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deancrowleycas · 30 days
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idkkarlo · 30 days
jenmish is a comedic duo. ✨
question: “what’s your favorite thing to do at the gym?”
misha: “the towel wrap thing”
demonstrates whipping a towel. everybody laughs.
jensen: “that’s better than mine.”
misha: “what’s yours? dropping the soap?”
applause and laughter.
jensen: “i was gonna say the exit”
oh god what I wouldn’t give for them to star in a comedy show together.
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strawlessandbraless · 28 days
Honestly if I want to clown over destiel, it’s my god given right. Like I appreciate your concern, but no thank you. Choosing hope and love just like my boy castiel, this is where I live now
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hannecroweley · 1 year
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there‘s no glass wall between us (like last time)
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teresaofichabod · 2 years
Less than 250 Days to go and I’m going to meet Misha at the Purgatory Convention!
So Excited, I’m still debating what I should get him to sign.
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rinoa2530 · 30 days
Well they eventually turned up an hour late but we got our Jenmish Panel.
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jensenackles-daily · 1 year
Ent_Event: 365 days until #Purgatory8 [May 25-26, 2024, Maritim Hotel Dusseldorf, Germany] with 🔥 @JensenAckles 🔥 (x)
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carryoncastiel · 1 year
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Misha in red at Purgatory Con today
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laf-outloud · 4 months
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Infinity Con & Purgatory 8:
We have good and bad news for you guys!
After receiving many many questions if Jared could attend Purgatory 8 instead of Infinity Con we tried to work something out with his agents again.
The very good news is: Jared is now available for Purgatory 8!
Because we got so many request via email, via Facebook and also privat messages we decided to move his appearance to Purgatory 8!
So everyone at Purgatory 8 will probably be super happy now. Sadly this also means, he won`t attend Infinity Con. We are working on more guests for this event of course!
Genevieve sadly won`t be able to attend Purgatory 8 tho and has to cancel Infinity Con.
So what happens now:
If you bought extras for Genevieve, please wait just a little bit longer, as we will announce a replacement guest shortly! More info on bought extras will be given then.
If you bought Jared extras (ALL Extras means Photo Ops, Autographs and Meet & Greets): Those Extras will be valid for Purgatory 8. So just print your Infinity Extra tickets and bring them with you to Purgatory 8 if you will attend this event as well.
If you won`t attend Purgatory 8 as well, please let us know. In this case we will refund your extras. In this case, please send an email to [email protected] with your name and order number. We will refund as soon as possible. Please ONLY send a message, if you do not attend Purgatory 8 as well. We will check this!
Refunds will be given the same way as bought. The person who bought the ticket needs to send a refund request to our email address!
Additional Jared Extras for Purgatory 8 will be available soon!
Jared is going to be a SPECIAL GUEST and he will join us at Purgatory 8 the whole weekend. There also will be options to get Double and Triple Photo Ops with him and Jensen and Misha, but more Info on this will follow shortly.
A refund of Infinity Entry tickets is not possible. We still think the Infinity Line up is amazing and we are still working on more guests! We are awaiting a couple signed contracts soon!
ALSO: We talked to the hotel again regarding the amount of attendees and were able to add 120 Single Day Tickets per day without seating. You will be able to watch the panels but not in the seating area.
If you have ANY questions, please send an email to [email protected].
Entertainment Events
**For those who were attending Infinity Con in Germany, Jared's now been moved to Purgatory Con.**
Note this particular section: "ALSO: We talked to the hotel again regarding the amount of attendees and were able to add 120 Single Day Tickets per day without seating. You will be able to watch the panels but not in the seating area."
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imdreamingofhim · 1 year
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JENSEN WILL BE IN GERMANY NEXT YEAR!!!! He will be at Purgatory Con in Düsseldorf... AND I WILL SEE HIM THERE!!!! *squeeeeeeeeeee*
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deancrowleycas · 29 days
QUESTION ABOUT THE CONFESSION SCENE AT THE JENSEN PANEL (how Jensen wants the confession scene to be resolved and Cas coming back)
Jensen: 'I don't necessarily think that there needs to be some resolution to that. I think Dean took that in and Dean lost some of his closest allies and friends and he understands that Cas loves him. It doesn't need to be said or talked about. Well, it's not subtext. It's clear text. And the accepting of that happened when Dean was sitting on the floor and Dean not only lost a brother in arms but also one of the closest people to him. They found each other and whenever Cas comes back or there is a reunion it's just understood.'
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bexfangirlforlife · 1 year
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Fave top 10 of my pics from Misha sunday panel at purcon 7 (2023)
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strawlessandbraless · 27 days
Seeing Jensen’s response create a great divide amongst destiel shippers and I’m just here like
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rosesandtheuniverse · 27 days
Soooo... I was at PurCon 8? As my first con EVER? And what a historical con that was !! 😮
Our talented boys are the most sweet, kind, friendly... I don't have enough words... just know they're freaking amazing.
And the fans? Holy f*ck! As it was my first con, I was damn nervous. I was so anxious I didn't eat for 4 days 🧐 But I was adopted by two lovely cosplayers @chromaticchaosplay and @100years-to-live who were so kind to me 🤟🏻 you'll never get rid of me guys!! 🌹 everyone was so friendly and caring with each other 🥰
But back to the main people.... how cute can they be? 🥺
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(Quality is not the best, sorry. They'll be better next year 😈)
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seenthisepisode · 3 months
#i am close to tears - beware there is a rant about my life in the tags ahead so watch out - it's nothing VERY serious but it's... well#also this is literally about supernatural convention so it's not like a serious problem but it is a problem for me personally#so anyway last year when they announced misha for purgatory con 8 in dusseldorf i was like yes yes yes and i bought the tickets because:#1. i had a whole year to plan a trip 2. going to spn con was this little dream of mine because i've been in this fandom for years so#so i thought hey i deserve a little treat. i want to and deserve to go to a con and they just announced misha and i'd love to go#(and then they also announced jensen. and then jared too so like all 3 main guys will be there so !! a Treat !! yay!) and also Why Not#because it's in germany so it's the closest i would ever get a convention because i am from poland [*] no conventions here sorry#so i was like yeah the stars seem to have alligned yeah AND I BOUGHT THE TICKET. and the thing is SOLD OUT. and 3 main actor men are there#and a lot of mutuals that i'd finally love to meet maybe if they feel like it or whatever but i'd love to meet tumblr people so there's tha#and now. i just spent 3 hours after work looking for flights and everything. and. the conclusion. after 3 hours of looking at every possibl#way for me to get to Dusseldorf at the days of the con. well. the conclusion is i have no way to get there. and i am stuck.#and there are flights and they are not even that expensive. but the HOURS are horrible. i checked different airports and even looked at#flights to dortmund and i literally have no way to get there in a way that makes any sense... because arriving at 4pm on saturday is#too late. and the other option is being there at 8 am - cool - but i have no way of getting to the airport at 4 am. i'd have to take#additional day off from work (not an option). and i literally don't know what to do. it's almost 1 am and i should be happily asleep and i#am trying to solve this problem lmao because on one hand i really want to go and i want to figure out a way to get there 1. on time 2. in a#way that won't cost me 1/3 of my paycheck ; and on the other hand i just want to email the organizer to return the ticket or resell it to#someone because i know there will be someone who wants to go because the event is sold out#WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE THIS HARD......#AS I WRITE THIS I AM FULLY AWARE THIS IS SUCH A FIRST WORLD PROBLEM i know!!!!!! fully aware!!!!#but i just :(( really wanted to go :((( but i am slowly leaning towards the option of not going :((( because money and time :((#and the kilometers between me and the con place :(((((#personal
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jacklesthings · 1 year
Jensen is doing Purgatory 8 in Germany next year
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