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Tumblr media
warning: Smut (+18)
She currently served as a physical therapist for the WWE, her work quickly capturing the attention of the towering 6 ft 3 wrestler. From the moment their eyes met, a spark ignited. Vivid fantasies consumed his mind and he imagined himself held captive in the curves of her thick thighs, her hands helplessly pinned above her head while she begged for his touch.
Although his thoughts of her were lustful, genuine feelings lingered below. Roman's approach, however, focused on the pursuit of feeling her warm, wet walls around him.
Reclining on the table he had specifically ordered for these sessions, Roman's anticipation ate him up as he awaited her arrival. His hamstring troubles had forced him to not perform at the best of his abilities, he was looking forward to the relief her skilled hands would bring to his aching muscles.
As he mindlessly scrolled through Instagram, he was interrupted by her entrance into the room. He watched her appreciatively, taking in the sight of her pretty, black curls claw-clipped into a wild bun, much like his. Soft tendrils of hair dangled near her sideburns. She had done a quick wash and go and was proud of herself for making it look as good as it did.
She exuded a quiet confidence, her small frame enveloped by the vibrant hues of her floral scrubs.
"Thanks again for coming to my house to do this. I know today was your day off," he acknowledged, his voice portraying a hint of gratitude tinged with longing.
"No, it's fine. I didn't have anything better to do," she replied with a soft smile and a shrug. Honestly, if anyone else had asked her to do so, she would’ve immediately denied. But, in this case, every fiber of her being yearned for his presence. She found herself captivated by him, his presence easily invoking a mix of emotions that she struggled to contain.
He carefully placed his phone on the table and flipped onto his stomach. He crossed one arm over the other and laid his head comfortably on top of his arms.
Each time he felt her touch, it felt like electric shocks hummed through his veins. He often found himself battling the urge to pull her close, taken over by the need to explore every single part of her body.
"You know, just because you're here to work doesn't mean you have to wear those little flowery scrubs." he teased, a playful grin dancing on his lips.
Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment and amusement, a nervous laugh slipping past her lips as she dispensed a dollop of oil into her palms, rubbing them together with practiced ease.
"I'll keep that in mind for next time," she replied, her voice laced with a hint of self-consciousness as she prepared to begin.
As her hands glided up the smooth fabric of his basketball shorts, she couldn't help but notice the subtle tension in his muscles. She was sure she was just as tense as him though. But despite her nerves, she focused intently on her task, determined to ease his discomfort.
With each skilled movement of her hands, soft groans of pain and pleasure slipped from him as she melted his knots away.
Her arousal was coursing through her veins, her touch both tender and purposeful. Just touching him was leaving her breathless.
By the time she finished working on his legs, she found herself soaked, her mind reeling from the intoxicating mix of his muted groans and the scent of his skin. She found it almost impossible to resist him.
As he rose from the table, she couldn't help but admire the newfound grace in his movements, the progress they had made together over the past weeks was tremendous. His praise washed over her like a wave, filling her with a pride and accomplishment she hadn't known before.
"Your hands are like magic," he murmured appreciatively with a small grip on her shoulder. His touch sent a shiver down her spine.
"Thanks," she replied softly, another nervous giggle bubbling up from within her as she gathered her belongings, almost running away from the tension between them.
With a final glance, she turned and made her way toward the stairs, the weight of his gaze lingering on her like a caress. As she disappeared from view, she couldn't shake the feeling that it would somehow, someway be a while before she would start heading home.
She found herself lost in the sensual melody of "Earned It" by The Weeknd as she placed the massage oils in the cabinet. She had realized she'd been over to his house a lot more often to treat him, so she figured why not keep them here to maintain his plan of care.
Glancing at her reflection in the mirror, she couldn't help but fuss over the loose tendrils of hair, each rebellious strand mocking her efforts. The bobby pins seemed to have a mind of their own, failing to secure the unruly locks in place.
With a heavy sigh, she rested her hands on the cool marble countertop, feeling the weight of frustration settle upon her shoulders. The pressure mounted as she attempted to tame her hair, her fingers fumbling with the stubborn strands.
She paused to catch her breath, dipping her head down and closing her eyes, searching for any sign of composure amidst the sexual tension. Was it truly the bobby pins that troubled her, or was she just frustrated? Frustrated with the way the Samoan man was engraved in her mind.
As she continues to fight her silent battle in front of the mirror. Roman had other plans..
Her heart skipped a beat as strong arms encircled her waist from behind, pulling her into an unexpected embrace. Keeping her eyes closed, she threw her head back, trying to figure out if this was just a figment of her imagination or reality.
"Roman, wait..." she murmured, attempting to break free from his grasp, but his hold remained firm, a silent insistence that she stay.
"Let's not pretend that you don't want me," he interjected with a sly grin, his hands venturing beneath her shirt to explore the contours of her stomach.
She finally opened her eyes, meeting his. The weight of his gaze put her in a trance.
Her breath hitched as he turned her to face him. With trembling hands, she traced a tentative path down his now bare chest, each touch eliciting a low groan of pleasure from him. Pressed against the cool surface of the sink, her senses heightened by the heady scent of his cologne and the warmth of his skin against hers.
With a mixture of nervousness and excitement, she slid his shorts down, her fingers lingering over the tantalizing curve of his hips. As she began to stroke him, his hips moved in sync with her rhythm. The soft caress of her hand had him weak-kneed.
Her pussy grew wetter with each stroke, she couldn't help but softly moan at his easy submission. With a sense of power she had never known before, she brought him to the brink of release, his ragged breaths and whispered pleas urging her on.
“Don’t stop, please,” he whimpered with his eyes locked in on her own. His hands reach behind her, placing them on the counter, knuckles almost turned white at the grip while his precum dripped down her fingers and into her palm. She literally had him in the palm of her hands melting like chocolate.
“Mmm, but you don’t want to finish like this daddy. I know you don’t..,” she moaned while slowing down her strokes. He smirked and so did she, they knew exactly how to drive each other wild.
He grabbed her hand and took her finger into his mouth tasting himself, his precum lathering his tongue. He moaned softly staring deeply into her eyes as he stuck his tongue out and danced it around her fingers.
A moaned escaped her throat as she watched. She had never seen something so sexy in her life and the fact that he was staring into her soul while doing so was enough to make her juices slowly drip past her lips and down her thighs.
He chuckled darkly as he watched her fall into a trance and turned her around to face the mirror. With a hunger, he stripped away her scrubs, revealing the full extent of her beauty in the soft glow of the bathroom light. As he used his teeth to remove her panties, she gasped at the soft drag of the lace against her smooth skin, her body thrumming as he slid off the thin piece of clothing.
With each touch, each caress, she felt herself unraveling in his arms, her desire for him reaching a fever pitch. As he rid her of her bra, she surrendered herself completely to the moment, her body trembling with pleasure as they got lost in each other.
As his hands explored her torso, she basked in his touch, each caress leaving trails of goosebumps.
When he eased himself inside her, she couldn't help but gasp at his girth. It was as if every nerve ending in her body had come alive. His size stretched her in a way that both thrilled and challenged her, almost pushing her over the edge with each thrust.
Roman paused, his movements becoming slow and deliberate. His gaze, dark with desire, bore into hers through the mirror. A small smile tugged at the corners of his lips, the sight of her was so fulfilling.
"Damn, girl," he murmured huskily as he began to move, his hips setting a rhythm that matched the frantic beat of her heart. His thrust sent waves of pleasure crashing over her, building the tension between them to an almost unbearable intensity.
With every touch, every stroke, he worshipped her body as if it were a precious work of art, his hands exploring every curve with a reverence that made her heart swell. And when he finally wrapped his fingers around her throat, applying just enough pressure to send her into a state of euphoria, she couldn't help but whimper.
"Say my name, baby," he growled, his voice a rough whisper.
And as she complied, her voice barely a breathless murmur, he rewarded her with a slow, sensuous kiss behind her ear that left her head spinning and her body aching for more.
"Louder," he demanded, his fingers teasing her clit with a skill that bordered on torture. And as she cried out his name,
"Daddy!" her voice echoed in the bathroom, he knew that he had finally broken through her defenses, unleashing a raw passion.
Their bodies moved together in a symphony, sounded like one too. Her pussy gushed, making the sweetest sound. The wettest sound.
His middle finger continued to move in mind-numbing circles. Her body wanted to crumble forward but he held her throat with a tight grip, a grip that kept her stable.
"Give me my nut baby, it's mine. I want it over my dick.", he whispered behind her ear, placing a gentle kiss on her shoulder while he gave her some not-so-gentle strokes.
With him hitting her g-spot and rubbing on her clit, she felt her climax approaching. Her breathes with getting shorter, her curls were sticking to her forhead, and this man was tearing her up.
And when she finally reached her peak, her release crashed over her. He followed close behind, his own climax tearing through him with a force that left him gripping onto her body for dear life.
They stood together in the quiet, their breaths echoing throughout the room. She leaned into his embrace, their bodies entwined, the lingering heat between them melting into a shared warmth as they savored the aftermath.
His lips trailed feather-light kisses along her neck, before pulling away. A soft whimper escaped her lips at the loss, a smile forming as their eyes locked silently.
With a turn, she reached for him again, her arms enveloping his neck, drawing him into an embrace. Their lips met in a deep kiss.
As they pulled away, their breaths mingling in the stillness, he tenderly brushed his thumb against her parted lips.
"How about we go another round, baby girl," he murmured, his voice low and husky. She smiled, feeling her core tingle once more.
"Mmm, I like the sound of that." she hummed in agreement, her voice tinged with anticipation as she leaned in closer to him.
Hope y'all liked this! Please excuse any and all mistakessss, thanks!!! lololol
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Its all coming back to me now
Roman reigns x Emeline(OC)
Tumblr media
"There were moments of gold
And there were flashes of light
There were things we'd never do again
But then they'd always seemed right
There were nights of endless pleasure
It was more than all your laws allow"
Warnings: smut, its sad but has a happy ending, I guess it's my way of working out how I feel about WM40, errors I may have missed.
Word count: 2,374
Tag list: @reignsangel444 @acknowledge-reigns @mzv11 @marchm-langdon @mandeelemons @pittieprincess22 @romanreignshairdresser @weirdgirl16355 @wrestlingprincess80
A heaviness came over her seeing him laying on the mat. Her heart dropped into her stomach, tears welling in her eyes. She dropped to the floor, her legs unable to hold her up anymore "Emeline!" She knew the voice but it wasn't his! With all her strength she forced herself to stand and as fast as her legs would carry her she ran. She didn't know where she was running to but she just wanted away from here.
The sound of the pouring rain filled her ears when she opened the door to the arena, numbing her senses. She ran out and slammed the door behind her. Running into the street, she hadn't payed attention to the cars that were driving by. A loud horn signaled the unthinkable. She'd been hit!
Laying on the ground, her legs broken and pain shooting through her all she cared about, still, was him. The person yelling at her was hazey. Their voice was muffled. Then she heard the sirens and everything went black.
Romans POV
I walked up the wrap to the wiseman and just broke. We shared a long hug "your wife is waiting for you my tribal chief!" He Said. I walked back stage and Dakota came running to me "Roman we can't find Emeline!" She said.
"what?" I asked "Paul just said she was waiting for me!"
"she ran out of the arena after the match! Hunter tried to stop her but she was in her own world! Her eyes were glossed over! And we heard a car honk!"
My blood ran cold "you didnt think to go fucking look?!" I yelled before running outside. When I saw the red and blue lights I knew in my gut she was hurt! I ran as fast as I could to the ambulance. The cop stopped me before I could cross "sir you can't go past here!"
"that's my wife!" I yelled, before he moved aside and let me pass "Emeline! Baby girl!" Her eyes were shut and her face was scraped up and bruised. I looked down and saw her legs were broken. This is all my fault! "Emeline, I'm so sorry!" I kissed her forehead.
"sir she's alive but we have to get her to the hospital! She's probably gonna need emergency surgery!" The EMT said.
"what happened?" I asked.
"someone who saw the whole thing said she ran out into the street and looked like she was distraught. She hadn't payed attention to the cars and..." He stopped, seeing my reaction. I grabbed her hand and held it to my face, all I could do was cry. This was all my fault. I let her down!
"Emeline please come back to me!" I sobbed, holding her hand in mine. My world stopped. I couldn't lose her! "Sir we have to put her in the ambulance. You can ride with her." The EMT said.
I let go of her hand so they could get her in the ambulance and hopped in beside her, grabbing her hand again, tears welling in my eyes. If it kills me I was gonna beat Cody's ass!!
When we got to the hospital, I called Seth, dwayne, Paul, jimmy, and hunter and let them know what happened. Hunter gave me some half assed apology about it and I nearly tore him a new one but Emeline wouldn't want me to do that so I just said "thanks!" And hung up.
Just as they wheeled her back into surgery Paul walked up to me hugged me "how is she?" He asked.
"they just wheeled her back into surgery!" I said "her legs are broken!"
"I'm so sorry!" Paul said "Dwayne's on his way along with the twins and solo!"
The realization of what happened finally hit me and I broke down "I can't lose her Paul!"
"it's gonna be ok! She's gonna be ok!" He said.
4 hours later
When the doctor finally came out I was trying to read his expression but he was blank and my heart sank.
"how is she?" I asked.
"She's stable but both her femurs were broken. She's gonna need physical therapy and that's just the emergency part of it. We don't know if she had any head trauma and we won't know until she wakes up." He said "your wife is a fighter!"
"Can I go see her?" I asked.
"Of course!"
"Thank you! Where is she?"
"Room 406"
I ran down the hall and when I found her room, I walked in and my heart broke. She was connected to so many tubes and machines. I hadn't even noticed the nurse checking on her "you must be her husband?" She asked.
"Yes!" I said "a few others are going to be coming as well."
"We can only have 2 visitors at a time in the room. Its to keep the room clear for staff!" She said.
"I understand!" I said, forcing a half smile "I wasn't there to protect her! This is all my fault!" I broke down in tears. I felt a hand on my shoulder "it's not your fault. Accidents happen." She smiled "your wife is a very lucky woman to have a man like you and she's a fighter!"
"No, I'm the one who's lucky! She's stood beside me when no one else did! She believed in me when no one else would! Without her I wouldn't be who I am today!" I smiled.
"it's late why don't you get some sleep? The chair is a pullout." She said "I can get you a pillow and a blanket if you'd like?"
"i'll probably lay down later. My mind isn't going to shut off anytime soon! Especially not seeing her like this!" I said, grabbing Emeline's hand.
"well if you need anything just let me know!" She smiled.
"thank you!" I smiled back.
The next morning
I woke up with my head on my arm, I don't know when I fell asleep but I still had Emeline's hand and in mine. She had started to stir when I woke up and when she opened her eyes I was so happy "Emeline! Baby girl! Thank the gods your ok!" I reached to give her a kiss but she pulled away from me "who are you?" She asked.
The sting I felt in my chest was like nothing I'd felt before. I remembered the doctor said we wouldn't know if she had any head trauma until she woke up but I wasn't expecting this! I pressed the call button for the nurse.
"Hello, is everything alright?" She asked.
"Emeline's awake!" I said, my voice starting to crack "but she doesn't remember me!"
"we'll be right there!" The nurse said.
"you still haven't answered my question!" Emeline said "who are you?"
I reached for my wallet and pulled out a picture of us at our wedding "Emeline, I'm your husband!" I said, trying to keep myself from crying.
The nurse came running in the room "hey I know you want her to remembe but that's not the way to do it! It has to be gradual and she has to do it herself. I cant imagine what you feel right now but it's gonna be ok. 90% of the time the amnesia is temporary!" The nurse said trying to comfort me but it didn't work.
"I need to get some air!" I said, walking out of the room. My wife didn't remember me! The love of my life, my best friend didn't know who I was. I leaned against the wall and slumped to the ground, putting my head.in my hands. Tears fell down my face. I couldnt be without her! She was my world!
"joe?" I heard a familiar voice say.
"dwayne!" I said standing up and hugging him "she's awake but she doesn't remember me!"
I heard him sigh "it's not her fault or yours. Don't blame yourself! She'll remember you. I know it hurts but you can't rush it!"
"people keep telling me that but no one is telling me how to help her!" I yelled "my wife doesn't fucking remember me!"
Emeline's POV
I heard him shouting out in the hallway his couldnt remember him and I didn't understand why he was so angry. I felt sorry for him but I wasn't his wife. The nurse came in and gave me some pain medicine and I felt better. My brain was so scrambled I didn't even know how to start trying to figure out who he was.
"where's the tv remote?" I asked.
The nurse picked up the call light and showed me how to use it. I started flipping through the channels and couldn't find anything. Nothing interested me. I still had my phone so I decided to listen to some music. I hit the shuffle button and the sound of a piano filled My ears. It was a familiar sound but I wasn't sure why I knew it.
"I finished crying in the instant that you left!" I started to remember last night. "I can barely recall but it's all coming back to me!"
My friends started flashing in my head Naomi, iyo, Bayley!
"and if you kiss me like this!" Joe? "Joe!!" I yelled.
My body wouldn't move! I could hear his voice but I couldn't move!! Was I dead? No I can't be dead! I can hear him yelling! What's going on then? I tried to push a button, make a noise, anything but nothing! And then darkness. Empty, cold darkness!
3 days later
Emeline had started to slowly show signs of improvement. The doctors had hope that the coma was her brains way of healing itself and when she woke up she'd remember. All they could do was hope. Joe never left her side! Beside himself with grief all he could do was wait.
Holding her hand he fell asleep next to her again, hoping it was all a nightmare and he would wake up and she would be fine. A soft groan woke him "joe?" Her voice was faint but he clearly heard her say his name "baby girl?" He said rubbing her hair.
"what happened?" She asked "why am I in the hospital?"
"you were in an accident" he said, trying to figure out how to tell her "you had to have surgery because you were hit by a car! Are you in pain?" He asked.
"a little!" She said, as he reached for the call button. The nurse came in "your awake!" She smiled.
"how long was I out for?" Emeline asked.
"4 days!" The nurse said "do your remember anything?"
"I remember joe freaking out that I didn't know who he was and-"
"Emeline you've been out this whole time!" The nurse said "it's not uncommon for coma patients to dream"
"it was so real though!" She said "no matter how hard I tried to wake up I couldn't!"
"it's ok baby girl! You're ok!" He smiled at her.
"I'm gonna go get the Dr!" The nurse said, leaving them alone. He smiled widely at her "I'm so glad you're awake! I was so worried!"
"I don't remember what happened!" She said.
"it's probably best you don't right now." He said "it could make things worse!"
The Dr came in a few moments later "Emeline! Its good to see you awake!" She smiled "your gonna need therapy for your legs, I'm gonna give you some very strong pain killers. You'll be in the hospital for. Few more days as long as things go well. You need to rest as much as possible!"
"can he stay with me?" She asked.
"of course he can!" The Dr smiled, noticing their hands intertwined.
A few months later
Emeline's legs were 70% better! They hadn't been able to be intimate since she got hurt and Both of them we're going crazy with want! When she woke up in their canopy bed, he was still next to her. It was still dark but the moonlight shinning in the room made his skin glow.
His gaze at her made that heat between her legs pool. His eyes darkened with lust when he pulled the blanket back, seeing her naked body. Her curves, her perky, beautiful breasts and her eyes lusting just as much as his "I need you baby girl!" He said leaning towards her, pulling her body as close to his as possible. Kissing down her shoulder he felt goosebumps form on her skin, his thick beard tickling her as he moved to her breasts, taking each nipple in his mouth.
She laid on her back, letting him crawl over her. Reaching his hand down, running it through her folds before bringing his fingers to his lips and licking them clean "delicious!" He groaned, running the tip of his thick cock through her essence "joe please!" She groaned. Her pleas were music to his ears. He lined himself up with her entrance and slowly slid in, both of them letting out deep groans of pleasure. It'd been so long since they:d felt each other, both of them nearly busting at the sensation.
"Uhn! Fuck baby girl! I've missed how this pussy suckles my cock! Fuck!" He groaned.
He gently wrapped her legs around him, before lifting them over his shoulders "uhn! So fucking tight!"
A deep growls escaped him as he felt her pussy squeeze him even more "that's it baby! Give it to me! Let me feel you cum!" He growled. His words sending her over the edge, her walls spasming around him "oh fuck! That's my good girl! Milk my cock!" He growled throwing his head back, his own orgasm rocking his body, her walls milking him dry.
When he stilled inside her, they were both still spasming, neither one wanting to leave the other "I could stay like this all night!" She smiled.
He smiled back "I could to! I could make love to you all night long!"
"What's stopping you?" She smirked.
He smirked back "I love you baby girl!"
"I love you to!" She smiled. The rest of the night he showed her how much he's missed her, making her scream his name.
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◣the gridiron.2◢
summary: told in flashbacks and the present the gridiron follows chanel dawson and joseph anoa'i's relationship from college football to the NFL and all that is in between.
content warnings⚠️: racism word count: 2.255
◤chapter two: silly rabbit◥
Her nails always matched her current mood; black, with gold detailing across her almond shaped nails was her current fixation. Power. Dominance. Control. Luxury. When she had gone to see her nail technician there was very little talk about the news that broke this morning. She saw the faces, heard the murmurs, but knew they wouldn’t step out of place and address her directly. They could whisper all they wanted. She was there to relax before meeting up with the girl who thought she could ruin an eleven year relationship. 
Chanel’s lawyer had already begun the paperwork necessary. Chanel was just going to meet with the girl as a formality, lay down what was going to happen and what the girl needed to expect to happen. 
Tapping her nails on the wheel of her car, Chanel sat in the parking lot of Chateau Rosé. It was an upscale restaurant that Chanel enjoyed because of the quality of the food and service. She also knew the girl would show for two reasons. One, she used Joseph’s phone to make the ‘date’. Two, it was an upscale restaurant and she knew the girl would assume he was paying for her food in an attempt to persuade her against whatever plan she had. 
That was not the case. 
She wanted to already be seated when the girl arrived but opted for the reverse. She wanted to see the look on the golddigger’s face when she slid into their private booth. Such a sight was already making her tingle in anticipation. 
“Yes, Mrs. Anoa’i, your table is ready and your guests have already arrived.” 
“Wonderful. Have the wine menu sent to my table please.” 
“Of course, Mrs. Anoa’i.” 
The hostess greeted her warmly when she first entered. As she walked among the other patrons they flirted their eyes over her fitted jeans and white shirt. The black blazer and matching stilettos gave an air of indifference and simplicity. The ten carat emerald cut yellow diamond on her finger flashed as her hand moved up to tuck her black curls from her face. 
As they approached the table, Chanel was surprised to see an elderly woman waiting as well. Nevertheless, she wasn’t going to let any of that deter her. Nor was she going to let this girl think she had control because of it. 
“Good morning ladies,’ she said brightly as she slid into the booth across from them. 
She watched their faces fall as they quickly glanced at each other. The file she had on the table suddenly slid away, but Chanel’s hand stopped it. 
“I assume this is for my husband?” 
Destiny Crawford. Dark hair, bright blue eyes, and tan was the type of woman that thought the world owed her and she should be given what she wanted when she wanted it. Chanel was about to snatch her back down to reality. 
“Um, ye-yes it is. Where is he?” 
She had the nerve to look around the restaurant. 
“He won’t be joining us. As a matter of fact, your contact with him ends today Ms. Crawford.” 
Snooty, the girl’s mother spoke up. “She is pregnant with his child. He should be here.” 
“It’s funny you mention that. How far along are you exactly?” 
The who and what didn’t really matter to Chanel. She didn’t care about that. Her job right now was to poke holes in this story for the sake of their finances. To a lot of people Chanel came off as money hungry and a gold digger. She let them believe that. It was energy wasted trying to convince them otherwise. If anything, Chanel’s position in finance made her think about money and its meaning more than its value to be spent. 
Pulling the file in her direction she opened it to see photos of text messages, emails, and a doctor's report stating she was about three weeks pregnant. Hm. That didn’t quite line up with the timeline Joseph had explained to her. One of them was lying. 
“It’s all right there.” 
Thirsty, Destiny suddenly took a long sip of her drink. Chanel glanced at the glass. It seemed to be orange juice, but the pensive look on her mother’s face made her think it was something a little extra. She’d ask for a copy of the receipt later. 
“I’m glad you brought these. I’m waiting on Instagram and Twitter to send me copies of his as well. Just for further comparison.” She paused while flipping through the pages. “I can check his emails later tonight.” 
Destiny scowled as she set her glass down. “You don’t need to do that. It’s all right there in black and white for you to see! I’m pregnant with his baby.” 
“Be that as it may, I don’t care who the father is, honestly. This isn’t some meal ticket to a six figure pay-out each month. If this is his child there are some stipulations to how child support will work. I’m here to inform you of those before my lawyer reaches out to you. I suggest you get one.” 
Destiny’s mother sucked her teeth. “He has to help take care of the baby. Physically and financially.” 
Chanel smiled as the waitress arrived. Their orders were taken upon Chanel’s insistence and as the waitress left so did Chanel’s patience. 
“Here’s the deal and you have no choice but to take it; Joseph will have joint custody and visitation whenever his schedule permits it. He can and will take the child on vacation with us out of the country if we decide to do so. You will get no more than two thousand dollars a month in child support. Insurance will be covered by us as well as medical expenses. After having two of his children and running the finances, that is more than enough, especially for a newborn that can’t do anything but shit and eat.” 
Chanel knew she was being harsh. However, this girl had friends who would throw her a lavish baby shower and the first few month’s supply of diapers, clothes, and baby necessities would be given as gifts. Plus, as grandmother, Chanel knew she would be spending money as well. 
Destiny looked at her mother with a hard gaze. There was an unspoken conversation before she spoke up again. 
“You can’t determine that. The courts can. We will file for more money than that. His support payment will reflect his income.” 
“I control the finances of the home. The multiple investments, credit cards, bank accounts...all that runs through me. If that child is his, and you better hope so because the lawsuits coming your way will have you in debt in the grave, we will provide for the child because of joint custody. Not you. You are not my child. You are not his child. You’re going to work or you can sit at home and figure out how to live off those two stacks.”
“I don’t know who raised you this way, but I’m sure those black babies aren’t even his! You hooked him in with a damn lie yourself just to get his money!.” 
Destiny’s face paled at her mother’s harsh words. 
“If anyone is the whore at this table it’s you!” 
It was one thing to speak about herself or Joseph. It was a deep can of shit one opened when they spoke to Chanel's children.
“Excuse me?” 
“She didn’t-’ Destiny stuttered. “Mom!” 
“Oh she meant it. Let me tell you something, I’m the whore that will be taking care of your grandchild when he’s on the road. Joseph is a damn good father, but he is shit at child rearing. I will be the point of contact whether you want me to be or not. I am also the woman that if I tell him to forget this child exists he will, even if it is his. He will sign over his parental rights just to make me happy and in the end you won’t get a damn thing from him.” 
She would never ask him to do that, but putting that fear in Destiny and her mother made her inwardly grin. She drummed her black nails on the table. Power. 
“If you ever talk about our children like that again, Mrs. Crawford I will make sure your daughter is sucking dick on a street corner. I will also come at you with a lawsuit for even attempting to coerce her into entrapment with my husband.” 
“I just want him to provide for the baby. We had sex, you can use all of this in the divorce case, right?” 
It was like bells had rung from the sistine chapel. 
“I’m not divorcing my husband over some silly little girl and the garbanzo bean in her stomach. I don’t plan on divorcing him any time soon.” She paused. “I hope you didn't. I'd leave him and he’d come running to you?” 
Destiny looked down. 
“Oh he fucked with a dumb ass for real,” Chanel sighed. “You know, I don’t think I’m mad he did what he did. I’m mad he insulted my intelligence by fucking you.” 
Food came swiftly and so did the tab. It was clear they had plans to make Joseph pay for it because when they realized it was separate checks, and theirs was lengthy, Destiny slumped in her seat. Chanel grabbed it for a moment, snapped a picture, and passed it back. 
“You invited us to lunch, you should at least pay!” The mother snapped. Her anger clearly still bubbling under her horribly tanned skin. 
“I would have. Had I not seen that she ordered an alcoholic beverage and she’s three weeks pregnant. Clear your schedule tomorrow. You’re going to see my OBGYN for a pregnancy test.” 
Using cash, Chanel paid her bill and slipped her shades back on. “It was nice meeting you ladies. Meet me tomorrow at nine. I will send you the address.” 
Chanel was home a few hours later with bags from Sephora, Carters, Addias, and other familiar stores strewn across the bed. When Joseph came in from the gym he peeked into a few of them; slightly grinning at some of the lace and frilly bras and panties. He took a shower before he sought her out. Going down the hall he realized the kids were out. When he found his wife she was sitting in her office by her desk. He knocked twice but she didn’t look up from what she was working on.
“Are you going to ignore me?” He said after standing there for another three minutes. Folding his arms over his chest, he waited for her to respond. “Chanel.” 
“I have a feeling she isn’t pregnant. I’m taking her to my doctor tomorrow. Who says they are three weeks pregnant and then drinks alcohol?” 
“How do you know?” 
“I met with her and her mother today. They were expecting you because I used your phone to set up the meeting.” 
Closing the file she had been working on, Chanel stood up and started to put away the various folders on her desk. Each color coded with a purpose. She had a black one specifically for Destiny. He reached up and scratched the back of his head.
“You think that was a good idea?” 
Brown eyes startled him as they snapped up to stare holes in his face. “Good ideas are not something you need to talk to me about.” 
“Where are the kids?” He didn’t want to argue about this tonight so he conceded. 
Chanel grabbed both phones before she passed Joseph and headed towards their bedroom. “My sister was in town. She wanted to spend a few days with them before she left for New England Sunday. She picked them up from school. I thought it was best if they weren’t in town right now.” 
“Wait, where did she take them?”
Chanel pulled up the text on her phone after selecting the text thread she had with Audre. “She took them to the beach.” 
“So it’s just us for the next four days?” He stepped up close behind his wife. 
He couldn’t remember the last time they had uninterrupted alone time. After Kelani was born they always took family trips. It was hard getting alone time when the kids were constantly in and out of their room. 
Stopping by the bed she placed the bags for the kids on the floor while dumping the black and white Sephora bag. Most of that was replacement for lipsticks, foundations, and other items she was running low on. It was still a hefty price tag because Pat Mcgrath had some new items she grabbed at the last minute. 
He was careful when he reached to wrap his arms around his wife’s waist. He wasn’t sure what she was feeling and that was always the hardest to handle. He didn’t know exactly how angry she was. He was about to bend down to rest his head on her shoulder when she peeled his arms away. Her hand flattened against his chest to push him away. He could see the pain she tried to hide in her eyes and a piece of his heart broke. Again. 
He fucked up. 
“Sleep in the guest room. I ordered from Waiter because I didn’t want to cook. It should be here in about thirty minutes.” 
“We made a promise not to go to bed angry.” 
Raking her hands through her hair, Chanel then rubbed her arms. 
“I’m not angry. I’m disappointed.” 
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visionarymode · 7 months
Can't Handle It
✧ warnings: smut, language, 18+
✧ pairing: roman reigns x female reader
✧ word count: 7,150
Tumblr media
“Mmmm baby give me a second…” he groaned as ran he ran one hand over her ass struggling to type on his phone with the other. 
“I can’t wait that long,” she whispered in his ear as she continued leaving sloppy kisses on his neck. She felt his dick harden beneath her as she straddled him. He was on his phone answering emails for the past half an hour and she always respects his time when it comes to work but…she was feeling very lonely and very horny. She heard the whoosh sound come from his phone indicating he sent out the email he swore was the last one minutes ago. 
“Fucking finally,” she said as she took his phone from his hand and tossed it across the couch. She brought her lips to his and they moaned into each others mouths as their tongues started wrestling. He pulled her closer with one arm wrapped around her waist and his other hand slowly rubbed her thigh followed by a hard grab. 
“You can’t keep your hands off me for a few minutes huh?” he mumbled against her lips as he bucked his hips so she could feel his dick rub against her through her panties.
“You’re one to talk,” she giggled dropping her hand down to his sweats to run it over his bulge. He pulled back to swiftly brush his thumb over her cheek. 
“Don’t be underestimating the tribal chief now…” he teasingly said channeling his character. 
“Oh please you couldn’t go a week without sex,” she said. 
He furrowed his brows as if he was offended trying to hold back his laugh. 
“Oh yeah?” he asked raising his eyebrows. 
“You know it’s true…” she leaned back in to whisper against his lips. 
“Then let’s turn this into a little game.” he whispered back. She pulled away giving him a confused but intrigued look. 
“What do you mean?” 
“Since you think I can’t go a week without sex let’s make a little bet.” 
“A bet?” she laughed. 
“Yeah. One week. No sex. Whoever breaks first loses.” 
“You can’t be serious…” 
“Oh, I’m serious.” He replied with a straight face. 
She looked at him like he was crazy. She knew damn well they both couldn’t resist each other because of how crazy their physical pull towards one another was. But this suggestion wildly peaked her interest and slightly turned her on. 
“Okay then,” she replied crossed her arms. “What are the rules? Can there be touching?” 
“Touching can be allowed over clothes only. No sex. No oral. No kissing-“ 
“No kissing?!” she asked as her jaw dropped. 
“What’s wrong?” he asked gripping her hips. 
“Can’t handle it?” he devilishly smirked licking his lips.
“What if you’re gone and I wanna touch myself?” she mumbled while innocently pouting.
“That’s allowed baby. But I need to see everything…” he seductively growled dropped his two fingers to run it over her panties. He looked down and back up at her with a smirk because she was already wet. 
She felt her pussy start to throb as she instantly regretted agreeing to this game. She knew she was literally weak in the knees for him and couldn’t take a day let alone a week. But his cockiness only ignited her competitive attitude. 
“What’s the prize?” she teasingly asked running her hands down his body picking at the hem of his shirt. 
“You got one in mind?” He asked as his eyes followed her hands. 
“Mmmm loser takes the winner on a special vacation.” 
“The loser still sounds like a winner to me,” he chimed in running his hands over her ass before slapping it. She giggled as she held out her hand in front of him. 
“Deal?” she asked.
“Deal.” he shook her hand and leaned in for a kiss but she got up from his lap and stood as stretched her arms above her head. 
“See? Can’t even last a couple seconds.”
“Oh we started already huh?” He chucked resting his arms on the backrest of the couch. 
“Mhm!” She started to walk away slipping her oversized t-shirt over head in the process revealing her light blue matching bra & thong underneath. She looked back to see him running his hand over his beard struggling to keep his legs still. 
“What’s wrong baby? Can’t handle it?” she teased as she threw the shirt at him & continued to walk into the bathroom locking the door. 
✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧
She heard the bathroom door open as she flipped the pancake in the pan. 
“Do you want whipped cream on top?” she called out to him as she got their plates ready. 
“Mmm, of course.” 
She turned around as she heard his voice in the kitchen and there he was. Straight out the shower. His hair was still wet as a couple strands fell in front of his face. He pushed it back as water trickled down his shoulders and chest. A white towel loosely wrapped around his waist revealing his v line. She felt her mouth slightly drop open but quickly realized she had to keep her composure. 
“Can I get a quick bite of that?” He asked eyeing the strawberry in her hand that she was yet to cut up. 
“Y-Yeah here” she stuttered holding out the strawberry to him. 
He leaned on the counter with one arm as he stepped closer till he was inches away from her face opening his mouth. Oh this fucker wants to be fed. 
They kept their eyes on each other as she put it in his mouth and he took a slow and juicy bite. He purposely sucked on it and a little dripped to the side of his mouth. He moaned and sucked his thumb clean. 
“I’m gonna get dressed and then let’s eat.” He softly spoke as he winked at her before walking off to the bedroom. She felt like she needed to change after her panties were clearly damp now after that encounter. It had only been one day and she was extremely frustrated. This game was way harder than she thought. 
✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧
“I miss you already,” she whined holding her phone in one hand with Roman on speaker and a glass of wine in the other. 
“You missin’ something else too?” he chuckled in a low voice. 
“Maybe…” she muttered taking a sip of her glass. 
“You can get it anytime you want baby. Just say the word and I’m there,” he replied and she felt his smirk through the phone. 
“Mmmm no you’re not gonna break me that easily.” 
“We’ll see about that. I’m opening the show. Gonna be thinking of you every step of my entrance. I’d pay close attention if I were you…” She felt tipsy as the sound of his voice in her ear made her skin tingle. She missed him, but man she missed that dick. She missed his touch and his lips. She was trying her hardest to stay strong but this game was beating her ass.
“I always pay attention tribal chief,” she seductively threw back. She heard him hum before he told her he had to go to gorilla for his cue. 
She turned on the tv and switched the channel to fox as the smackdown intro started. she took another sip and set down her glass on the nightstand as she heard michael cole running through the card for the night. there was a silence before roman’s music hit and suddenly the crowd popped getting on their feet throwing their 1’s up in the air. she smiled proudly seeing everyone’s reactions. and there he was. he came out with solo on his left & paul to his right. 
damn he looked so fucking good…
he stopped at the ramp taking it all in as he eyed the crowd from the left side of the arena to the right. as the chorus blared through the arena he held up his one in the sky with paul & solo reciprocating. the camera dropped down to the title on his waist and roman slowly caressed it with both hands on each side. she felt envious of that title. envious of those thick & long fingers stroking it. then he did something she didn’t expect. he tightly gripped the top of the title with both hands and steadily rocked it up and down practically showing her how he’d rock her hips if she rode him. without hesitation her fingers slipped in her panties as the camera panned back up to his eyes locked to hers.
“The only one baby.” He mouthed followed by a wink. She groaned as she grabbed her phone remembering she was supposed to send him a video if she wanted to play with herself. She slipped off her shorts & panties and threw them across the room and set up her phone against a pillow so it can get her entirety in it. She left the tv on watching his entrance as she pressed record and slipped her two middle fingers in her mouth moaning keeping her eyes on the camera as she sucked on them and dropped them to her folds spreading them apart the same way he would if he was here. She slowly slipped them inside of her as roman got inside the ring mean mugging the crowd. 
“Fuck daddy…” she moaned while pumping her fingers at a faster pace watching him lift his title above his head as the pyro popped off. She felt her back arch as her orgasm creeped up on her. Her eyes fluttered as she felt her fingers covered in her cum as she pulled them out panting. She couldn’t remember the last time she came that fast…I mean roman’s entrance was a good 5 minutes. They cut to commercial as she looked over to the camera and sucked the cum off her fingers. 
“Mmmm look what you do to me daddy…” she whispered rolling over to stop the recording and send it to him. She cleaned up and finished watched his promo segment shortly falling asleep when he was off screen. 
✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧
She woke up to the sound of her phone ringing and picked it up with her eyes half open to see that it was Roman facetiming. She smiled as she propped up on her elbows and slid the button to the right to answer. 
“Hey bab-“ she cut herself off due to her mouth falling open to what she was witnessing on her screen. 
Roman’s thick dick covered in what looked like his saliva as he slowly stroked it with his eyes locked on her. 
“Look what you do to me baby…” he softly moaned referring back to the line she used in the video she sent him earlier. 
“Oh my god.”
 She felt her pussy throb hearing the wet sounds get louder as his hand picked up the pace. She fell back onto the bed dropping her fingers to run it over her panties. 
“Mmmm…slip those pretty fingers into your mouth for daddy,” he growled gazing with pure lust and hunger in his eyes as he watched her suck her fingers. 
“Good girl, now show me exactly how you played with yourself earlier.” 
She obeyed his orders slowly sliding her two wet middle fingers into her hole as a soft moan escaped her lips. 
“Look at my pretty girl. You miss daddy huh?” He asked licking his lips watching her in awe. 
“I want you so bad,” she whimpered followed by a long moan as she pumped her fingers inside of her at a quicker pace. 
“Yeah? How bad baby?” He muttered matching his strokes with the speed of her fingers. 
“I-I need you. I need you inside me daddy…” she struggled to get the words out as her eyes closed shut feeling herself get closer and closer. 
“Cum with me baby. Look at me…” he breathed out as all they heard were the loud sounds of their liquids as they both quickened their respective paces. She tried to keep her eyes on his but they kept drifting to his big and veiny hand jerking his dick. 
“Fuuuuuck Roman” she shouted as her climax took over watching him moan in unison as his cum squirted out in multiple ropes and landed on his phone as his screen became blurry due to his mess. 
“Still don’t wanna forfeit?” he asked with a low chuckle as he leaned to the side to grab some napkins to wipe his phone.
“Uh uh. I’m having fun,” she whispered sucking the cum off her fingers as she brought her phone inches from her face so he can get a closer look. 
“Mhm. Driving me crazy is fun isn’t it?” He whispered as she scratched his beard. 
“Wanna forfeit?” she mockingly asked with a giggle. 
“Not a chance. I’m just getting started.” 
✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧
She unplugged the blow dryer and placed it back in the drawer as she brushed through her hair one last time. She had just finished showering while Roman was in the living room on a business call about merchandise and plans for the upcoming weeks. She rubbed her hands together as she finished moisturizing listening to his voice echo through the hallway. God she misses him. He was there. But she missed him. His touch. His kisses. His grip on her hips while he pounded into her. She hummed looking through her drawers for some bra and panties before  she stopped. A smirk crept on her lips as a brilliant idea popped in her head. She took off her robe and put on Roman’s favorite lace red lingerie set. She proceeded to grab a silk black robe from her closet and tie it over the lingerie so it stayed hidden. For the time being. 
She tip toed down the hall as his voice became clearer. 
“Yeah that sounds good. We could also try to incorporate-“ he stopped mid sentence watching her stroll down in her little outfit as she flashed him an innocent yet not so innocent smile. She blew him a little kiss from afar before taking a sip of her water bottle. 
“Ex-Excuse me for just one second,” he tapped on the mute button before raising his eyebrow at her. 
“What’s your pretty ass up to?” 
“What do you mean?” She asked leaning on the counter taking another sip of her water. She let some drip down her chin and she wiped it playfully sucking it off her thumb. 
“Don’t even try it.” He warned her as he knew exactly what she was up to. 
“Relaaaaax. I’ll be a good girl,” she replied flashing him a smile. 
“Your phone call’s waiting.” 
She saw him grip his thigh in frustration as he returned to his phone call keeping his eyes on her. She waited a couple minutes scrolling through her phone before looking back up to see him glancing at her. He wants a show? Oh, she’ll give him a show. She slowly walked over to him as he followed her every move. She heard what seemed to be Mike’s voice, one of the creative members on the other line rambling about God knows what. He looked up at her before dropping his eyes to scan her body from the short silk robe all the way to her tanned smooth legs. She grabbed him by the shoulders for balance taking her time sitting down on his lap. Her panties were met with his small but very noticeable bulge though his sweats. She let a little grind take over, craving for some sort of contact. A whispered moan escaped her lips as her fingers caressed his jaw, lightly running her thumbs over his beard. He took a sharp inhale and his face softened and she felt him missing her just as much as she missed him. She dropped her hands to the silk strings that tied her robe together and slowly undid them as he intently watched her.
“That might be the best option. If you could just run those plans over one more time…” he stopped to clear his throat. 
“Sorry man, I’m just a little distracted right now.” He emphasized. 
She noticed his grip on his phone to his ear tighten and she let out a little giggle. 
She revealed her red set as he looked back up at her with that same frustrated glare gripping her hips with his right hand. She felt his breathing increase as he licked his lips craving a taste of his own. She leaned in his ear and left a little nibble before delivering a little message. 
“I miss you daddy…” she whispered. 
She left soft kisses on his neck which became sloppier, taking her time gliding her tongue against his skin as she felt his body tense up. His grip tightened on her hip as he let it fall to rub over her thigh. Her skin tingled from his touch causing another moan to slip from her mouth. He took his forefinger and placed it on her lips to shut her up before Mike heard her on the other line. She grabbed both that forefinger and middle finger slowly slipping them into her mouth sucking them watching him struggle to stay still. He ran his hand over his beard followed by a scratch as he stared into her soul knowing she was not gonna get away with this. But she was. And she was loving every second of it. 
“Feel…” she mouthed as she dropped his hand to feel her damp panties. He rubbed it over them as his dick throbbed in his sweats. Her mouth fell open feeling an orgasm creep up just by his fingers running over her panties. 
“Give me a second, Mike.” he sternly and quickly said before muting his phone and say it down. She gasped as he unexpectedly picked her up and threw her onto the couch pulling her legs around his waist. She was speechless and taken aback as he wrapped his hand around her throat forcing her to look at him. His thumb softly ran over her chin to reassure her that he wasn’t angry with her. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t extremely frustrated with her little games. 
“You‘re gonna regret that later.” he mumbled against her lips as they brushed against each other.
He let go of her, grabbed his phone and walked out the door to sit outside and finish his phone call. She stared at him in shock through the window as he looked back up and grinned at her almost sinisterly.
✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧
She woke up to the feeling of her hands above her head and thought she was dreaming. But she wasn’t. She sleepily looked up in confusion as her hands were cuffed to the headboard. She started to freak out thinking someone could’ve broke in and her only having her red lingerie on wasn’t helping these thoughts.  
“Roman?!” she called out frantically as she struggled to move anything but her legs and then the door opened revealing his 6’3 bulky body as a smirk creeped up on his lips. She let out a sigh of relief knowing he was here but stared at him in silence wondering what his crazy ass was planning. 
“Look who’s up.” 
He closed the door behind him and walked over to the bedside. He sat down next to her and  grabbed her chin with his thumb & forefinger. 
“Handcuffs aren’t too tight?” He asked not taking his eyes off of hers.
“No…what are you doing?” She softly asked feeling heat between her thighs. 
“Teaching my girl a lesson.” He dropped his finger from her chin to her neck and continued sliding it down her body till he grazed it over her panties abruptly stopping to stand back up. He walked over to grab the chair in the corner of the room and set it at the end of the bed. He took his time sitting down letting out a sigh as he spread his legs with both hands on each one. She felt tense as her body ached for his touch as she lifted one of her legs on the bed. 
“Put it back down.” he ordered in a low voice. She dropped it back down as both of her legs were laid flat on the bed. 
“You really thought you could outsmart me in my own game?” He asked savagely as his lips curled into a sinister smile. She felt her breath hitch in her throat as she yearned for his touch again. He bucked his hips slightly forward to pull down his black sweats and boxers as his hard dick sprung up. She took a long inhale struggling to stay still because this was the first time she’s seen it in person since they created this fucked up game. She bit her lip as she watched him slowly start to stroke his enticing shaft as he watched her eagerly. 
“This what you want?” He asked studying her in distress struggling to keep her legs still because of the growing wetness in her panties. 
“Answer me.” he commanded. 
“Roman…” she whined again as her heart pounded in her chest. 
“You can’t seem to control yourself, so now you gon’ have to watch.” 
She was absolutely losing her mind at this point and looked away to try and keep it together. 
“Look at me.” 
“Look at me baby.” He softly asked so she could comply. She turned her head back to him, her eyes almost begging him to end the game and this torturous distance between them and fuck like they’ve never fucked before. But he wouldn’t do that. They were too deep into the bet that the prize wasn’t even the most important thing. It was personal. They were both too fucking addicted to teasing and pleasuring their partner that these rules brought out a vindictive lust inside of them they’ve never seen before. 
He licked his lips as he scanned her body from top to bottom admiring her as he too, felt tortured because of how badly he wanted her. He leaned in closer and locked his eyes with hers as he let a long slow drop of his spit fall onto the tip of his dick. She held back her moan but a whimpering noise still fell from her lips as she watched him use it to lubricate his length. She watched his big hand slowly stroke over and over as he groaned and fought to keep his head from falling back due to the sight of her sprawled out in agony. 
“Please Roman…” she begged using every fiber of her being to get out of the handcuffs but it was no use. He brought his eyes to her once more and slowed down his strokes.
“Please what baby?” He whispered.
“Please take these off me,” she begged trying to move her arms. 
“You wanna forfeit?” He asked raising his brows in anticipation hoping she would pull the trigger first.
“No. I want daddy to free one of my hands so I can touch myself…” she bit her bottom lip as she opened her legs so he could see how wet she was. He tried his best to hide it but she heard the little moan come out of his mouth as he sucked in his bottom lip. 
“Yeah?” he asked getting up from his chair. She nodded in response as he walked over to her with his dick still out. He reached her side and leaned above her head unlocking one of the cuffs. She looked up at him and he looked down and it felt like they were participating in the world’s longest staring contest. Once she was free he grabbed her hand and interlocked it with his own. 
“You want daddy to help you?” He asked as he softly squeezed her hand. All she could do was nod as her breathing heightened. He leaned closer taking her two middle fingers and sliding it against his tongue before wrapping his lips around them to suck. She moaned watching him slowly pull them out his mouth as a long string of spit followed them. 
“I need daddy’s help taking this off…” she gestured to her panties using her thumb to slightly pull it down. He scrunched up his face in sexual frustration as he got on the bed to get between her legs. He wrapped his hands around her ankles before slowly massaging his way up her thighs taking his time pulling her panties keeping his eyes locked on hers. He fought the urge to shove his face between her thighs and eat her like he hadn’t eaten in days. But he resisted. Just like she resisted begging him to do it. She reached down but he grabbed her wrist and shook his head. 
“Wait for daddy.” He got up and sat back down in the chair making himself comfortable.
“Now.” he vocalized granting her permission as he spat on the tip of his dick and spread it down his shaft. She slipped her fingers still wet from his tongue inside her as she let out a moan louder than she expected watching his own movements. 
“Mmm just like that baby…” he groaned picking up his pace watching her do the same as her back arched. 
“Fuuuuuck Roman,” she screamed watching him stroke it faster while his mouth fell open. 
“Pump faster for daddy.” he said in a low voice barely heard as the only sound filling the air was the sloppy and wet sounds of their frantic fingers. 
 “L-like this?” she asked pumping herself quicker as she was knuckles deep. 
“Mhm. Good girl. You gon’ cum for me?” 
“Mmmmm yes daddy” she whined when an idea quickly popped in her head.
“Cum in my mouth, please…” she pleaded looking into his eyes hoping he satisfies her hunger. He got up without hesitation still pumping himself and rested his knees on each side of her waist making sure to not get in contact with her pussy.
“Ro-roman…” she moaned looking up at him and he knew that she was about to cum. 
“Stick that tongue out princess,” he whispered as she obeyed. He groaned at the sight as he pumped faster and lost control as his tip lightly brushed her tongue. The contact intensified his orgasm as his head fell back and his cum repeatedly shot all in her mouth. 
“Fuuuuuuuck,” he moaned struggling to keep his balance as he impulsively grabbed her hair wanting to shove his entire dick down her throat. 
She moaned as she released with him and felt her pussy pulsate around her fingers as she slowly pulled them out. 
He came down from his high watching her moan swallowing every savory drop. She missed his taste so much and his dick being out of reach because of this fucked up game was killing her. They were both panting in unison as he noticed some of his juice on her lips. He grazed his thumb over them and she naturally opened her mouth to suck it off. 
“I love you baby girl,” he breathlessly expressed with a smirk. 
“I love you…but fuck you.” she panted. 
“I bet you would.” He sarcastically replied as he chuckled. 
He carefully got off her and grabbed a towel to clean up his and her mess. He grabbed the key to free her completely from the headboard.
“I’m really about to knockout again from that.” she sighed as she pulled the covers over her. 
He walked over to grab her face with both of his hands as he caressed her cheek. She scanned his entire face keeping her gaze on his soft lips that looked so kissable. She looked at him with a pout as he shot her a grin. 
“Still wanna play?” he softly asked.
“Goodnight.” she kissed his hand before turning over and shutting her eyes.
✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧
“Oh fuck,” she sighed taking off the oven mitts clearly annoyed. He couldn’t help but smile as he crossed his arms with his back against the wall watching her attempt to bake cookies. She felt his presence and looked up to see his brows raised trying to hold back a laugh. 
“I forgot to set the timer…” she muttered before taking a small bite from the part of the cookie that wasn’t burnt. He walked over and took a bite of his own before spitting them out. 
“Why did you bake again?” he jokingly asked letting out a chuckle at her offended face. 
“Well since I can’t have sex I have to find other things to do for fun now don’t I?” she sarcastically threw back. 
He slid around the counter until he was met face to face with her as he cupped her face with his hands.
“What?” she asked. Her eyes softened as he caressed her right cheek with his thumb. 
“What?” she softly asked again craving his mouth on hers watching his soft pink lips curl into another smile as he licked his lips. 
She yelped as he picked her up with one arm while the other assisted her leg to wrap around his waist pinning her against the wall. 
“I miss you…” he confessed running his hand up and down her left leg that was wrapped around his waist. 
“Roman…” she breathed out as he looked at her with soft yet hungry eyes. 
“Fuck the bet…” he expressed as he circled his tongue on her neck. 
“Fuck the rules….” he turned his head to suck on the other side of her neck as she let out a shaky moan. 
“Let’s both just say fuck it…” he muttered against her skin grabbing her ass with both hands as she felt his bulge beneath her. She felt defeated as all thoughts of the game left her mind completely. She grabbed his face and smashed her lips with his. They moaned in unison as he slipped his tongue in her mouth and she gave it a long suck before going back in. 
“Fuck…I missed you so much…” she professed her legs tightening around his waist. 
She felt him smile against her lips before he let out a small laugh.
“What’s so funny…” she mumbled slipping her tongue back in his mouth as he sucked it before pulling away to flash his pearly whites in the biggest grin. 
“You broke first.” 
She furrowed her brows in confusion before before her jaw dropped realizing he tricked her. 
“Are you kidding me?!” she pushed him away to drop back down to the floor annoyed with his manipulation. He laughed at her attempt at acting pissed off clearly seeing her struggle to keep a straight face. 
“Oh cmon…” he pulled her by the hem of her top to drag her back into him. He moved a couple strands of her hair out her face before cupping her cheek. He kissed her passionately whilst she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling him in closer.
“I guess I have to take us on vacation now,” she pouted once they pulled away.
“Nah…it’s already taken care of baby.” 
“What?” she asked. 
“The jet’s ready when you are,” he revealed as her eyes widened in excitement. 
“Ooooo where’s daddy taking me?” she asked excitedly pecking him on the lips. 
“It’s a surprise. Go pack your bags,” he disclosed giving her ass a little smack. 
✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧
Roman surprised her with a trip to Bora Bora. They went on an island boat tour, swam in the ocean for a couple hours, and ate plenty of French Polynesian dishes because he reserved the entire Bora Bora Yacht Club restaurant just for the two of them. 
The sun was starting to set as the golden light filled their bedroom in the beach view bungalow suite. 
“This view is so beautiful,” she commented looking out at the white sandy beach as a light breeze blew back her hair. 
“Not as beautiful as my view,” he replied walking up behind her moving her hair back to kiss her neck. She let out a moan as he lifted up her see through sundress,  feeling his bulge on her bare ass from behind. 
“I’m done with the games…are you?” he purred in her ear. She spun around and got an eyeful of his wet hair dropped down to his shoulders wearing nothing but boxers. 
“Mhm.” She replied as she shoved him onto the bed. He scooted back watching her slip off the dress exposing her bare chest & and white lace panties. 
“Quit playin’ and get your ass over here,” he demanded motioning with his finger. She took her time crawling in between his legs before he dragged her arm causing her to fall onto his lap. They hungrily locked lips as she started grinding on his crotch impulsively. He moaned into her mouth circling his tongue inside as he grabbed a handful of her ass to drive her deeper. She gasped as he quickly flipped her over on her back and pulled her legs above his shoulders. He slipped her panties off with his teeth and she moaned as they made contact with her skin. 
“You kept this pretty pussy away from me for too long…” he breathed onto her lower lips. He used his thumbs to open her wet folds and groaned at the sight of her wetness.
“Look how wet you are already. You missed daddy, huh?” he asked as he slipped in his two middle fingers pumping her slowly. He wrapped his lips around her clit and sucked on it causing her back to arch. 
“Fuuuuuuuck yes…” she cried pulling him closer by his hair. He continued to slowly lap his tongue up and down her entrance. She already felt her orgasm coming as he lapped at a faster pace. 
“Ro-Roman I’m gonna cum,” she loudly gasped as she felt him pick up the speed of his tongue licking her up while massaging her clit with his thumb. He groaned as he watched her blissed out in ecstasy as she came in his mouth. He sucked her juices as her panting slowed down and looked to see his beard completely soaked. 
“Damn baby…” he breathed out licking the rest of her off his lips. 
“I couldn’t help it,” she blurted out as she felt her cheeks flush. 
“Nah it’s okay…that was just my warm up,” he smirked before he laid down next to her and grabbed her jaw to make her look at him. 
“Come sit that pretty ass on daddy’s face,” he deeply ordered running his hand over his glistening beard. She obliged placing her thighs between his head as he held them in a tight grip. She slowly lowered herself as she felt him flatten his tongue before lapping it up sloppily and hungrily. She moaned as she started rocking her hips to grind on his tongue. 
“This always gon’ be my pussy. Understand me?” he mumbled returning to flick his tongue at a quicker pace. 
“Yes daddy…” she whined as a loud sloppy smack was heard from his deep sucking.
“Fuuuuuuck, I n-need you in my mouth,” she cried out reaching her hand behind to fondle with his throbbing dick.  
“Yeah? Turn around baby,” he panted hurriedly pulling down his boxers as his length sprung up. She obeyed as she bent forward and stroked him with both hands licking his pre cum off. He groaned as he massaged her ass with his palms before spreading them open to slip his tongue into her hole. She gasped loudly as he drove his thick tongue in and out her hole. She ran her tongue from the bottom of his shaft to the top before taking all of him down her throat. Her moan caused a vibration around his length that caused him to pull his tongue out of her as he trembled beneath her. 
“Fuuuuck. Just like that baby…” he groaned before groping her ass in his hands again. She continued bobbing her head at a faster pace flicking her tongue at his tip every time she came back up. 
“You missed daddy huh?” He asked as he slapped her right cheek followed by a tight grab. 
“Mmmmmm so much,” she moaned flicking her tongue up and down his tip before shoving him down her throat again. He bucked his hips forward wanting her to take more of him as he started pushing his tongue deeper inside her at a pace she couldn’t handle anymore. 
She slipped her mouth off his length as a string of spit followed because of her slight gagging. 
“I’m-I’m gonna cum,” she cried while pumping him in her hand. 
“Mmmmm cum for daddy…” he muttered as the tip of his tongue ran circles over her clit. Their moans filled the room as they released at the same time. Her juices squirted in his mouth as he groaned sucking every ounce of her. She held him in her hands letting every shooting rope of his nut land on her tongue swallowing every drop. 
“Shit…you taste so fucking good,” she uttered under her breath trying to heavily panting. She let out a whispered whine as he licked her pussy once more to collect any of her leftover nectar. 
“Fuck, I missed this pussy so much,” he mumbled as he ran his hands down her thighs. She rolled off him struggling to keep her balance still coming down from that thrill. 
“Put that dick inside me and show me how much you missed it…” she whispered as she french kissed him. They tasted each others juices as their tongues danced around in each others mouths. She fell back on the bed and he got up to pulled her towards him as she wrapped her legs around his waist. She bit her lip staring into his captivating and hungry eyes. 
“This what you want baby?” he faintly asked rubbing his wet tip along her entrance. 
“Pl-please,” she moaned. He usually liked to taunt her with his teasing but this time he knew better than to make them both suffer longer than they already have. He slowly pushed his dick inside of her and they both moaned at the warm and tender reunion. He fell over her to give her a long and passionate kiss burying himself in her to make her feel every inch.
“Fuck, I missed you…” he groaned feeling he felt her legs pull him in closer hinting at deeper strokes. 
“I missed you daddy,” she purred in his ear as he left sloppy kisses down her neck. He circled his tongue around her nipple and gently bit before he sucked on it causing her back to arch. He repeated it with her other breast looking up at her fluttering eyes as he rapidly flicked his tongue against her nipple. 
“Roman…” she gasped, shuddering from his touch as his strokes got deeper and deeper. 
“Mmmm this how you like it?” he growled in her ear as he took her hands and pinned them above her head. She felt drunk on pleasure as her moans quickened. She felt herself close to releasing and he noticed as her eyes started to roll to the back of her head.
“Be a good girl and let daddy pound that ass…” he whispered in her ear slowly pulling out. She didn’t even care to rebuttal as she flipped over and arched her back so her ass was in full view. He ran his hand down her back moving her hair out her face. He spread her opening with his thumb stimulating her with his tongue before teasing his tip inside. 
“Roman please…” she whimpered into the sheets. 
“Please what princess?” he tauntingly asked as he massaged her ass with his palms. 
“Fuck me till you fill this pussy up…” she pleaded getting on her hands to push her ass against his tip. He smirked as he used one hand to grip her hips in place and the other to push himself back inside the pussy he longed for. 
“You feel so fucking good baby,” he groaned as his head fell back. She struggled to keep her head up as she felt her mind get fogged with ecstasy. 
“Faster daddy…” she begged in a high pitched moan. His thrusts fastened at a brutal pace as the sounds of his balls smacking against her skin got louder. 
“Who does this pussy belong to?” he growled in her ear as he fell over her. 
“Uhhhhhh it’s yours daddy,” she wailed  feeling his breath on her neck causing her to shudder as shockwaves took over her body. He buried himself deeper inside her as her walls fluttered around his dick. 
“Yesyesyes oh my god,” she screamed as her upper body fell back onto the sheets. He slapped her ass causing her to throw it back on his dick in return. 
“Look at you taking this dick like the good girl you are…” he moaned as the room filled with the sloppy smacks of their contact. 
“I’m-I’m close…” she cried out almost ripping the sheets off the bed from her tight grip. 
“Cum with me baby,” he groaned as he grabbed a handful of her hair to lock eyes with her. 
“Cum on daddy’s dick…” he coached in a shaky breath.
She watched his tanned body glistening with sweat with his hair falling in his face from his uncontrollable thrusting.
“I love you,” she muttered trying to keep her head up. 
“I love you baby girl,” he moaned as he emptied himself into her feeling her clench around him. She gasped feeling him fill her up as her stomach turned with pleasure from her powerful orgasm. 
He slowly pulled out caressing his thumbs over her lower back. She collapsed onto the bed turning over to see him faintly smile with fatigue. 
“Holy…shit.” she stammered. He chuckled as he grabbed her right leg so she could rest it over his torso. He turned to his side and pulled her in for a long sweet kiss. 
“This pussy ain’t ever gonna leave me again,” he mumbled against her lips. She giggled as her fingers grazed over his beard pulling him back in for another sloppy kiss. They made out for a couple minutes as he ran his hand up her thigh to grab her butt. 
“Mmmm miss me already?” she asked jokingly. 
“I was deprived from my baby for 5 days…” he bite her bottom lip causing her to let out a hushed moan. 
“I have a lot to make up for…” he slipped his tongue back into her mouth as he continued rubbing his fingers up and down her thigh.
“We have dinner reservations,” she mumbled. 
“I pushed it back…I gotta make my girl cum at least 2 more times.” He groaned feeling her wet pussy against his skin. She felt her cheeks flush as her eyebrows raised with anticipation. 
“What?” He cooed in her ear. 
“Can’t handle it?” 
✧ ✧ ✧ ✧ ✧
thank you so much for reading! I hope you guys enjoyed it :) If you'd like to be added to my taglist let me know <3
you can read more of my fics here ❤️‍🔥
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msbigredmachine · 19 days
Black Sweatpants (Roman Reigns)
Tumblr media
Why did the Tribal Chief arrive late to the Pat McAfee Show? Based on Roman's appearance on March 22 2024. Pat was forced to cut a promo on the fly because Roman took too long to come out 😂
Pairing: Roman Reigns/OC
Word Count: 1.8k
Warning: Smut
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You knew he would get out there late, and you accepted full responsibility. But given the way you were getting dicked down right now, it was totally worth it.
Your blood-red lace thong dangled from your right ankle as Roman jackhammered into you, his thick shaft stuffed inside your tender walls. Biting down on your bottom lip, you wrapped your arms tight around the big man, long-awaited pleasure coursing down your spine all the way to your pastel-colored toes as he pounded you out in the corner of the spacious locker room.
"Oh, ohhh fuck," you couldn't help but cry out at one particularly deep thrust.
"Keep it down before someone comes in here," he growled. Hunched over you, the wicked gleam in his eyes watching you struggle to suppress your moans, told you he was relishing every second of your agony.
"I'm trying, you ain't helping," you whined back.
"Not hard enough," he countered, nudging your legs wider and making you watch his dick disappear inside your wetness. He slapped your hand away when you placed it on his abs to push him back because he was getting too deep. "Naw, you wanted this dick all day, you better take it now..."
When you ordered the new all-black hoodie and joggers set from Nike for Roman, you knew he would look good in it. However, when he returned for his scheduled private flight to Iowa for Pat McAfee's show wearing it, you didn't expect him to look that good. And you certainly did not expect his dick print to be on display like that. You had endured three tortuous weeks of no sex because he'd been away spending time with his two kids he shared with his ex-wife. So you were excited to have him back, and judging from that not-so-little bulge between his legs, he was excited to see you too. You could all but see it, that long, thick brown cock that time and again wreaked the unholiest of havoc in you, protruding against the cotton material and calling for your attention. But the man had the gall to play hard to get, deliberately spurning your advances, acting all platonic and professional, like the rest of his team didn't already know you were lovers. Never one to back down, you ramped up your actions, rubbing his inner thigh throughout the flight and on the ride to Field House, brushing your body against him every chance you got, teasing him right back, trying to get him to crack. As soon as he ordered everyone out of his locker room just minutes after arriving, you knew you succeeded.
Roman planted wet kisses along the side of your neck, the soft prickles of his thick beard unleashing another flood between your legs. His hulking body stretched over yours, his sweatpants rolled down to just underneath the curve of his ass cheeks for the purpose of this quickie. He was so hard inside you, demanding your pleasure as he impaled you with no mercy, his tempo hot and frenetic from the very start. His big hand slipped from your breast downwards to twirl his fingertips around your clit, your throaty whines music to his ears as your sweet moisture pooled around his fingers. The squelching noise pierced the air that was already thickened by your heavy breaths and his hips smacking into yours.
"Mmm, wet as fuck, just the way I like it," Roman grunted, leaning down to suckle on your left nipple, his saliva smearing the puckered skin when he released it with a wet pop, "I can tell you was goin' crazy without this dick, right, baby?"
"Yes, and yet your punk ass still ignored me all day, too fuckin' busy making your damn TikTok videos," you griped.
"Quit your whining, Daddy always gives you what you want in the end. Unh, how you feel so good all the time? I love it," he moaned, his brown irises rolling back briefly before they landed on yours again in an intense stare. Through the lustful haze of passion, you felt your heart thumping rapidly inside your chest as you looked into his eyes. It didn't matter if you were having sex or not; it always sped up in his mere presence.
You fell in love with him not long after you became his personal assistant a year and a half ago. You worked hard to please him, on the job and off it, and he showed you his gratitude in a plethora of ways, carnal and otherwise. You were a walking cliché, but you couldn't care less, not when it bagged you a man like that. The sex appeal oozed from his pores. He was confident and self-assured and had worked his ass off to get to where he was today. He got along with all of his team, was a decent and fair employer, and was generous to a fault, showering his staff with presents on birthdays and Christmases. The diamond pendant he gifted you for Valentine's Day currently hid between your cleavage he was kneading with his big hands. He was everything you could ask for in a boss and a boyfriend, which was honestly an impressive feat.
You placed one hand behind his neck and tugged him down to flick your tongue inside his warm mouth. His thrusts remained indulgent as you kissed hungrily, branding you, marking you, wiping out everything from your mind except the euphoric feeling that engulfed you every time he kissed and fucked you dumb. He pushed your dress further up your waist and gathered your supple ass cheek in his competent hand, lifting you right up against him. He was all up in your stomach and your walls suckled his cock greedily, holding him in a vice-like grip. The gruff yet sensual sounds pouring from him teased your core, making you need more of it, more of him.
"Awww, shit, yes," Your eyes fluttered shut when he began to wind his hips, circling clockwise and then in reverse, the head of his cock churning your sweet spot, his triumphant growl accompanying every thrust. In and out, in and out, the erotic loop punctuated by the low, husky groans of your Tribal Chief, causing your head to rock back from blinding bliss. "Ooooh baby, baby right there, ahh," you whimpered.
"Uh huh, I'm deep in that shit. Got this pussy feelin' good, huh?" Roman said, his haughty taunts disappearing in another moan as your pussy rippled around his dick over and over. He kept up his grinding strokes which seemed to intensify the throatier and more desperate your moans grew, as though the mere sound of them fueled his ruthlessness. His paw curled around your throat, his display of dominance leaving you a sopping, dripping mess as he made you take every inch of him. You were dizzy, on the verge of falling apart, and your body burned for release, yet all you could do was hold on while this man continued to destroy you, rendering you helpless and pathetic and under his heady spell.
"I'm gonna come, Daddy," you gasped. Your fingernails clawed at his forearm holding your neck, moaning his name as he fucked you harder, making sure there was no way you would last long with the kind of pounding he was giving you right now.
"Mmm-hmm, come on my dick, give it to me," he ordered, barely hanging on himself. He groaned as your pussy walls held his cock hostage, making him swell inside you as his climax beckoned. "Fuck, babe, ahhh, fuck..."
Burying your face in his broad chest, you barely kept your scream muffled as your orgasm tore through you, your body arching, legs trembling around his waist as you came hard. Time and space and coherence blurred into one sensual puddle. His heavy weight almost smothered you as he chased his own orgasm, his eyes glazing over in a telltale sign that he was right there with you. His hips jerked as his dick began to throb and twitch inside you, and you gasped at the feel of his seed spilling inside your walls, his big body shivering from the force of his release, his deep voice exhaling guttural moans as he succumbed to you. It felt so good, feeling him fall with you, toppling over the precipice of pleasure together.
After he finally caught his breath, Roman shifted back a bit to observe you, taking in your face, flushed with satisfaction, your lips plumped and ravaged by his own. You looked damn beautiful, and he showed you by brushing your mouths together in the gentlest, sweetest kisses.
"Happy now?" he smirked.
You grinned from ear to ear. "Very happy, Daddy. I've missed you. Love you so much."
"I love you too, baby," he replied with one last soft kiss, both of you moaning as his drained dick slipped out of your warm confines. You dragged yourself to a seated position when he climbed off you and hurriedly tugged his pants back up. Adjusting your dress, you checked your watch and sighed. "Great, you're two minutes behind schedule. You're not even mic'd up yet," you said, fishing out Roman's bottle of Jean-Paul Gaultier cologne from his backpack and giving the room a few quick spritzes to stifle the cloying scent of your latest sexscapade.
"Well, Pat's gonna have to wait," he answered flippantly as he raked his hair back into its trademark bun. He watched you reach for your underwear that had tangled around your foot and beat you to the punch, snatching up the tiny scrap of lingerie and tucking it into his back pocket.
"Roman!" you exclaimed.
"What? It's mine now," he declared, grabbing his gold championship belt and standing to his full height. You bit your lip as you drank him in, your gaze stopping between his sturdy thighs. You just had sex but you found yourself getting aroused again.
"Your dick print is still showing," you pointed out, licking your lips reflexively.
"Course it is, I got that thang on me," he bragged, smoothing his big hand over his groin, his body tingling from the memory of your delicious warmth. Noticing the heat in your eyes, he smiled that suggestive half-smile of his and tapped your backside. "Down, baby girl, Daddy's gotta go to work. You can have me all you want after TV tonight."
As you followed him out of the locker room and stepped into the cold sunshine, you caught the slightly pronounced limp in your man's walk, his glowing, kiss-swollen features, the extra width in his smile, and beamed with pride.
Yeah, I did that shit.
Another short one. Thoughts?
I have a few more Roman ones I'm working on and hope to get out soon.
Thank you all so much for reading!
Banner made by me. Credit to the owners of the pics and gifs.
TAGGING: @jxtina-86 @wrestlingprincess80 @fame-ass-ers @southerngirl41 @alyyaanna @squishyguishy @jstarr86 @murrylove @thewarlordsworld @mzv11 @cozyaliensuperstar7 @nayys-world @hunnidmilly @harmshake @cyberdejos2 @papireigns-05 @niknakbucks92 @captainwithoutmakingitlove @sovereigngoth @aisharmi @kennedi0818 @alichesmi @thesamoanqueen @herwickedlittlesins @questionable-behaviour @tribalchiefreigns @2-muchsauce @thatbxtchsblog @raya-hunter01 @marchi36753 @lovelysuccess @christinabae @wooahmiri @thatonecarebear @tabletheofhead @rheaanddamianfan @vebner37 @hanley1577 @princessesareforsuckers @-naturally @joannasteez @bbygirlky18 @lilucey @theninthwonder @melaninsugababy @chocovibesonly @msbluehaz3 @scarlettnoir01 @heerah34 @empressdede @tbmotw @darkangelchronicles @visionarymode @marasdeathnote @aintnorainbows @meggylynnloves @shantinextdoor @harlemblipster @trc-punzel @afterdarkprincess @nbanenefrmdao @sassginaswanmills @purplehairgawdess @holisticcoach @girlwhogaf @royalkay23 @heyitsnajabrinee @stoner2k @reci1996 @catxo @iamimanim @lookmais @ts1mp0ne @shonny09 @lizzyd1ish @m3llowww @skyesthebomb @final1miya @mzv11 @kia1996 @randomuser0711 @yourtribalqueen @caramelcleopatraa @katymae12344 @that-one-anxious-mango @yana3sworld @ajenae @truefant4sy @thetribalqueen @bhjszsdxc
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retro-rezz-the-est · 9 months
Don't Leave - Roman Reigns/Female!Reader
Summary: Immediately after his devastating loss to his cousins Jimmy and Jey at Money In The Bank, Roman finds you in the back as he looks for an outlet for all of this newfound pent-up energy…but this may lead to something else as well.
Word Count: 14,197 (jfc that's more than I expected)
Warnings: degradation, choking/throat squeezing, biting/marking, hair pulling, spanking, oral (male receiving), fingering (female receiving), edging (for both parties involved), unprotected P in V action (please be safe and wrap it before you tap it irl tho), Roman being his Tribal Chief self (because that’s a warning all on its own), a bit of manhandling here and there as well….y’know, the works :3
A/N: All of this comes from three connecting factors: 1) Roman being the sexy ass WHORE that he is, 2) my own brain finally starting to work in tandem with my damn writing fingers, and 3) an all-caps DM from @stargazerofgoldenwords demanding that I write this so full partial blame goes to her. So here y’all go…for the bitches and the bros and for all the non-binary hoes ^3^ (I also haven’t written a full-fledged smut in I believe over three years so….I hope I did good lol)
Tumblr media
Oh, no.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
This…This can not be happening.
How is this even possible? What’s going to happen now?
These thoughts and more rush through your mind as you stand board stiff in the back, your eyes seeming to be permanently glued to the large monitor in front of you while gasps and cheers from the remainder of the locker room fill your ears alongside the blaring bass of The Usos’ theme.
Roman told you to stay in the back for a reason, to only come out after he’d won and embarrassed the hell out of his cousins for ever turning their backs on him, so he could make examples out of them as a reason to never and not turn your back on the Tribal Chief.
He wanted them to remember this night, to remember the ache in their bones, the wear and tear of their joints as he slammed them against the mat over and over again, the blood and sweat staining their skin as he and Solo dug into the twins with everything they had left within them.
They would learn their lesson tonight, and they would learn it well: you do not mess with the Tribal Chief because if you do, you will feel a pain that you have never known before.
He was going to show everyone why he and he alone was the head of the table, why he was unstoppable, and why only those who followed him and his lead would prosper in the end.
But, none of that actually mattered in the end, not as you stand staring at the monitor, hands covering your mouth in shock.
They…They did it.
They actually managed to do it.
Jey pinned Roman, pinned him for the first time in over three fucking years.
Blow after blow to the foundation of The Bloodline, week after week from the cracks being exposed to Sami’s turn at the Royal Rumble that set everything in motion to the goddamn explosion that occurred during Roman and Solo’s Night of Champions match.
After all this time, The Usos finally got one over on the Tribal Chief, they won the Bloodline civil war.
They beat the Tribal Chief, destroyed his so-called “Island of Relevancy”, showed the world that he is still just a man and can be beaten just like the rest of them. Roman Reigns is not as invincible as he claims to be!...
….but Roman?
Roman is pissed.
You can see it all processing in his eyes in real time, all of the noise around you fading into the background along with the roaring cheers from the London crowd: his loss, being pinned, the fact that despite being a champion he has lost his stance, his placement at the head of the table.
Because what use is there of an Island of Relevancy if you’re the only one standing on it?
Your hands drop from your mouth and fall to your sides; how the hell…? What the hell is happening? Your heart beats rapidly in your chest as those around you celebrate his demise, hands clapping shoulders and drinks beginning to be passed around as the show draws to a close.
You can practically see the floor falling out beneath Roman’s feet as he slides out of the ring, dejected and defeated with a raging inferno blazing bright and hot behind those fierce eyes of his; his entire world, perfectly constructed with seemingly no flaws whatsoever, has shattered in front of his very eyes.
Rage twisted and contorted Roman’s facial features into something unrecognizable as he sat on the floor ringside, kicking his feet and screaming his anger out into the universe like a temperamental child. Baring his teeth, hissing and gnashing his jaw like an uncaged animal…
Frankly, it scared the shit out of you to see live.
He’s shaking, actually shaking with all of the hate and virtiol that courses through his very veins. The bright lights of the arena, hot and beaming down on his skin? The way his hair sticks to the sides of his face and the heavy furrow in his brow? The way his entire body aches from the brutal punishment of the match?
None of that matters now. None of it will ever matter now.
His anger, his regret, his disappointment with himself as he comes to terms with the true loss of yet another faction of his, people who he loved and cared for turning their backs on him again…his mind was a maelstrom as he gripped his face and pulled at his temple, and not even the pain from that could distract him from the truth in front of his very eyes.
His own family, his own blood, has betrayed him, the image of Jimmy and Jey standing above him displaying on every and all of the large screens inside the arena. His heart pounds in his chest and hs blood boils; they can’t just get away with this. They will pay for their crimes against him, against their family, against their Bloodline!
The blood, the sweat, the tears and the pain he had poured into their family, all the work that he had put in to make sure that they all ate, that they all got opportunity after opportunity after opportunity….all for nothing.
You watch as Solo picks himself up from the floor and stumbles his way over to Roman, Paul’s face a complete mess and whirlwind of emotions as he rushes over with Roman’s smorgasbord of titles cradled like infants within his arms. You can barely hear what the latter is saying to the Tribal Chief over the cheers of The Usos’ celebrating and their theme blaring through the speakers, but it’s most likely some sort of consolation and a promise of revenge due to the bright red of the shorter man’s face.
Even after all of this, after everything that these men have just gone through, Jimmy still attempts to reach out to comfort Roman as he sits ringside on the floor, you watching as Jey pulls him back to his own side; Roman is a lost cause to them now. In their eyes, they’ve destroyed his corrupted faction, they’ve cut off the hydra’s heads, and now?
Now, they’re done with him, with all things Bloodline-related as the descend back into being “the ones”.
They are the new Tribal Chiefs around these parts, not Roman.
Not anymore.
After what feels like an eternity of the fallen party sitting in stasis outside of the ring, they all stand, Roman wrapping an arm around his midsection and another hand around his shoulder as they all walk backwards back up the long runway.
His eyes stay locked onto his cousins as the camera pans from him to them and back again, Solo’s eyes filled with an incoming storm and Paul’s lips seeming to move at a mile a minute with how quickly he seems to throw insults the way of The Usos.
But the two in the ring just smile.
They smile and embrace each other after a hard won victory as the entire WWE Universe embraces them as well, and all that does is piss Roman off even more.
Your body somehow finds the will to move, your feet ungluing themselves from the floor beheath them before you begin to move your way through the small crowd of those watching from the back.
You tear your eyes away from the monitor you were watching and beeline it straight to the guerilla position where they’re set to return, and you can still hear the thunderous cheers coming from the fans as Jimmy and Jey continue to celebrate the fall of the Tribal Chief. Maneuvering your way through throngs of people, past production, past *everything*...you have to find him.
You have to find him, and fast.
It’s like your feet barely even graze the ground with how fast you walk, the light tapping of your heels echoing off the walls around you as you make your way closer and closer to Roman and…oh.
You can just barely see him over the heads and past the shoulders of the cameramen, the interviewers waving their mics in their faces, over the glinting bald heads of Pearce and Hunter that’re shining with sweat as they attempt to get a word in with Roman before they try to rush him in the direction of where the press conference is being held…but it’s as though he doesn’t see any of them, his eyes dark and filled to the brim with something nasty.
You’re not even the prime target of his glare, steel-cut and piercing all that come across it, and even you feel the brunt of it, shivering where you stand behind the cloud of people vying for his attention as he moves his way through them. For the reporters and the interviewers, their mics in shaking hands as cameras flash in his face, all of their questions die on their tongues the second his eyes sweep over them.
“Roman. Roman!” you hear Pearce call out to him, Hunter, Solo, and Heyman in tow close to his heels. “Damn it, Roman, listen to me!”
“We need to get you out there, Reigns. Just give a quick statement about the match, about The Usos, and then-”
Pearce and Hunter’s requests fall on deaf ears as you move to the side, the crowd of people following Roman’s path as he walks down one of the arena’s large halls.
“Excuse you, Hunter? Did you not just see the utter and complete farce that was the match our Tribal Chief just had?! There will be no statement to be made, and no appearance at any press conference shall be had unless it involves the absolute dismissal of what was clearly a farce of a loss!”
Paul’s demands make his face grow a bright red as he follows Roman, clutching his titles as his head seems to grow three sizes from the fury written across his face. “Jimmy and Jey, they’re cheaters! Conmen who have embarrassed your Tribal Chief in front of millions of people time and time again! We demand retribution! A rematch to set things right again! Do you know how much Roman Reigns has brought to this company? How much prestige he’s brought to these titles, to these championships?”
Paul jostles the titles in question in his arms, brows furrowed and steam practically pouring out of his ears. “This is an outrage! This is a scam! You two should be ashamed of yourselves for even allowing this to happen to a force like Roman Reigns-”
His incessant, constant stream of words and potential curses are paused by Solo’s hand slamming into his chest, Heyman’s eyes going wide as his mouth falls open before quickly closing it and stepping back to Roman’s side.
Roman pauses his stride, eyeing Hunter and Pearce so viciously that you yourself are shrinking into your own skin; he very clearly doesn’t want to be bothered right now, so why even try to ask him of anything at all?
The look he gives both men, the silent communications that occur between them seems to be more than enough for them to back off in their pursuits, stepping out of his way as their phones begin to ring constantly.
“We have to get some sort of response out of him, right? I mean, he’s the champion right now, we can’t just let him leave-”
“Let him cool off for a second, Pearce,” Hunter tells him, running a hand over his own stressed face. “He’s in no mood for any of that right about now.”
Roman continues to shove past and maneuver around those in his way, his steps as loud and threatening as his demeanor. Through and through, seconds by seconds that seem to stretch on forever until his eyes finally, finally gloss over your figure leaning on a nearby wall, your bottom lip caught between your teeth as your mind begins to turn.
And the very second that his gaze locks onto yours, time slows to a screeching halt.
There’s something in there that you rarely saw in him before, but that you’ve been seeing a lot more of recently.
That anger, that frustration, all of that adrenaline mixed all that hate and vitriol coursing through his veins…he needed to get all of it out, every last drop before he makes another misstep.
He needs you.
Shouldering his way past various sports reporters and camera people, he quickly makes his way across the hallway to you, his large figure towering over you as you begin to shrink further and further against the wall. He’s panting, partly from the resulting emotions following his match and partly from how rough the match in question ran his body.
His hand finds your wrist, gripping it tightly and without a single word from him, he pulls you from the wall and begins to walk away again, Solo and Heyman striding behind him while the media frenzy behind you all follows along.
“Roman, wait-”
He turns his head to the side and makes eye contact with you again, the look in his eyes telling you everything you need to know.
Not now.
All the words you were going to say fall right back down your throat and you gulp, the intensity in his eyes making your knees weak as you try your best to keep up with his pace. It doesn’t take long for your group to head back to his larger-than-anyone-else’s locker room, Solo being the last one inside as he shuts everyone else out besides himself, Heyman, you and Roman.
Paul quickly sets the championship belts aside on a nearby table while Roman runs a hand through his hair, running a hand over his face before taking a seat on one of the benches.
It’s quiet in here, all too quiet albeit for the clamoring noise outside…and this silence does not make you feel hopeful at all.
You all just…sit in that silence for a few minutes, stewing in it as the reality of what had just occurred mere moments ago finally sinks in for all parties involved.
“Wise man…”
All eyes fall to Roman as he stands to his full height, the sound of his voice booming like a lightning strike. This is the first time he’s spoken anything since initially leaving that ring. “Yes, my Tribal Chief?” Paul asks, somewhat shaken still.
“Leave us.”
That seems to garner a reaction from Heyman, the shorter man wringing his hands in front of him before clasping them together. “But…But, my Tribal Chief, we need to deliberate, come up with a plan for this Friday night on Smackdown! We need to strategize, to concoct a plan for how we’re going to deal with those nuisances that are The Usos…we cannot just-”
“I said, leave us. Or do I have to ask you again, Paul?”
His words send a stream of ice down Heyman’s spine, causing the man to stand upright as Roman turns to face him. His aura, what he radiates from within…you do not want to find yourself on the other end of that; it feels like a wall slamming into you at mach 10, wrapping its edges around you until you’re damn near suffocating in it.
“I…I understand, my Tribal Chief. I will leave you two to yourselves.” Paul bows out when he says this, his eyes flickering to the ground and away from Roman’s face before standing and quickly waddling back towards the locker room door, opening it to a barrage of sports media and cameras all vying for the chance to ask Roman even one question.
“The Tribal Chief will not be taking anymore of your unimportant questions at this time as he begins to take his rest after his extraordinary showing in tonight’s match. All questions, comments, and concerns shall only go through the Tribal Chief’s wise man - that being myself - and I shall relay them back to the Tribal Chief in due time. Thank you, and good evening to you all.”
Heyman’s words just spark another wave of noise from the now growing crowd of individuals at Roman’s door while Roman looks on at Solo who stands in the corner by the door, looking on at the onslaught with a scowl permanently tattooed onto his face and his arms crossed over his chest.
Roman nods at Solo, jutting his chin towards the door in a silent request for him to leave and luckily, the other man follows his order without another word, though you doubt he would have spoken otherwise. He throws a look in your direction, but not one of malice; this one has more…hurt lingering within it, a nature of distraught that you’ve never seen within him before he takes his leave after Heyman and slams the locker room door behind him…
…which leaves you alone, finally alone, with the unhinged beast that is Roman Reigns.
Being in a space with Roman Reigns, you can feel how much of himself fills it: his aura, his stance, his voice, his demeanor…no matter how big or small a room, you can damn well tell that Roman’s in there. You could practically sense it in the air when he arrives, hairs rising on your firearms as all around you grow silent. However, as long as you are not his prime target, you will most likely walk out of that room unscathed - emphasis on most likely.
But being alone in a space with Roman Reigns?
All of those feelings? All of those senses get hiked up to an eleven, the very room that the person is in feeling as though it’s shrinking around them as it seemingly pushes them closer and closer together.
And you, right now, are that poor soul in question.
Your hands grip the hem of the shirt you’re wearing - his shirt, the one that he gave to you and told you to wear once you were supposed to come out after the match was over…after he was supposed to win - nervously, your eyes falling to the floor and sticking to the shoes that you wear.
You see Roman’s feet walking towards you before they pause, then moving in the opposite direction as they head towards the locker room door as well…only this time, your heart rate rockets straight to the moon once you hear the sharp clicking of the door’s lock turning, that noise bouncing off the walls of your mind like an echoing cavern.
The silence in the room is unbearable with a tension so thick, you can cut right through it with Roman’s steely gaze. It’s all too warm, too stuffy, too suffocating while you stand there, your teeth making a home in your bottom lip as you shift from foot to foot.
What do you say to him? What do you say at all? Do you commend him on a match well performed? Do you take Heyman’s route and curse Jimmy and Jey’s names until the breath runs clean from your lungs and you’re all hot in the face as well? Do you take Solo’s approach to things and just say…nothing? Nothing at all?
What can you possibly do to even try to rectify things for him? Make things any better than they are at this moment in time?
All of these questions and more surround your brain and hold it hostage, unable to think of anything else. Is there anything that you can do to make him feel better? You’re supposed to be his, his girl…but with something as monumentally damaging to him as tonight was, so is there anything that you can do?
You don’t even notice him making his way towards you until he’s almost directly in front of you, watching your every movement like an unbound predator stalking its oblivious prey. The room around you grows way too hot way too fast as he continues to move your way, his footsteps soft yet booming as loudly in your ears as your own heartbeat.
As he takes one step forward towards you, you take an equal one back. One step forward, one step back.
One forward, one back, and this little game of yours goes on and on and on until you’re cornered up against the furthest wall, Roman’s hands pressing against the wall at the sides of your face. His chest nearly touches yours in the process and its rise and fall nearly matches the way your own does but you hold your breath and pray to the gods.
For what, you wonder?
For solace? For comfort? For a way out from his grasp, or a way to sink further beneath it? Space to breathe or to suffocate in all that is Roman Reigns? Entirely everything from him and absolutely nothing of him all at once? You don’t even know for sure but unfortunately, those prayers are left unheard and unanswered.
You hear him call your name, the syllables he speaks wrapped in a depth that twists and turns your very core. He doesn’t have to say much to grab your attention, after all.
“Look at me.”
But, can you? Can you really?
You can’t even bring yourself to do that, lest you wish to crumble beneath his unwavering gaze.
However, Roman is not one to take no for an answer; he never really has, especially nowadays. So when he speaks to you again, the very atmosphere of the locker room seems to shift and change under his words, underneath the dominance that is just solely and utterly him.
“I said, look at me.”
His fingers are suddenly underneath your chin, thumb and forefinger gripping it with just enough force to pull a strained noise from the back of your throat as he forcefully tilts your chin up so that you have to look up at him.
The soft gasp that you let out when you finally look up at him, into those dangerous eyes of his…you can see what it does to him by the roll of his shoulders as he stands to his full height, towering above you so much so that the too-bright lights that illuminate the locker room get blocked out.
You didn’t really get the chance to truly look at him through the monitor you were watching the match from and not even as he stampeded his way through the throngs of people all vying for his attention…but now?
Right here, in this moment, any and all words you could have possibly said to him evaporate on your tongue as your feet remain glued to the floor, your pulse thrumming through your entire body.
The wide panes of his chest stretch with each and every deep breath that he takes, his heart beating so damn loud that it fills the room and suffocates all other noise besides it. You feel the leather of his glove brushing against your chin where it wraps around his fingers, the force behind his grip being just strong enough to let you know not to mess with him.
Roman’s entire form from the waist up glistens with sweat and you can already see the soon-to-be bruises on his shoulders, his arms, his chest, his abdomen already begin to show.
His eyes are dark, darker than they have ever been before as he towers above you, slightly panting while his aura threatens to swallow you whole. There’s an obvious anger lingering within them, the deep-set betrayal and agony over losing his family and his undefeated streak finally sinking in along with the newfound uncertainty of the future to come…but there’s something else there in those eyes of him, something that makes sweat bead out along your brow and has your thighs clenching together as you dig your teeth into your lip so hair that it nearly bleeds.
Something more.
Roman sees this, what he does to you, and has to resist the urge to crack a smirk; you’re so easy to toy with. He can barely say a word to you, can just look at you only to have you a trembling, whimpering mess before him.
It’s reasons like these that drives his need for you so through the roof, and tonight means no different to him at all.
Just as he thought, you let out a whimper when you meet his eyes, your body threatening to go limp in his hold. His presence is just so much and it does so much more to you than you’re ever willing to say, but you absolutely love it either way.
You don’t notice him beginning to lean in closer to your own face, too stunned to even think of moving before he’s all that you can possibly see, his hair almost framing your own face as he tilts his head slightly to the side.
You can feel the warmth of his breath as it fans out over your face, spicy and hot and smelling of the cinnamon gum you saw him chewing earlier in the day. He tilts your face in the opposite direction, sighing as his eyes leave yours before he leans forward to press his face against the crook of your neck, burying his nose against the skin while the hand that remains on the wall curls into a fist.
Another gasp leaves your throat when he steps forward again, your hands unchelching themselves from where they rest at the hem of your - his - shirt as his chest presses against yours, warm and built and smothering in all the right places. When you raise your arms up from your sides to run your fingertips up his chest, over his shoulders, over his forearms, you can feel him just barely shiver beneath your touch.
His body calls out for you just as yours does him, and you can feel the buzz of all the energy still coursing through him, driving him up the wall as he leans further into your touch. And when you flatten your hands against his skin, the groan that he lets out rolls through our entire body, his chest vibrating against yours.
You feel him moving against your neck and you stretch further to the side to give him room, his lips forming into words that he wouldn’t dare say aloud with others nearby as his gloved hand moves from your chin to grip the base of your neck.
You know what this is, you know what this means; you’ve been here in this position before with him, especially much more recently with all of this newfound familial drama that’s dropped itself at the other end of his table.
With the seemingly endless amounts of adrenaline crawling beneath his skin, the cinching, tight feeling of his skin and the burning sensation that bubbles deep within his core, it’s no wonder why he’s cornered you like this, why he’s closing in on you, why he’s so bent on draping you in him.
I need you, baby, please.
Those spoken yet unspoken words he uttered into your skin make your eyes widen as a similar heat begins to spark within your own core, Roman trapping your leg between his own and pressing his cock against your thigh. It makes your skin crawl in the best ways possible, what he does to you, the anticipation mixed with everything that he just is making your mind hazy.
Your hands rise from his shoulders up the base of his neck, curving further up towards his hair before wrapping your fingers through it and gently pulling his head back up to face you, your eyes meeting his once more (how the hell did they manage to get even darker?).
Despite the fear that runs through your veins, despite your hands being in his hair and on his skin as you lead him towards you, he’s still the boss around here.
Roman still calls all the shots, no matter who or what stands before him - including you.
And even despite that as well, your body still wants him just as much as he wants yours.
It’s not even a want anymore; your body needs him, it desires him.
As for Roman, your body, your comfort calls out to him like a siren’s song, wanting him to pull you deeper and deeper into whatever’s going on within his own head until your entire body knows nothing but him, nothing but your Tribal Chief.
The fatigue that you know he feels is beginning to set into his bones, into his soul, but he doesn’t care.
He doesn’t care because he needs you, more so than he ever has in the past.
The sparks are beginning to show between the two of you; there’s nothing in this world like spending a night with someone like Roman Reigns, and you’re about to experience that firsthand once again.
You see the slight raise of his brow as he scans your face, that miniscule action asking you for permission, for your go-ahead, for you to allow him to lose himself within you and to use you as he sees fit for the time being…
…and the nod that you give him right back is all that he needs to see.
It’s the only thing that he needs to see before surging forward to plant a searing kiss to your lips, the fist that’s curled against the wall, moving down to grip your waist as tightly as the hold he has on your neck, digging his fingers into the soft material of his shirt that adorns your figure.
You only get about half a second of realization before you notice that he’s on you, completely covering you with his body as he presses you up against the wall even more. Your hands move from his hair down his neck, grazing his jaw lightly before your nails begin to dig into the exposed meat of his shoulders.
He’s actively stoking the fire that’s now beginning to blaze within you, and you absolutely love it.
The leg that’s not actively trapped between his now finds itself wrapped around his waist right as Roman’s tongue slides between your lips, curling with and against your own before quickly taking over the kiss. And you let him, of course; he needs this, he needs you, and you’re willing to give him whatever’s necessary to satiate his incessant energy.
The way he knows how to pluck your body like a finely tuned instrument with the way he pulls moans and gasps from you, the drag of fabric on skin, the way his body seems to move perfectly in-sync with your own, pushing and pulling until the two of you radiate more hear than the core of the sun…there’s just something about kissing Roman that makes your toes curl and your cheeks ripe with heat just by thinking about it, let alone actually doing the deed.
It’s all fiery passion and full of the aggression he shows in the ring, the possessive nature he has over you to keep you close and a part of him always, the need to show you exactly who you belong to as he pulls you in so damn close that all you can even think to experience is just him and him alone…it’s a conglomerate mixture of beauty and pain and pleasure and you're drinking in every single drop of it.
You feel his teeth begin to sink into your bottom lip, the contact against the already red and raw flesh making you jump in his arms as he tugs on it harshly before letting go. Your eyes, hooded and blown out, meet his again, and you can practically read the words in his mind as his thumb reaches up to lightly brush over it.
You don’t get to do that, anymore. Only I can do that to you.
You watch as he thumbs over your lip again before coming back in for another kiss, your teeth nearly clashing against each other from how harsh the two of you collide. It’s messy, a battle of tongue and teeth that turns in his favor so damn fast, and you can’t resist the urge to just crumble beneath it.
Your arms loop around his neck and hold him as close to you as possible, not wanting to part from him for even a second until your lungs burn from a lack of oxygen so you’re practically forced to. But even that isn’t enough to stop the contact between the two of you, your nails digging into any piece of his exposed skin that you can possibly reach.
The smell of him fills your brain and flows through your very veins, hands holding onto you for dear life while his kiss steals all sense from your mind. Roman has always been able to do this but tonight, you lower your guards and have him take the reins (no pun intended), have him lead the way, follow his motions.
And his motions lead him to start moving backwards, pulling you away from the wall as your leg falls from his waist. Lips still furiously locked with yours, he effortlessly maneuvers the two of you away from the corner and towards a nearby bench, wrapping his arms around your waist before pulling you down harshly onto his lap.
You thought you could feel him before while he captured you in his stare against the wall, helpless to anything but exactly what he wanted to do with you?
Well, think again.
Your pelvis presses right up against his and the two of you let out a combined moan, your breaths mixing together before he shifts you over his thighs to press you against him even more. You start rocking yourself back and forth on his cock through the dark cargo pants that he wears, feeling it throb and jump with every pass. And your desire for his grows as well, the space between your thighs growing more damp by the second with your juices beginning to now stain your inner thighs.
The small shorts that you wear underneath Roman’s large shirt soon grow more uncomfortable than you’re willing to bear and Roman seemingly notices this as well, running his thumbs over the skin above your ass before not so gently pulling them down your legs. The second you feel the hit your ankles you kick them to the floor below, not giving a damn where they land as your lips remain slotted with his own.
Your hands run down the planes of his chest and circle your fingertip over the space above Roman’s heart, feeling the thrum of energy coursing through his being. His own hands run over your thighs, over the curve of your ass and up your spine as you shift even closer to him, the feeling of your soaked panties as they rub against the bulge in his pants making you pant against his mouth.
You feel his hands drift under the hem of your shirt, the mix of his skin and the leather of the glove he still wears making sparks fly. His lips move from your own down your jaw, the force behind the action making you gasp. Across your skin and over the curve of your ear, down the expanse of your neck and over your collarbone; there’s nowhere that’s left untouched by his eager mouth while his hands roam the heated skin beneath your top.
His teeth graze your skin lightly, causing your entire body to tremble with anticipation right before you feel the sharp stinging of his teeth digging into your flesh, a moan much louder than you should have let out escaping you. Roman’s tongue joins the fray as well, soothing the sting of his bite with each one that he gives you.
One by one, one after another he lays claim to your skin, a reminder to the entire world that despite everything, that despite everyone in his life…he still has you.
He still has you and you’ve let him have you.
The need to feel him, to feel his body even more so consumes your entire mind, your soul, your being, so you take the initiative and grip the hem of your shirt and raise it up your body, pulling it over your head and tossing that to the floor alongside your discarded shorts.
The bra that covers your chest is a lacy one, the same shade of bright red that adorns the glove on his right hand that matches right along with the panties that just barely cover your ass. ‘Figured that you might need a distraction in hindsight. I hope you like it…”
Your voice is small in volume but loud in its tone as you speak, quickly glancing down at his chest where your nails dig into the meat of his pectorals as he raises his head from the crook of your neck, your skin alight and buzzing from him marking it.
Oh, he likes it, alright. He fucking loves it.
Roman’s hands reach up to trace the details in the fabric, his thumb brushing over your nipple and making you arch into his touch. His brows slightly raise with intrigue; this was probably a surprise for him later, for when he won his match…well, not anymore.
Now, the sight of you in this number, one that you had put on just for him, mixed with the need lacing your voice and the lust swimming within your vision…it’s all so much, damn near too much for him to bear, his cock now actively throbbing and throbbing in the confines of his pants.
He needs you now.
“On your knees.”
His low tone shakes you right out of your lust-fueled haze, your eyes snapping open as you pant on his lap.The darkness swirling around within his eyes shows he means business and what Roman wants, Roman gets in spades.
You try your best to move from him, to escape the warmth and desire he’s so graciously provided for you in his own time of need but your methods of moving prove too slow for his tastes, Roman’s non-gloved hand reaching up to yank your head back by your roots, you yelping at the sudden pain.
“What is with you all not fucking listening to me today? I said, I want you on your goddamn knees, now.”
You try your best to nod with his hand in your hair, swallowing down the pathetic noise that threatens to break free before scrambling off his lap and sinking to your knees on the locker room floor, never once breaking eye contact with him as you begin to watch him tear his glove off. The sharp ripping of the velcro cuts through the thick fog that’s filled the air , leather being pulled between his teeth until finally, the damned thing is off and is tossed aside as well, his hand returning to the back of your neck.
Spreading his legs for you as slowly as he possibly can, he keeps your head solely directed at the intimidating bulge that lies within his pants, watching as your eyes flicker back and forth between his own eyes and what lies ahead for your future.
Roman’s nothing if not a beast, both in and out of the ring, and you can’t help but shudder when you gently plant your palms on the outsides of his thighs, looking up at him with the widest eyes you can possibly muster up.
You lick your lips nervously, your heart beating even faster in your chest as he literally talks down to you, your hands beginning to nervously run up his covered thighs as they make their way to his zipper.
And with each notch of its teeth that come undone, with every second that passes that turns into a minute and then to an hour, you manage to push past the nerves that run wild through your veins and undo his pants, slipping your fingers beneath the dark boxer briefs he has on and tugging them down along with his pants to reveal the true monster that lies before you.
Roman’s cock falls from its confines with a dull thud as the head connects with his stomach, leaving a clear splotch of pre-cum where it lands. 
The shape of his cock, thick as a tree trunk and just as heavy and absolutely perfect as it is…the space between your thighs aches with the countless memories you have of him fucking you senseless with it,pounding into you and making you see stars over and over again-
“I’m not gonna tell you what to do here, princess. Or, are you too much of a dumb whore to even think for yourself now?”
You blink once, twice, three times as heat rises to your face, wiping the spit that threatens to fall from the corner of your mouth before you move forward, dragging your nails along the smooth skin of his upper thigh.
And as much as he loves to mark you and lay his claim to you, you love doing the exact same thing to him as well.
You live for the hiss he lets out from the pain of your nails, your teeth on his skin and grazing his pelvis as you move closer to his cock.
Such a man, such a being before your very eyes, and he’s all yours tonight, just as you are all his.
You let your nails and the tips of your fingers drag up the sides of his shaft, the length almost as long as your entire forearm. It’s a beautiful thing to see first hand as you admire him, your touches light and fleeting as your wide eyes continue to pierce his. You watch his abdomen clench and ripple when you catch his more sensitive spots, his hips bucking when you run your hand over the large vein that runs up the side.
A smile begins to grow along your lips as you watch him, his other hand running over his face and jaw. You can’t help but to admire him like this, slowly but surely as though you have all the time in the world to do so.
But, based on the absolute storm lingering within Roman’s eyes, you can tell that he’s in no teasing mood, the hand at the back of your neck squeezing threateningly before you finally get the hint to keep fucking going.
So, you do, tightening your grip around the base of his cock and stretching your lips around the head, letting the warmth of your breath wash over it before slowly beginning to sink your mouth down on him.
And, oh, what a sight he becomes before you.
“Fuck, that’s it…” he moans, watching through hooded eyes as you manage to slide the first few inches down your throat. With your smaller hands, you can barely wrap one of them around him fully - let alone two - but you try your best anyway, making sure to jerk the parts you can’t quite reach yet.
The ache between your legs becomes too much to bear as you begin to bob your head up and down, lustily taking him in while your eyes begin to close. With skin sensitive and hot to the touch, you take one hand off of him and begin to run it down your body. Over the curves of your breasts and as they threaten to spill from your bra, down the line of your abdomen, over your pubic bone and thumbing the lining of your panties, you let out another moan when you start to grind your clit against your fingers.
You don’t think that Roman notices it, the shift in your demeanor and the way your shoulders tighten up when you slip your fingers beneath your panties, the way your breath catches and your hips jump as you tease yourself…but he does.
He always does.
“Aww, are you that desperate, baby? You couldn’t help but touch that needy little pussy of yours? I can hear it all the way up here, you’re so wet for me.”
You can practically hear his smirk while he talks, but it still makes you hot all over. Spreading your wetness over your lower lips, you spread them and rub the pad of your finger over your bare clit, your body jolting at the pleasure it spikes through you.
“You want to touch yourself, fuck yourself with those tiny fingers of yours?” he asks, seething at the feeling of your teeth grazing the vein along his shaft. “Then, go ahead. Get yourself nice and ready for me…”
“..and don’t forget about me either, sweetheart,” Roman chides, briefly pulling you from the head with a soft pop before thumbing your lower lip. “Don’t make your Tribal Chief play second best to your needy fucking cunt.”
Your thighs clench and close in around your hand, a soft “yes” falling from your open lips before he presses your face right back against his cock as you begin to take more than you did before. You try to make your mouth as slick with your own saliva as possible, stroking his shaft in tandem with the swirling of your tongue around the head.
His hand lightly connects with your cheek. “Yes, what?”
“Yes, my-”
“And don’t speak with your mouth full, baby. You’re better than that.”
He glares at you as you rise from his cock again, panting softly. “Yes, my Tribal Chief.”
“There she is, that’s my good girl,” he tells you, patting your cheek condescendingly. “Now, get back to work.”
The copious amounts of spit from your mouth mix with his pre-cum as your hand glides along the warm skin, the sound just as loud and slick as the ones coming from between your legs. It doesn’t take long for him to take back control, roughly guiding your lips back to his cock before letting you do what you do best.
As your throat grows accustomed to his girth, you shift yourself on your knees and slip a finger between your folds, circling your hole with it and gingerly slide it in, choking around Roman’s length in the process.
A bright flush begins to run wild under his skin as he tilts his head back, the soft sounds of his huffs and groans making the space between your thighs almost uncomfortably wet as you continue to touch yourself. His other hand runs through his hair, pulling at the roots while his face scrunches up in pleasure when you twist your fist around the head just right.
It fills you with a feeling that you can’t describe, seeing what you do to him in moments like these.
“Shit, princess, keep going…” Roman’s near breathless now, his chest rising and falling more rapidly as his hips buck into your eager mouth. Eyes hooded, his attention stays on you while your own remain closed, focusing all of your energy on making sure your Tribal Chief is as primed and ready to go as you are.
You ease another finger in between your folds along with the first one and curl them as they drag along your inner walls; it’s not enough, it’s never enough when it’s just you because your fingers aren't his, your touch isn’t the same as his. Roman’s fingers fill you twice as much as your own do, the phantom feeling of them stretching you to the brim as they graze along that one spot wracking your body with shivers.
The room is brimming with the wet sounds of your motions, your juices dripping down the hand that remains at your core while your eager lips and tongue schlick up and down his throbbing cock, the noises coming from the both of you getting swamped in the mess of it.
The sight and sound of you struggling to take his length seems to light a fire under his ass and his grip at the back of your neck grows tighter, Roman starting to force the visible stretch of him taking over your mouth and throat even more so, bucking his hips against your face and making sure that you take what you’re given.
“Oh, you wanna please your Tribal Chief, baby? Well, then, take all of it.”
With that, you feel him wrench your head further down his shaft, your throat closing in around him and squeezing as you choke on him. The hand in your hair tightens the further down his shaft you go, your throat tightening with each and every inch you take, your gag reflex fighting for dear life as you struggle to take him fully.
The few inches you have left to go get wrapped in your fist, your fingers shiny with your spit and noisily stroking him until he presses down on the back of your head just that much more for you to 
He needs this, he needs you, and you’re going to take everything he has to give you, just like he asked.
So you brave through it, tears in your eyes with your lungs burning and begging for air, you bare through it for Roman, and the loud moan that you get from him in response makes the fire licking within your core burn all the more brighter.
You try to speak with his cock in your mouth, your garbled attempts at calling his name making him shove you further down. “Do that again, princess. Moan for me again while you get that pussy nice and ready for me.”
And moan for him you do, hearing your blood rushing through your ears as the sensing the heavy press of his hand on your neck squeeze tighter and tighter, Roman intently watching and feeling the length of his cock stretch against the walls of your throat.
It’s not long at all before you feel the telltale signs of your own orgasm approaching: the tightness coiling within your core, the curling of your toes and the pulsing in your abdomen, the sweat beginning to bead on your brow, the way that the pace of your hand around his cock and the hand between your legs seems to uptick bit by bit as the seconds go by…
You’re not at all shocked that Roman catches whiff of this too, hearing the now sped-up sounds of your fingers thrusting in and out, in and out, over and over again as you soak your panties clean through. “Don’t you dare cum, don’t you dare fucking cum. Only I can make you do that, you got that? Me, not those pathetic fucking fingers of yours.”
“I won’t, I promise.” Your voice is muffled and your throat strains while you attempt to speak as you try your best to breathe through your nose, feeling lightheaded the more you try.
But his words make you feel not and sensitive all over, the hairs on your arms raising as your heart beats rapidly in your chest, gasping when he lifts your head from the base to tightly wrap his fist around it.
“Fuck!” you hear Roman yell before his hand tightens around your hair again, yanking your mouth clean off his cock, drops of spit and his pre-cum dripping down his shaft and catching the too-bright lights of the locker room. You sit before him panting and wheezing, taking in precious breaths of air as you cough and open your now tear-filled and blurry eyes for him.
Your throat and your chest burn from the abuse they’ve taken, the back of your head and neck sore from all of his manhandling while your knees ache from the carpet on the floor of the locker room digging into your skin…but you know that he still needs you, because he’s not done with you yet.
You try to wipe your mouth clean of the mess, your makeup now completely smudged and running down your face as the mix of your saliva and his cum drips from your chin and stains the bra you wear but he doesn’t allow it, taking your chin in his hands and leaning forward off the bench to steal your precious breath away once more with a kiss so fiery that it ignites a fire within you from the inside out.
“Get on your back,” he growls, hand creeping up the sides of your neck and giving it a tight squeeze. “I need to see how ready for me you are.”
Slowly, you pull your hand from your ruined panties and tug them off your legs, kicking the damp scrap of fabric to the side where the remainder of your clothes lie just as he stands from the bench, towering over you and staring down at you menacingly. You reach around your back to unclasp your bra and shimmy it down over your arms, the nearly ruined item soon following all of the other clothes you’ve discarded until you’re finally exposed to his wandering, hungry eyes.
That’s the push that he needs to trail after you as you spread your legs for him, the sounds of him languidly stroking his cock to the sight of you teasing yourself with the wetness that stains your hand.
And what lies in front of you is just as godly, the sight of him shuffling his pants down his thighs and exposing the beautiful tanned skin that you just had your palms running over, stroking himself to the sight and sound of you pleasing yourself with flushed cheeks and the marks from your nails covering his chest and shoulders…the whine you let out cuts through the air and you can’t resist the urge to reach out to him, to call to him and bring him to you-
“You get what I give you, baby, when I want to give it to you and how I want to give it to you. Not when and how you want.”
Roman kneels to your height, his knees hitting the locker room floor with a dull thud and begins to stalk towards you, sirens wailing off inside your mind right as he crawls over your body looking every inch the beast that he claims to be.
“Roman,” you mewl, feeling him run his palms up the flushed skin of your legs. His hand latches onto your wrist and pulls it from between your thighs, holding it up to the light and watching your juices drip from your fingers before slipping them into his own mouth.
You watch as his lips close in over them, his tongue swirling around them to catch every last drop of your essence before slipping them from his mouth with a dark grin. Your aroma, now more potent than ever, fills his lungs with every single breath he takes, even more now with the taste of your arousal staining his tongue.
Every nerve and thought in his body roars at him, screams and demands for him to bend you over and fill you with his cum, to take you over and over again until everyone in this entire goddamn arena knows exactly who the hell you’re with, you’re spending your time with and who’s dealing with you.
Paul, Solo, Jimmy, Jey…they’ll all know exactly who the fuck runs things in this little circle of theirs, this fight for true and utter control.
And it will happen, you just have to wait a tad bit longer for it.
You’re so warm as you lie beneath him, your nails digging into the meat of your thighs as you wait in ample anticipation for his next move. Brushing his hair back with one hand, he slowly runs them up your body, over your plush thighs and past your dripping core that beckons him in closer.
Over your waist and up your chest until he takes your breasts in his hands and rolls your nipples between his thumb and forefinger, pulling on them and twisting them until you cry out his name.  The pain makes sparks ignite in your core and Roman refuses to let up on his hold despite the noise, taking one of your nipples into his mouth and biting down on it as he plays with the other one.
Those hands of his, the same ones that bring you pleasure are the  same ones that have brought his own family pain, and that thought is not lost on Roman as he continues to play with you, reveling in the litany of pitiful noises leaking from your trembling lips.
He will not show you the same pain that his cousins brought onto him, nor that he had brought to them.
For you, things are…different.
You’ll never leave his side at the head of the table, never abandon him for some other, higher purpose; you’ve said so yourself before tonight many a time.
Your legs wrap around his waist and lock him in as you dig your nails into the carpet you lay on, it already starting to dig into your skin. But you need more from him; more of him on you, around you, more of his touch and his mouth and his cock, just more.
With your feet, you try your best to shove his pants down further over his ass and down his legs, only managing to get so far before he stops you with a firm yet quick slap to your ass.
He doesn’t even have to remove his mouth from your breast to tell you anything, glaring up at you while his tongue laves away at your nipple before moving away from it and suctioning his mouth onto the other.
Your entire body trembles; what does he have planned next for you? What more could he possibly pull from you as he manhandles your body, squeezing and grasping at you like you’re going to somehow sink into the floor if he removes himself from you?
And then all of your questions are answered when you see him rise from your chest, his lips plush and a shade of bright red as a thin line of his saliva connects them to your breast before it snaps. You feel him press down on your waist, making you relax further against the floor until he wraps his hands around your ankles and begins to fold your legs into your chest, your knees grazing your face just so.
“Hold them,” you hear Roman say damn near under his breath, the depth in his voice making you whine as you wrap your hands under your knees to keep your legs raised. The trembling of your body increases as your anticipation grows and everything in your body tells you to close your eyes and look away from him, but you just can’t.
He’s beautiful in the way he gazes down at you, zeroing in on the way the walls of your cunt clench around nothing and shine with your arousal under the light, licking his lips like a caged animal. He might as well be one anyway with the possessive nature that consumes him when he has you, when he’s with you.
A hitch in your breath comes and goes when he moves even closer, gripping his cock firmly with one hand before using the other to spread your lower lips, the sound of him spitting on them reaching your ears before you feel it. It’s slick, it’s obscenely nasty as he swipes his cock head through the glistening mess, spreading the wetness around even more so as to get you as well as possible before you feel the hefty warmth of the head slapping against your folds.
The weights of it, and the thought of what’s to come have you arching your back into the sensation, desperate to reach your hands up to grip him and pull him into you, to have them just get it over with already and to make you see stars. And you do flex your fingers in his direction, squeezing the space beneath your knees and spreading your legs further for him to tease and prod at you while he just stares on with a smirk slowly beginning to grow along his face.
“Patience, baby, patience,“ Roman murmurs, sliding the head of his cock through your folds and nudging your button with it. The action sends a bolt of lightning jolting up your spine, causing you to dig your fingers into the flush of your lower thighs, and toss your head to the side with a small whine.
“Please, Roman, I need it. I need you, just fuck me, please –“
He shushes you, placing a finger to your lips before slipping his thumb between them. You instinctively wrap them around the digit and pull it in deeper with your tongue, swirling the muscle around it before he slowly but surely post it out. “I said to have patience, baby girl, so don’t be greedy. Just lay back, be a good girl, and take what your Tribal Chief gives you.“
He ends his sentence by dragging that wet thumb over your lips, down your chin, and rests harshly against your clit, grinding his shaft against your folds as he plays with you. You feel like your heart is about to fly out of your chest with how fast it’s beating, watching as he moves even closer to you and presses himself even harder against you.
“Nice and wet for me, princess…you did good for me back there.” You revel in the small bit of praise, a ghost of a smile floating over your lips until you feel the blunt head of his cock brushing up against your entrance. “You still ready for me?”
You can’t nod your head fast enough. “Yes, please. Roman, I’m ready for you, I’m ready-”
At the feeling of him finally stuffing you full of his cock, his chest keeping pressure on the backs of your legs and folding further into yourself, tears begin to prick the corner of your eyes at the newfound pressure.
The familiar burn of Roman pushing into you but by bit, inch by gloriously thick inch, has you itching to latch onto him in any way that you possibly can - and you eventually do, removing your hands from holding your legs to placing them on Roman’s shoulders as soon as he gets close enough.
That fire he had stoked inside of you now grows to an inferno the more of himself he bullies into you, stretching you out to fit his cock just right is making your mind hazy. The quick and constant fluttering of your walls around him makes him groan, dropping his head to your knee.
Your nerves fry and your eyes cross as he continues to move, every single wall within you absolutely crumbling because of it. And It feels like forever and a day has passed before he eventually bottoms out inside you for the first time tonight as you nearly lose your mind on his cock, your toes starting to curl and your thighs flexing.
The guttural moan that leaves Roman’s chest rocks you to your very core, the sound of the wetness between your legs and the pressing of him against your ass turning your insides to mush. One of his hands rests at your waist and keeps you close, his body leaning on your own so much that his nose just barely brushes against yours.
You whine his name, the shrill noise and the desperate look in your eyes turning all dials up to eleven. The huffs and small moans leaving your throat, your body already run ragged before he’s really gotten the chance to fuck you senseless yet…it all just makes him want to ruin you even more.
He can’t figure out where to keep his eyes; he wants to look at all of you, from the way your chest heaves and your breasts move from your breaths to the way your pulse jumps at the vein in your neck to the apex of your thighs where your arousal stains and sticks to the skin of his pelvis, there’s almost too many options for him.
But when you squeeze down his shoulders and bring his attention back to the feeble look in your eyes, he can’t help but toss his head back and sigh because look at you, with your lip quivering just as much as your cunt is and the way you gently thump your head against the carpeted floor as his hand runs over your abdomen and presses against the outline his cock made inside you.
His ears fill with the sounds of your sex, your legs seemingly permanently glued to his chest while he wraps an arm around them, keeping you right where he wants you as his hips begin to move.
And the slide of him moving back and forth along your walls, his hips pulling back from your ass and dragging the head of his cock back towards your clit before moving back in just as slowly causes your entire lower body to twitch.
“Roman…Roman, please,” you beg him. You don’t even know what you’re even begging him for anymore: for more? For him to pick up his achingly slow pace? For him to close the distance between his mouth and yours so you can taste him all over again?
But he doesn’t appeal to your cries nor does he break when you seem to grow even wetter for him as he begins to thrust in and out, back and forth, dragging your hips higher into the air and folding you even further into yourself.
He still, however, refuses to look anywhere else other than at your face, in your eyes as he rolls his hips into you, dead set on ever single noise and jerking movement your body gives him.
His brow furrows; how could he not look at you when you’re like this, mouth wide open with your tongue lolling out of your mouth, pointed in the air as it tries to lick at his lips while you fan the flames of the fire you’re sparked inside of him?
You try your best to rock your hips in tandem with his own, bucking them as best you can whenever his pelvis meets your own and he bottoms out inside you. You can feel the head of his cock grazing that sweet spot along your walls, almost kissing your cervix every single time he bears down on you. His weight strains the muscles at the back of your legs when he pulls forward every time but you don’t care, you don’t care because all that matters is him and how well he fills you.
Roman doesn’t speak a word to you, only letting out groans and grunts with the occasional low-toned moan for your ears only, but everything that you hear makes your entire body vibrate with a deeper need. 
Eventually, his pace does begin to increase, the erotic melody of his hips tap, tap, tapping against yours growing into him beginning to use his true power to make you cry out. And cry out you do, your brain now clouded with innsense waves of pleasure as your screams for more grow in volume.
You don’t even attempt to lower your volume and neither does he, not caring about whoever may be listening in from outside the no-that-far-away locker room door - and in the back of your mind, your last shred of sentience thanks Roman for preemptively locking it when everyone else had left.
The force behind his thrusts leaves you absolutely breathless as you stare helplessly into his eyes, moans and huffs flowing from your lips like a waterfall while the pleasure in your core ticks up bit by bit.
The faster he pounds into you and the longer he goes on, the more your walls close in around him like a warm, silken vice, your cunt tightening in around him and not letting him go at all. Your pleasure spikes when he moves his hand down slightly to pinch your clit, making you jolt as you arch your back as best you can.
The rug beneath you scratches against your skin as he runs you ragged on top of it, your shoulder blades and the top of your back taking the brunt of the burn. Tears leak from the corners of your eyes when you squeeze them closed, but the sharp sting of Roman’s hand coming down on your clit snaps them right back open again.
You hiss at the pain but it all just melts right back into pleasure all over again and it doesn’t escape his keen eyes, his flat of his hand coming down on the button over and over again. And you can’t resist the urge to rake your nails down his arms as your nerves flare all through your body.
The telltale signs of your impending orgasm are clear to you both: the dilation in your eyes, the way your thighs stretch and quake as he presses down on them and how quickly you begin to pant.
“Fu-uck, Roman, I need…I need-”
The feeling of Roman’s hand sliding up your chest and around your neck cuts you off, your breath hitching and your eyes widening. “You need what, baby? Don’t go all shy on me now? Or have I fucked all the sense out of you already?”
He sneers and squeezes the sides of your throat, making you gasp. “You get to cum when I say that you can, when I give you the go ahead…you understand me? Hmm? Nod your head for me, baby girl.”
You follow his orders to a tee, staving off your looming orgasm by trying to focus on something, anything that’s not the pulsating feeling between your legs or the way he drives his cock into you, the build-up in his pace doing absolutely nothing to stop it.
“R-Roman…” Your voice is weak behind the grip of his hand, his thumb brushing along the front of your throat and pressing down.
“Not yet, baby girl. I didn’t say you could cum yet.” Each word he speaks is enunciated by a powerful thrust of his hips, the head of his cock kissing your cervix with each one. “Don’t you want to be good for me? Don’t you want to please your Tribal Chief?”
Your voice is soft when you attempt to answer him, crying out “yes, yes I do” as he plows into you harder than before, your back now actively rubbing against the coarse carpet every time Roman’s pelvis connects with yours.
He groans when he looks into your watery eyes, your cheeks stained with your tears and spit leaking from the corners of your mouth. Your face is a mess, your entire body is flushed right with heat, you look a mess, and it’s all because of him.
Your blubbering and the tears that flow from your eyes do something fierce to him as his own orgasm begins to crest, the way your walls grip his shaft driving him absolutely mad with desire. He has to bite down on his tongue to keep from letting go, the sharp pain making him curse as his hips begin to stutter.
“Shit!” he yells, abruptly tearing his cock from you with a wet squelch, your arousal dripping from the head and staining the carpet. Wrapping his hand around the base of his cock, he grips the base of his cock in his fist again before leaning in to plant a furious kiss to his lips, stealing what little breath you have left away once more.
It’s all teeth and tongue and fiery passion that stokes the already blazing inferno within your soul and when he sinks his teeth into your bottom lip and tugs on it, it hurts so good that you whine against his lips and arch into his touch when he pulls away.
Your voice is weak and slightly hoarse when you ask, “Roman?”
“Over the bench, baby. I want you on your hands and knees when I cum inside you.”
That steely gaze from before makes its return and you visibly cower beneath it, standing on shaky legs as you make your way over to one of the nearby benches before draping your weary and sensitive body over it. You feel exposed in this position - even more so due to the fact that you can’t even see him when he pulls the globes of your ass apart to gaze at how slick and messy you’ve become due to his actions.
His hand comes down on the skin and you jolt, scrambling to grab the cold wood of the bench before he does it again…and again.
And again and again as the sharp, stinging pain rings proud and true all over the meat of your ass, heat blooming beneath the skin and radiating off of it. Roman’s hand comes down on one, then the other, and then spreads them with one hand to deliver another blow right to your sensitive folds, causing you to let out a high-pitched scream that has you nearly bolting off the bench.
“Stay still,” he tells you, his chest rumbling as he lays a more firm slap on your ass, another whimper slipping from you. “You only move when I tell you to move, baby girl.”
Roman continues to lay blow after blow to your ass and now to your achingly wet folds, rutting his cock against you as you grind back against him, More tears leak from your eyes as the stinging pain begins to melt into aching pleasure, a litany of broken moans and sobs passing through your lips right before he slides his cock right back inside you.
He meets no resistance and his hips meet yours damn near instantly, picking up his brutal pace right where he left off while you gasp for air. It’s like you can feel his cock all the way in your lungs with how deep he’s pounding into you, the sound of skin hitting sticky skin bouncing off the walls of the locker room.
Your chest presses firmly against the bench, your breasts aching from how firmly he holds your hips against it while his pace goes into overtime. Everyone outside be damned, the noises leaving your mouth couldn’t be silenced even if the damn door was broken down.
The sounds of his name and cries for more fill his ears and he drifts a hand up your back, trailing his fingers up your spine before wrapping his hand in your hair and yanking your head back against his chest.
“That’s it, scream for me,” you hear him say in your ear, the drop in his voice sending a shiver down your spine. You feel his lips trace the shell of your ear, biting down on it and then moving down to your jaw. His other hand grasps your chin and pulls your head to the side, his teeth grazing the side of your neck before he sinks his teeth into it.
And the yell that you let out because of it almost rattles the very walls that surround you as you weakly reach your arms back behind your head and wrap them around his own neck, keeping his head there as he plows into you. Your hips ache, your ass fucking burns from his pelvis colliding against it, everything on your body stings and aches and hurts but you love it, you love it all.
You can feel the marks and bruises that his hands,his lips, his teeth leave on your body already begin to bruise, and you can already tell that the ones staining your ass are going to make it hard to sit down or even walk for days to come…
But you’ll wear those marks, those bruises, you’ll wear everything with your head held high and with pride in your eyes because despite all that Roman’s faced these past few months, he still has you willingly and wholly and wholeheartedly.
The sweet kiss of your orgasm comes to fruition again and you can feel that wave begin to crest over; you won’t be able to last much longer if he keeps going at the pace he’s at right now, your toes curling as you dig your own nails into his scalp to pull his head from your neck. You instinctively squeeze around his cock, feeling his balls slap against your clit over and over again and making you jump and jolt around.
“R-Roman, please, ’m gonna…, I need to, please-”
He can’t help but groan as he roughly kisses the side of your head, holding your beginning-to-go-limp upper body close to his chest. “Fuck me, baby, you’re gonna cum? You’re gonna soak my cock and stain the floor?”
You feel him smile against your cheek when you nod. “I feel you clenching around me, princess, so why don’t you be a good girl for your Tribal Chief and cum for me? I want this pussy sloppy fucking wet by the time I’m done with you.”
The weight of him against your back side, the way he slips a hand between your legs and begins to play with your clit again, furiously rubbing the bud between his fingers as he pumps his hips even faster…it has your tongue lolling out of your mouth as you pant like a bitch in heat, Roman playing you like a finely tuned instrument and pushing all of the right buttons.
It all comes to a head when he starts to murmur in your ear,words and wishes of how he’s going to fill you up just like how you want and leave you dripping full of his cum all over the floor by the time the night ends, firmly grasping your breast with his other hand and twisting your nipple fiercely.
Blood rushes to your ears so damn fast that you can just barely hear the words that leave his lips but once you do…oh, the reaction that he gets has him cheesing something fierce, those sharp teeth of his bared for the whole world to see.
Your entire body shakes, completely vibrates with the need to cum as you fly closer and closer to that edge, clinging to Roman for dear life - but not before he tilts your head to the side and kisses you so passionately that you fall limp in his hold, his tongue meshing together with yours.
“Don’t hold yourself back anymore, baby girl. Cum for me, cum for me now-”
He speaks against your lips and your inner walls give way to your orgasm, that wave cresting and your body bending along with it as you soak his cock with a cry so loud that it rings louder in your ears than your bloodrush does. Your heart feels as though it’s about to leap through your chest and out of your mouth, your hands drifting from his hair and your arms wrapping around his neck behind you.
You can feel his heartbeat racing in his chest as it presses against your back and it’s just as fast as yours, and a final high pitched moan escapes your mouth as you soak his cock completely, his hips stuttering against yours while his thrusts begin to slow.
You audibly moan at the warmth that fills your core when you feel him jut his hips against yours and stays there, fully inserted within you as his own climax takes the reins.
It feels like a punch square to his gut when his cock throbs against that sweet spot that lines your walls, his resolve crumbling and his mind going blank for a few seconds. “Fuck,” Roman groans, the sound rumbling through your whole body as you feel him paint your walls with his cum, the head of his cock pressing snugly against your cervix while he grips your flesh and digs his fingers in wherever he can put them.
Your thighs, your chest, your waist, your neck, it doesn’t matter; at the end of the night, your entire body is going to be covered in his marks, whether you like it or not.
Your brain is scrambled and he rests his head on top of yours, massaging your clit to get the final jitters of your orgasm out of you before he finally lets you breathe. Your vision remains blurry from a mix of how tightly you squeezed your eyes shut and from the tears that still linger within it, your face remains a stained mess from your destroyed makeup, and you don’t even want to talk about the state that your hair resides in…but in this moment, you’ve never looked more beautiful to him.
But, he’ll tell you that soon enough.
For now, he simply cradles your trembling body to his chest, his cock still snug along your inner walls as he rocks his body against yours; over and over again, calming the rocky waves of your climaxes - both yours and him - as he begins to take his own breath and takes the first seconds of the night to finally think about the events that have occurred.
His blood, his closest family has betrayed him, left him in the dirt and dust and tossed him aside…and now all that he has left is you.
You and the strength, the stability, the everything that’s left of his Bloodline reside within you, and he can’t let you go.
He just can’t.
He won’t let you go, not now and not ever…not after everything tonight.
As time passes and when he doesn’t speak, you take the first steps. “...Roman? Are you okay?” you ask, your voice hoarse and your throat dry from all of your screaming.
“Please…” you hear him whisper against your back, pressing his lips to the back of your neck as he pants, still coming down from the force of his orgasm. “Please…don’t leave.”
Please don’t leave me.
And hearing that, hearing his voice crack slightly as his lips move from the nape of your neck upwards, curving up towards your jawline and around the shell of your ear…it breaks you, it utterly breaks something within your soul.
As you think back to the previous weeks, you could already see the threads of dissension within the eyes of Solo, the traps being laid by The Usos to bring the young man closer to their side and away from Roman’s.
The true and final nail in the coffin of the Bloodline, the removal of the Samoan Enforcer, the last shred of foundation that holds this entire empire of Roman’s together…you can feel it in his every motion, every single press of his fingers against your skin, every pull of his arms as he brings you in further and further to his own body: he’s terrified of losing everything, everything that he has left, everything that he is.
“I won’t, Roman,” you tell him, curling your body against his, allowing him to surround you with everything that he has and everything that he’s willing to give you. “I won’t leave. I’ll never leave, I promise.”
A few moments pass, and what precious moments they are. No words are spoken, barely any movements are made aside from the slight rocking of his hips against your own and the heaving of your chests as you both breathe, just…nothing.
A good nothing.
A good nothing that allows you both to just be in touch with yourselves and with each other.
After those few moments pass, you speak to him again, gently running your fingertips over his forearms. “Look, we’ll forge a new Bloodline, okay? Together. You and me and Paul and Solo-”
Roman buries his face in your hair at the mention of Solo’s name, taking a deep breath in of a scent that’s just entirely you mixed with tinges of him…a perfect combination, the perfect combination.
“If we can’t rely on your family to maintain this faction, this dynasty…then we’ll make a new one of our own. Bigger and better and more powerful than Jimmy and Jey could ever comprehend.”
A tense silence follows your words before Roman finds his own to respond.
You feel his lips curl into a smile against your head, another kiss being pressed to your hair as he thinks. You’re right, after all.
If his own family won’t stand at his side, if he can’t rely on his own bloodline…then you two will create your own dynasty…together.
And together, the two of you will take down and dismantle whatever is left of Jimmy and Jey, for all of the new hell that they’ve now brought upon themselves.
And that’s not a threat, Roman thinks to himself as he curls his body around yours against the cool floor of the locker room, not wanting to get up nor remove himself from the comfort and relief that you provide him.
That’s a fucking promise.
“So..can I get my clothes now? And, are we gonna get up and unlock the door, or…?”
You feel his chest rumble as he chuckles, his smile against your skin growing just that bit wider. “Nah, they can all wait a few more minutes. Besides…”
“...I’m not finished with you just yet.”
Oh, fuck…
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thesamoanqueen · 5 months
Raiting: 18+
Warnings: smut, jealousy, my bad english as always.
A/N: It should have been my gift to @harmshake for her day but I didn’t made it in time and here Im, posting it anyway *delusional smile*
Tumblr media
He was getting a headache, a bad one because Y/N was unbeatable at driving him crazy. He always tried to control himself, freaking out during arguments didn’t fit him well and he could successfully have done it, at least until she got involved or decided to press that button, the one she had claimed from the first second Roman laid eyes on her. Thank God she wasn't the kind of woman who liked drama or kicking her feet, but if she decided to go down that road...
Roman could count their arguments on one hand, exceptions, extraordinary events, but every time it happened from one moment to the next, escalating in a few seconds and for reasons that weren't even real reasons. And it had been like that that time too. The night before Y/N had gone out with the girls, they had gone to have fun, there was nothing wrong and he had even been fine with it, because now that his schedule was no longer so oppressive they spent more time together, both didn't have to work hard as before. The next morning she got up and he had left himself speak, a comment about alcohol that she had clearly drunk, not about her, not even trying to scold her, but from there to chaos it was a short step.
Standing in the kitchen for who knows how long, he lowered his head in exasperation, exhausted, the idea of getting something to drink to go and relax, perhaps with her now only a memory, while Y/N marched through the living room, taking random stuff and dissecting that story as only she was capable of doing.
- I can do whatever I wanna do ‘cause you my daddy when I say you're, not every moment of ma life – she crashed into him at the other end of the huge room and Roman raised his head as if someone had slapped him.
She could do what? He wasn't what?!
- What did you just say?! – he snapped, not at all intending to let that time pass.
He had never tried to stop her from doing anything, he knew well who he had decided to be close to as a partner and it had never crossed his mind to treat her otherwise. He had made a comment, a comment because he cared about her, he was always worried, even if they were together and she came up with that story? He was a man, he didn't need to control her to feed his little ego.
- Thought it was me tired, but now the one who cannot hear me is you? - she insisted stubbornly, refusing to let go and Roman gave her a warning look, his gaze dark.
- Y/N stop running that mouth
- Well if you don't like my attitude anymore, go find someone else and I'll do the same – she pointed at him and Roman knew that she was throwing everything on the table by now, but she had to slow down because he had enough now.
He wouldn't have gone anywhere, above all she wouldn't have found anyone else. She could put it out of her head to play those games with him and above all to turn around and leave him there as she was trying to do. He quickly crossed the living room, before Y/N could even disappear and grabbed her by the waist, hearing her let go with a thud all the stuff she had in her arms, struggling.
- What-Get your hands off me, lemme go-
- You better calm down- don't kick! - he warned her, taking blow with a grimace as he dragged her with him across the room - don't… no… babygirl-
- Roman put me down, ain't joking! And don't call me that! – she struck again, convincing him to put her down on the coach, to grit his teeth, irritation growing.
- No more babygirl, ain't your daddy, you can do whatever, what's going on huh?!
Frozen, Y/N stared back at him. Her arms wrapped tightly around her chest, legs curled up on the couch where she still had tried to escape him at first, even though he was literally towering over her. He had raised his voice, he never did it, except when they got to that point, but every time it happened he ended up regretting it the same instant just by looking at her. He couldn't stand those moments, because they didn't belong to either of them and for sure wasn't what he wanted for their relationship.
- You don't own me – Y/N said, refusing to lower her head and Roman ran a hand over his dark beard, inspiring, before looking back at her deadly serious.
- I own you
He knew what was going on in that head of her, because Y/N thought and thought even late at night when she should have been sleeping, she was dangerous. And that argument had been the reason she had struggled to have relationships in the past, the same one that had led them to chase each other for a year before giving a name to what was between them. It had been a stupid comment, said with a completely different intention, they both knew it, and yet she had snap.
-I do – he repeated, seeing her physically stiffen when he crouched down in front of her – as you own me – he admitted without shame.
He knew what he wanted from his life and he knew what he was willing to risk, he had never been the kind of person who liked to be led, but since she had entered his life, his vision had changed. It was like this from the moment he woke up to the moment he went to bed, it was his law, it was what he chose and what Roman committed to. He wasn't a kid, he could make sacrifices and he wanted to bear them.
-That's how things work – he explained, eyes running over her figure without forgetting a single piece, while hers studied him.
They were doing this together and there was no "whatever" for it to work. They had each other's backs, they belonged to each other and there was no one else who could replace either of them in that mission. No plan B, no alternatives, it was all or nothing, she was the one who told him first and Roman stuck to that. He could keep his mouth shut, ignore if he wanted, he had no problems, but what they were had to be clear, for better or for worse, during arguments or not.
Y/N insisted on not moving, legs still bent on the coach, shoulders still tense and her gaze fixed on him who hadn't moved an inch too, ready to take yet another blow that never came. She only needed a few words, if the right ones, to send those moments away and Roman knew he had said them to her or she wouldn't have given up. An arrogant and slightly softened grin was struggling to show itself, but he just frowned, tilting his head a little to look at her inch by inch again.
-May I touch you now? – he asked, his voice now low, soft.
- What if I say no? – he heard her ask immediately, stubborn and without mercy.
Firm in his purpose, Roman did not give up, completely unimpressed by that attitude which had single-handedly eliminated any competition long before him.
- Please – he begged hoarsely and Y/N once again didn't move.
She didn't even answer, but her dark chocolate eyes did it for her, wavering for a moment at that plea and he reached out with both hands, slowly pulling her legs off the couch by ankles. He slid one on the carpet, placing the other on top of his knees, caressing the caramel-colored skin, soft calf, her eyes pointing at him in religious silence as he went up higher, touching behind the knee to spread his hand on her gorgeous soft thigh. He felt her body vibrate imperceptibly, responding to that contact and Y/N immediately push her foot against his chest, stopping him from going any further.
-Babygirl...- he called her back, looking up again.
Still no response and Roman took the opportunity to slide her leg over his shoulder, making his way between her. His hands began to caress her again without waiting any longer, going up, taking the opportunity to take care of the other leg in the same way and in the same way, even with the other, Y/N stopped him. Roman looked at her in silence this time, he placed a kiss on her skin, pinching it with his beard, breathing in the scent of coconut and vanilla lotion, receiving a new push in return. He waited a second, just one, to collect himself, before also pulling the other leg over his shoulders and bending her on the couch, without asking or negotiate anymore, crashing his mouth onto her to get a moan.
Y/N under him struggled, trying to push him away, refusing to let him win that fight as useless as the argument they had was. He stopped her from the wrists, bracing them with a little force against the couch backrest, pressing them with some of his weight, heat rising quickly and her complaints, muffled, slowly turning into hot moans. Roman knew that she was ready to not make his life easy and repay him in some way, but he was fine with that.
He liked challenges and if she was the prize, he could take more than a couple of pushes.
Slow and unstoppable, he made his way over her. Feeling her mouth slowly indulge him, her hands stop shaking and her legs squeeze him to have his body closer, to have him where he belonged. He still refused to let go, keeping her pinned beneath him, sliding only one large hand, first around her throat and then further down, under her oversize shirt, over her breast free from any constriction. His thumb automatically went to play with her nipple and Y/N mewled into his mouth, panting hotly when Roman finally abandoned her to move down, licking her ear and jugular before biting and sucking that soft skin with the only purpose to leave his mark.
- Mmh! – a moan, strangled, still a little freaky, teeth closing on her swollen lip to stop it.
Annoyed, he looked up at her, studying her focused, breathless, cute expression. He pushed a little on her wrists, feeling her body soften and pulled her white shirt up a little more, to go down to kiss her between her round breasts, inhaling her scent, dipping his face there to devour her hungrily. Her shivers, her heartbeat dangerously close, even the sound of her swallowing while trying to catch her breath, had quickly turned that exchange into something more and bossy Roman rubbed himself against her, his cock now hard inside his gray jumpsuit. He watched Y/N bite her lip again, try to hold back, belly tense and eyes finally searching for him as he began to suck and bite on one of her dark salty buttons.
Her back always curved into a delightful arch when he paid her that kind of attention. An almost unnatural, desperate and needy arch, which Roman get never tired of holding in his hands and admiring, often asking for more, demanding everything.
He watched her throw her head back, almost hiding between cushions and his arm slid behind her back, pulling her against him, grabbing her hip so her center was in place. Y/N struggled again, breathing short, her gaze liquid with excitement and Roman tightened his grip on her wrists, freeing her breasts shiny from his saliva and quickly place a kiss on both her legs that were resting onto his shoulders. Quickly, he fumbled with his clothes, pulling them down with his only free hand, immediately feeling his erection jump to attention and Y/N gasp in anticipation.
- What do you say sweetheart huh? – he asked hoarsely, pressing it against her perfect ass, while also freeing her too – do you want me to ask nicely or not?
-Lemme-e go- he heard her repeat, but this time he knew that her intention was not to run away.
- Please babygirl? – he chanted into her ear, almost crushing her beneath him.
- Please… daddy – a meow more like a moan and Roman released his grip on her wrists.
Her hands grabbed his face instantly, forcing him into a kiss he would never refuse and then wrapping around his torso, scratching his solid neck with demand, as he thrust into her without waiting any longer. Her folds were soft, welcoming and every single time he ended up searching for the bottom, that exact point that made her tighten around him in a vice from which Roman always hoped not to escape. His body was shot through with every sigh of Y/N, every single moan and prey to an uncontrolled reaction his hips moved reflexively, thrusting and pinning her down.
They hadn't fucked like this for a long time now, since they were nothing and their encounters seemed more like a desperate attempt to leave their mark on each other so that no one else could get in the way or hope to. Now those thoughts, those doubts were far away, but Roman still felt in the bottom of his chest the urge to claim her, to give her everything and because of that, he took advantage of his strength to turn her onto her side, leaving one of her legs down. From that position he could push at another angle, holding her round buttock, straightening his back.
- Like tha-aht, yes-
-Yeah, let's strech my pussy good…-he growled hungrily, giving her an appreciative slap on the ass and the moan that Y/N let out was accompanied by her throbbing walls.
- There-yes there!
Quick, rough, he knew that neither of them would last long, but he put a hand on her belly anyway, touching his bulge, hitting that spot and observing, satisfied, the whitish ring that had already formed around his cock. He saw it spread across his entire length, back and forth, again, while Y/N tried to hold him between her folds, inside her sweet cave. He licked his lips, savoring her moods from a distance, pressing with his fingers where her mound welcomed him, feeling his own hardness, his thumb sliding further down to play with her swollen button.
A couple of thrusts and Y/N exploded beneath him in a succession of gasps, hands gripping the coach cover, eyes closed tightly and that wonderful arc that Roman moved again, to take her from behind, pushing himself onto his knees to have her into a press. Frantic, he let his head loll, pounding frenetic through his orgasm, refusing to give in until Y/N slapped her hand against one of his arms and he pulled out quickly, missing her warmth instantly.
A growl left him, but just as he had felt that unpleasant absence, he welcomed Y/N who had sat up to take him into her soft mouth, licking both of their juices with a moan of appreciation. With one arm resting on the coach backrest and the other hand holding the back of her head, he watched Y/N wrap her lips around the tip, suck until she tore the soul out of his lungs and then swallow him almost in his entire length to allow him to empty himself inside her.
- F-Fuck, open wide, so warr-rm-
He held her in place, moving on impulse, feeling the heat of his own body mix in Y/N's throat, her tongue pampering him until the last drop dirtied her mouth and his long fingers extricated themselves from the curls that he had pulled away from Y/N’s bun, stroking it affectionately, feeling the pop of that dangerous mouth that released him after having swallowed and cleaned up the mess of both of them. Breathing heavily he let himself fall down, pulling her against him as messy as he was, realizing only after long, infinite minutes of silence that at the end they had both managed to relax there together even if how, they had gotten to that point, had not been what he imagined.
He tilted his head, seeing her clinging to him with that tired look that he was responsible for this time and he couldn't help himself, leaving a kiss on her forehead that made her lift her chin to look up.
- We made it again – he noticed, seeing that adorable pout that she reserved only for him.
She who would have eaten alive anyone out there without a second thought, with him instead every now and then she gave into the temptation to behave like a little one and as long as it was her, Roman could handle anything. She owned that right and privilege.
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joannasteez · 5 months
nsfw alphabet | romans reigns
Tumblr media
pairing: roman reigns x black reader
warning/authors note: self explanatory. explicit content below! minors please do not interact. i been wanting to do one of these for a little minute so here it us.
Tumblr media
the throb in your spine is sweet. but it is torture. it aches. takes the course of your muscles, leaving you limp and short breathed. dragging moans pass into whimpers, the split of your ears and that wayward blur of vision taking you fast. he was good, too much even, making a mess of you to please his own needs. an insatiable desire to see you broken and undone. he loved you, a natural dedication to you like the sun to it's sky, but he loved to wreck you just as easily. pull you to pieces just to build you whole again. 
so he holds you close, like a soft mold against the wide build of him. a tender grip of hands and light kisses to your pulse that will away those harsh thumps of blood. he kneads and caresses. slots the wet of his tongue till its between your lips, taking you in for a tender kiss. whispers delicate into your skin, sweet nothings, that sound like everything. "so beautiful". fingers warms. soothing. "feeling so good on me". his mouth lazy and loving. "you were made for me". 
and you preen, nudge your nose to his and wrap your legs tighter. maybe in the hope to stick to him. 
theres always a favorite, but whats more important is the occasion. for his more amorous needs, when his skin grows skittish and hot. fingers flexing with need, twitching at nothing in the hopes to touch you soon, he will absolutely bring his mouth to your breast. squeeze and pinch and groan till he's had his fill. flick and roll his tongue at the hard of your nipples, messy drips of his spit slipping down past his mouth. and he groans. takes his time and feels you tremble in his lap, breath hitching as you grind at him for some form of friction. 
but when he isn't that needy, struck by lust. his favorite part of your body is your neck. it's where his lips go, if not at your lips, they trail the skin there at your neck. at home, at gatherings. quick pecks and lingerings kisses. it's intimate and possessive. 
roman had resolved himself early on to the idea that, if he was gonna come undone anywhere, that it'd always be inside you. the tight mess of your heat too incredible to ignore or forsake. he'd groan, something strangled and rugged, hips rutting wild and ill controlled, and when he was ready, he'd pull from the softness of you slow and watch his spend drip lazy.
but you'd changed his mind. or rather, you'd given him a different perspective. in some summer country villa in the dead of the night, surrounded by melted candles and the lulling scent of lavender. you'd been particularly fired up and demanding. "kneel", you'd told him, and without much fight he'd dipped his tongue through your slit. committing the taste of your clit to memory. every moan you made hardening him till his dick ached from the faintest touch. but he worked you good, pleased you, and when he was through, you took him, hot and stiff in your hand and ran him through the soaked mess of your pussy. and there he stayed. rutting and groaning, till his speed and control broke to nothing and he came there. just at your clit. chest rising and falling deep. 
your fingers rubbed and teased his cum at your slit, arching and spreading as he watched. he felt the possession in it, a silent claim that you were his. 
you're a charming woman. you make people smile. so when the guys on the roster meet you, it's no question that their hand shakes come with a brighter smile, something more genuine than before. and their eyes linger a little longer when they think roman isn't looking. "i like your shoes", but its really your legs. "i like your dress", but it's really your figure. "you look nice today", but they'd rather say beautiful, their eyes flitting to your lips. 
but he hates that part of him would like to watch. he would like to see you with someone else, only to have you after, and have them realize that the difference is jarring. they'd pale in comparison, because you were made for him, or rather that's what he'd like to believe. it's all voyeurism for prides sake, a simple means for his ego to swell. so he keeps that tucked away from you, in the deepest parts of him. where the control of it is strong and true.
its not about how experienced he is but more of what the experience is like being with him. his in ring persona is manipulative and domineering and a lot of an asshole. he takes pieces of all those things and sprinkles them throughout the loving ways he takes care of you. teases and controls the pace, between kisses. whispers of sweet nothings in between taunts that leave you desperate for more of him. when he grunts, and urges you to "take it". when his hips grind and an awfully harsh beat moves his heart at the dazed sight of you. "my good girl", he'll say in praise. and "i love you", when your eyes take his own in a deep stare. 
but sometimes the tribal chief bleeds into his eyes, suffers the softer parts of him to quiet and he becomes merciless, even in his mercy. tosses and pulls at your body to have you exactly where he wants you and when you spasm hard and soak his skin and sheets a sodden mess he scoffs. feigning disgust as you spurt wet and unrestrained. narrowing his eyes at the shivers your body takes, your voice small and sobbing. begging. “im sorry”, you cry, thighs wet from the seemingly endless onslaught of him. feeling him press into the arch of you back. his knee bending for a better angle. a more brutal pace. he sneers in a taunting manner, reveling in the weight of his power. “no, no youre not. you love coming for me”, his breath heavy. “so fucking needy”.
it's an intense experience.
missionary, missionary, missionary. with your legs bent to your chest, spread and aching. well yes, of course. BUT. those lazy days, afternoons, nights, whenever they are, moments on the couch still. when the lights are low and the breeze is a little more than just chilly. you find your self hot, skin damp, nothing more than moans and a mess of whimpers, hips taking a slow ride atop him. the pace lax, his lips sticky from the filthy roll of your tongue. "take your time sweetheart", his palms spread and caressing at your hips. working through the ache. "get what you need", soft and sure. "fuck me till you come" as his hips push upward, a tender nudge into the clutch of your slick heat. hot and hard and patient for you. 
playful during? not so much. maybe when you both have had a drink or two. not drunk but buzzed, and you're not so steady. not as poised and put together. a little clumsy and falling over him. he's kissing your skin, leading with tongue and ending with painless nips of his teeth. you giggle and squirm, and he tries to get you to still. to concentrate, but you giggle more. more and more and it makes this big burly man atop you snort. a cute silly little moment before you're kissing him and asking him to take you slowly. 
yes yes yes, he trims. not enough to be bare but its clean. it looks kept, but who gives a fuck about that when he's got a head of hair like he does. its this raven black color almost. inky and long. sticking to his skin, falling over his eyes and at the soft line of his lips. it whips up when his head nudges hard, slick at his back threatening to fall over once more as he pushes his tongue to taste the inner warmth of your thighs. your fingers pulling through it to urge him. his hair is always soft. like fine silk running through your palm. and when you rough at the root, pleading, enough to give him a firm guide to where you need him most, he grunts and waits for another tough short pull because he's such a damn tease. and sometimes when need overtakes the natural authority of him, his hair will get messy, splay out and over till its everywhere, fluffy and kind of damp, as he kisses you with sticky wet lips. sloppy and full of breath. his tongue drunk and his eyes threatening to roll. he clings to you like his own strands of hair. utterly addicted.
the feeling was an odd one, something new and less known to him. this breaking in his bones, in the wide stretch of muscle, where strength holds fast and his resolve proves unbendable. its a tension in him that splits even till it grows raw to the touch. every one of your kisses making him shiver till groans push hard from his chest without restraint. his spine throbs and in the deep parts of his ears resound this heavy pulsing. his nape shivers at your touches there, delicate and tender. your skin soft and sweet to the tough build of him. you hum and purr, a moan and a kiss, his hips slow to move but persistent for the tight vice of you. he breathes heavy, warm. cursing the ache in his gut for the way it coils and burns unashamed. his eyes watered with yours, welling till a tear slips free. "tell me again", roman pleads. his fingers nailing into the sheets, the brown of his eyes earthy and sincere. "tell me please". and the seam of your lips play along his, sharing his breaths, the pound of his heart rolling into your chest. your arms about him, clinging desperate to savor. his forehead rests against yours and you whisper amongst the silence. "i love you". 
its a mixture of preference and occasion. alone and needy, he’ll conjure up the filthiest fantasy. your body, your skin, the wet take of your lips and the tender claw in of your nails to him. lines drawn from broad shoulders to the slim curve in of his waist. begging with tears, with short faint breath. please please please, you’d beg. his wrist stiff and his palm tight as he strokes hard, trying to replicate the shape of you. somehow soft and unrelenting all the same, powerful enough to bring him to his knees. and when the dream is vivid enough, the blur of his imagination coming into something defined, he can almost feel you. and just there, amongst the rain of a shower, he’ll come. groans broken and stuttered in their escape.
but it isn’t always like this, left by himself to work through the tension mounting in his bones. sometimes the air is more sultry, more sensual than the emptiness of white bathroom tiled walls and warm prickling water. sometimes he’ll melt into your touch, into the leather of the sofa. he’ll whimper and curse, breathy and fighting for patience, finding himself undone and ill suited to do anything but beg for you to be near him. and you’ll kiss the skin behind his ear, trail lazy and seductive till you take his neck as a place to taste. to lick and suck, teeth nipping to tease. and your hand goes strict, this steady wringing of your wrist that coax’s his hips to lift, chasing the feeling. he huffs, struggles to fight the unraveling that awaits him, breath hot and delicate as he nudges into your neck. lips attempting to kiss, to gain some form of control, but he grasps at nothing, left dazed in his own desperation. he mumbles, incoherent.
“fuck i-“
every muscle in him tenses, a stillness where his breath hitches, before his nerves rattle wild. he drags through a groan, chest pulling in and pushing out, breath after breath as he comes.
say it with me. overstimulation. roman, within the boundaries that have been set, is menacing. he schemes, he plots. he thinks methodically, and he acts out his ideas in ways that you have only ever briefly dreamed of because trust is a scary thing to give. he'd of course only step as far as you'd let him, but roman was a big man, and so the distances he could cover were more than enough to meet your every desire. and he took to ropes easily, their weight, the strength of a knot as it wrapped about your skin, tight but not too much. the supple inner flesh of your thighs bare and bound, your pussy dripping with anticipation as darkness loomed. the tie around your eyes silky and assuring. you could feel him staring, a grand statuesque form roaming about the room as you laid spread and shallow breathed. 
the bed dipped and you fought against the pounding in your chest, begging for it to still with shudders. the seconds drawn slow into minutes. 
his mouth this gentle skim above yours, tongue slipping to run faint. "breathe babygirl". 
you chase the phantom of his lips for something. a kiss, his tongue, anything. he chuckles dark, a rumbling from his chest that leaves you eager. 
"you trust me?", he asks. fingers running in a clever maneuver toward where you ache for him. his thumb a sweet delicate caress at the pulse of your clit. 
you body melts into the bed, back arching as your hips buck for friction. "ahh", the length of his middle and ring finger burying deep till they cover wet to the knuckle. "oh fuck me, i need-"
"not yet", he cuts. his fingers resting idle in you. letting you throb and pulse. letting you feel and rest in the depth of his touch. 
let's set the scene shall we?...steam, a thick cloud. water raining with a prickling heat. the cascade of it stressing a warmth into your skin, but nothing that beats the heat of him. the tower of his body, taut and statuesque. he's all muscle and power, the pull and push of his hips is vicious and beautiful. languid and tormenting. his mouth drapes your neck, trails lazy till his nose nudges into wet hair. curses and groans deep, melodic. he ruts singleminded, the heart of his pleasure stored in the devious clench of your pussy. his breaths draw in, they release, they shudder, waver with weakness, drag and go broken, all done by the tight slick dripping between your legs. flowing till it trickles along the shower floor. 
and he likes the echo here. the bounce of your moans from tile to tile, till it finds itself slipping clever into his ear. the shower differs from the bed, calls for something possessive and raw. the space doesn't open the way it would in his bed. here he stills your body, holds your hips and wills into your flesh the need to trust him. to trust the hold he has on your body.
your hand trembles, dainty and desperate. pulls his fingers till his palm rest just at the soft of your mound. you groan, weak and dazed. eyes threatening to roll. 
"how's that sweetheart? you like me there? you like me stretchin' that pussy?" 
a tear wells. your voice small. "yes".
let's revisit his dirty secret, that slight voyeuristic streak in him that wonders about you with other people. and though he, in the deeper, more quiet parts of him, likes to fantasize about it, what gets his blood going more than knowing they wouldn't hold a candle to him, is the subtle and not so subtle ways you reject these advances. you feel the stares and the lingering touches, the charming smiles and the eagerness for small talk. and you indulge to a degree; coy grins, little intimate laughs where your hand takes to a strong arm that isn't roman's and that slight head tilt to the side as a whisper flows to your ear like some little hushed secret. 
and these little events are all the same. wrestlers in a room, drinking and eating, chatting about everything and anything. 
it's a little easy to slip into a few drinks, to get comfortable. sometimes overly comfortable. and while it doesn't always happen, there are moments where the air pushes beyond flirty into something more solid and the veil is lifted. you pull back, feeling roman's eyes turn cold, because the game is only fun for you when he's playing too. 
"whats one more drink?", someone from the roster will ask. completely taken by your charm. a hand attempting to reach for the lower dip-in of your back to guide you to the bar. "one too many", a soft smile. quick and naturally small about your movements as you slip away from them  and back over to roman before anything else can transpire. 
"having fun?", he'll ask. 
"not anymore", a gentle pout. standing under the burden of his eyes. the grip of his hand at your waist a little more firm than usual. trying against his will to calm. 
he hates to love this little game. 
"we gotta fix that". 
but the fix is a blunt stroke of his hips. hot fingers and an even hotter release. it's this odd chain reaction of waiting and watching, till the possession in him unfurls broad and stifling. his palms twitch and his nose flares. you could have anyone and anything you wanted, this he knew for sure, but you were here with him. choking on the heaviness of a moan as he fucked rough into you against the sink of a bathroom. 
"he'd never have you, none of them would. not like this, so desperate and ready to come".
pride blooming in his chest, the soft warm pull of your heat greedy and unsatisfied as you drip against him. 
(N) NO
roman won't do anything non-consensual based, and nothing that could directly compromise his hygiene or yours. he's all about trust and a shared experience, and if anything goes against that, he won't even consider it. 
curtains sweep, flowing delicate. a soft glow taking to your skin as they sway, working to tame the harsh rush in of the morning sun. and the view from where he stands is picturesque. the drape of you against the sheets reminiscent of beloved paintings of old, far too fine and intricate to be handled. but here, he gets to touch you, form the heat of his hands to tender skin. and of course roman aims to be gentle. aims to caress light, to enjoy the feel of you without such harsh rushes of desperation. and he does it well, molds his lips to you unhurried, patient, there at your neck, the smooth plain of your shoulders, till they grow deep and lingering, teasing where your collarbone lives. 
you shift awake, moaning with a drunken sort of awareness. tethered some still to sleep. your fingers roaming the wide stretch of his back. taut muscle and warm skin.
roman finds himself nestling in at where heat runs just at your inner thighs. so close to where you begin to yearn for him.
the steadiness of his patience feeling to you more and more like teasing. 
his tongue licks warm and simple. riles up the rest of your nerves that dare still to sleep. and his lips move, in tandem with deft fingers. panties pulling over and away to make room for the heavy heat of his breath. 
he’s just there, looming over the throb of your clit. eyes lazy and growing fascinated at the way you clench and release about nothing but the anticipation of his touch. 
the tip of his nose leads the seam of his lips as they ghost and when he speaks, your hips chase that faint soft bed of his mouth. hungry for him. 
“i had a dream about you”, he muses. suckling the skin where your inner thigh bends. 
your voice breaks off the remnants of sleep. tone coarse but still to him so damn sweet. “yeah? about what?”
“doesn’t matter”, he hums. a wet gentle strike of his tongue at the tip of your clit. testing the reflex of your hips, a satisfied grin as he watches your hips roll and arousal pool. “you being there was enough” 
you chuckle. hissing as his thumbs spread your wider, angling to push in and trap your clit. the nub pulses, forces an arch to form just at your back. 
“you love to sweet talk”. words breathy. 
“you love to hear it”.’
“roman…”, you urge. pleading his name. 
he hums. “you ever known me not to take care of u?”
“then relax for me”. command gentle and restraining. 
his thumbs move, circling firm. but you need more. 
he's touched you, but barely, not in the way's you've at many times known him to, when the air is heavy, your body's clinging and rutting one against the other, senseless and wild. in those times, the urgency takes him and possesses him with a more vicious sort of passion. storming with impatience. but his time here though, as he skims your skin and takes delight in the heavy bursts of breath from your chest, whiny and incapable of waiting, is endless. 
and his restraint has much reason, if nothing more than to see you weak and undone. his kisses sweet at the light quiver taking your thighs, and the soft slipping lick he takes at the fat of clit. a steady downward stroke, moving to reach at the wet clench of your entrance, till he curls lazy, drooling with thirst, adding to the mess of you. 
oh his restraint has much reason, mouth working till it covers over the whole of your lower lips, roman's hands like nails as they push to suffer your thighs under their weight. anything to spread you further, to get himself deeper into the taste of you. tongue prodding till it dips through to where you drip and throb, muscles clenching, begging for a stretch and to feel the fullness it knows he can give it.
he slurps obnoxious, your taste steeping in till it soaks his mouth. forces something raw out of his chest, a lax groan that rattles your bones. 
and he holds there, suckling till he feels you grow weak into the bed. whimpers that break off fragile. 
his touch, where ever it finds itself, is all passion. every flick and caress, every roll and kiss and tensing bite, every moan and every second he takes to please you is this raw form of devotion. a wordless sort of reverence that is singleminded in its plot to draw from you the finest pleasure. 
he's an all around type of guy, and the pace varies upon his mood, but you can always tell what you'll get before he even touches you. when those coffee brown eyes twinkle in their mischief, and his touch pours hot into your skin, you know he'll tease you till your nerves stress and your voice breaks with begging. the dip and roll of his hips shallow and unfulfilling. almost like he can't stand to see you happy and satisfied, and you hate to love him then. his taunting words and the amusement in his eyes, high off control.
but sometimes he reads more vicious. his touch is the harsh piercing of a nail and his hips knock into you rough as they see to your undoing. he spreads you wide and grows relentless, ego fed by the writhing of your body and the limp form your moans take. his pace is brutal then, stills your hips to dig into you till he's buried to the hilt. 
and other times a softness overtakes him, washes him whole and drives him to the utmost gentleness. his ministrations grow tenderly deft, hips steady and patient. he takes the time to feel you, every short twitch and the lingering way you cling and pull at him, coaxes him deeper till you've taken every part of him. 
if he doesn't have to have a quickie he won't, but life doesn't work that way and sometimes, when the pull in his gut is far too harsh to ignore, he'll pull you aside and make quick work of sharing that neediness, till you're attacking him quick and breathy, kissing his lips wet and hasty. his hips rutting, sweat breaking at his skin, his forehead nestled into your neck as he chases that heavy pulling in his gut and the burn in his flesh that comes with release. 
he's not as much of a risk taker as he'd maybe like to be. he's very much all about his image and staying negative press free. and you of course respect his wishes, but there are times where he will indulge your riskiness, at private events mainly, where cameras are more than likely non-existent. 
his restraint will more than likely dictate this in a way. if he's hard pressed to release the tension in his bones, he makes quick good work of taking care of you before he does so for himself, and sometimes that can look a little quicker than usual but other times, more often than not, the pleasure can feel endless, with these short bouts of reprieve, right before he's back to doling out pleasure. 
the voyeur in him can't hate your use of toys and you are more than proficient at pleasing yourself. can you bring yourself to a hair pulling release, completely breathless and ears split as you feel the undoing of your nerves, maybe not as intensely, but thats where he comes in. he's all about the collaboration, anything to see you twitch and quiver uncontrolled, to have you begging and pleading his name. 
he's the BIGGEST TEASE, and definitely has more moments of unfairness than you do. he mocks you, denies you sometimes even, and when he's in a less generous mood, all in the name of seeing you squirm, he'll even downright ignore your advances. 
the volume is something that is shared more equally than not, neither of you more louder than the other. the both of you falling into your moments where words and noises are unabashed in how loud they can be. but it's never insanely loud. theres been a time or two though, at a hotel maybe, where a knock comes about a complaint. 
(W) WILDCARD  "do you trust me?" you'd asked him. 
"yes", without hesitation. 
and the rope wrapped tight about his skin was beautiful, something quite more artistic than you'd expected. his muscles bulging against the taut knots and tawny twine. his hair hanging long and damp, stray pieces sticking to him as his skin grew red with desire. his thighs spread and restrained, dick aching and standing stiff. in need of much attention. but you were not in the service of pleasing him. no you were very much enjoying the tremble in his body, the desperate way he chased your lips, and the lazy pass of his eyes as they took to the tight lace painting your skin. 
you lean in, bowing forward, your nails resting at his thighs, lips running to ghost the seam of his. tongue escaping to lick a less than faint strip. and he rumbles, cock twitching, his chest rising the more you tease his mouth. 
"you're so good. so obedient". 
your hand itches to touch him, fingers delicate and controlled as you take his warm length to caress light. and he accepts what friction he can get, his head lulling back, hair swaying, a groan flowing as your touch becomes slightly more firm. his hips rut forward, and then your touch disappears. a frown taking your lips in confusion. you'd thought you'd made yourself rather clear.
"if you can't control your urges, then maybe you don't deserve to come". 
" 'm sorry", the loom of your figure leaving him, and it nearly leaves him ill. "fuck, i'm sorry". 
you hum, thumb reaching to sooth at his cheek. the only touch you can afford to give him as you watch him suffer. 
you could say so many things, but to put it short and sweet, he's above average, but not incredibly big. he's thick, veiny, and a bit curved. just enough to slightly knock the wind out of you. to have you feeling full. 
he'll fall fast asleep rather quickly. after he's sought to your needs, he'll pull your body in close to share the heat of him, shape the silhouette of you with his warmth and allow sleep to take him. and other times, when you're last to sleep, roaming around till your restlessness is no more, you'll wrap an arm around his waist, attempting at a big spoon, but it's no use of course. and he'll remedy that by turning over in his daze, a soothing drag of a hum sounding from him as he's pulling you to his chest. effectively turning him into a body pillow.
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claymorexpunisher · 2 months
Good Girl (18+ Fic)
Disclaimer: This is NSFW. If that's not your thing, keep scrolling. I tried to tag everyone I could, but I apologize if I forgot anyone... Anyways, thank you for the love as always. I tried my bestest lol and I hope you enjoy! As always, do please let me know if you wanna to continue on my taglist or if you want to be taken off.
Pairing(s): Roman Reigns x Fem. Reader
Summary: Reader gets dumped on Valentine’s Day and Roman’s in the right place at the right time.
Tag(s): 18+, casual hookup, dumped reader, Valentines Day, dirty talk, praise kink, light choking, dom/sub dynamic, seated reverse cowgirl, mirror sex.
Word Count: 2,621
I got dumped.
On Valentine’s Day no less.
My boyfriend of 5 years decided to take out on a date to a fancy restaurant for Valentine’s Day, just to tell me that he felt that we were going in different directions.
And to tell me that he’s been seeing one of his coworkers for over a year now.
So here I was, deciding to finish my dinner and dessert and drink.
And upon laying eyes on the most exquisite dessert in the entire restaurant- dark hair pulled away from his face and into a sleek bun, an expensive and meticulously tailored suit over an obviously ripped and tone body… a well-trimmed beard that framed his gorgeous features beautifully- maybe… maybe I did have a bit of revenge on my mind too.
The strange yet beautiful man wasn’t alone.
He seemed to be having some kind of business meeting, his demeanor was seriously concentrated in whatever they were talking about.
I could hear his smooth deep voice even from where I was sitting facing him and the sound seemed to send electric tingles all over my body, my ex long forgotten.
If he had the audacity to mess around on me, why would I sit here and mope?…
This man looked familiar but for the life of me, I couldn’t place a name to the gorgeous face.
I had no idea how I was going to pull this off.
But as soon as the beautiful stranger’s chestnut brown eyes met mine over the other man’s shoulder and his lips slowly quirked into an inviting smirk, I figured this wouldn’t be so difficult.
I coyly looked down, smiling and lightly playing with the necklace that hung around my neck, a dainty golden chain with an emerald cushion cut stone hanging off of it and a pair of earrings to match.
I felt my face warm underneath his attention.
When I looked up, the man was beginning to stand up, effectively dismissing the other man he was with a wave of his hand and a wad of cash being plopped onto the table and he was headed my way.
My heartbeat sped up, watching him come closer and closer.
But our smiles only became wider as he sat down in front of me.
���Hi,” the man said.
His smooth baritone voice coupled with his obvious cool confidence warmed me over even more and for a moment my brain stuttered before I managed to recover and respond.
“Hi,” I said, biting my bottom lip softly as we sat there staring at one another.
We introduced ourselves and he said his name was Joe.
But it was only when he revealed that he was a pro wrestler- Roman Reigns- that I realized where I’d seen him.
I sheepishly admitted that I had brothers who would occasionally put on some wrestling while we all hung out and that his face had definitely looked familiar.
Me recognizing him a bit didn’t seem to deter him, though.
We sat in the restaurant getting to know one another a bit, despite my intentions of just looking for a bit of fun.
But conversation with Joe felt easy. Light. As if we’d known each other for decades.
“I, uh… I kinda overheard you and your ex.” Joe admitted, his features melted into concern.
“Dude sounded like a complete asshole.” He said bluntly, to which I giggled.
“Ah, you’re not wrong. But,” I shrugged. “At least he helped me take out the trash… listen, do you… maybe wanna get out of here? I’m kinda over this place.” I replied just as bluntly and I chuckled softly, looking around the hustling and bustling restaurant filled with people dressed to the nines.
Couples in fancy attire mingled and laughed with one another as they ate and if you looked closely at some of them and at their coy expressions, there was no doubt as to what they would be engaging in once they left…
I was waiting for a pang of nostalgia for what I had just lost, but as soon as my eyes landed back onto Joe’s smiling face I felt nothing except a pang of smoldering attraction.
I squeezed my thighs in what I thought was a discreet manner, but I watched Joe’s eyes trail lower and lower over my satin gold dress that hugged my body perfectly before his eyes moved back onto my face.
His brown eyes lit up as if he just knew what my body was craving for.
And holy shit I’d hoped he’d give it to me…
I watched him take out another wad of cash and he tossed it onto the table before I could protest and take out my credit card from my gold clutch.
And as he nodded and stood, holding out his arm for me to hold onto, I felt my mouth go dry…
Joe was staying at The Marriot not to far from the restaurant, thankfully.
My heartbeat kicked up a notch and my hands shook the closer the car got to the hotel.
Joe had one arm over the seat of the car, not quite draped over my shoulders but the heat emanating from his body, coupled with the sweltering anticipation of what we were about to do once we reached his room, had my brain feeling a little foggy.
I had no idea why I was suddenly acting like a bumbling virgin but it was starting to get on my nerves.
My heartbeat and the tremors in my hands settled when Joe reached out the hand that was resting on his lap and he slipped it into mine and gave my hand a comforting squeeze.
“You okay?” He murmured, waiting for me to meet his eyes.
I nodded, sure of what I wanted despite feeling a bit out of my element.
“Yeah, I’m… I’m good. Just… it’s been a minute since I’ve done something like this. Something… casual.” I replied, finally meeting his warm eyes straight on.
Though I honestly didn’t know how casual this would end up being.
“Well, I want you to know that there’s no pressure. And I don’t bite… unless that your thing. I’d be happy to oblige.” Joe winked, bringing my hand up to his lips and kissing it before he playfully nipped at the soft skin there, only to the soothe the spot with another soft kiss.
I noticed that he had beautiful hands… hands that I wanted all over me.
He chuckled as I let out a surprised laugh, and I felt a waterfall of calm wash over me as the tension momentarily broke.
“I’ll keep that in mind.” I replied just as playfully.
My eyes couldn’t help but flutter down to his luscious lips and I licked my lips as his tongue poked out to wet his own.
Without giving myself a chance to chicken out, I leaned into him and cupped the back of his neck to press my lips to his.
I moaned softly at the taste of his lips, tasting the smooth tartness of whatever drink he had been sipping on tonight.
Whiskey, maybe.
Joe let out a pleased moan of his own, the sound vibrating against my lips as our tongues snuck out to mingle.
As soon as our lips touched, we didn’t care where we were, or about his driver knowing what we were doing.
Our minds, lips, and hands were only focused on tasting and touching as much as we could of each other.
We pulled away for a moment to breathe only to sink back into each other for more.
I whimpered wantonly and angled my neck to give Joe more access as his lips wandered.
Gasping softly as his mouth moved up to my ear, I could swear I heard Joe whisper ‘god, you’re a fucking goddess, babygirl…’ but I wasn’t sure as his teeth playfully nipped at my earlobe before his tongue again worked on soothing any light pain his teeth would cause.
Before we could get into even more and possibly give the driver a show he’d surely never forget, Joe pulled away and I watched him open the car door as we came to a stop in front of The Marriot.
In my haze, I hadn’t even realized that we had pulled up to the hotel back entrance.
The elevator was empty as I pressed the button to call it a little harder and more impatient than I had intended.
Joe’s soft chuckle hit my ears, making me shiver as my back rested against his front and he dragged his beard along my skin, tickling my neck and the spot on back of my ear.
“We’re almost there, babygirl.” He purred and I nodded, sinking into him as arms snaked around my waist and his lips continued to kiss along my neck.
I tried to fly out of the elevator as soon as it opened on Joe’s floor and we walked hand-in-hand towards his room.
He slid the keycard through with a steady hand, but as soon as the hotel room door closed behind us, his lips attacked mine again.
As Joe bit, sucked, and licked at my tingling lips, I gave as good as he gave me.
I let myself be blindly guided towards the bed, and my dressed be slipped off my body before I helped him out of his own clothes.
God, he was as glorious as I thought he’d be…
“C’mere…” he said, beckoning me towards him as he sat towards the edge of the bed.
As he turned me around, my back facing him and he instructed me to straddle his lap on my knees on the bed into a sort of reverse cowgirl position, my brain short circuited again as I stared straight ahead and was met with our own reflections.
I somehow missed the giant mirror that was dead center in the room but as soon as I spotted it, my arousal dampened my inner thighs even more.
“Look at you… so fuckin’ beautiful, baby. That guy was so fuckin’ stupid to walk away from all this.” Joe whispered in my ear and I moaned and arched into his touch as I watched in the mirror as his hands moved ardently along my body.
I bit my lip as I watched Joe kneading my breasts and pinching my pebbled nipples, rolling them around in his fingers and making my hips swivel on his lap, chasing some form of relief.
“Keep doing that… fuck, Joe!” I moaned and he obliged, taking his time and paying attention to my breasts despite the hardness I could feel resting between my thighs.
“Yeah? This feel good, baby?” Joe murmured, his breath heavy against my ear and I let my eyes flutter shut before he pinched my nipples, making me release a strangled groan of pain mixed with pleasure.
“Eyes on me, sweetheart.” He commanded and I listened, despite how hard it was with all the sensations coursing through me.
“Look at this fuckin’ body, oh my god…” Joe groaned through a clenched jaw, his eyes trailing over my body just as his hands did.
Our eyes met momentarily and he smirked cockily at how quickly I was falling apart for him.
“Grind that beautiful pussy against my dick, baby-“ Joe said, his words breaking off into a guttural groan as I once again complied, grinding my pussy against hard length.
The muscles in my stomach tightened and my nails dug into his arms that came to wrap around my torso as his cock grazed over my sensitive clit with every frontward grind of my hips.
I could feel his breath hitch every time my pussy reached the head of his cock and I felt his thighs shiver as he was no doubt restraining himself from just sliding into me.
But I was done waiting.
As if he read my thoughts, Joe lined himself up with my slick entrance.
Both of us released strangled groans of pleasure as soon as his cock entered me at first.
But he was pretty fuckin’ big and it took a bit of adjusting and relaxing on my part to accommodate him.
I let no more than half of his cock inside of me at first and then I slowly sunk down further, both sighing in almost relief as I my thighs were flush with his.
We looked at each other through the mirror, Joe staring straight through my soul over my shoulder.
My chest heaved with arousal as he only gave me one command.
“Keep grinding.” He said and as I did what I was told, my eyes almost rolled back into my head, feeling his cock hit my sweet spot almost immediately.
I watched him chuckle as I quickly reopened my eyes, remembering his command from earlier.
“Good girl… you’re such a good fuckin’ girl, huh?” Joe moaned, clearly pleased that I followed his every command to a T.
But I couldn’t help it.
Despite only meeting this man tonight, I was eager to please.
And so was he…
I groaned again as I felt his praise send a zing of pleasure over all of my erogenous zones and my made my hips move more.
“Slow down, sweetheart… I wanna savor this fuckin’ pussy.” He said, moving one of his hands down to my hip to call the shots and have me just the way he wanted.
Joe’s free came up back to one of my breasts and gave them some attention, our eyes never leaving our reflections.
My ex had never been this attentive… this thorough…
Watching Joe’s features contort in pleasure, watching the way our bodies were joined together sent a ripple of pleasure up and down my spine.
“God, Joe..! That feels so fucking good, holy shit!” I whimpered.
I was so eager to move fast but I couldn’t deny that this slow pace felt amazing.
I felt every single inch of him, hitting every sweet spot inside of me- even where I didn’t know they exist.
“That’s it. Good girl. Thats it, baby.” he praised, making me hiss a bit in pain and pleasure as his tongue momentarily sunk into my shoulder, watching my every move through the mirror.
Trails of sweat trickling down his neck and chest made my mouth water…
My brain stuttered as the hand that was playing with my breast slowly snaked upwards and came to rest on my throat, not squeezing but the sensation alone made my head swim and my pussy clench.
“Ah, shit… you squeeze me like that again imma cum right inside this pussy. That what you want, babygirl?” Joe said, now guiding my hips to roll a little faster.
I could do nothing but nod silently and squeeze the walls of my pussy again as my mouth opened in pleasure but no sound escaped it.
I could barely think anymore, but still my eyes stayed on him, intent on obeying.
“Cum first. You cum first, babygirl. You’re being such a good fuckin’ girl, you deserve it.” Joe rambled.
I could hear that he was close.
I could hear it in his voice, how his words almost seemed slurred and drunk with pleasure.
Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me as Joe snuck his free hand in between, rubbing my clit in tight circles until my body finally gave into the euphoria I had been craving.
My whole body shook with pleasure-filled tremors until I could only release weak little whines and Joe finally reached his own peak, feeling his cum fill me up and spill over onto the back of my thighs and the front of his where we were still joined until we caught our breaths…
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heauxvibez · 2 days
Tumblr media
warning: none :), just a jealous man..
And I love making you jealous but don't judge me And I know I'm being hateful but that ain't nothing..
"What the hell is wrong with you?"
Roman's question sliced through the air once Jimmy had exited his dressing room. He was the last one to exit after a brief post-show gathering, which allowed you both to have a private conversation.
You settled onto the couch, wearing a smirk that practically screamed mischief.
"What are you talking about?" you asked innocently.
Roman shook his head before pulling his shirt over it and giving you a pointed look.
"What are you talking about?" he mocked. You giggled, unable to contain your amusement.
"I'm talking about you flirting with my family, right in front of me at that.", he side-eyed you with a threatening look.
You waved away his concerns with a dismissive flick of your hand. "Oh, that? That was just a little friendly banter."
Roman's expression darkened at your casual explanation. "Friendly banter? That didn't look like 'friendly banter' to me."
You shrugged, a mischievous glint dancing in your eyes. "I was just being polite. You know me, always the charmer."
"Charmer, huh?" Roman muttered under his breath as he shrugged into his hoodie, clearly unconvinced.
But let's cut to the chase. You knew exactly what you were doing. Jimmy was undeniably attractive, and the mere sound of his voice sent a flush of warmth to your cheeks.
You couldn't resist the thrill of making Roman squirm with jealousy, especially knowing how rare it was to ruffle his typically composed demeanor. Well.. it was always easy to ruffle Roman's feathers but Joe is always calm, cool, and collected.
Roman was a different kind of beast compared to Joe's gentle demeanor. So any chance you got to actually experience his roughness, you'd take it. It was just the icing on the cake.
"Come on," Roman's voice cut through your thoughts, his tone firm as he slung his work bag over his shoulder. "I was planning on taking you out to dinner tonight, but since you seem to enjoy pushing my buttons, I think it's time for a lesson in respect.", he angrily whispered against your ear.
Did you mention how much you loved making him jealous?
We love a little short and sweet read!
Tags: @harmshake @southerngirl41 @spritelucozade @empressdede @alichesmi @kumapassion @msbigredmachine @theninthwonder @mzv11 @wrestlingprincess80
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shes2real · 28 days
Night In ♡
Tumblr media
Featuring 🌷: dom! roman reigns + sub!female reader
Warning ☁️: dub-con, arguing, throat fucking, unprotected p in v, rough sex, sir kink, edging, cunnilingus, dirty talk, degradation, use of the word “bitch”, reassurance, 18+ Minors, please don't interact. Thanks! ୨୧
Word Count 🌷: 1.5k
Scenario ☁️: after an argument with Roman about your plans for the night, he decided to make you reconsider it.
⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂ ⠂⠄⠄⠂ ⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂ ⠂⠄⠄⠂
You and Roman stood in your living room, voices escalating into a heated argument. Your eyes flashed with determination, while Roman’s face was etched with anger.
"You ain’t goin’ no motherfuckin’ where," Roman cursed, his tone tinged with disappointment.
You sighed, your hands on your hips. "I’m not doing this shit tonight Roman, I need my alone time too!”
"It's not about needing it. It's about prioritizing our relationship," Roman countered, his voice tinged with hurt. "We barely spend time together as it is, and now you want to go out?"
"You’ve prioritized work even when you’re not working! I’m always holding you down, so let me have one night to myself. Please," You pleaded, your eyes searching for understanding.
"You heard what I said." Roman’s frustration bubbled to the surface, cutting his eyes over at you.
“No, you heard what the fuck I said. I’m grown,” Before you could even grab your keys and walk out of the door, Roman blows his breath and grabs your arm, guiding you upstairs.
"Getcho’ fucking hands off me! Let me go, Roman!" You screamed, trying to yank your arm away. His grip tightened as he began to dig his fingers into your wrist bone, making you wince. "You better pipe it the fuck down," Roman says through gritted teeth, clenching his jaw, his grip tightening even more.
As you both entered the bedroom, he scooped you up, his arms firm yet tender, and deposited you onto the bed with a force that spoke of both passion and possession. His gaze met the mixture of shock and fear etched on your face, and a smirk played at the corners of his lips, revealing the faint emergence of his darker desires. His eyes trailed down to where the hem of your dress delicately lifted, exposing your pink thongs. Anger filled his eyes when he saw your panties, he hovered over you and asked you in a sinister aggressive tone, “Who did you wear these for, hmm?”
“N..nobody! Roman, can you please just let me go.” You sniffled, afraid of the man that was on top of you. You’ve never seen him this angry.
You thought that those poor crocodile tears would move him, but they did quite the opposite. They turned him on. He doesn't care that you're crying. He doesn't care that you need “alone time”. He doesn't care that you are scared. He wants to teach you a lesson.
“Shut the fuck up,”
Roman crept off of the bed and silently watched you as he began to undress, “Sit up, lemme see how much mouth you got now.” You slowly sat up as Roman fingers entangled in your hair. You slowly opened your mouth and looked up at him, growing aroused at the hardened look on his face. He began to thrust his hips up as you looked at him with teary eyes,
“Can’t take it?” Roman groaned, biting his lip as he looked down at you. He lets out a loud groan, bucking his hips as his breath shutters, he mentally curses himself for having to cum so quickly. His seed soon spilled down your throat, he groaned in satisfaction as he watched you swallow it.
Removing your head from his dick, he looked at you with a smile. His large hands reached your thighs, and he tightly gripped the thong that clothed your pussy, dragging it down.
He placed a finger across your wet slit, his voice condescending. "Need me to fuck some sense into you? ’S what you want?”
Finally speaking up, you whimper, and that was the signal to Roman that he could do anything he wanted to you. Roman bends down just enough to bring his face close to yours and whispers, “Tell me what you need, pretty.”
“Please sir, want..you…”
Roman pushes you down and begins to circle your clit, dangerously remaining silent as he watches your head fall back on the bed, and a pornographic moan leaves you. He sped up his motions as he watched your chest heave, “Wanna cum f’ me?”
“Y..yes sir!”
He grinned before his fingers went down to your hole, and he began to quickly finger you. You curse as you grind against his palm, he starts to scissor you, “Fuckk! Please, sir…” He smirked as his fingers pounded into you. You could barely keep your eyes open as you felt your thighs shake as you approached your orgasm. Roman knew you were close but like the obedient girl you are, all you had to do was ask.
“Please what, baby girl?” You cry as he roughly jabs at your spot. "Roman, Fuck! I..I mean sir!"
"Shut up," he snaps. That little slip-up just made all of this worse for you and you knew it. Roman removes his fingers before you could cum, leaving you squirming in frustration and in fear of what’s next to come.
Before you knew it, Roman flipped you onto your stomach causing you to jolt when you felt him enter you. He was so big and he always had to go in slowly but not this time. You squirm against his hold,
"Stop fucking moving," he commands. "If y’know what’s good for you."
A hiss escapes your lips as his hips were slamming against your ass with his rough thrusts. "Why couldn’t you just listen to me, baby girl?" he growls against your ear.
“S..sorryyy,” You rasped, all you could do was moan and grip the sheets. His dick filled you up so nicely, each stroke he was digging deeper into your wetness. "Should I let you cum?"
Your lower lip trembles as you feel warm salty tears roll down your face, your lack of response seems to piss Roman off as he grips your hair, making you yelp. "Answer me."
"Yes, sir," You cry, making him groan from your submission.
His speed picks up, his thrusts causing more tears to fall from your face. You can feel your muscles tightening in anticipation of your release, letting out a scream as a particularly rough thrust hits you. “Please, please, please! ‘M cumming, oh my-“
He reached down and grabbed your neck, slowing down his strokes, rotating his hips as you rode out your high, “Thank me, bitch.”
“Th..thank you, sir!”
His deep laugh rumbled as he spoke, “You don’t think that I’ll let you just get away with that, do you? You didn’t ask for permission,”
“Fix your arch, you better not make a fucking sound,” You quickly obeyed before Roman thrusts came at full force. It felt so much more sensitive as the juices from your previous orgasm caused you to feel his length so much better. You tried to cover your mouth before he took your hand and put it behind your back.
“Yes, please don’t stop!”
“Didn’t I fuckin’ tell you to shut up?” Roman growled before shoving your face into the pillow, the discomfort turned you on even more as you took a mouth full of the pillow and bit down hard.
You felt your orgasm creeping on you again, causing you to groan against the pillow. Roman deep moans filled the room as the two of you felt your ends nearing. You began clenching tightly around him, causing him to ram into your spot. You lightly shook as he smiled,
"There we go" He grunted.
Pulling your face out of the pillow, he smiled, “Pussy feels ‘so good, pretty girl. Let me hear you,” Tears fell as you reached back scratching and pushing on his stomach. It felt so good you couldn't take it anymore. You tried desperately to crawl away but you couldn’t escape.
“P-please let me c..cum!”
With a smack to your ass, you came on command. Roman followed quickly after you, your name sounding like chants. Weakly, you turned over as he laid down to kiss you as the two of you came down from your high.
“Y’know, you did good for me baby.” He kissed you softly before moving down to your sensitive core.
“N-no, ‘s sensitive” You whimpered, trying to scoot away from him. He rubbed your thighs, comforting you.
“Shh, Daddy’s gonna clean you up,”
He slowly opened your thighs before he dragged his tongue around your clit, making you flench. He drifted his tongue from your clit to your leaking hole. Roman flicked his tongue inside of you while thumbing your clit. Your mind has gone completely blank, all you could do was say, "Fuck, fuck, fuck…" through gritted teeth. Trying your hardest to control your breathing as your legs started to close around Roman’s head.
You reached down, running your fingers through Roman’s hair causing him to groan. The vibrations caused a tingly feeling causing your high to accelerate.
"Oh, can I-" you began, your mouth becoming agape at the feeling of your juices beginning to flow out of you. "Cum for me," he groaned, feeling your juices coat his tongue. He smirked up at you, watching you come undone for the third time. Your body shook uncontrollably as Roman finally gave your sweet pussy one last kiss before pulling away from you.
Your chest heaved up and down as you watched Roman lick his lips and get the juices off his face that his tongue couldn't reach itself. He looked up at you and ran a hand through his damp beard, "You still goin’ out tonight?”
“No sir..”
“That’s my girl.”
⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂ ⠂⠄⠄⠂ ⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂⠁⠁⠂⠄⠄⠂ ⠂⠄⠄⠂
Thanks for reading babe ☁️🌷
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Winter Whispers
✧ warnings: smut, language, 18+
✧ pairing: roman reigns x female reader
✧ word count: 2,832
Tumblr media
“God, it’s fucking freezing out there,” he breathed out as he shut the door behind him.
“Baby I told you to just leave it for tomorrow,” you sighed, getting up from the couch to walk over to him. Your jaw dropped at his bright red nose as he rubbed his hands together. He looked so cute all bundled up with his black beanie and thick jacket.
“Oh my god,” you giggled, still baffled that he wanted to go outside in this negative degree weather to shovel the snow. Yet he insisted that it wouldn’t be a big deal and he’d be quick. You grabbed his big, cold hands to wrap your own tiny, warm ones around them as you got on your tip toes to kiss him. His lips were so cold yet still so soft.
“Mm,” he hummed as he went in for seconds. “I feel warmer already…” he deeply mumbled against your lips making you lazily grin with your low eyelids focused on his own pearly whites.
“Let me get daddy some hot chocolate first,” you giggled as he playfully grabbed a handful of your ass.
You walked over to the kitchen counter and added whipped cream to both mugs and topped it off with some mini marshmallows and chocolate drizzle. You couldn’t help but stare at his gorgeous self as he cleared his throat, took off his jacket, and slicked back a few strands of hair falling in his face from his messy bun. He caught you looking and quickly steered your attention at the drinks in front of you as he licked his lips and ran his hand over his thick beard. You felt your cheeks flush as you heard him chuckle at your embarrassment. He got himself comfortable on the big couch as you grabbed both mugs and headed over join him.
“Thanks baby,” he smiled as he took a sip of the mug, dramatically fluttering his eyes as he licked the remaining whipped cream from his lips.
“Good huh?” you giggled, plopping your self next to him as you swung your legs over his lap.
“Mhm,” he mumbled as be took another sip, his other hand gently rubbing on your bare leg. His subtly eyed your exposed skin as be lowered the mug from his lips that he licked, watching you as you teasingly bent your knee and rocked it side to side making his gaze slowly peer up your entire body. You were wearing an oversized ugly christmas sweater with nothing but panties underneath and some long fuzzy socks.
“What?” you chuckled, as he raised his brows, a smirk creeping up on his lips. He loved your subtle yet scandalous little outfits you always put together.
Your eyes focused on his as you took a sip from your mug, purposefully letting some slip on your bottom lip. You wiped it with your thumb and laughed at his sudden tight, frustrated grip on your lower leg.
“Quit your little games and come sit on daddy’s lap…” he deeply ordered as he snaked his hand up your thigh. You placed your mug on the coffee table and obliged as you hopped on his lap. You heard him wince as he turned his body to set his own mug on the table.
“Are you okay?” you asked worriedly, furrowing your brows at his sudden pain.
“Yeah…my shoulders just a little sore from the shoveling,” he grunted, looking back up at you as he scratched his beard.
“Just a little?” you asked again, your tone slightly above a whisper as you softly smoothed your hands up and down his upper arms. You knew he was undermining how painful it really was, he was always one to not make you worry.
“Yes…just a little,” he not so convincingly reassured, pulling you in by your sweater to place a kiss on your lips. You wrapped your arms around his neck allowing your foreheads to press together as he ran his hands up and down your back. He cupped the side of your face, keeping you close as he sensually took his time exploring your mouth with his thick, warm tongue.
“You’re still cold,” you whispered with a frown, feeling him shiver a little beneath you as his face still felt chilly.
“But…you’re helping…a lot,” he whispered back in between kisses. Your lips stayed connected on the last one, both of you transferring some extra love and lust towards the other as your fingers brushed his beard. He sniffled a little, making you hide your laugh at his still bright red nose.
“What?” he asked, playfully furrowing his brows as you played with his sweater strings.
“Your nose is so red. You look like Rudolph,” you teased with a giggle.
“Oh I’m Rudolph now?” he sarcastically asked with a deep tone, brushing strands of your hair out of your eyes.
“It’s cute though,” you reassured, your hands resting on the sides of his neck as you leaned in to kiss his chilled nose. You pecked it again as your thumbs softly swiped across his freckles sprawled under his eyes.
“It makes your freckles pop,” you softly spoke, kissing each freckled side. He wrapped both arms around you, pulling you as close to his chest as possible with another little grunt, and you knew it was once again from his soreness.
“I know you’re in pain,” you pulled back to whisper, running your hands up and down his biceps again as he lovingly gazed at your concern, his eyes crinkling from his smile.
“Sweetheart…I’m fine,” he reassured once again against your lips with his big, plump soft ones. You both exchanged about five short and audible kisses before you came up with your own offer.
“You sure? I could give daddy a little massage…” you bribed, trying to hide your taunting smile. You delicately and dedicatedly dug your fingers into his shoulders to show him a preview as he pleasingly inhaled from the temporary relief.
“Uh huh…” you mocked as he closed his eyes from the wonders of your fingers.
“That does feel good…” he pleasantly responded, his eyes still closed as he licked his lips.
“Mhm…a little massage…and a nice, hot shower will make daddy feel real good” you whispered as you snaked your hands down his chest and stomach, picking the hem black hoodie, reaching further underneath to pick at his long sleeve. Your little grind against his bulge got him to open those deep brown eyes of his as he bucked his hips in response.
“Oh yeah?” he deeply asked slightly above a whisper, his eyes fixated on your bare thighs as they slowly gazed up your body and eventually up your hungry, inviting eyes. He ran his big hands over your tiny body, cupping your breasts, a smirk creeping on his lips as his right hand found your cheek to cup it, pulling you down onto his laid body. You both moaned as your lips found each other, tongues enticingly swirling to savor each other’s sweet and cocoa taste.
“You’re so beautiful…” he groaned between kisses and head turns as he squeezed your ass cheeks, using them as leverage to rub against his hard on. You satisfyingly exhaled as his hand moved from your cheek to the back of your head to grab a handful of your hair to pull on, exposing your neck. He left sloppy, wet kisses down your jaw making you bite your lip as you felt your panties get wetter…and wetter…
“Mmm…” he deeply moaned as he slid his thick, warm tongue along your neck. A hushed gasp escaped your lips as he sucked on your sweet spot, his large hand tightly squeezing your right ass cheek as you let yourself unapologetically ride his bulge.
“Roman…” you moaned his name as his lips audibly smacked against your sensitive skin.
“What sweetheart?” he asked as his hands smoothly ran up your lower back and around your hips to tightly grip them as he removed his lips from your neck to gaze up at your flushed face.
“Hm?” he pressured again, running his thumb across your glossy, wet bottom lip as your lost eyes never left his sinister ones.
“Wanna hit the shower with me?” he whisperingly asked as your lips naturally parted, allowing him to slowly slip his thumb inside and along your warm tongue, making you suck on it.
“Mhm,” you nodded with a not so innocent grin, his thumb fondling with your lip again as he flashed his own pearly whites. You yelped as he suddenly scooped you up into his arms. Your legs naturally wrapping around his torso, giggling as he spanked you while heading up the stairs.
“You can put me down I don’t wanna make your shoulders worse,” you expressed in worry again as he kissed his teeth in disagreement. He placed you on the counter, gently grabbing you by the throat as your lips brushed together.
“Stop…worrying…about my body…and let me fuck yours,” he growled. You practically moaned watching him slowly and torturously take off his shirt, exposing his tanned, tatted, and muscular body. You slipped off your own sweater, exposing your black laced bra and panties while he turned on the water on.
“You’re so perfect…you know that?” he softly asked once he turned back around, keeping his fascinated and loving eyes on you, tilting your chin up with his finger while the other one found your back to unclip your bra. It fell in your lap before he snatched it and threw it on the floor making you grin against his lips. Your legs clutched to his waist as he easily scooped you back up in his arms. You both exchanged a slow kiss, smiling against each others lips as he stepped inside the shower. You couldn’t help but feel guilty about him continuously carrying you with his sore muscles but he instantly made you forget as his tongue wrestled yours. You got lost in his juicy and wet lips and forgot you were even under the running shower by how quickly you both got wet. You gasped as he dropped you down and spun you around without warning, grabbing your hands to place on the wall as he pressed the tip of his dick between your ass cheeks. He held both of your hands up above your head with his left hand, the right one hooking right under your panties to feel your wet lace.
“Baby…” you moaned as he left sloppy kisses down your back, his hands roaming around your curves as he knelt on the floor. You felt his hands grope your ass cheeks, the sudden poke of his teeth on your skin as he held the hem of your laced panties with his teeth, sliding them off as you lifted each leg to help him.
“Good girl…” he muttered with the lace still between his teeth, smacking your ass again as you turned around at the sight. You bit your lip, lovingly gazing up at his tall figure, soaked in water as it dripped down his body…making you snatch the panties between his teeth and throwing it over the rod. His lips found your neck again, making your eyes flutter as your right hand reached below to stroke his slippery, hard, and tanned dick in your palm.
“You wet for daddy?” he moaned in your ear, his two middle fingers sliding up and down between your sticky, slick folds making you gasp from his touch.
“Yes…” you whined as he slowed down the pace of his slithering fingers between your folds, teasing his long middle one against your hole. His dick was rock hard against your belly as he grabbed your throat with his other free hand, keeping a tight grip on your neck while that thumb and forefinger toyed with your jaw.
“Please…” you begged with a gasp as he slowly slipped his middle finger inside of you.
“Hm?” he taunted, placing his wet lips on yours. You panted between the slippery kisses as you nodded, hoping he’d fulfill your begging needs.
He removed his finger to slide it against his tongue, enclosing his lips around it as he tasted your needy, sweet juices. He picked you up and pinned you against the dripping wall, his left arm wrapped around your lower back as his right grabbed his dick.
“I got you baby girl…” he cooed with a reassuring, sexy nod as he dragged his streaming tip along your soaked entrance making your mouth drop open. He dragged it in vertical strokes a couple times before slipping his entire length inside of you with ease, making you both moan at the familiar and pleasureful reunion. He started with nice, slow, easy thrusts as you both moaned against each others tongues. You jerked in his arms, struggling to stay still as your legs tightened around his waist.
“Feel good baby?” he groaned, the fast droplets of water falling between his lips as he spoke, pulling you right back in between them as you bit his soaked bottom lip.
“Yes…fuuuuuck,” you cried out with a gasp, his thrusts intensifying, the sound of his doused balls slapping against your wet skin growing louder, and the parting of his mouth widening from his gratifying bliss watching you in pleasure.
“Like that sweetheart? You like daddy’s dick?” he moaned as his hand slid over your drizzling thigh and around your ass to spank it.
“Y-Y-Yesyesyes…” you loudly moaned, your left arm sliding off his neck to cup the right side of his wet and glistening bearded face. Water dripping down his dampened strands of hair and parted lips as he watched your eyes roll to the back of your head. Your head fell back to the wall for a split second before a new wave of warm, shocking pleasure sparked your lower belly making your head fall forward onto his forehead. He slid his tongue into your mouth to get another whine out of you as he subtly slowed down his thrusts.
“You gon’ cum sweetheart? You gon’ cum for daddy?” he deeply whispered yet was so audible over the loud drops of water from the shower head and your wet bodies smacking against each other. He held you tight as he took a step back to get you both covered right underneath the water, slapping your right ass cheek.
“Yes daddy…” you gasped as he picked you further up against the wall, slowly sliding you back down the tiles at the same pace of his tongue as it licked you between your middle breast bone and back up to your neck as his dick slipped right back in you. You felt like you were seeing stars as your eyes fluttered uncontrollably, your breasts bouncing frantically against his soaked and tatted chest, and his moans filling your ear as he pumped his length in and out of your overstimulated pussy.
“I-I-I’m gonna cum,” you moaned with heavy pants as the his grip around your body and left thigh tightened. You felt your walls contract around his throbbing dick, his thrusts quickening by the millisecond. Your eyes struggled to stay open, the water hurriedly dripping down your fluttering eyelashes.
“Cum with me sweetheart…cum all over daddy’s dick,” he coached you as his heavy grunts heightened. Watching him soaked, in pure bliss, and hearing him call you your favorite name sent you right over the edge as you shut your eyes with one last loud and high pitched moan as your orgasm took complete control. He thrusted one last time inside of you, keeping his dick deep inside your gushing walls as his own warm and creamy cum filled you up. Your arms stayed wrapped around his neck and both of your heavy breathing slowed down to peaceful ones as he removed a couple wet strands of your bangs out of your face.
“I love you…” you whispered against his lips as he caressed your cheek with his thumb, a smile spreading across those dripping lips.
“I love you more sweetheart,” he confessed with a passionate kiss, slowly dropping you back down to the floor, both of his thumbs still cradling the sides of your face.
“Real shower time?” you asked with a giggle. He nodded as he flashed his pearly whites, using his right hand to move his hair out of his face.
“Real shower time. C’mon now…” he teasingly ordered as he ran his fingers through your hair, grabbing your shampoo with his other hand.
“No…you first. Your body needs a break,” you tried grabbing the bottle out of his hand but he snatched it away.
“Break?” he asked with a chuckle. He poured some into his hands, lathering it up as he rubbed them together.
“Baby…” he cooed back as he interrupted, spinning you around by the waist as he started massaging your scalp with the shampoo.
“We gonna get cleaned up….and then I’m gonna make this pretty pussy cum all over again once we done.”
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msbigredmachine · 2 months
Checkmate - A Roman Reigns One-Shot
Tumblr media
The new Smackdown GM reminds the Tribal Chief who’s boss, in more ways than one. The aftermath of the highly entertaining WrestleMania 40 Press Conference.
Pairing: Roman Reigns/OC
Word Count: 5.9k
Warning: Smut
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Tumblr media
Answer your fuckin phone.
She's been expecting his text message, to add to the half-dozen missed calls he's already deluged her phone with. His WrestleMania plans were thrown into disarray tonight and for some reason he thinks she has something to do with it.
Too bad she doesn't give a fuck what he thinks.
I'm calling you one more time. You better pick up.
So bossy. Always has been. But he knows damn well who the boss really is. When her phone springs to life again with his beautiful face snarling at her through the screen, she rolls onto her back with a heavy sigh, smooths down her oversized t-shirt and presses the green button, waiting to hear his deep voice on the other end of the line.
"What the fuck, Joy!"
Damn. Even when he's pissed, he sounds sexy as hell; it's the same menacing timbre he adopts when he's folding her up and turning her out. The memory makes her hot between her thighs.
"Reigns." Her voice is calm and steady despite the thumps of her heart, calling out to him even when she doesn't want it to.
"Why was Cody there tonight? Hmm?" he demands, his temper simmering beneath his words. "I coulda sworn he agreed to step aside for Dwayne. Why he change his mind? Did you have something to do with it? What'chu say to him, huh?"
She extends her left hand to inspect her ombre-colored acrylic nails. "Calm your tits. I don't control Cody's actions, I'm Smackdown's GM, not Raw's. He won the Rumble and he has the right to choose who he wants."
"Don't patronize me, Joy! Rock and I were a done deal!"
"You sound tense, Reigns. Paranoid, even," she smirks, "Worried you can't beat the American Nightmare a second time? Besides, you heard the fans...they wanna see you and him-"
"Bullshit!" he cuts her off. "This wasn't about no fans. You wanted this and I know why. You saw the pictures of me and Venita over Christmas and you been in your feelings ever since."
It's a predictable, childish response, and though there's some truth to it, she dismisses its immature delivery. "What you do with your bitch is your business. You are marrying her, after all," she says coolly, hearing him bristle at the other end.
"See? We ain't had a civil conversation since those photos got out. I know exactly how you feel about her, so tell me I'm lying."
"Don't ever question my ability to separate business from pleasure. You are walking proof of that," Joy warns him. "My problem is with you questioning my authority, with your silly little threats and your temper tantrums. You did it leading up to the Rumble and I'll be damned if I let it happen again. In case you forgot, I run Smackdown now. You work for me. The Mania match is scheduled, so your ass better show up in Philly, you understand me?"
A long, tense moment crawls by.
"Are you done?" he says, sounding bored.
"No. Whatchu gon' do about it?" Joy challenges.
"You looked hot as fuck in that dress tonight."
She rolls her eyes. Of course he deflects. But it's not going to work this time. She wants him to feel as frustrated as she has been over the last couple of months. "Ain't your fiancée over there with you?" she retorts, her tone clipped and snarky.
"She's in the Hamptons. And even if she was here, that ain't never stopped us anyways," he calls her out.
"Whatever." As flippant as she's tried to be about it, she is growing tired of the same old song and dance between her and Roman. She's allowed him to juggle her and Venita, and she blames herself for not leaving him alone when he chose to stay with her. Perfect, pretty little naive Venita. The IG influencer extraordinaire whose only two cares in life are her follower count and the picture-perfect aesthetics of the 'Roman & Venita' brand.
Whatever helps her sleep at night, I guess.
Joy had wondered just how perfect they really were the first time she saw the couple backstage in the Thunderdome, with Venita looking bored as hell the entire time she was there. It was clear that she had no interest in Roman's world, and Joy told him just that. Certain she would be fired on her first day for opening her big mouth, he had merely laughed and agreed, and it was then she found out she was his producer for the upcoming Bloodline saga. Onscreen, they created magic with the now legendary Tribal Chief storyline, but the magic they soon began making behind the scenes and between the sheets was even better and way too hot for TV.
She's never had time to be ashamed of inserting herself in someone else's relationship, mainly because her career has accelerated to the top of WWE's creative hierarchy. Plus, she's not about to give up such great sex, not with a stroke game that superb and a libido as high as her ambitions. Sometimes she wishes she doesn't have to share him, but she accepts that she can't have it all. After all, she already lords over the A-show as Smackdown's General Manager, meaning she is virtually unstoppable now, with money, power, and most importantly, the balls of the biggest star in the industry in the palm of her hand. Literally.
But he's pissing her off right now.
"Look, I want us to talk. Come see me." He's turned on the charm but Joy refuses to fall for it.
"What I want is an apology for your constant disrespect ever since I became GM," she replies, "I told you; I don't give a damn that we're fucking. Do not make an enemy out of me, Roman."
The Tribal Chief sighs heavily. "Look. You're right. Let me make it up to you. Come to my room so we can talk things out."
"No. You just want pussy."
"That too," he snickers.
Joy bites her lip as she idly circles her middle and ring finger over her pussy lips. She had no prior plans to touch herself, but listening to his deep, haughty voice has sparked a throbbing between her thighs that needs urgent attention. "Right. Well, I don't feel like leaving my room. This bed is way too comfy," she emphasizes.
"Mine is comfier. Are you alone?" he asks.
"Wouldn't you like to know."
"Woman, you better not be givin' my pussy to nobody else," he growls, making her laugh.
"You're hilarious. My pussy is mine and mine alone, no matter how good you beat it and eat it," she reminds him, her smile widening as she hears him taking deep breaths, trying to compose himself.
"I see that you get off on testing my patience. Does that turn you on, baby girl? Hmm? Does it make that pussy wet? I bet you wet right now." His voice drops an entire octave at that last part, and she bites her lip to keep from moaning when her slick honey pools around her fingers.
"I might be," she gasps.
"Then bring your ass over here and let me take care of it."
Joy huffs, determined to resist him for as long as she can. "I can take care of myself, Reigns. Matter of fact, I'm doing just that as we speak..."
"Aww, babe, don't be touchin' on my pussy without me," he grumbles. His frustration makes her grin in triumph. She holds all the cards and she's enjoying listening to him squirm.
"I wanna see you, beautiful. We ain't been together in so long. I miss you," Roman continues.
"Is that right?"
"Uh huh. Don't you miss me, Joy? Don't you miss this dick? It definitely misses you. Listen..."
The slippery, sticky sound that follows his words is unmistakable, and her heart pounds in her chest at his soft groan. The image of him lying in his bed, probably naked, jerking off to her, makes her stomach flip and her pussy spasm beneath her fingers. The tension crackles over the phone, simmering with the same intensity as though he were right there in person.
"Hear that, baby? That's how bad I need you. Come over." His silky-smooth whisper finally loosens the last thread of control she has held onto tightly up to this point. She knows that ultimately, she won't deny him...she never does because she can't, and he knows that.
"Gimme ten minutes," she relents.
"Make it five."
"I said, ten. Text me your room number." Cutting the call before he can respond, she leaves her bed and searches for a couple of accessories to wear. After a quick check in the mirror, she picks up her phone and sees he's already sent her his room number. The thought of what is about to transpire hastens her flight out of the room, the dead of night no match for her rapidly burning need for him. She has since accepted that she will always need him, too.
His door swings open seconds after she knocks, and a surprised yelp escapes her when he yanks her inside and tugs her flush against him. He is barefoot, in gray sweatpants slung low on his hips, and shirtless to show off the majesty of his massive, inked chest. Joy meets his loaded stare head-on as he drinks in her own appearance. She is in one of his old Nike hoodies that she swiped from him and never gave back, with the open zipper in the middle showing the swell of her breasts underneath. Long pastel-pink stockings run up to her brown thighs with gray Crocs on her feet. As his eyes crawl hungrily up and down her frame, her body thrums with realization at just how hard he is, his sizable erection poking her lower belly. Despite their back-and-forth, it's no mistake that she intoxicates him, and that power thrills her.
"Like what you see, champ?" she asks, staring him down for his response.
Roman's moan is ragged as he clamps his huge paw around her throat and covers her mouth with his, and she instantly melts in his arms, her nerves alight from his touch. She is swept up in the softness of his lips, the sweetness of his taste that contrasts erotically with his aggressiveness and the eager, hungry flicking of their tongues as the kiss heats up. He feels wonderfully warm and smells incredible like he always does.
Reluctantly, his mouth retreats from hers and he tucks his face in the hollow of her neck. He nuzzles his cheek against her skin and inhales the fragrance he's missed so much, her hushed moan caressing the depths of his senses.
"You a vindictive little bitch, you know that?" he mumbles, pressing a kiss to her throat.
"Only when I wanna be," she hums, her eyes twinkling with mischief.
"You musta loved watching me lose my cool tonight," he adds, "I saw the look in your eyes on that stage when I got into it with those two bums. That shit turned you on. Your nipples were hard through your dress. And I'm sure that pussy was soaked."
Truth be told, seeing his cool calm composure collapse, with his long hair flying and cocky countenance as he talked shit to Cody and Seth, made her so wet she had to run into a restroom stall to take off her panties, forcing her to go commando for the rest of the night. She'll never admit it though; she never likes to give him the upper hand. "How do you know?" she challenges.
"Cuz I know you. I know everything about your body, sweetheart," Roman brags, "I know what you like, and I know you love testing me cuz it makes me wanna fuck the attitude outta you."
"So what are you waiting for?" She licks her glossy lips, full and pouting, goading him with her bedroom eyes. But the Tribal Chief can feel her body trembling, betraying her bravado. This time he has the upper hand and he plans to exploit it.
He pulls her hoodie over her head and his eyes immediately drop to the thin beaded belly chain adorning her slender waist, accentuating her delicious curves. Desire gleams in his brown irises at the sight of her bare breasts, the fleshy mounds popping out at him, her nipples hard and aching for his touch. "Fuck, you're sexy," he murmurs. He massages each one then leans down to lick and suck on them, his tongue and hands working together to pleasure her.
"Ooh, that feels good," she moans, placing her hair behind her ear to get a good look at him feasting on her nipples. Ever the multitasker, he grabs her white lace thong at the hem, yanking impatiently until it rips from her body. Joy bursts out laughing at his savagery. "I knew you was gon' fuck up my panties," she jokes.
"I replace 'em, don't I?" He abandons her breasts and kisses her again, this time sliding both hands down to her round backside and lifting her up to press her against the wall. The friction of their bare chests pressed together, nipples grazing, her legs wrapping around his waist and bringing them even closer, builds the desire. He grinds his throbbing hardness against the open heat between her thighs, and she gets him back by reaching inside his sweatpants and grabbing his dick, stroking the turgid flesh as it jumps in her grasp. "Mmm, baby you're so hard. Put it in me," she orders.
"Not yet," he cuts her off, his huge biceps flexing as he carries her across the lavish suite. "Come over here, you little slut. Come suck my dick in front of this great view of the Strip."
Tumblr media
Next to the expansive window is an L-shaped sofa large enough for a good trip to Pound Town. As he takes off his pants, Joy can't stop herself from drooling at his towering form. Six foot three, bronzed Adonis with chocolate eyes, luscious hair, massive and muscled and all man, with a long, hefty cock pulsing between those powerful thighs. He looks like a demigod in all his glory, and she venerates at the altar of his beauty.
Roman settles himself at the other end of the sofa and eyes her down with a smug smirk. Tucking his hands behind his head, he spreads his legs. "Crawl to me," he commands, his smirk widening when she advances towards him on all fours. Joy is a work of art, with nicely sized titties, round hips, thick, mouth-watering thighs and ass and that fat pussy he dreams about at least once a day. Every part of her is real and silky soft to the touch. It's been years since he first tasted her, and he is still drunk off it. She is a potent drug he can't wean himself off of, and frankly, he doesn't want to. He loves Venita, but for all her prowess in bed, she does not possess a fraction of the wild thrill that encapsulates the woman before him. He wants Joy, needs her like he needs to breathe, and he always will. He will seek his fiancée's forgiveness when that day comes.
Joy slowly slithers up the length of his body, ignoring his erection for now as she straddles him and plants a long, wet kiss on his mouth, the sound of their lips meeting and parting filling the suite. Her hands caress the tight muscles of his body, having memorized all the spots that make his breath quicken and his pulse spike. He puts his hands on her hips, but she seizes them and pins them above his head without breaking stride, laughing when he moans out with frustration. She catches his tongue as it slides into her mouth, and she proceeds to suck on it, her head bobbing like she is sucking his dick. Saliva quickly gathers around their joined mouths as she feasts on only his tongue. It's the messiest, sloppiest, hottest kiss they've ever shared, and the tension is reaching fever pitch as a result.
"You want me to suck your dick like this, baby?" Joy asks. When Roman nods, she tugs his lower lip between her teeth. "Say it," she orders, her fingers digging into his wrists. Her hips are rolling too, moving in a seductive, serpentine dance that short circuits every fiber of his being. He can't move even if he wants to; his senses are pinned down to the bed along with his body. The Tribal Chief is helpless, forced to endure the sweetest agony, with the head of his dick grazing her wet slit and driving him insane. An uncharacteristic whimper deserts his lips as his blood pumps with agitation.
"Yes," he responds breathlessly.
"What's the magic word?" Joy presses. The mocking smirk gracing her pretty features should infuriate him, but it only arouses him instead.
"Please," he concedes, knowing full well that she will drag out the torture until he succumbs. With a triumphant smile and one more intoxicating kiss, she finally takes pity on him and makes the descent down his heaving body, soothing his butterscotch skin with soft kisses. As she nears his groin, his eyes squeeze shut, and he takes deep breaths to remain focused.
"You think you're in control, toying with two women's lives." Joy shakes her head. "Hell no. I'm in control, Roman. I own you. You're mine to do with however I want. And you know the best part?"
She closes her mouth over the tip of him, giving it a gentle suckle before driving home her point. "Deep down, you love that shit."
Roman merely grins. The power has shifted back in his possession and she doesn't even know it. He shows her when he strikes with lightning speed, grabbing her and twisting her around so her legs are on either side of his head. Stunned, Joy grabs his thighs to steady herself, as he's already grabbing handfuls of her ass while using his tongue to part her lower lips. Her body jerks from the warm fat wetness of his tongue lashing around her sensitive crevices, softening her up with his saliva. Heady with desire, she just lays there with his dick in her hand, too overwhelmed to do anything else but moan with pleasure.
A sudden, stinging smack on her left ass cheek jolts her back to earth.
"You gon' suck me off or what?" Roman demands impatiently before refocusing on his own task.
Regaining her senses, her mouth engulfs his length, her head bobbing with her wrist twisting around the base. She cups his balls and rolls them in her other hand, making him groan wantonly. Her mouth is warm and her pouty lips are tight around him, sliding up and down with her tongue trailing saliva along his hard flesh. He retaliates by spreading her pussy open and holding her down on him, sucking and licking her folds with rapid strokes and enjoying her sexy throaty sounds that mingle with the sloppy slurps of his mouth on her. The increased pressure on her sensitive pussy has her moaning and squirming against his face, which in turn floods his tongue with her taste. His appreciative groans while licking her in rhythm with her rolling hips sends shivers down her spine.
Mustering all the strength she possesses, Joy frees herself from his clutches and crawls back down his body, her juices smearing a slick trail along his torso as she guides his length inside her with impressive quickness. She moans out loud as he fills her, her head tipping forwards as his big palms paw at the supple flesh of her backside. Roman groans at the wetness that welcomes his dick as it disappears into the warm canal of her pussy. "Yeah, fuck me good, baby girl," he growls, slapping her ass in encouragement.
Holding onto his ankles, she rocks up and down his erection, winding her hips with each drop down to take him as deep as she can. His husky moans and his tight grip on her waist empower her. Joy seizes every chance she can to turn him into putty in her hands. Because the motherfucker never likes to relinquish control, always determined to break her down into submission; whether it's with his God-gifted tongue, or his huge hands choking her, or with that big ol' dick, fucking her against the wall of her office, bending her over the table in his locker room at TV, or making her ride him in the bowels of his private jet. It's fun taking control from him and showing him who's boss, on the job and especially outside of it.
"You love it when I ride this big dick dontcha? Got you deep in this pussy just the way you like it," she purrs haughtily, upping the ante by reaching down to grip his cock.
The Tribal Chief realizes she's on demon time to be stroking his dick while riding him. She looks so sexy on top of him, in them pretty waist beads and stockings. Her thick hips roll back lavishly, her even thicker ass presses down on his pelvis, grinding and twisting and nudging him all the way up in her creamy pussy. Damn. He loves the way she fucks him. Baby girl has mad skills and a juicy pussy, and he is glad to be the one she uses them on. "Go faster, baby. Bounce on my dick," he cajoles, massaging her ass cheeks and groaning softly when she obeys, "Uh-huh, just like that, babe, unnnh..."
She can almost see the look of pleasure on his face. She can definitely hear him as he tugs at the soft flesh of her butt, lost to the depths of her warm wetness, in the erotic sounds of their sex noises and their slapping skin filling the big room as she bounces on his dick. Another moan escapes her, her head tilting back as he angles his hips to make his dick reach that oh-so-sweet spot inside her. He smacks her ass again, earning yet another whimper from her lips as her juices trickle down his length down to his balls. Her thighs are starting to burn from her efforts, but she can't stop, not when she's so close...
"Uhhhn baby, I'm comin'," she gasps, leaning back to rest her hands on his chest as she gyrates her ass on him. Roman's breathing is as heavy as hers, his fingers digging into her hips to steer her movements. The sensations are overwhelming as her walls contract around him, her pussy moistening as she leans forward again and rides him even harder. Seconds later, a flooding orgasm bursts inside her with such power that it wracks her entire body with tremors. Through the thick fog of numbing pleasure, she hears Roman's surprised grunt as her cum leaks all over his groin area.
"Damn baby, you nuttin' all over me. I knew you been needin' this dick," he taunts her.
Truth be told, she wasn't expecting to come this hard, but fuck it always feels so good when she does. "Oh my god," her voice trembles, her hand clutching the headrest to keep from collapsing in a heap.
Roman spanks her again. "I ain't tell you to stop. Keep goin'..."
"Hol' up, you got me shakin' so much," Joy groans, her thighs still quivering. He is still deep inside her, his dick throbbing impatiently inside the warmth of her tight walls.
"If I take this shit over, you won't be able to walk in the morning, that's a promise," he threatens.
"Then quit talkin' and do that shit," she bites back, glaring at him over her shoulder.
"A'ight then." He pulls her backwards on top of him, with her back to his chest. He grabs her legs and holds her up by her knees, thrusting upwards into her, reveling in her surprised yelp that quickly dissolves into loud moans. This new position feels so good that she's whining and making noises that only seem to turn him on as he strokes in and out of her pussy from underneath, making her body react and remind her exactly why she's not leaving his trifling ass anytime soon.
"Uhnnn yes, Roman, fuck me," she whimpers over and over, her mind spiraling, her eyes rolling back. He is relentless, pulling her legs further back and pounding her faster, sparking another intense orgasm. She squirts so hard that she's left dizzy and boneless, causing her to slip off his sweat-slick body, a shivering crumpled mess. She curls up into a fetal position and gives in to the intense euphoria of her release. With a proud snicker, the Tribal Chief caresses all over her body, then rolls her onto her stomach, spreading her thighs to observe the damage he's inflicted on her pussy.
"We ain't finished," he informs her, tapping his hard, slickened dick against her soaked, puffy folds. She tenses and arches her back on instinct, anticipating his invasion. He smiles behind her, grabs her hips, and drags her limp body up and onto his hard, waiting dick. The moans they exhale together is a symphony that serenades the pair as he continues his hard, deep thrusts. With her hips in the air and her backside in his calloused palms, she is at his mercy yet again, and her vision swims at the feeling of him practically in her spine. She knows just how deep that big ass dick of his can get inside her, but it never fails to wipe her mind blank when it does.
"Oh, fuck," she mumbles into the couch, her face sinking further in it as he drills into her hard and rough. It hurts so good that it's quite literally taking her breath away. "Shit, fuck Roman, wait, wait," she pleads, reaching behind to push his thigh and forcing him to halt his movements.
"Too much?" he asks, laughing as he presses gentle kisses along her spine, feeling her body shiver from the contact. "That's what you get when your pussy is so good. You was talkin' all that shit earlier, best believe I ain't lettin' up, baby girl. Who owns who now, huh," he says, swatting her ass and starting again.
"You're a cocky asshole," she moans shakily, defiance swirling in her lust-filled gaze.
Roman's smirk is diabolical and panty-wetting. "And don't you forget it. Now shut up and take this dick."
Joy winces as his hand curves around her throat, the other clutching her lower hip as he fucks her prone body into the sofa. She clings to the cushions and her sanity with everything she has, tears filling her eyes as he pummels her with hurried, lethal thrusts, making her ass jiggle and her pussy drip some more as she's dragged dangerously close to the precipice. He pushes the arch out of her back and flips her around, sliding right back inside before she can regain her bearings and dropping his body weight on her. His intoxicating cologne surrounds her as their mouths crush together in a hungry, toe-curling kiss. Incoherent moans leave them both as he rolls his hips against hers, nestling his dick right there, eking a sob out of her as she falls apart again.
"Aww, f-f-fuuuck..."
"I know baby, I know it feels so good," He kisses away her tears and then her cheek, his fingers curling over her breast in a light squeeze which in turn squeezes her walls around his pounding thrusts. "Mmm, this pussy so tight and wet. Keep comin' for me, baby, gimme all that nut."
His sultry command sends another wave of pleasure crashing into her like one of his trademark Spears, and her jaw drops from the force of her orgasm, her pussy clenching painfully around his dick. Her pitiful moans that she struggles to muffle against his tattooed shoulder are music to the Tribal Chief's ears as his own body is moments away from the same fate.
"Shit," he groans gruffly, shuddering breaths tearing from his lungs as his balls tighten and his strokes become sloppier, heavier, "Fuck, I'm boutta buss..."
Joy lifts her left leg up and rests it on his shoulder, digging her other heel in his lower back to pull him in deeper and finally take him down. She runs her hands all over his sides, his back, his ass, her moans mingling with his as his hips snap harder and faster. Their foreheads touch, and a devilish smile forms on her face at the helplessness in his glazed eyes, licking his lips in between throaty gasps of pleasure. She has him right where she wants him. "There you go baby, pound that fuckin' pussy, fill it up," she coaxes.
"Unhhh, shit," Roman's whines disintegrate into a whimpering cry as his big body trembles viscerally against her own. Joy's toes curl as he lodges his dick all the way inside her, making her feel each throbbing spurt of his warm seed spilling generously in her pussy. She never minds him coming inside her; her IUD is always in place, mainly for his benefit and hers. His deep, sexy grunts as he rides out his nut with stuttered ruts of his hips wash over her, leaving her breathless and weak-kneed for him.
Kissing her leg and letting it down, Roman finally pulls his dick out with a hiss and strokes out the rest of his cum onto her softened, battered pussy lips. Joy stares dazedly at the ceiling, her body humming from the last vestiges of her orgasm and a touch of pain. She feels his big arms slide around her waist and draw her in so their lips meet, savoring their collective taste with their tongues as they bask in the afterglow. He takes her arms and winds them around his neck before picking her up, transferring her from the sofa to the king-sized bed a couple of feet away. He lays her carefully on the bed and sits at the edge, watching her snuggle against the soft sheets and pillows with a satisfied sigh. The outdoor lights peeking through the window cast a glittery shadow over her nude body, making her look even more beautiful. And speaking of beautiful...
"I got you something," he announces, taking a small gift box labeled Van Cleef & Arpels sat on the nightstand and handing it to her.
"What's this?" she questions, slowly sitting up.
"Just a lil' sumn I thought you'd like," he simply shrugs. "Open it."
Eyeing him suspiciously, she unties the ribbon at the top of the box and removes the lid. Nestled in navy-blue velvet are an eighteen-carat yellow-gold Alhambra bracelet and matching earrings. She wishes she disliked the warmth that blooms inside her at the sweet gesture. She meets his eyes, noting his cocked eyebrow and cocky smirk as he gauges her reaction.
"This a good enough apology for you?" he asks.
Joy smiles gratefully and kisses his lips. "They're beautiful. But I keep telling you, you don't have to buy me anything," she says.
"Well, I want to. Sue me." He goes quiet for a few seconds, contemplating his next words. "You got tickets to the SuperBowl, right? Let's go together. We can hang out in my skybox."
"And have people talk about us? We got reputations to uphold. And what about Venita?"
"She'll be there. She's still clueless about us. And I told you, ain't nobody gon' say shit. Between your lawyer and mine, all them NDAs are water-tight." When he speaks again, his voice is much softer. "I just miss spending time with you. I miss when we weren't at each other's throats like we are these days."
"That's only cuz you make my job harder, Reigns," she points out, scooting over when he rolls into the bed and sits up against the headboard next to her.
"And you, mine. But despite all of that, I would do anything for you. You know that, right? That's why I agreed to that damn match. For you," he adds, biting his lip as he caresses her chin and gazes tenderly at her. Joy feels her heart flutter as his chocolate-colored eyes gleam with that familiar, intense passion that the two of them have been sharing for almost four years now...
"You're so cute when you get all soft and sweet on me, champ," she smiles, leaning in for another kiss that lingers pleasantly this time. It's little moments like these that try to con her, even to this day, that their affair has veered towards the romantic side. She thanks the cynical businesswoman in her for swiftly kicking that childish notion to the curb every time the delusion attempts to rear its ugly head.
Their embrace is interrupted by the grating sound of his phone vibrating, forcing him to pull away from her with a tired sigh. On the nightstand, a text message with Venita's name lights up his phone screen.
Countin the minutes till I touch down in Vegas 🥺😍 Can't wait to see you again! Love you Baby Boo 😘
"Aww, poor baby," Joy's giggle is dark and mocking as she looks over Roman's shoulder. Snatching the phone out of his hand, she opens up the message and begins typing.
"Don't start no shit, now," he sighs, but makes no move to stop whatever havoc she's causing through his device.
"Relax, Baby Boo," she teases, pressing Send and holding his phone up to his face to show him her response.
I'm waiting for you babe. Can't wait to see you 😍 Love you sm.
"See? I was nice," she says, putting away his phone and climbing on top of his big body.
Roman rolls his eyes and runs his hands along her thighs. "I guess I should thank you, then?"
"Oh, no need to thank me. I'm just being a good, caring boss," she replies, bending to kiss his lips, trailing her tongue along his bearded jawline and tasting her dried juices. "You're my star employee, so it's important that I always give you what you need. And I always give it to you, don't I?"
Roman groans into her mouth as she kisses him harder, her dainty fingers stroking his dick which immediately pulses in her grasp as though it hasn't been touched all day. "Yeah, you do," he rasps, his body heating up as she starts to descend on him. "Oh shit, baby, you feelin' generous tonight..."
"Mmm, more like selfish..." She sits all the way down with a gasp, making both their hearts race with each twitch of his cock inside her. "Cuz I want that dick again, and I'm taking it..."
She is already moving, hunched over him, her titties in his face, sucking them both back into that sensual place of pleasure they like to visit together. He answers to her, in more ways than one, and he won't have it any other way. "Anything you want, boss. Anything you want," the Tribal Chief croaks out, allowing himself to sit back and enjoy the ride, quite literally.
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Loyalty- Chapter 1: The Beginning.
Series Summary/Masterlist
tag list: @southerngirl41 @venusesworld @jeysbae @reci1996 @tbonesteakwithasideofmashngrav @hope4more @selena-tyler-564 @saintaquarius
Chapter Summary: The cracks in your sweet persona are showing. Jey wants to help you through them, and Roman wants to capitalize on them.
word count: 13,992 (ik it's long but bare with me!!! you'll get less chapters more content, trust me pls :)) warnings: manipulation, cheating, wrestling related violence.
Tumblr media
Blue used to be your favorite color. The serene hue that used to beckon memories of tranquility, now seemed tainted by the complexities of the present. Your once form fitted sparkling blue gear was now blood stained and glimmering with sweat, the championship it matched no longer in your grasp. 
But now, the color made you want to throw up. The sight of you made you want to throw up.
You stared back at your reflection in your dressing room mirror, the dressing room mirror reflecting an image you hardly recognized. Your face was bruised and distorted, your eye swollen shut and lip cut and bleeding from the fight you were in just moments ago with Ronda Rousey.
And just a few minutes before that match, you were informed that you would be dropping your Smackdown Women's Championship to her, because they thought that was what was best for business. Because not telling you beforehand wasn't what was best for business.
Casting you- the nicknamed Princess of Pain of WWE because of your kind nature and killer attitude in the ring-one of the biggest babyfaces on the roster, one of the biggest merch sellers, one of the greatest on the mic and in the ring, and finally one of their champions after so many years of crawling to the top from the NXT food chain to your win against Sasha Banks in one of the most historic main events ever at Wrestlemania to hold your first main roster title- to the side after less than a month as a champion was best for business.
Making you finally have your moment on the grandest stage of them all only to have it shattered so soon at Ronda's request after she just came back from her months-long vacation was best for business. 
Sami tried to console you, he knew from the look on your face as you left the meeting before your match and ran into him that something was horribly wrong.
But you brushed off his attempts at comforting you with a solemn smile and a 'I'm fine, don't worry about me, Sami.' and took off before he could inquire any more. If he pushed any more with those brown eyes that always seemed to know what you were thinking and those warm arms that he outstretched towards you, you knew you would fall into them and cry. 
You decided instead of yelling at management, you tried to make the best of it and lead Ronda into a good match and push any animosity you had and be cordial- you could get another opportunity in the future. And maybe this would lead to one of your friends-like Liv or Rhea-taking the title off of her and getting their moment they absolutely deserved.
But all those thoughts left your brain when she stared back across the ring from you with that stupid smirk across her face and went off script and punched you square in the nose so hard that it broke and your face was trickled with blood before the bell even rang.
There would be no holding back, you thought. Even if I lose, I'ma make sure I come out the true fucking winner and make her work for it.
And work for it Ronda did. The two of you beat the holy hell out of each other. Under the bright lights, punches were not pulled, and bodies were broken.
The commentary table was destroyed when you pile-driven Ronda through it. Your face was covered in grim and blood from where Ronda attacked it, the blood getting into your eyes and making you wipe it every 5 seconds. and Ronda's shoulder was dislocated from where you rammed a chair into it, relishing in her cries of pain.
How's it feel going off script now, bitch?, you thought. 
Sami knew you weren't okay though when Ronda finally got you into a sleeper hold and your eyes fluttered shut after hanging on for so long, and instead of tapping out as planned, deciding to pass out.
Ronda clearly didn't like what you were doing, since she tightened her grip on your neck and didn't let go for a full five minutes, only pushing herself off of you when Adam Pearce and medical/security staff finally convinced her to let go of you.
"I'm what's best for business!" She screamed into your face, waving your title around with a cocky smirk on her face as she watched you glare at her, pushing away the medical staff weakly and refuse to get on the stretcher, much to their chagrin. "Not some nice weak little bitch who peaked in NXT!"
Her words hurt more than the physical pain you were in, and you kept repeating them in your mind as you wiped your face, wincing with every wipe.
You went to medical, but there was only so much they could do. They put your nose back in place, (Sami barged into the room and forced you to let him stay, and his hand almost broke under your grip when the doctor was fixing your nose), disinfected your lip, gave you some pain meds, and told you that you'd be cleared to wrestle in a couple of weeks, and instructed you to put ice on your bruised body. 
Sami was planning on getting your stuff from your locker room and bringing you to your hotel room so he could help you relax (much to your annoyance, all you wanted to do was be alone and wallow in your own self-pity), when you ran into a concerned looking Kevin in the hallway.
The scene he saw before him- Sami trying to wrap an arm around you to help you up and your stubborn ass refusing him, made him explode in anger and concern. But much like with everything Kevin says, it came out in the worst way possible.
"Just because Ronda knocked the marbles outta your head doesn't mean you get to act stupid. Let Sami help you, you dumbass!" he shouted, gesturing wildly in his frustration.
You glared at Kevin, not in the mood for him tonight.  Why he thought he had any right to speak to you like that was beyond comprehension. He was no longer your best friend, so he shouldn't be acting like he even cared. He didn't care when he cost you how many championships when you were about to win them, did he? Of course now he wants to speak with you.
Despite the pain and the swirling emotions, you managed to push Sami away, moving closer to Kevin with a fiery gaze.
"Oh, so now you wanna care about me? Very funny." you spat, your voice dripping with disdain. "And last time I checked, Ronda came out that match with a broken shoulder, and if you don't get away from me in the next 5 seconds, I'll break yours too."
Kevin huffed as if he couldn't decide between continuing the argument or stepping back, but he saw Sami rubbing your back and trying to comfort you despite your resistance, and he couldn't hold back his sharp tongue or his jealousy.
"Does that only apply to everyone or is Sami the exception as always?" Kevin shot back, his frustration evident in his tone. "For fucks sake, your bleeding and all you can care about is the fact that I'm telling you the truth, and you can't handle it like always."
Your fists clenched at your sides as Kevin's words pierced through the haze of pain and anger. You wanted to scream at him, to make him understand the turmoil raging within you, but the searing pain in your body drowned out any coherent thoughts.
Before you could retort, Sami stepped between you and Kevin, cutting Kevin with a glare that could cut through steel. "Are you seriously jealous that I'm trying to take care of her? Maybe you would have that opportunity if you actually acted like you cared about her!" Sami mocked, his voice low and seething with frustration.
Kevin knew he should've focused on your physical and mental state instead of starting the argument, but the fire was lit and Sami only added to the gasoline. "Maybe I would've had that opportunity if she didn't constantly take your side and ignore her actual best friend!"
At Sami's incredulous look at his statement, Kevin scowled and glared at him. "Don't act like I'm not right. No matter what I do, it's always Sami this, Sami that. 'Oh Y/N, we hate Kevin, we can't trust Kevin.'  Like I don't exist. Like he's the only one who gets to be there for you!" 
Sami glowered at Kevin, shaking his head in disbelief. "I do get to be the only one there for her! Because you weren't there for us when we needed you."
This time it was Kevin shaking his head in disbelief, a wry smile on his face. "Oh my god, do you not hear yourself? We, we, we? You don't care about her, you just care about trying to avenge yourself for the past! You only want her to yourself because you know that your own actions pushed her away, so you are trying to blame yourself on me!"
Your head throbbed with pain as their argument escalated, each word feeling like a dagger in your already wounded heart.  The realization that this altercation was about more than just your well-being dawned upon you. They were fighting for a place in your life, a place you were struggling to define for yourself amidst the chaos of tonight.
"Blame your actions on me! Blame your short comings in your careers on me! Blame Y/N's shitty title reign on me! Blame everything on me, because that's what you always do!  Y/N can't see past your stupid sweet smile and fake friendship to realize that you're manipulating her emotions!" Kevin retorted, his voice rising in frustration.
"Enough!" Your voice shattered through the heated exchange, cutting their argument short. Breathing heavily, you felt the pain and exhaustion wash over you, but a surge of anger and hurt fueled your words. Both men turned to you, their angry expressions faltering at the angry expression on your bruised up face. 
"This is not about you two!" You shouted, your voice a mixture of frustration and agony. "This is about me! About what happened out there!"
You gestured vaguely toward the arena, a reminder of the brutal match you just endured. "This is not about which one of you gets to be by my side or who's the better friend. This is about how I'm feeling right now, which is like absolute shit! I just got my ass handed to me in the ring, and all I want is to be left alone!"
Your voice cracked with emotion as tears welled up in your eyes, a combination of physical pain and the emotional turmoil caused by the situation. You turned to Kevin, who was taking a step forward, his expression now more concerned than combative. 
"Kevin..." You struggled to maintain your composure, wiping away a stray tear. "You want me to stop blaming you? For everything? For all your mistakes? For my 'shitty title reign'?" Kevin winced as your words hit him hard. "Well, I'm sorry if I'm not in the mood to hear about how you're such a great friend and how you care about me after everything that's happened tonight."
Your voice cracked as you fought to keep your emotions in check. "But I'll stop blaming you forever. We are done. Forever. You want to feel no more guilt? You choked on your words, a mix of anguish and frustration bubbling up inside. "Here's your freedom from the burden of my friendship, Kevin. Congratulations."
"And you!" You turned to Sami, who had been until he just now piped up quietly standing by, his face twisted with concern and guilt. "Kevin is right. You seem to think you know what's best for me, but you don't! You both think you know what's best for me, but you don't!"
Your voice trembled with emotion as you struggled to articulate the storm of feelings raging within you. "I'm tired of this, Sami. I'm tired of feeling like I owe you everything because you've been there for me. I'm tired of you expecting me to be okay with everything when I'm not! I'm tired of being pushed and pulled in every direction, as if I'm some prize to be won!"
Sami's eyes widened in shock and hurt, his hand instinctively reaching out to touch your arm, but you flinched away from his touch.  The pain, both physical and emotional, was overwhelming, and you couldn't take it anymore, couldn't take their expectations anymore.
"So I'm done with this. I'm done with the both of you." Your voice shook  as tears streamed down your face, your body trembling from the sheer weight of the emotional turmoil. "I just want to be alone. Please, just leave me alone."
Without waiting for a response, you turned away from both of them and staggered down the hallway, pain pulsating through your body with every step. The sounds of their voices, their arguments, and the echoes of your own shattered feelings reverberated in your mind as you disappeared into the corridor, seeking solace in the solitude of your dressing room.
And now, there you sit, surrounded by the eerie silence of the empty dressing room. The chaos of emotions swirls within, echoing the bruises and wounds that adorn your body.
Eventually you showered and changed into a hoodie and shorts, but you sat right back in your seat, your mind a heavy fog you didn't know how to navigate.  Not some nice weak little bitch who peaked in NXT! Not some nice weak little bitch who peaked in NXT!
You're not sure how long you've been sitting there, lost in the whirlwind of thoughts and feelings. A knock on the door interrupts your solitary moment. Assuming it was Sami or Kevin, you rolled your eyes before realizing you didn't want to see either of them again tonight, or ever.
"I said I want to be alone! So go away!" you call out, your voice strained from the emotional outburst.
"If you're assuming it's those parasites you call best friends, you are mistaken, miss." Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion at the voice, and you stood up to see who it was.
The door creaked open slowly, and in stepped a figure you didn't expect to see- Paul Heyman.
"Paul? What are you doing here?" you asked, wiping away tears and trying to compose yourself in the presence of the unexpected visitor.
"I came to see you. May I have a moment of your time, please?" Paul's tone was calm and measured, and there was something in his demeanor that seemed earnest.
Despite your reluctance to engage with anyone at that moment, there was an air of sincerity in Paul's request that piqued your curiosity. You nodded silently, gesturing for him to proceed.
"I watched your match tonight," Paul began, his gaze steady as he spoke. "What happened out there was unfortunate, to say the least. But I must admit, I was impressed by your resilience, your determination to give it your all despite the circumstances."
You raised an eyebrow, unsure of where Paul was going with this. His presence felt unusual, especially considering the two of you never directly interacted much before. 
"I know we're not directly associated, you and I being on different levels and divisions of the playing field, but I couldn't help but notice something remarkable about your performance," Paul continued, his expression thoughtful. "Your tenacity, your ability to hold your ground, even when faced with adversity, it's something that caught my attention."
You remained silent, studying Paul's demeanor. His words were unexpected, and you couldn't quite grasp his intentions behind this unexpected visit.
"Forgive me if I'm overstepping any boundaries, but I believe there's potential in you that hasn't been fully realized yet," Paul remarked, his gaze unwavering. "You have something special, something that transcends mere championship reigns or victories," Paul emphasized, his expression earnest. "You have the ability to connect with the audience on a deeper level, to evoke emotions, to tell a story. That's a rare gift, one that can't be overshadowed by a single match or a title loss."
You blinked in surprise, not expecting such words from Paul Heyman of all people. His assessment of your performance and his acknowledgement of your capabilities left you momentarily speechless. You'd never imagined receiving this level of acknowledgment from someone of his stature, especially not in the midst of your emotional turmoil.
"I... I don't know what to say," you stammered, your voice wavering slightly as you struggled to process Paul's unexpected praise.
"Take a moment, breathe," Paul offered, a reassuring smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "I didn't mean to overwhelm you. I simply wanted to express my genuine admiration for what you showcased out there tonight. Despite the outcome, you displayed a raw emotion and resilience that's commendable. You have the fire, the determination, and a resilience that's quite admirable. But sometimes, in this business, one needs more than just talent and determination to succeed."
You frowned slightly, feeling a mix of curiosity and skepticism. "Excuse me, but what exactly are you trying to say, Paul?" you inquired, your voice tinged with a hint of caution.
Paul paused for a moment, as if choosing his words carefully.
"What I'm trying to convey is that sometimes, the most powerful narratives in this industry are born out of moments like this. Moments of struggle, of pain, of setbacks. Your journey resonates with the audience because it's real, it's relatable. You've faced challenges, setbacks, and yet you continue to fight, not just in the ring but against the odds stacked against you. And that's where true stories are born, in the depths of adversity."
You didn't know how to react to Paul's words. He was offering a perspective you hadn't considered amidst the chaos of emotions and conflicts you were dealing with, but why he was expressing this to you was still a mystery.
"I understand this might be a lot to take in, especially given the circumstances," Paul acknowledged, his tone empathetic. " But I believe that your journey doesn't end here, with this loss. It continues, it evolves, and it becomes something greater. It doesn't end with a loss, it starts with one."
You narrowed your eyes slightly, trying to discern Paul's true intentions behind his unexpected pep talk. His words were both encouraging and cryptic, leaving you with a sense of curiosity and intrigued. 
"I appreciate your perspective, Paul," you said cautiously, your voice tinged with a mix of gratitude and skepticism. "But why are you telling me this?"
Paul smiled slightly, his eyes glinting with a sense of intrigue. "Because I want to help you start your journey." He pulled out something from his pocket and handed it to you - a business card with The Bloodline's contact information.
"I understand you are old friends with Roman Reigns," Paul explained. "The Head of the Table. He's been quite impressed with your work, always has been. But tonight he would like to offer you something more than just admiration. He wants to offer you an opportunity."
Your eyebrows shot up in surprise. The idea of being offered an opportunity by your old friend Roman tonight was unexpected, to say the least. You glanced down at the business card in your hand, then back up at Paul, waiting for further explanation.
"Roman sees potential in you, in what you bring to the table," Paul continued, his tone measured yet confident. "And he's not just saying it as a friend-he is saying it as the Head of the Table, as the leader of The Bloodline. And I understand that the two of you have history, a friendship that predates your WWE career. Upper management might not believe in you, but Roman does, trust me. And after tonight, he sees that they need to believe in you too."
Your mind raced with a flurry of emotions and thoughts. The unexpected turn of events, the offer from Roman, the belief that someone like Paul Heyman seemed to have in your potential - it was all overwhelming, especially in the midst of your emotional turmoil and the fallout with your friends.
"I am gonna be really honest and tell you that I am bruised, I am beaten and I don't have the mental capacity to absorb all of this right now." You admitted,  your voice trembling slightly with exhaustion. 
Paul chuckled, smiling wide at you. This was going well.
"I understand. I didn't expect you to have it all figured out in one moment," Paul reassured, his tone understanding. "Take your time. Rest, recover, and if you ever want to explore possibilities beyond what's currently being presented to you, if you want to tell a story that truly reflects your spirit and resilience, give me a call." 
You stared at the business card in your hand, surprised at the turn of events.  "Think about it," Paul said, noting your contemplative expression, before nodding at you and leaving the room, leaving you alone with your thoughts.
You sank back into the chair when you were once again enveloped by the silence of the empty dressing room. You didn't know what to think, what to do, how to act. All you knew was that you wanted to go to your hotel room and sleep this day off. You sat up, grabbing your phone and checking it.
outgoing text to Seth <;3: I need you tonight. come over to my room?
You sighed, but your body was not surprised and too weak for you to be angry. You could deal with your brooding boyfriends self later. You didn't have the emotional capacity to baby him on why he should care about you right now.
You grabbed your stuff, heading out of the dressing room with a heavy heart and a weary body. Your uber ride was quick, and you finally arrived at your hotel room.
The exhaustion and emotional weight of the day settled in as you entered the room, the only solace being the relative quiet and isolation. You decided to take a quick shower, hoping that the warm water might provide a momentary escape from the chaos of the day. As the water cascaded down, you felt a bit of the tension ebbing away, though the emotional turmoil lingered.
After the shower, you slipped into comfortable pajamas, feeling the heaviness of the day sinking in. Your phone dinged with a text, and you picked it up, expecting it to be Seth or one of the girls asking if you were okay.
Instead, the message was from an unknown number, which struck you as odd. Curious, you opened it to read:
"Hey, it's Jey. Paul gave me your number. I know you was expecting Roman, but unfortunately, he's occupied right now. He wanted me to reach out to you instead. If you need anything or want to talk, I'm here. Take care."
You blinked in surprise at the unexpected message from Jey Uso. Why he might be reaching out on Roman's behalf was a bit puzzling. Why any of this was happening right now was puzzling. You didn't have the energy for this. So despite the curiosity gnawing at you, you didn't respond.
Turning your phone off, you snuggled into your bed, the warm covers offering you comfort from your pain. Your eyes fluttered shut, the exhaustion taking over, and soon, you were lost in the realm of sleep with only one thought on your mind.
You were going to get your comeuppance, no matter what. 
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Tumblr media
"Why do we even need to think of adding a new person in the Bloodline? She ain't even talk to none of us anyways." Jey sighed as he shut off his phone from where he was checking your Instagram, in anger or disappointment he didn't know.
It had been almost 2 months since you were seen in the WWE, and you never responded to his text message. Or, according to rumors, to any of the higher ups either. Apparently you told them you'd come back when you were ready, and left it at that, leaving them just as much in the dark as the fans were.
Jey just assumed that you were feeling overwhelmed or needed some personal space to get better and that's why you ain't respond to him, but after the first week he concluded you were ignoring him deliberately.
"Roman, she ain't even trying to reach out or nothing," Jey continued, frustration evident in his voice. "Paul's been trying to push her into this whole thing, but she's just ghosted everyone. What's the point of bringing her into the mix if she don't even wanna be here?"
Roman glanced up from the papers on his desk, his expression unreadable. He had his suspicions about your absence, but he chose to keep them to himself.
"Give her time, Jey," he said calmly. "If she's not responding, it means she's not ready or willing to engage. We can't force her into something she's not comfortable with. Trust me, I know how she is. She's like you; she moves at her own pace and needs space, otherwise that fire she has will simmer down."
Jey let out a frustrated sigh, tossing his phone onto the table. He understood what Roman was saying, but for whatever reason it still frustrated him not to hear from you. He never even talked to you-you shared the same circle but never crossed paths-yet when he saw your Instagram pics he felt a connection that he couldn't explain.  
"I just feel like we're all sitting here waiting for something that might never happen," Jey muttered, looking up at Roman with a mix of concern and frustration.
Roman checked his watch and leaned back in his chair, folding his hands behind his head, his gaze fixed on Jey. "Trust me, we won't be waiting any longer." 
Jey raised an eyebrow, confusion written all over his face before a knock on the door interrupted their conversation. Roman gestured for Jey to open it.
The door creaked open slowly, revealing you , standing in the doorway. Your appearance was a stark contrast from the last time they saw you—determined, your gaze steady despite the tiredness in your eyes, your aura a mix of confidence and vulnerability. It was evident that the time away had changed you, but in ways they couldn't quite discern.
You glanced between Roman and Jey, a mixture of emotions playing across your face—resilience, uncertainty, and a hint of determination.
"Y/N?" Jey exclaimed in surprise, his eyes widening as he took in your presence. Roman remained composed, his gaze fixed on you as he gestured for you to come in.
You hesitated for a moment but Jey closing the door behind you prompted you to step forward into the room. You were wearing a low cut black tank top, your hair pulled back into a messy bun, and loose jeans, a far cry from the glitz and glam of your WWE persona. You hadn't expected to come back just yet, but something in you told you it was time, time to face what you had been avoiding.
"Sorry I'm late-" You tried to apologize but Roman interrupted, his voice calm and composed. "No need to apologize. You're right on time. Take a seat."
You pursed your lips, sitting down as indicated, feeling the weight of the atmosphere in the room. Roman's composed demeanor didn't fail to remind you of the authority he held, even in a casual setting like this.
"I know I've been MIA, and I haven't been responsive," you began, your voice tentative as you glanced between Roman and Jey. "There's no excuse for my absence or for not responding to your messages."
Jey opened his mouth to speak, but Roman held up a hand, indicating he should remain silent for now. "We understand," Roman said calmly, his gaze fixed on you. "We just wanted to ensure you were okay. We know you needed your time. Are you healing up okay?"
You nodded, the weight of their understanding and non-confrontational approach easing some of the tension in your shoulders. "Yeah, I'm getting better, but it's been a process." You admitted, lifting your shirt slightly to reveal a faint scar along your ribs that made both men wince. "As you can see."
"Damn, Ronda really fucked you up, huh?" At your glare, Jey winced and apologized, "I mean, sorry. Didn't mean to be rude. Just saying, it's good to see you back though. People here missed you."
Roman inclined his head slightly, his expression unreadable. "Indeed. Your absence has been felt, Y/N."
You swallowed hard, feeling a mix of emotions swirling within you. Being back here, facing Roman, it was both daunting and strangely comforting. "I... I didn't plan on coming back just yet, but something made me reconsider."
Jey leaned forward, curiosity evident in his voice. "What made you change your mind?"
You hesitated for a moment, unsure of how much you wanted to disclose. You were close with Roman after all, not Jey. But something in his gaze told you that this conversation was one you could trust them with. Trust him with. 
"I needed time away, time to think, to heal. But something in me told me it was time to face things, to come back and finish the journey." 
Roman leaned back into his chair, his gaze still focused on you. "I'm glad that you're back, and I apologize that we haven't been in contact like we used to. Being the head of the ribal Chief comes with its own responsibilities, and sometimes that means we overlook things. But I assure you, you're still family to me. Which is why I sent Paul after you to make sure you were alright."
Your eyebrows shot up in surprise at Roman's words, the mention of Paul's involvement still puzzling you. "Yeah, about Paul?" you questioned, confusion evident in your voice. "He reached out to me a while back, but I didn't quite understand what he wanted. Something about an opportunity."
Roman nodded, a slight smirk playing at the corners of his lips. "Yes. I told him to check up on you, see how you were doing. But most importantly, to ask you about an opprounity." He paused, leaning forward, his demeanor shifting to a more business-like tone. "And that is to be my right hand woman." 
Your breath caught in your throat at Roman's statement, and you were sure that if you were drinking water that would have been the moment you'd have spat it out in surprise. "I-I'm sorry?"
Roman, to his credit, maintained his composed demeanor, his gaze steady yet filled with a hint of amusement at your reaction as he repeated himself. ��I want you by my side, as a part of the Bloodline. To be the right hand woman I need. You've got the fire and resilience that I've been looking for. You might have been gone for a bit, but it doesn't change what you bring to the table. And I want to make you start your journey and realize you bring the whole damn universe to the table."
You were speechless, your mind reeling from this entire converstation.  Being invited to be a part of the Bloodline, to serve as Roman's right hand, it was beyond anything you had imagined or anticipated. 
"I... I don't know what to say," you stammered, your mind racing with a flurry of emotions. "But.. I'm not blood like the rest of you. I'm not a part of your family, Roman. I don't know if I fit in with the Bloodline."
Roman leaned back in his chair, a faint smirk playing on his lips as he observed your reaction. "That's why I said my right hand woman, not my right hand blood. Like with  Paul, he's my wiseman and not my blood. You can be that, and so much more." Roman's words were deliberate, his tone holding a weight of certainty. 
Roman's words were deliberate, his tone holding a weight of certainty. "You can be the greatest woman's champion the WWE has ever seen. You can be the greatest asset to the Bloodline, regardless of blood relations. You can be the greatest woman to hold this position, all the power, and you don't need to be blood to achieve that." He leaned closer to you, his eyes fixated on yours, his words laden with conviction. "All you have to do is acknowledge me."
You breathed heavily,  were taken aback by Roman's sincerity and the offer itself. It was something you hadn't anticipated, especially after your absence and the confusion that surrounded your return. "But why do you want me?" You asked,  your voice a mixture of uncertainty and curiosity. "I mean, I've been gone for so long. There are others who could be much better at this role, much more qualified than I am."
Roman leaned back in his chair, a small smirk playing on his lips as he regarded you. "Even after all these years you are still as modest as ever," he remarked, his voice carrying a hint of amusement.
"I want you because you bring something to the table that others might not possess. I realized that in this group of men that I lead, I need a woman that can calm our fires and amplify our strengths, yet ignite those same fires when necessary. I need a woman that can command respect without uttering a word, someone who carries their own weight, and someone who's unafraid to respectfully challenge me when needed because I trust your judgement after years of friendship. You possess a fire that's essential for what I envision. You might not see it, but I do."
You were stunned by Roman's words. His perception of you and the role he believed you could play within the Bloodline were far beyond what you had imagined. The weight of his trust and the responsibility he was offering left you feeling both honored and overwhelmed.
"I... I need some time to think about this," you finally replied, still processing the enormity of Roman's proposition. "It's a lot to take in, Roman. I appreciate the offer, but you must understand that I need a minute to-"
"I understand," Roman interrupted, his voice gentle yet firm. "Take all the time you need. I don't expect an answer right away. Just know that the offer stands, and whenever you're ready to give me your response, I'll be here." He leaned back, giving you a reassuring nod that you delivered back. "Jey, walk her out."
Jey, who had been observing the exchange in silence, leaned forward and stood up, nodding at Roman. "Sure thing, Uce." He turned to you, offering you a small smile as he was a gentlemen, but his expression was guarded. "C'mon, I'll walk you out."
You nodded, feeling a mix of emotions swirling within you. Standing up from your seat, you cast one last glance at Roman, who nodded in acknowledgment before you followed Jey out of the room.
As you walked alongside Jey, silence enveloped both of you. It was a strange feeling—being back here, facing the unexpected turn of events, facing your own emotions, and considering the proposition Roman had offered. Jey seemed contemplative, as if he had questions but chose not to voice them until you were almost at the exit.
You blinked at Jey's question, taking a moment to process his words. "Why what?" you asked, slightly puzzled by his sudden inquiry.
"Why you?" Jey clarified, glancing at you with a mix of curiosity and scrutiny. "I mean, I know ya'll are friends, but you've been gone for a while. You've been quiet, and suddenly, the Tribal Chief wants you back as his right hand. What's so special about you?"
You paused, considering your response. Jey had a point. Your sudden reappearance and Roman's offer might seem surprising to someone observing from the outside. Taking a breath, you decided to offer a glimpse of your perspective.
"I wish I could give you an answer, Jey." You replied, your voice measured as you walked alongside him. "But I honestly don't know. This all happened so fast. One minute I'm trying to cope with my loss, and the next, Roman's offering me a position within the Bloodline." You looked at him quizzically before continuing. "Why do you think Roman offered this to me?"
Jey furrowed his brows, contemplating your question. He wasn't expecting you to seek his input on the matter. Nobody really asked him for his opinion within the family, but there was something in your gaze that prompted him to consider your query seriously. Maybe it was because you actually desired his opinion in a time where no one else did that slightly warmed his heart, but he’d never admit it.
"I don't know," Jey replied honestly, shaking his head slightly. "But Roman sees something in you. Something that he thinks can be an asset to us. You might not see it, but he does."
He paused, glancing at you briefly before averting his gaze. "Maybe it's 'cause he trusts you. Or maybe there's something you bring that nobody else does. I ain't sure, but I know when Roman makes a move like this, he's got his reasons. He don't just do things without a reason."
You nodded thoughtfully, giving Jey a smile as you processed his words. "Well, whatever the reason, I hope it leads to me seeing you around more often,” you added with a light chuckle, trying to ease the tension slightly.
Jey offered a small smile in return, though his expression remained somewhat guarded even though he wanted to be friendly. A nice pretty girl wanted to be his friend and all he was doing was analyzing her for answers on Roman. “Yeah, we'll see about that," he replied cryptically before opening the door for you. "Take care of yourself, okay?"
You gave Jey a nod of acknowledgment, appreciating his gesture. "You too, Jey. Thanks for walking me out." With a last smile, Jey watched as you left the arena, your beautiful presence disappearing as you stepped out.
‘Damn,’ Jey thought to himself, there's something more to her than meets the eye.’ Maybe he had underestimated you. Maybe it's worth paying attention to.
And maybe he wouldn’t hate getting to know you more.
Tumblr media
You winced slightly as you changed into your gym clothes in the locker room. It had been a few months now since you got hurt, and you were now cleared, but your body still hurt like a bitch.
It had also been a few months since Roman asked you to join the Bloodline, and you gave him your answer a few weeks later: A resounding yes.
You tried to acknowledge him in the confines of his office with the Jimmy, Jey and Paul with you, but Roman told you that he'd make you acknowledge when you passed his test and he would know for sure you were loyal to the Bloodline. Roman told you in the meantime thought to get acquainted with the rest of the members, and to start training with them until you were ready to be on TV again. Which led to you going to the Bloodline's own personal gym located in the arena and training and hanging out with the twins.
Jimmy was funny, cool, and always hyped up, and quickly took a liking to you because of your shared humor and your kind spirit; the two of you were always goofing around and letting loose. But Jey was- as you found out- a tough nut to crack.
It wasn't like he was rude- he never yelled at you or treated you poorly. In fact, he was quite respectful, but  but he had a guarded demeanor around you. He was more reserved, observant, and often seemed lost in his thoughts. You found it a bit challenging to get him to open up or engage in conversations beyond the necessary exchanges during training sessions.
It was like there was an invisible barrier that kept you both at a distance. You couldn't quite pinpoint why, but there was an underlying tension whenever you were around him. You tried to engage in conversation, crack jokes, or even just ask about his day, but his responses were always short and guarded.
It was like he had his guard up around you all the time, but it didn't make things awkward or uncomfortable; rather, it made you more determined to break through that barrier.
But it wasn't your own doing that almost broke through that barrier though. It was Kevin. One day, after a particularly tough training session, you were sitting on the bench catching your breath while Jey was nearby, lost in his thoughts as usual. You glared when you saw Kevin coming over to you.
"This is a private gym, Kevin. I knew you were stupid, but I didnt think you were illiterate." You spat at him. Kevin wasn't fazed by your reaction, instead coming closer to you. 
"You're right. This is a private gym for the Bloodline. So what are you doing here?" Kevin huffed at you. This had to be a mistake, there's no way you would join the faction that tried to take him out.
"I am here as part of the Bloodline. So you need to leave." You stood up, facing Kevin with determination in your eyes. The tension in the air was palpable, and it seemed like a confrontation was inevitable.
Jey, who had been nearby, observing the interaction, raised a cautious eyebrow at Kevin's approach and your response. He had seen you and Kevin exchange words before, and it was clear there was some animosity between you two. He and everyone knew you guys were ex-best friends, and Jey wasn't one to meddle in others' business, especially when it came to personal disputes, but something about this situation made him uneasy.
Kevin glanced between you and Jey, his expression morphing into one of disbelief. "You?" He scoffed, his tone laced with incredulity. "Part of the Bloodline? That's a joke, right?"
 When you didn't respond, he chuckled sarcasatically, like he couldn't believe it. "Are you kidding me? Are you stupid? Damn, I was right when I said that Ronda knocked some marbles outta your head. You really think that joining them is a good idea? They are nothing but manipulative shitheads."
You rolled your eyes, unamused by Kevin's insults. Typical Kevin, never congratulating you on anything good you do or are a part of. "You don't know anything about what's going on, Kevin. So just leave."
But Kevin seemed undeterred, his voice rising slightly. "They're using you, Y/N. Can't you see that? You're better than this. Don't let them drag you down into their mess. They'll chew you up and spit you out like they do with everyone else."
You tried to ignore him and go back to lifting your weights, but Kevin snatched the dumbbell from your hand, causing you to stand up abruptly, a mix of frustration and anger evident on your face. "Give it back, Kevin," you demanded firmly, your tone leaving no room for negotiation.
"Not until you tell me what the hell is going on with you! Are you this demented that you can't see when you're being played?"
"Seems like the only demented person here is you!" You tried to grab he dumbbell back, but Kevin held onto it firmly, a stubborn look on his face. The tension in the gym escalated as your argument continued, both of you getting more heated with your words.
"They are just using you!"
"Of course you would know about using people, that's all you ever do!"
"God, you are so much like Sami! So fucking naive and stubborn!"
The mention of Sami seemed to strike a nerve with you. You clenched your jaw, your expression turning stony as you took a step closer to Kevin.
"I told you that I'm done with you and Sami," you seethed, your voice low and filled with a dangerous edge. "So give me back the dumbbell and get the fuck out of here, and the fuck out of my life."
"Im just trying to protect you, damn it!" 
"She don't need your protecting no more, she got the Bloodline." The both of you turned at the sudden interruption, and you looked up at Jey who moved in front of you and was glaring at Kevin with an intense gaze, his tone firm and commanding.
"Excuse me? This doesn't concern you, so just leave us alone." Kevin glared at Jey, not appreciating his interference. To him, Jey was just another member of the faction that he despised and that was using you. 
Jey narrowed his eyes slightly, his stance unwavering and  his voice steady as he spoke. "She's a part of the Bloodline now, Kevin. It does concern me. Give her the dumbbell, and leave us alone."
Kevin stared back at Jey for a moment, his eyes flickering between Jey's imposing stance and your determined one, and you thought that a fight would break out between them, but eventually, he dropped the dumbbell with a scoff. "
Fine. But don't think that I'm letting them take you from me." With that threat, Kevin shot one last glare at both of you before storming out of the gym.
You let out a sigh of relief, feeling the weight of the confrontation easing off your shoulders. Turning to Jey, who was still standing in front of you, you were taken aback by the protective stance he had taken during the argument.
"Thank you, Jey," you said softly, grateful for his intervention. "I appreciate you stepping in."
Jey shrugged slightly, his guard still up but a hint of something softer in his expression. "Didn't seem right to let him get in your face like that," he muttered, his voice gruff but underlying concern evident in his tone.
You nodded in understanding, feeling a sense of camaraderie in the way Jey had backed you up. "Yeah, he's always been like that." You chuckled slightly, trying to lighten the mood. "Always thinks he knows what's best for me."
Jey's lips twitched into a small smile, a glimmer of warmth breaking through his guarded demeanor.  "Sounds familiar,"he replied cryptically, the corner of his mouth quirking up slightly.
He shifted his weight slightly, glancing around the gym before his gaze settled back on you. "You good?"
You nodded, offering Jey a reassuring smile. "Yeah, I'm good. Thanks again." There was a brief moment of silence between the two of you, before Jey cleared his throat, a hint of uncertainty in his voice as he spoke up. "Listen, I know I ain't been the most welcoming or talkative. Just... didn't feel like my place to get involved with your business. But.. I gotta ask you something."
You paused, curious about what Jey wanted to ask you. "Sure, what's up?" you replied, your tone inviting despite the underlying tension from the earlier confrontation with Kevin.
Jey hesitated for a moment, his guarded expression faltering slightly as he glanced away before meeting your gaze again. "Why you ain't text me back?"
You blinked, taken aback by the unexpected question. "Why didn't I text you back?" You echoed, surprised by the sudden inquiry. You took a moment to gather your thoughts, unsure of how to respond to Jey's question. After a beat, you offered an honest answer, wanting to address his concern no matter how embarrassing it would be.
"It wasn't intentional, Jey," you began, your voice gentle as you met his gaze. "Everything happened so suddenly, and I needed time to myself. I didn't mean to ignore you or anyone else. And Seth... you know my boyfriend, right?" Jey nodded, and you continued, "He saw it and kind of got...don't laugh... jealous about you reaching out, so he asked me not to reply to anyone outside my close circle."
You chuckled nervously, feeling a bit embarrassed admitting it. A boyfriend shouldn't have an issue with you talking to whoever you wanted, but Seth wasn't a good boyfriend, as much as you didn't want to admit it.  "I didn't want to make things worse by explaining, so I just... didn't respond to anyone. I'm sorry if I offended you."
Jey raised an eyebrow, his expression shifting to one of understanding mixed with a hint of surprise. "Oh." Jey nodded slowly, processing your explanation, a small smile threatening to break out on his face. He aint even do anything yet your man was getting all jealous. 
You spotted the smile and groaned, holding your hand in your face in embarrassment. "You said you wouldn't laugh!" you protested, feeling your cheeks flush with embarrassment.
Jey chuckled lightly, the smile finally breaking through as he shook his head at the sight of you being bashful. " "I ain't laughin', I'm just... surprised. Seth really got jealous over that?" He shook his head in disbelief before looking back at you with a more serious expression.
You let go of your face and looked up at him, shrugging and Jey felt his heart hurt slightly when your smile was replaced with a frown at the memory of your relationship. 
"It's okay, Y/N. You ain't gotta apologize. Don't worry about it. It's in the past." Jey reassured you, his tone gentle as he placed a hand on your shoulder briefly, a gesture of comfort. "I get it, you needed your space. I just wanted to know you were okay." Seth clearly wasn't a good guy if he was getting you all worked up like this, clearly not appreciating the literal goddess in his life that was you. Roman was right, Seth really was an idiot. 
You offered Jey a grateful smile, feeling a sense of relief wash over you at his understanding. "Thanks, Jey. I appreciate that." Despite the earlier tension, you felt a certain warmth in this moment of connection with him.
Jey nodded, a small smile still playing on his lips before that guarded expression returned. "Anytime. Just... next time, let me know you're taking a break, yeah?" he said, a hint of playful teasing in his voice before his expression turned serious again. "I'll see you around."
 With that, Jey nodded at you before walking away, leaving you to contemplate the unexpected exchange.
And now, you were getting ready to have another training session with him and hopefully break through his tough demeanor. As you were lacing up your sneakers, the door opened, and in popped  in Becky Lynch. You smiled at the sight of one of your closest friends, who was also now the Raw Women's Champion- you couldn't be more proud of her.
But that smile dropped into a frown at the sight of her in near tears, and when her eyes locked onto yours, they seemed to fill with more emotion.
"Hey, what's wrong?" you asked, concerned as you stood up and walked over to her, opening up your arms to her for a hug.
Becky rushed into your arms, her body shaking slightly as she held onto you tightly, her voice muffled against your shoulder. "I-I can't tell you."
You furrowed your brow, concern deepening as you gently rubbed her back. "You can tell me anything, you know that." You brought the both of you to the couch and sat down, waiting for Becky to calm down enough to speak. After a few moments, she took a deep breath and looked at you with teary eyes.
"You're gonna hate me. God, you're so nice and understanding, and I'm about to ruin it." Becky wiped her tears, trying to steady her voice as she spoke. 
"No, you're not." You tried to hug her again, offering reassurance. "Whatever it is, Becky, I won't hate you. Just tell me what's going on."
Becky pulled back slightly, her eyes locking onto yours, a mix of guilt and pain in her gaze. "Seth and I have been sneaking behind your back."
Your heart stopped and your mind went blank. You had a million thoughts rushing through your head, but you couldn't seem to process any of them. The silence lingered between you and Becky as the weight of her confession sank in.
"What?" Your voice turned cold but was barely above a whisper as you processed the words Becky had just confessed. It felt like the ground beneath you had crumbled, leaving you suspended in a state of disbelief.
Becky winced, her gaze filled with remorse and regret. "Yes, we've been seeing each other," Becky admitted, her voice wavering with guilt. "It started a while back. We didn't mean for it to happen, it just... did."
Your throat tightened, and you felt a surge of anger and hurt swirling within you. You had always supported Becky through anything and everything. When she needed someone, you were there for her, yet she betrayed your trust in the worst way possible. And she came in here and hugged you and tried to get your comfort when she was the one who caused you such pain.
It felt like a punch to the gut. You were used. You always gave too much and received betrayal in return. You pulled away from Becky, your expression a mix of shock, hurt, and anger. 
"How long?" The question escaped your lips before you could stop it, your voice barely audible as you fought to maintain composure.
Becky  sighed, her expression pained. "Please, don't make me hurt you even mo-"
"How. Long." Any traces of the kind, caring tone had vanished from your voice, replaced by an icy coldness that mirrored the betrayal and hurt you felt. Your eyes bore into Becky's, demanding an answer despite the turmoil of emotions swirling within you.
Becky sighed heavily, looking down as if unable to meet your gaze. "A few months. I'm so sorry, Y/N. We never meant to hurt you. It just... happened."
"You never meant to hurt me." you repeated, feeling a surge of disbelief and anger rising within you. "While I was dealing with everything, you and Seth... behind my back, and you never meant to hurt me!?" You shouted , your voice cracking with the weight of betrayal and hurt. The pain cut deep, and the sense of betrayal overwhelmed you.
Becky's eyes filled with more tears, her voice shaky as she tried to explain. "It was a mistake, Y/N. Please, I never wanted this to happen. I was just confused, and I know that's not an excuse, but I never wanted to hurt you."
You shook your head in disbelief, feeling anger and heartbreak intertwine within you. "You knew what I was going through. You knew how much I was struggling, and yet, you did this." Your voice wavered as you struggled to comprehend the magnitude of the betrayal. "You came to me for comfort, you acted like nothing was wrong, and all the while... this was happening."
Becky reached out to you, her expression desperate and remorseful. "I'm so sorry, Y/N. Please, I never wanted to hurt you. You are so sweet and kind, I didn't want to tell you because I knew how much this would hurt you, so I thought keeping it to myself would solve that, but I couldn't live with the guilt." She waited for your answer, but when you didn't respond, Becky paused, her eyes pleading for forgiveness. "Please..."
You looked up at Becky, your vision clouded by a mixture of pain, anger, and betrayal. Her desperate plea for forgiveness echoed in your ears and fueled your anger. It was rare that you would get angry, because you couldn't control yourself when it happened, but this was an exception.
 How dare she act sad when she 's the one who caused this pain? How could she deceive you like this? 
You stood up from the couch, distancing yourself from Becky, your eyes red with anger. "You're right, I am sweet and kind." You got up and closed the door, making Becky's eyebrows furrow in concern.
"Y/N, what are you doing?"
You ignored her and slowly made your way to her, and Becky could clearly see the anger in your usually sweet eyes. It was terrifying. She realized too late what you were about to do. "Maybe that should change. Right. Now."
Tumblr media
Jey sucked his teeth in concern as he made his way down the hallway, checking his phone to see if you messaged him back. You were 20 minutes late, so naturally he got concerned and annoyed at the fact that you were late. Maybe you and Kevin got into another fight? The thought made him walk faster to your locker room.
As he approached the hallway it was in, he heard banging and raised voices and saw  a crowd that was surrounding something. Immediately Jey realized it was your locker room and a knot formed in his stomach.
He quickly pushed through the crowd and saw you holding Becky by the hair and slamming her against the wall, anger etched deeply into your expression, and Seth trying and failing to separate the two of you. 
"You're sorry, Becky!?" You screamed into her face, slamming her into the wall again, punching her over and over again, the anger clouding your judgement. Your nails digged into her skin, and tears streamed down Becky's face as she tried to shield herself from the blows.
Seth tried to intervene, but you grabbed him and slammed him onto the floor, hitting him low before going back to Becky. "The both of you mean nothing to me! Nothing!"
Jey's heart sank at the sight before him. He immediately rushed forward, trying to pry you away from Becky. The look on your face scared him. It was a side of you he had never seen before. "Y/N, stop! Stop it!"
You were consumed by rage, blinded by the betrayal and hurt that coursed through you. It took all of Jey's strength to pull you away from Becky, holding you back as you continued to struggle against his grip, your fists clenched, yearning to lash out again.
You tried to claw at Becky, grabbing her hair but Jey quickly grabbed your hands and restrained you, trying his best to calm you down and keep you from causing more harm. "Y/N, calm down! Please, calm down!"
Becky was visibly shaken, tears streaming down her face as she held her head, the impact against the wall still ringing in her ears. "I'm sorry, Y/N. Please, I never meant to hurt you."
Your adrenaline-fueled rage had consumed you, and you tried to fight off Jey, but he dragged the both of you away from the chaotic scene. He had to use all his strength to hold you back, your struggle showing no sign of ceasing. "Y/N, stop, it's enough! It's over!"
The commotion had attracted the attention of security, who swiftly arrived to help Jey calm the situation. They assisted in separating you from Becky and Seth, guiding each of you to different areas to diffuse the tension.
You were seething with anger and pain, your emotions swirling into a maelstrom that clouded your thoughts. Jey kept a firm grip on you, trying to talk you down. "Y/N, look at me. You need to breathe. You're not thinking straight."
You were too far gone to be responsive to Jey's words. All you could think of was Becky and Seth kissing each other, betraying your trust, and the way they had deceived you. The hurt was overwhelming, clouding any rational thought.
Jey continued to hold onto you, trying his best to calm your raging emotions. "Look at me."
You were shaking with anger and pain, your eyes blazing with an intensity that Jey had never seen before. He knew that trying to reason with you in this state would be futile, but he had to do something to snap you out of this anger-fueled haze.
He grabbed you and hauled you both into the nearest locker room and sat you down on the couch. You were shaking and tried to stand up to make a break for it, but Jey blocked the door, firmly keeping you inside. "Y/N, listen to me. You're not thinking clearly. You need to breathe and calm down."
You glared at Jey, your chest heaving with anger and hurt. "Let me go, Jey. I need to... I need to..."
"You need to calm down first," Jey interrupted, his voice firm but filled with concern. You tried to push past him, but he wouldn't budge. 
Your hands trembled with rage, and you felt an overwhelming urge to lash out again, to confront Becky and Seth, to make them understand the pain they'd caused. But Jey's presence and his calming tone managed to break through the fog of your emotions, albeit slightly.
"You ain't going nowhere, Y/N. What you gon' do is sit ya pretty ass down and some deep breaths for me, drink some water, and try to calm yourself."  Jey instructed, his voice commanding yet filled with genuine care. 
"I can't calm down!" You shouted, the pain evident in your eyes as you tried to push him one last time, until he managed to gently restrain you, forcing you to sit back down on the couch.
Jey sat beside you, maintaining a firm yet comforting grip on your shoulders. "Yes, you can. Take deep breaths with me, okay? In... and out." He demonstrated the rhythm, inhaling deeply and exhaling slowly, encouraging you to follow suit.
"B-but they-"
Jey gently interrupted you with a reassuring tone. "They ain't worth your peace, Y/N. Right now, you need to focus on you. I know it hurts, but you can't let them see you break. They ain't worth it. You are worth more than that."
You took in a shaky breath, trying to emulate Jey's breathing pattern. Inhaling deeply, you closed your eyes and attempted to regain control over your emotions. Gradually, your breathing began to steady, the adrenaline slowly subsiding.
"That's it." Jey encouraged softly, noticing your attempts to calm down. "Keep breathing. You're doing great." Whenever the anger seemed to rise again, Jey would gently remind you to focus on your breath, guiding you through the calming exercise until your breathing regulated, and the storm of emotions began to ebb away, leaving behind a heavy, lingering ache.
As the initial shock and fury lessened, tears welled up in your eyes, threatening to spill over. Jey sensed the shift in your emotions and pulled you into a comforting hug. "It's okay, Y/N. Let it out. You've been through a lot."
You clung to Jey, the dam finally breaking as you sobbed, the weight of betrayal and hurt cascading out of you. Jey held you close, providing a steady presence and a comforting embrace as you allowed the flood of emotions to pour out.
"T-They fucking went behind my back," you choked out between sobs, your voice raw with pain and betrayal. "I trusted them, Jey. I trusted them with everything."
Jey rubbed your back soothingly, offering silent support as you let out the pent-up emotions as he tried to not get angry himself. He would defiantly be beating Seth's ass after this. "I know, Y/N. I know," he murmured gently, his voice filled with empathy.
After what felt like an eternity, your tears eventually subsided into soft sniffles. Jey released you from the hug but kept a reassuring hand on your shoulder. "You did good, calming down like that," he commended softly.
You nodded, feeling emotionally drained but slightly more composed. "Thank you, Jey," you whispered, your voice hoarse from crying.
 "I'm sorry you had to see me like that." You had an embarrassed expression, feeling a mix of shame and gratitude for Jey's support. "Now you know why I usually try to not get angry, cause I'm scared of what it can make me do."
Jey gently shook his head, offering a comforting smile. "Nah, don't apologize. I get it. You honestly reacted better than I would have."
At your hearty chuckle, Jey smiled warmly. "Hey, I'm being serious. If that were me, I'd probably have caused more damage." He chuckled lightly, trying to ease the tension. "But seriously, you did good by calming down. Shows strength."
"Yeah right," You retorted, grabbing the drink from Jey's hand and taking a long sip, grateful for the hydration after the emotional turmoil. "I felt like I was losing it back there."
"That's not a bad thing, y'know?" At your quizzical gaze, Jey continued. "Feeling your emotions, letting 'em out, that's normal. And I know you usually like to be the sweetest person in the room, but that's also letting people walk all over you."
Jey paused, choosing his words carefully. "Jimmy is the same way, y'know? He is the kindest soul, but sometimes folks take advantage of that. You gotta find the balance, Y/N. If you wanna be in the Bloodline, you can't let nobody mess with you. You gotta let your inner rage out, otherwise ain't nobody gonna respect you or see you as an equal."
You sighed, capping the water bottle and nodding slowly at Jey's words. "Yeah, I know. It's just... it's hard to find that balance sometimes. I don't want to hurt people, you know? I try to be understanding and kind, but then things like this happen." You glanced away, still processing the whirlwind of emotions.
"I know you don't," Jey reassured, patting your shoulder gently. "But sometimes, folks need to see that you ain't to be messed with. It's about respect, and right now, you need to focus on you."
You nodded, knowing he was right. You always tried to be the peacekeeper, but it was more of a weakness than a strength. "You're right, but when I get mad I tend to lose control. That's why I try to not get angry. I don't want to hurt anyone."
Jey gave you a sympathetic and understanding look. "I get it. But you gotta stop being this goody two-shoes all the time. It's eating you up inside. You gotta learn to stand up for yourself and let people know when they cross the line. That anger? You gotta embrace it cause it's a part of you.
You sighed, feeling torn between your innate nature and the advice Jey was offering. "I'll try, Jey. But it's hard. I don't want to become someone I'm not."
"You won't. I won't let you." You blinked at the kindness and conviction in Jey's tone. "I know I haven't been the most welcoming person, but that's cause I have trouble opening up to people. But I see you, Y/N. I see how much you care, how much you try. How you are loyal to the core." Jey paused, his expression softening. "And I know you'll be loyal to the Bloodline, right?" 
You didn't hesitate to nod in response. "Of course, Jey. Always." Despite the whirlwind of emotions, your loyalty was unwavering. "I appreciate you opening up to me, and I can promise you that I won't betray that trust."
Jey smiled, satisfied with your response. "Good. I need you to be loyal, because... I really like having you around. But I can't have you 'round if you ain't loyal to the family. And I know you and K.O got some history..."
"That's in the past." You interjected, trying to dismiss any concerns Jey might have. "Kevin and I have our differences, but I am done with him and anyone else that is a problem for us. I promise you." You gently laid a hand on Jey's arm, reassuring him of your commitment.
Jey stayed silent for a moment, staring at you as if he could see inside your soul, seeing if your words held true. After a moment, he nodded, a faint smile tugging at his lips.
"Okay. But it ain't up to me if that's true, it's up to the chief." You gave his shoulder a reassuring squeeze before his phone dinged and he glanced at the notification.
"It's the Chief, he wants to see you." Jey pocketed his phone before holding out his hand to you, helping you stand up from the couch.
You nodded, accepting Jey's assistance as you stood up, feeling a little more composed than earlier.
"Thanks, Jey. Walk me to him?" You asked, feeling a bit more confident asking considering he told you he likes you now. Jey gave you an affirming nod. "Sure thing. Let's go."
As the two of you walked through the corridors, Jey kept a close eye on you, making sure you were holding up okay after the intense emotional outburst.
When you reached Roman's office, before you grabbed the door handle, Jey grabbed your hand and spoke in a hushed tone, his voice serious yet supportive. His hand felt soft and comforting as he gripped yours gently. "Y/N, I got your back. Just be honest with the Chief, alright? He can see through lies. Just tell him what happened."
You met Jey's gaze, appreciating the sincerity in his eyes. "I will, Jey. Thank you, really." With a deep breath, you nodded to signal that you were ready to face Roman. Jey gave your hand a reassuring squeeze before releasing it, standing back as you opened the door and entered Roman's office.
Roman glanced up from his desk, his expression a mix of curiosity and concern as he noticed your state. "Y/N, come in." He gestured to the chair in front of his desk. "Care to tell me what happened?"
You internally winced at Roman's tone. You took a deep breath, trying to gather your thoughts before speaking. "It's Becky and Seth, Chief." Your voice wavered slightly as the flood of emotions threatened to resurface. "They've been... they've been sneaking around, behind my back. And I just exploded."
Roman's brow furrowed as he observed your demeanor, his expression turning serious. "Explain."
You recounted the events that had unfolded, detailing Becky's confession and the subsequent emotional turmoil you'd experienced. Roman listened attentively, his expression unreadable as he took in every word you spoke.
"And you lost control," Roman summarized, his tone stern yet controlled.
You nodded, feeling a sense of guilt for having lost your composure. "Yes, Chief. I'm sorry, I just... I couldn't handle it."
"No, you handled it perfectly." You furrowed your brow in confusion at Roman's unexpected response.
"Look, I am sorry for the emotional turmoil you are experiencing right now, make no mistake about it." Roman clarified, his tone softer now. "But this angry, out of control, fiery and real version of you is what I wanted out of you. What I am working to get out of you. Not the meek and docile version. That version isn't strong, it's weak. I want you to be strong. I need you to be strong."
Roman leaned back in his chair, his gaze thoughtful.  "I told you that I wanted you to join the Bloodline because I needed someone to be loyal, strong, and willing to stand their ground. You proved that today. I didn't ask you to join for a moment. I didn't ask you to join because I thought you were just going to be another face in the group. I asked you to join because I saw something in you. And what I saw today? That's what I've been waiting for."
You were taken aback by Roman's words, his perspective catching you off guard. You expected reprimand, not validation for your display of raw emotion. "Though attacking without running it by me is not the usual protocol, I appreciate the fire in you, Y/N. Loyalty and strength are the cornerstones of the Bloodline. Today is an exception."
Roman leaned forward, his gaze intense as he met your eyes. "But you won't do that again without my permission, you understand me?"
You nodded quickly, Roman's tone making the gravity of the situation clear. Yes, Chief. I won't let it happen again without your say-so."
Roman leaned back, his expression shifting to a more contemplative one. "Now, as for Becky and Seth..." He paused, his gaze piercing through you. "They've made their bed. But that doesn't mean we let this slide."
You swallowed hard, feeling a mix of trepidation and curiosity about what Roman might do next. "What do you want me to do?"
Roman leaned forward again, his tone low but firm. "Remember the test of loyalty, Y/N?" Roman's voice was a low rumble, filled with authority. "This is yours. I want you to observe them. Gain their trust. Make them believe everything is fine, that you've forgiven them."
Your eyes widened slightly at the magnitude of the task. It was a test of your loyalty and acting skills. "But Chief, I'm not sure I can do that. After what they did..."
Roman's gaze hardened, his voice brooking no argument. "This is a test, Y/N. You wanted to be part of the Bloodline, and this is what it entails. I need to know you're capable of playing the game when needed. You don't have to forgive them. You don't even have to mean a word of what you say to them. But you'll do it for the family. Understood?"
You nodded, albeit reluctantly, understanding the gravity of the situation. "Yes, Chief. I'll do it."
Roman leaned forward again, his tone low but firm. "I want you to show them where their place is in the hierarchy of the Bloodline. They've disrespected you and the family. At Elimination Chamber, I need you to take that title from Becky. Make her think it's a non-personal rivalry, make her believe she's going up against just another challenger. But I want you to make it personal. Show her the consequence of betrayal. Show her what happens when you mess with us. Mess with you, my right hand woman."
You wanted to argue with him, but the taste of revenge was bittersweet on your tongue. However, you couldn't deny the commanding presence of Roman's orders. "I understand, Chief. I'll make sure to handle it."
"Good." Roman's tone softened slightly.  "I want that title, Y/N. That title belongs with us, with the Bloodline. Show Becky why betraying the family has consequences. Make her feel it. And remember, this is only the beginning of your test."
You shot Roman a confused look. "What do you mean, Chief?"
Roman leaned back in his chair, his gaze steady as he regarded you. "Becky and Seth crossed a line, and their actions won't go unpunished. Jey will handle Seth at Elimination Chamber as well as the other competitors- Kevin, Sami, Daniel Bryan and Cesaro."
Roman gave you a knowing look when he mentioned your two former best friends. It seemed Roman had devised a plan, a grander scheme beyond just your personal feud. "But at the end of Elimination Chamber, you will understand what I mean. You will begin to see the bigger picture. This is your initiation into the family, and it starts with showing your loyalty and strength. Do you understand?"
You nodded, feeling the weight of Roman's words and the task he had assigned you. "Yes, Chief. I'll do what needs to be done."
Roman seemed satisfied with your response. "Good. I trust you'll handle this accordingly." He leaned back in his chair, signaling the end of your conversation. "I know you have a big heart. But trust me, this isn't about revenge. This is about power and control. This is about securing our dominance in this business. There are no good guys or bad guys, there are just humans who have been betrayed and those who betrayed. And sometimes you have to hurt before you get justice."
Roman's words echoed in your mind, leaving a sense of determination mingled with the weight of the task ahead. He was right. You need to be focused on what's best for you instead of what you think is right. Morals had no high ground here, only the will to survive and dominate. And you wanted to dominate.
"Thank you, Chief. I won't let you down," you replied, steeling yourself for the challenges that lay ahead.
Roman nodded in acknowledgment, his expression unreadable yet reassuring. "You're dismissed, Y/N. Focus on what you need to do. The family comes first."
With a nod, you rose from the chair, feeling a mix of determination and apprehension about the tasks ahead. You left Roman's office, the weight of his instructions heavy on your shoulders.
As you exited Roman's office, Jey caught your eye, and you shared a brief glance. He approached you, a serious yet supportive look in his eyes. "You good?"
You nodded, albeit with a hint of uncertainty. "Yeah, I'll manage."
Jey placed a comforting hand on your shoulder, offering you a reassuring smile. "You got this, Y/N. Just remember, do what you gotta do. Roman's got a plan. He's doing this for the family. The Bloodline. For you. You have to do whatever he asked of you. You have to obey, or you'll get hurt. I can't let you get hurt." It seemed like Jey didn't plan on saying the last sentence out, but he didn't waver. Instead he paused, gauging your reaction.
You nodded, acknowledging Jey's advice, and reciprocated with a grateful expression. "Thanks, Jey. I appreciate it, appreciate you." You thought of hugging him, but decided against it, not wanting to make Jey uncomfortable.
Instead, you gave Jey a thankful nod and a small smile.
Jey patted your shoulder once more before stepping back. You're welcome. Take care of yourself, alright? I'll see you tomorrow, we can grab some food. Lord knows you need it, I haven't seen you eat any snacks at the back." Jey joked lightly, trying to lift your spirits.
You chuckled softly, grateful for Jey's attempt to lighten the mood. "I'll try not to starve, Jey. Thanks for looking out for me."
He gave you a playful nod before stepping back, letting you proceed on your path. "Of course. See you tomorrow, girl."
As walked away, you couldn't help but feel a mix of emotions swirling within you. The weight of Roman's orders and the task at hand lay heavy on your mind. The idea of deceiving Becky and Seth, all the while planning your revenge, felt conflicting. But you knew what was at stake - your loyalty to the Bloodline and the need to assert your place within it. Could you really act like everything was fine when, in reality, you were seething with anger and hurt?
You spotted Becky about to leave, and decided you could.
"Hey, Becky!" She looked up at her name being called, and you approached her with a composed demeanor, despite the turmoil within you. She seemed scared when you came closer to her, as if expecting you to physically lash out again. However, you maintained your calm, albeit somewhat strained, composure.
"Hey, Y/N," Becky greeted cautiously, her voice tinged with apprehension.
You took a deep breath, trying to mask the storm of emotions brewing inside you. "I just wanted to say that I appreciate your honesty earlier. It took a lot of courage to confess." The words felt hollow leaving your lips, but you knew this was part of the task Roman had assigned.
Becky looked surprised by your response, her eyes darting with uncertainty. "I'm sorry, Y/N. I never wanted to hurt you. It's eating me up inside."
You gave her a small, forced smile. "I understand, Becky. I was angry earlier, but I took some time to calm down, and I realized that I appreciate you coming clean."
Your voice sounded composed, almost unnaturally so, as you forced yourself to maintain a calm façade. "Is Seth okay? I hit him when I was angry."
Becky seemed taken aback by your composed demeanor, but she nodded, trying to hide her surprise. "He's fine. Just a little shaken up, but he'll be okay." She paused, studying your face for any signs of the anger she had witnessed earlier. "Are you... okay, Y/N?"
You nodded, masking your true emotions behind a façade of calmness. "I'm fine, Becky. Just needed some time to cool off." The words felt like a lie, but you knew you had to play your part in this act.
"I am hurt, but you are one of my closest friends, and I don't want out friendship to end like this, Becks." You forced a smile, hoping it appeared genuine.
Becky's expression softened with a hint of relief. "I'm really sorry, Y/N. I hope we can work through this somehow. I hate that I hurt you."
You nodded, trying to maintain the charade of forgiveness. "I'm sure we'll figure something out. How about I ride with you to the next show tonight? We can talk more then, if you want."
Becky looked surprised at your offer, clearly not expecting this response. "Uh, yeah, sure. That would be great, actually."
You nodded, trying to hide the turmoil within you as you made plans to continue this act. "Alright then, lemme grab my stuff and we'll be on our way." You tried to keep your tone neutral, not wanting to reveal the depths of your true feelings.
Before you left, you walked closer to Becky and wrapped her in a tight but short hug, trying to appear as if everything was normal. "I'll see you outside in a bit, okay?"
Becky returned the hug tentatively, still wary after the earlier altercation. "Yeah, see you."
With that, you turned away, your façade slipping for a moment as you clenched your fists in frustration and pain. Unbeknownst to you, Paul was lurking in the shadows, reporting to Roman and making sure you weren't acting out of line.
"Everything's going to plan, my Tribal Chief."
Roman responded after a couple of seconds, smirking to himself as he laid back in his chair. 
"Good. I knew she could do it.  Becky and Seth are first, Sami is a non-variable, and mark my words, Kevin is next. 
Do you think she can follow through with our plan at Elimination Chamber, my tribal chief? Becky is one thing, Kevin is another.
A flurry of bubbles appeared on Paul's phone for a moment before Roman replied, his message filled with unwavering confidence.
"She will. Don't doubt your Tribal Chief. Y/N might have a big heart, but she knows where her loyalty lies. And soon, everyone will understand what happens when you cross the Bloodline."
And soon they will.  
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