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Charming Killer: 2
┍━━━━━»•» 🌺 «•«━┑
Pairing: Neteyam x reader
Summary: Neteyam confronts his fears of the scientists compound in his attempts to reach you. He’s all over you the second he see’s you and while you don’t really know what he’s saying it doesn’t fail to have an effect on you.
Warnings: I basically turned him into a cat unintentionally. 
Word Count: 3.8k
A/N: I did not proof read this very well cause I was working on multiple fics then realised I had nothing to post! She’s as good as it gets rn kids sorry.
Tumblr media
┕━»•» 🌺 «•«━━━━━┙
A week had passed since Neteyam had dropped you off at the laboratories on the outskirts of his village, and a lot had happened since then.
After Neteyam left, you were escorted into the premises by Max, who turned you over to Norm for fixing.
Norm had patched your arm up with gauze paired with a paste made from the wilds of Pandora, and he was delighted to finally put a face to the voice he had been hearing through the comlink for over a year.
The consensus from everyone was that you had been lucky Neteyam had found you. The bullet hadn't passed through your lower arm, and with a quick extraction, you were on the road to healing, surrounded by the reasonably happy group of rebel scientists you had been feeding information to from the compounds of the RDA these past months.
As your arm healed, you grew closer to Max and helped him run the station as much as he would let you when you weren't meant to be resting. This still left a lot of time in the day, so you started to shadow either Max or Norm and tried asking as much as possible about the Na'vi people as you learned the trades needed to keep the station afloat.
You had built up a routine for day-to-day life, and while it was boring, helping the native people and their planet is what you had risked your life for. It's why you wouldn't see Earth again, and it's why you were here.
The mundane work was mostly upkeeping the lab from weather and fixing any technical issues you were qualified for. Still, occasionally, Norm would let you discern things he had brought back from outside while he had been in his avatar. It made your heart sink as you knew that no matter what, you couldn't go back out there with the threat of everything being nearly twice as significant as you and twice as deadly.
Norm was actively showing off his hobby of teaching now, and it felt awkward to have this heavy feeling in your chest while Norm looked like a kid in a candy store as he held up the flower to you and pointed out the different attributes and what they were used for with a pair of tweezers.
You nodded and occasionally asked questions, but this quiet learning moment was interrupted when Max tore into the room with sweat running across his forehead. He must have sprinted across the entire compound.
"We have an issue", he finally managed to gasp out, and you immediately turned to Norm, who, as swiftly as he could, placed down the flower onto the sterilized tray behind him and set off after Max with you in tow.
"What's the matter?" Norm nervously asked as his eyes darted around, seeing the rest of the human residents were somewhat uneasily watching you three nearly sprint to the opening hatch that led to the vast plains of Pandora.
"Y/n, you've got a guest", Max coughed out with an awkward laugh as your eyes widened in curiosity.
Your trio rushed to reach the containment hallway, which was the only barrier between your oxygenated environment and the deadly poisonous gasses of the alien planet.
All of you were entirely out of breath once you approached the spot, and you could feel your arm cry out as you stepped inside the room just outside of the airlock.
Your eyes widened in happiness as you saw your savior awkwardly taking a device that was attached to his side and bringing it to his face. Neteyam took a deep breath with his eyes shut before his eyes fluttered open again and immediately found you a few feet in front of him.
A few scientists below him tried to advise him of a few safety briefings in Na'vi so he didn't go around smacking things over. Still, he completely turned a blind eye to them and he stepped over the woman who yelled out for him to come back. Neteyam happily ignored her as he shuffled towards your more petite figure with a grin. Norm and Max backed up immediately as the giant man came towards them.
Neteyam placed a hand on the roof to steady himself before he lowered himself to speak with you face to face. You smiled as his bright yellow eyes connected with yours, enjoying the familiar connection after so long apart.
"Neteyam!" You yelled out and leaped forward to give him a polite hug of endearment around his waist. Your touch immediately knocked the air out of him, forcing him to pick up the device again and lift the clear plastic mask to his mouth in order to get more of his indigenous air into his lungs.
After you pulled back, he responded by saying your name to you with a quirk in his ears as a sound in one of the distant labs caught his sense's attention.
You laughed merrily and then turned around to see that everyone was eyeing you both with astonishment. Perhaps being so friendly with the Na'vi had been a bit odd, but he had saved your life after all, and how were you supposed to know that this was the first time any of the scientists had seen Neteyam allow a sky person other than Spider to touch him? Even though on several occasions it was quite literally life or death.
"Uh, can you guys give us the room?" Max called to the other two foreign researchers in the room in hazmat suits.
They wasted no time in nodding and taking off, shutting the metal door behind them with the selected password to prevent any outbreaks. None of the regulars were used to seeing this son of Jake Sully's, and it was clear they were more than happy to steer clear from the hunter.
The silence that followed the departure was unnerving, and you felt the tension in the room spike as you spotted Neteyam's deadly longbow laid across the table behind him, probably at the demands of the other two who had greeted him at the door.
"So, uh, why are you here?" You asked, feeling the duo pair of eyeballs burning into the back of your head intensify as you continued speaking to Neteyam.
He understood your words and replied in Na'vi, which made you purse your lips as you nodded your head to show you had heard him before awkwardly turning to Norm, motioning for him to tell you what the boy had said.
Norm stuttered over his words for a minute before he replicated the sentence in English.
"He said he missed you and asked if that was a good enough reason", Norm's delivery lacked the mischievous twinkle in Neteyam's eye, but you paired the two together and grinned.
The warrior obviously had a sense of humor when lives weren't at stake, and it made you happy to learn more about the young man. He gazed around the room for a second before he seemed to register Max and Norm's presence, making himself nod at them respectfully before he returned to stare back at your body.
You were utterly at a loss for what to say. The angry man who had first seen you in the woods not long ago was banished from sight, and in his place was this smiley man that still had the means to kill you but had sought you out to simply say hello.
His eyes sparked, and he turned to his hip, digging his hand into a burlap sack he had attached there before he produced his closed fist and held it to you, watching your face peek in interest as his tail flickered madly behind him, hitting the metal walls.
You couldn't help the engrossment you felt, so just as Max was calling out for you to be careful, you pressed your significantly smaller hand into Neteyam's, and in response, he let his hand unfurl to present you with a gift.
It was a red stone that looked like a moving body of water had tumbled it for a long time. The rock shone under the heavy-duty lights above you, and with a timid move, you reached forward and picked it up from his hands, smiling as you thanked him for the gift.
He watched you admire it in your hands as you held it up to the light and stared at it in wonder. Neteyam could get used to amazing you like this.
He leaned one hand on his knee and the other on the floor to steady himself as he gazed at you with wide pupils that tried to take in all of your beauty.
You held the gift to your chest and bowed your head at him, delighting as he copied you without hesitation.
His smile faltered and transformed into an embarrassed throat clearing as his ears fluttered backward. He took his eyes off your figure and stared at the ceiling as his nose sniffed at the air as it had done upon his first meeting with you.
You thought back to the invasive manhandling he had done to you, and in response, you felt a heavy blush consume your face. You bashfully looked at the stone in your hand to avoid Neteyam seeing your face and reading your movements. You turned the beautiful blood-red stone over a few times before slipping it into your pocket and letting the weight drag the fabric of your pants.
Neteyam eyed the individuals behind you with a frown but chose to disregard them. He pressed himself closer to the ground to whisper something to you. He placed his head in front of your plunged face, which was determined not to look up to his eyes, and he softly mumbled something that made your blush deepen.
"Smell you?" His articulation was terrible, but the words still translated to you either way.
If he was being honest, the only reason he hadn't swept you up into his arms the second he saw you was because of the audience he was facing, but your fragrance was once again outpowering his freewill. He desperately needed to feel the fizz you activated in him before he went feral and ripped your clothes off to smell every inch of you.
You glanced behind yourself at Norm and Max, who were both still at a loss for words, but it seemed they were becoming more accepting of your friendship as you spent long minutes basking in one another's presence.
You swallowed nervously but nodded your consent to his touching.
His ears revived back up as he smiled smugly. He adjusted his body so he was sitting crossed-legged in front of you, his knees pressed against the sides of the short hallway, but he didn't care, instead, he focused on your facial expression as you very slightly looked to your left, allowing him a view of your neck.
He slowly inched towards you, giving you plenty of time to pull back and change your mind, but when you didn't, he moved forward, brushed his nose against your bare neck and rejoiced at the fact you still smelt just as strong as you did in his dreams.
He was nearly salivating at the scent, and he selfishly pushed himself deeper into your neck, letting his face push you around slightly while his body shivered at the properties of your touch.
He was doing everything he could not to let his hands roam around your body and investigate where you smelt sweetest, but his euphoric daydreaming was ruined by the sound of Max speaking to you in English.
When you answered back, he felt a sharp electric zap of possessiveness power through him. You were his mate, you weren't meant to be speaking to other men, and you were certainly not told to talk to other single men.
Neteyam growled something over your shoulder to Max and then picked you up gently and rose you to his body so he could set you on his lap. He placed your back against his chest and let his hands entrap your waist to ensure you kept still.
You yelped a little as you suddenly felt your feet leave the ground. Then you let out an 'oof' as Neteyam sat you on his thigh, allowing you to face the other men in the room as he mindlessly returned to bury his head into your neck, forcing your head to an unnatural angle as you nervously chuckled.
"Friendly guy, huh?" You asked the science geeks, but they were both looking at each other with scandalized stares, both more shocked than you had ever seen.
Neteyam’s grip on your waist tightened as he found a hotspot of sweat that was pooling in your neck. The sweet aroma nearly knocked him out with the jolt of pleasure it sent directly to his brain.
Max's jaw dropped while Norm let out an unbelieving chuckle, pointing to your two entangled bodies with an open hand and then back to Max as if to ask what was happening. If it was a competition between who was more aghast, you weren't sure who won.
"This isn't uh...this isn't a greeting used for friends y/n", Max tried to explain while beating around the bush as Norm was still unable to form a single word in English or Na'vi.
Your brow creased in confusion, but then you felt canines gently nip at your neck, and you squeaked as your hand flew up and grabbed onto Neteyam's forearm before you growled out his name in anger at his unchecked drunken actions.
Neteyam's hot breath fanned your neck as he grumbled out another line that nobody had translated to you yet, which worked to push you closer to the edge of frustration.
"What is he saying?" You asked as you squirmed away from his touch, only to have him drag you back into him and gently kiss your neck, making you scream as you let go of your motor functions and thrashed him off.
He pulled his head back with a scowl before once again he said something and let one hand off your waist so he could lightly pull your head back by your hair, allowing him access to freely rub his cheek around your jugular. You choked out at his harsh movements, but neither Norm nor Max seemed too concerned for your safety.
He rubbed his skin against your neck, and for a second, you swore you heard the deep rumbling of a purr thundering across the hallway, but Neteyam quickly cut it off with an embarrassed cough.
"He's uh, well, he's saying a lot", Max was even more flustered than you as he turned to Norm and nodded for him to take over the translation.
"He's trying to tell us to stay away, he's trying to scent you", Norm found his voice, and if you couldn't see the shock and slightly affronted stare he was holding with you through Neteyam's braids, you would have almost thought you were back in the lab and he was explaining the biology of the flower to again.
"Well, can you tell the knucklehead to knock it off?" You huffed with a provoked tinge to your voice as Neteyam let your hair go and returned to his original spot in the crook of your neck.
You would never admit it, not even on your deathbed, but the touch was welcome as his warm skin brushed against you and sent ravenous desire through your soul. The fact you had your colleagues standing in front of you as Neteyam touched you so intimately was really the only problem.
"Do you want us to lose a limb?" Norm tried to joke, but you didn't appreciate his humor.
The feeling of a hot, wet, velvety tongue being dragged from the base of your neck to your jaw made you whine, and the two older men's eyes snapped to Neteyam as you finally decided you had enough of being humiliated.
You ripped yourself from his grip and snapped your head to stare at him angrily, but he only chuckled and his deep voice rumbled through your core as another line came from his mouth. You had no idea what he said, but his hooded eyes and loving smirk tightened your core with a lustful tug.
You spun around again and let your rage spill over.
"Somebody better tell me what he's saying right now before I go crazy!" You yelled. Neteyam let his hands depart from your body and gave you the room to jump from his grip so you could stand with your back to him.
Norm stuck his hands up in mock surrender and shook his head.
"I'm not translating that one", he leaned over and smacked Max on the back for support.
The older man choked on his breath and stumbled to find the right words as Neteyam hungrily eyed your back in front of him.
"He's calling you his muntxa...his mate", Max looked fortified at his words and instantly dropped your gaze as you felt yourself cease entirely to exist.
You turned sharply towards Neteyam, and suddenly the gift, the smelling and the scenting all made sense. You could feel everything in you turn red with blush as you started wildly shaking your head and waving your hands above your head in an 'x' shape which yanked his wandering eyes back to your face.
"No muntxa! No thank you! Find a pretty Na'vi woman, okay? I'm not interested!" You shouted each word louder as if somehow he would be able to understand you if your speech became more pronounced.
"That's not how it works, you can't just turn him down" Norm tried to explain from behind you with an amused huff as Neteyam stared at your outburst in confusion.
He understood most of what you said, but why would you turn him down if you were his mate? There was no questioning that you were his because everything about you was made to draw him in, but it was clear you weren't happy.
His tail paused midair behind him, and he brought it forwards, testing how angry you were by letting the tip of the limb lay by your foot.
You stared down at his tail in curiosity. You let its presence leave your mind as you turned around and asked what exactly you had to do in order to get Neteyam to understand that you couldn't have been his mate because you weren't even the same species. But then you felt the whip-like extremity slowly curl its tip around your ankle.
You went to kick it off, but the tail only slithered further up until it was snugly wrapped around your thigh.
Neteyam's heart sang out as you looked down at the tail without movement, and while in reality, you were too shocked to move, he took it as acceptance and let his large hands creep over to gently grab you again.
"No, Neteyam!" You sternly yelled as his fingers barely grasped your waist.
He let out a long groan as if he were a child being denied a treat by his mother. He couldn't possibly see what the issue was. He pulled his tail back and spoke directly to the human men for the first time since his arrival.
"Why is she so mad, huh? Tell her I'm a good choice for a mate", he couldn't wrap his head around your stubborn unwillingness to let his hands roam where they pleased, and your denial was starting to vex him.
You listened closely as Max translated the interaction between Neteyam and Norm while they spoke to each other in Na'vi.
"It's not that she think's you're a bad choice, she just doesn-", Neteyam's impatience cut off Norm.
"Good, then she can be my mate", he truly saw no issue and was at a loss as to why you weren't all over him in the same manner.
Sure, you were human, and maybe it was odd, but over the week he had been apart from you, he had never felt so lonely, and that loneliness had fueled his courage to take his first steps into the laboratory. He wanted to see you and maybe even take you outside if that was what you wanted, but it was clear you were still getting used to him for now.
"Neteyam, she doesn't know anything about--", Norm was beginning to irritate him, and Neteyam looked over to you as he spoke his following words.
"I will teach her, she will learn", Neteyam didn't care if you didn't know anything. It wasn't of any issue to him.
He would have to protect you with everything he had to keep you safe outside. He wanted you close, and saving you would keep him busy, just how he wanted to be.
Neteyam left the conversation with Norm, much to the scientist's annoyance, and shuffled closer to you, forcing you to stare up at Neteyam as he stared down at you.
"If you want me to leave, I'll leave, but I won't ever come back and you won't see me again", his words were empty, and he knew it, but his hopes were that you wouldn't catch onto his poker face and you would answer in his favor.
Norm took a turn translating for you with a sigh as he knew that Neteyam was lying. The bond between mates was too much to abandon, and while Neteyam had clearly found his points of interest in you, it seemed to be that you hadn't latched onto any intoxicating part of him as quickly.
Your face fell into sadness at the idea of never seeing him again, but you drew your lips closed in thought, trying to debate what exactly to say.
Neteyam took your silence coldly and scoffed as he shook his head in doubt before he turned to leave, but you quickly jumped up and grabbed onto the end of his braid that had nearly smacked you in the face with his momentum.
"Don't leave!" You cried out while the men behind you gasped and quickly called out for you to drop the end of the knot, which you promptly acted in compliance with.
It was Neteyam's turn to freeze at your touch. You could feel that you had done something wrong, so you went to apologize, but when Neteyam's eyes met yours, it was as if he had love hearts in place of his eyes.
He went back to ignoring Max and Norm's attendance as he pushed himself to the floor and gently approached you with open hands so he could snatch you back up and return to his favorite place; your neck.
He didn't stick around long though, and after a quick fill-up of his addiction, he replaced you. He turned to Max to toss a comment at him before he stood up and jogged over to his bow before he swiftly departed as you called out to him, letting out apology after apology in fear it was your touch that had scared him off.
"I'm sorry! Look, I didn't know! Come back here! Ugh, you can't keep your hands off me when I tell you off, and then you won't come near me when I say I'm sorry? What is with you?" You yelled out, but nothing could stop the man as he ducked his head out of the door and set off to close the airlock behind himself.
"I'm confused, what did I do?" You cried out as you spun around, seeking answers, but Max only chuckled at you as he took his glasses off to wipe them on his lab coat.
"He's not mad, he said he has to go hunting for you, it's a Na'vi courting ritual, they bring you as much as they think you're worth in food", he acted as if this was a regular thing to say while you just shook your head in bemusement.
"He realizes I probably can't eat half the stuff out there, right?" You craned your neck to see the young man had already turned tail and was nowhere to be found.
"We'll have to see because there is no doubt he's coming back for you."
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tanith-rhea · 3 days
hii, I love your writing! I was wondering if you could do some fake dating for either Larissa, Miranda or Lucifer and female reader? :D You know the one where for some reason they decide it's good to pretend they're dating, but oh nooo they accidentally fall in love for real? 😱😏
Only Pretending
Hey, anon! Thank you so much for the request! I'm afraid it turned out bigger than I expected, I don't know what you envisioned but this will definitely be a multiple chapter one... Sorry!!!
Word count: 3k
Chapter Two
Tumblr media
"That's all for today, guys. I won't give you homework, so enjoy the break and prepare for the quiz when we get back. Remember, the winning team gets a homework-free week!" you waved the excited teenagers out of class. It was the last period of the day and autumn break was officially started. Many wished you good rest and some a fun Halloween, but there were always the ones who bolted right after you said they could.
However, some stayed behind, too entertained gossiping to pay attention at the hour or — which was the apparent case — complaining about their mother coming to get them for "Family Halloween Traditions". Wednesday and Enid were still sitting at their shared desk, Enid trying to convince her roommate that "it" could be fun if she let herself enjoy the festive spirit and Wednesday complaining she would only have fun when Enid arrived.
You thought they were the cutest pair. So different and at the same time sparking out the most unexpectedly similar sides of each other; Wednesday encouraged Enid's feistier side through bickering and teasing and Enid made Wednesday smile begrudgingly with her cuteness.
"I think it'll be less horrendous than it's been before at least," Wednesday conceded, "Some different faces of people I actually don't loathe being around."
"Exactly, honey bun!" Enid chirped, getting up from their class and offering her arm for Wednesday to take, "I'll arrive early to rescue you from your mom and I'm sure Principal Weems will bicker with her enough to make you smile."
Wait, Larissa would visit the Addams? For Halloween? You could swear she barely tolerated Wednesday's mother from what you've heard of their history at Nevermore. Morticia seemed all right to you and according to other teachers and old acquaintances, quite fun to be around, but the poorly concealed disdain that overtook your boss' face every time the woman was mentioned fostered a small uneasiness and dislike to grow on you towards Wednesday's (un)beloved mother.
"Hello, girls!" you approached the pair with the pile of essays you had to grade and everything you needed to not return to class for the entire week in your hands, "Everything all right? Do you have any questions?"
"No, Professor! No worries," Enid hushes to say, and Wednesday got up as well, linking her arm to Enid's, "We were just about to go. Happy Halloween!"
You were about to wish them happy Halloween as well when Wednesday cut in, "Do you have plans for Halloween, professor?"
Curious of her to ask. You liked to think you had a good teacher-student relationship, but the girl rarely seemed to care for pleasantries or chit-chat for that matter.
"Actually, I'll just stay at the academy and rest a bit. I love teaching you guys but if dealing with ordinary teenagers is already taxing, teaching extraordinary ones is a whole other level." It was true, the amount of trouble your last students could get into was only exponentiated when added to the supernatural abilities students at Nevermore possessed. It was also much more entertaining. Yes, you had to keep them safe and punish troublemakers accordingly, but you loved the thrill to discover just what mischief they had got up to again. The best one so far was when a vampire kid turned into a mist to sneak out at night and changed into their solid state while floating atop the lake.
“Mother is hosting a Halloween party. I believe she’ll only pester Principal Weems to go but you are invited,” she said in her trademark monotone. Why you didn’t entirely know.
“I think that would be a matter for your mother to decide, dear. Although I am honoured you’d like my presence, I don’t think I can simply show unexpectedly.”
“The more sane, competent women there the direr it will be for mother, I only figured you could help me avenge the inconvenience of her smothering motherly love.”
Wednesday was quite the interesting girl. You thought it did make sense she’d want some friends around to endure the celebration, and while you understood and quite shared her respect and admiration for the principal, you were touched to find she regarded you similarly.
“If I cross paths with your mother, I’ll be sure to ask her, can we leave it at that?” at the youngling’s curt nod, you saw the pair leave the room and followed behind, closing the door when you left.
You took three or four steps before listening to the click of very well-known heels. Your shoulders sank and you quickly prayed to any god that might be listening for patience.
“Hello, there, beautiful lady!” Razvan, the vampire transformation teacher stalked at you to accompany your steps.
“Good evening, teacher,” your voice was calculatedly calm. You learned your lesson on being nice to overly adorable and excitable kittens as well as their human-like form.
“I was hoping to catch you alone to ask about that coffee date I suggested last week,” he was smiling like a child on Christmas morning, waiting to open their presents, “You said you were too busy planning the homework you’d give the students for the break but now we’re all free.”
It was cute how he seemed to like you, but he just wasn’t your type. When you saw the tiny black cat at the quad a few months back you thought it was only that, a cat, which you petted and played with and fed because its appreciative meows were cute. When it turned out to be the very not-cat, very impressionable vampire transformation teacher, you wanted to smash your head into the nearest flat surface, so what if it was a stone wall?
“You see… I haven’t got around to grading their essays yet, so I’ll be busy these first few days. Maybe later this week? I’ll see if I can make time and get back to you, ok?” it was really difficult to just say no. You weren’t the most proficient at negating people even in normal circumstances; the fact that he was so clearly infatuated with you made saying no seem like kicking a puppy.
“Oh… that’s fine… I guess. What about tomorrow? Right after lunch? You can check your agenda tonight and I’ll look for you for the verdict!” with that he puffed into a bat and flew down the corridor like a drunk butterfly. Was he making little loops? You had to end this and soon, it was too cruel to keep it up and even if it’d hurt him, it was best than leading him on.
Later that day, you and Vlad sat together eating dinner. He was telling you about an interesting countermove a second year made to get a point on their opponent and you were only half-listening and humming when you thought it appropriate.
Larissa was at the other end of the table, rather uncharacteristically talking to no one and wearing a tight face as if her food tasted like lemons and green limes squished together.
“Something on your mind?” Vlad inquired, following your gaze to the headmistress, “Oh, wow, someone’s not looking forward to rest and relaxation.”
“Hm?” you looked at him and noticed he was also studying Larissa’s sour complexion “Ah, yes. She does seems really angry, doesn’t she? If I hadn’t seen it before I would almost say she’s pissed.”
“That is because she is.” He explained, taking a sip of blood before continuing, “Morticia Addams visited earlier, and by what I hear she quite smugly questioned if Larissa would ‘finally’ bring a plus one to the Halloween Ball they host every year.”
Oh, so that was it. You’d seen Morticia’s verbal sparring with the principal before; you attributed it to their past roommate status and the complications that may arise with sharing a bedroom for three years. You had also seen the bickering and teasing on parents’ weekend, the elongated looks in yearly student reviews and all the times Wednesday’s parents had to be called in because their daughter got herself into trouble.
You knew the story of Larissa’s fancy for Gomez when they were young, but you didn’t think Morticia would still be gloating twenty years later that she got the cake.
“And is she?” you asked, looking back at her, something in your chest making you feel cold all of a sudden.
“Is she bringing a plus one to the ball?”
Vlad examined you with those piercing dead eyes of his, knowing all too well why you asked, but respecting your wishes not to mention it.
“I don’t know. Haven’t heard anything yet. The closest person she had recently turned out to be a fanatic serial killer who tried to murder her.”
“Laurel, right? The one before me?” you were the second attempt at a normie teacher in Nevermore. You liked to think you were doing well, but few things could be worse than trying to destroy the school and everyone in it, so you couldn’t be always sure.
Vlad only nodded and went back to his drink while you lingered on Larissa’s face, then her hands, barely moving to pick at something on her plate.
The first day of break came as a welcomed cup of hot chocolate on a winter morning. It was chilly outside; some yellowed and orange leaves were stuck on your window with the early humidity. The corridor outside was so silent it felt almost eerie and gut-clenching. But you knew it could only mean one thing: freedom. Freedom from classes and teenager angst, freedom from having to get up and face the world. You could just get back to sleep if you so wished and boy that was quite something.
But you didn’t. In truth, the fact you knew most teachers would do exactly that, spurt you on to get out of bed and enjoy the entire campus at your disposal.
The kitchen was first. You made coffee with just this side of too much cream and stole waffles someone had made and left at the table. Then you went to the library and spent some hours in the lounge, readying cheesy romance and enjoying the sunlight coming through the big arched windows.
It was bliss, although short-lived. From the corner of your eye, you saw a small black cat silently but confidently making its way to you. The man shifted with a practised puff, almost like a magician popping into the stage from a cloud of smoke.
“Good morning, professor. I see you decided to venture around the school instead of having extra hours of beauty sleep. Not that you would need, of course,” he shifted excitedly beside you. You couldn’t mask the regretfulness on your face upon looking at him, and he realized it, mistaking your meaning and quickly adding, “Don’t worry! I’m not here to talk about our date. I said after lunch, and I’ll stand by my word. I just wanted to pop in and say good morning.”
“Oh... No problem Razvan, I’ll have my response by then, and good morning to you too. Have you been enjoying the time off so far?”
He seemed to brighten at your question, and although you were happy you could converse on something else than the blessed date, you were also fretful he would think too much of it.
In the end, he had something to do in Jericho and had to leave just a few minutes later, which you were grateful for. He was perfectly pleasant and even fun to be around but his lovesick eyes made your head pound in second-hand embarrassment.
At lunch, you and Vlad got together again at the gazebo in the woods. He slept through the morning, enjoying having the excuse to shift back onto his nightly routines, but not willing to fully shift or else he’d suffer to go back when classes started again.
“You will not believe what I’ve agreed to yesterday,” he told you in a voice that very much spelt migraine alert.
“Oh, Vladdy, break just started and you’ve already got yourself in trouble?” you teased, biting on your sandwich.
“I’ve got myself in trouble?” he asked, in an undignified tone “I’ll have you know that the person that got me ‘into trouble’ is your beloved Larissa Weems!” he pointed at your chest with an arched brow.
You looked around for anyone that might have heard him, no one was there.
“Hey, Vlad you know you can’t say that! What if someone tells her? I’d be out the door in no time, you know she’s especially strict with me!”
He just tsked and shook his head, “You are such an oblivious young girl, she couldn’t care less about you breaking rules. Besides, fancying your boss is not against any and Larissa’s just looking out for you because the parents pressure her into being careful after what happened.”
You knew Vlad had good intentions telling you this, but he wasn’t called every week, sometimes two times per week, to justify a comment or action some student or staff thought deserved attention.
Of course, she was always patient and never inquired too deeply into every situation but her cold demeanour told you everything you needed to know: she didn’t like you either, she just needed someone to show off when outreach between normies and outcasts was mentioned and you happened to be an overqualified and very capable chemist.
“But anyway, this is about me,” he continued, “and what I’ve agreed to is to pretend to be Larissa’s boyfriend at the Addams' Halloween Party.”
You were sure your jaw was on the floor. How had that happened? You knew Vlad and Larissa were friends for quite some time and very close for that matter, but pretending to date was just... another thing entirely.
“How are you going to do that?” you packed the rest of your sandwich, suddenly not hungry anymore, “Won’t they know you aren’t an item? I mean you know Morticia, and she knows you’re very good friends... To just start dating out of nowhere isn’t a bit suspicious?”
“She just really needs to give it to Morticia,” Vlad shrugs, a sorry half-smile in his mouth, “She asked me to her office yesterday night to drink. She was very upset by Morticia’s appearance and mean suggestion that Riss didn’t have a partner-“
“Of course she wouldn’t,” you interrupted, “She’s too busy being a badass successful woman at the head of a god-blessed academy!”
“Yes, yes, keep it in your pants,” he rolled his eyes fondly at you, “But she was breaking my dead heart and I suggested accompanying her. And first, she said it wouldn’t be the same, because we would go as friends and only confirm it to Morticia that Larissa was still alone. So I proposed we pretend to be a pair,” he seemed equal parts rather proud of himself and loathing his genius idea.
“I think it’s sweet of you. But I don’t think it’s going to work,” you said, not wanting to make him feel even worse, but enable to shake the feeling this was doomed to fail.
“Yes, I think you’re-“
“Professor!” a voice interrupted your friend’s comment and Razvan ran towards you, “I finally found you! I was looking for you to ask when we’re getting that coffee. I trust now you have my answer, correct?”
You were so full of this situation. Full of uncomfortable awkwardness, guilt and shame for playing with your colleague’s feelings, even if your intentions were benign. You had to tell him no, to say you didn’t like him that way. That he was too adorable and nice and you could never see him in that light.
“Oh, yes... about that, Raz...” you started, no idea of what you’d say next, “I’m sorry if I gave you the impression we could be more than colleagues and friends... but I’m-“
“In a relationship,” Vlad supplied.
“What?!” you and Razvan yelled in unison.
“C’mon, darling, it was bound to get out one time or another,” he kept going, the madman, “I know you’re worried about what people may think of her for it, but I swear Larissa is dying to go public.”
His maniac grin at your shell-shocked expression made you want to squeeze his neck until you heard it pop. It wouldn’t do much for him, but it would certainly be satisfying to you.
“Y-you and Principal Weems are together?!” the teacher was turning beet read and you had to give it to Vlad that it was a funny situation at least, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know! And of course, I understand why you wouldn’t want to tell me you were taken, that’s completely not my business... Oh my, I’m so sorry!” and with that he rapidly walked away, just shy of outright running.
“You little shit!” you exclaimed as soon as the other vampire was out of earshot, “What in the absolute heavens were you thinking?”
He was shaking with laughter while you punched his shoulder, which only made him go on a bit more before finally calming enough to talk, “You’re right,” he said, as if it explained everything, “I and Larissa aren’t a believable couple. But you and she are a pair one could easily sell.”
“What are you talking about?” you ran your hand through your face in exasperation. He was out of his mind, and now you were screwed if Razvan said anything to anyone.
“You’re here only a year. Morticia doesn’t know you and Larissa is comfortable enough around you to pretend to be with you. It might be even easier than with me because kissing someone after twenty years of friendship is admittedly awkward,” he reasons.
“Kissing some-? What are you even on about? I can’t pretend to be in love with her, you know I can’t! I’ll just make a fool of myself and let something slip.”
“Nonsense, girl. Let’s go, we need to tell Larissa about the change of plans,” he got up and held out his hand to you “And if she says no, we already told someone, so she’ll have to go with it.”
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halcyone-of-the-sea · 23 hours
Ur Price fics are so well written!! So glad you’re writing for other characters too ❤️
I’m hoping to request a lil best friends to lovers Soap fic who has been pining over the reader for a while and one way or another finally confesses and gets a date with her, and Price (ever the unofficial official dad of the team) or maybe even the whole team is giving him advice and teasing him like a parent/sibling would with their kid going on a first date !
I’m in love with all of them but in my heart of hearts I’m a Soap girl
Keep up the good stuff ❤️
His Wistful Yearning
Tumblr media
Pairing: Johnny 'Soap' MacTavish x F!Reader
Synopsis: Feelings are hard to hide, especially when the one person you want to be with happens to be your best friend. But are the larger feelings as unrequited as you think?
Word Count: 7.8k
Warnings: Oblivious reader/Soap, suggestive if you squint, angst, fluff, confessions, the rest of the 141 gotta step in, a healthy dose of banter
A/N: There was more angst in this than originally intended lmao oops. Hope I got his characterization correct...I'm about 50/50 on it tbh. May have changed a part of the request also. Anyway, enjoy, Anon!
*I do not give others permission to translate and/or re-publish my works on this or any other platform*
He couldn’t understand you – not even if he broke down his mind and laid bare the bits of his brain onto the floor. You were simply…strange to him. Different, not in a bad way, no, but entirely foreign to everything he had known about anyone, particularly, women. If Soap had been forced to describe you he would have picked only one word to grace the ears of whoever was listening. 
Pure, and good, and worth every drop of blood spilled to keep you safe. But the only problem was that sometimes you were keen on getting into more danger than the Scot believed his heart could take. Hell, it wasn’t like he was any better, though.
“Hot grenade!”
Your voice rings out over the hail of gunfire, and your hand briefly pops around the stone barrier of a house you were using as cover to toss the metal device down the alley. Soap watches with wide eyes from his own defensive position across the way, blinking away the dust in his eyes before a breathless chuckle is wrung from his lips.
“I thought ya’ told me grenades made you nervous, Hen?!” He yells, and a loud boom shakes the ground seconds later. The two of you briefly hunch over, curling into the protection of your geared-up bodies. Your head pops back up, and you look across the small space to see Soap’s sparkling blue eyes locked on your position. 
You can’t help the smile on your lips as a bullet chips the house’s corner – millimeters from your nose. Shouts and cries ring out down the alley.
“They do!” Twisting your M4A1 Assault Rifle and targeting the hostiles closing in on your position, you press down on the hair-trigger and catch the recoil. Along the stretch of stone and chokingly hot air of the enclosed space, you snap back to your hiding place after a few seconds. “That’s why I usually leave ‘em to you, Mr. Demolitions Expert! Not really my style, if I’m being honest, not when you’re around.” 
“Aw, hell,” Soap peaks around his wall, jerking back when a shot nearly explodes his head into a spray of red rain. “You’re makin’ me blush!” 
Your chuckle makes his heart beat faster and a feeling reminiscent of giddiness enters his veins. 
When you had been introduced to Task Force 141 two years ago, the connection between you and the Scottish man had been instantaneous – perhaps it was the way you tossed around jokes with Gaz, or how you pushed Ghost to his limits, but everything seemed to flow like water. Price had been thrown for a loop when you had managed to fit in so well with everyone almost immediately. The shared affection and soft spot for each other was one of the many aspects that Soap loved about you; nothing was ever boring when the two of you were together.
Johnny blinked back to the present when the last of the gunfire ceased. Your whoop of accomplishment made his eyes snap to yours from where he had been blatantly studying your face. You had taken care of the hostiles with little to no help from him. 
Shite. The mohawked man curses, watching you throw a smile he returned shakily before he watched you walk out into the alley. How long was I spaced out like an eejit just starin’ at her?
He grunts under his breath and shakes his head, dispelling hurried thoughts. His little attraction to you had been getting worse ever since he admitted to himself that he liked you in more than a teammate sort of way. 
“Keep it together, Johnny Boy,” Soap speaks to himself and turns the corner to follow after you, lowering his weapon so it hits his chest with every footstep. “Let’s just get this over with.”
“You’re muttering again.” Your voice carries now that the world is silent, and you turn around to glance at the Scot as you roll over one of the bleeding bodies. A positive identification needed to be made for the HVT that the two of you were dispatched to take care of. Price specifically wanted a form of confirmation of the kill. “You only do that when you’re distracted. What’s up, Suds?”
“Ah,” He plays it off, avoiding your gaze in favor of the other bodies – even if all he wanted to stare at was you, “Only thinkin’ about the shower I’m gonna take when we get back. I’ve got dirt up my damn undies.” 
A snort flies from your mouth, as you push over a slumped figure to check its face with narrowed eyes. “Hell, you can say that again…Check that body over there, would you?”
Soap does what you ask, kneeling down and flipping the corpse with a bullet wound through his neck with a heavy hand. 
The Scot's mind was conflicted. Never before had he had such trouble expressing himself to someone; he used to be able to pick up mostly anyone when he walked into a bar and had confidence that showed with every step. But since you had shown up all of that had halted. No one could compare to you. Your smile, your laugh. The look on your face when you pinned him in drills for the first time…So why couldn’t he just tell you? 
He had tried before – about a year back on an Op in Nepal when you were sharing a room for the night. At the last second, he had chickened out, his face beat red and mouth stuttering more than when he was fifteen confessing to his school crush. Safe to say he had just decided to stuff the emotions down and try to ignore them, I mean, he didn’t even know if you felt the same anyways. 
It could ruin everything.
“-Johnny!” Your yell once more rips him to reality.
“A-aye?” He coughs, quickly standing and feeling the heat creep up his cheeks. “It’s not him.” His boot lightly brushes the body at his side. God, he was making a fool of himself.
Your eyes zero in on him, orbs flicking over his stubble and the scar on his chin as if you could peel his skin and discover his secrets. 
“You’re acting weird, man.” Scrunching your face, you run over his body, looking for injuries and trying to ignore the heat that swells in your stomach as you watch sweat run down Soap’s toned biceps. “Are you hit? You better not be hiding something like that from me or I swear to–”
“Steamn’ Jesus, Hen.” Soap groans, tossing his head back and trying to get rid of the tension in his shoulders. Just keep it normal. “What do I look like? A damn bairn?”
“Well, you look like something.” You mutter under your breath, teasing, as your eyes roll. 
With a flick of your wrist, you push over one more dead person and find the target, taking a patch from her vest and smirking at Soap as he glares lightly at you.
“That hurt, Hen. Truly. Can’t you see the way my eyes are watering?”
“Maybe if you stepped into the shade it would fix your problem, there, Bud.” Standing, you toss the patch Johnny’s way as he catches it effortlessly. “It’s kind of how the sun works if you stare at it for too long…I bet you did that a lot as a kid, huh? It would explain your piss poor aim.”
Giggling, you rush past him before he can hurriedly snatch at your arm, darting down the alley like a bird after a bug. Laughter bounces off the walls and through the empty houses, blood and sweat coating the both of you, but neither seemed to care.
“Oh, Bonnie,” Your ears twitch as he calls out to you, and Soap watches your back with a smirk of his own growing on his lips as you throw a look over your shoulders. He shifts his gun so the strap leaves it resting on his back. “Now you’re in for it.” 
He takes off, boots slamming to the ground and shifting dust as his legs propel him forward. 
The two of you dash through abandoned streets, and your feet hop overthrown trash cans and debris, racing with a full heart and stuttering lungs. A smile so large split your face that you were worried your lips might crack when you heard approaching calls from behind. Squealing, you doge a hand that swipes at the back of your neck and take a sharp corner at the last second; boisterous laughter flying into the sky. 
For such a big guy, he sure was quick. 
“Gonna have to be quicker than that, Johnny!” You shout.
“You’re a damn jackal, Little Lady!” The extraction point is halfway across the city – a two-hour walk from the abandoned section you once were in. 
But the two of you were too oblivious and caught in each other's presence to care about the strain on your already tired bodies. If this continued as it was, you both would most likely be there in no time at all.
This is dangerous, your mind tells you what it usually does. If I get distracted that easily by him… Your eyebrows turn in, but the man gaining on you is blind to it. In your mind the decision was already made up; nothing could come of this attraction you felt for Johnny. Hell, you didn’t even know if he felt the same about you! 
Unknowingly, your pace began to slow.
“Got ya!’” A hand lands on your shoulder, firm and unrelenting but in no way painful.
Gasping, your eyes go wide, momentum momentarily carrying you forward until a chest connects with your back. The previous, and more serious, thoughts are forgotten for a moment in favor of the heat rising to your face. 
“Soap!” You grunt, trying to shimmy out of his grasp as he picks you lightly off the ground. Your feet dangle comedically, but your mind blanks at the press of his warm skin over your body, mouth lightly opening at the way he keeps you so close; his grip that leaves your pupils dilating despite your best efforts. Shaking your head, you continue with only a half-serious snarl. “Put me down! You smell like a dog that just took a bath in its own vomit!” 
“If you’re going to continue with the insults today, Princess, I’m just gonna keep you up here with me, yeah? Carry you ‘round like a wee babe.” Johnny’s arms tighten for emphasis and his deep chuckle vibrates against your back. If he didn’t quit this, you just might do something you’d regret.
But that wasn’t to say you weren’t having fun. 
Giggles fall from your lips as Soap begins to walk forward, taking you along with him and having no trouble keeping you off the ground. 
“Well, you better hurry up then.” You tilt your head to the side and nearly knock noses with him. 
Your breath stills, body becoming tense as Soap’s steps falter before continuing as if his heart wasn’t suddenly running rampant in his ribcage. Gasping lightly, you focus on the sparkling embers in the man’s eyes, blue so bright it was comparable to sapphire and perhaps even more pretty. Air seems hard to come by, and his grip around you tightens as your gazes stay locked in a battle of intimacy, neither of you seemingly is able to look away as your breaths puff against each other's cheeks. His warmth bleeds into your own like a great infection of touch and at that moment you long for his fingers in your flesh and digging into your clothes.
The Sergeant’s eyelids blink rapidly, and as his mind blanks, he only has the strength to turn his head away quickly before you can see the growing red on his cheeks and neck. But he couldn’t help the way his eyes had flashed to your lips before he did. A slight pang enters your heart, mistaking the action for something else. 
“D-don’t want to be late,” Your lips fly, stuttering before you clear your throat. The situation you were both in quickly became awkward, “Price said to be there at 1700.” 
“Right. Yeah.” Johnny quickly releases you and plants your feet on the ground before speeding past, itching at the shaved portion of his head with shaky fingers. “Shouldn’t keep the Heli waiting, eh?”
Stumbling, you stare for a moment before frowning. Taking a deep breath you look to the side with self-resentment in your veins. 
Soap’s friendship was incredibly precious to you – the man had been there through so much. Bullet wounds, Base attacks, he was there when you had broken your arm and helped you make dinner so you wouldn’t strain yourself. In all senses the two of you were best friends; you would do anything for one another. But lately, there had been tension in the air whenever you were with one another, something staining the oxygen that gets sucked into your lungs like lead. You didn’t know how to fix it – and as you watched Soap hastily turn a corner and disappear you feared it would never go away. 
Johnny internally cursed himself. 
“Git,” He hisses under his breath, resisting the urge to turn around and shove his lips to yours as he hears your hesitant footsteps following behind him. “Fucken’ git.” 
This was a lot harder to hide than he wanted to admit. 
The flight back to Base was silent. 
Your fingers were tight over the seatbelt when the shaking of the helicopter finally ceased; quickly releasing before jumping out of the hull. With hair whipping around your head, you and Soap made your way to the building and off the Tarmac. 
“Don’t suppose you can cover for me with Price?” You turn around and raise a brow at the Scot – trying to act like everything’s normal by plastering on a smile. “I need to go find Gaz and give him back his Med Container.”
Soap rises a dark brow, confusion swirling in his eyes. “Now why would you have Garrick’s Med Container?”
Against his better judgment, something akin to jealousy began to rear its head behind the man’s skull. 
Stop it. The Sergeant takes a breath. That’s not your place.
“I misplaced mine a little while back,” You admit as you keep pace with him. “Gaz was kind enough to lend me his for a little while until I get a new one.” 
“Aye, then,” He says, nodding down at you with soft eyes, “I’ll tell Price. No biggie,” Soap points a gloved finger down at you. “But don’t think I’ll be letting this slide – you owe me dinner tonight if I have to deal with the Old Man alone.”
Your face freezes and you quickly look at the ground. As if you had just realized something that you had forgotten about in the sections of your mind not reserved for fawning over the man beside you.
Shit. In your head, your brain flies, coming up with dates and times. I completely forgot about that…Fuck!
Johnny’s eyes widened, thinking maybe he said something wrong as his head tilted. He was just about to ask what was wrong before you spoke first with quick words; leaving Soap open-mouthed and tongue ready to flap.
“Tonight…I actually,” You’re stuttering, and Soap’s eyes dig into you as you awkwardly fix the position of your gun around your chest. “I have that date with that guy from the gym, erm, Percy Whit. I-I forgot about it.”
The hair on the back of his neck stands up, and he swears he stopped breathing for a moment. 
“A…date?” Soap repeats, heart hammering in his chest. He suddenly clears his throat to dispel the mucus in his throat, feeling his face clear of blood. “Tonight…?”
“I hope you don’t mind,” You say, placing a hand on his arm. Johnny has to hide the pain that threatens to screw his features, lips pulling thin and eyes slightly narrowed; dread took root in his stomach. “I can make dinner tomorrow for both of us! How about something from your home? A family recipe or something? I remember how you keep telling Simon you miss your mother’s cooking.”
This was it. He had missed his chance all because he was too chicken to confess to you how he felt. God, how stupid could he be? Or course you hadn’t just stuck around and waited for him to tell you. Soap’s feet jerkily carry him onwards to the front door of the building as your fingers tighten around his bicep, confused at his lack of response. His skin is tense under your touch. 
Hell, could the man live with himself if you got together with another person? He could hardly live like this now, but what could he do? 
Maybe…Ah, Jesus, she doesn’t even like me like that at all. 
“Yeah, Hen,” He grunts out, placing his hand over your own and squeezing lightly before pulling you off of him. “That sounds great. Tomorrow it is. You tell me how that date goes, okay?” 
Soap scurries onward and opens the door first, sneaking inside as you come to a halt. You didn’t have to go in there – Gaz’s barrack room was a short walk away in another building, but internally you wanted to. 
“...Alright…” You say into the open air, confused and a little hurt as to why you were suddenly being left behind all the time. 
Your eyes narrow on the metal door with sadness. This wasn’t like the boisterous and confident man you knew at all. He had hardly made any jokes at all with you during the Op.
You had been asked on a date a week ago, and, in a desperate attempt to push the feelings for the Sergeant out of your consciousness, you had agreed immediately. A little selfish, perhaps, and certainly immature, but there was too much at stake. It was better to act like nothing was really going on.  
A two-year friendship as close as the one that lived between you and Johnny was not something you wanted to lose under any circumstance. 
And there was just no way he felt the same as you did. 
With a heavy weight on your chest, you nod your head while staring at the ground, clenching your jaw before turning away. Itching at your cheek, your gear suddenly felt ten times heavier now that you thought about it. Grunting, a foreboding emotion takes hold in your chest, following you like a cloud and pouring water over your head in unrelenting bouts of weather; it flashes lightning every once and a while. Where you should have been looking forward to going on a date, you just couldn’t find it in you to care. 
The man, Percy Wit, was a stranger you met on chance in the Base’s gym. He could never be Johnny – he could never replace the Scot no matter how much you prayed he would. 
This damn crush is ruining everything. I can barely think straight anymore; it’s like I’m a damn rookie again! Two years and one would think I’d be over him by now. Damn him. Damn his stupidly handsome face and built body! This is bullshit.
Stomping to the barracks, you huff under your breath when you imagine how it felt to be in his arms, his grip around you and keeping you tight to his chest. How he would always make you smile and laugh, even on your worst days, able to bring you comfort. He laughed when you teased him; never got angry or yelled at you. Johnny was an utter gentleman – he never complained when you asked him to cook for you, or if you bribed him to do your laundry because you were tired. Frowning, you pull at your shirt, trying to dispel the heat of your skin as you remembered his stubble itching along your exposed neck when he had caught you. The strength of his form and his fingertips spread out over your abdomen. 
Your lungs are tight; body singing with pulsing nerves.  
“Fuck,” You come to a halt in the tiled hallway, tilting your head to the ceiling and wrenching your eyes shut before shouting. “Fuck!”
Your voice echoes off into the distance. 
Price was staring at him. 
Johnny’s feet shuffle on the ground as the Captain’s gaze continues to bore into him from behind the desk, the lids narrowed as his eyes flicker over the Scot’s visage. Soap clears his throat as the office lights flicker overhead.
“Erm, Sir?” He had only just explained the details of the mission out loud for recording purposes, but when Price’s finger had pressed down on the pause button he had halted. His dark eyebrows furrowed in confusion as the leader of 141 placed his hands on his desk, rising to stand. “Price?” Soap tries again, “Damn, man, do you need me to get a medic or somethin’ – you’re freakin’ me out.”
The Captain just goes and stands in front of his mahogany table and leans back into it, sighing deeply as he goes and crossing his arms over his chest. A moment of tense silence passes before the bearded man speaks. When he does, Soap is nearly sweating bullets.
“You’re about as obvious as a bullet in a man's head, you are, son.” Price grunts out, shaking his head in an almost sympathetic manner.
Johnny blinks in surprise, his skull tilting. But in his chest, his lungs tense, churning in his gut already alerting him to the conversation that had just started with the man he looked up to and respected with every fiber of his being.
“I…I’m sorry, Sir?” Just play dumb.
“The girl, MacTavish,” His Captain raises a brow, a deadpan look forming on the Brit’s face that makes the Scot cringe. “The only one who hasn’t noticed is her. Bless the poor thing, she’s just about as fucken’ hopeless as you.” He mutters the last sentence under his breath and runs a hand over his beard as a tired father would. 
Johnny's heart is going a mile-a-minute in his ribcage, bursting at the seams with anxiety. 
Shite. He thinks as his hands clench at his sides, looking anywhere but at the dead-faced man ahead of him. Was it really that obvious to everyone? How long have the boys known?
That thought alone is enough to raise a blush to his cheeks and neck, sneaking under his stubble and turning his ears a bright red. Coughing to dispel the tension in his throat, Soap composes himself enough to respond and hopefully salvage his self-respect.
“Price,” He begins, “I don’ know what you’re implying, but I–”
“Everyone bloody knows, Soap.” He gets interrupted by the man across the room, fed-up with this damn game that’s been going on. “Laswell even caught on and she’s barely here. If you’re going to lie to me, Sergeant,” Price’s face darkens, “At least try and make it believable, Yeah?”
Johny’s jaw clicks as he clenches it shut, once more feeling his feet shuffle over the floor. 
“...It’s under control, Sir.” Is all he can say, biceps writhing as his muscles tense. “Nothin’ to worry about.” The Captain’s eyes narrow, gray color becoming even more shrouded by his lids. 
Grunting, the man’s fingers move over his crossed arms, tapping the skin. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that there were most likely a million different things Price needed to get done today, and as the clock continued on, this certainly wasn’t the best use of his time. But Soap was just surprised that his Captain was asking about this at all. 
“My job is to worry, MacTavish,” He says, “And you certainly don’t have it under control. You’ve been distracted for months – missin’ easy shots, bloody lookin’ at her like a kicked puppy when she walks by. Fuckin’ hell, son, you’ve been glancing at your side like she’s in the room with us right now.” 
Swallowing, Soap looks at his feet, not able to stand the heavy glare of Price for a moment longer. 
I never realized it had gotten that bad. 
“The girl’s not any better. Either the two of you get this sorted, or I’m puttin’ the both of you on leave. Can’t have two love-struck Muppets running around in the field poppin’ off shots because their heads are in the damn clouds like horny teenagers.”
Johnny’s head snaps up; pulse striking like lightning. If he was telling the truth, anything after the first grumbled sentence was lost to him.
“What do ya’ mean she’s not any better?”
Price levels him with a deep glare, but in his eyes, a level of absolute bafflement lives in his slightly parted lips – the Scot had to be joking with him. It was almost enough to get a laugh out of the older man, but he settled on a chest-rattling, accusatory, chuckle instead.
“Bloody fuckin’ hell, Sergeant…You’re tellin’ me you haven't noticed, eh?”
Soap gnashes his teeth, getting defensive at the tone and rolling his shoulders; he splays his hands out in a gesture of surrender. This was getting old very quickly.
“I don’ fucken’ know what you’re talkin’ about, man. Damn word games are gonna make my head turn into a pile of mush at the rate you’re goin'. Now, what the hell are you sayin’ about the Hen not being any better? I’m about fed up.”
A moment of tense silence falls as Price flattens his lips, itching at his beard.
“Y’know,” The man begins, “For all the time you watch her, I’d have thought you would catch on quicker.” 
Placing a hand to his forehead, Johnny growls out, “That’s not what I–”
“She feels the same way as you, son, yeah? Hell, you’re the only one blind to it…Bloody made for each other.”
You pulled the dress on with tense fingers.
It was a casual piece of clothing – nothing more than a flowing piece of thick cotton cloth accompanied by a nice sweater over top to keep the chill out. Percy had said he was going to take you for a walk after dinner, so you thought it best to at least put another layer on. 
But you were already having second thoughts. 
Is this really what I want? You ask yourself as you stare at your reflection in the mirror of your room, face pulled back and stiff.
“No,” You answer aloud, “But I can’t stay hung up on Soap for the rest of my life.”
Oh, but you wanted to. You wanted his arms around you at night, heating you up with that furnace of a body as he lay on top of you; running your fingers through his hair and pulling gentle whines from his lips.
Shaking your head, you go to grab your purse and open the door to the hallway, shuffling out before turning around to lock it with your key. Sighing heavily, you mentally prepare yourself before looking forward.
Your feet stall – someone at the end of the hallway gives you pause as your autumn boots squeak over the tile. Raising a brow you find the imposing figure of your Captain making his way toward you. His form is quick moving, straight as a rod, but looking quite smug with himself for some reason.
“Price?” Your voice rises in question, face tilting and scrunched in confusion.
What the hell is he doing down here?
“Come with me,” He orders as he speeds past, grasping you by the shoulder in the process with a firm hand as you squeak in useless retaliation. “This ends tonight, Love.”
“You look like you’re about to hurl, Johnny,” Ghost stares out at him from under his balaclava with dead eyes. “Christ.”
“Shut your trap, Lt,” Gaz smirks from where he leans against the wall, watching the Scot pace back and forth in the rec room.
“You can’t really be nervous,” Garrick asks aloud, raising a brow in disbelief, “Everyone knows the two of you have been ogling each other for at least a year.”
Soap’s feet slow, his face twisting into one of embarrassment. “Everyone?” He all but whines out.
“Uh, I mean,” Gaz clears his throat, eyes widening as he looks to the side. “...Only the people on Base?”
“And the bars in town.” Ghost gives his input, sitting back in a chair and keeping an open book resting on his folded knee. “Plus the cafés. Library too, I think.”  
“Ghost,” Gaz hisses, watching as Johnny’s face gets redder by the second, hands going up to his face and dragging down the skin. “Shut it.”
“Just tellin’ it how it is. They’re doing all of it ‘cept shoving their tongues down each other's throats. Bloody annoying.”
“The both of you need to stop talkin’ ‘fore I blow a gasket,” Soap grunts, looking at the two of them in turn with accusatory glares. “It’s none of your business what we do.”
“It is, actually.” Raising a head, Gaz points at him, “When the abysmal levels of pining make all of us sick.”
“Affirm.” Ghost barks in agreement, gruff accent bouncing off the walls.
“Steamin’ Bloody Jesus,” Johnny mutters, pinching his nose bridge. A silence blooms, staining the air and breeding in the Scot's chest. A question burns in the back of his mind over the anxiety of his blood. “...It canny have been that bad.”
“Bloody hell you have no idea.”
“It was. I’m glad it’s ending.”
“Ah! Shut the fuck up ya’ damn dafties!” 
Price walks through the door before an argument can break out, and immediately all eyes are on him. Gaz straightens his back, Ghost looks up from his book, and Soap gives the Captain a look that could only be described as fearful nervousness. 
Johnny’s mind was playing circles; his heart making the skin of his chest hurt.
It was incredibly hard to believe what everyone was saying to him – you liked him back? No way. That’s an utter haver, he’d say aloud if his lips would stop being so tight. The two of you were best friends, that was probably what had got everyone so convinced that you enjoyed his presence the same way he enjoyed yours. It was a mistake – a-a trick of the mind.
Maybe I should just forget about this. He tries to convince himself, but that nagging in the back of his brain brought back Nepal and the failed attempt once more. 
The Scot had laid in that hotel bed after he failed to tell you his feelings for the first and only time and suffered through the night with the self-resentment of it all. He had been disgusted at his own inability to properly speak his mind – only you could ever do that to him, but it wasn’t like he blamed you for it. You were so incredibly beautiful in every way, it was only a fact that he would have a difficult time; not to mention if he messed this up your entire friendship was on the line. He couldn’t risk that just because people were telling him you felt the same, could he? They weren’t you. They didn’t know how you felt.
What if they were wrong?
“She’s waiting outside right by the exit. Take care of this.” Price huffs, splaying his feet shoulder length apart after he moves away from the door and raises a dark brow in inquiry at Soap’s stuck-still figure. “Problem, Sergeant?”
“No, Sir,” Johnny forces out through gritted teeth but doesn’t move. His pulse is moving so fast that his hands shake with adrenaline. 
The Captain narrows his eyes on Soap’s form, tweaking his nose before his gaze softens in a way people rarely see. Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, Price’s feet take him closer.
When he’s a few feet away he stops and settles a hand on the younger man’s shoulder. 
“MacTavish,” He grunts out, beard shifting as he speaks. Ghost and Gaz watch with varying levels of engagement as Soap clenches his jaw. At that moment it seemed less like a Captain and a Sergeant and more like a father and son. “Tell her. Or you’re gonna go your whole life regretting it, eh?” 
Johnny nods his head slightly after a moment's hesitation, nothing more than a tilt of his chin that leaves his scar pulling against his skin. He was still nervous, but a sense of purpose had grown. Soap had managed to survive one instance of eating his own emotions, but he wasn’t certain he could survive another. This had to happen – for better or for worse. 
He just hoped it wouldn’t ruin everything he had built with you.
“Aye, Price. I’ll get it done.” 
“Good man,” The Captain squeezes his shoulder and prompts him forward with a movement of his head.
Ghost and Gaz share a quick glance as the Scot walks out the door, letting it close and block the view before speaking. 
“You think he’ll do it?” Garrick’s lips move, genuine curiosity staining his face.
“Better,” Placing both his feet on the floor and sighing, Ghost cracks his neck as he dog-ears his page. “Just about can’t take much more of them eye-fuckin’ each other.”
“You and me both, Simon.” Price weighs in, massaging his temple. “Too old for this,” Is muttered under his breath like a common prayer.
Gaz snorts, looking at the both of them in turn and cracking his knuckles nonchalantly, “What’ll you do if he chickens out?”
“Put a gun to his head–”
“Tie them up and shove them into the storage room; lock the door–”
“Jesus bloody christ you two!”
It was cold outside. The wind whipped through your hair as your foot tapped the ground impatiently. Price had told you to stay here – a slight distance away from the building door – until he came out to get you; when you had pleaded for an answer all he had said was that he had a surprise for you with a twist of his lips. 
“Damn old man,” You mutter with a puff of air from your lips. “He better not make me late.” 
Your fingers delve into your purse, bringing forth your phone as you go to check the time. Taking an agitated breath, you shove it back down into your bag and rub a digit on your temple.
“Hope I’m not keepin’ you.” The voice startles you, but the accent immediately puts you at ease as your head whips to Soap's awkward figure. He scratches at the shaved portion of his head and looks away from your eyes when they lock. “I…I shouldn’t be botherin' ya’ for more than a few minutes. You,” His eyes – those bright cerulean blues that put sapphires to shame – lock on your figure, and with burning cheeks, you watch his throat bob, “You look absolutely stunnin', Hen, truly.”
Your own gaze passes over his tight athletic shirt and cargo pants, straying and locking on for a bit too long on his accentuated muscles that were nearly the size of your head. Blinking, you clear your throat and tear away the vision of tight arms wrapped around you and the feeling of his body writhing under your grip.
“What are you doing out here, Soap?” You wonder, shaking your head and splaying out a hand, “Is this some kind of joke? Price just told me to wait here and now here you come. I’m going to be late for my date with Percy–”
“Oh, fucken’ hell…Patch that!” Widening your gaze you listen as Johnny’s accent gets more pronounced as his emotions get the better of him. “If I don’ do this I’ll be scunnered with myself my entire life! I’ve been acting like a proper stoter since Nepal and you don’t deserve that.” 
Blinking, your eyebrows turn in with confusion at the Scot’s out-of-character attitude. He was never this serious about something that didn’t matter. Hell, he tried to avoid being this serious about things outside of the field. ‘Took away from the better things in life – makes you all wrinkly and old far faster than age can.’ He would say with a smirk as he bumped shoulders with you and listened to your giggle with a full-faced smile that made you short-circuit.
Why is he talking about Nepal? You have to ask yourself with a clenched hand, and what exactly is he talking about doing?
Soap begins to take slow steps forward, and with every footfall, your heart beats faster – try as you might you can’t help but revel in the tension of the air. It tasted sweet, wrapped in a deep spark of an emotion that you had never wanted to name for your own sanity. 
What was…what was going on right now? All thoughts of the date are gone from your head; all that mattered was Johnny and the way his face was soft. Vulnerable. 
“I just,” He starts and stops, closing his eyes for a moment, “Please, Bonnie. All I ask is that you listen – after that…I’ll leave you alone.” 
“You’re scaring me,” You mutter as he halts a fair distance away and pales, orbs getting bigger in his sockets. Your hands rise as you try to explain yourself with stumbling words, “J-just the way you’re acting. You look like you’re about to throw up, Suds. You’re worrying me…do-do you need to sit down or something. I’ve never seen you like this before.”
A sense of relief floods his veins, and he nods his head quickly as a weak chuckle falls from his lips.
“I just need you to listen. That’s all.” You glance down at your hidden phone. It was getting late but your face scrunched as desperation to stay leaked into your heart. 
Stop entertaining this. Your brain hisses. You’re just going to get hurt.
Grunting, you make up your mind even as the muscle in your chest screams at you to reconsider. Your fingers shake as you force out words. Being this close to him was messing you up, but the worse fact was that you liked it. 
He’d never feel like that about me.
“Johnny I can’t–”
“When you had your last birthday on Base you stayed locked in your room and didn’t tell anyone. You told me a week later that you hate your birthday. It reminds you too much about that little Git in school that tripped you in the cafeteria when you were fifteen – since then, you’ve never wanted to celebrate another one.” Your body stops, muscles freezing as the dress over your body jerks to the elements before falling still. The wind outside seems to hold its breath – The Anemoy holding it back on their firm fingers and glorious feathered wings straight out of myth.
Soap gazes at you with such a fire in his eyes you worry that the blue of them will boil like a pot of water. His face is firm, but his hands shake as he splays them at his sides, shoulders lose despite the heavy tension in the air.
On your blank face, as your hips sit stiffly, your lips move in a stunned whisper, “W-what?”
“I hear you singin’ along to your favorite song in the kitchen every time you cook, Bonnie, that’s why I like to be there when you are. You mutter the lyrics under your breath and think no one hears you – but I do. Every time. I love when you do that, and the best part is, you don’t even realize you’re doing it until you have to stop yourself. It’s damn adorable.”
“Johnny… I-I don’t–” He's getting close to you one slow step at a time now, feet carrying him over the ground like a phantom. But all you can stare at is his face, jaw clenched, and shifting eyes. His face is beat-red and he scratches at his neck every once and a while to ease his nerves. 
W-what is this? You have to ask yourself. What…what is he doing?
Your body is shaking, hands clenched tight at your sides.
“You,” Soap stopped right in front of you and took a deep breath that you felt against your face. His heat leaks into you like your skin was made of ice; needing to be touched by him to restore it to how it was before. You hold your breath with a hammering heart, veins alight with blood and carrying it swiftly to every corner of your being. He continues after a quick glance away, not able to handle the look in your eyes. The Sergeant’s tone lowers to a grunted whisper. “...You have a nightlight beside your bed because sometimes the nightmares get so bad you can’t stand to wake up in a dark room all alone. I hear you cry through the walls and…and it kills me when I can’t go to you and tell you everything’s gonna be alright.”
Your eyes widen, lungs gasping for air that you won’t give it. For the first time in your life, you don’t know what to say. So, your mouth stays slightly agape, eyebrows far up your forehead, and wrinkles set into the skin. In your mind, everything is startlingly numb – like someone had taken an eraser and completely wiped the board of your thoughts. 
Everything was Johnny. 
His scent – ash, and charcoal; burning Alder wood – his heat that falls off him in droves to chase away the cold. The way his hand reaches out for you, hesitating for only a moment before it settles on your burning cheek like a butterfly’s kiss; barely there but it still makes you shiver.
And then he smiles at you, those puppy dog eyes glinting. and you all but disintegrate – utterly and wholly – into him with tingling nerves.
“I have cared about you more than I should; more than a friend should, at least. And I can’t help it. You wrapped me ‘round your finger the first time I saw you bad-mouthin’ Ghost in front of Price. Not a care in the world–”
“--I love every bit of what I see, and every day I wake up and I can’t wait to see you with that beamin’ smile – Aye!” He exclaims, and you suddenly realize your lips have pulled back into a grand gesture of adoration and happiness, “That one right there, Bonnie. That’s it. You’re so damn perfect it hurts.” 
Tears dribble down your cheeks, and Johnny’s thumb goes to swipe them away as your blood rages through your body. He blinks down at you with stars trapped behind his eyes.
“Y’know, I’m waitin’ for an answ–Oof!” You barrel right into him, arms sliding around his tree-trunk waist and digging into his sides as you giggle with all the glee someone could muster at a moment like that. Which, is to say, a great deal. 
His arms waste no time in snapping to your profile, gripping around your shoulders, and keeping you close to him as deep-chested laughs fall from his lips; full of relief and joy. At that moment the world comes back into focus, but the chill or the buzzing phone in your purse is of no thought. All that meant anything was contained in this moment – woven together with threads that would never fray or snap – all corners were smoothed, and no one would cut their fingers on the edges of this gilded page.
You can’t believe it. Your body feels so light it was no surprise when Johnny lifted you up and twirled you around you felt like you were flying. Squealing, your face is squished into the man’s neck, feeling his stubble on your scalp as he tilts his chin to look down at you from the corner of his eye, beaming.
With a face-splitting smile and one last laugh, he sets you down but doesn’t let go of you. All the same, your arms stay around him as well. Breathing into his neck, you feel his racing pulse in your ear, and his lips brush against your ear delicately; a teasing tone entering his words.
“Is that a ‘yes’ then, Bonnie?”
“What the hell do you think?” You whisper into his skin and feel him shiver, his fingers digging deeper into your clothes that suddenly feel too tight. 
Johnny’s eyes are alight with blazing comfort, and his head lightly knocks your own as his pulse finally is allowed to slow down. He had done it – after all this time, he had gotten it out. This was better than a good football game with the boys back home; better than his mother’s cooking or late-night conversations. Your body pressed to his was unexplainable. 
It felt right. 
And then you were peeling back, and a second of shock is in his blood when he feels your lips on his, blue eyes wide and bright before a flush enters his cheeks and they flutter closed like a hummingbird’s wings. It was a gentle kiss – short and sweet but got across every emotion that the two of you were hiding so fervently for a long while. The only way to describe it was that it was the perfect representation of the two of you. What you shared. 
Utter devotion. Gentleness. A loyalty that was shown in the self-containment of emotions to save a dear friendship. 
When the two of you part, your eyes meet in a fraction of a second; both shinier than any moment before and sucked in as if the others’ was a vortex of inescapable force. The gaze had never been as open as this was. 
Johnny speaks first, the both of you are still so close that his lips brush against yours as your noses connect. A giddy smile washes over his features; you mirror it but love that dorky look on his face more than anything.
“I’ve waited ages to do that,” He whispers, accent weighing down the words, and his hands feel heavier than any weighted blanket you’ve ever slept with.
“Please,” You gasp out, panting, as his eyes darken with a smirk, “Don’t hesitate to do it again to make up for lost time.”
“...Yes Ma’am.”
It was safe to say you forgot about your date – only sending a quick text to explain that you had to cancel before you were rushing back to your barracks room hand in hand with Soap.
You both pass the rest of the 141 in the hallway, not even bothering to acknowledge them, too caught in each other's gazes. 
Gaz watches the two of you disappear around a corner, giggling as Johnny pinches your side and lays a nip to the side of your mouth.
“‘Bout time they squared it all out.” He mutters. Ghost at his side gives him a side-eye.
“Might have just made it worse, though. Now they’re together, you think they’ll hold back?” The words echo for a minute or two before the Captain brings a hand to his face, splaying the palm over his mouth and sucking in a large, calming, breath. Garrick can’t help but belt out rounds of body-shaking laughter when he hears the next growled words.
“Oh, hell, I’ve created a fucken’ monster.”
Tumblr media
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Replaced? Part 12
Part 11 • Part 13
Female Reader, Twisted Wonderland, angst
TW: argument/fight, minor physical violence, going insane, mention of bullying, mention of body shaming.
Tumblr media
Part 12: Going insane
The rays of the sun slowly caressed your skin, the glow of the light tickling your eyelids as your eyelashes trembled. You slowly, very slowly, opened your eyes, looking for the window whose curtains were forgotten to the side the night before, not allowing you to have a longer night. You stretched your arms up and then to the side, proceeding to use your elbows to prompt yourself up a bit. A smile then reached its way to your lips, fondness filling your exhausted heart as you took notice of the warm, small fur ball that rested in the shape of a croissant on your lap.
- How can you be so cute when you can also be annoying? You giggled quietly, not wanting to wake up Grim as you very gently scratched the top of his head.
A yawn escaping from your mouth surprised you as you reached your hand to your face to cover it: you didn’t need to, no one was in the room to see your teeth or anything, you just had this habit. Your gaze fell on the glass of the window, avoiding the sun but looking into the pale blue of the morning sky. You remembered the evening of yesterday, what happened and what was said…
- "I don’t fancy you one bit human! You were nothing but trouble to this school since you appeared from the Dark Mirror!"
What? Why was Sebek like that? He laughed and joked with you during dinner. Was it only to look good in front of Lilia and Silver? Or Malleus? Most likely Malleus… he might not have want to be a jerk to you since the dragon fae has a lot of affection for you but you really wondered how he got this good at acting.
- Are you saying that because you always disliked me or because you’re jealous Malleus is a good friend to me and not you? You definitely felt salty after the talk you had with Deuce, but also after all the things you endured for free. And it was Sebek in front of you, someone that needed a few slaps from time to time.
- Nonsense!! It’s all because of how despicable you were to Vanessa! You wronged her for no reaso-
- Are you fucking kidding me?! You snapped, grasping the hem of your sleeves. You had just got out of a warm bath, your split ends dripping wet on your back and this dude was ready to upset you? How brave! How can you come in here and spit lies into my face you fucki-
- You’re getting hysterical! You know I’m right so you’re yelling to defend yourself because it’s your only way of communicating!
Your hand flew faster than your thoughts: all your rage went into your palm, your skin slapping hard against Sebek’s cheek. The sound of the blow you delivered across the man’s face was piercing the silence of the room, silence that filled the crocodile’s mouth after he received the slap. His eyes looked for any regret in your own but was only met with a cold, menacing glare from you: you were 100% done by now, not fearing in the slightest to be called a monster anymore. They wanted to act like you were the bully? You’ll be the meanest of them all. Not a single one of those assholes deserved a ounce of your sympathy, you were already kind enough not to have beat the shit out of some of these guys earlier.
- Huma-
- SHUT UP!! You screamed at his face. Don’t you ever address me again!! You grabbed his tie, clutching it tightly into your fist as you brought him closer to you, blood boiling in your body. I want you out of this room just like I want you out of my life!! I tried befriending you! I really did! But you’re such a brat!! You finally gathered the strength to push him out of the room before he could do or say anything.
Without any other word from you, you slammed the door shut and locked it with the key which stayed in the keyhole from the beginning. You breathed heavily, your hands slightly shaking as you started contemplating what it would have feel like to punch Sebek in the nose… you wanted to. Really! It would feel fucking great to take your anger out on this piece of shit!"
What a troublesome evening it was… You thought back on it and asked yourself if you regretted your actions: did you regret slapping him and yelling at him? No. Did you regret kicking him out of your room and then thinking about hurting him more? No… That’s what scared you.
- What a pain… You sighed.
"What’s happening to me..?" You thought, worried about the next time you’ll lose your mind. Everyone was getting on your nerves and it was like they were trying to make you their enemy… You haven’t felt like yourself since you almost died and it only got worse after talking to Deuce and now Sebek. You were sure that you’ll lash out on the next person that’ll wrong you and that thought alone was enough to scare you: you didn’t want to become what you were afraid of… Why was the universe playing against you? You didn’t even want to be in this world to begin with but it seemed like you were going to fall apart in this very own fantasy dream you appeared in. You will never see or hear your friends ever again… not that you actually remembered them. And you didn’t think you’d need to: you made wonderful friends here… if only it lasted a bit longer…
- Beastie? Lilia walked into your room after giving the door an almost inaudible knock.
- Hello Lilia… You looked at him with the same worry he had on his face.
- I talked with Sebek. He finally said.
You wanted to cry now, a mood swing taking over your emotions: you didn’t want to lose Lilia! Sebek must’ve told him lies about you and what you said yesterday. You straightened your posture, brushing off of your legs the huge and heavy bedsheet that covered your body.
- Lilia look… I’m sorr-
- I’m not mad Beastie, I’m worried. He walked over to you, urging you to sit back on the bed after you had try standing up to make your way to him. I scolded him for his behavior towards you but I want to know how you feel…
Well, where to start? You were sad, angry, exhausted… and multiple other words could describe the way your brain and heart made you feel, the way everyone made you feel, the way your body started to feel… It was Lilia who sat next to you on the bed, a man who looked after you like a father and talked to you like he knew the world all too well: you felt safe and at ease with him, but it was too hard to bring yourself to tell him the heavy things latching onto your heart. Will he judge you for anything? You were a 99% sure he would never dare to do so. But you were scared he might as well just abandon you like the others did. You had more people on your side than against you, but the unfairness you were facing was difficult to handle the more days went on and on and you weren’t so sure that you’ll recover from all of this.
- I’m feeling weird Lilia… I don’t know what to do with this rage inside me…
- Ah I see. You’re feeling revengeful.
- Revengeful?
- You want to get back at the people who wronged you but Beastie, this isn’t the solution to how you feel or what happened. You cannot get yourself into trouble.
- Yeah… I know. I won’t do anything… I’ll just ignore them.
- I know it can be hard, and it’ll always be hard to contain your emotions but you have to be the mature person in all of this because they won’t be.
You only nodded after that, not feeling strong enough to reply that yes, you will act like the mature one. But really you knew it was a lie: how could you stay calm and keep your anger to yourself when you wanted nothing more than to throw hands? You weren’t the type to get into a fight -not initiating one that is- because you valued your safety just like everyone else and getting hurt because someone else was feeling salty wasn’t exactly your cup of tea. But you found yourself ready to bounce at anyone who’ll insult you, you became the salty one who wouldn’t hesitate to lay a few punches and kicks to someone’s face or stomach. You had your first experience yesterday when you slapped Sebek, but that wasn’t enough to relieve the feelings of wrath growing inside you. You wanted to make them pay for how they made you feel awfully low and lonely, for preferring this lying snake over you, for even going as far as insulting your looks to put that vile reptile on a pedestal. Same snake that arrived a week and a day ago, only a week and a day… In only eight days, she took your closest friends, your safe place and happiness away from you: she did more than you could recall, things you tried forgetting, things that felt futile to mention such as breaking a bottle of perfume from your bathroom or even destroying a makeup set you had in a drawer. She didn’t just steal some of your clothes, which she did everyday, she gave them back dirty and sometimes destroyed. Every time you walked somewhere you would find small pastel pink pieces of paper glued to random walls and furnitures of Ramshackle: notes that described you as an ugly, fat, useless being… and much more. Of course you knew it was her, she didn’t need to sign them, plus, no one would’ve believed you if you showed them since she mimicked your handwriting perfectly. She had ruin your life completely.
- I’m going insane Lilia. She’s acting innocent and they believe her! It’s so unfair!
- I know Y/n… I know. He wrapped his arms around you in a gentle embrace and rocked your body ever so gently when he noticed your shaking form. You can cry if you wan-
- No. You pushed the fae off of you slowly and in a kind way, not wanting to be rude even though your tone was. You then stood up. I won’t give her the satisfaction of seeing me cry.
You then walked towards your wardrobe, opening the large doors to find yourself some suitable clothing: you layered your outfit of the day on the chair next to the closet and looked over at Lilia.
- I would like to change, if you please.
The man could sense you weren’t in a mood of sadness and not a single tear seemed to want showing up unlike earlier. He swore you were about to have a breakdown a couple of seconds ago, when he still had you in his arms but he realized the mood swing you had was far more stronger than he thought it’d be. You were completely stoic, if not cold: he might as well turn into an ice statue if he accidentally brushed your skin so he sighed and concluded that the best decision to take was to give you some space and leave the room.
- Call me if you need anything Beastie. He closed the door behind him and made his way somewhere you didn’t know.
~In the Headmage’s office~
- You’re telling me you knew Vanessa would be cruel to Y/n?! The voice of Azul echoed in the room.
- I certainly did, yes. Crowley sat back in his chair: he had walk around his desk a thousand times while telling the two students in front of him the "truth". I cannot tell you more than th-
- Bullshit. Jade spat.
It really was bullshit. The Headmage knew everything and he was fully capable of revealing to these two what was going on from A to Z. He was just protecting his pathetic little ego.
- Leech refrain from using such langua-
- Don’t talk to me about language and manners when you summoned a girl specifically to hurt Y/n!! The moray yelled, frustrated the man that ruled this school was… like this.
If the mermen wanted to tell the story to Floyd -which would lead to pure chaos- they’d have to resume it briefly because the amount of informations that need to be proceeded and understood was just astronomical. So, to "resume" it, there’s 1% of magic running through your blood, you come from a family that experienced torture and murder, Vanessa was sent here to fulfill her father’s wish which is to kill you somehow…
- How can you expect us to remain calm after hearing such tragedy? Azul asked the older man.
- Act like you did not hear a thing. That’s the best thing to do.
- How can we?! You just told us your plan is to get rid of Y/n!! Jade was getting angrier and angrier…
"The infected" is what that stupid Headmage called you, not caring for you at all… from the beginning, he didn’t care. It took him so long to find a way back to your world but that’s only because he never looked into it, he wanted to trap you in this world, in this school. To think you arrived in this school to die within its own walls…
- If you want to get your anger out on someone it’s gonna be Vanessa, not me.
- How dare you ignore your responsabil-
- I don’t ignore them. He sighed and leaned back in his chair. Vanessa being here doesn’t change a single thing to the elimination method I decided to use: Y/n needs to be in either a physical or emotional breakdown in order for me to collect the Blot she’ll leave after her death. Crowley knew he said too much, but he didn’t mind. Who would believe two students over a Headmage?
- WHAT?!! The two mermen shouted at the same time, feeling disgusted and in such a state of shock, they could barely move, only shake lightly.
Collecting your Blot?! Why?? What would he use it for?! None of them had the answer to that question, however, what they were sure of was that absolutely no potion in the world required any Blot to be used. They knew that it was a type of ink to stay away from given it’s toxic trait but that was basic common sense. So why would the Headmage need it in any way?
- I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not necessary for you to know. Crowley said before being interrupted by the door of the office opening abruptly.
You had just walked in, hands clutched into fists, brows frowned above your eyes. The door slammed hard against the wall as you completely ignored the loud sound it made: your glare only digging into Crowley’s infuriating face. You didn’t hear what was said within these walls, but you already knew all of it so you quickly wanted to jump to the fight you loved imagining to have with that stupid bird.
- Y/n! What a pleasure to have you he-
- Quit it. Just tell me why you want to kill me even after I haven’t caused any harm. You stood in front of his desk, arms crossed over your chest while you completely ignored Azul and Jade.
~ At Pomefiore ~
- He really changed from the Vil I knew. Jack sighed.
Him and Epel had sit on the short boy’s bed for a little while now: Epel had told the wolf how annoying Vil has gotten since Vanessa got here.
- He’s so annoying it’s insane! "She’s so pretty, like an angel!", "You should look up to her!", "She’s better than anyone!". Epel sighed exaggeratedly. He is so blinded by her it’s insane!! He then grabbed hold of a pillow and threw it against the nearest wall, missing a painting. Kiss ass!!
- Calm down Epel- Jack tried settling back the boy on the bed who was ready to fight with the wall of his room, which was obviously a terrible idea.
Epel always had the tendency to pick fights with people who acted a bit to sassy to him -which he also was to be honest- and he really didn’t like how Vil acted with Vanessa and how Vanessa acted with you. He hated how they all acted towards you and how they took Vanessa’ side for any and everything. He was fed up with this girl but he couldn’t do anything about it since she was Vil’s favorite and most likely under his protection. Epel sighed:
- I wonder how Y/n is doing… Should we go see her?
- We’d have to go to Diasomnia then. Jack said.
- What? Why?
- Malleus took her into his dorm to protect her. That’s what Jamil told me.
- Then we better get going! The short one stated, hurrying out the door without waiting for his friend who ran after him.
~ At the Headmage’s office ~
- Are you kidding me?!! You threw the stuff on the desk to the side and let them all crash on the floor.
- Y/n I request of you to calm dow-
- YOU DON’T HAVE THE RIGHT TO REQUEST SHIT!! You yelled at the man.
Stupid Crowley! You wanted to grab hold of his collar and punch him in his clown nose. That’s all he deserved for the treatment he gave you all this time! Especially these past days!! You could totally beat him up: Jade and Azul both took a seat on the chairs that were near the desk, observing the scene with interest and ready to act if needed.
- How dare you kidnap me from my world just to boost your little ego?! You slammed your fist on the table in a somewhat loud noise. "To protect the people"? Let me laugh!! You don’t care about anyone else but yourself!! You gritted your teeth. The only reason you want to kill me is because you’re incapable of curing me!!
- There’s no such thing as a cure for something like you!! He got up from his chair, towering above you, the wooden desk separating you.
"Something"? "SOMETHING”??!! A second later, Crowley was on the floor, his mask flying away from him. Jade’s eyes widen as Azul straightened his posture, wondering if stoping you wouldn’t engage in him ending up in the same position, which was on the floor.
- Miss Y/n, you’ve gone too fa-
Crowley rubbed his nose which was bleeding by now. Normally, you’d be expelled from the school in an instant and would probably be charged with assault. But the situation here was completely different than from a normal school in your world: you had been trapped here to be killed. You had all rights to lash out on the people who wanted nothing more than to see you crumble. Vanessa and Crowley. You’ll never forget these names and you’ll never be able to forgive them or the people they manipulated into hating you.
- I did… everything you asked of me… EVERYTHING!! Stopping the Overblots, repairing stuff that others broke, doing your job, being a fucking therapist and even holding myself back from eating so Grim could have enough food when you refused to give us ressources!! You could list a ton more things that you did to satisfy this man but nothing was enough, it never was and never will.
Jade tried getting a hold of you, grabbing you by the arms but in vain: your blood was boiling and your rage was far too uncontrollable. He contemplated the idea of letting go of you as you growled and hissed, yelling at him to leave you alone while your hands were still reaching for the man on the floor.
- Y/n, I believe it is time to lock you up.
- What? Azul spoke. You can’t be serio-
- Yes I am. She’s acting like a wild animal. In one smooth movement, his fingers wrapped around his magical pen and a tight rope tightened its way around your body.
It had appear so suddenly, it surprised you greatly: your entire weight pushed your body to the floor, on its side. You gasped for air as your lungs got smaller around your heart.
- Y/n!! The octopus rushed to your side, the moray getting his magical pen out of his jacket’s pocket.
- I wouldn’t do that if I were you Leech.
Crowley then took and put his mask back on, adjusting it correctly, satisfied that his face remained unknown the entire time. He used his magic to push the two students away from you in a gentle way, walking towards your collapsed form.
- I hope that you’ll be able to remain calm and think about your actions while you’re isolated. He said, nothing but hatred and disgust on his face.
- Fuck you… You spat, hatred and disgust also plastered on your features.
~ A few hours later, at Diasomnia ~
- Lilia?
- Hm? The fae turned around, only to be met with Malleus.
The dragon couldn’t sense you anywhere. That was what was bothering him ever since he stepped into the dorm: usually, he would hear the sound of your footsteps when you walked around your room, or he would even hear you talk to Grim. All of that because he wasn’t human.
- Where is Y/n? He asked after focusing on the vibrations made throughout the floors and ceilings, still not finding any trace of you.
- Well- Lilia tried to find suitable words to say you were no longer here. I-
- You don’t know?
- I’m awfully sorry, I don’t.. He felt guilty for letting you leave the dormitory but he couldn’t trap you here right?
- Father!! Silver bursted into the room, slamming the doors against the walls like it was a habit of everyone to do so.
The two fae turned around, surprised by the sudden interruption of their discussion. They stared at the silver haired boy who was trying to catch his breath.
- What happened boy? Malleus asked.
- Are you okay?? Lilia asked in a worried tone.
- It’s Y/n… The Headmage locked her up!
To be continued…
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whxre-bxby · 3 days
Miles, Mansk, Lyle - meeting and pregnancy headcanons
Requested by anonymous
Tumblr media
(omg all 3 of them in one shot) ... (the gif)
Sup bitches, here we go again with our 3 big boy hotties. I have 7 assignments due tomorrow and my nose is bleeding, but let’s do this. 
ALSO TYSM FOR 300 FOLLOWERS! I posted my first Quaritch smut on the 18th of January and I had like 20 followers. IT HASN’T EVEN BEEN A MONTH AND I AM AT 300?! WHAT? You’re all angels, thank you so much. I love providing you guys with filth and imagines ad I plan on continuing to do so in the future <3
Warnings: Fluff, pregnancy (if that’s a warning), hinting to smut (nothing explicit) maybe some bad language
Characters are all recom and Na’vi! Y/n is recom-Na’vi too. 
Word count: 4752
Tumblr media
Before both of you woke up in your new bodies, you worked closely with Miles as a human. You were a pilot and a part of his squad. Nothing romantic happened before, other than teasing and flirtatious comments. But back then, you thought it was just who he was. 
When you woke up, he was there by the side of your table, helping you sit upright and keep balance while the people ran a few reflex tests on your new body. 
The teasing escalated to a type of sexual tension between both of you, to the point where neither of you could be in the same room without feeling excited and attracted to the other. 
One day, Miles decided to deal with the feelings because he was sure you felt the same. He visited your room and boldly asked you out as if it were a completely normal day-to-day thing. You on the other hand were freaking out and almost jumped into his arms.
What I didn’t know was that he had spent the last hour or two trying to figure out a good way to ask you out and make it seem effortless. The man was nervous to blow his shot with you because he realised that he became really attached to you. The realisation hit him when you and the team went on a mission and were attacked by a few predatory animals. One jumped at you and you hurt your arm.
Miles saw what happened and absolutely lost it. He was ready to kill anything that got close to you and managed to fight off the pack of creatures alone. The recom-team was too shocked by his sudden outburst to interfere. 
From then on, he demands you walk right next to him. 
After that incident, he knew it was getting obvious and out of hand, so as I said, he asked you out. 
It wasn’t like a “Hey, I was wondering if you would like to have dinner with me sometime.”
He knocked on the door, hands resting on his belt, pretending not to be fazed by seeing you in pyjamas. He didn’t even greet me. 
“I’ll cut straight to the chase Y/N. I know you want me, cupcake, so let’s do something about it.” he said, walking towards me so that he backed me up away from the door and thereby entered my room. 
We can all imagine what happened after that. Anyway, so after a few mind-blowingly good hookup sessions, I was the first to confess that I had feelings for him. That I wanted to have more with Quaritch than just sex. He was shocked and it made me think he didn’t agree with that, but he was overjoyed with what I had said and the love confessions led to more sex. This time though, to prove our love for each other, we connected our tsaheylu’s and bonded for the first time.
Quaritch and I were then officially dating and I became pregnant after that night. 
I didn’t know whether that’s what he wanted, but biologically, that is the product of mating. So he should probably already know. 
Anyway, I told Miles I was pregnant and the man immediately got soft. Like I mean his eyes sparkled, his ears perked up and then drooped to the sides and his tail stilled. 
I could have sworn I saw a few tears form in his eyes. Miles would stand up and embrace you, holding you close to him while telling you how happy he was and how much he loved you. Of course, he would then hold your tummy, even if there was no visible bump yet. It amazed him that his child was growing in there. 
From then on, he would become even more protective of you. No more dangerous missions or physically exhausting exercises. 
He would bring you things, even if they were something tiny you missed. He would make your comfort and needs his number one priority. 
If you craved some food, he would fetch it. Miles even started to cook for you, wearing an apron and cooking meals in pans and pots. He looked like a real male wife and it made you love him so much more. 
Once the bump started growing he would caress and hold it every night. Carefully he would lean his ear against it until one day he could finally hear the baby’s heartbeat. 
He wouldn’t leave you alone and when he would, he would supply you with everything you could possibly need beforehand. Luckily, it never got annoying.
Being close to labour, Miles would only let particular people close to you. His recom team was fine. Sometimes he would make sure one of them looks out for you while he would go deal with work. 
You knew the team from work anyway so having either Z-Dog or Lyle, etc. look after you and spend time with you wasn’t new. 
They just had to make sure no people or random workers from the General would be around you. They stressed him out which made him think they would do the same with you. 
When you went into labour, Z-Dog was with you. She ran from your room to the meeting Miles was in. Once he heard, he got up and sprinted to your room without a second thought. He got the medical team together and didn’t leave your side as they rolled you into your prepared labour room. 
A few hours of pain, pushing and contractions went by and Miles was stressed out. But most of all he was worried. 
He didn’t want anything more at that moment than for you and the baby to be okay. It had haunted him that your life could be in danger during birth. The life of your baby too. 
He would comfort you and hold you, doing breathing exercises and all to help you deal with the pain. 
Once you started to give birth he was cradling your head, holding your upper body while you dug your fingertips into the skin of his arm, screaming. 
He hated seeing you in this pained state and needed to hold you close to make sure you were still with him. He had his eyes screwed shut and waited for any sign that this whole thing was over. 
The second he heard the cries of your baby he froze. Miles felt your body relax into his and he opened his eyes, making sure you were present and stable before turning to see one of the nurses holding the baby. It too was alive and breathing and the man just broke down. 
He was so thankful to have you by his side and he couldn’t believe the pain you had just fought through. 
The baby was handed to you and he leaned down, cradling both of you. 
He was crying at the realisation that he had a family now and he could have sworn that he was the happiest man alive. 
Tumblr media
Mansk was working alongside you since you were both people but back then, you never acknowledged each other. You didn’t remember his face or know his name and vice versa. While both of you were loyal soldiers to Miles, you worked in different areas. 
When you woke up in your Na’vi body, he wasn’t there. He was already taken care of and dealing with Lyle. 
Z-Dog and the Colonel had helped you up. Once everyone was stable and awake, Quaritch ordered a gathering at dinner. 
Zdinarsk shared a room with you and you were given your usual cammies and some tops that basically looked just like sports bras. She found an old shirt which covered more and refused to let me have it. When we were in underwear and changing we spent at least 10 minutes in front of the mirror together, just pointing out to each other what has changed and what was weird.
Then we left for the dining hall and most of the team was already there. When we walked in Miles greeted us with an “Evenin’ ladies.” and a smirk. 
“You don’t have any clothes Y/N?” Lyle teased and I flipped him off, sitting down next to a chuckling Z-Dog. 
“You call that a shirt, Lyle?” I respond, gesturing to his tight, thin tank top. He scoffs, smiling before we direct our attention back to the Colonel. 
Mansk was sitting next to Lyle. When you walked in it was almost like Cupid’s arrow had struck him straight in the chest. He knew most of the team but he can’t recall ever seeing you. He recognised Z-Dog but he knew you weren’t Walker. As I walked past him, his gaze followed me and examined me from head to toe. 
Mansk was someone who would accidentally develop feelings. He was never a relationship type of person but when it happened, he didn’t know how to deal with it. 
Over the course of the next few weeks, he tried ignoring the feelings that were developing for you. 
But when the Colonel assigned you both as partners, he knew he was screwed. At that time, I had noticed Mansk too. He caught my eye because he would almost always wear his shades but when he didn’t I thought he looked quite cute. Then eventually came the time when I started to even like the sunglasses on him until I realised that maybe I just liked him. 
As partners, he would help with things. At first, we didn’t exchange too many words but then we warmed up to each other. If I was stuck with something like reloading a weapon I’d never seen before, he would help me. 
We had to practice training exercises with our partners at one point. That included learning how to handle the new equipment and weapons. 
There was one that you would need to strap to your arm and waist. I never used it like that, so when Mansk brought it over to me I just stared at it cluelessly. He chuckled softly. I loved it when he did that. 
Mansk knew how to handle all of these things. 
“Here, let me help you.” he said, placing it on my outstretched arm. His hands closed the straps around my arm and then he moved behind me, taking the straps that were meant to go around my waist between his fingertips. I pretended to examine the new weapon while really I was paying full attention to him. I felt his breath behind me and I waited for him to close the straps. 
He did it gently, making sure it wasn’t too tight. When his fingertips brushed up against the bare skin of my waist (because we had to wear training attire which was a little revealing), goosebumps rose on my skin. I hoped he wouldn’t notice. 
Then he returned and stood next to me again, letting his hand linger on my waist while he stretched his other one out to adjust mine into place. 
“Keep your arm stretched, then it’ll work.” he said, leaning closer to me. His face was really close to mine as he looked to see where I was pointing the weapon. 
His breath fanned over my shoulder and I let my eyes flutter closed, subconsciously exhaling the breath I seemed to hold in while he was behind me. When I opened my eyes I saw from the corner of my eye that he was no longer looking at where I am aiming but at me. 
He definitely saw my eyes close. 
Mansk felt the tension from the beginning and he was happy he was the one training with you. He noticed the goosebumps, the shivers and the heavy breaths. 
But he still wouldn’t dare make a move on you. You were too precious to him. He didn’t want to fuck up all the progress he has made with you. 
I turn my head and look him deep in the eyes. He stares back at me, his eyes slowly flicking from one of mine to the other. 
I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew he wasn’t the type of person to initiate things, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. Mansk preferred to follow orders. 
“Kiss me…please.” I whisper, looking from his eyes to his lips and then back to his eyes to catch his reaction. 
The man’s heart skips a beat and you notice the way his listening ears perk up a little more at your words. His eyes go a little wider and seem to almost even brighten. 
Without hesitating, he pushes your arm down, grabs your jaw and pulls your face to his. He leans down a little to you and tightens the loose hand that kept resting on your waist. 
When you pull away he can’t stop himself from mumbling “You’re so pretty.” 
It drives you crazy and you go to lock the door. 
Within a few days after that, your relationship has been made official. Mansk and you are dating and have mated the way Na’vi would. Even though neither of you had any experience in this body, the connection made with the tsaheylu’s felt right. 
When he heard you were pregnant, he was delighted. Mansk lifted you from the ground, hugging you and spinning you both around. 
He became much more present and happy in general, to the point where the team would notice it too. 
He took care of you, bringing you things. 
When you would go on missions he would never leave your side and one day, you had a craving for food bars. He ordered the few soldiers that were with us to stop and started opening his backpack, presenting you with almost every flavour and even drinks. 
Mansk was prepared for everything. 
He would do tasks for you and he liked carrying you around, even when it wasn’t necessary. Sometimes, he would have both of you stand in front of the mirror and he would lift your baby bump for you. 
He loved to watch the way your face and entire body relaxed into him. It made him feel needed.
When you went into labour he was worried. His ears were constantly strained back and he would be moving out of the way constantly so that doctors could get to you. Seeing you in so much pain had him feeling very uneasy but when you asked him to hang around and hold your hand, he seemed relieved. You hadn’t forgotten him and you wanted him to be with you.
He was protecting the bed and you most of the time, making sure only the medics could see you. His hand would occasionally cup your face, just to keep you reminded of his presence and his want to keep you comfortable. 
Mansk fit really well into the role of being a partner and once he became a dad, he mastered that as well. While helping you take care of your child, he would never fail to ensure that you were doing well. Even after giving birth, he refused to not take care of you. Seeing you battle the pain like that amazed him and he felt bad that you were the only one experiencing it. So he would happily spend the next months after labour, making sure you could fall back into your previous good and active condition. 
Tumblr media
Lyle Wainfleet:
You and Lyle had some history. As human soldiers, you got along well. You were both working the same job and always having little competitions about who could do something better to impress the Colonel. 
There came a time when you were stressed because while being a soldier, you helped out in the lab with Grace’s reports. You were in the now empty break room of Quaritch’s team and were having a crisis about work. Someone had accidentally mislabelled everything and now the whole experiment was a mess. 
Lyle had walked in on your study session and sat down right next to you. Of course, him being him, he couldn’t let you work in peace and quiet. 
He started teasing you, shuffling around your papers and taking your pen whenever you looked away. 
At first, you ignored it but Lyle didn’t give up, it seemed to just motivate him. He started to tease and provoke you even more, occasionally adding in a flirtatious remark.
For example “The papers should be burning with how hot you look right now.”, or
“Put the pen down, baby. I know a place more useful for your pretty lil’ hands.” 
Lyle is resting his chin on his hand, not taking his eyes off of you. He needs any reaction. Whether it’s you turning red or just telling him off, he needs something, otherwise, he won’t stop. 
After being ignored again, he starts to get handsy. Lyle is telling himself he’s doing this just to annoy you, but he also happens to like your company and does find you incredibly hot. 
He starts nudging your legs with his knee or touching your fingers etc. Little does he know the frustration inside you has been building up over the past hour and with his presence, you lose it. 
When his hand reaches out to your face and throw your pen down and snap. You scream at him, telling him off and cursing in every way possible. 
Lyle almost immediately retracts his hand back to safety and even flinches when you raise your voice. 
When you finish calling him about every insult you could think of, you see him just grinning at you and it makes you even more frustrated. 
“Wow. That was so hot.” he says, the grin staying plastered on his face. My mouth falls open in disbelief. I couldn’t take it anymore. 
I let my face drop into my open palms and let out a whine followed by a deep sigh. 
“Do you know what you need right now”? He asks and I know he is about to hand me some dirty idea as an answer. 
I was right. “You need some expert stress relief.” he chuckles, motioning to him. 
I look up at him, having given up on fighting his annoyance. 
“Stress relief?” I ask, clearly not impressed. 
“Yeah. I can make you feel good, baby.” he says, moving closer, still teasing. He expected you to flip him off or tell him how gross he was so he could continue with his shit. But while he watched you, he noticed your eyes grow a little wider. You didn’t look like you were about to yell at him again. 
He stayed quiet, trying to analyse your face. You looked almost interested in his offer. Lyle was speechless. He wasn’t expecting this but fuck, he was more than happy to give it to you. 
“Are you joking?” you ask, wanting to make sure he isn’t messing with you. 
He thinks about his answer, not wanting you to feel discouraged. “Not if you don’t want me to be.” 
I keep staring at him and he notices how flushed my face looks. That’s all the persuasion he needs before Lyle stands up. 
“Let me take care of you, baby.” he says, towering over you and cupping your cheek. When you nod, he pulls you up on your feet and leads the way to his room, which is closer than yours. On the way, you tease him about him calling himself an ‘expert’ to which he tells you to shut up and let him convince you. 
Let’s just say, he does indeed convince you. 
After that night, you two have a friends-with-benefits arrangement going. 
After the battle on Pandora, both of you majestically die. You watch Lyle get crushed by one of the big heavy creatures, which distracts you enough with shock and grief to not pay attention to a bow flying to you. 
When you wake up in recom, Lyle is next to your bed. He’s keeping a safe distance and rubbing his head while the Colonel is examining his fangs. 
“Welcome back, Buttercup.” he says, smirking. He helps me with the wake-up procedure so that I don’t get scared and understand everything. 
Lyle and I seemed to kick off right where we ended. It was almost as if nothing had happened, except for one thing, other than us being blue. He was more caring. Before, he would tease and occasionally make jokes that ended up being a little hurtful, but he never noticed. 
Now, he wasn’t doing that anymore. We would still joke, but he made sure to leave me out of it. 
After a very physically exhausting training session the Colonel had you all do, you were finally dismissed and you headed for the showers. 
Just as you were about to walk out of the shower, you bumped into Lyle who had apparently been waiting for you. 
He wanted to go in next and when he saw you leave he smirked. 
“Hey, so how we feelin’ ‘bout our little arrangement?” he asked, presenting his typical cocky character. Seeing your moist skin on your arms and neck and your damp hair had his mind going places. You were wearing your sleeping shirt and shorts but he still looked at you as if you weren’t. 
I had wondered about that too. 
“I don’t know.” I shrug. “You still wanna do it?” I ask him all innocent. I know what it does to him. It makes the man weak in the knees. 
“Do I want to?” he asks, sarcastically. “Babygirl, I think I’m gonna need you after seein’ you like this.” he smirks, taking a small strand of wet hair and tucking it behind your ear. 
Lyle had never done anything like that. Yeah, we’ve hooked up. The usual thing was him slapping my ass as he walks by or perhaps even resting his hand on my waist. But that was it. This here, that shit made me blush. It made my stomach erupt in excitement and not just for what was to come after he showered. 
I smiled, walking away to my room. “Come in whenever you’re ready.” I say over my shoulder. 
About half an hour later, I heard a knock on my door. When I open it I see Lyle outside, as expected. Only this time, his skin is damp too. And he isn’t wearing a shirt. Of course, why wear one if you’re about to take it off anyway?
He smirks and mentally pats himself on the back for choosing to not put it on when he sees how you struggle to take your eyes off his torso. 
“All yours, baby.” he said, slowly backing you up into your room and closing the door behind him. 
“I’m all yours and you’re all mine.” he said in a softer voice, placing his things down on your small table and slowly making his way to where you were standing. 
It seemed to hit him only then. You standing in front of him, still clothed but looking as beautiful as ever. The fact that both of you were Na’vi didn’t bother you. It was still Y/N and Lyle.
The way your big eyes looked up at him. It was almost loving and he sensed adoration more than arousal. 
A wave of happiness flowed through Lyle. Maybe you liked him more than just a fuck-friend too. 
Lyle was nervous as shit while taking his shower. He washed everywhere and kept looking in the mirror, wondering whether he even had a shot. You seemed keen on wanting to continue the arrangement but he started to feel more emotionally connected to you, not just physically. 
He stood in front of you now, gazing into your big curious eyes and losing himself in them. The silence was comfortable and he started to wonder how he could go about doing day-to-day activities without noticing or admiring you as a person. 
“Lyle…” you whispered out. But it wasn’t the needy voice he would have expected to hear. It was your real one. You were fully aware of this situation and not distracted by excitement. It made his heart skip a beat again. 
Lyle slowly leaned down to you, not even thinking about his actions. 
When your lips pressed against his, all questions were answered. You have never kissed properly before. Only during sex. This kiss meant more. 
When pulling away, you couldn’t stop yourself from mumbling. “I think I love you, Lyle” 
He froze and repeated your words in his head over and over again, staring at you in disbelief. God, did he love you even more now.��
You couldn’t get enough of him and connected your lips to his again. This time, he held you close to him. You wrapped your tails around each other and embraced the other as if they were all that mattered. In that moment, they were all that mattered. 
After pulling away again, Lyle said “Let me make love to you, Y/N. Let me show you how much you mean to me.” 
And once again, he proved to you that he stuck by his words. Instead of just fucking, you did make love. You mated, using your tsaheylu’s and everything. 
A week after your night, you discovered you were pregnant. Neither of you thought about the consequences of your actions so it shouldn’t have been a surprise but it was. The pregnancy was unplanned but when you told Lyle, he looked like he had been waiting for that news for months. 
He was the happiest person on the planet in that moment. You both sat down together to talk about your relationship and how you would deal with a child if you decided to keep it. Well, if they even did abortions on Avatars. 
You decided to have a child and Lyle had left to tell all his friends on his team. He was very bad at containing his excitement. 
During the pregnancy, Lyle was already like a mother. He brought you anything, like literally anything. 
You forgot your hair tie on the other side of the lab? He would go fetch it, even if you had many more around. 
Any food cravings you had, you got them served. Lyle couldn’t cook. He was shit at it and something always burned but he had your heart because he tried really hard. 
He would leave you little love letters and notes on the nightstand or in your bag if he wouldn’t be seeing you for a while. But when he gets back, he makes up for the lost time with lots of snuggles. 
Lyle treats you like a princess, no kidding. 
When your baby bump grew, the man couldn’t stop himself from drawing a face on it. 
During labour, he was out of it. Seeing you in so much pain had him freaked out. He was worried sick. Like, he genuinely felt sick. What if you wouldn’t be okay after this? What if the baby wasn’t okay? So much was going through his head and he felt so useless because all he could do was stand and watch while the love of his life seemed to be fighting for her life. 
While giving birth, he was holding your hands, demonstrating how to breathe in and out deeply to calm yourself down. He did everything he could and once the baby was born, he could have collapsed into the hospital bed next to you. He didn’t of course, he needed to be with you and the baby. 
It still amazed him that you had brought new life to the planet and had created a family with him. 
He’ll be the most amazing partner and dad you could wish for. Always helping you out and is ready to risk it all for those he loves.
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anki-of-beleriand · 3 days
Bad Liar ch. 2
Tumblr media
Summary: Life is about lessons, and Wanda has been learning some harsh facts that had define her life and taken her to a place in which she was given a second chance. Then, all of a sudden, she meets you, and she realizes why it's easier to lie to yourself than to accpet what's right in front of her.
Pairing: Wanda Maximoff/ Female!reader - America/Kate - Mentions of past Vision/Wanda - past Natasha/Reader - Some Female!Reader/Carol Danvers - Past Shuri/Female!Reader
Warnings: Slow burn - Enemies to friends to lovers - Mentions of abusive relationships - Toxic relationships - angst - drama - mentions of abuse - more tags as the story progress.
Author's note: This chapter was a little hard to write because I want to do an introduction to the situation each one of them is living. But I hope you guys like it, right now Wanda is going through a very difficult time, and Reader is as well though her best defense is to be a little bitchy to hot strangers because it is a nice protective mechanism. It seems everytime Reader meets with Wanda she can't be nice but...well, we will see.
Remember that English is not my mother tongue, so I apologise for any grammar, spelling or funny mistake. I hope you guys enjoy this!
Chapter 1
Chapter 2 - New lives
Your eyes were still closed.
You could hear the muffled sound of music coming from the first floor, and the sound of America doing a mess on the kitchen. The light from the sun sneaking inside your room through the blinds until the soft hues of yellow light touched your face. Mornings had become harder ever since you lost your parents, the weight of responsibility settled right in as soon as you regained consciousness and your life choices started dancing right in front of you until you decided to stand up.
A heavy sigh left your lips, the mobile resting on your table was flashing with the couple of messages you were receiving already.
“Fuck.” The curse left your lips with a rusty tone, your hand grabbing the phone to see who wrote to you during the night and most of the morning.
After seeing at least four of them, you knew it would be one of those days.
With another sigh, you sat up ready to start the day.
“Fuck all of this.” You mumbled again before turning around and going to the bathroom.
The taste of coffee on your lips was everything you needed to improve your morning.
That, and watching America danced around the kitchen while sorting the breakfast and her lunch for that school day. The both of you were completely different, yet you two were just the same; you father had married a young woman he met just after your mother died in a car accident. At first you were not so sure with the relationship, you were still a child and your mom was just gone and this woman was nothing like her.
Then, America was born, and you forgot everything about her not being your mom.
If America was your little Sister, then Elena could be her mother.
“So, I see that Carol texted you,” America started in a teasing tone, her eyes taking a good glance at you before going back to the pan on the counter, “are you two going out again?”
“You read the message Carol sent, you mean.” You replied rolling your eyes, America shrugged not really caring about the semantics in the conversation.
“I’m your little sister, and you’re not very good with passwords, I can do what I want.”
“You sounded like Loki.” You replied grimacing a little, America turned around arching a single eyebrow at you.
“You’re so not going to go out of this conversation.” America crossed her arms waiting, for a moment you played with the idea of just not saying anything at all, but America would not drop it and she would find out eventually.
“I am seeing her tonight.” You gave in, shrugging. “She has this thing back at the base and wants me there with her.”
“So, you two guys…” America made a gesture with her hands, you snorted shrugging again.
“No idea.” You played with the fruit on your plate furrowing your brows. “I’m not sure if I want to, you know?”
America softened at your confession, your last serious relationship had been Shuri and that didn't end well. Then you found yourself in several affairs that only bring distractions to your life but not real satisfaction, America glanced at the house that used to be the Romanoff household then she turned her attention back at you.
The last year and a half had not been easy, but whereas America had distracted herself with school and friends you had to take the mantle of big sister and heir to the small fortune left by your parents. She knew you had been under a lot of pressure and, any day now, you would explode under it.
Perhaps, going out with Carol Danvers was what you needed it, even though America herself was not so sure about the blond-haired woman.
"I think you deserve to have some fun, and go out for the time being before you decide to settle for something serious." America leaned against the counter offering you a rare smile, you smiled back at her shrugging again.
“We will see, little sister, we will see."
America winced throwing a towel at you, “don’t call me that. Aren’t you late for work?”
“Aren’t you late for school?” You replied back turning your wrist to see the hour.
“Nah, it’s still earlier, and I’m waiting for Kate.”
You nodded standing up and drinking the last of your coffee, the atmosphere change for a moment and you had to wonder if perhaps you were missing something. There was dust of pink on America’s checks, but otherwise nothing seemed amiss.
“Today I have a meeting about dad’s will, and the succession process.” You said softly, this was something you already discussed with America but the subject was still sore for the both of you. “I think we will need to talk about everything, but how about we do it during lunch tomorrow?”
America swallowed her questions; she nodded offering you a weak smile.
“So, you gonna be late today?” She asked and this time around you caught the tone she used.
“No parties, and certainly no sex in the house, is that understood?”
America almost fell down, her face this time around was completely red with her mouth hanging open. You couldn’t help the laugh leaving your lips at her expression, she was looking flustered and indignant.
“I’m not going to have sex!” America almost yelled, and soon she covered her mouth while glaring at you. “What’s wrong with you?”
“With me? What’s wrong with you? You’re going to have the house for yourself and you’re not going to bring Kate…”
“She is a friend!!”
The way America turned red, and how was tapping on the table told you otherwise. You arched your brow, though decided against any further comment seeing as whatever was happening between Kate and America had not been consolidate. Yet.
“Of course, your friend.” You pressed your lips together holding back your laughter, America pressed a hand on her face trying to hide away her embarrassment.
The vibration from your phone broke the moment, you made a face glancing at the name gleaming through the screen. America leaned in, her brows coming together in a familiar gesture that reminded you of Elena. Your face softened grabbing the phone and putting it away, your arms wrapping around the teen before placing a soft kiss on her head.
“Don’t worry about it, Tony is just…being Tony, and I bet this was actually Pepper messaging me from his phone since I didn’t answer her message of this morning.” You stepped aside grabbing your car keys. “Please, be careful and write me if you need anything, okay?”
“Yeah, don’t worry, I’ll be good, I won’t make any parties and…I won’t do anything you wouldn’t do.”
You chuckled shaking your head, if America did half the things you did at her age you would be in great trouble.
The morning was cold, but the sun was just sneaking around the heavy clouds gliding right above the suburbs. The music started inside your car, your mind already on the million things you would need to face once you get to the Stark Tower; a lot of things had to be sorted out and you knew the conversation you had pending with America needed to happen on that very weekend.
If you had been paying attention to your surroundings, you would have noticed the garage door of the house next door opening, and the red car coming out of the garage with a ruckus happening right in the back seat. But as fate might had wanted it, you were just as distracted as the other woman and, by the time you both realized was happening it was late.
The sound of metal hitting metal was quite evident, your eyes opened wide and you stopped just on time before the hit could be worse than it already was.
“Fuck, what the hell?”
The sound had been an exageration of what actually happened. The woman in the red car had hit the metal bin right sepparating your driveway to the one from your neighbour. In all reality, the hit had been worse for her that had a scratch on the back of her car whereas you almost ran the metal bin with yours.
Still, this only meant another delay and the fact that now you had an idiot for a neighbour. You made a face rolling your eyes when you caught the sound of a door closing and footsteps apporaching.
Nothing could have prepared you for the sight in front of you.
Last night, the woman had been a vision, and an afterthought. You never dreamt of meeting her again, and after being an asshole with her and what she needed it you wished you would never see her again.
Yet, her she was.
This time around she looked different.
Her suit was professional looking, and the light makeup with her hairstyle made her look beautiful. There was still a trace of something in her eyes, a lack of light and heavy bags under her eyes but otherwise she was looking so much different to the mess of a woman you had seen the night before.
The worry in her features soon changed to one of annoyance, and this time around her green eyes gleamed with animosity when they too recognized you.
“You!” She spat with old anger she held from your last encounter, you raised an eyebrow and the annoyance you felt at the moment rose inside your chest making you draw a smile that Wanda found equally annoying to the one you wore the night before.
“Damn, you decided to take revenge for the yogurt yesterday?” You let out a half smile, your phone at the ready taking the pictures. “Do you know this is my part of the street, so in theory is your fault?”
“Excuse me?” Wanda couldn’t believe what she was hearing, she stood there for a moment trying to gather her courage after the impact. "What the hell is your malfunction?"
She was still trembling, the cries from the twins resounding in her head and the bad night sleep taking its toll on her. You opened your mouth to speak when your phone started ringing, this time around Pepper was the one calling.
“Look, as interesting as this could turn out to be, I have cameras and everything to proof you fucked up.” You said walking backwards to your car. “Let’s not make a big deal of this, afterall I did not suffer any damage...but I can always point you over to a good driving instructor so this won't happen again? I would hate for next time you hitting my car in the safety of our driveways."
You glanced at your phone, then at your watch and without looking back to a dumbstruck Wanda you waved good-bye.
"Have a good day, Lady!"
Wanda was still trembling when you drove down the street, your mouth opening and closing while discussing with someone over the phone. Wanda clenched her eyes shut, her trembling hand resting on the side of the car while she repeated the same mantra inside her head over and over again.
It wasn’t him; it wasn’t him…it wasn’t him. He doesn’t know you’re here.
The muffled sound of crying made her stirred into action, opening the door she accommodated herself to calm down Billy while Tommy grabbed his favorite blanket closer to his chest. The tears were rolling down her face, she whispered sweet things to Billy while offering a shaky smile until the boy sniffed grabbing Wanda’s hand in his.
Wanda knew she would be late that day, her morning had not been better than her night but at least this time around there was no one around to scream at her, to drag her back into the house for her stupidity and her distracted nature. The car could survive, and she would certainly send the other woman to hell for being a complete asshole but for now the important thing was that she and the kids were safe.
What were the odds that the same stupid woman from the day before was the same one living next door?
Wanda shook her head making sure Billy and Tommy were fine, before going to the front and making her way to the school. That day, her new life would start and she wouldn’t let anyone, specially someone as incredible stupid as the woman next door to mess with her humour, or the new life she was trying to build.
The nursery was filled with children form the faculty, as well as some of the younger siblings of the students going to the Elementary and the High School right next door. The institution was actually one of the few prestigious schools in the country, it had been built for the students with great minds but probably without the resources to afford the best education the country could offer. It had been stablished in the early 50´s and the school board was led by one of the most important women in the educational system in the country.
Natasha Romanoff wrapped her arms tightly around Wanda, the young woman dropped her shoulders and allowed the comfort this gesture brough to her soul. They had met almost a year ago, the last time Wanda had been at the hospital with a broken arm and a knife wound; that day Natasha had offered a way out and Wanda had taken it without any hesitation.
“How are you doing? How was the trip? The house, was of your liking?”
Natasha was beautiful, with a light makeup and red lips matching her hair many confused her beauty for stupidity or even for her being an easy piece of ass. On the contrary, Natasha was a shark amongst a world govern by men, her inner circle was made of great men and women that had been trying to build a better society in the midst of politics and difficulties. She was smart, and assertive with great ideas as how the things at school should be done and her side job had been of great help to women and men around the country that suffered the horrors of violence in their households.
Wanda offered a shaky smile, her eyes dancing around the small room before they settled on the twins.
“It has been…hard.” She replied in a soft voice, “last night I couldn’t help but look at the clock on the wall and…”
Natasha softened nodding; her hand placed on the woman’s arm before she too went to look at the twins that were playing together in a corner.
“It takes time, Wanda, don’t rush yourself.” Natasha then nodded at the twins. “They will get there, and you too.”
“Thank you for everything, the house was…it was amazing.” She then made a face, she wasn’t sure if she should mention the fact her neighbour was a bitch, Natasha noticed her expression and squeezed her arm softly.
“What is it?”
“Oh, nothing just…I have an encounter with this woman, she was a total bitch and…I think that’s the only bad thing that happen to me since getting here, you know?”
Natasha chuckled shaking her head, “well, I’m glad that’s the only bad thing so far, bitchy people are all around the world you just have to ignore them.”
Wanda shrugged nodding, she hesitated for a moment before following Natasha out of the nursery and down a long hall connecting to the main building.
“You will be with the seniors class, they are…special.” Natasha hesitated for a moment before laughing at Wanda’s expression. “Special as in they are in advanced levels but on different fields, not as in troublemakers.”
Wanda made a face shaking her head apologetically, “I didn’t mean…I mean, all children deserve a fair treatment, and being difficult is just part of their grow process or…”
“Oh, don’t misunderstand me, every single student in this place is a troublemaker.” Natasha commented, her lips never loosen up the smile adorning her features. “I think that’s the best part of this job.”
Natasha made a brief description of the building and the students, Wanda was listening attentively admiring everything around her. The students would come in greeting Natasha and herself before running down the halls or screaming or laughing, Wanda couldn’t help the smile adorning her features at the familiarity of it all. She remembered still the day she graduated from University and went right ahead to look for a job, weeks after having married Vis; her life had been amazing up until Vis stated he didn’t like her going out so much and always being late or working at home and much less being around so many kids and their parents.
Wanda’s dream of being a teacher soon came crashing down after a school meeting, it had been innocent enough but that day Wanda learned the true nature of her husband and weeks later she quit.
“This is amazing.” Wanda finally commented with a smile, Natasha nodded signalling the black door down the hall. “This will be your classroom, I know your specialty was English and Spanish, but I also know you have some knowledge of Cultural Studies and literature, that’s what I want you to do with them.”
Wanda nodded enthusiastically, she had received the lesson plan for the semester and the study plan for the whole year. These kids were really high advanced in everything they did and her classes would be a way to help them develop critical thinking and argumentation skills during debates; at least that was what Wanda would like to teach them.
“No one knows about your past, Wanda.” Natasha finally said opening the door and handing the key to Wanda, she walked towards the desk were she had organized the files the young woman would need. “You are here with your maiden name, and with a nice backstory, remember that.”
“I will, Natasha. I don’t know…I really don’t know how to thank you for everything you have done for me.” Wanda finally stated turning to the woman, her eyes gleaming with unshed tears. “I will do my best, I…thank you.”
“Don’t need to thank me, Wanda.” Natasha offered another hug to the woman. “That’s what we’re here for, remember that part of the process is talking about it and you have a meeting with Hope tomorrow.”
“I know, I will be there.” Wanda then leaned back chewing on her lip with uncertainty, Natasha furrowed her brow tilting her head.
“What is it?”
“The twins, I mean…I can’t take them with me but…”
Natasha nodded understanding what Wanda meant, she pointed with her head to the classroom chuckling.
“You have at least twenty teens in this place, you can ask one of them to babysit for you.” Natasha shook her head before Wanda could reply. “You will need a babysitter either way, you can ask around and if you’re still unsure, come over later on and I will help you with that.”
Once Natasha left, Wanda was left alone in the classroom.
This place was like nothing she had seen before, the desks and the walls, the windows and the general decoration was relaxing and actually quite homey. Wanda sat on her desk, the laptop resting there had her name already and the password ended up being her employee ID. She started looking around the different files, the names of her students and what each one of them had been doing up until that point. Natasha was not kidding when she said all of them were gifted in some way.
It wasn’t only about Academy, most of them were either good at sports or arts, some of them were pretty good at politics and science. The good and the bad was included in the files, and Wanda realized that even if everything was looking pretty and organise there were internal problems that sometimes affected the overall performance.
Wanda learned that one of her students was a loner, not a single friend and with absent parents. Another one lost her parents in a car accident and her big sister ended up taken care of her. One of the kids was living with his uncles, and another one found recently he was adopted with a real father that almost killed him when he went to confront him.
Wanda jumped on her chair when the door of the classroom open and a group of girls came right in, all of them talking loudly until they realized the room was not empty.
“Oh, sorry I…we didn’t know there was someone in here already…” America hesitated for a moment, her eyes wide open observing the woman sitting at the professor’s desk.
“Oh, please!” Wanda stood up smiling tentatively at the group. “Come on in, we’re about to start.”
“What’s the delay, Chavez? Move it!” Yelena went right in pushing through the group until she stopped dead on her tracks, scowling openly at the woman standing in the room. “Who the hell are you?”
“Yelena!” Kate and America exclaimed at the same time, Wanda opened her eyes surprised, she took a breath trying to calm down her beating heart.
“I’m Wanda Maximoff, the new teacher.”
Rain had started falling again.
This time around, it was a mild drizzle with low temperatures and strong winds. Wanda sighed looking at the time on her watch walking down the halls leading to the nursery. Even with the bad weather, and with the tiredness of the day, Wanda couldn’t wipe the smile from her face. She was back in the classroom, and she had enjoyed the class itself too much. Her students were smart, they would participate in every activity she proposed and in general the different classes she had given that day had been a success.
It was as if she was recovering a small part of her life she lost all those years ago.
With her body almost giving up, she turned around the corner noticing at that moment the loud conversation at the other end of the hall.
Loki crossed his arms glaring at the five year old boy that was glaring at him equally annoyed, America and Kate both hid their smiles behind their hands while Yelena and Kamala were just waiting exasperated.
“Now!” Loki barked to which the boy shook his head stomping his feet on the ground.
Inside the room, Billy and Tommy were watching wide eye the scene, their eyes lit up as soon as they saw the familiar form of their mother coming to the room.
“MOM!” The group jumped at the exclamation; Wanda softened slightly kneeling down to receive the hugs from the twins.
“Professor Maximoff.” America turned slightly, softening under the scene. “Oh, we didn’t know you have children. Hey there, guys.”
America knelt down offering a half smile to the twins, the two boys glanced at her then back at Wanda that was smiling tiredly at everyone.
“Yes, they are Billy.” She said pointing to the boy wearing the green shirt. “And Tommy. Children, these are my students, America, Kate, Yelena, Kamala and Loki.”
Yelena crossed her arms, though she was impressed by the memory of the new teacher. Kate and Kamala did the same as America kneeling down to greet at the twins while Loki and the blond-haired kid were still in a glaring contest.
“Hi.” Tommy mumbled snuggling closer to Wanda, the young woman glanced at Loki then at the kid.
“Are you guys okay? You need any help?” She asked tentatively, America chuckled standing up while shaking her head.
“Nah, this is…like their bonding time, happens every time.”
“Balder refuses to use his jacket, Loki refuses to get him out of here without the jacket.” Continued Kate shrugging.
“And then, Loki would blackmail the kid, and everyone is happy.” Finished Yelena eyeing the woman in front of her.
Wanda lifted her eyebrows half amused and half confused by this, she glanced at Tommy and Billy both of them looking in disapproval.
“I see, guys go for your jackets, we’re leaving.” Wanda watched as Tommy grabbed Billy’s hand dragging him back inside the room.
“They’re so cute, Professor.” Kate offered shyly.
“Thank you, they can be a handful, though.” Wanda replied softening slightly. “Double the trouble, but quite worth it.”
America was about to speak when  Loki huffed lifting his arms in defeat.
“Fine! One ice cream and one chocolate bar, nothing else.”
Balder smirked nodding stretching his little hand to him, before running back to the nursery. Loki shook his eyes glaring at everyone lifting a single finger.
“Not a word.” Loki straightened up directing his usual charming smile to the older woman. “Professor Maximoff, glad to see you around, I hope you have a wonderful day?”
Wanda opened her eyes slightly, her lips curling slightly at the over politeness from Loki.
“I did, thank you, Loki.”
America rolled her eyes, and Wanda realized this was really something that happened on a daily basis. She watched as her children came back in, for a brief moment she hesitated with her eyes dancing around the room then back to the twins.
“Mom, we’re ready!”
“I’m hungry.”
Wanda leaned in putting some strands of hair out of Billy’s face, “I know baby, we’re going home and making your favourite today.”
Billy’s eyes lit up nodding enthusiastically, Wanda straightened up ready to say good-bye when something else pushed inside her mind.
“Well, I think this is it for today,” she smiled at the teens grabbing the twins on each hand, she hesitated for a moment before speaking again, “I hope you kids have a great rest of the afternoon and a nice weekend.”
“Thank you, ma’am, I wish the same for you.” Loki replied bowing his head, Kamala hit him on his arm shaking her head exasperate.
“Stop the theatrics.” Kamala turned to the older woman waving slightly. “Bye, Professor, happy weekend.”
“I didn’t know she had children.” Yelena finally said once she was sure Wanda was out of earshot. “Actually, we don’t know much about her, don’t you think?”
Kamala shrugged writing over her phone, “so what? She deserves her privacy, and I think her class was pretty cool.”
“I’m not talking about that, I know it was cool.” Yelena scoffed crossing her arms. “I just…Natasha has been quite mysterious about this new teacher, and now that we met her well…she didn’t say much about herself when she introduced to us.”
“Don’t tell me you’re suspecting her of something, Yelena.” Kate shook her head bumping into the other woman. “I thought she was nice, and quite smart.”
“And beautiful.” Loki chimed in, his eyes glassing over dreamily. “Did you see her eyes? Her hair? Her face?”
America nodded standing beside Loki, Kate shot her a quick glance rolling her eyes.
“I have to agree with Loki, Professor Maximoff is quite beautiful”
“She is hot, I agree.” Yelena made a face when Kamala and Kate glanced at her. “I’m Ace not an idiot, I can say she is hot without wanting to jump her bones…I’m not like these two.”
America and Loki made a face quite offended.
“I don’t want to jump her bones!” America defended herself. “I just think she is hot!”
“I wouldn’t say know, she doesn’t look that old, but she has children, ergo she is married.” Loki replied shrugging.
“That and Sylvie probably kills him if she finds out.” Kamala mumbled chuckling, Loki flushed ready to reply until Balder grabbed his hand putting on him.
“Are we ready, Loki?”
“Let us not discuss this anymore.” Loki glared at Kamala who was about to reply with a teasing smile on her lips. “I don’t have more money to blackmail the brat over here.”
“I’m not a braaat!”
The discussion went on between Loki and Balder, America stood right beside Kate making sure Yelena dragged Kamala down the hall with the arguing from the brothers filling up the emptiness in the building. Kate turned to America, her smile growing big when she noticed the other woman looking at her with some nervousness noticeable in her posture.
“What is it?”
“Oh, no, I just…” America hesitated for a moment, she had the whole speech prepare until her eyes fell on a small lump on the ground. “What’s that?”
Kate sighed rolling her eyes, she turned to see America standing up with what look like a blue blanket with cars and football balls on it.
“I think that’s a blanket,” Kate said chuckling while looking around the place then back at America. “Do you think this belongs to one of the kids from Professor Maximoff?”
America shrugged turning around before grabbing Kate’s hand, “come, let’s see if she is still in the parking lot.”
Kate flushed nodding, her hand closing tightly around America’s one.
Wanda massaged the bridge of her nose, Tommy was complaining and she just noticed his favourite blanket was not with them. She was trying to think of a solution, she couldn’t go back to the building without putting the children out of the baby seats the rain was starting to fall harder and faster, and she was already soaking wet from the effort of putting them protectively in the car.
Thunder broke into the sky, Billy opened his eyes with tears forming in his eyes. Wanda was about to say something when her name being called made her look back. She could see America and Kate coming over, one of them holding a familiar sight.
“Oh, God, you found it!” The relief was quite evident in her face, America stood there breathing hard passing over the blanket with a smile.
“I think this is yours.”
“You don’t know how much I love you right now.” Wanda exclaimed going back in to hand the item over to Tommy.
America blushed lightly smiling sheepishly at her new teacher, Wanda was a mess at the moment but she smiled tiredly at both teens.
“Thank you, really, Tommy…he can’t sleep without that.” Wanda then opened her eyes wide looking around then pointing at her car. “Do you guys need a ride? You can’t go around with this weather…”
“Oh, no, no, don’t worry, Professor, we just thought we bring you this and then…we…go back…”
“Are you sure? I wouldn’t mind, and it’s the least I can do…” Wanda started but Kate shook her head smiling politely at her.
“Don’t worry, Professor, really, my car is down the other parking lot.”
America furrowed her brows, then she too nodded at Wanda who smile at them.
“Okay, then, go. This rain could be bad for you guys.”
Before Kate and America could walk away, Wanda straightened up loosing her nervousness and her inadequacy with the situation itself.
“Kate! America!” the teens stopped turning around with questioning glances on their faces. “By any chance, do you know anyone interested in a babysitter job?”
America blinked a couple of times at the question, she could see the question in Wanda’s eyes as well as the small hint of desperation in her green eyes. Without thinking too much, America nodded with her lips curled into a smile.
“I am.”
Kate opened her eyes for a moment before frowning slightly, Wanda’s expression lit up and relief was quite evident in her eyes.
“You do, really?”
“Yeah, sure, when do you need me to help?” America said letting go of Kate’s hand for a moment before putting her phone out.
“Oh, well, if it is not too short notice, tomorrow at around 2pm?”
Kate crossed her arms looking everywhere but at America or their new teacher, she tried to scare her thoughts away. She tried to convince herself this was America being America and always ready to help everyone; but she couldn’t help but remember the conversation they held in the nursery.
She is hot.
So what? Professor Maximoff was off limits, right? First, she was a teacher, and second you was an adult, probably the same age as America’s sister so…Anyway, why did it bother Kate so much? It wasn’t as if America and her…as if anything was happening…
“Hey, Kate, you okay?” Kate jumped shocked, America was standing in front of her with a creased of her brows.
“yeah, you…” Kate shook her head noticing they were alone in the parking lot, under the rain of mid-afternoon. “You ready?”
“Yeah, Professor Maximoff said she will text me later for the details.” America said smiling. “You know? I just thought, she needed help and…”
“Right, and America Chavez jumped right into the rescue. As always.” Kate huffed stepping back and giving her back to the young woman. “Never mind the woman is hot as hell, right?”
“What? What are you talking about?” America was confused, Kate shot her a glare before shaking her head.
“Never mind, come Loki and the others must be waiting for us.”
Kate walked away without looking back at America, and America felt something was amiss with the sudden change of attitude from Kate but, for her life, that she couldn’t pinpoint what it was.
On her car, driving down the streets through the rain and the babbling from the twins Wanda smiled in relief. She had solved the problem for the babysitter, and her appointment with Hope Pym could take place without any issue.
Finally, it seemed as if the world was smiling at her, and her life was going back to what it should have been.
The incident of that morning completely forgotten.
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neon-junkie · 19 hours
Tech would be one of those guys who is down baaaaaaad for his wife. He would worship the ground that you walk on. A Morticia and Gomez kind of love.
He's smug as fuck about you, but not to an overbearing point. Cocky remarks whenever you do something incredible, even if that's simply breathing. "I did not romantically pursue her purely for her ethereal appearance," he'll gloat with a raised brow, and an expression that reads 'duh!'
Always has his hand around your waist when you're out in public, a silent reminder that you're his; yet, Tech isn't worried. He knows your loyalty lies with him, and any fool who attempts to hit on you is only going to be shot down. And on the odd occasion that said person is persistent? Tech can hold his own in a fight, but the stranger doesn't need to worry about him - it's you that'll be throwing the punches.
Those bloody knuckles? Tut tut. "Darling, I told you to ignore him. Idiocy is not a trait of yours, so why bother attempting to stoop to his level?"
At least you'll be getting extra kisses tonight - you know, on top of those kisses that Tech gives you every single night. Bare chest to bare chest as Tech gawks at you. His eyes are sleepy, almost permanent red indents around them from where his goggles sit, but Maker forbid that he shuts his eyes without spending (at least) twenty minutes fawning over you, only for you to greet him in his dreams.
Breakfast in bed, a foot rub, if you need it. "Is there anything else that you require, my dear?" Half of the time, you don't need to ask; Tech knows what you want, what you need. He knows your body language, your facial expressions, the nervous twitch to your fingertips, and how your chest rises and falls in tense situations. Tech is there to catch you before you've even started falling because, whilst his mind and sight is on the task at hand, his heart is focused on you, and silent alarm bells blare in his head whenever you're in the range of trouble.
On those odd occasions that you're not with him, all Tech does is talk about you. If only he had a mute button - hah! his brothers wish he did. Still, talking about you beats his information dumps. At least you're interesting.
Tech is so proud to be with you, "I do not wear this band on my finger for any odd reason." He just wants to show you off to the world. How did he, a clone - not just a clone, but a defective one, a bad member of the batch - manage to pull you? What sort of Gods have blessed him? Who does he need to thank over and over for such a blessing?
Maybe that's why he makes it clear how much he adores you. Maybe that's why he doesn't fight his inner demons at night. You love him, flaws and all, and if anything, you've helped him overcome his insecurities; a receding hairline, lack of social cues, bad sleeping habits, only eats when he feels like he has to, and so on. You viewed him like this - this, in a derogative tone - and saw something in him that he doesn't see in himself.
And for that, Tech worships you. He adores you. He's so proud of you. There isn't a single soul, a being in any galaxy, who is luckier than Tech, purely because he gets to love you, and be loved in return.
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xenoncitadel · 1 day
Xavier, trying to flirt with Wednesday: If this was a fairytale, you'd be the princess.
Yn: Well, that must make me the fairy godmother because you can bippity boppitty back the fuck away from my girlfriend.
Wednesday: *proud girlfriend moment*
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genshinrosey · 3 days
Tumblr media
𝑪𝒉𝒂𝒓𝒂𝒄𝒕𝒆𝒓: Il Dottore/The Doctor
𝑪𝒐𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒏𝒕 𝑾𝒂𝒓𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈: fem! reader because this is horribly self-indulgent, sadism, dacryphilia, overstimulation, edging, degradation. lots of scary and spicy things. Oh and choking. iykyk.
These are just general nsfw headcanons for my problematic fave <3
He is totally into choking. This is only half a joke, because if he sees that you enjoy it he’ll probably question it for a bit but keep doing it. Or deny you this pleasure. Depends
He likes incorporating his experimental nature into intimate practices. Which means he will absolutely edge you and/or overstimulate you and excuse his actions with his reason being experimentation.
Oh yeah and he most definitely likes the sound and look of you crying and begging. It's a motivator for him.
"It seems you like this, but why are you crying? Cheer up or I'll give you a reason to cry." he coos and wipes a single, shiny tear from your eye, a toothy grin across his face.
How utterly fucking pathetic.
He would commission Sandrone to make new erotic devices to try on you every once in a while, While she hates this idea, Mora is Mora. And he's her superior. Not like she hasn't created instruments of torture for him in the past.
And if you enjoy getting hurt, he won’t shy away, especially if you’ve been disobedient. Though if it’s just you wanting it, rather deserving it, you’ll either have to to do something to make him want to punish you or beg him. No in between.
Use your words, you’re babbling like an idiot. Would you like more marks on your body? Are you addicted to the sweet stinging against your skin?
He grips your thighs/ass while saying the last part. Just… imagine it.
Oh yeah he’s a thigh guy btw. He likes thighs and waists. Especially ones with a bit more squish. More to cut open, more to grip onto.
His weakest spot is his neck. Either go for that or bite down while giving head to earn a chuckle and a quick change of pace (meaning he either starts roughly topping or he starts fucking. This man doesn’t play).
Hell, he'll screw you on an autopsy table. He'll make sure it's nice and clean just for you. With a mirror set up and everything so you can watch as he wrecks you, the way your face looks as he bruises your insides. His gloved fingers in your mouth and your hair a mess as you're tearing up and begging for release.
On that note, he's either almost entirely clothed or not clothed at all. Most of the time it's the former.
But of course, you only get him when he's in a good mood. Obey him and be his obedient little partner if you want your hole fucked good! He can definitely satisfy, but only if you act like a good girl and obey his every whim.
It's really difficult to completely make him hard. It's hard to bring him over the edge and have him begging. He's completely a top, and a really rough one at that. Submission is more attractive to him than being dominated, though he does admire the inner fierceness in his partner when they attempt to top.
He also eats out really well but he almost never does it unless he feels you REALLY deserve it. He personally just doesn't like doing it but will very rarely make an exception.
Aftercare? Never heard of her. If he thinks he has time to spare or if you quite literally can't properly move after that, he'll scoff and then carry you somewhere where you can rest. He might even send for someone to bring you things to eat or to draw up a bath for you. It's rarely ever him though.
While this is true, he does run constant medical tests to ensure that you're nice and healthy. Biweekly blood tests, makes sure you take your required meds and vitamins, all that good stuff. This is the only factor that would, in essence, make him a caretaker dom. But only barely.
Is very possessive but certainly wouldn't mind sharing you with a certain other harbinger (come on, we all know who).
Just as long as that Regrator bastard remembers who’s in charge.
A/N: The atrocious things I'd let Dottore do to me. The absolute horrendous acts I would let him perform. I am down diabolical for this man. Anyway, hope you enjoyed the content, and stay slutty my friends.
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Sanji & Zoro Watches Their Captain & You (NSFW)
A/N: Bro can someone please explain why everytime i upload paragraphs be repeated or deleted? And then when i edit it it deletes MORE AFTER I SAVE??😭
Black Fem Reader
WC: 1k
CW: Smut
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It was unbelievable.
“Look at her.”
Who would have thought, a guy like Luffy would know what to do with a girl like you.
Who would have thought, a guy like Luffy could get a girl like you to know how to really bring out another side of yourself in bed.
“She really is a slut huh.”
“Ssshit.” Luffy moaned into your slit, so addicted to your taste and already pussy drunk he didn’t even notice you cumming already.
“‘S not fair! …she fucking came twice on his tongue—i can do be—
“‘S not fair! …she fucking came twice on his tongue—i can do be—
“As if you’d be able to eat her pussy without bleeding—“
“Shut the fuck—“
“Ah! Lu!~ no!..no more pleasee.!”
Luffy lifted your pelvis off the bed, the two men outside eyes widened in shock , zoro’s folded arms fell to his sides and Sanji’s cigarette to the floor they couldn’t fathom seeing the view before them of what their captain was capable of.
Luffy was ruining you.
They both wanted to be upset. Their crush being with their captain, hugging you, laughing with you, kissing you,
Being a slut just for Captain Luffy and not for them.
“Fuck…” Sanji huffed out palming his cock with jo shame, Zoro seen and scowled at him in disgust scoffing.
“Enjoying the show? Piece of shit—“
“Fuck you that should be me in there—“
“Yeah well it’s not it’s not like you’d even fucking last with a girl like he—-“
“O-oh! Lufffyy~!” Your voice smooth as butter as you mewled his name, your anklets wrapped around each other as you wanted to keep your man on your for a moment longer to ride out other orgasm.
Their lament and arguing paused hearing the rumbling and small bangs of his bed. They press their faces closer to get a good look of you. Arms and legs locked around your boyfriend’s tan body. In this moment it felt like you couldn’t be any closer to Luffy right now. His tongue pressed and swirling in your mouth, you felt his saliva and your cum mix together. You both never held back when it came to kissing.
Luffy had one hand under your thigh just barely raising your pelvis up off the bed as he dragged his cock in and out of your pussy that seemed to clench harder than it did the first time each moment he thrusted out of you.
You swore his cock was bigger than last time, stretching you out so painfully good. Luffy threw his other hand to grab and squeeze your breast almost toying with them a little as he tugged on your nipples.
Just that quick though he pulls up leaving you whimpering from stealing the close orgasm you were already approaching.
His body hovered over yours like he was an eclipse, the back light from the lamp he made you keep on was behind him but it didn’t stop you from seeing each muscle he had, transparent sweat droplets fall off his chest as it rises up and down slightly winded from all the work he put in you. It intimidated you for a moment. His eyes not completely visible nor is his smile. You see his lidded eyes, his hair now reverting to it’s slight curls you loved to see when he sweated so much.
“Ride me.” Was all Luffy said with his rasped voice before holding your hips as he flipped you in top of him. You slid yourself down on him sharing a gasp as he held you close while leaning on the shaky head board.
He had something to prove for his audience.
You couldn’t get enough and Sanji and Zoro seen it. It was so attractive to see you like this—fuck if they knew such a sweet girl like you could ride dick like a pornstar.
“You think she’d let us join?” Zoro casually asked with a faint smirk still watching you from behind. Your ass slapping against his hips while you bend over to lay your captain down and kiss him so he can fully enjoy the show of your reaching your high with him.
“Don’t hold your breath your fuckface she would never—“
“Fuck! Fuck! Yes!”
Zoro stared at your jiggly body, the way you knew how to stop and grind your soft plushy brown body on Luffy’s cock like a pro was mesmerizing to him it’s as if your body was on autopilot from the way you moved your body to get the right sounds out of Luffy. Zoro would never admit how much you’ve turned him on.
Sanji however was losing his mind. He needed you. He needed to switch places with Luffy right now. Your moans, you head thrown back, the way you call out Luffy’s name—dammit that should be him not that 19 year old bafoon! He always found you attractive and for you to give sanji a free show was such a fucking tease for him, the bulge in his pants grew embarrassingly hard.
How could they have not known you were so loud and whiney when you were getting fucked? They would have started watching you both sooner.
“So is this what Luffy learned in Dressrosa?”
“Absolutely he did. Little pervert.”
“Why the hell did you let him see all that?”
“I didn’t, i found him there dumbass—“
“Fuck! I’m—y/n!”
Every fiber in Zoro’s being wanted to just open the door, and Sanji noticed his hand gripping the doorknob actually hoping he’d do it.
Luffy on the other hand wouldn’t have cared if they walked in, he wouldn’t have cared if they been watching, he wouldn’t have care if they offered to take turns. But maybe not just yet, because seeing the look of their faces as you go to clean up the mess you made on his cock with your mouth is priceless.
“Y/n…” Luffy groaned holding himself up with his elbows, giving you a weak smile as you slowly bob your head on his dick, mouth messy and wet. “Do you care if next time…sanii or zoro was in here with us?”
He doesn’t mind sharing with his right and left hand men.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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felix-housewife · 2 days
#1 |Skz Reactions
„you have a important meeting and they need to take their child to their schedules“
Tumblr media
Father! SKZ member x mother! Reader
Fluff! Humor!
The child is like around 3-4 years old
Btw I did a poll where you can decide about what I should write a fanfic! Click here if you want to check out!
Warnings: maybe some swearing? Like curse words :) hyunjinnie gets some beats- Han will break down of jealousy :D… lmk if I forgot something :‘D
Authors note: I needed to write this like- it was also a lot of fun! 😭 it also gave me a lot of comfort tbh ♥️btw I decided the genders of your kids bc I needed it for the writing💔you can still pretend a other gender if you like :) I hope y’all enjoy! <33333
NOT PROOF READED so maybe some errors TT
Bangchan: Of course he would understand that you have to leave earlier and can’t take your son with yourself. He also didn’t mind to take care of his child but the thing is, he already has to take care on 7 kids every single day. 7 at once are already enough for him to handle and now another one? Honestly your child is such a precious little boy and behaves so he wasn’t really worried about it at all… until he took him to his schedules. Your son is nearly 4 years old and can speak not bad at all. Yes- not bad it means we can understand him but the topic he starts to talk with his uncles are just unacceptable. „Hey Channie! Why did you take your son with you? Don’t get me wrong it’s not worse but I thought Y/n takes care of him mostly when you’re busy.“ Changbin asked the older member with curiosity while he played with your sons hair a little. „Oh Y/n said she needs to go to her gynecologist, I asked her why but she didn’t want to tell me.. maybe women things you know?“ Bangchan explained with small chuckle and everything seem fine but- „uncle Binnie, mummy started to bleed in her pants once.. maybe just a big wound, like she said it felt ouchy“ your son explained and Changbin mouth nearly dropped while the other members turned silent and looked into Chans direction who was chuckling nervously. „I don’t know what y/n explained to him, I swear-„
Lee know: believe me or not, Minho could be the best and careful dad like, he knows how to treat kids and how to take care of them but every time when you are not able to take care of your and his child, he takes them to his schedules but before he could take them with himself, he always showed them how to kick and hit if someone is annoying. Yes- HE DID- so as Minho took his child to his schedule he was holding them on his lap while Han and Jeongin was talking about that they couldn’t believe that your child looked mostly like Lee know and not that much like you. Maybe the eyes are from you but the rest is full of Minho genes. „It’s really a shame that they looks mostly like you. I mean they only owns Y/n eyes and that’s all!“ Jeongin whined and it was not a bad thing that your child looked like their father but you was beautiful and warm-hearted so why not having some genes of the mom? „At least they haves the beauty of their mother so shut for a moment please“ Lee know huffed and Hyunjin scanned his child face and hummed. „Yes you’re right, they would not look really attractive in the future if they would own your beauty genes“ Lee know clicked his tongue. „Kiddo, give your Lovely uncle Hyunjinnie a kiss“ he said with a innocent smile and small toddler went over to the tall man and kicked his shin. A dramatic screech came out of Hyunjin and hold his leg. „You better watch out your tongue or imma show them how to stuff tissues inside your mouth~“ Minho threatened
Changbin: pls he’s lovely to your daughter and loves her with his whole heart but she’s pretty clumsy and if Binnie don’t let a eye on her, she would only hit her head once. They needed to workout and Changbin was doing some push-ups while your daughter was running around the studio and playing with a skipping rope. „Binnie shouldn’t you watch out on your daughter more?“ Bangchan asked him nervously and Changbin looked at him confused. „Huh but she is fine-„ bam- there was his daughter, holding the skipping rope but with her face on the floor. „Jesus Christ-„ Seungmin hisses shocked and then the girl lifted herself up and smiled happily. „I’m fine!!!“ she said so cutely which made Changbin sighing in relief. Now Changbin did put his daughter on his back and continued with his push-ups like nothing bad happened-.
Hyunjin: Today they needed to practice their choreography and Hyunjin took his daughter to his schedules because you needed to visit your mother since she’s feeling sick. Hyunjin didn’t make a big deal of it because he loved his daughter a lot but there is one small problem- your daughter is too shy. Like- when the members are around her she only ends up hiding behind her dads monster legs. Like today. Hyunjin was dancing his part and your daughter was sitting against the wall and playing with her teddy bear. After they took a break, Lee know wanted to pay attention to her and play with her and her teddy bear to cheer her more up. Felix also asked her if she wants her hair to get braided and already she got all attention. The little girl only would stand up and run over to her father Hyunjin with spread arms and hide behind his while clinging on his one leg. „Guys I think she doesn’t really like it if every single one of you nears her“ Hyunjin sighed and the members just apologized and ended up at the end of the day making your daughter laugh in joy.
Han: his daughter is such a adorable sweet thing but when her fathers takes her over to his schedules because you are gonna be busy, her attention is fully on Minho. Like she wants to play with him games, playing with his hair, tying up pony tails and laughing of his sweet behavior towards Hans daughter. Lee know can handle kids so I’m not surprised that your daughter would chose him as her favorite uncle. She would also cling on him and she would end up getting carried and spin in circles softly. Han is really okay that your daughter feels happy around Lee know and the members but he gets easily jealous and always talked to you if his daughter is maybe calling Lee know her new dad and she forgot about him. But you needed to take your time to calm him every night down and remind him that she loves him XD. Once happened that your daughter called Lee know her dad in that way: „daddy, look! Uncle Channie gave me candy!“ and in that moment Han was feeling like a knife stabbed his heart and dramatically broke down. Lee know was only watching like: 🧍‍♂️. And then you end up agreeing with Han to let a nice babysitter take care of your daughter when neither the father or you are around.
Felix: yeah- trust me. You still need to get his tongue and mouth shut even if you love him that much. You know Felix and his swearing <\3 once when he took his kid to his schedules while you went to a meeting at your own work, he regret that he took his child with himself.. your kid was 3 years old and never said their first word. You didn’t know why and either him but until something happened that left him in shook and the rest of the skz members. His child was sitting there and watching Bangchan showing them some funny videos on his phone in their break and laughing with the little kiddo. Felix was next to them and singing with Han along a song and Han wasn’t that careful as he cam closer and slipped and fell on top of Felix. And as this happened a ‚shit‘ slipped out of his mouth and he rubbed his own head. Bangchan looked into their direction with your kid together and the other two just stared back until- „s-sh.. shit“ Felix eyes widened as he heard this word from his own child mouth. Bangchan did the same and Felix jumped up. „You- you said your first word!! Finally you said it!!“ he said happily and then he stopped and realized what word they said. „I- wait this word is your first…“ Bangchan shook his head in disappointment and Han tried to comfort Felix. „Hey at least you didn’t say ‚bitch‘ like you sometimes say, then everything is fine“ „b-bitch!“ silent. The whole room went silent and every single eye was laid on your kid and then on han. Felix jaw dropped and stared at the squirrel while Bangchan had a killer gaze. Han was silent too until he laid his hand on Felix shoulder and acted like he did nothing at all. „Y/n is gonna kill you, that’s bad“
Seungmin: his kiddo is the sweetest. It always starts to laugh cute and kinda funny while having the smile like their father. They loves seeing their uncles when they comes with Seungmin while you’re gone. Sometimes they end up with getting spin in circles to make them laugh but it only worries Seungmin more. He always tries to get his kid back but fails until he says: „I swear if you drop them I will do the same to you but I’m not gonna scratch you off of the floor after that“ and then his kid gets put back into his arms . He just wants to protect his kids from the members because he knows how chaotic they can be and he also knows how feral you could get if something happens to your kid. If he would only hear a small whimper from his kid he would be like under a second there like- Seungmin in the building!!! Protective dad 😭
Jeongin: he takes care of his kid like it’s the precious little thing on earth. He would be protective too but let the members play with them like holding them in piggy back, playing with their hair, ball playing and more. But since I.N finds Changbin the most soft one he would put your kiddo into Binnies arms when they gets tired. Changbin wouldn’t even be bothered about it because he would find it cute and they would remind him of baby bread Jeongin fr. Trust me- whole skz would be protective over his child when he brings them with himself to the schedules when you’re busy. They call them new little maknae haha. But his kid would also start to get a bit whiny bc they would miss you.
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laurensmabel1 · 1 day
American Waiter
Tumblr media
Summary: Shuri’s the slightest jealous over an American waiter, leading to her adorable stubbornness and cockiness.
Warnings: Fluff, just fluff and harmless arguments with Shuri:)
“Heyi.” Shuri whispered, urgency hinting her voice.
You don’t look up from your menu, searching for meals in bankrupting the Queen of Wakanda. “Shuri?”
“We must return to Wakanda. Now.”
You raise your eyes to her, frowning. She has this crease between her brows, persistence written over her face.
If this were a different case scenario where she did not look so disturbed you might take the moment to appreciate the attire she’s wearing; a purple turtleneck hugging her toned frame perfectly with her golden necklace hanging around, hands clasped in front of her tightly causing the muscles to flex. You might even stare a little bit. 
But Shuri is in distress, already deciding to go back to her country. Clearly something is wrong.
"What?" you ask her, glancing around. "What happened baby?" 
“We have to leave.” She does not elaborate any further, because well why would she?
"Alright..." you drawl, blinking a few times. "May I ask why?”
You look out the window to your left for any incoming disasters. Considering the Queen and protector of a powerful nation is casually sitting in a restaurant with the Dora Milaje outside, keeping a look out. If there was a possibility that anyone in this restaurant were to get hurt, you're sure Shuri nor the General wouldn't be just sitting or standing there, waiting to have a conversation about death. 
But there no threat outside. No new coming aliens or mutants. No spies- then again how would you know? Ah yes, you’d know because the highly trained warriors would be coming in, poking the life out of whoever it is with their deathly spears. But there is no impending disaster that Shuri might need to tend to. 
Your brows furrow deeper, staring at her expectantly. “That American waiter. His intentions are not proper. They seems…flirty towards you.” She mutters glancing toward the man a few feet away behind you.
The man with skin clashing perfectly with the darkness of his clean shave and dreads piled atop his head revealing his fade. So in a way yes, you think this man is perfectly pleasant. Just not Shuri perfectly pleasant.
“Babe, what?”
"He cannot stop staring at you as if you are a piece of meat. I thought his eyes were going to bulge out of his idiotic scalp. Is this how the men look at the woman? Because if so-“
You snort, a bit confused. "Shuri.” you start, not wanting her to finish that sentence. A wry smile sorts on your lips.
“If I have to watch him drool all over you again, I spontaneously will not hesitate in getting Ayo in here.” She pauses for a moment glancing at her kimoyo beads then at the gold around her neck. “Better yet- why not I just handle him myself?"
You settle the menu down, staring at your girlfriend blankly. “You’re for real?”
She scoffs. “Yes I am very much ‘for real’, Y/N. I am serious- we have to go.”
“You already ordered a whole ass appetizer. And drinks.”
“I will pay the double of however much that appetizer cost! And that waiter will not get any tip.” She chew her bottom lip with a considerate look. “Okay fine. A minimum of 5 percent is all he gets. He looks very neat than the rest of the men here. And I do not want to hear any complaints on the news of the Queen being rude to these average people.”
“How generous you are, Your Majesty.”
“Sithandwa.” She whines with a pout like a child. It is vaguely cute to you. “Please? Can we go? It is already hard enough for me.”
“What do you mean?” You frown questionably. “Why?”
Shuri pushes her seat back to get a full look at you. The ember in her eyes blaze upon every part of your body, tongue grazing over her bottom lip in a painfully seductive way.
You think back to those hands that had lingered on every inch of skin they could with the dress you wore. About those fiery eyes that could've burned you to the core. 
"Oh…” you cross your arms over your chest, eyes wide at the silent message. "I-I thought you was joking around whenever you said you wanted—“
Her blank stare was your response.
“Okay, so you wasn’t joking.” You awkwardly laughed, soon turning into amusement as her head dropped down to the table. If it weren’t for her muffled voice of her using her fluent language you might have understood her. (Yes- you can make out a few words here and there- just not full sentences unless they’re ones used in bed r—)
“Fuzz bomb,” you crooned softly, your hand reaching to fiddle with her twisted curls. “I think we’ll be alright. If it makes you feel any better, I’ll even hold your hand when he gets back, yeah?”
Shuri stays down, not budging at the nickname though you eternally snicker as your fingers run through the curls, messing with them slightly.
She shoots up, fixing them with a frown-as if it's the highest thing right now. 
"So this is what it has come to, my love?" She shakes her head in feign dissatisfaction. "To persuade me with displayed affection? Just to turn the poor waiter away from us? Unbelievable." 
“Shuri, it’s always been this way.”
Her brow raises flicking her tattooed hand at you in a sassy manner. “Absurd.”
You couldn’t help rolling your eyes at at her word. “On our first date, when you took me to Wakanda for the very first time you literally tried to root me to the ground and stay there all night so we could watch the sunrise—“
“Woman you always told me you wished to see! To see the sunset!”she exclaims cutting you off. “And besides for a first date to take you to my country just to see the sunrise as a romantic gesture, I deserve some points—”
“Exactly—sunset. Not sunrise. We could’ve just been there in the evening. But no, you just had to have me up. I had to persuade your romantic ass with a goodnight kiss. Just so we could go back to your room.”
The self pride smile looms on her face, as if she’s incredibly pleased with herself and her antics that very day. “Well, I knew deep down you didn’t want to leave. I mean—I wouldn’t blame you. Having the stunning Wakandan princess and sunrise all at once? All your wishes before you die have come true.” She cheeks, the infamous cockiness written all over her. “I was just trying to help grant them.”
“Again, sunset. And you was just trying to shove your tongue down my throat.”
"Now that is a bit extreme." She mumbled glancing down at the opened menu, waiting to be looked at as she ignored your ‘is it really?’ gaze. "We can simply go to that diner across your apartment."
“We went there in morning.”
"Great service." She speaks in a nonchalant tone with a nod. “It is open 24 hours, no? Even better.”
“Some romantic gesture this is. Really getting the points you deserve.” You dryly state, sighing afterwards. “I thought this was supposed to be a fancy and romantic date, Shuri.”
“What is fancier and romantic-ier than sharing a milkshake from the same straw, my love?”
“A crème brûlée and two good looking milkshakes with a straw for us individually if you keep this up.”
Her lips purse, a hand raising to scratch her temple for 20 seconds of silence.
You use the time to stare at her and wonder how she could possibly feel intimidated by anyone else. The Black Panther, Queen of Wakanda, brilliant and charming woman with the most upboost confidence. How ironic.
"Fine." She finally speaks, slowly nodding. "We will order dessert to go. And then we can go get pizza.”
You’d be swooning over how the word ‘pizza’ sounded just by her accent. Right now wasn’t the time though, having to deal with her thick skull.
Your mouth opened to protest till she cut you off.
“Do not argue with me there. You like pizza, Y/N.” She reassured you.
“You’re right. But I also like having a nice dinner with my girlfriend whose constantly busy.” You argue, voice slightly raising towards the end but she did not take it to heart. She knows what you mean and agrees with you there.
“That can be arranged.”
You sigh shaking your head. "Look, baby even if we order dessert we still have to talk to Davion." 
Shuri now gawks at you as if you’re insane."You know his name?"
"He seriously introduced himself, first words that came out of his mouth before he took our order, Shuri.”
“Yintoni(what)—You remembered his name?!” she now whisper shouts.
You drag a hand down your face before waving it around. “Shuri, you don’t need a reason to be jealous! Maybe he was just staring because he saw something weird on my face.”
The royal sits back with crossed arms, a raised eyebrow at your words to which you smile back innocently batting your lashes. 
Her dark eyes speak ‘ i know what you're doing’. “My beautiful love, there is nothing on your face.” She says dryly. “Besides absolute perfection.”
Despite the unamused tone in her voice, you couldn’t help feeling all giddy and let out a giggle.
Shuri runs a tattooed hand around her shaved cut, shaking her head as a look of defeat settles. "You are right.” She relents with a sigh.
You smile softly, proud she finally came to her senses. “Thank you, baby. And like I said—“
"There’s no purpose if we leave." She interrupts. "Everyone is going to stare at you either way." 
"…Not the path I was taking, Shuri." 
“For once, I must come forward and accept the reality of it, my dear.”
“ ‘My dear’? Wha- baby I don’t think-“
"i mean," Shuri finally raises to look you in the eye, the crinkles forming around her eyes as she smiled widely. "I got very, very blessed." 
Your face goes blank, for just a moment at what just happened. Completely despite yourself, you smile at her, skin tingling at the intensity of her gaze; of her teasing and gentle laughter as she reflects your expression.
And in all matters, it's not your fault that you have to lean across the table to kiss her softly. Shuri Udaku is just too goddamn irresistible. You truly got blessed.
Mere seconds passed, and an ahem from the table beside you--you sit back down, opening your menu once again.
You bite back a grin while you ponder and decide what to eat, trying to come up with the perfect way to get Shuri back for all of that. You have gotten as far as thanking the waiter profusely when he came back.
Only a minute later when she leans forward with a spark of mischief in her brown eyes, whispering:
“Can I very least order every single dish on this menu just to mess with him? The Dora Milaje and Elder Council would be very upset if they missed out from this most exquisite meal… and add a vegetarian dish for M’Baku.”
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tanith-rhea · 1 day
Only Pretending #2
Alright, you asked and I heard! Here's Only Pretending Chapter 2 @the-bagel24 you have 24 hours! @regalbootie, @tundra1029, @thoroughly--confused I hope you all enjoy this one just as much ^^ @anti-bright-places you didn't ask but I'm tagging you on your fanfic!
Word count: 3.9k (ooof I did not realise that before)
Tumblr media
“It was entirely his idea, principal. I had nothing to do with it,” you had no qualms against throwing Vlad under the bus. It was his brilliant idea and if she hated it or thought it ludicrous he should be the one reprimanded.
You were sitting in the leather chairs in front of Larissa’s table. She was at the other side, looking from you to your backstabbing friend with a calculating expression.
“And why do you think this is a better idea, coach?” she arched an eyebrow at him, they were having a small staring contest and you wished you could understand their silent conversation, but they were friends for about two-thirds of your entire life, so tough luck on that front.
“I believe,” he accentuated the word with an arched eyebrow of his own, “that since our friend here isn’t much more than acquainted with Morticia and vice-versa, she would be a better fit to fool her into believing you’re together.
“Let’s make it a thinking exercise, shall we?”
“You don’t have to speak to us as if we’re children, Vladislav” Larissa drawled, seemingly annoyed. She probably was regretting the entire charade. It hadn’t even started yet but she looked like she could not phantom any more of it.
Vlad smiled and bowed his head minutely, “I’ll be more serious, then. Forgive me,” his tone changed nothing, “But imagine: if you and I appear at the Addams Manor, hand in hand saying we decided to, after twenty years, take a step further and pair off, what would they think? After so long not wanting anything similar and giving others no indication of a potential flame?”
“Flame? Vlad your centuries are showing,” you snorted, trying not to laugh, and could see the glint of humour in Larissa’s eyes as well upon seeing your predicament.
“Shut up, child!” he hissed, but you knew he could take a teasing, “As I was saying… on the other hand, if you appear with a new teacher, young, charming and professionally accomplished, the chances of people believing rise exponentially. You are simply fitter for each other than you think, and other people would agree, thus making it easily believable,” he finished with crossed legs and both hands atop his knee as if delivering the god’s law.
Larissa had a bothered expression on her face again, but she was mulling it over, you could tell. Vlad’s words seemed more as if he was trying to convince you to go on a blind date than to just pretend to be a couple. You had to give it to him, but you also wanted to punch him in the face for painting pictures in your head.
“I admit you have a point,” Larissa conceded in a soft voice, “But you shouldn’t have dragged another co-worker into this without their consent, Vlad, and that is highly unprofessional and disappointing of you.”
Vlad was easily a hundred and fifty years older than her and she still could pull off talking to him like a disappointed mother while making him actually listen and even agree with her fond chiding. You were in awe of her, and nothing would ever change that.
“However, if Razvan is also involved in this and presuming he couldn’t keep it to himself, more people know. Which I’m regretful to acknowledge is a good starting point for our little fabrication to seem real,” at that, she looked at you with a questioning look. You were sure if you said no, she would immediately ask someone to clarify the rumours and wipe away any trace the idea of you two together might have made. You loved her a little for being committed to everyone’s well-being to that level.
“It is,” you stated, looking at your lap for a brief moment before returning her gaze, “And I wouldn’t mind playing the part. I was mad at Vlad for doing it without your consent, you decided on any of this as much as I did, but if you’re ok with it, I can say I am too.”
That was very eloquent. You mentally patted yourself on the back for not mumbling, squeaking, stuttering or doing any of the things fitting of your panicked and excited state. Larissa smiled at you with what seemed to be… relief? Did she actually think you would say no? And loose on the chance to pretend to be hers? As if.
“I’m happy you’re amenable to that. If we’re being honest it would be rather more credible for me to be with a woman, and although Vlad should have asked you first,” at that, she gave him a severe look, “I can’t say I’m disappointed with the results.”
You were a single praise away off screaming like a schoolgirl with a crush, but Larissa only gestured for Vlad to leave, saying thank you and don’t ever do that again before the door clicked shut.
“So,” she started again, you weren’t saying much but, in your defence, it was out of fear of ending up impersonating an overwhelmingly happy quokka, “I think we should meet a few nights to discuss how we’ll be doing this. We leave in a week’s time, on the 30­­th­, so maybe two times before that we could plan for general questions and get to know one another a bit. I’m so sorry this is how you’ll spend some of the time you should be off work but I promise to compensate you for it.”
“No, it’s no problem at all!” you hurried out, “I would just spend it here anyway. This way I’ll go to an Addams’ party,” you shrugged, smiling. Yes, the Addams’ party which wasn’t even near as delightful as spending time with Larissa; that was the good part, of course.
“In any case…” Larissa looked away as if embarrassed, “This situation is far from adequate, and my motives aren’t the most selfless, so I’m very sorry you got caught up in all of this. Even if you say you don’t mind.
“I am aware you don’t feel the most at ease when I’m present and I wish I could fix that, but at least know that I don’t want you to do this thinking I’ll hold it against you if you don’t or out of feeling intimidated, or whatever reason you might have,” she seemed deadly serious, and if that didn’t make you like her even more.
“It is really not a problem, as I said I don’t mind helping if you don’t mind it being me. I’m just happy I can be of use and a party full of outcasts seems like a very fun time,” you smiled fondly at her.
You loved the outcast community, they were far more accepting than the normie people from your past, the close-minded village you were raised in would spit at you on the street if they knew about your work, your beliefs and especially your sexuality. As if liking women would affect the growth of the crops or bring a storm to the town.
“Right. Then I’m very glad it is you who’ll accompany me,” she returned the smile.
“Really? Aren’t you just saying that because you have no other choice?” you said it jokingly, but your eyes searched for anything there that might betray her words. You only found an amused smirk and a playful eyebrow.
“Oh, absolutely. I can never stand being near someone beautiful and funny, they steal all of my attention, and I can’t get anything done.”
You felt your cheeks burn. You asked for it, but the teasing was a bit more than you could take. Damned stunning blondes and their ability to make a mess out of you!
“So, what do you think about we meet the night after tomorrow and one before the day we go?” she cut your train of thought and you only nodded, getting up and preparing to leave.
“I’ll see you then, principal Weems,” you gave her a curt nod and went to the door.
“Ah, and y/n…” she said right before you opened the door, “Thank you for doing this. I am truly in your debt.”
If only she knew she was gifting you the thrill of a lifetime.
The brief conversation might have been the longest you’ve ever had with the principal after your interview, and far more cordial than any interaction you’ve had. When you were admitted, Larissa had a very serious tone and severely set face while questioning you on why you wanted to teach at Nevermore, your previous career, and if you had contacts at the other institutions you’ve lectured at who could vouch for you.
You remember thinking it all a bit much for some time, and then you became friends with Vlad, the fencing coach, and discovered the whole Mexican Soap Operathat was the year before you arrived.
So, you knew Larissa was reluctant to like you and you didn’t blame her for that. What did disappoint you was that after an entire year, she still kept you at arm’s length and weekly visits to discuss your interactions with students were still a thing. You didn’t even have what to talk about at these moments, she just asked how was the week and if someone caused any trouble or if you were still happy in your position. It was as if she was waiting for you to get fed up and leave at any given moment.
But leaving the principal’s office that day was different. She had been in such a vulnerable position, asking you to help her deceive an old… nemesis? It certainly looked more and more like that with every passing moment.
The next day was a blur of picking outfits, researching outcast Halloween parties and freaking out to Vlad in your ridiculous excuse of card game night.
“So I don’t buy a costume?” you place your last chip on the ten of clubs.
“No, absolutely not. This is the normie tradition. Why would a werewolf dress up as a mummy?” Vlad draws a ten of clubs and a three of hearts.
“Goddamn it, I’m horrible at this,” you give up and Vlad seems very pleased at having all your chips to himself. Two of them were dead bets and the other six were just very bad luck.
“For us, Halloween parties are more of a formal gathering with music and canapes,” he explained, shuffling the cards and putting them away. “I remember the actual balls,” his expression turned almost forlorn, reminiscing on who-knows-how-old memories.
“So you’d say a formal dress?”
“Maybe a suit, whatever you’d feel comfortable with, dear.”
You did have a burgundy blazer and high-waisted trousers you’d never gotten around to wearing. Not many occasions at Nevermore for it and the last Raven was themed Mothman’s black and red.
“I’m sure Larissa will be pleased with anything you wear…” he gave you a sly smile before continuing and you were already looking for something to throw at him, “or don’t.”
“Just shut all the way up you… insufferable man!” you got a handle on a stress ball left on your table and missed his face by half a foot. He laughed and you threw yourself on the bed. “I hate you.”
“You love me. And you depend on me,” he sat on the bed looking down at you, “If it wasn’t for me, you’d still be nowhere near getting onto Larissa’s skirt and now you got an entire weekend to do just so.”
“It’s pretence, you madman! We won’t do any of it!” he wanted to torture you; you were sure.
“Yes, and you won’t hold hands in public or casually kiss when you feel like it because that’s not what infatuated new couples do,” he arched an eyebrow at you and laid down at your side.
He had a point. In the back of your mind, you knew from the start that you’d have to keep close proximity to Larissa, and while that was not a problem to you and she was an adult and could deal with the consequences of her decisions, it was still a bit intimidating to think about.
You wouldn’t have to kiss; you were almost certain. You’d love that, but if Larissa draws a line you will keep yourself behind it.
“Why are you acting like she actually wanted it to be me?” your voice was little more than a whisper, “She asked you. You are her friend, she’s comfortable with you. If I don’t annoy her, which I’m almost sure I do, the most I am to her is her employee.”
He didn’t respond for a while, leaning on his elbow to look at you, “I wish you weren’t so horrible at this. You are a very special girl, y/n-“
“I’m almost thirty, c’mon-“
“Still a girl, shush. What I mean is that you are incredible company while also not being too bad on the eyes.”
“Ouch, thanks-“
“Stop interrupting me, insolent child!” you both laughed a bit, and you decided to keep quiet, “Larissa might not know you personally, but she asks about you, she is interested in your well-being and impressed by your achievements. I wish I could say more without spoiling your fun, but what I can say is that I know you’ll get along like a house on fire.”
You only smiled at that. Vlad had a wisdom only someone who lived a very long life could attain. Sometimes he took rash, irritating decisions that turned out to be a lesson in the end, and soon you realized he only did things the hard way to add some spice. Life probably got boring after seeing two centuries of it.
“I trust you,” you conceded, looking at him with all earnestness, “I just wish I could understand you better.”
“You will, soon, my dear.” He kissed your forehead and got up. “Good luck tomorrow and good night.”
Seeing Larissa should not be this nerve-wracking. You did it every day, in some way or another. Passing by in the corridor, bringing the coffee someone asked you to, discussing students’ results or weekly reports. But this time it was different. You were meeting her, purposefully meeting her for wine and planning. It was akin to work but with the added atmosphere of decidedly not work. Your stomach was in a knot.
“Come in,” the gentle tone welcomed you when you knocked.
Larissa wasn’t at her usual seat behind her laptop. She was in front of her fireplace, leafing through a leather journal, a pen gracefully kept between her index and thumb. Another chair had been brought to face her own with a side table where an empty glass sat.
“Am I late?” you walked to her and sat.
“No, I was just going over some questions,” she smiled, putting her own half-drunk glass down on the floor.
So professional. Even to lie. It was amusing how Larissa could transform everything into work. So much for being nervous; she had everything under control.
“Yes, but that can wait.” She put the journal down on her lap and leant to pour you a drink. “How was your day? Have you rested a bit already?”
“Oh… not so much, I picked some clothes for the trip and graded students’ works to clear my next few days.” You admitted to being restless when there was still work to do, but you were planning on relaxing a bit soon. Even more now that all you had ahead was enjoying Larissa’s company and maybe getting her out of your system once and for all.
“Yes,” she chuckled, “I understand. I just sent my last e-mails for the day and still have some things to figure out in the morning before finally being free.” She picked up her glass and took a long sip, you could hear her swallow, “I confess I can’t wait for a good twelve-hour sleep.”
You smiled at that. Imagining Larissa giving in to leisure and spending an entire morning in bed. In your head, you would be massaging her feet and encouraging her to keep napping however long she wanted.
“So…” she filled her glass again before continuing, steeling herself. “I think we should establish boundaries and discuss a simple but credible set of events for us to be together.”
“Agreed.” You took your first sip, and the velvety sweet taste surprised you. Larissa noticed because a small smile crept the side of her mouth. “This is really good!”
“I thought you’d be the type to enjoy sweeter things,” she seemed proud of herself and nudged you to continue.
You took another sip, and wow it was even better now you knew what to expect. The taste lingered in your mouth, and you felt strangely content.
“As I was saying, I think it wise we discuss boundaries. I would like to know whatever things you wouldn’t like to do as displays of affection go and which you can handle.”
“Jesus, Larissa, I won’t die for holding your hand,” you tried to joke, but she was serenely serious.
“Some people are very sensitive about touch; I just want to make sure.”
This woman was going to kill you. The fire lighted the side of her face, casting the other in a soft shadow, making her eye shimmer in the dark.
“I’m ok with touching. Handholding, sitting close, caressing as long as it’s innocent. I’m not big on public displays of lust, affection I can do.”
“What made you think we would need to-“
“I don’t know, Morticia and Wednesday’s father were a lot the first time I met them. I just can’t do any of that.”
Larissa let out a deep, thundering laugh at that, and god was it a vision. Her exposed neck, head back with a hand covering her mouth.”
“No! No, we won’t do that.” She assured, regaining control and trying to school her face, but she was still looking amused, “Gomez and Morticia are a lot. Their level of love and devotion borders obsession and although sweet it is also nauseating to everyone around them. You are not alone in this, trust me.”
“Oh, thank god! I mean, if they're happy, great for them, but I don’t need to be part of it.” You didn’t realize, but your glass was almost empty, and Larissa arched a brow questioning if you wanted more. You nodded.
“So, touch is fine. What else?” she asked.
“Tell me what you feel comfortable with,” you goaded, drinking some more.
Larissa seemed caught at that, not expecting your prompting.
“Hm… I don’t mind touching of any kind, as long as appropriate. I’m not opposed to kissing-“ she interrupted herself at that, having another sip while looking away and then back at you, “In the cheek, hands, forehead-“
“Mouth?” you let out, immediately regretting it. Larissa was purposefully not saying it, it was obvious she didn’t want to kiss you in public. And in private came without saying.
She stayed silent for a while, looking at the floor in front of the fireplace, where a few of the glowing ambers were falling and dying out.
“I know this is unpleasant for you. I promise to try my best at making you comfortable for the entirety of it, and I won’t ask you to do that.”
“And what if I want to?” woah what? That was a bit too much, backtrack, fast! “I mean, what if I don’t mind? Just like touching. It’s just kissing Larissa, we’ve done more with other people, it’s not a big deal,” nice. Good save.
She took a deep breath and looked at you again, “If the moment arises, I’ll ask. How about that?”
Sometimes you win, and sometimes you don’t.
“That’s fine.” You conceded, standing up and taking the bottle from the floor beside her chair. You filled your glass and offered to fill hers. She accepted, and the bottle was empty. “If we’re going to be close, I think we should get accustomed to that, don’t you?”
You could not only stop at the clear fail with the kiss subject. You were a bit drunk, and Larissa was so there it almost ached not to touch her.
“What do you suggest?” she seemed curious, standing up as well.
“We can sit on the sofa together. Come up with our story. Not much, just the casual closeness a couple would have,” for a tipsy fool you were proud of how much sense your argument made.
“That’s reasonable. Very well.” She walked to the sofa, and by her less upright and proper posture, you could tell she drank a bit more than you but also held her alcohol with much more ease.
She sat close to the middle, and you sat right beside her, your bodies touching from shoulder to knee, in your case; even sitting you only got to her bicep.
“When did we get together?” you were tempted to phrase it as how did you fell in love with me, but you guessed her tolerance had a limit and you didn’t want to find it.
“I think good old office cliché. We met at work, spent some time together and our mutual respect and admiration mixed with feelings of attraction and fascination and someday it was simply too plain not to see.”
That was very rational. In a way, it was sweet and simple, and you thought no one would need much more than that.
“Makes perfect sense.” You leant your head on her arm, and to your surprise, she shifted so you were resting on her shoulder and her arm laid around yours.
She smiled, looking down at your stunned face, “Comfortable?” she seemed entertained by you, “If we’re going to do this, we might as well be friends. You are doing me an enormous favour; I think we are past being shy and awkward about physical contact. It will only make things more difficult.”
“You’re right.” You buried yourself further on her chest, catching the fading scent of her sweet perfume. She always wore that one and you loved it.
“So how was our first date?” she prompted, a laugh on her voice.
“Hmm… I took you out for a picnic. You were wearing heels and it was early so it was a disaster to walk on the grass. I regretted making it a surprise because I thought you weren’t enjoying yourself, but when we arranged the things down, you took off your shoes and laid on my chest, saying you couldn’t care less about dirt in your heels.”
The image came to life in your head as the floral scent reminded you of vast fields in spring. Larissa hummed and her fingers came to put a few strands of your hair behind your year.
“That’s a very sweet thought,” she mused, and you smiled to yourself at the gentleness of her voice.
“Do you think we’ll need much more than that?” you whispered; you were feeling sleepy.
“Maybe a timeline and some more getting acquainted with being close. But it can’t be that hard to convince people someone is dating, it’s not like it is completely unfounded that I would have a partner, is it?” her last words were weaker than the rest of her sentence, and you felt a pang in your chest. Of course it wasn’t. Larissa was focused on work, but she was so much more than the principal. She listened, protected and cared for everyone around her. Always trying her best to help everyone succeed and be happy.
“No, it’s not. And I’ll look so in love with you that it won’t even cross their minds for a second.” With that, you leant away, looking at her face, and planted a soft, slightly longer than necessary, kiss on her cheek. “For practice.” You whispered and got up, wishing her good night and leaving to your room.
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byunpum · 3 days
The new member | Part 2
Tumblr media
Pair: Miles Quaritch (baby blue boii) x Human reader
tw: Recom squad, fluff, save pandora team, Spider being a baby, teasing, This changes according to the chapter.
POV: Y/N is sent from Earth to Pandora to be part of a particular group of people…
p.s. This story is created after the ship altercation. Neteyam never dies, the sullys are able to run away, but spider decides to go with his "father" to the base. All recoms are still alive.
NOTE: Ahhh I feel that something is missing in this chapter, but I like it anyway. By the way, thanks for the comments and likes, I didn't think you would like it. From now on I warn you that I'm not very expert in this Navi culture, but I've done my best. And sorry for the spelling. English is not my mother tongue. Enjoy the reading!!
Tumblr media
You were so tired that as soon as you entered your new room you fell into bed. You didn't even take off your clothes, you just lay down to rest. It wasn't long before you heard knocking at the door. Tock ,tock, tock " Señorita Y/N, are you there?" you hear a man's voice, you opened your eyes slowly as you got up and went to the door. "H-hello, is something wrong?" you say as you look at the man, if your memory does not fail you it is soldier Lyle. " Dinner is ready, we are all in the dining area" lyle speaks to you with a goofy grin. " I'm going to change my clothes, and I'm on my way" you say giving him a smile. "Perfect, when you walk out the door you go right, keep walking and then left. There are signs there to help you" Lyle says as he walks towards the exit. "Thank you!" you close the door, to change into the new uniform that was in the closet in your room.
You had to admit that the model wasn't ugly, but you didn't like the color. It was navy blue and it was a jumpsuit. And an ugly label that said your name. "Well, they could have put more effort into the clothes" you think as you walk out of your room into the hallway. It wasn't hard to get to the dining area, as you approached you could hear the crowd. You entered through the front door, there were so many people that you were surprised. You were analyzing the situation, how it all worked. In the distance a Miles had already found you. He saw how you looked lost, and fearful. He was at the table with his team. He got up and walked over to you.
As soon as he got up, you could see him. By your calculations, his height was 9.0 feet. You could see he was in a great mood, his tail wagging as his body swayed. "Y/N, I thought you wouldn't make it" Quaritch said as he inhaled oxygen from his mask. "Sorry, I wanted to make myself more comfortable" he says and you lower your gaze. His presence was intimidating. "I can see that, you're lucky… not everyone looks so good in uniform" he says as he looks you up and down. "Thank you" you lift your face and give him a big smile. You had to stop doing that, because you were killing him and you've only been on base for a couple of hours.
"Well, there are the platters over there… And over there you can have all the food you want. Our table is right over there" Quaritch points to the location of his table. He gives you a small smile and walks away towards the table. You can see how the whole team is watching as you two were talking. You shift your gaze and walk over to grab the food. After choosing a few things, which for your taste were not very appetizing. You walk towards the table where Quaritch was. When you arrived, all eyes turned to you. You knew that you were not very well received by some members of the squadron. And this made you more nervous. "Hey, sit down here," says mansk, pointing next to him. You sit down, and start playing with your food.
Right in front of you was Quaritch, to the right of him was lyle, to the left was z-dog. "If you don't try it, you don't know if you're not going to like it," says lyle with a chuckle. You were deciding what you were going to put in your mouth, everything looked gross. "Mmm, nothing really catches my eye," you say. "Sorry, the spoiled little girl wants something prepared on the spot," sneers z-dog, followed by a few other members. You shift your gaze. You didn't want to look for trouble, everyone at this table was twice your size. "Hey, let her get comfortable here," says Quaritch. " Well then let her get acclimated quickly, because if she doesn't she won't survive a month here" says z-dog, it was already clear that this woman didn't like you. "Don't worry princess, Lyle Wainfleet is at your feet" says Lyle bowing, Miles gives her a tap on the shoulder. Everyone laughs, at least there were members of the group who didn't dislike you.
When dinner was over, everyone walked to the rooms. Lyle was next to you, explaining everything and asking you questions about what you were doing here. And you guys joke about everything. Quaritch is right next to Lyle, listening to everything, not talking but listening to everything. The rest of the group is up ahead. Miles had noticed Lyle's sudden fascination with you, usually Lyle wasn't this attentive, if it wasn't something that caught his attention. But don't blame him, you were adorable. "Don't worry buttercup, we'll keep you safe on missions," says lyle. " Missions?" you ask, no one told you they did missions. "Yes, the camp missions. We check to make sure everything is running smoothly, we take care of security." Quaritch says. "Keep the blue monkeys under control," says Lopez shouting a little from the front. "That word is offensive, you have to learn to respect life on this planet. I remind you that we are the parasites here. Besides… If we are talking about blue monkeys, you already belong to the clan." You say annoyed, as you step forward and walk towards your room. Everyone is silent, looking at each other.
"And this one who she thinks she is" says z-dog." ya, let her go…." Quaritch says. "Everyone get some rest tomorrow, we have a long day ahead of us," he says as he watches all his companions go to their respective rooms. Miles takes advantage and knocks on your door, you open it in annoyance. I could see the annoyance on your face. "Hey, I'm sorry… we didn't mean to" Miles was trying to apologize, he could be a jerk sometimes, but he was a gentleman. "I know…" you shift your gaze. "Well…I'll let you get some rest see you in the morning."
It was morning, you didn't go to breakfast or even leave your room when everyone was getting ready. You knew you had to meet the squadron at 10 am. You had received a message from your boss. You got up and got ready. You came out of your room and saw a boy. He wasn't much younger than you. He was sitting on the couch, trying to read something. "Hi!!!" you greet, and the boy is a little startled, and gets up from the couch. You could tell he was wearing navi clothes. The boy greets you. "Hi… you're the new girl?" says spider. "Yes, I'm Y/N nice to meet you" you say as he moves closer to you. "I'm Spider. "Spider?" you laugh a little, he laughs too. " Yeah, that's what they named me when I was a baby. Although Quaritch says my real name is ' Miles socorro Quaritch."
"So you know him!!!" you say, it seemed strange to you that the boy knew the colonel. "Yeah, he's my dad." Dad?how is that possible?, spider could see your worried face and state of shock. "Well he's not my original father…but he has the memories of him."
"Oh, I get it…the whole recoms thing" You kind of get the situation. "Hey, I need to go to the exit area…I'm supposed to meet the team and I really have no idea where it is" you ask the guy. Spider agrees and accompanies you. You told him everything, why you were there and what you were going to do. He also told you how he got there. "So you're older than me by only 5 years, that's impressive" says spider, while you enter the area where everyone was. "Yesssssss" you were laughing, with him. "Well, I see you two have met" says Quaritch coming up to you. "Yeah, Y/N is funny" Spider and you and he laugh.
"Well-well, we have to go" says Miles, the whole squad was already going prepared. They had weapons and were very well protected. And you, well, you just had your notebook. "Come here little one." Miles approaches with a bulletproof vest, before you complain Miles speaks. "Put your arms up" Quaritch asks, you do as he commands. He put the vest over your arm, lowered it over your torso and began to adjust it. "You have to wear one of these, it's dangerous out there" you were looking him in the eye, he was right in front of you, kneeling on one leg. He looked so good, you had to play it cautiously. "You're ready now, let's go!!!" Quaritch stood up, and put his hand on your back dragging you with him. You watch as spider accompanies him, the boy is next to you. They boarded the helicopter. Quaritch was on your right side and on the left was spider. The boy was talking to you.
Quaritch couldn't deny that the scene was adorable. He hadn't seen spider so excited and happy since he was at the base. And seeing that he was joking around, and having fun made things easier. After all it wasn't so bad that you were here with them. The trip was quick, and you got off in an area where there was a lot of logging. Miles helped you down, taking you by the waist. Wow, you could see he made no effort to move you. "All right, nice and straight," he set you down, and shifted his gaze quickly. Lyle noticed this and chuckled to himself. You walked a little deeper into the jungle, you couldn't believe what you were seeing. They had destroyed so much vegetation, it was almost a graveyard.
The squad was analyzing the area, while you and spider were looking at the ravages of excavation and mineral extraction. Spider was standing next to you, and he could see your expression change. You were sad. You looked at him for a moment, and he gave you a comforting smile. You pulled out your notebook and began to write your first report.
Quaritch came over to you, you were sitting on a log writing down everything you saw. I knew it all had to be negative, it's not like he did all this. But it was his people. "And how's that going?" he asks, you looked up and I could see how serious he was. You shifted your gaze and kept writing. Spider was looking at what you were writing. "And what does it say here?" the boy asks you. "Can't you read?" you ask him. "Just a little bit, but I'm not very good" he says while dragging the back of his head. "Don't worry, if you want I can teach you?" you tell the boy, he nods his head. You continue writing. Miles was right next to you, he was standing vigil. Until one of the team members calls out to him. "Stay here, ok… no more exploring alone," Quaritch says as he walks away.
When miles was far enough away spider approached you. "You want to see something?" you look up. "What is it?" you smile, as you follow spider through the jungle. As you were going in more and more you could see how beautiful everything was. Spider is running, and he climbed up to a pretty high branch. "Come, give me your hand" he is inviting you. "I'm not very flexible," you complain. "Come on…you'll be fine" you take his hand and climb up. "You see!!!" spider drags you along with him. The two of you are having a great time. The wildlife was so beautiful, you couldn't understand how they could destroy all this and not feel guilt.
"I would have liked you to meet my friends, they would have liked you" spider says, as he sits on the edge of a branch, which was quite high off the ground. You sit next to him. "Do you know original navi?" you ask him. "Yes, and they are much cooler" you laugh at his comment. Quaritch was walking back to where he had left you and saw nothing. He startled. He ran to the trunk, and saw that there was only your notebook. "Lyle, mansk scour the area!!!" Quaritch could see some footprints on the ground.
You and spider were talking about whatever, he was fun to be with. You were so interested in the conversation, you didn't notice an angry Quaritch. Who was watching you from below. "GET OFF THAT BRANCH!!!!" Hearing Quaritch's shout, you were scared by the scream and slipped off the branch. Spider tries to hold you up, but your vest slips from your hands and you fall from the tree. Miles runs to get closer and try to catch you. It was about a 15-foot drop. You were screaming, but just before you fell… Miles was able to hold you, but it wasn't enough, because he went to the ground with you causing you to hit your foot. "Ahhhhh it hurts, it hurts so bad!!!" you screamed, you had gotten a pretty nasty cut on your knee. Miles was holding you in his arms. "Hey, take it easy…breathe. That's just a bump" he says, he's trying to reassure you. Spider comes running down. " I'm sorry, I just wanted to …." Spider felt bad, he just wanted me to show you more of the jungle. "spider….shut up" Miles looks at him annoyed.
"Ohh wow…that looks ugly" Lyle had found them and was getting closer. "Yeah, maybe she dislocated her ankle. We need to get her to the base. Lyle, get everyone and tell him we're coming back" Quaritch orders the soldier, who runs off to tell his buddies. Miles starts to walk straight to the helicopter, spider follows him somewhat saddened. When you arrive, Quaritch doesn't let go of you and sits with you on his lap, it's not like he makes you uncomfortable. But you could see the looks on the squadron's faces as they arrive and watch the scene. "shhhh it hurts so much" you squeak a little. "can you move your ankle?" you try to, but nothing. "It's dislocated, don't worry we'll fix it" miles gives you a smile. You were in pain, but you couldn't help blushing. You were so close to him, his hands were holding your legs and the other was hugging your whole body. You looked away to distract yourself, but you saw how lyle was looking at you. He laughed and gave you a wink. "what a sucker" you say to yourself.
When you got to the base, Miles dropped you off at the nurse's office. Spider stayed with you, you could see how sorry he was. "It wasn't your fault, plus this is nothing" you say, poor boy. He wanted to be swallowed up by the earth. After a couple of hours, spider helped you to your room, there was no one in the common area. "You're going to be okay?" Spider asks. "Yeah, take it easy…go and get some rest" you give him a squeeze and he leaves you alone in the room. You had to admit, you were hurting all over. Even though Miles had helped you, the fall was horrible for you. "May I come in?" you heard a voice. "Yes go ahead" you couldn't get out of bed, your right foot was bandaged. Miles came in, he had some things in his hand. "I brought you dinner, and I came to check on that foot" he came over and put everything on your bedside table. "Thank you so much!!!" you say, he was already kneeling in front of you. He signaled you to sit on the edge of the bed. He was taking your foot, to put a kind of cold pack on your ankle." Really, thank you very much" Quaritch looked at you, even though he was on his knees he was right at your level. "You don't have to thank me." You had on a large shirt and shorts, miles was stroking your legs with his hand, trying to massage the area. "This is going to get better," his voice was low. His hand was quality and soft. You laughed a little, because his rubbing on your skin tickled. You could see a small smile creep across his face.
"you're beautiful" you put your hand to your mouth. You just had just been thinking out loud. Quaritch noticed how red you were getting and he poked the tip of your nose with his hand. "Thank you…you're the first person to say that to me" miles couldn't stop laughing. " no, I'm not sorry…I didn't mean that….Wait, yes you are beautiful…but" miles stands up a little, and gives you a kiss on your forehead. "rest up honey, see you tomorrow, yes?" he says, you swear you saw a strange gleam in his eyes. Miles got up and left your room.
There you had been left in a state of shock, and with your heart racing in millions.
p.s I swear I wanted to make this part quite long, but I have a lot of work to deliver tomorrow. But the next part is going to be longer and better …. So yeah, there's going to be more parts * wink, wink*.
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🌊Love And Guests: Part 6🌊
┍━━━━━»•» 🌺 «•«━┑
Pairing: Aonung x reader
Summary: You leave to speak with Neteyam and it only ends in heartache. As if the emotional events of the night weren't enough, Ronal approaches you with an offer that your emotional state can’t help but contemplate.
Warnings: mentions of crying, it’s a bit sad
Word Count: 3.6k 
A/N: Hello beautiful people, I finally have the next part up and I think we have probably at least two or three parts left? We shall see when I write them.
Also I like giving you guys an emotional roller coaster that’s my explanation for this part <3
Tumblr media
(hey azal I was looking through the GIF’s and saw your name so I used your GIF bb, it’s so cute <3)
┕━»•» 🌺 «•«━━━━━┙
After an active evening filled with strenuous activity, Aonung begrudgingly departed from you while leaving kisses all over your body. The only reason he didn't curl into you and demand you stand up Neteyam was that he was sure if he didn't leave, his mother would burst into your home in the same manner she had this morning.
You let him leave with promises that you would only be speaking with Neteyam and that you would see Aonung tomorrow on your tongue.
You spent the rest of the evening trying to prepare the vegetables the boy had left discarded as soon as the subject of his blowjob had come up a few hours ago. Still, your mind was enlightened the whole time with true happiness that even Ronal couldn't have brought down.
Your old friends had returned, and you were mated to a man who treasured you with everything he could give. You quietly giggled to yourself with disbelief as the pictures of Aonung fighting his mother in your honor spread to your mind. It was so embarrassing, but a large part of you loved how he was so defensive over you, as if anybody could drive you away from him.
He was so protective, but it made the sex worth it, and you couldn't lie, his claim of owning you still rang in your head with every move you took. This boy was going to kill you with his words one day.
The night fell swiftly as you daydreamed away while still stuck on cloud nine. But the meeting with Neteyam was quickly approaching and you couldn't wait to see your friend again in such a familiar setting that you hadn't visited in a while.
You scoffed down dinner and dressed appropriately before setting off into the darkness lit up by the bright lights of the stars.
You walked to the beach without much in thought until your eyes perked up as you saw Neteyam standing rather foolishly on the sandy ground, trying to recreate the call of the ilu. His hands were drawn to his mouth to echo the clicking of his tongue, but his call sounded more like a child gargling it’s spit than a strong Na'vi rider.
"It hasn't been that long has it?" You teasingly yelled out, watching Neteyam turn with a sheepish tension in his shoulders that he tried to pair with a smile.
"I didn't think it had", he scratched the back of his head as he stared out to the water with a thoughtful scowl.
"I guess a lot has changed", you offered a friendly pat on his shoulder before you stepped forward and took charge of calling to the Ilus that were slow to approach thanks to the late time.
Neteyam watched you out of the side of his vision. He had been excited to see you again, and he had been stupid to wish someone as exceptional as you would have remained single for him, that you would have waited for him to come back. However, there was also a selfish part of him that deep down wanted to ask why, for the love of the great mother, had you had gotten with the most arrogant brat in your entire clan.
You walked into the shallows slowly. As the waves lapped at your feet, you let out a chuckle that rang in Neteyam's ears and forced his chest to explode with a spark of nerves that made his skin shiver. He wasn't sure if he would be sick or if he wanted to run to hold you.
"Come on, while we are still young!" You hadn't felt this happy in so long, and the call to sleep, which had been affecting you as you ate dinner, was turned to dust as the cold water jolted you awake.
Neteyam smiled and jogged after you, grabbing onto the other ilu you had brought forth, and together you made a bond with each of the creatures that gently trilled and set off to the rock that lay just around the island.
The rock had a special place in your heart as it had been the meeting place for you and Neteyam to get together on when you two wanted to speak to each other alone at night, and as your eyes settled on it, you felt amazed that at least one thing had remained the same.
You approached the flat rock before Neteyam. You gently released the ilu and let it swim back to its family, joining itself with Neteyam's ride that left him to tread water with a couple of mewls meaning goodbye thrown over the creatures shoulders to you.
You would have to swim back tonight, but that would be okay. Usually, swimming alone at night sent an uneasy ridge along your back, but Neteyam was a good friend and a fierce warrior. He would keep his friend safe.
Neteyam reached out to grab your hand, and you hauled him forward with a loud groan as you tried to hold up his body that was weighed down by his muscle mass. He lightly chuckled, and once he got his foot a steady grip on the rock, he let you go and clambered up by himself.
You leaned back, letting out a celebratory 'whoo' as you felt your body relax after the challenging workout.
"You've gotten too big", you laughed as he tried to sit down as close as he could to the edge in an attempt to leave you enough room to seat yourself comfortably.
"We used to be able to fit me, you, and a net between us, remember?" You could feel the energy turn down to relaxing as your blood slowed down its arduous work.
"I'm sorry I've grown into such a mighty warrior that you can't even sit next to me", he raised his arm in a silent offering to huddle next to him, and you debated for a moment.
If Aonung found out you were sitting out here, star-gazing with Neteyam while snuggled up to him, all Hell would break loose. 
But you hadn't seen Neteyam in so long, and surely a hug to combat the cold air that was nipping at your bare arms wouldn't hurt. You were mated, after all, and nothing could change that; even if it somehow could change, you were devoted to Aonung. He was your soulmate.
So, with a nervous nod, you slipped beside him and lay your head on his shoulders to look up at the sky as the sea gently lapped at the rock around you.
Neteyam adjusted his posture around the jagged cuts of stone under his backside to care for your body while he allowed himself a fantasy that this moment could last forever, that this was what it would feel like to be mated with you.
If he could go back in time to his younger self, he would have smacked him around the head and begged him to collect enough courage just to tell you how he felt, but he couldn't, and this was as close as he would ever get to being one with you.
You sighed contently, staring up at the stars, which shone like diamonds, allowing yourself to side-glance at Neteyam's bioluminescent spots that fought against the stars with their outpour of light.
"I missed this", Neteyam breathed out, his chest making your head bop up and down with each breath.
You felt how heavy the words were as he spoke them. You didn't know if he had meant he missed you, the clan, or just how simple things like freedom felt.
"I'm sorry I left", Neteyam felt like he had so much to say to you, and there was so little time.
A few weeks with you wasn't enough but he knew he couldn't keep hanging onto the past. He would let this moment and this time with you heal over any closure he needed, then he would leave you again, but this time he wasn't going to come back with you in his heart.
"I'm sorry you left too, but there was nothing you could do, and you came back, even if it's only for a little while", you felt your own words grow heavy as you tried to keep yourself composed.
"Yeah, but everything's changed; you've changed", he didn't want to bring up your relationship just yet directly, but he could feel the impulse creeping up on him.
"I don't think I changed any more than I needed to, I think you've changed", you stated, taking your eyes off the sky and staring ahead at the dark mass of the ocean.
He looked down at you curiously, he wanted to know what you meant, whether he had changed for the better or for the worse, but you looked so solemn that he didn't want to make it about himself.
"I'll tell you who hasn't changed, Aonung, he is still as jealous as he was when we were kids", he let out an empty chuckle as the subject of your mate made your head stand up on its own.
"I always thought he was jealous of me 'cause he liked you, I didn't know I was right", he squeezed your shoulder playfully as he teased your mate, and you found yourself smiling along as you thought back to a teenage Aonung.
"I don't know if I would say he was jealous 'cause he liked me, he was competitive with you, and that's why he thought he was losing when I would stand up to him and hang out with you instead!" The memory of the number of petty arguments and disputes you used to have nearly every day between the three of you made your eyes roll.
"Do you love him?" Neteyam felt himself speak, but he hadn't known the gravity of his words until you froze beneath his touch.
He had to know where you stood. He hadn't seen you and Aonung together in so long, but the only memories he had of you two were fights. He couldn't imagine you two doing anything intimate for each other out of love, and the thought of you two mating made his skin crawl.
"Yes...I've always wanted to be with him", you took a pause before you spoke, letting the words sink in as you realized it for yourself for the first time.
The mating process had begun because of undeniable horniness for one another but that didn't overpower the care you had been harboring for the chief's eldest son for all these years.
"But?" Neteyam asked before he could stop himself, wondering further if there was a place in your heart left for him.
"But what? You left a long time ago Neteyam", you frowned as your ears downturned to one of sad grieving. He had broken your mind when he left but that wasn't his fault, and you knew he would apologize until he lost his voice for that if he could.
"So you liked me?" There was no hope in his voice, only a curious scientific notion to find out more about the blanks in his mind.
"Neteyam I can't be with you, I am mated", you didn't want to say anything more about how you felt when you were younger, but Neteym had found a thread in your voice, and he pulled at it.
"If only we got here a day earlier, huh?" He sourly joked as he let his arm pull back from around you and hug his legs. He stared out at the ocean, and you turned to watch him with wide eyes.
"Neteyam, that isn't fair", you croaked out, your voice low with a silent demand that he couldn't ask that of you. He couldn't ask if he had been here earlier whether or not you still would have chosen Aonung.
"I loved you, I just didn't know how to say it", his voice lost the stand-offish curiosity and became laced with his personal qualms with you that he had been keeping to himself for a long time.
"Neteyam, stop talking, you can't say these things to me", you stood up suddenly, trying to find it in yourself to leave but you couldn't.
"But I have to, or else I'll never get to say them", Neteyam stood up in a rush to meet you. He held his ground away from you so that you didn't feel threatened, but his emotions took up all the space he left between you.
"It's too late, I love Aonung, and he cares for me! You and I can never be together!" You yelled out, hoping that nobody could hear you out here with the waves crashing on the sore behind you that helped to cut off your voice.
"I know!" He opened his arms to his sides, trying to find the words he had never been taught to use to express himself.
Did you need someone to shoot an enemy? Neteyam could do that for you. Did you need someone to ride into battle without fear for his safety? Neteyam could do that for you. Did you need someone to tell you how they felt? Neteyam could barely get out his own interests around his family for fear of being a burden, let alone trying to tell the love of his life that he hadn't ever stopped yearning after you while you were already in love with another.
"Then why did you tell me?" You cried out, feeling your voice crack and tremble with the anxious thought that this fight would end your friendship.
"Because I still love you, you're the only one I've ever wanted, tell me you didn't feel anything for me back then, and I'll stop, I'll leave if that's what you want", He felt the tears gather in his eyes as the frustration at not knowing what to say choked him. He couldn't decide if he wanted to shut his mouth for eternity or just keep talking until his jaw broke.
"I don't want you to leave!" You cried, breaching the invisible barrier between you and Neteyam to grip both of your hands on his wrists to keep him anchored with you.
"Please, answer me ma y/n", Neteyam's voice was raspy with desperation to turn your heart away from Aonung, even if Eywa didn't bless your union.
"You can't call me that, it doesn't matter if I loved you four years ago Neteyam, you left, and I stopped loving you, I'm sorry that you still do, but I have moved on", you dropped his wrists and fell back, trying to turn away as Neteyam followed you with a single step as you were still both stuck on the rock.
"When did you stop loving me? Was it when I left or when he needed you?" He no longer had the patience of his mother filling him. Instead, he let his father's rage instill in him as he wandered back to all the times you had scowled and complained to him about Aonung.
"Neteyam, stop! I can't love you, and I don't!" You flinched away from him with a final decision that this conversation was over.
You didn't look back to your childhood friend as you jumped from the rock and let the currents drag you away before you sunk lower down and kicked off the ground, aiming to swim home with tears filling your eyes and your heart in shatters in your stomach.
The entire swim back was a nightmare that was enough to leave you shaking. While you desperately tried to stop yourself from crying, you also began to see shadows out of the corner of your eye as the terror that something was watching and waiting to attack you swallowed up your brain.
Logic screamed to you that nothing dangerous was in the reef, and you knew this. You had grown up here your whole life, but the dark water that swelled and pushed you around like debris was terrifying.
Once you finally reached the shore, you stumbled to a stand with the feeling of being watched, still tearing over your skin. Your head swung on a swivel as you looked up and down the beach, but not a soul was around.
It was late, and all you wanted to do was go to sleep and be left alone.
Neteyam's words were still hot on your mind, and it was taking everything you had not to seek out Aonung and cry on his shoulder, but you knew if you did that, Aonung would probably kill Neteyam, and while you were upset with the boy's selfishness you didn't want to see either of them get hurt.
The whole planet felt like it had been turned on its head. Not even two hours ago, you had been walking down this beach feeling like everything was perfect and right in your life, and now you were walking around with your face in a puffy mess as snot and tears poured out of you.
You wrapped your hands around yourself to try and keep warm as you walked back to your pod. You passed a few homes and tried to stifle the sobs you were letting out as to not wake any families. Everything felt wrong, the body you were in felt too small as your soul cried out in pain.
You were on the home stretch, nearly there to the safety of your sanctuary, where you could finally collapse on yourself when you spotted a woman standing outside your door with a sore expression. As your vision cleared with the fresh batch of tears leaving your sight, you identified it as Ronal.
Your hands flew up to your face as you brushed back the tears and wiped your nose on the back of your wrist, you couldn't let her see you like this, but it seemed she had heard your muffled noises and already knew it was you.
"You are late in tonight", she spoke calmly, turning on her heel to let her predatory eyes lock in on your snotty nose and leaky eyes but she chose not to mention it.
"A pleasure Tsahik, but I am tired, and I'm going to bed", you didn't have the energy to continue being afraid of her, and she seemed to respect that as she nodded.
"I hear you have been off with the Sully boy, the eldest one, he is a fine warrior, a good match for you, Eywa speaks highly of the union", she didn't even have the courtesy to let you leave, your hand froze as you lifted the flap to your home and the tears quickly vanished. Your despair turned to frustration.
"He is a fine warrior, that is why we wouldn't fit, he has the heart of a hero, and I have a heart for my home, Neteyam will die for his family, and I will die for mine, but not in the same way", you're voice was low and deeply unemotional as you spoke. This night couldn’t have gotten any worse but here Ronal was trying her best to do just that.
"I love Aonung". You finished the conversation for her and stepped into the house, gathering the courage to say your last words before you closed the flap.
"And if you can't accept it, I won't push you", you let the sail fall stagnant and took a deep breath as you watched the silhouette of Ronal through the fabric.
She wasn't so easily deterred and spoke quietly through the material so that only you could hear her. Even with your neighbours probably being long asleep you appreciated her attempt of discreteness.
"Think about this for longer than a moment, and you will see that this match cannot happen! My son needs a leader for a mate, and you are no leader, you are just a scared little girl who saw fit to satisfy yourself with my son! Find another before your union brings us all down with you", she hissed her last line as she waited for your reply. She was infuriated that you couldn’t see that plainly you weren't good enough, it wasn’t a question of your worth, it was a question of your integrity.  
"We cannot break the bond! There isn't a way! Tsahik, I know you disapprove, but there is nothing that can be done!" You couldn't understand how a woman was so smart yet so dumb. You couldn't leave Aonung because there wasn't a way for you to break off the mating relationship, and you didn't want to leave!
"There is a way, you mate with this Neteyam boy, and the bond is broken, you are left with a strong warrior who will take you to see Pandora, and I am left with a son that will choose again, who will choose better", she was vicious in her word choice, but she tried to lace every line with seduction as if she was painting the picture for you.
"Think about that", she muttered as you felt your world crash around you.
You wanted to say something, but your mouth could only open and close at the preposterousness and pain her idea instilled into you. Before you could stomach a reply, she stepped away, not waiting for your words, and left you with thoughts of doubt and anger plaguing your mind.
You love Aonung, and while you hadn't told that to his face yet, it seemed that you were confessing that to many people tonight.
As you quietly sat to think, you stumbled over to your bed and shook yourself free from the water that clung to you. Before long, the quiet contemplation turned into crying and then to sleep as you lay on your mat and prayed for Eywa to give you a sign, to tell you what to do.
You couldn't betray Aonung. He was your beloved mate, but if giving him up made Aonung a better chief and made his future brighter, why should you be the one to weigh him down? No, you wouldn't be happy with Neteyam, but if you left Aonung, it was the only plausible outlet. You would never have to see Aonung happy with another.
The words swirled and dug into your scalp, but you knew you would have to make a decision soon.
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Jealousy on the Boardwalk (The Lost Boys 1987 x Female! Reader)
Tumblr media
Word Count - 1036 Fandom - The Lost Boys 1987 Pairing - Poly! The Lost Boys 1987 x Female! Reader Title - Jealousy on the Boardwalk
Jealous - fiercely protective or vigilant of one's rights or possessions.
“All of these attractions, and I can’t help but keep my eyes on you, sweetheart,” You felt like you jolted out of your skin as Paul was suddenly behind you, his hands snaking around your middle as the rest of the boys approached. 
“You scared the hell out of me,” You laughed as he pulled you into him, Paul’s face diving into the crook of your neck to pepper kisses against the flesh. 
“S’rry,” He murmured against your skin as each of the other boys approached to give you their own greeting. A kiss to the knuckles, a devilish grin and a kiss to your nose, and an appreciative glance over your form before a gloved hand cupped the side of your cheek and kissed the other. 
“What do you boys have planned tonight?” You asked as Paul kept you locked in his arms, feeling particularly affectionate tonight, while the other three surrounded you two. 
“Some rides, some food,” Marko grinned as he pointed to the newest addition of the Santa Carla boardwalk. It was a thrill ride, and you couldn’t quite make out the name as the neon lettering was too far for your eyes to fully focus on, but you could hear the screams of terror and resounding laughter of groups of friends as it took them through it. 
“That looks like fun,” You mused, a gasp leaving your throat as Paul decided to begin to nip against your flesh. “Paul,” You muttered in warning as he laughed before pulling away. 
“C’mon, let’s go,” Marko pulled you free from Paul’s grip.
“Hold on, hold on,” You laughed as he started tugging you towards the ride, “I think I need to hit the bathroom first, then go on the ride.” You explained as he looked at you with a confused expression. 
“Knowing you four, it will be hours before you’ll want to take a break,” You tossed a knowing glance to Paul as he was already antsy to get going, ping-ponging off of Marko’s energy. 
“I’ll meet you all over there,” You pecked Marko’s lips before you were disappearing into the crowd, David’s eyes watching over you until you entered the public bathroom. 
“C’mon, I’m going to grab a slushie,” Marko nudged Paul, the two making their way to the treats stand, Dwayne and David resting against the handrail, eyes wandering the crowd as they waited for your return. 
“Phew,” You wiped the water on your hands off on your jeans as you left the bathroom, the hand dryer not doing a damn thing to dry your hands after washing them. Eyes scanning the crowd, you grinned as you made eye contact with Dwayne, his lips quirking into a grin as you began to approach only for a wolf whistle to catch your ears.
Dwayne’s expression morphed into a glare, gaze drifting to your left as the Surf Nazi’s whistled and called at you. 
“C’mon hot stuff, you bounce on those biker’s dicks all the time, you can give us something!” You felt heat crawl up your neck as you ignored the group, biting your tongue as you moved past them to get towards David and Dwayne. 
You blocked out their voices as you kept your gaze on David, only for a reaction to be forced out of you as a loud smacking sound brought your attention back to the group. The sting on your ass came after. 
“What the–”
“What the fuck did you just do to our girl?” You didn’t even see Marko and Paul, but now Marko had the bastard up by the collar, their noses nearly touching. 
“C’mere,” Dwayne pulled you to him, facing you away from the group. You didn’t want nor need to see what those three were about to do.  “Let’s go get you a drink, hm, maybe a milkshake?” He was seething, hands trembling with rage but he kept it under wraps as you heard a sickening crunch while he led you away. 
As the two of you sat in the booth, you swirled the straw around the milkshake, briefly letting your gaze flick up from the creamy beverage to Dwayne’s face as he stared out the window, eyes flickering back and forth. 
“You okay?” You broke the silence, making his attention snap from the window to you. 
“You’re asking me that?” He grinned at you, “How about we reverse that question, how are you? Are you okay?” Dwayne reached a hand over, interlacing your fingers with his. 
“Meh, I’ve been better but I’ve certainly been worse- but I do have a milkshake so,” You shrugged while smiling, “I just hope the others are alright,” You frowned. 
“You worried about us, doll?” David questioned, just now adjusting to putting his gloves back on as they entered the diner. 
“Always,” Your eyes flickered over each one of them, your frown deepening. Marko had a split lip, always being the one to jump in head first into fights, and you could tell Paul had gotten several good hits in, knuckles bruised and blood caked on them. David, you couldn’t tell, but you figured the gloves were now not for a personal style choice, but to ensure you wouldn’t worry. 
“What happened when we left?” You knew what happened, or at least had a general picture, but you couldn’t help but ask. 
“They got what was coming to them for touching our girl,” David said simply as you scooched further in the booth for him to sit next to you. Paul took his place next to Dwayne as Marko pulled up a chair to sit at the edge of the table. 
“They won’t be bothering you anymore,” Marko gave you a smile as he leaned his arms against the table. 
“Not if they want to live,” Paul muttered as he grabbed a menu off the condiment caddie. David’s eyes flickered to Dwayne while he put an arm around your shoulders, a raised brow sent his way while Dwayne subtly nodded in response. 
They had more business with those Surf Nazi’s, but for now there were more pressing matters, such as getting you fueled up and turning this night around. 
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