wh40kartwork · 18 hours
Tumblr media
Vindicare Assassin
by Alexey Kruglov
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shadefish · 2 days
"What place do killers and conquerors have when there is no longer a war to fight, an enemy to slay, a kingdom to siege? What place do warriors have in peace time?"
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fromcommorragh · 2 days
And just like that, GW did a stealth reveal of how the necrontyr looked like in a faction trailer for the new necron codex.
And I feel very vindicated because I called it that the necrontyr had humongous chins back in 4th edition.
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themaestronoob · 3 days
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Necromunda Escher, from Warhammer 40000
You can support me through my Patreon and Gumroad pages, for interesting ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) variants, so I can keep doing art.
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ruoyuart · 6 hours
Tumblr media
Hey ya'll, sorry about the slow content lately, I have a lot of projects and I'm taking it slow over the holiday period. Here's a new comic anyway :)
Please, if you want to support me to keep making content like this, consider supporting my Patreon at https://www.patreon.com/ruoyuart!
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ladymirdan · 20 hours
Ultramarine headcanons:
1. All Ultramarines have a praise kink.
2. Its coded in their gene-seed to be service tops, but some Ultramarines with a powerful will can break the conditioning.
3. Bathe.
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hansoape · 3 days
Tumblr media
This codicier is asking you out on a date to the Librarius do you accept Y/N he'll do tarot for yoooouuuu (as long as you're not a stinky heretic)
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sympyl · 2 days
Recently watched Abigail Thorn's new video, and a very specific part of the bit about plagiarism and men taking credit for the things that women have done really resonated with me. I am, of course, a woman, and I am involved in alot of male dominated communities, and in my time being in such communities I've realised that men don't even have to actively try and take credit for a woman's work for women to be erased from the story. As an example, anyone who has followed or looked at my blog at all knows that I paint alot of Warhammer miniatures, and I put alot of time, effort and skill into my hobby- collectively probably over a thousand hours assembling and painting models at this point, maybe drastically more. I often post photos of my work online- and, without exception, the people who comment on my photos just *assume* that I'm a man. I get comments all the time saying things like "Good job sir!!!" And "Fantastic work, man!!!!", and, while in some ways I at least appreciate the comment, the fact that my existence as a woman in the space is automatically erased from people's minds, and that it's instead attributed to some abstract "man" who doesn't even exist because I'm not male, fucking stings a little. And you can't even get out of this either- women who take photos of themselves with their models often get responses saying they're "doing it for clout" and are chided for using their gender to get fake reddit upvotes or whatever, and such comments often say "oh it would be fine if they just posted her models, let her models speak for themselves!" or whatever, completely ignoring the fact that they would just assume that a man painted it if her face wasn't showing. This effect is compounded if the woman posting photos with her models has like. Any boobs at all. Because of course.
Perhaps Warhammer (and other hobbies like it) is perceived as more male dominated than it actually is, simply because people just assume that the women who have always been here just don't exist.
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farsight-the-char · 2 days
Tumblr media
The Boss from Brutal Kunnin getting a model and a book with him fighting Drukari (in the Dark City).
Not Bad. Also a rumour engine solved.
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tinyorcenthusiast · 2 days
It's been a while since I posted my miniatures last, mostly because I wasn't really confident in my painting. But that doesn't matter. I put in the effort to customize and paint these orks, and I'm going to show them off proudly!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
They might not be the best painted, but damn it, they're mine! I love how they look and all the things I've done to make them more unique. Also, yes, the first one does have a third arm; the ork that spawned him had an unfortunate encounter with a Genestealer, and he hasn't been the same since.
C&C is welcome and appreciated, I'm not the best painter, and I doubt that I'll be able to paint to a higher standard anytime soon, but I'm always looking for advice on how to improve!
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biggestlittleminis · 14 hours
Tumblr media
Wish I knew the artist. This just rolled through a discord I'm in.
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wh40kartwork · 2 days
Tumblr media
Night Lord
by John Stone
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beastofnurgle · 2 days
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Wanted to show off this completely amazing chaplain dreadnought that my girlfriend made for me! Definitely check her out on Twitter.
I'm so happy ... Look at him. He's got a giant crozuis and so many candles!!!
This is for my upcoming Star Phantoms Badab War army.
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weatherman667 · 1 day
One of the worst things about Primaris marines, (and, if you've been following me, you'll know that I will blame anything and everything on them), is that the greatest problem the Imperium has is...
The Archenemy rarely makes it passed the Cadian Gate, (CADIA STANDS), the best way to stop the Orks is to be boring, the Tau exist because the Imperium hasn't bothered to do anything about them, yet, and the 'Nids are mysterious to hide the fact that GW doesn't actually know how they travel between planets.
But, if a single cargo ship is late, millions, if not billions will starve. And this is a universe where space travel is not exactly predicable.
The Imperium has more than enough manpower, somewhere in the high trillions, or higher. They have countless forge worlds, factory hive cities, agriworlds, etc. The problem is that planets are not self-sufficient. The problem is that the Imperial Guard/Navy is designed to be fractured. The problem is that they purposefully avoid having efficient governments, to prevent tyranny.
And, guess who showed up? The Primarch who's power isn't something showy like angel wings, but being really good at logistics.
And they could have Guilliman traveling around the galaxy, fixing all of the problems. Aside from the stories, it would give them a chance to introduce a boatload of new Astartes chapters, and give them immediate emotional weight to get fans invested in them.
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cronnissar · 3 hours
Tumblr media
I like the tabletop version more.
Tumblr media
Only thing is they could use some variety in poses.
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this morning's progress on Pavise Atheus was mostly smaller details like cables and such, with a bit of black blobbing on the top half. oh and getting the tolt shield ready to paint a coat of arms on. it may be decked out in camo but its still a knight after all
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