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The dichotomy of writing.
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Magic Hidden
Author’s Note: Hi, I'm not dead, just busy with school.
Request: Yes by @nowayimdie
 May I ask What the reaction of the boys is when Newt!MC say that Magic is not accepted in their world? 
Pairing:  Jade & Malleus x gn reader (can either be seen as platonic or romantic)
Warning: You/your pronouns, gn reader, Newt!MC is inspired by Newt Scamander, can either be seen as platonic or romantic, 
Tumblr media
He has occasionally asked about your world and life, wanting to hear about a distant land that he couldn't possibly visit. He has heard of your adventures and family as well as you're schooling. Today, he asked if it is like Twisted Wonderland where nonmagical users and magicians existed together.  
He was a bit surprised to hear that magic wasn't accepted in your world like it was here. This only fueled him to know more about your world. 
He listened closely as you explained that if you both were back in your world, you would have to hide your magical abilities from muggles and if they were exposed to magic, you'd usually have to wipe their memory of the incident. He would have to hide his merfolk appearance when in the water. 
You also mention how there were wizards whose parents are either both muggles and just one parent is. It depended on where you were if a wizard wanted to marry a muggle. Then the muggles would have to make sure to keep the wizarding world a secret. 
He asked would he have to hide his ability from you as well, you revealed that the relationship between merfolk and wizard kind were unstable since there were wizards who looked down on merfolk since they weren't classified as humans.  
When asking how you felt about it, he was touched, when you told him that you hold any hatred towards merfolk, before telling you that your compassion could get you killed one day.  
"Jade, you wouldn't be the first friend to nearly kill me." 
As curious as Jade, Malleus would absorb everything you told him, considering you were basically his first friend, and listen admittingly as you would tell him about magical creatures. You both were taking a nightly walk when he asked about magic in your world. He was shocked by you telling him how it wasn't fully accepted and having to hide it with a few exceptions. He asked how it would be for you both if you were back in your world before listening to you telling him that you both would be fine, just needing to hide magic from muggles or non-magic users.  
He commented that it would be difficult for him to go out and about in the muggle world due to his horns and was interested in telling him about human transfiguration, something he could be trained in though there was a history of people getting stuck in their transfigured forms, or a poly juice potion, a potion that could give him another person's appearance for a sometime and needing couple strands of hair. He was almost entertained by the thought of changing his appearance, perhaps he may use it on a day for you both to go out in public without people avoiding him. 
He also asked about the marriage between a magic user and a muggle as well as how it would work. You told him what you knew and the fact that there were magic users who looked down upon muggles before explaining further when Malleus asked. 
"They care mainly about their blood status and usually marry people with pureblood status so their family lineage as they've said "keeps the magic strong." 
"So, they're like royals?" He questioned. 
"Essentially, that’s what they see themselves as, some are well known families while others are like regular families." 
The more and more you told him about your world, the more he was interested in it. Perhaps he could find a way to visit your world. 
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Tumblr media
Meant to be a continuation of this series of me learning about my new favorite autistic fictional character who I relate to a little too much—
The original ask
Me finding out
Yes I made the reader autistic because this man can’t not be autistic. As an autistic person myself, he has the ‘tism (and to spite Rowling because fuck her).
Is this needed? No. Is it entirely self indulgent because I very much like Newt now? Absolutely.
With A Newt Scamander Boyfriend
{not proof-read}
Tumblr media
Riddle has been with you for a while and has always known you as an eccentric young man with a bright personality
He adores your interest in history and animals and loves seeing you talk excitedly like there’s no tomorrow
You were always kind towards others and offered your help whenever you’d deemed it necessary but he’s insanely worried about your clumsy nature when you’re helping others
He finds your excited stims super adorable whenever you talk about your interests or your concentrated ones during class or even just your general ones when you’re with him—he just thinks you’re adorable
Riddle always noticed that you always carry a suitcase with you wherever you go. One day he asked about it and was introduced to the whole world that was your suitcase
All of the animals you’re keeping are ones he’s only heard myths of. He never thought that they could be real and is impressed as to how many you have in one small suitcase of yours
When Riddle asked why you had all these animals, your response touched him greatly. He never knew how much you truly cared for animals and their well-being
Riddle absolutely loves you and anyone would be a fool to not notice
Tumblr media
Leona always knew you as a very extroverted man with no filter but that’s exactly why he loves you: you’re true to yourself and others, a strong trait
He’s not a big nerd for the sciences or histories but you are and boy does he love it. Just hearing you talk about your interests in such an excited manner brings him joy
He knows how clumsy you can be and how kind you usually are towards others and that causes him to be especially careful with you. One wrong move and he’s already there’s supporting you in his own special way
Your excited stims, concentrated stims, or general stims are super cute to him. He knows you can’t really control them but he just can’t help it
Leona was never one to pry into anyone’s private affairs, and that included his boyfriend’s but you always held that suitcase on a high pedestal that he just had to ask what made it so special. Teleporting to a mini suitcase pocket world was the last thing on his mind
Sure he knows some of the animals you have…from ancient textbooks! How in the world did you manage to do this?! There’s so many endangered or thought extinct animals here
As to why you have them here surprised him. To keep them safe and help them grow as a species again, he knew you cared about animals but even he wouldn’t have thought of this
To others, it may not seem like he cares for you, but those who know him well know just how smitten he is for you
Tumblr media
Azul knows how upbeat and outgoing you are and that’s exactly why he loves you so, he can’t get over you
He may not have a major interest in history but he always takes time to listen to your interests no matter what he’s doing
As much as he loves when you help around the lounge, he’s afraid that you’ll end up getting hurt on the floor or in the kitchen so he always has someone with eyes on you when he can’t
You both stim together whenever you’re excited over something you’re both interested in. How can he not find his boyfriend incredibly adorable
Azul has always been curious about your suitcase but never pried into it as it was your business. One day, he just ended up asking about it and got transported into a mini world
The animals you had, both land and sea based, had long since been endangered or extinct but here, they were thriving, their populations bigger than ever
When he asked as to why you had all these animals, he couldn’t help but feel his heart swell. You wanted to preserve these animals and restore their numbers so he understood why you always cared for your suitcase
Azul is a master of managing his emotions even in stressful situations but even the most perceptive person can’t miss how he lovingly stares at you
Tumblr media
You and Kalim are one in the same personality-wise so he’s always knows you as a bright and cheerful man
He may not understand a lot about history or even your other interests but he’s a great listener and will remember everything you’ve told him…mostly
Of course he loves your kind nature but he can’t help but worry that you’ll end up hurting yourself so he ends up offering his help to you alongside your original offer
Honestly just watching you stim while talking about something you truly love makes him happy because you love it so much you can’t help but get excited
Kalim is a curious man so of course he had to ask about your suitcase the first time he saw it. He was surprised to see that you were hosting an entirely different place inside it
All of the animals you keep were ones that have long been thought extinct or ones he’s only heard of in fairy tales so he never thought they were real!
He felt his heart combust as he hugged you tightly after you explained why you had such animals. To keep them safe and help them repopulate was your goal and he couldn’t be happier
Kalim is a man of affection but anyone who is able to look close enough can see how Kalim’s affections towards you are different than most
Tumblr media
Vil is accustomed to very loud and eccentric people so his boyfriend honestly never surprised him with such an attitude
Vil loves history, although not in the same aspect as you, but still nonetheless. Just talking about it with you significantly brightens his day
Listen, Vil loves you dearly. You’re his sweet potato, his boyfriend, his lover, but please for the sake of the Great Seven be careful when you offer help to others. He wouldn’t want to see any dreadful marks on you
He enjoys watching you stim over some fixation of yours and he loves to hear you talk on and on about such an interest but please don’t move around too much, he doesn’t want to mess up your perfectly designed skin routine made by yours truly
He’s always been curious about your suitcase as it basically stood out from your appearance but you’ve never put it down. Of course he’d never force you to get rid of it but he naturally asked you about it. A miniature world was something he never expected
He’s only heard of a majority of these animals from fantasy stories or straight up myths so he never truly believed in their existence but now he does!
As to why you were doing such a thing, you wanted to help them grow again and reintroduce them to the world safely with no threat of extinction. He could hear his heart pound in his chest from how in-love he was
Vil isn’t known for being a very outwardly affectionate man but even the most observant of people can see the fleeting touches and feather-light kisses he gives you
Tumblr media
Idia doesn’t know how he got such an energetic and extroverted boyfriend considering he’s, well, a shut-in, but he must’ve done something right?
He doesn’t really care much for history but enjoys seeing you geek out over such a topic. You have to listen to him every time he rants about a game so of course he listens to you whenever he can
Please you’re going to give this man a heart attack! He knows it’s in your nature to help out others but every little fumble sends him into cardiac arrest because he’s afraid you’ll end up hurt
Idia absolutely stims alongside with you for his special interest. Like, just stimming whenever you feel like it and everyone just either chilling or staring which Idia definitely doesn’t want but he’s too deep in now
He never really cared about what was in your suitcase and just thought it was a weird way to carry your stuff. He once made a comment on it and literally thought he got isekai’d because wHAT IS THIS?!!
Every single animal here is stuff from legends or from one of his games so he never thought they actually existed! Where in all of Twisted Wonderland did you get them?!
He swore he could see that basic anime “seeing love” scene in anime when you explained that you kept them to keep them safe and help them reintegrate into the world. That’s so pure!!!
Idia doesn’t like going outside of his dorm, let alone his room, but anyone who’s ever seen him and you together can tell just how much he loves you
Tumblr media
Malleus hasn’t known many eccentric and energetic people in his life due to his reputation and position so he’s very happy for his boyfriend
Please he loves talking history with you!! Specific eras of design, engineering, important moments, people, and whatnot else you can think about!
He loves your kind nature and helping attitude towards others and he’s always there during any missteps. Catching you mid-fall, catching whatever you dropped, helping you with any mess, ect ect
Honestly, Malleus also stims but it’s more subtle than yours. He enjoys both watching you and joining in with you, especially if it’s something you both enjoy
I feel like Malleus knew that there was something off about your suitcase but he never asked because, well, it’s your business but he’d be a liar to say he wasn’t intrigued. So, one day, he asked about it and was then transported to a whole other mini world!
He wasn’t shocked about the magic though, no. What really got him were the animals. Most of them he hasn’t seen since his childhood or only saw in fairytales so as to how you got them baffles him to no end
Your reason for keeping them, however, shocked him down to his beating heart for you. You wanted to preserve them, to help them grow again so that they never have to face extinction. He couldn’t help but smile
You are a very precious man to Malleus that even his retainer can see just how in love he is with you
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Sanji being our dumb little baby girl 💕
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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The Fairest
Request: Yes by Anon
 Riddle, Leona and Jamil with an s/o who sleepily tells them they're the fairest in the land. Headcanons pretty please 🥺
Pairing: Riddle, Leona, & Jamil x GN! Reader (Seperately)
Warning: GN! Reader, you/your pronouns, quick read, slightl crack, probably OOC, no revision bc I will die on my hill
Tumblr media
“Hey you, I have something very important to tell you,” You sleepily said to your boyfriend after noticing he was awake. “You’re the fairest in the land. Vil can’t compare to you. That’s all I wanted to say, good night.” 
Riddle.exe broken. His face is as red as his hair, and he tries to speak before looking down at your sleeping self. Did he want to wake you up to figure out what was up with this sudden confession? Yes, but he let you sleep. For a while, he’ll think back to that moment and hide his reddened cheeks while lecturing himself for thinking about that while in the middle of his work.  
When he doubts your confession, he would reluctantly bring it up since he is still getting used to being vulnerable. He would hesitate and debate about bringing it up, he decided not to and try again later. Be patient. Once he brings it up, he was caught off guard at you telling him that you meant what you said. He leans into your touch when you cup his face before giving him a kiss. From then on, he thinks about it whenever he's having a down day. 
He quietly chuckled at your sleepy confession before going back to pulling you close and falling asleep. His ego went up and later teased you about it. He also mentioned that he may tell Vil about what you said, he won’t. Maybe. Either way, you look out for an angry wild Vil for a while, in case. He’ll jokingly tell you to tell him how handsome you think he is. 
Part of him thinks that you were lying and would try to hide if you asked what was bothering him. It would either take a bit to get it out of him, if you two are in the open, or he would just tell you, probably when you two are in his room, about his insecurity. Once reassured, he would hold you close and bury his face in your neck while his tail wrapped around one of your limbs.  
He felt his face redden as he screamed internally, not wanting to wake you. He would hardly get any sleep that night as the memory of your sleepy confession floated around. It would be in the back of his head as he went about his day and cause him to space out before catching himself. Then bring it up later to you. 
He would shake you awake, demanding an explanation behind your sudden confession. When you wake to see your boyfriend’s flushed face as well as his irritated expression before asking you to repeat yourself. When he tells you to not lie to him, it was his turn to be caught off guard when you tackled him and held his face in your hands before telling him that you don’t fuck around when you compliment him.  
He eventually melted in your embrace before cuddling you close, feeling butterflies in his stomach as he accepted the compliment.  
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Tumblr media
I'm exposing myself and ranking my favorites.
Create a Twisted-Wonderland Characters Tier List - TierMaker
Have fun
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i have something to say 
Tumblr media
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Begging can you do a jessica rabbit reader for the rest of twst boys 🙏 🥺plsss
This is gonna be a while… Gender neutral reader, red dress is now red outfit. 
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
He thought you were absolutely beautiful, and this man always got so flustered when you brought out your sparkling red outfit. You only ever wore it for a fancy occasion, like his birthday or a date night. He secretly loved seeing you in that outfit because you only wore it for him.
Whenever you call him ‘darling’, he absolutely melts. He has never had any affection shown to him as a child, so you even calling him a sweet nickname like that has him wrapped around your finger. Riddle would prefer it if you kept ‘honey bunny’ behind closed doors, because he goes red out of embarrassment at how much he likes it.
The way you were able to slip in suggestive and flirtatious words into your sentences was baffling to him because it always left him speechless. You thrived for the blush that was always present on his face. Don’t even get me started about how he almost passes out whenever you sing to him…
Tumblr media
Trey Clover
He spoils you by baking things for you. Whenever you catch a hankering for something sweet, he will stop baking whatever he’s working on and start on your craving. If you offer to help him, then he will do that thing where he will go behind you, pressing your back to his chest, as his hands go on top of yours to assist you in mixing whatever it was.
Whenever you call him ‘darling’ or ‘honey bunny’, he will call you ‘sweetie’ or ‘Mr/Mrs/Mx. Clover’. Very rarely do either of you call each other by your actual names, not even when you are upset with each other (which is a very rare occurrence). It’s only when you or him get hurt that you call each other ‘Y/N’ or ‘Trey’.
I feel like he’s pretty good at flirting, but nowhere as good as you were. He says things that can be taken multiple different ways, and so it leaves your imagination wandering. Indirect flirting, if you will. And that shit works too; the places that your mind has traveled because of his words are places you never thought you would be going to. You’re not complaining, though.
Tumblr media
Ace Trappola
He doesn’t want to admit it, but he is a simp. He acts like he doesn’t think about you at every waking moment. He craves your love and attention, so he does stupid things to make you laugh. Speaking of your laugh, he loves it. It’s the most beautiful sound to him.
He likes calling you ‘babe’ because he’s basic and the last relationship he had was in middle school. You, however, call him ‘darling’ or ‘honey bunny’, and it makes him have that big, dopey, lovesick grin all day. It’s his dopamine fix for the day.
This man tries to flirt with you but fails horribly. He does cheesy pick-up lines while you actually flirt and act seductive to try and fluster him. His face always ends up more red than the heart on his face, and you smile with victory every time.
Tumblr media
Deuce Spade
He has most definitely told his mom about you. He is just so wholesome. Also, he is a simp, and if he had a t-shirt saying that then he would wear it with pride. You are up there in importance alongside his mother. He already thinks of you as his spouse.
Deuce doesn’t really call you by terms of endearment, but he doesn’t mind you doing so. He actually likes it a lot, especially the ‘honey bunny’ name because it just seems silly and adorable and it’s perfect for him (I think we can all agree).
Imma just say it: this man can’t flirt when he tries to. However, it’s when he’s not trying. Like when he places his arm on your seat when you sit with him in the Lounge, or when he gets you a bouquet of flowers because he thought you would like them. However, his mama taught him right in that this is the bare minimum.
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
This man worships the ground you work on. You were a beauty, and you were his. This means that he’s also very protective over you. He will escort you to your classes to make sure that you get there safely and without any issues. As you walk, he will have an arm around your waist as he pulls you closer to him.
Whenever you call him ‘darling’ or ‘honey bunny’, he will act like he absolutely hates it, but please don’t stop. It gives him reassurance that you don’t mind his slightly protective tendencies and that you view him as #1 rather than just casting him aside as his kingdom did to him since he was the second born.
Oh, you both flirt more than you hold a normal conversation. 99.99% of the things that come out of either of your mouths are suggestive and flirtatious, and everyone wishes that you both would get a room. Don’t worry, they’re just jealous that Leona scored someone as great as you as his significant other.
Tumblr media
Jack Howl
Whenever he sees anyone eyeing you up and down with romantic interest, he’s the type to hoist you over his shoulder and carry you away, and you had to admit that you liked seeing the hot scowl on his face. As you were set down, you reached up and gently grabbed his face in your hands to reassure that you would never leave him.
When you call him either ‘darling’ or ‘honey bunny’, he is hit with mental images of a possible future with you. Since he came from a big family, I feel like he would want one (adoption or biological is a-okay with him). In his eyes, you were his mate for life. That meant you were already his spouse before making it official.
He gets so flustered whenever you start flirting with him because he just doesn’t know what to say in response. He just freezes up, but his tail is wagging so you can tell that he is absolutely eating that shit up. Also, please place yourself in his lap and lightly trace his muscles while praising him for how strong he is. It gets him riled up… if you know what I mean.
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
He always dresses up, so if you decide to dress up as well then he will absolutely die. Especially in your signature red outfit; never fails to make his nose bleed at least a little bit. Do your sashay, pull him in by the tie, and greet him that way and he is just red.
Azul doesn’t mind being called ‘darling’ out in the open because it’s a very formal and sophisticated, dare I say elegant, term of endearment. ‘Honey bunny’ doesn’t fit in that category though, so please refrain from calling him that in public lest you make him feel like a flopping fish out of water.
If you start flirting with him, then he is done for. It’s the final punch to the face. He is passing out right then and there until someone (you) splashes cold water in his face. Then, once he sees that you were his saving grace, he’s passing out again because he thought he died, went to Heaven, and saw an angel. Good luck.
Tumblr media
Jade Leech 
If you ever decide to visit him in the Lounge, he will always make time to come and give you a kiss on the lips at your table before carrying on with his job. He might take his 15 minute break so that he can have time to actually come and talk to you.
He absolutely loves it when you call him ‘darling’ or ‘honey bunny’ because it just has a very nice ring to it. In return, he loves to call you ‘my dear’ or ‘lovely’. When you both use your terms of endearment for one another, everyone wishes you would go and get a room
The moment you decide to flirt with him, he has a smirk on his face the entire time. He’s not gonna hold back either, so be prepared for lewd things to come out of his mouth (as long as you are comfortable with it, of course).
Tumblr media
Jamil Viper
You make him flustered all the time. He always tells you that you are the reason why his heart beats; the reason why he continues on with the grueling work that he carries on his shoulders. Every single time he scores a point in his game, it’s always for you.
If you ever call him ‘darling’, then he responds by calling you ‘my shining star’ because of how he tells you that he wished on the stars for you to accept him as your lover. If you call him ‘honey bunny’, he definitely gets flustered and freezes up.
When you decide that you want to make him flustered, call yourself a little mouse who is at the mercy of a viper. Play his unique magic by saying that he has hypnotized you and now you feel as though you could never love anyone besides him. His face goes so red, it’s almost like you’re trying to kill him.
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit
As one actor to another, he wishes that he could spend more time with you but his schedule keeps him busy. So, he just chooses to star as your main love interest so that the chemistry between the two of you in real life can be portrayed through the screen.
He loves when you call him ‘darling’ because it just sounds beautiful the way it comes out of your mouth. ‘Honey bunny’ is reserved as more of a code name between the two of you so that the public doesn’t know that the two of you are together.
When you both flirt with each other, it just sounds so smooth and sexy. The two of you go back and forth as though it were casual conversation that you were indulging in, while everyone who hears it gets flustered. 
Tumblr media
Epel Felmier
Everyday, he wonders how he managed to get with such a beautiful and wonderful person such as yourself. He always felt emasculated by the guys around him, so you being with him is reassurance that you saw him as a man.
Along with referring to him as ‘my man’, you like to call him ‘darling’ and ‘honey bunny’ which is something he loves. You would think that he hated it, but no. He actually enjoys it and will call you ‘love-cup’ just like Roger does with Jessica.
If you decide to be seductive and flirtatious towards him, he freezes up and doesn’t know how to respond. His face is red and there might be some blood trickling down his nose. He doesn’t flirt back because he can’t even speak since he’s too flustered.
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud
You are wearing the pants in the relationship, and I hope you are okay with it. You take the initiative 99.99% of the time. Idia always wonders how someone like you is totally okay with being seen with a shut-in otaku like him.
He melts whenever you call him ‘darling’ or ‘honey bunny’ because it reminds him of a married couple (which is definitely something he is striving towards once you both graduate). You loved seeing his cute reaction, so you call him those names more than his actual name.
Don’t expect him to flirt back when you act super seductive. He can barely talk to you without stuttering, so flirting is definitely out of the question. However, if you were to place yourself in his lap, he won’t refrain from using his sharp teeth to make little bite marks along your neck and shoulder.
Tumblr media
Honestly, you both kind of live in a blissful fairytale life. You act like a married couple, what with how you both make sure that the other is safe or not injured, you kiss each other as one has to leave for class, and he has even taken you on a horse ride with you sitting in front of him as he wrapped his arms around you while holding the reins.
When you call him ‘darling’ or ‘honey bunny’, he knows that you are safe and out of harm’s way because you never called him by his actual name. He likes to call you ‘darling’ as well as ‘my love’, maybe throw in ‘my sleeping beauty’ to mix things up.
I feel like he’d be a bit flustered whenever you flirted with him, but he’s kind of indifferent towards it. I mean, half the time he’s asleep, so yeah. Kiss him like the prince does the princess in the story to wake him up and that’s how you get him. He’s already on his knee with a ring.
Tumblr media
Sebek Zigvolt
This is actually very interesting because I feel like he’d go soft for you. Mans follows you like a guard dog, so you get scary guard dog privileges. He is your knight just as you are his fair significant other. He stays near you just to make sure that you aren’t hurt or injured.
He would prefer to be called his actual name out in public, but he might allow ‘darling’ because it shows others that you are his and his only. ‘Honey bunny’ is to greet him after a long day to let him know that he is home and in your arms.
Sebek definitely gets flustered whenever you flirt with him, but he will retaliate through little poetic notes that make your heart swoon. They lead you on a little treasure hunt to try and collect them all, and you have a lot of fun.
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Odin x (fem) reader
Plot: Odin discovers something interesting about his beloved.
Warnings: 18+, no minors 🔞, being turned on by Odin’s menacing aura.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A menacing aura.
Outside of the arena what was once a peaceful garden was filled with excitement, (Name) was on her way to find Odin and in the garden outside of the arena she found a small group of humans and gods.
Outside of the arena what was once a peaceful garden was filled with excitement, (Name) was on her way to find Odin and in the garden outside of the arena she found a small group of humans and gods.
The closer she came to the group is when she decided to hide behind the trees as she could tell they were fighting, and getting a good look without anyone noticing she was able to see who it was. To her surprise Loki seemed to be causing trouble with Buddha, thinking to herself that Loki was probably causing trouble and that maybe she could intervene since she practically raised Loki and Thor.
Since she was Odin’s lover.
However, there was no need for her to intervene as Odin and Zeus had arrived, separating the two groups. Happy to finally find Odin a small smile crept on (Name)’s lips and her heart was moved just to see him. However, hearing the “Stand down.” Made her weak in the knees as she knew Odin what Odin was about to do as she bite her bottom lip as she wanted nothing more to jump his bones right then and there.
Odin began emitting his menancing aura forcing everyone to desist with the battle, including Ebisu who had just made a threat. Everyone felt Odin’s menacing aura as the glass shattered and the place began to shake, while everyone was intimidated (Name) did her best not to moan a loud. Thinking to herself she truly must have been down bad for Odin if she was getting hot and bothered by him doing this.
Things only got worse from there.
Remembering a few hot nights the two shared as the place rumbled around her made that moan of her harder to contain and once Odin was sure no one was about to fight anymore he stopped his aura.
Loki sneezed but it was followed by everyone hearing a “Ahn” sound from somewhere. Everyone looked around wondering who made that sound, Buddha made a comment that it sounded like a woman moaning. Zeus agreed as he stroked his beard thinking it had to be a woman, and as everyone left to go watch the second round Odin walked over to where (Name) was.
Odin knew who made the sound.
“I knew you were here, (Name).”
Odin saw his lover covering her mouth with her hand absolutely horrified of the fact everyone heard her moan, the two ravens squawked in surprise as the figured it was her who made the sound. Bashfully admitting that it was her and that she was looking for Odin, Odin mentioned that he was going to watch round five and that (Name) should join him as he was going to watch in a private room.
Wrapping both her arms around his arms (Name) was excited to for the invitation and it seemed the two ravens were happy about watching the next fight.
However, Odin gently placed the birds outside and told them to come back in a hour and locked the private room door leaving the birds surprised and a little grumpy as the mentioned how Odin was probably spoiling (Name) as he usually did.
Although, once they heard a “Ahn!” Again the birds quickly flew away discussing how they wanted berries now, trying to forget what they just heard.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
sillaygirl compilation
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Okay so how would twst character react to a “fluffy” Yuu?Like Yuu is chubby,warm,very tall,gives the best hugs and wears comfy fluffy clothing (This is totally a self insert for me)
Leona Kingscholar:
If your dream was to be Leona’s pillow which I know a lot of you have it and I can respect that
You are not called herbivore but he does call you pillow
Every nap he takes with you turns into those types of naps where it feels like you were knocked out for three days and you are covered in sweat and your head is pounding and you wake up with these mfs
Tumblr media
It’s honestly become like a drug he once cuddled with you in Rambshackle’s couch during cold weather when you were in fluffy pjs and both of you were covered in soft blankets and it was raining outside
He swears that was what heaven felt like
He might just take you to the palace with him when he finishes school
Higher you as his personal walking pillow
Vil Schoenheit:
He will act as if he doesn’t care and you are just another potato but you are actually his sweet potato
You are sort of a stress reliever like if he is angry or frustrated he hugs you tightly and stays in your embrace until he feels better
He will buy you perfumes and shampoos and lotion and other things to make your hair and skin soft and pleasant smelling
If he is hugging you and smells a perfume he gifted you he feels hella smug
He always calls you sweet potato
Vil never really cuddles he just doesn’t have the time and needs to keep up appearances too so you can’t really hug him or console him in public
But you can do it behind closed doors
When he is stressed trying to finish his homework while having to do so much more
Just come up to him and gently put his head in your chest and embrace him
He is gonna breath in a deep sigh and stay like that for a few moments
…thank you sweet potato.
After that he returns to work but more relaxed
Riddle Roseheart:
Touch starved
But won’t admit he is touch starved and is to awkward to touch
He once made you sweets to thank you for helping with the unbirthday parties
Here I’ve made them just for you!…with the help of Trey but that’s besides the point!
Aw Riddle thanks!
And then you hugged him lightly just a quick hug
And all ended for Riddle
You…were so…soft
And warm and…
Your hug completely enveloped him because you were so much bigger!
He needed more
He was way to embarrassed or awkward to ask you that so he would think of ways of making you hug him
I mean how do you make someone hug you?
Make them trip into your arms no offence but if you ever fall on top of him he is pancake
He contemplates for a whole week and every time he sees you he has this urge to hug you tight and bury his head in your chest
And than it hits him
You hug people as a way to say thank you
And from then on you have Riddle always helping you with homework tutoring you baking you sweets gifting you roses inviting you to unbirthday parties
Everyone was honestly shocked at him it’s pretty clear what he is doing but my god
Riddle knows that what he is doing is shameless but every time you hug him he forgets all the embarrassment and awkwardness
It honestly can become unhealthy like he thinks he has to do something to earn any type of affection
So pull him aside and tell him you don’t mind him hugging or if he wants hugs he can just say so
He is embarrassed as all hell but now when he wants to hug he just tugs your sleeve it’s adorable and he still gets embarrassed but it’s better now
Floyd Leech:
You are one of his favourite person to squeeze!
When he first squeezed you it was when Azul sent the twins after you to bring you to him
And he was going to”squeeze” you in a
But as he was doing so he stopped gave you a little squeeze instead and than just started laughing
Shrimpy is so soft!
He than just picked you up and basically cuddled you all the way to Azul’s office while carrying you bridal style
Both you and Jade looked at each other like
What is this mf doing
And when you guys arrived at Azul’s office he was reluctant to release you
*pout*Bye Shrimpy…
Bro you are left so confused like
And when they were underwater trying to stop you guys from getting the photo Floyd just left Jade to do the work grabbed you and found a spot under a stone
And just cuddled you through the whole fight
Floyd we have to go-Jade says
Aw but I wanted to cuddle Shrimpy some more!
Fine bye Shrimpy
And he just smooches your cheek and leaves you there
In the middle of the sea
After the whole overblot fiasco he always up to you and squeezes you
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☰ 𝐓𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐬𝐥𝐢𝐩𝐬
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⧫ Characters: Mikey, Draken, Nahoya
꒰ ͜͡➸ Forgiveness | ꒰ ͜͡➸ Taiju/Hanma/Kazutora | ꒰ ͜͡➸ Ran/Rindou/Sanzu
⧫ Reader: genderneutral
⧫ Wordcount: 2.1k
⧫ Summary: They have sworn to never hurt you - but during an arguement they lose their temper and their hand slips, slapping you across the face.
⧫ WARNINGS: reader getting hit, mentions of abuse, getting called slut and bitch
⧫ A/n: finally a new part to the series. The apology part will be up soon then!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
☰ Mikey:
Being married to Mikey was never easy but that's what made it worth it - Nothing beautiful comes easy after all. The first time you met Mikey was way back in your childhood, harboring a crush for him since the moment your eyes met for the first time and a stupid childhood crush turned into more eventually, the feeling mutual. Of course you knew about his dark episodes, but it didn’t bother you much, accepting this side to him as it wasn’t his fault. You were also one of the very few people who can help him snap out of it - but dark impulses or not, Mikey would never lay a hand on you, that’s what he promised. He would much rather cut his own hands off if that's what’s necessary to keep you close to him.
He adored the way you always took care of him, packing him some lunch here and there or simply letting him a bath in when he got home all exhausted. He never needed to say anything it was as if you knew already what was needed and he tried to give you back as much as he could in his own way. Lately however it started to irritate him. The reason was unknown to him but the stress from leading Bonten became too much and no amount of your love could fix this - quite the opposite actually, your love suffocated him.
Of course you got more loving the more stressed he got, trying to make his life easier with taking care of more and more things, even going as far as coming to his office to bring him his favorite lunch or to relieve him of stress in other ways and he usually never minded, even enjoying it when you sat on his lap during meetings. But this time it was different as you opened the door, entering with a timid smile when the men turned their attention to the door opened much to Mikey’s dismay. „What are you doing here?“ he asked annoyed, not even looking at you.
Taken aback by his cold behavior you sighed „I brough lunch for everyone“ you mumbled, your own voice betraying you. Ran started chuckling „aren’t you a sweet one, bringing your husband food like he’s a little child“ he joked, the room erupting in laughs and giggles. As you looked around the room, everyone was laughing or at least smiling - everyone but Mikey who stood up and made his way to where you were standing, holding onto your wrist harshly before dragging you towards the door but you stopped him. „Let go of me“ you spat, trying to free your wrist and he only tightened his hold. „Leave“ he growled, looking you dead in the eyes with no love to spare which made you nod out of fear. „I- i just thought we could spend some time together“ you whispered, feeling your lip starting to quiver which he ignored. Instead Mikey made his way over to the bag you sat onto the table, throwing your homemade food into the trashcan „why do you think I’m rarely home lately, hm? I don’t have the nerve to spend time with you or eat the shit you call food“ he said monotone, everyone falling silent as the scene unfolds in front of them.
It was embarrassing, the way he spoke to you like this in front of everyone and you felt a hot tear sliding down your cheek. „Why did you marry me if it’s so horrible?“ you asked, raising your voice in desperation and he walked over to you again, eyes empty. „I don’t know what I was thinking either. Leave“ he spat, pushing you towards the door but you refused to move, instead you took your ring off, letting it drop to the ground. This action woke him up and he stared at the round object on the floor „fine. Now you’re just another slut I fucked“ he mumbled, your sob that followed clearly irritating him.
All you could see was how his hand raised, connecting with your face in a harsh slap which echoed through the silent room „SHUT UP“ he screamed, not wanting to hear you cry but before he could realize what happened you were already out of the room, Sanzu running after you in utter shock. Mikey went into a fit of rage, throwing everyone out of the room before he completely trashed it - finally breaking down himself as he repeatedly slammed his head onto the floor. He hit you. The realization finally sunk in and he despised himself for it. How could he have done this to the only person who ever truly loved him? The only person that stuck around despite his flaws… you only meant well and he ruined it.
Tumblr media
☰ Nahoya:
Before you even got together with the always smiling Kawata you were well aware that he’s a big flirt, relentlessly flirting his way into your heart every time you came to eat at their Restaurant. When you couldn’t take the back and forth flirting between the two of you anymore, you finally agreed on one single date with him just so he would stop… one date turned into many more, falling for the man behind the playful banter. The day you got together he promised, he even swore that he will be loyal, you own his heart and he doesn’t want anyone else because he has the best partner right at his side.
And he was loyal, that much can you say but he was still flirting with every living being. Sure you trusted him not to go further than simple flirting but it was l painful to witness, especially when this woman was all over him, going as far as running her hands over his abs, dangerously close to his crotch. You couldn’t even blame her, he was handsome after all but he made no effort to stop her wandering fingers, enjoying the attention even. When he whispered something in her ear which made her giggle you had enough, stormin off to the kitchen where a clueless Souya became the victim of your little anger fit, trying to reassure you that his brother would never cheat on you, but still it’s not okay that he didn’t stop her. Please don’t make him choose a side, he loves you both so much.
The rest of the day you avoided your boyfriend like the plague, having enough of his „harmless flirting“ since he didn’t even care about how it affected you. Only inside the walls of your home you looked for a conversation, not wanting to go to bed angry. „Hoya… we need to talk“ you mumbled softly, almost scared and his eye twitched ever so slightly at your tone. „If it’s about your little Tantrum, leave it. I don’t want to hear it“ he said serious, turning his attention back to the game he was currently playing. With a sigh you sat down next to him, wanting to rest your head on his shoulder but he shrugged you off, clearly upset with you which made you angry. „You have no right to be angry with me! She was touching you all over and you even enjoyed it instead of stopping her“ you raised your voice, frustrated by his childish behavior. You could see from the corner of his eyes that his smile slowly faded „can you stop being such a jealous bitch? It’s not like I fucked her or anything“ he raised his voice as well now, scaring you further but you had to stand your ground. His game was lost by now since his attention was on you now, waiting for you to cave in and agree or to say something, anything. „I know you didn’t but it hurts to see you like that. You’re my boyfriend and I love you after all“ you mumbled, voice barely above a whisper.
A chuckle escaped him „I can go to bed with whoever I please“ he said cold, annoyed by how clingy you were being and his words stung like a knife. Your head snapped up to look at him, face becoming emotionless „Fine. With everyone except for me. It’s over“ you said calmly but he mistook your calm behavior as an invitation to fight, his hand coming down on your cheek with so much force your whole head was throbbing.
Now it was his turn to be concerned, eyes wide open as his hand reached out for you, never quite touching you as you backed away from him, face full of betrayal as you nodded. „It’s over Nahoya Kawata“ you whispered as the tears started to fall, leaving his place as fast as you could and he let you leave, too shocked by his own actions… this was never supposed to happen, he was supposed to love you, touch you gently and instead he broke your heart and raised his hand.
Tumblr media
☰ Draken:
Draken always treated you like a princess, supporting you in everything and protecting you from the less nice things in life. His hands would always cup your cheeks with utmost care, as if you would crumble and fall apart if he isn’t that gentle. He might be tall and intimidating to some but to you he was a teddy bear, a gentle giant, he was your Ken. You came into his life when he thought that he could never love again after losing Emma, only to show him that he can love you and still value what he had with Emma.
Perhaps it was the way that you understood what he was going through, not forcing him to anything, instead being a good friend and encouraging him that it’s okay to go out again and date other person - but the supportive friendship ended with a confession from his side, that he doesn’t want just anyone, he wants you. You, who told him it’s okay to still love the woman he lost, she was ripped away from him in a cruel way, knowing that he would still be with her now if that wouldn’t have been the case. You, who understood the pain the grief brought along or the way he still misses her, the way he refuses to let go of her memory.
Filling this void inside of his heart would never work and both of you knew it so you never tried to replace her, instead you encouraged him to not forget her and for that he loved you, you never had to try to be her to gain his love, he loved you simply because you were you.
However all relationships have their rough patches and so did yours when he tried to make you compete with his passed lover, letting you know that she was better in some things and when her name slipped from his lips during some intimate times you drew the line. You became distant right after the incident, leaving him clueless as he didn’t even realize what has happened.
„Emma would have talked to me“ he said frustrated as you avoided to even look at him and something in you snapped. „I can’t take it anymore Ken. Emma Emma Emma. That’s all you said for weeks! I know you loved her and that it’s not easy but you need to stop comparing me to her“ you raised your voice in desperation, hot tears threatening to spill but he wasn’t phased, too caught up in his own head to realize what he’s doing. „Apparently you don’t understand. Emma would have never talked to me this way!“ he raised his voice now too to match yours and you sighed.
„Ken. I am not Emma. I am a different person. Emma is dead so stop comparing me to her, SHE IS DEAD“ You didn’t intend to scream the last part but your frustration took the best of You. What you didn’t expect was to feel the palm of his usually so loving hand connecting to your cheek with a harsh slap, immediately taking a step back he looked at you and his hand in horror.
„Shit i- I didn’t mean to… fuck“ he whispered, shocked by his own actions and the way you were sobbing broke his heart but he couldn’t reach out for you, too scared you would flinch away from him in fear - he never meant to hurt you. „It’s okay Ken. I‘m sorry I wasn’t enough“ you sniffled and slid past him, needing to leave, unable to handle the fact that the man you loved so dearly, the man who put all the stars in the sky for you just hit you.
Tumblr media
Networks: @tokyometronetwork
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Divus: "Once I told you that I kissed a thousand people, it was a lie."
Adult!!MC: "I know."
Divus: "I've only kissed two or three hundred. Now, how many people have you kissed."
Adult!!MC: "Very few."
Divus: "But you offered me a kiss. Why?"
Adult!!MC: "Such a foolish reason, I'm afraid. I just wanted to kiss you."
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