karoviesart · 3 days
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scribbly doodly sketch art of Laughing time for @ultralinkyland and her wonderful little crack fic that had me laughing loudly while in the office today <3  side quest: is it the mushrooms? by lalalando on ao3 !
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minas-linkverse · 1 day
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Sketch requests part 2!
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tare-anime · 1 day
This banter during SxF Musical curtain call; when it was Sasaki Mirei's final performance as Yor; is so cute I had to put an imaginary conversation on this.
(Yor is giving her speech)
Yuri: psstt...
Loid: ??? Oh! Good idea 😏😏
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(Yor has finished her speech)
Loid: (all stiff and formal) You've done an amazing job, and everyone is pleased. So, Yor-san.....
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Yor: Yes??
Loid: Loid wants to give you a present.
Yor: Eh? A present?
Loid: (Presenting the flower as if it's a trophy or such) Please accept this humble flower to celebrate your success.
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Loid: (bows formally)
Yuri: OI LOTTIE!!!
Loid: eh, Lottie?!
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Loid: Why are you Lottie me???
Yor: (confused. Thinking hard to stop two men from fighting)
Yuri: You clearly don't know how to give present to the most amazingly talented beautiful powerful (more and more praises) lady in the world!
Loid: What? Me?? No no no...
Yuri: Step aside, I'll show you how to properly appreciate my sister!!
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Yor: Awww..... thank you..... 🥰🥰
Yuri: see?? That's how to do it. (Proud) 😌😌
Loid: Ah... yes yes... that does look much bet-...
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All: EEEHH????!!!
Sylvia: Clearly you men know nothing to appreciate amazing woman. MOVE OVER!!
Sylvia: (approach slowly) Hey, Yor.... 😏😏
Yor: OmG... OmG... OmG!!!! 😳😳
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Sylvia: Congratulations. (Whispers in Yor's ear) That IS such amazing performance.
Move over Twilight and Yuri. We all know Sylvia is the winner!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Seriously, these casts are amazing 🥰🥰
Source; Source; Fanart
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pokianne · 3 days
Quick drawing of Loid
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Tried something out with the coloring
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ineffectualdemon · 3 days
Disclaimer: I have never read Twilight but I think Luo Binghe would be a huge Twilight stan
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meangirlbracket · 3 days
Mean Girl Bracket - Round 1 Poll 10
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glumby · 22 hours
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i could really use a wish right now
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folkcaom · 3 days
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EuGH 😰 anyways
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edwardcu113n · 2 days
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what if aro randomly turns into a talking rabbit one day
You guys just won't let this go, huh?
Well, the answer to this one's pretty boring, actually.
Aro's upset at being a rabbit and searches for a cure, of course, but he still has his gift, he can still talk, so he now just hops around on his throne and stares down at you in judgement with dark beady eyes.
Nothing changes, except you get executed by a fucking talking rabbit.
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asstielxx · 5 hours
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I will never be the same
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dk-thrive · 1 day
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Daybreak. 30° F.  6:30 to 6:50 am. March 31, 2023. Cove Island Park, Stamford, CT. (@dkct25) 
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Loid: "Have you noticed any change in Anya?"
Yor: "New glasses?"
Loid: "No. She looks like something might be disturbing her."
Yor: "Probably misses her old glasses."
Loid: "I guess we could get more involved in Anya's activities, but then I'd be afraid of smothering her."
Yor: "Yeah, and then we'd get the chair."
Loid: "That's not what I meant."
Yor: "It was, Loid. Admit it."
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rose-tournament · 3 days
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i will always reiterate this bc a. idk why people act like we made this up & b. i’m tired of ed & bella getting praised for things rose has BEEN doing & better for years😭
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sickaliceblog · 2 days
Personal vibes from Portals by Melanie Martinez ♡
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