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Nature is beautiful
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first post in 52 years….
also ppl seemed to like this so here u go
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Manjiro Sano
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   ∿   ﹒   ☆  .  💋   ♫
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∿  ﹒ ⌑   @tookio ↷   . 🍷
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Legit my reaction.
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Guys I made something
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Boys turn for ministry-mission 😝😌
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So is no one gonna talk about this….?
(I won’t be surprised if Welcome Homes was kinda based off of Dhmis)
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"𝑡𝑤𝑜 𝑝𝑒𝑜𝑝𝑙𝑒 𝑜𝑛𝑒 ℎ𝑒𝑎𝑟𝑡.."
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Swapped their normal facial reaction
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Albedo, Itto, Ayato y Alhaitham
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How I Manifested Dunkin Donuts :P
this was awhile ago but whatever. so i was really craving donuts from dunkin but i KNEW my mom was gonna say no. so i decided to manifest some. i visualized a scene that implied i got donuts, and then i commanded my subconsious. thennn what do you know? my mom took me and my cousin to dunkin. i didnt end up getting donuts cuz i changed my mind but instead i got a bagel and hot chocolate! so yeah thats my lil success story :)
ALSO if it wasnt obvious i let go of the thought and i knew it would happen so yeah!
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About y/n and who ever you choose are best friends,you got to a party at some other friends place and y/n has a boyfriend then you or that person gets drunk or whatever and you guys you know🐈
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A/N: my bestie and her sexy brain posted the suggestion and now im doing it.
summary: you and jimin go to jks bday party alone and walk out with his baby in you...
Rere was playing; space between from descendants 2
Tumblr media
warnings: drinking, smoking, cheating, unprotected se!x, degrading, slapping, belly bulge, semi public sex, toxic relationship, oral sex.
Tumblr media
"Happy birthday googie!" you exclaim as you enter the front door of his house and give his a giant hug and kiss on his cheek. "Happy birthday bro" Jase said with a low tone as he handed the gift to Jungkook and walked in right behind you. Jase was your boyfriend who was so insecure, you knew he was gonna fucking rip your head off for giving Jungkook a kiss and hug.
"Wtf y/n, you should go just fuck him for his birthday gift if you wanna kiss him so damn bad." Jase said as he plopped down on the couch and rolled his eyes. Jase was always mad about the way you and jungkook were, it was most likely because you guys had a better relationship than what you and him had. We cant forget the way he almost killed you because Jimin grabbed your ass. "jase be so serious right now." you sigh as you rub your head. "No y/n im fucking outta here go fine sombody else to fuck you whore.
You didnt give not one fuck if he left it was your besties birthday party fuck that hoe but his words swirling your brain making you re-think if you were a bad girlfriend and not loyal. Beer taking over your body as you see your best friend jimin park walk through the doors. Running up to him as he heads to the kitchen. "JIMINNNN!!!" you yell out as you squeeze his waist with your arms. "Hey, bunny" Jimin says as he rubs your head.
The music catches your attention and so dose jimin. You knew jimin was always the type to dance anywhere and you were too. Taking your boyfriends words in consideration you would fine somebody else to fuck. Mia by bad bunny and drake blaring on the speakers, you knew you could throw some ass to this song.
Pulling jimin to the living room and you whine your hips on jimins crotch to the beat of bad bunny's verse. Jimin picking up the rhythm and whining against your ass in the short black dress that highlighted your back and boobs. The tequlia seeping in your brain as you grind against his dick causing him to pause and his boner to grow on your clothed ass.
Jimin pushed you on jungkooks bed as he climbed on top of you. Jimins soft pink lips jumping on yours, his tongue swirling round your mouth as you swapped spit with him. Veiny hands traveling up your black dress to caress your waist while his other hand grabbed at your boob. "Im gonna make you regret doing that to me on that dance floor" He groaned out before he moved his mouth to your neck and his hand hand moved down to remove your thong.
Jimins head in between your plush thighs as he kissed and sucked the soft parts near your pussy making your legs squeeze shut on his head. "Dont get shy now bunny." His raspy voice moaned out in your thigh making you drip on him. His soft tongue wiping up all the juice you were dripping. Tongue swirling around your clit and up and down your walls as if he was hungry kid slurping up melted ice cream. Hes never thought you would taste so good, he has thought of eating you out but fuck you were truly something else.
His tongue making your brain bounce off the rails, he felt like heaven on earth. "Jim-jiminie, m'gonna c-cummm." You cry out making his ego grow and causing him to shove his tongue in your hole without warning. "mhhhhhh fuuuuukkkk d-addy" A whine escapes your lips as you squirt all on his face. Legs shaking uncontrollably as he removes his head from in between your legs.
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ ❀ ˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ ❀
"Good girl" jimin groaned as he sat up off the bed and pulled you down to reach his crotch area. "You gonna take my dick like a good little slut?" Jimin asked in a pouty voice mocking you. Nodding because you were too fucked out to speak to him right now. "use your words slut" He gritted through his teeth. "Yess daddy please fuck me with your fat cock" You cried out with a high pitched voice.
He pulled his pants down with his boxers and his giant cock sprung up and hit his belly button. He slid his tip only past your entrance and lord you were already full, it felt like 4 fingers were ripping you apart. "da-daddy please" you whined out loudly. He was aware of how big his cock was but he didnt give 2 fucks as he slid more of his length into you. "j-jiminie pleaseeee, tooo m-muchh" you tried to speak and push him out of you but his strong hand griped your arms as his other hand smacked your ass leaving a yelp to fly out your mouth.
"Dont do that to daddy ever again, now ill give you something to cry about." Jimin gritted through his teeth as he slammed his whole dick into you without warning. "FUCKKK!" you yelled out with tears streaming down your face. He starts moving in and out at an fast pace causing more stinging and less pleasure on your end.
₊˚ʚ ᗢ₊˚✧ ゚₊˚ʚ ᗢ₊˚✧ ゚₊˚ʚ ᗢ₊˚✧ ゚
His hand moving to rub circles on your clit to ease the pain in your hole. Your body contorting and twitching at each thrust of his big cock. "Stay still if you want daddys cock" He groaned as he grasped your legs and held them open and up in the air as his cock went even deeper than before "m'gonna cum d-daddy" You cry out as you clench his dick causing him to moan. "Keep doing that shit im gonna get you pregnant baby" He whined out as he spread your legs out even farther.
"DAdDDy!" you squeal out as you squirt all over his stomach and chest. "Im gonna fill you up with my kids y-y/n." He groans as he shoots his seed into your pussy.
"I love you" Jimin groaned as he pulled his dick out of your cunt that was leaking his sperm
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