knightofleo · 2 months
...he is weaving the chocolate. Do you copy, this bitch is WEAVING CHOCOLATE
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coalashslurry · 5 months
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we're running out of time to fuck it we ball....
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charlesoberonn · 3 months
It's gonna be such a funny mess when Donald Trump dies of a stroke on April 1st, 2024.
Naturally everybody will think it's fake because of the date only to lose their minds (both positively and negatively based on their opinion of trump) when realizing it's real
There will be massive celebrations in the streets and on social media and lots of predictable "don't speak ill of the dead" discourse about those celebrations
Weird evangelicals will pull some weird number trick talking about how Jesus was conceived on April 1st and that makes Trump a sort of messiah and people will make fun of that
The Republicans (after they're done with the faux-sadness and faux-outrage) will stomp over each other to be his successor but none of them will succeed. They'll tear each other apart and have no single nominee for the November elections.
There will be discourse about if Biden and the living former presidents should go to his funeral (they won't, he was a traitor insurrectionist)
The Ukraine-Russia War immediately goes in favor of Ukraine as morale in the Kremlin is reduced. China similarly backs off from its threats on Taiwan.
Ten thousand new memes are made, some sticking around for years to come.
Not a month later a bunch of unofficial biographies of Trump hit the bookshelves, many with new details about just how awful he was.
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tothechaos · 3 months
me trying to convince myself that the whole spectrum of human emotions is a good and necessary thing to feel even if its not comfortable while im actively experiencing emotions that make me feel like my bones are being dissolved in acid
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toothwormfactory · 3 months
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corpish · 3 months
in recognition of World Down Syndrome Day on March 21
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fleshdyke · 4 months
you cant fucking hurt me bitch im protected by the migratory bird act
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the-overanalyst · 7 months
it's always so fascinating and heartbreaking when a character in a story is simultaneously idolized and abused. a chosen prophet destined for martyrdom. a child prodigy forced to grow up too fast. a powerful warrior raised as nothing but a weapon. there's just something so uniquely messed up about singing someone's praises whilst destroying them.
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ubercharge · 11 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
op is posting from tamriel. or perhaps the lands between
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beardedmrbean · 1 year
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stars-and-birds · 1 year
quick what is everyone doing right now
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shinseifer · 1 year
"average cat owner spends 3 years in prison" factoid actualy just statistical error. average owner spends 0 years in prison. Miette's mother, who kicked her body like the football and went to jail for One Thousand Years is an outlier adn should not have been counted
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charlesoberonn · 1 year
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tothechaos · 4 months
this is what every tiktok screenshot looks like to me
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calware · 1 year
funny phrases to use when something goes wrong instead of jokingly saying "i'm going to kms":
i'm going to kill god
i'm going to delete my blog
i'm going to explode
i'm going to blow up this entire website
i'm going to become the joker
this is going to be my villain origin story
i'm being so brave about it
fuck it we ball
god had to nerf me because i was too powerful
i'm too pretty for this
all according to plan
feel free to add on
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marcilled · 1 year
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