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She Is Mine
Tumblr media
part one | part two (wip)
pairing: neteyam x fem!omatikaya!reader
genre: violence, bit of angst + fluff, & comfort
word count: 2.7k+
warning(s): death threats, mentions of death + injuries + blood, reader thinking she’s going to die + accepts it, neteyam going apeshit on an avatar soldier, reader being stabbed, mentions of brutal killings / violence, reader crying, & a bit of dark!neteyam
taglist: @aonungsmate @dearstell @optimisticblazetrash @thatonegirlwiththebeanie367 @liyahsocorro @amortencjja @universal-s1ut @goodiesinthecloset21 @chshshhshshshshshshshs @minkyungseokie
word bank: mawey — calm; calm down, eywa / the great mother — goddess deity that the na’vi believe in, ikran — winged creature used for flying + hunting, yawne — beloved, & yawntutsyip — darling; little darling
note: literally wrote this within two to three hours so it might not be that great, so bare with me. hope you guys liked it & let me know if i should do something similar to this with lo’ak <3
It was stupid really.
When you think back on it, it was definitely stupid to agree to tag along with Lo’ak and the rest to wherever the hell they were planning on going. But you could not say no to Tuk when she asked you to come with them. She was your weakness and used it to her advantage.
You’d been silently weaving a new armband for your boyfriend, Neteyam, when his youngest sister had approached you, hands interlocked behind her back and the all too familiar ‘innocent’ look plastered on her face. You knew that whatever she was thinking of saying or asking you would end up in you ultimately agreeing to it, most likely getting you in trouble with your lover.
“Join me and Kiri to the mountains with Lo’ak. Pretty please?” She had asked, pouting and widening her amber eyes up at you as she gently swayed from side to side.
You gave in immediately.
It was sad how fast the youngest Sully got you to cave in so quickly. You had restraint with the others, even Neteyam, but had none whatsoever when it came to Tuktirey. You had such a soft spot for her and Tuk took advantage of it every time.
Should’ve never said yes, you grumble to yourself inside your head, head shaking to yourself as you struggled against the restraints the RDA soldiers had put you in upon catching you all when you attempted to leave the scene you weren’t supposed to be at.
Jake instilled it into you guys so many times to never get close to the abandoned shack. You needed asked why. It was something that Jake wasn’t going to argue about and made it very clear after his youngest son tried to pry the answer out of him the first time he mentioned it. Should’ve listened to Jake.
Everything went by so fast, you had barely had time to process what was going on before you were shackled in handcuffs and essentially held prisoner by RDA Avatars.
“Who is she?” A deep voice asked, pulling you out of your seething thoughts.
Quaritch had a good estimate on who was who in the little rag tag group he caught. The five fingered teens one-hundred-percent belonged to Jake Sully while the human boy was a result of the Corporals past. So, that left you and Tuk. He would give it a fifty-fifty chance that the both of you were also Jake’s kids. Man, he and the Missus sure was busy, he thinks to himself, smirking at the thought.
By the only Na’vi boys reaction, Quaritch could tell that you were something else to the kid. A girlfriend perhaps?, he thinks, best friend?.
Lo’ak knew he was fucked the minute Tuk managed to convince you to join in on their little ‘adventure’. Neteyam continuously told him to look out for you whenever he left to go hunt or do whatever their parents told him to do, threatening bodily harm and death if he didn’t obey. He had a bad feeling about the whole thing but regardless of it, still continued on with his plan. Neteyam was so going to kill him.
“Our sister,” Lo’ak muttered, the soldier behind him still had a tight grip on his queue, tightening it before he answered.
Everyone on the scene could tell that Lo’ak was lying. It was evident. The boy's ears were pinned back, mostly in pain, and his tail fell limp beside him as it gently curled in on itself.
Bingo, Quaritch thought to himself, more leverage.
“Hmm, I think you’re lying, boy,” the Corporal starts, inching closer to Lo’ak, “And do you know what I do to liars?” he asked.
You gulped at the man’s words. You could only assume his following answer would entail torture or death. You all were totally fucked either way.
Lo’ak refused to answer the man’s question, making Quaritch smirk even more.
“I punish them,” he answered, a sick and disturbing glint in his eyes as he stared down Jake Sully’s second son.
Anxiety spiked in all of our systems, making you struggle further in the soldier's grasp.
“Don’t hurt him,” you and Kiri pleaded, the soldiers behind you yanking back on your braided queue, making you cry out in pain.
Quaritch tsked at your response, turning towards you as he stalked towards your figure. “I’m not going to hurt him, sweetheart. Just you,” he finalized, pulling out a knife that was sheathed in its carrier on his hip.
You and everyone else began to protest at his words.
“(Y/N)! No!” Lo’ak cried out, trying to inch closer towards you to protect you but was pulled back by a soldier, hissing out in pain and frustration.
Tuk began to cry as she saw the knife inch towards your face before it dipped down to your neck.
“You fucking asshole!” Spider yelled out, struggling in the grips of the two Avatar soldiers holding him, surprisingly making them struggle to keep him in their grasps in return.
Kiri could only close her eyes in response, not wanting to see you get hurt in front of her.
You stopped at the contact the cold knife made with your warm skin, the temperature of it making you lightly flinch back at it. Your heartbeat rose increasingly within the confines of your chest, hammering against the bone. Holy shit, you thought, this is how I’m going to die.
As you looked around and saw your friends' reactions, you accepted your fate. You accepted that you were going to be murdered in front of them. You could only hope that your death would help the Sullys and Spider escape from the soldiers and Quaritch safely and unharmed. You also hoped that it was going to be a quick death. You didn’t want them to see you suffer.
It’s okay, be calm. Don’t fight back, it’ll only make it worse. Mawey. Eywa, please ensure the safe return of the Sully’s and Spider. And make sure that Neteyam finds only happiness after this, you prayed.
Quaritch had taken your queue from the soldiers grasp behind you, granting you momentary relief from the tight hold only to be replaced with an even harsher grip. You hissed out at the returning pain.
“Now, listen here boy,” he starts, pointing the clean knife at Lo’ak, making him look at him, “I want ‘ya to contact your Father and tell him that if he isn’t here after the sun sets, girly over here,” he gestures to you with the knife in hand, “Is going to be gutted and strung up on the tree line as a little surprise for your Daddy. Am I clear?”.
His words makes Tuk cry even harder, making the soldier behind her give up on her hold on the girls queue and instead hold her up by her arms.
Lo’ak reluctantly nodded at his words, swallowing down the gathering spit in his mouth. His eyes jumped from Spider to Quaritch to you, then to Kiri and Tuk. He was dreading the moment his parents and Neteyam arrived, knowing that regardless of how much they cooperate, Quaritch is going to do whatever he wants to even if that includes staying true to his words of harming you.
The three were close to nearing the old abandoned shack when Lo’ak called in again, the line going static for a second before he spoke up.
“Quaritch is giving you until after sunset to arrive,” he shakingly starts, anxiety clearly evident in his tone as he speaks, “Or…or he’ll gut (Y/N) and string her up as a welcome gift for you.”.
Neteyam nearly crashes into a tree when he hears his brother's words.
Quaritch was threatening the life of you, his mate, in hopes of riling up Jake. Well, it was working, except it was Neteyam who was riled up and not his Father.
All the boy could see was red as the three of them silently continued their flight towards your destination after Jake told Lo’ak that they were on their way and that the message was clearly received.
Rage boiled up inside of Neteyam’s body, causing him to slightly shake from the emotion atop his ikran. He was going to kill every single one of the soldiers there once he arrived. He’d do anything to get you back. Anything.
Everything ached.
From your queue, to your scalp, to your neck, and to the fresh new wound Quaritch left after he decided Lo’ak was taking too long to relay his message to his Father. He had sliced your thigh and stabbed the wound in response, jamming it into the flesh/plush of your thigh. You cried out to the brutal attack, growling out in pain as a handful of tears fell down your cheeks. Quaritch only smirked at your reaction, throwing you down onto the ground as the rest of the soldiers followed suit in discarding their prisoners, herding them into a circle.
Kiri helped you up, allowing you to lean into her. She quickly assessed your wound and deemed that you were going to be fine, as long as no one pulled the knife out from your leg.
Lo’ak held your head in the palms of his hands as he looked for any other slices Quaritch managed to make before stabbing you. He didn’t find any and sighed out in relief from that.
Spider had gathered Tuk in his arms and tried to silence her crying before any of the soldiers got inspiration from Quaritch and decided to punish the child for crying.
“Fucking son of a bitch,” you whispered between grinded teeth after the attack, trying your best to not yank out the foreign object in your thigh. You began to think that maybe you will end up dying out here after all, amongst the beautiful greenery of Pandora. Albeit it not being the way you wanted to go out, it still wouldn’t be the most gruesomest death you imagined happening. You just wished that you were able to kiss Neteyam goodbye one last time.
Furious wouldn’t even begin to describe the type of emotion he was feeling at the moment. There probably was no word equivalent to the emotion he currently felt.
Neteyam had ended up disobeying his Fathers orders of him staying with the ikrans, saying that he was ‘too emotionally invested’ and that his anger was too risky for what he was about to face. He thought it was utter bullshit that he wasn’t allowed to aid his parents in rescuing his siblings and his lover from Quaritch. If anything, it gave him more of a reason to focus and get everyone out of there safely.
He had managed to take down two Avatar soldiers in his search for you. He decided that they weren’t worthy of wasting his arrows on, slicing and stabbing them until their throats were practically open wide in exposure or had any time to process the pain. He’d been quick and brutal in his attacks. The more bodies he left behind, the more closer he was to having you in his arms.
His Mother had already released her arrow by the time he arrived on the scene, causing the other soldiers to shoot out into the trees and pull you all up in response. He was forced to hid behind a tree, eyes desperately searching for your familiar figure amongst the Avatar bodies and his siblings.
Neteyam’s eyes finally found your body, still in a soldiers grasp as they tried to pull you away towards where the others were gathering.
His gaze narrowed at the soldiers tight grip on you, robotically notching an arrow and drawing his bowstring back, almost immediately letting it go just as quick as his initial drawing of the arrow.
The arrow lodged itself in between the eyes of the soldier, it’s body slumping backwards as it’s grip loosened on your body, allowing you to follow its descent to the ground.
You groaned out in pain when your body made contact with the forest floor. You were too tired to move out of the way once you realized the soldier that had you in its arms had died, accepting your fall to the floor as gracefully as you could. The knife was still in your thigh, shooting electric hot pain up your leg upon being disturbed from the short fall.
You felt another pair of hands grab you and roughly pull you upwards, you screaming and kicking in retaliation. But just as quickly as their arms grabbed you, they let you go, a loud grunt and hiss following as their body was thrown to the side.
Neteyam had quickly made his way to you once he spotted another Avatar pull you up. He had unsheathed his knife and jumped on the soldier, causing the two of them to roll around on the floor before Neteyam brutally and repeatedly drove his weapon into the Avatar’s body, not stopping until he was certain that he caused enough damage to the fake Na’vi.
Stay away from her, he thought after every stab he inflicted, it’s not her time.
You had looked up when Neteyam delivered the final blow, slitting the insignificant soldier's throat.
You had never seen your mate this angry. Sure there were times where he lashed out at you after an argument or got so angry he hissed and growled at his brother for his ridiculous antics. But never, never have you ever seen him so vengeful. You didn’t even know if vengeful was the right word to describe how Neteyam looked like at the moment. But nothing else came to mind.
“Yawne,” you whispered out, desperate to catch your boyfriend's attention, wanting to get out of the line of fire as quickly as possible.
The teen whipped his head towards you, eyes dilated to the point where they looked like slits in his pupils. His chest was heaving up and down heavily, lungs taking big gulps of air as he did so. A few braids fell in front of his face, masking some of it as he looked at you.
His whole expression softened once he laid eyes on you. He could tell that you wanted to get as far away from the scene as you quickly could, that sad and traumatic look in your eyes at you pleaded with him.
Neteyam quickly shook out of his stupor and gathered you in his arms, being weary of the knife in your leg that he just noticed. Another thing that made him want to kill Quaritch himself.
“It’s okay, I got you yawntutsyip,” he whispered back, dodging all of the flying bullets and arrows he could as he weaved into the heavy forest foliage. His grip on you never faltered as he jumped over logs and ducked under stray branches to get you to safety. His whole body was on autopilot as he ran around, solely focused on getting you out of there alive.
Once Neteyam had decided he was far out enough to not be chased or caught by any more Avatar soldiers, he gently laid you down onto the soft grass, eyes quickly assessing your figure for any other injuries he should be aware about. He let out a sigh of relief when he came to the conclusion that you had no other wounds that needed tending to, softly bringing you into his arms for a warm embrace.
You immediately broke down into the hug, burrowing your face into the crook of Neteyam’s neck and wrapping your arms around his back to bring him in closer. Your sobs were a telltale sign of how distraught you were from the events that just occurred, brain still racing to process it all.
Neteyam softly shushed you as he put one hand on the back of your head and the other on the lower portion of your back, softly rubbing the skin in attempts to comfort you.
“You’re safe now, my love,” he whispered, kissing your hair, “I got you. You’re safe.”.
You relaxed into your lovers arms as he comforted you, feeling safe in his hold.
Neteyam had never gotten that blood thirsty before and that frightened him a little. If he acted like this when you were in trouble, can you imagine how’d he act if you actually died as a result of tonight’s events? He didn’t know the answer to that. All he knew was that you’re his and he’d do anything to ensure that it is not your time yet.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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The Moon ||| neteyam x human!reader
Tumblr media
pairings: neteyam x human!fem!reader
summary: neteyam would give you the moon if he could
words: 8.8k (I’m dead omg)
warnings/notes: friends to lovers, major ANGST (cried while writing this one) bits of fluff, implied sexual themes, lovesick!neteyam, mentions of sickness and medical treatments, death, use of y/n, I am not a medical professional so I lot of this is just my interpretation I’m sorry that it won’t be accurate pls don’t hate me, mentions of mates, spider is your adoptive brother (in this house we love spider 🫶🏻), and of course my corny writing, this is the product of me listening to moon song on a loop not sure how this happened, This is gonna be rough apologies in advance
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The first time Neteyam saw you was when he was eight years old. He was used to seeing Spider around, but not you. You were new.
Trembling behind Spider it looked like you were trying to disappear. Barely peeking up over his shoulder to look. Neteyam's tail swished in curiosity as he observed you.
"Guys, this is Y/N." Spider introduced you while pushing you forward. "She's a little shy." He added.
Your big eyes looked up at the Na'vi children who towered over you. "Hi." You whispered with an awkward smile and a small wave. "You're really tall." You giggled.
Neteyam stared at you in awe immediately infatuated with you. You were unlike any sky person he had ever seen.
"You're just really short." Lo'ak snapped back rolling his eyes.
Neteyam noticed your smile falter and shoved his brother. Your smile was beautiful, the prettiest thing the young boy had ever seen. At that moment Neteyam decided you should always be smiling.
Spider explained to the group that you were born here like him. You had never left the lab before. This was the first time you saw the beauty of the forest and the first time you saw a Na'vi in the flesh. You were in awe of everything around you.
Spending the rest of the day playing with the other children you couldn't help but get distracted by your surroundings. The forest was alive it's beauty glowing all around you. You had the urge to explore every last inch of it.
Neteyam kept his eyes locked on you. He was worried that you'd get separated from the rest of them. You were small and delicate, unable to properly protect yourself, so Neteyam decided to protect you.
So that's how it was whenever you played with the Sully children. Neteyam always glued by your side. He couldn't explain it. The way he felt an immediate draw towards you. As if the two of you were meant to find each other.
Neytiri was less than thrilled to have another human child around her kids. One was bad enough. After everything humans had done to their home -to her - she despised them. She even had her doubts about the loyal few who stayed.
What made her even more unsure of you was the way her eldest son never left your side. Ever since Spider introduced you Neteyam was glued to your side. Had it been anyone else Neytiri would have found it endearing. But you were human. You were a demon.
A few years later Neytiri started to notice things about you. The way the forest left you in awe no matter how many times you’d seen it. She'd catch you gasping in excitement over the littlest things. It was as if you could see.
She also noticed the strong bond you had with her children, especially with Neteyam. She knew her son well. Neytiri was well aware of how he felt towards you. She feared the day that he realized his own feelings.
You were sitting in the forest with Neteyam next to you. His mother was across from the two of you. Neytiri was shooting daggers with her eyes at you. The stare made you shift uncomfortably. Neteyam picked up on it placing a gentle hand on your knee.
Neytiri observed how you immediately relaxed. The sweet genuine smiled you gave her son and how he gave you one of his own.
Neytiri had been trying to give Neteyam a lesson on arrow making. He had insisted that you join them since he promised to spend the afternoon with you. Much to her dismay, you were here unintentionally distracting him.
You felt something barely grace your shoulder. Figuring it was Neteyam you didn't pay it much mind. Then another tap on your head. One on your arm. Then your other shoulder.
Looking up, you met Neytiri's eyes. She was staring at you like she had seen a ghost. Starting to feel panicked you looked at your arms. You gasped as your eyes filled with wonder.
Several atokirina' floated around you. They danced up and down gently resting on you. Neteyam had the biggest smile on his face. To him it was confirmation the great mother saw you the way he did.
It was undoubtedly a sign from Eywa herself. Neytiri couldn't believe her eyes. Feeling a sense of déjà vu, she was brought back to the first time she met her mate.
Unable to shake what she had witnessed she went to her mother. After explaining the strange encounter Neytiri waited while Mo’at consulted with Eywa.
“Eywa sees the child.” Mo’at finally spoke. “The Great Mother has declared that she will spend the rest of her life by Neteyam.”
Neytiri couldn’t wrap her mind around it. The concept was so foreign to her. Eywa had accepted you as one of her own. Not only that, it was also her will that you stay by Neteyam. Neytiri would never question the will of Eywa. While she didn’t fully understand it she would have to learn to be okay with it.
From that day on, Neteyam’s mother treated you with a kindness she never had before. You didn’t know what happened for her to finally warm up to you but you were forever grateful she did.
Tumblr media
Years went by and it was time for Neteyam to begin training for his iknimaya. You were so excited for him, knowing how important this rite of passage was to the Na'vi. There was a part of you that was downcast as he wouldn't be able to spend time with you every day like he usually does.
Your heart hurt because all you wanted was to be able to experience this with him. For as long as you could remember you wanted to be Na'vi. It was your birthday wish every year though you never told anyone out of embarrassment. That and it wouldn't come true if you told.
You and your brother had begged for avatars for years. Unfortunately the materials and funding needed just wasn’t there. Norm and Max wanted nothing more than to be able to grant your wishes, but it just wasn't a possibility.
"So how long are you going to be gone this time?"
Neteyam sighed. He could hear the disappointment in your voice and it broke his heart. "A month. Maybe two."
You felt like you could burst into tears right then and there. Neteyam was your best friend, not to mention your crush for as long as you could remember. You couldn't imagine not seeing him for that long.
"I'll be back before you know it." Gently he brushed hair out of your face. As much as he loved seeing you in the forest he treasured the moments in your room without your mask. Neteyam loved to see your face without the glass restricting his view.
"Don't forget about me." You playfully pushed him.
He gasped in mock offense. "I could never." He smiled. Before he could stop himself he placed a kiss on your forehead.
Stopping dead in his tracks he pulled back. The pair of you stilled blushes adoring both of your cheeks.
Neteyam tried to burry his feelings for you but it was impossible. He had fallen helplessly in love with his best friend. Not caring that you were human he couldn't deny his feelings. He just wasn't sure how to tell you.
Before you knew it, you were throwing your arms around him as you hugged him goodbye. You went to pull away but he kept you in his embrace for a little longer.
"I'm gonna miss you." He sighed.
"You're going to have so much fun you won't even think about me."
"That's not true you're always on my mind." He blushed.
A blush engulfed your face and you bit your lip. You noticed Neteyam's tail swishing back and forth. Looking up at him he was smiling back at you. His cheeks were slightly tinted.
Standing back with the rest of his family you waved as he joined the other young warriors. "He'll be back before you know it." Spider smiled knowingly at you.
No matter how hard you tried you couldn't keep your crush from your bother. He immediately figured it out. Little did you know most everyone had figured it out. The only ones who hadn't were you and Neteyam.
Neytiri watched you with a smile on her face. As time passed she accepted the idea of you with her son. Finding amusement in the two of you pining after each other.
The time without Neteyam dragged on for what felt like an eternity. Spider did his best to keep you occupied as did the Sully siblings. But your mind never strayed far from the boy your heart beat for.
You were getting ready for bed after a long day. Neteyam was halfway through his training by now. You had been counting down the days to his return.
A knock on your door interrupted your thoughts. Norm stood awkwardly in the doorway. “You have a visitor.” He informed you.
Furrowing your eyebrows you looked at him confused. It was way past the curfew set for the lab. “Who?”
Before he could answer you Lo’ak pushed passed him and entered your room. He look frustrated and exhausted.
“What are you doing here Lo’ak?” You asked afraid that something was wrong.
Without saying a word he removed the communicator from his neck and handed it to you. “This is for you.” Was all he said.
You looked over the tech not understanding why he was giving it to you especially now of all times. “I’ve been trying to sleep for hours. He won’t leave me alone until he speaks with you.”
Your face lit up knowing exactly who he was. Wasting no time you pressed the button. “Neteyam?” You hesitantly asked.
“Oh Eywa how I’ve missed your voice.” Neteyam’s voice rang through the speaker.
“Yeah I’m not staying to listen to this.” Lo’ak deadpanned before leaving.
Neteyam missed you terribly and begged his father to let him speak with you. Jake felt like it would be a distraction so he didn't allow it. So Neteyam came up with the brilliant idea to pester his little brother until he gave it. It worked rather quickly.
You spent the whole night talking to Neteyam. He told you all about his training not sparing a single detail. He was more interested in what you had been up to. He just wanted to hear your voice.
The day Neteyam was to return was finally here. You and Spider sprinted through the forest heading towards the village. By the time you got there he had already returned.
Searching the crowd you finally saw him. Knees weak your breath caught in your throat. Somehow he looked taller. His mussels were more defined, shoulders wider, and his face sharper. He was no longer a boy. He looked like a man.
You had always wanted Neteyam but this was different. In that moment your want for him was something you hadn't experienced before. It almost felt wrong. Almost.
Neteyam searched the crowd for you. Eyes glancing over a figure that was familiar he did a double take. It was you. You looked different.
Neteyam gulped as he took in your new features. Your hips wider and chest fuller you no longer looked like the little kid everyone was so used to. Neteyam noticed your hair was shorter, resting at just below your shoulders now.
You were beautiful. Absolutely breathtaking. A gift from Eywa herself. A primal urge came over him, a desire to take you right then and there. You were to be his mate, he felt that you were destined.
"Neteyam!" You squealed running into his arms. He picked you up twirling you in the air like you weighed nothing.
"I missed you Ma'Y/N." He snuggled his face into your neck.
You bit your lip at the pet name. It was usually reserved for mated couples but Neteyam couldn't help but let it slip.
As the weeks passed on the attraction between the two of was stronger than ever. Stolen glances and intentional accidental touches filled your days.
After Neteyam successfully claimed his Ikran earning his spot among the people he would take you for rides.
"I knew you could do it. I'm so proud of you." You looked up at him.
The look you gave him made his heart flutter. A strange satisfaction overcame him knowing that you were proud of him. He wanted you to be proud of him.
That night he walked you back to the lab following you to your room. He desperately needed to speak with you. He had been working up the courage all night.
Neteyam sat next to you on your bed. He loved the moments you shared without your mask in the way. Staring into your eyes without anything in front of them.
"I have earned my place among the people." He said suddenly.
You nodded slowly not sure where he was going with this. "I know I was there." You giggled.
"I may now chose a mate."
Your heart dropped. So this was why he wanted to talk. He was here to tell you that he found someone. He probably wanted you to leave him alone now.
Anxiety flooded your mind as you felt stupid. A part of you actually thought he liked you back. Why would he? You weren’t even the same species. You had nothing to offer him.
“I see.” You gave your best fake smile. “Who’s the lucky girl then?” You had to know.
“You.” Neteyam said without hesitation.
“I’m sorry what?” You asked. There was no way you heard that right.
“You, if you’ll have me.” He looked away shy. He took your confusion as rejection. “I want you to be my mate Y/N.”
“Are you sure?” You asked dumbfounded.
Neteyam cupped your face in his palms. “I see you Y/N.”
Your heart sped up at the phrase you found so beautiful and so terrifying at the same time. He saw you. Every broken piece, every imperfection, all of your good qualities as well as the bad ones, and he still wanted you anyways.
He wanted you despite it all. Neteyam saw you.
“I am human Neteyam.” You said. You needed him to be sure of his choice. Na’vi mate for Life. Of course you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him, but you needed to be sure he wouldn’t regret it.
“I know. That changes nothing.”
“I cannot make Tsaheylu.” The bond was the building block of life on Pandora. It was vital to their existence. They bonded with their mates, you would be unable to bond with him in this way.
“I know. But I see you anyways.” He confessed.
“I’ll never be tsahík.”
“None of that matters to me Y/N. Stop trying to give me reasons to not want you. It won’t work.”
Looking down in shame you gave him one last reason. “I can’t give you children Neteyam. You’d be making so many sacrifices just to have me. It’s not an equal trade.”
“That’s where you’re wrong.” He smiled. “You are all I want. It’s always been you Y/N. Always. Nothing else matters when you are enough for me.”
Neteyam leaned in as if he was about to kiss you. “You are what I want Y/N.”
“You are what I want too.” You breathed. “I see you Neteyam.
That was all he needed to hear. He crashed his lips onto yours passionately kissing you. Lips moving in sync until you pulled away to catch your breath.
Staring into his golden eyes you removed your shirt leaving your chest bare before him. Neteyam’s eyes widened at your sudden action. He wasn’t expecting anything to happen, he was happy with kissing.
“We don’t have to do anything Ma’Y/N.”
There was that name again. You smiled. “I want to. I want you Neteyam. That is, if you’ll have me.” You batted your eyelashes at him.
His tail twitched in excitement before he tackled you back onto the bed. The two of you spent the night a tangled mess of limbs. “We are mated before Eywa for life.” Neteyam whispered into your ear before you drifted off into a peaceful sleep.
Tumblr media
It had been two years since you mated with Neteyam. It had been the best years of your life.
His family was immediately accepting of your relationship. To your surprise so was most of the clan. There were a few that frowned upon your union but Neteyam made sure to put them in their place.
Following Neteyam’s lead you ran through the forest. He made sure to keep looking back for you so the two of you wouldn’t get separated.
“So where are we going again?” You huffed out of breath.
“It’s a surprise.” He smiled back at you.
Neteyam took you to a clearing that had the most beautiful flowers you had ever seen. You were fascinated by the nature of Pandora.
“I wish I could smell them.” You sighed. Always longing to smell the fresh air and to feel the breeze on your face.
Neteyam frowned at your words. He too hated your mask, but it kept you alive. It allowed him to show you his home. To Neteyam it was worth the inconvenience.
“Come on, let’s keep going.” He smiled. “There’s something else I wanna show you.”
Without a second thought you followed him. Starting to feel faint you slowed down. Everything was getting blurry and your head was woozy.
"Neteyam, could you slow down a little?" You panted, pushing your hand against a tree for support. "I'm a little dizzy."
Stopping dead in his tracks he rushed over to you. His mind racing with a million different thoughts. His heart screaming at him to protect you. Not looking good at all your face had gone pale. Your eyes looked exhausted. You looked ill.
"I will take you to my grandmother. You do not look good Ma'Y/N."
"I'm fine Teyam." You attempted a smile to reassure him. The last thing you wanted was to be rushed into the village. The People were used to you, but having the Tsahík tend to a sky demon may be pushing your luck. "Just take me back to the lab please."
Scooping you up he held you close to his chest bridal style. "Neteyam, I could've walked. I'm not broken." You rolled your eyes. Ignoring your protests he continued the trek back to the lab. Something was wrong and you were unwell.
Gently setting you down at the lab entrance he insisted that he come in with you. Neteyam was still slightly unsure of sky people, the lab making him nervous. But this was different. Anxiety consumed him and he couldn't leave without making sure you were okay.
Taking your mask off you then offered Neteyam a mask of his own. He hastily took it eyes never leaving you. The last thing on his mind was a mask for himself. He could breath this air for hours anyways.
Walking the familiar hallways to your room he observed your small steps. Gently panting as if the walk was tiring you out. You insisted you were fine but your body language said otherwise.
Plopping down on your bed you made grabby hands reaching out for him. "Cuddle me." You playfully commanded. Smiling he complied gently laying down next to you, arms instinctively pulling you closer.
Taking a deep breath letting your scent fill his lungs he hummed. Neteyam gently peppered a few kisses to your face before burying his head in your neck.
"Neteyam stop." You giggled. "It tickles." You could feel his smile against your neck. Running your free hand through his braids you sighed in satisfaction. Moments like this made up for all the bad ones.
You felt so safe in his arms, like he could protect you from anything. And he would. He'd burn the whole world if it meant keeping you safe.
"Teyam?" You whispered fingers still playing with his hair. He hummed in response snuggling closer to you. "I love you to the moon and back."
The expression felt odd rolling off your tongue. Checks heated in a blush you were a bit embarrassed. After all, you found it to be incredibly cheesy. But there was a part of you that found the sentiment sweet.
You'd first read it engraved on a tiny silver necklace. It had belonged to your mother. One of the scientists gave it to you once you were older. It was the only thing you had of her. Everything else was left up to your imagination.
For years they tried to allude to the fact that your mother had passed away. It seemed easier to let you believe that than tell you the truth. But even though you were a child you weren't clueless. You knew that your mother had left you here.
Terrified of everything that had happened she went back to earth unable to take you with her. That's how you found yourself being raised by the scientists on Pandora with Spider as your honorary brother.
A small part of you cling to the saying. Wishing it was true, that your mother loved you to the moon and back - to Pandora and back. That one day she'd be back for you.
You knew it would never happen. So instead you say it to Neteyam.  Because you truly meant it. You would go to the moon and back for him. And you would be back. You'd always come back for him.
Neteyam's ears perked up at your words. It wasn't the first time you had told him you loved him but you had never said it like this. He didn't entirely understand it but he appreciated your words just the same.
Smiling at you like you were the most precious thing he ever laid his eyes on. "I will give you the moon my love."
Laughing you pulled him closer. "You can't give someone the moon Neteyam."
But he would for you. You were his moon, his stars, and everything in between. Whatever you asked for he would deliver. "If I could give you the moon, I would give you the moon." He confirmed.
"You're a dork." You giggled.
"So are you then. You started it." He playfully fired back. Neteyam's mind turned somber for a moment. "Are you feeling better?"
You nodded cuddling more into your mattress to get comfy. "Much better. I think I need more cuddles to be one hundred percent though."
Smiling, Neteyam snuggled into you. "I'm more than happy to assist."
As the weeks went by you continued to feel strange. It didn’t seem like a big deal to you, so you didn’t want to bring it up. After all, you were human. Getting sick was a part of every day life.
No one noticed how you were acting strange. Except Neteyam of course. He picked up on the way you always seemed tired. The way your eyes looked a bit dull as they stared off into space. No matter how hard you tried to hide it, he saw it all.
You were now having trouble keeping your meals down. Stomach always feeling like it was in knots you didn’t know what was wrong. No one had caught you throwing up yet, but they did start to notice how you were losing weight without trying.
Norm awkwardly tried to broach the subject as always trying to be the father you never had. He was afraid you were doing something self inflicted and wanted to support you in any way he could.
It took awhile but you were able to convince him it wasn't what he thought. You honestly didn't know what was wrong, you just one day started feeling sick.
Norm being the man of science that he was immediately wanted to start tests to get to the bottom of what was wrong. Somehow you managed to get him to hold off for awhile. The idea of going through a bunch of tests scared you.
You didn’t get out of it for very long. Neteyam was worried sick about you and insisted you do whatever was needed to get better. Reluctantly you agreed spending the next several days undergoing tests and blood work.
Neteyam even took you to his grandmother for her guidance. She wasn’t able to pinpoint what was wrong. Whatever you had was a human sickness, unknown to the Na’vi.
Jake took a special interest in what was wrong. He was once a human himself. He was well aware of everything that could go wrong with the human body. Plus he deeply cared for his daughter in law. Jake consulted with Norm regularly regarding his findings.
The Olo'eyktan thought it’d be best if he was one of the first to find out. That way he would be able to explain it to his family better. He was by no means a doctor but he knew his son would trust his words more than Norm’s.
He could see the way Neteyam looked like his was close to having a melt down. He had a forced calmness about him. As if he was in complete denial that something might be wrong. Because he was. If he refused to acknowledge it, it wouldn’t be real.
Tumblr media
"Leukemia." Norm spoke like that one simple word explained everything. Jake's breath caught in his throat at the word. Neteyam stood head moving back and forth between the two of them, waiting for an explanation.
His heart hammered in his chest as they spoke words that meant nothing to him. Human words he didn't know. "How long?" His father asked quietly.
"It's progressed rather quickly. She had been exhibiting symptoms for a few months now. It's hard to say how long she's had it."
Neteyam knew they were talking about you. Dread filled him and he felt sick to his stomach. The feeling of being left in the dark was too much for him, he felt like he could scream.
"How long does she have?" Jake asked again eyes screwed onto Norm. He spoke hushed this time. Jake wasn't a fool. He was well aware of his son's feelings towards you. In fact, the whole clan knew.
How long does she have? The words echoed in Neteyam's brain. Repeating over and over again. They couldn't be talking about your life could they? You were just a little sick, you had said so yourself. This couldn't be real he refused to believe it.
"I've estimated three years." Max spoke up. "She has a thirty percent chance."
Thirty. That was low wasn't it? There was no possible way you'd have such a low chance. The science geeks were the best of the best. You'd also have access to the remedies of the Na'vi. Most importantly you'd have Neteyam. He made a vow to take care of and protect you. He indented to keep that vow.
"What are her opinions? What can we do?" Jake needed all the information he could get if he was going to have to explain this to his son.
"Chemo would be the next step. It's going to be hard, she's already so weak. It's going to take a lot out of her."
Jake glanced over at his son. Neteyam looked like he was on the verge of a panic attack. Hell, he was on the verge of a panic attack. His eyes were wide as he stared at his father, pleading for an answer.
Jake sighed, "Would she have a better chance back on Earth? Can we even give her proper care here?"
Earth? You couldn't go to earth. Neteyam refused to allow it. If you left he'd never see you again. He wouldn't be able to care for you while you're sick. He also wouldn't know how you were doing - he wouldn't know if you were still breathing or not.
His mouth hung open as his brain tried to register this. "She can't go to earth dad." He said just above a whisper. "She can't go!" He said again this time yelling desperately at his father.
"Calm down boy." Jake hushed him placing a hand on his shoulder. "Let them speak."
"She's not going anywhere." Norm said trying to choose his words carefully. "Her immune system is weak right now. I don't think she would survive the trip. I think it's best to treat her here with what we have available."
Tears stung Neteyam's eyes as he stared at the ground. You were so sick you wouldn't survive the trip to earth. Would you even survive here? He came to the horrific realization that you were sick and you might be dying.
"She's strong though." Jake said more so to his son. "She can fight this."
Max and Norm looked at each other with sad smiles. Neither doubted your strength, you were one of the strongest people they knew. But this was different. They had to entertain the possibility that even if you fight with your all you could lose. They also knew that they didn't have everything needed to properly treat you. But for the sake of the broken boy in front of them they left that part out.
Tumblr media
Staying positive was hard but you gave it your best try. You felt weak but it wasn’t insufferable yet. The worst part of it was you couldn’t go out exploring like you were accustomed to.
Your friends made sure to keep you company. Your room become the unofficial official hangout spot. Lo’ak and Spider would play games with you, Kiri kept you up to date on all of the gossip in the village, Tuk insisted that the two of you color, and Neteyam? Neteyam never left your side.
He was there not long after your woke up and often times he stayed the night. Neteyam never wanted to leave your side, wanting to make sure you were cared for in any way possible. He would be there every step of the way.
When it was time for chemo you felt extremely anxious. As Norm prepared the IV Neteyam eyed the needle untrustworthily. You winced as it went into your arm. Neteyam hissed ready to throw Norm across the room for causing you pain.
Norm panicked and you quickly explained to Neteyam that it was okay. It only hurt for a few minutes. You had to deal with it. You needed the treatment to get better.
Neteyam cuddled up next to you holding your hand. He tried to do things to distract you from it. The pair of you would watch movies from back on earth. You taught him how to play uno. He could never beat you and it frustrated him to no end. He was close to throwing his cards in anger. Seeing him be such a sore looser made you laugh.
Neteyam loved your laugh. He didn’t hear it much anymore so it was his life’s mission to make you laugh as much as he could.
He believed you’d make a full recovery. This was simply a bump in the road.
Tumblr media
"Please don't let him in." You pleaded with Spider. "I don't want him to see me like this." Tears were stinging your eyes now.
Spider looked sympathetically at you. You tried so hard to be strong for everyone but it was wearing down on you. This was effecting you worse than you thought it would. All you wanted to sulk in your room by yourself.
"He's freaking out Y/N. I'm afraid he's gonna start breaking stuff." He chuckled. Gently placing his hand on your shoulder his concerned look returned. "He cares about you. A lot. He just wants to make sure you're okay."
Nodding your head you wiped your face with your hands. You didn't want him to see that you had been crying. "Okay. Let him in."
Spider went off to find Neteyam it didn't take him too long thanks to the commotion he was causing. "You cannot keep me here!" Neteyam bellowed.
He tried to moved around the crowd of scientists who were attempting to keep him back. Neteyam growled in frustration. "Y/N is my mate you cannot keep me from her."
"Bro, calm down!" Spider yelled as Neteyam went to throw something off of a desk. He stopped as soon as he heard Spider. Neteyam's shoulders relaxed slightly at the familiar face.
"They are trying to keep me away." He snapped.
"Yeah I can see that." Spider huffed. "If you're done with your temper tantrum Y/N is ready to see you."
Raising his head high Neteyam walked past the scientists smugly. When out of earshot he bent down to Spider "They said Y/N did not want to see me." His face etched with worry.
Sighing Spider ran his hand over his face. "She's upset right now. It's not my place to say. She needs to be the one to tell you. But she's upset and embarrassed right now. She didn't want you to see her like that."
Neteyam's heart clenched at his words. The thought of you being so upset that you didn't want to see him crushed him. Walking into your room he was preparing for the worst.
You were sitting in your bed with your hands folded in your lap. Staring down you were avoiding his gaze.
He looked you up and down to see if their was any visible signs of what was wrong. If there was a problem Neteyam wanted to attack it head on. Your sickness wasn't like that though. He had to sit and watch helplessly as you suffered. It consumed him to the point he lived in constant agony.
Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Except your eyes were red and puffy like you had been crying. You were crying. Why were you crying? Neteyam's protective side took the forefront once again, ready to crush whatever had upset you.
Rushing to your side he cupped your cheek with his hand. "Ma'love what's wrong?" Worried etched on his face.
"You can have these back. I don't need them anymore." You sniffed. Your closed hands reached out to his. Opening your hands you gently poured the contents into his.
Neteyam stilled as his beads spilled into his hands. They were the beads he had given to you. He loved seeing you proudly wearing them in your hair, letting everyone see you were his.
"You don't want them anymore?" He softly asked. It felt like a punch to the gut. It was as if you were rejecting him.
"I won't be able to wear them anymore Neteyam." Meeting his gaze your heart broke seeing his face. He didn't understand why you were returning his gift to you.
"My hair is falling out Neteyam." You sighed.
"I do not understand." His brow furrowed trying to put the pieces together.
"The chemo- the medicine makes my hair fall out." You tried to explain.
Spider walked over and put his hand on your shoulder for support. He viewed you as his little sister. It hurt him to see you suffering like this.
Neteyam didn't understand how this medicine was helping you if it was making it so hard on you. Human medicine was more complicated than the Na'vi remedies he was used to.
You knew that he was genuinely curious and just trying to understand but you were tired if talking about it. You knew you would eventually lose your hair but you thought you could handle it.
Everything was too much. You hadn't really felt sick until now. When you noticed your hair coming out in clumps it all became real. You were sick.
Spider found you in a fit of sobs. It broke his heart to see you like that. It also sent him into a panic. He didn't know what to do to make you feel better. He was your big brother, he was supposed to know everything.
"Norm gave me this." Sighing you pulled out hair clippers. "He said it might be easier to just go ahead and shave my head." Tears stung your eyes again. "I just don't know if I can."
Without thinking Spider took the clippers from you. "I'll go first." He declared.
Eyes widening in panic you tried to stop him. "Wait Spider! You don't have to do that." Before you could get another word out he turned them on and quickly swiped along the top of his head.
You and Neteyam stared at him with wide eyes. Dumbfounded you couldn't believe your brother just did that. He did it for you. You couldn't help the small smile that formed. Knowing that your brother loved you that much made your heart swell.
"Are you guys just gonna stare at me or are you gonna help me finish this up?" Spider asked with a smirk.
Once finished Spider was almost unrecognizable. "I can't believe you did that." You mumble as he helped you with your hair.
"It's not a big deal." He shrugged. "It was weighing me down anyways. I'll be faster now."
You rolled your eyes at your brother's odd logic. Neteyam was holding onto your hand watching Spider like a hawk. The idea of taking a blade to your head terrified him even though you assured him it was safe.
Gently you squeezed his hand. “I’m okay.” You assured him. He nodded bringing your hand up to his lips, tenderly kissing your knuckles. “I love you.” His whispered lips still pressed to your fingers.
Usually you stuck to the Na’vi terms of affection. It was what Neteyam was comfortable with. But after learning what the human phrase meant he had to use it. Because it was true. He loved you with every fiber of his being.
Tugging his hand to your lips you gave his knuckles a matching kiss. “I love you too. So so much.”
“Come on guys knock it off.” Spider complained pretending to be sick. As much as your constant shows of affection annoyed him he was glad you found someone who truly loved you.
The next day Neteyam came to visit you with his hands behind his back. You eyed him suspiciously, he was never good at keeping secrets from you.
“I made this for you last night.” He gently placed a bracelet in your lap. You gasped when you realized it was made of the beads he had originally given you for your hair.
“You said you couldn’t wear them anymore and now that’s not true.”
Carefully you put the bracelet on. Heart bursting at the sweet gesture tears began to spill from your eyes. Neteyam started to panic thinking be did something wrong.
“You are not happy with it?” He asked defeated. “You are crying.”
“Yes but they’re happy tears. I love it Neteyam. I love you.” You threw your arms around his neck. Smiling he pulled you closer into his chest.
“Oel ngati kameie.” He whispered into your neck.
“I see you Ma’Teyam.”
Tumblr media
"I'm dying Neteyam." You said without any hesitation or emotion.
Neteyam immediately sat up looking to you slightly begging that he heard you wrong. It couldn't be true. It couldn't be.
"No one's told you because they're afraid of how you'll react. I don't want to keep anything from you. Love you too much to do that." Your eyes met his through your mask. He felt his heart breaking not only from your words but your eyes. They were faded, lacking the light he loved so much.
"They didn't want to tell me either." Your hoarse voice kept on. "But it's hard to pull a fast one over on me when I'm like this." Chuckling at yourself Neteyam caught a glimpse of you. The real you. Not this pitiful shell of who you once were.
"The treatment stopped working months ago. They told me last week."
Bringing your hand to his mouth he gently kissed your knuckles. "Please do not say such things." His voice cracked. Tears were now freely flowing from his eyes.
Deep down in his heart he knew he was losing you. He just didn't want to believe it. He couldn't believe it. Acknowledging it made it feel real and there was no way this was real. It had to be a cruel nightmare.
"I'm tired Neteyam." You spoke quietly.
Unsure of what you meant he was ready to scoop you up and tuck you into bed. Somehow you had convinced him to go star gazing tonight. It had seemed like the perfect date night idea since you were always cooped up in your room. But now he kicked himself for allowing you to leave.
"Let's get you back then," he started shuffling."
"No Neteyam." You interrupted him stopping him in his tracks. "I'm tired of this." You gestured to yourself. "I'm tired of treatments that aren't working. Tired of being stuck in my room all day. Im tired of it all." You sighed.
"This isn't living Neteyam. It's waiting to die." Meeting his eyes your heart sank. He was finally registering your words. Neteyam looked at you like you had just pierced his heart with an arrow. "I'm tired of waiting."
You had been battling this for over a year now. It had taken its toll on you physically and emotionally. You didn’t know how much longer you could go on like this.
"What are you saying Y/N?" He asked trying his best to stay calm but miserably failing. His hands were shaking and his heart quickened.
"I asked Norm and Max about how I could speed it up."
Neteyam heard his heart shatter into a million pieces. You wanted to end your life. You wanted to leave him. You couldn't possibly want to leave him could you?
Tears were freely falling from his eyes. His body started to shake fighting off sobs.
"I'm not getting any better Neteyam." You gently placed your hand on his cheek wiping away his tears with your thumb.
This wasn't what you wanted but you saw no other way. Everyday was a struggle, even breathing hurt. You wanted Neteyam to see what you already accepted. This was a waiting game. You were never going to recover.
"No." He violently shook his head holding you to his chest. "No. You'll get better. We just need to try something else. Please." He begged.
"Ma'Teyam there's nothing left to try."
"Please. You can't leave me." His body shook with sobs. "I can't lose you Ma'Y/N."
You couldn't fight back your own tears. Your mask was fogging as you started to cry. Seeing your mate like this was as painful as your sickness.
"You're not gonna lose me love. Nothing is ever lost, remember?" You tried your best to comfort him.
"There has to be something we can try." He sobbed. "What about an avatar?"
You held his head in your chest while he cried. "They can't make anymore avatars. You know that."
"I can't do this without you. There has to be something." Neteyam wailed.
The sight broke your heart. You had exhausted all of your options. Everyone but Neteyam seemed to recognize it.
"I won't do anything without your blessing Ma'Teyam." You gently caressed his head. "But please try to understand my point of view."
"You cannot ask this of me. I can't." He shook his head.
Gently rocking you soothed the boy in your arms. He had a vice like grip on you as if you'd vanish into thin air. "It'll okay Ma'Teyam." You cooed.
You had informed Norm and Max of your plan. It broke their heart but they acknowledged that it was your decision. They would respect your wishes.
Norm found himself in your room in the middle of the night watching you sleep. It pained him to see your labored breaths. You were always so fill of light and now you looked like a hollow shell.
He'd known you your whole life. It broke his heart to know that your time was running out. It seemed like just yesterday you were a bubbly toddler getting into trouble in the lab.
You told Jake and Neytiri next. For some reason you were terrified of what your in laws would think of you. While this was something common amongst humans it was very rare to the Na'vi.
Jake was once human though. It hurt his heart to see that it came to this but he understood. While his disability wasn't terminal he knew the feeling of hopelessness. The feeling of being trapped inside what once was you. Your body becoming a prison. Jake knew better than anyone.
Neytiri didn't understand why you wished this until she saw you. She couldn't contain her gasp. No longer the child she has grown to care for, you were someone she didn’t recognize.
Smiling weakly at her Neytiri’s heart broke for you. She could see that you were dying but she couldn’t understand why. It was the great mother’s will that you would stay with Neteyam. Why would she allow you to die so soon?
Then it hit her. The words of her mother. You would spend the rest of your life beside Neteyam. Your life would end before his. Seeing you like this made her realize why you wanted this. You weren’t yourself, you were tapped inside a body that was failing you.
Spider was unusually quiet when you told him. “Spider please say something.” You pleaded.
He knew it was coming. He’d be a fool not to. But he was like everyone else who loved you, he didn’t want to believe it was happening. All of his earliest memories included you. You may have only been siblings because of circumstance but he loved you like you were blood.
You were undoubtedly his sister. Always there for him for as long as he could remember. Someone who always had his back. You understood the feeling of being abandoned here and the longing of wanting more. You were his person. And now you weren’t going to be here anymore.
Spider stood up and hugged you. He was slightly crying into your shoulder. You had never seen your big brother cry. He was your rock always strong and dependable.
“I’m sorry Spider.” You cried with him.
“Hey,” he pulled back to look at you. “Don’t ever be sorry. None of this is your fault.”
Nodding through your tears you took in the sight of him. His hair was growing back so fast leaving him with a nice short cut.
“You know I love you right?” He asked unsure for a moment. He had to make sure you knew. Spider wouldn’t be able to live with himself If you didn’t.
“Of course. I love you too bro.”
The two of you spent the rest of the day talking about everything and nothing all at once. It would be one of the last times you got to.
When it came to telling Neteyam he already knew. Your confirmation was like stones in his heart. But he knew. Deep down he always knew. You were never getting better.
Being cooped up in your room wasn't much of a life. You were in pain and it pained him to witness it. Neteyam never wished to part from you but this wasn't his choice to make.
He knew that had there been any other way you wouldn't had made the choice either.
You wanted one last day. One last good day.
Looking at your room one last time you shut the door. You had breakfast with Norm and Spider just like you always did growing up. Max even joined you.
No one talked about what was to come. You forbid any talk of the future only wanted to live in the here and now.
Spider helped you put on your mask and the two of you slowly made your way to the village. He helped you into the Sully home. You were terrified of everyone being somber, but to your delight everyone acted as normal.
You hadn’t laughed this much in months watching Spider reenact a story of one of the many times Lo’ak almost got himself killed.
Laughter, hugs, and smiles was how you spent your time with the Sully’s. It was perfect just like it always was. Neteyam kept you sat on his lap not wanting to lose contact for a second.
Taking a deep breath he inhaled your scent. It had changed when you got sick. It didn’t smell like you. It made him frown.
Insisting on going on an Ikran ride you drug Neteyam out of his family’s tent. Neytiri stopped you before you got too far. Embracing you one last time. “Thank you for watching over him my child.” Before you could say a word she kissed your forehead and left you with watery eyes.
Neteyam didn’t want to focus on sadness right now. You were still here that’s all that mattered. Taking your hand once again you were greeted with his Ikran.
“You sure you feel up to this?” He checked in.
“Hell yeah.” You smirked at him.
Flying through air was a feeling you’d never get used to. Up there you were truly free. Sticking your arms out to intensify the feeling Neteyam cursed at your sudden movement. His grip tightening around you.
“Let me know before you do something like that.” He scolded.
“You worry too much!” You yelled over the wind. “You’ve taken me on a million rides and haven’t dropped me yet.”
Neteyam smiled at you. Today you were glowing with a glimpse of yourself. Not the person who had been while sick. The real you. It made his heart clench. It pained him but he knew you were right. This was the right choice.
He would rather see you like this than just slowly waste away to nothing. I wanna go out with a bang. You had told him.
Eclipse crept up on the couple as you laid on the ground tangled up in each other. "I love you so much." You told him tears threatening to spill. He kissed your knuckles. "I love you to the moon and back." He whispered.
Smiling fondly at the memory from what felt like an entirety ago. "I can't believe you remember that." You laughed.
He chuckled. Neteyam had spent years committing every part of you to memory. He found your surprise amusing. Of course he’d remember. He remembered it all.
You stayed in his embrace until you couldn't keep your eyes open any longer. "I'm ready Neteyam." You breathed.
He nodded blinking back tears. "I see you Ma'Y/N." He gently caressed your face the best he could.
"I see you Ma'Teyam." You grabbed his hand. "Don't worry I'll see you again. Take your time my love."
"Anything for you my moon." He smiled.
As gently as he could he removed your mask. Taking a deep breath in you smiled as you inhaled the scents of the forest. It smelt even better than you imagined.
Neteyam laid next to you holding your hand looking up to the sky. You admired the stars before glancing over at Neteyam. He met your eyes and smiled. Your breathes were started to become labored. "It's okay love. You can rest now." He said fighting back a sob.
Your vision was turning black around the edges. Neteyam was talking to you but you couldn’t register what he was saying. Slowly your eyes closed. Your chest stopped. Just like that you were gone.
This was exactly how you asked. Neteyam fulfilled every last one of your wishes even if it killed him inside. Your whole life you wanted nothing more than to experience Pandora without any restrictions. And in that brief moment you did.
Neteyam held onto your lifeless body as he sobbed. He knew it was happening but nothing would prepare him for the feeling of you actually being gone.
His love. His mate. His best friend. His moon and stars. Gone forever. You were gone and there was nothing he could do to bring you back.
His body shook as he wailed. Neteyam realized that because you were human you were never connected to the spirit tree. He would never be able to see you again. He would never see you again.
Neteyam spent the whole night grieving you. He knew it was just the beginning of many sleepless nights crying for you.
In the morning he carried you back to home tree. Neteyam insisted that you have a traditional Na’vi burial. It didn’t take much convincing as everyone adored you.
His family helped prepare your body. He begged for help not thinking he was strong enough to do it on his own. Once everything was finished they gave him a moment alone. Spider looked up at him with red puffy eyes giving him a pat on the back.
Neteyam spent his last moment with you whispering sweet nothings that you would never hear. Confessions of love that wouldn’t reach your ears.
The last time Neteyam saw you, you were lowered into the ground. He tried to stay collected not wanting his people to see him weak. But this was unbearable.
After the funeral his grandmother approached him. Pulling him in for a rare hug she caressed his head Lovingly. “She is with Eywa now.” She told him.
He looked up at her in shock. You were a human. Neteyam didn’t think it was possible for a sky person to be with Eywa.
“She is?” He asked breathless.
Mo’at simply nodded before leaving him. Neteyam took a moment to process this revelation. A gentle breeze blew through his hair. Taking a deep breath he tried to ground himself.
A delicate tap on his shoulder caused him to open his eyes. A single atokirina' had landed on him. It gently swayed around him. He cupped the spirit his hands smiling, tears streaming down his cheeks.
You were still here. There is no death only change.
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tojigasm · 1 day
riding jake’s thighs omg literally a giant not to mention the warrior strength and body in the first movie and the hot dad bod in the second movie
"You like that?" Jake's voice vibrates from behind you, spreading a warmth to your cunt as you grind yourself into the meat of his thigh.
He's gotten so much bigger over the years, so much thicker and rougher. The weight of him a constant reminder of all he's been through; chest, arms, thighs, hands, all littered with scars you run the soft of your fingers over as he shifts your hips in his lap.
"Mhm," you sigh, letting your head fall back to his shoulder, "feels so good, daddy."
Jake dips his head to kiss at your temple with a light chuckle, "so cute." He smiles against your hair, "How about..." he hums, parting your thighs to slip a finger past your soaked folds, "that?"
The stretch makes you jump slightly, shivering under the weight of his thickly striped arms, "yes," you whisper, gripping at his wrist, "feels so good, daddy!"
The chuckle that rolls through jakes chest makes your chest swell, walls squeezing around his digits when he circles the pad of his thumb over your clit with a hum of, "That's my good girl."
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aangarchy · 1 day
Remember when we watched atla as kids and we all collectively thought zuko and azula were like 25
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ethansluvbot · 3 days
Tumblr media
summary: after figuring out ethan is ghostface along with quinn and bailey you start to distance yourself.
warnings: SPOILERS!!!, knifes, blood, stalking (not mentioned in this part)
an: i watched the movie one of the first days it came out and let me just say i liked it!! my favorite is still four but that won’t change :) sorry for the shitty writing. also i need more request so feel free to :)
Tumblr media
you were watching ethan sit for awhile. he looked nervous? shaking his leg and looking around every minutes. you started to develop feelings for him soon after you met him. you met through chad at a random frat party.
you were glad that chad introduced you two. you finally had met someone that was like you in multiple ways. you both read the same books, watched the same films and both were attracted to horror films. you knew the moment he said he liked the stab movies that you were compatible.
you had him wrapped around your finger without knowing. he always would try to please you or make you notice him. the way he was staring at you made you realize something was up. it shocked him to see you staring right back at him with a growing smirk.
one thing about ethan is he can’t take hints. no matter how many times you’ve tried to get him to notice he didn’t. you once even told him you flat out liked him and he was still oblivious.
ever since you figured out ethan was ghost face people you tried to stay away. you probably should’ve told someone about your discovery but you were scared. ethan was one of the only people you trusted with everything. now he would be taken away from you.
you stood up walking out of crowded room. ethan was not far behind grabbing your wrist. turning around you flinched taking your wrist away. he stared into your eyes letting go.
“did i do something to you? if i did please tell me.” he looked down at you with pleading eyes. you’d usually ignore this type of behavior from other guys but it was different. you pulled him into a hug while you still thought about his mask. could ethan really kill all those people?
Tumblr media
you roommates still weren’t home to your surprise. they both were big party people so it wasn’t unnecessarily surprising. you tucked the key under the mat just incase they needed a spare.
the sight of the doorknob turning scared you. immediately grabbing a knife you went into your room locking it. thankfully it had a window if needed. you already knew one killer what if he found out? what if he has to kill you now that you know.
a quick knock came from your door followed by a low voice, “you didn’t answer the phone, i thought it was time to pay you a visit.” you didn’t need to see his face to know he was smirking.
“go fuck yourself ethan!” you screamed as the knife plunged into the door. you quickly went to the window opening it. pushing yourself out of the window. you were the third floor. chances were you’d break a few bones. or you would’ve until you felt a pair of hands yank you down.
you cried out as a knife plunged into your skin. even though you were in searing pain you began to fight back. ethan pulled the mask off looking in your eyes.
“i think your bleeding a bit,” he tilted his head motioning to your leg. you never believed ethan could be ghostface. even after mindy going on extreme rants about how he was.
“i never wanted to kill you, you are so precious, but someone had to figure out who i was. now this is your ending.”
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choclodox · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And they lived happily ever after 💙
(They won’t even remember this conversation since they’re talking about it after they did the Soul Drive upload 🤭)
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inbarfink · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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neteyamsluvts · 3 days
hey baby, mind if you do an angsty neteyam fic😉
neteyam x fem reader
tw - fighting, blood, dark neteyam?, not edited, angst
note - this was rlly fun to make so tysm for requesting, sorry it's so short
Tumblr media
"neteyam." you pleaded, grabbing on to his wrist. he scowled, pulling himself away from your lock. "do not touch me." he hissed, fangs baring at you threateningly. your eyes widened in fear, taking a step back. not once since you've known neteyam has he ever hissed. especially not at you.
"i would never ever even think about betraying your trust nete." you whisper, looking down at the base of the marui pod with sad eyes. neteyams eyes soften. "i know you wouldn't syulang. aonung knows your my weakness. he's attempting to piss me off."
you nod, continuing to not make eye contact with him. he steps forward, hands raised infront of his own body. "I'm sorry sevin." he whispered under his breath, wrapping his arms around your body. for him, you look small, shaking as he holds you.
"i love you so much. i don't know why i was so angry mamas, i just didn't like the thought of his hands on your sweet body. you're to beautiful to be talking to that thing." he explains.
he kisses your forehead gently. you hesitantly wrap your arms around his torso as well, leaning in to his chest lovingly. "I'm sorry i was talking to him, nete." you mumble, looking up at him.
he nods, chin moving against your head. "i know, mama." he says. you both stay like that for minutes, holding each other tightly, refusing to let go. when he eventually looks out of the small pod he lets go of you, pressing a chaste kiss to your lips. he looks panicked, in a rush to go somewhere.
"i told lo'ak I'd meet him at eclipse, sevin. the sun is starting to set, i must leave." he whispers, quickly making eye contact with you. you nod, understandingly. "should i come by your marui tonight?" he asks, eyebrows raised patiently.
you nod, licking your lips. he smiles, pressing another quick kiss to your cheek before running out of the marui pod. you stand there, looking at the space where neteyam once stood, eyes wide. he hissed at you. pushed you away from him mentally.
you shouldn't of forgiven him so easily, you knew that. you were still so angry. you stalk out the marui, searching for what you need. it only takes you seconds before you mange to find aonung. he's sat on the edge of his own hut, eyes shining in the sun with a small glimmer.
you sigh, looking around before finding neteyam wasn't around. "why so sad?" you tease, taking a seat beside the man. he was sharpening his spear, eyes narrowed angrily. he shrugs, loosening his grip on the weapon.
he turns to you with his eyes still narrowed, heat radiating off his body. "did he hurt you?" he asked quietly. your eyes widen quickly before you giggle, shaking your head. "neteyam? no. he wouldn't." you state quickly.
aonung shakes his head, continuing to work his spear. by now, the weapon was as sharp as it was supposed to be yet he kept going, determined to take his anger out on the small thing.
"do you love him?" he inquired. you bit your lip, thinking for a second. of course you do. your beautiful mate, the father of your future children, the man that loved you since he first saw you. yet, you still think.
"yes." you manage to squeak out all of a sudden, throat tightening. "i do love him." you add quickly. aonung nods yet you could see the pain it caused him having to. you're both silent for what feels like forever, sitting in silence together. yet it doesn't feel awkward.
"i love you." he suddenly confessed, letting go of the knife he'd been using and the now sharpened spear. you raise both your eyebrows in shock. he stands up, towering over you dominantly.
"I've loved you since you first caught that fish and gifted it to me. since we first made eye contact. since we went on the hunting trip when we were children and you never once laughed at me when everyone else did." he continues, suddenly crouching in front of you.
"i know you and neteyam are mated but i would do anything to have the gift of your love." he finished, awaiting your response patiently. it never comes. your shocked. aonung was always a good friend but you always only thought of him as a friend.
"get away from my mate." a voice speaks. you look up, away from aonungs pleading eyes and towards the person behind him. neteyam. his hands are crossed over his chest which is rising faster then you've ever seen it. his eyes are narrowed, not wide like they usually are.
in the distance, you can see lo'ak with his eyebrows furrowed and shoulders slumped. neteyam had a small scowl on his face, watching aonung smirk and stand up slowly. neteyam grabs your arm tightly, bringing you to his chest and hugging you tightly.
"did he hurt you, mama?" he asks. you shake your head, stepping away from him. "we're fine nete, we were just talking." you mumbled. aonung chuckles, finally on his feet. he looks between you and neteyam with a smirk etched on his face.
"if that's what you call talking, baby." he teases. you gasp before it even happens. neteyams arms leave yours quickly, fist colliding with aonungs face in seconds, causing aonung to fall on the sand beneath himself.
"neteyam, stop. please." you beg, pulling his shoulder. he doesn't budge. collapsing on aonung, he throws multiple punches at his face, causing the skin to break and bleed. he coughs up the blood, wheezing when the man above him grabs his throat and pushes him in to the sand forcefully.
you gasp, covering your mouth with your small hand in surprise. he'd never hurt anyone like that before. by now, lo'ak had arrived after running towards the fight with open arms, shouting loudly. aonung continued to laugh, emotionless.
when neteyam had finally stopped, wiping the blood from his hands on to his loin cloth slowly, aonung started coughing up larger amounts of blood. you were shocked. frozen. standing still, waiting for someone to talk.
many people had gathered around, watching the fight frightened. someone, you couldn't tell who, had there hand on your shoulder soothingly. you keened in their touch.
lo'ak sat with aonung, helping the man up. he took his hand in his own, the other hand supporting his back and waist, causing him to limp on the sore leg. he looked at neteyam once and then his eyes landed on yours.
"i know you'll love me too. some day." he stated proudly before limping back to his hut. neteyam hissed at his back, arms spread before him. his breathing slowed, the once rapid breathing turning slower and calmer.
he slowly turned his head to his right, taking in the sight of the metkayina clan shaking there heads disappointed, the thought saddened him. he wanted everyones approval. his mothers, his fathers. yours. the people didn't want to give him their approval.
then, his head came to you. your shaking form had slowly started to calm after watching aonung walk away. kiri stood behind you with her hand on your shoulder and her chest pressed against your back protectively.
you were scared and so was his baby sister. "yn." he starts, stepping over to you. you step back, kiri as well. "no." you mutter, turning away. he sighs, looking down at the sand. his mind was still racing, the thoughts turning like clocks in his mind.
he confessed his love to you. his mate. hos beautiful beautiful mate. he tried to take you away from him. he wanted to kill him, make him suffer even more then he had. and when he saw you leave with kiri without even sparing a glance his way, he knew he messed up.
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netemoon · 2 days
conflicted part 2
read part 1 before reading this! <33
Pairings: 20!Neteyam x 20/Omaticaya!NaviFem
Summary: After an argument with Neteyam, you decide against training with him. He realizes his mistake and how badly he needs you as his training parter. He tries to make amends but the complicated feelings between the both of you are still getting in the way.
Warnings: it's still sooooo enemies to lovers lolol, cursing, some violence, and angst :P
Notes: I'm so sorry this took me so long!!!! I had some major writers block but I have some great ideas for part 3 where it's going to pick up a lot more with them:) sorry don't mean to torture yall but I want it to be a trueeee enemies to lovers. lmk if you are not in the taglist and I will add you! any feedback is appreciated <3 also thank u sm for 600+ notes on part 1 :O
taglist: @lolsilikestuff @strawberryclouds22 @jakexneytiri @mazemymirror @jackiehollanderr @parrotpeggy @itsskyvoltage @bat1212 @fanboyluvr @neteyumz @arminsgfloll @kurapikaschainjail123 @mashiromochi @neteyamyam @neteyamsbby @loaksluvrr @strawberryclouds22 @papadragun @mik-bxrnes @jaysarchiv3 @jjkclub @liluvtojineteyam @im-in-a-pansexual-panik @simp4ff @melodveis @lu-the-ghost-reader @amortencjja @samiiistarss @miyowmiyow @midnightliacr @iamfabulousasf @adaiasafira @inluvwithneteyam @dakotali @ghostjoohoney @elegantzippercashshoe @dimplesxx @marit332 @verveta345 @nxptury
You had been avoiding Neteyam for days, which created a drastic change in your schedule. The both of you usually spent a lot of time together, due to training. However,  you told Jake you needed some time to train by yourself. He understood where you were coming from and didn’t insist on you training with Neteyam, especially since he knew how complicated your relationship with him was. The first few days felt weird to you, especially since you were so used to his presence. However, as days turned into weeks, you began to find solace in the company of your other friends. You started to relish your newfound independence and enjoyed the freedom to train on your own terms.
Neteyam, on the other hand, was struggling. His father had paired him with less experienced warriors to train with in your absence, and he found himself constantly held back by their inability to keep up. He couldn't help but feel irritated that he had to waste his time teaching them rather than improving himself. He missed the edge that training with you had given him. Your fierce competitiveness and determination had been a driving force for him to push himself beyond his limits.
Neteyam didn’t fail to notice how you wouldn’t even acknowledge his presence. In fact, it had been exactly 3 days since you even looked in his direction. Yes, he had been counting. And he knew this to be true because he was always looking in yours, hoping you might spare him a glance. When people asked about your absence, he brushed it off with a nonchalant "I'm better off on my own anyway." But the truth was, he was lying not only to those around him but also to himself. He couldn't shake off the feeling that something was missing without you by his side. 
Once a year, a celebration was held for young warriors who were almost done with their rigorous training. They had not yet reached the pinnacle of their skills, but they had proven their worth and were now deemed ready to join Jake and the elite fighters in their battles against the Sky People. Both you and Neteyam had been waiting for this day for ages, the two of you always talking about what it would be like to be in a real battle. When the two of you were younger, one of you would pretend to be the ‘bad guy’ while the other saved the day. Each time, you had argued over who would play the villainous role, but eventually settled on taking turns.
The celebration was held in a clearing deep within the forest. Torches and lanterns were hung up everywhere, casting a warm and inviting glow over the festivities. The scent of roasted meats and sweet fruits filled the air, making everyone's mouth water. Drums were being played by some of the older warriors, and the sound echoed throughout the clearing, adding to the excitement of the night. Everyone was dressed in their finest clothing, with intricate beadwork and feathers adorning their garments.
As Neteyam and Lo'ak arrived, they were greeted by many of their fellow warriors, all eager to congratulate them on making it through their training. Neteyam was particularly popular among the group, with many of the young women giving him admiring looks and coy smiles.
Despite the festive atmosphere, Neteyam couldn't help but feel a twinge of nervousness in his stomach at the thought of seeing you. He wondered if you would even be there, and if you were, how he should approach you. Lo'ak noticed the change in his brother's demeanor and gave him an encouraging pat on the back, urging him to enjoy the celebration and let loose for a change.
As Neteyam's eyes roam over the crowd, they suddenly come to rest on you, and for a moment, he is struck with a sense of awe at your beauty. You're standing in a group of your friends, your hair braided intricately with a couple of strands hanging loosely around your face. You're dressed in a loincloth made from leaves, a garment that showcases your toned muscles and athletic figure. Neteyam's eyes trail up to your head where he sees you wearing a headpiece similar to his own. Only elite warriors in the clan were given this particular headpiece to wear, with you and Neteyam being one of the few. 
But this realization is short-lived as he scolds himself mentally for harboring such thoughts about you. He tries to shift his focus elsewhere, but his gaze keeps drifting back towards you, unable to resist stealing glances at you throughout the night. A sense of inner turmoil grips him as he grapples with the idea of approaching you. What would he say? Should he apologize? But the mere thought of apologizing seems impossible, and he can't bring himself to consider it seriously. He wonders if there's any chance of salvaging your “friendship”, or if he has ruined everything beyond repair. The weight of his indecision feels almost unbearable, and he struggles to make sense of his conflicting emotions.
As you navigate through the dense crowd of party-goers, Ta'lok appears before you, his face contorted into a sly grin. Despite his efforts to win you over, you've always been reluctant to accept any advances made by him.Though you engage in small talk with him, your attention is fixated elsewhere, your mind consumed by Neteyam's piercing gaze, which seems to follow your every move.
As the night wears on, you observe your companions indulging in copious amounts of alcohol, their actions becoming increasingly erratic as the night progresses. Ta'lok seems to be downing drinks at an alarming rate, and you can sense the effects of the alcohol beginning to take hold. His hands, once timid and restrained, begin to wander inappropriately, and you feel yourself recoiling from his advances.
You glance over at Neteyam, who's watching you intently, his expression unreadable. You can't help but wonder what he's thinking, his gaze burning into your skin like a searing brand. Your thoughts are interrupted by Ta’lok’s voice. He raises it so that you can hear him above the music. 
“Come dance, Y/N. You need a break from all of your training.” Ta’lok insisted as the beat from the drums grew louder. The pounding of the drums intensified, sending shockwaves of sound through your body. You had been consumed by your training for so long that the idea of letting loose and dancing seemed almost foreign to you. Initially, you resisted Ta'lok's advances, but your friends around you joined in, their persistent pestering slowly wearing down your resolve. With a resigned groan, you gave in, allowing Ta'lok to pull you into the circle of dancers.
As you swayed to the beat, Ta'lok kept his distance, his eyes never leaving your form. However, as the tempo increased, he snaked an arm around your waist, pulling you in closer. You could feel his hot breath on your neck, and the sensation made your skin crawl. Despite your discomfort, you attempted to maintain a facade of enjoyment, dancing with him until the song came to an end.
Neteyam watched the scene unfold from afar, observing you as you were pulled into the midst of the dancing crowd. From his position at the table, he could see everything, including Ta'lok's hands around your waist. One of Neteyam's friends caught his gaze, and they shared a knowing look, their thoughts unspoken.
 "What's got you so worked up, Neteyam?" The teasing tone in his friend's voice was not lost on him, and he could feel himself blushing under their scrutiny.
Quickly averting his gaze, he took another swig of his drink, hoping to mask his discomfort. "Nothing important," he muttered, feeling the effects of the alcohol beginning to take hold.
But his momentary reprieve was short-lived, as another warrior chimed in with a provocative comment. "You know, Ta'lok was talking about wanting Y/N as his mate. You better act fast if you want your girl back." The man's words were delivered with a sly smirk, and Neteyam felt a surge of anger and jealousy rise within him.
Grimacing at the insinuation, he bristled at the suggestion that you were "his girl." "She's not my girl," he retorted, his tone clipped and brusque. "And I couldn't care less about what Ta'lok wants with her." His words were delivered with a sense of finality, leaving no room for further discussion.
The warrior's attempt at helping only served to irritate Neteyam, and he shot the man a withering look before downing the rest of his drink. Lo'ak could see the tension building in his brother's frame and knew he needed to intervene before things escalated.
Placing a comforting hand on Neteyam's shoulder, he asked gently, "So,  you want to talk to her?"
Neteyam's initial response was a defensive glare, but he quickly masked it with a scowl and another gulp from his bottle. "I never said that," he growled, his tone harsh.
Lo'ak raised an eyebrow skeptically, a small smirk playing at the corners of his mouth. "Right," he drawled. "But even if you did, it's not like you'll ever do anything about it, will you?"
Neteyam's scowl deepened, his face turning red with anger. "What's that supposed to mean?" he demanded.
Lo'ak chuckled, taking another swig from his bottle. "Nothing, nothing," he replied airily. "I just didn't think you'd be so...scared." The word hung in the air, heavy with implications, and Neteyam bristled at the insinuation that he was afraid to pursue his feelings.
"I'm not scared of anything," Neteyam retorted, his voice laced with defiance as he slammed his drink down on the table and locked eyes with his younger brother.
But Lo'ak wasn't deterred. He leaned back in his chair, a sly grin spreading across his face as he nodded in your direction. "Prove it," he challenged, his eyes sparkling with mischief.
Neteyam hesitated for a moment, his mind racing as he contemplated his next move. He knew he couldn't back down now, not in front of his brother and his fellow warriors.
With a deep breath, he rose from his seat and strode purposefully over to where you were standing. 
Lo'ak watched from afar, a small smirk on his face as he muttered under his breath, "Well, that was easy." He knew that his brother had taken the bait, and now it was up to Neteyam to make a move.
Ta'lok's movements abruptly halted and he fixed his eyes on Neteyam. Although you had your back turned towards him, you knew that the interruption came from Neteyam due to Ta'lok's expression. Ta'lok's annoyance was palpable when he asked, "Is there something you need?"
Neteyam disregarded Ta'lok, not even sparing him a glance, as he focused on you. He watched as you turned around your eyes meeting his as he approached, and a jolt of electricity shot through him at the intensity of the connection. He wondered if you had felt the same. He studied your features for a moment before speaking, "I need to talk to you."
Before you could even respond, Ta'lok spoke on your behalf. "She doesn't want to talk to you," he said, his words slurred. He wrapped an arm around your waist, and Neteyam instinctively moved to push him off. But, he stopped himself, knowing that you wouldn't appreciate such behavior.
You scowled at Ta'lok's touch, grabbed his arm and pushed it off of you. You wondered when he had become so audacious. "You do not speak for me," you warned as Ta'lok cowered under your gaze. Neteyam watched with a sly smirk, well aware of how you detested being touched. He had learned that about you over the years.
You turned back to Neteyam, contemplating whether you should hear him out. You scrutinized his eyes, while an internal debate raged within you. Neteyam seemed to sense your indecision and held your gaze, saying, "It won't take long." He tried to persuade you to hear him out, and you considered his words.
As Neteyam led you towards an isolated area in the forest, his eyes were dark and unfocused, and his words were slightly slurred. You felt a twinge of unease as he started pacing back and forth, the effects of the alcohol taking hold of him. It was unusual for Neteyam to behave in such a manner; he occasionally drank with others but never enough for it to affect him like this.
Eventually, he came to a halt and turned to face you. "Do you like Ta'lok?" he asked bluntly, catching you off guard.
"What? Why are you even asking me that?" you retorted, feeling slightly insulted that he had brought you to a secluded area to ask such a thing.
Neteyam's expression softened. "I just don't understand why you're spending so much time with him," he explained, his words still slurring.
Rolling your eyes, you snapped back, "Who I spend my time with is none of your concern," feeling defensive about your friendship with Ta'lok. Just a week ago, Neteyam had told you that he didn't care about you, and now he was asking you about a friend.
"Is that why you brought me out here?" you asked, feeling offended by the whole situation. "To ask me about Ta'lok?"
Neteyam quickly shook his head, "No, that's not why. I was just curious."
"Why would you even care about that?" you snapped, your frustration mounting as you raised your voice. "I thought you didn't give a shit about me."
Neteyam appeared taken aback by your question. "I don't," he insisted. "Ta'lok is just a jerk."
"Oh and you're not?" you retorted, your voice laced with bitterness and hurt at Neteyam's words.
Neteyam's eyes flashed with a fiery glare, revealing the depth of his hatred towards you. "Don't act like you're all innocent, Y/N. You've been insulting and belittling me ever since we were kids, constantly making me question myself." He spat with a voice laced with anger and hurt. As he spoke, the memories of all the insults you hurled at him came flooding back, and he felt the sting of every word.
You remained silent, grappling with the realization that your past behavior towards him was not entirely fair. You felt a pang of regret, wishing you could turn back time and do things differently.
"What did you need to talk to me about?" you asked, hoping to change the subject and diminishl the tension between you two.
"I need you to train with me again," Neteyam's voice was low and urgent, more of a demand than a request.
You scoffed, crossing your arms over your chest. "You think you can just waltz in here and expect me to train with you after calling me a 'useless orphan'? Not so useless now, huh?" you taunted, knowing it would get a rise out of him.
Neteyam winced at your words, recalling the pain and shame he felt for the hurtful words he had said. His father often spoke highly of your parents, and he felt horrible for speaking ill of them. "I know I messed up. I shouldn’t have said that." he began, taking a step towards you. "But I need to train with someone who knows what they're doing. And as much as I hate to admit it, you're the only one in this clan who can keep up with me."
Your eyes narrowed as you surveyed Neteyam. His usually confident and poised demeanor had been replaced with a hint of desperation and vulnerability that you had never seen before.
“You need me, don’t you?” You questioned with a sly smirk as you crossed your arms over your chest. 
Neteyam squinted his eyes at you, almost in disbelief. He stared at you, refusing to play into whatever rise you were trying to get at him. “Are you going to train with me or not?” He asked, growing impatient. 
"No," you said firmly, refusing to be swayed by his sudden change in demeanor.
"No? What do you mean, no?" Neteyam asked, his voice rising with frustration.
“The answer is no. Unless you can admit that you need me.” You demanded, knowing it would cause Neteyam a great deal of pain to admit it. You knew you wouldn’t be getting a real apology from the boy, but this would be the closest thing to one. 
Neteyam laughed, a look of disbelief on his face. "Yeah right, like I would ever-" he started to say, but you simply turned away from him and began walking towards the village.
"Wait! Y/N, fuck-" Neteyam's hand closed around your arm, pulling you back towards him. You jolted at the sudden touch, and the two of you locked eyes for a moment before glancing down where the contact was made. Neteyam looked away, keeping the grip on your arm and letting out a frustrated sigh. You could tell it pained his ego to say this. "I need you.” he emphasized, the word coming out in a low growl, as if something was holding him back from saying it.
But there was something else going on, too. The way Neteyam had reacted to Ta'lok's pestering earlier had been odd, and you couldn't shake the feeling that there was something more behind it. Perhaps he was jealous? You knew you would never get your answer, though, not after it had taken you two decades just to get Neteyam to admit something to you.
"I'll see you tomorrow morning then," you said, turning away and walking towards the village with a smile on your face.
Neteyam may have asked you to train with him again, but the tension between you two remained. You continued to challenge each other during training, with each session feeling more intense than the last. There were moments when you thought that maybe Neteyam was softening towards you, but those moments were quickly shattered by a harsh word or a cold glare.
You both knew that there was something deeper at play here, something that went beyond your usual competitive nature. Neteyam was scared, scared of his growing feelings for you and what they might mean. He had always seen you as his enemy, his rival, and the thought of wanting something more with you was terrifying.
But despite his fear, Neteyam couldn't deny the way he felt. There were times when he found himself looking at you differently, with a newfound appreciation for your strength and skill. He would catch himself watching you when you didn't know it, admiring the way your body moved and the way your eyes sparkled with determination during training. 
For today’s training session, both you and Neteyam would be training the other young warriors in sparring. Usually the two of you would fight first as a demonstration for the rest of them.  The sun had risen high in the sky, casting a warm glow over the training grounds. You stood at the edge of the circle, your eyes scanning the group of young warriors who had gathered around you and Neteyam. The air was filled with the sounds of chatter and excitement as they eagerly anticipated the sparring match that was about to take place.
The first few minutes of the match were fast and furious. You and Neteyam moved around each other, throwing punches and kicks in quick succession. You could feel the sweat pouring down your face as you grappled for the upper hand.
Despite your smaller size, you had always been able to defeat Neteyam in your sparring matches. Your quick reflexes and agility gave you the advantage over him. However, today was different. Neteyam was more aggressive than usual, and he seemed determined to win.
You found yourself struggling to keep up with him, his movements becoming more and more unpredictable as the match went on. You tried to dodge his attacks, but he was relentless, pressing closer and closer until he had you pinned to the ground.
Neteyam's face loomed over yours, his grip firm as he held your wrists to the ground. "You can tap out now. You've already lost," he muttered, a smirk forming on his lips.
You smirked back at him as you struggled under his grasp. “No, not just yet.” You answered, which caused Neteyam to give you a confused look. Although not allowed, you found yourself desperate to win and kneed Neteyam in the groin. This typically would be considered cheating but since you did it so subtlely, Neteyam would be the only one who noticed. Neteyam fell back, his face contorting in pain as he lost his grip on you. You took this opportunity to disarm his knife, which resulted in an automatic loss. The warriors around you erupted into cheers and applause, congratulating you on your victory.
As the adrenaline slowly faded, you couldn't help but feel a twinge of guilt. Cheating had never been your style, but you had been so desperate to win that you had resorted to it. You made a mental note to apologize to Neteyam later, but for now, you basked in the glory of your victory.
As the cheers from the other warriors subsided, you felt a sudden tug on your wrist, and before you could even react, Neteyam had pulled you a few feet away from the rest of the group. His eyes blazed with anger, but there was something else there, too. You couldn’t figure out what it was though.
“That’s the only way you can beat me huh? By fucking cheating?” Neteyam questioned angrily as he got in your face, trying to intimidate you.
You could feel your pulse racing as you stood your ground, refusing to back down. “Actually every other time I’ve beat you it’s been pretty fair.” You retaliated pushing him away from you. 
"I swear to Ewya-" Neteyam began, taking another step towards you. This time, though, he seemed to hesitate, as if he were battling some inner demon. You could see the muscles in his jaw working as he struggled to keep his anger in check.
As Neteyam took another step toward you, Ta'lok stepped in between the two of you, trying to calm the situation down. "Hey, hey, break it up you two," he said, his hands up in a gesture of peace.
Neteyam turned to Ta'lok, his face twisted in anger. "Stay out of this, Ta'lok," he growled. "This has nothing to do with you."
Ta'lok held his ground, not backing down. "I'm just trying to stop you from doing something you'll regret," he said, his tone firm but calm.
Neteyam's eyes narrowed, and he stepped forward, his chest puffed out. "Don't tell me what to do, Ta'lok," he spat. "And don't you dare defend her. She cheated, and you know it."
"Don't be upset that she's better than you," Ta'lok said, a hint of a smile on his lips. "It's not her fault you can't keep up."
Neteyam's face contorted in rage, and before anyone could react, he swung his fist at Ta'lok's face, connecting with a sickening thud. Ta'lok stumbled back, his hand flying to his nose as blood poured out between his fingers. He hissed at Neteyam before regaining his stance and clocking Neteyam right in the face, splitting his lip open. 
The other young warriors had been watching the altercation with growing unease, but at the sight of the two drawing blood, they rushed forward to break up the fight. You stepped back, feeling a pang of guilt at the role you had played in the chaos.
Neteyam stood there, panting with anger, his eyes blazing with fury as he glared at Ta'lok with several warriors holding him back by the arms. "You're not better than me," he growled. "And neither is she."
With a firm grip on Neteyam's arm, you led him back to the village. He resisted at first, trying to break away from you, but you were resolute in your determination to confront him about his behavior. When you arrived at your hut, you pushed him inside and closed the door behind you.
"What the hell is wrong with you?" you demanded, the anger in your voice palpable as you pushed Neteyam into a chair. 
Neteyam glared at you, his eyes blazing with fury. "What the hell is wrong with me? You cheated and embarrassed me in front of everybody!" he shouted back, speaking with his hands as he emphasized his anger. 
You sighed and turned away for a moment, knowing he had a point. "I shouldn't have done that. I get it. But you embarrassed yourself by punching Ta'lok. Why did you do that, Neteyam? You were completely out of control.” 
Neteyam scoffed, his scowl deepening. "Oh, don't try to psychoanalyze me, Y/N. You think it's because of you, don't you? Did you ever think for a moment that maybe I just don't like the guy? Or are you so confident in yourself that you think I'm jealous?"
Neteyam was completely lying to himself and you yet again. He absolutely hated Ta’lok. Not because of who he was but because of Ta’lok’s recent advances towards you. Neteyam could not fathom someone trying to take up all of your time. That was his job. Neteyam had never been more miserable than the week that you two were separated and the thought that you may have been spending time with Ta’lok made him nauseous. 
Your heart sank as you cringed at Neteyam’s harsh words. You knew you deserved every bit of it this time, because you had cheated. As you locked eyes with him, trying to think of a response, your attention was drawn to the blood trickling down from his lip to his chin. It was a stark reminder of the physical altercation that had just occurred.
Neteyam noticed your gaze lingering on his lips and furrowed his brow. “What are you looking at?” he asked, running a hand over his mouth. As soon as he pulled his hand away, it was covered in blood. “Oh.”
Without hesitation, you rushed to get a cloth and ran it under warm water before pulling up a chair and sitting across from Neteyam. You both hesitantly looked at each other, and you held the cloth up, silently asking for permission to tend to his wounds. Neteyam looked at you reluctantly before giving you space between his legs to scoot in and tend to his wound.
It was an interesting scene. Anyone who would’ve walked in might have thought the two of you were doing something else. With Neteyam’s legs spread out and you sitting carefully in between them, inches away from his face, you couldn’t help but feel nervous. Your fingers trembled slightly as you brought the damp cloth to Neteyam's split lip, trying to be as gentle as possible. You leaned in closer, your breath mingling with his as you touched the cloth to his skin. The moment it made contact, he winced in pain and pulled away, causing your hand to slip and your fingers to brush against his chin.
As you placed a hand on his shoulder to get him to relax, you couldn't help but feel a rush of conflicting emotions. Part of you was nervous and unsure, while another part of you was drawn to the intense chemistry that existed between you and Neteyam. It was a dangerous game to play, but you couldn't help but feel captivated by the magnetic pull that brought the two of you together.The  air was charged with a strange tension that you couldn't quite place. You couldn't help but notice the way his muscular thighs flexed slightly as he shifted his weight, and the way his deep breathing made the small hairs on your neck stand up. 
Neteyam couldn't help but notice how gentle you were being with him, despite his harsh words just moments ago. He felt his body relax under your touch, his muscles slowly unclenching as you dabbed the cloth on his wound with tender care. He knew he didn't deserve it, but he couldn't help but feel a sense of gratitude towards you.
The atmosphere in the hut was heavy, the air thick with unspoken words and raw emotions. You could feel Neteyam's eyes boring into you, but you avoided his gaze, focusing instead on his wound. You didn't know what to say, or how to ease the tension between you two. 
Neteyam finally broke the silence, which you were grateful for. Yet you were taken aback by his question. 
"Why do we always do this?" Neteyam asked, still keeping his gaze on you.
"Do what?" you asked, still not understanding.
"Argue like this, over stupid things. We've been doing it since we were kids," Neteyam explained.
You couldn't help but give a small smile at the memory. It was true, even as children the two of you had always been competitive and argumentative, but despite the constant fighting, you two always ended up playing together afterwards.
“I don't know, maybe it's just our way of communicating," you said with a shrug.
-One particular memory stood out in your mind. You and Neteyam were about nine years older at the time. The two of you were arguing over who could climb the tallest tree in the forest. You had both been trying for weeks to climb this tree, and neither of you had been successful. One of you would make it halfway up and then lose your balance, resulting in the other trying to catch you on the way down. You were both determined to be the first to reach the top.
The argument had started out innocently enough, with each of you trying to prove that you were stronger and more capable than the other. But it quickly escalated into a full-blown fight, with both of you pushing and shoving each other, trying to get the upper hand.
Eventually, Neteyam had managed to knock you down, and you had landed hard on the ground, the wind knocked out of you. You had been furious, but before you could retaliate, Neteyam had extended his hand to help you up.
At first, you had been hesitant to take his hand, but something in his expression had softened, and you realized that he wasn't trying to hurt you. He just wanted to win, like you did. So, you had taken his hand, and he had helped you to your feet.
The two of you had looked at each other for a moment, both of you still angry but also realizing how ridiculous the argument was. And then, without a word, you had both had the idea to climb the tree together, side by side.
It had been a silent competition, each of you pushing yourselves to climb higher and higher. When one of you began to slip, the other extended their hand in order to provide support. The two of you worked together to complete what had originally seemed impossible. As you both climbed, the tension between you had dissipated, and by the time you had reached the top, you were both laughing and out of breath.
"Do you remember that day in the forest when we climbed the tree together?" you asked, trying to lighten the mood between you and Neteyam as you continued to tend to his wound. 
Neteyam's expression didn't soften immediately. He stared at you for a moment, his eyes narrowing slightly before finally relenting with a huff. "Of course I do," he said, his voice gruff.
"We were both trying to climb the tree, got into a fight, and then ended up climbing it together,” you recalled with a small smile, hoping to bring back fond memories.
Neteyam grunted in response, but a small twitch appeared at the corner of his mouth. "And then we got stuck up there, didn't we?" he continued, his voice laced with a hint of amusement. "We had the great idea to help each other get up there but didn't think about how we would get down."
You couldn't help but laugh at the memory, tears brimming in your eyes. Neteyam stared at you for a moment, his expression unreadable. He finds himself drawn to the sound of your laughter. He realizes that he wants to hear it more, and that thought both excites and terrifies him. He notices the way your nose scrunches up when you let out a particularly loud chuckle, and the way your eyes light up with joy. As your laughter continued, he finally cracked a smile, the first genuine one you had seen from him in a while.
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eitaababe · 20 hours
— chapter 20. not him.
a/n — it's a fun one buckle up lads
series masterlist. | previous / next
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written portion below. —
you were pretty sure you were on the brink of insanity.
knowing the conversation that awaited with the male sitting just across the classroom from you made you jitter in your seat, kiri having to calm you down and force you to focus every ten minutes or so.
from the looks on his face, you were almost positive ao'nung knew what was to come, and you hated yourself for it. he was perfect on paper, and always someone you could rely on.
so how could you have it in you to break his heart?
because someway, somehow, neteyam made you feel complete. you couldn't imagine yourself without him, even if you both had your faults. you pushed the guilt aside for just a moment, letting yourself forget what you had to do.
until your professor wrapped up the lecture.
you glanced over at ao'nung, the two of you sharing a nod, and with an exhale, grabbed your things and headed towards the door, waiting for students to file out.
you picked your head up to match the familiar voice, sending a smile that didn't quite reach your eyes.
"you wanted to talk?"
"i'm sorry," you started out, and ao'nung nodded, and you assumed he already knew. "i'm so sorry— i didn't- eywa i didn't mean for any of it to go this way. i just can't-"
"you can't control how you feel, i get it," he kissed his teeth, looking down at his shoe laces. "it's always been neteyam for you. part of me always knew that. i was just kinda hoping i was wrong. and i know i was out of line when i tried to keep it from you, i should've never done that."
"i shouldn't have blown up on you," you sympathized, heart squeezing when you noticed the soft glaze in his eyes. "but i meant everything i said, when i was with you. i meant everything, and if i could've changed anything to not rope you into this mess i swear i would. i just don't want you to hate me." you finished quietly, hoping he would meet your eye.
"i could never hate you," he smiled sadly, "but i'm gonna be honest— i'm hurt. and i can't talk to you knowing we'll only ever be friends."
you nodded in disappointment, knowing he was right. "i get it," you bit the inside of your cheek, unsure of what to say. "if it means anything— i'm sorry. again. and i'm here if you ever need to reach out and need somebody."
"thank you," he shot a grateful look your way, bringing you into an embrace. "and it means everything, y/n." he held you for a moment probably too long, shutting his eyes and pretending that maybe, for just a moment, you were his.
"i'll see you around?" you spoke, squeezing his hand reassuringly when he nodded.
you turned away, walking further and further away from ao'nung, missing the way he stood still, missing your warm embrace.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
─── neteyam !
it had been about a week since neteyam's met up with you, and he swear he's going to lose his mind if he has to wait any longer.
and yes, he knows, it was originally his idea to wait and give you time before getting back into another relationship with him, but he's really starting to think how much he took holding you for granted. it didn't help you were busy the past few days, out applying for some jobs, so you two didn't have your daily breakfast trips together.
so he opted for a cup of coffee on his day off, figuring he could get ahead on some of his work rather than procrastinating (probably with you) later on.
with a hot cup of coffee on his left and a notebook on his right, alongside with a computer screen in front of him, neteyam was finally able to buckle down, feeling contempt for the first time in the past few days.
it didn't last for long, when a familiar blonde caught his eye.
attempting to avert his gaze, neteyam practically buried his head in the computer, forcing himself to focus on the task at hand and somehow avoid violet all at once. the plan wasn't foolproof, clearly, as she spotted him almost immediately and invited herself over where she clearly wasn't welcome.
he winced at the sound of his nickname, it felt almost forbidden not falling from your lips, and your lips only.
"hey, violet."
"i've been texting you, have you been getting them?"
"can't say i have." he lied, not wanting to have another cafe fiasco with the girl.
"that's so weird," she huffed, taking out her phone. "maybe i could just get your number then? so that we don't have any more cross ups."
"violet, look—"
"neteyam," she cut him off, sitting across the table from him and grasping his hands, missing the way he went stiff at her touch. "i know things might have been a little rocky lately, but all couples go through things like this and..."
whatever violet was going on about was lost on him, and time seemed to pause when he saw you, walking through the cafe. you looked like an angel, the sunlight kissing your face and highlighting your features, a smiling gracing you as well.
a smile that quickly faded at the sight of him.
Tumblr media
— y/n and lo'ak are planning to apply as baristas at the cafe so when they saw neteyam's post they were going to surprise him there
— violet's starting to suspect neteyam and y/n have something going on so she went to the cafe to talk to neteyam about what they were
— lo'ak saw what was happening inside the cafe and tried to stall y/n before she could walk in the cafe
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Tumblr media
for all intents and purposes, they’re twins
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Lyle holding Miles’ tities   >:з
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Kiss kiss xoxo
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I cant stop someone send help.
Anyways part 5 for the whole Blue Spirit x Unknown Kyoshi Warrior ft, Zuko being an angsty weirdo
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
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Bsf Jake can actually just bend me over a table and fuck me into oblivion and ik damn well he'd try to act all tough and shit but he'd be just as fucked out cuz like it or not Jake is a bimbo slut 🤷‍♀️
🔞minors, do not interact🔞
“This is what you wanted, right babygirl?” Jake grunted, using the back of your neck to thrust into you with much force.
“mmm yesss!” You whined, nodding your head in delirium. You grinned wildly, looking back at his focused demeanor; focused on the way your ass slapped against his pelvis, focused on the squelching sounds of each thrust. It had him just as fucked out as you.
“Such a little slut for me, aren’t you?” He groaned, looking into your lustful eyes. You reached back, grabbing for his arm, and in turn, he grabbed BOTH of your arms, using them as leverage to rut into you with no remorse.
“d-daddy, can y-“ you whimpered, being cut off by jakes confirmation.
“Yes baby girl, you want me to cum In this pretty pussy, huh?” He asked, slowing down his pace, rolling his hips into yours. You gasped loudly, feeling his cock twitch against your aching sweetspot.
“Fuck yes!” You screamed, legs starting to shake underneath him. He threw his head back, feeling your walls flutter around his throbbing cock. You deemed this the perfect opportunity to take it for yourself, as you met his thrusts halfway. His eyes screw shut followed by a series of muttered curses.
“Does i-It feel good for you too, daddy?” You whined, turning your head to see Jake in pure bliss, experiencing an overwhelming amount of pleasure.
“Ha- ah! You feel fucking amazing princess! I’m gonna cum so deep inside this tight little pussy of yours, mm? Is that what you want?” He grunted, biting his lip before smacking your ass.
“Mhmm!” You cried, nodding your head frantically. “Same time, babygirl!” He grunted before kissing your back, trailing his hands down to your hips, gripping them tightly. He felt his high approaching quickly, becoming a moaning mess as his thrusts became sloppy.
“daddy, I-im-“ and just like that, you came undone on him. Your walls fluttering around his cock as your juices flew down your leg. “Such a good girl, I’m right behind you princess!” He moaned, throwing his head back as he coated your walls with his seed. He bent down to your ear, tugging on it to suppress his moans.
“s-sooo good princess!” He muffled, bear hugging your waist as he pumped into you slowly, riding out his high.
“Mmm I-I love you, daddy!” you spoke breathily, meeting his slow thrusts each time. He grabbed you neck from behind, pulling your face upward to meet his. You two indulged in a passionate kiss, tongues fighting for dominance. He pulled away swiftly, a line of spit still connecting your mouths together.
“I love you too, Princess.”
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