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fandomnerd9602 · 7 months
Merida cuddles with Y/N…
Merida: what do ye think of the sound of little feet running thru our home?
Y/N: did your brothers turn into bears again?!
Merida: no! That’s not what I-
Y/N: baby you have to stop going to that witch-
Merida: I want yer kids!
Y/N: oh…I’d love that
Merida: (giggles) good.
The two share a kiss, not noticing that Merida’s brothers run past them, having been turned into bears again…
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rotbtd-edits · 10 months
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ROTBTD - The group together [X]
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dinneratgrannys · 4 months
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ONCE UPON A TIME 5.09, The Bear King
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ozgur-ce · 4 months
Tumblr köyünde hangi tip insanlardan uzak durmanızı gösteren 10 işaret:
1- Her zaman haklı olduğunu düşünür, özeleştiri, özür kelimeleri onun lûgatında bile yoktur.
2- Herşeye alınır, kırılır, alınganlık yapar.
3- Dinlemekte kötüdür, yazdığınız hiçbir şeyi doğru düzgün okumaz, yazarken de Türkçeyi katleder.
4- Sürekli laf aralarına girip lüzumsuz şeyler söyler. Sorun çıkarır.
5- Zaten inanılmaz kibirlidir en güzel/yakışıklı odur, en iyi meslek, en elit, en herşey...
6- Küfür, aşağılama ve bilimum yalanlar ondadır.
7- Her türlü ne idüğü belli! hesabı takip eder, derdi beğeni ve yorum kasmaktır, yorumları hep aynıdır.
8- Aşırı mutsuzdur çünkü doyumsuzdur herkes onunla ilgilensin, mutsuz olsun ister.
9- Kadını/erkeği cinsel bir objeden başka türlü algılamaz.
10- Ülkeme, yaşadığım dünyaya bi katkım olsun demez, sadece bir güruha ait olmak için dinden inançtan yürür.
11- Daha uzatırdım ama sıkıldım sizi de sıkmayayım 😁 geri kalanı siz ekleyin isterseniz hayırlı cumalaaaaar 😂😂
Ben kim miyim peki tumblr köyünün delisi 🥳 cadısı 🧹🪄 çılgını 💃 mikropçusu 🧪🔬kısaca turuncusu, Meridası diyelim 😋🧡🍊🍍🥕🌻🔥🎃🔫
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siodymph · 3 months
Alrighty! While everyone's still voting on the exact set-up for our fan-event, now's a great time to send in prompt-ideas!
Tumblr media
If you have an idea(s) for prompts or themes, just let me know! You can send me an ask, dm or even write them as a reblog or tag!
In a few days I'll make an official post outlining the schedual chosen-prompts! This is gonna be so much fun!
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olafkardanadam · 10 days
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"Anlat bana, ilhâm Perisi! Şanlı Troya'yı yıktıktan sonra çok gezen ve çok dolaşan o yaman adamdan söz et."
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92-guy · 4 months
Love languages in ROTBTD
Merida: Quality Time
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jack: Gifts
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rapunzel: Acts of services (Listening)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Ironically, although Rapunzel is someone who shows a lot of love, it was the most difficult to try to fit into one of these languages, because it could easily be all of them.)
Hiccup: Physical touch
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henyrmlls · 7 months
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ONCE UPON A TIME | 5.06 “The Bear and the Bow”
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kazenomegaminowanpisu · 4 months
This might be a weird question, but in a One Piece X Disney Princess crossover, which Disney Princess would be romantically paired to which of the OP boys? More specifically Luffy, Law, Koby, Sabo, Zoro, Sanji, and Ace.
Op Boys paired with Disney princesses
Warning:(This was just base on my on perspectives, don't hate me for this)
Feat:Luffy, Rapunzel, Law, Elsa, Koby, Belle, Sabo, Mulan, Zoro, Merida, Sanji, Ariel, Ace, Jasmine
Tumblr media
Luffy's adventurous and carefree nature matches well with Rapunzel's curiosity and desire to explore the world. They would embark on exciting journeys together, with Rapunzel's long hair serving as a handy tool for Luffy's rubbery antics.
Law's serious demeanor and cool-headedness align well with Elsa's ice powers and her need to control them. They would understand each other's struggles with isolation and find comfort in each other's company, ultimately learning to embrace their uniqueness together.
Koby's gentle and kind-hearted nature resonates with Belle's compassionate and intelligent personality. They would bond over their love for books and share a desire to make positive changes in the world, supporting and inspiring each other along the way.
Sabo's strong sense of justice and loyalty pairs well with Mulan's bravery and determination. They would fight side by side, challenging societal norms and embracing their true identities. Their shared values would create a strong foundation for their relationship.
Zoro's fierce determination and unwavering loyalty align with Merida's independent and adventurous spirit. They would engage in friendly competitions and push each other to be the best versions of themselves, all while cherishing their shared love for adventure.
Sanji's romantic and chivalrous nature matches well with Ariel's longing for freedom and desire to explore the unknown. They would share a love for the sea, with Sanji cooking up delicious seafood dishes for Ariel, and she, in turn, introducing him to the wonders of the underwater world.
Ace's fiery personality and protective nature pair well with Jasmine's strong will and desire for independence. They would embark on daring adventures together, fighting for justice and freedom. Their shared determination would create a passionate and powerful bond.
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fandomnerd9602 · 1 month
Eleanor searches the wedding party for Merida and Y/N...
Eleanor: Fergus! Where are those two?
Fergus: darling they're married. You know what married couples do on their special night. (laughs)
Eleanor blushes...
Meanwhile, Merida and Y/N are actually off on the archery range...
Merida: you missed!
Y/N: no fair! You kissed me right before I fired my bow
Merida: I'm yer wife I don't have to be fair!
Merida laughs as Y/N picks her up and spins her around...
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rotbtd-edits · 1 year
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ROTBTD - The Big Four
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dinneratgrannys · 13 days
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Would you give up everything you ever dreamed of just because a man said you didn't deserve it?
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locitapurplepink · 4 months
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siodymph · 3 months
It's BigFourFest-eve! How's everyone feeling?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I know I'm so excited! 😁
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artist-issues · 5 days
Forgive me if you've already discussed it, but what's your opinion of "Brave?"
I want to like it, but somehow (I haven't taken the time to analyze it) it doesn't quite fit together. The story is much more about the mother learning and growing than about Merida. I actually didn't like Merida very much.
No it’s okay, I actually haven’t ever discussed Brave, and I haven’t watched it or analyzed it in a long while. So forgive me, I’ll analyze while I verbalize, so this might be a little all over the place, but your observations give me a starting place!
It definitely isn’t my favorite Pixar movie, but I don’t think it’s a poorly made movie, either.
I will say it’s not true that it’s much more about Queen Elinor learning and growing than Merida does, (but I can see why you’d come away with that.) I think the movie actually does a really intentional job of showing them both, equally, learning and growing toward one another’s points of view. Way better than Turning Red did, anyway.
Tumblr media
I mean, for example, they parallel each other’s “hypothetical argument.” They’re both struggling to communicate with the other. The first act is Merida being taught by Elinor, unwillingly. The second act is Elinor being taught (how to fish and survive) in the woods, at first unwillingly. Then she learns to trust Merida knows better and follows Merida’s lead to survive out there. Just like, when she enters the Great Hall and is ready to give up control of her fate for keeping the peace, you see that Merida has finally learned to follow her mom’s lead as a Princess, too. They go back-to-back, and learn almost equally.
I would put it like this: Merida learns that Queen Elinor was right all along—AND she learns more about who Queen Elinor is and how to understand her. On the flip side, Queen Elinor just learns more about who Merida is and how to communicate with her.
So that’s much better than a movie that says, “hey the mom is wrong and should let her daughter do whatever she wants, I guess.”
In general, the story is about a mom who wants her daughter to fulfill her fate, because it’s what’s best for her—but the daughter doesn’t want to follow anybody’s lead, and thinks she needs to get as far away from being traditional as possible.
Here, I’ll try to dive into it.
Tumblr media
Queen Elinor knows that tradition is important, because she understands the lessons hidden in those traditions. The Princess sacrifices her own independence as a symbol of unity for the kingdom, by marrying one of the lord’s sons. She’s not just a symbol of unity—she’s a symbol of peace, wherever she goes. Clean, tidy, on time, never ruffled, in a world full of brutish hairy men who’s favorite pastime is killing each other. That’s what Queen Elinor knows is important. For the big picture. For everyone, including Merida.
And she’s right. A Queen’s selflessness saves her people.
But. Trying to force a Princess who doesn’t understand or believe in that lesson to do it anyway is no good either. You can’t force a leader to live by principals they don’t believe in. When you do, you get Mor’du, the demon Prince.
So there’s this balance. Yes, Merida, you’re fated, by birth, to lead and be a shining beacon of hope and peace in a war-torn land. That’s a good thing. But you can only be that leader and beacon when you’ve accepted it.
Queen Elinor doesn’t start out twitch that balance. She’s just trying to force Merida into her fate. Why? It’s the age-old struggle of parenting: you know what’s best for your kid, so you try to get them into that safe-zone as fast as possible. But they don’t get it, so they buck and kick and you decide “I don’t care if you don’t get it, I’m going to force it on you because it’s what’s best.” And you know where that attitude, of “you’ll do it, and I don’t care how you feel about it” comes from?
Fear. Fear that if your kid is given an inch to argue, buck, kick, run away, that they’ll run right out of your control into danger.
And what’s the movie called?
And Merida doesn’t want to be a Princess because…”I’m not ready for this.” Fear. What’s Merida afraid of? Her own fate. She’s not fated to be an adventurer, she’s fated to be a Princess. She just has a wrong idea of what that means.
And they both think that they know, not only what’s best, but where the other person is wrong. Just like how Prince Mor’du thought he knew that he could be a better leader on his own than with his family. Both stem from pride. Which “tore the bond” of their love for each other.
Tumblr media
Because—and now we’re back to their broken relationship, which is the real story here—
Queen Elinor and Merida can’t communicate with that pride, that false image of who the other person is and what they supposedly want, in the way. So it takes Queen Elinor getting out of her comfort zone and into Merida’s (the wild) to understand that Merida can survive and choose what’s right, on her own, and doesn’t need to do it Queen Elinor’s way. It also took Merida getting out of her comfort zone and into her mother’s (having to stop a fight between warring lords because her mom’s not around to do it, which is a snapshot of her future) to understand what her mother has always been saying.
Basically, the scene where she sees Mor’Du’s story is true is where Merida changes and grows the most as a character. Because that’s her suddenly realizing that her mom was right. And that’s a really good allegory for growing up and parenting. You can tell your kid all the right things and teach them all the right lessons, but at some point, it has to become real to them on their own.
It’s even neat because that scene is shot with Merida down in “the cave of discovery, “ while her mom is where?
Tumblr media
Watching from afar. Not in there with her.
So yeah, those are my disheveled thoughts on Brave. It’s a good movie. It does feel like something about the actual events in the movie are a little lackluster—to be honest, the scenes where Merida is teaching her mom in the woods come to mind. I mean, on paper, all she’s really doing is teaching her to fish and do something a little unladylike. And then to calmly wait for the Wisps to appear instead of chasing them down. The events aren’t as…deep or attention grabbing as I think they could’ve been. But that’s okay, because it still gets the point across.
Thanks for asking!
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