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Dorm babysitting:
Tumblr media
A/n: y/n just turned into toddler, platonic, gn reader and incorrect quotes.
Warning: none... But a long post and Not in order.
Tumblr media
Luckily, Floyd was there when this all happened. He just scooped you and runs straight to his place even when people are screaming behind him, Mostro Lounge VIP room. Floyd was surprisingly gentle knowing that humans are weak but babies are more delicate than them. And all eyes on you dear. Not Jade wanted to dress you as a mushroom and Floyd dress you as shrimpy. Azul was speechless the whole time he just couldn't... your chubby figure reminds him of himself, try to poke your chubby cheeks as you chuckle. It was adorable!!! Leading Floyd to tickle you a little while laughing along. Maybe he can be the perfect babysitter too. But it's bad he can't hug you. The way you were enjoying being around them extremely turn Azul soft and the twins are more curious. Jade took responsibility to feed you, but well others too also want their turn so it was chaos, as you fall asleep while Jade pats your back gently. not Azul about to cry if you hold his finger subconsciously like an emotional father.
Floyd: here we go shimpy~ *throwing and catching them in the air, sorry it didn't look like normal uppies*
Azul: Floyd! please put them down you are going to hurt them.
Floyd: no! I'm not they are also enjoying it~ *showing Azul how y/n giggle* SEE!!!
Jade: Floyd, they will vomit if you continue.
The poor boy is in full panic mode, screaming into his pillow. Meanwhile, Ortho felt delighted like he is now a big brother too. While Idia wanted to run out of his room but can't. Ortho attempted to lighten the room by removing curtains so you didn't feel frightened, loading the information about how to take care of the baby, and going outside to have some baby stuff leaving Idia alone with you as you looked at him deadpan (it's his POV), munching your finger probably judging him (again his POV). He just thinks that you will find him scary and if he got close, you will wail for sure. But with your vision, you couldn't focus anywhere besides those blue flam locks, which got you to shift towards him as he catches you in seconds before you fall from bed, trembling while you grab one of his hair locks and observe it. He just nervously sits near you like a figure and lets you look at his hair but god when you let out a small whimper it got him jumped up. Did he upset you or were his hairs ugly? or do you want to eat something, like there are snacks? He checks his phone showing the ortho will be there in 5 mins.
idia: *thinking, maybe if they see some kid show. it will distract them for some time*
y/n: *looking down with a pout*
Idia: but which show...
y/n: mmm...
idia: ah! y/n you were in the mid of Attack on titans season 4 last time do you want to continue it...
Kalim has a lot of siblings so you just kinda add one more, that's all. But he will be happy to take care of you, bring you to his place show Jamil who almost split his tea and Party!!!. For Jamil, it didn't make much difference too, he already taking care of one kid so just one more add up for the time. Plus he got skills, he can easily take care of you if you are a good one. Unconsciously compare you with Kalim, now he prefers you above Kalim to take care. There is no problem. You can be relaxed and chill, play with this happy prince. Who will give you everything if you find something to play or how about a ride on a flying carpet? you can count on them. but Jamil got worried like it was time for your lunch while Kalim and you are Norway. Somewhere Kalim trying to figure out why are crying.
Jamil: is it safe to give this gold coin to them?
Kalim: it's okay, Jamil.
y/n:... *Observing it*
Kalim: see, how they are observing it.
y/N: *put it into their mouth*
Jamil:... no! wait y/n!!
Kalim: y/n!!
Your adoption papers are already up, dear. Now you will be part of the family. Lilia also wants to have a new child. Dressing you in clothes made of fluffy fabric as if resemble a dragon, a cap having two horns coving your head and eyes. As he shows you to Malleus, the fae looks at you little shocked but chuckling when you lift your hands, "bah!" like you pretending to scare him or being a fae. He end up smiling, even as a child you are not scared of him. But then you raise your arms like you wanted the tall fae to pick you up. He hesitated a little but Lilia encouraged him, ignoring Sebek. and the view you got from there was 5-star, the height, now not returning to Lilian's arms. Your father Lilia is a little sad ne.. but he will still take care of you, no dought, he will take you for walks, sing you a lullaby and... feed you!! okay, so no one is that heartless here. Silver tries excusing that those elements can't be consumed by humans, he doesn't want you to be poisoned at such an age.
Lilia: hmmm.. is this powdered milk really good for them...
Silver: they kinda seem to like it...
Lilia: let me make it then
silver: fath- *He just snatches it*
*After 30 minutes*
Malleus: Lillia what is this...
Lilia: that powdered milk...
Malleus: *thinking that all it needed was to mix with warm water, so why it is pink and bubbles popping up?*
... Hmmm, he is jealous of your baby skin now. Like hell, your soft and poreless skin with red cheeks which everyone wants to have in this dorm minus Epel. Vil just can't stop himself to dress you up in different styles and taking your full shootout. Calling professional artists and photographers, this needs to be captured, until you get annoyed. Plus healthy food and good quality sleep are top priorities here so you can be flawless. Rook is not allowed near you as you seem to dislike him. Sign, Rook just wanted to study you. Or the way he just peek-a-boo you, gives goosebumps. Epel was also not allowed to get close to you too, he is a bad influence said by Vil. And don't giggle at neige, vil will take this bad way.
Vil: did you see where y/n went?
Random student:... I saw epel took the baby somewhere.
Vil: that brat!!
Epel: aren't they cute? *Showing you to his friends*
He just run directly to your place when he heard what occurred, shouting his unique on the unfortunate individual who caused this mess. It is his responsibility now to defend you when you are in your most vulnerable form. Furthermore, you helped him a lot after he overbloted, therefore he should pay you back. Well... first and foremost, no ace or deuce, he is not going to offer you to them, since he knows they are reckless as hell. Second, Cater stop taking pictures. He seemed embarrassed when he saw your big eyes got watery when he yelled on idiots, it seems you didn't like it when he show anger and raise his voice. He is a single child so his knowledge about this is zero, and hear Trey came in. But, of course, Riddle still try to do most of the stuff by himself. Plus mini crown clip on your head with red and white clothes. Now if you ate his tart or pick a rose, he will just swallow his anger reminding himself that you are a toddler right now. But when you pick the rose and gifted it to him, he softened. How could he punish you??? But sometimes he couldn't control his emotions so he just excuse himself.
Riddle: excuse me for a second. *Discovered that the white roses are not painted in red yet*
Ace: *whistling and thinking why does cater handle him this brush*
Ace: HUH !! Why??
He is done, yesterday it was his nephew and today you turned into a toddler. He already hates kids. What is worse hyper sunshine nephew or a toddler who can't understand him? but at least he tried. He sat you on the grass and lay beside you closing his eyes to take a nap but couldn't as you were looking at him curiously. He turned his side while you face his back, knowing that Ruggie and Jack will be soon here. But even after that, he couldn't bring himself to have a peaceful nap. Why? it was planned that you will sleep after Ruggie feed you, but Ruggie was being loud, louder than your giggles as you were playing with Jack's tail while the wolf boy was watching you silently. (wolf and a human baby... jungle book?). You were trying to catch his furry tail as it shift side to side. Just pretending asleep and cursing the dorm members. Then he heard Ruggie that you want to touch his ears, he snapped.
Leona: Oi! didn't you have class Jack! Ruggie!
Ruggie: but you also have.
Leona: just get lost!!
Ruggie: *pout*, hai hai~
Leona: *catching y/n*, and where are you going herbivores.
Tumblr media
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Yuu: I'm not even sure if Floyd likes me.
Ace: What do you mean? Floyd would throw himself in front of a moving car for YOU!
Yuu: No. Floyd would throw himself in front of a moving car for FUN.
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kiss your best friend | octavinelle
Tumblr media Tumblr media
kiss your best friend and see how they react!
parts. one, two, three, four, five, six, seven
characters. azul, jade, and floyd
cw. red flagged eels
note. forgot that this lil' series existed oops. reader is yuu in floyd's
Tumblr media
azul ashengrotto
full on yelps lmao
he's visibly shaking as he pushes you away with a gaping mouth that doesn't know whether to stay closed or question what the hell just happened.
if anything his glasses would've broken from the pink shade of his face and the steam out of his ears. but alas.. that is simply not possible realistically.
he's prolly like: what does this mean?! azuls tearing out his hair and grinding his teeth in his mind aggressively because let's face it; what does it mean? why on earth would you.. kiss him for no reason at all?!
you slump. "sorry, uhm,, let's just forget about this yeah?" you sigh. taking in his petrified face and shaking limbs as a sign of shock, and fear. you slap yourself in the face. stupid (name)
but azul peels off the hands on your face and displays a face that is a mixture of embarrassment and shyness. he just pulled out the courage out of his ass after seeing you upset.
and the last thing I want is you thinking that it is a mistake. he thinks. technically it is a mistake but... you get the point.
he doesn't know how to comfort you and just stands there like 🧍‍♂️
azul will start crying if you actually think it's a mistake.
jade leech
jade rn: 😲
you sure do know how to catch him off guard with the element of suprise. usually something as trivial as romance and,, kissing would have him tailing it out the room but he can say that was surprisingly pleasing.
pretends nothing happened to mess with you, literally enjoys your nervous glancing and distraught face.
but eventually tells you to warn him as you short circuit at the word 'next time' by the near end of his sentence. he really likes to mess with you.
joked aside he really does see whatever obsession ordinary humans have with the physical touch thing.. he can even say he feels a little greedy to keep you to himself.. you know maybe drag you to—
oh well. to the unfortunate of others he seems way too happy. he's practically chasing everyone off with an eery smile behind you even if they so tried to converse with you.
here you got a happy, big, tall, scary, protective eel man who's obsessed in love.
floyd leech
it's insane how casual his response is.
and a little concerning to be honest, it feels like you guys don't even need a label to be doing whatever together. and it felt like that from the start 👁
he just smiles really wide, showing off his sharp teeth, picks you up and hugs you in the air with a joyous face.
which would have been cute if he didn't practically demand you for more!! if you had a hundred madol for every time floyd had started asking you for a kiss after the first one you'd be rich.
your lips actually feel numb and at some point you had started hiding because you are going to go insane if he asks for another. floyd is around the corner? you're shoving yourself into deuce's locker as you leave your poor friend to deal with floyd's; "have you seen shrimpy?"
you feel bad, of course. hiding from your practically boyfriend with no label but he really doesn't give you a break.
ahem 🚩 hearing "shrimpyy!!~" is like the omen for a tiring day.
we have a happy, big, tall, scary, protective eel man who's even more obsessed in love.
prank successfully failed??
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Cater: You and Trey have been closer than usual. Are you two dating or something?
Mc: Um... No we're not...
Cater: Really? And what do bees make?
Mc: Uh, honey?
Trey, entering the room: Yes, dear?
Cater: Don't ever lie to me again
Tumblr media
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Leona: Yes I had "sleep over" with Mc *smirk*
Mc: ..... You mean the time you "accidentally" fell asleep over me and didn't wake up for hours?
Leona: Yes... It was good sleep over *smiley*
Below is a picture of the situation
Tumblr media
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leinyy · 1 day
Tumblr media
Why does he remind me of some Kageguri characters? Especially that first expression 💀💀
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TWST men giving oral?
All of these asks are super big brain and I love how they go from wholesome to 100% horny.
Pairing: Trey Clover, Cater Diamond, Leona Kingscholar, Azul Ashengrotto, Jamil Viper, Rook Hunt, Idia Shroud, Malleus Draconia x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, cunnilingus, fingering, clit stimulation, overstimulation, temperature play, slight dacryphilia
A/N: I think that sometimes I get whiplash from going to wholesome to horny with these posts, I hope you can all keep up fine.
Trey hasn't done it much but he's very happy to learn it for you. He likes the idea of it a lot, making you moan just from his mouth and tongue so when you asked he was all to happy to give it a try. His go to is to slowly circle your clit with the tip of his tongue until he feels you start getting wetter around the finger he's keeping just at your entrance.
Cater watched a lot of content about it and is an absolute tease when it comes to giving you cunnilingus. He definitely gets inspired by what he watches but won't push you into trying out the things that you're unsure of. He's more then okay taking long, slow licks to part your folds and feel your juices dripping down his chin when he decides to have a lick inside.
Leona is sloppy as hell when he eats you out. He makes a mess everywhere, and has the smugest grin about it when he finally comes up from between your thighs. Licks your horny juices off his fangs but doesn't wipe them off his mouth and chin, he wants you to be the one to lick it off him.
Azul knows it gets you really wet so he does it, but he does it slow agonizingly, torturously slowly that it makes you cry from how stimulated he gets you. Good, it gets him so hard when he sees that slutty, desperate expression on your face while he has his head between your legs, his tongue once alternating between slow, long circles, only to be replaced by his finger going at the speed of light.
Jamil honestly likes to eat you out in the morning mostly. It's a really good way to get his day started in his opinion. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all, and you're his favorite meal. Plus it's not like you complain while you literally ride his face to that sweet release and then fall back, kissing his cock and wanting to return the favor once you get your strength back.
Rook gives you a knowing smile as he makes his way down your body, eventually getting between your legs, breathing on you, watching your cunt flutter in need. You're so cute for him, how can any man resist you? He certainly can't, and he won't. He'll suck on your clit while he enjoys how your pussy wraps around his fingers, asking for something thicker.
Idia uses some temperature play when he eats you out. He loves making you shiver and moan, your legs shaking and open for him as he licks you with his hot tongue, his fingers rolling over your clit, leaving it alone for a while and then attacking it again with his tongue, constantly keeping your body guessing and on edge until you can't take it anymore.
Malleus is very insecure about it at first. He's actually never given oral to anyone before so you have to be clear in what you like or don't like. He's done fingering, and the fucking but oral is a new experience for him, on both sides. That's why he always pauses every so often to kiss your thighs to ask you if he's doing good, to kiss your clit before going back in with his long tongue.
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*Ruggie coming into Leonas room, to find Leona sitting on his bed smiling*
Ruggie: Whats up, with your ass this morning?
*Yuu turning around in there sleep*
Ruggie: Oh! Nevermind.
Leona: If you wake them up, i swear Bucchi im gonna finish your whole career...
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Tumblr media
♡ How to gain the cephalopod's adoration ♡
Tumblr media
-> things you can do to make da boss swoon over you
azul x reader (fluff!)
Check out malleus' ver. / leona's ver. here!
Tumblr media
Be thoughtful and kind, do little things for him!
Is it busy at the Mostro Lounge? Offer to help out! Are you eating Azul’s favorite food, fried chicken? Save some for him! Found any interesting coins? Hand them over to him to examine and keep! Do him little favors and give him small things that you know he’ll like. Show him that he’s been on your mind because it's about to boggle his own. This boy will be so confused at your actions because he sees the idea of giving without expecting anything back as unusual, sketchy, even. After all, many of his interactions with people have been transactional, especially with the use of his contracts. So he will ask you directly for your motives, and you’d give him an answer that would further flabbergast him: “Why not?” (which would make this guy "aaAAA MOU YADA!!" himself away from you lmaooo 💀)
One thing is for sure– he'll never forget anything you'd given him or had done for him. He wouldn’t forget a single detail because he's planning to return the favor. It wouldn’t sit right with him if he didn’t do so. And so he would pay you back by helping you study, giving you free meals at the lounge, and offering other things that would help you, all without even having to make you sign a contract.
The extent to which he does all this will also surprise you that even you will have to ask him, why? What would he gain from this? And he’ll respond that it was to simply pay you back.
Tut tut.
Keep your gaze on him because he’s not done yet. Not until you’ve seen him avert his eyes from yours, the redness in his cheeks growing brighter, and he'll softly reply,
“...Your time. I would get to spend more time with you, y/n.”
And in time, he’d eventually like to gain your heart as well, teehee ♡
(But after he says that, he'll be an absolute mess, so try not to tease him too much about it please! Dude is already so insecure about himself, don't give him another reason to be 😭 If you give him a peck on the cheek though, he might not be able to survive that either ;) )
Remind him of home by hosting a feast for him on his birthday!
In his Birthday Vignette, it’s clear to see that Azul loves his family. During those times he can’t come home for break or especially during his birthday (since it’s still wintertime), find a way to set up a feast for him like he used to when he was younger. Bring Jade and Floyd into the plan if you have to! (If you’re trying to set up the feast in the Mostro Lounge without Azul noticing, then you’ll really have to include them) Your thoughtfulness will warm his heart.
Sing with him!
Don’t be shy now. He has a thing for singing voices, so you’ve got to let him hear yours! Have him hop on the piano, chirp a few notes, and sing along with him (Or at least try to!) Have some jam sessions together, singing through both of your favorite songs, and maybe have Jade and Floyd hop in with their instruments too. (Y’all can basically be a band LOL) He’d find it so endearing! spending a good time with his favorite ppl :)
Collect coins with him!
I've already briefly mentioned this in the first bullet point but let me elaborate a bit. Whatever interesting-looking coins you have laying around or that you find outside, bring it to him. Some of them might not be worth much, but he'd enjoy examining them and figuring out its origins. If you manage to find a rare coin, the joy that will bloom on his face will be priceless (no pun intended heh) and it'd be a different type of happiness than the composed type he'd usually show. We want to see more of that!
Compliment the Mostro Lounge!
The Mostro Lounge is Azul's baby. Take notice of the things he's doing with it and how he's trying to improve it. He invests so much into his business and he will have just as much appreciation for you if you notice all these details he puts into it. Whether it's the color he chose for the tablecloths or the brand of dishware he serves with, let him know you're aware of it! It'll show that you care about what he deeply cherishes, and so will he cherish you too.
Though some parts of his childhood were rough, remind him of the best parts and have him focus on that instead. Make him feel comfortable enough that he can allow himself to truly open up to you instead of holing up in his octopus-pot 🐙
Tumblr media
a/n: I know that description is funky but you can't tell me azul and the leech bros aren't basically the fish mafia of NRC and therefore he's *with a Brooklyn accent* da boss.
I also wanted to mention for that first bullet point, there was another thing that I was thinking of writing instead. Ok so when Azul asks you about your motives fo being so kind to him and if you were to say, "To make you happy" or smth like that, he'd probably say, "You want my happiness? Then let me have your time. It's a fair deal, no? ;) " but I scrapped that idea bc I don't think he'd be so smooth around his crush ngl LOL 😂
Anyway, Idia is probably gonna be next! Then maybe Vil or Jade, hmm
Tumblr media
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? Yuu: This one time Riddle insulted my parentage so I went "My parents abandoned me when I was born so checkmate loser." and he stopped talking to me for a week straight out of shame.
Everyone else at the sleepover, including Riddle:
? Yuu: I'm pretty sure I won that argument.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ❝ 𝐍𝐎𝐖 𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐆 ! ❞
﹟azul : jade : floyd : x gn!reader. no cw/tw. soft blurbs of calling them pretty, because they are your pretty boy. established relationship. absolutely not proofread.
Tumblr media
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ straddling the waist of your beloved octomer boyfriend, you couldn’t help but stare at his face, admiring every bit of it. his gorgeous eyes, his hair tickling his face, his kissable lips with his little beauty mark, all of it were beautiful to you. as he gulped under your gaze, you could imagine his mind worriedly racing with thoughts, assuming untrue and foolish self-loathing things about himself again. “you’re my pretty boy, please don’t think so little of yourself, Azul,” you hummed, smiling gently at him as he lets out a cough, unsure if he had heard you correctly. “what?” he squeaked out, cheeks adorning a red shade as he tries to look you in the eyes but finds himself gazing at the floor. a part of him hoped his misheard you, but the other much more selfish part of him hoped what he heard was right, and was the genuine truth. “pretty boy,” you repeat again, a little louder this time while brushing his hair behind his ear as you press your forehead against his, fingers tracing his bottom lip as he parts it slightly, his cheeks burning even hotter than before as his eyes meet your’s again. too close, he thinks, even if the two of you were dating what gave you the right to fluster him and make him feel so special? “you’re so pretty i wonder how you don’t get it. i guess i’ll have to make you realize it myself.” before he could respond to your praise, he finds his fingers in your hair as the two of you close your eyes, exchanging many kisses.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ “you’re so pretty when you smile like that, especially when you show me your teeth,” you uttered out, fork digging into your pasta as you twirled it, “i also love the way your eyes light up when you talk about what you love,” you continued, blowing on it as your boyfriend paused mid sentence by your sudden comment, staring at you wide eyed and mouth agape. swallowing your bite, you look up to see for the very first time a genuine look of shock on Jade’s face, startled by your choice of words. “are you alright, Jade?” You asked as he regained his usual composure. “i am quite alright. it’s just you never seem to fail to amuse me no matter how much time passes,” he replied as you laugh a little, putting your cutlery down and wiping your lips with a napkin before getting up from your seat, choosing to move into his arms as you wrap your hands around his neck. “neither do you,” you hummed, giving him a kiss right underneath his eye as you rub your thumb across his cheek. “you’re such a pretty boy, my pretty boy. i’m so lucky to have you and to be able to listen to you talk about what you love.” with zero hesitation, one of his hands captured your free one, the other against the crevice of your back pulling you closer to him, lips meeting your’s in a slow and passionate kiss. truly, no one but you could make him feel like this, prefect.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ it only took a few seconds of entering monstro lounge for you to find yourself tackled into a huge hug by your boyfriend, him peppering kisses all over your face with little giggles, whining over how much he missed you since classes. “i’ve missed you too my pretty boy.” you cooed, squishing his cheeks between your fingers. the second what you said registered with him Floyd’s eyes lit up, nuzzling his face further into your palms as he squished you against him harder, eyes staring at you expectantly. “aww, does my pretty boy want more affection?” you ask teasingly, pressing a kiss against the tip of his nose and then onto his lips, deepening it before remembering just where you were. as soon as you pulled back your boyfriend’s eyes narrowed as though betrayed you’d suddenly stop as a pout formed on his lips. “i’ll give you all the kisses you want when your shift is done, alright?” you console him as he perks back up, grinning at you. “you better keep your word or i’ll squeeze you tight, shrimpy! remember, i’m your pretty boy.” he proudly said, dragging you to a table in his section where he could watch you sit and inevitably join you after ditching his shift.
Tumblr media
@𝐑𝐄𝐍𝐗𝐇𝐎𝐋𝐈𝐂𝐒 : no plagiarizing, reposting, or claiming as your��s.
following channels [tag list] : @h0n3ysgh0st : didn’t really have much time to write recently last month, sorry! here’s a quick update post while im working on the bigger ones! i haven’t written in awhile so i needed a proper warm-up!
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incorrect quote:
Yuu: How's the sexiest person here~? Your fave : I don't know, how are they~? Yuu, flustered: I- Vil, from across the room: I'm doing great, thanks!
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pyroxeene · 11 hours
Tumblr media
When you faint because of the heat
notes: new theme. i am speed. set during tamashina-mina and yasamina silk events. there's also no translation out yet at the point of writing this so I apologize if I accidentally fuck something up, i'm piecing this event story together from twitter threads and japanese-speaking mutuals exposing themselves to my annoying questions. varying lengths again because what is consistency?
contains: character x gn!reader, established relationship
characters included: leona, jamil, malleus, lilia
warnings: spoilers for new event, heatstroke
dark content creators & consumers dni
Tumblr media
Leona may have acted like he wasn't very keen on going home and bringing anyone from Night Raven College along, but he did care a lot about his homeland and he was feeling a little proud that he got to show it to you. He just wished he wasn't the loathed second prince while doing that. The others? It didn't matter to him if they enjoyed their trip. But you were his significant other and he wanted you to have a good time. So if he already had to go back to the Sunset Savannah? He might as well bring you along. He didn't want to admit it but you brightened up every moment at least enough for it to be tolerable for him. And even though he felt like the trip was going to be quite the hassle, he was looking forward to it at least a little bit in the aspect that he'd get to spend some time with you in his homeland. Maybe he'd even show you the palace. The others could wait outside.
You wandered the plaza with Leona and the others, sneaking your hand into his at one point. "Careful, y/n~", Leona teased and looked at you with his signature smirk, "the people of Sunset Savannah still don't know I have a significant other, we don't want anyone from the royal guard to tackle you for your affection now, do we? They might throw you in jail and then you'll never get to see me again." You rolled your eyes at your boyfriend. "If you weren't the prince, I'd dunk you in the fountain." "So violent, huh?", he said with an uncharacteristically dramatic sigh, "drowning in the fountain built to commemorate my beloved nephew would be a fitting end for me, huh?" You poked his side. "I'd be foolish to believe I could get rid of you by drowning you in a fountain", you joked and now Leona took your hand in his for a moment and squeezed it gently, still smirking at you.
"Could you people stop flirting for two seconds?", Vil looked at you both with a disappointed expression. "This is their version of flirting?", Lilia put a finger to his chin in confusion. "It is and I hate it", Vil replied dryly.
All of you noticed that it had become even hotter in the plaza and none of you were really dressed for the occasion. When Jack fainted, Leona was shocked and needed a moment to process what was happening. "Y/n, could you hand me the water you packed? Y/n...?", Leona turned around to see you unconscious in Vil's arms after he had caught you. "Oh for fucks sake", Leona held his head.
He made his way towards you. "Move, prickly queen", he hissed at Vil and picked you up from the ground bridal style. Vil stared at him like "tf did you just call me?"
"This really isn't the time to get jealous, you know?", Vil sighed and Leona carried you to the shade as the others helped bring Jack there. They could see Leona seemed a little distressed over you fainting though. He put you down on a bench and sat next to you, waiting for you to regain consciousness before he helped you drink some water.
"Ah shit, how are we supposed to win if y'all die on me like a starving gazelle with three broken legs?", Leona growled and rubbed the back of his head. Despite his annoyed expression, anyone who knew him well enough could tell he was worried about the two of you.
"Do you think you two can walk with us or should I call the corpse wagon?", Leona asked about your condition, ignoring Vil's sarcastic commentary of how charming he was yet again.
At the hotel he has you sitting sideways on his lap and resting against his chest. His tail is wrapped around your waist and he holds your cheek with one hand before pressing a kiss to your forehead. He looks up at Vil and Lilia smirking at him in a teasing way and Kalim letting out an "aw" sound.
"Fuck you starin' at?", Leona commented dryly. "I'm sorry", Kalim apologized and looked to the ground.
Tumblr media
Malleus is so hyped when he not only gets to go on a trip to the Scalding Sands without his retainers but gets to be with you on top of it all. It's like Halloween and Birthdays and International Gargoyle Day (something he may or may not have made up) in one.
Jamil was glad you were coming along because not only would he get to show his homeland to you but you would always cheer him up and help him relax when he was feeling too stressed with his responsibilities. When he joined you in the evening after a long day of running after Kalim, you'd sometimes massage his shoulders or kiss the tension away. He'd need that today, he mused. He'd make sure to show you all of his favorite things about the Scalding Sands in return.
What he wasn't expecting was for you to faint from the heat. If anyone was an expert in keeping people safe and comfortable, it was Jamil. He had warned you about the harsh desert heat. Repeatedly. Yet it had still happened.
So now that you had fainted despite him making sure you're hydrated and otherwise protected from the sun, the only thing that was left for him to do was to make sure you'd get back on your feet as soon as possible.
It wouldn't be Jamil if he didn't bring a first-aid kit so he uses anything in there that could possibly help you.
He ignores Kalims worried commentary of the situation and makes sure you're provided with the best possible support.
Kalim orders food for you specifically so you get your energy back.
Jamil has an arm wrapped around you and makes sure you drink enough water. When the food arrives, you enjoy the exquisite meal. "Out of all things, you had to order a gourmet lunch that's more expensive than a street food vendor's entire shop?", Jamil stares at Kalim with his typical half-lidded expression, "you know a wet burger would have been much cheaper and been here earlier right?" You immediately stop eating, still having a bite in your mouth while staring at your boyfriend in shock upon the realization of what Kalim had ordered for you. "Just eat it now, Kalim is just like that", Jamil sighs, gesturing for you not to worry about the cost.
Jamil presses a kiss to your forehead and holds your hand as you continue your trip, urging you to take things slow for now. He stays by your side and keeps you safe. Once you're wearing the outfit Kalim's family had specifically prepared for his friends, Jamil at least doesn't worry anymore about you not being dressed appropriately for the desert climate. "You look beautiful", he squeezes your hand and presses a kiss to your lips, relieved you're safe and seem to be doing well.
Tumblr media
If he's waiting for three hours in front of the dark mirror before the trip out of sheer excitement you can bet you're waiting with him. "They're not going to forget about us, we don't have to get up at 4am for this, Mal-", you protested as he dragged you out of bed to get ready for the trip.
He wants to share every moment with you. The trip has barely begun and he already feels like these are going to be memories he'd treasure forever.
When you faint because of the heat, he's super worried. He catches you and holds you in his arms with a panicked expression. So terrified he's losing you for a moment. "Viper, y/n is dying", he calls out with noticeable fear in his shaking voice. The people around you are raising an eyebrow and staring at your group. "They're not dying", Jamil corrects Malleus hastily and tries to signal to the concerned spectators that you were going to be fine, "they've just fainted from the heat. Let's get them somewhere in the shade and provide them with water."
Malleus nods and water droplets start forming from thin air everywhere around you. "Not with magic", Jamil gestures wildly and is happy to see the car Kalim called arrive, "we brought bottled water. No. more. magic." Jamil is so stressed out already, he's glad when you wake up again because that makes him avoid more fun surprises from their royal guest out of worry.
The thing is that Malleus getting into a relationship with anyone is not something to be taken lightly and could have a huge impact on the political landscape of Briar Valley so until you're sure you actually want to rule over his kingdom with Malleus, your relationship unfortunately has to stay a secret. Which means none of your classmates except for Lilia, Silver and Sebek are actually aware you two are an item.
"You're all seeing this right? This is not a mirage?", Cater whispers audibly with a shocked expression while in the limousine. The reason for his bafflement is Malleus gently holding you in his arms while you were resting and recovering from your heatstroke. Malleus holds Twisted Wonderland's equivalent of a Capri Sun, letting you drink from the straw while he had an arm wrapped around you. There was still worry in his voice and he would have loved to be alone with you right now to give you some affection in order to cheer you up.
He stays super close to you throughout the rest of your trip to make sure you'll be okay because you really did a number on his poor inexperienced heart.
He's simultaneously so relieved you're okay that he's even more affectionate than usual. He shares one of those melons with you and says it's so your love lasts forever. ❤️
Tumblr media
Lilia was so excited to take you on this trip. The last time he visited the capital of Sunset Savannah, it hadn't been urbanized yet so he was looking forward to exploring the modern metropolis with you and being able to provide you with some stories and trivia about the past during the trip.
Lilia himself is pretty sensitive to the sun and he definitely warned you about the heat.
Nevertheless, you faint early on in the trip due to a heatstroke. Did I not pay enough attention to them?, Lilia asks himself as he carries you to the shade.
He thinks it's unlikely anything too bad is going to happen to you but he's still worried. He holds you in his arms the whole time until you wake up. He gently rubs your wrist with his thumb and kisses your forehead gently. You come to your senses not long after, your eyes flickering open and looking into the face of your lover who is giving you a soft smile. True love's kiss, Lilia mused and chuckles.
"We were quite worried about you, dear", he pats your head, hugs you and Kalim hands him the water bottle. Lilia helps you drink if your hand is shaking and you struggle to hold the bottle on your own.
He raised Silver and one overgrown dragon fae, he knows how to take care of someone, so you're in good hands unless he brings up his cooking. Then it's time to hit the bricks.
Lilia has an arm wrapped around you all the way back to the hotel, so you have some support if you're still low on energy or feeling a little dizzy.
He makes sure you get something to eat and drink enough water once you're back at the hotel.
He holds you for a while and kisses your lips gently. "Don't scare me like this again, okay?", he chuckles as you nuzzle his neck and hug him back.
He'd let the medics do a check-up and he'd be really happy if you're in the condition to continue exploring the capital with him and the others but if not he vows to take note of everything that might interest you and show it to you before you go back to Night Raven College.
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luxthestrange · 17 hours
TWST Incorrect quotes#338 He took that personal-
In the Middle of the Beanfest
Rook: Sooo~*Is currently holding his weapon at par with you*It only makes sense your future husband and father of your seven babies win!~
Yuu*Eyes widen and lower bean shooter*SEVEN BABIES!? YA MUST BE OUTTA YA MIND MAN!Im planning to play the field till im AT LEAST 34 then maybe MAYBE, If I decide to settle down and get married-i'll think about possibly considering about MAYBE toying with the notion of having one! ONE CHILD-
Rook*Smilling at you, taking it as a challenge*
Rook: Oooh~...So THAT'S how it gonna be?~
Tumblr media
Please tell me you guys get why I choose seven kids-if someone gets it I will let them do a request for a quote!~
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twistedoverbloat · 2 days
Something for Punk Yuu yelling at everyone in her bad period day, and more how is executed
Mc: * gets up as she dragged to another meeting by Crowley and yells in range * YOU KNOW WHAT!?! FUCK YOU!
* points at Vil *
* points at Leona*
* points as Kalim and Malleus*
* giving everyone the middle finger*
* slammed door while walking out, and a muffled sound of her keep on screaming about her period pain *
Everyone in the room:.....
Punk was calmed down by given snacks. (i'm like this) She was also left alone for a week or else they would have killed someone. *Looks at Crowley*
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matcha-berry · 2 days
me: eating fried chicken for dinner, staring off into space
My brain: but what if Zhongli from genshin or Malleus from twst as a fearsome dragon who has captured you as the royal heir and is guarding you in a tower, but it's that one meme where you're in cahoots with one another and Zhongli/Malleus is doing this to help you find a proper spouse out of the ones coming to rescue you, and then the whole fic is just. . . them monologuing about how that redhead isn't right, they seem too stuck up, that white-haired one looks strong but seems to be a bit too much of a musclehead, ahh that bluehaired one? Seems like a family man, he'll consider it. . . what? That orangehaired one? No.
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