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chrollo, my f/o
a ; quality time, spending time in each other's arms reading eachother, a walk in the city at night, just enjoying eachothers company. he also likes physical affection, but only with those he truly trusts.
b ; yes, he takes flower gifting very seriously and even takes in victorian flower messages when he sends them. he would send me an arrangement of pansy's (love), white roses (purity), and lily of the valley (sensitivity). it's an easy way for him to express emotions.
c ; yes, i see him liking white chocolate.
d ; first ideal date would be dinner, but a date with someone he's known for a long time would be reading together, a movie night, or a picnic.
e ; yes. but he doesn't give them to just everyone. his hugs are warm. despite being who he is, he still is a human with feelings and he would treat his loved ones with the utmost respect and kindness, so i imagine his hugs to be very warm, loose hugs so i can move and have boundaries, but tight enough to show he wants you there.
f ; he's amazing at flirting. he's a charmer of course. he likes to tease, a lot.
g ; he's amazing at gift giving. he's just amazing at all forms of love. he has a sixth sense for gift giving. he can walk around a mall, not having a clue what he's going to get for a loved one, and something will find it's way to him that he thinks is perfect.
h ; very very slow. you may think you have his heart, with the teasing and flirting, but you may not truly have his heart. he is very slow to trust and love. with his background not many people stay when given the chance, so he does not trust easy.
i ; it's easy to say, again, when he's with someone he knows he can trust completely. it comes naturally and be reserves it for special times. he isn't the type to love bomb ever.
j ; he doesn't often get jealous, but that's not to say he's never jealous. he can take any old man or woman trying to win me over, but if he believes the person could actually have a chance with me, whether it's true or not he will politely wrap his arm around my waist and excuse the both of us from the conversation.
k ; he's a great kisser, he's a leader in kissing, showing me what to do and leading the rhythm of the kiss. he is gentle at first, and won't push me unless you incite a harsher kiss first.
l ; me, of course ^_^ and the phantom troupe
m ; see d
n ; i don't write nsfw i only think it LMAO
o ; yes, he takes a specialty in manipulation, comes with the job, so he has a way with words. of course he'd never manipulate me, but he has grown to find his way with words through literature and working.
p ; me. lol. he looks for someone intellectual and intelligent, someone he can talk to, and have interesting conversations on his literature with, someone who rivals his own intelligence and can keep a debate or conversation interesting. he also likes someone who sticks out in a crowd, duller people tend to bore him as he meets a lot in a day, so he likes people who can keep him hooked years after they've known eachother, finding out facsets of their personality.
q ; he would, but be would be pleasently surprised if i did. only if he is ready though. he would prefer to ask it though, he knows himself and knows his boundaries.
r ; looks like a cynic, is a romantic.
s ; i doubt it. growing up in meteor city meant survival over everything, the city is tightly wound but with his family and survival he couldn't form that close of a bond with anyone, only enough for survival.
t ; yes. he prefers romance novels, so he is a big romantic and believes there is a true person out there for him. (me lol).
u ; yes, by his family, by past friends. but not badly enough to wound him from finding new friends.
v ; he likes it, he would not go to a cringy level because he believes you should love your s/o everyday of the year equally, but he will do something special.
w ; yes. he definitely would. he would want a small wedding full of close friends only, like the phantom troupe, he'd want it somewhere in nature, somewhere green, like a forest. he wouldn't want to make it a big thing though, he would make a big thing out of spending time with his spouse after the wedding. he doesn't want his love with his spouse to be shared with the whole wide world, so he keeps it private. not to say he's against pda, just more private.
x ; he prefers saying my name over anything, he sees a certain sincerity in it petnames don't achieve, but darling, my love, angel, are all ones that pop up from time to time.
y ; yes and no. he knows i can hold my ground, but he can't help but want to be by my side Incase anything bad happens.
z ; nobody.
(     *     VALENTINE’S DAY ALPHABET   !    
send some letters to find out more about my muse   !
A   :   AFFECTION.   how does your muse show affection?
B   :   BOUQUET.   does your muse like flowers? which ones are their favourite?
C   :   CHOCOLATE.   does your muse like chocolate? which one is their favourite?
D   :   DATE.   what is your muse’s ideal date? where / who with / etc?
E   :   EMBRACE.   does your muse like hugs? what are their hugs like?
F   :   FLIRT.   is your muse good at flirting? how do they flirt?
G   :   GIFT.   is your muse good at gift - giving or do they struggle to get it right?
H   :   HEART.   is your muse quick or slow to give their heart away?
I    :   I LOVE YOU.   does your muse find ‘i love you’ easy or hard to say?
J   :   JEALOUSY.   does your muse get jealous in a relationship?
K   :   KISS.   is your muse a good kisser? why / why not? 
L   :   LOVE.   who does your muse love?
M   :   MOONLIGHT.   what is your muse’s ideal date? where / who with / etc?
N   :   NAUGHTY.   what is your muse like in bed?
O   :   ODE.   does your muse have a way with words?
P   :   PARTNER.   what does your muse look for in a partner? looks / personality?
Q   :   QUESTION.   would your muse ask the big question or expect their partner to?
R   :   ROMANCE.   is your muse a romantic or a cynic?
S   :   SWEETHEART.   did your muse have a childhood sweetheart?
T   :   TRUE LOVE.   does your muse believe in true love?
U   :   UNREQUITED.   has your muse had their heart broken?
V   :   VALENTINE.   how does your muse feel about valentine’s day?
W  :   WEDDING.   would your muse get married? why / why not?
X   :   XOXO.   does your muse use / like pet names?
Y   :   YOURS.   does your muse get protective easily?
Z   :   ZZZ.   how many people has your muse slept with?
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no offense (full offense) but how do y'all think hisoka is straight. he's literally a negative stereotype of gay men being pedophiles BAHAHABAHABhaba
man is gay. reclamation or whatav
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everyone is jumping on the German shitty song train as if i wasn't forced to endure these videos since 7th grade
english ist
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you are geniunely the world's greatest dumbass
it physically pains me when fanfiction writers write with this font that tiny ass font do you think my neurodivergent ass can read that? god damn.
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it physically pains me when fanfiction writers write with this font that tiny ass font do you think my neurodivergent ass can read that? god damn.
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S/I: I'm kind of crushing on someone, but I'm worried about telling you who it is, because you're not going to like it.
Platonic F/O: Just rip the bandage off.
S/I: It's F/O.
Platonic F/O: Put the bandage back on.
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F/O: S/I, what do IDK, LY, and TTYL mean?
S/I: I don't know, love you, talk to you later.
F/O: Ok, I love you too, I'll just ask Platonic F/O.
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Tumblr media
i havent met him yet but 🚶‍♀️
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i saw you're taking requests! will you do lucio with an adhd reader? how he helps them and such
Yiss I am, thanks for the request !! I tried to research to make sure it’s accurate, hope you enjoy ! 
Impulsiveness - Lucio honestly doesn’t mind because this means that he always knows you’re up to something interesting. He’ll think of it as an added plus since you’re always down to go on adventures, even if it’s out of nowhere from his side. Alternately, you often surprise him by saying things out of nowhere, which just helps him keep up that feeling of “the chase” so that he’ll always find you interesting
However, sometimes it gets out of hand, like whenever he’s making some gaudy, over-the-top story about his past and you interrupt. At first, his reaction was to bite his lip and stay quiet—after a few months though, he started rolling with the odd things you did, adding you into all his stories and everything you could possibly think of  
Disorganization didn’t seem to bother him until it was time to show off. He usually either sends someone to you to clean your room for you or helps you himself if he’s in the mood for it. It’ll be a bit drawn-out and ridiculous though since you two end up in pillow fights whenever it comes to organizing things
He’s used to the idea of being fashionably late, but if it’s truly that important, he’d set up multiple “alarms” to make sure that you’re on time for wherever you need to be. You would go through a list of people with him to see who should come at what time to remind you of whatever event you had to go to
As for problems focusing on a task, he can relate. Whenever something goes awry, or you can’t seem to focus on anything, he always says “don’t worry MC, I know just how to fix it!” and ends up hiring someone else or getting a servant to do it for you two. It was more of a band-aid to the situations in the past, but eventually, it grew into doing things together and taking breaks from the task every fifteen minutes to do something completely random and unrelated.
Poor planning? He’s got that down too—he’s the master of poor planning, after all, so he always had a solution up his sleeve: it was usually to get a third party involved. If it was an event, he’d get an event planner and talk you through it; if it was something small like planning on how to bake bread, he’d go to the market with you just to make sure you have everything accounted for  
If you had a hot temper, even if it was a furious one, he would try to make sure that you cool down as quickly as you could. This usually comprised of making odd jokes or trying to distract you from whatever made you upset. “Hey, look at this MC!” Is his new trademark quote
On that note, if you had trouble coping with stress, he would do whatever he could to make sure that you’re relaxed: massages together, taking long baths, or just a long evening walk in the gardens were all on the table at any time
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Somebody To Love – Chapter 1
Tumblr media
Pairing: Lucio x Reader
Word count: 4,642
Warnings: None
Synopsis: Modern!AU. The very last thing you expected to happen after an exhausting day at work was to meet a man you believed to be dead for years. Things get even more difficult once he asks you for an unusual favour.
➞ Masterlist
Tumblr media
The engine went silent when you parked the car and turned the keys, still allowing the music to play from the radio, even though you paid no attention to the melody nor station it was on. Staring blankly through the front window, you noticed the tiny snowflakes falling on the background of the dark sky and your neighbourhood engulfed in peaceful sleep. The clock on your phone showed 11:23 p.m., the hour way too late to be coming back home from work and yet, all your thoughts were focused on the single subject from the office.
You sighed deeply, realizing that there was no new notifications you were so desperately waiting for. Still, you believed in Portia and her ability to eventually make everything work in the end, even if it cost you a huge amount of anxiety and sleepless nights. It had to be alright, it always was, and you were simply overthinking—but no matter how many times were you repeating those words in your head, the harsh reality was slipping into your subconsciousness like a serpent with its long, cool tail, reminding you that if you were wrong, everything you were working so hard on, the whole Masquerade, would be ruined. And it was something Nadia Satrinava could not simply forgive and forget.
You had to take a nap.
Keep reading
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Lucio’s Route: Upright/Reversed Branching
I promised @sassygaysatan​ that I would show the upright/reversed branching options for the secondary three’s routes. I’m doing them in chronological order, so here is everyone’s favourite goatman! Beware, this is a long post, and will only get longer as I will be updating after each new chapter release. (italics = timed option), (Effect: TBA = it has an effect on the outcome but I’m not sure what effect).
Tumblr media
The Lovers “Shush.” (Effect: Reversed) “Be patient.” (Effect: Upright)
“Is this a trick?” (Effect: Reversed) Follow him through. (Effect: Upright)
“That’s horrible!” (Effect: Reversed) “She wouldn’t do that.” (Effect: Upright)
The Chariot “Yes, you should have.” (Effect: TBA) “I’m fine.” (Effect: TBA) “Why *did* you leave?” (Effect: TBA)
“Tell him yourself.” (Effect: Reversed) “Fine, just a moment.” (Effect: Upright)
“I know what I’m doing.” (Effect: Reversed) “I will.” (Effect: Upright)
“I’m worried about Asra.” (Effect: Upright) “I *am* talented.” (Effect: Reversed)
“It’s that way.” (Effect: Reversed) “It might be dangerous.” (Effect: Upright)
Strength “Um…” (Effect: Upright) “I loved your parties!” (Effect: Reversed) “I don’t remember.” (Effect: Upright)
“What did you say?” (Effect: Reversed) “What’s bothering you?” (Effect: Upright) Leave him be. (Effect: TBA)
“It’s also *your* fault.” (Effect: Upright) “Vlastomil is creepy.” (Effect: Reversed)
“Not any more.” (Effect: Reversed) “Yes…?” (Effect: Upright)
The Hermit Listen to Death. (Effect: Upright) Listen to Lucio. (Effect: Reversed)
“Why?” (Effect: Upright) “Don’t be afraid.” (Effect: Reversed)
“Wait!” (Effect: Upright) Run after him. (Effect: Reversed)
Wheel of Fortune “It’s a long story.” (Effect: Upright) “Lucio never mentioned you.” (Effect: Reversed)
“Unfinished business?” (Effect: Upright) “I’ll come with you.” (Effect: Reversed)
“It’s not your fault.” (Effect: Upright) “Let’s keep moving.” (Effect: Reversed) “I’m fine.” (Effect: Reversed)
“What!?” (Effect: Reversed) “Lucio, is this true?” (Effect: Upright)
“It’s a work in progress.” (Effect: Upright) “Yes it’s true.” (Effect: Reversed)
Justice “What’s this about?” (Effect: Upright) “Can this wait?” (Effect: Reversed)
“Now we *are* alone.” (Effect: Reversed) “What do we do now?” (Effect: Upright)
Jump in. (Effect: Reversed) “Okay. You can do it!” (Effect: Upright)
“You won.” (Effect: Reversed) “It *is* messed up.” (Effect: Upright)
“Lucio, stop!” (Effect: Reversed) Run after him. (Effect: Upright)
The Hanged Man “Lucio is still a ghost.” (Effect: Reversed) “Lucio, what’s wrong?” (Effect: Upright)
“You dealt with the Devil?” (Effect: Upright) “You never mentioned this.” (Effect: Reversed)
“Why?” (Effect: Upright) “I might’ve guessed.” (Effect: TBA) “Was *everyone* in on this?!” (Effect: Reversed)
“You’re doing fine.” (Effect: Reversed) “Give them time.” (Effect: Upright)
“You’re more handsome than a portrait.” (Effect: Upright) “We’ll get you another.” (Effect: Reversed)
Death Calm Lucio Down (Effect: Upright) Take Charge (Effect: Reversed)
“Back off, ghosts!” (Effect: Reversed) “Lucio, it’s me.” (Effect: Upright)
“Don’t worry. I’m here.” (Effect: Reversed) “They won’t just disappear.” (Effect: Upright)
“We should talk.” (Effect: Upright) “So apparently I died.” (Effect: Reversed)
“This is… a lot.” (Effect: Reversed) “I forgive you.” (Effect: Upright)
Temperance “He’ll explain.” (Effect: Reversed) “I can explain.” (Effect: Upright)
“He can.” (Effect: Reversed) “I’ll help him.” (Effect: Upright)
“All right.” (Effect: Upright) “You worry too much.” (Effect: Reversed) “I believe in him.” (Effect: Upright)
“I’ll keep you safe.” (Effect: Upright) “I don’t know.” (Effect: Reversed)
The Devil “Priorities, Lucio.” (Effect: Reversed) “What was the worst?” (Effect: TBA) “We’ll celebrate later.” (Effect: Upright)
“She’s still your mother.” (Effect: Upright) “She can handle Vulgora.” (Effect: Reversed)
“Valdemar’s worse than I thought.” (Effect: TBA) “But *you* were the Count.” (Effect: TBA)
The Tower “Free me.” (Effect: Reversed) “Free Lucio.” (Effect: Upright)
“What *are* you?” (No effect) “What do you mean?” (No effect) “…” (No effect) ALTERNATIVELY “We’ll figure this out.” (Effect: Upright) “It’s not your fault.” (Effect: Reversed) “…” (Effect: Reversed)
“It’ll be hard.” (Effect: Upright) “It’ll be fine.” (Effect: Reversed)
“Let’s follow.” (Effect: Upright) “Let’s just stay here…” (Effect: Reversed) “What did you see?” (No effect)
The Star “We have no choice.” (Effect: Reversed) “It’s a lot for me too.” (Effect: Upright)
“I need help.” (Effect: Upright) “I’ll see this through.” (Effect: Reversed)
The Moon “Let’s not worry about it.” (Effect: Reversed) “Something’s fishy.” (Effect: Upright)
Help Lucio. (Effect: Reversed) Stand back. (Effect: Upright)
“Whatever’s necessary.” (Effect: Reversed) “Whatever we can.” (Effect: Upright)
Muriel, Portia
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i HATE being a cotw fan bc the fandom is so small, ESPECIALLY since i self ship with shaun and there's like no content for him, like plz i just love the sexy eyepatch vigilante
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Tumblr media
Kaeya really just woke up and said "can't have good mental health so I might as well be sexy"
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im about 80% sure im known around the genshin self ship fandom as the mf that always forces writers to put x fem reader if it's not already listed. so many people don't put it and it annoys me.
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why does this say gn reader but has mlady in it 😐 (re logging bc the comments are off)
you’ve moved on
➳ sʏɴᴏᴘsɪs: moving on was never always an easy task to begin with, he lost you while you found another. in both ways, you two lost someone you can never have...
➳ ᴘᴀɪʀɪɴɢ(s): diluc x gn!reader x kaeya
➳ ɢᴇɴʀᴇ(s): fluff to angst to fluff, slight crack, one-sided pinning, losing feelings, moving on
➳ ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢ(s): spoilers!!!, kaeya is kinda ooc, facing my fear of re-opening old wounds, no actual confession
a/n: inspired from the series ‘rejecting you and regretting it’ by @/itsdanii
Tumblr media
you’ve known him since your arrival at Mondstadt as a traveling writer, you got to know him as you often went to Angel’s Share around noon to hang at the second floor, writing on your books before leaving at night after ordering two apple ciders and repeat like clockwork
you attempted to flirt with the tavern owner but his response was always the same vague look before changing the subject or ignoring it by serving other customers, you didn’t mind as you felt like a certain bond with him but you couldn’t placed a finger on it
you found out, it was because he has lost his father, it made sense to you yet you never directly ask him about it out loud – it would be rude besides he might have some trauma about it
you tried your best to get close to him as possible without being obvious with your feelings, you hid it well by telling him: you just wanted to help, all while hinting your feelings even the most dense person would know get it but... he didn’t
slowly but surely, you started to back off – it was becoming rather obvious to you that he was in fact not interested even though he hasn’t actually given you an answer, you couldn’t blame him - you neither have the guts to confess either
one day, you found out that he is the darknight hero when Captain Alberich conversed with you at the second floor, not minding it – you chose to stay and break your routine and making you stay until Master Ragnvindr comes back before revealing himself to them as you watched in bewilderment
you were almost sure Kaeya intentionally made you stay but then again it was Kaeya, after that Diluc started not coming to Angel’s Share while you started walking around Mondstadt, looking for a new spot to write at
As you were contemplating whether it should be at Windrise under the huge tree or at the outer wall of Mondstadt under the shade near the docks until snapping out of your thoughts when you heard a familiar voice. “Why the long face, Traveler?”
You explained your current predicament and he think it through which you didn’t expect to. “I would suggest the library in the Headquarters. It’s nice and quiet... and I’d love to visit you there, m’lady~.” He says, reaching your hand and kissing the back of it while looking at you with his piercing blue eyes.
You blushed, not used to the sudden gesture. Instead of being flushed, you smirked. “Maybe I will or not, who knows? Maybe I’ll just take you with me somewhere and sneak you away from your captain duties~.”
His eyes sparked up with mischief, his tanned cheeks darkened and his charming smile was replaced with a wide grin. “I’d love to be taken away by an attractive person like yourself but...” Kaeya got closer to you and quickly carryied you bridal style as you let out a squeal. “I’d rather do that to you, instead.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
genshin impact is a climbing simulator
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Listen up!
Tumblr media
You see a post like this? Where OP might hurt/kill themselves? You hit that button that I circled
Tumblr media
Hit that.
Tumblr media
Click Suicide or Self-harm Concern
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fill in the rest of it, and hit submit. The "content you reported" will fill itself in
Tumblr will follow up and help them.
Warning: this is only for mobile. If anyone knows how to do this for desktop, please add it!
And yes, REBLOG. Liking does no shit at all. This isn't ig.
You reblog, people see it. You don't, people don't see it. This shit's that simple.
This could save someone's life. It's not a joke.
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