#jeff the killer x reader
Y/N, walking into their house: Hello, people who do not live here.
Jeff: Hello.
BEN: Hi!
Toby: Hey!!
Y/N: I gave you the key to my house for emergencies only.
BEN: We were out of Doritos.
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cyberp-1-nk · 8 months
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Masterlist / Requests?
SYNOPSIS: How they'd act while play-fighting with you.
PAIRINGS. Jeff the killer x reader, Ticci Toby x reader, Eyeless Jack x reader, Hoodie x reader, Masky x reader, Homicidal Liu x reader, Ben drowned x reader.
GENRE + WARNINGS. It gets a bit suggestive during some parts, but it's mostly fluff overall.
Tumblr media
He's so competitive— in a good way. He loves to just grab your wrists, and overpower you, the smug-shit eating grin on his face. The moment your hand made contact with his hoodie, you felt a hand grip your side— the hand gripped onto your clothes tightly and was then followed by swooping legs that kicked your knees out from under you. Jeff then will use this momentum and his grip on your side to remove himself from under you before you hit the bed. In the blink of an eye, the cocky man had flipped you under hom and placed each knee beside your hips to pin you in place. He never lets you win, and probably never will. He's such a loveable asshole. His idea of an award for overpowering you is…suggestive.
Toby tries to be gentle, but to be completely honest— he doesn't know his own strength so there is a chance he might hurt you, just a little bit. Toby would wrap his arms around your waist and lifting you off the ground, spinning you around and then gently setting you back down. You would both giggle and laugh as you playfully tugged at each other's limbs, all the while maintaining a sense of mutual respect and affection. Whenever he would playfully tug you over to him, he'd press kisses all over you while you desperately laughed and pushed at him in attempt to get him to let you breathe.
He doesn't do this often— considering he's very much a large demon man, he's very gentle with you no matter what— so it's somewhat obvious that he wouldn't play fight with you often. He would have to be in an especially giddy mood, and even then— he will probably just let you pin him down to see that victorious little grin on your face. He won't directly wrestle with you, but he will bite you LOL. He will sink his teeth in your skin and smirk at your little giggles/whimpers— it might become way more heated than you had originally intended. 
This man. Oh my God. He's such a loveable asshole. He definitely DOESN'T let you win. He's usually tired by the time he gets home— but as he watches you casually fold clothes, his tiredness begins to fade, and he finds himself feeling more and more awake, energized by the company of his darling. He will randomly wrestle with you and act extremely playful. He will lean over and plant a soft, playful kiss on your cheek, causing you to giggle. His eyes will sparkle with mischief when he's playfully wrestling with you on the bed, and ruining all the folded clothes. Will he help you fold the clothes afterwards? Only if you win. 
Will let you win sometimes, just so he can go to sleep. If he's feeling petty though, he will overpower you just so he can see that cute little annoyed frown on your face. He also loves to man-handle you lmao. You watched as Tim rolled his eyes, knowing that after all the shit talking you had done over the last hour, it wouldn’t take more to get him to snap. You slid your hands up his sides as you lightly brushed your lips along his jawline. The moment you felt his breath hitch, you planted your hands on his chest and shoved him down on the bef, quickly jumping back out of his reach. At first— you were just being playful, but now, it turned into something else. 
I love Liu so much— he always lets you win, and compliments you throughout the entire time. The cute little compliments aren't meant to catch you off guard— but they do anyway. Despite the playful tone of your words, it was clear that you both held a deep love and respect for each other. As you continued to play-fight, your movements grew more fluid and graceful, as if they were dancing rather than wrestling. Finally, after several minutes of play— you both ended the game with a gentle embrace, both breathing heavily and grinning from ear to ear. In that moment, it was clear that your cute bond went far beyond mere physical play, and that the love and affection they shared for each other was truly special. He loves you so much.
You guys struggle to overpower eachother lmao… you both play-fight all the time, engaging in playful banter, teasing each other with witty remarks and jovial insults. Sometimes, he'll grope you just to catch you off guard, or throw a string of extremely suggestive compliments giving him enough time to be able to flip you over. He's easily flustered though, so you can turn the tables on him and make him extremely flustered with little to no problem— and he's so dramatic about it too, he will pretend to die lmao, "At least my last moments were spent with someone with nice thighs…! *dies*" Thick or stick, he loves your thighs bro. Bonus points if you (gently) choke him with them.
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bambiimutt · 2 months
He makes you cry during an Argument.
Arguments with these boys? What could possibly go wrong..
Headcannons and short stories under the cut!
TW!! talk of Hoodie stalking, but not major! I think that’s it!!
Tumblr media
Jeffrey Hodex:
- you’d think an argument with your boyfriend who loves you oh so dearly would hopefully end in him apologizing. Wanting to make sure he didn’t say anything to you to hurt you.. but you sometimes forget he’s not the normal person.
-Jeff has anger issues and it’s not a surprise to anyone when it’s brought up. So typically with any argument he has, his anger tends to get the better of him.
-which means if the argument is small it’s bound to be blown out of proportion, if it’s a pretty bad argument it’s about to be even worse.
-he doesn’t like to listen. To him he’s always right. He’s never wrong even if deep down he knows he actually fucked up he doesn’t want to admit it because he doesn’t want to look “weak” or too “soft”
-he typically doesn’t feel bad if you end up getting hurt emotionally, you’ll get a good ol scoff and roll of the eyes while he tells you “it’s not that big of a fucking deal, you don’t need to be so emotional.” Along the lines of that.
-but… you might just tug a few heart strings when he realized he’s made you cry. It’s when he sees that he’s scared you that he breaks a little. He’s got a habit of punching walls, breaking shit around the house when you both argue, screaming in your face.. and if it all leads to you finally breaking down and shaking that’s where he finally draws his line.
-he didn’t mean to scare you.. not like that at least. The last thing he wants is for you to be scared of him. He loves you.. even if he shows it in odd ways. He’s an asshole yes but he’s your asshole.
“Would you just fucking Listen!” Jeff screamed out. His hands were immediately gripping onto his pants, trying his damned hardest to not punch the closest thing to him. But he can’t help himself the moment you cross your arms and give him that fucking look. “Jeffrey. Cut it out, I’ve listened to you for the past 40 fucking minutes.. you need to listen to me-“ you’re cut off quickly hearing his hand collide with the wall and a loud grunt leaving his lips. He’s slightly heaving, breathing heavily and hair a bit messy in front of his face. You jumped a bit, backing up quickly when he immediately whipped around to trudge towards you, black combat boots making him taller then he already was. His large hand was quick to grab your jaw and squish your cheeks together just slightly. “No you fucking listen to me. Stop being a fucking bitch. Why do you have to pick at everything I fucking do, huh?! Huh?!” If he was a scrawny guy you’d say you’d be able to at least get free but no.. no he was a big guy, tall. Muscular, broad shoulders.. built chest. His biceps twitched slightly as his grip grew harder. There was no way you were escaping this. Not with him. Your small hands pushed at his arm and your eyes watered, a tear falling onto his fingers. Oh.. Jeff’s grip softened as he slowly let go. His form lowering himself so he was at your level. “Oh baby.. oh..” his hands hesitated before cupping your cheeks and his lips are kissing at the corners of your lips, trailing towards your ear. “I didn’t mean it..” his voice is deep, gruff and low in your ear as you immediately wrap your arms around his waist. “I’m sorry..” really it’s the only time you’ll get a sorry out of him, a genuine one at that.
Tumblr media
Tobias Rogers
- he’s one of the ones who’s a bit more understanding. He can’t exactly understand physical pain or frustration but he can completely understand emotional pain and anger.. and how fucking awful it can be to handle. So when he’s stood, tall and lanky in front of you, hands swinging in the air and his voice raising he can suddenly feel the room shift to a hurt.. deep cut feeling.
- he tries not to yell he tries to hear you out when you both have an argument, but having BPD can be an issue when it comes to that.. you say one thing in a slight tone and he’s set off. Oh? So this is his fault suddenly? Why did you have to say it like that? You could have said it this way. Why do you have to be such a fucking asshole?
-when in reality that’s not how you meant it at all.. and yes Toby does feel bad for it afterwards he shouldn’t have lashed out that way, he should have sat and listened and maybe asked why you said it that way.. but sometimes things get the better of us.
-he’s not always the one to apologize afterwards but he does when he knows he really fucked up. He can’t lose you not to something so fucking stupid. “I-I’m sorry.. you didn’t deserve to hear that.. to e-endure any of that..” with a sniffle you look up at him teary eyed. Oh that really hurts. “It’s okay Toby” he’s immediately at your side, hands brushing your hair back and placing gentle kisses to your jaw. It kills him when you cry.
“I don’t know Toby I’m just tired..” this is what set him off. The way you said it. You were tired? of this? Of him? Of this relationship? “Are you fucking serious?” He speaks with his teeth clenched together, his head resting in his hands before he’s looking up at your slowly. His body slightly twitches from time to time, though when he was angry it usually became an issue for him, twitching far too often, clearing his throat more aggressively. His tics would normally become more violent in some ways. “Are we just d-done then? That’s it just b-because you’re tired yo-you can’t fucking walk away-“ his arm flys up in the air as he stands, his hands coming to rub at his face and the patch of hair on his chin. His tired droopy eyes dart towards you. You didn’t necessarily start crying because he scared you it was more of the the stress of the situation. “Toby please that’s not what I meant.” He still hasn’t noticed as his tall figure is rambling on, tics making his occasional grip and smack to his leg but he of course can’t feel it. When he finally looks at you he realizes you’ve been crying and it stops. The room becomes quiet and he twitches a few more times before softly kneeling on the floor where you sat. “I shouldn’t have assumed like that.. I’m sorry..” he’s softly laying you down on the floor as his lips trail your neck, his hands placing your arms around his neck. “I’m so sorry.” He mumbles against your neck.
Tumblr media
-Ben Lawman/drowned
- to be honest he’s probably not the one who started it. He’s usually pretty calm, and quiet…. Except for when he wants to act like a child and become ignorant and downright inappropriate.
-he can be perverted.. gross and this is usually where the arguments start, not that you don’t like him nor the way he acts it’s more when he says things he shouldn’t be saying. So you typically end up yelling at him and he will normally sit embarrassed and feeling a bit guilty.. he didn’t think you’d get so upset.
- on occasion if the argument isn’t about that and about something else he still is usually the one to just take it but there are rare moments where he snaps back. And when he does. Oh boy.
-constant pacing back and forth, hands in his hair, sharp glares at you and laughing in disbelief. He’ll sometimes say things he doesn’t mean. He’s usually not one to yell but when he does you aren’t really expecting it. So it scares you.. and the tears finally break.
- ben only stares for a moment. “Shit.” Yeah he fucked up big time. He immediately feels guilty and he immediately rushes towards you to pull you into a tight embrace. He didn’t mean to take it that far.. he really didn’t, knowing it was him who made you cry makes him want to break down himself.
“You can hate me yknow, I won’t blame you, or be angry..” Ben mumbled against your hair, your sniffling shattering his dead heart even further. You look up at the blonde, your fingers lacing their way into his hair as you force a bit of a smile “I just.. I hate when we argue like that..” your voice breaks causing Ben to swallow. Oh no. There’s that lump in his throat. His hands rub at your back before feeling his way towards your lower half, squeezing gently. “I know babe. Don’t listen to me when I get like that yeah?” You give a gentle smile as he softly lifts you up, bringing you closer as he grabs his controller, getting ready to play his game and have you relax against him. Occasionally he’ll presses kisses to your forehead. He doesn’t like to talk about the arguments, maybe because he doesn’t know how to handle his emotions and yours at the same time or maybe he’s just scared it’ll lead to another argument, but he apologized like he always does and makes sure your comfy against him while he games. As long as you’re content with it, he’s content.
Tumblr media
-Masky/ Tim Wright
- a bit like Jeff I just think he’s a bit more mellow, he won’t ever apologize unless he knows he’s actually in the wrong. Which ends up being majority of the time. You know he has his episodes, where he blacks out and doesn’t remember a lot of the things he ends up doing.
- he will sometimes black out during an argument. It’s not often but when he does it’s like arguing with a brick wall. Like Jeff he won’t listen. He refuses to listen to anything you say because In the moment he’s the one who’s right. But he’ll never go as far to say mean things like Jeff does. No Tim tends to stop himself before he does.
-he storms off frequently. I think he more or so hates the emotions that comes with this. He hates the yelling, the way you look at him with disbelief and anger.. Its more so he doesn’t feel like fucking shit up for being an asshole to someone who genuinely cares about him. So he leaves you to your emotions to figure out, and if they aren’t figured out by the time he gets back he tries his best to help. Even if he does seem annoyed.
- typically your arguments are more him being snarky, sarcastic and being too logical, he can raise his voice from time to time but he’s only ever yelled at you once, and he still beats him self up for it to this day. Seeing you cry at how angry he got, how you still reached out for him in your meltdown caused by him.. and you still reached for him.
“They’re pills y/n, prescription pills. I’ll be fine you know I need to take them. Why do I need to keep telling you thi-“ you cut him off quickly your voice already laced with concern as it shook. “Because you take more then you should be taking Tim. I don’t like it I don’t want you to hurt yourself..” he understood where you came from yes but what you needed to do was stop it. Just stop worrying about him. “Please for the love of god, I’m fine! I’m fucking fine! I’ll be fine! Please just stop it. I hate how much you worry and stress yourself over me. They’re fucking pills, I take them when needed. So just stop!” Now he didn’t scream super loud, but it was loud enough for you to feel the lumpy tingly feeling in your throat bubble, your hands softly twisting together “s-sorry..” you squeaked out. Tears brimmed your eyes as your bottom lip quivered. He watched you carefully for a moment, grimacing a bit as he watched your face twist with sadness.. and you slowly making your way towards him. Tim opens his arms and quietly pulls you in, one hand rubbing at the back of your head and the other gripping your back. “I’m an asshole. I know you’re just worried.” He mumbled quietly, lips pressed to your forehead as you hide your face in his chest. “You’re okay..” he continues to mumble, awkwardly trying to find a way to comfort you further.
Tumblr media
Hoodie/ Brian Thomas
-he’s quiet. Very quiet. I think he’s the most gentle when it comes to arguments with his S/O. He’s scared to hurt you, always in any circumstances. He’s more observant, he knows when the argument gets too much for you just by a single movement.
-though he does have his moments where he does get angry back, he can normally control his temper. Usually the argument starts by something he’s done so he can handle it, he can deal with it. He tells you “I promise I’ll change, just give me some time” and you believe him because he does change but then he falls back into his habits, leaving for weeks on end, taking too many pills, his stalker tendencies.
-the argument this time is unclear, you probably don’t even remember by the Time Brian starts yelling back at you. His hair is messy from running his hands through it one too many times, he’s clenching his fists and trying to breathe as he shakily keeps his voice down.
-even in moments like this he still thinks of you. Not wanting to hurt you nor scare you.. he just lets you have your outburst and then you both move on. But tonight was different.
-he tends to ignore you when he gets worked up in an argument. If he’s not yelling back then majority of the time he’s just silent. His back towards you. But only when he’s angry right back at you. He’ll give you that silent treatment for hours.
-but this time. He made you cry. And he’s stopped dead in his tracks, eyes softening, getting down on his knees and resting his head against your stomach,his hands holding onto your waist. Sigh… he just had to fuck shit up again didn’t he.
“Brian you can’t just leave me for weeks on end.. you can’t just.. disappear then show up like nothings happened. Where do you go..? Is there someone else” at this point he’s just been listening to you, letting you vent out but when you suddenly accuse him of cheating on you.. he snaps. You really think HE would cheat on you?! It’s not like he didn’t spend months watching you, becoming so infatuated with you to the point that it would make anybody so fucking sick to their stomach. But he couldn’t tell you that he couldn’t tell you he’s loved you far longer. So he stands, looks at you with anger in his eyes, a hint of sadness flashing on his face “don’t fucking accuse me of cheating on you.” He points a shaky finger in your face “don’t you ever. You don’t understand the shit I’d do for you, the shit I DO for you.” He’s close now, watching as you look up at him shakily. “This S-still doesn’t explain where you go Brian.. you-“ he’s grabbing your wrist and pulling you close “no listen to me. I want to tell you I want to tell you so badly but I can’t. I can’t. I just can’t.” His eyes are averting he’s becoming shaky himself, he’s panicking. Trust him. Is what he wants to tell you, that It’ll all be okay, he’ll be okay in a couple of days, he’ll change just give him time.. but he can’t lie to you.. not now. It would only make shit worse for you in this moment. When he finally looks back at you he sees you staring up at him, not a word spoken but tears streaming down your face, and your wrists still held tight in his large hands. “I..” he softly brings your hand down, lowering himself to the ground as he watches you still stare straight ahead. He scared you. Brian goes silent and lets himself sit on his knees, his hands running up under your shirt to hold onto your waist and burying his head into your stomach. “I’m sorry” he whispered gently, shivering when he feels your hands curl into his hair and finally look down at him. You know he feels guilty. He’s only trying to protect you.
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bloodblanks · 9 months
ft: eyeless jack, masky, hoodie, ticci toby, jeff the killer, ben drowned, slenderman
author's note: this fanfiction will contain explicit sexual content, including various kinks, fetishes, and similar themes.
please read at your own discretion.
Tumblr media
eyeless jack
the taste of human flesh is already something that jack likes, but even more so when it comes to your flesh specifically. it’s all about the way his teeth sink into the softness of your flesh, the taste of your blood flowing into his mouth; it’s all too delicious. however, there’s another darker side of him that relishes in the way you squirm against him, or the sound escaping your lips—the perfect concoction of pain and pleasure.
this comes alongside biting, but he enjoys owning you and branding you as his. either with the aforementioned bitemarks, or with hickeys—although he tends to bite during them, anyway—or by carving his name into you. that’s his favourite.
technically, in his case it’d be scalpelplay. anyhow, he loves running his scalpel along the surface of your skin, tracing along the curvature of your body, or slicing thin lines and outlining your bone structure, especially your ribs.
this goes hand in hand with knifeplay as well as biting. first and foremost, he relishes in the taste of your blood. it’s the closest he can get to tasting you without hurting you too much. however, he also likes to play with it. he’ll smear it across your skin, painting you with beautiful crimson, but he’ll also lap up your blood, then proceed to kiss you, making you taste yourself and then seeing the stains on your soft lips.
there’s just something about him being a demon that gives him a primal urge to want to mate you, breed you, fill you with his seed and impregnate you.
this branches off breeding, but his favourite place to cum is obviously inside you; he loves watching his cum drip out of you.
frankly, tim is a freak. which will become more and more obvious as you read through this list. anyway. the most important thing for tim in terms of kinks is dominance. he wants to assert power and control over you and enforce that you’re his and his alone. he wants you to submit to him and know that you’ll do whatever he wants whenever he wants, whether you like it or not.
tim loves bondage of all sorts. be it tying you up or using chains—he likes it all. it only adds to the power he has over you, considering you’re all tied up, helpless and at his whim. his particular favourite is chaining you to the wall, amongst others, such as tying your hands behind your back while he fucks you from behind. he loves seeing you struggle against your bindings to no avail, especially if he’s edging, overstimulating, or hurting you.
closely related to bondage is restraints, such as gags, handcuffs, and blindfolds. they restrict or deprive you of something or another, and the simple fact that he can take that away from you, turns him on. he’s 50/50 on the gags, though, because on one hand he likes it when you can’t talk or even protest against anything he does, but on the other hand he loves hearing all the sounds you make.
he enjoys edging you, and he’ll really take it to the next level by having you restrained, unable to move or do anything to stop him as he fingers you and plays with your clit, maybe even going down on you or using a toy of some sort. whatever it is, he loves bringing you right to the brink of orgasm and then stopping just before. he’ll do it numerous times, over and over until you’re on the verge of tears and begging for him to please just let you cum.
the sound of you begging is nothing short of music to his ears. and that’s why he’ll make you do it so often. he’ll make you beg for him to fuck you, he’ll make you beg for him to let you cum, he’ll make you beg for pretty much each and every single bit of pleasure he gives you. he relishes in how powerful it makes him feel and it’s so hot for him to have you begging and pleading for him, desperate for him to allow you any pleasure at all. he loves knowing that it’s all fully dependant on him; he can control whether or not you feel good and just how good you feel. and there’s nothing you can say or do about it.
when he’s finally satisfied with how desperate you are and how much you’ve pleaded for him, he’ll finally let you cum. and while it may feel good the first time he lets you, you know it’s only a matter of time before he does it again and again, until you’re once again begging and crying for him to stop, telling him that you’re too sensitive and it’s too much.
tim not only likes to control whether or not you feel pleasure, but he also likes to do the same for pain. not only does he just like it by default, but it also closely ties into and relates to his other kinks.
he likes spanking you. bending you over his lap and spanking you with his hand, or even a paddle or his belt. he loves making you count each and every strike, but not as much as he enjoys making you thank him for it. he likes it when you’re tied up the most so that he can watch you squirm yet unable to get away. he’ll also spank you during sex if you’re doing doggystyle. the sight of your pretty ass, nice and red with heat radiating off your cheeks, is delightful for him.
hair pulling.
tim will pull your hair, especially if he’s fucking you from behind. he also likes it when you’re giving him head, but one of his favourite scenarios is just having you bend over a counter, being able to tug your hair and make you arch your back for him as he thrusts into you.
straight up, across the face. bonus points if it’s in combination with him pulling you up by the hair.
most of the time, spanking, hairpulling and slapping is enough for him. however, on occasion, if he’s feeling particularly sadistic, he’ll whip you with his belt as well. he’ll use the leather for the rest of your body, but then the metal buckle for your ass.
sometimes, he’ll even bring out his switchblade for a bit of fun, holding it to your throat or flicking it across your cheek lightly.
as mentioned, tim loves unbalanced power dynamics. this really shows itself in that he enjoys being fully, or at least mostly clothed while you’re naked. the power imbalance turns him on a lot.
pet play.
he isn’t particularly into pet play, but he indulges in some aspects of it, such as using a collar and leash on you. tim likes tugging you around with the leash, or pulling your head back, cutting off your oxygen supply while he fucks you from behind with it. he’ll also probably invest in a (human-sized, obviously) cage.
just like with all other aspects of sex for him, tim wants control, and what better control than having his hands wrapped around your neck?
he’s not super heavy on this, but he’ll say things like, “who’s my slut?” or “who do you belong to?” in bed.
oral. (receiving)
tim doesn’t mind giving oral, but he likes receiving it far more. however, he isn’t satiated with a simple blow job. much like other activities, he’ll want your hands tied up behind your back, so that you can’t stop him while he has his hand wrapped in your hair, holding your head still as he brutally fucks your throat. you’d have to learn to take it, because he wouldn’t care if you were gagging or choking, it would only further arouse him if anything.
tim really gets off to you crying, whether it be from edging, overstimulation, pain, or even just when you tear up as his cock hits the back of your throat.
bonus: tim will spit into your mouth.
brian sees you as an angel. something pure, delicate, ethereal. while he has this nice, friendly, sweet demeanour, he knows himself that he is a monster deep down, a monster that wants nothing more than to corrupt that innocence of yours. he doesn’t necessarily want to hurt you, but he sure as hell wants to ruin you.
brian loves lingerie. he really likes the way the fabric clings tightly to your body, not enough to cover you but enough to accentuate your form, somehow making your already flawless body even better if that was even possible.
lingerie in general is nice, but what really gets him going is lace. white lace. not only does it look exquisite on you, it also complements your angel-like innocence, adding more flames to the fuel that is his corruption kink.
thigh highs.
technically, it doesn’t have to be thigh highs. while brian does particularly favour white thigh highs, he also likes other leggings/stockings/pantyhose, provided they’re white and sheer or with lace. he likes sheer, semi-translucent long socks, or even other items of clothing; it gives off the impression that he’s seeing something he shouldn’t be, which really turns him on. and of course, he appreciates lace socks, the ones that go up to your ankles or knees as well.
bonus points if you pair it with the lingerie.
there’s something so feminine and delicate about skirts or dresses, especially if they’re well, white and/or with lace, that’s so sensual to him. not to mention it allows him easy access. he can just flip up your skirt or dress, seeing your cute lace panties underneath, proceed to push them aside and just fuck you…
brian will say things such as “you’re such a good girl,” “you’re taking me so well, angel,” along with incoherent ramblings of how precious and perfect you are.
oral. (giving)
he enjoys going down on you. he loves the way you taste and he gets off to your moans, the way you arch your back, the way you squirm against his face, the way your hands tangle in his hair, everything about it is just delightful for him.
more specifically, daddy kink. brian really likes being called daddy, and he will often call you nicknames such as ‘princess’ and ‘babygirl.’
sensory deprivation.
to be precise, blindfolds. it’s erotic, taking away your sight and leaving you in the dark, unknowing of what he plans to do next, oversensitive and gasping at his touch.
ticci toby
nothing gets toby more excited than fingering you in public, under the table at a dinner or somewhere else where people wouldn’t notice. he’ll fuck you in some alley or back of a building, a place that people shouldn’t generally notice but would depend on how well you can stifle your moans, how well you can hold back from making sounds so that nobody would know the indecency the two of you were up to. he loves how good and innocent you seem in public while at the same time, just between the two of you, you were dirty and spreading your legs for him.
toby goes hard with the degradation. he’ll tell you things such as “you’re such a fucking slut,” “you’re my useless whore,” “you’re a worthless cumdump,” all the while he’s fucking you. he really likes the idea of using you, having you be his perfect little fucktoy, for him to do whatever he pleases with.
ps: if you beg him to use you, he’ll literally fall in love with you. no better words could come out of your mouth.
free use.
he likes having you at his disposal, ready for him whenever he wants.
there’s few things he likes more than listening to you beg; it’s just such a humiliating position for you to be in, and he loves pushing you to that point so that he can hear and relish in how pathetic you are for him.
first of all, toby likes a little bit of everything. spanking, choking, bondage, the list goes on. but most of all, he likes to experiment. toby loves trying new things in the bedroom all the time, be it new positions, unusual kinks, roleplay scenarios, he’ll do it all. he’s even happy to try switching roles every once in a while.
seriously, toby will try anything, and he loves roleplaying different scenarios with you just to switch things up.
this one relates to both experimentation and trying new things. why stick to one hole when you can have two?
his main interest is buttplugs, but he’ll enjoy using vibrators as well as other toys on you.
bonus: toby is a switch, as implied above. he’s more dominant than submissive, and if you don’t like to dominate, that’s perfectly fine with him and he doesn’t mind. however, he would be ecstatic to have you reverse the roles and tell him how much of a good boy he is.
jeff the killer
rough sex.
jeff likes it rough. he’s particularly into fucking you from behind, although his favourite position would be up against a wall. he likes it hard and rough and fast; being able to watch your curves bounce as he slams in and out of you, being able to feel your nails scratch against his back as you writhe in pleasure, and there’s nothing better than hearing you gasping and screaming his name.
jeff likes knifeplay, however he’s different from jack. while he will sometimes run the blade along your skin, what he primarily likes to do is hold it to your neck during sex. he enjoys watching you tense up, as well as ultimately pressing the blade in ever so slightly just to draw a bit of blood while he orgasms inside you.  
oral. (receiving)
jeff has nothing against giving oral, he’s not super into it but he’ll do it if you want him to. however, the real treat for him is receiving. he thoroughly enjoys having you suck his dick, feeling your pretty lips wrapped around it, struggling to take in his length. he likes pulling your hair during it, guiding you and bobbing your head up and down on his member. he enjoys having you start off nice and slow, maybe even teasing him a bit, but tease him enough and he’ll get impatient and quicken the pace. he likes when you swallow, especially if you open your mouth and show him before you do it.
bonus points if you make eye contact as you during all of this. oh, and he’ll literally love you forever if you deepthroat.
ben drowned
ben isn’t that kinky. he’s happy browsing the front page of pornhub, essentially. he’s into things such as spanking—he’ll gladly bend you over his lap, or just spanking you while fucking you doggystyle. he prefers using hands, but sometimes he’ll bring out the paddle, too. he likes the ones that leave heart-shaped marks.
pet play.
ben is kind of your average gamer boy. he likes cat girls. it’s not really that much pet play, as much as it specifically cat girls, but whatever. he likes it when you wear a pair of cat ears as well as having a cat tail buttplug, although he’s not that into anal.
this goes along with the cat girl thing, but ben enjoys seeing you in cosplays. to be specific, maid outfits. he would be pleased with almost any cosplay, though. nurse outfits, schoolgirl uniforms, you name it, he probably likes it.
choking in general is nice for him; he likes the way your neck feels in his grip, so fragile and delicate. he likes the way your smaller hands instinctively grab onto his wrist, he finds it adorable. his favourite though? the bathtub. he likes fucking you over a bathtub, with you bent over the edge, your ass nicely on display for him, the water in the tub filled up until the very brim, and your pretty little head getting pushed under the water.
other than that, ben is relatively vanilla.
slender loves using his tentacles on you. seriously though, tentacles are very versatile. not only can he fuck you with them, but he can also employ them as tools for bondage. he’ll wrap his tentacles around your wrists, binding your arms. he’ll use them to pull and then hold your legs apart, spreading them wide open for him to fuck you. his tentacles are strong, strong enough to lift you up, suspending you in midair while he fucks you. he thoroughly enjoys having a tentacle in your mouth, feeling your tongue, soft and wet swirl around it, sucking on it like you would his dick. he’ll relish in that while he has another tentacle pumping in and out of your cunt, and a third one filling up your ass. he loves having all three of your holes filled up at the same time; there’s no better way to know that you belong to him entirely. sometimes he’ll even slide two in the same hole, having one pump in while the other pulls out.
so that by default includes bondage, suspension, anal, and double penetration.  
size kink.
he’s approximately two and a half metres tall, so it’s safe to say he towers over you, especially if you’re smaller. he enjoys pinning you down, taking your tiny wrists in his larger hands, lifting you up and sitting you on his cock because you’re so light, so tiny, so delicate. he just wants to stretch you out and fill you up with his length.
slender loves both giving and receiving oral. how can he resist watching you struggle to take in his length, your tiny hands on his thighs as you bob your head up and down on his dick, tearing up ever so slightly when it hits the back of your throat, causing you to gag? but of course, he loves pleasuring you as well, with his tongue, long and pointed and able to reach the entirety of your insides, all the while he has a tentacle playing with your clit, or sometimes just his hand.
dirty talk.
slender is able to communicate telepathically. that means he can say the nastiest, most unholy things to you while you’re out in public, without anyone noticing or even suspecting that anything was up. you’d have to pretend that everything is fine, while you’re out drinking coffee and he’s trying to get you all hot and bothered by telling you in detail how he would ravish you later that evening. another side of this is that he loves talking dirty in bed too, and you can hear and almost feel him speak inside your head all the while he’s pounding away at your insides.
something about being a supernatural, inhuman being makes it so erotic for him to breed you, to impregnate you, to create a half-human baby with you. he just wants to fill you up with his seed over and over again until it’s leaking out of every hole of yours.
author’s note: i cannot believe i wrote this. i am a sinner. i am going to hell.
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wifeyifey · 9 months
Slenderman: Y/N so about your soul you sold to satan
Y/N: no refunds
Slenderman: please it’s scaring him
Toby: look, I know you think my judgement is a little bit clouded cause I like Y/N
Masky, holding Toby's diary: you doodled your wedding invitation
Toby: no, that's our joint tombstone
Masky: my mistake
Y/N: I'll never talk!
Hoodie, sharpening a knife: I have ways of making people talk
Hoodie: *cuts a piece of cake*
Y/N: ... can I have some?
Hoodie: cake is for talkers
Y/N: (shaking a magic 8 ball) does EJ like me?
Magic 8 ball: not likely
Y/N: Oh...
EJ, with their head on Y/N's lap: we've been married for 8 years
Ben: what kind of guys do you prefer?
Y/N: my husband
Ben to Jeff: and what kind do you prefer?
Jeff: Y/N's husband
Y/N to Jeff:
Tumblr media
(After having sex in the kitchen)
Laughing Jack: that was a creative use of pancake syrup
Y/N: I can’t look Mrs buttersworth in the eye ever again
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multi-fandomedfreak · 5 months
Creepypasta - Kissing headcanons
Authors note: Severly dehydrated of Creepypasta content. The pastas in this  are Toby, EJ, and Jeff
⚠WARNINGS⚠: Mentions of blood, scars, and sharp objects
🪓Ticci Toby🪓
-The DEFINITION of awkward
-During the beginning of the relationship anyway. He just got so flustered and red in the face no matter where you kissed him. 
-It legit made him go like: 🧍 without fail
-He used to rarely be the one to initiate kisses but after a while, he didn’t hesitate to kiss you but isn’t too keen on doing it in front of the other pastas. He isn’t a big fan of PDA
-He loves to kiss you on your cheek, your forehead, your temples. Usually doesn’t kiss you on the lips because it flusters him too much but never complains when you’re the one to start it
-He’s definitely the kind of guy to not like PDA but lovess making out when the both of you are alone
-He MELTS when you kiss around his scars and whisper about how beautiful he is. You do this and he’s all over you
-Loves giving neck kisses but isn’t a fan of hickeys 
-His hands are always cupping your face whenever you two kiss, it just seems right to him definitely not because he likes to squeeze your cheeks
🕳Eyeless Jack🕳
-A little less awkward than Toby because he’s been a relationship before (before the whole sacrifice thing)
-Doesn’t like kissing in front of the other pastas due to it meaning he has to lift and/or take off his mask so he’d rather do it in private
-Doesn’t mean he minds PDA. So you gladly kiss his hands whenever you can
-He specifically likes it when you kiss his hands because he hates his claws with a passion, so seeing you lovingly and gently kiss his hands almost brings him to tears 
-When you both are alone he’s much more confident and usually is the one to initiate the makeout sessions
-Gets a little handsy but not really, like the most he’ll do is put his hands on your thighs and waist but nothing more
-Oh and since he has sharp teeth/fangs, will absolutely lose it when you swipe your tongue across his teeth
-Try not to cut your tongue tho
🔪 Jeff the Killer 🔪
-Not awkward at all, he could care less if the other pastas are watching, he’ll kiss you without warning
-Like the little gremlin he is, he’ll make eye contact with the other pastas as he kisses your neck
-Buuut if you were to ever show him like, really fluffy affection, that’s where he gets embarrassed
-Will literally push you away as he’s blushing
-Maybe stab you if you start teasing him about it but no worries, you can take it (plus he never actually stabs you in any fatal places)
-kissing in private tho?
-This man WILL NOT take his hands off of you
-His hands are EVERYWHERE, literally no part of you is safe from his touch; you’re thighs, your butt, your waist everything
-Probably likes to have you on his lap as you two are making out
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k3rr0p · 3 months
𝐁𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐤𝐟𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐢𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐌𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐈𝐦𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐏𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐚𝐲
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The Creepy Boys Wake up to you Giving Them Head
𝐓𝐰: cussing, being woken up by sexual advances, pet names, throat fucking, harsh language, etc. *please tell me if there's more*
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You and your boyfriend have been talking about ways to make the bedroom more exciting for the both of you. On one of these discussions the topic of being woken up by head made the both of you want to try it out. The conversation had happened weeks ago, but it was still fresh on your mind, though your boyfriend is very forgetful so it wouldn’t surprise you if he forgot.
You guys usually shared a room, even when your parents were home he would sneak in without a sound just to see you. On some level it made you feel special. This was one of those times.
In the morning you woke up not expecting him to be there, but as you turned over on your side you could feel an extra body next to yours. Immediately your eyes open before you relaxed at seeing your boyfriends face. After a minute of not being able to go to sleep, the memory of your previous conversation came to your mind. You bit your lip hoping not to wake him as you moved under your fluffy comforter and crawled in between his legs. Your boyfriend was a heavy sleeper on days where he had been out all night stalking his prey. Lucky for you this was the perfect time.
Your freshly manicured hand instantly found their way to his boxers where his length had already hardened from his morning wood. Your fingers grasping softly at his waistband, pulling them down ever so slightly before looking back up at his face to see if he’s awake. This went on for a moment longer before his boxers were able to come off like a feather against his skin. His sheer length never failed to surprise you, on this day his tip was especially red and irritated with pre existing cum leaking from it.
One of your hands softly wrapped around the base of his cock your freshly painted nails grazing the skin as you did. Your tongue reached out and kitten licked at his leaking tip a few times before your plump and shiny lips wrapped themselves around his girth and your head began to bop up at down while your tongue licked at it as well. Your hand began to move up and down and soon enough his eyes opened and he unexpectedly let out a loud groan from the sudden sensation.
Tumblr media
— Jeff The Killer —
His hands instantly went down to your hair as they kept pushing your head down more and more before pulling you back up. He knew it was you from the moment he opened his eyes.
The noises that left him were loud and lewd. Without shame he belted out cuss words and praises.
“Oh fu-uuuck baby..just like that..”
His fingers were gripping at your hair hoping to find some sort grounding sensation. But all he kept seeing were stars. Your hands went from his cock to his waist and stomach as your nails gripped into his skin as he throat fucked you. The pain was pleasurable and he could hear the gurgling and gagging noises you mad when he hit the back of your throat.
“Keep going fa’ me..”
As his high came near he twitched inside your mouth and his thrust and hair pushing became more sloppier. Your tongue kept moving around him as he did which only caused his breath to hitch and he hissed between his teeth and his cum shot into your mouth.
His hands quickly found your arms and he pulled you up from under the comforter and one of his hands found your jaw as he moved your lips to meet his before the quick and hot kiss ended. He looked at you with over powering lust.
“Such a fucking tease..”
— Eyeless Jack —
He instantly pulled the comforter off of you when he woke up not knowing what was happening. When he realized it was just you, he visibly relaxed. His voice came out deep and lustful as his hands gently found their way to your hair.
“Baby..shit..you’re so pretty like this..”
He would constantly praise you for anything you did. His pale grey and black skinned hands wanted so badly to shove your head down harder and quicker, but he wouldn’t do that to his angel. Instead, he flexed his hands from gripping your hair to harshly and gently guided you to your own pace.
His mask was off so his sounds weren’t muffled by anything this time. His groans were deep and animalistic. One hand came down from your head and gripped the bed beneath his tightly, his claws puncturing the soft foam.
“So good angel.. fuck..just like that.”
Your tongue drive him wild. And although his hands wouldn’t push your head down, his hips instinctively pushed his cock further down your throat.
As his high drew near his chest would heave up and down quickly before the one hand that was on top of your head pushed you down one finally time and his load shot into your throat hard and unexpectedly without any twitching. Your eyes widen as his cum leaked out from your lips and your tongue went to gather it up before swallowing what was left.
His hands instantly found your arms and pulled you up to his chest and he looked like he was cradling you almost. His lips kissed your forehead and your cheek profusely as he whisper sweet nothings to you.
“You did so good angel..you’re so beautiful..my pretty princess..”
He would instantly make sure you were okay as well his eyes scanned over your face for any signs of discomfort.
He would want to repay the favor to you.
“Does my princess want anything in return? Anything at all..name it..”
— Ticci Tobi —
When his eyes first open he feels the the station and he blushes heavily. He doesn’t know what’s going on so the question that are going through his head are ‘what?’ And ‘why?’ But instead of those words coming out, whimpers of pleasure take their place.
He sucks deep breaths in through his teeth as he tries to calm himself. He lays his head back on the pillow as his hands grip at the sheets below him. The lewd noise you make cause him to moan loudly. Of course he didn’t think you would do it, but it’s a dream come true for him.
He likes to think he can have you withering underneath him. Which he can, but most of the time it’s you making him moan in pleasure.
He begs constantly as his hips rut into your mouth and one of his hands goes to cover his mouth as he tries to come how stop himself from being so loud and embarrassing himself.
“Baby..p-please..please..com’ on..god..so good..”
He will not last long. His cock twitches for a moment before his load flows out of his tip like milk onto your tongue. If you poke out your tongue while his cum is still on it he’ll throw his head back into the pillow and groan loudly while blushing.
He hold his arms out for you to come back up to him and he cuddles you into his chest while his face is still red and his arms wrapped around you. While he thanks you profusely for giving him the best morning gift.
— Ben Drowned —
Ben doesn’t wake up immediately, he thinks that he’s still dreaming and it’s not really happening. His head moves from side to side before his eyes twitch open and he looks down and they widen at the scene in front of him.
After he gets over his initial shock, his lips form into a smirk as he groans at the little licks your tongue makes around his girth. His hands grip onto your hair and he lets you go at your own pace.
He is a moaning mess after a few seconds of acting like he’s put together. He is begging you to let him release.
“Please darling, c-can’t hold on..fuck..please..”
Cuss words leave his mouth rather violently and quickly almost as if it burns when he says them.
He’s too caught up in his own world to do anything, his hips push into your lips and his hands softly push your head down. His high is near and as his chest tightens he groans and whimpers out soft please into the air.
“Angel.. s’ to much..c-can’t do it..”
He tries to hold on until the last moment he can’t. His cum leaks out everywhere, it’s very soft and it comes out in different moments. The first is long and he whines throughout it, while the next few burst are short and he breaths heavily through them.
His hands will leave your hair instantly and they will fall to the side of himself as you climb up beside him. Once he feels your warmth he’ll roll over and push his face into your chest while thanking you for the good morning
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vpzllx · 4 months
Tumblr media
SYNOPSIS - Just how the creepypasta characters would be like as your s/o :)
PAIRINGS - Jeff the killer x Reader, “Ticci” Toby x Reader, Eyeless Jack x Reader, Ben Drowned x Reader, Hoodie/Brian x Reader.
Tumblr media
Tbh Jeff a lil bitch 🤷‍♀️ it’s not like yk he’s js mean n shit even though he’s just mean n shit.
Like for instance say if y’all were just sitting on the couch cuddlin n shit and then someone walks in the room, He’s pushing you off of him immediately.
It’s not like he doesn’t want to be affectionate, He just doesn’t want people seeing, He’d do a casually hug or hold hands around people but he’d never kiss you or anything like that around people idk why 🤷‍♀️
But back to what i said about him being a lil bitch this mf will tease you and tear your ass up 😭, Y’all could be casually play fighting on the bed and he’ll push you off on purpose then laugh at you. Or He would walk up and say some random shit like for expample
Jeff : You built like a capital P
You : what??
He’s just random asf but also When you two are alone oml this man is so vulnerable like he’d cuddle up next to you n shit, To the point that when he breaths out shorty ur breathing in that same air. He loves when u play w his hair even though it’s crusty asf (Please wash his hair)
For rating umm hes like a good 7/10
Tumblr media
how do i say this ummm… He’s bipolar and yall both hate it.
It’s so… Like one moment y’all are kissing and wtv then he js pushes you off of him and walks away and your js there like “?? wtf” And then after he’ll come back and kiss you and apologize and again your just like “wtf??” But you don’t mind since he actually apologized.
Attachment issues. He will threaten you if you ever want to leave 😟 or like you tryna go to the store and bitch he js stops you he grabs your wrist and is like “go sit yo ass down” BUT NOT LIKE THAT 😭 and you js go sit down best option tbh.
He likes laying his head in between your thighs for some reason idk like especially if you got em big ol thighs 😍 and when you stroke his hair it’s like love.
When y’all are sleeping together … he’s stiff this man doesn’t move it he falls asleep in one position you will wake up and see him in that same position, And it’s bad to the point when sometimes you gotta check and see if he’s not dead, If he wakes up while your doing so he’s lookin at you like “tf is u doing?”
He’s a good kisser don’t question it but istg, You could be in the kitchen getting something to eat he js walks up behind you flips you facing him and he js kisses you bitch tongue deep in ur mouth (He got that W rizz 🫵😜)
He’s like a good ummm 7/10 too
Tumblr media
He has definitely watched you sleep more than 5 times…
He not tryna be creepy with it he just wants to make sure that you’re sleeping well it’s all outta love. But ngl sometimes he will wake you up by biting your neck n shit but are you really complaining?? Right i didn’t think so.
If you ever cut yourself he’s the number one person for you to go to He was a medical student yk before the whole … scarfice thing … But if your bleeding heavy don’t step within a feet of him, istg he gonna start buggin out and most likely will try to eat you (Outta love tho).
I can say his tongue is very long … ;) Like make out sessions end in a snap then y’all end up fuckin 🤷‍♀️ (we can get to those fuckin headcannons another day 😘).
He used to be a good cook but since he doesn’t eat … people food anymore he just stopped cooking but if you’d ask him to make you something he’d do it for you no questions asked, Like maybe sometimes you’d wake up to breakfast in bed from him 😜.
He’s a quiet person to say the least tho like you barely see him interact with other pastas or wtv tf they called but yeah he’s usually by himself or with you one of the two.
He’s a 10/10 at everything 😘
Tumblr media
He has definitely asked you multiple times if you wanted to film y’all fuckin …
He has made you try playing games mostly horror games or shooters in which either you rage quit or got scared and quit, He enjoys seeing you scared or seeing you js upset and angry.
If your the type of person who brings their phone into the bathroom with them he’d use that as an advantage and js crawl out of ur phone.. He has done that multiple different times.
When y’all hug he either sniffs you or your hair and then your js like “Did he sniff my hair..?” He does it cause he doesn’t wanna forget what you smell like idk why but yk .. Attachment issues.
He always notices little slight things about you. Like you cut your hair a bit..He knows, You just cut your nails..He knows, Just got new underwear..He knows.
He’s most def a 8/10 yk minus the little weird things… 👴
Tumblr media
Yeah um… This man will manipulate and make you think that you’re nothing without him … (outta love tho)
He doesn’t genuinely care abt what you do unless it involves another person specifically another man, That’s when he starts to care.
Since he’s uhm a drug addict he would def try to get you high at some point, and when you do he would record the whole experience js for shits n giggles idk
Also same as ben he has probably asked if you wanted to record yall fuckin but even if you say no he’s not talking at as an answer, He will record it and then after show you … 😟
He likes it mostly when your vulnerable bc he could spew so many lies to you just so you won’t leave him (Best manipulator i’ve ever seen)
When y’all sleep together, you have to be directly laying on top of him or else he’s not sleeping. Period.
He’s a 6/10 (but he’s so fine 😖🫶) Yeah but umm he has a lot of problems …
Tumblr media
I gotta do another one but yk it’s more nice or either it’s gonna be very nsfw 🫵😭
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devilsspaghetti · 1 year
Tumblr media
INCLUDES;; Slenderman, Eyeless Jack, Jeff the Killer, Masky, and Jane the Killer.
Tumblr media
Oh, to have this eldritch in love with you. With you! He must adore you, ravish you, cherish you.
An old lover at heart, wherever that organ is, he often pulls you into slow dances.
A slender hand clasping with yours, so gentle, so careful. For once, he fears someone will run. That you will run.
Every time he pulls you into another waltz. His hand rests on your back a little longer. A little closer. A thumb brushing on the back of your hand, caressing ever so gently, to prove his gentle love.
He’s never had many lovers or significant others. He found them a waste of time. But you, he’s trying to prove that you are his time. Every time he tries to say otherwise, he sees your smile again
He shows his love by lots of little things. Never big and extravagant. He’s a eldritch that kills for living, why do you think he has lots of money? He steals, yes, but for you? You’re worth more than diamonds and blood.
A tendril slithers to your palm, wrapping around your hand with a loving squeeze. He pulls you close, replacing the tendril with his own hand. His other hand finds a way to your back seconds later, not wasting another breath when swaying to the right. Call him lovestruck, but he knows you’re the only human that makes him purr. You made him repent by kissing his knuckles. You make him swoon with your laugh. For the sake of god, please don’t die anytime soon.
Or the world will feel his wrath. You’ve seen how he could be. It’s terrifying.
Eyeless Jack
A demon? Who shakes in the knees and melts at your touch? He’s smitten. He writes about you and to you.
There are often days where he will be gone, most being the cause of hunting or tending the wounds for an injured far elsewhere. So, he writes to you.
Letters filled with immense love. Words that could build you a new home. Endless sentences that reach no end. They’re all for you.
He leaves them in random spaces that you will see much later on. The crevices of shelves or open on the coffee table; they’re everywhere.
But when he’s home, when he gets to bring your hands to his lips. He softly bites.
No kisses, just soft bites on your skin. With how sharp his teeth is and how much he has, he shows that you do not need to worry about him injuring you with his canines. Or feasting on your flesh.
He shows domestication. That’s why he hunts often. Jack dares not think about eating you, nor scaring you. So he hunts to eat well. For you are his last option of a food source.
He pulls you close to his chest. A purr coming from his chest that can easily be mistaken for a growl. Jack wraps himself around you; almost protectively; he was surprisingly warm. Time for bed. Don’t mind how his nails are digging into your skin.
Jeff the Killer
Ruthless. Disgusting. An asshole. That’s how everyone describes him. They’re not wrong, but he’s just a little more different with you.
Calloused hands cupping your face and bringing you into a kiss. He loves feeling your lips.
He shows his love by: showing it. He’s surprisingly affectionate and physical. You’re always in his hold. Holding your hand, cupping your face, pulling you on to his chest. Maybe it’s because of how warm you are.
Jeff has never known what natural warmth what. All he found familiarity with was the heat from a fire. You’re his fire. You’re why he isn’t cold anymore.
His index often traces random lines on the crevices of your back. Sometimes circling around the stiff areas.
He shows it by not yelling at you. He has anger issues. He’s seen how you cower when he yells. It’s loud with no remorse. So he doesn’t yell anymore. Nevertheless, raise his voice inside the house. Doesn’t mean his anger issues are fixed, but it doesn’t exist inside your home.
The homely scent of cinnamon and nutmeg filled the house; it happened as soon as you pulled the cinnamon buns out of the oven. Mixing the glaze; arms suddenly wrapped around your waist; you hovered the spoon over the baked good. You felt him press his face on the crook of your neck, lips pressing against your skin. He squeezed lightly.
Falling for a killer has its pros and cons. Maybe it’s what distracts you for being inside everyday.
He’s the last expected to have a partner. Nevertheless, a romantic partner. Everyone believed Tim would have someone, but Masky? No.
He shows it by little whispers.
He shows it by simple caresses.
He shows it by not killing you.
There’s nothing more he could do; to be honest, he never thought it would last. But they way you’re eyes light up at him. He finds himself soft.
He shows his love in silence. No words but holding you a little closer. Kisses on every part of your skin. Every whisper can be mistake for a breath. But for once, he prays that you stay each time.
Arms around around you, he carefully rocks both you.
He often leaves flowers or trinkets he found. Sometimes stuff he makes by hand. Other things, he steals.
He keeps you far from other killers. Very far. Even away from his best friend. Somewhere you can never be touched nor known about.
He decorated the home and keeps you near a town. Each kiss is held a little longer, and he revised every second of it.
As you wake, you feel him pull you close to his chest. Fingers softly digging into your soft, trailing down your back. He pressed his lips against your shoulder, a hum emitting from him. He doesn’t talk much, but it’s obvious that he’s hungry. Not waiting another minute, both of you are up and down in the kitchen.
Jane the Killer
She shows her love by doing everything for you.
House chores, cooking, sometimes shopping if she can find herself to go in public. She’s more affectionate with you.
Paint nights and movie nights almost every other day. Loves putting on music while both of you cook in the kitchen.
One of the best girlfriends you could ask for. Maybe because she’s one of the less hostile killers around.
Wakes you up with breakfast in bed. Often has dinner ready before you could help.
Presentation and quality of her food? Out of this world. She wants only the best for you, because you’re just a human who needs to eat well to run well.
Expresses her love in many words also. Always talking your ear off about anything.
A hand rests on your shoulder as she carefully put a plate in front of you. She comes forward, lips pressing against your cheek with a giggle. Jane lingers for a minute longer before retreating to her seat. Now, you can eat.
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creepy-friday · 4 months
More Creepypasta Mansion Headcanons
Warnings: dark content,violence,
blood,mental illness and drugs mentions,suggestive content
if your room is close to Jeff or Ben,you're not getting any sleep.Both of them would play loud obnoxious music;Jeff would blast metal while the blonde would play hours of techno music while gaming sounds would be heard plus inappropriate loud sounds from whatever he's watching/playing/enjoying himself to
The calmest and safest times are during breakfast or when the others eat in general,everytime someone is in the kitchen they just do their own thing and leave
EJ doesn't need sleep,so if you happen to wander the hallways at night you might bump into him
Slenderman doesn't care about anything that doesn't directly affect him,he would actually be pissed if a resident would complain about something that he doesn't care about,that's why all the creeps can be unhinged at times
One violent fight has to happen at least once per month we all know the violent motherfuckers who start it and an argument has to happen at least once per day
If you're a shy and an empathetic person then your stay in the mansion can be hell,that's why you should stick with the ones who can make your life a little bearable
Even lone wolves like EJ and Bloody Painter don't stay alone for long periods of time.If you're isolated for a long period of time you might hear the static again..some say it's Slenderman who doesn't want his creeps to be alone because the eldritch might care about them,some say that it's because their loneliness can get into their quality of work and it would piss him off
Besides the blood and the desperation,most creeps keep themselves clean,but you might see some residents like Jeff who can wear the same pair of sweatpants for 7 days in a row
If you need money you can simply go to Ben,he will either order what you need for you or make himself useful and get you some cash,altough he is a little fuck and wants something in return even if it's HIS JOB to provide the residents what they need.Maybe a blowjob under the desk will do
Drugs are easy to obtain,even Nina has a bottle of something hidden inside her room,you just have to know what you want
One of the top unspoken rules between the residents is to never,in under any circumstances,never enter another creep's room without permision,the only keys that are provided are to proxies rooms.
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unpunishablelamb · 6 months
realistic general creepypasta headcanons
(requests are open!)
Tumblr media
-they don’t live in a mansion together
-most of them (the ones that don’t depend on e.g technology like BEN) either live in abandoned factories, huts in the forest or something like that
-some have never met eachother, others simply work together for some missions because of their connection to the slenderman
-the slenderman isn’t a father figure to them, he is something between a boss and a blackmailer
-i think they are all absolutely loyal to him but simply because they have no other option. they know that the slender man could potentially kill them anytime if they were worthless to him
-they probably all smell bad
-some may use the chance to shower at their victims house if the kill was messy, some don’t bother (cough cough jeff cough)
-they survive from gas station or 7/11 food they either steal or buy with stolen money
-i don’t think the wounds they had before they became creepypastas can get infected or heal (jeff’s scars, toby’s face gash etc)
-not one of them is a small bean or a softie or whatever
-some are more empathetic than others but at the end of the day al of their empathy is extremely limited
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Slender: Will you just watch over Toby and Y/N while I’m out? Don’t let them do anything stupid.
Jeff: Yeah, sure.
Jeff: $20 to whoever can jump from the balcony to the swimming pool.
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cyberp-1-nk · 8 months
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Masterlist. / Requests?
SYNOPSIS: How they'd react to you dodging one of their kisses.
PAIRINGS. Jeff the killer x reader , Ticci Toby x reader , Eyeless Jack x reader , Hoodie x reader , Masky x reader , Homicidal Liu x reader , Ben Drowned x reader
GENRE + WARNINGS. Nothing too explicit. It's mostly fluff overall.
Tumblr media
Usually — he isn't very affectionate. So one of the fairly rare times he decides to press a chaste kiss onto your cheek, and you dodge? He takes it as disrespect. Will probably and very suddenly — take a hold of your collar rather roughly, pull you into him, lips colliding as you were completely dumbfounded. He wouldn't even be gentle about it either, he'll probably give your lips a rough tug if he's feeling especially petty. The kiss he gives you will calm him down in a few moments, but he will grunt in annoyance, becoming conscious of the reason he had been slightly irritated with you.
He is extremely affectionate — he's constantly pressing kisses against your skin, and muttering compliments. So the next time he leans in for a kiss, and you press your hand against his mouth before he can manage — he's a little oblivious, he genuinely thinks you just want him to kiss your hand. He brought your hands to his cheeks to rub their backs against his skin. You absolutely flush when he begins peppering them with kisses so soft it almost made you question if he was even making contact. This man is so persistent with his affection. 
Will most likely bite your hand. Contrary to popular belief — Jack isn't as mature as most people think. Yes, he's usually one of the more level-headed and mature ones among the creeps, but it doesn't mean he doesn't have his petty moments. The moment you press your hand against his face before he has the chance to kiss you— he's sinking his teeth in your hand with an annoyed expression. The bite isn't hard enough to draw blood, but just enough to basically tell you to stop your shit, and give him a kiss already. He deserves it! (He thinks he's entitled to your affectionation, and you feed into this delusion.)
It's been an incredibly long day for him, he's finally home after an unnecessary amount of proxy work, and he's ready to just fall asleep with you. He leans in for a kiss — but when he's denied of it, he definitely just ignores your action and attempts to kiss you again. Making the mistake of pressing your hand against his mouth before he can kiss you will result in him glaring at you a little. Watching you, Hoodie smirks as he lands a gentle yet sharp slap on your backside — just to get back at you for being a little shit. 
This man. He's so petty. As soon as you decide to dodge him, there’s a pair of auburn eyes burning holes in the side of your head and you can feel the gaze penetrating further and further into your skull with each passing second. Will actively ignore you until you decide to just give in, and kiss him — he might even ignore your affection if he's really feeling petty. He bites. Not just your neck, he bites your shoulder, your arm. You assume he’s going insane since he has you pinned against the bed. 
メ LIU 
This man is so cute — if you playfully press your hand against his mouth when he tries to kiss you, he'll only smirk a little before grabbing your hand. He'll turned them around, rubbing his calluses with his thumb as he admired them. Hid lips drew a trail in kisses as they made their way up your hands from the base of your palms to the tips of your fingers. He'll compliment you — tell you how your hands are one of his favorite things. Your heart racing and breathing quickening, before you pulled his hands to your lips for a kiss of your own.
メ BEN 
Will fight you. Finds it annoying at first how you straight up dodged his kiss. Trying to fight back the urge to pounce on you and giggle with you like a shy school boy. After he resorts to tickling your sides he gives up and spins around to grab your hands, tumbling on the bed and wrestling with you. He doesn’t need any strength to keep you down, you’re too busy laughing under him — he presses a few kisses to your face and has a goofy little smile on his face.
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raythekiller · 6 months
could you plz do the creeps realizing they like someone & what they do abt their feelings?? thank you sm !
🗒 ❛ Realizing They're In Love ༉‧₊˚✧
Tumblr media
Featuring: Jeff The Killer, Ben Drowned, Ticci Toby, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, Masky, Hoodie
#Notes: warning for some light angst in some parts (mainly EJ and LJ)
pronouns used:
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Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Jeff The Killer
He absolutely hates the way you make him feel and will be extra mean to you because of it. He doesn't even realize what the feelings are at first, he just knows they make him feel vulnerable and weak and he despises that and, by correlation, despises you as well. Once he does realize it though (after a good, good while) he'll still be mean, but more in a teasing sort of way. You can probably tell he has something for you because of how possessive he gets, always wanting your attention to be towards him and getting jealous every time you spend time with other people. He'll just keep behaving that way and getting increasingly upset that you won't notice his "obvious" flirting.
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Ben Drowned
Now this guy is the most shameless simp to have ever simped on the face of the Earth. That being said, he's not used to actually having feelings for someone - normally it only goes as far as physical attraction. So while he is normally decent at flirting (again, if you like cringe pickup lines at all), it all goes down the drain as soon as he realized he's actually, genuinely down bad. Suddenly he's stuttering, unable to get sentences out right, and finds his mind going blank whenever you're around, just fidgeting with his fingers nervously instead of trying to make a move. It's cute if you're into shy guys.
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Ticci Toby
Another one who's a little bit oblivious to his own feelings for a long, long time. All he knows is that you remind him of simpler times, times where things were better, so he wants to be around you as often as he possibly can. You'll be sitting side by side and he'll see your hand resting by your body and the thought of grabbing it crossed his mind, his heart immediately started beating faster to the point he had to excuse himself. That's when he knew. Though he is quite shy by nature, he'll try his best to be a little bolder in his own way, complimenting you more and being a little more physical. One of the only guys who isn't afraid to confess first, though his is a little bit more in the heat of the moment than a well planned out romantic confession.
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Eyeless Jack
Now with him, things are a little more complicated. He has what I like to call "villain complex", where he truly and genuinely believes himself to be an awful, disgusting and vile person. Hell, not even a person - a demon. He lacks any kind of good opinion about himself, so when he realizes (quite fast, at that) that he has feelings for you? He feels offended on your behalf. To have a monster, an abomination like him be in love with you, something so good and pure in his eyes, is like the ultimate offense to him. So, he won't act on his feelings. Honestly, he'll even hope that you manage to get with someone else so he can know you're genuinely, truly happy and move on. It's very plausible you two won't ever end up together. Unless you decide to take matters into your own hands, that is.
Tumblr media
꒰⸝⸝₊⛓┊Laughing Jack
Jack is a little bit of a wild card. He naturally has a flirty personality, so you won't know that he's serious unless he decides to tell you, which he probably won't for a good long while yet. That's because, unless he tells you about it, he doesn't actually have anything to lose. His main fear is that you'll be disgusted by those feelings he has, disgusted by him, and decide to leave him just like everyone else did. It's not even rejection that he's so afraid of, it's abandonment. So, while he has one of the easiest times accepting his feelings, he'll be one of the worst when it comes to acting on them.
Tumblr media
Pretty similar to Jeff, but also complete opposites in some ways. While he is extra mean to you because you make him feel vulnerable, it's also because he's hyper aware of what he's feeling towards you. He's a grown man, he knows attraction when he feels it, sexual or romantic, but that doesn't make him hate it any less. Unlike Jeff who's an asshole as a way of flirting, Tim is an asshole to get you to hate him. If you just despise him, his feelings should technically go away as well, so that's what he's aiming at. He already has enough problems in his life, a "silly little crush" (as he calls it) isn't another one that he needs or wants to deal with. Again, if you want things to go further, you'll have to take matters into your own hands.
Tumblr media
Smooth ass motherfucker. Like Masky, knows what the feelings are right away, but has no fear in acting on them. And he's super fucking good at it. He sees love as one of the many pleasures of life, something meant to be enjoyed, so he's not going to shy away from it. He'll shower you in every love language known to man, this guy absolutely knows what he's doing. He's not even insecure that you might reject him, he knows he's a catch and you know what? He's not wrong. So it won't take him long at all to confess in the most chill but romantic way possible, like it's not even a big deal (which, to him, really isn't).
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bloodblanks · 1 year
first encounter
ft: eyeless jack, masky, hoodie, ticci toby, jeff the killer, ben drowned, slenderman
author's note: this fanfiction will contain dark content, including kidnapping, stalking, ‘yandere’ tropes, and similar themes.
please read at your own discretion.
Tumblr media
eyeless jack
jack isn’t really the type to ‘seek’ out human interaction. in fact, he actively goes out of his way to avoid it. after all, he was a flesh-eating monster.
what would he want with a measly human?
and it wasn’t like humans would want to be around him either.
a blurry picture of his mask was plastered all over the news with headlines saying something about a ‘kidney stealing cannibal’. they didn’t have a nickname for him, not yet.
anyway, imagine his surprise when he sees you out walking alone at night, past curfew. were you stupid or were you just that brave?
for some odd reason, this piqued his curiosity. he usually wouldn’t care. unless it was murder, he wanted nothing to do with humans, but something about you made him want to know more.
maybe it was the hint of tears that glistened on your delicate skin. maybe it was the perfume you wore—oh how you smelled drove him crazy.
you hadn’t noticed his presence; you were too caught up in your own thoughts. the truth was that you were going home after a heated argument with your boyfriend.
he didn’t know that, though. and so, he decided to find out. he tracks your scent, following the trails of it until he finds where you were coming from.
he hears your boyfriend talking on the phone, complaining to someone, probably a friend about the argument the two of you just had. he had sent you home, alone, despite the clear danger just lurking around the corner.
you weren’t stupid, nor were you brave, you were just unlucky.
so was your boyfriend though, because soon enough, he was no longer breathing. jack carefully harvested his organs, as well, but that wasn’t why he died. he died because he had willingly put your life in danger, and something about that did not sit well with jack.
but you wouldn’t know.
you wouldn’t know because he had already made his way to your house, covered in the blood of your former lover. police hadn’t been alerted of the crime yet, he was a stealthy killer, unlike some others. stealthy enough to climb up and through your unlocked window, stealthy enough to remain hidden in your bedroom, patiently waiting.
patiently waiting for you to finish your tv show downstairs and get to bed.
patiently waiting for you to become his, and his only.
jack smiles as he twirls the needle full of sedative in his clawed hands.
oh, you wouldn’t know a thing.
you were the new waitress at the local café, and tim had been going there for a long time. he really liked his coffee.
so when he asks for his coffee today—black, of course—and notices that you’re the one serving it, he finds his heart stopping.
he takes you in, you’re so pretty with the way you smile at him and your voice is like music to his ears, your laugh the soft jingle of bells. he catches a whiff of your scent and you smell so delicious, so delectable.
he sees the way your cheeks flush as you notice that he’s staring, blushing at the attention you’re suddenly given, and he can’t help but grin.
he knows then, that he wants you.
but he doesn’t say it, he doesn’t do anything besides order his coffee. you bring it back, and he sips it slowly, the thought of you plaguing his mind.
no, he doesn’t just want you, he needs you.
and so he waits outside the café, until your shift is over, following you home that day. and the next. and the next. he memorizes your daily routines and your work schedule, taking note of who you talk to, who would notice if you went missing.
you’re all he can think about, the only thing on his mind for the next while. as he watches you while you work, interacting with you ever so often. he can’t get enough of you, and oh he just can’t wait until you’re all his.
sometimes, while you’re working, he spends his time at your home, sifting through your drawers, digging through your laundry. finding your panties and picking them up, bringing them to his face and inhaling your scent.
he doesn’t want to wait any longer. he needed you and he needed you now.
he’s gathered enough information about you from his time stalking you, especially knowing when the best time to take you is. you don’t even realize what’s going on when he comes up behind you, bringing his crowbar down on your head.
it’d be fine to rough you up a little. after all, he’d have all the time in the world to fix you up afterwards.
but it’s okay, he’s made sure to take your favourite things with him.
you’ll settle in nicely, whether you wanted to or not.
he’d make sure of that.
brian was a patient man. patient, cold, and calculating. but the one thing he hadn’t accounted for, was his feelings for you.
you were the new librarian at the library he frequented, and the first time you met, you had accidentally bumped into him, dropping your books. he heard your instant panic, gasps, and squeaks of ‘sorry’ as you scrambled to pick up your books. he found that cute, sure, but then when he bent down to pick up a book for you and his hand brushed against the soft, smooth skin of yours, he felt something different ignite in his chest.
he wasn’t sure what it was, but he was curious enough to find out.
he’d watch.
he’d watch you through your windows, or even from inside your house. you’d think you had locked everything, but he always had a way to get past them.
he’d watch you as you showered, blissfully unaware of his presence. he’d watch you as you changed, as you did your mundane everyday tasks. he’d keep watching, observing, making note of everything about you.
what was your favourite food? what did you like to do first thing in the morning? did you prefer coffee or tea?
of course, he’d watch you at work too. he loved the way you smiled at him as you greeted him good morning, chatting with him about something frivolous but those moments were so important to him. he loved the innocent look in your eyes, and he savoured it, because he knew that it wouldn’t last for long.
he could watch you like this for months without you noticing anything was off.
after all, brian really did have the patience of a saint. but brian was no saint, he was far from it
because soon enough your blissful ignorance would be torn away from you, and so would any semblance of a normal life again.
ticci toby
he hated you.
he decided that from the very first day he met you.
toby felt nothing, ever.
he didn’t feel pain. he didn’t feel much sadness, nor most other normal emotions, save for glee. and that was only when he murdered his victims.
but you, you made him feel something different. something dark. something sinister. he could feel a tiny thing inside his chest, twisting and turning, growing larger and larger with each passing day.
just what was that feeling?
he didn’t recognize it; it was foreign to him. it was interrupting his daily tasks; it was causing him to get sloppy with his work.
this was bad. how could you, just a normal ordinary girl cause him to feel this way? how could he allow you to have control over his emotions, without you even being aware of it?
no, he had to stop this all at once.
but how?
he decided then that he would take you. he would take you, and he would study you. and he would figure out just why you made him feel the way he felt.
and oh, he’d make you suffer for it.
jeff the killer
jeff was neither a loser, nor a lover. he was a psychopathic serial killer—a murderer.
he did whatever he pleased, and he got away with it. that’s how it’s always been for him, and you were no exception.
he saw you through your window on one snowy night as he was taking a walk, the frosted over windows not fully blurring over your face as you put on your makeup.
who did makeup at midnight during winter holidays?
but you had a party to attend to, a pre-christmas party with your university friends.
jeff observed you carefully from outside your window, observing and analyzing each of your individual movements.
how cute.
he hadn’t thought of people in this way for a long time, but just seeing you spurred some neglected feelings of lust and desire within him. when he noticed that you were finishing up and about to leave, he made his way into the perfectly positioned bushes surrounding your home. peeking from behind the leaves, seeing you in person just made him realize how breathtaking you were.
he had it confirmed then, that you were what he wanted.
so he rises up from the shadows, slaps his hand over your mouth, effectively muffling any of your screams, and begins dragging you back into the bushes where he came from.
you struggle and flail to no avail, it just excites him more. he liked it when his prey was feisty.
but no, you weren’t just his prey, you were the one for him, and you’d soon know it.
you never made it to the party that night.
ben drowned
another day, another fool that goes on cleverbot to try to talk to him.
he wonders just what they’re thinking—if you knew something was dangerous, why would you try to mess with it?
most of the time he doesn’t bother too much, he just sends them a virus and moves on with his day. but sometimes he’ll satisfy his urges and thoroughly enjoy traumatizing some poor victim for life.
today was one of those days, but when he looked through your camera and saw you, he was stunned. you were exquisite.
oh, ben was stuck in a teenager’s body, but his thoughts and... lusts had matured much past that.
so you wanted to talk to ben drowned?
he’ll grant you your wish.
you notice that your computer has begun glitching. tabs pop in and out. it freezes. it lags. it’ll even show you the blue screen of fucking death every once in a while. during those times, you’d notice the word BEN spelling itself over your screen. you’d only catch it for a brief second, and then it’d disappear as if it was never there to begin with.
but you were nevertheless terrified, and you couldn’t deny it.
you had been stupid. you had been morbidly curious. you did try to look for him, after all. christ, you even typed ‘hi ben :3’ into goddamn cleverbot.
but you must’ve bit off a lot more than you can chew, because all of a sudden, the room temperature drops, goosebumps break out over your skin, and it’s no longer a game.
your computer was talking to you, and you swear you weren’t crazy.
you feel a pair of cold hands slide around your neck from behind, and they squeeze at the sides, restricting the blood flow to your head.
soon you’ll fall unconscious, and ben will take you with him.
you’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?
many, many people pass by the forest, pass by where he resides.
he looks at each and every one of them with a watchful eye, but they usually don’t hold his attention for long.
sometimes, a child or two will go missing in his forest. of course, it’d be because of him. he needed something to feed from, after all, and adults just didn’t cut it for him.
so why, then, was he so interested in you?
you weren’t a child; it surely wasn’t for food.
what else could it be?
ah, but it could only be one thing—the centuries old, eldritch being has finally found attraction in someone. in all those years of apathetic existence, for the first time he felt something in his heart, and it was for you.
he felt conflicted, at first.
just what was he supposed to do with a fragile human like you?
all he’d ever known was to instill fear into his victims, but he didn’t want to scare you. he wanted you to feel the same beautiful feeling that he felt towards you, for him. so he wouldn’t terrorize you. he wouldn’t give you any headaches, any static, any nosebleeds.
he wouldn’t cause you any pain, nor the slightest hint of discomfort. only turn the lights off as he faded everything to black, catching your falling form in his long, outstretched arms.
your next walk in the forest turned out to be your last, but it’s okay.
he’d keep you safe, he’d keep you happy.
as long as you were with him, everything would be okay.
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txzcia · 4 months
sorry for this guys
“S-slow down, Jeff..” You whimper out, practically begging the man you get to call your boyfriend above you to go easy on you like he promised he would. But then again, he never stays true to his word. Moans and cries bubbles in your throat as you dig your nails into the flesh and skin of his forearms. Your request goes in one ear and out the other as he pumps into you like his life depends on it. Becoming friends with they twisted boy next door was crazy enough, but asking him to be your boyfriend was by far the craziest shit you’ve ever done. But that doesn’t mean anything when your underneath him and screaming for him to both slow down and keep going while your cunt tries desperately to suck him in, while failing at how absolutely huge he is.
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