thoughtcascades · 16 hours
Adults that act like children a majority of their life result in their children having to act like adults for a majority of theirs.
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deloveusion · 23 hours
concept: your significant other loves taking pictures of you when you're not watching. a candid of you laughing so hard your eyes are closed. one of cooking breakfast wearing their oversized shirt. one of you curled up asleep on the couch. a picture of every reason they love you
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one-time-i-dreamt · 3 hours
I went to a library. The person at the front desk was unusually tall and thin like the guy from Little Nightmares 2. I asked them where I can find the books on anatomy. They stopped typing on a type-writer, lowered their glasses to look me over and then said, “God gave you two eyeballs. You can’t see your own, but you sure can see everybody else’s.”
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thebookquotes · 16 hours
We all have our own reasons for how we live our lives. We can't put our lives into someone else's hands and expect them to love it.
Colleen Hoover, Slammed
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legionofpotatoes · 20 hours
Tumblr media
sup nerds
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form-less · 7 hours
Tumblr media
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deloveusion · 1 hour
let me call you while you're in public and i'm touching myself so you have to listen to my moans and whines of your name with nothing you can do about it
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one-time-i-dreamt · 3 hours
I was playing Genshin Impact and a completely new quest about Beidou, and in a cutscene, it was revealed that she had a boyfriend. I checked Twitter and saw that, in unrelated news, Hoyoverse had lost all of its money and had to shut down Genshin because everyone stopped playing and were robbing their headquarters.
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I'm so fucking touch starved I want to be held so badly
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tayorswift · 16 hours
I just saw someone say the reason they loved WCS is because it’s about John Mayer and if that’s not the perfect example of how knowing/remotely caring about the individuals certain songs are about immediately invalidates all the work and craftsmanship of writing a song and just reduces it to pointless gossip I don’t know what does.
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deloveusion · 17 hours
wearing his hands as necklace >>>>
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one-time-i-dreamt · 43 minutes
I had been transported to a fantasy city and was working as a novice for some religion (no idea why) and I had to help a woman deliver her baby, her husband was a vague fantasy guy who was essentially Jason Momoa, but some other group came through and occupied the lady’s house so she had to give birth in an aquarium/fountain/pond that had been emptied for cleaning (though they left all the annoyed sea life, like, full on whales and sharks and stuff, in there) and then as she was giving birth, they started refilling it so I had to keep hopping to avoid being bitten by sharks while delivering her baby…
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guyramsayfieri · 13 hours
Fighting not so that you can have a happy ending but so that other versions of yourself can is a deeply noble endeavor.
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yooniesim · 10 hours
Only simblr could turn a black paywaller being "bullied" for having a bad response about people getting viruses from downloading cc (which is the bulk of what I commented on btw, barely gave two responses to this person) into ACTUALLY harassing a black person with literal na*zi ideology lmfao. Which makes it perfectly clear that it's not about racism, it's just personal for you. Y'all need to take a hard look at yourselves and whether you're fighting the right battles for the right reasons, because from my perspective, you're looking pretty fucked up.
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prongedmenace · 23 hours
I think we need more Poppy and Howdy content, they're so silly
The bird and the bug, y'know? And the way Howdy goes out and helps Poppy (I think) the most
He helps her bake, delivers her stuff, probably helps her calm down too! They talk to each other about stuff on Howdy's off-days! Or he sets up a portable shop outside her barn, like a garage sale, so he can hang out with her more
I don't know but I need more of them, they have so much funny or wholesome potential!!!
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intriga-hounds · 9 hours
completely boxed in by dogs rn…sivi by my head, baz on my left, ponzu on my right, renly at my feet
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