#i blame those two up there for it
bon-sides-sw · 5 months
Question: whose Cal Kestis other parent?
Tumblr media
On another day I would have told you that can be anyone, even a random stranger he met on a bar- BUT THEN, @babygirlbridger and @krispyswips infected me with the brainworms via discord chats and this Fic [To Out Halcyon Days] (E) that I'm so obsessed with!!
So yes, is Quinlan.
But Obi and his stewjoni biology are so powerful that his womb just photocopies himself.
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theduckseeksduck · 2 months
Just properly cried for the first time watching spn. Fuck you ending of s15 ep3.
Tumblr media
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coconut530 · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some derps for the past three Malevolent episodes ~ 🕷️👩🏻🎄
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emotinalsupportturtle · 3 months
Crowley came up with this, Crowley came up with that, whatever… Crowley and Aziraphale came up with biodegradable paper straws together.
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old-stoneface · 7 months
Tumblr media
jingo handcuff scene tribute. i wish i could draw more of this scene between vetinari and vimes but . i think it would make my head explode. i like them.
theres some suggestive drawings under the cut.......
Tumblr media Tumblr media
first one is from august 2023, the other is from a few days ago. posting them together bc theyre pretty much a set dfkjglfdk i wasnt planning on drawing two images of vimes in a collar with vetinari holding his leash, but, well, it all comes to me in beautiful visions
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revvethasmythh · 10 months
An idle thought, really, but I think it's interesting to see fandom latch on the metaphorical interpretation of things like Laudna's relationship with Delilah as a metaphor for addiction or Imogen's psychic powers as a metaphor for either chronic pain or queerness, but there's much less attachment to or discussion of the characters who explicitly, canonically dealt with exactly those things. By which I mean Scanlan's substance abuse, Veth's alcoholism, and even Ashton's chronic pain (which feels like it was discussed much more before it was confirmed canon, and seems to be brought up mostly just as ship fodder these days). I suppose one could argue the devotion to the metaphorical interpretations lies in the fact that it's an interpretation of canon as opposed to being explicitly so, meaning there's more wiggle room to project a personal interpretation onto it. Explicit canon is more concrete, less malleable to the individual viewer. Still, if we're going to talk about addiction now in a metaphorical sense via Laudna, it leads me to wonder if we will see further discussion of the characters who explicitly dealt with addiction (Veth and Scanlan), as opposed to Laudna's purported allegorical version of it
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kqluckity · 1 year
how some people can look at Zhongli and Venti's dialogue during this Lantern Rite and interpret it as beefing instead of, you know, flirting truly blows my mind? like it's not just what they're saying, but also the way they're saying it. it's flirting, they're flirting. and even if they aren't flirting, that's obviously an inside joke? look at Venti's face when Zhongli acts like they're strangers, does it look like someone who can't stand the other and isn't willing to play along with the other's dumb idea? please. I don't understand how people can still think they hate each other even tho it's established that they're friends, not only through items lore and their own character stories (I really doubt someone like Zhongli would let a guy he hates forge his sigil, let him destroy his precious vase, let him pour wine on his head, and then yearn for him for 500 years bffr), but also in the first Liyue Archon quest Zhongli talks about "a friend from Mondstadt" who used to bring him wine all the time, and Venti has a "refined gentleman friend from Liyue" he wishes he could spend more time with. a friend he still visits often, so much so that madame Ping commissioned Tubby to make a Mondstadt-inspired house for the teapot with good acoustics so he could play inside with no problem.
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twitterdotcom · 9 months
I know it's been said before, but I think my biggest gripe with Izzy's death is that it felt like it was written and finished before S1 was even done, and then S2 was written like "ok Izzy dies this season so we have to make sure the audience feels sad about it." So they developed Izzy but never went back to the original script for the death scene and instead just went with the original draft despite literally all of S2 (and some of S1) contradicting what was supposed to be the emotional core of it
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flowercrowngods · 9 months
cw suicide mention & imagery
original play idea where people seem to live their normal lives but the audience gets the feeling that something’s wrong, there’s a tension and there are things that obviously go unsaid that hang in the air between the characters uncomfortably long enough until the last member of the audience has filled in the blanks in their own way.
there is a figure off to the side, a very young man in a suit, watching them, unmoving and silent, and as the scenes and progress, as characters leave and appear, as the setting changes, the young man is always there. no one interacts with him, but there are moments when they almost do. when the characters stop what they’re doing when they stand close to him, and appear to listen. but there’s nothing.
the sound of TV news reports, all playing over each other, create an uncanny and uncomfortable buzzing that never, never stops, and there are too many to really make out the words. they get more silent the closer they get to the young man in the suit, quieting down to nothing when they stand by him to listen — but the characters seem unaware of the change. so does the young man, statuesque though he is.
then there’s a little girl, covered in dirt, her hair askew, her cheeks rosy — the image of having spent the day outside, playing in the dirt, a smile on her face, her eyes big, as she skips towards the young man and asks, “can we go now? can we play?”
the young man cards his hands through her hair and says, “you go ahead, i’ll be right there.”
but still he stays there, seated.
everything continues as before, but the characters slowly undergo a complete change in character, in routine, in appearance. the old man who wore suits is not dressed in sweats and old, worn out, dirty shirts. the sweet, kindhearted young adult is now quiet and apathetic. the woman who, in the beginning, was talking her friend’s ear off and could barely stand still is unmoving now, staring out into nothingness.
the buzzing and bustling background noise is slowly, gradually getting louder as the characters become increasingly nonverbal and unmoving. the lights dim down.
then all at once, after a crescendo, the noise stops suddenly, the lights turn off completely, before, with warm, yellow light, a woman we’ve seen before — as she stares into nothingness — appears on the stage, slowly approaching the young man as if unsure of her body but undeniable in her grace.
they smile at each other for a moment.
m, whispering: you’re not supposed to be here, not yet
w, cradling his cheeks: i was always supposed to be here long, long before you
m: i know. i’m sorry, i—
w: i know. i forgive you. i’ve always forgiven you
m, after a while: but not yourself
the woman shakes her head.
w: a mother will never forgive herself for burying her child, and a father will forgive himself even less. (a beat) you have such a handsome face.
m: it’s not your fault
w: so beautiful, those eyes, i’ve missed you so much
m: listen to me, it’s not your fault!
w: and your hair! papa would be so glad to know that—
m: mother. mama. listen to me. it’s not your fault
w, tearful and whispering: you were supposed to be fine. you were always supposed to be fine. it was never supposed to be this bad, we were supposed to help, but—
m: i know. i tried, i really did. both times
in that moment, the little girl comes skipping on stage again, approaching them with her wagging ponytail.
g: what are you doing here, mama? will you play with me now? it’s been so long!
the woman gasps, her tears getting the better of her as she falls to her knees and pulls the girl to her chest, who readily returns the hug
w, sobbing, kissing her cheek: hi, baby. yes, i’ll play with you, of course i will. let’s go.
the young man helps his mother up, allowing her to pull him into a hug, and she whispers: “as much as i love her with all my heart, i’m so proud of the young man you’ve grown into. and now i have you both, just as i always did.”
the young man brushes a kiss to her cheek, then lets her go, watching as his mother disappears with the little girl.
m: i have to stay a while. i’ll follow you soon.
(woman and girl, hand in hand, exeunt)
the lights dim, and the buzzing returns, accompanied by the sound of dragging footsteps the audience cannot see, until everything’s back in total darkness. the noise stays. growing louder in increments, leaving the audience uncomfortable and unsure if this was it.
as they quiet down, we hear a man, sobbing uncontrollably, before eerie silence takes his place, too.
the curtain falls.
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sysig · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A complete lack of catharsis (Patreon)
#Doodles#SCII#Helix#ZEX#Dexter Favin#*tries to make a pun with Car and Catharsis* Anyway#The Sad™ Flavour - here's what was missing#Inspired Directly by conversation like dialogue lifted straight not even a little diverging lol - it made a strong image in my head!#And those are my very favourites ♥ Gotta get 'em Out onto paper haha#ZEX came out to have a nice time and you are Ruining It Dex#Can't blame him for trying :( Anything to bring Max back to him!#I really love the imagery of Dex taking him out somewhere where it's just the two of them being very small together#Cooped up in the summer home by themselves - it's definitely something but it feels so heavy and claustrophobic#Like they're trapped - I mean ZEX literally is - and Dex isn't much better slowly deteriorating with his guilt and lack of rest#So taking a moment to go out together somewhere so huge and impressive - somewhere they can see the stars#Somewhere to feel small in the face of everything - and for ZEX to be closer to home for just a moment#Hhhh <3#And for the moment to feel so singularly beautiful and impactful - and then to be intercut with their shared Nothingness#Would it hurt more for the evening to be beautiful and unbroken - to come so close to touching that impossibly huge Feeling#Or to be shattered in the midst and reaffirmed that neither is what the other is really looking for? I can't decide ♥#I think what gets me the absolute most is that it doesn't matter - nothing they can say to each other will really reach who they want to#Dexter wants Max and ZEX wants DAX and they're both so /close/ but it's just not /right/#I wonder if ZEX is even in his right mind enough to realize what he's asking of Dex is the same that could be asked of him#Dexter can't be DAX for him but he still calls him that :'(#Such an unfair situation#And no matter how much they cry it out and find any sliver of comfort in each other - they just have to keep on living this way#No catharsis - just continuance
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anchoredbravery · 11 months
Zoro & Nami | Break Me And I'm scared as hell Because there's no way to know how this goes But I can't help but say I promise to give you my all But it might break me
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erytherion · 7 months
Oldest Dream: arguably could be considered the “end all be all” of TWSA world lines
Han Sooyoung: also arguably the “end all be all” of TWSA world lines
Yoo Joonghyuk: not the “be all” of any of it, he’s just him every time, but without him the other two wouldn’t have been able to be the “be all” that they are, since he is technically the “end all” that came before they could become the “be all”, technically making him the “end all first one”. Do you get me?
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engagemythrusters · 1 year
Tumblr media
domino twins
#part of that same au i did for dogma and tup#yea. so. fives has trauma bc he watched his twin 'die' then he watched tup lose control and then everything was different#his whole life purpose was gone in a flash and he was the cause of it--nobody to blame but himself#and tup is struggling due to the aftermath of the faulty chip and dogma isn't himself and. and echo was gone but now he's back.#and nothing is okay but everything is okay and he doesn't know what to do so he just. he throws everything at helping echo get better.#because what else is is he going to do? tup is focused on dogma. and echo... echo really needs the help.#sure maybe deep down its about getting fives out of his head but it really really is important he help echo#bc you don't just... come away from freezing in techno union's hands--with less than half of your human body--and jump back to normal#those legs and scomp had parts fused to him. parts of him never healed from the explosion. and parts of him got eaten by the frost.#and he's massively underweight because feeding a repurposed mechanised POW wasn't high on priorities#and then the cold fucked up his metabolism so he's trying to gain back weight that he can't...#and overall...#it's not going so great. but echo is home and--while he's healed completely (as far as he can be healed anyway)--he gets a night or two#per week in a bacta tank to deal with the chronic pain. and he's getting used to the prosthetics and the tubes and bags#going into where his stomach used to be. and everything can be so goddamn triggering sometimes but.#he's alive. with fives.#and if he just is alive for fives... then fives will be okay. right? fives will be okay if he's okay... so he needs to be okay...#ANYWAY YEA i got a lot of things to say xoxo#saleucami au#arc trooper fives#arc trooper echo#fives and echo#star wars: the clone wars#star wars#the clone wars#my art
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grumpy-nyks · 1 year
The Fernweh Saga by @lacunafiction - Agnes edition
Tumblr media
Who would have thought? 🤭
Tumblr media
Agnes "Nes" Sigrún 🌑RO: James Corvin
Personality: sincerity // cautious // friendly // merciful Traits: heart // compliance // believer Past affinity: writing [horror stories] Primary ability: empathetic impressions Past susceptibility: receptive
Tumblr media
☀️Fernweh: She never really thought about leaving Fernweh… It was her place, near her family and friend(s). She felt good there and assumed she’s gonna spend her whole life happily in this little town. Even if Fernweh brings back devastating memories, she’s curious about what’s happening in Fernweh now, in her true home. It’s always been her dream to work in Turn The Page, and during her ‘short’ stay in Fernweh, she started thinking about it again. Why not stay for longer…? She would love to carry on her grandfather’s work and bring his legacy justice. 
☀️Grandpa Jóhann: When she was young, she had an amazing relationship with her grandpa. They were completely honest with each other, and she loved him wholeheartedly. Some people thought that making her grandpa proud was her main hobby. She used to tell him all about her dreams that she had, which were always wild... and also about the nightmares… It took her by surprise when her grandpa, one of the most important people in her life, started being less involved. She was hurt and began to wonder if she had done something to cause the distance between them. His decision to move her out of Fernweh so quickly after this tragic event made a huge impact on her mental state. She needed time to cope and be with her closest ones, especially her grandpa...but after all she didn't blame him. She often heard that she looked exactly like her mother…like her grandpa's daughter... She assumed he could not look at her, without thinking about her... And she could not blame him for wanting to escape that pain. Agnes knew it was the best thing that her grandpa could do for him, and she accepted it, too eagerly. She always too eagerly took the blame for everything.
☀️Beckett Warrick: After what happened in Fernweh after James she had even more trouble interacting with other people and making new friends… However, Beckett was an exception. He was the first person who got to truly know her after the events in Fernweh. When she got the letter about her Grandpa, she considered hiding the truth from him, because she knew deep down that he would be there for her if she needed him… even if he would not particularly enjoy it. It's a good thing she’s such a bad liar… Her main concern is about Beckett’s well-being. She noticed that this 'little' trip made a huge impact on him. He wasn’t supposed to be here, and it’s because of her that he–... She needs to make sure that nothing happens to her friend. And she will somehow manage to bring him back to his home.
☀️Reese Verner: They had an unconventional relationship. Reese saw her as a rival, while Agnes thought of him as a friend. She was confused about why Verner, someone of great importance, would even look at her see her as a rival. She knew there were better candidates for his games. She had only one question on her mind - “why?”. Despite Verner's playful teasing, Agnes always remained polite and friendly towards him, even when he attempted to push her boundaries. Girl knew how to keep her true feelings behind a warm smile she still does. If I can be completely honest… Agnes was rather shocked that Reese still remembered her… and was actually looking for her, which sounded so unbelievably. His concern for Milton's well-being made her see him in a slightly different light. Of course, she already knew Reese had a good heart, but his behaviour really touched her. Additionally, Agnes noticed that Reese and James’ relationship became stronger and deeper… It’s for the best. James deserves someone as dependable as Reese. He will always be there for James. 
☀️Sofia Dorran: Their bond was formed over a shared admiration for books and... the color blue. It may sound funny now, but these things became central to their lives and deepened their friendship. Sofia was the first person Agnes entrusted with her writing, and valued her honest feedback, knowing that Sofia would not make her feel bad if something needed improvement. They frequently borrowed books from each other's collections. Agnes yearned for the days when she and Sofia had reading sessions together, sipping on their favorite beverage. The only issue back then was when the book ended poorly or their library didn't have any new positions for them to read. She's willing to know how Sofia's taste toward books shifted (if shifted) and how she changed as a person. She's also extremely grateful because her grandfather received constant care from Sofia and her mother.
🌑James Corvin: …Do I really need to tell you that James was her first crush? And that she never found the courage to tell him so? maybe now will be the time? Agnes and James were always together, wherever one went the other followed. They were inseparable. Agnes even used to bake oatmeal cookies for James with her mother's help. They dreamed of their idyllic life together. As friends, obviously. Seeing him again after all those years was much harder than she anticipated. Agnes felt overwhelmed with stress from the moment she stepped out of her car. Every time she heard his surname, she unknowingly flinched. Her mind was full of questions about his well-being, life, and changes. She couldn't help but wonder if he would be happy to see her. …she did manage to hold his hand for a moment, I can consider it as a success
☀️Alex Corvin: Agnes has always looked up to Alex for their adventurous spirit and their willingness to embrace life to the fullest. She has always wanted to adopt a bit of Alex' wild side. Whenever they are around, boredom and dullness seem to disappear. They both share similar values and support each other's life goals. If I would say which person Agnes was the most willing to meet during her stay in Fernweh that would be Alex. She was confident in their friendliness towards everybody and was sure that their kindness had not wavered. Agnes was touched when she heard that Alex was looking after her grandfather's bookstore… It appears that Beckett has a new admirer, which Agnes wholeheartedly approves of.
☀️Mal: Agnes has a sense that Mal might be suspicious, but she is quite naive and doesn't believe that he could mean trouble. Although she is wary of him and finds him a little untrustworthy, Agnes believes in being kind to everyone, and she is willing to give Mal a chance, not judging him by her own impressions of him.
☀️Goldie: Agnes is grateful that her grandfather had a furry companion like Goldie, who probably managed to brighten his spirits. She fondly recalls how her grandfather would tell her stories when he once had a dog, when he was younger and how his eyes would light up with joy as he shared his story. Agnes is committed to taking excellent care of Goldie and ensuring her safety.
#don't get me started how she is BLAMING herself for the situation Beckett is rn. she needs to go back for her theraphy sesions right away#that's why she went with him into the woods looking for Milton and not James even so she wanted to spent every single second with him :sob:#she's conflicted. being with James is something that she dreamed of but in her opinion he deserves someone better //obviously//#...that's why she's cheering for James and Reese lol. Look she just wants James and Reese to be happy and she can see how those two care of#-each other. She's happy : )#she's an idiot 🙂#is there a potential happy ending for the three of them..? maybeeee. we'll see what the story will bring 👀#im totally confident that Sofia and Agnes had their own shared little library#Agnes wrote a poem for James when she was young but it wasn't really her forte. that's why she showed it to Sofia because she knew she will#-help her. //Agnes didn't want to tell for who it was but Sofia figured it out anyway. they both knew that the other knew but weren't-#-talking about it out loud. XD it was hilarious -- for me and I assume Sofia but Agnes was terrified. XDD//#....cough James never saw this poem anyway cough...#I have this headcanon that Agnes made up amazing horror stories that James was willing to hear (for a bunch of oatmeal cookies) when-#-they had a sleepover //those stories were from her nightmares but she never said that to James knowing he would only worry about her//#btw her parents called her 'little star' and James must have heard it and (maybe?) asked Sofia to make a necklace... Sun and Moon.#did you know that Agnes had her piece of the Sun as her necklace for the WHOLE TIME. but she hid it away under shirt... x"D she was looking#-if James had his Moon somewhere... but she did not see it. anyway she wears it always.#omg i finally made it. there's also one in my drafts nearly finished and three more to go. XD#sooo curious about book two <3#fernweh saga#my art?#Spotify#oc: agnes sigrun
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5-pp-man · 1 year
No. You guys don't get it. Yosukan is about them wanting to earn each other's respect, its about overcoming internalised homophobia together, it's about having each other's back and helping each other out and
Tumblr media
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da-proti-toku-grem · 1 month
me: today has been one of the shittiest day in weeks (and that's already saying smth tbh) but at least i have a few minutes to sit down and write a littl-
my brain: NOPE. you're NOT writing anything today hon. instead i'm gonna make you feel like absolute shit about yourself and not help you be productive in any way at all 👍
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