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James Coburn, director John Sturges, Steve McQueen, and Charles Bronson during the making of THE GREAT ESCAPE (1963)
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Donald Sutherland-Jenny Agutter "Ha llegado el águila" (The eagle has landed) 1976, de John Sturges.
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The Magnificent Seven (1960), Eli Wallach as Calvera and Yul Brynner as Vin
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8 - The Jealousy Plan
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Part 9
It’s About Time
Tags just ask - @lover-of-books-and-tea @bvbwestfall @bubble-blu @liesanddreams @bethanymccauley @skeletonontheroad
Ashley, Hannah and I were walking out of class and I saw someone walking by with some candy. I had heard rumors that Georgie had started selling candy a month after Veronica and her boyfriend broke up. Georgie saw the girl come out of the bathroom. “Veronica.”
She smiled at him. “Oh, hey.”
“Come here. I got something for you.” Georgie opened his bag of candy.
She came over looking in his bag. “Ooh, is it candy?”
“No, but it is pretty sweet.” He handed her a black box.
I rolled my eyes wanting to leave. “This is unbelievable.”
“Georgie, what did you do?” The blonde asked him curiously.
He looked at the black box. “Just open it.”
“This looks expensive. $100?” She opened the box gasping at how much he had spent on a tiny silver necklace.
Georgie smiled at her. “And that's without tax.”
“I can't accept this.”
He shakes his head at her response. “B-But I bought it for you.”
Veronica snapped at my best friend. “Well, you shouldn't have.”
Ashley sent me a half smile when he tried to figure her out. “I don't get you. I went out of my way to buy you something nice and you don't even want it.”
“Georgie, it's too much. I mean, you're not gonna impress me by throwing money around.” Veronica shut the box, giving it back and walking away.
“You sure? In "Material Girl," Madonna loves it.” Georgie calls out as the blonde walked away glancing over at me. “What did I do wrong Y/n?”
“Maybe she just doesn’t like you and you're throwing all your efforts out when there’s someone else who likes you!” I spun around on my feet leaving my two friends standing with him not wanting to talk with him right then.
For the rest of the day I didn’t have class with him and I managed to basically avoid him until school let out. My moms car pulled up in the parking lot and I opened the door about to get in hearing Georgie’s voice. “ I saw you smile.”
Veronica was holding the gift box standing by her car and he was standing near her. “Go away, Georgie.”
“You can eat it or wear it, it's up to you.” Georgie smiled back at her, shifting his gaze over to me. He walked over seeing me toss my backpack in the car. “Y/n, can we talk?”
“Not really. I have to get home soon.” I bared my teeth not wanting to see him winning over Veronica.
He slides his backpack on his shoulder. “Are you mad at me or something?”
“I avoided you most of the day, what do you think?”
“What did I do?” He asked confused.
I shut the door in his face turning in my seat to look at my mom. “Missy could figure it out before you. Why don’t you ask her!”
“What was that about?”
“He likes another girl.” I grumble. “Could I hang out at Connie’s house for a little while?”
“Sure.” My mom tuned on the car and we drove to his Memaw’s house.
I pushed her front door open hearing a ruckus coming from the backyard. Sitting my backpack down I went to the back door finding the noise. Going outside I went around the corner seeing Connie sitting at the picnic table with a beer watching Missy throw a ball at an empty trash can. “What are you guys doing out here?”
“I'm practicing the baseball tricks my dad taught me. Why aren't you with my brother?” Missy asked, holding a baseball in her hands.
I sat down in the empty chair with her grandmother. “I ditched him at school. He's on my nerves right now.”
“Has my idiot grandson not noticed you have a crush on him yet?” Connie turned her head in my direction.
I leaned forward in the seat, baffled. “You know. How?”
“It's kind of obvious.” Missy replied.
Covering my face with my hands I throw my head back sinking in the chair. “If I'm lucky everyone in Medford will know before he ever does.”
“Connie, are you home!” I heard a guy's voice calling from the backdoor I had left open.
Connie shifted in her chair. “Out here John!”
“Hello Connie and your Sheldon's sister Missy.” An older man that was bald and looked to be the same age as the woman waved coming outside. He moved his gaze to me. “Have we met before?”
She waved him over grabbing a third chair for the table so he could sit. “John this is Georgie’s best friend.”
“Y/n, nice to meet you.” I got up from my chair holding out my hand.
The elderly man shakes my hand, holding a bag of fruit in his other hand. “John Sturgis. I brought a bag of grapes if you all would like some.”
“So why are you mad with Georgie?” Whipping my head around Missy asked me throwing a ball at the trash can and it fell over.
John and I made our way over to the table sitting back with Connie. “He's trying so hard to be with Veronica and it frustrates me.”
“May I ask a question?” John entered the conversation.
I nodded yes. “Sure.”
“Is Georgie your mate?”
I blushed at the use of the word mate with Missy chiming in. “No but she wants him to be.”
“We've been friends since forever. Now he likes this other girl at school and I can't stand it. I'm just too afraid to tell him how I feel while he's pursuing her.” I tapped the armrests of the chair I was in.
Connie sipped from her beer bottle. “Teenage boys are the worst.”
“I could throw a baseball at him. Knock some sense into him if you want.” Missy offers me.
Shaking my head no I wasn't sure that was necessary. Dr. Sturgis finished the grapes he was eating adding to the conversation. “Lions in the wild typically fight over the lioness that they want to be with me. You could incorporate that.”
“I don't think me fighting with him will get me anywhere.”
Connie sat her drink down. “He might be onto something. You could date someone else or show interest in another guy he's close with to make him jealous..”
“And realize he has feelings for me.” I finished her sentence.
Missy throws a fist into the air. “Yeah!”
“It could work but with who?”
Connie questioned me. “Are any of your other guy friends signal?”
“Ryker and Ashley are together.”
Missy added in knowing about my friend group. “Marlowe. You could date Marlowe.”
“I'll talk with him at school tomorrow. This just might work.” I responded to the other three people.
Connie held out her hand, Missy put hers on hers, Dr. Sturgis and I put our hands over there. “Then it's a deal, kiddo. Cooper Jealousy Plan on three.”
“One…Two…Three.” Dr. Sturgis counted off.
The four of us hollered raising our hands in the air in victory. “Cooper Jealousy Plan!” If Marlowe agrees to our plan then maybe Georgie would feel the same.
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During the climactic motorcycle chase in "The Great Escape" (1963), director John Sturges allowed Steve McQueen to ride (in disguise) as one of the pursuing German soldiers, so that in the final sequence, through the magic of editing, he's actually chasing himself. McQueen played the German motorcyclist who hits the wire.
Although McQueen did his own motorcycle riding, there was one stunt he did not perform: the hair-raising five foot jump over a fence. This was done by McQueen's friend Bud Ekins, who was managing a Los Angeles-area motorcycle shop when recruited for the stunt. It was the beginning of a new career for Ekins, as he later doubled for McQueen in "Bullitt" (1968), and did much of the motorcycle riding on "CHiPs."
McQueen's character of Hilts was based on amalgamation of several characters, including Major Dave Jones, a flight commander during Doolittle's Raid who made it to Europe, and was shot down and captured, and Colonel Jerry Sage, who was an O.S.S. Agent in the North African desert when he was captured. Colonel Sage was able to don a flight jacket and pass as a flier, otherwise he would have been executed as a spy. Another inspiration was probably Squadron Leader Eric Foster, who escaped seven times from German prisoner-of-war camps.
During idle periods while this movie was in production, all cast and crew members, from McQueen and James Garner to production assistants, and obscure food service workers, were asked to take thin, five-inch strings of black rubber and knot them around other thin strings of black rubber of enormous length. The finished results of all of this knotting were the coils and fences of barbed wire seen throughout the movie. (IMDb)
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Escape from Fort Bravo (1953)
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James Coburn, John Sturges, Steve McQueen, James Garner and Charles Bronson on the set of 𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝑮𝒓𝒆𝒂𝒕 𝑬𝒔𝒄𝒂𝒑𝒆 (1963).
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Bad Day at Black Rock is a 1955 neo-Western film directed by John Sturges with screenplay by Millard Kaufman (the creator of Mr. Magoo).
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It stars Spencer Tracy and Robert Ryan with support from Anne Francis, Dean Jagger, Walter Brennan, John Ericson, Ernest Borgnine and Lee Marvin.
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In the plot, a one-armed stranger comes to a small desert town in 1945, and uncovers a secret that has corrupted the entire community.
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The film was a key reference for the design of the 2023 Wes Anderson film Asteroid City.
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"Generally, we were looking at ‘Black Rock’ for overall how the town’s [located] in the landscape," confirmed designer Adam Stockhausen. "But also we’d go in and look at tiny details, too. How the tar paper was nailed to the roof of the gas station, and we ended up using it for the way we wrapped the tar paper around the motel cabins. Or the cafe when we took several little detailed pieces for the back counter of the luncheonette straight from there".
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'' You are like the wind, blowing over the land and passing on. ¡ Vaya con Dios ! ''
The Magnificent Seven (1960) Dir.: John Sturges
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Technology and interiors from Ice Station Zebra (1968)
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Elsa Lanchester-Ricardo Montalban "La calle del misterio" (Mystery street) 1950, de John Sturges.
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James Coburn, director John Sturges, Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson on the set of THE GREAT ESCAPE (1963).
I guess someone yelled, "Ok, all the cool kids get over here now."
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