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lionfloss · 1 year
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'Under Monet's Pond' by Eiko Jones
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Eiko Jones. Under Monet's Pond. 2020
[Mikhail Iossel]
* * * *
“To arrive at the simplest truth, as Newton knew and practiced, requires years of contemplation. Not activity. Not reasoning. Not calculating. Not busy behavior of any kind. Not reading. Not talking. Not making an effort. Not thinking. Simply bearing in mind what it is one needs to know. And yet those with the courage to tread this path to real discovery are not only offered practically no guidance on how to do so, they are actively discouraged and have to set abut it in secret, pretending meanwhile to be diligently engaged in the frantic diversions and to conform with the deadening personal opinions which are continually being thrust upon them.” — George Spencer Brown, The Laws of Form (1969)  freelance-philosopher
[alive on all channels]
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awordsmith · 2 years
in the beginning i was so young and such a stranger to myself, i hardly existed
i walked, all one spring day, upstream, sometimes in the midst of the ripples, sometimes along the shore. my company were violets, dutchman’s breeches, spring beauties, trilliums, bloodroot, ferns rising so curled one could feel the upward push of the delicate hairs upon their bodies. my parents were downstream, not far away, then farther away because i was walking the wrong way, upstream instead of downstream. finally i was advertised on the hotline of help, and yet there i was, slopping along happily in the stream’s coolness. so maybe it was the right way after all. if this was lost, let us all be lost always. the beech leaves were just slipping their copper coats; pale green and quivering they arrived into the year.
my heart opened, and opened again. the water pushed against my effort, then its glassy permission to step ahead touched my ankles. the sense of going toward the source.
i do not think that i ever, in fact, returned home.
mary oliver ⎠ blue iris ⎠ upstream eiko jones ⎠ tadpoles
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nibbythebird · 9 days
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you will find it down there (normal)
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transguygardner · 5 months
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forevercloudnine · 9 months
Had a sudden thought that I wanted to consult with you, if that's okay: how often have Batman and Catwoman had huge relationship conversations/arguments in front of Waylon? I'm thinking about the time he told her he loved her + breaking her batsignal. Two nickels, weird that it happened twice, you know? It's like BatCat decided Croc didn't have enough personal problems and kindly shared their own. Do they think he won't judge because he lives unloved in the sewers? They're probably wrong.
I had not thought about these scenes in conjunction with each other previously, but that is SO FUNNY... he's seen their highs… their lows…
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Unfortunately I can't think of any more examples off the top of my head (the THINGS I would do for the ability to filter a character's "appearances" page on the DC Database for other characters... ), but Waylon witnessing dramatic BatCat moments post-New 52 might just be an extension of his having a front row seat to Selina's relationship drama in general. He caught a lot of Selina's deeply messy relationship with Eiko as a result of being the only other Batman villain who wasn't angry at her during her "Queen of Gotham" girlboss phase.
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lisamarie-vee · 8 months
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eelmachine · 1 year
thinking about rivers and ponds all the fishes wow and the plants and animals and forms so cool
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k0rek1yos · 5 months
—mechat m.list
(oh my goodness)
Tumblr media
ada spiner/layla fischer☆
adeline gaulthier/mekdi fassil/krystal delacruz☆
aidan smith/marcel beaumont☆
aidan aldrich/nair tiamat☆
akio fujimori/austin fires☆
aleck riverbow, ernesto ventura☆
alice young☆
alisha watson/mia francis☆
allen stewart/vic meadows☆
alonzo ortega/thompson grus/eichi hirano☆
alzirr nyx/arian oly☆
amanda byrd/emily walker☆
andrew castillo☆
angel sun/chris wright/rupert stone☆
anna davis☆
antonio benson/nick morse☆
antony heart/william black☆
apollo bladecut/kai winters☆
arno kotze/gray grimshaw/will heit☆
arthur daniels/martin diaz☆
august spears/brice atkins☆
ava sephiran/felicia vetrone☆
bethany richardson/cassie arnitt/phoebe tanner☆
blaize everbleed/einar steros ☆
brandon jones/xiang yu ☆
bruno cocchi/paul turner ☆
case harper/luis garcia ☆
caspian adriatico ☆
charlie knight/dominique ford ☆
charlotte estes/lara ingram ☆
chase milligan/morys pritchett ☆
chloe cox/eve potts☆
clayton fairchild/rey dalim☆
connor ellington/michael low☆
corey moore/mateo madrid/ryan weiss☆
dalton shepherd/diego garza☆
damon hemlock/ulises galang☆
daniel divies/romeo velazquez☆
darwin ratliff/vincenzo faustin/tyler willow☆
david horn/johnny roe☆
douglas price/takuya mae☆
eddie odonnell/yuji takahata☆
eiko suzuki/nana fukada☆
elijah silva/goro egawa☆
ella darcy/lisa tyrell☆
elliot segal/evan mills☆
emmet best/mell kramer☆
erik larsen/julian kiel/miguel surdo☆
essen brontes/kevin sanders☆
ethan mann/seth woods☆
eura alabaster/idella shelby/gretchen chane☆
fang yue/yu meng☆
gabriel raven/gaston jarnis☆
gernot ring/skyler morrison/thorne ruben☆
glenn hobbs/niles robinson☆
han-gyeol jin/tae-won na☆
hector moreau/izel harb/mikael soro☆
holly magian/paige marshall☆
hugo o’brien/oliver ortiz☆
izumi kai/lexi rose☆
jack shaw/max cross☆
jaime lloyd/matthew ice☆
jaime lloyd/matthew ice☆
jake moss/quinn flanc☆
james berrybell/myles caslight/samuel imran☆
jamie swan/lucie parker☆
jerome mignard/jj baxter☆
jesse oak/shion komatsu/victor kragh☆
jules anderson/tristan blackburn/parker bark☆
joel troy/liam lake☆
joon hwang/sora paek☆
keira curry/lily berry☆
koby bates/tomas ward☆
kristian maphire/laneth blackmoore/negash tefera☆
kyler stein/nader hakimi☆
lars ipsen/zac monroe/steve foster☆
levi rees/nathan todd☆
luca love/ryu kobayashi☆
lucas pike/phoenix miller☆
lucien roy/phobos blade☆
marianna mossa/sophie fiocchi☆
martin dixon☆
melissa green/michelle fox☆
morgan fortuna/ramona graves☆
noël moulin/sam korb☆
pascal nova/tim hendrix/raden webster☆
patrick rask/shin namgung☆
quill birdie/sunny brandyhop☆
reece drake/zander delgado☆
rory adams☆
scott mcnamara☆
sean werner☆
sebastian martinez/vincent trembay/zachary franks☆
seong on/yong ho☆
skye adams☆
storm williams/takeshi yamada☆
walter fisher☆
wei huang☆
xavi armstrong☆
yuki nakano☆
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fairykisess · 1 year
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𓄹𓈒 𓏲 ๋࣭ a magic pond 𓄹𓈒 𓏲 ๋࣭ (‘under monet’s pond ‘by eiko jones)
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begendered-mogai · 2 months
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ID: A set of 10 images. They are of the listed characters from Yandere Simulator in front of a flag splice of their listed identities, with a white outline. Next to each image is a version without the character. END ID
Gaku Hikitsuri Yandere Simulator is a trans bi darcian who uses he/him pronouns!
Eiko Nunomaki is a nonbinary genderqueer bisexual who uses she/they pronouns!
Enji Yodogawa is a GNC bigender lesbian trans girl who uses she/her pronouns!
Fred Jones is a bi solian who uses he/him pronouns!
Geiju Tsuburaya is a gay nonbinary girl who uses all pronouns!
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ninebluehearts · 8 months
Hello again, Hannah! I'm here to bring inspiration to you! I maigine Blue Jones in some type of Haunted Mansion vibes because we all know this man is a creep on creeps! I envision the reader wearing dress from Eiko Ishoka (think of Mirror Mirror or Dracula). Blue Jones is a man of mystery, no? Phantom of the Opera meets Haunted Mansion! The possibilities are endless!
Hi Giona! Thank you for the inspiration! 💕 This is giving Dark Romance and I am here for it 🙌
When your friends told you about the party Mr. Jones was holding at his mansion, you didn't know if you should go or not. Sure, the little voice in the back of your head was trying its best to scream at you that this was NOT a good idea, but the bigger voice inside was already piecing together outfits from your closet.
In the end, you made a last minute decision to go. You picked out your finest dress- an emerald green gown with what seemed like a million layers of lace and ruffles, topped with an elegant row of ivory feathers around the neckline. Your favorite part was the golden embroidered flowers that danced along the bottom half of the dress, and at the edge of its widened sleeves.
You wore your hair up in an elegant bun, a few wild curls laid along the back of your neck and next to your ears. Considering the length of the dress, you decided to wear a pair of simple black heels, knowing they would be the most forgiving on your feet after what you knew would be a long night.
When you arrived to the mansion you felt somewhat underwhelmed. Sure, it was a beautiful building with an even better property, but the fact that it wasn't taken care of properly made it unattractive. The garden was filled with weeds, vines climbed high along the walls of the building, and there seemed to be this awful feeling in the pit of your stomach when you looked at the building that you couldn't quite describe.
Though, your disappointment came to an end when you saw the buildings interior. The walls were just the right shade of off white, which pared well with it's mahogany floors. And just like your dress, the ceiling was decorated with detailed golden flowers, all meeting together to form one big flower in the center. Your mouth was agape with wonder as you studied the gorgeous details of the home.
While you were distracted, you didn't notice the pair of eyes that were studying you. In the mix of the large crowd of company, Mr. Blue Jones couldn't keep his eyes off of you. Though he was supposed to be discussing business with a couple of his partners, the matter didn't seem important anymore. After he rudely interrupted their conversation with a muttered, 'Excuse me,' he made his way over to you.
You were pulled from your state of wonder with the feeling of chills on your neck, a harsh wave that didn't seem to go away. You rubbed the back of your neck attempting to soothe them, when you heard him. "Excuse me Miss. I don't believe we've met." And when you turned to see the owner of the voice, you could only assume that it was Mr. Jones. This man commanded too much power to not be the host.
You gave him your name and he mumbled it back to himself with a grin, almost like he was piecing together a puzzle and he found the last piece. "And I assume you're Mr. Jones?" You asked, already knowing the answer.
"Smart girl." He mumbled. Then he held out his arm, gesturing for you to take it. And going against that feeling in your gut again, you hooked your arm around his. He proceeded to lead you around the room, slowly making his way outside while droning on and on about the history of the building. Which you would have loved if it we're for the fact that this guy gave you every red flag in the book.
But when he sat you down on a bench in his unremarkable garden, you noticed the way the moonlight danced across his pale skin, making him impossibly lighter. The way his eyes couldn't focus on just one thing for too long, or the way his hair would fall back onto his forehead no matter how many times he pushed it back with his hand.
While he honestly gave you the creeps, there was something desirable about him. Almost like he was drawing you in so he could capture you. A Venus Flytrap came to mind as a comparison. Though, you didn't know if it would be such a bad thing if he did..
"Ah, look at me rambling.. Maybe we should head back inside?" Mr. Jones mumbled, noticing how you weren't even paying attention to him anymore.
Only God knows why you decided to lean in closer to him, ignoring his question as you pressed your lips against his. You were absolutely terrified, and when he kissed you back, you knew you were in for it. But what, you didn't know.
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white-cat-of-doom · 3 months
Tumblr media
I posted 2,327 times in 2022
827 posts created (36%)
1,500 posts reblogged (64%)
Blogs I reblogged the most:
I tagged 2,321 of my posts in 2022
#cats the musical - 2,288 posts
#cats musical - 2,287 posts
#cats us tour 6 - 356 posts
#jellylorum - 262 posts
#victoria - 260 posts
#demeter - 253 posts
#bombalurina - 247 posts
#cats rccl cast 12 - 244 posts
#cats uk tour 2022 - 232 posts
#cats international tour 2022 - 230 posts
Longest Tag: 139 characters
#part of me wants to change my avatar to one of these pieces but i cannot bring myself to take away the 2019 rumple i have had for two years
My Top Posts in 2022:
Today is the day! The Il Sistina production of CATS opens tonight (07 December 2022) in Rome!
Below are some more specific character photos, outside of larger group photos.
Jacopo Pelliccia as Gatto Giò (Bustopher Jones, a separate character in this production).
Photos taken by Gianluca Sarago.
Tumblr media
Gaia Soprano as Cassandra.
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133 notes - Posted December 7, 2022
Everyone generally knows what the Rumpus Cat looks like in traditional productions, right? A bit silly, with funky hair and red eyes.
Meanwhile in Japan, the modern Rumpus Cat looks like this:
Tumblr media
The hero we never knew we needed.
(Fukuoka 2021, January 2022; Kenshin Mori as Rumpus Cat, Miki Okudaira as Jellylorum, Eiko Kataoka as Rumpleteazer, Yuki Takahashi as Old Deuteronomy, Taijun Kanemoto as Munkustrap, and Yurie Sato as Bombalurina. Almost fully hidden is Haruaki Tamai as Mungojerrie.)
141 notes - Posted February 21, 2022
Rehearsals have started for the production of CATS at Teatro Sistina in Italy, starting 07 December 2022, an officially licensed non-replica from RUG.
The designs are interesting in that they have reference sheets for both the makeup and costume.
Tumblr media
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149 notes - Posted November 9, 2022
The promotional pictures for the UK/International Tour 2022 have been posted!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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181 notes - Posted May 31, 2022
My #1 post of 2022
I never uploaded these pictures last year, so I figured now would be a fun time to celebrate Pride Month again. Who better than with my favourite cast of Cats in Vienna?
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192 notes - Posted June 1, 2022
Get your Tumblr 2022 Year in Review →
#It has been a good year for me and CATS#I luckily got to see the last cast three times and the current cast (only) once#An interesting breakdown here#I would have thought I created more posts but 36% is much higher than the 3% last year!#Plus I reblogged from myself a fair amount which lessens those numbers compared to making a new post altogether#Jellylorum being the top character tag is actually a bit surprising to me#But good for me for pulling that off#Poor Jenny was in enough posts#I had completely forgotten about that top post but that is fun to see#Aside from myself being in the top 5 (I would not thought I counted towards that) the reblogged blogs the list is not surprising at all#And that longest tag! It did not take long after for me to overhaul (as much as you can overhaul on mobile) my appearance to change my icon#To one of the beautiful art pieces of my OC Freya that Jemi created and I would not have it any other way now#Thank you again Jemi for creating those#You are too kind and immensely talented and that is why you were obviously going to be my most reblogged blog#Apologies to anyone who gets tagged and would rather not for a post like this#I guess the main point to all of this is to say thank you to everyone who interacts with this blog and to anyone who makes content#Enjoy your passions and interests and maybe someone else will love it alongside you but at the very least you are making it for yourself#Let me see if I can overtake my reblogged posts with my created posts next year#I think I am well on my way#I hope I offered everyone some fun posts and up to date information on the musical as the (official) unofficial source for everything CATS#(that last one is more a joke but at this point how much of one is the question?)#Rambling over#Thanks for everything everyone#Who knows maybe I will actually have something important to say next year
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brandonshimoda · 4 months
THE BOOKS I READ IN 2022, in the order in which I read them (*books I read before, that I was reading again):
Alexandra Chang, Days of Distraction 
Elizabeth Miki Brina, Speak, Okinawa 
Cynthia Dewi Oka, Fire Is Not a Country 
Hanif Abdurraqib, Go Ahead in the Rain: Notes to A Tribe Called Quest 
*Cathy Park Hong, Minor Feelings 
Victoria Chang, Dear Memory 
*Etel Adnan, Of Cities & Women (Letters to Fawwaz)
Sun Yung Shin, The Wet Hex 
traci kato-kiriyama, Navigating With(out) Instruments 
Raquel Gutiérrez, Brown Neon
Solmaz Sharif, Customs 
*Etel Adnan, Journey to Mount Tamalpais 
Lucille Clifton, Generations: A Memoir 
Emerson Whitney, Heaven 
Kim Thúy, em, tr. Sheila Fischman 
Angel Dominguez, Desgraciado (the collected letters) 
Janice Lee, Separation Anxiety 
*Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Dictee
*Cathy Park Hong, Translating Mo’um 
Kyoko Hayashi, From Trinity to Trinity, tr. Eiko Otake 
Lao Yang, Pee Poems, tr. Joshua Edwards & Lynn Xu 
Yuri Herrera, A Silent Fury: The El Bordo Mine Fire, tr. Lisa Dillman (
Mai Der Vang, Yellow Rain
Chuang Hua, Crossings 
José Watanabe, Natural History, tr. Michelle Har Kim
Walter Lew, Excerpts from: ∆IKTH 딕테/딕티 DIKTE, for DICTEE (1982) 
*Bhanu Kapil, The Vertical Interrogation of Strangers 
Vasily Grossman, An Armenian Sketchbook, tr. Robert & Elizabeth Chandler
Hiromi Kawakami, Parade, tr. Allison Markin Powell 
Lynn Xu, And Those Ashen Heaps That Cantilevered Vase of Moonlight 
*Etel Adnan, Sitt Marie Rose, tr. Georgina Kleege 
Jennifer Soong, Suede Mantis/Soft Rage 
*James Baldwin, No Name in the Street 
*Hilton Als, The Women
Dot Devota, >She 
V.S. Naipaul, The Return of Eva Perón 
Yasushi Inoue, The Hunting Gun, tr. Sadamichi Yokoo and Sanford Goldstein
Molly Murakami, Tide goes out 
Adrian Tomine, Shortcomings 
Hisham Matar, A Month in Siena 
Leia Penina Wilson, Call the Necromancer 
Gabriel García Márquez, News of a Kidnapping, tr. Edith Grossman 
Amitava Kumar, Bombay-London-New York 
Elizabeth Alexander, The Trayvon Generation 
Ryan Nakano, I Am Minor 
Constance Debré, Love Me Tender, tr. Holly James 
Hilton Als, My Pin-up 
Victoria Chang, The Trees Witness Everything 
Leslie Kitashima-Gray, The Pink Dress: A Story from the Japanese American Internment 
Emmanuel Carrère, Yoga, tr. John Lambert 
Ronald Tanaka, The Shino Suite: Sansei Poetry 
Patricia Y. Ikeda, House of Wood, House of Salt
Soichi Furuta, to breathe 
Kiki Petrosino, Bright 
Sueyeun Juliette Lee, Aerial Concave Without Cloud 
Nanao Sakaki, Real Play
Esmé Weijun Wang, The Collected Schizophrenias 
Francis Naohiko Oka, Poems 
Geraldine Kudaka, Numerous Avalanches at the Point of Intersection 
Steve Fujimura, Sad Asian Music 
Augusto Higa Oshiro, The Enlightenment of Katzuo Nakamatsu, tr. Jennifer Shyue 
Julie Otsuka, The Swimmers 
Salman Rushdie, The Jaguar Smile: A Nicaraguan Journey 
Margo Jefferson, Constructing a Nervous System 
Hua Hsu, Stay True 
Barbara Browning, The Miniaturists 
Kate Zambreno, Drifts 
*Julie Otsuka, When The Emperor Was Divine 
Louise Akers, Elizabeth/The Story of Drone
Wong May, In the Same Light: 200 Poems for Our Century from the Migrants & Exiles of the Tang Dynasty 
Gabrielle Octavia Rucker, Dereliction 
Trung Le Nguyen, The Magic Fish 
Jessica Au, Cold Enough for Snow 
Tongo Eisen-Martin, Blood on the Fog 
Lucas de Lima, Tropical Sacrifice 
*Like a New Sun: New Indigenous Mexican Poetry, ed. Víctor Terán & David Shook 
Billy-Ray Belcourt, A Minor Chorus 
Kazim Ali, Silver Road 
*Sadako Kurihara, When We Say Hiroshima, tr. Richard Minear 
Simone White, or, on being the other woman
*James Baldwin, The Devil Finds Work 
Christina Sharpe, Ordinary Notes 
*Raquel Gutiérrez, Brown Neon 
Marguerite Duras, The Man Sitting in the Corridor 
Gayl Jones, Corregidora 
*Bhanu Kapil, The Vertical Interrogation of Strangers 
*Etel Adnan, Seasons 
Gwendolyn Brooks, to disembark 
Cristina Rivera Garza, The Taiga Syndrome, tr. Suzanne Jill Levine and Aviva Kana
Gwendolyn Brooks, In the Mecca 
Nona Fernández, The Twilight Zone, tr. Natasha Wimmer
Selva Almada, Dead Girls, tr. Annie McDermott
*Theresa Hak Kyung Cha, Dictee
Valerie Hsiung, To Love an Artist
*Theresa Hak  Cha, Exilée and Temps Morts
Dao Strom, We Were Meant To Be a Gentle People
Randa Jarrar, Love Is An Ex-Country
*Dao Strom, Instrument
Osamu Dazai, Early Light, tr. Ralph McCarthy and Donald Keene
Osamu Dazai, The Setting Sun, tr. Donald Keene
Rachel Aviv, Strangers To Ourselves: Unsettled Minds and the Stories That Make Us
Mahmoud Darwish, Journal of an Ordinary Grief, tr. Ibrahim Muhawi
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ndedtch · 5 months
Tumblr media
grace jones at sydney festival first night, costume designed by eiko ishioka, via flickr
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girlwithinfiction · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The books shown are as follows:
- Half a Soul by Olivia Atwater
- The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea by Axie Oh
- A Tale of Time City by Diana Wynn Jones
- A Psalm for the Wild-Built by Becky Chambers
- Wilder Girls by Rory Power
- The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang
- Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend
- The Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff
- Redwall by Brian Jacques
- Signal to Noise by Silvia Moreno-Garcia
- If You Could See the Sun by Ann Liang
- Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik
- Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree
- The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches by Sangu Mandanna
- Iona Iverson's Rules for Commuting by Clare Pooley
- Hangsaman by Shirley Jackson
- I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith
- Oceanography of the Moon by Glendy Vanderah
- Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman
- Dragon Sword and Wind Child by Noriko Ogiwara
- Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim
- Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor
- The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern
- Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harlow
- Never Let Me Go by Kashuo Ishiguro
- Frankenstein in Baghdad by Ahmed Saadawi
- Everything I Never Told You By Celeste Ng
- Wind, Sand, and Stars by Antoine Saint-Exupéry
- The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
- My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante
✨EXTRAS (adaptations or inspirations):
- Kiki's Delivery Service by Eiko Kadono
- Earthsea Cycle by Ursula K. Le Guin
- Grave of the Fireflies by Akiyuki Nosaka
- The Borrowers by Mary Norton
- From Up on Poppy Hill by Tetsurō Sayama
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