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gotchibam · 4 months
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Espeon and Umbreon ko-fi doodle for Yama!
I’m accepting pokemon ko-fi doodle requests here! ✨
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bluecube92 · 10 months
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Here are some Incineroar art I commissioned from Glaucosilva and extyrannomon on Twitter, @volmise, and @gotchibam.
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roxannarambles · 7 months
Tumblr media
I commissioned the wonderful @gotchibam to draw this piece and they just blew out outta the water, absolutely beautiful. There's not enough art of Nemona and especially not enough art of Nemona & Juliana, so I thought, why not? Not to mention I'm still salty about our Paldean friends being excluded from the DLC, so here's a little something to remedy that 💜🧡
In honor of the art being finished, I'll even post a Juliana/Nemona scene from my Teal Mask Rewrite fanfic that was mostly obscured due to Carmine and Kieran's hijinks. Because I did in fact have the whole conversation written, but I didn't put it all in since the 'ship really wasn't the main focus of the story. Scene behind a cut in case folks are not interested in 'ship stuff ^_^
They wandered the outskirts of the festival, the mood cozy and comfortable as they chatted under the light of the lanterns.
In the midst of their discussion, Juliana was saying,
"I dunno, I still think maybe I shouldn't have played Fezandipiti instead of Carmine."
"What? No, you did great, what d'you mean?"
"Well I just felt kinda bad, she seemed really deadset on it."
"Nahhh, she volunteered to be Munkidori! It's fine."
Juliana tossed the remains of her candy apple in a trashcan as they walked by. She sighed,
"I guess so. Though I got the feeling she only did that 'cause-- uh."
She hesitated, hoping Nemona wouldn't notice.
"Cause what?"
"Nothing, nothing."
"It's silly, it's-- well. She made that weird comment, um. Thinking we were girlfriends?"
". . . oh."
There was an awkward pause as the two walked. After a few moments, Nemona asked,
"Does it bother you?"
Juliana asked cautiously,
"Does what bother me?"
"Just, um. People thinking . . . that. I mean, if it bothers you, we can tell them we aren't--"
"What, no, it doesn't bother me!"
"Oh, okay. Are you sure?"
Juliana laughed.
"Of course! Why would it? Like . . . somebody thinks I'm dating the coolest, most kickass, smartest girl in my school, oh nooooo, how awful, whatever shall I do?"
She'd held a dramatic hand to her forehead as she'd said it, and Nemona groaned,
"Unnngh, c'mon, Jules."
"I really wanna know if it bothers you, I'm being serious--"
"I'm being serious too!!"
They slowed to a stop near some park benches. Nemona cast her a wary glance.
". . . you are?"
Emphatically, Juliana answered,
"Yeah, of course, I'm dead serious. You're the coolest, most kickass, smartest girl in my school."
"Nnngh, Jules!"
"What?? Nemona, I know you hate compliments but I am gonna keep saying it until you accept it's fact--"
Nemona buried her face in her hands, saying,
"Noooooo . . ."
Juliana drew closer and gently grabbed her hands, pulling them away from her face and holding them. Gazing deep into her eyes so she knew she was serious, Juliana told her,
"I mean it, Nemona. You're incredible. Every day, you inspire me. You attack life with everything you have. You love so deeply and you never let anyone stop you, no matter how often they've tried. You're sweet and you're brilliant and you're kind and you're literally the most amazing person I've ever met."
Blushing intensely, Nemona squeaked, "Oh . . ." Juliana let her hands go and cleared her throat. "S-so, uh, yeah, I mean . . . it doesn't bother me." "Okay. . . t-that's good. . ." "But, uh, hey, if it bothers you if people think we're girlfriends, I mean, that's fine--"
Nemona cut her off, voice incredulous; "--bother me? Of course not! How-- if-- if we were girlfriends I'd be the luckiest girl in the world!" Juliana blinked at her, startled. With dawning realization, she breathed, "Oh . . ." "H-hypothetically, I mean . . ."
Lips twisting into a wry smile, Juliana nodded, "Right, of course."
Her glance shifted away, and after an awkward pause, she ventured, "So, um . . . hypothetically, if we were girlfriends . . ."
Nemona answered quickly, "Yeah?"
Juliana's eyes returned to Nemona's. She inched closer to her, almost imperceptibly, and continued carefully, "Are you . . . the kinda girl who likes surprise kisses or likes to be asked, orrrrr . . ."
Nemona considered the question seriously before shrugging. "I mean, either's good, I guess it depends on the situation. . ."
“Okay. Got it.”
They gazed at each other in tense silence. The seconds stretched on and felt unbearably slow; one second, two, three . . .
Then Juliana took a breath and blurted,
"Could I kiss you?"
Nemona's eyes widened, almost comically large. She automatically wetted her lips and swallowed, her gaze flitting to Juliana's lips and then back again to her eyes. She stammered, ". . . u-um, h-hypothetically, o-or . . .?" Juliana laughed softly. "For real." After a lingering pause, Nemona nodded, a burgeoning smile threatening to overtake her. Juliana slowly leaned closer and lifted up a little on her toes; their eyes slipped shut as their lips met. It was very tentative at first, slow and careful and awkward, but it was also soft and warm and kind of wonderful.
Juliana felt Nemona's hand cradle her jaw as she pressed closer, deepening the kiss. Juliana could swear it felt like something bright and hot was thumping in her chest-- like hot coals being stoked to life.
"All right, EAT DIRT, DORKS!!"
She startled at a sudden shout and the force of something impacting with her back. A few seconds later, she realized it was a snowball.
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fawncr33k · 1 month
How I feel other people's art would feel (texure and stuff)
Your art seems like it would be warm paper, kinda crinkly in a good way, and like warm pants right out of the dryer
Your art seems like a vinyl sticker, some of your art seems like it would have the glitter some stickers have.
Your art. Hmmm, (I've seen your art a lot but I can't think of anything lol-) Uhm, I think your art feels water in a ziploc bag, or orbeez!
Your art seems like the skin of an apple, really nice and smooth
Your art seems like a stress ball, really nice and smooth!
Hmmmm, you. Your art seems like bubblegum bubble, and orbeez as well!
@fawncr33k (aka me)
My art seems like vinyl stickers and paper all in a pile
(Maybe this can become a tagging game?)
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azurityarts · 1 year
hello! i was wondering if you knew of any other pokemon blogs? youre the only one i follow and i would like to have more
thank you and have a good day
Yeah! Depends on if you're looking for art blogs or general Pokemon blogs, but either way I know a mix of both. But honestly though, there are so many amazing blogs out here on Tumblr, you don't need to look far to find incredibly creative and talented people who share your interests, especially when it comes to Pokemon!
But here are some snazzy folks I know/know of:
AND DISCLAIMER: Not all of these blogs are 100% Pokemon oriented; remember that people can like different things and if they aren't to your taste, don't follow. (if you'd like your name removed from this list then please let me know ^^;)
I can't do justice for all the Pokeblogs out there, so if there are any recommendations anyone would like to add, feel free to tag each other!
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dailyraya · 1 year
Tumblr media
Being able to fly means being able to reach the best grapes! 🍇
(Art by @gotchibam)
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peccaberry · 1 year
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Hello and welcome to my blog! I post a mix of original and reblogged content including but not limited to:
🔸Pokemon Legends Fanfiction
🔸Pokemon Legends Art
🔸Pokemon Legends Memes
🔸General/Other Pokemon stuff (rarer)
🔸About 1% non Pokemon related general stuff
Tumblr media
Most of my time/effort I put into my own AUs/fanfiction for Pokemon Legends. This is especially true for my longfic Achilles Come Down (affectionately referred to as ACD).
This is an aged up Volorei fic using my own original interpretation of a Rei that joined the med corps after the events of PLA. If you aren't at least willing to tolerate adult x adult Volorei this probably isn't the blog for you.
I don't post anything particularly edgy and I do tag ships.
Tumblr media
Notable tags:
🔸#Peccaspeaks: My tag for anything original I post or reblog with commentary
🔸#Peccaplays: My tag for Pokemon gaming stuff
🔸#Achilles come down fanfiction: Tag for anything ACD related
🔸#Merman Volorei Au: Mermaid AU for my Volo and Rei
Icon by @joltiksforbrains
Med corps Rei art by @gotchibam
Gif by Poppycartoons
Rei, Akari, and Volo holding hands by @princeyam
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noonblight · 8 months
General Housekeeping Post I Guess:
My name is Noon, I don’t really care what pronouns people use for me and I prefer to keep my actual gender and age private.
I am in my twenties, if you’re under 18, my blog probably isn’t for you as I do draw pin-ups when I can. This is your warning.
Current icon is a commission from the lovely @gotchibam , check them out!! :D
Check under the read-more for ask rules and other info.
• I do offer commissions and I do plan to post art again when I can, but due to ongoing health and living situation concerns, all art has been put on hold until further notice. Do not send me art or commission requests until I open them, they will be ignored. If you wish to see my previous pieces, search ‘my art’ on my blog.
• Do not repost, re-use, or repurpose my art. All likes are appreciated, reblogs and comments make a big difference.
• If you send me asks, please be patient. I try to get to them as soon as I can, if it has been over a week then feel free to send the same ask again to be sure I’ve received it. Aggressive anons will be blocked, and anon will be turned off if harassment continues. I don’t want to do this, as I genuinely enjoy chatting about theories online with others where I can. I am open to asks regarding my health, but if you ask me something I find uncomfortable, I will not answer your question. I am allowed to refuse to educate you on my disability, and I wish for my privacy to be respected. Also please, just please, do NOT send me unasked for suggestions on how to ‘improve’ my health.
• Please do not use tone tags when sending me asks or replying to my posts, as they mess with my screen reader. I am blind, and would prefer to not strain my eyes when possible to understand jumbles of letters that don’t make sense.
• I am legally blind with a condition that has the unfortunate side effect of making me extremely prone to light sensitivity and migraines, and will not be opening post submissions due to a previous spamming incident of flashing gifs. If you send strobing gifs to me, or are a mutual who posts flashing gifs ect often without tagging them, you will be blocked. (If you’re a mutual, I’m sorry.)
• I do not talk about shipping drama. Do not send me or tag me in shipping drama. I try to stay away from online drama in general.
• Please be kind to others on my posts, do not assume malice where there may simply be ignorance.
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mando-and-bucky · 2 years
Tumblr media
got this super adorable art commission from @gotchibam 🥰
follow them on tumblr, IG, or twitter ☺️ they make really cute pokemon stuff 🖤
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delthemel · 1 year
@yoursummerfrost tagged me to post my lock screen, the last picture I took, the last image I saved, and the last song I listened to which gave me a great opportunity to show off some great art so win win. My lock screen is by @nekomori-art who has some lovely phone icon options. The adorable charmander was a commission from @gotchibam all of whose art is amazing. Fall Out Boy is classic and the bikes are from my last ride with my roommate.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ill tag @mega-aggron @ternionsedifice @rideonmyhandlebars and @doesgeniusburn and anyone else who wants to give this a go
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gotchibam · 5 months
Tumblr media
Sylveon sends love your way! 💗
Available as print! ✨
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alexbrushes · 2 years
Hi do you have art blogs to recommend that also do sweet and cute illustrations like you create?
Hello :) thank you for appreciating my art <3
If you like my stuff you should take a look at these amazing artists: @munespice @spicymochi @stindaan @citrinenote @alittledropofhunny @gotchibam @camilicy
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gotchibam · 1 month
Tumblr media
Rockruff and Houndoom ko-fi doodle for teethcritter!
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gotchibam · 3 months
Tumblr media
Skitty ko-fi doodle for @beskarmermaid!
I’m accepting pokemon ko-fi doodle requests here! ✨
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gotchibam · 8 months
Tumblr media
Vaporeon and Eevee ko-fi doodle for Samble!
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gotchibam · 11 months
Tumblr media
*offers you this doodle of happy trans pikachus for pride month* :) 💖💖💖
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