#doing 7 characters is no joke lmao this is why i have a max but can you see my obvious bias for chiaki showing hnff
pinkthick · 5 months
Tumblr media
You can choose from down below any prompt/prompts you want with the following characters:
✩ Stephen Strange
✩ Defender Strange
✩ Sinister Strange
✩ Doctor Strange Supreme(What if?)
✩ Supreme Strange
✩ Monster(from vampires to werewolves lmao) Stephen Strange
✩ Sherlock Holmes
The fanfictions won’t be really long (1500 max ig?) and they would probably be Fem!Reader (I could try with gn!reader too). Choose a sentence/sentences from down below and you can give your own ideas too.
I will be going on a trip so they probably won’t be posted this week(bear with me please).🙏
✩ Angst
1. ”Is everything a joke to you?"
2. "It's my fault, I didn't listen to everyone saying this would be a mistake!"
3. "Why does everything have to be a struggle with you?"
4. "I can't believe you sometimes!"
5. “Great. Really great, this is just perfect.”
6. "Why can't you just let it go?"
7. "That is the dumbest excuse I have ever heard!"
8. "Maybe you should just leave now."
9. "Oh yes, you're so great.”
10. "I really don't understand what's going on with you sometimes!"
11. "I will leave now, or I'm going to say things I will regret later.”
12. "Have you never actually thought about how I would feel about this?"
13. "Maybe this is it, because I can't do this anymore!"
14. "Don't you dare just walk away right now!”
15. "This wouldn't even be a problem, if you wouldn't make one out of it."
16. "How does that make it okay?"
17. "Do you even listen to yourself?"
18. "I'm glad I finally get to see who you really are.”
19. "Hey, hey, it's okay. Breathe."
✩ Fluff
1. "I thought you left" "Nope, just making pancakes"
2. "I never want to let you go.”
3. "I can't believe you remembered that" "I remember everything about you"
4. "I'm so proud of you"
5. "Did you just call me sweetheart?"
6. "Take my affection before I choke you with it"
7. "Is it okay if I fall asleep here?"
8. "I can keep you company till you fall asleep"
9. "I can't imagine my life without you"
10. "You complete me"
11. "I'm counting down the days until I see you"
12. "I love your apartment" "Our apartment"
13. "Sorry for borrowing your clothes" "Dont be. You look great in them"
14. "One more kiss?"
15. "I'm so glad I met you"
16. "Can I try some of your food?" "Of course. Open wide"
17. "Thanks for believing in me"
✩ Horror(?)
1. "I want to know how you'll taste between my teeth."
2. "I can never get enough of you. I'll drink you down to the last sip."
3. "You look delicious. I won't stop until I've eaten every bite.”
4. “I'm going to engrave myself into your very being.”
5. "We won't stop until you're so covered in my scent, no one will dare touch you again.”
6. "Don't play with fire if you don't want to burn.”
7. "Don't complain now you did this to yourself.”
8. "You reap what you sow."
9. “This hurts me more than it hurts you.”
10. "Why are you acting like you don't know me?”
11. "Why are you running? I did this for you!"
12. “You don't need a job, baby. Your job is being mine.”
13. "You're better off without them anyway.”
14. “I removed the problem. You should be thanking me.”
15. “I would never hurt you. You know that, right?”
16. "Why are you scared?”
17. "You're the only reason worth living for.”
18. "Why would you want to leave? I'm keeping you here for your own good!”
19. "There's nothing left for you but me. Everyone else is gone."
20. "No one will ever find you here."
21. “If his filthy hands touch you again I'll kill him.”
22. "Shouldn't you be spending more time with me?”
23. "I can't control how I react when your eyes wander.”
24. “The truth would have just hurt you.”
25. "I'm not lying - I bent the truth a little to protect you."
26. "Don't you believe me?”
27. "I've done everything for you and this is how you repay me?”
28. "I can't eat, I can't sleep. You're all I can think about.”
29. "To my dying breath, I'll never let you go."
30. "I'll follow you to the ends of the earth. No matter where you run, I'll catch you.”
31. "Did you really think I wouldn't find you?”
Credits for the prompts @diety-prompts, @writeformesinpie and @creativepromptsforwriting
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fourangers · 3 years
Hi Fourangers,
First of all, I love your blog so much. It's like going through a history back when Naruto Manga chapters were released weekly and your reviews were so Golden, Hilarious and spot-on. Am a new fan though (especially an SNS fan), I just got into this fandom only this year. I don't know if you'll answer my ask, but I just wanted to try and ask you few questions and I pray that you might answer me....
1. Since you've written in a post that you were active in the eastern part of the fandom, How was chapter 698 received in Japan? Because this is the chapter I inherently realized they both love each other. Yeah, I was too late but somehow whenever they interact with each other in previous chapters I always find them to be 'Weird' for just to be friends. Chapter 698 is just blatantly obvious that they love each other. Considering Homophobia and Shounen genre, I have no idea how it was perceived over there back then in 2014.
2. Which scene made you to ship SNS?
3. As an SNS'er how do you feel about the ending, where everyone was married off when they were just 19 just to make some shitty sequel??? As a new fan, I felt betrayed and It would've been perfect if they had stopped at chapter 699, leaving an open ending.
4. How do you face with the accusation about Naruto and Sasuke as brothers and we, SNS'ers are Incest shippers??? I don't care about that Indra and Ashura thing. But Naruto himself told he considers Sasuke as his Brother couple of times. And in Chapter 699, Sasuke acknowledged, 'He finally understood what it meant'.... It's the only thing that confuses me and I don't even have an answer!!! Plus, Kishi himself gave an interview that he based Sasuke on his Brother... I really wonder how he gave such an interview when he literally made them wear necklaces with each other's faces.
5. How was Naruto and Sasuke's sexuality perceived in the fandom back then??? Man!! Kishimoto just made lot of comic reliefs on their sexuality by making Sasuke on Sai jutsu, Naruto not interested in Icha Icha but making Reverse Harem no Jutsu, Naruto was angry when Konohamaru made Boy on Boy jutsu whereas he had no problem with him doing it. LOL. And all those homoerotic posters. What do you think about their sexuality, personally??
6. Why did Kishi had to develop their bond as Soulmates with some unintentional or intentional romantic undertones, if he was eventually going to pair them up with girls??? He easily could've gave many such romantic tropes to other girls and keep the bond between N and S as purely friendship or brothers. It still would've made sense.
7. Final one, Was Naruto really Nosebleeding when Kurama made a joke about Sasuke's kiss in Chapter 572???? We had a lot of heated discussion with other shippers where they claim that it was just a splotch of snot.
Sorry for the lengthy ask....... I am so eager to know your answers and I don't want to spam your ask box by sending multiple asks.
Thanks 😊😊😊
Hey yo! Welcome new SNS fan! I'm so glad that you joined us and I'll try to answer as best as I can. I'm not very active here on tumblr (except browsing lol) but your ask was such a delight to read.
1. I honestly don't remember. I think I didn't follow the japanese boards until the eventual 699-700 disaster. People were craving for reactions and I was curious about it too lol. And well...it's been years, I doubt I'll be able to find the reactions from that time. Imo, most readers don't care much about pairings, they just wanted to read about power-ups and abilities and the basic Naruto Vs Sasuke. Though there are some backhanded jokes about how gay Naruto is for Sasuke.
2. Hah. It's going to be very anti-climatic but it was when Naruto and Sakura were eating in Ichiraku Ramen. Naruto just used Rasenshuriken against Kakuzu and he busted his arm. Sakura was healing his arm and her attention was focused on Naruto. I used to be a NaruSaku shipper so I thought "Oh hey! This is the moment that Naruto would have a candid romantic moment!" But nope. He talked about Sasuke. And I was already getting suspicious about Sasuke's feelings towards Naruto ya know? And the whole "SASUKE IS MIINEEEEEE" in Orochimaru's lair. It was that moment I thought "you only have Sasuke in your head don't you, Naruto?" and started shipping SNS.
3. Hooo boy was I surprised when it was suddenly revealed that they had the basic heteronormative, boring marriage with bunch of clones of themselves. Everyone thought that it was almost like a bad fanfiction come true and some thought that it was fake. It was a pandemonium lolololol. I also thought that it was too lame to be true and lo and behold, when it came true I was floored. And then whenever Kishimoto threw new material, I got insanely pissed off because S*arada and B*ruto becoming pairing material is ok because they are a girl and a boy, and then they paralleled with Naruto and Sasuke which are only FRIENDS because they are both men. ARGH. Open ending was what Kishimoto planned from the very beginning but wrote a sequel to earn more money.
In that aspect, I made peace with it because of the whole anime/manga industry. I learned that, as a mangaka, you don't earn a lot of money with selling books, but rather with merchandise and profiting with sales right. And that guy have a family to raise, have two kids (which is hilarious about how B*ruto movie is his self-insert story), he needs a steady income. Also, I read reports about how anime studios are so poor and animators don't receive a decent income not to mention they are overstaffed and tired, and B*ruto is a good money cow for them to earn money so they can invest later on other anime they have more passion about it. So even though I hate this story with a strength of thousands suns, they are putting meal on people's tables and making them pay rents. I'm ok.
4. Lemme roll my eyes because in the Last movie they said that Hinata is related to Kaguya and so is the Uzumaki and Uchiha clan so they are all related woo hoo. But in the aspect of brothers because reincarnations bla bla bla, didn't Naruto himself said that he's no longer that brother, he's himself? Hmm...I gotta re-read it. One day. Maybe. lol. But I'm sure that he said "Sasuke is not my brother but I'm sure we'll understand well as friends" so there. Honestly, there are a lot of interviews out there and a lot of them are fake, so I'd always take the interviews with a grain of salt lololol. I do know from artbooks that Kishimoto wanted to create Sasuke as a rival-esque character and that was it. As he was developing Sasuke and Naruto's relationship, since he liked the whole yin-yang concept, whenever he wrote Naruto's story, Sasuke's was developed at the same time as his shadow.
5. I can tell from Naruto Forums (I used to participate back in that day) MOST of the non-shippers thought it was gay as hell, but you know...it was a relic of that time. While they thought it was gay, they didn't put too much thought about you know? Because it was shounen, and we knew that it was a joke that it couldn't be taken seriously. Of course, in the SNS fandom, we did make more analysis and there were a lot of instance when Naruto and Sasuke's sexuality was questioned. Some other non-shippers also thought that Naruto was totes gay for Sasuke (including a IRL friend).
Imo, Naruto is definitely bisexual in my view. Sasuke I think he's asexual or gay. He's attracted to Naruto, but mostly because of his connection to him, not because of his physical attributes, so yeah...asexual. Or Pansexual. Sasuke is more complicated lmao. Imo, Naruto could be pansexual too, come to think about it. Yeah, I guess both being pansexual can be valid.
6. He developed Naruto and Sasuke being soulmates from the very beginning, that was proven in his comments in artbooks and in the manga. He probably created with the intention of making it purely platonic, going beyond physical ties. Then he shot himself on the foot by drawing Naruto thinking about Sasuke on bed, talking about how Sasuke is cool, meanwhile Sasuke waxing poetic about how Naruto saved him. What gives? Lol. Yeah, I think he got too enamored writing their relationship that he didn't have time to write romantic ones. What I noticed that Sakura's popularity never was really high, so I could see some editors putting their fingers all over it and making her less relevant. Also, Kishimoto didn't know how to handle her, so when she got her time to shine was the whole fake confession disaster. Coupled with Kishimoto sexism and, in his words (Kurenai's flashback), women are useful to spout more babies, women was never really relevant in his story, unfortunately. Even Kaguya who was technically the big bad boss, was never really fleshed out in comparison to Madara. So the null het romantic moments it's not because he wanted to elevate SNS moments, it's more about how he's incompetent about it. It's either Hinata slowly elevating to a relevant status because forced interaction (Pain's sacrifice and Neji's death) or Sakura being obligated to be pining over Sasuke because she's a girl. It's even more painful to see that, if we ignore B*ruto, both girls are shown to be just talking with their kids and dusting shelves, basically being housewives, even though thorough the story (especially Sakura) it was implied that both of them have much more potential than being their husband accessories.
7. It was a splotch of snot. I can confirm myself lol. Whenever the chapter is out and fans would scan it to scanlate it, the editor usually would amp up contrast to max. So usually the lines get much more thicker than usual, when you read the official release which gets straight from the source, you can notice how the lines are more delicate.
Oh lol...but then we also have a lot of controversy about translating style. THAT one is a whole new can of worms to open.
Man I had fun answering your questions! Please send more :P
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Fun Fact for those who don’t check my posting schedule, by the way... Lily Part Three (Finale) has been finished and will be posted this Monday!
oh my god i have a six hour meeting today so i just panic answered all of these asks because there are so many oh god, oh geez, please take them -
(btw there is a lot of info in here about the future of The Birds & The Bees, so please take a minute to read if you’re interested in providing feedback/ideas/requests for the series!)
1. (My OSDD alters in my head like: how bizarre) /half-joking
This is such a sweet comment! I do find myself switching into a completely separate mindspace based on each fic I write. That’s actually a big part of why I’ve been rejecting so many requests lately (I’m so sorry!). If I can’t find a world for it in my head, I just know it’ll be garbage.
I really do put a piece of myself in everything that I write (even if it’s my spite, lmao). Knowing that you all read it at a level where you notice stuff like that is mind boggling and extremely flattering, so thank you very much!
2. I’ve been so excited for this concept for so long, it’s so fun to finally be able to write it. Thank you for reading everything that you do and sharing your feelings with me, really. It makes my day every time. Lately I’ve been getting comments like this more often and it’s crazy how much happier I’ve been. You all make me believe in myself and hope and other sappy things, and I just can’t thank you enough for that. 
3. You’re MY absolute favorite. Thank you for sharing your comment!!! I love you!!! People like you make it a joy to share! I hope everyone who reads this can take a minute to go to another writer’s page and share the love, too!!!
4. Ahhhh you all are so nice! I’m glad you don’t hate my Spencer POV, seriously. I love writing as Spencer, since I, too, am a hopeless romantic, autistic, and in love with pretty ladies.
5. Hahah yes! He said “Aristotle? Really? Loser.” He’s such a dork.
Spencer’s feelings about that guy (who is named Kyle, btw) become very important later on. Something I always remind people to keep in mind is whose perspective we’re hearing things from. It was a purposeful decision for Spencer to interpret Max’s behavior as hostile and uncomfortable, whereas Reader recalled the conversation as being honest and relatively respectful.
Spencer is an unreliable narrator. Just remember that.
6. I’m so glad you’re interested in that aspect specifically, because it is going to be the main focus of the fic! Spencer’s never really gotten to experience true innocence (having been groomed by a pedophile at a young age, believing his father to be a murderer, being autistic, and having a mother with untreated schizophrenia). So naturally he sees the human embodiment of innocence and says “I want to destroy that, actually. I want to own it or break it and nothing in between.”
It does become more toxic as time goes on, because he refuses to address the issue directly. I think you’ll really enjoy it.
Also, your kind words are so appreciated. It’s funny you say it just flows when you read it, because that’s exactly how I feel when I write! I don’t experience an internal monologue like many people do, so when I start typing, I’m often surprised by what comes out.
7. I have not! Tell me why even reading this made me nervous, lmao. I want to one day. I’ve only met one celebrity, and it’s a band that most people have never heard of (although you’ve definitely heard his music - he’s featured heavily in Shrek).
8. So, I don’t have the whole thing planned out, but I’m thinking it’ll probably be about the same number of chapters as H2M (although they are shorter). The fic will have a lot more smut as it continues, but it will also have a lot of angst. I think when it comes to Spencer and the concept of innocence, there is a lot of territory people shy away from that I want to delve into.
Since, in the fic, Spencer has stepped away from the BAU in large part, it’ll be a kind of character exploration of how he deals with all of the scars he’s developed over the years. If you have anything you want to see, please let me know! But also note that Cat is dead in this fic, unless you all majorly convince me otherwise.
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makeste · 4 years
BnHA Chapter 262: A Fierce Bad Rabbit
Previously on BnHA: The hospital raid squad, which had two jobs consisting of (1) not letting Ujiko get away, and (2) not letting any of the Noumu break free to go ravage the countryside, impressively failed at both of these tasks (or so I assume) in a remarkably short amount of time. The EndeavorZawaMicLock squad were all occupied with having a very destructive fight in the hospital lobby, leaving my girl Miruko, Goddess of Courage and First of Her Name, to do pretty much all the heavy lifting, which, fine!! Except that Ujiko remembered that he had a bunch of High End Noumus just floating there waiting to be activated, and he was all “!!” and fucking activated them, and like five of them went after Miruko all at once and smashed her into a bunch of machinery and glass tubes, which frankly should have killed her but it didn’t because she’s a fucking boss. But now it’s just her (and Crust, who might do something too, but for now JURY’S STILL OUT) against all these guys while Ujiko speeds off to grab Tomura and abscond. So basically everything that could go wrong has already gone wrong so UH. OKAY.
Today on BnHA: Miruko kicks ass. Then she checks her watch and sees that there’s still time for her to kick more ass, so she does. Then there is still time, because this chapter is all about her kicking ass! So she kicks even more ass!! It’s great!! I have no complaints!! She decapitates a man with her thighs!! That’s a thing that really happens!! Also she loses an arm but WHO HASN’T LOST AND/OR BROKEN THEIR ARMS IN THIS SERIES, REALLY. Everyone is doing it. Somehow she manages to make it look cool because Miruko. Miruko can strangle a man with a cordless phone. She can kill two stones with one bird. Miruko makes onions cry. Death once had a near-Miruko experience. Mirukoooooooo. Anyway the chapter ends with Skeptic warning everyone at The Ol’ Villain Hotel that the heroes are coming, so basically WELCOME BACK, EVERYONE, this manga is back with a vengeance.
guys I’m gonna try to do this recap fast because I’m seeing Heroes Rising tonight at 7:30! and I’m so excited! and for those that asked, yes I do plan on doing some kind of write-up about it, though it’ll all be from memory after the fact so we’ll see how that goes. but !! I’ve waited 84 years for this ahhhhh but anyway so in the meantime let’s see what new and creative ways our heroes are finding to screw this up even more
(ETA: I did it but this thing isn’t edited for shit lol. after I get back I’ll give it a more thorough readthrough so sorry if I missed any really obvious errors! also there are probably way more exclamation points than usual which may or may not be a plus or minus.)
look at this helpful announcement
Tumblr media
High End Noumu approaching, everyone. you have been warned. just in case you somehow failed to notice?? IT’S RIGHT THERE Y’ALL LOOK OUT
Tumblr media
MORE HEROES. YOU ALL CERTAINLY TOOK YOUR FUCKING TIME, but hey welcome to the party. and none of that “I don’t see how that’s a party” sassy shit either. you all know what I’m talking about so get out there and have fun
so they’re standing there all “it’s a talking Noumu!” and YEAH. that’s what I’ve been fucking trying to tell you. thank god someone finally fucking said it out loud so that hopefully the EZML squad can finally take notice of this as well. like guys. bigger fish?! get to frying!!
so now Crust is all “there are more of them ahead, Miruko’s in danger!” which, again, thanks for finally letting everyone else in on this formerly exclusive scoop there pal. ‘preciate it
I... really do not understand Crust’s quirk at all. I’m just gonna own up to it
Tumblr media
what is this. what does “zuga” mean fx-wise. why did those scale things on his arms get so big. what are they made of. what’s happening
oh it turns out that if you scroll and read more instead of pausing for ages to ask dumb questions, the thing you were asking about might actually be explained in great detail in the very next panel
Tumblr media
but what are they made out of though. and why “Crust”?? ah well I suppose that’s a question for someone who actually cares more than I do
by the way the quality of this scan is actually really good so far, I gotta say. we’re only two pages in, true, but they either cleaned this up really nicely, or this was a much higher-quality scan than usual. either way I am appreciative!
lol this poor Noumu is shook
Tumblr media
what did I name you two weeks ago, again? Rusty?? anyways he’s doing his best you guys. gambare my dude, though actually you do need to die, so that’s too bad though
Crust is all “you pitiful living corpse!” with tears in his eyes because he’s dramatic! but jokes aside I do appreciate that he has compassion for these monsters who are all still basically innocent victims at the end of the day
does anyone else actually hear that funny-sounding anime narrator guy in your head nowadays when you read panels like this lol
Tumblr media
I can hear the voice so clearly and it’s great
only ten times the strength of a normal human, guys. that’s actually not that bad. I’m only half joking lol. because obviously your average hero is going to be much stronger than a so-called “normal” person too, yes? and I’m pretty sure Miruko has the strength of like 30 humans but I may be overestimating her just slightly but am I though
oh lol I apparently did not learn my lesson about doing commentary before I’m done reading hahaha
Tumblr media
so High Ends are on a different tier of their own above even the “high” tier. well that’s just. yeah that sounds more like the “we’re still fucked” update that I was expecting
oh wait, seriously??
Tumblr media
are you telling me that all of the High Ends were actually cultivated from villains? so maybe not completely innocent, then? is this Horikoshi’s way of trying to make us feel marginally better about the fact that the heroes are shortly henceforth going to have to exterminate these guys with great prejudice? I mean they’re still basically slaves to Ujiko’s programming now though so that sucks
also I missed this earlier but the narration here basically just confirmed that Noumu are all made from corpses. which I kind of suspected, but the still-very-much-alive Tomura would then be a glaring contradiction to that, no? or is that why he’s so special. anyway I do appreciate that we’re getting a lot of much-awaited answers in this Noumu arc, but some of this is also just raising more questions. gotta be patient I guess
speaking of Tomura, Ujiko’s back in the Tomura room, so. I assume some absconding is soon to occur
oh shit!! so there’s another panel explaining that “artificial transplant of quirks” requires surgery and then three months of stabilization time following that. sooooo I’m pretty sure this mofo just confirmed that he gave Tomura some shiny additional new quirks, so that’s nice! that’s real fucking great! I know we were all eyeing Tomura skeptically and thinking to ourselves “this is almost just right, but needs more death”
wait, what?
Tumblr media
“I was already dead anyway” meaning that he knows there’s no way out for him? and so he doesn’t have a secret way out of the lab?? ??? can that really be true?? our intrepid heroes actually did their job right and the villains had no contingency plan?? oh my god I am so terrified of letting my guard down lmao I still refuse to believe this at all
and is that Tomura who’s at 70% stabilization? that would seem to fit with the timeline we were given. holy shit is he unboxing him early fsdfkjalsdk are we about to go from “fucked” to “exorbitantly fucked”
and why am I strangely excited about it sob!!
Tumblr media
so this is how liberty dies. with a beep
also fuck you all, now it’s at 71%?! couldn’t leave it at a nice even number for us, could you? you just had to throw that extra percent in there at the last moment to fuck with us all
anyway did you all catch how fucking ripped he was there though? like boiiii whaaaaat. clearly his abs are already at 100%
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
friendly reminder that Dabi was all good and ready to throw down with both Endeavor and Hawks (who were admittedly weakened by that point) that one time a while back, but then Miruko showed up and he was all “lol nope I think the fuck not” and warped out of there. Dabi, whose quirk is so powerful that its only apparent downside is the fact that it roasts him alive as well. that Dabi took one look at Miruko and decided he likes having his spine intact and fucking vamoosed, because that is the smart fucking thing to do when this girl shows up smiling at you the way that she is smiling at these Noumu now
anyway. fucking Ujiko knew he needed at least five High Ends to even stand a chance of slowing her down, is all I’m saying. y’all better respect the FUCK out of Miruko, everyone. it’s the law
anyway. so. quirk: bunny. can smash rl gud
Tumblr media
someone needs to ask Horikoshi the fuck kind of rabbits he has been hanging out with. applied that “and more!” part pretty fucking liberally huh. WHO DID YOU SAY TRIX WERE FOR AGAIN, CHILDREN??
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
that would be our good buddy Max Rebo. so that’s definitely not an elephant trunk-like thing then. we may need a new name for you
on a side note, I never thought we’d meet another character who looks more like Katsuki than Mitsuki does, and yet every damn week Miruko is proving me wrong. goddamn she is great
lmao wait maybe that wasn’t Max at all, but Jester. because this is clearly Max over here
Tumblr media
so Girl!Noumu is a water bender, Jester can do... something weird with his hair, and Max can do anything an elephant can do if that elephant was also powered by steam. nice
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
real talk this is the scariest fucking quirk I’ve ever seen I was like what the fuck looking at her arm and then I saw him doing the twisty hand gesture and just. fuck. YOU’RE NOT CRIMSON RIOT AT ALL YOU’RE SOME PSYCHO TELEKINETIC BITCH AND I FUCKING HATE YOU!!
Tumblr media
though on the plus side, if she does lose that arm we can count on her to somehow instantly become like 50x more attractive, which I’m pretty sure might cause the very fabric of the universe to unravel but it would be worth it
Tumblr media
fucking hell guys I’m running out of exclamation points and excited things to say here. AND SHE JUST KEEPS GOING! LIKE HER MOM THE ENERGIZER BUNNY BEFORE HER
Tumblr media
lmao holy shit I can’t stop laughingggg
Tumblr media
well Crimson, at least you get to die happy. is she literally going to crush his face between her thighs. is this entire chapter just one big prank on me. if Miruko was the protagonist would this series have ended in the first chapter. trick question, the answer is it never would have started to begin with because she would have killed All for One years ago!! how much would it cost to hire Miruko to come kick away all of my problems for me
hello good afternoon everyone this is a real panel that really happened in this manga
Tumblr media
I don’t even know what to say about anything anymore
Tumblr media
we’re not even gonna make it to 300 chapters. Horikoshi held off for as long as he could, but eventually Miruko couldn’t be contained any longer and he had to unleash her and she instantly went and reckt every last fucking bad guy out there until there was nothing left. who are the kids even going to fight. nobody that’s who. go back to school kids
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Miruko also saw Horikoshi getting ready to end the chapter after 17 pages and was like “EXCUSE YOU THERE” and he backed off because he actually likes having a fucking head thank you very much
Skeptic seems to have finally cottoned on to them being in some kind of trouble. huh
Tumblr media
how does he know it was Jin who screwed up?? did he realize that Hawks betrayed them oh shit!?!
Tumblr media
AND THE CHAPTER IS ENDING. BUT I’M NOT DONE SCREAMING. AHHHHHH well anyways I’m off to watch my children kick lots of ass on the big screen. assuming I can get this posted in time with zero editing whatsoever lol I’ve got like... an hour. WE SHALL SEE!
(ETA: we did it lol just barely! this whole thing is probably a giant mess but oh well! Mirukoooooo)
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jelloopy · 4 years
Murder on The Rockport Limited Notes
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Ch 1
Robbie is a halfling who is pretty shitty but he’s good at making “potions” (Robbie is the roommate that everyone really hates but doesn’t want him to leave because he is their plug)
Taako is on the top bunk, Magnus is under Taako, Robbie is next to Taako and Merle is under Robbie
They are woken up at 3 am to report to Lucretia (3 am really?)
”Yeah it’s like Mario Mario or Luigi Mario” ~Griffin (This is so funny because this actually proves that Taako’s last name really is Taaco. Before Justin played it as a joke but this kinda derails that)
Robbie asks them for Pringles when they leave (Thus the beginning of me and the boys not remembering him by anything other than Pringles)
They arrive in their PJs (Taako is in footie pajamas and Merle’s has a flap in at the butt with a Kenny Chesney tattoo on his ass) (When the hell did Merle get that tattoo. Also, why is Lucretia in her full BoB garb right now? Was she asleep and get changed really quickly? Do her robes double as PJ’s? Did she just not go to sleep?)
Taako says he gets night terrors that’s why he’s in like a full-body Onesie/sleeping bag (That is so fricking sad if you think about his backstory later on…)
Magnus just starts changing clothing right then and there when Lucretia tells them that they don’t have time to get ready (This man really has no shame or boundaries. I imagine it was the same in the century tbh)
Leimann Kessler (half-elf man) was murdered before he was even on the train but was able to secure the Relic on the train (Personally, don’t know a lot about how trains work but this to me is kinda odd. Who knew he died? Do their bracers know when the wearer perishes? Is there like a body temp check and a pulse check in there too? We know that it can track them but… how much more can it do…)
All the relics come from a different school of magic. They were never in the hands of someone long enough to learn what they are capable of (Potentially this is a lie. We would have already known the names, schools of magic, and possibly what they could do based upon that alone. I bet Lucretia is hiding that info in her office)
The Gauntlet deals with Evocation magic (Hmmm, I can only imagine why. Maybe because Lup also worked in Evocation magic?)
Avi is manning the cannon! The whole scene with Magnus High as hell. Avi Never learned how to Wink (Avi you’re adorable I love you. Magnus. Get your shit together man.)
Taako pulls the lever too early and they change trajectory into a swamp
Leech fight! (I honest to god forgot this even happened before listening to it again. Not my fave fight)
Ch 2
Merle gets a lot of blood sucked from him by the leeches
Merle is completely submerged in the swamp and Magnus pulls his ass out (Why is it always Merle)
”Scientists have yet to agree” ~Griffin (I personally use this phrase all the time. It just makes me laugh so hard every time.)
Taako can levitate (I really wished he used this more ngl. I would also like to see some more fanart of this)
They are in Rockport! Covered in swamp shit!
Tom Beaudette! We see his house and they get hosed off then they see him at the ticket station again. (What a nice guy!)
Leimann, Diddly, and Justin Kessler (10/10 best alias’ ever)
Taako Charms Tom (It’s a nice go-to huh?)
Merle really wants to murder tom he wanted him to step in front on the train (Merle really is the one who goes straight for murder)
Ch 3
Hudson, Jess the Beheader, Graham Juicy Wizard, ANGUSSSSSSSS, and Jenkins McShittywizard (My favorite train gang!)
Travis making fun of Griffin for how he needs to sleep with 100000000 pillows (I cherish all of these out of character bits where they really just dog on one another)
Angus, my sweet summer child don’t talk to strangers. We know your grandfather’s name was long forgotten even though you’re going to visit him in Never Winter.
The boys legit think Angus is evil and Griffin yells at them bc they are being racist. (1- how are they being legit racist? You haven’t introduced anything about Angus’ race at all?) (2- Jesus he is only 10 years old my dudes)
Graham is 36 years young and is crazy obsessed with trains and his real name is Percy? He is shadowing Jenkins in hopes of learning more about working on a train
Taako from TV! (And so his legend begins!)
Ch 4
Jenkins is harnessing a limited version of teleportation magic
Angus calling the boys out on their bullshit
Taako calling Angus “pumpkin” (Literally melts my heart. I wish someone called me cute nicknames. Also, Taako hasn’t even talked to this kid that much and that name is reoccurring)
Angus has a nondescript blue book that is able to intercept messages sent through magical means (Where did this child get this book and who let him keep it? This is legit just like letting children under 13 have access to the unrestricted internet. It’s literal Hell)
The bit with Angus and “PRYING EYES AND EARS!” (uh foreshadowing my guy)
They find “Jenkins” Dead body after hearing Graham scream
Merle is able to identify a lot of things by looking at the body (It still scares me that he is technically a Physician.)
Angus pulls a small CROSSBOW OUT OF HIS SLEEVE? (Where did he get this, how did he keep it from Hudson, Why the fuck does he have it)
Angus really said “you guys run I’ll get rid of him!” and grabs Graham and runs (How strong is this child. He’s legit lifting and pulling a grown-ass man without help)
”I’m following Angus I’ll see yall in hell!” ~Taako (Yes follow the badass 10-year old please)
”I wanna tell you about the time about this time there were three ogres…”~Taako
The Foley work bit and then Griffin just snapping “The train derails and you all die” (Another out of character goof that I cherish)
”I shit and take 14 damage” ~Griffin (are you okay? How much health do you have? What’s your max HP dude?)
Taako makes the Crab monster Levitate
Magnus punched the crab monster out of the window and it got scrapped up on the side of the train
Ch 5
They follow the Crab into their sleeper car and Magnus attacks with a chair and Griffin says “I imagine because you are so skilled at carpentry that you’ve had to attack someone with a chair before so you are in fact proficient in this attack”
Jess comes in and finishes the crab off with her Soul bound ax that she can conjure at any time (This legit just means that Jenkins did not need to carry her ax to the crypt safe. She let him do it for shits n giggles. We stan)
Jess got her last name legally changed to “Beheader” and Magnus says that he got his legally changed to “The Hammer” (Really Magnus… this isnt 3rd grade stop trying to impress her. It’s that or it could be another sad reference to “Hammer and Tongs” which would mean Julia was “Tongs” D: that is so depressing and cute)
Magnus and Merle are making good progress in solving the murder
”Alright lads” “oh fuck” When Merle keeps up his disguise as Leimann Kessler (It’s so funny because his fake Leimann Kessler is just his current Argonaut Keen.)
”I cast ZONE OF TRUTH” “Jesus you’re like a zone of truth cleric” (Oh honey. This is just the beginning)
Magnus wakes Graham up with a 5% smack with his left hand and then a 6.5% smack also with his left hand (Wtf is this BNHA? Alright Deku)
Taako is an Alcoholic? (He keeps asking for a drink ...This is a bit concerning but it makes sense)
Magnus slaps Graham again with 7.2% and he popped something in Graham’s jaw and he begins screaming but Merle heals him (OKAY DEKU COOL IT MY GUY)
”I wanna be a guy... with a head!” ~” Hudson” (hehe foreshadowing)
SCUTTLE BUDDY!!!!! (A short but adorable life you have my Lil man)
Ch 6
The “fisticuffs” scene with Taako and Angus (Now this is really concerning considering his backstory. I know it’s a joke because of how many people they accidentally kill all the time but like dude… little do you know…)
Angus leading them through the mystery is so cute. But also you know its Griffin trying to get his family to really think it through and I love it. (It really makes my heart really full to hear Griffin get really excited when they figure it out slowly instead of mocking them when they guess wrong)
MERLE YES! MAGNUS YES! YOU’RE GETTING IT! YOU’RE SO CLOSE! (Teamwork makes the dream work baby!)
Magnus jumps out of the train and Griffin gets really serious and gives him the “if you fail this you will actually die” speech (This coupled with the fight scene that Magnus accidentally skipped and the fact that originally Travis did want Magnus to die so he could re-roll a rogue is so wild)
Magnus is gonna become a wrecking ball Jesus (very Magnus-core)
Hell yeah, Magnus! Knock the meat monster into Jenkins!!
Magnus gets hit for 10 points at 1hp and paries it for 10 points! (Top ten anime near-death experiences)
Jenkins threatens to kill the meat monster. Horribly misses then is thrown off the fucking train by the meat monster (Get fucked wrecked Jenkins that’s what you get for being cocky!)
Ch 7
They find the dousing rod compass that Jenkins was using and find the monocle (Pirates of the Caribbean much?)
Taako grabs The Oculus because he has escaped the thrall of a relic before
It tells him that it can make anything he can imagine (This is really interesting tbh)
The Umbrastaff eATS JENKINS WAND!!! and a Lil sigil appears on the handle of the staff that also looks like an umbrella (Lup gets fed lmao. Don’t really understand the Sigil appearing tho. It doesn’t come up any other time I don’t think so it’s cool)
Taako grabs the teleport wand thing and asks everyone to leave and he grabs a bunch of shit from the Cryptsafe pile (Very Taako-core)
They make it to the engineer’s room and Graham tries to slow the train down but he can’t
Taako wanted to open the gate to Never Winter to Phandalin but they change it to Jenkins’ garden because it needs to be a room with “one entrance” (Solid idea on Taako’s part. If it were to work no one would have been hurt)
Taako pushed Angus off the train and he looses two teeth (This man pushed a whole child off the train… ‘Ight)
Magnus dies by jumping off the train (Top ten anime death scenes)
Taako successfully opens the gate into Jenkin’s garden and the train crashes into the garden
Magnus is stabilized by Merle (Awe so the Cleric can do his job!)
Angus gives them pringles for Robbie and the compass. Taako gives Angus one of the forks from his grandfather’s set.
They go to a nearby Never Winter Clinic to get patched up
Out of character, they choose to work on voices and Griffin calls them out bc he’s been doing 8 “different” voices and Clint goes “Yeah try doing that for 40 years” get fuckin rOASTED Ditto! (Also Griffin I love you but like 3 of the voices were the exact same and 2 were so similar it wasn’t funny. Don’t get me wrong different voices aren’t my strong suit either but ya did give it your best shot so.)
We goin’ back to the moon baby!
AVI MY MAIN MAN! (I will forever and always want and need more Avi screen time)
The oculus works with illusory magic (Which is very interesting bc I know it was made by Davenport because he also worked in allusory magic but I don’t ever remember him using any magic… who knows maybe he has and I just never realized)
Lucretia thought they were gonna get it off the train before it left... woman… (You’ve known these men for how long and you thought they were gonna w h a t?)
Next: Lunar Interlude I, 
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musashi · 4 years
Obviously in the anime the characters are forever locked into never aging, but from Kanto to Alola, realistically how much time would you personally say passed? (or rather, in DTE you say Ash is fourteen but the events from Kanto to Alola still happened more or less, so how much time do you think was dedicated to the adventures in each region?)
i’m gonna be real with you, i view pokeani’s ambiguity with age/the passage of time to be a strength to play into rather than a fault i need to ‘translate’ to something realistic.
when i started writing DTE, my biggest problem was i had to make a choice: whether to set it after a specific region and make it canon-divergent, or try to make it as canon compliant as possible while still having it be something that could realistically happen in the future. obviously i couldn’t do that forever as canon would come in eventually and contradict something (and it already has) but i really didn’t want to commit to ‘okay, this for sure happens after ash is done with THIS region--’ because something about committing to that just... wasn’t appealing to me.
so in DTE it’s set “four years in the future,” and honestly this number was for one reason and one reason alone--i wanted bonnie & max to be on their own pokemon journeys, and 4 years seemed enough time to me to age them into that. thats the only reason. they had to grow up a little, so everyone else had to grow with them.
but in all honesty, while i give a lot of love and care to the timeline pre-series in DTE, when it comes to how people have aged over the course of the series i REALLY just like to stick to pokeani’s thing of not acknowledging/mentioning it or giving any weight to the fact that realistically ash probably can’t travel across 7 different countries in the span of a year. 
it might sound like a cop-out answer but i love that pokeani’s answer to “wait, how is time passing?” is “just don’t think abt it lol.” because all things considered it really doesn’t matter, and that’s also how i translate it into my own work. “dont think too much about it.” lmao
(this shaky grasp of it is also why i had delia make that joke in the chapter where ash reveals his age-- “I’m fourteen, mom.” “You’re ten! You’re ten forever!”)
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tellywoodtrash · 5 years
Sanjivani - Weeks 7 + 8
Overall Plot
Sid and Ishani are about 10 minutes away from hardcore Love. And literally every single person knows and is rooting for it (including the security guards at Sanjivani/Ishani’s apartment complex!!!!!), except the two idiots themselves. Shashank is still dealing with the fallout of the thing with Juhi and the admin issues stemming from their unresolved issues, but small mercies, his relationship with Anjali seems to be looking up. Nurse Philo's daughter Jessica has been admitted mere days before her wedding and found to have a terminal illness and it's heartbreaking as fuck.
The Medical Stuff
Lol, does Ishani's "sickness" count? She's pretty convinced that she's dying of something serious, the way she was charting her symptoms and kept getting diagnostic test after diagnostic test, so I think it should. Glad she's finally gotten a diagnosis and the prognosis looks promising! Other than that, Nandini got operated on successfully by the Shashank-Juhi team, and the only active case we have is Jessica's Stage IV cancer. But I think that's going to focus more on the emotional side of things (getting her the dream wedding she wants), since it's at such an advanced stage that it wouldn't respond to treatment anyway.
The Acting
Thank the lord above, they have started giving Surbhi comedy to do, which is where she really shines as an actor. Namit is most excellent at heart eyes, and his crying has improved from the first few weeks; dialogue delivery still needs to be more polished though. Jason and Kunal are being used effectively by giving them hilarious, snarky scenes while they drill some sense into Ishani/Sid. Robin is still pretty much in the background other than to pop up and deliver the occasional wisecrack. Very sad to see Rashmi go, she'd really won my heart as Asha. The seniors got to ease up on the angsty scenes these weeks and I'm grateful for that; it's nice to see them loosen up a bit and smile and joke around. Special mention to Vedika Bhandari as Jessica, who's just ridiculously adorable and sooooooo likable, that I already am having trouble at the thought of letting her character go.
The Characters
Sid: MY DUDES, I DID NOT EXPECT TO FALL THIS HARD FOR SIDDHANT FUCKING MATHUR, BUT WELP, HERE WE ARE. I honestly cannot believe that this boy exists on Tellywood. Where to even start with him in these two weeks? How much younger than his years he seems when he was imploring his mom to stay to meet Shashank; his heart eyes when he wakes up to see Ishani first thing next morning (after waiting to see her the whole night!!!); his bashfulness at all the love he's getting from the whole hospital staff; his good-natured humoring of Ishani's weird behaviour... He's just so unassuming and Soft. I can't really recall seeing this lovable a male lead in tellywood in forever (all I can think of is Hussain K. characters in the early 2000s, in Krishna Arjun and Kumkum and all.) But by no means is Sid a pushover who tolerates any kind of BS. He rightfully rips Rishabh to shreds when he tries to discredit his relationship with Ishani, and understandably calls Ishani out on her nonsense when she's evading her duties, but in a decent way. There is some against-the-wall-caging (because Tellywood), but in a non-threatening manner; he maintains an appropriate distance, does not touch her, and while he does talk in a raised voice due to frustration, never does it veer into yelling that feels dangerous, and he repeatedly asks her if he said or did anything that's making her uncomfortable to be around him. I found it a little strange that he was so vehemently in denial of his feelings for Ishani in last week's episodes, because he seemed to readily accept after his conversation with Guddu Mama (“Halwa banaa ke leke jaaoon? Usko achcha lagega?" with the most hopeful smile; calling Ishani a "bohut hi pyaari si princess" to her face and specifying that he specifically made the halwa for her "pyaaaaar se", being open to the idea of marrying Ishani when Nurse Philo/Jessica jokingly suggest it....) but I guess it would be pretty incongruous for him to instantly fall hard for Ishani AND recognize it, with his past as a "player". So I like that they brought in one of his flings to contrast how different his feelings for Ishani are compared to the other girls he's dated; and subsequently how he's processing his many emotions about the situation. Most of all, I love that his feelings for Ishani don't hamper him from doing his job right; instead they just make him more sensitive to understanding her and making her feel good in any capacity that he can. He came all the way over to her house to apologize for making her cry, AND MADE HER PARATHAS!!!!!!! He slept over, but respectfully all scooched up on her tiny couch! What a goddamn Good Boi. Also, him crying over Jessica's diagnosis? Heart-fucking-breaking. We should all be so lucky to find a doctor who cares about his patients THIS much.
Ishani (or lol as Guddu Mama calls her, "Pareshaani"): I really was expecting the absolute worst with this "Ishani has Loveria" track. And it did not start out well; almost 3 whole episodes were just her puerile lovesick imagination waale music videos and that goddamn CGI titli and I was just like jfc whyyyyyyyyyy. BUT THEN!!!!!!! They finally started showing us the funny side of Ishani, and it's succeeded in making the character lovably kooky, instead of just unpleasant to be around. Her panic attack in the bathroom where she legit thinks she's having a stroke and tries to literally shake off the crush, making all the first year residents repeatedly do ECGs on her, her awkwardness around Sid, the rant where she bemoans falling in love with Sid of all people, her child-like crying to Asha when Sid finally gives her a dressing down for acting idiotic ("Mujhe ITNA daanta! ITNAAAA! Aur unprofessional bhi bola! *violently stabbing finger in the air* UNPROFESSIONAL!!!!!!!!"); all of it was just hilarious as fuck. We're finally seeing the endearing side of Ishani's addled personality. I'm also very glad she got the much-required wakeup call from Sid/Asha, that she's being very unprofessional by running away from her duties, and hopefully from here on, she'll be learn to focus on her job, even with Sid's distracting presence. She's also made quite a bit of progress when it comes to her germophobia; but realistically: it's only with Sid (and Asha) - the two people she's really close to; she's still seen being touch-averse with the rest, but slowly getting better; letting children touch her, offering to shake hands with Jessica and Jignesh, etc.
Asha & Aman: I'm super bummed that Rashmi is being replaced as Asha, because she was honestly so good in the role; cheerful and hilarious in most of her scenes, gentle and sensitive with Ishani, helping her out as much as she can with this inconvenient crush... It's not an easy role, with the accent and all. I hope this new actress is as competent as Rashmi, who always highlighted the humour but without making the accent the punchline; it was always the things she said and how she chooses to word it. It's an important distinction, to not make the regional background into a caricature.
Aman is Aman as usual, lol; vicariously getting kicks thanks to the shenanigans of everyone around. Also, to my surprise, Aman and Asha live together! They offer up their place for a party for Sid; when Ishani freaks out that the cake he ordered isn't Sid's favt. flavour, Aman just shrugs "Meri Asha ko butterscotch pasand hai." I still don't really know what his equation with Asha is, but whatever it is, I love it. Asha's a self-sufficient girl, but it's obvious that Aman feels really protective of her and wants to see her happy always. I really hope the new actress maintains this ambiguous chemistry with Robin too, till the writers decide what direction they wanna take this relationship in.
Dialogue of the Week: Asha [walking in on Ishani holding a sleeping Sid's hand]: Abbe! Humaare saamne toh badi "garma"phobic bani ghoomti hai, ab dekho Dr. Sid ke saath kaise touchy-wouchy ho rahi hai!!!!!!!!!!!
Rishabh: Fucking asshole. He Tried, but he's no match for the razor sharp wit of Sid, or Asha's jugaadu skills to relieve an overworked Ishani. Chal dafa ho, be! Manhoos kahinka.
Neil: He's really really enjoying Sid and Ishani's crushes on each other, taking the mick out of both of them at any given opportunity. I truly lmao-ed when he was seriously examining Ishani for an illness on her insistence and then eye-rollingly dismisses her with "Kuch nahi hua hai tumhe." Cutest snark bean.
Rahil: MY ACTUAL FAVE. Lmao, if Ishani’s got her little purple titli, then Rahil is Sid’s grownass plaid-shirt-wearing TITLA, who appears outta nowhere to serve up piping hot sass at his confused dumbassery. His acerbic, plain-speak snark seems to be the only language Sid understands (as opposed to the first years' gleeful teasing, or the good-natured ribbing of elders like Shashank and Philo and Guddu Mama), and him having to exasperatedly explain things to his boss-who-is-also-his-bff is just hilarious. I relish every single scene he appears in to the max! Also props to him for giving us the gem "same level ke ajeeb" as the OTP tag for SidIsha!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shashank: A much better fortnight for Dr. Shashank! Two of his idiot babies are very obviously in love (that scene of Ishani showing him her reports and describing the butterfly through pantomime though, lmao) and now his relationship with Anjali is defrosting (the exchange about the surgeon she was interested in and how he wants grandkids from her??? The cutest!!!!) Things still remain frosty with Juhi though, and I don't understand why he won't just address the issue and clarify things in a straightforward manner, instead of dragging it out like this and making it awkward with his COS/mentee. Anyway, good on him for getting that win on Vardhan, but I feel like he needs to stop being so damn stubborn on his issues without giving reasons. It’s not helping matters around here, personally or professionally.
Juhi: Literally the classiest female professional on TV??????? She hasn't stopped holding Shashank accountable for how he sabotaged her career, but I love that she has sorted it out enough to work with him, but also engages in minor acts of pettiness like gleefully scraping his car with hers, cheekily grinning and apologizing saying she needed to get out some of the angst before they operated on a patient together. For what it's worth, I was fully on her side during the argument with Shashank about the machines for the hospital; it sounded like a good deal, but of course, she should have had the foresight to know Vardhan would try to do some kinda fuckery. She’s right in not really trusting Shashank anymore, but needs to be a little more prudent with how she proceeds while making decisions for Sanjivani. In a way, it’s really sad how she doesn’t really have any allies at her level. Shashank was the only one she could really rely on, and he went and blew that relationship up, and now she’s kinda adrift in the organization. I hope Shashank does good by her and repairs the relationship.
Anjali: Phew, finally a good break for Anjali. I'm ecstatic. She's realized that Vardhan's manipulating her and broken free of his gaslighting nonsense. She's much smarter than both Shashank and Vardhan thought she was and yes sis, play them both!!!!!!! She got her COS post, but also isn't playing by Vardhan's rules. Ultimate winner! But does she also have some romantic feelz for V? Coz that last scene between them had very intimate vibes, from the way she walked into his office and knew where the booze was, to her pouring him a glass and casually lounging against the wall like a wife/girlfriend would. She wasn't even really fazed when he grabbed her; either she's a hella strong woman who cannot be trifled with, or she's familiar with this side of him. I really hope it's the former coz she deserves someone who's a grown up version of Sid (*cough* Atul Joshi *cough*) who's super good and healthy for her, not this deceitful fuckwad.
Vardhan: What is his deal? No honestly, does he have some kinda personal stake in saving Sanjivani from financial ruin? It seems so, with how overwrought and devastated he seemed at Shashank exposing the machine waala scam. Also, the way he manhandled Anjali? Unforgivable. Die in a fire, scum.
Rahul: Still haven't seen him but apparently he's hiding in that secret room in the luxury ward? What the everloving experimental fuck is he doing with pregnant women who look to be unable to afford medical care? Nothing ethical, that's for sure. I have a feeling this will maybe tie up to Ishani's parents waala plot, but for the meanwhile, jfc, just reveal yourself man, coz this shit is getting scary as fuck the longer you go unseen.
Overall Rating: 5/5
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toothsy · 4 years
Get to know me
My friend : *comes to me randomly* HEY
Me: *jumps* geez you scared me..
My friend : You have a blog on tumblr, right ?
Me : uh... yeah ? I don’t wanna talk about what I write on it plea-
My friend : NONONO that’s not what I want to talk about. Knowing you, you probably didn’t say anything about yourself on your blog :
Me : well-
My friend : SO - I found this *show me the post* - and - hope u do it.
Me : *shrugs* fine
(Just letting you know how I found this -)
A/N : I know I don’t have a lot of followers and probably no one wanna know who I am but I just wanted to do it
And my friends wanted me to do it too, so uh, here it goes
1. What is you middle name? Don’t have one ?
2. How old are you? 14- I’m 15 in December 2 though
3. When is your birthday? December 2
4. What is your zodiac sign? Sagittarius heh
5. What is your favorite color? Hmm, would say blue or green
6. What’s your lucky number? Hmm... would say 13 ?
7. Do you have any pets? Okay hum... 11 dogs - and 3 fish
8. Where are you from? Canada, Quebec to be more specific...
9. How tall are you? Okay please... don’t - laugh at me for this... but I’m 4’9. Which is totally small ugh
10. What shoe size are you? 36-5.5, something like that
11. How many pairs of shoes do you own? 2
12. What was your last dream about? It was pretty weird - but it was just me drinking coffee until my sister came in and said I forgot to put cream in it and then I said ‘’but I like black coffee’’
13. What talents do you have? I draw, I write, I play piano, lil bit of guitar and trumpet , dunno if I should call myself talented though
14. Are you psychic in any way? No ? I don’t know ?
15. Favorite song? Hmm, I wouldn’t say I have a favorite one, but I’m listening to Billie Eilish a lot
16. Favorite movie? Aaargagsgaga, Jurassic Park, since I’m 4 so...
17. Who would be your ideal partner? *shrugs* honestly I don’t even care about the personality of the person (I mean, except if the person is really an asshole) as long as they’re here for me
And laugh at my terrible puns.
18. Do you want children? Hell no, well at least really not right now. Some kids really gets on my nerves honestly ;;’ and one of my worst phobia is too much pain so -
19. Do you want a church wedding? Heh, not really into that stuff, but it could change, depends I guess.
20. Are you religious? Not really
21. Have you ever been to the hospital? Well - of course -
22. Have you ever got in trouble with the law? Nah never, I’m a cool person honestly xd
23. Have you ever met any celebrities? No but would love to
24. Baths or showers? I really like both, it depends I guess
25. What color socks are you wearing? Black uwu
26. Have you ever been famous? hahahHA no
27. Would you like to be a big celebrity? Huh, I’m scared of being overwhelmed by people so maybe not xd
28. What type of music do you like? Depends, I like calm and rock music, weird huh
29. Have you ever been skinny dipping? No ?
30. How many pillows do you sleep with? 3, I feel like if I don’t hug something while sleeping - I just don’t sleep well, and yes , I also sleep with a plushie ‘cuz of this
31. What position do you usually sleep in? Lateral safety position
32. How big is your house? *shrugs* big enough for 4 people
33. What do you typically have for breakfast? Rice Krispies, believe it or not, I love them. This and milk obviously
34. Have you ever fired a gun? No
35. Have you ever tried archery? Neither
36. Favorite clean word? Geez ? Dunno
37. Favorite swear word? Fuck, I’m saying this a lot and also, in Quebec there’s some swear words that came from religion - which I say them a lot too
38. What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without sleep? 1 complete day I guess
39. Do you have any scars? Yep, on my arms
40. Have you ever had a secret admirer? Nop, who would be a secret admirer for a loser like me ? x)
41. Are you a good liar? Nop that’s why I never lie
42. Are you a good judge of character? Not really
43. Can you do any other accents other than your own? English accent and french accent (because french from France And from Quebec have different accents)
44. Do you have a strong accent? Not really
45. What is your favorite accent? British accent didndkdnnd
46. What is your personality type? Mine ? Would say a really nervous but acts like a chill person every time, never sleeps, always do puns and not funny jokes and ... I’m tomboy.
47. What is your most expensive piece of clothing? Oh- would say shoes for running for now
48. Can you curl your tongue? Yep
49. Are you an innie or an outie? Innie
50. Left or right handed? Right handed
51. Are you scared of spiders? Nop !! I love them, I want a tarantula when I’ll be older
52. Favorite food? Sushis and shrimps
53. Favorite foreign food? Hmmm dunno
54. Are you a clean or messy person? Messy
55. Most used phrased? ‘’Aw shit, here we go again’’
56. Most used word? Geez, shit, aw, oh, welp, heh.
57. How long does it take for you to get ready? Not too long, I don’t put makeup or anything, just anything baggy and then we’re outta here
58. Do you have much of an ego? Nop, actually, I don’t have one at all xd
59. Do you suck or bite lollipops? ... definitely weird questions for people like me but I suck.
60. Do you talk to yourself? When I’m angry xd
61. Do you sing to yourself? Nop
62. Are you a good singer? Dunno, it’s not too bad but not great either
63. Biggest Fear? Hmm height
64. Are you a gossip? Nah
65. Best dramatic movie you’ve seen? Don’t like drama :v
66. Do you like long or short hair? For me I prefer short hair, but I like both for the others
67. Can you name all 50 states of America? No but I can tell you a part of the book 50 shades of- *my friend slaps my head* ow
68. Favorite school subject? English and music
69. Extrovert or Introvert? Introvert
70. Have you ever been scuba diving? Nop and will probably never
71. What makes you nervous? People coming into my room without permissions, people talking shit about me, my dad, but nothing else x)
72. Are you scared of the dark? Nop
73. Do you correct people when they make mistakes? I do it just to be funny when I know it’s in a good time to do it, but never for anything else
74. Are you ticklish? Yes, really
75. Have you ever started a rumor? Nop and would never. I had a lot of rumors about me in my old school and it’s definitely not pleasant so I’ll never do that
76. Have you ever been in a position of authority? Nop
77. Have you ever drank underage? Yes - a - lot. Sorry :’v
78. Have you ever done drugs? Nop and would never
79. Who was your first real crush? Huh... real crush ? I had small crushes but never real ones... except Bakugo.. *cough* sorry
80. How many piercings do you have? Only on my ears and never put earrings ah
81. Can you roll your Rs?“ Nah
82. How fast can you type? Pretty fast
83. How fast can you run? Not fast
84. What color is your hair? Blond, naturally blond (hate that color tho.)
85. What color is your eyes? Blue
86. What are you allergic to? Nothing right now
87. Do you keep a journal? Nop
88. What do your parents do? Right now they fight, but huh. Nothing
Oh- jobs, idk
89. Do you like your age? I’ll be in paradise once I’ll be in 15, since I’ll finally start my driving lessons
90. What makes you angry? People not accepting the others and being close minded (my dad most)
91. Do you like your own name? No, I would like an unisex one like Max
92. Have you already thought of baby names, and if so what are they? Huuuh, don’t want kids. But it would be Maxine for a girl and Jay/Jeff for a guy
93. Do you want a boy a girl for a child? Doesn’t matter, as long as they’re my kid right ?
94. What are you strengths? Hmm, dunno, would be my endurance ?
95. What are your weaknesses? Social skills lmao
96. How did you get your name? ?? My parents - oh
For my user I just took Tooth put an sy to make it look ‘cute’, I’m sure it’s not tho
97. Were your ancestors royalty? Don’t think so
98. Do you have any scars? Yes... I think it was already asked ? On my arms.
99. Color of your bedspread? Blue
100. Color of your room? White walls
Anyway, hope you like it uwu
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frankensteindotpdf · 5 years
TGWDLM and Love
Okayyyy so I was supposed to write an assignment on how a romantic movie expresses love and I asked my prof if I could write about tgwdlm instead and he said yes?? Bless him so anyway I made wayyyy too many notes for a 500-600 word assignment lmao so I felt like i might as well post em here… this is a compilation of every time Paul and Emma interact pretty much lol its hella long (im not kidding it’s like 7 pages rip) so under the cut :) 
finally done, @isaidsinggoddammit!!
Sidenote: There’s very mixed capitalization as my brain flipped between tumblr mode and assignment mode so excuse that lmao)
Coffee Shop Part 1
Tips well to impress her
Listens to her vent-she already feels comfy enough to rant to him or, alternatively, she’s just a really open person (but shhh she has to trust him to some extent)
Insults others he doesnt know too well but he knows she doesnt like, again to impress
Tries to act indifferent towards everyone else (and tough)
Almost says smth romantic (“Some things are worth it”) but backtracks when she looks confused
In this scene, he tries to act cool but is clearly super nervous. One thing I really like is how he never acts too cool for her, like a lotta people do. He’s genuinely interested in what she has to say and never pretends otherwise, and also never pretends to be interested to get her to like him. I just really love how good he is at listening
Cup of Roasted Coffee/ Cup of Poisoned Coffee
When he panics he goes to Beanies to get a coffee and relax (wake up)
He turns to Emma (subconsciously?) for comfort
Freaks out when she sings (for good reason)
Emma remembers him (“Paul, right?... You’re the guy who doesn’t like musicals”)
Doesnt seem to notice how weird he’s acting
Continues to vent
He pulls her away from the counter to explain what’s going on
Paul finds it important to tell her-she’s the first person he admits it to
Him venting to her like she does to him? Trying to connect in a similar way? Im reading too much into that
He holds her there while explaining, she has to find an excuse to pull away
She thinks he’s crazy-keeps glancing at him during the song (he looks terrified)
Seems concerned for him
He switches between nervously staring at her and anxiously staring into the void (mood)
She turns to him at the “end” of the song and comes near him in the middle
She runs to paul when they start singing
They grab each other
He tells her to run, pushes her forward and shifts so he’s between her and the aliens
This scene is reeeally creepy from Emma’s perspective like oh my gosh can you imagine a man yelling at you (not at you but at your singing but still) and pulling you away from your work and then holding you still when you try to leave??? Anxiety to the max poor babe but also i get paul’s side can you imagine seeing the whole apocalypse beginning and it’s so weird no one would believe you if you tried to tell them? Poor bb. There’s also a lot of things that come up later: the ways he holds emma in this scene is the same way he holds her later one, later it’s to comfort her but  this time it’s more to calm himself… he also pulls her to a better spot like he does later on
Trash Bin Scene
He leads her away-he knows the neighbourhood better
Tries learning about her (you like film?) (cmon paul bad timing)
(at trash) hold hands, she grabs his shirt while panicking
He holds her firmly by the shoulders to calm & comfort (parallels Cuppa)
Emma instinctively grabs Paul’s arm when Bill pops out
“Emma stays with us”-stands up to ted even though he looks pretty scared of him
(sidenote-what did ted do to Paul? The poor boy looks straight up terrified the first time he shows up)
Emma looks real confused about “latte hottay” but she never brings it up
“Paul!” when he runs to Charlotte-gestures at Paul near end of song
Paul tends to comfort people by grabbing their shoulders/putting a hand on their back (Emma of course but also Charlotte and Bill- has a looser hold on them than Emma)
Here they’re already starting to react to danger by reaching for each other and it’s v cute also bless paul i just really like how he calms people down he’s so good and pure
Hidgens’ Fortress Part 1
They trust Emma enough to go to Hidgens’ place (not like they had many other options)
Men™ typically trusted for “strong” stuff-Ted and Bill cuff Sam
Paul stands up for Bill-such a protective boy (could also be doing it to look cool for Emma but tbh it doesnt seem like it ill bring this up again later)
Paul listens intently to Emma’s venting
He smiles, nods, asks qs and repeats phrases she says
Its obvious he genuinely cares
Emma’s v comfy with him-they have an easy chem when Paul relaxes
Emma progressively shares deeper shit as she becomes more comfortable around paul
Paul makes jokes to lighten the mood, but not in a disrespectful way
Seems more nervous when bringing topics to himself
She listens just as politely as he does
“Whoa thats like your origin story...so I guess I’m the supervillain” “I dont think of you like that at all, Emma.” Cutest, Softest smiles on both of them my heART “Listen, Paul”-she was about to confess her love dammit charlotte
I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again: Paul is such a good listener. I dont know why i find this so cute but their convos are so perfect like he asks qs so he knows exactly what she’s talking about (“what’s a coatimundi?” “Oh, did she smoke a lot of pot?”) and he repeats back phrases she says which shows that he’s genuinely listening like...so many characters (and people irl, lets be real)  just pretend to listen to get what they want but he cares so much about what she has to say i just cant stop talking about it it’s so cute also how he seems so comfortable when she’s talking and then starts showing sign of nervousness again when the convo turns to him? Pure mood
Join Us And Die
Both jump behind chair when Charlotte and Sam show up
Emma clings to Paul’s arm + hides behind him
She steps out “charlotte?”
Paul pulls her back when sam approaches
Paul puts himself between Emma and Sam
Emma puts her back to Paul and grabs his arm
Paul pulls Emma away by her arm (“What’s wrong with her shirt?”)
Emma’s caught up in the gore, Paul is relatively level-headed
He keeps an arm around her
Emma steps away from paul to yell at Sam +Char (“He has a daughter!!”)
Instinctively reaches for Paul  when Char gets shot (and later looks back at paul a couple of times when shook at prof hidgens)
Alright they do this whenever aliens show up so imma just talk about it here: this part was in my assignment so 1 lets hope it doesnt get flagged as plagiarism and 2 i could rant about this all day.
Basically Paul fulfills the traditional masculine role as protector and leader. Whenever smth dangerous shows up, he has one hand on her (on her shoulder, arm or the small of her back)-both reassuring them that someone else is there and making it easier for him to move her-which he does lots. He pulls her behind him or pushes her forward (away from the infected), leading her to where he thinks is safest. He always puts himself between her and the aliens, leading her to a safer spot. Emma tends to get distracted (emotional female stereotype) and paul is the one to move them both to safety (strong stoic man stereotype). To be fair, he is a lot bigger than emma and would probs have an easier time in a fight (tho i dont doubt that emma would be v i c i o u s) Emma tend to cling to Paul’s arm when she gets scared (which is really cute)
Hidgens’ Fortress Part 2
Emma adds to Paul’s plan- taps on his arm to move him
Paul steps back in front of her- i always found this weird, he totally blocks her from the conversation like why
She steps back out to roast ted
Paul looks at Emma when Ted @s him-now here’s where I could see him standing up for Bill to impress emma again. It’s not the only reason, but i do think it’s a contributing factor (and probably was before too cuz lets be real, when your crush is around you gotta act tough) of course he wants to protect his bff but he’s super anxious around ted so wanting to look brave for emma gives him that extra push he needs. Alternatively, he looks at Emma as a way to calm himself down before saying smth scary (which is adorable)
Emma wants to help but is called back to help with the lab
This is another thing i find super interesting-wouldnt more people around make it more likely he gets stopped? Did he want an audience (more than just ted) cuz i guess that’s understandable but in that case why didnt he wait a little longer to see if they came back? Idk it just seemed weird to me (also the whole “nooo female cant go out where it’s dangerous” even though it’s more like “oh emma’s the only one i know here can she not leave” wait actually that’s probably it lmao he just didnt wanna be alone with ted ok relatable nvm )
“Hey, Paul?” grabs arms (paul reciprocates) she’s real nervous for him leaving-relates to how much he hates musicals
I find that really cute cuz it’s showing once again how much they listen to each other and idk i just really like that about them
Grabs his face and pulls him close-he pulls her hands down to look her in the eyes to tell her he’ll stay safe
He doesn’t kiss her-super interesting! She pulled him close like that (which coulda been a sign to kiss her) and this was a pretty emotionally charged moment which a kiss would have fit - Paul hates kisses hc?
Not Your Seed + General (technically, just a little note)
Paul holds Emma tight with 2 hands, but keeps 1 hand free when holding others (ie bill and charlotte)
Only tells General about Emma, not Ted or the Prof (tho to be fair, he hates ted and barely knows the prof but it’s interesting how he doesnt even say he has “friends”, just Emma)
America Is Great Again
Paul saves emma and Ted
“Should I take this chair?” asks paul to lead
Emma holds Paul’s arm when they run
She tries to pry “Greg”’s arm off Paul + tries to get Ted to help-not strong enough
“Thank you Emma”-she freed him/killed Greg? I wanna know what happened (i tweeted @ jon, lauren and nick asking, so far jon just liked it we’ll see if anyone answers)
Runs behind Emma + pushes her forward “run, emma, run!”-Emma grabs for Paul, he steps in front
He pulls her through Robert+Corey and turns her around
She pulls him away from the General-paul usually does the pulling to safety
Paul doesnt notice when Emma is grabbed by Ted (lmao i get that he’s a little busy but it still seems odd)
She struggles with 1, 3 are on Paul (not a sexist thing, she’s tiny and also Paul is the main character and the aliens know it plus they gotta do that cool lift thing)
Emma grabs gun + shoots the General, grabbing Paul-”Paul! The helicopter! Cmon!”
Usually Paul does that stuff, but emma takes the protective role more in the 2nd half of this song
Basically we have the classic paul protecting emma stuff but now also the emma protecting paul which is good and fresh and i love...the way she tries to protect paul is different than how he protects her. She yells more frantically, and also is more of trying to lead him whereas paul yells to get her attention and physically moves her himself
Helicopter Scene
He helps her onto the heli, back to his usual protective self
Keeps one hand on the back of her seat the whole time (aww he’s stabilizing himself physically cuz the copter’s shaky and emotionally cuz he’s closer to Emma)
“Emma, seatbelts” he reaches up to help her into her seat-he kicks the gun to save them
“Emma? Emma?” immediate response is to call out to her-that boy was literally awake less than a second before worrying about her i love him
Runs to her when he sees her
“”This is what seatbelts are for” in this scene he seems really like...over it? Idk if anyone else got that he just seemed really intent on destroying the meteor instead of anything to do with Emma… before saving their lives was priority but also spending time with her, here he nods like he’s trying to rush her and does not seem excited to kiss her (again, Paul hates kisses? ok that was a rant that got ahead of my notes but just-) this scene is weird to me like maybe he’s trying to rush to stop the meteor so they can be together after and like not die idk anymore
He reaches out for her, jumping away when she cries out in pain
The rest of the scene he has his hands hovering a few inches away from her, very protective but also very scared of hurting her
Emma comes up with the solution, Paul has to do it cuz she’s hurt (weak gal, strong man, injured person knows secret to survival and tells strong boi how to do it tropes)
“Hey, Paul?” slides over to him-he gingerly supports her back (scared to hurt her)
He shushes her to calm her while talking cuz she’s in pain- ok, maybe its less about “gotta get out of here” and more about “she’s hurt really badly and needs help asap, i gotta destroy that meteor so i can get help” ok that makes sense im dumb lmao
Emma is first to ask out + kiss me? + pulling him in by his tie- breakin stereotype of man making first move
Then the little “..okay..” after she asks him to kiss her...maybe he wanted it to be romantic aww he wanted them to have a real cute first kiss and this wasnt what he had planned (or he just doesn’t like kisses cuz like he looks so uncomfortable there’s gotta be a reason”
He doesnt wanna kiss her cuz of the blood (weak) and is happy to leave-this part is what throws me off most he just like runs on outta there with no hesitation but he loves her?? I dont get it
Dont really need a rant here cuz i did a lotta ranting in the points… excuse my little journey of discovery there lmao I was just confused at first cuz at face value he seems really different, super hell bent on getting out of there whereas in every other scene he pays way more attention to Emma. I suppose it’s because he knows he has to destroy the meteor asap so he can get her help, i just didnt catch that. His motivations seemed very different in this scene to me and i couldnt figure out why
Theory time
Now here’s the fun part-i saw a theory somewhere that Paul can only get infected because he has a true goal now, he really wants to end up with Emma. In What Do You Want, Paul? Mr. Davidson is trying to find out what he wants to use it as motivation to make him more susceptible to the virus/make him sing a song, but since Paul doesn’t want anything clearcut he cant be infected. Now, since Paul wants Emma, he has a goal and smth to fight for but also smth to sing about. The very reason he’ trying to save the world becomes the reason he fails.
HOWEVER. His goal could just as easily be saving the world cuz he literally doesnt bring emma up once? Like i get he’s preoccupied but idk if he’s about to die i feel like he’d at least mention her (unless he’s hoping they think she died and wont go looking for her if he fails) idk their romance is adorable until the scene before this and then these 2 scenes make it feel really off for me
Okay now onto the most fun scene >:) -since there’s so many details i separated them into actions and lyrics
Inevitable (Actions)
“Are you sure there weren’t any other survivors?” :(
“PEIP would like to see it become smth more” because she’s the love interest and they’re supposed to end up together ahhh it’s the alien talking
She grabs his arms to look him in the eyes then pulls him in for a hug (the cutest)
She’s v reluctant to believe it at first “Paul?” She’s still smiling for the first line
Slowly she starts to let herself see what’s happening “Paul, you’re scaring me”
She knows he’s infected but she’s trying her hardest to believe he could be playing a cruel joke
He has power over her physically- holds her where he wants her while they’re dancing
He dances with her at first, gestures to her to move closer, talks to her, moves towards dancing at her instead of with
He blocks her exit, pulls her to where he wants her and ignores her for part
This is where you can really tell he’s different. Paul would never ignore Emma, and he straight up ignores her to sing and dance
He points at her and then goes back to ignoring her
Emma starts sobbing and really trying to run
Emma is dragged to the center of the stage sobbing because she cant do anything
He drops character in credits, waving and smiling to the audience; she doesnt
He’s got physical power over her (strength) but also cuz he’s backed by all the aliens who can move her where she’s supposed to go
Inevitable (lyrics)
“Emma, I’m sorry, you lost.” couldnt kill aliens
“Lost your way” didnt want to join them
“I made it” ‘This is the life that I chose” “I’m still the man you trust” “what if the only choice is you had to sing to survive” “Put words to the lyrics and you’re playing the game now” -maybe he’s faking it (i also heard someone mention the fact that he sings in his natural voice and not the higher one he used for the Alien Brain in Let It Out which is a good catch) (also someone else brought up the fact that he was mostly singing reprises, maybe because he couldnt think up his own tune/entirely original lyrics?)
“It’s inevitable for us”-because she’s the love interest, it’s was inevitable that they’d wind up together
“Show me those jazz hands” He’s trying to convince her to join of her own free will
“or i might be inclined to plant my seed” but is willing to do it by force if she wont
This song is super interesting because of the parallels-he holds her the same way he did in previous songs, pulls and pushes her across the stage like before, but this time it’s turned against her. What was once meant as protection is now being used to force her to join the dance I talked more about this in my assignment but i dont wanna get too close to what i wrote before because it could get flagged for plagiarism and i do not want that so imma reblog this post alter and add my assignment for more info (if yall want anyway)
The lyrics could hint at Paul faking it, and it definitely appears that way (especially with the face he makes at “Im still the man you trust) but i think the part in the middle where he just kind of breaks off to dance really kills that idea for me. Even if he was trying to trick the aliens, he could have kept closer to Emma like he does every other time they’re in danger, and the fact that he straight up ignores her and lets the aliens move her around like that is just not in his character so apologies but i believe our man is gone
Also, regarding the theories that Emma is infected because of the beginning; I could see that happening, but in that case, why didnt she break character at the end? I have absolutely zero idea how/if the intro song fits into the story but idk i feel like she should’ve acted like the rest of them if she really was infected but on the other hand i really like the heartbreaking theory that they’re all infected and Paul just has to keep reliving the story of how he failed again and again for all eternity like ouch? But also? Its great in a painful way??
Um yeah so that’s that for my ranting (my 3 pages of notes became 7 pages with the rants included so sorry about that i just had so much to sayyyy
TLDR: paul and emma are cute thanks for coming to my ted talk
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suramarelf · 5 years
44: Name a word in the English language that is really weird to you.39: Describe yourself in 5 emojis36: Do you sing when you’re alone? What do you sing?22: How would you describe your aesthetic?17: What are you currently worried about?14: What was the most ridiculous lie you believe for a long time?11: What’s the closest thing to real magic to you?7: Describe a memorable dream you’ve had.5: Name one place you would never want to go to3: Describe yourself as if you were a character in a novel
Lots o’ bs under so I shortened it so it’s not inconvenient on people’s dashes :^)
44. Milk. Is it pronounced mehlk or mihlk???
39. 🔮🙃🖤🌿♍
36. Yes all the time. Usually 2000s songs. Girlfriend always blares at max volume in my head nonstop so usually that one lmao
22. I’ve always liked the idea of revolving around one aesthetic, but I can’t :/ I’m a mix between hippie/Cali and goth/grunge. I saw this post where someone said ‘Hey Persephone is both why can’t you be both’ and it just hit the spot for me so ig I’m Persephone :^)
17. oH JEEZ. Everything? Can that be an answer? ;-;
14. Okay this wasn’t something I believed but… When I was younger, I used to have to babysit my little sister while my parents worked. I had to make lunch for us and I was just a lazy little shit and always just made instant rice and spiced it up real good and called it a day. She started getting tired and complaining to my mom so I sat down and asked if she knew why I made so much rice all the time. She shook her head and to this day I don’t think I could lie better if my life depended on it, but I looked her in the eye and told her that humans need to eat rice at least once a month to survive otherwise your organs fail because rice contains a vital nutrient to our survival. She didn’t believe me and threatened to look it up, and I stared right into her soul and said, “Okay. Go ahead. But you’ll just see that I’m right.” She believed me and I got away with it until she got older and found out that was a lie LMAO. So now that’s the running joke in my family.
11. Astrology! Not sure I believe in ‘magic’ persay, but I def do believe there is some spiritual force and energy in the universe. Everything is connected, including science and spirituality c: Try to tell me the stars and planets don’t affect us >:(
7. I used to have a reoccuring nightmare when I was a child. I’d sit at the top of this swirly metal slide at this weird doorway that went into another doorway at the bottom that was pitch black and had smoke coming from it. I’d sit at the top and (what I’m assuming was the devil) pushed me down into the dark room and it would just repeat until I woke up. The room the slide was in was a really dark red. It never freaked me out as a child but now that I’m older it’s kinda… weird :/
5. If I could I’d never go to the dentist again. I hate them :[
3. Hmmm. Honestly I’m gonna go with your typical slim naturey wood elf woman, but tack on a darker witchy side. We all know the type. Yep it’s me
Tumblr media
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angletic · 6 years
{11} questions
Tagged by @voldy-in-my-turban
Rules: (1) Answer the questions given to you by the tagger (2) Write 11 questions of your own. (3) Tag 11 people.
1. What’s the most cruel thing you’ve ever said/done to someone else?hmm, I cant pinpoint an actual event?? multiple times people say i go “too far” when i dish back the kind of things they say to me, but i dont consider that bad? if i did, it would go against one of my basic principals. I guess the time i really feel guilty for was in 4th grade i’d kick this one kid, jacob in the balls whenever he pissed me off. its okay we’re still friends, but that was pretty dickish of me
2. Do you believe in karma?  not in a religious sense, but yeah. if you do something bad somethings else bad is bound to come back and get you.
3. Do you consider yourself to be an independent person? oh yeah big time. i loathe depending on other people for anything, and im entirely self-motivated. my parents aren’t very supportive in their own way so i dont have them to fall back on for help. i kinda have to be independent or else i wont be able to do anything ever haha
4. How do you think the world will end and when? ironically? the world will end by the end of this year damn trump gonna ruin everything, even the quaint little country in canada. unironically? global warming is a big issue and if we continue at this rate, statistics give us a max of 100 years to live due to deadly heat, so id place my bets on that if not a nuclear war between superpowers.
5. What do you do when listening to music and on your own? dude when i listen to music i cant just. sit there. either im not actually listening to the music and daydreaming, or im doing literally anything with my hands (usually drawing bc im an art weeb). its the same the other way. i cant just draw with no background noise.
6. Is there a dark part of your past/present self that you keep hidden from absolutely everyone you know (no need to state what that is)? LMAO YES if i told yall or anyone else about my Hidden Angst™ no one would talk to me. some things are best kept personal, ya dig?
7. How far are you willing to go to see your greatest wish come true? What would you sacrifice? i dont really have a greatest wish, and if i did it would depend on what it is. but for basic outlines, the majority of my wish would have to take a toll on me, and it would just have to minorly inconvenience other people, no matter who they are. if i wanted something that bad id find a way to take the butt end of the stick always.
8. What do you hope your legacy will be and who will it be left to? jesus i just want to be remembered by the world. its one of my biggest goals to do something important enough that my name makes it into a textbook, even for a paragraph. i think this is why im such a tryhard? “lmao i needa legacy let me just fuckinnuuuuuuuhhhh be great at everything. thats a good plan.”
9. Weirdest pet peeve? i have so many obscure weird ones, so ill say 2. when i walk anywhere by feet have to touch the shaded part of the ground an even number of times and the light parts even and the half-shadowed parts even and the weird discoloured parts even. i even slow my walking pace or stop as a whole just so my feet are balanced, and im actively counting my steps. also, when i wash my hands i get super annoyed if i have like a bandaid on one finger/something that cant get wet and when i go to dry them, all my fingers are actively losing water on them except that one dry finger. i have to drip a couple drops of water on it and then dry it or else im uncomfortable the whole day.
10. If you had the chance to talk to somebody (be it a deceased acquaintance, an idol, a long lost friend… anyone really) for an hour, who would it be?   iiii uuhhhhh id want to talk to future me!! i wanna know if that bitch is still angsty and hopeless and i have to fix it or if i actually do cool things and i can narcissistically praise myself
11. Nap under the shade of a tree, or dancing in summer rain? hmm... i dont like sleeping on the ground outdoors due to paranoia (i have to be in a branch or a tent or something lmao what a pansy), so id have to go with summer rain. especially a thunder storm? at night? that sounds fucking awesome sign me up
questions and tags under the cut (Idiot Angletic decided itd be a good idea to NOT cut the questions she answered but leave? the tags cut? moron. boo)
1. What’s the funniest/dumbest thing you’ve ever done?
2. What’s your opinions on “cringey” fandoms? (ie. FNaF, undertale, cuphead, MLP, hetalia, etc.)
3. Do you consider yourself to be on optimist or a pessimist?
4. what youtubers/instagram comedians/other social media people are you subscribed to and actively watch?
5. What are some red flags you watch out for when making friends?
6. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever lost/broken/stolen?
7. If anything, what would you change super mario’s catchphrase to?
8. Got any secret/hidden talents you want to share? if so, can you tell what they are?
9. what jokes/phrases have you seen online that you now incorporate into your daily speech?
10. If you could change one (1) thing in the world with the click of a button and have no consequences, what would it be? (you can do anything. want your fav fictional character to exist? there they are. being your fav. solve world hunger? bang. there it is. goth gf? there she is, crying in a bathroom stall)
11. What’s a movie/picture/quote etc. that never fails to make you laugh? Post the link!
I tag: (fuck i dont think i have 11 friends/know if those people would mind being tagged) @princess-of-anons @opalcat2004 @ghosty-flavoured @ask-queen-bowsette @mimillion @softest-orbs @almostsane-things @spacedimentio @damion1060 @nooonstop @mwg-7 oh, and @voldy-in-my-turban, my guy, if you wanna answer my questions feel free to lmao
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mercyedes · 7 years
tagged by @emptymasks  ; i would tag u if you hadn’t already done it LOL
rules:  answer these 85 statements and tag 20 people
tagging: uhh i tried to avoid people who had been tagged already which is usually the whole hbo war chat lmao, @damnyoualex @allstarrnicky @hoosiersblanket @skipsmalark @spartan-in-a-b-25 @hellyeahcanofpeaches @huhjean @hobbitonamission @221bcastielst
1. drink: water 2. phone call: my mom 3. text message: a skype to emma 4. song you listened to:  Nicotine - Panic! At The Disco 5. time you cried: I cry at least one every two days tbh  6. dated someone twice: no i am too committed to my one friend  7. kissed someone and regretted it: no again 8. been cheated on: no 9. lost someone special: yeah !! a pet ! and a fictional character  10. been depressed: currently am my dude bro 11. gotten drunk and thrown up: i would have ,, to drink first
3 FAVOURITE COLOURS 12. blue 13. purple 14. shades of pink or red? 
IN THE LAST YEAR HAVE YOU 15. made new friends: lmao hah 16. fallen out of love: no emma ily  17. laughed until you cried: we made her eat a combination of all the expired foods in my fridge. she was still awake and turned over with her ipod light. punched in the back of the head, that one girl last year who slammed into my forehead, “why is that ross from friends”, this is just a list of a lot of inside jokes  18. found out someone was talking about you: I have good hearing and a good friend it comes back to me eventually, so yeah  19. met someone who changed you: emma watching IT changed me  20. found out who your friends are: i kno who she is  21. kissed someone on your facebook list: no lmao nasty 
GENERAL 22. how many of your facebook friends do you know in real life: all of them  23. do you have any pets: yea a lot of them but it changes a lot  24. do you want to change your name: yes but also it wouldnt happen im too lazy  25. what did you do for your last birthday: actually nothing if i remember 26. what time did you wake up: 6:00 in the gotdamn morning  27. what were you doing at midnight last night: sleeping 28. name something you can’t wait for: to get out of work tonight  29. when was the last time you saw your mom: this morning 31. what are you listening to right now: Nothing atm  32. have you ever talked to a person named tom: nope 33. something that is getting on your nerves: work, having to do work, having to do anything tbh 34. most visited website: def tumblr, youtube, skype if it counts 35. hair colour: dark brown 36. long or short hair: too long i should cut it more than a few inches lmao  37. do you have a crush on someone: someone real and not a celebrity? no  38. what do you like about yourself: i one day will kill myself we just dont know when  39. want any piercings: not really lol  40. blood type: no idea !  41. nickname: i mean not really enough to put down lmao  42. relationship status: single 43. zodiac: virgo  44. pronouns: she/her 45. favourite tv show: band of brothers, i only like the pacific for any scene snafu is in, i used to like game of thrones but then ramsay died and now it sucks ass, (cry) bates motel, sort of american horror story but eh. 46. tattoos: i dont have any ? i should get one of emma’s name tbh  47. right or left handed: right handed 48. surgery: not really i got stitches once  49. piercing: my ears but i dont wear earrings lol  50. sport: fucki christ no im a lard ass, sometimes i ride horses but its literally two or three times a month if that  51. vacation: no i aint no rich bitch  52. pair of trainers: huh 
MORE GENERAL 53. eating: nothing right now i just had some cereal  54. drinking: water 55. i’m about to: get ready to work, should probably write a lab really quick 56. waiting for: nothin, honestly to go see IT again tho lmao its a good ass movie and emma needs to win me a fuckin stuffed animal again  57. want: to fuck the goddamn clow n the fuck  58. get married: they rich ?  59. career: to do nothing and get money 
WHICH IS BETTER 60. hugs or kisses: neither !! 
61. lips or eyes: no theyre gross  62. shorter or taller: emma is one inch taller ; )  63. older or younger: soldier : 76 or gtfo  64. nice arms or nice stomach: hanzo has a nice stomach and arms  65. hook up or relationship: do i look lik e the kinda bitch to care  66. troublemaker or hesitant: fuck outta here w/ either of those 
HAVE YOU EVER 67. kissed a stranger:  no 68. drank hard liquor: no 69. lost glasses/contact lenses: not yet lmao  70. turned someone down: no who tf  71. sex on the first date: bruhhhhh stop  72. broken someone’s heart: probably any character i end up liking is ruined  73. had your heart broken: mrs mallard  74. been arrested: no but thats shocking  75. cried when someone died: yes !!! norman !!! ramsay !! the fuck  76. fallen for a friend: i mean 
DO YOU BELIEVE IN 77. yourself: no 78. miracles: no 79. love at first sight: no 80. santa claus: no 81. kiss on the first date: who cares 82. angels: i am one 
OTHER 83. current best friend’s name: emma, that is current past and future  84. eye colour: brown but like really dark brown i hate it  85. favorite movie: brother bear of course, literally any movie about a horse, any lame amazon horror movie (aka bad ben which wasnt lame and terrified me), uh IT is now a damn good film, most marvel movies, the mad max franchise, honestly transformers, a lot more 
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hakkinens-moved · 7 years
I got tagged by @meggiesobsessions ty ty
Rules: answer the questions in a new post and tag 10 blogs you would like to know better.
Nicknames: oh lordt there’s so many but @owlsnestfc​ calls me cretin Gender: female Star sign: libra Height: 5ft 2″ Time right now: 10:50am Last thing i googled: to watch the film Freistatt (im max riemelt trash let me live) Favourite bands: ahh i have so many; oingo boingo, kakkmaddafakka, kraftwerk, kraftklub & the wombats (to name a few) Favourite solo artists: hm i dont actually listen to a lot of solo artists but im really digging childish gambino and bruno mars atm Song stuck in my head: redbone by childish gambino Last movie i watched: the literal last film i watched was free fall and that was last night but the last film i saw in cinemas was get out Last tv show i watched: you are wanted AND OH BOY ITS SO GOOD Y’ALL GOTTA CHECK IT OUT germany’s first prime exclusive and its fuckin lit When did you create your blog: schweinstgrs was created in 2014 (its been 3 years already???) and my “mainblog” was created in 2012 i think What stuff do you post: football on this blog, and on my “main” blog i post about film, pretty aesthetic posts and studyblr things and trash posts about hanno koffler and max riemelt and other german actors When did you blog reach its peak: who said its at its peak??? joking aside i hope now, but im close to 1k so we’ll see Do you have any other blogs: I have a few that have been inactive for a long time but my (half active) main blog is @ralfhutters Do you get asks regularly: lmao no Why did you choose your url: well my original url was drunkschweinsteiger and that was too long so i finally managed to get an aesthetically pleasing short url and here we are plus bastian literally owns my heart and soul and is daddy af Following: 246 Posts: on schweinstgrs its 5921 and on ralfhutters its 21192  Hogwarts house: i dont like harrypotter at all i’d say i would be ravenclaw or slytherin but the the test i did said i was hufflepuff Pokemon team: team skull but maybe team rocket as well bc im og Favourite colours: green, white, black and peach Average hours of sleep: 8/9 Lucky numbers: 7 & 18 Favourite characters: hhhh this is hard but probably? hans landa & donny donowitz from inglorious basterds & malte from summerstorm (i really cant think of any else on the spot) What are you wearing right now: an oversized college shirt and shorts How many blankets do you sleep with: one Dream job: director / screenwriter working in germany Dream trip: berlin (im going back for a week in november!!!!!!!!!!!!) bergen, reykjavik , munich , fiji 
the people im tagging and wanna get to know better are: @griezmanny , @holyhowedes @foodball , @basthiago , @robertsatandowski09 , @mjhummels , @jujudraxler , @kimmearth , @owlsnestfc & @thomasmxller have a go y’all :}
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acidsbeats · 7 years
tagged by @charmkvark who is a bomb-ass mutal despite us never talking. We should do that. Thanks for tagging me!!! :D
1. nickname? “TsunTsun” is the only one I can think of really? lmao
2. star sign? cancer
3. height? 5′2″ and you can fight me about it.
4. time right now? 2:11pm
5. favorite music artist(s)? Uhhh I like Franz Ferdinand a lot
6. song stuck in your head? I don’t have one rn sorry ^^;
7. last movie watched? Might’ve been..Mad Max Fury Road? I watched it over break.
8. last tv show watched? One Piece!
9. what are you wearing right now? PJsssssss! Fuck yeah
10. when did you create this blog? Ahhh jesus christ idk. I went and looked it up haha. May 2012. Christ I’ve been here a while, huh?
11. what kind of stuff do you post? Uhhh I don’t post my own shit a lot except for screaming but I reblog a lot of voltron bullshit, DGM, literary facts and jokes and YO DO I LOVE BAD JOKES.
12. do you have any other blogs? Nope :v
13. do you get asks regularly? Lol no
14. why did you chose your URL? bc I’m a loser and that’s what I used for everything at the time. It’s characters from an old Jet Set Radio webcomic that I’ll never be able to find again.
15. gender? Gal
16. hogwarts house?  Slytherin. Again, I’ll fight you about it. XP
17. pokemon team? Instinct
18. favorite color? Green...? Or Blue maybe? Idk bruh.
19. average hours of sleep? 10
20. lucky number? I’d like to say it’s 8 but it’s not I just pretend it is when I pick things and then I lose and am sad. So. Not 8, at least.
21. favorite characters? Ah fuck bruh don’t do that to me. UGH. Chrono from Chrono Crusade, Miranda, Lavi, Kanda and Allen from DGM, Keith, Lance and Pidge from Voltron, Gon and Killua from HxH, Cassandra from The Librarians, John, Dave and Karkat from Homestuck (patron troll respect yo), John, Dave and Molly from John Dies At The End. The Angels from the Matthew Swift series bc they’re little shits and I can respect that, Shin from Gokusen, Fai from Tsubasa, yeah fuck it I’m done now that’s not all of them but enough is enough
22. how many blankets do you sleep with? 1 blanket and it’s the fuckin best. A bunch of sheets and comforters though
23. dream job? Copy Editor working with fiction authors :)
24. following? 1,626 /laughs
Imma tag @alteanengines bc forreal you’re the only one I talk to tbh Can I just tag “all my followers” and just include everyone?
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