⁠˳⁠° 911 abc + maddie teases buck about eddie
requested by @hotdogthightattoo
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archirenaux · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
BLUE EYE SAMURAI (2023-) Episode 6 | "All Evil Dreams and Angry Words"
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shroomedits · 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
꒰𑁬 : // buttons gif icons from the red flags + uno reverse music videos art by @galoogamelady
bonus headers:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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rreids · 1 month
Ok you have to do an extension of that spencer x hotch!reader where reader gets fatally injured on the job 😩 i NEED to see hotch and spencer losing their shit
fem reader (hotch's daughter); reader gets shot and severely injured; established relationship; angst; hurt/comfort; banter; talks of death; reader almost dies; ~1.4k words
Tumblr media
At first, it didn’t feel like anything. Adrenaline numbed the nicks and scratches and bruises you got while in the field chasing unsubs and climbing through and over beaten down structures. For a moment, it worked here too.
And then, it was excruciating. A hot pain flared through your side, and tore a choked gasp from you. Your hand flew to your side, covering the wound — it’d gotten right between the buckles of your Kevlar.
“Morgan, go!” You snap when he hesitates at your cry. And then you grab your radio with your free hand as your knees crumple, radioing urgent help for an officer down and shots fired, also requesting back up in the direction you saw Derek run.
The world spun. The multicolor haze of lights from street signs swam across your vision, and you could feel your blood soaking your hand. It wasn’t slowing down, and you hiss a labored breath. The pain worsened on that side, and it was then you realized you couldn’t breathe right. You gasp, wheezing, and are met with pains and shallow gasps.
Your vision dims. You try to call for help but everything is too heavy, too much, and not enough. It’s all you can do to keep the pressure on it, but your hand falls, bloodied and limp, to your side. You can’t find the strength to move your fingers again.
You can hear sirens. 
And then everything was gone.
You wake to the incessant beeping of machines. You suck in a breath and immediately regret it, pain searing through your left side. The intensity sends you reeling, pouring over your nerves in a slow trickle until everything is in agony.
More sounds — voices, angry and worried, and then a clamor of metal and hands on you. You open your eyes then, and it makes you lightheaded. 
“Don’t move,” a gentle voice instructs. “You’re safe. But we need you to be very careful while you heal.”
You take another shallow breath, and this one doesn’t hurt. You can crane your head just slightly to the side, and you spot Spencer first, talking animatedly — angrily? — to a doctor in the hallway. 
And then, your father. He’s at the foot of your bed.
“Hi, Dad,” you croak, voice dry and scratchy. 
He swallows and steps to your side, tilts a cup of water to your lips in small amounts. “Hi, sweetheart,” he brushes limp and stringy hair from your forehead and then presses a cool paper towel, swiping away sweat — blood and dirt, too, you’re sure. 
“What’s the diagnosis?”
“Pneumothorax—” and there’s your boyfriend, brow furrowed and voice tight with more anger than you’ve heard in a while, and you really hope it isn’t towards you, cowering back into your pillows. “The shot punctured your lung. They have a tube inserted to help decrease air pressure and help you heal. It will take several days.” Spencer softens his voice, and you realize how cold you are when his warm fingers wrap around and hold your hand tenderly. “And neither me or Hotch are letting you back in the field for a while.”
You whine. “I’m fine,”
A cough cuts off your complaint and renders it inaccurate immediately as you gasp hoarsely and wince at the feeling. 
“You will be on bedrest,” Spencer grumbles. “If I need to, I will tie you down and spoon feed you,”
Your dad laughs, and you glare at him. “I’m okay. I’ll be okay.”
“You will be,” he says, stepping back to let Spencer sit on the small space by your hips. “Because we will not let you be anything but. I’m going to go get you food and update the team.”
Once he’s gone, you look to Spencer. His face is lined with tension and worry, and he’s been crying. There are still stains on his cheeks, and his eyes are still glassy and red. Every part of his expression is tight with worry and emotion.
“How bad is it?” You ask him finally, and he softens his features with a sigh and a few moments. “Tell me. Honestly. You know I hate not knowing, Spence.”
He swallows. “You… you could’ve—” he chokes on the words, voice cracking. He can barely get them out. “You almost died, honey.” Spencer blinks back his tears with force. “If you hadn’t radioed when you did, you would’ve.”
You can only stare at him.
“I almost… I almost lost you. I could never forgive myself if it happened.”
“It wasn’t your fault, Spence.”
Spencer shakes his head. “I knew the unsub would be aggressive when facing law enforcement, and I sent you with Morgan anyways. And Hotch allowed it. And—” he turns his head away sharply, but you still see the tear roll down his cheek. “I should’ve been there. To help you. You know I trust you, but I can’t bear the idea that you would die just for us to catch an unsub.”
“It’s me, or it’s some other girl, who died with no reason and no one to keep her safe,” you bite back your own tears. “We knew he would kill again. Quickly. And we both know this job is dangerous. I would be happy knowing I saved someone’s life. Someone who didn’t choose to face danger head on.”
Spencer deflates. His voice is barely a whisper. “And would you be happy knowing I couldn’t even say goodbye?” His breath hitches in a way that sounds almost as painful as your collapsed lung. “The last thing I would’ve said to you would be ‘we’ll talk about it later.’ We had been arguing, sweet girl.” 
You try to stroke his cheek, but your shoulder aches too much.
“I would not be able to live with myself.”
His shoulders slump and he curls in on himself, so small. He leans down and kisses your cheek.
“I know you are so brave. And you care so, so, so much. But you… you can’t do that. Let him go. I am not ready to let you.”
You do start crying then, and his thumb wipes them away. He kisses the ones that end by your lips, and leans his forehead into yours. After a while, you can’t tell whose tears are whose.
“Spencer,” you sigh. “I’m so sorry.”
“Shh,” he soothes. “I shouldn’t be upset, I’m sorry. I’m just happy you’re still as stubborn as always.”
You laugh. It hurts.
Your dad comes back with a tray of your favorite foods (even if they are the dull and unappealing hospital versions). “Do you think you can eat?”
“As in my appetite? Or the effort?”
He tilts his head. “Both.”
He sets it up on the table for you, and Spencer pulls back to make space as they feed you mashed potatoes. It’s weird, to have both of them so focused on you.
“How mad are you, Dad?” You ask after a while, pushing back the plate. You feel sick from the pain, and each bite is a test of your stomach.
“I’m not… mad.”
“But you’re not exactly thrilled with me.”
“I would never be with any of the team who got shot.”
“I’m asking about how I acted. I sent off Morgan. I acted impulsively. I actively put myself at risk. How mad are you?”
He sighs. “We’ve all done it. I know why you did. And we will discuss it, fully, later. But right now, we are all happy that you are on the mend.”
You smile. It’s weak, but you’re getting tired. “So I’m not grounded?”
“Oh, you absolutely are,” he chuckles. “No phone. And bedtime is nine.”
You laugh. It hurts. You try not to wince too hard, but they both catch it.
“Lay back down, love,” Spencer helps you get comfortable. “We’ll be here when you wake up.”
“Do you promise?” You ask. The tremble in your voice is, honestly, embarrassing, but you need them.
Spencer nods. Your dad kisses your forehead as he tucks you in, like he did when you were a kid until you complained you were too old for it at your big age of fourteen. Your heart aches with fondness and a bittersweet nostalgia. You missed it desperately. “Promise,”
Tumblr media
i know you said fatally but idk if i am to an Authorial Point where i can just kill the reader. just not there. title isn't just focused on hotch "grounding" her but also in that they are grounding her and making her feel safe and loved
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