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Doctor's Orders - S. Raglan x Reader x M. Schmidt
You and Mike are having intimacy issues, and Dr Raglan is the best couples therapist in town.
A/N: Pure filth and nothing more. This might be the dirtiest fic I've ever made...Minors DNI
Word count: 2.4K
Tags: Threesomes / Cuckolding / Dom + Sub dynamics / Age gaps – Steve is in his 50’s, Reader and Mike are in their mid 20s / Hints of manipulation / Abuse of power / Oral sex, fem and male receiving / Breeding / Humiliation / Overstimulation / Sex rivalry / Unprotected sex  / Dirty talk
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Dr Raglan was a renowned couples therapist in your town, which was why you were so eager to see him with your boyfriend Mike. Even though you’d been together for a while, when it came to sex you’d found that he had trouble staying ‘up’, and even reaching orgasm. He insisted it wasn’t you, but the egotistical part of you worried that you weren’t enough.
Still, you would’ve never guessed that, upon hearing your issues, the doctor would’ve been gracious to extend the session by another hour, free of charge. It slightly worried you that your issues were apparently that bad, but you took it anyway.
“I like you two,” Steve said. “A lot, actually. I’m very happy to help you out,”
He wasn’t lying. He’d been lusting over you for the whole session, his cock growing hard at how desperate you were to get through to Mike, even willing to do the work on your part. You were such a sweet, attentive little girlfriend, and yet Mike seemed like a total loser. Utterly powerless.
The pair of you were still sitting down as he got up, walking around to stand behind you and place his large hands on your shoulders. He smirked as Mike looked at him, ready to argue, whilst you seemed uncomfortable.
“I’m going to use Y/N here as an example,” he said, instructing you to stand up. He didn’t even bother to ask for your permission - you were nothing but a toy. A toy and a tool to be fucked. It was going to help your issues, after all. 
You stood up, and he cupped a finger under your chin so that you looked into his eyes, his gaze intense and unwavering.
“Strip,” he said, and your eyes grew wide.
“Y/N, don’t  —“ Mike interjected, sticking out a hand defensively, but Steve stopped him.
“That’s your problem, Mike. Stop trying to be the hero,” he said forcefully. You hesitated before squeezing Michael’s hand and beginning to undress. You loved Mike more than anything, and wanted to move towards the next stage of your relationship. 
Mr Raglan knew best.
As you undressed, you noticed a visible bulge in Steve’s pants, and Mike, though quiet, seemed to be developing one too, but hid it with his hands. Their eyes were filled with lust, and Dr Raglan seemed to hum with approval as he took in your semi-nude body as you assumed your position on top of his desk.
You were undressed all for him; naive and exposed to what was about to come. 
He was ready to fucking consume you.
But he had to be professional.
“You see, your intimacy problem has nothing to do with her, and everything with you,” he said, pointing at Mike. “She’s such a cute little thing with a body just begging bred. Any man would be lucky to have her…And yet you can’t appreciate something good. Why is that?”
Steve smirked as he saw your legs twitch at the mention of breeding, and he looked between the pair of you knowingly. Mike seemed unresponsive, whilst you were like a deer in headlights.
“You’re building it up too much. You keep thinking things are going to be mind-blowing, and that you’re going to be the best she’s ever had, but in actuality it’ll probably be average. You need to learn to live with being disempowered,”
You glanced over worriedly at Mike. Perhaps the loss of his brother was the root of the deeper issue?
“Has he touched you here?” Steve said, his large hands reaching to massage your breasts. His hands were cold whilst your chest was warm, causing your nipples to harden against his touch. The older man chuckled, rolling the bud against his fingers before he tugged them, showing them off to your boyfriend. He’d barely done anything, and you were responding to him so well.
“Do you usually get turned on so quickly?”
“I’m not—“ you protested, trying to ignore the growing heat between your thighs. “—It’s just because your hands are cold,”
“Sure. I’m sorry, sweetheart,” he said mockingly. “How about you have your boyfriend come warm you up?”
You looked over pleadingly at Michael and he obliged, getting up to place his hand on your other breast, but not without giving Dr Raglan a side eye, to which the older man brushed off. You stared up at them with glassy eyes as they fondled your breasts, with Mike’s touch more gentle compared to Steve’s pawing. You weren’t oblivious to Raglan’s now hardened bulge either, as he pressed his groin into the bare skin of your knee, teasing you with what was to come.
“Doesn’t look like you’re doing a good job there, Mike,” he said matter of factly. “Unsurprising, considering everything I know about you. Let me show you how to take care of business,” 
His bigger frame pushed Mike to the side, and you could see him clench his fists in frustration. Steve stared down at you hungrily, one of his hands sliding past your breast to grab the base of your neck; squeezing it ever so slightly as his other hand made its way to your panties. He spread your legs so that you were on display, his thick fingers rubbing against your slit through the material. 
“I bet I can make her cum just from my hands…” he said, staring down at Mike who remained in his seat. As much as he hated watching a perverted older man like Raglan touch you, part of him was actually enjoying it. He knew you were hot, and to see someone making you feel as sexy and liberated as you deserved made him feel good in turn. Perhaps the Doctor was right - he needed to be comfortable feeling powerless.
“You said you’ve tried oral sex, correct?” Steve said, clearing his throat. You looked up at him and nodded shyly, and he tutted.
“I want you to say it,” he insisted, briefly removing his hands from your panties. “Tell me what you do to him,”
“Um —“ you said, flustered from the sudden loss of pressure. “I touch him through his pants first. He’s usually hard then, so I take it out — I don’t suck him off immediately, I like to keep it going with my hands…” 
Steve began to unbuckle his belt before pulling down his zipper and taking out his cock through the hole, beginning to stroke it lazily as you droned on about trying to please your boyfriend. He was aching to see you in all the degrading positions you’d put yourself in for Mike’s benefit (to no success), even more so at the prospect of being in front of him. 
“Show me,” Steve groaned, positioning his cock towards your face. “Give me everything you’ve been craving,”
You abided by his words and stroked him, moaning as he resumed his motions on top of your panties. He was bigger than Mike, and you could feel him throb in your hands with every tug, desperate to penetrate your lips. You remained like this for a moment before the older man pushed your panties to the side, the cool hair sending shivers down your hot cunt. Steve greedily pushed two of his lithe fingers inside of you, grunting at the sensation as he felt the insides of your thigh on his arms, grazing his hairs ever so slightly.
“She’s fucking dripping,” he laughed, staring Mike in the eye. “She feels so good down here. I wonder how her mouth feels —“ he stated, and angled your head around his cock. You took it in your mouth instinctively, eyes widening in shock as he hit the back of your throat unexpectedly. Steve was almost completely feral; wasting no time in thrusting deeper into your mouth whilst his fingers explored your fold, making sure to rub your clit.
“—Like heaven,” he purred, and it was as if something deeper had arisen within him. “Don’t be shy Mike. You should get in on this,” he teased, giving the younger man all but two seconds before focusing back onto you. You were mewling and writhing under his power, and if he were a teenager he probably would’ve cum right there and then. Luckily for him, he was a man now.
Mike obeyed, and quietly made his way between your legs, watching in awe at the way your juices coated the man’s fingers. It looked heavenly; and it killed him to think he was missing out. All he ever wanted to do was please you.
He unzipped his trousers, freeing his cock so that he could touch himself. He inched towards your spread pussy, one hand on his cock and the other keeping your panties out of the way and practically dived in, eagerly lapping at your folds, causing Steve to hum in amusement.
The sensation was painfully overwhelming, with Steve’s fingers now rubbing at your hood, and Mike’s lips licking and sucking on your insides. It was beyond pornographic, and you wondered whether this was genuinely helpful or just a self-serving ruse. 
“Ugh,” you moaned, and pushed Mike’s head deeper into you, prompting yet another reaction from Steve.
“Seems like he can do something well, hm? I suppose this is the part where everything goes to shit?”
“For your information, I never said I couldn’t make her cum,” Mike snapped, staring daggers into Steve as he momentarily drew himself away from your cunt. 
“I’ll admit –” he began, stopping to groan as he began thrusting faster into your mouth, your cheeks hollowing around his cock and nose repeatedly making contact with his pants, “--That’s impressive, but it’s child’s play. You’re a child, Mike. She needs a real man…” 
Even though it was wrong, your pussy twitched around Mike as the pair bickered; using your body like a ragdoll. You weren’t a person to them, but a vessel, and it was sparking something within Mike that you hadn’t seen, licking along your folds and up towards your clit, flicking his tongue upon the nub as two fingers pumped into you. All he’d needed was a bit of ‘friendly’ competition.
“Mike —” you whimpered against Steve’s cock. “I’m gonna —”
“Get off her, Mike,” Steve commanded, and the younger man obeyed, his frustration growing deeper. The Dr drew himself from your face, leaving a trail of spit against your swollen lips.
“That’s not how this is going to go –” he stated, guiding your body so that you were spread flat on top of his desk, your legs dangling off of the sides. Steve towered above you, and even though Mike was in the room you felt like a shrew underneath his predatory gaze, waiting to be devoured. You stared up at him with wide eyes, and you almost came as he smiled down at you, a large, calloused hand rubbing along the sides of your body, spreading your cunt effortlessly with two fingers and admiring the mess you’d made.
“--I’m gonna fuck her, and you’re gonna watch. Got it?” he said forcefully, staring Mike down. “Don’t try to save her, Mike. She doesn’t need saving. Let it go,”
Mike nodded, and Steve barely gave you any time to react before he thrust into you, practically gasping at the hot, wet sensation against his aching cock. His grip on your legs were firm, slinging them around his waist so that he had full control over you, relishing in the sight of your breasts moving with every motion, and your mouth agape as he filled you up. Mike was stroking himself, his face flushed as he watched you intently, completely inebriated on oxytocin. There were no sympathetic smiles or gentle hugs when he couldn’t ‘perform’, but a different person entirely - the sex goddess you deserved to be. It was dirty, and so very wrong, but he was enjoying every moment.
Steve’s thrusts were getting faster now, to the point that you could feel his thighs slap against your own, much more his heavy balls against your aching pussy, causing the desk to creak. His eyes darkened as one hand made its way to your throat, squeezing ever so slightly as his cock seemed to hit at you from every angle.
“You like this, hmm?” he cooed, a large smirk wiped across his face. “Getting fucked by an older man whilst your mess of a boyfriend watches? He can’t make you moan like I do, huh?” 
You could barely answer, but managed to shake your head.
“Hm, you’re pretty fucked up, aren’t you? I think you and I should have a little private session n’ work some of those issues through…”
You moaned louder, and Steve let out a gleeful cackle before looking over at Mike, who was in a daze. 
“I consider myself a fair guy. Get over here,” he gestured to him, and once he was there you took Mike’s cock in your mouth, helping him finish what had been started. He threw his head back as you eagerly licked and sucked on his tip, using your hands to stroke his base and steady him in your mouth. 
You’d reached complete overstimulation; and you could feel a familiar heat pooling in your stomach, your body instinctively beginning to grind itself on Steve’s cock. Mike drew himself deeper into your mouth, briefly making you choke at his desperate motions, and Steve placed his hands onto your hips, holding you down and beginning to fuck you mercilessly.
“Touch her,” he ordered, and Mike began rubbing your pussy in circles, adding to the unfathomable feeling. “Feel how much she’s trembling because of me. She’s such a slut, you know that? You might own her heart, but I own her pussy – Fuck – She’s perfect...”
The sound of his throaty voice made you unravel, and you threw your head back as you came, desperately pulling Mike into a kiss as you did. It was euphoric, made all the more otherworldly when Steve said a certain few words:
“I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna fill this pretty pussy up real good, like a real man does. Didn’t you see the way she begged and moaned for me? Our pretty little fucktoy —”
He came with a loud groan and his glasses almost slid off of his face as he lurched forward whilst his fingers left marks on your skin as he held you down to pump his hot, heavy seed into your aching hole. You were both sweaty, and you felt your eyes flutter shut from the exhaustion. As Steve rode off his high he drew his hips back, watching his seed slowly drip out of you and onto his desk. 
Smirking, he caught his breath before walking over to assume Mike’s position at your mouth, looking down at him expectedly.
“It’s your turn. I hope you don’t mind the mess I’ve made,”
Tumblr media
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Mike Schmidt has two sides.
On paper, he’s a complete sub. He loves it when you take charge in the bedroom, letting you take off his pants and boxers so you can take his desperate cock in your mouth and pleasure him. He loves sixty-nine, and holds your hips in place as he laps eagerly at your folds, drowning in your pussy as you smother him. He’ll suck on and tease your clit until completion, and even then he’ll hold you down so that you’re constantly moaning and writhing over and over again. His face is always flushed and red once you come down from your high, glistening with your juices. He’s not afraid to kiss you right after, either. 
Mike loves to be edged; it’s the second best relief after a long day. His moans and whimpers are so fucking beautiful, and his cock always twitches with every touch. He likes to play with your nipples; to lick and suck on them eagerly as you whisper into his ear. When he cums, he sometimes cries, so fucking thankful and overwhelmed from your touch.
Still, there’s a part of him that wants to be dominant. After all, he’s ultimately frustrated from everything, and he has no real outlet to voice this. If he’s in a good mood he’ll tease you, pressing his hard cock that’s buried in his sweatpants right up against your ass and thigh as you tidy up from dinner, his grip on your hips unusually firm. When Abby’s gone he has no problem fucking you in the kitchen, hoisting you up onto the counter whilst he ruts into you from in between your legs, or holding your hips down as you ride him on the couch, filling you up without concern as to the consequences. He’s so much more primal, leaving hickies on your neck and telling you how you were made for him. It’s ultimately all out of love, but you take him so perfectly that love sometimes flies out the window. He fucks you in the shower; indulging in a sloppy make out session before he spins you around and pressed you against the wall, fucking you relentlessly from behind.
It’s his favourite form of release.
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Flirting vs Harassment
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ghostface could never kill me because the one thing about me is that i don’t answer the phone. dm me bitch!!
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Freak - Mike Schmidt x Reader (Songfic)
Mike dials a 1-800 number and gets more than what he asked for.
A/N: Reader is a secret sex guru, and an unlicensed therapist, 18+ only. I'm going to abuse the FUCK out of this GIF. Based on the song 'Freak' by Doja Cat!
Word count: 2.2K
Tags: SMUT / Sub! Mike, Dom! Reader / Fem!Reader / Handjobs / Edging / Unprotected sex / Creampies / Marijuana usage / Brief mention of contraceptives (the pill)
Tumblr media
‘Call 1-800-2323 for the answer to your troubles. Enlightenment is just a phone call away!’
Mike looked down at the card in his hands, given to him by Abby’s wellbeing officer out of concern for his personal troubles. He’d never read too much into spirituality, but considering psychoanalysis hadn’t gotten him much further than his usual dream it couldn’t hurt to try, right?
The dial rang, and he expected to hear a raspy elderly woman with a smoker's cough. What he didn’t expect was a lively, young voice at the other end of the line.
“…How may I be of assistance?”
“Uh — There’s something in my past — It’s been bothering me for practically my whole life…I need help finding the answers…”
“Hm,” the voice hummed. “Vague, but I sense you’re holding back…I like ‘em that way…Name?”
Freak like me You want a good girl that does bad things to you You never been with no one as nasty as me Spice up your life, come get a freak Freak like me
“Mike Schmidt,”
You'd heard of him from your mom’s friend.
“I’ll book you in for Friday at 8PM,”
“Okay…How much will I owe you? Money’s a little tight right now…”
“Don’t worry. It’s all free of charge,”
Tied him down to my queen bed Tease him just enough to hate me  Tied it tight enough, he can't break free  Keep him waiting 'til he try This can go one of two ways We could flip the coin, I'll be your slave  Call you daddy, give me a nickname I ain't afraid of a little pain (No, I ain't 'fraid of a little pain)
He showed up at the address listed on the card a little after 8PM and rang the doorbell, his hands in his pockets as he scanned his surroundings. You, the mysterious voice, answered the door, and you briefly took his breath away, dressed in a nude, flesh coloured spaghetti strap dress that stopped halfway on your thighs, paired with a sultry smile.
“You must be Mike,” you grin. “Come in,”
The interaction is brief, and he follows you to the couch, an armchair sat traditionally opposite like it would in a therapist office. You gesture for him to take a seat and he does, already feeling like he was under a spell. His eyes glance down briefly at your bare legs as you cross one over the other, letting out a soft moan as you got comfortable. Blood was slowly and suddenly draining from his face to his cock, and he moved his hands to cover the issue, which didn’t go unnoticed to you.
“So, Mike…What is it that’s haunting you?”
He wanted some'n else and he wanna be selfish He wanted them three rounds, DC had to come help him Look, I know your position Try to squeeze in the full nelson though Beat on it, beat, beat on it, mercy like a black belt give Daddy the grand master, daddy, I want it faster Them bitches you fuckin' with, I know they gon' need some practice So bring 'em along wit' ya, I'll teach 'em how to smash ya When I made a little mess on it, he told me to clean my act up
He told you everything; from his brother’s abduction to the breakdown of his family and his living situation with his sister. He was a tortured soul, and he just needed a bit of release. You were so, so glad he’d been referred to you.
“I empathise with you, Mike,” you sigh, leaning in. “It must be hard,”
Hard. Painfully hard.
“Do you mind if I sit next to you?” you say coyly, and he shakes his head. You notice he licks his lips as you get up, recognising how the dress is clinging to your body and beginning to bunch up your thighs. For a split second he gets a glimpse of your black lace panties, and his now fully hard cock twitches in his jeans. 
He wants you, and he’s almost certain you want him too, but a deeper part of him wants to let it play out. For once, he’s not in control of all of the decisions and he wants to keep it that way.
“What I’m hearing is that the route of your issue is frustration,” you say, eyes locked on his as you reach out to run your fingers through his messy locks. “When was the last time you ever thought about yourself?”
He shakes his head. “I don’t - I can’t — How is this going to help me find who took Garrett?”
“Because you’re thinking too hard, and it complicates things. It’s time to redirect your attention,” you purr, dragging your vowels so that it produces a tone that sends shivers down his spine. 
“…How?” he chokes, eyes wide and pupils dilated. You’re so fucking close to him now, and he thinks he might burst. You smell like weed and sex, and he can’t stop staring at the way your strap is sliding down your arms.
You slide off your dress in a quick motion, revealing your bare body. Mike is rabid now, unable to stop staring at your hardened nipples and the barely there material of your panties.
Freak like me (Tryna freak you down) You want a good girl that does bad things to you You never been with no one as nasty as me Spice up your life, come get a freak
“I’m gonna touch you, Mike,” you say simply, and it holds a thousand words. “And then you’re gonna fuck me,”
Hey, I could take a big bat, bet that he thinkin' this a game Hey, batter, batter swing, you could put it on a swing Freak like a triple XXX flick, put her on a chain This pussy off the chain, this kitty insane I could fuck him in the rain, I could fuck him in the Range (Uh) I could fuck him every day (Uh), I'ma fuck him 'til he sang (Uh) Milkshake bring the boys to the yard, I'ma need the whipped cream Ain't ever been vanilla, honey, just wait until you get a taste
He knows he can say no, but relaxes into your touch. One hand rubs his upper torso, massaging his tight muscles as the other is wrapped around his neck as you plant gentle kisses along his cheek and neck before you move to his lips. His kiss is eager, and he wastes no time in finding your tongue with his own. 
He needs this so fucking badly, and he doesn’t want to let go.
The kiss continues as you begin to claw at his body, and he briefly pulls away to tug off his jacket and shirt before resuming the make out session. His body tenses as your hands make their way down his chest, down towards the beginning of his happy trail. He desperately wants you to continue the skin-to-skin contact, but you slide your hands over his jeans instead, squeezing him through the material. 
He furrowed his eyebrows and let out a small whimper, earning a gasp from you. He was so pretty.
“That’s it, baby. Don’t hold back…”
Skirt off, fuck in the backseat Take that shirt off, baby, put it on me Got me like, "Yeehaw," ride it like a horsey Kinda like see-saw, up and down on the D, give it to him
You relieve his frustration by hastily pulling at his belt and unbuttoning his jeans, leaving him in his briefs. They were black and you could see a clear wad of precum that had been built up over the past hour. Wasting no time, Mike lets out a louder moan as you slide the material down, his cock springing up onto his pelvis. It’s average sized, but with a slightly thicker girth, and is bright pink with want.
“Kiss me,” you instruct, and he nods. His lips find the crevice of your neck and collarbone as you begin to grip his shaft, his tip between your thumb and index finger as you squeeze out some remaining precum, the liquid pooling around your fingers.
It’s pure pleasure for him as you take the entirety of his cock in your hands, slowly beginning to jerk him off, not forgetting to cup his balls as you do. He throws his head back as his hands clench, physical pressure dissipating as you take his hands in your own, guiding it to your breast.
“Fuck…” Mike groans, beginning to massage the skin as you coo in his ear, your grip tightening and fastening on his cock. Four of his senses are overstimulated, and the icing on the cake is your unrelenting sultry stare, making sure you were attending to his every need.
You were the goddess he never knew he could have.
Freak like me (Need a freak like me) You want a good girl that does bad things to you (You want a good girl) You never been with no one as nasty as me Spice up your life, come get a freak Do, do-do, do-do, do-do (Now you need a freak)
You could feel him shudder underneath you and knew he was loosening up, edging closer to orgasm. His whimpers and groans were now louder, and he’d found the confidence to latch onto your nipples, pawing at the skin with his hand whilst his tongue swirled along the hardened bud.
Spreading your legs over his, you angled his face towards you as, taking in his hazel eyes. 
“Touch me, Mike,” you said, gaze flickering down to your pussy. “Touch me like I’m touching you…”
He moves away from your breasts to make his way between your legs, his fingers sliding into your wet cunt. He lets out a deep sigh at the sensation, feeling rather proud of himself as you begin to writhe against him.
“Is this good?” he asks, sliding a second finger into you. 
“So good,” you moan. “You’re so good for me, Mike,”
His heart and his cock swells, and your bodies begin to move in sync. He quickly finds your clit as your pace quickens on his cock, and you both begin to reach a point of ecstasy.
“Y/N…” he whimpers, lips wet and eyes glassy. “I’m gonna—“
“I know, baby,” you whisper on his lips. “But not yet,” you say abruptly, and draw away. He’s shocked, and stares at you open mouthed.
You respond with nothing but a smile.
“I’m only here to guide you to enlightenment, not give. You have to do the rest,”
He’s totally blank.
“Let go, Mike. I’m here,” you say sweetly, and it feels strangely romantic. “Take me…Do you want me on top, or bottom?”
“Top,” he responds without hesitation. “You’re beautiful,”
Mike can barely contain his euphoria. You, a literal sex goddess, are sat on his lap, body on full display as he fucks up into your tight, wet pussy. The pleasure is almost painful, and he’s almost worried that he’s hurting you by the way his hands are gripped on your hips and his thrusts are desperate and sloppy. All the anger and frustration from his past was slowly unravelling, and judging by the knot in his stomach, so was he.
Freak like me Freak like me (You never, you never, you never been) You want a good girl that does bad things to you You never been with no one as nasty as me Spice up your life, come get a freak (You need a freak) Do, do-do, do-do, do-do (You need a freak) Freak like me (Like me, papa)
“Oh fuck,” you whine. “You’re perfect, Mike. So perfect,”
You weren’t lying, he looked gorgeous; pussy drunk and sweating, his frayed bangs clinging to his forehead in an odd pattern. Your lips met once again as he pulled you into him by your waist, the kiss sloppy as he drew his cock deeper into your cunt, hitting all of the right areas. 
“I’m so close Mike,” you whined. “Cum for me…”
“Where…?” he whispered. He couldn’t decide whether he wanted to see you covered in his cum, or see it seep out of you and down your thighs. 
“Wherever you feel best,” you said devilishly, before placing your lips to his ear. “I’m on the pill,”
The words sent him over the edge as he came, hot and heavy spurts of cum filling into your warmth as you finished along with him. Mike bit his lip as he held you close, almost on the verge of tears as you soothed him through the last of his orgasm. A weight had suddenly been lifted away, and he could feel his eyes grow heavy with tiredness.
After a few moments you pulled away from each other, your nude bodies dropping to either side of the couch. Still high from orgasm, you pulled your dress back on and leant over the armrest to open a drawer, not oblivious to the way Mike was staring at you fondly.
Babe, you never been with no one nastier than me Oh, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby Put your head on my shoulder Hold me in your arms, baby Squeeze me oh so tight Show me that you love me too
“Wanna blaze?” You asked, holding a joint to your lips. He paused in thought, not wanting to let go of the moment before answering.
“Can I use your phone?”
You nodded and gestured to the phone, watching as Mike dialled a number. 
“Hey, Max - Can you put Abby on the phone? Something’s come up and I can’t make it home tonight…”
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Tumblr media
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Guilty - William Afton x Reader
To be a lawyer is to adhere to a strict code of ethics.
A/N: Slight AU, but not really. This is kind of tame compared to other William fics I have planned, but I thought it’d be fun to make Reader more dominant and less innocent than usual! This has a bit of build up, but it pays off ofc ;) You can imagine William to be in his 40s/50s like he is in the movie, or 30s as he would’ve been during his killing spree.
Word count: 2.6K
Tags: SMUT / Age gaps (Reader is in her 20s) / Sexual tension / Hybristophilia / Power play (Kinda) / Fearplay (If you squint) / Clothed sex / Unprotected sex / Mutual consent / Dirty talk / Discussion of murder / Mentions of cheating
Tumblr media
Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza was in a mess. A bunch of children had just gone missing - presumed dead - and there were even rumblings of a lawsuit from the victims’ families. It certainly wasn’t the case an up-and-coming lawyer usually received, but had the potential to be the one that cemented your career.
“I must say, I’m rather surprised you chose me to help you out,” you said to the man who was sitting at the table as you closed the door behind you. Your office was by no means large, but it was sizable enough to make you feel important.
“Why’s that?” He asked, cocking his head, his brows raising above the rims of his glasses. You’d done your pre reading; the man’s name was William Afton, a humble businessman who’d started the pizzeria and had come to you for help. He seemed well meaning enough.
“Well,” you began, adjusting your skirt as you sat down, “I’m not the typical face you’d imagine when picturing a bloodthirsty lawyer. Especially someone like you…”You said carefully. It was no secret that men either overlooked you, or went out of their way to hire you for your ‘assets’. “I find they’re usually set in their ways about having a woman deal with their issues,”
The man shrugged, a small smirk creeping to the side of his face. 
“Doesn’t bother me. I have a daughter of my own,”
“Oh,” you smiled, pushing your chair in as you fixed the paperwork around you. “Is she…?”
“She’s a little younger than you,” he said simply. “I make it a mission to practise what I preach at home,”
You smiled, and he smiled back, his skin wrinkling ever so slightly around his eyes and sides of his mouth. He was put together and certainly likeable; only driving you to want to help him out even more. you were quite comfortable, which was good as it was likely that the rest of the office, bar the receptionist and the interns, would file out over time, leaving you alone with him in your assigned wing.
“I suppose we should get started. First — Would you like a cup of coffee?”
“…In conclusion, I suggest you speak to this PR rep, he’s excellent,” you said, sliding a card across the table. “For now, our plan is to go ahead with the statement, and hold off on any retaliation,” you continued, making a few notes as you did. “Cooperate with the police, and let me handle things — But, if there’s anything I should know, it’s best you tell me…” you finished, looking up at him from across the table, your eyes meeting his own blue ones.
William smirked. His focus on the task had dwindled in and out over the past hour and a half, having watched the way you explained things with striking confidence, yet bit your pen childishly before writing things down. He couldn’t help but admire a woman with confidence, and it certainly helped that it wasn’t misplaced. You were good at your job. Perhaps too good.
He wondered how you’d ended up here. Young, attractive, yet closed off in a building with stuffy businessmen on a Friday night. You should’ve been at the club; dressed in your sluttiest attire, making out with random guys whilst you split Margaritas on yourself, eventually taking them back home and fucking their brains off. He wondered if you were the dominant or submissive type; if you liked to take charge and ride in cowgirl position, or into the classic missionary, arms above your head as you moan and whimper for more. You might’ve been good at your job, but it was impossible that you hadn’t fucked any of the seniors in the office during your time. 
More importantly, he wondered if you’d ever slept with your clients. After all, it wasn’t as if they were in his calibre; likely some shady businessmen who’d moved a few pots of money around, or middle-aged men moaning about real estate - none notable enough to ruin your reputation.
This was much different. Far different.
You didn’t know it, but you were face to face with a killer.
“Such as?” he hummed. Of course he knew what you meant, but he just wanted to hear you say it.
“…Anything that could damage your validity should there be a trial,” you said, sitting back in your seat. “Forged bank documents, hoarding evidence, an admission of guilt…”
“You think I had something to do with it?”
You paused, somewhat taken aback by how abrupt he was. Usually people reacted dramatically to accusations (especially ones as callous as this), and yet he was eerily calm, barely even flinching at the mention. It intrigued you, but more disturbingly it made you horny.
“I never said that,” you shrugged, trying to compose yourself. “But, if you did, it could change this situation entirely. Your wife, your daughter - the public - will look at you very differently,”
William chuckled, his leg beginning to bounce in excitement. The mention of his family was quite the mood killer, and yet you acknowledging them turned him on. They weren’t really any more than tools to look like a convincing family-friendly businessman, and yet you seemingly bought into it. In terms of the public, well, he had a big ego for sure, but his libido was bigger. Throbbing, even.
“And what about you?” He said, leaning in and placing his hands under his chin, grinning at the way you shifted under his gaze. It was time to turn the tables.
“Excuse me?” you choked, an uncomfortable feeling beginning to churn in your stomach. There was something in the way that he smiled at you, like he was getting some kind of satisfaction from making you squirm. Perhaps you’d been wrong about him. Perhaps there was something deeper. 
“Will you look at me any differently?” he insisted. You paused for a moment before shaking your head. 
“Absolutely not, Mr Afton. It’s my duty to be impartial,”
So prim and proper. It was time to blur the boundaries.
“Tch,” he scoffed before bursting into laughter. “Come on! That’s what they all say. It’s human nature to judge,”
You rolled your eyes, tossing your leg over the other as you began to drum your fingertips on your desk impatiently. This was usually the part where whoever you were talking to stopped to talk down to you. William could tell you were agitated, and he loved the way your brows were beginning to furrow and lips scrunch into a pout. He wondered how they tasted. Much more how they felt.
“It’s also human nature to feel discomfort when running over time,” you snapped, closing your files with haste. “This session is over, Mr Afton,”
So feisty. Repression had clearly done a number on you.
It was a blatant sign for him to move on, and yet he remained firmly in his seat, watching as you got up to put your files away, skirt slightly crumpled around your legs from how long you’d been sitting. You noticed this and pulled it down, turning to face the man yet again and leaning over the table, palms flat as you rested your hands on either side. 
You were rather close to him, and if anyone walked in it would seem sketchy. It didn’t help that he was quite handsome; with rugged yet refined features, a slowly greying goatee and bright eyes that were somewhat hidden by his large glasses. The longer that you stared at him, the more you felt weakened under his gaze.
“Can I help you, Mr Afton?”
“You can,” he said, and you raised a brow for him to continue. He felt his cock begin to harden and heart beat as he worked his way up to the moment. Yes, you were a lawyer, but the circumstances meant that you were game to react rather abruptly.
A killer and a lawyer in an empty wing, just after hours - doors shut with no one to hear a scream? It was the perfect scenario for a crime.
“I have something to declare…” he began, and he could barely contain his smile as you raised your brows, mouth slowly falling agape and body subtly recoiling. As if in a trance, you lowered your head further, the eye contact so intense that you could feel a tingle throughout each others’ bodies. You were 90% certain he could hear your heart pounding in your chest.
“…Go on,”
“I think you know what it is,” 
With a slow blink, as you tried to ground yourself. You could’ve vomited. In your eyes, murder was a grey area in the realm of self defence, but children were always off limits. 
He didn’t even seem to care. He seemed amused, actually. 
“O-Okay,” you whispered, swallowing a lump in your throat. “Thank you for telling me. I’ll have to revisit this with fresh eyes in the morning —“
You were so painfully uncomfortable, and yet part of you was aroused. Perhaps it was because you’d never encountered an actual killer, or it was because you were incredibly aware of the blatant fantasy being played out from both sides. He was a wolf; a hunter, bigger and stronger than you and waiting to ravish you like prey. 
You were dedicated to holding up the law, fighting for what was fair like a good girl, but sometimes good girls needed to be ravished.
“— What do you think, Miss L/N?” he teased, standing up to match you. “Am I a dead man?”
“No…” you whispered. “I’m going to do what I can…”
“Good,” he smiled, backing away from the desk, the outline of his bulge illuminated from the dimming lights. “That’s why I chose you,”
You gave an awkward nod, haphazardly rushing to hold the door open for him to leave. You held your head down as he passed, and squeezed your eyes shut as you realised he’d stopped in front of you. 
Your bodies were painfully close in the tiny doorway. William grinned, and he knew he had you from the moment you looked up at him through your lashes.
“…Are you going to kill me?”
“Not unless you want me to,”
Your lips were on each other in a heartbeat, your hands immediately finding the door and slamming it shut before focusing your attention on the killer at your feet. He wasted no time in effortlessly hoisting you up around his waist, his large hands firm on your hips and thighs as he held you steady, stumbling to find your desk. You returned the favour by holding onto his neck and beginning to grind yourself against his cock, your skirt riding up in the process.
“I bet you’re real happy I walked through those doors, aren’t you?” He teased. “How long have you been waiting for a fucked up guy like me, hmm?” he said, crudely sticking his fingers inside your panties as he placed you on the desk. He grunted at the sensation of your wet heat, hungry as he stuck a third finger inside without warning or hesitation. They were lithe and calloused, and seemed to hit your core immediately upon penetration, causing you to let out a moan. 
“I never –” you began, barely unable to form a sentence. “This is nothing —” you insisted, lips leaving his own as you began to fumble with his belt, cupping him through his pants. He was painfully hard. And big. Bigger than most guys your age. “— Just a formality,”
William scoffed, unable to hide his lascivious smile as he began pumping in and out of you, your lips swallowing him to just below his knuckles. Against the creaking of the desk and desperate pants you could hear the wet sound of your juices coating his fingers, sticky and copious as his motions continued; rough yet controlled. 
To think, they were the same hands that had murdered all those kids…
You’d taken out his cock now and was massaging the organ in your hands, causing him to hollow out his cheeks, sighing at the contact. It was over five inches, and considerably thick, with a long blue vein running along its underside. As you stroked him, a healthy secretion of precum coated your fingers, indirectly lubing him up further. His thrusts were lazy but needy as he fucked your hand, and with every movement you worked together to guide his cock to your entrance, his bulging tip teasing your folds.
“Fuck,” he whispered, throwing his head back. “You’re ready for me, aren’t you? Naughty girl, you know this goes against your ‘ethics’...” he teased again, and you could barely formulate an answer as his body was now almost completely on top of yours, your back arching as you stabilised yourself with your free hand on the desk.
He chuckled, reaching down to grip the base of his cock as he lined himself at your entrance. For a moment your hands touched, and the excessive hairs and slight wrinkles reminded you of just how much older he was.
“Fuck ethics,” you moaned, and his grin deepened, to the point he was baring teeth. You couldn’t take it anymore, and you were beginning to lose your grip on your panties as you held them to the side.
Next time he should just rip them off.
“William…” you moaned. “Please…”
“Since you asked so nicely,” he laughed, and thrust himself into you, rutting into you like a rabbit. To him the sensation was euphoric, it had been a long time since he’d fucked a fresh pussy, and admittedly his wife was getting rather stale. You were so tight and melded perfectly around him, but most of all you were eager, even if your morals were blatantly backwards. 
William’s cock filled you completely, repeatedly hitting the untouched crevices of your cunt that you hadn’t even known existed. He was big, skilled and oh-so painfully perfect - Perfectly bad for you. You could get disbarred, your public reputation ruined, much like the narrative of the man inside you - but with every thrust that drew deeper into your pussy and lustful kiss to your neck and lips none of it seemed to matter. His large hands cupped your sides, moving between your breasts and thighs as he groped and massaged; most importantly making sure that you remained spread wide and available for him as his clothed thighs hit against yours repeatedly. You were high; so high that you barely acknowledged the wedding ring on his left finger, even if you could feel it through the thin material of your blouse.
“You feel so fucking good,” he grunted. “I haven’t fucked a pussy like this in ages. You and I are gonna make such a good team — Ugh — I knew there was a reason I chose you…”
“Fuck…” you groaned. “W-William…”
“Does it bother you that I hurt those kids?” he snarled, beginning to feel his stomach knot up. 
You were too lost in your ecstasy to answer. 
Did it?
“…Tut, tut. You said you wouldn’t judge me, sweetheart,” he chided. “We were getting along so well…”
“We are. I’m gonna help you,” you said determinedly, eyes unable to shift from his own. You were close.
“I know you are,” he hummed, letting out an intermittent groan as he shut his eyes. “You have no choice. You’re just as guilty as me,”
There was something about those words that immediately sent you over the edge, squeezing your eyes shut and letting out a pornographic moan as you came, your body twinging as the man held your thighs apart, making sure you felt every inch of your shared ecstasy. William had barely found it in him to pull out on time, his heavy load painting a mess on your panties and thighs, but leaving a small trail of cum along the outer lips of your pussy, a subtle but telling reminder of what had happened.
Fixing your crumpled shirt and skirt, you adjusted yourself before hopping off of the desk, hands clasped in front of you. 
“So,” you said, clearing your throat. You were surprised it wasn’t sore from your incessant moans. “I’d like to see you at the same time tomorrow. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover.”
Tumblr media
@yellowbunnydreams @lonelyaxolotl13
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sadesluvr · 7 months
Domestic life with Mike...
Mike who lets his playful side show when you cook together. Mike who hums to the radio and gets emotional when thinking about his family. Mike who always makes sure Abby gets her food first, and you second. Mike who falls asleep when you watch TV together because he’s so tired from working. Mike who does his best to celebrate the holidays/festivals you believe in. Mike who appreciates when you help him wash his hair because he sometimes forgets to look after himself. Mike who holds you when you sleep and melts into your touch when you hold him back. Mike who loves the sacrifices you might make to accommodate your schedule. Mike who loves the smallest things like going shopping with you as you make the house a home.
The smell of bacon in the morning always means it’s his day off. You join him in the kitchen whilst Abby is asleep and greet each other with a morning kiss. The loss of his brother may haunt him forever, but for once in his life he feels content. He has you and Abby and you’re building a life together.
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william: oi come over here and help me hide these bodies👹🇬🇧
me, a slut: anything for you mr afton!!🥰
john quiñones (+ the camera crew): 🎥 excuse me ma’am…i’m john quiñones, and i’m here with the tv show ‘what would you do’…🎥🧍🏻‍♂️
me: 👁️👄👁️
my family from behind the scenes: 🤨
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PROJECT: Emily (Henry Emily x GN! Reader)
Summary: Moving into a new town, you discover that your new neighbour ticks all the boxes. He’s hot, has an adorable daughter and is, most importantly, single. (Henry Emily x GN!Neighbour!Reader)
Note: Reader is in their late 20′s/early 30′s, and Henry is in his late 30′s/early 40′s, but nothing is specified. Whatever you chose the age gap to be, he’s definitely older than you! Also, Henry does NOT look like how he’s depicted in the books...
A/N: This was a fill from an anon ask! I had free time and I’ve been meaning to write for Henry hence the quick turnaround! (TYSM for sending it <3) Feel free to request things through my ask box :) 
This is also my first Tumblr fic post (it’ll  be crossposted to AO3) so apologies if the format is off!
Word count: 5.5K (I talk too much omfg)
Tags: SMUT,  Fluff, age-gaps, creampies, Henry being a DILF...
It was during the spring when you’d met Henry Emily. You’d moved to a new town, where you could somehow actually afford a decent home at a good price, and so you wanted to do something nice for your neighbours as a ‘Please-accept-me-I’m-new-here’ gift. There were a lot of families in the area, and so you decided that cupcakes were the best option. How could you go wrong?
For starters, it would’ve helped if you’d had sugar.
Needless to say, you weren’t going to make the arduous journey to the store and back in the very middle of baking; and so you found the courage to ask your neighbours. After all, you were going to have to bite the bullet some day, weren’t you? Although people would’ve been more receptive to cupcakes in hand, they would have to respond to you somewhat decently - after all, they were your new ‘community’.
Mr and Mrs Henderson lived next door, and they had gone boating for the day (as you’d come to learn from the agonisingly loud sound of heavy equipment moving at 5AM) so they weren’t an option. Next door to them was a family, of whom you were rather ashamed to admit you didn’t know of yet. How could you knock on the door so brazenly? Were they even home? What would you say?
Your fears were cut short as the door swung open, causing you to immediately blurt out:
“Can I borrow a cup of sugar?”
The man blinked, and you thought he was going to laugh at you, which made you cringe and shrink into a ball internally, which was particularly awful considering the fact that he was quite attractive. He stood at somewhere over six feet, with auburn hair, tanned skin, and a burly build. He had a full, but trimmed beard, and was wearing a blue apron with a loose t-shirt underneath that exposed his large arms. He came across a bit like a bear, and if it wasn’t for a pair of reading glasses that sat atop his head you would’ve been scared of him, but, for some reason, the accessory felt rather comforting and homely.
“Of course,” the man said, with a smile, immediately stepping aside to let you in, which surprised you. Though, what surprised you more was the fact that you so calmly walked in, despite knowing him for all of thirty seconds. What if he was a pervert? A serial killer, even? 
“Although I don’t usually lend things to strangers…” he said knowingly, his voice trailing off.
“Oh!” You gasped, totally startled. “Er - I’m Y/N - I just moved in — I live just after the Henderson’s…”
“Oh of course!” the man exclaimed, rubbing his beard as you both entered the kitchen. “Charlie told me there was a moving van, I've just been so busy that I didn’t get to stop by and introduce myself — Gosh, I’m getting ahead of myself!” he said, stopping to take a breath. “Charlotte is my daughter. I’m Henry - Henry Emily, it’s good to meet you,” he said, his voice clear, confident, and genuine. He seemed like a good man - certainly not one who’d harvest your insides - and so you took a breath, subtly relaxing yourself.
“I’m Y/N…” you said somewhat shyly, hyper-aware as to how much bigger the man was compared to you. “It’s nice to finally meet a neighbour, no one’s really passed by…”
“They can be like that sometimes,” Henry said dismissively, opening the cupboard. “As long as you keep the music down past 9PM, and don’t have any pets that could ruin their flower patches, you’ll get along with them,” he chuckled, and you smiled back. There was an air of homely easiness to him, and, whether it was the house itself or the fact that he smelt like an intoxicating blend of cinnamon and pinewood, you felt warm.
Perhaps it was something else? Something deeper, and primal…
“Here you go!” he announced, drawing you from your thoughts as he slid the item over the counter.  “A cup of sugar. Though, you can’t really borrow it from me because I can’t get it back…”
“Uh - ? Oh… “ you chuckled awkwardly, resisting the urge to facepalm. “Thanks Mr Emily,”
“Mister?”  He gasped. “Surely you’re not that young to have to call me that. Please, just call me Henry,” he said with a smile and you nodded.
“Sure thing…” you said, trailing off. “I’d love to meet Charlotte someday, if she’s up to it…”
“Oh, she always is! She loves making new friends, and I’m sure you’ll be no exception,” he beamed, beginning to move away from the counter and walked you towards the door. He opened it, and as you stopped on the porch he paused and leaned against the door. “Perhaps we’ll have you over for dinner. I can’t remember the last time I cooked for someone that wasn’t myself or Charlie,” he chuckled, his voice slowly trailing off, as if he were remembering something. It was then that you looked down at his folded arms, and realised that there was no wedding ring on his left finger. 
“Thanks Henry,” you smiled again, this time biting your lip. Perhaps you were getting ahead of yourself, but you could definitely see yourself becoming ‘accosted’ with him in the long run…
If he was truly single, that was. 
“Well…You know where I live now, so please don’t be a stranger, Mr Emily,” you said, your demeanour instantly changing to one of easy confidence, and your voice dropping an octave, laced with coyness. The man briefly raised his brows, and his hand adjusted the glasses that sat atop his head. Perhaps you’d made him nervous.
You better hope so! You’d much rather him be nervous than uncomfortable.
Waving, you sauntered back down the porch steps, your legs shaking and heart pounding some kind of a lustful-fluster. 
One thing was for sure: He was certainly hot, but he did seem to be on the older side - perhaps at least a decade older than you? You weren’t a wide eyed, naive spring chicken, but it wasn’t as if you were fully mature, either - would he really fall for you? Could he fall for you? Was their room in his life for another person, considering he seemed wholly devoted to his daughter? 
Only time would tell.
It was two weeks later when Henry had stopped by. Although you’d met Charlie that very weekend, the man had seemingly given you some space to ‘settle in’, and, if it wasn’t for the fact that you were dealing with an absolute asshole of a contractor, you would’ve been freaking out over the thought of alienating yourself from the man with your blatant flirting.
Yet, that didn’t seem to be the case, as you were startled by a knock on your door, and, to no (but a pleasant) surprise, it was the Emily duo. Charlie’s hair was in two tiny pigtails that stuck out above her head, and was wearing her oversized backpack with a yellow t-shirt and lilac shorts and plimsolls, whilst Henry opted for a more low-key look, with a burgundy coloured Henley and loose jeans. The buttons on his shirt were cracked slightly, and you could see that he was wearing a makeshift necklace made out of cereal (courtesy of none other than Charlotte herself), which sat atop his broad chest, where a few hairs peeled out from between the fabric.
Did he know what he was doing, or was he just an oblivious, bumbling dork?
“Y/N!” Charlie said happily as you high fived her, stepping aside to let the girl in as her father followed. He nodded his head in an acknowledging manner, and, just as you closed the door the sunlight caught his brown eyes - within them nothing but a pool of warmth and goodness. He smiled at you before focusing his attention back on Charlie, who was running around the house like a madman.
“Please be careful, okay?” you called out. “There’s still stuff lying around…I don’t want you to get hurt!”“I’ll be extra extra safe, I promise!” She said happily, and you could hear her delving into the couch and slapping the cushions like a drum.Henry chuckled as you both followed the sound of the girl, looking around the house. The walls were still somewhat bare, the flooring was half done and there was a lack of furniture…Anywhere.“We just wanted to come around and see how you’re settling in…” he said ambiguously, and you bit your lip at the very obvious elephant in the room - your house was far from being a home.“…Goodness,” he began. “Everything’s —“
“All over the place? Yeah,” you scoffed, pinching the bridge of your nose. “My contractor is a B-I-T-C-H —“ you spelt out, careful as to not let Charlie hear. “Forgive my language - all of my furniture is delayed or out of stock, and I don’t know how to fix a floor to save my life!”you said, pinching the bridge of your nose. “All I know how to do is paint the walls, and even that’s taking forever!”
“Paint?” Charlie perked up. “I like to paint!” she said, swinging her feet in anticipation. 
“You do, don’t you, Charlie?” Henry said, having his ‘lightbulb’ moment. “Why don’t we help you finish? I know my way around some tools, so I’m not a stranger to home repair…”
“Really?” You gasped, pretending to consider it. Like hell were you going to say no to him tinkering around your house, sweaty, with his muscles rippling as he toyed with and manoeuvred and carved and pounded —
Seems like you’re thinking about something more than housework.
“Thanks Henry!” you exclaimed, pulling him into an unexpected hug, of which he returned. Your arms fit snugly around his thick body, and you felt yourself melt into his comforting scent…Until Charlie joined the circle.
“I want a hug too!” she said, pushing her little body in between, making the two of you chuckle. It was that moment that you made eye contact with Henry - and you realised that he had a little blush on his face. For some reason, it felt like you were both Charlie’s parents.
Maybe you could be one day.
“I guess we’ll be spending more time together,” he said somewhat shyly, as he pulled away and looked around the house. He hadn’t even seen upstairs yet and he knew that it was going to be a long-term project.
Not that he minded, anyway. He’d been meaning to find a way to get to know you better, you were easily the friendliest person on the block, and, most importantly, Charlie adored you. In his mind, her opinion was law.
“It’s nice to get out of the house and go somewhere that isn’t work or school…Even if you’re a door or two away,” he chuckled, and you smiled.
“You’re lucky I don’t live directly next door,” you smirked. “I’d never leave you two alone,”
“There’s always room for one more…Especially if it’s you,” he smiled.
“Oh really?” You said, raising a brow knowingly, your voice barely a whisper. “Why ‘especially’ me?”
“Well, we like you…” he said nervously, diverting his gaze from you. Was he blushing? Oh God, he was blushing! Like a total schoolboy.
“Is that both of the Emily’s speaking, or just Henry?” you pushed, raising a brow.
“Both…” he mumbled. “For sure,” he said, anxiously clearing his throat.
“Well, I can’t wait to have you!” you said, clapping your hands together. “Around, that is. Let’s not worry the children,” you tutted playfully, nodding to Charlie who had zoned out completely, rambling to herself about all of the lovely colours she was going to paint the walls. You smiled down at the girl, giving Henry a moment to compose himself from your comment. 
You just couldn’t help yourself sometimes.
Henry and Charlotte had done just as they said, and their spare afternoons and evenings after work and school were spent helping you around the house. Whilst Charlie happily sploshed paint in the smaller, obscure crevices of the wall, Henry did the harder, grittier jobs - assisting you in moving your fridge, washing machine, and had even managed to fix your car while he was at it! With every movement of his body, every intense twitch of focus on the task you admired him, pretending to paint the skirting boards, whilst you were really imagining what he’d look like from your position on your knees.
Little did you know he was doing the exact same, albeit as respectfully as he could. He’d sneak a glance at you every now and then as he’d change the screws or drills, quickly averting his attention to his daughter or the task at hand when he thought you had noticed him. He couldn’t help it, really, you were quite - as they’d say in his day - the ‘looker’.
One Saturday the duo hadn’t come around, and you found that the house felt rather empty and dreary without them, even though your house was beginning to feel more homely and full by the minute.
Get used to it, sweetheart, they’re not your family.
You decided to turn in early that night, throwing on an oversized t-shirt over your bare torso, and a tiny, barely there pair of shorts. You really needed to go clothes shopping.
Just as you were about to relax, there was a sudden knock on the door, making you jump instantaneously. Who could that be? You weren’t expecting anyone, and your neighbours certainly weren’t going to introduce themselves at 8PM at night. There were no weapons to arm yourself with in case of a robber, and you considered ignoring them...Until you realised who it could be.
Rushing down the stairs, you flung open the door, only to find Henry himself.
“God, I’m so sorry!” you exclaimed, stepping aside to let the man in. “I totally forgot that Charlie was with her aunt, and that you were coming tonight…” you rambled, trying to make sense of it all as you simultaneously tried to pull down your shorts. If someone didn’t know any better, they would’ve thought you were half nude.
“It’s not a big deal,” Henry chuckled awkwardly, removing his jacket and placing it on a peg. “It’s my fault - what sort of a chump comes to fix lighting at 8PM at night?”
Snickering at his vanilla language, you made sure to make him feel better.
“You’re just a generous chump, I suppose,” you laughed. “Well, either that or you’re a chump with not-so-pure intentions…”
“If you’re uncomfortable, I can leave,” he said quickly. “I’ve got all day to myself tomorrow, I can easily come back…”
“No! Please, stay,” you said, your voice low and throaty. “In fact, why don’t you leave the tinkering for tonight? I’ve got some beer in the fridge, how about we get to know each other a little better?”
Henry gulped, and stroked his beard before he spoke up again.
“I suppose we could do with a break…”
“Great!” you exclaimed, pointing to the couch. “I’ll be right back - Don’t get cold feet, okay?”
Henry nodded, and found himself overthinking how to sit on the furniture. Legs spread? Was that too crude? Crossed? Too formal? Hunched into a corner? Was that too rude and uninviting?
He felt like a teenager again, sitting next to his crush in class and unsure of how to make even the smallest bit of conversation without combusting entirely. Was he too old to feel like this? You were at least a decade younger than him, and whilst you were clearly old enough to drink and own your own home, he couldn’t help but feel a little…Uncomfortable?
Yes, you flirted with him, but you were young - it likely came naturally! You could easily just be using him for free food and labour and such, and, once you’d gotten what you’d wanted eventually, turn a blind eye to him. 
What if you were using him to get to Charlie?
He shuddered at the thought. It was a parents worst nightmare, especially if they were a single parent like him. After all, Henry knew he wore his heart on his sleeve, and that he was deeply in tune with his emotions; which made him a rather easy target to many. Surely you weren’t that kind of a person, were you?
You seemed kind, confident and funny; traits that he deeply admired in an individual, not to mention you were extremely attractive to him, especially in those shorts of yours.
He blushed just thinking about it. How long had it been since he’d had deep, emotional human contact? How long since you’d last been able to —
“Hey! You’re still here!” You smiled, handing him a beer with a paper towel around it as you perched on the armrest. “I didn’t know if you wanted it in a glass or not, but I figured you look like a man who chugs it right from the bottle,” you giggled, and he nodded.
“Astute observation, Y/N, though you wouldn’t be the first to liken me to a lumberjack of the sort! I know I look like a very forward and staunch bloke, but I’m as frail as a lamb really,”
“Bloke? Frail as a lamb? What fancy language,” you snorted at the sheer formality of his wording. 
“Forgive me, my work colleague is British,” Henry chuckled, taking a swig of his beer. “I’ve picked up so much from him, it’s unbelievable,”
“Finally!” you exclaimed happily, nudging him. “I’ve learned something about you that isn’t Charlie-based! A British friend, huh? Are you guys close?”
“Thick as thieves…He’s got three kids, and I’m like their Uncle, I suppose,”
“Wow,” you said. “That’s pretty cute,”
“I try,” he said bashfully, his body tensing slightly as you slipped next to him, but giving him enough space so that he was comfortable around you. You rested your back against the armrest, folding your legs to your chest so that your shirt rode up your thigh, your privates somewhat visible through the shorts. 
Was it seduction? A little, but it was your house. You had a right to be comfortable!
“So,” you said, clearing your throat. “What other friends do you have?”
“Not many, really,” Henry said, playing with the bottle. “I know some of Charlie’s friends' parents, but that’s it…”
“Aww, why?” you pouted. “You’re such a great guy!”
“I'm not very sociable…I’ve always been a rather awkward kid,” he said, now strangely relaxing into the cushions. He didn’t look at you, but you could tell that he was starting to feel more comfortable in himself. “I would usually wait until someone else made the first move, just to be sure. Even then, it felt rather unnatural to me…”
“I understand,” you said, placing a sympathetic hand on his shoulder, trying to not get too carried away in the act. How could he simultaneously be soft and homely yet bold and muscly? “I’m like that too…”
“Really?” he said, utterly taken aback. “You seem rather carefree to me,”
“What, just because I’m young? Not all ‘youngins are loud and boisterous, Grandpa,” you snickered, and he shook his head. “I guess we’re similar. We’re both a little shy, but once you break us out of our shells we can get a little…”
“What? Rowdy?” Henry interjected.
“I was going to say freaky…” You giggled, playing with the bottle and stroking it in a fairly suggestive manner.
“I’m not familiar with the newer lingo. What does that mean?”
“Don’t act like you don’t know what it means…”
“I —“ Henry stopped himself, his cheeks turning as red as his hair. “You’re playing a very dangerous game, Y/N,“
“I like it that way,” you said softly, biting your lip. “Besides, it wouldn’t hurt for you to give in just once, would it? You work so hard, you deserve a release…”
Henry sighed, and put down his bottle before turning to look at you. Your eyes were wide with want, and also genuine affection - how could he say no? He knew he wanted it too, and you were offering it to him…It was everything he wanted!
“Y-You know I’m older, right? I’m sure there are people your age who are better than me…” he said nervously.
“Henry, I want this,” you said sincerely, taking his hand in your own. “I want you…Even if it doesn’t amount to anything, we can always go back to being friends!”
Of course you wanted to be more than friends, but Henry was such a sweet person to be around that you couldn’t imagine your days without a friendly wave from him, not to mention Charlie, in her entirety. 
“So…Ahem,” he said somewhat uncomfortably, clearing his throat. “Can I kiss you?”
“I thought you’d never ask,”
You crawled towards each other, and Henry planted a soft kiss on your lips, his beard tickling your cheeks as you cupped his face, allowing yourself to melt into him. There was that all too familiar scent; that earthly, serene yet overpowering musk that you’d come to associate with the man. He didn’t stay on you for long, seemingly not wanting to agitate you, but as he pulled away, you noticed a certain something down below. Perhaps the brief kiss meant more to him than you’d thought.  “Henry,” you sighed, your lips lush and moist with want. “Please don’t be shy…You won’t hurt me, I promise,”
“I just — You’re like poison to me Y/N,” he said nervously. “I haven’t had a partner in so long…And you’re so beautiful — I don’t know if I’ll be able to hold back…”
“Let go,” you said, your voice barely a whisper as you stroked his beard, staring into his warm brown eyes in the process. Whether it was alcohol or lust, his pupils were dilated, and he looked strangely vulnerable, which enticed you even more. “For me…Please,”
Henry nodded, and you crawled into him again, but this time he didn’t hold back. The kiss was still soft, but had a powerful, tender passion to it, leaving you with no choice but to surrender. You’d awoken something within him, and none of you ever wanted to turn back. Your arms wrapped themselves around his neck as your lips moved in tandem, as his ones found your hips, briefly grazing your buttocks, and back to your waist, hoisting you up effortlessly.
“Mmh — Copping a feel there, are we Mr Emily?” you teased, whispering into his mouth as you worked together to position yourself so that you were straddling him. “You can do it a little harder than that…I don’t bite…” you purred, and Henry moaned in response, his large hands massaging your ass. You could feel his erection through your shorts, where you were equally getting hot in yours. 
Slowly, you began to grind your hips against his thighs, and he pulled away from the kiss to stare at you in total admiration.He was panting, his face was glowing and his hair had begun to become unkempt from your excessive rustling. He looked like a pornstar, a far cry from his wholesome dad status that had initially drawn you to him.
“Bedroom?” He said, his voice gravelly, and you were partly stunned at the quickness of his statement.
“Is it done?”
“Does it matter? We’re gonna end up messing it up anyway…”
Henry shook his head, pushed himself up, and began to carry you up the stairs.
“There aren’t any loose nails about, are there? I’ve heard you could get tetanus from one —“
“Henry! Don’t worry about that stuff!” you giggled. “You’re such a dad,”
“I'm getting older, you know —“
“Yes, yes,” you said playfully. “We know. Jeez, you’re not senile!”
“How do you know?”
“Something in your pants is telling me otherwise…”
“Oh!” Henry said, blushing as he lay you on the bed. The room was totally bare (at least it was somewhat done up) “I’m sorry,”
“Don’t apologise! I take it as quite the compliment,” you purred, beginning to peel off your shirt, so that you were topless. Henry took a moment to look down at you, admiring your semi-bare form as he took off his own shirt, remaining in a white vest.
“You’re gorgeous,” he mumbled. “How on Earth did I get so lucky to end up with a neighbour like you?”
“Good things come to those who wait…” you said smugly. “…You’re going to get even luckier soon,”
“Hmm?” he questioned, sitting on the bed and caressing your torso, stroking and kissing your skin in total adoration. His hands were slightly calloused, but were still comforting, and if you had more than a loaf of bread and milk in your house you’d have broken out some baby oils. “What’s that mean…?”
“Lie back, and you’ll see,”
“Okay,” he nodded, beginning to relax himself. “Wait!” He interjected, sitting up to look at you as he realised what was about to happen. “I can’t ask that of you…”
“Let me at least feel it, Hen…” you said, palming his erection through his pants as you began to unzip them. “Just a little?”
“Just a — Oohh,” he hissed, letting out some air through his teeth as your hands came into contact with his cock. Luckily for you, the carpet did indeed match the drapes - he had a wild patch of reddish-brown hair around his base, and he was roughly six inches, with a decent girth. 
No wonder he was so shy and calm, he was totally packing and he knew it.
It was a fresh, peachy shade of pink, and some precum had begun to sprout from the head. Smirking, you gripped it, one hand stabilising the base as the other stroked it up and down; agonisingly slowly. The man’s eyes were shut, and his teeth grazed his bottom lip as he seemed to fixate on his breathing, letting out small, but long moans from his chest.
“Oh, Y/N…That’s —“
“Am I making you feel good, Henry? It feels like you’ve been needing this,” you giggled as his heavy cock twitched. He opened his eyes, staring at you intently as he nodded.
“I’m going to need to hear you say it, I’m afraid…” you teased.
“Mfh — Y/N — I -“ he stumbled, utterly wrapped up in the calming sensation. “You feel so good, I might —“
You immediately pulled your hands away, not wanting to embarrass him, and he ran his hands across his beard in shock, licking his lips as he did. He was about to open his mouth, when you did the work for him.
“How do you want me, Mr Emily?” You said, with a curious head tilt and wide eyes.
“In my lap…Straddle me like you did downstairs,”
You did exactly that, and the man kissed you again as he pulled off your shorts, running the material down your legs so that they pooled at your ankles.
“You’re beautiful, Y/N. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise,” he said sincerely, and you weren’t sure whether it was the glow of the moon, or just a simple nightlight, but it was then that you wanted him to consume you entirely. It was deep, and it was primal, an emotion that you exhibited through your frantic and passionate movements, of which he mirrored, adjusting himself so that his tip lined up with your entrance.
You locked eyes with each other, and with a small nod he entered you, causing your spine to arch in an almost inhuman way, and for the man to groan with relief. It had simply been too long since he’d been inside someone, and he shut his eyes in sheer pleasure as he accosted himself with the warm, squeezing sensation. You gripped onto his broad chest for support, burying your face into his neck as his hands found your waist, slowly moving your hips up and down his shaft.
“Henry — You’re so big— I don’t know if I can take it all…”
“Shh, it’s okay,” he said in an assuring manner, stroking your skin. “I’ll be gentle. You don’t have to take it all — it’s all about making us both feel good…”
“O-Okay,” you nodded, but you desperately wanted to consume him, just to see his face twist and contort with sheer pleasure.
Once you felt comfortable, you began to move up and down his shaft, your hips slowly falling into a gentle rhythm as he thrust up into you. One arm was on your waist, and the other steadying your back, guiding you through the motions as you engulfed his throbbing cock. 
Henry’s moans turned into grunts as you began to circle your hips, making his cock twitch with desire as you took him so eagerly.
“Am I hurting you?” You said, eyes wide and lips pouted.
“The complete opposite, actually,” he chuckled. Even in the heat of the moment he still managed to possess his charming dorkiness.
“You’re so cute,” you giggled, pecking his cheek and throwing your head back in ecstasy.
“Not bad for an old man, huh?” He smirked, caressing your cheeks to stare at you again. He seemed to like doing that.
“Please stop calling yourself old,” you gasped. “You’re easily fucking me like a thirty year old,”
“Twenty five year old,” he bargained.
“Twenty- seven,”
“Deal,” he chuckled, beginning to slam his hips up into yours, creating a clapping sound. His thrusts were becoming more confident with every movement, and as you found yourself slowing down, he was quickening his pace. 
Both his hands steadied your hips, and he leaned forward so that your body lay on the bed, whilst your hips were inverted, resting on his strong thighs. He began to pound you from this angle, admiring the way your body looked all sprawled out below him, leaning down to plant kisses along your chest and neck. 
You, on the other hand, were in a sheer state of bliss, to the point that you could barely see straight. None of your college hookups had been able to fuck you like this, like an animal, but also deeply intuitively and caring.
Henry’s muscles were rippling, and he began to wobble, signalling to you that he was getting close.
“Uh - Mmfh - Y/N…” he moaned. “I’m gonna — Are you close?”
“Mmfh…” you nodded, unable to speak. “Please - Don’t pull out…” you begged, and Henry’s eyes widened, letting out a groan at the very thought of filling you up.
“Oh - I’m gonna — Fuck…” he whispered, cursing for what felt like the first time. His total bliss sent you over the edge, your body wobbling as you came, just as Henry keeled over, stabilising himself with his hands either side of you, panting as his chest rumbled. His eyes were shut, his hair glued to his forehead, and whispered sweet nothings as he pumped loads of his hot seed inside of you, for what felt like forever. He was so pent up that he thought he might’ve burst into millions of segments, like a firework on New Years Eve. Sighing, he tried to catch his breath as he withdrew from you, some of his remains leaking out of your hole as he fell beside you, his arm instinctively wrapping around your body and pulling you closer to him.
You swallowed some saliva, trying to desperately lubricate your throat as you scrambled to find the words for what just happened.
“You’re right…You do fuck like a twenty five year old…”
“It helps when the stimuli looks something like you,” he chuckled, drawing you to his chest as he kissed your forehead. You shut your eyes, drowning yourself in his embrace. Of course the scent was there,  and although it was mixed with sweat and sex hormones, you didn’t mind in the slightest.
It was silent for a few moments until you spoke up.
“Can you stay the night? It’s cold, and the room is bare…”
“I can’t believe you’d assume I’d leave,” he chuckled, rubbing your upper back soothingly. His chest slowly began to drop to its regular levels, and you traced the outline of his pectorals as you did, finding yourself growing weary by the minute. You yawned, and you didn’t know it, but he smiled down at you.
“You know - I really like you…” you said drowsily. “I think we could make great neighbours…”
“Just neighbours?”
“We’ll see…” you teased. “Don’t get too cocky now, you haven’t even taken me out for dinner yet…” you finished with another yawn, your eyes now fluttering shut.
“Goodnight, Y/N,” he chuckled. “Sleep well,” he finished, kissing your forehead once again. As your hearts slowed down from their high, Henry knew that you were the one. Even if it was temporary, he owed it to himself to see where the two of you could go together. 
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William afton nsfw alphabet from the movie please
William Afton / Steve Raglan - NSFW Alphabet
A/N: Thanks for the request! This was interesting as I wasn't feeling him at first but I've slowly been converted ... Slowly! Some of these were insipired by @hoshikoe ! 🫣
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)
Depending on what mood he’s in and the dynamic of your relationship, he can either be very warm and intimate, or quite dismissive.
B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
His hands. They’re big, they’re powerful, and they’ve done unspeakable things, murderous or sexual. Yours are small compared to him, and it makes him feel like a God. On his partner he’s a thigh and ass man, he loves to rub and grab them and leave them raw from his manhandling…
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum, basically)
Likes cumming in you because of the power aspect, but definitely does not want kids! Cumming all over your face after a blowjob is like crack to him, especially when it drips down your chin and he makes you lick it off his fingers. Also likes to see it trickle down your thighs or ass.
D = Dirty Secret (pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
He’s given you a plushie with a camera in, and is constantly surveying you. Likes watching you undress, masturbate, even have sex with other people without you knowing. Even mundane things like music choices, he’ll play a song that you like when you're around and chalk it down to a ‘coincidence’…
E = Experience (How experienced are they? do they know what they’re doing?)
He’s VERY experienced, and loves that you’re inexperienced compared to him. If you’re a virgin he loves it even more, and he promises to be your teacher - Just do exactly what he says ;)
F = Favorite position (This goes without saying)
The Lotus - Having you in his lap where he can hold you down and use your lower body as he pleases is his vice, and it’s a position that works anywhere - In his office, at home, in a car, wherever. The Eagle in second as he loves watching your boobs bounce with every thrust as he chokes you.
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment? Are they humorous? etc.)
Not goofy at all. He takes sex very seriously, and it’s one of the few times he can be ‘himself’ - Ruthless and dominant.
H = Hair (How well groomed are they? Does the carpet match the drapes? etc.)
A significant amount of hair, but it’s not too wild as he keeps it trimmed (when he feels like it). Has a greying happy trail…
I = Intimacy (how are they during the moment? the romantic aspect)
It depends on his mood and your relationship. If he was married/dating you he’d tell you how beautiful you are and how much he ‘loves’ you (whether he can feel it or not), but if you’re having an affair/forbidden relationship he’s less cuddly and sluts you out.
J = Jack off (Masturbation headcanon)
Loves jerking off, even if he has you. He does it to his secret footage of you, or will call you into his office/bedroom and make you watch him until he cums. Intense eye contact. If he hasn’t fucked in a while then his loads are heavy, otherwise they’re a normal amount.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
He is KINKY. Off the top of my head - Power play, dom/sub, role play, light BDSM, cucking (with him as the bull), phone sex, corruption and age differences (not p3dophilic adjacent). Bring it up and he’ll probably try it.
L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
His office. The risk of someone walking in is a turn on, and it’s convenient for him as he can keep his *real* life private.
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
It’s not explicitly sexual, but someone who is shy/introverted/naïve. He loves the idea of building you up with compliments and attention yet breaking you down so that you become obsessed with him - Feeding in to his love for power play and corruption. Outside of this, short skirts/tight fitting clothes/glossy lips always get him going.
N = No (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Piss/scat play. Incest stuff (Stepcest is a grey area). Letting you be dominant.
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.)
Receiving. He’ll happily give it (as long as you’re in 69 or to get you to experiment with oral sex if you’re a virgin) but nothing beats the image of you between his legs. He likes losing control and facefucking you.
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
He always starts of slow and sensual, but he always loses control and fucks you like a ragdoll.
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.)
Loves them. He’s a horny old man and will get it when he wants and whenever he can. The different locations and risk of being caught turns him on.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment? Do they take risks? etc.)
He’s a literal serial killer, risk taking is in his blood. He will experiment with everything regardless of location or kink as long as he’s in control.
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for? How long do they last?)
He’s got great stamina for a man his age, so he can last for an average of 3 rounds, but it depends on the intensity of your session.
T = Toys (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Yes, probably only something simple like a vibrator or a nipple clamp. His cock is his favourite toy, and prefers the power of him being the only thing that can make you cum. Doesn’t use any on himself.
U = Unfair (How much they like to tease)
A BIG TEASE, ESPECIALLY WHEN IT PLAYS INTO HIS POWER/DANGER KINK. Will touch your panties under your skirt at a restaurant/when working or brush past you ‘accidentally’. If you tease him, you will be punished.
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.)
Depends on the situation - If you’re having a secret relationship, he’s good at being quiet, but if not/you’re alone, he’s vocal, but not loud. Says dirty things in your ear and grunts when he finishes.
W = Wild card (A random headcanon for the character)
He has a cucking kink. Would cuck his wife and your boyfriend…(Not naming names👀)
X = X-ray (Let’s see what’s going on under those clothes)
Slightly over average in length and girth; but nothing dramatic. At the end of the day he knows how to use it!
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
HORNY AS FUCK. Like a teenager. Will take you anywhere and everywhere. He basically has no boundaries.
Z = Zzz (How quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Depends on the situation. Can fall asleep pretty quickly at home but has intimacy issues so he might get up and do something after. If you’re in a forbidden/taboo relationship he’ll just leave, sorry.
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ngl i understand why jeff the killer snapped. imagine being named jeff. you’re 13 and named jeff.
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Mickey Altieri x Sorority! Reader HC's
A/N: Heyy! This is my first time writing for SCREAM so please be nice :) Mickey is literally babygirl and I wanted more content of him! There's not much smut in this, but I might make these a full fic idk >:3
Tumblr media
Right out the bat Mickey isn’t the biggest fan of sorority girls - We all saw what he did to Cece, but…
You meet the group through Sid and Hallie at a costume party, dressed as a cat
Mickey’s first instinct is to judge you for being basic, but takes an interest once you recognise Randy’s obscure horror movie costume
They both quiz you on movies and even though you can’t answer everything, they definitely like you
He sees Randy taking too much of an interest in you and sends him off to get drinks
He uses the opportunity to get you alone. The liquor is flowing through both of you and you end up having a drunken kiss
Normal stuff for a college party ----
After this he secretly becomes obsessed
Enemies to lovers from here on!!
'Oh Mickey!' is your song
You’re different w/o alcohol, a little more ‘stuck up’, but still nothing like the 'other' girls ™️ (Mickey's thoughts, not mine!)
MICKEY TEASES YOU ABOUT EVERYTHING! - “Come on YN, you’re an adult, why do you still call your dad ‘Daddy’?” / “Maybe we can use YN’s $500 bracelet to help us see in the dark,”
You return the energy right back - “It’s Tiffany’s, and it was only $350,”💅
He rolls his eyes or smirks but loves arguing with you
He dangles the drunk kiss over your head CONSTANTLY 
“You didn’t hate me that night when we —“
You constantly deny it but you’re playing hard to get, really
EVERYBODY can see what’s going on, even if they’re a little bit confused bc you’re from different worlds
He drops in on a your clubs/rallies/parties etc, just to agitate you
He brings you gifts as a ‘joke’, like flowers or coffee to make fun of how high maintenance you are but it’s an act of love
LOVES watching you get ready. He’s proud as fuck to have a hot, rich girlfriend and he’s going to show/tell everyone about it - “Pink is definitely your colour…”
He's a little diva
Lots of giggles and teasing
He may be a psycho but he’s actually rather romantic
When you finally hang out with him in his setting - Either at the movies or his dorm etc, he’s totally different 
He still makes fun of you, but genuinely wants to know you more
Gets you to talk about yourself, (maybe for the wrong reasons) and you only learn basic things about him
He’s kind of a mystery but you like it
He isn't surprised to find out your Dad has a high powered job, but gets REALLY turned on when he finds out you’re the daughter of a lawyer
For obvious reasons, you become more alluring to him then
A cute, peppy sorority girl from a family of lawyers sleeping with a ruthless killer? It’s dangerous, and Mickey LIVES for danger 
He’d even be willing to get caught just to have your Dad defend him
It’s the ultimate power play
Calls you up as Ghostface that night to give you a bit of a spook - “I can tell you’re a Daddy’s girl. I’ve seen you around campus, with your fancy watches and pretty necklaces…Tell me, what does he do? Oh, a lawyer? I don’t like those…”
He cums so hard to the thought of ruining you; tearing off your short skirts and preppy blazers to run his knife over your body whilst your Dad watches, totally defenceless 
Shortly after this he asks you out on an actual date
He’s confident but is somewhat surprised when you say yes 
“You know ‘Daddy’ wouldn’t approve of me, right?” / “He doesn’t have to know…”
The sexual tension is off the roof now
You do it in your bedroom even though boys aren’t allowed in the sorority house, and the danger gets him riled up
That and your expensive lingerie
You don’t GAF when Cece and the other girls vote you out of the sorority 
She doesn’t last long after this anyway
As you date he keeps you in the dark as much as possible about his Ghostface antics, but he’s not hiding himself either. He’s more than prepared for drama should the ‘sick fuck’ be caught.
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Mike Schmidt - NSFW Alphabet
I don't rest. Enjoy, and consume content responsibly.
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)
Mike is HUGE on aftercare. He obviously has difficulty sleeping, so even though he feels more relaxed, he still has energy to look after you. He’ll get you water, flannels or whatever you need to be comfortable (He moves around the house very quietly to not wake up Abby) and I imagine him to be a silent cuddler, with his arms around your body whilst you sleep. More about this in I!
B = Body Part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partners)
I imagine him to be quite body neutral, but I suppose it would be his legs or hands, just because they have their practical reasons. On a partner, his favourite body part are mainly hips and ass, with thighs in third. Boobs too, he likes everything :>
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum, basically) He likes finishing on your stomach, boobs or thighs. It’s easier to clean that way, and doesn’t have to worry about the dreaded pregnancy (More in D!) He doesn’t get much relief so he has heavy loads…
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self-explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs) He has a breeding kink…He likes the idea of cumming in you; the feelings, the intimacy etc, and the *potential* of being a dad, even though he’s in a weird place. He would definitely wait until Abby is older though.
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?) Basic experience, probably a silly fumble after prom. He definitely doesn’t own dirty movies or magazines, so I imagine he’s quite limited in experience, perhaps outside of a co-worker detailing their escapades. Once he’s with you, he starts to grow confident!
F = Favorite Position (This goes without saying) Anything with his partner on top (He’s a tired bby)- The Lotus, The Basket or Reverse Cowgirl. Spooning also.
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment? Are they humorous?) No - Certainly not initially, and even after being together he has dark/sarcastic/dry humour, and so you’ll only have offhand comments that earn a chuckle.
H = Hair (How well-groomed are they? Does the carpet match the drapes? etc.) Mike has BUSH. He’s definitely got a happy trail, and he’s trimmed, but it’s a bit more on the wild side. Nobody really goes down there but him so he doesn’t see a point.
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment? The romantic aspect.) He might take a while to open up, but over time he’ll let you in. He’ll leave gentle kisses over your body, and his touches may be needy but they’re never violent. He’s not big on dirty talk but he’ll whisper/murmur affirmations during the moment, and would let an ‘I love you’ slip during orgasm…
J = Jack off (Masturbation Headcanon) PENT UP. On the 0.01% chance he does it at home, he’s in the shower and is VERY quiet. Other than that, he has to do it at the toilets at work if he’s desperate, but even then it’s rare. Takes more risks when touching himself when his partner enters the picture, but prefers to have physical sex with you.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks) He’s not very kinky tbh - Breeding. Being a sub when his partner is a dom. Edging. Lingerie.
L = Location (Favorite places to do the do) In the shower. It’s the only place with 100% privacy (Abby can run into his room at any moment) or the desk chair at the pizzeria. He just MIGHT consider doing it in a mall toilet. Your house if Abby has a sitter/at school.
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going) Not much. Being gentle and caring definitely helps, but in a *kinkier* sense it would be you in lingerie, and/or dressed down in sweatpants. He’s obviously a homebody, but if you wore a nice outfit to go to a party for example he’d like that too.
N = No (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs) Anything abusive, incestual, non-consensual, scat/piss play. He’s very simple.
O = Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc.) GIVING. He appreciates all that you do, and he’d spend an eternity in your thighs if he could. It’s also *kind of* low effort compared to physical sex so after a long day at work it’s what he needs. He does like receiving too, but feels bad about you doing it (Even though he knows he NEEDS it)
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.) Slow and sensual, but when reaching his climax his thrusts do get fast and sloppy, to the point he starts shaking.
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies, how often, etc.) Doesn’t mind them, and sometimes it’s all he has. He does prefer to have a domestic space around him, so doing them at work is a bit foreign to him. He LOVES a quickie in the shower before/after work, but, prefers when you hang around after.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment? Do they take risks? etc.) No, for a good reason. He can’t risk doing it in public as he could have Abby taken from him, and he doesn’t like the anxiety of thinking she’d come in when you’re at home together.
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for? How long do they last?) He can’t do many rounds, as I see sex being quite the emotional effort for him. How long he lasts does depend on the day - the first time you’re intimate he finishes quite quickly, but he learns to build it up as sex becomes more frequent.
T = Toys (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?) No toys. Gets a bit flustered if his partner mentions using a vibrator or something.
U = Unfair (How much they like to tease) He doesn’t tease at first, but once he’s more comfortable and in an established relationship with you he definitely becomes a little shit! He could squeeze by you, grazing your ass on his crotch with his hands on your waist in the kitchen and say “Oops, sorry XD” and just smirk it all off.
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make, etc.) He’s conditioned himself to be quiet, but if the house was completely empty on a day off he’d make noise - whimpers, grunts, sighs, gasps…He’s really pent up and overstimulated, and if he feels like he can be free he’s more than happy to let it out. He likes his partner to make sounds - it doesn’t have to be over exaggerated - but he’d just like to know he’s doing a good job.
W = Wild Card (A random headcanon for the character) Would fuck in his car. Again, in a COMPLETELY secluded area.
X = X-ray (Let’s see what’s going on under those clothes) Average size (5 inches) but on the slightly thicker end. Circumcised. He knows how to use it!
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?) He’s very repressed, so once you’re in the picture he becomes more free. Abby is still his main priority, so he doesn’t let sex/relationships consume his life for practical reasons. He still doesn’t do it all that often, but roughly at least twice a month.
Z = Zzz (How quickly they fall asleep afterward) He has difficulty sleeping at times, but doesn’t do his ‘Dream Theory’ stuff after sex, as he naturally feels more relaxed and his eyes heavy. If his shift/day was particularly long and terrible, he’ll immediately fall asleep, and sometimes he may not even wake up from his nightmare…
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whoever was inside the fountain after michael was finished with them
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