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FREAK IN THE SHEETS toji fushiguro
Tumblr media Tumblr media
SUMMARY: toji finds a new apartment finally after getting abruptly fired, despite someone already living there. yet that’s when he stumbled upon you, a pretty young ghost woman.
CONTENT: lady k and the sick man au, f! ghost reader, reader’s 20+, manhandling, breeding, full nelson, mating press, praise, degradation, face riding, dumbification, first time squirt, finger sucking, impact play, overstim, toji is a bum lol, corruption, reader is touch starved (pet names: pretty/little girl, sweetheart, baby)
NOTE: plz show in the TAGS. based off lady k and the sick man but if u haven’t read that u can read this blindly <3 p-pls
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Toji who’d recently gotten laid off from his job, then shortly after— he’d gotten evicted from his own home, his life was in shambles, and couldn’t keep a single job for more than a week— it was no surprise, he was a lazy man.
Although, he finds a house that seemed to be vacant and empty, within a blink of an eye, he moves in— at first wondering it was some sort of trick, this house being so vulnerable and welcoming, yet he pays no mind to it, plopping down near the fat cushioned sofa— crossing his arms before letting off a sigh, pondering to himself quietly as he bounced his thigh before he turns once he hears the slightest bit of shuffling.
“Huh . . ” He grumbles, yet that’s when he sees you, sitting near the cupboard— wearing some old white gown, and his darkened thin black eyebrows furrow once his eyes trail towards your lap, you sat on your knees— slightly cocking your head to the side and Toji was about to speak before you clumsily fall— landing on his hardened chest, and he breaks your fall, landing with a raspy oof.
You stare at Toji— and he stares back at you, although, as you’re laid on his chest, he looks down to see the gown you wore exposed, showing your thighs— and you had no panties underneath, your fingers were coated with some sort of sheeny slick and he raises his eyebrows before humming cockily.
“Were you just playin’ with yourself . . ?”
“. . N-no,” you stammered in a quiet voice— and you definitely were, there was no denying it, nevermind that— you cleared your throat, staring at the bulky toned man. “Who are you?”
“Your new neighbor,” he slyly responds, his voice had a mere rasp to it— his entire demeanor, his body language— the way his hands just dug into the empty pockets of his black worn down sweatpants, it was sexy. Without a doubt this man was attractive— the near smug expression he gave you was almost enough to make you start to throb. “Fushiguro, Toji,” he uttered in a low tone— and he teasingly bends down— going towards your level, your eyes spot the scarred beige colored scar that was slanted across the right side of his lip. “I think we’re gonna get along just fine, pretty girl.”
And Toji’s experiences with living with you— a pretty ghost, was . . tame so to speak. He managed to find and hold down a job for sometime— a part time job, you’d just lounge around at the house. You had a rather bland life, technically speaking, you were just . . there. Existing. A lifeless soul, a pure spirit even.
There was nothing relatively interesting happening between the two of you— until one day, Toji returns from home during the middle of the night. He figured you’d be asleep like you usually were— you’d spend countless hours, knocked out into a deep slumber but this night— you were doing much more than sleeping.
You were touching yourself. Again.
On Toji’s side of the bed too— the both of you shared a bed, there was only one in the house, yet it wasn’t much of an issue— it was comfortable and very much king sized.
So it’s to Toji’s surprise to walk in and see you, pretty legs sprawled out near the sheets— fingers curled and stuffed deep into your pussy, whining out Toji’s name on constant repeat.
“. . . Ohhh,” Toji mutters, and he sees the immediate embarrassment overtake your face, a cute attempt to shield yourself with the thick velvet covers and he walks towards you— the very soles of his shoes clanking against the hard wooden floor. “Is this what you do when I’m not here, sweetheart? Play with yourself,” and it’s in the mere form of a question before he cockily tilts his head— clicking his tongue with a slow playful head shake. “. . . Heh, and you’re not even doing it right either. Poor baby.”
“. . . I- I thought you wouldn’t be here until the morning.” You stammer, trying to change the subject— and he slips off his shoes, slightly twisting his neck to the side to stretch— before getting into the bed, and his eyes immediately glance down at your lap. Yet that‘s when you sit up from your current position— a near pout on your face. “. . Toji.”
He’s staring openly, watching your own fingers remain in your lap and he hums, growing amused for a moment before chuckling lowly. “Yeah?” And his voice pitched— it was low, husky and not to mention insanely attractive.
Toji’s taken aback once you grab onto his hand, you lie back against the plump pillows, somewhat guiding his hand from your chest until it reaches lower— and lower— and lower, until it’s between your legs, and his eyebrows slightly raise, watching your body tremble from his contact before you whine. “I need you to touch me.”
“You . . . need?” He grins, repeating your pathetic words, such haughtiness on his facial expressions, as irksome as it was, just a simple gesture as that made you throb through your thin silk white panties. “You don’t need shit, you want my touch. How cute.”
“Fine—” You spat back, and it made him smile, seeing you grow irritated, agitated at the least— biting down on your lip, the warmness of his hand was nearly enough to make you moan before Toji snatches his hand back.
“I wanna do more than just touch you, little girl,” he mutters, viridescent eyes maintaining such eye contact, Toji’s voice pitches deeply in the slightest, and at first you’re confused by what he was saying.
But of course, you found out exactly what Toji meant, by sitting right on his face— staring down at him— Toji returns the stare, and he starts slow, making your thighs shiver and quake underneath him, he’s creating sloppy kisses against the very print of your panties— your padded cunt brushes against the faint stubble on his chin.
Toji found it cute the way your legs jittered a bit, just barely hovering over his mouth before he dragged a tongue down your slit, staring at you with half-lidded eyes before muttering in a raspy, “Awww. Don’t be shy, lay it all on me, girl. Sit, sit.”
You intake a breath, replying with a tiny, “O-Okay,” and once you plop down on his face, giving a moment to adjust, a coy frisky grin pressed against his lips— and Toji wastes no time, using the soft pad of his thumb to rub against your underwear, sucking on it for a few brief seconds before moving it aside— and you let off a mere sweet mewl, feeling his lips latch onto your pussy.
Your taste, it was sugary— just a few seconds and Toji was hooked, it got him hard, hearing your whiney noises reverberate and bounce across the thin walls— you were far more sensitive than any average human, and that only made him crave you anymore— he’s just sloppy, one hand gripped onto your thigh as you watch his tongue create such erotic movements, the pace had your lip quivering and your thighs already clenching.
“Pull—” he grumbles, his mouth was full— full of your sweetened flavor, his stubble just tickles against your cunt and you moaned, your hips having a mind of its own— to where you’re riding his face now, and the tip of Toji’s nose brushes against your folds, making you whimper. “Pull on my hair for me.”
You complied willingly, rummaging your shaky fingers into his hair— smooth locks getting tangled within your hands, you gave him a soft tug and he grunted from it— your hips were unsteady, moving against his mouth at such a tottering rhythm.
“Harder.” He groans, and your eyes nearly start to roll— hearing him let off such salacious noises with just and only his tongue, making sure to not miss a single spot, Toji’s tongue was brutal— it’s got your mind running laps, nearly sending you to such a euphoric state— you were so sensitive, touch starved, even him brushing his fingertips against your cold hallowed skin, was perhaps enough to make you make a mess on his face.
“T—Toji,” you’d sniffle, rutting your hips again and again against his face, by now— he was practically nose deep, the very tip part swiping against your cunt, he grunts lowly once you give his dirty strands a harder yank— and his slick runs down his chin, and it’s sexy, Toji has to take a second to breathe, he swallows, and you shiver— hearing him spit on your pussy before dragging a thumb down the opening only to go straight back into sucking. “. . Toji— Toji, I f-feel like—”
A smile tugs against his lips, giving your folds a sweet kiss— laying his tongue flat against your pussy, and he’s just so filthy— yet doesn’t care, Toji eats you out as he’s been starved for weeks, hasn’t had a proper good meal since— since between your legs. “You gonna cum, yeah?” He mumbles, his long lashes close for a moment— feeling your hips just buck and writhe against him, and you’re getting him hard— he groans, reaching a hand down to touch himself, he’s hard . . a boner was visible through his sweats, and he wanted more.
You nod, your bottom lip just quivering— it was adorable, yet pathetic in the slightest, the way you had both hands holding onto Toji’s hair, riding his face— his eyelids were immensely low, sensually flicking the very tip of his tongue against your clit, making you mewl out a sweet whimper. “Y-Yeahhh.”
Toji’s just so mean though— he makes you wait until he’s done feasting, which lasts about a good ten minutes. He likes seeing you a total dumb mess, all from his tongue— babbling, sputtering, stammering out such incoherent whined and cries to just let you cum—each time he feels your hips slow against your mouth, he brings a mean spank to your pussy, making you moan—
Just twitching and hovering over his pink damped lips. After a few seconds, he finally lets you— and you’re just stupid, your cute abrupt orgasm that he elicits from the back of your throat with such ease makes him grin. “T—Toji,” is all you kept repeating as if that was only a word embedded into your brain, in such a state— your life nearly flashes before your eyes, which is ironic considering— what . . . life?
“. . Mhmmm, that’s a good girl,” he’d purr, and his words would just deliver in a way to where it immediately made you throb and pulsate— how embarrassing. Toji sits up, and he just slouches against the pillows before humming. “Come give me a kiss.”
You whined, crawling between his legs, and you placed your lips against his— Toji snakes a hand around your waist, and immediately, your tongue went across his soft sweetened lips, you moaned at the sheer thought of tasting yourself on his tongue right after he’d just ate you out— it was so filthy.
That annoying cocky smirk never left his lips, and you whimpered— feeling a rough hand of Toji’s grab onto your ass, you still wore your usual long white gown, yet all he did was just slide it up, grabbing a handful of your ass before spanking you as he kissed you— it was sexy, especially hearing him lowly grunt in your mouth.
Toji grunts, feeling you get handsy— you’re clumsy and your hand falls onto his crotch area, and he grabs your hand, making you feel his bulge before he breaks the kiss— glistening strings of spit departing.
“You’re so damn needy,” he grumbles, and he lets your hands roam— digging into his sweatpants, Toji just watches with a dumb smug grin, seeing you struggle a bit— not knowing how to untie a simple knot, it was cute.
After a few seconds, you get it— feeling the hem of his boxers before ultimately springing out his hardened length— you leaned into his neck, and he’s surprised to feel you softly nibble your teeth onto his neck, tasting his sweet skin— he groans for a moment, and it tickles, still feeling his hard dick being stroked by you. “Heh. Are ya confused, princess? I hope you didn’t plan on just biting me.”
“N-No,” you stammered, your tongue softly grazing against his skin— he wasn’t used to your tongue, especially with the length of it— feeling your tender pearly whites softly bite into his skin turned him on a bit, much more than he realized.
And he lays back, breathing quietly for a moment as you’re making a cute attempt to stroke him, you have no idea what you’re doing, the soft pad of your thumb brushing against his frenulum, his tip was coated with such pretty sweet pre-cum. You leaned in to give him another kiss, dumbly kissing his mouth so you kiss the side of his chin instead. “T—Toji.”
“Are ghosts always this slutty?” Toji wriggles his eyebrows, and you furrow your own eyebrows in confusion— certain terms he used confused you, yet never paid much mind, he playfully licks your bottom lip before bringing you close to his chest. “I want you to do somethin’ for me, little girl.”
You stared at him with glossy needy eyes, tilting your head, and Toji makes you lie flat on your back, you watch with curious eyes— he pulls up your dingy white nightgown, and pushes your legs up to your chest, a soft breathy pant leaving his lips, and you looked so pretty sprawled out for him like this, absolutely dumbfounded— pretty sopping wet pussy all out and on full display.
“I want you to tell me how deep I reach you, can you do that?” He huffs out, and his tone grows more raspy throughout each second— giving him a shy nod before he brings a hand up to your chin, narrowing his eyebrows. “Use those words, girl.”
“O—Okay Toji,” you stammered out, and he brushes a thumb against your lips, he’s teasing you by mocking the pout you had on your mouth, giving you a kiss— and again, you’re sensitive from any amount of touch he gives you, so it makes you whine.
He pulls away— and brings his hefty cock out, Toji groans, he was so full. Aching to be inside you, ever since he saw you— he just knew that you had to be filled up, stretched immensely, he could practically feel your walls clenching and tightening around him and he wasn’t even inside yet.
“Fuck,” he grunts— and you stare at him, your eyebrows parting into a mere furrow. Toji’s sweats were pulled down, his grayish blue boxers just about hanging from his v-line itself, and he swipes his tip against your sensitive needy folds. It drags out a whiney hiss from you. “Ooh, you’re just itching for it, aren’t ‘cha, princess? Mhm, this pussy’s just hungry.”
“Don’t tease me p-please.” You babble, and you gasp once Toji brings a hand towards your chest, giving your breasts a squeeze, pinching against your nipple and you moan.
“Aw, you don’t like being teased, do you? Well that’s too bad,” he chuckles— and you bite down on your lip— your legs feeling complete mush practically, a tiny mewl exiting your lips once he aligns himself, staring at him. He stares back at you, uttering a sly,
“. . . Heyyy girl,” and that’s when Toji starts to slowly sink his way inside you, slowly and inch by inch— he’s so big, and he’s very much aware of it too, his fat tip alone was enough to steal a tiny moan from you, and he grabs onto your chin once he catches you start to break eye contact. “Don’t look away, keep those pretty eyes on me the entire time I’m stuffing you full.”
You stare at him— and you moan, feeling his hefty base slap against you, he was really full— truly he was, and you bite back a moan again, whining from the immense stretch he gave your cunt— as if you were elastic, the very curve of his dick runs alongside the crevices inside of you and you’re so dizzy, it feels you up with such want— he’s buried balls deep as if your pussy was just a meaningless coffin, Toji’s hips snaps against you once— and just a single thrust makes you whimper out, wrapping your arms around his neck.
“More please,” you’d mumble out, taking in his cheap cologne scent near the collar of his buttoned up shirt. “F-Fuck me, Toji.”
“Now you wanna use your words, heh. Okay,” he hums— pure cockiness in his tone entirely, each word he spoke, baritone dripping off his voice, a rapsy pitched tone that never failed to make you throb and throb. “Hold on to me. I don’t wanna break you. Especially if I accidentally tear this pussy in half. Then that’d be no fun, now would it, princess?”
His words were just raunchy— explicit, the definition of filthy, he speaks directly up next to your ear too, and it’s just a lot to take in— his throbbing cock twitching inside of you, or Toji’s simple words that continued to have you drenched, as embarrassing as it sounds.
“N-No.” You whined, and he’s still got your knees shoved up to your chest— Toji’s hips drive into you, and his hip movements get sloppier and sloppier, you’re so loud— your sweet moans ring through his ears, his very tip french kissing against your g-spot and it drags off those cute gasps from your mouth, he studied your expressions— the way your lips parted, eyebrows curled and furrowed— anything and everything.
Toji can’t help but be a bit rough with you— not even moments later and you’re already getting fucked ruthlessly against the fat cushioned mattress— he’s just jackhammering his dick into you, small grunts exits his lips each and every second, his hips were so rude— bullying you in each and every way with how it’s just vigorously striking against your core, it’s got you in a trance, it doesn’t take long at all for you to get addicted to your bummy new neighbor’s dick— it’s got you just throbbing and yearning for more.
“Hear that?” Toji utters gruffly— black strands of hair nearly occluded his vision with how it ran down his eyes— his hair was messy, ruffled, and it was attractive.
You don’t know what he means, but Toji brings a rough hand towards your tummy— and he grows quiet, and you hear the sloppy squelching sounds your own pussy makes— as if it was singing some sort of lewd raunchy tune. “Fuckkk . . Your cunt’s just slutting itself out on me. So dirty. Trying to fuck me back, that’s kinda cute, heh.”
You’re whimpering— and Toji leans in to kiss you again, the kiss was more sensual and passionate yet rough and sloppy at the same time— he used a bit of tongue this time as his hips piston inside of you, rearranging your insides, playing patty cake with your walls in such a degrading way.
“F-Fuckkk me Toji—” You stuttered, pathetically tripping over your words, his thick cock being ultimately swallowed by your sheer warmth, applying pressure against your ass within each smack he creates with his hips. “Stretching me s-so good.”
“I know I am, girl,” he grunts— he’s panting heavily, in short raspy breaths, Toji swipes a tongue located across the slanted scar near the right side of his lip— giving you a mean, cunning expression. “Shit. Your pussy’s so greedy, gonna make me fuckin’ cum soon.”
You’re just a dumb babbling mess, Toji’s continuing to pump you full of his thick girthy inches— it’s so good to where you start drooling. He chuckles, leaning in to wipe the excess drool pouring down your mouth. “You’re a nasty lil’ thing, aren’t you,” he huffs out— and he doesn’t expect you to grab onto his hand, shoving two of his fingers into your mouth. Toji’s taken back for a moment yet a mere sneer appears on his lips as he watches you moan, taking two of his thick digits down your throat until you gag. “Absolutely filthy. Now I’m just imaginin’ you choking on the real thing.”
You grow embarrassed at his teasing— trying to pry his hand out your mouth but Toji hums. “Nah. Don’t be shy now, keep sucking while I make you cum. You can be as dirty as you want around me, sweetheart.”
Toji‘s hips drove and drove into you at such pace, such speed it’s got your mind going stupid— brainless, the definition of your current state, all because of his dick— your moans were muffled as his two fingers were inside your mouth, sucking on them like the filthy girl that you were— and he couldn’t deny that seeing you in such a position turned him on.
“Fucking full—” He grumbles, and you whimper, feeling his base smack against you, again and again, and again— you’re so dizzy, your pussy gripped down on him, squeezing him— being so selfish by holding him hostage— it pisses Toji off in a way to where he can’t help but make his thrusts more thorough and precise—
Smacking, smacking, smacking, he’s losing himself, going insanely pussydrunk— and yet he can’t help it. You’re just addicting. Toji stares down at you with low green eyes, mumbling in a husky tone. “Where do you want it, princess? Inside, outside, on that pretty tummy,” and he pauses— gripping your thigh once more. “Orrrr on your sloppy cunt to decorate it.”
“I—Inside please,” you immediately jabbered out, taking his fingers out of your mouth— strings of your own spit coating the pads of his fingerprints and you’re just so needy, sensitive, pulsating with such desire of what it’s like to be filled up from the inside.
Toji’s thin eyebrows come together and his hips pause for a moment before he chuckles. “Silly girl. I’m gonna overflow your little cunt, but whatever. If that’s what you want, I’d be more than happy to give it you, heh.”
And he keeps his promise— once Toji came, it was a lot, a big thick load he’s been saving for you, he groans, slowing his movements down as your cunt spreads for him, your inner walls just being massaged from the constant stretch he’s presenting you— it makes your eyes roll, it makes your mouth salivate, and even your toes curling.
“. . Lets fuckin’ see how much this ghost pussy can recieve,” he huffs out in a pant, leaning into your neck, dragging his pearly canines softly against the soft cold skin of your collarbone. You moaned from his tender touch, your skin grew more hunger for more of him— your body ached, you don’t know what it was with this guy, this man who only moved in a week ago— and was now deep inside your walls, fucking you dumb as if you were some slut.
Yet in this case, perhaps maybe you were.
Toji moves your legs down, and you’re laid flat against the bed, just stupefied from his thrusts entirely, you’re in a daze— stuck in it, simply living in utter ecstasy, and he’s dumping such a thick load into you— his eyes close for a moment and he kisses his teeth with sheer vex.
“. . . Damnnnn,” He groans, his hefty base was full, swollen with a lot more to give entirely— he stares down, fixating his gaze towards your cunt and licks his lips at the sight that greets him once he pulls out slowly, staring at his own cum oozing out of your folds, your thighs twitched— and Toji brings two fingers towards your slick entrance before shoving some of his own seed back into you. “Messy girl. This cum doesn’t come for free. Keep that shit in for me, yeah.”
You whimper, glossed lips quivering before Toji leans in to kiss you once more— feeling his thick fingers swirl around inside of you, it’s so messy, filthy and insanely sticky— before he picks you up, and you let off a soft gasp.
“Upsie fuckin daisey,” He groans, and he leans back, lazy position— and has you facing the other direction, your back pressing against his chest as he holds the bottom parts of your ass. “I ain’t done with you, girl. Wet pussy’s too addicting for me to not keep going.”
“T—Toji,” you mewled, and your voice was shaky, a lot more lewd now that you were practically dumb, with such care and ease— he plops you down onto his fat dick— holding your thighs, and you hear a certain ring in your ears before he cuts you off in a rough voice.
“There there, sweetheart. Only words I wanna hear is from your nasty pussy giving me back talk when I fuck it,” he mumbles, the pitch in his voice lowering octave after octave— you whine once he gives your cunt a spank, which turns into one, then two, then three— he’s mean, he can’t help but maneuver a few circles against your folds, you’re so drenched and soaked for him— he can’t fathom it, nor did he want to waste time on doing so. “You’re a big fuckin’ girl. I’ll lift you up on me, and claim this pussy like this, fuckkkk.”
You gasp, and he’s so strong— bulky muscles lifting you up on his dick, you feel a vein that coated on his length throb against you as he was halfway in, you’re sinking down and the stretch is so appetizing— you have to take a moment to moan, laying flat back against his chest.
“Good girl. Relax for me.”
Your pussy throbs from Toji’s words, and it brings butterflies towards your stomach— feelings you weren’t sure how to feel about, feelings that felt way too human for your own good.
Momentarily, he starts to fuck you— holding the bottom parts of your thighs, your legs were widely spread and he’s just pumping his thick shaft in and out of your folds, using your sweet needy cunt as if it was a fleshlight— he’s still sensitive from his recent release, and Toji starts to grow more vocal himself, his noises were low and raspy.
Right up close and personal against your ear, your feet laid against his thighs and he’s just drilling himself in and out of you— as if you were his cute personal little pocket-pussy.
“F-Fuck, I f-feel something else T—Toji.” You whimpered, and he’s holding your hips steady, you nibble down on the sweet skin of your lip— feeling such nerves bundle up inside of you, tickling your very insides— yet there was no joke, nothing relatively funny at all.
Although, maybe your pussy found things amusing, the way it kept creating such noise— it just wouldn’t shut up, so noisy, as if it was having some sort of debate with your own moans entirely.
“. . . Yeahhh?” He coos, lifting you up and down with rough bare hands, you’re just slamming onto his lap and it’s so good, you’re almost about to start drooling again— his dick was so hypnotizing, it’s got your eyes swirling, you kept throbbing and pulsating between your legs—
Each time his cockhead tapped against your sweet spot, you let off the most sweetened cried even known— you’re just feral, your tongue was merely lolling out— so dramatic, but you couldn’t help it, not when your sleazy neighbor knew how to fuck this good. “Sounds like you’re gonna squirt, baby. Has anyone ever made you squirt before?”
“N—No, Toji.” You whimpered, and he’s buried balls deep again, your eyelids were just fluttering, eyes getting heavy and you’re having a race with your own breath, your panting was becoming erratic and you were chasing whatever sort of stimulation was about to arise inside of you.
“I’ll change that for ya real quick,” he slyly replies with a raspy chuckle to suffice. Yet this time, Toji brings his mean hands up to your thighs, lifting them up and pinning your neck back with his hands— fucking you in full nelson, and you start babbling again— he’s just reaching so deep, you’re at a loss for words completely, yet brings a free arm down to play with your pussy— giving it a spank. “Give it to me. Be messy and squirt all over me, girl.”
His words scratched a deep carnal itch in your brain, he’s rubbing and spanking against your cunt and again, he’s so mean— grumbling the amount of spanks over his breath. “Won’t stop spanking ‘till you squirt, fuckin’ ghost slut.”
Toji’s degrading words— sent straight towards your cunt, you whimpered, feeling your nipples perk up underneath the silk fabric of your white nightgown.
But he was just so rude, teasing you— as if he’s not fucking you full of dick, he’s swirling his fingers around your pussy as well— a constant repetitive maneuver of circles, you’re just in awe at how pleasure from a human could feel this good— you haven’t felt this good in a long time, perhaps years back from your past.
“T-Toji, f—fuckkk fuckkk,” you’d babble, such sweet saccharin-flavored whines and moans being dragged from your throat, your head just bobbled back against Toji’s chest— he’s just spanking your folds again and again, his other arm still gripping onto your thigh this time— and you’re so dizzy, you can’t get enough, you were addicted, feasibly cockdrunken— the way your eyes rolled back to where all your vision could make out was white was incredibly lewd.
Once you squirt— it’s a lot, you gush out all on his lap, muscles within you clench and clench and your mouth opens as your thighs shake violently as if it was some sort of earthquake. Rumbling, the pure definition of your thighs was what it were, he knows exactly how to use his fingers, because you’re making such a mess— your mind goes blank for a moment, and Toji had a smug grin. “That’s it. Squirt all on me. I’ll clean you right up after.”
Your legs trembled in such exhilaration— your mind was spinning, toes curled up as you bit your lip from your impactful orgasm— it was so much, so good, so delicious.
“C’mere.” Toji huffs out, turning you around— he’s still twitching inside of you, and you moan before he leans in to lock his lips against yours, you whimpered— feeling him grab your ass— also feeling the annoying haughty smirk compressing against his pink lips as his tongue shoved down your throat, Toji was intoxicating— you could make out some cheap kind of liquor on his tongue, his stubble near his chin brushing against your own, and that’s when you pull away— letting off a whine.
He pants, giving you an abrupt headpat while his eyelids were low— heavy, and out of nowhere you blurt out what you wish you hadn’t said at all. Shame on your pussy for speaking for you at a time like this.
“I— I love you, Toji.”
“. . . Heh, what?”
Tumblr media
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bugsbia · 2 days
Hello!! Could you write Scara waking you up by taking your Innocence and fucking you to oblivion in the middle of the night 😭
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ʚ Scara stealing your innoence
ʚ BEFORE READING: Fem reader, usage of fem anatomy, a tiny bit of established friendship and one-sided-ish pining. Sorry if this is kinda ass, Anon.
ʚ WARNINGS: Non-con/dub-con, mentions of taking innocence, scara is a bit rough
Tumblr media
It was just a normal night for you, sitting in bed texting your friend Scaramouche about all sorts of random shit. He always kept you entertained before you slept, he was just such a good friend! Eventually after about an hour or two of chatting you finally managed to fall asleep, cosy in your bed without any worries.
Unbeknownst to you Scaramouche had been waiting for you to fall asleep, he'd always had a bit of a thing for you, but you just never seemed to notice any of his hints. Maybe you were too stupid to notice, maybe you just couldn't believe that he'd like you. Either way, he had enough. He wanted you, and he wanted you now.
As soon as you fell asleep he began making his way to your house, luckily he only lived a 10 minutes walk away from you. As soon as he arrived at your house quietly climbed in through your window, being careful not to make any loud noises or knock anything over during his little break in. How silly of you to not lock it.
And he did it successfully, now standing beside your bed, looking down at your sleeping form with a smirk upon his face. You just looked so pretty like this, so weak and defenceless. He could feel his dick hardening beneath his pants just at the sight of you like this.
He quickly got rid of his pants and the blanket that was haphazardly covering you, his arousal only grew tenfold once he saw what you were wearing. Just a thin little night gown, it was too easy for him.
Carefully he pushed you onto your back, being slow and gentle to make sure he wouldn't wake you up as he positioned himself between your legs.
Holding his hard cock in his hand he began stroking himself over you sleeping body, oh it felt so good. His temptation to rip your panties off and have his way with you only grew stronger by the moment, it was unbearable how badly he wanted you.
Precum slowly dropped from the tip of his dick down onto your panties, leaving a wet patch which only served to heighten his arousal as he imagined your pussy all wet for him.
His patience snapped at that thought, carefully slipping his fingers under the waistband of your panties and swiftly pulling them down, tossing them to the floor as his hungry gaze remained on your body He couldn't hold himself back as he spat on his hand and began stroking his dick, lubing himself up in preparation.
Gently he lifted your legs, making sure to not wake you up while also giving himself full access to your pussy. Oh how the sight made him almost drool, so exposed and vulnerable. He couldn't wait to see your reaction when he did finally wake you up.
With that he began grinding against your cunt, pre-cum coating his dick and smearing all over your pussy, small groans escaping his lips that he quickly tried to hold back by biting his lip, but it was so hard when you felt so good, when you looked so pretty.
Giving in to his desires finally as he positioned his tip at your entrance and slowly pushing in, finally taking your innocence all for himself, groaning at the sensation as your pussy fully enveloped his cock.
You began squirming in your sleep, whimpering slightly in an automatic response to having him inside of you. He knew you'd wake up soon, and he wanted it now, he wanted to see your reaction to how he'd taken your innocence.
He slowly pulled his cock out of you before harshly thrusting back in again, he wanted to wake you up at this point and that’s exactly what happened.
Your eyes slowly fluttering open and seeing him, his dick buried deep inside you while he had a wicked smirk displayed across his lips. “What- what the fuck are you doing?!” You stammered out, confused and still not fully conscious.
“Shhh… just be a good girl and take it” he responded as he leaned down, kissing you hungrily. His tongue pushing its way into your mouth and silencing any protests that may escape your lips, making you give in to the pleasure.
He began thrusting into you, starting off slow as his tongue continued to explore your mouth, his hands finding purchase on your hips. You couldn’t help but whimper and moan slightly into the kiss, despite your protests you couldn’t deny how good it felt, how deep down you did want this.
Pulling away from the kiss he looked down at you, taking in your form beneath him. Finally he gets to see you like this, getting fucked by him, your innocence stolen after countless months of trying, just drinking up the sweet noises that escaped your lips.
"I've wanted this for months" he said, his voice low and barely above a whisper. "You feel so much fucking better than I imagined, so tight." He kept thrusting into you with fervour, driving himself deeper into your needy pussy, hitting that spot deep inside you that made you see stars.
You couldn’t help but moan and writhe beneath him, you couldn’t believe the way he’d stolen your innocence like that but you also couldn’t deny the pleasure it brought you. His harsh thrusts driving you wild, making you feel as if your brain were going fuzzy.
“Shit” he groaned, “gonna cum soon, gonna fill you up.”, it was clear he was getting close to his release by the second. His voice hoarse with desperation, groaning and panting heavily as he ravished your pussy. But he couldn’t finish until you did, he wanted to feel you cum on his cock.
Reached down between your bodies he began furiously rubbing at your clit, driving you closer to ecstasy as you moaned out his name, back arching in response to the intense pleasure.
It drove him crazy when you moaned out his name, you sounded so much better than he’d imagined, you felt so much better. All those months of shameless fantasising about you were truly nothing compared to the real thing. You were so perfect, so perfect that it drove him crazy with lust.
As your moans grew more desperate he knew you were close, and what pushed you over the edge was when he leaned down and began biting your neck. It sent you reeling as you came on his cock, walls fluttering around his length, moaning his name in an almost pornographic way.
Your moans combined with the ways your cunt pulsed around his cock made him snap as he finally released inside you, shooting ropes of cum deep inside you and filling you up after so many months of dreaming of this moment.
“You’re so much better than I imagined” he murmured against your neck between heavy breaths as he calmed down from his climax. “And I’m never letting you go.”
Tumblr media
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jeannineee · 2 days
Kinktober Day One: Overstimulation
Azriel x reader
a/n: this kicks off the first day of kinktober :) if you’d like to be added to the taglist, comment below or message me
warnings: smut obvi, use of the pet name “bunny,” shadowplay (IYKYK), slight dom/sub dynamics
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Such a desperate little thing, aren’t you?” Azriel murmured as he traced a hand down your bare chest, circling his thumb around your nipples until they hardened. “Couldn’t even wait for me to get home, hm?”
You swallowed thickly, slightly straining against his shadows, which kept your hands pinned above your head. You’d felt needy all day, and when Azriel mentioned he’d be home late that night, you took matters into your own hands.
To your surprise, Azriel returned home early, and when he entered your room to find you sprawled on the bed, fingers buried in your cunt, he was less than pleased.
Azriel grabbed your chin suddenly, forcing you to meet his eyes. “I asked you a question.”
“N-No. I couldn’t wait. I’m sorry.”
But you weren’t sorry, not at all. The twinkle in Azriel’s eyes told you he knew that, too.
Azriel released his grip on your chin, bringing one hand up to continue toying with your breasts as the other continued its journey lower.
You squirmed underneath his touch, searching for any relief he might provide for the ache between your legs.
Azriel tutted in mock-disappointment, before lightly slapping your clit. “Don’t be greedy. You’ll take whatever I give you.” He began circling your clit with his thumb, prodding two fingers at your dripping entrance.
“Please, Az,” you whined, bucking against him. You struggled against his shadows, but to no avail.
Azriel hummed with amusement, before finally sliding his fingers into you. He pumped them at a slow, leisurely pace, cock twitching in his pants as your cunt tightened in response to his movements.
You were already embarrassingly close to an orgasm, and Azriel knew it. He curled his fingers against your sweet spot repeatedly as his thumb kept working your clit. “That’s it, bunny, come for me.”
Your vision went hazy as your release barreled through you. Your legs shook as Azriel continued curling his fingers against your sensitive walls.
“So wet for me,” Azriel murmured. Arousal coated your inner thighs, and the sheets beneath you.
You whimpered as his thumb returned to your clit. “Az—please—‘s too much. Please.”
Azriel didn’t relent, instead increasing his pace. “Thought you wanted this, bunny. You were begging for it earlier.”
A string of pleas were the only response you could manage as he continued abusing your cunt. His shadows maintained their hold of your wrists, making it impossible to push him away. Despite your overstimulation, the coil in your tummy was already tightening again.
“So good for me,” Azriel praised as your second orgasm tore through you. As you came down from your high, he slowed his movements, but didn’t stop.
“Az, baby, please—“
“Shh,” Azriel hushed you, leaning forward to brush his lips against yours. “You’re gonna be a good girl and take it. You can give me one more.”
The look in Azriel’s eyes told you that you were far from your last orgasm for the night.
Tumblr media
taglist: @azriels-shadowsinger @bigcreatorwombatdreamer @bbycowboi @ghostofnightcrawlerpast @fendyr @thegirlintheshadows101 @icey--stars @illyrian-dreamer @exoahgasebby @missusbarnes-rogers @danikamariewrites @cmay25 @anpacax0 @georgiastars13 @hannzoaks @impossibelle
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jester-lover · 3 days
Blue Haired Boy
you play with Buggy's hair while the crew is away
Cw/ Fem! terms, food, fluff, whiny Buggy, OPLA! Buggy, he's just a head in this one lol
AN/ this is just me clowning around before getting my requests done, so not beta read.
Tumblr media
Rolling over on the hammock for the fifth time, you grabbed at the thin pillow and shoved it off and onto the floor. Something about the situation was reminiscent of being stuffed into a wonton wrapper.
God, being the new girl sucks.
You thought the crew would have found some use for you, you were a jack-of-all-trades after all, but it seemed like there was only one role left to fulfill. And as the newest member of the crew, you were responsible for the more unsavory job.
“H-ello! I know you can hear me, broccoli hairrrr~”
Buggy’s singsongy tone reminded you of that very role, clown babysitter. Sighing as the throbbing headache in your temple mixed with the sharp pain in your back, you decided to stand up and get something done, anything that could distract you from your boredom.
The bag that held the clown’s head was on the kitchen table, much to Sanji’s chagrin. Other than the slight shaking and constant talking, he was an exemplary hostage.
As you walked closer to the bag, Buggy’s frantic ravings grew louder. Some empathetic little part of you felt bad for him, so you decided to use your better judgment and give him a little fresh air. That old sack must start to stink after a while.
As you open the bag and dump out the clown’s head, he immediately sprung up and winked at you dramatically. It was as if he was trying to max out his charisma.
“Why hello..~ You’re a new face, aren’t you?”
The deadpan look you tossed his way didn’t break his disposition, instead, it seemed to egg him on.
“I’m Y/N, nice to meet you.”
Buggy’s head tilted to the side before he smiled brightly.
“A pretty name for a pretty girl…”
That comment got a little chuckle out of you, and he seemingly beamed.
Gently picking him up by his head, near his ears where he wouldn’t be uncomfortable, you placed him on the kitchen counter and pulled out a small kitchen knife.
“You hungry?”
Twirling the knife in-between your fingers, you looked at him expectantly. You had always had a deep sense of domesticity towards your crew, and as he was a temporary companion, he would be receiving your support too.
“Where do you think the food would go?”
Another laugh erupted from you, this one was genuine and hearty, and Buggy’s head laughed along with you.
Good point, clown.”
You picked his head up again and brought him to your makeshift little corner of the ship, laying in your soft red hammock with Buggy on your stomach as you examined him. Your fingers slowly threaded through his hair and adjusted his bandana.
He furrowed his brows slightly, trying to discern what your motive was for the affectionate act. Something clicked in his head as he met your eyes.
“Hey! If you're gonna get all sweet with me, you could've bought me dinner first!”
Laugher came from you in droves, and the clown, clearly proud of himself, bounced a little in the air.
As you continued to fix and adjust his hair and bandana, Buggy got a little quieter, and if you looked really close, you could see a little flush on his cheeks and (what was present of) his neck.
“This hair…it’s all yours huh?”
Your fingers threaded through a particular knot in his ocean blue locks, and he sighed a little.
“Y-yeah! I mean, I don’t dye it or anything…”
A softer smile appeared on your face as you patted the top of his gorgeous hair, sure, it wasn’t the cleanest; but it was still beautiful. The blue hair complimented his eyes, and framed his face perfectly.
“It’s so thick and voluminous, you could easily grow it out.”
Buggy’s painted face reddened more at that comment, the blush was visible as his grease paint began pulling off.
His silence sort of astonished you, but it was short lived.
“You think that would look alright..?”
Before you could speak again, only to confirm his thoughts, his head lept upwards into the air dramatically.
Your shared laughter echoed throughout the night, a verbal symbol of an amusingly unstable relationship between the two of you blossoming.
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f1driverszona · 3 days
Hi can you pls write a dark! Daniel with a younger reader?? Or maybe dark! Carlos with Fernando’s daughter??
Wicked one || D.R
Dark Daniel Riccardo x younger reader
Warnings - soft dark Daniel, age gap, controlling behaviour, naive reader, toxic behaviour
Summary— you spend a moment on the balcony with your older boyfriend who is isolating you from the world and you have no clue of his intentions.
Tumblr media
You hum a tune, enjoying your morning ice coffee at the balcony on your and Daniel’s house which is basically in the middle of nowhere. You thought the reason Daniel wanted to buy this house to be your forever home together was because you would have privacy from his famous life, but the real reason is that he wanted you all for himself.
If he brought this house you would have barely any contact with the world, it would be just you and him. You all to himself like how he likes it. And the best part was that you wouldn’t even notice or see that he is isolating you from your friends and family because of your naive and innocent personality.
When you both first met he was immediately attracted by you, you radiated innocence and you were so beautiful that he just had to have you. At first you were reluctant to even see him as he was 10 years older than you, but his personality persuaded you.
What you didn’t know was when you first met by bumping into each other at your local cafe, he had a detective follow you as you deemed to himself as too innocent to be without any sort of protective.
The following was just temporary, it was only really for when he wasn’t really involved in your life, but now it wasn’t needed as he had you trapped and can easily manipulate you as you were so trusting. Believing that he only want what’s best for you.
And he does in his own twisted way.
“ oh my angel! Where are you?” You hear your boyfriend ask, “ on the balcony, Danny!” You replied not taking your eyes of the bed of tulips you and Danny planted together.
“ angel why are you up here alone, you know I don’t like that. You could fall and hurt yourself.” Daniel scolded you like you were a little kid, “ remember you need me so then I can make sure you don’t hurt your beautiful body”
He pulls you on his lap holding you possessive to his chest, “ sorry Danny” you feebly say making him hum in approval by your giving submissive natural.
“ it’s ok babygirl, just don’t do it again or there will be consequences hm.” He kisses your head leaning his chin on your soft hair, revelling in the feeling of having his beautiful angel trapped in his hold.
You look up at him under your lashes smiling sweetly, he smiled softly at your angelic face looking at him with adoration. The look only meant for him, you would be damn if you looked at anyone else like that. You gasp cutely your hand flying up to his hair spotting a gray hair.
“ what?” He asks curiously groaning when you accidentally tugged on his dark curls, “ you have a gray hair, your getting old” you giggle cheekily, picking the single gray hair out of his scalp as gentle as you could yet he still winces.
“ holy fuck that is a gray hair” he breathes out shocked, “ and excuse you little Miss I’m not old, your just a little baby. My little baby” he tells you cradling you more into his muscular chest. “ Danny” you whine, it’s not your fault your tiner and younger than him.
“ my beautiful baby” he says kissing you all over your face, smiling listening to you giggle at his actions.
He is so glad that he chose to take you away from the bad fucked up world, you were just to innocent to get wrecked by cruel people.
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shrowded-eng1ma · 2 days
Hey! Can i request flirty Intro dialogue’s for mk1 but with male characters this time? (male reader or gn please)
Characters; Syzoth (Reptile), Rizzler Cage, Bi-Han (SubZero), Gn Reader
Tumblr media
I can see Liu kang taught you how to ensnare me in your fiery passion
What? The monks taught me. Not Liu kang.
Ready to lose?
I will be the winner once my tongue reaches you
Say Syzoth? Why’s Ashrah interested in you?
The same reason why IM intrigued in you
(I couldn’t think of any else ;-;)
Johnny Rizz
Tumblr media
It’s surprising your not edenian angel~
Who’s angel?
I’m lost in your eyes, and I don’t want a map to the exit, only a map the leads into your arms~
This IS a sparing match cage, not an acting set
It’s pretty cold yeah? Come here, let me warm you up~
I like the cold
Tumblr media
Around you, I feel a fire hotter then my brothers flame
Uh.. thanks..?
Your beauty is as chilling as my cryomancer abilities, yet it warms my heart
Wait.. my beauty is chilling? Isn’t that bad?!
Like ice and snow, our connection is undeniable
What connection?
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Some MORE sagau since my last post did some numbers and its given me confidence which feels nice.😌
This is completely self indulgence. And because it is the "you" referred to here is female. Slight yandere vibes but my intention was not cult au.
Albedo is the first to notice the unusual amount of shooting stars in the sky. There's never been this many meteorites in such a short span of time. Especially in Mondstadt. As Albedo observes another cluster of stars through his telescope, he notices this time the stars aren't all a bright white but of many different colors. Purple, gold, green and blue. Albedo notes how the sky melts and bends into these different colors too. Its all so strange but fascinating to him. He keeps his eye on the horizon, takes notes, but holds onto hope none of this spills any bad news.
Its Venti who catches you falling from the sky. Of course its him. It has to be him, at least he tells himself this. Its Venti who lays your head in his lap as anxiety and confusion reflects on his face. He gently runs his fingers over your forehead, brushing your hair out of the way. Only to see the sallow cut on your head leaking glittering golden blood. His hand flinches back as he thinks "They've arrived." He delicately holds you in his arms, as his thoughts race through taking you to the seven, which he assumed is the safest option. When you open your eyes. Your brain is fuzzy and your eyes are heavy but you can still make out Venti's visage. "Venti?" Your horse and rough voice manages, but you speak his name in more so disbelief. You let this stranger hold you as your arms are far too weak to push him away. And its Venti whose heart races as he realizes hes the first person you see. The first name you ever speak in Teyvat. His grip tightens as he swears to himself to keep you safe, to watch over you until your full power returns. "You...you really smell like apples." You smile weakly at him, body leaning into his embrace, closing your eyes enjoying the warmth he radiates. "You really do smell like apples." you repeat and Venti. is. beaming.
Venti becomes your comfort in this new world you've been thrust into. You find yourself hiding behind him when you're introduced to new people, holding his hand whenever you're anxious. Venti becomes quite proud that you seek out his presence so much. When you do start to become more brave, venturing out of Mondstadt, spending more time with Zhongli, Ei and Nahida. Venti finds himself becoming uncharacteristically jealous. His grip on you is never tight but it shows through his "You'll leaving already?" and "There's no reason to travel to Liyue/Inazuma/Sumeru ect you can do that here in Mondstadt." He treasures wearing the title of your first and closest friend and doesn't want anyone to replace him. And as you sit with him in the tavern again, making sure he fulfills his promise of writing a song for you, he finds himself getting terribly distracted by your eyes. Hoping he could become more than your dearest friend.
Venti's worship is friendly, playful, almost suffocating but in a good way.
Its Zhongli who becomes your second shadow. As soon as the overexcited bard announces your arrival to the present archons his heart skips a beat. Century after century he has heard stories of your power, your beauty, your grace. And some how he has lived long enough to see you in the flesh. His heart is racing as he waits for you to enter the room. And when you do, your hand in Venti's as he cheerfully introduces you to the geo archon. Zhongli's eyes widen for just a split second before he calmly attempts to regain his composure. He bows low, elegantly, although his knees threaten to give way. "Welcome back your grace." Your presence is otherworldly, ethereal. Your eyes bleed into the ever changing colors of the sky. And while maybe for a short time in the beginning Zhongli questioned himself, why you would return in such a small weak form. But that thought quickly left him, the longer he heard the unwavering kindness in your voice and the warmth of your smile. He was convinced he saw celestia its self within you.
Any and every time you step into Liyue, Zhongli is by your side. Even when your not in his country Zhongli still makes his presence known. Ever so observant and thoughtful. Helps you learn the names of people and places. Patiently tells you stories of the past over a hot cup of tea. Ever so patient Zhongli. When you playfully, nervously, confess you're a little intimidated by him. He waits. As long as you need. For you to initiate conversation, for you to stand closer to him, for you hold his arm as you take a walk through the city. And even as you continue to favor that childish drunken bard, Zhongli knows you would choose him. Maybe not today, but he will keep trying. Patiently demonstrating the upmost consideration so when the time comes for you to choose a spouse you will choose him. Zhongli convinces himself that out of the seven its him who deserves to be by your side. The patiently, gentleman Zhongli, will capture your heart, because who else deserves to spend eternity by your side.
Zhongli's worship is attentive, respectful, quietly fierce and loyal.
When Childe overhears the other fatui members whispering "There are rumors the god of Teyvat has arrived in Mondstadt. Taking on the form of a beautiful young woman." he stops dead in his tracks, eyes widening. He stops the informant demanding more details. Its Childe who has to show the most restraint in his entire life when the you agree to meet with the fatui harbingers. Your expression cold as you greet each member, your voice curt and short not entertaining a longer conversation. Childe has to fight back a grin when he first sees you and hears your voice. The sound immediately familiar to him. His heart racing, fingers twitch to touch you, hold you, to thank you over and over again. When your eyes finally land on him your expression quickly changes. You smile brightly, "Childe" you call his name is such an affection manner it makes his knees weak. The sweet sound throwing his mind back to when your warmth surrounded him in that dark pit. He finds himself dropping to knees before he even thinks, his head low and gaze to the floor to hide the tears threatening to slip. "The Fatui await your every command your grace."
Childe becomes your friend, easily, naturally. Even if you can not remember comforting him in the abyss. The other harbingers are completely dumbfounded why out of all of them you choose to spend all your time with Childe. And Childe is so prideful about it. He becomes infatuated with you. Learns every little thing about you. Falls in love with you. His world seems lighter, brighter whenever he speaks with you. He becomes addicted to your laughter. Wants it all to himself. Starts to imagine what it be like to be yours, your only. And when you return his feelings, he's elated. And Childe doesn't believe he'll ever let you go, he cant, not when he finally has you in the flesh. No he can't see his life without you in it and he'll keep it that way. No matter what or who threatens his happiness.
Childe's worship is possessive, selfish, brazen, bloodthirsty and warm like a fire comforting you on a cold winter's night.
One more below!
SIKE but no keep reading please
I'm currently in the middle of making some genshin related art and if that interests you maybe you can take a look at my instagram 👉👈
I'm also going write a NSFW sagau piece next. Which will include Xiao(and Venti again, really suddenly have fallen hard for him)🥰 this is my first time dipping my toes into writing characters that are not OCs so I'm trying🙇‍♀️
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the-iceni-bitch · 1 day
𝕭𝖊𝖆𝖚𝖙𝖞 𝖂𝖗𝖔𝖚𝖌𝖍𝖙 𝖔𝖋 𝕽𝖆𝖕𝖙𝖚𝖗𝖊 𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝕯𝖊𝖘𝖎𝖗𝖊
Tumblr media
𝙾𝚌𝚝𝚘𝚋𝚎𝚛 𝟷 - 𝙳𝚎𝚖𝚘𝚗 𝙰𝚛𝚒 𝙻𝚎𝚟𝚒𝚗𝚜𝚘𝚗
𝚈𝚘𝚞 𝚗𝚎𝚎𝚍 𝚊 𝚙𝚘𝚠𝚎𝚛𝚏𝚞𝚕 𝚊𝚕𝚕𝚢 𝚝𝚘 𝚋𝚛𝚎𝚊𝚔 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚋𝚘𝚗𝚍𝚜 𝚙𝚕𝚊𝚌𝚎𝚍 𝚋𝚢 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚠𝚊𝚛𝚕𝚘𝚌𝚔 𝚖𝚊𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚛. 𝚈𝚘𝚞 𝚌𝚊𝚗 𝚘𝚗𝚕𝚢 𝚑𝚘𝚙𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝙻𝚘𝚛𝚍 𝚘𝚏 𝙷𝚎𝚕𝚕 𝚢𝚘𝚞'𝚟𝚎 𝚜𝚞𝚖𝚖𝚘𝚗𝚎𝚍 𝚠𝚒𝚕𝚕 𝚕𝚒𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚗 𝚝𝚘 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚙𝚕𝚎𝚊.
𝙰𝚒𝚛𝚝𝚒𝚐𝚑𝚝 ~ 𝚃𝚑𝚎 𝚜𝚒𝚖𝚞𝚕𝚝𝚊𝚗𝚎𝚘𝚞𝚜 𝚙𝚎𝚗𝚎𝚝𝚛𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗 𝚘𝚏 𝚊 𝚠𝚘𝚖𝚊𝚗'𝚜 𝚟𝚊𝚐𝚒𝚗𝚊, 𝚊𝚗𝚞𝚜, 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚖𝚘𝚞𝚝𝚑
𝙶𝚘𝚖𝚖𝚘𝚛𝚊𝚑𝚢 ~ 𝙰 𝚜𝚎𝚡𝚞𝚊𝚕 𝚊𝚌𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚒𝚗𝚟𝚘𝚕𝚟𝚎𝚜 𝚒𝚗𝚜𝚎𝚛𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚊 𝚗𝚘𝚗-𝚜𝚎𝚡𝚞𝚊𝚕 𝚕𝚒𝚖𝚋 𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚘 𝚊 𝚟𝚊𝚐𝚒𝚗𝚊 𝚘𝚛 𝚊𝚗𝚞𝚜
𝚂𝚝𝚢𝚐𝚒𝚘𝚙𝚑𝚒𝚕𝚒𝚊 ~ 𝙰𝚗 𝚞𝚗𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚖𝚘𝚗 𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚔 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚒𝚗𝚟𝚘𝚕𝚟𝚎𝚜 𝚜𝚎𝚡𝚞𝚊𝚕 𝚊𝚛𝚘𝚞𝚜𝚊𝚕 𝚏𝚛𝚘𝚖 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚘𝚞𝚐𝚑𝚝 𝚘𝚏 𝚑𝚎𝚕𝚕, 𝚋𝚎𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚜𝚎𝚗𝚝 𝚝𝚘 𝚑𝚎𝚕𝚕, 𝚘𝚛 𝚎𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚗𝚊𝚕 𝚍𝚊𝚖𝚗𝚊𝚝𝚒𝚘𝚗
Word Count: ~3.5k
Relationship: demon!Ari Levinson x virgin witch fem!reader
Warnings: explicit language, explicit sexual content (size kink, unprotected p in v, breeding kink), violence, witchcraft, self cannibalism? SMUT!!! 18+ ONLY!!!
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Tumblr media
You breathed deeply as you checked your sigil and ensured the circle of salt was complete, placing crystals and candles around yourself before sitting back on your heels and closing your eyes. The backs of your hands rested on your knees when you began to chant in a low voice, swaying when you felt the power starting to flow through your veins as your voice grew stronger.
“Fortitudinis filia sum et rapui omni hora a iuventute mea. Caeli me alloquuntur! Concupiunt et cupiunt me furioso appetitu! adumbrata calenti saxea, et purpureo nubilo tectus sum. Ego autem defloratus sum, et adhuc virgo! ecce! Educam tibi natos, o vir Arximoro!!”
The sigil started glowing a deep red and you opened your eyes, your breath catching when smoke that smelled of sulfur began to fill the room. When you heard a distant roar you steeled yourself, keeping a dispassionate look on your face when the furious noises grew closer. Horns appeared in the center of your circle and you fought every instinct that told you to prostrate yourself and beg forgiveness. You were the strongest witch of your age, there was none alive who could hold a candle to you. You would not cower and beg like a simpering girl, no matter that you were making a show of supplication.
As soon as he broke through the haze Ari growled, shaking his head and thrashing his tail while he took in his surroundings. When he realized he was bound he snarled, testing your circle and groaning at the strength of it and gnashing his teeth as he threw himself against the ring of salt. He hated the plane you had called him to, the stench of humanity and the cool air was like a curse. Then he spotted you kneeling at the edge of the circle and bared his teeth, crouching like some massive predator about to pounce as his silver eyes raked over your naked body.
“You stupid little witch…” Ari licked one of his massive fangs and sneered when you just stared back at him, his claws digging into the wood floor as he thought about dragging them across your tempting flesh. “Unbind me now and I promise to leave your body as lovely and unbroken as it currently is.”
“If I am stupid then remove yourself from my restraints.” You winced and cursed yourself under your breath, hating that you had already lost control of your mouth. “Um..I am sorry, my lord.” Even though you had him bound and you needed to remain strong you would still show him the respect he was due as a Lord of Hell, since you didn’t want to end up filleted when you eventually had to release him. “But I fear they are a necessity as I make my plea.”
“Foolish girl.” He tossed his head and let out a rumble from deep in his chest when you dipped your fingers in fragrant oils and began to draw runes on your breasts and stomach, surprised at the sudden feeling of desire he felt stirring in his core. “Make your plea and make it quick, I have more important matters to deal with than some needy little witch. What do you want?”
“There are a great many things I want, my lord.” You could feel the way the intent of his gaze started to shift and it made your breath grow shallow, your eyes sliding up his body until they met his and you let out a small gasp at their intensity. “But what I need is a child. And a worthy mate to sire the child.”
“And you wish for me to sire your spawn? How flattering.” Ari let out a harsh laugh and rose to his full height, rolling his shoulders as he gazed down at you from his eight feet and ran his forked tongue over his bottom lip. “Tell me why you require the seed of a Lord of Hell, woman.”
“I will show you, my lord.” You mentally checked your bindings as you rose to your feet, biting your lip and bowing your head as you turned so he could see the brands that had been seared along your spine. “A warlock bought and bound me, using my power as his own and binding me to his will. I cannot break free without the seed of one of the most powerful of all demons.”
Ari snarled when he saw the marks on your back, his tail lashing back and forth while rage started to creep through his veins. He could look at you with as much disdain as he wanted, he was a Lord of Hell and you were mortal. The stink of humanity tainted you, in spite of the fact you were a witch of incredible power. But even if you were below the hierarchy of Hell, you were still a servant of the Dark Lord. The fact that some worm of a mortal with no power of his own had made such a vile claim on you, a handmaiden of Lucifer, was an offense of the highest order. You were being wasted on some mortal’s whims instead of serving your eternal master as you should.
“Tell me where he is, little witch.” Ari started to push at his bindings again, his voice low and feral as he thought about ripping into the man who had dared to defile one of the unholy servants of Satan. “I would see this mortal punished for his crimes.”
“He is asleep. I brewed a draught that will keep him unconscious and unaware of my activities for the next hour.” You knelt at the edge of the circle again, fighting against every independent bone in your body and bowing your head respectfully as you continued to address him. “Even in death he has arranged for my bond to pass to another warlock just as vile as he. I can only be freed by demonic seed and the spawn of an unholy Lord. This is my plea to you, my lord, to bear your child and be your humble servant in exchange for being released from this bond that was placed without my consent.”
He almost purred as he watched you lay at his feet, his claws scraping against the wood when he flexed his toes as he considered what you were asking of him. You were as comely a witch as he had ever seen, and he wasn’t one to deny himself the pleasure of a mortal lover, much less one that was only half mortal, such as yourself. And the smell of power that came from you was intoxicating. A child borne from a union between the two of you would be a creature of incredible strength. He couldn’t deny that the thought of propagating his line with a witch as lovely and impressive as you aroused him, heat flushing his body as he stepped as close as he could while the circle was still complete.
“I will do this for you, little one.” Ari breathed deeply when he saw you relax, leaning down and pressing his thick fingers to the floor at the edge of the circle. “But know that I expect something in return:”
“I will give you whatever you desire, my lord.” You began the process of releasing him from your circle, extinguishing the candles with a flick of your wrist and pricking your fingers so you could adjust your sigils as needed. “I will bind myself to you my lord. I will be your humble servant. If you wish to take the child once it is born I will let you. All I wish is to be free of this man and his cruel desires.”
When you freed him from the circle he stretched his entire body, his massive wings unfurling and his tail lashing back and forth before he stepped closer to you. His eyes bored into yours, and he found himself licking his lips at the intensity of the hunger in your gaze. You gasped softly when he wrapped his tail around you like a lover would their arms, your breathing growing heavier as he pulled you off your feet so he could drag his nose over the curve of your neck. Ari breathed in your scent deeply and growled at the sweetness, lifting you even higher so he could rub his face against your breasts. He laid you on the floor and licked his fangs while he stretched his body over yours, his massive frame caging you in while his tail snaked around your soft body and he started to brush his nose down your stomach.
“Mmm, I love the smell of a virgin cunt.” Ari purred when he nuzzled at the plump folds of your mound, hooking your knees over his horns and spreading your thighs wide so he could press his face against your dewy flesh. “So sweet and unspoiled.”
“That is lovely but I require your seed… oh!” You whimpered when his forked tongue slithered through your pussy lips, your back arching and your eyes fluttering closed when the cleft in the thick muscle toyed with your clit. “Fuck.”
Ari just growled while he tasted you, savoring the sweet flavor of your virginity and watching your body writhe for him. The pleasure of soiling a virgin was unlike anything else in any of the spiritual planes, and the fact that you were offering yourself to him so willingly, even if you were a little bit sassy about it, just made everything better. He purred against your flesh before slipping his tongue inside you, his lips spreading in a grin when you cried out and kicked your little feet at the new sensation. Your body and mind were already surrendering to him, he could feel it, he could practically taste it as his tongue pushed deeper inside your wet warmth.
You could feel your core growing tighter while your body rolled against his face, your breath leaving you in small whimpers and gasps as pleasure raged through your veins. When you felt his thick tongue undulating inside you your vision went white, your toes curling and the taste of your own blood filling your mouth while you bit your lip in bliss. Your breath was heavy in your chest as you came back down, your body limp as your new demon lover rose to his knees and drew you into his lap with one massive hand.
“I had to warm you up, little witch.” Ari purred and dragged his nose along your sweat dampened temple, huffing out a laugh when you could only mumble nonsense in response as his free hand moved to line his gargantuan cock up with your creamy pussy. “Don’t want to actually break you while I’m breaking you in. Not if I plan on keeping you around.”
The way he lazily leaned back against the wall as he manhandled you should have been annoying, but the arch of his brow and arrogant smirk of his full lips only served to make your cunt drip even more. He kept licking your juices off his lips while he watched you struggle to regain some semblance of control over your mind and body, but then his thick tip slid through your pussy lips to catch at your entrance and all you could do was moan.
Ecstasy. That was the only word for the sensations that overwhelmed your body when he pushed inside you. A violent scream of pleasure escaped from you once you were completely full of him, your cunt spasming wildly around his cock. There was pain, but there was also bliss. He was bigger than anything you could even imagine, and the barbs that surrounded his shaft made you stretch even more as you arched your back and whined. Your thighs started trembling as he guided you down on his length, his free hand cupping your jaw almost tenderly when you felt your virginity tear and let out a pathetic mewl.
“Shhhh, it’s alright little one.” Ari grinned wickedly when you choked out a thin whine as he rolled his hips under yours, his hand on your waist gently keeping you upright even while his eyes glittered mischievously. “Just let every thought drain out of that pretty little head except for how good it feels. That’s it.”
Your eyes rolled back in your head when your hips finally met his, your muscles quivering with the effort of stretching to accommodate him. It should have been impossible for his cock to fit inside you completely, but it was, making you feel every one of the fleshy barbs along his shaft that would swell and throb in his release before he started to slide you up and down his length with no effort. Ari growled pleasantly when he watched your nectar and blood drip down his cock as he pulled you up so just his tip was nestled inside you, then snorted out a laugh when you yelped as he dropped you back down again. One of his thumbs started tracing the curve of your breast idly, making him grunt when your pussy clenched around him before beginning to snake his tail around your legs and between your thighs.
“What a sweet, soft little witch you’ve turned out to be. You enjoy this, don’t you?” Ari chuckled when you just nodded at him, swatting your ass with his tail and making you yelp again as he slithered the tip between your cheeks. “You will find that I enjoy when my lovers tell me how much they enjoy what I do to them with words, little one, especially when it’s their first time. Is it as wonderful as you thought it would be?”
“It’s… ohhhh, fucking Lucifer.” You dropped your head back and keened when his tail dragged through your slick before pushing inside your ass, your hands clutching at the thick fingers that held you as you felt new warmth spreading through you. “It’s… it’s incredible… so full… my lord.”
“Mmhm, and you look lovely all stretched open like this.” When you scowled a bit at that Ari laughed, sitting up so he could breathe in your scent while he nuzzled at the top of your head. “Don’t scowl little one, it’s unbecoming. And I feel as though you should call me something new now that we’re mated. Obviously not my name, I am still a lord of hell and you’re just a little witch. But why don’t you try calling me your beloved?”
“Not little.” Your pout disappeared with a gasp when he flicked your nipple with the sharp edge of his claw, not enough to make you bleed, but enough to warn you to behave as he cocked his head at you. “I’m sorry, my… my beloved.”
“That’s a good little witch.” Ari’s tail slithered deeper inside your ass at the same time he drove up into you and he purred at the noise you made, starting to move his hips regularly rather than just pump you up and down like an inanimate doll. “Why don’t you come for me, little one? Think of your new life that waits for you in the depths of hell as my mate and come for your beloved”
He ground against your clit and you could barely rasp out a ‘yes beloved’ before you were crying out in euphoria, your body arching and your cunt fluttering as everything in the world turned to bright white light. Every muscle in your body trembled and clenched while he held you upright, and it was impossible to catch your breath as you sobbed and gasped. When your mouth was still open you felt his forked tongue slide inside, your gaze finding his as you opened wider for him while his grip on your waist tightened and his movements became more determined. Ari groaned with pleasure when you swallowed his tongue, his claws scraping against your flesh at the feeling of your ultimate surrender.
You could hear him in your mind, telling you how beautiful you were, how well you were taking him and that this was what you were made for. He promised to give you as many sons and daughters as you desired, all the power you could ever dream of if you would serve and pleasure him however he wished. It was intoxicating, being full of him in every possible way. You could swear you were already feeling the warmth and static of the new power he promised you flowing through your veins and prickling your skin as you lost yourself in his touch and the depths of his silver eyes.
Ari kept his lips molded to yours when you came again with a muffled cry, cradling your body almost gently even as his hips thrust against yours faster and wilder. His tail fucked your ass while his tongue fucked your throat, your tight pussy squeezing the life out of his cock when he started to swell as you fluttered and stretched around him. He could see the plea in your eyes as you whimpered and moaned, remembering just how addictive the emotional energy of a mortal lover could be when they were overcome with pleasure. With a growl and a deep roll of his massive body he let himself go, the barbs of his cock engorging and locking him deep inside as he pumped his thick, hot seed into your fertile womb.
As soon as you felt the first gush of his cum inside you, the bonds forced on you by your mortal master disappeared, your power raging unfettered through your veins for the first time in years and making tears well in your eyes even as you grinned against Ari’s mouth. Ari felt the change and his eyes widened, the strength of your power making him appreciate you even more as he thought of the might you would pass on to your children. He let his tongue slither out of your mouth even as he kept your other two holes filled, licking his fangs as he gazed at you curiously, bending one massive leg so you could rest against his thigh.
“A strong little witch.” Ari reached out to drag his thumb over the bulge in your lower stomach where his cock was resting against your womb, smirking when he saw his cum leaking out of you and staining your thighs. “You may even survive the birth, sweet one.”
You were about to answer him when the door to your private cell was flung open, your warlock master looking even more furious when he saw you resting in the arms of your new demon lover. When you didn’t immediately cower he snarled, his fists clenching as he gathered his weak and meager magic to try to bind you again.
“You stupid little bitch!”
Whatever he had been about to say next was cut off when you raised your hand and gave an indolent flick of your wrist, smiling to yourself when he was instantly flung against the wall and pinned there, gagged with air so his mouth was forced wide open. Ari laughed at your display of power, pulling you closer and kissing the top of your head before pulling out of you so he could stand. Your former master had the good sense to flinch when the enormous demon came to stand in front of him, his eyes flitting towards you and widening with fear when Ari leaned forward to smell him.
“Weak and insignificant, I wonder how you ever managed to snare my little witch.” Ari snorted and rolled his eyes when the man pissed himself, reaching out a hand towards you and looking down to smile at you when you came to stand by his side. “I would normally punish you myself for making a slave of one of the Dark Lord’s handmaidens, but I should like to see what my sweet little one thinks you deserve. She is the mother of my child, after all. Make it quick or bring him with us, small one, I will be bringing you to your new home.”
You beamed up at him adoringly before turning to sneer at your former master, biting your lip as you ignored his muffled sobs and thought about what exactly you wanted to do to him. By the time Ari had opened a portal to the realm of Hell you had performed a quick incantation, gripping one of your lover’s hands with both of yours as he led you into the shimmering heat, your mortal captor swallowing the first of his fingers and whining as he followed the two of you before the portal winked shut and you left the mortal world behind.
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Take Care of You [9]
Sugar Daddy!Joel Miller x Female!Reader
Overall Warnings: slow burn, angst/comfort, power imbalance, age gap, possessive tendencies, eventual smut, #daddyissues, independent reader learns to let go and relax, emotionally constipated Joel Miller learns to be vulnerable; (more specific warnings to be added to individual chapters if necessary)
Chapter Word Count: 9,950
Mood board and borders by @saradika
Summary: You spent your entire adult life supporting yourself and barely getting by. It’s why a life of ease offered to you by a mysterious stranger sounded so foreign and unbelievable. Joel Miller, dressed in flannels that had seen better days, didn’t look like the kind who could promise you the world on a plate, but he seemed desperate to help out. All he asks is that you let him take care of you. That wouldn’t be so hard. Would it?
Tumblr media
[a/n: we back, baby. and we also barely edited so if you catch a typo don't hate me. also this was supposed to end in a different spot but then i got carried away in the middle so i had to split it 🥴]
Chapter Specific Warnings: angst, heartbreak, binge drinking to ease emotional turmoil, mild violence, mentions of blood and injury
"i still haven't figured out how to sit across from you, and not be madly in love with everything you do." ⏤ william c. hannon
Three years ago, Nima tried to convince you to go skydiving with her. She begged and she pleaded, but you told her ‘no’ on account of thinking she was a crazy person for wanting to jump out of a perfectly good plane. Which was hilarious now considering you were sitting beside Joel wanting to pull open the door and dive out. The irony was not lost on you.
The only reason you hadn’t gone scrambling for the door was because Joel was forced to take a work call a few minutes into the flight. He hadn’t moved away. Joel stayed right next to you with his arm behind you as he spoke, and every few moments he’d glance at you with a silent apology and shake his head. You’d reply with a tight lipped smile and go back to mindlessly scrolling through instagram. 
Unfortunately the mindlessly scrolling was not so mindless. Since leaving Vegas, you had a high pitch ringing in the back of your mind like an endless, echoing siren. Married. A married man. Joel was⏤ Your teeth were clenched together so hard you wondered if Joel could hear them grinding against one another. Yesterday had been filled with so much anxiety, and you had managed to work through it by the end of the night. Mostly. But this was worse. This was so much worse. 
Your throat suddenly felt tight, eyes stinging with unshed tears, and you hastily undid your seatbelt and stood. Joel glanced your way and you pointed to the back of the plane and mouthed the word ‘bathroom’ to him. He nodded with a soft smile, and you spun on your heel and practically sprinted to the tiny plane bathroom. You struggled to get the folding door shut and the stewardess who sat not far away stared at you in confusion. You gave her an awkward wave and finally got it latched. 
“Fuck.” You shoved your face in your hands, leaning against the wall, and held back your tears. You were confused and frustrated, and you couldn’t even find relief in a good cry because Joel would spot it in a heartbeat no matter how much you tried to put yourself back together. The thought of confronting him about this right now was your worst nightmare. You hadn’t had the time to process any of the wild thoughts pinging around your head yet.
Your mind was at war with itself. On one hand, maybe you were being stupid and naive. For the last month and a half you’ve spent nearly every day with Joel and on the days you weren’t actively seeing him the two of you would talk either over a call or through text. You knew Yo-yo for 24 hours. Sure, she seemed nice and sincere, but what if Rosalind sent her to screw with you? For all you knew, Yo-yo had cruel intentions and was trying to drive a wedge between you and Joel. By taking her word you’d be playing right into that trap. What she said about the other sugar baby and about Joel being married? Maybe it was all fake and you’ve been stressing for no reason.
On the other hand, Joel didn’t kiss you. He didn’t kiss you because he wanted to ‘do right by you’. Joel asked for time. Was it because he needed to get a divorce? Worse. Was he married with absolutely no plans to get divorced and just buying time for something else? 
God, if you kept up this line of thought you were gonna vomit. Quickly, you turned to the sink to splash a little cold water on your face in hopes it would help you get your shit together for the next thirty minutes. Half an hour and you’d be on the ground. But then what? It would be a miracle if you kept it together for thirty minutes let alone any longer. 
You took in a long, slow breath and tried to clear your mind. When you felt steady enough, you stepped out of the bathroom. As tempting as it was to hide in there for the rest of the flight, it would probably be a red flag for Joel that something was wrong. You wandered back over to Joel and at your approach, and at the sight of you, he covered the bottom of his phone and whispered, “You alright?”
“Mhmm.” You nodded quickly and sat back down.
“I’m sorry. Jus’ another minute.” 
You waved your hands at him as nonchalantly as you could and he went back to his call. You leaned back in the seat, phone in hand, and Joel readjusted his arm on the back of the seat so he could settle his hand on your shoulder. As he always did, his thumb was tracing circles on your shoulder. An action you always loved, but now an intrusive thought slammed into you⏤ does he do this with his wife? The question was so startling, so sickening, that you couldn’t bite back the nausea that rolled through your body. You jumped up so fast you nearly stumbled over your feet, and you scrambled for the bathroom. 
Vaguely, you heard your name behind you, but you didn’t stop until you reached the toilet. You fell to your knees and threw up. The taste of acid in your mouth made you wince, but getting it all up did bring some relief. That relief was short lived though as you felt a large, warm hand settle on your back.
“Jesus, sugar.” He said in a soothing voice as he rubbed your back. “What’s goin’ on? Have you felt sick all mornin’?”
You spat into the toilet bowl, trying to get the taste of bile out of your mouth, before reaching out and flushing the toilet. You tried to stand, and Joel hooked his arm around you to help you up. He called out of the bathroom and a second later the stewardess brought in a cup of water and a ginger ale. Joel handed you the water and kept his hand rubbing up and down on your back.
“I’m⏤ I’m fine.” You shook your head and took a sip of water to swish and spit into the sink. “Really.”
“Obviously not.” Joel replied. “C’mon, let’s sit you down.”
“Joel…” You tried to argue, but he wasn’t hearing it. He kept an arm around you as he carefully led you back to the seat. He brought the bottle of ginger ale with you and the moment you finished the water he took the cup out of your hand to replace it with the soda. “I feel better now. It’s fine.”
“You’ve been off this mornin'. I was worried.” Joel lifted a hand to feel your forehead. It made sense that Joel picked up on your distress. He had always been so good at reading you. “You seemed fine when we first woke up. When exactly did you start feelin' sick?”
You took a sip of the ginger ale, “I…I don’t know. After breakfast maybe.” You lied. The sincerity in his eyes, the concern in his voice, it was both bringing you comfort and making you sick again all at once. You felt so stupid. Either you were freaking out over a lie a woman you barely knew told you or you were being tricked into feelings by a married man. Either way, you felt pathetic. “Your, um, your work call, Joel.”
Joel shook his head in response and didn’t even bother addressing the work call he stopped. He set a hand on the back of your neck and his thumb was lightly ghosting over your skin. You closed your eyes and took a slow breath in and out through your nose. “Tell me what I can do, sugar.”
“I⏤” You swallowed the lump in your throat. You forced your eyes open, finding Joel’s furrowed brow and worried gaze already on you, and it made you want to cry. You shook your head, “I, um, I think I just wanna lay down for a while. If that’s okay.”
“Course it’s okay.” He replied. 
The seat the two of you were sharing wasn’t long enough for you to lay down without laying your head on Joel’s lap. You planned on moving to the other couch seats to lay down, but Joel’s hand was still on the back of your neck and he lightly began to guide you down. Too tired to even try and move, you settled your head on his thigh and curled your body up onto the rest of the seat. 
In any other situation, this would be one of the most comfortable spots on Earth. Your head rested on his thick, firm thigh, and Joel’s hand traced where he could reach. Up and down your jawline and neck⏤ his thumb and forefinger would occasionally massage your earlobe. You tried to calm your racing thoughts. The truth was, you didn’t know the truth yet. It was a fact you kept repeating in your head in hopes it would numb the sharp pain of your worst fears, but those intrusive thoughts continued to pummel you.
“I’m so sorry, baby girl.” Joel murmured while his fingers dragged across your skin. “What a shitty way to end this weekend.” You hummed in agreement. This really was a shitty way to close out what started as one of the best weekends of your life.
Tumblr media
Avoiding Joel made you realize how involved in your life he was. After landing in LA, Joel tried to drag you to a doctor and only conceded when you told him it was probably a 24 hour bug and you just wanted to sleep. He called you later that night to check in on you, and you managed to talk to him for a few minutes before lying about wanting to go to bed early. Come Monday morning, you went to work despite Joel texting you that you should stay home. Trying to focus at work was physically painful. Enough so that after the nightmare Monday had been, you left midway through the day today claiming to Henry that you didn’t feel well. It wasn’t even a full blown lie. You felt like shit.
Nima threw the folder of papers onto her desk and set her hands on her hips, “I’m gonna hit him with my car.”
“Please don’t.” You mumbled with your chin resting in your palm as you leaned on the other side of her desk. After leaving work, you came directly to Nima’s office. Going home and sitting on your couch, alone with your thoughts, would only make you ten times more miserable.
“No, actually, my car isn’t big enough. I’m gonna commandeer a bus and hit him with that.”
“I haven’t confirmed anything yet. For all I know, I’m being this pathetic over nothing.”
Nima snapped her hand up and pointed at you with a glare, “No. I will not have you shit talking yourself when the only person we should be shit talking is Joel Miller and his wife.”
You groaned and let your head fall to the desk. The words ‘Joel Miller and his wife’ made you viscerally ill. The time you spent not talking to Joel Monday night you spent stalking people on social media. You reached dead ends very quickly though since Joel didn’t have any social media whatsoever. The easiest solution was to just look Joel in the eyes and ask him for the truth, but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. You wanted to know the truth, but you were scared to actually seek it out. 
If you asked Joel for the truth, if you confronted him, then he’d give it to you.
What if the truth was something you didn’t want to hear?
“Alrighty, babe, real talk.” Nima said and you lifted your head, keeping your chin resting on the wood, and saw she had dropped down into her office chair. To meet your eye line, she held her chin on the desk across from you to mirror your position. “I can threaten and plot his demise all I want, but I know I’m not allowed to kill him until this is confirmed or denied.” She twisted her lips. “You deserve the truth.”
You pouted, “How am I supposed to ask him about this, Nima??”
Her eyebrows furrowed in concern, “If you did ask… How sure are you that he’d answer truthfully?”
You pushed up and leaned back in the chair. That was a good question, and with anyone else it would probably be a real concern. However, you weren’t worried about that. You truly, deep down, believed that if you confronted Joel about this he would give you the truth. 
“I really think he would.” You answered. “Is that naive of me?”
“You know him better than I do.”
This entire situation made you question that. Did you know him? You knew he grew up in Austin. He had a younger brother, Tommy, and it was just them and his mom for most of his childhood. You knew he attended one year in college when his mom passed away⏤ cancer. Joel dropped out of college to take care of his brother and picked up a job in construction. That’s where he got his start. His first boss saw he had a knack for more than just the manual labor and trusted him with more and more until Joel was running sites for the man. At 27, Joel’s girlfriend of three months got pregnant. They planned to make it work, but she left when Sarah was two weeks old. You knew he adopted Ellie three years later. That he earned his bachelor’s degree in business at home through online classes while raising two young girls and working a full time job. That he started Miller Construction shortly after earning that degree, and it blew up from there.
You knew despite being a tough guy, he didn’t like horror movies.
You knew his favorite whiskey was Lagavulin⏤ neat.
The one thing you didn’t know was if he was married or not.
“I am going to suggest something,” Nima began, “And I want you to listen before you call me crazy.” You shot her confused look and she continued on. “I have this cousin.” You groaned and Nima chastised you to listen. It seemed like she had a cousin available for every situation that arose, and half the people she called cousin weren’t even technically related to her by blood. Anytime you asked her about it all she’d say was ‘Korean moms’ love to talk’, as if that clarified anything for you. “Seriously. He’s dating a private eye. With one text, we can get some answers.”
You shook your head, “Nima, that’s insane.”
“Is it?”
“Yes, hiring a private investigator is insane.” 
“Look, it’ll get us reliable answers.” Nima argued. “The truth.”
You rolled the idea around in your head. It was literally the epitome of paranoid absurdity, but you were wondering if that’s the point you were at. Would it be better to find out this way? That way when you finally did confront Joel you wouldn’t be blind sided by the answer. Hell, if the answer turned out to be ‘no, he isn’t married’ then you can chalk up the last few days as time wasted and move on with your life. That being said, it did seem like an invasion of Joel’s privacy. 
“That feels…” You paused, “Illegal?”
“It’s not illegal to hire a PI.” Nima countered then tilted her head. “I think. I’m not a lawyer, but people do it on TV all the time, right?”
“Well, that logic is foolproof.” 
“I’m not gonna do it if you tell me you don’t want to do it.” Nima said firmly. She crossed her arms and gave a small little shrug. “But you have to do something. Either this or just call him right now and tell him the two of you need to talk.” There was a protective sincerity in her eyes that felt like a security blanket being settled on your shoulders. “I don’t want to see you get more attached to this guy just to be hurt. I don’t want him to lie to you.”
You knew Nima only had your best interests in mind. Technically, Joel had given you no reason not to trust him. Half the time you thought on this topic you convinced yourself you were overreacting and being a pathetic, paranoid mess. Yo-yo, as nice and fun as she had been, was a virtual stranger to you. Her word shouldn’t trump Joel’s. You knew all of that, and you wanted to trust him. However, it felt like some broken part of you was looking for something to be wrong. Joel Miller was too good to be true. Why would someone like him be interested in someone like you? There had to be something else going on. According to your ex, you hadn’t even been worthy of him and Joel Miller was ten times the man he was. 
“Okay, do it.” You blurted and hated yourself for doing so.
Nima held your gaze for a second, but you pushed to stand and crossed her office to her private bathroom. You took one of the paper towels, dampening it, and set it on the back of your neck in a poor attempt to ground yourself. For a while longer, you just stood there in front of the sink. Not staring at yourself, but staring forward at a singular spot as your thoughts raced. You needed a positive thought. Just one would do, and you were prepared to drag it out of your thick skull kicking and screaming if necessary. 
“Everything is going to be okay.” You mumbled to yourself softly. 
The whispered words did nothing for your anxiety. However, the memory of him did. You found comfort looking back at the soft moments spent with Joel and let yourself fall down that rabbit hole. The temporary peace was nice, but it didn't last. Finding strength you didn’t know you had today, you splashed your face one more time and then left the bathroom.
Your eyes immediately landed on Nima who stared back with wide eyes. Nima spoke first, “What?”
“What?” You repeated. “I didn’t say anything.”
“Oh, I thought you said something.” Nima flipped her phone over and settled her hand on top of it. You glanced from her face to her phone and back again. A look of misery flickered across her features. You tilted your head in question. “Are you hungry? I’m hungry.”
“Nima.” You crossed the room quickly. “Did they already text back??”
“No. Yes. Maybe?” Nima shook her head. “Not exactly.”
She twisted her lips and drummed her nails against the plastic case of her phone. You shot her another look and she blew out a sigh. “He sent me a response, but it’s like half an answer. Half a report. We should wait until he can⏤”
“What did he say?”
“Apparently, he’s working on a case for someone else right now and had a database right in front of him so all he had to do was type in⏤”
“Nima, please.” You blurted. It felt like your heart was caught in your throat. You couldn’t breathe and you didn't feel coherent enough to string together a thought. Her hesitance was an answer in and of itself. You rubbed your throat, your other arm wrapping around your torso in a poor attempt to hold yourself together, and gasped. “Just say it.”
“He’s married, babe.” Nima mumbled. You knew the words had been coming, but they still overwhelmed you. The air left your lungs as if someone had gut punched you and you fell back into the seat in front of her desk. “He said he’d send me the certificate when he could, but he has to finish this job first. I’m so sorry. I am so, so sorry. I⏤”
Nima stopped herself from speaking as she came around her desk and wrapped an arm around your shoulders. You sat in her embrace for as long as your shattering mind could endure and then shook your head, “I need a drink. Drinks. Plural.”
“It’s three in the afternoon, babe.” Nima mumbled in concern. You shot her a dry look and she offered you a tight lipped smile. “Drinks it is! Let’s go. We can go back to my place and⏤”
“No.” You pushed to stand. “I wanna go out.”
“Oh… kay. Where?”
“Anywhere.” You turned and began to leave.
Nima was scrambling to gather her belongings into her strawberry shaped purse before rushing out after you. “Just one drink though. I hate being the voice of reason, but we should limit ourselves to one drink.”
Tumblr media
One drink turned into two which turned into three which turned into twelve.
By 6 PM, you were borderline wasted. It was by no means the best decision you’ve ever made, but you couldn’t classify it as your worst considering that, for the first time since leaving Vegas, you didn’t feel sad or defeated. No, those blue emotions had turned into a burning shade of red. You had finally found your anger and all it took was copious amounts of alcohol. 
“I mean, married?” You scoffed as you stood at the bar with Nima at your side. “That’s⏤ That’s illegal.” Nima nodded in agreement as she blindly tried to find the straw in her drink with her tongue. You reached out and pushed it toward her lips. “And worse than illegal! It’s fucking rude.”
“So rude.” Nima slurped at the last of her drink and all you could hear was the rattling of ice in her glass. She pulled away to slam the cup down and pointed at you⏤ her pink hair had been let down from the braid to messily rest around her shoulders. “You should get a new sugar daddy!” You stuck your tongue out in disgust and shook your head. “No! This is such a good idea.” Nima began to look around the bar. “Let’s find you a super hot, super not married sugar daddy.”
“I don’t want a new sugar daddy. I want another drink.” You leaned on the bar and waited for the bartender to look your way. Nima and you had bounced to a few bars. The two of you, back when you were sober, decided to start drinking in an area that had multiple bars all within walking distance. The one you were in now wasn’t familiar to you⏤ it wasn’t a place you and Nima had been to before. It was a bit too upscale for your liking. Sober you would not have been a fan. Drunk you? Loving it.
Nima was tapping on your shoulder rapidly and when you looked her way she was pointing across the bar to God knows who. “He looks like he wouldn’t marry someone without your permission.”
“That’s,” You shook your head, “not my situation.”
“Isn’t it?”
“I don’t know.” You shook your head and looked back toward the bartender who was busy with a group of women further down the bar. The sound of vibrating vaguely filled the air and you leaned closer to Nima who immediately wrapped her arms around you in a hug. “You’re vibrating.”
“You’re vibrating.”
You found her purse and opened it so you could rifle through it. It dawned on you then that somewhere around bar two and drink five you had shoved your phone in her purse for safe keeping. When you finally managed to pull it out, Joel’s face was flashing on the screen and you yelped in surprise. You tossed the phone onto the bar and held your face between your hands.
“Oh, no. Oh, no, no.” You shook your head and the vibration stopped. Joel’s picture disappeared and was replaced with a notification of a missed call that joined the notification telling you that you had unread messages. Your eyes snapped to Nima who was trying to drink out of her empty cup again. “Joel.”
“Bastard man.” Nima edited.
“Dinner.” You grimaced. “At 7. I’m supposed to get dinner with Joel at 7. It’s 6:35.”
Nima shook her head and crunched the ice she had shoveled into her mouth, “Bastard man can go to dinner with his wife tonight.”
 You grimaced, “I hate all the words you just used.”
The bartender began to wander over and Nima turned to order more drinks. You picked up your phone and leaned against the bartop with your elbow. With a frown and furrowed brow, you opened your text messages. Every unread text was from Joel unsurprisingly. The first came in at 4:29 and it was a simple, ‘Hey sugar, I’m excited to see you tonight’. The next was almost exactly an hour later and it said, ‘Hope your day’s been alright. We still on for tonight?’. Finally, the most recent at 6:15, was just your name with a question mark.
You set the phone back down before the temptation to reply could overcome you. It only sat on the bartop for a second before it began to vibrate violently as another call came in. Joel’s face filled the screen and you felt a wave of sadness drag you under. The fact that you were mourning the lack of his presence to this degree was probably a sign you were doing this ‘sugar baby’ thing very wrong.
“Maybe I should answer it.” You voiced the thought aloud.
Nima caught it and gasped before slapping her hand on top of the still buzzing phone, “No, ma’am! You will not be doing that.” The bartender set two new drinks between the two of you. Nima pushed one in front of you and moved the straw to point directly at you. “Drink.”
You took a sip then spoke, “I don’t even know the whole story⏤” Nima pushed your face back to the straw so you took another long sip. “Maybe it’s a misunderstanding…” This time your lips found their way to the straw on their own accord and you took a sip that could be argued as dangerously long. “I need to talk to him. Confront him. Demand answers.”
“Yes. To all of that. Eventually.” Nima replied with a nod. She reached forward and bopped you on the nose with her finger. “But not tonight.”
“Why not?”
“Because I know one thing in life,” Nima held up the one finger she used to bop your nose, “You do not have serious conversations while drunk.”
You shook your head with a pout, “I thought you said you don’t like being the voice of reason.”
“If it means helping you, I’ll always lean toward reason, babe.” 
The two of you went back to drinking. Your vibrating phone stopped and a few seconds passed before a notification for a voicemail popped up. You turned to Nima, “Can I listen to it? That’s not talking. That’s listening.”
Nima chewed on her straw slowly before bobbing her head in an affirmative nod, “I shall allow it.”
You picked up the phone to listen to the message he left you.
‘Hey, sugar.’ Joel’s voice rumbled over the line and you felt your chest physically ache at the sound. You closed your eyes in annoyance with yourself. If you hadn’t fallen so hard, so fast for this man you wouldn’t be in this scenario to begin with. ‘Gotta say I’m a little worried. Haven’t heard from ya all day. Gimme a call when ya get this.’
You groaned and set your head down on the bar. Guilt gnawed at you. It felt childish of you to be ghosting him like this, and that wasn’t your typical go to move. You had enough respect for the people in your life to address them when needed rather than hide behind voicemail. With the guilt was a swirling vortex of anger. You were angry at Joel for not being up front with you. You were angry at Yo-Yo for being the one to plant the initial doubt that started all this. You were angry at yourself most of all. Angry that you felt guilt at all, angry that you had foolishly placed so much trust in a man you barely knew, angry that despite everything there was still a part of you that craved his presence. You missed his touch and his voice. You missed those burning brown eyes and the way his very glance could melt you into a puddle.
“You okay, babe?” Nima’s voice asked softly. You shook your head without lifting it. “I’m sorry. I can break his knee caps if you want?”
“What?” You lifted your gaze.
“What?” She replied innocently. 
The phone began to vibrate again startling you. He had just called so you didn’t expect him to call again, but then again you were supposed to be in your apartment waiting for him to pick you up for dinner. You pictured him standing at your door dressed up and holding a bouquet of flowers. Nausea rolled over you in waves, and you grabbed your mixed drink thinking it could cure your troubles.
A few minutes passed before another voicemail was left. You snatched your phone up and shoved it back into Nima’s purse so it would be out of your line of sight⏤ not even bothering to listen to the second voicemail. Tomorrow, you decided. Tomorrow you would confront Joel and have this difficult conversation. You both finished the drinks in front of you as the lively bar continued to thrive around you.
“Why is he married?” You asked suddenly. Nima must have known it wasn’t a question you expected an actual answer to as she stayed silent. You rested your face in your hands and sighed. With your eyes closed against your hands like this you began to feel dizzy. A sure sign that you should stop drinking. Nima rubbed your back soothingly and you dropped your hands to shoot her an appreciative glance. “You’re the best best friend a girl could ask for.”
“I know, babe. And you know what else I know?” Nima squished your cheeks together with a wide grin, “You deserve the universe in a gold hand basket, and any man who can’t see that or who would play games with your big, loving heart doesn’t deserve you.”
You laughed and Nima chuckled herself before letting go of your face to pick up her empty glass. Her tongue struggled to find the straw but once it did she tried to take a big gulp only to get drops and air. Nima pulled away from her straw and furrowed her brow, “Who finished my drink?”
With another laugh, you raised your hand to order two more drinks. At this point you’ve already had so much to drink, what would one more hurt? You knew the hangover tomorrow was going to be a bad one, but a part of you was looking forward to it. There would be no mourning Joel tomorrow if your head hurt too much to even think his name. 
Nima successfully managed to distract you again as she drunkenly delved into a story you weren’t quite following, but you enjoyed the way she told it. A low whistle interrupted the moment of peace the two of you had found. You glanced past Nima to see two men in business suits wandering over. Nothing about them stood out to you. One was brunet and the other blond, but they both looked like they never grew out of the frat lifestyle on a college campus.
“We saw you two pretty ladies from over there and wanted to come and offer you our company.” The blond greeted smugly.
Nima turned in her seat to face him and waved her hand at him while taking a long sip of her drink until the ice rattled in the glass. Then she pulled the straw out of her mouth to finally speak with a shake of her head, “Sorry, we don’t speak english.”
“You just said that in English.” The blond chuckled.
“Sorry, sorry.” Nima waved her hand once more. “I don’t understand your accent.”
You snickered under your breath while chewing on your straw. The brunet stepped forward to stand side by side with the other and shook his head, “No need to be a bitch. We just wanted to talk.”
“Oh, you haven’t even begun to see bitchy yet.” Nima pointed her glass in their direction⏤ a bit of ice sloshing out with the exaggerated movement. “I can show you bitchy.” She reached back to swat at your arm. “Tell them, babe.”
“She can.” You nodded in agreement.
The blond set a hand on his friend’s shoulder and tugged him back, “Let’s just go, man.”
The brunet reluctantly let himself get dragged away, but he continued to stare at you and Nima the entire time. Nima spun in her seat and scoffed, “Where was I before I was interrupted by douchebag one and douchebag two?”
“I’m not gonna lie,” You shrugged, “I have no idea.”
“I’ll pick a place then.” Nima said and jumped into the middle of her story. “So, there I was covered head to toe in honey.”
Same as before, you really couldn’t keep track of her tale but it amused you all the same. The two of you chatted for another minute or two before a new face came across the two of you again. Nima had bounced in her seat, excited, and it knocked her strawberry shaped purse to the floor. Your phone clattered out. Before you could climb off the bar stool to grab it, a man passing knelt down and scooped it up. In one tanned hand he grabbed the purse and in the other your phone. The phone’s screen lit up and you swallowed at the sight of the multiple missed messages all from the same person. 
“Oh.” The man cleared his throat and straightened his stance. He was handsome with a kind face. Dark hair, a bit on the longer side, was messily pushed back and it matched the scruff on his upper lip and chin. The man wore a pink button up shirt, all the buttons undone, over a white t-shirt. “I suppose this is yours, miss?”
You begun to reach out, “Thanks⏤”
“Hold it!” Nima pointed at the man making his dark, brown eyes widen. “State your intentions, sir!”
“To…return your purse?” He lifted up the strawberry bag.
Nima narrowed her eyes at him and snatched it away, “Likely story.”
“Thank you.” You reached out and he handed the phone over to you. A glance down revealed four missed calls, two unheard voicemails, and five texts. You winced at the sight and set your phone face down on the bar. You were surprised to see the man still standing by your stools. “You…” You narrowed your eyes at him. “You look familiar. Have we met before?”
He chuckled and shook his head, “Afraid not, ma’am.”
It was sitting on the tip of your tongue, but your foggy brain just couldn’t quite grasp it. Nima snapped her fingers and pointed at him. “I got it. He’s that guy.” You lifted an eyebrow at her words and she nodded frantically. “Yeah, he’s that actor! You play in that one show with, like, the zombies or whatever, right?”
“Not at all.” He laughed with a shake of his head. “I ain’t no actor.”
“Well then, I’m out of guesses.” Nima grumbled. She tilted her head, looking him up and down once more, “You seem nice enough. Got a pretty face. You rich? You wanna be a sugar daddy? She’s in the market.”
You rolled your eyes, “Nima.”
“You’re in the market for a sugar daddy?” The man asked in shock. You could hardly blame the man for his confusion and disbelief. This was hardly a normal bar conversation. “Really?”
“No. She’s just drunk.”
“Irrelevant.” Nima argued.
You chuckled then introduced yourself and Nima. The man paused for a beat before nodding and offering you his hand. “Nice to meet you both. My name is Tommy.” It took a second to click, but once the name finally wormed its way through your mind your eyes widened. Tommy chuckled and answered your unspoken question, “Yeah. I am.”
Nima glanced between you two with a frown, “Hold on, I’m not following. You are what? You’ll be her new sugar daddy?”
“No way in hell.” Tommy grinned. “If I even thought 'bout it, my brother’d skin me alive.”
The look on Nima’s face stayed confused until you swallowed the lump in your throat and finally spoke, “It’s… Nima, this is Joel’s brother.”
Her face remained frozen before morphing into one of shock. She gasped, almost comically, and pointed at him. “Oh, fuck.” Her eyebrows furrowed into a glare. “You son of a bitch, your brother is a son of a bitch!”
Tommy didn’t pay her outburst any mind, but his eyes darted back to you. “I asked my brother to come out drinkin' with me tonight, but he said ‘no’ cause he had a date with you.” Tommy stuck his hands into his pockets. “Funny I’m findin' you here without him.”
“That’s because your brother is too busy with his wife to be with my girl!”
Tommy’s eyebrows furrowed in surprise and he glanced back to you, “He already told you about her?”
It was quite possibly the worst string of words you could have heard all day. Only in competition with Nima’s ‘He’s married, babe’. You felt nauseous and dizzy⏤ the breath stolen from you again. Nima was arguing with Tommy, you could hear her voice, but you couldn’t concretely understand a single word that was said. When you finally managed to get a handle on reality, you looked back to see things had fallen apart and more time than you realized had passed in your mental breakdown. 
The blond and brunet from earlier, in the suits, had come back and were somehow arguing with Tommy and Nima now. You suddenly began to regret the last two drinks you had. Maybe if you had gone with a couple glasses of water instead you’d be able to puzzle out exactly what was going on right now.
“Get the hell outta here. They ain’t interested.” Tommy snapped.
“Just curious as to why we weren’t good enough for these bitches and you were.” The brunet slurred his words. Tommy stood a step in front of Nima who had slid off her bar stool to stand in front of you with her hands on her hips. “What’s so special about you, bub?”
“Ugh. How about the two of you run off to the bathroom and jack each other off, huh? Then leave us the fuck alone.” Nima sneered.
“Shut your damn mouth!” 
The blond tried to push past Tommy toward Nima, but Tommy shoved him back immediately. He grabbed the guy by the collar. “You gonna charge at a woman like that? Fuckin' coward.” Tommy’s voice came out in a gravelly growl that reminded you so much of Joel that it was staggering. “You got a problem, you take it up with me.”
The next moment happened fast. The blond tried to swing out at Tommy so Tommy blocked it with his elbow before tackling the man to the ground. The brunet grabbed Nima and wrapped his arms around her. She howled in anger and squirmed in his arms trying to find purchase to hit him. The brunet spun so his back was to you and you slid off the stool. Without pause, without thought, you picked up your empty glass and smashed it to the back of the man’s head. He released Nima, crumpling to the ground with a groan, and any shred of a fight stopped⏤as did the entire bar.
Tommy was kneeling on the ground pinning the blond while Nima stood off to the side.
“Oh my God.” Nima squealed, amused.
“Oh my God.” Tommy blurted, impressed.
“Oh my God.” You gasped, shocked at your own action.
You were panting, damn near hyperventilating, as the brunet began to rise on shaky limbs. Other patrons nearby converged on the scene to help out and before you knew it you were being ushered off to the side where a few couches and seats sat in a lounge area. 
“You’re such a badass.” Nima gushed from beside you. "How’s your hand??”
“Hurts.” You mumbled and stared down at the white cloth wrapped around your hand. Bright red was beginning to seep through. The consequences of smashing glass against the back of someone’s skull. Police had shown up and you knew Tommy was across the room talking to them. But still, your eyes stayed glued on your hand. The cuts weren’t terrible but they stung something awful.
“Babe?” You finally looked up and met Nima’s concerned eyes. She nodded, “You alright?”
You shot her a small smile, “Yeah. Are you okay? I can’t believe he grabbed you.”
“I’m fine.” Nima peeked at your hand then stood. “I’m gonna see if this bar has a real first aid kit we can use. Be right back.”
She jumped up and jogged over to the bar. You sunk in your seat with a sigh and leaned your head against the back of the couch. There had been something very sobering about smashing the glass against that guy’s head. The adrenaline and pain cleared any lingering fog from your previous drinks right out of your head. It left room for you to think about Joel. Meeting his brother certainly didn’t help. Tommy clapped one of the officer’s on the shoulder with a smile and they went separate ways. You lifted your head when you heard his footsteps draw near.
“Well, I spoke to the police.” Tommy stuck his hands into his pockets. “You’re not gonna get in trouble for the, you know, the glass. Won’t have to go downtown with ‘em.” You breathed a sigh of relief. Tommy held your gaze for a few more seconds before scrunching his nose and bobbing his head toward you. “And Joel is, uh, on his way.”
You covered your face with your good hand and groaned, “Can I please just be arrested instead?”
“Sorry, no can do.” Tommy sat down beside you. “You know, I didn’t say it earlier, but it’s nice to finally meet you. Joel never shuts up about you.”
“Please. Don’t.” You blurted. “I can’t… I can’t talk about him right now.”
Tommy nodded, “Right. I, uh, when I called him we didn’t talk much.” He laced his fingers together and rested his arms on his knees. “I mentioned you were hurt and things kind of spiraled from there. That’s probably for the best though. I don’t wanna get in between a lover’s quarrel⏤”
“I’m not his lover.” You snapped, and you hated the way your voice cracked. You shook your head, “Not if he’s married. Not…” The adrenaline was beginning to wear off and you were exhausted to your very bones. “This is so fucked up. I never should've agreed to…
Tommy didn’t immediately reply. He sighed, “I don’t know you, and I don’t got the exact details of what’s going on right now, but… I’m glad you agreed.” He turned and met your gaze with a tight smile. “Joel’s been… He’s been better. Joel was in a rut for a long time. So long that I kind of forgot he was in one. For a while, that was just Joel.” Tommy’s smile grew as he chuckled. “But ever since the two of you met, it’s like this weight has been lifted from his shoulders. We’ve all noticed it, and we’re all thankful.”
  “He’s married.” You whispered. “And he didn’t tell me.”
Tommy rubbed the back of his neck, “I know, but it’s⏤ it’s not that simple.” He nervously chewed on his lower lip. “Can you just give him a chance to explain?” You flexed your hand and sucked in a sharp breath as pain lanced up your arm. “Consider it a favor for me.”
“A favor for you?” You snorted.
“Yeah. I kept you out of prison, remember?” Tommy joked.
You cracked a smile and Tommy’s smile widened in victory. Nima skipped back over and dropped into the seat on your other side. She pulled your hand into her lap and carefully unpeeled the cloth away. As Nima rewrapped your hand while Tommy criticized her technique and the two bickered over you. You couldn’t help but flex your hand when she finished.
“Come on, pinkie.” Tommy stood. “I’ll take you home.”
“Uh, I am not leaving my girl here alone.”
“Joel will be here soon.”
“Then I’m definitely not leaving her alone!”
You reached out to squeeze her wrist and gave her a reassuring nod, “I’ll be okay. Gotta talk to him eventually, right?”
“Yeah, but that doesn’t have to be right now.” Nima argued. You pulled her into a hug to reassure her once again. Maybe this was a bad idea, but you had just smashed a glass against a guy’s head so the degree of your bad ideas couldn't possibly get worse. Nima sighed and stood up too. “Okay. You’re sure you’re fine?”
Tommy clapped his hands. “Joel’s a few minutes away. But we can stay until he gets here if you want.”
“No.” You shook your head. The thought of being alone for a minute was kind of nice. “You guys go.” Your eyes locked onto Nima. “If you’re okay with him driving you.” You glanced at Tommy. “No offense.”
He held his hands up in surrender and shrugged nonchalantly. Nima nodded, “We survived a bar brawl together. We’re bonded.” She grinned and pulled her strawberry purse around her shoulders. “Plus, worse comes to worse, I can stab him.”
“You can what now?” Tommy questioned.
“You’ve already offered me a ride. It’s too late to back out now.”
“Fine, pinkie.” Tommy waved her to follow. 
You watched them go and sunk in your seat. The sounds of the bar was decent background noise, but it wasn’t enough to drown out the noise in your head. You picked at the edges of the gauze wrapped around your hand. Your eyes felt heavy and if you weren’t careful you were going to pass out on this bar couch surrounded by strangers. It was the sound of a crash that startled you back into the moment, and when you looked up from your hand you realized the door had been thrown open hard enough to hit the wall. Joel stood in the doorway panicked and wild eyed. He wore a suit without the tie and his shirt was unbuttoned at the top.
You stayed silent, sinking further into your seat, and watched as Joel’s wide eyes scanned the room. His gaze finally landed on you, doing a double take, and when he realized where you were you saw his shoulders slump in relief. Joel jogged across the room until he was able to kneel down in front of you. Joel’s warm hands found your face, cupping it softly, as he sighed, “Sugar, what the hell is goin' on? Are you okay?” Joel’s eyes studied your face then glanced down at your hand. “Jesus, your hand. Tommy called me. Sugar, I⏤”
“I’m okay.” You whispered, throat growing tight, “I just wanna go home, Joel.”
Joel tensed and he nodded, “Yeah. Alright. Let’s get you home.”
Tumblr media
The ride in the truck beside Joel may have been the most awkward and tense ride of your entire life. It was silent. The only sound coming from the road outside. Joel’s hands were white knuckled around the steering wheel. You assumed his tension had something to do with you ghosting him this evening. His truck pulled up outside your apartment complex and your alcohol soaked brain realized not only did you not have your keys but you also no longer had your phone. Both were sitting in Nima’s purse right now.
You opened the door fully prepared to sleep outside your apartment on the welcome mat like a lost dog, but Joel grasped you by the arm cautiously to hold you in place. “You got your key?” You twisted your lips knowing he wasn’t going to fall for a lie. “Where is your key?”
“With Nima.” You mumbled. “She has my phone too.”
Joel sighed and let go of you to instead grab the truck door and shut it. He buckled you back into the seat and began to drive once more. You wanted to ask where he was taking you, but none of the words would come out. You drowned in your indecision while picking at the bandage on your hand. Joel suddenly reached over and lightly pushed your hand away from the injury.
“Stop pickin' at it, sugar.”
“Where are we going?” You blurted.
Joel shifted in his seat, “My place.”
“I don’t wanna go to your place.” You mumbled.
“Don’t care.” Joel replied gruffly and you lifted your head to glare at his side profile. 
The tone of his voice stirred something inside you, and you felt the dormant anger start to reawaken. It had gotten buried under everything that happened, but now it was back full fledged. You sat up, “Take me back. I want to go home.”
“You don’t have your key.”
“I don’t care.” You snapped. “Take me home, Joel!”
“You’re comin' to my place where I know you can safely sleep it off, 'nd then tomorrow we’ll figure out how to get ya back into your apartment. Understood?”
You scoffed, “Don’t talk down to me. I’m not a child, Joel.”
“Oh, you’re not?” Joel scoffed. His tone was angry and frustrated. “Cause you’re sure as hell actin' like one.” He shot a glare in your direction before focusing back on the road. “Are you outta your goddamn mind?! Do you know how worried I was?” You crossed your arms and stared out the passenger window. “I don’ hear from you all day long. You disappear on me with no explanation 'nd then I get a call from my baby brother that you’ve been in a bar fight? And that you’re hurt?!” You stayed silent and Joel scoffed. “And now I get the silent treatment? Very mature.”
“You don’t want to argue with me on what’s mature, Joel.” You said, head whipping back to glare at him.
“What the hell is that supposed to mean??”
“You’re a hypocrite!”
“Excuse me?”
You scoffed, “It’s not very mature for a married man to pay a sugar baby for attention.” Joel hit the brakes and the seat belt caught you as the truck screeched to a stop. You glanced out the window to see his truck had reached a neighborhood and the streets were mostly void of other vehicles. When you turned back to Joel, you found him staring at you in a mix of shock and horror. You shook your head, “What was I, Joel? Some kind of midlife crisis?”
Pain could be seen through the horror, and he reached out to grab your wrist again. “No. No, that’s not…” Joel’s voice was hoarse and broken. He whispered your name. “Please. That’s not what this is.”
You tugged your arm away from his grip. “I don’t wanna talk about this right now, Joel. Either start driving again or I’m gonna get out.”
Joel kept his hands to himself as he slowly went back to driving. As if the awkward silence hadn’t been painful before it was downright agonizing now. You were pressing your thumb into the wounds of your palm just to try and keep from crying. Joel pulled into the driveway a few minutes later, and you couldn’t even get your brain to collect a single feature of the house in front of you. Joel jumped out of the truck and you stayed frozen. The passenger door opened but Joel didn’t move to pull you out. He held the top of the door frame and a foot rested on the running board so he could lean in just marginally.
“Don’t, Joel.” You said firmly. “Don’t.”
“Please just let me⏤”
“Are you married?”
Joel’s face crumpled in agony and he hung his head, “It’s… It’s not that simple. Just let me⏤”
“It’s a yes or no question.” You shrugged and tried to ignore the tears welling up in your eyes.
Joel looked like he was on the verge of a panic attack. His eyes were squeezed shut, but he still refused to answer. You whispered his name. Finally, he lifted his gaze back to you and opened his mouth. His jaw hung open silently for a second before he could speak. “...Yes.”
You felt the tears lingering at the waterline drip down your cheeks and hastily began to wipe them away with your hands. Joel gasped and began to reach out but when you flinched he held back. He shook his head, “You’re bleedin'.”
The bandage around your hand was soaked with blood, probably from digging your thumb into the wounds, and when you felt your cheek with your fingertips they came back tinted red. You must have smeared it across your face. 
“Sugar, let me… let me take you inside.” Joel murmured. “Please. I know you’re… upset, 'nd you have every reason to hate me right now, but… just let me get you inside.” His hand reached out for you once more, but he stopped himself. “You can leave in the mornin', but for tonight just⏤ just let me take care of you. Please.”
You gave a small nod. It felt weak of you, but you reassured yourself that you had little to no other option. Your hand hurt, your head ached, you were exhausted to your very being, and deep down you were torn between wanting to yell and scream or curl into a ball and cry. Joel took a few steps back to allow you to climb down yourself, but when you wavered his arms shot out to try and steady you. Joel herded you toward the front door without actually touching you. 
Your eyebrows furrowed when you studied his front porch. The entire front of his house didn’t look like the typical rich LA style you were accustomed to seeing. In fact, his porch and front door reminded you of a quaint farmhouse. Joel unlocked his front door and held it open for you to walk in. Right inside the house, the foyer had an open style with a set of stairs pressed against the wall just up ahead. It opened straight into a large living room that evolved into a dining room with a matching open kitchen to the side. The entire back wall by the kitchen and dining area was made of glass but the back porch lights were off so you couldn’t see the view. 
Joel tossed his keys into a bowl sitting on an accent table against the wall right by the door. You glanced over to a little bench built into the wall on the other side beneath a set of bay windows. The rest of his furniture from what you could see was modern and plain. You were drunk off alcohol and misery, but your brain was still able to take the time to note that Joel’s furniture didn’t match what you imagined him to have.
“C’mon.” Joel motioned you up the stairs. He followed after you and when you reached the top of the stairs he pointed to the left. You stepped into the master bedroom and Joel slid in past you moving straight toward the master bath. While he rooted around for something, you glanced around his room. There was a king sized bed sitting in the middle of the room covered in dark green sheets. A window sat on either side of the bed. The wall to the right was where the bathroom door and the closet door sat, but on the left was a single loveseat pushed against the wall. All the furniture was dark brown including the large dresser against the wall by the door and the smaller bedside drawers on either side of the bed under the windows. You drifted toward one of the bedside drawers where a photo was propped up. It was of Joel and two young girls. Joel had shown you enough pictures of Sarah and Ellie for you to recognize them, but in this photo all three of them were significantly younger. 
The sound of a throat clearing made you look up to see Joel standing there with a first aid kit in hand. “Sit down for me?” You sat on the side of the bed and Joel sat beside you. He opened the kit then carefully unwrapped your hand. When he saw the three lines haphazardly cut into your palm he let out a soft hiss. “You hurtin' much?”
“It stings some.” You mumbled. He hummed in response and used an alcohol swab to clean up the cuts. Joel did so with soft touches and his eyes flickered to your features every second or so to check in on your status. You locked your jaw to bite back any sounds of pain that tried to slip out. 
“They look bad, but I don’ think they’ll need stitches.” Joel thought out loud. 
“Good.” You said. Joel grabbed some fresh gauze and began to wrap it around your hand. You studied his features as he focused so intently on the task at hand. His warm gaze was burned into your skin as his eyebrows furrowed in concentration. You had the urge to trace your fingers through the scruff along his jawline. When he finished, he lifted his gaze and his eyes locked with yours. The two of you stared at one another in tense silence. Pain and longing filled his brown eyes, and you wondered if it could somehow just be a reflection of your own. It made no sense for you to both be so miserable right now. “Where is she?”
Joel tensed, “What?”
“Where is your wife?” You asked more firmly. 
“Are you sure you wanna get into this tonight?”
“I just want answers, Joel.” You sighed. “I need something. My mind has been a mess since we left Vegas.” Joel’s face crumpled as he closed his eyes with a sigh. “Yo-yo told me I wasn’t your first sugar baby and then she said you were married to your first sugar baby.” The words were falling out like pouring water now. “And then Nima has a cousin who has a cousin who has a friend or something that was able to find your marriage certificate⏤”
Joel murmured your name in reverence and opened his eyes. He shook his head. “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you from the start. That way there’d be no miscommunication or confusion. I meant to. But… I kept puttin' it off 'nd it got to the point where too much time had passed…” Joel hesitantly reached out for you and when you didn’t shy away he settled his hand on your arm. “I did have a sugar baby before you. It’s a… long story, but I am not married to her.” 
Your eyebrows furrowed, “You didn’t marry her?”
“No. Absolutely not. She was… Like I said, it’s a long story.” Joel squeezed your arm. “One that I promise to tell you. In the mornin', when you’re not half drunk 'nd half hungover all at once.”
“Then who the hell are you married to, Joel?”
“I… I am technically still married to Celina.” Joel finally spat the words out. You shook your head in confusion. The name was foreign to you, but Joel heaved another sigh and added, “Sarah’s mom.”
Tumblr media
taglist (closed):
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Tumblr media
✨J.M. Masterlist✨
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dottoclone · 1 day
Absolutely Not
Tumblr media
Wriothesley x Neuvillette's Sister ! Reader
Part 1 | what you hate
Warnings | grammatical errors, ooc wriothesley & neuvillette, etc.
Notes | this fic will use she/her pronouns and will be in 2nd person pov (you/your/you're). Also, y/n will be described as afab (female anatomy).
Also, please let me know if you want to be apart of my taglist for this series !! <3
Summary | As Neuvillette's younger sister, you find that navigating life to be difficult especially when it comes to living in your brother's shadow.
I managed to get the motivation to finally turn this into a fic, so i hope you all enjoy!!
Absolutely Not Masterlist
Main Masterlist
You weren't a fan of the dramatics that Fontaine had to offer. In fact, you felt like everything was sort of like a play. The playwriter unknown to you, but your lines and actions were scripted nonetheless.
"Y/n, are you ready?"
Another thing you weren't a fan of was your protective older brother who you shared an apartment with. Even after 400 years, he still deems it as unsafe for you to live alone. Even if the place is Fontaine. A city of justice no less.
"Neuvillette, must I really go? Surely you don't need me at the office today.."
You also hated your job. Being the Chief Justice's assistant was absolutely horrendous. Especially on the clock as he was always so invested in his work. Yet he was adamant on making sure you got a job that was either related to or close to his own.
Humans can be cruel when they want to be.
It was an excuse he used often. An excuse you believed, truly. Even if you were tired of how overprotective your brother was.
Despite your shortcomings, however, you still made the best of any situation. You were all smiles and sunshine and refused to ever let your mood worsen and make the skies darken.
"Yes you must go. As my assistant your work is important. And don't forget..."
"I know, I know, Miss Furina will definitely be a menace if I don't show up."
Another thing, about you and Furina...you both were the same age. Though, one small detail that Neuvillette was thankful for was that you weren't a brat unlike a certain hydro archon.
You cut him off with a small wave of your hand and a smile, "don't worry, I'll get ready."
He nodded, "I'll see you there, then."
"See ya," you called after him as you listened for his retreating footsteps and the sound of the front door opening, closing and a small click as he locked it. Huffing to yourself, you fell back into the bed. Your mind wandering as you mentally prepared yourself for another day.
I wonder when that traveler is supposed to be here...it has been awhile since something interesting happened in Fontaine. Granted, I guess what I should be worrying about is the House of the Hearth and their Father instead of some traveler at the moment.
Yeah, you may have hated your job. But even as Neuvillette's assistant it wasn't always about paperwork. In fact, most of the time you were out and about collecting information and dealing with troublesome fatui and criminals.
Sighing to yourself, you pushed all troublesome thoughts aside, and as you promised - you got ready for the day despite your earlier protests.
Fontaine was as grand as anyone would imagine. Any tourist would want to come here to sightsee. At one point in your life, even you thought the place was too grand for any normal person not to be amazed. But, overtime, even things here for too dull.
"Morning y/n."
"Ah, miss y/n!"
"Lovely day, isn't it y/n?"
"Y/n, may I ask your opinion on these flower arrangements?"
"Off to work today, y/n?"
The people of Fontaine never failed to greet you as you walked the streets. If you were anyone else, then you would go by unnoticed.
But you were Monsieur Neuvillette's little sister, so of course people would try to gain your attention (even if their attention was unwanted). Which was another thing you quiet loathed. The attention. It made your skin crawl. Your nerves spike. It made it feel like your insecurities were surfacing up for all to see.
Because at the end of the day. You were just an assistant to your much better and smarter older brother.
Sometimes you would wonder if being in his shadow was a good thing or a bad thing. And you could never quite figure it out.
Nonetheless, despite your insecurities, you didn't let prying eyes dampen your mood. Not once have you ever let a cloud take over the sky. As a hydro dragon much like your brother, you refused to let your tears become the rain that washes Fontaine.
At least, that's what you keep telling yourself.
"Ah, you're here."
Greeting your brother, you also gave any melusines that were also in the office a small wave and a smile to boot. Your calm disposition washing over anyone who was present in Neuvillette's office.
"Now that you are here, i would like you to go over today's case. A trial will be held for it in a few hours."
"Of course, what's it over this time?"
"Just a small property dispute is all."
You hummed to yourself as you took the file from him. Your eyes flicking over the contents as your thumb played with the corners of the papers (while also being careful not to give yourself a papercut).
"Sounds simple enough to deal with," you answered while handing Neuvillette his papers back, "do you need me to look into anything?"
He thought for a moment, "no, just be sure that the accused doesn't run away."
"Will do," your cheery attitude shined through as it usually did.
Yeah, you hated your job. You hated being in your brother's shadow. You hated the theatrics that the opera house provided. But truly .. where else would you possibly run to in order to escape? Sometimes, it was best to just leave your life as is, and to just let your brother handle everything while moving forward.
Though, maybe a change was something you needed. How that change would occur, however, was entirely up to you and the decisions you would make.
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Cruel, Cruel World (Crimson Mask Sequel)
Tumblr media
"Cruel, cruel world, must I go on?"
"Cruel, cruel world, I'm moving on"
"I've been living too fast"
"And I've been living too wrong"
"Cruel, cruel world, I'm gone"
"Cruel, cruel world, I'm gone"
You sigh as you stare blankly to the ceiling in your hospital room. Deciding either to sing another sing off one of your playlist.
You frown at the pain in your head making you feel the bandage around your head, whilst also being annoyed of the EKG machine beeping. It's been nearly a week, since the incident. A week since your ex teammate, ex captain, your friend put you here. The thought of Millie sent mixed emotions in you, Millie always looked out for you and looked after you but that night she nearly killed you, on purpose or not!. You started to tighten the hold on your bed's support bars and breath deeply, every time you thought of Lucy or Millie you would start to shake but more violently when it was Millie. You started to violently shake a bit but managed to recompose yourself
You haven't watched it back, you didn't want to see what happened or the aftermath. All you were told was you were barged into the goal post created a very bad laceration on your head. You were taken to the local hospital while the game continued, the good news Japan won! Bad News you are out for the rest of the cup. You shook the thought as you sighed and grabbed your phone and sat up.
Ever since that night, your phone was crazy. Tweets, tags, mentions, dms, emails from fans, friends, the Barcalona Women and Men.........Keira, Lucy.....Bright. You couldn't open them, you just got so angry, sad, anxious.......hurt that you just wanted to avoid it as it was too much.
You scrolled down and read throught the messages you saw earlier that made you smile.
Yui sending you a video of the team wishing you well before it wad posted on social media.
Fran Kirby sending you clips of her pets and being goofy
Mapi Leon trying her best to find out what hospital you are in
Gundegun sending you messages of encouragement
Sam and Erin also sending you a get well video
Mentions on many of your friends and Fan stories also
One that you made you smile was Mary Earps. She posted a picture of your free kick you scored and simply wrote
"The most challenging opponent I have ever faced, Can't wait to face off again. #TheGoat"
Even though you had faced Mary countless times and never chatted except from handshakes, you both had massive respect for each other.
You then got a new tag from the Barcelona account, you clicked on the notification and waited for it too load as you clicked to video to play the sound also
The first face was Alexia making you smile to see your captain
"Hey little one! Hope you are feeling better! We are missing you, you are a strong human and have always brighten up our days. so hurry and recover so we can make more memories and goals together!"
The next was the Barcelona manager Jonatan Giráldez
"Hey F/N, we are eagerly waiting your return. The ambiance in the team can be seen, the girls and the staff are missing your presence and so am i!. Get better soon so we can have an amazing season"
Next was Mapi
"Hey F/N!!! I'm so happy to hear you are safe and recovering, i know how hard it is being stuck in a bed not being able to do what you love and help the team out. From the first day i met you till now i can say i am so proud of you! so is the team, the Barca fans and your country, Get well soon Little One!"
It would show so many of your friends, from Rolfo to Paredes to Patricia to Raphinha
then it showed the entire Boy and Girl youth teams. You always showed them support and help them when you could.
"GET WELL SOON L/N" They shouted as they cheered and some held little signs in Spanish, understanding some and some not it warmed your heart.
The next person
*EKG beeps slightly quicken
"F/N, I hope you are feeling ok"
You would start to shift a bit with a uneasy feeling in your stomach as you looked at Keira Walsh's face.
"I want to thank you for giving us the tough task of going against you and Japan, you were amazing and you should feel proud. Also i don't think you heard me on the pitch, But i am sorry if i hurt you in that tackle." You would feel the slight pain in your hip as she said it. You weren't mad at her, tackles happen but you just felt hurt on how she acted about it, that's what hurt "This season is going to be a good one and i am determined to break the number of goals and assist between us last year! Proud of you, see you soon!" You somewhat was happy but also sad thinking about her actions on the pitch.
The next person would show up
*EKG beeps quicken
Then you would start to shake and try to take a deep breath
*Beep Beep*
"Hey Little One"
You would start to feel sweat on your brow
*Beep Beep*
"I'm so sorry, i couldnt see you after the match"
Your lip started to quiver and jaw started to shake
*Beep Beep*
"But i want you to know tha-"
you closed the the app and the phone as you would cover your eyes fighting back the tears that were trying you creep out. you placed the other hand on your chest and began to breath slowly and deeply as the sounds of the EKG machine beeps would slow.
You placed your phone back down and looked out to the window to blossom leaves falling and calmed you. You then put on your ear buds and played the song "Beautiful" by Eminem
you would fall into more into your bed as you let Marshals words into your mind, comforting you and making you feel at peace.
Forgetting the face you saw on the the post a few moments ago that sent you into a panic.
The Face of Lucy Bronze
Part 2 End
Next Chapter: Pain That Shines Bright
So wow I didn't expect that reaction from part 1. I'm happy you guys liked it and got enjoyment out of it, I'm sorry this was short but next chapter will be longer I am working on more Woso stuff including Gender neutral since i want everyone to be included and looking at my requests.
I hope this chapter held up, hopefully the next part will be out soon. i will try to keep you guys updated.
But please let me know what you guys liked about it, feedback helps so much
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kazushawty · 3 days
don't mind me, just sending a thirst to my favorite blog about that stupid cult leader we all love
just riding geto's face, making him so pussydrunk he basically eats you out for his own pleasure at this point
thank u 😞🧁 18+
Tumblr media
pussydrunk!geto who loved whenever you‘d just sit on his face— yet whines for a bit once he gets so drunk from eating you out for so long, rough calloused fingertips of his digging into your thighs, and he stares up at you with a sly smile pursing against his lips, groaning a needy, “pull on my hair, baby,” and he looks so pretty— long black locks just asking to be tugged, once you do, he mumbles for you to pull harder and harder, his lips latched against your folds, and he‘s made you cum at least three times— so hungry, he craved and savored your tasted throughout each second, the way your hips moved against his mouth, he couldn’t help but touch himself— a low husky grunt escaping from his mouth, the print in his sweatpants shielding his dick made him hard, twitching to only fantasize about being inside of you. “f—fuck, so good,” he‘d rasp, and his lashes were so pretty— opening then closing, you have a firm grip of his hair as you ride his face, he starts to hum and suck against your clit to make you whimper— the way his tongue slowly drags against your folds, up and down— side by side, sends you a multitude of shivers. once geto makes you cum on his face for a fourth time— he lets off a breathy blow— sitting up to give you a kiss so you can taste the mess you made on his face. “. . good— girl,” he‘d mumble, yet you started to question whether you should have been praising him— instead of him praising you.
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chiibi-chaan · 11 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
- Kinktober 2023 - Masterlist -
- Pairing. - Neuvillette & Wriothesley, Genshin Impact.
- Warnings. - +18 (MDNI), fem! reader, threesome, handcuffs, oral (m!receiving), petnames (sweetness, love), poly-relationship.
Tumblr media
"c'mon, love. You can do better." Wriothesley grunted, his fingers tangled in your hair and his head falling back with a soft sigh as you took more of his length into your mouth and down your throat. He chuckled, his half-lidded eyes glancing at Neuvillette, taking in the sight of his disheveled silver hair and reddened face. Neuvillette couldn't even think straight, his lavender eyes staring down at where his body and yours were connected, one of his hands holding the chain of the cuffs tying your wrists behind your back. The only sounds echoing in the room were the low grunts and groans of Wriothesley and Neuvillette, along with the slap of Neuvillette's hips against your ass and your slurping and gagging noses as you choked on Wriothesley's cock. You looked so pretty, so perfect with their cocks filling your mouth and cunt, your glossy eyes looking up at Wriothesley and your hole clenching around Neuvillette's cock when you felt the salty taste of Wriothesley's cum on your tongue. "You're such a good girl, love... Taking us so well and making us so proud, isn't that right, Neuvillette?" He looked up at him, smirking as he saw just how much aroused Neuvillette was, merely holding back his deep moans as he relished in the feeling of being buried deep within you, your cunt hugging his cock so perfectly, as if you were made to take him.
"...of course. She's perfect..." Neuvillette sighed, wrapping an arm around you and pulling you up against his chest, his hips bucking against your ass and his lips brushing around the column of your neck. Wriothesley hummed softly, his fingers slipping down your stomach and rubbing against your clit while his lips sucked on one of your nipples. You whined and gasped, your head falling back and resting against Neuvillette's shoulder as he pounded into your squelching, soaked pussy. Wriothesley smirked, his cock hardening just at the sight of you, of how much pleasure Neuvillette and him gave you. Your body was sore, broken moans escaping from your mouth and your thighs trembling as you neared yet another orgasm. You sobbed and babbled nonsense, cumming around Neuvillette’s cock with a cry of his name.
Wriothesley ran a hand through your hair, pressing a kiss against your forehead and then against your lips, swallowing your whines and moans as Neuvillette kept thrusting into your quivering pussy, chasing his own release. It took only mere minutes before he reached it, burying himself inside you as deep as he could and painting your velvety walls with sticky ropes of seed. He groaned and breathed deeply, his nose brushing against the nape of your neck as he held you closer, your back pressed flush against his muscular chest. He pulled out after a few seconds, slowly laying you down and removing the handcuffs from your sore wrists.
You panted softly, trying to catch your breath while Wriothesley brushed your damp hair away from your sweaty face. He leaned forward, his lips brushing against your ear as he whispered, "Did you think we were done, sweetness? It’s my turn to have your pretty pussy around my cock now. We’ll make sure that you’re fully satisfied… and filled to the brim with our cum."
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.⋆。No Is All。⋆.
Thomas Shelby x plus size reader
No is a full sentence and maybe you need someone to remind you of that
Warnings: past abusive relationships, implied past SA, angst, reassurance, this is totally not a self-indulgent fics about my own relationships shut up, feeling pressured to have sex
WC: 1.1k
Minors DNI
Library- @hannibals-favourite-meal-library
Tumblr media
The thrill of a new romance is like nothing else. The tentative touches, the soft brush of his lips against your cheek, the butterflies that take flight in your stomach whenever he smiles at you. It was all so perfect but it would end soon.
Thomas Shelby was by no means a patient man, he took what he wanted and he always got it. Even before he set his sights on you, you had seen the way he killed and maimed, bribed and blackmailed until he became the most powerful man in all of Birmingham and you knew he was well on his way to conquering England.
And when he finally asked you out after months of his icy gaze watching you from across the Peaky Blinders’ offices, you knew this day was inevitable.
You steeled yourself when he told you that dinner would be at his house that night, “wear something nice” he said. You hid the bolt of terror that shot through your body with a smile. “Don’t I always?” His blue eyes twinkled with amusement as he pecked your full cheek before he left.
Your hands trembled as you picked out the nicest undergarments you owned, laying them out on your bed beside the dark green dress Tommy loved you in. The hot shower was a welcome distraction, you could focus on the familiar routine of washing yourself instead of the anxiety churning in your stomach as the sun gradually got lower in the sky.
Thomas was a handsome man, probably far more handsome than you thought you deserved, and he respected you. There had been times where you ended dates early just so you could go home and relieve the ache between your soft thighs because he was so overwhelmingly attractive. You knew he was talented in bed too, practically everyone in Small Heath knew that.
But you didn’t know if you were ready for the next step.
You reassured yourself that it was just nerves, the natural ones that come with the beginning of a new relationship. But as your doorbell rang, you felt your heart drop. You took in a shuddering breath and opened the door.
Tommy was lazily smoking a cigarette, the blue-grey smoke curling around his cap like a halo. “Hi.” Immediately the cigarette left his lips and he put it out under his expensive black shoes. He was wearing that charcoal grey suit that you loved and you could smell his cologne (the nice one) from a couple feet away.
“Ya look gorgeous.” Heat crawled up your neck and bloomed across the apple of your cheeks. He lovingly offered you his arm as you stepped down onto the street. Your heart was beating so loudly in your ears, you thought he might be able to hear it. But Tommy just pulled you closer to him as you set off towards his house.
The wine bottle was empty, dessert finished, the dishes done. The flickering light of the fire illuminated the small living room in a comforting orange glow. The couch cushions cradled your body as you were pushed into them, Tommy’s weight keeping you pinned.
His jacket and tie had been discarded the second he asked if you wanted to have a glass of whiskey by the fire, leaving him more naked than you had ever seen him before. His white button-up did nothing to hide the supple muscles of his arms and torso.
The kisses started off sweet, just soft pecks on your cheeks, then your nose, then your jaw but soon enough, his face was buried in the crook of your neck, biting and sucking at the delicate skin. Your soft moans carried through the room as you clawed at his back.
It was nice, it felt good but when his right hand travelled from where he was gripping your wide hip to your thigh, you froze up. It was only for a second but with Tommy so close to you, with his lips against your pulse, he felt it.
“What’s the matter?” He was firm, straight to the point.
You shook your head. “It’s nothing. You can keep going if you want.” You tried to cup his angular jaw but he caught your hand before you could touch him.
“No. Tell me.” Light flickered across his face and for a moment, you were scared. 
Thomas Shelby could have anyone he wanted and he chose you, you should be giving something to him in return. Your blood ran cold with panic. “Y-you want to have sex with me.”
“So do it, I won’t stop you.” His eyes darkened and you saw the muscle in his jaw clench. Tommy squeezed your wrist tightly and suddenly you could see why so many feared him, calling him evil and a monster. You were powerless to stop him if he did decide to take you.
“I won’t take what I’m not given freely.”
“No is all you need to say. I will wait until you are ready and not a moment before.” With a gentle kiss to your knuckles, he pulled away and sat back down on the other end of the couch, leaving you reeling.
This wasn’t right. “But I can take care of you.” The look he shot you shut you up immediately. 
“You aren’t ready, that’s the end of it.”
“But you’ll go to someone else!” Tears burned behind your eyes as you sat up.
“I’ve made do with my hand before, I wouldn’t cheat on you.” His voice held a note of irritation and you curled into yourself, the tears now dripping down your face, staining your dress with your despair. He sighed heavily through his nose before he took your hand once more. “You are more than just your body. I did not ask you to be mine because I just wanted to fuck you. I asked you because I wanted you.” He emphasised.
You sniffled and he cupped your cheek with his other hand. “So while I do want to fuck you, I won’t because you do not want it. I may be an evil man outside of these walls but I will never be that to you. Do you understand?” You nodded. “Good. Now be a good girl and come here.”
You fell into his arms as you continued to sob but Tommy just held you close as your tears faded and exhaustion won out. As quiet snores escaped your lips, he reached around to his jacket and grabbed a cigarette. One day, you would take him to your bed and he would worship you the way you deserve, the way you should have been worshipped. But until then, he was happy enough getting to hold you as you slept.
And he was right, no was all you had to say.
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Kinktober Day Two: Breeding
Eris Vanserra x Reader
a/n: day two of kinktober!! Comment or message me if you want to be added to the taglist!!
warnings: smut, breeding kink, slight pregnancy kink maybe if you squint, dirty talk, use of pet names, slight praise
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“What are you reading?” Eris asked as he rested his chin on your shoulder, peering down at the book in your lap.
You closed the book abruptly, cheeks flushing with embarrassment. “Just another…romance novel.”
Eris arched a brow, a mischievous smirk creeping into his face. “Oh? Can I see?”
He didn’t give you time to reply before grabbing the book, opening it to the exact page you had just been reading.
Eris hummed as he skimmed the pages, his smirk widening into a grin as he read, “He deeply thrust into me as he orgasmed, pumping me full of his cum.”
You cleared your throat. “It’s not that interesting—“
“Oh, it’s very interesting, love.” Eris continued silently with his reading for a few moments longer, before meeting your eyes again. “So this is what you’ve been hiding from me?”
Nervousness churned in your gut as you replied, “I didn’t think you’d be…interested in something like that.”
Eris chuckled darkly, before climbing over you until you laid flat on the bed. He slid his hands under your nightgown, hiking the material up until it rested above your hips, exposing your glistening cunt to him.
“Interest in…what, exactly? Filling you with my cock? Fucking you full of my cum, and showing everyone who you belong to?”
A new wave of arousal shot through you at his words. Eris scented it, a low growl creeping up his throat as you spread your legs further for him.
“I need you to use your words, love,” he murmured as he began unlacing his pants, hissing under his breath as his hardened cock sprang free. “Tell me what you want.”
“Need you to fuck me, please,” you said, whimpering as he rubbed the tip of his cock through your slit. “N-Need you breed me.”
Eris’s breath hitched at that. “Yeah? Say it again.” He pressed his tip to your entrance, and halted.
“Breed me, please,” you begged, bucking your hips desperately. “Want your cum inside me.”
That snapped whatever leash Eris had on his self-control. He slid into you in one fluid motion, groaning as your walls immediately clamped down on him. He roughly grabbed your thighs, pinning your knees to your chest as he steadily thrusted into you.
“Such a perfect little cunt,” he said, hitting your cervix with each thrust. “Fucking made for me.”
“S-So good,” you whimpered, barely able to think as he fucked you senseless.
Eris cursed under his breath as he saw the milky-white ring forming at the base of his cock, and brought his thumb down to circle your swollen clit. “Gonna fill you up, fuck you till you’re nice and round.”
“Y-Yes, please, please,” you babbled, eyes rolling back in your head as you orgasm drew nearer.
“Gonna come for me?” Eris taunted, unable to hide his smug satisfaction as you nodded vigorously. A string of curses fell from his lips as you reached your release. “Fuck, that’s it, milk my cock. Such a good girl.”
Eris slowed his thrusts as he spilled into you, ensuring you felt every inch of him. He stayed buried inside you as the two of you caught your breath, peppering kisses along your jaw, your neck, as he murmured, “We aren’t leaving this bed any time soon.”
Tumblr media
taglist: @azriels-shadowsinger @bigcreatorwombatdreamer @bbycowboi @ghostofnightcrawlerpast @fendyr @thegirlintheshadows101 @icey--stars @exoahgasebby @cassiefromhell @missusbarnes-rogers @danikamariewrites @cmay25 @anpacax0 @georgiastars13 @hannzoaks @impossibelle @harrystylesfan2686 @bookishbroadwaybish
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Your best friend Satoru wants to show you how much he loves you..."
Gojo x fem!reader
warning: nsfw, 18+, oral sex, penetration, choking, just horny Gojo for reader.
Tumblr media
You have been teasing your best friend and roommate Gojo since you can remember, you don't even know when it stopped being a game to become something else... Maybe after his sudden confession, that he was attracted to you, just minutes after you told him you were moving away. And that was such a fail, you only lasted a week in Shoko's place, because you missed him way too much.
Since then, you have been taking things slowly but a little bit heated, teasing him from time to time, and surprisingly enough, your best friend started to tease you back, and maybe that was the reason why, you liked training your cursed techniques with him, because you knew he was attracted to you, and the sexual tension between you two only grew stronger, with the adrenaline rush of intense training.
You had spent most of the afternoon with him, in one of Jujutsu Tech training grounds for teachers, because yes I totally forgot to mention that you were also a teacher there.
And well, back to the topic, should I say that training with Gojo Satoru was just... complicated?, because Satoru loves to tease and be touchy and he even switches off his infinity just for ya.
Tired from all the teasing, tension and training with your roommate / coworker / bestfriend, you took a pause and sat on the floor to catch your breath.
-"You look thirsty Y/N..." -he said.
You chuckled.
-"Sorry, what?"
Gojo sat next to you, and handed you a bottle of water. He licked his lips and came close to your ear.
-"I said, that you look thirsty..." -he repeated, and if he was sexy, his voice was even more.
You drank the water without looking at him, but you knew he was smiling. Slowly you closed the bottle and after a frustrated sigh, you met his gaze.
-"Satoru, I have a question for you..."
-"Yes, princess?"
-"Do you always have to be a big mouth about everything?"
-"Not always -he said non chalantly, putting both hands behind his neck, leaning against the wall- in fact! when I don't have something to say, it's because my mouth is busy... you know... doing other things... I invite you to find out for yourself."
Oh, so that’s how it was.
-"How am I going to find out?"
-"I have a few ideas." -he stared at you with a smirk while playing with his blindfold.
I guess today was the day, Gojo Satoru and you, were going to get into the real action, and drop the games and the sexual tension.
-"Let's go!" -you said standing up.
-"Wow, you are in a hurry don't ya?" -Gojo said standing up too, he looked amused.
You arrived to the appartment you shared with him, and after closing the door behind you, you felt his big hands wandering around your waist, slowly caressing the skin under your tanktop.
-"Hey, at least let me take a shower..." -you said. He smiled taking off his blindfold, kissing you for the first time and it was feral, his tongue and yours intensely going into each other's mouths while he was slowly pushing you against the nearest wall. His hair now framing his forehead, and he looked so damn handsome.
-"You'll see Y/N," kiss on your neck, "I have been waiting for this" kiss on your lips, "for so long -Gojo whispered, finally looking to your eyes, with those cerulean blessings of his while he was unbuttoning your shorts- "and I don't want to waste time, we can take a shower together later, I know we are going to need it"
You were already moaning at his kisses, and you took his shirt off. When your shorts dropped to the floor he lifted you off, and took you to the couch. Gojo took your tanktop off only to leave you in your underwear.
You wanted to take your bra off too but he stopped you.
-"Nah, you better leave that on, I love lace and you look so hot right now, let me enjoy this."
-"Gojo Satoru, do you have a lace underwear fetish?" -you joked.
He shut your mouth with a kiss, one of his hand was on your neck, while the other was caressing your belly, and going down slowly, you were already soaking wet for him, he moved your panties to the side while he kept kissing you, you felt two of his fingers going inside you and you moaned into his mouth.
-"What happens babygirl? You are so wet already, thats how bad you want me?" -Gojo cooed in your ears, now your forehead was resting on his shoulder, and he kept fingering you, and rubbing your clit for several minutes, he really wanted to give you an orgasm.
And to be honest, you were really close.
-"Toru, I think I'm going to cum..." -you said almost breathless. He added another finger and kept moving his hand, rougher this time and caressing your hair, as your forehead was still resting on his shoulder.
Then he stopped.
This man I swear.
You moved your head from his shoulder, and looked at him totally breathless and confused.
-"Do you remember, when you moved out of the house, leaving me brokenhearted?" -he asked with a smirk.
-"Toru, I already told you how sorry, I was..."
-"Shhh" -he placed a finger on your mouth, then kissed your forehead- "I guess we are going to find out, how sorry you are."
He pinned you to the couch, your knees pushing to your chest, he kept you in place, so he had a full view of you, and then he started licking you, with his arms locked around your thighs.
And let me tell you, that years of tongue toying with a lollipop on his mouth, really payed out.
You felt it.
You were drowning your moans with a cushion. Your roommate Gojo, was moaning with every lick and suck, he was eating you out like he needed to breathe and you were his oxygen.
-"No, don't hide from me princess, let me see that pretty face."
For how long he has been wanting to do this?
And ten minutes of his tongue going deep inside you, around, and curling on your clit, you finally reached an orgasm.
-"Pretty girl... you can't last much more than that?" -Gojo teased, giving you a peck on your lips, while you were trying to remember how to breathe again.
"Oh, you—"
-"Hold that thought..." -he ordered, interrupting, raising a finger in your direction, indicating you to wait, while he ran to his room.
He came back rapidly, with a silver long chain in his hands and a choker, he sat down next to you, and delicately clipped one end of the chain, to a tiny silver loop on the back of the choker he carefully placed around your neck.
He looked at you proudly with his signature smile.
-"Damn, look at ya y/n! you look gorgeous..." -he exclaimed pulling you towards him by the chain, he wanted to kiss you.
After few minutes making out with him, while he was pulling you to him by the chain everytime he wanted you closer, he stood up and started unbuttoning his pants.
Gosh how he looked so damn good, naked.
And he was so damn thick and big and hard.
Gojo had the most beautiful cock you've ever seen.
I mean you had an idea, but damn.
In a minute he flipped you over, ass up, head against the cushions, panties again to the side, chain tangled on one of his hands.
And then you felt his thick hard cock, going completely inside you.
Both of you moaning, at unison.
-"Sorry babygirl.... but.... you are going to be good... and help daddy cum now....Yeah?" -Gojo whispered with every thrust, heavily breathing and grabbing your hips with so much strenght, that you were sure he was going to leave a mark. Pulling the chain, to choke you a little, as a punishment when you got really loud.
You could only moan, I'm not going to lie, you weren't able to form completely sentences, because he was raw fucking you so good, that the only thing you had in mind was Satoru's cock.
-"Fuck, Y/N, you feel... so good, so warm and wet for me..." -Gojo said between moans.
He was going really hard in you for a solid 30 minutes, praising you, kissing your back, smacking your ass, choking you with the chain and choker around your neck.
It was a new experience, a delicious new experience shared with your best friend and roommate.
And Gojo was kind of a dominant freak.
Which you loved it.
-"My babygirl, taking daddy's cock so good..." he breathed going in and out of you.
The only thing you did was moaning, and moaning, and moaning, creaming on him, and follow his movements with your hips, because god damn he was so good at fucking you like that.
You felt an orgasm building in you again.
-"Satoru... fuck... I'm going to cum again..."
-"Say that louder babygirl..." -he ordered pulling the chain to him to have your face closer, and sloppily kissed your cheek, your jaw, then your mouth.
-"I'm cumming..."
-"Fuck yeah me too..."
You had another loud orgasm, this time stronger than the first.
He pulled off and finished on your ass and collapsed next to you on the couch.
For few minutes, none of you talked, just heavy breathing and giggling.
-"I'm so proud of you! See I'm not such a bad friend after all..." -he said cleaning you and unclipping the chain and choker.
-"I've never said that." You commented shyly, still recovering from the moment you shared with him minutes ago.
He bit his lip and smacked your ass.
-"There! my princess is all clean... well, you left the house, to leave somewhere else..."
You sat up on the couch to face him, he went to the kitchen and threw a bottle of water at you.
-"We can talk about that if you want..." -you said grabbing the bottle and started to drink.
-"Nah, is alright, so you good?". -he asked, - "you seem thirsty again..." -then he bursted out laughing.
-"Ha, you asshole..." -you joked- "never been better."
-"Good!... Now... ready for round two in the shower? We have a lot to catch up." Satoru said lifting you up from the couch and carrying you bridal style to the bathroom you two shared.
Tumblr media
© 2023 tokyosatoru
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