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i refuse to even consider vi doing the do while still wearing those hand wraps
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powder fell down a well
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+ bonus
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[[ messy ep8 Silco lives rent free in my head ]]
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I forgot how much I loved attempting to draw wings
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Vastayan Viktor, also a birthday present for a friend. :)
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putting them in outfits!
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Buff women yesterday, buff women today, and buff women tomorrow!
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Hello! Can I request a jinx, Ekko, vi and Caitlyn separate of a readers ex gf or bf coming around and trying to get back with them and how they react to it? Thank you!
Oof, an ex can really mess things up, or at least make shit awkward even at the best of times.
Pairing: Jinx, Vi, Ekko, Caitlyn x Reader
Tags: fluff, slight angst, established relationship, hurt/comfort, kissing, jealousy, feelings of insecurity, PDA, showing off
A/N: Trying to write some more Arcane content cause I've been stuck creatively with it for a while ugh.
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Jinx wouldn't take it very well, someone trying to come between you two now that your relationship is just getting started. She doesn't want to think that you'd leave her but she believed that before about others too.
Noticing that you have no intention of that but that its your ex who is being the pushy one here she goes into her scary, protective mode. She doesn't kill your ex, not right now at least, but she'd not above some very well illustrated threats and maybe a few little bombs thrown in their direction.
"Don't let me see ya talkin' ta sugar here ever again. Ya had your chance and you blew it. They're with me now, ain't no way I'm letting ya have them now that you've come crawling back. Come on sugar, I'm taking ya somewhere more fun, where this loser won't disturb us."
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Vi isn't afraid to break a few bones for you, or be the cause of broken bones for you. Your ex has nothing on her, everyone knows that. But... call her a little evil, she has something better in mind then just walking up and decking your ex in the face.
Kissing you right in plain view. That hurts more then any punch she could throw, letting your ex know how good you're having it with her. Looking over there before spinning you around and pulling you into her lap is all part of her showing off, well that and flexing as she spins you around and drags you past your ex, flipping them the bird while you have that goofy, happy smile on your face.
"That's your ex huh sweet stuff? Man, did your taste improve when you met me. Raised your standards sky high I bet. They were good to you right? Need me to go back in there and teach them a few lessons? Oh, well... I'm actually a little disappointed. I always wanted to be the cool girlfriend who kicks the ex's butt."
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Ekko is protective over you, like he is of everyone from the Firelights. Of course he knew one of the Firelights was your ex so there was no getting away from the awkwardness of the situation even if he tried to.
He starts walking around holding hands, kissing your cheek and whispering in your ear, a sort of passive aggressive show of your relationship to everyone else. He won't be hostile to his teammates but he needs to let your ex know that he no intention of just letting them walk into your relationship.
"They still following you around Firefly? I know its sort of inevitable, just wanna make sure you're doin' okay. Sweet that you think I'm being cute but I'm actually trying to be intimidating here. Not working is it? Should I bring out the mask? No cause you can't kiss me when I have it on? Not funny."
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Caitlyn is more used to seeing her exes and hiding away. She doesn't have many but they're usually somewhere at her parents parties. Getting to play the jealous, overprotective girlfriend is new for her. Doesn't need to try very hard, her sharp looks do wonders.
Or horrors in the case of your ex. She keeps a protective hand on the small of your back for the rest of the night and makes sure to cast one last glance at your ex, smirking at them, looking very smug when you leaned to kiss her cheek.
"We should get going now darling, there's only so much angry staring I can do when you look so ravishing at my side. Do you think I sent the message loud and clear? I suppose I could have done more but... well I think I caused enough scenes at events in the past. Thank you for that kiss, I think that was the final nail on the coffin for them."
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Caught in 4k, Caitlyn😏
(Official artwork from Wild Rift Brazil)
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Her strap in deep to the hilt as she fucks you in a mating press, but you're shorter than her; Your face is directly infront of her scarred chest, all you can do is kiss and suck at her neck and bouncing breasts between sobs and moans. Mechanical arm bent above your head for support, flesh hand gripping your hip tight, grunting and huffing above you between hard, deep thrusts, making sure each one has her hips pressed right against yours enough to have you shaking. She's completely covering your body ; The only limbs to be shown are your spread legs between her huge, muscular torso. Like you're just a toy, she barely acknowledges your existence besides the hole shes buried in. You can't fight her when she decides to halt her harsh rhythm to grind against you now, strap still in to the hilt. Shes rubbing her clit against the harness of her strap, getting herself off. With each motion of her hips is one pulse deep inside you where her strap stays snug. You're babbling incoherent words, too overstimulated to form anything but breathy whimpers; You've lost count how many times you came. She guides your hips up and down with one strong human hand to gain more stimulation on her clit, not pulling out in the slightest, pressing as hard as she can against you for her own full pleasure. Her grunts become more frequent after several moments of this, animalistic and greedy, and eventually she's basically laying on top of you as she delivers one last brutal thrust, your head tucked in the nook of her shoulder and her breasts pressed to your collarbones as she lets out a deep moan, like all of her stress of the day was washed away with that long awaited release.
the way i’m GRIPPING my coffee for emotional support rn hELPPPP
Tumblr media
“Like you're just a toy, she barely acknowledges your existence besides the hole shes buried in.”
excuse me while i hyperventilate. ohmYGOD.
i would gladly let sevika use me i mean what
thank you for this :)
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You will never get me to shut up about the Episode 2 scene with Vander and Powder at the Last Drop. It’s this little personal ritual that Vander and Powder share with each other and only each other and it’s ADORABLE.
Vander just knows Powder is feeling down and he instinctively tries to rectify that by making her her juice exactly how she wants it in her favourite cup with a straw. He knows something is horribly wrong when it doesn’t instantly cheer her up.
It’s interesting how similar the scene is to the Chuck scene in act 2. 
Jinx still goes through the motions of sitting at the bar and expecting to get her juice with the cup and the straw.
Only Chuck doesn’t immediately get it. Jinx has to order her drink with the hand gestures and give the bar a knock to get Chuck to remember the straw all while Chuck is shitting himself. Jinx comes into the scene with this hyper unnerving energy and feeds off of Chuck’s fear of her. 
No one else understood Jinx’s drink, no one shared the routine with her but Vander, even Silco doesn’t do it.
Kind of a reach but I think the Chuck scene subtilty conveys that Jinx actually misses Vander, she still wants the routine, she wants her drink the way Vander did it. But Vander isn’t here anymore so she needs to threaten the hapless bartender to just get some semblance of that moment she had with him.
Season 2 wishlist:  Give us a parallel to the episode 2 scene with Jinx and Warwick. 
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jinx put together a whole tea party, dredged up old childhood artifacts, kidnapped her dad, her sister, and her sister’s crush, baked cupcakes just to play a mean prank on her sister, face full of makeup, nuclear bomb at the ready just in case anyone decided to be mean to her. i desperately need to know what was going through her mind.
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I hope the new ancient is (gestures)
[img id] Two digital drawings of Arcane ancient dragon speculations — a hatchling and an adult. The hatchling is very small with giant eyes, tentacles for a mouth, little wiggly legs and arms on its round body, the saddest wings ever, and small ears. The adult is not much better, as a larger, lankier version of the baby, with toe beans on display. [/id]
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ARCANE: JINX + her main influences
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