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demigoddessqueens · 3 months
Save me men with slutty waists, save me
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the holy trinity of Xmen 97 glowups
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plentyoffandoms · 4 months
X-men going woke?
Are they new to the X-Men?
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burningfudge · 3 months
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This is so cute 😭🥹
Marvel’s Voices: Pride (2021)
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incorrect-x-quotes · 2 months
Nightcrawler: Wait… you believe me? Wolverine: Bub, you’re one of the few decent people in the world. I’d believe you if you said cartoon birds brushed your hair this morning.
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He proceeded to escalate
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raevenswritingdesk · 20 days
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Morph having to reel Logan in and calling him Wolvie is living in my head rent free
(X-men ‘97 issue #3)
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supercap2319 · 2 months
Cyclops fucks your throat with your head hanging off the edge of the bed while Gambit fucks your hole hard. They both act like you're not even there, because all Cyclops does is scold Gambit for being careless in fights. Gambit just tells him to shut the fuck up.
"You were so wreckless out there, Gambit. Jean–the others could have been hurt by your carelessness." Scott said, drilling his cock inside Y/N's warm mouth. He was bare except for his visor, scolding the Cajun mutant across from him.
"How bout you get off Gambit's back, Mon ami?" Gambit asked, drilling his cock in and out of Y/N's tight hole. This was a regular thing for everyone. Y/N wasn't a slut, but he was treated like one, which explains why Gambit and Cyclops were acting like he wasn't even in the room, spitroasting him.
Cyclops let's out a frustrated grunt as he fucks harder, slamming into Y/N's throat, choking him on the edge of the bed. "You need to follow orders. My orders. Professor Xavier left me in charge."
"True, but you ain't no Charles Xavier, eh?" Gambit picks up the pace and really slams into Y/N, making the younger male arched his back. "Ain't that right, Chéri?" Gambit looks down at him.
"Just knock it off, Rémy." Cyclops growls.
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ravensliterature · 2 months
Sentinels' Siege
Tumblr media
A/N: Yeah, it has definitely been a minute. Saw the new X-Men 97 show and got inspired. Please enjoy this!
pairing: Magneto (Erik) x GN!Reader
warnings: Character death
w/c: 784
Prompt: The reader here has forcefield powers. The sentinel is attaching Genosha and the reader saves Erik at the expense of their own life.
In the heart of Genosha, amidst the ruins of a once-thriving nation, the sentinel's ominous presence cast a shadow over the land. Its metallic form, a symbol of oppression and fear, loomed tall against the crimson sky, its mechanical eyes scanning the desolate landscape with ruthless efficiency. But amidst the chaos and fear, you stood as a beacon of hope, your powers of forcefield manipulation shielding not only Magneto but also civilians of Genosha from the sentinel's relentless assault.
Two spheres of energy shimmered in the air, each pulsating with the strength of your will. One enveloped Magneto, the other surrounded you and the civilians seeking refuge within your protective embrace. It was a delicate balance, maintaining both shields amidst the onslaught of the sentinel's attacks, but you refused to falter, driven by the unwavering resolve to protect those you loved at any cost.
As the sentinel unleashed its barrage of energy blasts, your forcefields flickered and crackled with energy, absorbing the brunt of the attacks. Beside you, Magneto watched in awe and gratitude, his heart swelling with pride at the sight of your unwavering determination. But beneath the surface, there was a surge of panic within him as he witnessed your struggle to maintain both shields.
He reached out to you, his voice a plea amidst the chaos. "Y/N, my love, you mustn't—"
But his words were lost in the cacophony of battle as your forcefields strained to their limits. With each passing moment, the pressure mounted, threatening to break through your defenses and claim you all.
Flashbacks of your time together flooded your mind, each memory a bittersweet reminder of the bond you shared. You remembered the first time he had entrusted you with his secrets, the way his eyes softened as he spoke of a future where mutants could live without fear. You remembered the stolen moments of tenderness, the quiet nights spent gazing at the stars, finding solace in each other's company amidst the turmoil of their world.
But amidst the memories, there was the harsh reality of the present—the sentinel's relentless assault threatening to overwhelm your defenses. Your forcefields flickered and waned under the strain, cracks forming along their surfaces as they struggled to hold back the tide of destruction. Yet still, you refused to yield, your determination unyielding even in the face of insurmountable odds.
Magneto watched in silent anguish as you stood as the bulwark against the storm, his heart heavy with the weight of your sacrifice. He reached out, his hands grasping at empty air as you fell, the light fading from your eyes even as his world plunged into darkness.
In that final moment, as the sentinel loomed over Genosha victorious, Magneto could only cling to the memories of the love you shared—a love that had been both his greatest strength and his deepest sorrow. But though you were gone, your spirit would forever be etched in his heart, a guiding light in the darkness that now enveloped him.
And as he gazed upon the devastated landscape of Genosha, a vow ignited within him—a vow to carry on the fight in your honor, to ensure that your sacrifice would not be in vain. For in giving your life to protect others, you had shown him the true meaning of heroism—a selflessness that transcended even death itself.
But amidst the chaos and despair, there was one final moment of connection—a silent exchange of love that echoed across the battlefield. As the sentinel's onslaught reached its crescendo, engulfing you in a blinding blaze of light, you locked eyes with Magneto one last time.
In that fleeting moment, time seemed to stand still, the world around them fading into insignificance as you mouthed the words that echoed the depths of your soul, "I love you."
Though no sound escaped your lips, the sentiment rang loud and clear in the silence of the battlefield. It was a declaration of devotion, a testament to the bond that had transcended the trials and tribulations they had faced together.
Magneto's heart clenched with a mixture of grief and gratitude as he returned your gaze, his own eyes brimming with unshed tears. And as the light consumed you, engulfing you in its brilliant embrace, he could only watch in silent agony as your form disappeared amidst the chaos.
But though your physical presence had been extinguished, your love would forever burn bright within his heart, a beacon of hope in the darkness that now enveloped him. And as he stood amidst the ruins of Genosha, a solitary figure against the backdrop of devastation, he vowed to carry on your legacy—a legacy of love, sacrifice, and unwavering strength in the face of adversity.
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Mention X-Men and I will start info-dumping faster than you can blink
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asgardswinter · 4 months
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Friendly reminder that Wolverine dated Hercules
X-men Xtreme (2013)
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gina-chan1979 · 2 months
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burningfudge · 2 months
In light of the new Deadpool & Wolverine trailer, I’d like to remind everyone of one of my favorite panels from New X-Men just because of how absurd it is 😂 Charles and Cassandra having a fist fight in the WOMB is crazy lmaoo. So is Cassandra strangling Charles with an umbilical cord but that’s just normal Cassandra Nova behavior.
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New X-Men (2001) #121
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telqqqv · 2 months
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cyclops, xmen 97
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Low key sneaking your favorite mutant couple into to the school gallery.
(Not done yet, and I might not post the final product.)
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stormandforge · 28 days
And just like that, Forge has a name.
Tumblr media
I almost choked when I heard it. I use captions, so I could see I hadn't imagined it, and I was in absolute shock. I repeated "DANIEL?" in disbelief about 10 times, my hand on my mouth and my eyes wide. I looked at my husband to confirm I wasn't going insane. Then I stared into space for the rest of the episode.
X-Men '97 using Forge's real name was the last thing I expected. And the way they did it, too, so casually, in conversation. I'D BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOR 30 YEARS.
You might think it's a small thing, but before X-Men '97 episode 10, so before yesterday, Forge didn't have a real name. He was introduced in 1984. Let that sink in: that's 40 years without a single Marvel writer bothering to give him a name.
The fans, myself included, came up with headcanon to justify the decision and sometimes made up names for him in fanfic (Jonathan Silvercloud being the most famous one - no it's not an alt reality name, it comes from fic), but no Marvel writer took the time to explain or rectify.
This was frankly insulting of them, especially when you consider Forge's constant presence in the comics, and the ridiculous number of names some other characters have. Also, and perhaps most importantly, Chris Claremont had already planned a name for him:
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All Marvel needed to do was use this name to make it canon. Or perhaps ask Claremont if they could use it. (And if they didn't want to speak to Claremont, they could still just...make up another name. You know, that thing writers do all the time.) But no, even after the name was announced on Twitter, it still was never used, on panel or elsewhere.
Enter a simple piece of dialogue in X-Men '97, and boom, Forge has a name. It wasn't that difficult, was it? Such a small move, but it shook me like a bomb. It's a historic moment for the character, and for the people who love him as much as I do. It's like he was finally given an identity, and with it the basic dignity he deserves.
I had imagined all sorts of scenarios in which his name would be revealed - all quite dramatic or emotional. But I guess the best way to retcon something that doesn't make sense is to pretend it never happened. So revealing his long-withheld name in conversation, natural like, is absolutely perfect. I love that Forge doesn't even react, because, you know, it's just his name, no big deal.
(I'm a bit sad that Ororo wasn't the first one to call him by his first name, but hey, you can't have it all.)
As far as I'm concerned, the name is canon now. '97 isn't the comics, but it's still Marvel, and that's good enough for me. I've waited long enough. And if the first name Claremont wrote is canon, then so is the last.
Which means: Forge has a full name. *SQUEEEEEEE*
I don't know who made the decision to use Forge's name or why, but I want to thank them. They righted a major wrong.
Now catch up, Marvel Comics. Everyone deserves a name. Even the monkey wrench repairman with non-flashy powers.
Everyone, meet Daniel Lone Eagle.
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