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one of my favorite things in fiction will always be characters who are thematic parallels for each other. narrative foils. two sides of the same coin. exact opposite outcomes of the same situation. they look at each other and see their own souls reflected back at them
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Do u think u could make something where Klaus after he's become the hybrid goes round innocent readers house and reader just has like 2 or 3 massive dogs like Rottweiler, great Dane, Newfoundland, a breed like that, like, how would he be with that after he'd recently unlocked his wolf side and he's just like, really territorial over reader then the dogs become more territorial over reader, just something along those lines.ALSO, if this doesn't make sense then I'm really sorry and I love your writing❤
Tumblr media
They’re Just Puppies!
Y/n didn’t ever have Klaus round her house, she said that it was too small and that he wouldn’t like it. Klaus told her it was ridiculous and if it belonged to her then he would love it but she continued to refuse.
Begrudgingly he let it go.
Until of course he unlocked his wolf side. Once his beast was in control, he was able to smell the other canines on her. His wolf did not like that at all. So naturally he would rub as much of his scent on her as possible, ensuring that any being with a nose would be able to smell him everywhere.
She never questioned it and just enjoyed the affection, she would snuggle against him and bask in his warmth.
But then as soon as she got home, her dogs would become confused and alarmed by the smell of another animal on her and would ensure to clean the scent off as best they could.
To Klaus’s wolf this was a competition, whoever or whatever was marking her was challenging him and he didn’t take it lightly.
He made sure to have her on him all the time, sat on his lap or held in his arms. He would have her dress in his clothes and would insist she kept them.
Y/n remained oblivious to the territorial nature of Klaus’s behaviour, she hadn’t been in a relationship before and assumed everyone was as protective and possessive over their lover like he was. So she fed into it and happily and would wrap herself up in his henleys, she’d shower at his house and use his soap like he told her to and snuggled up in his sheets so that every inch of her skin smelt of him.
Klaus was glad at her willingness, it eased his mind but he would still smell the dogs on her and he couldn’t distinguish if it was wolf or your average pet. A brief wondering of her being a werewolf passed his mind but she was far too docile and sweet to have ever killed someone. Even if her wolf side were dormant he couldn’t imagine her ever unlocking it and he didn’t want her to unless she absolutely had to. No he’d make any kills necessary for her so that she may remain innocent.
Her innocence made her so easy to love, she just wanted to be with him and curl up in his hold. When he was angry she would just hug him and apologise for things that weren’t her fault and she would defend his actions with everything she had. Klaus in return would ensure that not an ounce of harm should ever come to her. She didn’t deserve any suffering.
The only time her innocence became slightly frustrating was when Klaus tried to insinuate anything sexual. To begin with his hints and touches weren’t acknowledged at all but gradually he made himself more clear and introduced her to new feelings.
His wolf especially loved to push her limits, loved to claim her as his own and fill her with his love.
After a while, Klaus managed to convince Y/n to let him come to her house.
When she opened the door, three big Rottweilers were immediately all over her. Klaus’s wolf let out a low growl as she giggled and stroked the dogs, calling them all ‘good boys’. Those two words made his wolf snap, he pulled her back into his arms and pressed himself tightly against her. She laughed and look up at him with a smile.
“They won’t bite, they’re gentle really I promise” she told him, unaware of the way they all bared their teeth at Klaus.
Their mouth shut as soon as she turned to them and a flow a whined left them, their tails wagging as they begged for her attention.
She pulled away from Klaus making him frown. She proceeded to lead her dogs to the kitchen and fill their bowls but they were more interested and getting Klaus’s scent off of her skin.
The hybrid did not like this at all. He flashed his golden eyes at one of the dogs which resulted in one of them growling threateningly and biting ur teeth at him. Y/n told the pet off and apologised with a confused tone. “People don’t really come over so maybe he just doesn’t like you in the house” she murmured, stroking the dogs head lovingly making Klaus’s wolf whimper.
Eventually he had her away from them and instead pressed against the couch.
The Rottweilers stayed on the floor, a serious of quiet growls sounding from them as they watched Klaus push his tongue into Y/n’s mouth. She would whine and moan softly, her legs wrapping around him and hands in his hair. Klaus would glance at the dogs every now and then, his gaze threatening and deliberate as he rubbed his hands against her body.
His mouth attacked her neck next, purposefully making those dark marks that ranged from red to blue along her neck. Y/n whimpers his name on repeat, her fingers tugging his curls desperately.
Eventually one of her pets got frustrated enough and came over, growling and snapping its teeth at Klaus.
Immediately he snarled back and pulled away, letting his hybrid features take over his face.
“Klaus!” Y/n gasped “stop, they’re puppies” she cried, pushing him off and letting one of her Rottweilers jump on beside her. Klaus’s jaw clenched as he watched her hug and kiss the animal of the head, smiling and whispering to him.
“That is not a puppy” he grumbled and she looked up at him sadly
“You don’t like him? Any of them?” She asked quietly, and Klaus’s expression changed. Would she leave him if he didn’t get on with the dogs?
“I- not yet! But maybe, I just don’t know them” he cleared his throat and reached out to pet the dog only for it to grab his hand with its teeth.
“He’s just playing, come on drop” she commanded and the dog let go of his hand, happy to get praise and pets from Y/n. Klaus narrowed his eyes but smiled when she looked his way. Silently he pulled her into his lap and hummed
“How about we go upstairs?” He proposed and she nodded
“Sure, now?” She asked
“Mhm definitely” he mumbled whilst picking her up and quickly taking her upstairs and into her room. He dropped them both onto her bed and crawled on top of her with a soft sigh of relief. The moment was short lived as all three dogs jumped up beside them, laying down on her bed and wagging their tails knowingly.
Klaus groaned and laid on top of her, squishing her and making her giggle. “What’re you doing” she whispered and he mumbled
“Do they have to be in here?”
“They sleep here” she told him with the tilt of her head
“I know sweetheart but currently I don’t plan on sleeping right now love. We can let them in…later” he moaned and she sighed
“Fine but…they’ll cry”
“Doesn’t bother me” he replied easily
“Okay” she whispered as she moved from under him and ushered her boys out of her room and shut the door. Klaus grinned and tackled her back to bed, kissing her all over and pulling the covers over them. Y/n let out a giggle and pressed her lips to his.
Just as Klaus’s hands got to her panties, the handle of the door went. Y/n tensed and Klaus’s head shot up. He look in the direction only to find the Rottweilers stood in the doorway, tails wagging and tongues hanging.
“Why didn’t I see that coming?” Klaus uttered to himself, staring blankly at the animals and wondering how he would figure this out.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
TVDU x Vampire Faces
The Vampire Diaries | The Originals | Legacies (2009-2022)
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legacies meme: [3/5] otps
Lizzie and Hope ━ You thinking what I'm thinking? More often than I'd care to admit.
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fandoms--fluff · 7 months
Y/n (Hope's mom) to young hope: Mommy's going to drop kick anyone that touches you
Klaus: And Daddy's going to bail Mommy out of jail
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katherines · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
HOPE "Scrooge" MIKAELSON in LEGACIES S2E08 "This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent"
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hi, can you do a one-shot for klaus, where he has a crush on y/n, and they have a one-night stand, and Klaus is sad because he thinks he won't see her again, but then he gets the news that y/n n is pregnant with his daughter (reader gets pregnant, no hayley, y/n is Hope's biological mother) and klaus takes the news well, because it's someone he loves and takes the pregnancy as an opportunity to make t /n love him.
Making her love me
Pairing: Klaus Mikaelson x fem! reader Word count: 7,4k (way too long, sorry not sorry) Warning(s): smut mention, panic attack (a little), swearing, and typical TVD violence. Nonsense from me: I'm so excited to post it since it's my first request/ask or whatever I should call it. I hope it's basically what you asked for, Gallus Anonymous! <3
Tumblr media
Klaus Mikaelson loved Y/N Y/S.
The original hybrid was hopelessly in love with her since the first time he met her on his family's ball. He will always remember that day.
She looked like an angel. Well, maybe more like a devil (judging by the fact that part of her hair was arranged in two small buns imitating horns), but still, she was the most beautiful girl at the party (and maybe in the whole world).
When he saw her, dancing in her black-golden dress with one of Salvatore's brothers, he knew that this girl would be his at the end of the day. Even if he has to fight with these bloody, young vampires.
Unfortunately, Y/N didn't have the same feeling when she first saw him. As a proud member of a Mystic Falls group (who returned to the town after a school exchange), she was obligated to hate the Mikaelsons.
But she must admit to herself that the man with the British accent was incredibly hot.
Damon, noticing Klaus's sudden interest in his friend, decided to use this to his advantage and pushed Y/N into the arms of their nemesis. Klaus was delighted. Y/N disgusted.
The original hybrid stuck to her for the rest of the evening, forgetting all about Caroline. Y/N has since become Klaus Mikaelson's official distraction. And she wasn't happy about it at all.
Her friends would use the Siphon Witch whenever they needed to keep Klaus occupied or to ease his bloodlust after doing something stupid (like stealing white oak stakes right under his nose and 12 obedient hybrids. Great plan, Damon!).
Y/N would have to wisely bump into Mikaelson and spend some time with him until the Mystic Falls heroes fix the shit they made. At least the girl was much less stressed compared to her friends, and sometimes she really enjoyed the company of the hybrid.
Once, a man took her to a cafe-studio where little-known Mystic Falls artists would gather. She returned to the Salvator Brothers' estate in navy blue paint, with little constellations painted by Klaus on her face, arms, and neck. Damon barely refrained from making a sarcastic remark.
Fortunately, Stefan saved him from her very likely wrath, because every time someone makes jokes about Y/N's relationship with Klaus, she gets mad and loses control over her magic power. Once, Bonnie had to repair Stefan's motorcycle. The vampire learned his lesson then and tried not to annoy her again. Sometimes, though, he seriously considered letting his older brother cross the line. He wondered if Damon would cry over a damaged car.
With time passing, Klaus had only a stronger crush on her. Everyone knows that. Expect Y/N herself.
At best, she thought the hybrid regarded her as some sort of friend or a distraction between his villainous grand schemes. There could be no feelings between them. Not when she already had a very loving boyfriend whom the original hybrid found out about at a 1920s school party.
She bewitched him completely then. And he was ready to tell her the truth about his real feelings for her and try to make her his, but then he saw this other guy holding her like he wanted to hold her the first time he met her. For Klaus, this man didn't deserve her attention; that human didn't realize how valuable a treasure he was holding in his hands right now. Klaus wanted to go away and let Y/N enjoy dancing with this lesser man. He really does. But when she turned and looked at him with these beautiful, delightful eyes, he couldn't just disappear without exchanging one last word with her.
After all, Klaus was a selfish man.
"You don't mind if I cut into you." Klaus' voice came from behind me, making me shiver.
"Yes. Actually, we do." My boyfriend snarled, recognizing the guy who was "hanging dangerously around me." He had no idea about the supernatural shite we were in and I had no idea how to tell him all of this (or just didn't want to).
Klaus just smiled unfazed, catching his gaze.
"Why don't you go somewhere far away and come back in 20 minutes? You can be useful and bring the beautiful lady something to drink." my boyfriend dutifully obeyed, leaving me with a smug hybrid. "Shall we, love?" he grabbed my hand and pulled me to him, swaying to some slow, romantic song without waiting for my response.
"Why do you always have to prove you're the alpha male?"
"I don't have to prove anything, love, I'm the alpha male." he replied, offended. I rolled my eyes, sighing.
"You would've loved the 1920s, Y/N. Girls were reckless, sexy, and fun. They literally used to dance until they dropped." he turned me around, smiling slyly.
"Since they were so reckless and drunk, I suppose it was easier for you to find a lover then."
"You should be nicer to me. I'm leaving town tomorrow." I shifted my gaze to him, shocked by the information he had thrown at me. "I'd invite you to come with me, but we both know that you're not ready to accept my offer. Perhaps one day you'll turn up at my door and let me show you what the world has to offer."
"How many girls fell for it? A magical tour of the world with an all-powerful original who plays with them like toys?"
"You mark my words. Small-town boy, small-town life won't be enough for you." he said, completely ignoring my previous words.
"And how do you know what's enough for me?"
"Because I know you, Y/N. Do you imagine marrying that stupid man with whom you were dancing later? Giving him children, living too short to make your real dreams come true?" I wanted to look away from him, but he gently grabbed my chin, forcing me to confront him and all my fears at the same time. "You want love, trust, passion, excitement, and even a little power, and unlike this fool, I can give you all of this and more. Just say a word."
"But for what price?" I asked, taking a big breath.
I realized we were much closer than was appropriate for a dance, but neither of us cared. His gaze was moving from my eyes to my mouth. I licked my chapped lips unconsciously, stuck in some incomprehensible anticipation. Only for what?
"Kaus. Y/N. I finally found you two. We have a problem. Klaus' mother is back." Stefan interrupted the moment between us.
I swear I could hear a little swear from the hybrid before he took my hand and led me towards Stefan, who was hurrying away.
After that, T/N didn't get a chance to meet Klaus again. Since they were on opposite camps in finding the cure, Y/N tried to avoid the hybrid at all costs. He just wanted to use her. Seduce her with his sweet words to make her do everything he wanted. She had no other explanation.
Klaus, on the other hand, tried to get her out of his head in every way he knew how. He couldn't keep up with adding new canvases for the portraits of his one-sided crush. His siblings were starting to worry about him.
Especially after he found out her boyfriend was going to propose to her. (Damon has never been prouder of being a gossip boy.) This overflowed the hybrid's cup of bitterness.
Kol and Elijah walked around their brother like they were on eggshells. Rebekah, on the other hand, has no such pity. It was her occasion to tease Klaus, like he was doing whenever she fell in love (at least Rebekah didn't want to kill Y/N like SOMEONE).
But nevertheless, she was the one to tell Klaus that Y/N rejected her boyfriend's proposal. The original never loved his sister more. He was happy that Y/N was now single, and he even thought that in the near future he may have a little chance with her since there were no other competitors for her heart.
But even in his wildest dreams, Klaus would not have dared to think that Y/N would knock on his door that same day and greedily bite into his lips as soon as he opened it. And not that she'd start ripping his clothes off and pushing him into his bedroom (which surprised him, given that she knew how to get there without his directions).
He never would have thought that one night would change his life forever.
I sighed, rolling over to the other side of the bed as the first rays of sunlight somehow hit my eye. I always kept the windows closed. How come I didn't do it this time? Reluctantly, I opened one eyes to look at my treacherous bedroom window, only to found out that I wasn't in my room.
Also, not in my bed.
And not in any clothes.
As soon as I looked at the calm, sleeping, and clearly satisfied (judging by his disheveled hair) Klaus, memories of last night started flooding back to me.
Panicked, I looked around the room for my clothes, trying to ignore the sight of overturned furniture, a broken mirror, and even a dent in the wall. Unsuccessfully. My face has never been so close to the color of my blood.
Once I'd traced my things, I carefully got out of bed and dressed as quietly as I could, closing the vampire's bedroom door behind me. Now all I had to do was get out of the house full of originals unnoticed. Simple, right?
"Y/N, darling! What a pleasure to see you this morning. How do you feel?" Klaus' little brother jumped out of nowhere and threw one arm around my shoulders, making me come inside the house again.
"Hello Kol. Bye Kol." I tried to dodge him, but he sped up to stand in front of me.
"Wait a minute half-witch. You're going to leave my brother like this? After your… noisy night? He'll be devastated. Was he not up to the task? I could teach him a bit if that's a problem for you. You have my word that within a week you won't be able to stop…"
"Kol! For the bloody hell, stop this awkward conversation. I'm sorry for him, usually we keep him in a coffin." Rebekah cut him off and stood next to him, glaring at him furiously.
"Um… no problem, I guess. If you don't mind, I'm gonna go now."
With even redder cheeks, I ran out of the mansion and, at the speed of light, got into my car, driving far away from this town. I needed rest, and I knew only one person who would be willing to take me under their roof without any questions.
"Hi Katherine. Where are you right now?"
"Are you sure it's just food poisoning? Won't you die here suddenly? Do you want my blood?" Katherine flooded me with questions as I returned to our table.
It's been 2 months since my "great escape," as Damon liked to call it, from Mystic Falls. At that time, I was traveling with Katherine around the United States, doing what I wanted to do most: seeing the world (starting with small things like staying in all states). After the brunette gave the cure to Elijah (while experiencing her epic love story with him, which ended with her heartbreak over Elena's meddling and Elijah's doubts), she decided to accompany me on my quest.
I had to arrange everything in my head. What I wanted out of life, who I wanted to be, and so on.
That was the main purpose of this trip.
In fact, I helped Katherine heal her broken heart and tried to avoid the topic of Klaus Mikaelson like the plague. With small or big successes depending on the day.
Sometimes Damon, Stefan, or Bonnie would mention how snappy he'd become after my sudden departure or that he was asking them about my whereabouts. The worst was his drunken voicemails he left. They ended after the first month, but they were the biggest test of my perseverance. I had to piece my twisted life together before adding my love problems with the world's (nearly) oldest living vampire to the puzzle.
At least that was the plan until those New Orleans bitches got me.
As soon as we left the bar, some girls accosted us and knocked us out with magic. I woke up in some cold, dank, musty crypt with Katherine by my side. At least I wasn't alone. We both had a better chance of defeating those witches. The new thing in those two months was my sudden ability to do magic without any source of energy. It looked like my abilities were starting to screw up too.
"Are you Y/N Y/S?" one of the witches approached us, staring at me warily.
"One and only. May I know who I am having the pleasure of?"
"Sophie Deveraux."
"Sophie. Some time ago, I knew a girl with this name. She got under my skin too. She is dead now. You can guess what happened to her."
"Yeah. It's definitely her. I couldn't imagine someone more of this psycho's type." she told her friends. The women grabbed us both and led us out of the makeshift cell to drag us to the main hall of the crypt.
"Allright. Can one of us tell why you are holding us here?"
"We need you, sugar, but your friend is just an accessory, so if you want both of you to get out of this somehow, you'll keep quiet." seeing that I had no intention of objecting, the unknown woman smiled victoriously. "Good girl."
I gave her a sweet smile before breaking her neck with a flick of my wrist. There was a sudden commotion around us. Katherine suffered a brain aneurysm after one of the witches raised her hand on her. The brunette screamed once before someone else appeared in the crypt, tearing out the heart of the witch who was attacking her.
Elijah came to save the day.
"I thought you wanted to talk, and both Katherine and Y/N were supposed to be unharmed." he said in his legal tone, shoving his hands in his pockets as he stepped between me and Kath. The woman was as pleased with the presence of the original as I was.
"She started." Sophie pointed at me. Elijah turned to look at me. I shrugged.
"You make me." I answered her with a malicious smile.
"Y/N." the man said warningly. This noble bastard won't tell me what to do.
"Elijah. Nice to see you. Maybe you can tell us why we've been locked in some fucking tomb? Is this some kind of revenge of yours, or did we get caught in the crossfire of Mikaelson's skirmishes purely by chance?"
"I would like to know that too. You wanted to be heard. Speak, before I change my mind." he turned to the witches without changing his defensive position.
I gave Katherine a brief, knowing glance. The woman reluctantly nodded at me. Great. We have personal cannon fodder if things get hotter.
"Marcel Gerard, ruler of the city, forbade the witches of my coven to use any magic. We want your help. Especially your brother's."
"Niklaus? You have to make him go to town first. And as far as I know, she's not in the mood for any outings right now."
"Even if he gets a message from her?"
"Your mother didn't teach you not to point at people?"I growled at her as she did it again. "Besides, I didn't text… You have my phone, don't you?" I asked, realizing it was their only way of contacting the hybrid. The woman tossed me my phone with a sly smirk.
"Read." I scowled but followed her instructions anyway, wondering what it was that would make him stick his nose out of Mystic Falls.
"I need you, Klaus. New Orleans. Witches cemetery. Please help me. Yeah. I can already tell you that he won't come. We're waiting here for no reason."
"And why is that?"
"This news reeks of a damsel in distress from a mile away. I would never write to him like that. I also doubt if he even cares what happens to…" I stopped when I heard someone's scream in the distance. A man mentioned earlier had burst in with blood on his hands and lips.
Well… mistakes happen.
"Great! Now that we're all here, we can start. We need your help." The woman began to explain the whole thing about Marcel and the witches. Everything was clear except for one thing.
"And where exactly is my role in this Machiavellian plan of yours?" I asked, crossing my arms over my chest.
"And who said I would agree to it instead of just killing you all and taking Y/N out of here?"
"I can take myself and KATHERINE out, Klaus. I don't need your help."
"Oh, do you?" he took a few steps towards me to stand in front of me. I snorted, returning his dark gaze. There's no way I'll be afraid of him.
"That's how we get to the main topic." Sophie paused, catching our attention again. Klaus stood next to his brother, giving the witch his famous sinister look while he was waiting for her to continue. "You see, I have a special gift for knowing when a woman is pregnant."
"And how exactly is this fact important to us?"
"She's carrying Klaus' child."
I broke the sudden silence in the crypt with a very loud laugh.
"And you're insane or a very, very bad liar."
"I'm telling the truth! You're pregnant with his child." she tried desperately to convince us.
"Vampires can't procreate, ergo, I am not in any false pregnancy."
"Vampires can't. But werewolves can. And Klaus is both."
"That's ridiculous. Klaus, say something! She didn't tell the truth, did she?" I tried to find support from the speechless Klaus. By the way, I think it was the first time I saw him without words.
"Y/N, be quite for a second."
"What? Elijah, are you believing her?" the man responded with nothing, staring at me with a strange look.
Klaus walked over to me. He stopped a few steps in front of me, staring at my belly as if he was hypnotized.
"I can hear it." he whispered, looking at me in disbelief.
"Hear what?"
"The baby's heart."
"What? But... it's impossible." I suddenly felt my heart beating much faster, as I was unable to catch my breath properly.
"It is. Like being a hybrid or a witch without her own magic. And yet we're here. And we gonna have a baby."
"No. That's a lie. I... we... I need fresh air." I avoided the brothers standing in front of me and headed the way Klaus had come from earlier. Unfortunately, one of these witches blocked my way and grabbed my arm tightly.
"You're not going anywhere until we settle the details of our deal." right after she said that, I felt her hand being removed from me. I was pulled against someone's strong chest. The familiar smell of Klaus' perfume brought me a momentary sense of relief.
"Touch her again, and I'll make sure that's the last thing you gonna do before I take your miserable life away from you." Klaus growled, tightening his protective grip on me and scouring the present witches with a hostile glare.
"Calm down, both of you. Neither of you will have any use for her if she faints here. Klaus, take her outside. Elijah and I will take care of everything."
Klaus glanced at Elijah. His brother nodded, encouraging him to leave. The hybrid took my hand gently and led us out onto the streets of New Orleans. We stopped in a square. Klaus sat me down on a bench and knelt in front of me, carefully watching me take slow, deep breaths, trying to calm down.
When I was sure my magic wouldn't suddenly blow up the whole city, I opened my eyes tentatively to meet the vampire's concerned gaze. I swallowed, turning my eyes away from him. He was still kneeling in front of me with his hands on my lap.
"Are you better?"
"I think so." I glanced at him nervously, fiddling with the bracelets on my wrist to internally brace myself for asking the original thousand-year-old hybrid about something incredibly... stupid. "Can you... go to the one place with me?"
"Are you sure you want to go back there, love?" I shivered when I heard this familiar nickname. I missed this. Klaus misread my reaction as he shrugged off his leather jacket and covered me with it.
"Thanks. I don't want to go back there. I think, well, I need to be perfectly sure it's true that..." I stopped, unable to say the words aloud. It would have been too real then, and right now I couldn't accept even the slightest possibility.
"That we're going to be parents?"
"Yhm. Will you go with me to the gynecologist? I don't want to do this alone."
"Anything you want, love. I'll check the address." he sat next to me and started searching for the location of the nearest clinic on his phone.
As we sat together in silence, I began to wonder at the absurdity of this situation. And the improbable, rational behavior of the hybrid sitting next to me.
"Klaus?" I asked, yanking him off the phone for a moment.
"You're not... you know. Crazy about this? Or something like that. I mean... I thought you gonna ask me if it's yours, of course if it even exist, but still. You're so... calm. Like not you."
"Would you rather me to run mad around town and deny our baby?" I chuckled, imagining his lunatic walk through the streets.
"No. To be honest, I would have expected something like that than this, but it's a nice surprise. It's enough that one of us is scared to death. Thank you for keeping a cold head."
"Don't get used to it, love. C'mon. I know where to go."
In less than five minutes, we got to the building and waited in line. There were many other people in the waiting room, but what caught my attention the most was a couple sitting in the corner. Husband and wife. The woman was probably in her third trimester (or had quadruplets. God, please let me have only one if there are any.) The man whispered something tenderly into her belly, and she smiled at him with just as much adoration. Involuntarily, I imagined Klaus and myself in this situation. I glanced at the tense vampire next to me. He was also staring at the couple.
"Y/N Y/S?"
"It's me."
"Are you going alone or do you have any company, dear?"
"My boyfriend is coming with me." I said, taking Klaus' hand. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw an amused smirk on his lips. We started walking hand in hand behind the doctor. The vampire leaned toward me.
"Boyfirend, huh?" he whispered in my ear, clearly pleased with the situation.
"Don't get used to it, love." I repeated his earlier words, trying to imitate his tone of voice. The man chuckled, politely following the doctor with me.
I had to admit that it was funny to watch Klaus in such a... strange situation. His nervous, slightly stressed demeanor gave me courage as I lay there waiting for the ultrasound results. The cold gel tickled slightly, but I gritted my teeth, waiting for the final confirmation of my fate.
"There it is. That's your baby. Congratulations!"
Klaus put his hand on my shoulder and leaned gently toward the small screen. I stared at the tiny speck as if it were enchanted. It really was happening. I will be a mother.
"Do you want to hear your baby's heartbeat?"
"Could you give us first a second alone, doctor?" Klaus spoke as he saw me still staring blankly at the screen.
"Of course. I'll be back in a few minutes."
"Oh, my God. It's real. We'll have a baby." I choked out after a few seconds of silence between us.
"You took that information really quickly, love."
I punched him lightly on the shoulder, finally turning my attention to the man standing next to me.
"Stop joking with me. Aren't you scared? I mean, a few hours ago we were on the other side of the country, living our lives, and now we're looking at some stain, which is our baby. Are you that calm, or am I being dramatic?"
"Of course I'm afraid, but I know we're going to figure it out. Maybe if it were someone other than you, I would be paranoid and mad, but it's you. With you by my side? Nothing can go wrong." I burst into tears at his emotional confession. Stupid pregnancy hormones.
"Come here, you idiot." I wrapped my arms around his waist and snuggled into him. "I hope Katherine got our things back."
"Yes. Speaking about her..." he said, moving away from me to look at my face.
"She is staying with me and you're not going to kill her." I said it in a tone that left no room for any objection. It's been 500 years; whatever conflict there was between them should be over by now.
"Absolutely not."
"Yes? So be prepared that if this little one is a girl, she'll be named after aunt Katherine, who couldn't be there for her mom because her dad is acting like he's on his period."
"You know you've been pregnant for a few hours, and you're already using it against me?" he asked resignedly. The grimace on his face was a clear sign of my victory.
"Get used to it. You're stuck with me for a while."
"I think I can work with that. Let's go home. I think uncle Elijah and Katherine will want to see the first photo of the newest member of the Mikaelson family."
*Two months leter*
"Good morning, Y/N"
"Morning Elijah." I grunted from my book, never taking my eyes off the text I was reading.
"Have you eaten yet? Want me to make you pancakes?"
"Actually..." I didn't have time to answer, because an extremely happy hybrid came out of the kitchen with a large tray on which was my breakfast.
Elijah looked at his brother in disbelief as he sat comfortably next to me on the couch and began feeding me with a fork while I continued to read my book as if nothing had happened.
"Niklaus. Can you explain?" his brother was shifting his bewildered gaze between us.
"His werewolf hormones tell him to look after me. So when I told him I wasn't having breakfast today because I didn't want to stand in this heat by the stove, he made it his morning's main goal to make me a decent meal. At least Marcel and the witches will get some rest from him today."
"Werewolf hormones?" very amused Kol entered the living room, staring at the hybrid with a malicious smirk.
"Yes, brother. Werewolf hormones." Klaus' cool tone caught my attention away from the book.
"Of course... your werewolf hormones. So that's what they call it now. Just don't flood Y/N with this sudden tenderness, or the girl will get scared and run away from you again." before Klaus could make any move towards his younger brother, I grabbed his hand and moved him so that I could get more comfortable on his chest.
"He is weird." I commented as I took a grape from the bowl and popped it into Klaus' mouth, much to Elijah's astonishment.
"Weird? No. Just a little joker. I have to go now. I'll meet you later, Niklaus. Please, don't start without me."
"Do I want to know what he was talking about?" I asked, giving him a curious look.
"It depends. Will you get angry?"
"If it has to do with that teenage witch, Davina, that your adopted son treats like a daughter? Probably." his silence was an answer enough. I pulled away from him, eyeing him disapprovingly.
"Yes, love?"
"Promise me you're not going to hurt her."
"And what does it matter? I'm not Elijah, how sure are you that I'll keep my word?" my angry look, however, fortunately made him give up. "Alright. She'll be fine." he sighed, rolling his eyes.
"Thank you. On the way back, you can stop by the store and buy me more chocolate and ice cream."
"As you wish."
He got up from the couch, placed a quick kiss on my already-showing belly, and left the living room, passing Rebekah as she entered. His sister looked at me curiously.
"What?" I asked, fed up with her penetrating gaze.
"Nothing. You two seemd very... compatible with each other. I'm impressed."
"Well, he's the father of my baby. We have to get along. For the baby's sake, it's best if we're friends."
"Surely." she hummed, completely unconvinced.
"Rebekah. What do you mean?"
"I mean that "just friends" wouldn't act that way. My brother never treated anyone with such affection. He's doing everything he can to impress you. For a bloody hell, he even changed his plan to take over the city for you!"
"She is right." Katherine walked past her and threw herself on the couch next to me. "He does everything he can think of to make you fall in love with him. For example, that "almost date" at the best restaurant in New Orleans last week. Or the fact that you've been given unlimited access to his credit cards, safes, stashes of clothes, and God knows what else. Or that weekend out of town so you could relax. Do you think they seriously didn't have a second room with two beds in the hotel?"
"Nik used the one bed trope? He's even more desperate than I previously thought." Rebekah snorted as she poured herself a glass of whiskey.
"Even if what you say is true, which I doubt, I have no intention of changing anything. Klaus and I work well as friends, and for the sake of this child, we will continue to be them so."
"So you don't love him back?" Rebekah questioned, coming to me, so she could stay in front of me. Her evaluative look somehow made me feel guilty.
"It doesn't matter what I want or feel. The most important thing for me is my child and I will do everything to ensure at least a little normality for them. If Klaus and I tried to be together and it didn't work out... At least this child deserves reasonably normal parents."
"What if you were happy together and created a loving family? Wouldn't that be better for everyone?"
"It's not worth the risk, Bekah." I replied, getting up from the couch to escape the inconvenient conversation with the original vampire.
"Risk of what?"
Losing him.
I didn't answer as I left the room. I decided to hide in the library for the rest of the day and try to forget the doubts the blonde had stirred up in me.
But my wild imagination did not give up so easily. I began to consider a possible relationship with Klaus. Despite what I told the girls, I wasn't blind to Klaus'… flirtatious remarks and behavior. I saw every long, stolen glance at me, every quick look at my lips during any conversation, and most of all, the longing shining in his eyes that was so similar to mine and that I somehow managed to hide from him.
I wanted to spend my life with him. But I also knew that I'm not enough to keep him away from his scheming and fighting for power. For the good of this baby, I had to be content with being his formal one-night stand and friend at best. Even if my heart yearned for him every single day.
Thinking about my unattainable future, I didn't even notice when I got to the library. But I certainly saw two people kissing in the room.
Klaus and Camille. At least he cleared up all my doubts.
I was probably the only one who noticed how my heart shattered into a million pieces. At least until Klaus pulled away from her, confused, and spotted me in the doorway.
"Y/N." he whispered, terrified.
"I'm sorry, I didn't want to interrupt… I'll leave you alone."
"No! Y/N, wait!" he shouted, trying to get to me, but before he got even a step closer, I used my magic to teleport myself to a New Orleans street.
I leaned against the building next to me as the first post-teleport symptoms started to hit me and my head started spinning a bit. I shouldn't have done it while being pregnant, but well… I couldn't stay in the same room with these two any longer.
Once I had recovered, I decided to order myself a hot chocolate and sit with it in the park to collect my thoughts. I had to come up with some clever, eloquent way out of this predicament. And most of all, refrain from crying.
Thinking about this situation, after all, everything happened as I wanted. Klaus had found someone else to adore, so I could stop worrying about the deterioration of my relationship with the Mikaelsons.
We would be friends.
Just as I wished.
The only problems were my stupid broken heart and festering feelings of jealousy.
I wiped a tear running down my cheek with the sleeve of my sweatshirt. I shook my head, taking a few deep breaths to calm myself down. Something that stupid couldn't get me off balance. I had to be strong. If not for myself, then at least for this little one.
My phone buzzed. I pulled it out of my pants pocket and glanced at the screen to see the photo of Klaus sleeping with me on the couch that I had set as his contact picture.
I remembered that night. It was one of the first month at the Mikaelson Mansion and also my favorite.
"Can't sleep?" Klaus stepped out of the shadows to stand in front of the fireplace, which flames I had been staring at earlier.
"Not even tried."
"May I?" he asked, pointing to the blanket that covered me. I nodded, opening the hem so he could slip into the space next to me. He put his arm around me, moving us into a more comfortable position. One of his hands automatically went to my slightly rounded belly. I sighed, resting my head against his shoulder, and returned to staring at the flames of the fire. "What's bothering you?"
"Remember when Tyler kidnapped me and…"
"Please tell me you're not going to lecture me again about how I shouldn't have attacked Elijah." he interrupted me with a groan of displeasure.
"I'm not, but your brother didn't deserve this. Even if he was talking some shit about you. You knew I would never believe it."
"You wouldn't?"
"Of course not. You always try to protect your family, not always in a good way, I have to admit, but still, I know you would never use your own child for your games. I trust you." he tightened his grip on me and cleared his throat.
"It's good to know you're at least on my side, love."
"Your siblings too. If you'd just let them in, maybe you'd see it too, but that's a topic for another time."
"I know better ways to spend my free time with you, love. One of them brought us to this situation." he smiled slyly, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.
"Very funny, but we have to talk about something serious."
"I'm sorry. What are you thinking about?"
"Have you ever thought about whether there is a chance for our child to be… a tribrid?"
"Tribrid?" he asked, confused, stopping to play with my hair.
"You know. You're half vampire, half werewolf; I'm a witch, siphon, but still… Can our baby inherit all of this from us?"
"They might as well only have the gene of a werewolf, a witch, a vampire, or a hybrid. I think all options are possible. Maybe in my mother's grimoire we can find the answer to that question. These books are as old as the world."
"You can include the birth of a miracle baby in your search. I hope we won't summon a demon into the world." I joked, turning slightly to look at his face again.
"I thought you already knew that the demon has been walking around this world for a long time, and you're cuddling with him on the couch. By the way, it's our search."
"Our? You seriously want to just give me access to your mother's precious books? The same ones that have so much knowledge inside them that you won't let any other witch see them whole, or even your siblings?" I was shocked. I would never in my life expect something like this from him, but on the other hand, he has done astonishing things many times before.
"You're different."
"Like how?"
"I trust you."
"You did?" I whispered after a few seconds of silence. Those words were more striking than three others of equal importance he might have said to me. Klaus doesn't trust people that easily, I think he falls in love with them more often…
"You wouldn't be the first to hear about all my plans if I didn't. Besides, you're the mother of my heir..."
"Keep treating your family like a fucking dynasty, and you'll have to buy me a crown and my own castle." I cut him off when I heard that horrible term for our baby.
"Why do you need a castle when you already have your throne, love?"
"You're impossible." I chuckled at this awful attempt at flirting.
"That's why you like me."
"Maybe." I yawned suddenly, unaware of how tired I was. I felt the hybrid's soft, warm lips against my hair before both the blanket cocoon and his grip tightened around me.
"Sleep. I'll stay with you and I will chase away your nightmares."
"How did you know?" I asked, feeling him gently brush away the strands of hair that had fallen over my eyes.
"I know you. Besides, I can hear everything through these thin walls. I would rather hear your screams for other reasons than nightmares."
"Only yours." I heard as if through a haze before falling into a deep, peaceful sleep.
The next day, Katherine found us sleeping together and took a picture of us. One of my favorites.
Before I could answer the phone, I felt someone snatch it from my hand, and something hit my head at breakneck speed, knocking me out. Stupid witches.
~A few hours later~
I was kneeling in front of the crib that Katherine and Rebekah had set up after the whole witches' fiasco. After those damn witches kidnapped me, they cast some strange spell on me and the baby to speed up her (as it turned out) growth and thus her birth.
A few hours ago, I was a human pregnant with a hybrid. Now I was a heretic, the mother of the thyrbid, the most powerful creature on earth.
I guess life with the Mikaelsons was all about sudden, unexpected changes. At least they weren't boring.
Elijah, Kol, Klaus, and Marcel were running around the city, killing the last witches who had allied with Esther. Rebekah and Katherine have been delegated to look after me and the baby until the boys get the hang of the situation. A bit sexist, but I didn't have the energy to argue about it. Not after I so impressively returned to the graveyard and killed half the coven.
After feeding on the blood from the bag, the girls gave me a moment alone with my sleeping daughter. Her first day in this world, and she was already trying to get killed.
"Y/N." Klaus' tired sigh snapped me out of my thoughts. For the first time in hours, I shifted my gaze to something other than my daughter and met a face as tired and bloodstained as mine.
"Hi." he knelt uncertainly beside me, glancing at the baby sleeping in the cradle.
"She is beautiful. So similar to you." he whispered softly, afraid he would wake her up at any moment.
"She has a look of the devil in her eyes. That's all you."
The girl stirred in her sleep, as if hearing us talk about her. Two loving, child-infatuated looks appeared on Klaus' and mine's faces.
"She needs a name. You made a decision?"
"I was thinking about Zoe and Caitlyn. But I think we both know that Katherine Jr. is the best fit for her."
"God no." I chuckled, trying not to wake the baby after seeing his terrified look..
"Got a counterproposal?"
"Hope. That's actually nice. Hope Mikaelson."
"What? Are you not the father?" I asked teasingly.
"I'm but... I thought you'd want her to have your last name."
"Mikaelson suits her better." I replied with a shrug.
"Well, then I guess it will be Hope Y/N Mikaelson." I smiled at him, resting my head tiredly on his shoulder. We both stared in awe at the new member of the Mikaelson family.
"How did you come to that? Hope?"
"With Elijah's little help. When I found you… dead. Elijah said that I ruined our family's last hope by making out with this bartender, which, by the way, is not exactly true."
"No. Let me finish. I've never been so helpless and scared in all my life as I was a few hours ago. Never, not even in the worst, darkest moments of my life, have I been so broken, so despairing, than when I held your dead body. Whatever you think now, whatever you feel, the truth has to be told. I love you. I've loved you since the first time I saw you, and each day only brings me closer to you. You're the only one who can make me so mad, terrified, or happy. You taught me unconditional love, and even if you don't share my feelings, I want you to know that you completely changed me. It will be my life's purpose to make sure that our daughter and you are safe and satisfied." I stared at him with tears in my eyes, listening to his touching confession.
"I was so mad at you and Camille, but... I can't blame her; falling for you is as easy as breathing. Not when I did it a long time ago."
"You did?"
"Yes. And I don't want to hide it anymore. I can't hide it anymore. As I turned into vampire, everything I feel for you since all this time is more intensive. My desires, my love, and my longing - I feel them so much that I can't even imagine spending one more hour without your words, touch, or kiss. I don't want to live in a world where we're just friends. So if you promise that this is forever, then I..."
Klaus cut me off, pulling me into a longing, long-expected, passionate kiss. I moaned into his mouth, pulling him as close as possible by the strands of his hair. At one point, I bit his lip until it bled. My new ability was immediately activated. My fangs slid out of my gums by themselves, digging into his lip and sucking more of his delicious, sweet blood. We broke apart when we were completely out of breath. Klaus licked his lips, staring lustfully at my black-veined face and bloody mouth.
"I promise. You're mine. For always and forever, love."
"And you're mine. For always and forever."
"Aw... Congratulations, Nik! It only took you one child to make her yours. I thought it would take you at least three." Kol suddenly appeared in the doorway, interrupting our moment.
Klaus growled at him and threw the baby monitor at his brother. Kol dodged at the last second and tossed the device back at him, sticking out his tongue before he ran as fast as his legs could take him. I giggled, drawing the hybrid into a tender kiss.
Yeah, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.
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Lizzie: You need a hobby.
Hope: I have a hobby.
Lizzie: Creating scenarios in your head of you and Y/n are together isn’t a hobby.
Hope: You’re right. It’s a profession and I excel at my job.
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witchcraftandgeeknes · 4 months
Tumblr media
Keeping up with the Mikaelsons, part 174637 of ∞
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svltzmans · 7 months
hello, can you do one where hope takes her gf to meet klaus and hayley (you can add any of the other mikaelson if you want!). headcanon, story, or any other format is fine with me!
hope mikaelson bringing her gf home to her parents headcanons <3
a/n: hi anon!! this is my first request that's so exciting!! (am i pathetic idk) but i'm really glad you requested for hope bc i love her sm and i hope i do her justice <3 tysm for submitting this! i hope you like it!!
warnings: i don't think any?? just not proofread as always!!!
Tumblr media
hope would bring up the idea after you guys had been together for a while
and you were just sitting on the couch or something when she asked if you wanted to
and you would be SO NERVOUS because you know how much hope respects her parents and values their opinions
and we all know hope is headstrong and comes across as brave constantly, but she is secretly nervous too
even though she knows klaus and hayley will like you
and despite how much hope reassures you klaus and hayley both intimidate you a lot
but nonetheless y'all hop in the car for a long ass road trip to new orleans
i just know hope has an incredible road trip playlist
but anyway the drive feels like forever and a half because of the nerves
i feel like klaus and hayley would just be waiting outside for you guys to arrive
and seeing them in person completely freaks you out so you instinctively take hope's hand
"they are going to love you. i know i told you that a billion times and you won't believe me until you see it, but i swear it's true."
you guys get out of the car together, but hope steps out slightly ahead of you so you have a second to breathe
it's also insanely hot in new orleans and it's not helping your anxiety
but once you step out of the car and start walking toward the (massive ass) house, you start to feel a little better seeing hope embrace both of her parents
and then eventually their attention turns to you
i feel like hayley would say something along the lines of "hope, you didn't tell me she was this stunning!" and hope would be like "actually i did???" 😭😭😭
and you'd just be standing there blushing profusely thinking about the things hope told her parents about you
klaus honestly doesn't know how to respond to this situation
he kinda just gives an awkward handshake and hello
but he warms up to you so fast
soon enough he's telling you stories hope hasn't even heard
and she's like "who even is the favorite here?"
you guys would be staying for the weekend before returning to mystic falls
and during that time klaus and hayley grew to love you even more
hope would probably have a few things planned like dinners and stuff
but it would overall be a relaxed weekend getting to know hope's family
they're actually sad when you have to go
i feel like rebekah would show up like sunday night and be like wtf i missed it :(
but she would have a cute introductory conversation with you too!
and you'd turn to hope and be like "she is actually MY aunt"
in the car on the way home hope would be a total smartass and be like "i told you they would like you!!!"
and you'd kinda just smile because she was right
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dcvina-claires · 1 year
they’re enemies. they’re best friends. they’re lovers. they’ve tried to kill each other on multiple occasions. they’re partners in crime. they are at war with each other. they’re each other’s greatest fear and biggest comfort. i didn’t say their name but they popped into your head, didn’t they?
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klausysworld · 3 months
Hey! Can I request some mean dom klaus with teasing and cockwarming?
Tumblr media
She knew better
Klaus let out a low chuckle as he felt his girls face pressed between his thighs, nuzzling at his crotch like a desperate little slut. He could feel his cock pressing against his jeans, the warmth of her breath going through the material until it heated the tip of his eagerly awaiting dick. But still Klaus only stroked her hair knowingly, his fingers scratching at her scalp every now and then as he watched her drool on his lap.
“Poor baby” he mocked with a pout “so needy” he murmured, stroking her cheek and encouraging her to lick at the rough fabric so that his cock could just about feel the delicate sensation. Her whines only pleased him more as he felt her desperation rise, fuelling his ego and pride even more.
Klaus loved how she would beg, how she would submit and behave for him. So easy to control and command.
He had been listening to her sweet lips plead for his cock for what he could only assume to be hours as the day grew older. Her arousal was beyond obvious, he could smell it with his senses and hear the wetness when she would move as her pretty pussy wept for him.
Her face had been nudging at his pants for ages, desperate whimpers for him to let her at least see it, touch and taste. And yet for some reason which she could never understand, he denied her. Purely for his own cruel fantasies, watching her suffer and beg. Of course Klaus knew that eventually he’d let her have it, he’d probably fuck her until she couldn’t stay conscious and even then she wouldn’t want him to stop. He was obsessed with how desperate she was for him all the time, loved him like to other and let him treat her like a fuck doll? What was she a love-struck demon? Certainly no angel with a needy cunt like hers.
“Please” she cried, pressing her open mouth to his crotch, her teeth grazing along his thigh, along his cock causing a sharp shiver through his body. Her eyes looked up at him, begging him silently. His fingers gripped her hair tightly, pulling her face out from between his legs making her whine.
“Shut up, love” he mumbled, pushing her back down onto her knees as he tore the button off his jeans and finally pushed them down. As expected her hands quickly helped drag them down his legs to his ankles so she could get between them. The action made him chuckle and his hand grabbed her face when she went to nuzzle it against his boxers. “Easy sweetheart” he teased as he pulled himself out of his briefs.
“Bloody hell” he breathed, stroking his pulsing, dripping cock. He let go of her face, watching her moan immediately and shove her face forward, her mouth straight onto his shaft. He breathed in heavily as her saliva coated him effectively, her tongue lapping and lips sucking as much as she could all at once. Klaus let his head lean back against his chair, much like a King in his throne. A faithful servant between his legs.
His hands gripped her hair and the arm of his chair for dear life as she tried to suck his soul through his dick. The sound of her hot little throat struggling to keep him in only turned him on more as she forced her head up and down him. His fingers twisted in her hair, tangling in it and pulling it painfully but she just couldn’t care less.
Within minutes his hips were moving, fast and harsh as he shoved himself down her throat over and over. He could feel the warm tears fall down her face and onto him while her hands caressed at his balls and her mouth made a mixture of blurry noises between her chokes and gags.
A mixture of his hips snapping up and her head being shoved down resulted in thick spurts of warmth spilling down her welcoming throat as she swallowed over and over. Klaus groaned loudly, still bobbing her head back and forward with his hands caging her face. His eyes closed for a second as he listened to her gulp his cum down as though it were her first drink in days.
Once she had licked up every last drop he pulled her off of him. An instant whine left her and he patted her cheek with a hum. “Let me see” he whispered lowly. She spread her thighs at the command, lifting her dress up so he could see her bare pussy. Her thighs were slick in her arousal and he smirked at the sight. “Oh dear” he murmured, a soft chuckle leaving his lips making her whimper.
He moved his hands under her arms and lifted her with ease into his lap, her open thighs allowed her to easily straddle him. Her soaked cunt pressed against his solid cock which was still wet from her mouth. His hands slid round to her back and found the zip at the top of her dress. It was a sweet dress she had purposefully put on to tease him, a seemingly innocent dress but by now they both knew better.
Regardless of what it was supposed to represent, he pulled it from her frame and tossed it to the floor with a sigh. She let out a breathy “yes” as her skin rose with goosebumps and his warm hands slid down her arms as he vibrated with a hum.
Her eyes stayed on his hooded ones as he looked down at her. His hands moved to her breasts, giving them a firm squeeze to hear her little moan of slight satisfaction. Klaus could feel her cunt pulse against his cock and slid his hands back round to her back. His lips began to upturn into a small smile as he let his hand smack her ass harshly. He felt his body jolt and a short cry left her as she knocked forward. He slapped her again making her press her knees against the edges of the seat either side of his thighs.
He smiled when she lifted herself and grabbed her hips tightly, her hands moved on instinct to grab his shoulders as he shoved her back down but this time onto his cock. A loud moan left her and she immediately went to bounce on top of him but he didn’t let go of her hips and kept her down.
Her eyes lifted to meet his in confusion, he only looked back at her with an amused twinkle. “Klaus” she whimpered and he hummed knowingly “please” she begged.
“Please what?” He teased
“Fuck me” she whined and he chuckled
“Later” he promised but she only looked offended making him resist the urge to laugh
“Now” she complained
“No” he answered simply and her brows furrowed
“Why not?”
“Because what I say goes” he answered without hesitation and she fell quiet. He raised a brow “doesn’t it?” He pressed and after a beat she nodded with a sigh.
“Yes” she whispered and he smirked.
“Good girl” he praised. “Now come here” he gestured her close and she obediently leaned against his chest. Her naked front pressed to his clothed one and his hands stroked her back with a hum. Her face moved to hide in his neck, breathing his scent which only made her wetter.
He could feel her trying to subtly grind herself against him, he made sure to put a stop to that as his hand bet her ass in another abrupt slap. A yelp left her and her nails dug into his shoulders through his henley. “What did I say?” He growled and she whimpered submissively.
“Mm sorry” she mumbled, pressing her nose to his skin. He gave another smack but a little lighter, enjoyed how her body would flinch and her pussy would tighten. She sniffled softly as she wrapped her arms around his neck and closed her eyes. She tried her best to settle herself and just appreciated the fullness of his cock inside her. Her ass stung and her body was trembling in desperation but she didn’t move this time. She knew better.
He rubbed his hand up and down her spine slowly, spreading a trail of warmth across her skin. Both hands moved down to her thighs, caressing them tenderly and feeling her tight little pussy squeeze him needily in response as his fingers brushed closer to her core.
Her teeth sunk into her lip when she felt one of his fingers stroke at her clit. Her tummy twisted pleasantly and her awareness of his dick inside her seemed to heighten. His throat vibrated with a hum against her cheek as he circled her sensitive little button. Her breathing staggered as he began to rub her slowly.
“Don’t make a sound” he whispered, a smirk on his face. She nodded obediently, her hands curled into his henley and held on tightly. Meanwhile his fingers played between her legs, flicking, stroking, rubbing relentlessly. Her breathing was a mess, tears slipped down her face and onto his shoulder whilst she struggled. Both her tongue and lip were bleeding from how harshly she bit into it to keep her desperate noises at bay like he said to and he could feel her nails imprinting his skin.
It took every ounce of will to not grind against him as he used a second finger to play with her little bud of nerves. She could feel his cock leak inside her as he began to move his fingers against her at an inhuman speed. He knew she wouldn’t be able to handle the friction and a pleased, amused grin spread across his face at the loud cry she let out, her hands clinging to him for near life as her his jumped to get away from the harsh touch.
“I thought you wanted to play” he whispered gravelly and she whimpered, her eyes watery with desperation.
“Play nice” she whined and he let out a laugh
“I don’t play nice sweetheart, and I don’t play fair” he told her as his hand moved to grab her chin, pulling her face away from his neck to look at her. He wiped away the little tear under her eye and looked to the blood that pooled on her lips. Without hesitation he leaned down and slid his tongue across it, letting out a groan as her blood tickled his taste buds. Her mouth opened and he wrapped his tongue around hers like he knew she needed.
The soft moan she released at the way her cunt squeezed him was enough conformation. He wrapped his hand round her throat as his mouth dominated hers. His other moved down to her waist, wrapping his whole arm around it and pulling her as close as he could. He could feel her walls grip his cock tightly as he did so, he knew she’d lose it soon.
And he was right.
Once his fingers were toying with her poor clit while his lips moved from her mouth to her throat and his cock twitched inside her, she was fully crying. Sniffles and gasps sounding from her as little tears scattered down her cheeks so matter how much she tried to wipe them. His fingers moved to their own rhythm, sometimes painfully fast and other times it was torturously slow. His hips always still. No matter how many pleas she sobbed for him to fuck her, he wouldn’t give her even one thrust.
She mumbled and moaned into his chest, her hands trembling as she held onto his shirt so tightly that her nails went through it and into her own palms. Her lower belly felt like it was ready to explode but Klaus wouldn’t let it.
“Nik please” she gasped and he hummed
“But I’m having fun” he murmured, kissing her neck before pulling away and resting his chin on top her head. “Are you having fun my love?” He asked and she nodded her head, then shook her head and making him chuckle. “Sweet girl” he purred and she cried.
He leaned forward, squishing her against him and grabbed his jeans from the ground and pulled them up. She frowned and wiped her eyes “what…” she whispered as he put them on but didn’t do them up, keeping her on his cock.
“Everyone’s getting home sweetheart, I don’t want them all knowing how you’ve soaked my thighs now do I?” He muttered, kissing her forehead “Now don’t move, be good and I’ll fuck you silly before bed” he whispered, pulling her dress over her head and adjusting the skirt so nobody could tell she didn’t have any panties on or, more importantly, that he was inside her. She let out a disappointed and frustrated huff and he smirked.
“Good girl” he uttered with a wet kiss to her cheek as his family began to filter in and he told them that she was tired and had a headache. He could feel her angry glare on his face when he stroked her hair but it didn’t stop the smile on his face from growing. His hand had to cover his face to stop himself from laughing when her pussy clenched and she would give a muffled “I hate you”
It was a long day and at the end of it, he gave her a cruel smile, kissed her cheek and told her he was too tired.
She slept with him still inside her, just waiting for morning to arise so she could finally have her reward. After all she knew better than to rush it.
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alwaysandforevergifs · 8 months
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"I want to make you a promise of three things that you will have that I never did: a safe home, someone to tell you that they love you every single day, and someone to fight for you, no matter what."
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elizabeth-forbes · 3 months
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legacies meme: [6/7] characters
Hope Mikaelson ━ I'm admittedly bad at chill.
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fandoms--fluff · 5 months
Hey I was wondering if you could do another os yn mikaelson Hope baby sister we’re when Hope has to go to school like something happen and yn appears magical in Alaric office and scream like a little girl that scared yn and macke her cry the super scuad hires and go to se what happened and Hope sea her baby sister
The Best Big Sister
Tumblr media
Flufftober, October 7th
Baby female Mikaelson reader x Hope Mikaelson
Warnings: none
a/n: I cant tell you how much I love writing big sister hope
You crawl around the house, you've been crawling for what seems like forever, and still no sign of your big sister. Where is she?
Your Mama and Dada seem perfectly fine and they don't seem to be worrying about where Hope is. But you are, and you want to make sure she's okay and she's not gone forever and you want her. You feel lonely. You have your parents and then your uncles and aunts, but it doesn't compare to your big sister.
You slump back down onto the ground, your back leaning against one of the walls in Hope's bedroom.
As you think of Hope and how much you want her, a tingly feeling goes throughout your entire body. One second you're on the ground of your sister's room, and the next you're sitting in a small office room. It kind of looks like Uncle Elijah's study.
You hear a scream from across the room, only to see a grown man that you have never seen before.
"Holy shit!" Alaric explains, jumping up from his office chair, and walks towards you.
Hearing the unknown man's loud voice makes your face freeze up before big tears start falling down your cheeks. Not long after, your silent tears turn into wailing.
Alaric's face pales, not knowing what to do. Sure he's had twin girls that he raised, but he doesn't know what to do with a baby that just magically appeared in his office.
Before he knows it, five teens fill the office in alert. That is until they see who's making the noise and that the headmaster is doing nothing about it.
"Why do you have a baby?" Kaleb asks, breaking the silence. "Well, she just appeared and when I sort of yelled, she burst out crying.
Hope makes her way to the front of the small crowd and recognizes you instantly. "Oh my god, y/n, how are you here?" Hope says quietly and kneels in front of you.
Your wailing comes to a halt upon hearing your sister's voice. She picks you up into her arms and cradles you against her chest before standing back up. She turns to face the others who have confused looks on their faces.
"How exactly do you know a baby?" Lizzie asks, wanting to know straight away.
"She's my sister, I'm pretty sure it would be weird if I didn't know my baby sister" Hope answers her with a raised eyebrow. "You have a sister?!" Lizzie exclaims.
"I thought you knew?" Hope turns to Josie to confirm it. Josie was the one who had found out when she walked into Hope's room while she was on a video chat with Hayley, and you were in your guys' mother's arms.
"She does. I did tell you, Lizzie, that Hope has a little sister" Josie turns to her twin. Hope told her that she was only allowed to tell Lizzie and to make sure that no one else would find out except the two siphoners.
"I thought you were joking about that" Lizzie states, staring at you. You look back at her, making eye contact.
Hope sighs and rolls her eyes, it's ironic how the one in this school who basically knows everything about everyone thought that a crucial fact her sister told her, was a joke.
"Why didn't we get to know any of this?" MG speaks up, referring to Kaleb and himself.
"I'll let you think it out, you'll get there eventually" Hope quips, before walking out of the office, ignoring the protesting calls from Alaric that she can't keep a baby in the school.
Like she'd ever keep her sister here with no one to watch over you 24/7 because she has classes.
When she gets up to her room, she shifts you to her hip and brings out her phone to call your guys' dad. As she dials the number, you nuzzle into the front of her shoulder, rubbing your cheek against the soft fabric of her shirt.
"Hey Dad, by any chance are you missing a cute little baby that goes by the name of y/n?" Hope smirks, noticing Klaus' distressed answer to the call.
"Yes, why?" Klaus answers immediately. "Don't worry anymore, and stop looking. She's with me. She somehow did a spell by accident, im guessing, and wound up in Headmaster Saltzman's office. She's alright and byt the looks of it is about to fall asleep, so I can maybe drive up back to the house and drop her off tomorrow?" Hope asks since she wants to spend a night alone with you, and she secretly has a bin of things for you if you ever happen to have come here anyway.
Klaus agrees after some persuading, and she hangs up. "Time for some big sister and little sister time!" She quietly exclaims and kisses the top of your head.
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