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jensenackles-daily · 9 months
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@SamSmithTweets: Hooligans, Day 1 ♥️ #Liverpool (x)
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emisirrelevant · 2 years
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May 25 and 27-29, 2024 - the NDAs are no more.
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Purgatory 8 con took place this past weekend and words have been spoken [x].
Jensen Ackles trended briefly on May 25 and then several tags began trending again on May 27. It looks like a bunch of things about destiel were said, alongside the typical con chaos which resulted in the trend. Below are some highlights (though not all of them have video sources):
The confession scene played before the Jensen and Misha's panel: [video], [x], [x], [x]
Jensen said that Cas' confession was textual rather than subtext: [video], [x], [x]
DJ and Ty started their panel by thanking everyone for the congrats on their marriage: [x] + Ty mentioned he'd read some Dean/Benny fanfiction: [x]
In response to a question about what Kevin had seen when he was a ghost, Osric replied "destiel": [x]
Multiple people tweeted about various panels throughout the weekend and most tweets can be found under the #purcon8 tag.
It looks like spn was also trending on Twitter [x]:
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dotthings · 3 months
You know who I feel sad for right now is Misha, because I think he wanted to be able to speak much much earlier than he was able to about Cas’s confession. We know he drafted an essay about Cas’s coming out…and then wound up not publishing it. Misha deserved to be able to talk about it in interviews the way Oliver Stark is able to about Buck. Misha mentioned it on zoom calls, briefly. And then it seems like he got yanked back by the PR machine and the nature of Cas’s confession wasn’t discussed on any SPN PR materials and for a time Misha was restricted on what he could say on CE Con stages.
At first, back then, for a few glorious days, I thought the stigma about queer Cas, about Destiel, had been lifted, finally, and then WB/CW brought the restrictions back down via PR. Oh you can have your confession scene, SPN, but corporate will control the narrative on how it’s spoken about or not.
We saw this thaw over time. (Anyone who claims otherwise or that Misha was always able to be open about it, is lying). Now Misha can speak openly about it and that shift began around the time when Chaos Machine really set up shop and changed a few con policies. So I’m happy for Misha that he can speak only about Cas being queer and what the confession means and Cas coming out, but he still has yet to be able to speak in depth about it in major PR. The openness about it comes out on con stage. At first it was non-CE Cons. Then finally he was more able to speak freely on CE Con stages.
Which leads me to another point, which is that, in fact, any of us who thought Cas was supposed to be in the series finale? We were right all along. The PR Misha filmed meant to mislead and misdirect about his last episode…PR misdirect to cover up so it could be a surprise, which makes sense and is sometimes how PR is run. Remember that the production shutdowns of the pandemic happened during the first days of filming 15.19. We found out eventually Dean and Cas were planned to be seen at the Roadhouse bar in Heaven together.
When they filmed 15.18 everyone thought Cas would at least cameo in 15.20. During the filming of 15.18 nobody directly involved knew how far Cas would be shoved out of the story, the actors didn’t know, the writer didn’t know, the director didn’t know, how far 15.20 would be stripped back, no one knew how reduced even mere mentions would be in 15.20.
I’ve talked about this before but a reminder how screwed the spn creatives who worked on 15.18 were, how screwed over the actors were.
You were right. If you thought that there was going to be at least some satisfaction and closure and Cas was going to have one more appearance before the end and it wouldn’t be able to be loud open canon, but something that implied mutual canon Destiel.
We were right. We were right all along.
Antis on twitter dot com can keep scratching and clawing and harassing and gaslighting and spewing phobic comments, denying what Jensen’s views are and dening that corporate censorship is real and that bi Dean is canonical via queer coding and queer Cas is now loud open canon and Destiel is mutual, via canon queer coding. Won’t change what happened here or that the intent was so, so much better and more than what 15.20 delivered, and the reason it fell apart was the production shutdown gave some parties high up too much time to think and then interfere and cut Cas out.
There is no more room to indulge media illiteracy and malicious denialism and trolling from antis.
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pussypopstiel · 7 months
I could never be a twitter spn fan they kill u with hammers if you even mention that you dislike an actor meanwhile on this site i can always refer back to the sacred “reblog to push jensen ackles down a well”
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loveinterestcastiel · 2 months
ngl walker being cancelled just makes me even more convinced that there will be a supernatural 20 year anniversary special/series/movie SOMETHING in 2025. like obviously misha and (especially) jensen are addicted to spn and will do anything to play cas and dean again. they wanted to bring cas back in the winchesters but the timing and writing weren’t right. they literally talk all the time at cons about how they want to do the whole destiel plotline justice AND that they have ideas about how to do it. of course they’d jump on a new opportunity but jared? jared just dropped hints last month about stepping back into sam’s shoes capital S soon and now his schedule is conveniently wide open? not to mention ben edlund going ham interacting with fans on twitter and asking us to rec 6 episodes of spn for a secret project he’ll tell us about later? fuck me i guess. anyway yeah i’m telling you im expecting an announcement/press release pretty much any day now
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Canon Destiel Timeline Masterpost
I wrote this all in a fugue state while listening to Green Grow the Lilacs on repeat so forgive any mistakes. @gay-fae ask and ye shall receive
So much has happened in the long and storied history of his fandom so I've decided to try to document it. I've started by looking up every time that canon destiel, destiel event, misha collins, jackles, or some other search terms have spiked on Google and cross referenced them with tumblr or twitter posts from that day. I know a lot of this is Misha stuff, but he does tend to be the one to say things
November 5th, 2020: Season 15, Episode 18 "Despair" airs and Castiel declares his love to Dean. The presidential election, Georgia turning blue, the presumed retirement of Vladamir Putin, Dabi from My Hero Academia, Ouran Host Club season 2, Sherlock season 5, the president of Bolivia being attacked with dynamite, ongoing BLM protests, a twitter artist making racist art of Ted Bundy, Hetalia returning, a dead man being elected Representative for North Dakota, V for Vendetta, scientists discovering a "hell" planet that rains rocks and has lava oceans, and half of Europe being in lockdown all became tumblr news around the same time. Some of these are true, some not.
November 8th, 2020: Misha Collins, in a panel with Richard Speight, states that the confession scene was a "declaration of homosexual love", and that when Castiel goes to the Empty, it is an example of the "Kill your gays" trope.
November 19th, 2020: The finale airs and it is not well loved to say the least. The episode is short, Dean dies by falling on a nail to death fighting vampire clowns, and there are several characters left with dangling unresolved plot threads and arcs, including Castiel. The car is in heaven though. There is very little heard from the cast and crew, if anything.
November 22nd, 2020: Misha Collins, in a livestream, tells a fan that Castiel and Jack are remaking heaven together, Cas has his wings back, and they are rainbow-colored. He had, however, mentioned the rainbow wings before.
November 24th, 2020: The Spanish dub of the confession is released and a "rogue" translator has written "Y yo a ti" or "I love you too" as Dean's response. Destiel goes canon in Spanish. Tumblr stops working as a result.
November 25th, 2020: tumblr user @thebloggerbloggerfun claims Jensen Ackles said "I had a member of the film crew record the confession scene on my phone for me" #unsourced #releasethetapes
November 26th, 2020: Misha doesn't appreciate the rogue translator, but walks that opinion back later the same day
November 27th, 2020: A "leaked" Italian dub of the confession scene shows a mutual confession.
November 28th, 2020: President Obama follows a destiel account on Twitter
November 30th, 2020: The supposed "Italian dub" is revealed as a fake created by user @iotiamo using sound clips from other parts of the Italian dub on show.
December 1st, 2020: Twitter user @mothdean says "misha I know you have a stan acc and spy on us so can we have a hazel update please"
December 3rd, 2020: Misha tweets about Hazel snoring and this is taken as possible confirmation of Misha's secret stan account
December 11th, 2020: A script from Cas's perspective leaks. It says "We see Cass's POV of Dean again - his face drawn, drained of hope. But still beautiful. Still Dean Winchester."
December 16th, 2020: Newsweek runs an article about an article that Misha wrote about the Lewinsky affair while interning in the Clinton White House in which Misha comes off as rather thirsty for Bill
December 20th, 2020: All Supernatural related materials disappear off the CW's website due to a copyright dispute with Warner Brothers
December 31st, 2020: Mishapocalypse redux
February 9th, 2021: Spn cast members Chad Lindberg and Samantha Ferris tweet about a party at the Roadhouse and it grows to become a full Destiel wedding
February 16th, 2021: @steveyockey made a fairly benign post about Jensen Ackles. The notes went wild in a variety of ways and started a rumor that Spn writer Steve Yockey was dead
February 20th, 2021: Steve Yockey is not dead and he should say it
March 3rd, 2021: The German dub drops and it is also romantic in tone
March 6-8th, 2021: A virtual con happens where Jensen discusses Chaos Machine and Jared says he wants to be in their next project. They also show that WAP video. Jensen is giving full mountain man preparing to play Soldier Boy.
March 10th, 2021: The French dub is released. Cas says, "I love you, Dean" and Dean now responds, "Don't do this to me, Castiel"
March 13th, 2021: The company Amazon tweets about Castiel and Misha Collins asks if they ship Deancas or Wincest. Subsequently apologizes.
March 16th, 2021: Misha says he can't speak as Castiel because Warner Brothers" specifically forbade it. #cwsniperconfirmed
March 17th, 2021: Sam and Eileen are getting married! I have no idea how this came about but I'm happy for them
March 23rd, 2021: Chad Lindberg and Samantha Ferris claim on Twitter that the Roadhouse party was about Valentine's day and not a wedding. Ferris specifically said that she worked on the show and that people tried to make Dean/Cas into "something that it wasn't", She also stated she doesn't "know what queerbaiting is" and that it was due to an "agenda". This led to #deanisbi trending on Twitter and Tumblr.
March 31st, 2021: Some possibly fake leaked scripts come up for sale on eBay. Also, Jensen is Batman.
April 1st, 2021: Mishapocalypse redux
April 6th, 2021: Leaked scripts from the 2 final episodes pop up and have several mentions of Cas in them that were omitted. Dean even thinks about Cas's confession when confronting Chuck.
April 18th, 2021: Scripts from seasons 12 and 13 leak. These include scenes from after Cas's death
May 17th, 2021: Jensen's band Radio Company releases an album including the song Watching Over Me
June ~5th, 2021: Misha says at a convention that Watching Over Me is about Castiel. Jensen neither confirms nor denies this when asked about it
June 11th, 2021: It is announced that Misha is publishing a book of poetry
June 18th, 2021: The Russian dub airs and Dean's line is changed to "Don't you dare, Cas"
June 24-28th, 2021: Jensen and Daneel Ackles reveal that they are making a Supernatural prequel series following John and Mary Winchester (a story that NOBODY was asking for). Jensen will reprise his role as Dean and will narrate. Misha hints that he would like to be involved, as do Ruthie Connell, Samantha Ferris, Matt Cohen, and Julie McNiven (the perils of having a cast of mostly immortal characters). But Jared Padalecki first says that he is happy for the Ackles's, he later said he was "gutted", then responded to Robbie Thompson's tweet calling him a "coward" and saying "what an awful thing you've done". The next day, Jensen and Jared both do damage control and say they'll always be brothers
July 17th, 2021: People are asking if Destiel will be canon in Space Jam, Misha's poetry book's cover is revealed to lukewarm reviews and people are talking about a particular poem about piss, and Perfume Genius releases an article that is a self-insert vore fanfiction about having sex with Jensen Ackles
August 2nd, 2021: Perfume Genius is at it again with "Last Friday, I had my eyes removed by Jared Padalecki". No, I do not know why she is doing this.
August 9th, 2021: Destiel fics hit 100k on Ao3. Misha tweets his support and people remember that he sometimes reads fanfiction and theorize he has an A03 account
September 1st, 2021: Misha makes his first Tiktok. There is a short intro before he calls cut, walks behind a screen, and strips his clothes off
September 3rd, 2021: Jake Abel uses Michael and Adam to help sell his hot sauce brand
September 4th, 2021: Misha confirms that the love between Castiel and Dean was "reciprocated"
September 9th, 2021: A clip of the real Italian dub of the confession scene goes viral as it is revealed that, unlike the Spanish dub, they change the line to "ti voglio bene" or essentially "I love you like family". Misha responds with a video saying "Ciao Italia, ti amo" with the subtitle "Love is love in any language"
September 21st, 2021: Misha drops the fact that one of his poems is from Castiel's perspective.
September 30th, 2021: Jensen will be appearing at a con on the same day as Misha and not with Jared for "professional reasons"
October 4th, 2021: Misha responds to a fan's tweet by saying that Jensen has "crazy eyes and a knife in his pocket"
October 10th, 2021: Daneel posts a picture of Jensen intently reading Misha's poetry book in front of a roaring fire on Instagram. Misha responds that he misses them even more
October 12th, 2021: Jensen is cast in Rust, a (rather ill-fated) western and Misha says "Yippie-ki-yay" and calls him a stud in the comments
October 16th, 2021: Denvercon. Jensen and Jared reunite for the first time since THE INCIDENT
April 24th, 2022: Misha Collins says in terms of being an extrovert, an introvert, or a bisexual, he joked "I'm all three". This led to the internet celebrating Misha's newly revealed bisexuality.
April 25th, 2022: Misha Collins comes out as straight. Oops!
June 19th, 2022: According to Misha, Dean's heaven was supposed to be at the Roadhouse with all his friends and Cas was going to be there with him
November 7th, 2022: Misha calls Elon Musk a snowflake
November 12th, 2022: Tumblr starts planning another Mishapocalypse
January 24th, 2023: Jensen and the cast of the Winchesters throw Dean Winchester a birthday party, including wearing silly little hats
February 26th, 2023: At JIBcon 11, Jensen sings an improvised song about an angel while Misha sits cross-legged on the floor looking up at him
April 1st, 2023: 10 year anniversary of the Mishapocalypse
April 16th, 2023: A year after his bisexual whoopsie daisy, Misha says that Warner Brothers asked him to "let it go" and keep pretending to be bisexual.
August 23, 2023: Rogue Spanish translator is revealed to not have gone rogue at all but instead to have followed the script he was given, confirming the existence of a mutual love confession that was cut at some point.
If you can remember any events and dates that I haven't found, please let me know and I'll add them! I haven't really rounded out 2022 and 2023 yet.
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killerbees-hehe · 9 months
I’m making a presentation called What the FUCK Was Up with Supernatural and it’s gonna be an in depth analysis about all the nonsense caused by our favorite nightmare show.
Some things in including;
The fuckery on set (Jared gets stabbed with a real knife, the 65,000 live bees, Jensen falls on real glass, crew member gets struck by lightning, etc.)
Writers strike 2008 -> God
Misha accidentally gets stuck on the show for 11 years
The CW’s desperate attempts to kill Castiel for 11 years
The inherent misogyny -> accidental Destiel pipeline
The influence on fanfiction tropes
Misha has to come out as straight (not technically caused by spn but worth mentioning)
J2 Twitter war
Jackles thinks he is actually Dean
(All this gets its own section ⬇️)
✨November 5✨
The Destiel news meme
Canon in Spanish, aka Rouge/Not Rouge Translator
The forbidden knowledge of the final season
‘Release the Tapes’
Destielgate 1 and 2
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lol-jackles · 1 month
Why don’t you admit when you post incorrect info, such as your first statement that CM Production wasn’t one of the producers in Ackles’ new show? It was even listed in multiple articles. People apparently pointed it out and then you do this passive/aggressive dance, downplaying it. Why? Own your oopsies. Also, when someone asks about potential pay for a series, give your educated guess, and then stop. No need to drone on with a word salad about how much all the crew make, and every other cast member down to the PA. The question was just about Jensen. When someone goes on with irrelevant TMI, it comes across like they really don’t know the answer.
By the way, has anyone ever mentioned to you that it’s weird to create an entire tumblr blog about a celebrity that you claim to hate, yet follow so obsessively? SPN is definitely a “unique” fandom to research. I found you, someone named GooB, Patrick, Vinnie and a Kelios. I’m amazed Jensen and Jared don’t have 24 hour security. Just wild. A dissertation could be written on this convoluted fandom.
If you're talking about the IMDB site, Jensen is no longer listed as executive/producer Link.
You know what you need to do now, take your own words and admit that you are wrong and say that CMP/Jensen is not producer on The Countdown.
What passive aggressive dance? I don't dance, I straight up tell you what I think and why I think I'm right. It's me who has to remind you all when my theory doesn't pan out because despite appearances, I'm actually not a prophet.
"when someone asks about potential pay for a series, give your educated guess, and then stop."
Why did that part bother you so much? I'm genuinely curious. My readers know I have difficulties keeping it short but in the 8 years I've had this blog no one has ever demanded me to just "stop" lol. What triggered you?
I never said anything about how much crews and PA's make. Re-read and get back to me when you calmed down. Remember, inhale through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth. You're welcome.
Interesting, how did you find me? Along with Goob, Patrick (a name he no longer identifies with) and Vinnie and Kelios? From butthurt Destiel shippers and Jensen stans on twitter? No wonder you're so mad and think that lol-jackles blog is All About Jensen when he actually only takes up 18% of my entire blog but you would know that if you bothered to read anything past your obsessive Jensen goggles.
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deanparadise · 4 months
Tumblr media
at the ahbl12 this weekend, jensen once again mentioning how 15.18 is not only so special to him but how it is to misha, too. “someone that i deeply care about, not just the person who's portraying it but the character as well” they will be the death of me 😭
c: mae on Twitter/X
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jensenackles-daily · 8 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
@chrisschmelke: J e n s e n @LoudenSwain1 H a w a i i 🌴 (x)
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rrahuntersblog · 2 months
hi, i saw you replied with a large essay to my ask, you included all your reasons to dislike Danneel, and to that i only have one thing to say.
you are dumb and i don't buy a single word of it.
in fact i've heard all of it before, from the same bunch of assholes over and over again.
none of this people have any credibility whatsoever. also it's all incredibly dumb, i mean how the heck would any of them know the contents of Jensen's personal email?
is just stupid.
as for being toxic on twitter 20 years ago, i think that's just a compleatly normal stage of being human. we all are assholes at some moment in our lives, point is, we grow up, we are always changing and we are always learning.
the fact that Danneel now keps away from sm is a proof that i'm right, she clearly learned that there's always going to be haters and that the only opinion on herself that really maters is her own, and those of the people close to her.
Uh. No one mentioned Jensen's personal email... aside from him personally mentioning that was how Danneel told him she was pregnant with JJ.
As for being toxic on social media... Wow. No. I was never toxic on social media. I know a tons of people that weren't/aren't. The fact that Danneel continued this kind of toxicity for decades is a BAD sign, dude.
As for her now being away... we don't know why. The fact you think you're right is adorable. She couldn't have learned this decades ago when she was first dating Jensen and then married him?
I notice you skipped the other parts of the abuse, mistreatment, etc.
I know I'm not going to convince you and that's just fine.
I'll say one thing though: You didn't have to call me "dumb" or insult others. This shows you have a lack of class as well, just like your favorite, Danneel.
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queenhellwitch · 1 year
Jared Fucking Padalecki.
Re: Twitter, and the bunches of people who are criticising Jared for not being as good at acting as Jensen (misinformation about Jared's "problematic nature" aside, the intricacies of "he's not your fave but he's right there in every episode so he's not a bad actor, he just annoys you" aside, and the [probably correct] "you just hate him cuz he's not part of your ship" ideas also aside...)
It's so easy to see Sam as the boring, huffy, grumpy one who is only there to piss Dean off and to piss on Dean's always ever-so-hilarious bonfire (I've actually seen people use Sam's 'I'm so done with this shit' persona as the reason to claim Jared is a bad actor - that he's merely playing himself, just stands there and "huffs and puffs", he's booooring, wah wah. Tell me you've never seen Jared being Jared without telling me etc etc...)
And then there are people who understand and love Sam. We relate. His trauma is palpable and we see it and feel it and can't ignore it, like a lot of fans of this show seem to do.
But there's an extra nuance - and I'm gonna be extra patronising here - it's called understanding the dynamics of the game. Acting is a game of tennis. It's a call and response, a dance. J2 talk about it ALL THE TIME.
Dynamics. J2's chemistry, their brotherly relationship on and off screen and love for each other cannot be denied. But also, thanks to these TWO SKILLED ACTORS, Sam and Dean are a beautifully crafted comedy duo. The clip from "LARP and the Real Girl", where Sam suggests belladonna, and Dean and Charlie say "The pornstar?!" - that scene? There is a beat. Of perfect length.
And Sam says, "...the poison." It is a great example of masterful acting/comedy dynamics. People who clip/gif this scene after "The pornstar?!" and miss the next line absolutely suck. The reaction from Jared/Sam is what absolutely MAKES this moment as great as it is. It is absolutely, perfectly perfect, straight-man comic timing. He masters it, every time, every episode.
Then there's all the other things he does to bring the Sam I love to full, dynamic, dimensional life. Let me count the ways.
Just the other day I watched a clip of 20-year-old Jared giving an interview with the rest of the cast of "House of Wax". He talked about the lighting, the angles; he mentioned all sorts of things. Bashful, rosy-cheeked and so earnest, full of awe and respect for the art of filmmaking, even when his fellow young cast members were either jibing each other, or silently lounging, sunglasses on, like rockstars.
He's a beautiful actor because he cares so much about how a story is told.
He's a beautiful actor and one who deserves to be celebrated.
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The Schrödinger's SPN Revival
So, recently there’s been a lot of talk on here and twitter because a couple articles have been published citing Jared and Jensen (or just Jensen in one POS article) mentioning discussing possibilities for a revival. Does this make it any more likely to happen or closer to being realized? I don’t know, but the guys have been mentioning it off and on for years already, so I’m not sure it’s any more likely now than it ever was. Also, with networks and the whole industry in seeming disarray, even if J2 want to get a revival going, I’m not sure it will happen.
But, let’s speculate anyway. Shall we?
Tumblr media
(I CANOT get the link to work for some reason!!)
My thoughts on this, under the cut.
I’m no authority on anything in the TV industry, but I have watched our little show a lot, so I have thoughts. Let’s take look at each person on this poll.
Kripke - Obviously, he understands Sam and Dean. He created them after all. But, would I trust him with the revival? Well, judging by The Boys, he seems more focused on shock value than tight storytelling these days, so I’m not sure I would want to see an SPN on a streamer that he ran. It might become a case of all fireworks and little to no heart. Also, if he had ended the series in Season 5, both Sam and Dean would have been trapped in the cage forever. Not exactly a happy ending. Still, is he capable of manning a revival snd doing a decent job? Yes. Would I totally trust him with it? Maybe. Maybe not. Do I think he even has time to do it? Not really.
Jensen - Come on, people! If you want him to reprise his role as Dean, then he isn’t going to be the showrunner. Also, he’s an actor, not a writer, so it’s not even in his wheelhouse. So, no. This wouldn’t be a good idea. And after The Winchesters, I think it’s extremely unlikely that he’d be put at the helm in this way. The only upside to Jensen being a show runner? We know damn well Destiel would be ignored as vigorously as it deserves.
Robbie Thompson - Exhibit One: The Winchesters. So, no. Also, while he has written some episodes that I like of SPN, he was always trying to make the show something it wasn’t, whether it was Fairytale time with Charlie or trying to shoehorn romance into a platonic brother love story, he’s shown that he shouldn’t be trusted with the OG show in a position of power.
Sera Gamble - Season 6 while having some absolute bangers, was also a bit of a mess in some ways. And Season 7 was more so. How much of this was due to Gamble hersel and how much was due to Singer tugging at the reins, I don’t know. She is a proven showrunner, so I believe she could do it. She actually understands and enjoys Sam, so that would be a huge relief for those of us who actually care about Sam and want to see him get his due on screen. Also, she has never written Dean badly from my observations, despite certain past claims by “some people” on women not writing male dialogue well. In a lot of ways, I think she could be a good choice. But, would she be interested even? I have no clue.
Andrew Dabb - NEXT!!
Jeremy Carver - For reasons relating to Season 11, I would like to see him helm a revival. He can clearly follow through with a connected and coherent arc. However, for reasons relating to Season 8, where he had characters do a few hugely out of character things for the story’s sake? No. For Season 10 snd the bore thst it was for me personally (though that potentially had something to do with pressure that came from Singer)? No. All in all. I think he’d be capable of ruining a revival, but something tells me he isn’t particularly interested and they guys may not be that ready to chose him, either (purely just my gut).
Robert Singer - No. I believe he interfered with Gamble and Carver’s plans; I just don’t know to what extent. And worst of all, he did nothing to help steer Dabb away from the mess that was much of Seasons 12 to 15. Also, he’d probably bring Buck-Lemming with him. And can I just say a big, “Fuck no,” to that.
Again, all of this is just me rambling. I have no real idea how likely any of them would be to come back for a revival. And I also don’t know how much J2 would want any of them to run a revival, or whether they’d want to just get someone new who might be more likely to listen to their ideas. I don’t even know if J2 would have an easy time agreeing on who would make a good show runner from that list because I think they might not even agree on who they considered to be better writers, or be better candidates to showrunner. For example, I think Jared might be more enthusiastic about Gamble than Jensen would. And Jensen would probably welcome Singer more than Jared would. Again, I don’t know any of this for certain, but it just my impression based off of things they’ve said over the years.
If a revival happens what do I want?
First, it sounds to me like if there is one, J2 want to be a big part of it with Sam and Dean as central focus. This is what I would want. I watched the show for them. I stuck it out through the rough seasons for them. The only way I would watch a revival was if it heavily featured both Sam and Dean. Second, I think I would enjoy if they did a revival during the years (according to J2) between Episodes 19 snd 20. I would like this because it would make the likelihood of angel or demon interference minimal. And this would be the more likely scenario for us to get a more old-school creature hunting revival. We could still see Jody and co for those who care about that. There would be no need for Cas or Jack to show up, which I would prefer. Yet, it would be easy enough for them to make a brief appearance if J2 wanted to pander in that way. Also, I’m so very sick of Angel BS, and this seems like the best way to avoid it. Third, I could be interested in a bit of a prequel with John and the boys, if they could find a way to include J2 without making it convoluted and pointless. Finally, if they come back from heaven for some reason, I think it would be hard for the revival to have much in the way of stakes. And I really wouldn’t want a huge dose of Cas, which we’d potentially have in that case.
Anyway, here are my thoughts on the potential revival, thoughts thst no one asked for admittedly. Lol.
If anyone read this far, what are your thoughts on a revival. If it happens, who should run it and what would you want to see happen?
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unkindledangell · 2 months
So... here we go again, waking up to see Jared/J2M/Mishalecki stans seeing Jared getting hate, again, from what Misha said in his panel. Let's talk.
Tumblr media
Even though those pranks happened years ago, even though Jensen was sometimes involved and didn’t "defend" Misha (they always forget about Jackles in this), and even though we just saw Jensen grow and accept Cas's romantic confession when he used to be uncomfortable with Destiel and wasn't very tactful with fans at conventions about it years ago... Apparently, Jared can't change, and is still the same bully even after all these years.
The pranks were very heavy handed, Jared was tough, and I think they've left it implied that the line was crossed at some point, specially what happened when Misha ran J2 off the set.
But, man, they talk about this at conventions. They've told it so many times that it's obvious it's a topic they've talked about among themselves. Misha talk about it like an anecdote. They worked together for over 13 years, they still see each other. Do people think they haven't talked about pranks? That being together for so many years didn't cause them to have friction, disagreements or arguments with each other?
They are grown men with families. Misha has said when he had his limits, he has told when Jensen had to apologize to him. Do you think he didn't do it with Jared? That they never talked adult to adult to give each other the stop?
Not defending Jared because he was rude, but people forget that Jensen also joins in on the pranks and didn't stop him. And yet, surely they already talked about it, it has years of them getting along that heavy. They weren't kids at the time but they didn't have the same maturity as they do now, and sometimes I think people throw all the hate at Jared as if it happened recently or as if Misha couldn't defend himself, or as if Misha was telling it with pain and not as one more stuff about things that happened to him
(This is NOT a Jackles hate post. Just mention that Jensen has also pranked Misha, but people don't usually mention it, or they tend to minimize or make the events more serious than they really were. They're grown up men, they're friends, and I have seen so many posts on Tumblr/Twitter mentioned Jared as some kind of bully as if they weren't friends, joking with each other. The 3 together.
Sarcasm. I said Jensen don't "defend" Misha because there's no one to defend. They're adults. Godlord
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misha, in a squeaky voice: “i’m the one who gripped you right and raised you from perdition.”
jensen: “he sounds like that in the morning.”
jared: “how do you know?”
*cue mic drop*
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