unorcadox · 2 days
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♥ Utopia ♥
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exit-path · 1 year
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original poem
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makeajam · 2 months
my favorite weirdcore blogger just RB'd one of my edits with super lovely tags and i
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dreamlink3d · 7 months
will you still be working on dreamlink?
hi i haven't had a chance to say anything because i've been away for the past week but yes, in theory, development will be continuing- i don't quite know when or how much i can recover but i plan on continuing as soon as possible. sorry for my absence <3
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puredragonn · 1 year
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collab with @unorcadox
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c0gnitivedisk · 9 months
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inspired by @unorcadox
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suckmyaeshole · 1 year
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made by me and @unorcadox
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hazyhhh · 1 year
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(collab with @unorcadox )
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lizard-i · 1 year
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collab with: @unorcadox
bubbles ✨
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unorcadox · 1 day
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traumatizeddfox · 3 months
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I posted 7,818 times in 2022
That's 4,105 more posts than 2021!
3,641 posts created (47%)
4,177 posts reblogged (53%)
Blogs I reblogged the most:
I tagged 3,458 of my posts in 2022
#anon - 2,000 posts
#traumacore - 459 posts
#actuallytraumatized - 363 posts
#ventcore - 348 posts
#actuallymentallyill - 330 posts
#vent art - 266 posts
#trauma art - 230 posts
#ok to rb - 209 posts
#angercore - 209 posts
#actuallyabused - 206 posts
Longest Tag: 106 characters
#translation: the worst thing about hopeful ideas is the realisation that they will never happen like this.
My Top Posts in 2022:
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1,857 notes - Posted January 19, 2022
Tumblr media
2,409 notes - Posted May 8, 2022
picking up disorders like i’m at a grocery store for mental illnesses
3,144 notes - Posted February 20, 2022
milestone unlocked! outlived the queen
3,589 notes - Posted September 8, 2022
My #1 post of 2022
“omg peoples mental health is so bad they don’t shower??” girl some people have such bad mental health they kill themselves
4,476 notes - Posted September 12, 2022
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exit-path · 2 years
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the road today reminded me of the nice weirdcore posts here
inspired by @unorcadox :)
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weirdcor3 · 2 years
How do you make wierdcore? Like how do you just go "I'm gonna put black squares on a picture of grass and say 'don't look at them' !"?
hello!! :) ill answer here with a few tips:
- find good base images!! i use pinterest and imgur, as well as looking through old photos i have. if u see something that would be a good wc image, save it! build an archive! ive even gotten images from screenshots of memes and youtube thumbnails. follow weirdcore blogs here on tumblr to find inspiration! here are a few of my wc friends! >> @8mys @elckip @awd00men @home03 @unorcadox
- think about your feelings! kinda scary, but a central part of weirdcore is portraying abstract emotions! weird phrase bouncing around in your head? make it a caption! only have one sentence to describe ur mood? smack it on!
- nostalgia!! a core element!! think about things from your childhood that make you feel nostalgic, scared, or even lonely.
- from the example you used, what makes that edit work is the fact it takes something mundane (grass) and makes it unnerving (adding the censor boxes and the urgent caption). its about being put in a place to view something normal that you somehow dont understand, similar to how we see the world as children! things are altered, unreal yet real at the same time, sort of like the uncanny valley effect!
hope this helps!! im also going to make a more detailed post about my personal editing process with more do's and don'ts of weirdcore, which ill happily tag you in!! feel free to DM if you have any more questions <3
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chalpurnia · 2 months
I was tagged by @fanchlebu. Thank you!
Nickname: I have one irl but I prefer to be referred as Ariche here
Sign: cancer
Height: 1.60m
Last thing I googled: Meltdown by Rebecca Cannon filetype:pdf (thesis stuff lol)
Amount of sleep: usually six hours
Dream job: a Disney animation historian or an illustrator
Movie/book that summarizes you: I guess Metropolis 1927 for the depth and at the same time simpleness of it- no, it's because I never truly shut up about it
Favorite song: Sonate Pacifique by L'Impératrice
Favorite instrument: clarinet. I'm biased because I played it for like ten years
Aesthetic: androgynous, aka the gayest I can
Favorite author: my fave book author is Agatha Christie, my fave comic author is Junji Ito, my fave director is Jan Svankmajer-
Random Fun Fact: I don't want to tell something depressing so uhh h h I have three cats and even tho they all hate me to varying degrees I love them very much. I have a dog, but he's a good boy and don't have any strong feelings towards me.
I tag @olibavee, @unorcadox, @nicomrade, and @caelianus (no pressure of course) - but anyone can do it if they want to!
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peachcabaret · 1 year
What draws you to odd/weirdcore + if you lived in a house made up of four odd/weirdcore images as the rooms, what would they be? Absolutely love your blog! 💓
two days later but i'm here!
first of all, thank you thank you for the love <3
i think what draws me to the community is the inconsistency of it all. while the style is one of its own, no ones version or creation looks exactly like someone else's. it's just an odd group of folks making art that both makes sense but doesn't. thought it was cool and wanted in on that lol.
i wasn't sure if you meant 4 of my own personal creations or just weirdcore in general. so i did one of my own creations that i personally love and four from other artists
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I think I just enjoy very ethereal looking things. makes the world seem more magical or empyrean. the idea of just eternally drifting on some ethereal plane, wandering around and seeing things like these just puts me in a nice state of calm and hopefulness lol. a bit detailed of a response but i really enjoyed the question. obviously, going through my stuff, i also make things that aren't so ethereal looking lol but i do have it in me. and when i feel like i nail it, it's like a quick dose of serotonin. but if i had to LIVE in a weirdcore photo of mine, these ones above would be them.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
top left by @godenteredmybody
top right by @cahwwcabh
bottom right by @unorcadox
bottom left by @dreamproxyaesthetics
other dimensional, life is just a test, random figures of light in the world type of creations always get a like/reblog from me. they feel like a sign of hope. i LOVE dark/creepy pieces, but again if I had to LIVE in one of them, these are the ones that i come back to sometimes just to take a nice sigh of relief. maybe i'll do a favorite creepy one one day but for now, i hope this (over) answers your question.
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