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after watching "family ties" and "bloodlines" back to back, i was inspired
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X-men | Prints
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Kinda messy x-men 97 redraw
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Hey! I wanted to make a request but I wanna state right away that if you're simply not comfy with it or don't vibe with it - I completely understand!
I'm on my period rn and wanna request some SFW or NSFW head-canons with Kurt comforting F!Reader while on their period. (Totally understand if NSFW wouldn't be your thing for this. Just any comfort HCs at all would thrill me. <3)
I just can't stop thinking about him applying gentle pressure with his hand to my lower abdomen like a heating pad. I feel like he'd be so sweet. Furball cuddles for the win.
Extra note: Your writing is lovely and thank you so much for your posts. They bring me joy and I even reread some of them a few times. I hope you're having a good day/night and I'm sorry for the long ramble. Remember to take care of yourself and drink plenty of water 💜🫂
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SFW! Nightcrawler/ AFAB! reader - Period HCs It's finally here!! I'm sorry it too me so long to get to this ask lol. Hope you enjoy! TWS!: depictions/descriptions of Menstrual Cycle, Blood, staining the sheets on accident. Cramps. Please do not read if you're not comfortable.
Tumblr media
Kurt 1000000% is one of the best marvel characters when it comes to making sure his S/O is taken care of.
He's thoughtful and cuddly, and he definitely runs hot, so he's quite literally a heating pad/blanket. He hates the fact that you are in pain, even though it's a regular biological thing that happens to so many. He provides for you in any way that he can when you're on your period, making you food, running to the store, making sure you're hydrated and taking your meds.
You tell him to jump, he'll always ask how high.
And he's comfortable buying pads/tampons for you too! He memorised the brand and size you get after the first time you had your period while dating him, and he does his best to remember when you change that too!
He will also buy you the snacks you crave while on your period and will never let you pay him back.
Don't be embarrassed about your period around him. He's seen blood before, and just because it's coming from a vagina instead of a wound doesn't make it disgusting. He respects your boundaries during your period, and has a lot of patience with you if you're the type to get mood swings. He just loves you a lot, and if that includes uncomfortable menstrual cycles from time to time, he's more than willing to accommodate you however you need.
    You felt extra groggy waking up this morning. You can’t go back to sleep, but opening your eyes felt like an absolute chore. You didn’t feel well- and you can’t place why at first. You groggily sigh, uncomfortable even in bed, and are immediately comforted by a three-fingered hand soothingly petting your hair.
    “Good morning, Schatz.” His voice is soft and sweet. Even in your pain, you smile at him, trying to keep your eyes open just so that you can see him.
    “Mornin’ “ You sigh, leaning into his touch. 
    “Are you feeling well?” Kurt asks, ever the attentive sweetheart. You shake your head at him, moving closer to him so that you can snuggle into his chest. He’s warm and comforting. His tail wraps around you snugly, and he presses a kiss to your forehead. After cuddling for a while, your stomach growls, and Kurt chuckles. He mentions something about breakfast you’re a little too sleepy to remember and gives you a chaste peck before he pulls back the covers and gets out of bed.
    You only feel his weight on the bed shift a little before he seems to freeze abruptly. 
    “Is everything okay?” You ask, slowly blinking your eyes open to see what was the matter. Kurt has this soft, concerned look on his face as he looks at the bed, and then at you, turning to sit sideways where he can face you.
    “Love, you're bleeding.” He tells you. You look at him in confusion for a second, before you suddenly recognise that awful sticky wetness between your legs, and bolt straight up. You rip the blankets off, horrified at the sight of blood staining the sheets.
     “I'm so, so sorry, Kurt!” You say, frantically trying to sit up and get moving.   “- I promise I'll clean up and-”
    “Why would I make you do that?” Kurt immediately cuts you off, setting his hands on your shoulders to settle you. “You didn't do it on purpose.” He states. You don’t actually know how to respond, both embarrassed at the circumstances and thankful he’s not mad at you. 
    “I’ll start the shower for you. Just wash up and let me take care of everything else, okay?” Kurt says, taking your hands in his own before he stands. He kisses you again before he’s gone in a cloud of smoke.
    The water is the perfect temperature when you step inside, warm and cozy. You debate on turning the water scalding hot, still trying to shake off the embarrassment, but you don’t. Your cramps become more and more noticeable while you’re in the shower, causing you to ache once you finally shut off the stream. There's a fresh, fluffy towel and a new set of pajamas waiting for you when you step out- ones that Kurt must have teleported in without you noticing. The thought makes you smile.
   Kurt had replaced the bedsheets and re-made the bed while you were in the shower, also laying your weighted blanket across the bed. He’s not in the room right now, but that doesn't stop you from curling up under the fluffy cover immediately. You’re so thankful you swear to yourself that you were gonna repay Kurt ten times over with whatever he could possibly want, already knowing that he’d tell you to not worry about it.
   You’re lightly dozing, curled up in the fetal position under the covers to fight your cramps when Kurt teleports to your bedside. He’s got a tray of food in one hand with a glass of water in the other. You sit up when he sets it down on the bedside table, and he sits next to you had he hands you the glass, holding out pain meds in his other hand.
    “You know how much medicine I take?” You ask, smiling sweetly at him. He’s grinning, his tail swaying back and forth on the bed.
    “Why wouldn't I? It's the same amount every time.” Kurt says, tilting his head at you. You quickly take the medicine before you get too sidetracked, and the moment the glass of water is set to the side you pull him in for a kiss that he eagerly returns.
    “You’re the best, You know that?” You tell him, and all Kurt does is chuckle. He crawls under the covers with you, sitting by your side as the two of you eat breakfast together. When you’re done, He lays back down with you, setting his warm hand on your lower stomach as he spoons you from behind, pressing gentle kisses to the back of your neck. You’re already feeling better when you drift back to sleep again in his secure, comforting embrace.
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X-Men #35 - "Dream's End" (2024)
written by Gerry Duggan, Al Ewing, & Kieron Gillen art by Joshua Cassara, Phil Noto, Lucas Werneck, Leinil Francis Yu, Walter Simonson, Mark Brooks, John Romita, Jr., Scott Hanna, Jerome Opena, Luciano Vecchio, Stefano Caselli, Sara Pichelli, David Curiel, Laura Martin, Sonia Oback, Marcio Menyz, Matt Hollingsworth, & Matthew Wilson
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What lives rent free in my head, you ask? This:
Tumblr media
Not only is the idea of an interdimensional portal in your bathroom just...hilarious to me. but they could have drawn Kurt in his typical robe (that saucy lil purple number, for example) or even a full sized towel, but no, our man Alan said "not my Kurt, my Kurt dries off in a skimpy lil dish towel no I will not take any questions" and honestly I love him for that.
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What if the x men played DND
This is what I think their characters would be
Beast: is the forever dm
Cyclops: the most lawful good high elf paladin to ever lawful good high elf paladin
Jean grey: starts with a standard lawful good high elf wizard but min maxes into an entirely different character about three times until she is once again at lawful good elf wizard. But now it's a different flavor of elf!
Morph: chaotic neutral plasmoid fighter
Wolverine: just homebrews himself into the game, with a custom barbarian subclass of "escaped living weapon". No one realizes what he did until he mentions that his hidden wrist blades come in sets of three and by that point they are three sessions in.
Jubilee: neutral good half elf druid/sorcerer, with a dramatic heroic backstory, stunning good looks, and she knows everyone just like in her fairy tale ep
Gambit: a purple lawful evil to chaotic good tiefling rogue/warlock who's patron makes him steal treasures as offerings in exchange for blessings of luck and powers to charm others
Rogue: girl found out you can seduce in the game and is playing a chaotic good damphir bard so she can seduce as many as she wants in the game she and gambit tag team to seduce all the monsters.
Nightcrawler: everyone thought he would play a lawful good tiefling paladin but instead he's playing a chaotic neutral tabaxi cleric/monk that is also a pirate
Storm: started out playing a min-maxxed to hell Asimarr druid but got tired of it quickly and is now playing Snarf, the chaotic neutral kobold ranger/wizard and is having a blast. Especially with fireball.
Xavier is not allowed to play because he keeps cheating by reading beast's mind to meta game and magneto was kicked out for being a problem player and kinda murder hoboing a village of humans that were harassing a goblin.
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hey there, Mr. Blue we're so pleased to be with you
give me a character with a dark aesthetic and a sunny personality and i will love them forever💙
the crop top is just a treat for me - not bc it's cute on him (tho is 100% is) but bc i was struggling to render the fabric folds at the hem of the shirt lmao ( ; •͈ 𓎟 •͈ )
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Pls I’ve been getting into X-men and I’m trying to find the fandom. Where is it does it even exist
Pls help
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At least it's more dignified than German Sparkle Party. X3
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“In the Loop” feat. the incredible Nightcrawler and my oc Nine-lives. See the full pic on my DA
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kurt warmup
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