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Tumblr media
my friend who doesn't watch miraculous made this when I showed them their designs
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stickersdoodle · 3 days
Tumblr media
WE'RE EMO!!!!!
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sethsclearwater · 3 days
pls pls pls embry with a breeding kink !!!!
this is lowkey filthy lmao💀💀
"there you go," embry praised as he pressed himself into your tight channel, both of you letting out groans at the sensation, "such a good girl," he added, hooking his hands around your thighs so he could tug you to the edge of the bed, making sure he was buried as deep in you as possible.
"you gonna let me put a baby in that pretty pussy of yours?" embry asked after a few moments of allowing you to stretch around his length. you nodded, humming as you peeked up at him, eager to actually try for a baby with him.
"that's my good girl," he praised with a smile, letting out a breathy laugh when you slid your hands over his, "needy little thing," he murmured teasingly, "you wanna hold my hand?" he asked softly, already knowing the answer before you said it so he was quick to interlace your fingers with his when you nodded.
"there you go," he cooed with a soft chuckle, keeping his other hand tightly on your hip so he could stabilize you, "you ready?" he asked, offering you a small smile as he looked down at your blissed out figure.
you eagerly nodded, absolutely loving the fact that the two of you were going to finally try for a baby after months of talking about it.
embry drew his hips back, setting a steady pace fucking your pussy. you let out a loud whine at the first thrust, dropping your head back against your comforter as you processed the euphoria streaming through your body.
"that's my girl," embry mused as he continued rocking his hips against yours, reaching his thumb over from your hip to press down on your clit, eliciting another lewd moan from your lips.
"such a good girl," he praised as he began rubbing fast, tight circles against the bud, a stark contrast to the steady pace he was setting with his thrusts, "you're gonna look so fuckin' pretty with my baby growing in you," embry groaned, thrusts stuttering a bit as he thought about how you'd look pregnant with his baby.
you let out a loud moan at the comment, absolutely loving the idea of being able to have embry's baby, "want a baby with you," you whimpered, tightening your grip on his hand as you looked up at him, the two of you holding eye contact for a moment before embry spoke again.
"you gonna be a good girl and take my cum then? let me fill you up so you're nice and full all night?" he asked, letting out a heavy exhale when he felt your walls fluttering around his cock at his question.
"wanna be full of you," you blabbered, moaning as he pressed down even harder on your clit as you felt your first orgasm of the night rapidly approaching, "wanna cum on you like a good girl," you added, completely incoherent as you became so entranced in the pleasure coursing through your veins.
"go ahead pretty thing," embry encouraged, barely pushing off his own orgasm, both of you incredibly turned on by the idea of finally being able to made a baby together, "'m right behind you," he reassured, squeezing your hand as his thrusts sped up, both of you desperately chasing your highs.
you didn't need any more encouragement, almost immediately letting your orgasm wash over you, walls tightening around embry to a nearly unbearable grip that had him shooting his seed into your pussy right after.
"holy fuck-" embry groaned as his thrusts stuttered and slowed as he spilled his release in you, both of you sucking in deep breaths as you tried to calm yourselves down from your highs.
"there you go," embry cooed, still working at coming down from his own high as he rubbed gentle circles against your hip with his thumb and offered your head a reassuring squeeze.
you sucked in a deep breath, opening your eyes to look up at him, giggling when you saw him smiling down at you, both of you still out of breath from your rendez-vous.
"that felt so good," you whispered, smiling softly up at embry who let out a breathy laugh at your confession.
"it did," he reassured, leaning down to press a soft kiss to your lips before straightening back up to his full height, "now can you lay down for a little while for me? don't want all this coming out of you so quick," he asked as he slowly pulled his softening cock out of you, taking his finger and gently pushing some of the leaking semen back into your overstimulated entrance, the action eliciting a soft whine from you.
you hummed softly and nodded, "let's get you in some pajamas then, yea?" he asked, smiling when you nodded again before he was turning around to find you a fresh pair of panties and one of his t-shirts for you to sleep in.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
it’s whatever time of year this is again
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SPY x FAMILY x CHAIR Vol. 7~8~9
SxF Vol 7 · Damian Desmond - Willow Chair
The Willow Chair was designed by Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh in the early 20th century. The chair was originally designed for use in The Willow Tea Rooms Company, a cafe and tea room that Mackintosh also designed in Glasgow, Scotland. The chair was part of a larger collection of furniture pieces designed for this company.
The concept of tea rooms was popular in Victorian and Edwardian times, and was considered a meeting place for the upper middle class.
Tumblr media
The design shows a progressive approach to design, suggesting that the chair is at the forefront of creative thinking and is sleek, modern and curious. It stands out for its simplicity in geometric patterns. The chair features straight, minimalist lines in its structure, with curved wooden elements at the top to provide head and neck support.
A distinctive feature is its triangular backrest, which extends upward from the arms at an acute angle to create a sleek and elegant silhouette. The seat also features an elaborate lattice pattern, made from hand-woven wicker, which adds texture and dimension to the chair.
I’m Damian, scion of the Desmond family! I’ll be a politician one day and protect this country!
I love the way the dimension of the chair in disproportionate to Damian's body, who is clearly a kid with a very big precedent behind him, a very big ego and pride in possessing the last name Desmond, and it projects very well the way it makes Damian look more imposing for his age while giving you a look that continually judges you, adorably.
Damian is someone who projects himself from greatness, and his constant yearnings to be a recognized figure such as his family, even so, his childlike soul continues to exist.
However deep down, behind all the Desmond pride (Reflected in the chair) are his yearnings to really have fun and enjoy his childhood wanting to play with his balls, read manga, play with dinosaurs. He is definitely a little boy with a lot behind his shoulders.
SxF Vol 8 · Franky Franklyn - Eames Lounge chair & Ottoman
The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman were designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1956, an American designer couple.
It was created from the idea of a "comfortable as a glove" chair, with an ergonomically molded seat and back shell combined with a plywood base. It was originally designed for the Herman Miller furniture company.
Tumblr media
It was designed to provide comfort and relaxation, elegant and attractive that will complement any living space. The chair features clean, simple lines and a minimalist structure that emphasizes its elegance and ergonomics. The base is made of plywood, bent in several layers and smoothly polished to give it a smooth, refined finish.
Can we talk about how relaxed and cool Ostania's best informant looks? I love how the combination of this chair reflects Franky's relaxed but refined personality, a genius at his job even if often not properly appreciated. However, we can see his details, a bit messy, his taste for money, some good cigars, some confidential envelopes.
It's interesting when you remember that Franky seems to hate the handsome, moneyed show-offs who seem to be very lucky, even though he wishes he was one. He is simple and laid back, with a classy side and a profitable bottom line.
SxF Vol 9 · Becky Blackbell  - Coconut Chair
The Coconut chair was designed by architect and designer George Nelson in 1955 who was the design director for Herman Miller.
The chair was inspired by the designer's tropical landscape during his visit to the Fiji Islands. Nelson observed a group of children playing with one half of a coconut shell and realized that the shape and curve of the coconut shell could be harnessed to design a comfortable, modern chair. It was created as a highly engineered piece of furniture that offered a high level of comfort.
Tumblr media
Although originally designed as a lounge chair, the Coconut chair is suitable for any space, from offices to homes. The stainless steel tripod base is an attractive design element, its fine details such as the apparent stitching on the upholstered
"You and I should be best friends"
I like how both the Coconut chair and Becky could be described as elegant, sophisticated, avant-garde and with a lot of personality. Despite her young age, we know that Becky has a very definite personality, sometimes with a very volatile and fanciful imagination.
Unlike many Spy x Family characters and their respective chairs, the elements are usually placed at the back or bottom with respect to the chair, always covered by some slight shadow, reflecting those elements that characterize the respective personality.
However, all of Becky's things are clearly displayed and stacked with bright colors. We know that it refers to all the riches and luxuries Becky has, as well as her passion for fashion and shopping.
But also, it's a way of expressing how authentic Becky is and how she's not afraid to show her true personality without having to hide it.
You can read the previous review here!
You can read the next part here
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Rosalie: *tells Bella she wants to raise children and run a household and how she thinks Bella is wrong being okay with giving up those things*
Bella, who's been in charge of all the household responsibilities, has been raising herself and taking care of her mom since she was six:
Tumblr media
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There’s nothing stronger than the bond between two girls who read the same semi-embarrassing ya series when they were in middle school
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bumblesimagines · 11 hours
“then shut up and kiss me already.”
- Paul Lahote
“then shut up and kiss me already.” changed this line a bit
pronouns: they/them, gender neutral
Tumblr media
It'd been a devastating and hectic month for the Clearwater household. From the unexpected passing of your father to your siblings suddenly shifting, it seemed as if you couldn't catch a break. You had to pause your life in California to return to Washington out of grief and concern for your family, having to put in a notice at your job and assure friends and colleagues you were alright.
But you most certainly weren't.
Even with Leah being a year older than you, responsibility always seemed to fall on your shoulders and thus you were left to pick up the pieces. From ensuring Sam was willing to keep an eye on your siblings to planning the funeral with your mother, your time back in La Push felt more like work than anything else.
Which was why, you found yourself at the beach, feet covered by cool sand and wind gently caressing your skin. The beach had been the best part of living in La Push. The sound of the waves always helped back in high school, back when life felt equally as chaotic. You'd been there to witness Leah's breakdown when Sam abruptly left her for your cousin and watched Seth's older friends slowly distance themselves to join Sam's pack.
"You doin' okay?" A voice called out and you looked over your shoulder, peering up at Paul Lahote. You'd seen him around once or twice, though only properly met him at Sam's place a week prior. Since then, most of Sam's pack seemed to keep an eye on you. You chalked it up to Sam expressing concern over your tired state.
"As well as can be given everything." You responded and his face dropped, a grim frown appearing on his face. It was surprising to see him so... hurt and concerned. Leah had complained plenty of times about him over the phone, mentioning his overconfident and short-tempered behavior often.
"If you..." He trailed off, voice full of uncertainty. "If you need anything, I'm here. I'll get you whatever you want, whatever you need."
"That's really sweet of you, Paul." His eyes shot up to meet yours, smile tugging at his lips at your words. Your brows furrowed and you reached out to pat the sand beside you. Without a second of hesitation, Paul took the offer and sat down. His keen eyes remained on you and your face, constantly studying and analyzing. You pressed your lips together and his gaze jumped down to them, his expression suddenly becoming shy.
Oh, Christ...
"Did you imprint on me?" You asked softly, watching his features contort into guilt. He dipped his head and sighed heavily, silently nodding and confirming your suspicions. You turned your attention back out to the waves and hummed quietly. The way your skin warmed and your stomach fluttered annoyed you, but you couldn't deny the relief of knowing the universe had given you a soulmate, someone who you'd spend the rest of your life with.
"I know it's not a good time but we can't control it. I was- I wanted to wait until after the funeral 'cause I knew you've been busy these past few weeks but just looking at you makes my chest hurt. I know we just met and you're Emily's cousin but I can't stand seeing you like this. I-I can keep my distance, if you want. I'll wait days, weeks, months until you want to talk-"
“Shut up and kiss me already, Paul."
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shoulderscars · 2 days
Tumblr media
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dk-thrive · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Daybreak. 59° F. 5:57 to 6:30 am. September 19, 2023. Cove Island Park, Stamford, CT. (@dkct25)
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how come no one's pat Twilight yet? who's a good boy who's a good boy
Twilight actually got a lot of pats here, but adding more will definitely make him happier!
Many more pats for our beloved Twilight! 💖
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sethsclearwater · 2 days
poly!paulxreaderxjared where they tag team edge her until she’s crying since they’re both just a little crazy but in the best way
"jared please-" you sobbed, whimpering loudly as paul removed his fingers from your pussy so you wouldn't be able to cum despite the fact that you literally thought you were going to explode if you didn't.
both boys just let out laughs at your whines, already knowing you were so deep in the subspace they'd have to spend even longer than normal with their aftercare.
"babe," jared started with a smile on his face that had you thinking for a moment that he might let you cum, "you were being a brat earlier, gotta take your punishment like a good girl, yea?" he asked, his question sending another wave of tears rolling down your cheeks as you tried to figure out just how much longer this was going to last.
paul laughed at your tears, taking his thumb and gently brushing them away from your cheeks, "you've still got," he started, grabbing his phone to check the timer on his phone that they had set when they first started edging you about 2 hours prior, "5 more minutes bunny," paul mused, smiling at you when you let out another loud whine, not sure how they expected you to hold back your orgasm for that much longer.
"gotta let us play with that tight little pussy of yours for 5 more minutes, yea babe? then we might let you cum," jared cooed, his use of the word 'might' sending another wave of tears down your cheeks that had both boys laughing again.
"lay down on top of paul, yea? gonna fuck that pussy of yours for the last few minutes," he mused, chuckling as paul laid down next to you and both boys helped you straddle paul's lap, their combined releases from earlier in the night dripping down your thighs.
"you're something else," jared teased as he lifted your hips up while paul lined the tip of his cock up with your aching entrance, pulling you down so paul was fully sheathed inside of you. both you and paul let out loud groans at the action and you immediately collapsed onto paul's chest, allowing him to wrap his arms around you and hold you close.
"alright take a deep breath babe," jared instructed as he got himself situated behind you, lining his cock up with your stuffed entrance, the tip just barely brushing against you and paul.
you let out a loud whimper but complied none-the-less, just eager to finally cum after being edged for the past 2 hours. as you exhaled, jared pushed himself inside you, all of you letting out loud moans as your pussy was stretched to the limit as both him and paul made sure they were buried in you as deep as they could.
"such a good bunny," paul praised, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead, both boys at least having the decency to give you a few moments to stretch around them before moving, "just 2 more minutes bun," he added, sliding one hand up to thread his fingers through your hair and gently scratch at your scalp.
"alright i think she's ready, yea?" jared asked paul, already knowing you wouldn't be able to give him any kind of coherent answer because of how deep they had you in the subspace.
paul nodded, pressing one more kiss to your hair before jared pulled his hips back to thrust into you. both boys quickly set a steady rhythm of alternating thrusts, ensuring that you were always full of at least one of them while they fucked you.
you couldn't have been more of a moaning, sobbing mess as they continued to pleasure you, "almost there bunny," paul gritted out after a minute of their thrusting, "you gonna cum on our cocks when that timer goes off?" he asked and you blubbered out some incoherent response that both boys easily understood to be you saying yes.
"such a good girl," jared praised, not stopping his rough thrusts as he leaned down to press a kiss to your shoulder, straightening up to his full height when the timer went off, "cum on our cocks babe," he ordered and you didn't need to be told twice, immediately letting the coil that had been tightening in your belly for the past 2 hours snap.
your pussy tightened around both boys so tight they could barely move, instead just forcing them to spill their releases into you as well as they also met their highs.
it took both boys a few minutes to begin coming down from their orgasms, both slowly running their hands up and down your sides and back as they coaxed you back down.
you took even longer than they did to come down, slowly allowing your eyes to flutter open so you could peek up at paul after a few minutes, "hey princess," paul cooed, pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead, "did such a good job," he praised, offering your hips a gentle squeeze as jared leaned down to press a soft kiss to your temple.
"now let's get you cleaned up so we can cuddle for a little bit, yea?" jared asked, both boys already knowing it'd be taking the rest of the night to get you out of the subspace.
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twilightt-fantasy · 2 days
wounds [alec volturi]
description: Heya love can I request 26, 28 and 29 for Alec x Injuredfemreader?
prompts: "i'm sorry you had to see me like this" // "no one ever cared about me like you" // "do you know how to use a first aid kit"
requested by: @candypop1611
warnings: curse words
i haven't written for alec in so long, this is weird haha,, thanks for requesting!
Tumblr media
"Ah, fuck." You hissed through your teeth, throwing your head back as you pressed your hand into your abdomen.
You had been struck hard in the stomach with one of the objects the Guard was using in training, your momentary lapse in judgement putting you too close to the action and in Demetri’s way. Hot tears pricked your eyes and you felt your breathing increase, your body trying hard to fight back the pain that was slowly growing.
As the only human the Guard looked after, you were allowed in on training sessions, but only if you stayed out of the way. Your conversation with Jane had distracted you too much.
“Are you okay?” Demetri asked you, pulling your hand away from your stomach as he approached. You heard him inhale deeply before you turned to him, his lips curled up in disappointment. “You’re bleeding pretty bad.”
“Get out of the way.” Alec was the next to you, shoving his coven mate away from you to take his place. His crimson eyes assessed the situation quickly and he turned to give Demetri a nasty look before putting his attention back on you.
“I’m fine.” You insisted, though you were feeling lightheaded from the knowledge of how severe your injury was and the sharp pain in your stomach. You were close to hyperventilating but refused to show that kind of weakness in front of them. “It was my fault, I know not to stand too close.”
Alec huffed, moving to place his hands under your body to pull you close to him. “Demetri should’ve been paying attention.”
“We both should’ve and we’ll know better for next time.” Your mate was more stubborn than you most days, which made conversations like this difficult. You felt better next to him though, but refused to look at him with tears running down your cheeks. “Now, do you know how to use a first aid kit?”
Alec stood then, holding you close in his arms as he flashed away from the training room. You huffed to yourself, knowing you’d have to go and apologize to them all for Alec’s overprotective nature. It had been a few years since you had met him and still he had not changed his ways - though, your being human didn’t help your cause. It was a wonder the kings or Alec hadn’t forced the change upon you yet.
Upon returning to your shared rooms, Alec set you on the bed and went to retrieve the first aid kit from the bathroom. You pulled your shirt up slightly, hissing when you saw the deep gash and the blood. Of course, being the only human around, you were prone to injuries. But this one looked particularly bad and you wondered if you should go to the hospital wing.
Your eyes were still watery and your nose was stuffy, so you kept your gaze downcast when Alex finally appeared again. He held the first aid kit, placing it next to you on the bed before opening it to reveal wound cleaning supplies and things needed for stitches. You pulled your lips in a grimace, not looking forward to the needle piercing your skin.
Alec said nothing as he poured the antiseptic over the gash, but he rubbed his finger against your hand at your soft gasp. His fingers moved with practiced ease as he cleaned up the blood and began to move the needle and thread through your skin to stitch you up.
Your tears had slowed, the initial panic from the situation wearing off and leaving you feeling tired, though your stomach did still hurt. “It hurts.”
“I’ll get you some medicine once I’m done.” Alec said gently, finishing the stitch before grabbing a big bandaid and covering the area.
You were quiet for a moment before you whispered. “I’m sorry you had to see me like this.”
You hated to cry in front of Alec - it made you seem weak and less than him in your opinion, since you were only human and so fragile. Alec pushed your head up with his thumb, his eyes gentle as he stared at you. “Don’t apologize for anything, love. I can’t imagine the pain you felt and you’re strong for dealing with it so bravely.”
Your lips quivered again, tears rushing to your eyes for a whole different reason. “No one ever cared for me like you.”
Your mate moved closer, wrapping his arms around you to bring you to his chest while trying to be aware of your wound. “I’ll be here forever to care for you. Human or vampire, it’s all the same to me.”
He kissed your head twice, squeezing you tighter for a moment while you twisted your hands in his shirt. You could’ve stayed with him in that moment for the rest of your forever, but your wound was aching and Alec must have known. “Now, I’ll run and grab you some pain meds and we’ll stay in for the rest of the night. Sound okay?”
You smiled into his shirt, moving back to kiss his chest once before letting him go. “Sounds perfect.”
Tumblr media
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itsmaferart · 19 hours
SPY x FAMILY x CHAIR Vol 10 - 11- 12
Continuing with this series of analysis of the covers:
SxF . Vol 10 - Redacted
Unlike all the covers so far, cover 10 is the only one that does not show us a chair, but instead introduces us to [Redacted]. So we can give a little deeper analysis.
Tumblr media
We can highlight that behind [Redacted] we can clearly see the rubble of a house of which there is absolutely nothing left, a soldier's helmet with scratches and cracks, the toy gun and a radio that apparently announced the war and the look of a child who has lost all happiness in his life and now must learn to survive with no one to take care of him.
I think it goes without saying that this is the saddest cover of the whole collection so far. But we can talk about the influence of [Redacted] on the current story.
In previous reviews I have talked about how [Redacted] is the basis for the existence of Twilight, the great spy of Westalis, the metaphorical death of this child who has lost his parents and his friends due to the conflicts of his country, and who later, blinded by hatred, would want to destroy his apparent enemies, to finally learn the hard lesson from his father of always longing for peace above all else.
From my perspective the tragedy of [Redacted] is the basis of Twilight, it's why the spy fighting for peace exists, but more importantly, it's what allows Twilight to not be entirely a living weapon serving a specific side. And while Twilight you made remembering her past "Self" is weakness, it is also who reminds her of what is truly important.
And it is [Redacted] who gives authenticity to Loid Forger, who reminds him that in the past he could experience happiness, his more vulnerable and sweet side, a child who could easily cry and wished to be in his mother's arms every night. Someone who just wished for a little love. Redacted] may never come back, but it is because of him that Twilight and Loid Forger are genuine and real.
This is a good time to dry your tears! 😭 
SxF . Vol 11 - Emile and Ewen - Hill House Chair
The Hill House Chair was designed by Scottish architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh in 1902 for the Hill House residence in Helensburgh, Scotland. The design has a strong Japanese influence, which Mackintosh incorporated into his work after being exposed to Japanese aesthetics during the Glasgow International Art Exhibition.
Tumblr media
The chair is in Mackintosh's "Glasgow Style", which is characterized by straight, simple lines and shapes. The chair, along with the rest of the furniture, was designed to integrate with the architecture and décor of the building, resulting in a harmonious and balanced ensemble.
Both the Willow chair and Hill House Chair are designs by Mackintosh, which is characterized by simple lines, geometric shapes and a modernist sensibility that gives them a unique and recognizable look. In terms of style and architectural context, the chairs have important differences in terms of form and functionality. The Willow Chair is a low chair with a curved back and woven seat, while the Hill House Chair is a taller, slimmer chair with a rectangular back and upholstered seat.
There are two very interesting details that I could highlight and the language of the objects with respect to the chair, and the characters. Unlike Damian, the proportion of the chairs with respect to both children is much more harmonious unlike Damian whose chair stands out easily and its size is huge with respect to his size, indicating that while Damian projects greatness, Emile and Ewen are the complementation, both stand out, but balance each other at the same time, and do not overshadow Damian-Sama!
It is very interesting, given that the chair selection reflects this bond of friends/followers. While the chairs have different contexts, while Willow Chiar's has a primary function, the Hill House has the function of complementing the decor. Pointing out how the personalities of Emile and Ewen is to complement Damian.
Like Becky, the reflection of each other's personality is evident, they are notorious and not hidden. While Ewen has a passion for space, astronauts and the stars; Emile is a lover of sweets and all kinds of junk food. However, in the middle of both of them there is an obvious bond for explorer adventures. Having his picture with Damian in the center, because their bond as friends is very genuine!
SxF . Vol 12 - Sylvia Sherwood - Diamond Chair
The Diamond Chair, also known as the Bertoia Chair, was created by sculptor and designer Harry Bertoia in 1952. It was originally designed for Knoll International and has become a symbol of 20th century industrial and avant-garde design.
Tumblr media
Bertoia designed the chair because of his desire to explore new forms and techniques of furniture making. Inspiration came from his interest in experimenting with steel wires, which allowed him to create light and elegant structures.
The motive was to achieve a perfect combination of form and comfort, which would be attractive but also ergonomic and comfortable to use. The chair's curved steel wire frame allows for breathability and provides flexible support, adapting to the user's body. Its design is minimalist and timeless, as well as its versatility and ability to adapt to a variety of environments.
"Stop waiting for easy answers to fall into your lap, Rookie. Use that head of yours to find them for yourself"
Both Fullmetal Lady and Diamond Chair could be described as elegant, sophisticated and modern. In addition, the attention to detail and quality workmanship reflect a high-end personality and refinement that projects the experience Handler has in executing its work. At the same time, its comfort and ergonomics demonstrate a concern for the well-being and experience of the user, which makes it friendly and welcoming, one of the most human characteristics of Sylvia who, although she is a relentless woman, also knows how to relate to her humanity, and reminds her little spies that having a soft spot is part of them.
While the folders and surely confidential papers are shuffled and exposed, reminiscent of Handler's main role, we can see subtly hidden the family photograph that is pierced by the chair leg reflecting the rupture caused by the war of losing her husband and young daughter. For no matter the passage of time, it will always be something that will accompany her.
You can read the previous part here
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